No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948) Movie Script

Blandish heiress to marry!
Read all about it!
- Orchids for Miss Blandish.
- Just one moment.
Orchids for Miss Blandish.
- Orchids for Miss Blandish.
- One moment.
Tell him,
"No orchids for Miss Blandish."
Tell whoever's been sending these,
"No orchids for Miss Blandish."
I haven't seen you for days, Johnny.
What have you been doing?
For Maxie, still?
What do you expect,
my own Cadillac?
Well, what if I do want things?
I only want them from you, don't I?
Yeah, I guess so.
I saw that fur wrap, Johnny,
just like the one she has.
It isn't the same fur,
but you can't tell the difference.
But Johnny, don't be a sucker
for easy money.
That's rich coming from you.
- I mean it. I knew a boy once...
- And you didn't get no fur coat.
Slim Grisson saw to it.
He's poison, Johnny.
We'll get it.
That's him!
The fellow that's marrying her.
Well, now, have a good time.
I'm going to get your mother's
necklace for you tomorrow, my dear.
I can think of no finer present
for your engagement.
- Oh, Father!
- Good night.
Good night.
- Enjoy yourselves.
- Thank you very much, sir.
- I'm not that bad, you know.
- I know.
And I'm crazy
about you, honey, crazy.
Couldn't you give just a little?
It's hardly the time
or the place, Foster.
Oh, damn these stuffed-shirt parties.
Let's go out for a roadhouse.
Some place where you'll... you'll...
Where I'll... what?
Where the music'll get in your blood
and the ice'll melt in your veins.
Where you'll want me
as much as I want you.
Tomorrow, after the reception.
We'll go to the Slipper.
You've never been to a dive like that.
It's what you need. Will you?
If that's what I need.
That's the fur, the one she's wearing.
I'd look swell in it, wouldn't I?
Gee, she's beautiful!
- That dame's got everything.
- Yeah. She's rich.
Hey, mac.
- Yeah?
- I wanna see Slim. Slim Grisson.
Well, he ain't here.
Then Ma.
- Are you selling?
- Something they want.
Morning, Doc.
Morning, Joe.
Hey, Doc.
Tell Eddie this kid
wants to see Ma, will you?
Don't blame me
if you ain't got the right line.
Edward, my boy.
There's a young person
wishes to interview Mrs Grisson.
- Come here, you.
- Okay.
Charming, my dear Mrs Grisson.
Quite charming.
If I'm not mistaken, there's a
touch of Paris about the style.
Did you get the dough?
Er... not quite enough
off the face, perhaps.
Try it a little higher.
Did you get that dough?
Why not?
He intimated the game was crooked.
What's he expect?
Does he sell bonds with a guarantee?
Take Flyn and get it.
I don't advise.
Get it!
Don't come back without the dough.
Slim'll take care of any trouble.
I got a hunch, Ma.
You always got hunches, Eddie.
There's a kid wants to see you.
He collects for Maxie on the machines.
What's on your mind?
I want some dough,
and I've got some dope that...
- It's about Blandish.
- Who's he?
The billionaire. The meat king.
Him and his diamonds.
Yeah, but...
how did you know?
You cheap little chiseller.
- Get out of here!
- Yeah, but I know where she's gone.
What do you think we are?
A two-bit stick-up mob?
A breadline for every
bum hoodlum in town?
Maybe it's a plant, Ma.
Who sent ya? Come on!
No-one. No-one, I tell you.
I just need some dough.
- Shut his trap and toss him out, Eddie.
- Come on, you.
But, I tell you,
I know where she's going!
You heard.
Eddie, lucky Slim ain't here.
He wouldn't like a hunch like that.
Ah, this thing's crooked.
I ain't won a dime yet.
Well, whaddaya know?
Pontiac not in the first three.
You guys want the same again?
We didn't say so, did we?
No, but you've been wearing out
these seats long enough.
- Hi, Ted, gimme a Scotch.
- Okay, Mr Fenner.
The stool pigeon's pal!
I can't understand
that horse not showing.
Maybe he don't like
running for punks.
Or pinks.
Don't hit him, Fenner.
Don't hit him.
Oh, it's like that, is it?
Yeah, just don't hit him.
He'll go crazy.
What do you think he is now?
Here. Slip that machine.
Maybe it'll pay off this time.
Why pick on us, Fenner?
We ain't done you no dirt.
Because you're giving me a pain.
You're through, and you don't know it.
You're all hot air,
and last year's penny stick-up.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Get wise to yourself,
and go and get that job with a little
truck and shovel before it's too late.
What truck and what shovel?
You know, the guy
that follows a circus parade.
Yes, sir, that's good, that is.
Comedy for the column.
Very funny.
If Slim Grisson figures you're gonna
make trouble, you won't think it funny.
Look, Fenner,
don't put the squeak into Slim.
Riley didn't mean nothing.
Nah, you pocket winches
are all the same. Too quick.
'Sides, maybe I could help you sometime
when you wanna know something.
Maybe you don't know it,
but we sell newspaper.
Keep the change, Ted,
and buy yourself some Lysol.
Have this place disinfected.
See what ya done?
Yeah, I'd like to
plug him in the guts.
But he's right.
- Check the machine, Ted.
- Okay.
And does it need it!
Gimme two rye.
- Can you pay?
- Give!
I suppose you wanna
bust a bank now?
Yeah, I wanna get heeled
and beat it outta this town.
- Everything okay, Ted?
- Yes, sir, Mr Schultz.
Doesn't smell so good to me.
Well, look who's here.
Ted, give these gentlemen
some Scotch.
Better make it beer, Mr Schultz.
The Scotch might be
too strong for their empty stomachs.
I'll get you up a dark alley
one of these nights.
I'm pretty fussy
who I take up a dark alley.
- I've took all I'm gonna take from you!
- Take it easy.
So things ain't so hot
in the small time?
Better than to be mixed up
with your bunch of lice.
Shut up!
Now wouldn't Slim
be interested to hear that?
He's drunk.
He don't know what he's saying.
Listen, bud. Any time I want
anything from you, I'll take it.
See? Just like that.
See? And you'll give,
because you're a wise guy.
And what Slim Grisson says, goes.
- You got that?
- Sure. Sure, Eddie.
And I hope the wax in your ears
didn't stop you from hearing, pal.
I thought it was a swell speech.
- Oh, I guessed you'd be here.
- Hello, Anna.
- How are ya, honey?
- Oh, dead.
She sure has got
lovely blue eyes, Bailey.
Anchor your stern, you.
I'll be seeing ya, baby.
- Who's he?
- One of the Grisson mob.
- Mmm, some dresser.
- Quit beefing. You ain't done so bad.
Yeah? Gun's the word!
One's for her.
Can I...
can I talk to you?
- Why not? You're Maxie's kid, ain't you?
- Yeah.
Look, I need some dough.
I... I heard you need some dough, too.
Sit down.
You're crazy.
Ah, they got every cop in town
round that lot.
Yeah, just lift 'em off her neck
in a house full of big shots. Easy.
Shut up!
You got a new slant, ain't ya?
She and the boyfriend.
They're leaving the party early.
Driving over to a roadhouse, alone.
She'll be wearing the diamonds.
- A hundred thousand bucks!
- Could I do with those rocks!
Yeah? And what the Grissons
could do without 'em.
Where are they going?
I want a hundred bucks now,
and I'll tell you.
You can give me a cut later.
I hope you're not wrong.
- Got it, Anna?
- I'm always the sucker.
Give it to him.
The Slipper.
That hot dive out on Highway46.
He's taking her out there
after the party's started.
Not so fast.
You got Maxie's car, ain't ya?
- I ain't having no part in this!
- No?
Let's go someplace
we can talk. Go on, Anna.
So long, Ted.
- Hey, Ted.
- Yeah?
- No hard feelings?
- Nah, I was just kidding.
So was I.
Well, Winifred, you're late.
Thought you weren't going to show up.
Why, John, you know I
wouldn't have missed it for worlds.
- Hello, George, glad to see you.
- Good evening.
I'm sure they're both going to be
terribly, terribly happy, Edmund.
You're looking fine, Winifred.
That must be my new hairdo.
Well, I guess that's everybody.
Shall we go on in?
You must be a very
happy man tonight, John.
Why, certainly.
- I'm so glad for you, honey.
- Thank you.
Take good care of her, Foster.
Come along, children.
You know, this is crazy.
Father'll be furious.
Ah, what do I care about him?
You've been drinking, haven't you?
I don't have to drink to want you.
Start up and pull across.
All right, get out.
This is a hold-up.
- Foster!
- Come on!
Take it easy, pal.
You'd better be careful.
You don't know who you're talking to.
- Give me the diamonds.
- No, I...
Now cut out that stuff,
or you'll get hurt.
Are you gonna give,
or do I have to take?
Stay where you are.
- Stop him! Stop him!
- I can't.
Stop him! Stop him!
You crazy rat, you croaked him.
He asked for it, didn't he?
This is a murder rap now.
Pipe down, or you'll get it too.
Yeah, this dame's gotta
go the same way.
She's seen the whole thing.
We've got to knock her off.
Shut your trap.
You've done enough for tonight.
We ought to knock her off,
but we ain't gonna.
Not a dame like this.
Ah, the better they look,
the more the grief. I'll do it.
No, you won't.
- Come on, give me a hand in the car.
- You ain't gonna...
Yeah, sure, you pulled a fast one,
okay, and now I'm pulling another.
Get her in the car.
- Fill her up.
- Okay.
- Where's the phone?
- Why, just in there. Why, help yourself.
- Hey, you. Don't wake the dame.
- Okay.
Anna? Yeah, I got 'em, but things
ain't panned out the way we figured.
I'm calling from a gas station.
Going on up to Barney's.
Hold it!
- Hello? Hello?
- The Grisson mob! I'll call you back.
- Hey, doll-face. Fill it up.
- Okay.
Hi, Eddie.
What are you doing up here?
Oh, huntin', fishin'...
and shootin'.
Well, I guess I'll be on my way.
Now I'll get me some fresh air.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
Oh, so you got company.
- Some baby!
- Sure. Well, we'll be seein' ya.
- Kinda quiet, ain't she?
- She's cockeyed.
Well now, ain't that too bad?
Mind if I take a peek?
- Why can't you lay off?
- I wanna take a gander at that baby.
She's got class!
Sure, they all got it now.
It's the movies.
Well, what a load
she musta taken on board.
Sure, you know how it is
when these dames get plastered.
There's no stopping 'em.
You oughta tell a nice girl like that
to realign her brakes.
I'll be seein' ya.
I don't get it.
What is a heel like that
doing with a dame like that?
I know what I'd be doing.
Come on, I wanna sleep.
Okay. How much?
Good evening, Miss Margo.
Gee, what a lovely coat!
The first act's just finishing.
Tell me, is Slim in?
Oh, I wouldn't know
a thing like that, Miss Margo.
I wish I was paid your money.
Just buy yourself a zip, kid,
and you'll be right there.
Yeah? You got that zip
in the wrong place, sister.
You want it on your mouth.
Hiya, kiddie.
Hitch up your truss
and scram, boyish.
You're gonna twist your girdle
one of these days.
I got a hunch, Doc.
You always have hunches,
Edward, my boy.
What is it?
I seen Bailey and a classy dame.
Knocked cold in his car.
It didn't fit.
How's she dressed?
She looked as if she'd been
to a swell party.
And was she a honey!
Could be.
Those palookas?
They haven't got the guts.
Was Bailey alone?
Yeah. He was edgy, too.
You're right, Doc.
It does add up.
What goes on?
Slim just called.
Maxie tipped him off.
They found that kid of his and Riley
bumped off on Highway46.
Yeah, I should bust out crying.
But also Miss Blandish's fianc,
the late Mr Foster Harvey.
Remarkably dead.
But no Miss Blandish.
Gee, things are going to get hot.
Too hot.
That kid came here, you lug.
Yeah. Yeah!
Slim wants you to get after them.
Now where'd a guy like Bailey
hide himself?
- Barney's.
- For a million!
Then get going!
There is a million in it!
But you said fifty-fifty
if I hid you.
So you'll get it
when I cash the rocks.
Yeah, but that ain't fifty-fifty.
Not all the way.
Why, you booze-sodden hunk,
what more do you want?
- You ain't going in there.
- Oh, no?
You said fifty-fifty.
Well, I'm taking
my fifty now. Any objections?
- Yeah, yeah. Plenty.
- Go on, beat it.
Don't. Don't!
Oh, Barney?
We wanna talk to you, Barney.
Yeah, coming.
Get outta here!
Slim's boys are here.
Thought you'd like to know.
Well, then stall 'em.
And don't say she's here.
- I...
- Shut your trap, you.
Because if I'm poison,
they're slow death, see?
Very primitive.
The liquor's going to
be the death of you, Barney.
And how are the gallstones?
You know, Eddie?
I think I ought to operate.
I'm certain I could remember
just where gallstones are.
- Yeah.
- You ain't gonna touch me.
Where's Bailey?
The Doc said,
"Where's Bailey?"
Course, it's a pity
I haven't any, er...
anaesthetic, Barney.
He's up there.
Oh, Mr Bailey?
Some friends have
dropped in to tea.
Come down, Mr Bailey.
Be sociable.
We only want to have a little chat.
Odd that you should choose
this unsalubrious spot
for a vacation, Mr Bailey.
The sanitation
must be really shocking.
It ain't so hot.
Then again, it ain't so bad.
Outside, I suppose,
with the usual sand business?
Chemicals, that's what I recommend.
A good modern chemical device.
That's the best method
of disposal for anything.
- Even bodies.
- What bodies?
Why, er...
any body.
Thank you, Flyn.
Late as usual, but always reliable.
You boys alone?
Or... or is Slim coming?
Where is she?
- You heard.
- I don't know what he's talking about.
- No?
- No. He don't know.
Go get the girl, Barney.
Come on out. They want you.
Will you join us, young lady?
Let me go! Let me go!
You dumb cluck!
What do you expect? Santa Claus?
All right, you got the dame,
and you got me.
Now what are you gonna do?
Gimme the rocks.
I ain't got no rocks!
I gave 'em to Riley.
You heard.
Come on.
Okay, you've got 'em.
You've got it all now.
But what are you going to give me?
What am I going to get?
She's worth a million bucks.
Her old man would give you
everything he's got to get her back.
You've gotta give me something!
I figured it out! I snatched her!
You've gotta give me something, Slim!
All right, you keep the dame.
But give me a cut on the rocks.
I gotta have something,
haven't I?
Slim, stop rolling them dice!
Okay. You keep it all, then.
I'll just beat it.
Bailey? Kidnapping,
do you know what that means?
It means a death sentence.
And that's just what you're gonna get.
You mean you're going to stay in the
clear with the rocks and the ransom,
and I'm gonna take the rap?
Is that it?
Yeah. That's it.
You're gonna take the rap,
and like it.
From the beginning of time
Dames have been carried off by tough men
Song and story and rhyme
Tell of these take-no-rebuff men
Lochinvar rode out of the West
Casanova's wiles caused a riot
And in spite of female wails
Even Galahad ran off the rails
And carried off the Grail on the quiet
But when he'd got it
Did he want it?
Each night you'd hear him say
What shall I do with this mama?
I can't even give her away
This mad obsession for possession
Can only end one way
A guy shows a lady his etchings
And finds she's expecting to stay
Lancelot got hot pants a lot
Though he didn't care
For romance a lot
The damsel favours
Brought luck with them
But when he carried them off
He was stuck with them
But when he'd got it
Did he want it?
The answer's always "nay"
If you take by force you must keep it
You can't even give it away
Cleopatra stood 'neath the mistletoe
And when Caesar saw her
He whistled low
But soon got tired of her joie de vie
And was lucky to palm her off on Antony
But when he'd got it
Did he want it?
Each night you'd hear him say
What shall I do with this mama, hmm?
I can't even give her away
When Benvenuto Cellini wanted
A queen, he didn't just ask permish
He stormed the basement
And stormed the casement
And helped himself to his-a favourite dish
But when he'd had it
He removed it
Lucrezia Borgia's way
For a stiff is really the safest
You don't have to keep it
You don't have to give it
And it won't ever give you away
Won't ever give you away
Hiya, Slim.
It's not decent,
the way I throw myself at you.
You're only paid
to sing to the customers.
Look, why don't you soften up
and give me a tumble, hmm?
- I don't know why I stay in this dump!
- Because you got a contract?
I must be crazy! You're mean,
you're cruel, you're cold-blooded...
Shut up. Shut up.
Park it for me, Joe, will you?
- Get them?
- Yeah. Easy.
It was all downstairs
with the cops.
They'll be here any minute now.
Just two hours since Maxie called.
Where is she?
Spread yourself around, and keep
that nightingale out of my hair.
We haven't seen you for a long time.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Ah, Mr Grisson, what business.
Everybody here.
The Von Hefner themselves.
They follow Louis wherever I go.
London, Paris, Florida...
Did they follow you to Sing Sing?
Listen, Louis, I've been here
this past two hours.
I had dinner here. Understand?
Right here.
Ah, Mr Grisson, you make me so happy
when I see you eat the food
I so meticulously order
without one nickel commission
from the suppliers. Waiter?
Hey, you. Where's Slim?
Go take a seat in the can
and I'll get him for you.
Cut out the wisecracks.
I'll find him myself.
- The cops!
- Slim will take care of them.
I must be getting
out of practice.
What's so funny about it?
Out of practice!
They sure saved the suckers bellyaches
when they scratched
your name off the register.
- I'll take ham on rye.
- Ham on rye.
Now what crimes you commit,
Mr Grisson?
Not two hours after I served you
the dinner fit for a king,
you ask for a ham on rye.
No, please. If my services
are not satisfactory...
Go on, beat it!
- So you've been here all evening, huh?
- Yup.
That's interesting, but I want Bailey.
We don't have trash
like that around here.
I know, I know.
You're in the clear now, Slim.
You've got the
people that matter taped.
But things are going to bust wide open,
and you're not going to like it.
- Any more than we will.
- Why?
Well, Riley and Bailey snatched the
Blandish girl,
the meat king's daughter,
and killed her fianc.
And just to make a party of it,
Bailey rubbed out Riley
and the kid they got to drive.
So we want Bailey bad.
Listen, Blandish and the boyfriend's
old man have got enough dough
to take the crust off this town.
Get me?
Okay, if I hear anything,
I'll let you know.
In the meantime, order what you like.
I've got something to do.
Me too.
I gotta find that girl.
- What did they want?
- Bailey.
- Bailey?
- Yeah.
I'm working for the cops now.
Where did you plant him, Doc?
Oh, deep enough, Mrs Grisson.
Deep enough.
They can look for him.
I wish 'em luck!
Ah, he's gonna take the rap
whether he likes it or not.
It's a pity about the girl.
I mean, one so seldom finds
beauty and brains
in one and the same person.
But she knows too much.
And who said she was
going back alive?
Well, naturally, Mrs Grisson, we want to
make it quite clear that we received...
Shut up, the both of you!
Play all you want, but leave
the thinking to me, Slim.
I do that.
You mean you did, Ma,
but no more.
As long as you thought
the way I wanted you to,
you could kid yourself into thinking
you was running this mob.
But don't kid yourself no more.
From now on, you're gonna do as
you're told, just like the rest of 'em.
- Okay, Ma?
- All right, Slim, just as you say.
Where are you going, Slim?
I never did like women
round this outfit, Doc.
They make trouble.
You've got trouble
on your plate now, Mrs Grisson.
Still waters running so deep
Will I ever know
The secret you keep so well?
Why won't you tell?
Still waters
When will your eyes
Be willing to show
The secret that lies behind
What's in your mind?
Sometimes I wish I could hurl a rock
Into that pool that is you
Breaking the spell
Of those eyes that mock
But I know if I do
My chances are through
- No more bets. No more bets.
- And still waters
What are your schemes?
- My heart has to know
- 22, red.
Where do I stand?
Everything okay?
Slim, is everything okay?
- Yeah.
- Sometimes I wish
- I could hurl a rock
- Everything's okay.
- Into that pool that is you
- Seen the girl lately?
Breaking the spell
Of those eyes that mock
But I know if I do
My chances are through
Oh, still waters
Running so deep
It's love that I sow
So why should I reap this fear?
Where do we go from here?
What are you going to do with me?
Why don't you sent me home?
My father...
my father's worth
a hundred million dollars.
I'll pay you any money you want.
I won't even say a word.
Now, take your things
and get outta here!
- Get out of here?
- Yes, take 'em and go.
- Why are you doing this?
- It's none of your business.
Those men killed Foster,
brutally, horribly.
And when you came, he said
if he was poison, you were slow death.
Then why?
Will you get outta here?
You could have left me
where I was, with that man.
But you didn't.
And now you're letting me go.
If you wanna know, it's because
I haven't the guts to rub you out.
- Then why did you send me orchids?
- Because I own a flower shop.
I'll tell you why you're not
keeping me here. Pride.
Pride because you wouldn't
take a woman that didn't want you.
- And also because if you don't...
- Get out of here!
Glad you came back.
Look, Mr Blandish, if you pay,
they'll take the money,
and you still won't
get her back.
But if we hound this man down,
what can he do
but remove the evidence?
Oh, he'll let her go.
As soon as we corner him,
he'll make a break alone.
They always do.
Please leave this to me, Mr Blandish.
Oh, all right.
But I'll pay. I'll pay anything.
What about my daughter's maid?
Oh, she's just a little chiseller.
Probably drove the kid to tipping
off Bailey and Riley, but, er...
- And the other girl?
- Bailey's moll?
Well, we've got her,
but I think he's ditched her.
Well, you've got work to do.
Don't let me keep you.
If I get any news,
I'll let you know.
Well, don't waste time.
I want my daughter back.
So he's gonna pay up,
while Brennan and them mugs
is looking for Bailey.
What a set-up!
Say, Doc, what are you
gonna do with your cut?
Oh, much the same as you,
Flyn, I expect,
'cept that mine'll be every day
instead of alternate Thursdays.
Hey, what do you mean?
And you, Edward, my boy?
Does this rosy prospect, this rich
and heartening future displease you?
I never count my chickens
till I've wrung their necks.
Well, we are reproved.
you sound rather depressed
this morning.
You must excuse my dressing gown
at this time of day, Louis.
Madame, for you,
I excuse anything.
- What's for lunch?
- Ah!
Today we've got
a very nice sole mornay.
Oh, delicious!
Then little roasted poussin
with orange salad and game chips.
Louis, you're wonderful.
- But no ham on rye.
- What?
Is this some private joke,
- or am I allowed to hear?
- Madame, there is no secret from you.
But please educate
this moron how to eat,
- not just to nourish himself.
- What kind of a crack is that, you...?
He's tough, you know, Louis.
Yes, Madame, I know.
- Darling, he was onlyjoking.
- Well, jokes like that I don't like.
- Come on, let's eat.
- Okay.
Madame, I...
I cooked it myself.
And I hope...
I hope you'll find it perfect.
Thank you.
- Can you trust Louis, Slim?
- Oh yeah, just about as far...
Madame, I am terribly sorry,
but he can't trust me.
No, certainly not.
But you may.
- Implicitly.
- I do too, Louis. You're sweet.
Thank you, thank you
very much, Madame.
Eat, darling.
Come on, try it.
Oh, this is crazy.
What are you trying
to do to me?
Just make you a little more...
You can't stay here.
But I don't want to go.
This is freedom
to what I've ever known.
Besides, maybe it's because
you're the first man I've ever met...
I love you.
You're talking like a schoolkid.
Perhaps I'm not much more
than that to you.
I should have known
when to leave.
- You know it isn't that.
- Do I?
You're the only dame
that's ever got me.
Got me way inside,
and twisted my guts.
But what sort of a life
could you have with me, here?
Just life, Slim.
Oh, please.
There's such a lot
I want to tell you,
and I can only say
a little of it.
I know you've killed people.
I saw you.
I could believe that was justified.
You've broken the law
in every way there is to break it.
I expect you started stealing
as a little boy.
You're cold, you're hard,
you're ruthless, but I...
And what you did,
or rather, what you didn't do,
is all I want of any man of mine.
Yeah, I deserve a medal, don't I?
- Ah, you sucker.
- Well, I thought it sounded fine.
If they find you in here,
you're a noose around my neck.
But need we stay, Slim?
Couldn't you make a break?
Don't I mean that much to you?
You're crazy.
You're making me as bad.
And after the sole mornay,
a little roasted poussin.
Ah, ah, mes enfants!
It warm the heart.
My... my sole mornay!
My sole mornay is not touched!
I cook, I bake, I do everything,
they tease me,
don't touch my sole mornay...
Congratulations, my boy!
When do we send a little note
to the bereaved father, eh?
I give you a toast, gentlemen.
And you too, beauteous Mother.
- Save your breath.
- You said it.
We're not sending any note.
We're laying low.
I... you mean we're going to
harbour this... this...
Yeah, that dame's dynamite.
Every day she's here
puts years on my life.
Then learn to grow old graceful.
You're gonna have plenty of time.
Take it easy, Eddie!
- What's biting him, Ma?
- He's gone crazy about that dame.
Yeah, yeah.
He's been a good boy to me, Eddie.
It can't hurt
if he plays for a few days.
For a few days.
- Good night, Pop.
- Good night.
- Night, Dad.
- Good night, Pop.
- Good night.
- Good night, Pop.
- Hello, stranger.
- Hello, Tony.
Well, then, what is it
going to be, huh?
Oh, make it bolognese.
- Plenty of sauce.
- Okay.
- I gotta talk to you.
- Well, if it ain't little blue eyes!
Ah, skip it. I'm worried.
It's Bailey.
I haven't heard a thing from him.
What'd you tell the cops?
Ah, the usual.
After a few days, they let me go.
Are you tailed?
Tony, make it two bolognese.
And, er... let me know
if any strangers are coming in.
Two bolognese, with plenty sauce.
Yes, sir.
Well, you sure are
a sight for sore eyes.
You saw Bailey the night
he snatched that Blandish chippie.
- Pipe down.
- He called me from the gas station.
He was just about to
tell me the set-up,
when all of a sudden he said,
"Gee, the Grisson mob's here!"
- So what?
- Well, where is he?
Why don't you ask the dicks?
They wanna know, too.
Quit stalling.
What do you know?
All right.
You asked, I'll tell you.
I didn't even know it was
the Blandish dame then.
I thought he'd
picked himself a honey.
And is she a looker!
She was lying there in the car,
and been gone over good.
And he comes out and drives off
like a bat out of hell.
Okay, I figure it this way.
He goes to ground with her,
waiting for the ransom.
And what do you think he's doing now?
Shut up!
What a dame!
But I'll take it just because
you got a raw deal, sister.
Yeah, and here I've been stripping
in this filthyjoint while he...
Ah, take it easy.
Maybe I can help you out.
No, I don't want any help.
I sure could do with a drink, Eddie.
Slim, what are you thinking of?
Well, a million dollars.
You've got ten million,
and I was just thinking of one.
You know something?
With all my millions, I've never
been as happy as I am tonight.
Locked up in an apartment all day,
and driving out here at night for air.
Is that the life you want?
No, Slim, it isn't.
And it's not going to be.
I can't change you.
I don't want to.
Anyway, you wouldn't be happy
out of your surroundings.
Just what are you up to, huh?
There are lots of other places,
other countries,
where you could run a club.
Mexico, Cuba...
we could start life afresh.
Gambling, I mean, what is gambling?
Everybody gambles at something.
You mean you want me
to sell my place
- and go to Mexico or Cuba?
- Mmm!
You'd be recognised the world over.
It's no good, I tell ya.
Not even if I...
if I were your wife, Slim?
Oh, darling!
You see, Slim,
you're in the clear now.
Bailey, you shot in self defence.
Well, I can testify to that.
Two things we must do first.
One thing is to
write to my father,
and tell him that I'm staying here
of my own free will,
and make some sort of excuse.
The other is to send him
back the jewellery.
Then there can be
no charge against you.
That's right.
Oh, but you've got
Ma and the boys to cope with.
And they're going to be dangerous.
It's worth it to get away
from all this filthy business,
and start life anew, together.
I'd give my right arm for that.
But you must be careful, Slim,
how you deal with them.
Don't you worry about me, darling.
where do you wanna go?
Mexico or Cuba?
- Mexico.
- Nah, Cuba.
- Mexico!
- Cuba!
- Mexico!
- Cuba! Cuba!
All right, you win.
In the meantime, I'm starving.
All right, let's go inside,
and I'll mornay some trout for you.
- Oh, can you mornay a trout?
- I dunno. Come on.
I don't believe a word of it!
We've checked every angle,
and it's watertight.
I don't give a damn what you've
checked. I just don't believe it.
Because you don't wanna believe it.
I'd be careful what you say, Brennan.
I'm sorry, Mr Blandish.
But look at the facts.
You received this letter
from your daughter.
She returns to you her jewellery,
in case we might use them
as a means to bring her back.
She tells how a man,
one of a hunting party,
came to Barney's shack,
how he fought with Bailey,
and killed him.
And your daughter, Mr Blandish,
not wanting, as she says, anyway,
to return to a restricted life
she hated,
persuaded him
not to inform the police.
She falls in love with him, and...
well, I don't think
I need read any more.
When things have settled down,
she says,
she'll communicate with you.
Now what can I do, Mr Blandish?
Let's have your end again.
Well, Barney's a silk.
He said Bailey came up with a girl,
but he denies he knew it was a snatch.
Couples often come up to the woods.
Then he goes out
to shoot something for the pot.
When he comes back,
Bailey and the girl have gone.
- That's all he knows.
- Hmm.
We found Bailey's body, as
indicated in your daughter's letter.
And that leaves us, Mr Blandish,
with no case at all.
You've got the jewels,
and no-one's asking for ransom.
It would seem that your daughter
is just staying away.
I still don't believe it.
And for what you've said, Brennan,
I'm gonna break you.
Then go right ahead, Mr Blandish.
Because if it's your personal pride
that's been hurt by your daughter,
you won't get very far.
The case is closed.
Good morning.
Mmm, I love it! I love it!
- Tired?
- Yes, of walking.
But of nothing else.
Come on, let's go inside
before we drown.
- Who's the tough guy?
- Yes, but not tough enough!
What are you doing with that coffee?
Cremating it?
Who do you think I am?
Your personal maid?
And where's all your
big talk getting me?
Not in that club of yours.
I'm a dancer, see?
I got a career.
But no, the Black Dice
is too good for me.
Sure, sure, you'll have
your name up in lights someday.
And for Pete's sake,
give me some coffee!
Okay, but I ain't
waiting all my life.
So get a move on, wise guy.
What the...?
- What's frightened you?
- Look at that paper.
- So Bailey's dead!
- Looks like it.
You were the last guy
to see Bailey alive.
You can read, can't you?
- Something smells to me.
- I'm not surprised.
No guy could get Bailey's gun
from him.
- But you could.
- Shut up!
He was good to me.
Better than you are.
You and your cheap little mob.
He's dead, I tell you!
He's dead!
- I guess you need cooling off.
- Put me down!
Put me down!
Put me...
Gee, isn't it romantic?
I bet he's good looking.
- Get lost, will you?
- Okay, boyish.
- So you've seen it too?
- Yes.
And I'm very perplexed, Edward.
- More than I think...
- What does Ma think?
She doesn't like it either.
But she's his mother, Edward.
Where's the dame?
Oh, in some rural retreat.
There was a million dollars there!
All right, there wasn't.
But there was
a hundred grand in rocks.
Why do you bother to
try and think? I do that.
Because I ran a mob
when you were in your knickers.
Slim's just gone dame crazy,
that's all.
But because he is crazy,
he's going to hide that dame
better than we ever could.
You mean till the heat's off?
Then we take over,
and collect easy.
What brains!
Do you believe in fairy stories, Ted?
Well, that depends on the fairy.
"Handsome hunter slays man,
rescues heiress."
Sounds too good to be true.
I never thought those guys
had it in 'em.
They didn't.
I put it in 'em. You did.
They were broke, and we rubbed it in.
So they boozed, and got tough.
You said it. But Eddie Schultz
finished them off. I'll say he did.
- What do you mean?
- He laid it on after you'd gone.
He was hopping mad.
I got the answer.
The Grissons, Ted.
The Slim's touching this.
They let those guys take the girl,
then they grabbed her
when they were ready.
Now that kid was here,
Eddie was here, Bailey, and Riley.
There must be a hook-up somewhere.
There mu...
- I got it! A delayed take.
- What?
You know, a letter that
quiets the police,
send back the chicken feed,
then collect easy when the heat's off.
Er... I'd go easy, Mr Fenner.
You... you just feel bad about it.
Yeah. Well, I think it's
a very interesting theory.
And if I'm right, someone else
is going to feel the same way.
How was it filmed?
Wait a minute. You've heard of
Twentieth Century Fox?
- Yeah.
- I work next door.
Nineteenth Century Skunk!
Why, do you think I'm lying?
If you think I'm lying,
may I be struck speechless!
Oh, is that so?
You laugh.
All right, I'll show you.
Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.
Well, you know Peter Lorre.
The guy with the soft-boiled eyes.
From the picture
How Clean Was My Alley.
Well, don't laugh, lady.
You don't look too good yourself.
- Got 2B ahead.
- Two bellies.
Well, I've been waiting for hours.
Did you get what I sent you for?
It's a matter of life or death.
Well, don't stand there, you fool!
Did you get the information?
Let me talk to Louis.
- Sure.
- I'm too busy.
I couldn't get the information.
- It's Slim!
- Oh.
I want you to do something
for me, right away.
And number four table, Krautz.
Thank you, madam, thank you, sir.
- Hello, Slim.
- Hiya.
I'll fix it as you say, Mr Slim.
The boys will be here in a short while.
They are pretty sore,
because the diamonds
are going back.
- How's Madam?
- Okay.
Krautz, number seventeen.
Good evening, Madam,
good evening. Thank you.
Oh, by the way, that
newspaper guy, Fenner, he is here.
Sitting down there.
All right, Mr Slim?
Thank you.
- I wanna see you.
- Yes?
- I'm not renewing that contract.
- Oh, is that so?
- That'll take care of it.
- Thank you, sir.
Can I have my coat, please?
I've left something in it.
The gentleman's coat.
Say, Cutie. See I get some
coffee in the morning, will ya?
Better ask Slim.
He told you not to stay no more.
I'll take care of that.
You order the coffee.
- This a hotel?
- No, sir. She works here.
You know, you ought to be
in that floor show yourself.
- You got what it takes.
- Hey!
Nice smooth action.
You oil it?
No. You do.
That's what I thought.
Rummy six playing.
Place your bets.
No more bets.
Darling, you're almost
nervous tonight.
Nothing can go wrong.
No-one's interested in me any more.
- Just get it over with the boys.
- Yeah.
Excuse me a minute.
What's the matter?
Don't move out of here,
no matter who comes.
- Lock it, and keep it locked.
- Mmm?
I've got a feeling.
What are you doing here?
I told you you couldn't
stay any longer.
Ah, but I was tired,
and I forgot some things.
I won't come again.
I'm working my way through college.
- Would you care to buy my magazine...
- You!
Back up and keep your trap shut,
or I'll let you have it!
And you can forget that door.
I don't like that dame back here.
It makes me nervous.
I wanna hear what you've got
to say about her.
When's he coming down, Ma?
When he feels like it.
Your apprehension is contagious, Flyn.
You know, Mrs Grisson, I didn't like
the way that Fenner looked at me.
Go take a look-see, Doc.
Fenner? He's a nosy guy.
Where is he?
And sit down, you.
You're giving me the willies.
You've got me wrong, I tell you.
I'm the press.
Yeah, and is this the way you get
your stories? Playing Peeping Tom?
I may work in this dump,
but what do you think I am?
All right, keep your voice down.
You're not one of the mob.
I've seen you working other places.
- How nice.
- Now don't upset your hormones.
I gotta get out of here,
and I wanna get out fast.
I don't want you talking
when I leave.
All right,
anything to get rid of you.
Fenner was here. He came upstairs, but
he's not gambling and he hasn't left.
Then he must be up here.
I locked these doors.
He could be in any one of them.
Here. Have a look around.
I'll take the other wing.
- I'll meet you downstairs.
- All right.
- Get into bed.
- What the...?
Come on, get into bed, quick.
There's someone coming.
Stall them off
if you want to keep your health.
You all right?
No-one about?
Why, Doctor, what did you expect?
That was too close.
Well, thanks for the buggy ride.
What's your hurry?
You've got a lot of
explaining to do, haven't you?
but I'm not a great guy at talking.
Not a sign of him.
But his coat's still in the cloakroom.
- Then he beat it.
- What was he after?
- What do you think?
- The dame.
Or maybe he was just
playing a hunch.
I wouldn't bet on it.
I'd do something.
What were you gonna tell us, Slim?
We wanna know about
those rocks going back,
- and that story about the babe, and...
- Skip it!
But it's demoralising, Slim,
if we don't know.
Use your heads.
This guy Fenner was after something.
And if the girl's found here,
no matter what she says,
we're in for it, all of us.
What about Bailey's girl?
You're hooked up with her.
She mighta squawked.
I look after my dames,
and you look after yours.
Eddie, you're getting
too big for your boots.
You're right, Ma.
There are just three people
that could have talked.
Bailey's girl, that gas station hick
who saw Eddie with Bailey,
- and Barney.
- Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
Take the hick first.
Then clean up Barney.
Eddie can take care of
his woman later.
Go down and pay a visit
to that gas station guy.
See if he recognises ya.
- And if he does, what do I do then?
- Let him have it.
- Are you coming?
- No. I'm gonna see Barney.
Get the car ready.
I'll call ya when I need ya.
Okay, Slim.
Gotta keep our eyes open
around here.
Doc, upstairs.
Ma, put a tail on Fenner.
One of Louis' boys.
Okay, Slim.
I can't figure it out, Mrs Grisson.
He's either playing it
very, very sagaciously,
or else we'll be left holding...
well, hardly the baby.
- Here I am.
- I never thought you'd make it.
No more fire escapes for me.
Unless there's a real fire.
Have you thought of anything yet?
Look, why don't you open up
and tell me what you're really after.
Has Slim got a woman up there?
That's funny.
I don't say it's a woman,
but Louis has been taking
some food upstairs.
Yeah, there must be someone.
Slim stopped me sleeping up there.
I gotta work fast.
They're on to me now.
Do you know who it is they've got?
The Blandish girl.
Now you know what you're up against.
The Blandish girl?
I've got a call to make.
What about you?
But I can't go home.
I can't go back now.
Come with me.
Hello, Blandish?
Fenner here.
Well, we're right.
No, I got no evidence,
but I'll get it.
I just needed this tip, that was all.
I'm on my way to Barney's.
You know.
Don't worry.
I'll make him talk.
Come on, kid. On our way.
Barney's, and see that
no-one tails you.
Okay, Slim.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, Grandpop.
Her arm's come off again.
Well, well, well.
What a careless young lady.
Now you, er...
just go inside, and
bring a needle and thread,
and we'll see what we can do.
- Hey, Pop.
- Oh, good evening.
Here it is, Grandpop!
Wake up, Grandpop!
Grandpop! Wake up!
Oh, Grandpop, wake up!
Don't start anything,
and you'll be okay.
Give it to me, Barney.
Give it to me.
What do you want?
Sit down.
Before you fall down.
I want information.
If I think you're lying,
I'll give you the works.
I haven't much time.
Bailey came here with
the Blandish girl, didn't he?
That's right, mister.
Sure, that's right.
Then what?
Then I went out. And when
I got back, they'd gone.
How long did they stay?
Just long enough to eat.
That's straight.
You know more than that.
Spill it.
Honest, mister. That's all I know.
That's all I know.
That's too bad.
So you want me to get tough, do you?
Hey, I tell you, I don't know no more.
Well, talk, or I'll slop
this fat in your mug.
- No!
- Talk!
- Ask... ask Grisson. He took her.
- Griss...?
Okay, Flyn.
- Evening, Tony.
- Oh, good evening, Doctor.
I can't think why you eat
in a place like this. It smells.
That's what I like.
Exactly as you feared, my boy.
Slim has sold out to Ricardo,
who brings the first payment tonight.
What did I tell you?
He's beating it with the dame.
You know, I still don't like
this smell. What is it?
Try some.
Hey, Tony, another.
Yes, sir.
Now, look. We got everything fixed,
ain't we? There's nobody left to squeal.
We'll hold the dame ourselves.
And who's going to take care of...
- All right, I will.
- Don't be a fool, Edward.
We must be very careful
how we handle Mr Grisson.
We gotta do it tonight.
Oh, thank you, my man.
Well, I shall return to the club,
and make the necessary arrangements.
You meet me there about one.
Where's Ma stand?
Well, despite her rugged and, if I
may say so, horny epidermis, Edward,
she's still a woman,
and therefore unpredictable.
But I think she's jealous
of that young man.
Yes, indeed.
- Are you kidding?
- Hmm? Oh no, just good psychology.
What about Anna?
She could be dangerous.
I know.
This stuff tastes exactly
like it smells.
Slim, coffee's ready.
You were so tired,
I let you sleep all day.
I think you'd better go back home.
Home? Why?
What happened last night?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
You changed your mind?
Oh, no, no, of course not. I...
Oh, I gotta snap outta this!
If we only had the breaks,
we could have been...
We could have been what?
Just plain dumb and happy, I guess.
And we will be.
We will be.
- Yes, what is it?
- Close the door, please.
Now they're wise that you're leaving,
- they're going to get you.
- Oh yeah?
Now, please, don't make no trouble,
Mr Grisson. Think of Madame.
What's going to happen to her?
Up here, alone?
Can't you leave, both, now?
No, we can't. I gotta wait
for Ricardo, for the dough.
The only safe place I know
is downstairs in the club, for Madame.
People will not recognise her,
and I...
I don't think they'll start
anything in public, huh?
Okay, thanks, Louis.
Slim, this is wonderful.
Got the dame down here.
He's crazy.
- Far from it, but not that it matters.
- Where's Eddie?
He'll be along.
Relax, Flyn, relax.
There's nothing wrong, is there?
With the boys?
No, no, don't worry.
I've got their number.
We'll go as soon as Ricardo comes.
Yeah. You asked for it,
and you're gonna get it.
They're gonna give you an audition
after the show tonight.
- No kidding?
- I'll fetch you later.
- Who are you?
- Surprised?
So was that water tank.
Now, I wanna talk to you.
I'm not telling you nothin'.
You can keep them down now.
I'm interested in Bailey.
So are you. Now get this fast.
The Grissons caught up
with them at Barney's,
they bumped him off, and took
the girl. They've got her now.
This punk's been playing you
for a sucker to keep your mouth shut.
And that ride he was
going to take you tonight,
it wasn't an audition, it was curtains.
You know too much.
The dirty rat!
Barney opened up to me,
but they got him.
So I must have a witness to get
the cops moving on the Grissons.
- I think you can do that.
- You bet I can.
Yeah. Speaking.
Yeah, they've got your daughter,
but they found out I was on to them,
so they rubbed out Barney,
and I was where I started.
But Bailey's girl's
willing to talk now,
so get on to Brennan, will you,
and I'll bring her down to your house.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
I'm on my way.
Can't you see?
It's a Grisson touch.
A delayed-take snatch,
that's what it is.
The diamonds were a sprat to catch
a mackerel, to allay suspicion.
Then they wait until the heat's off,
when they collect easy.
For Heaven's sake, Brennan, hurry!
Can you imagine
what she's been through?
What they did to her
to make her write that letter?
Brennan here.
Call out the riot squad.
Yeah, cars, searchlights, the works.
Cover the whole block
around the Black Dice club.
Sorry I'm late, but...
it's a lot of dough.
Okay. Thanks, Ricardo.
I've been waiting for you, Eddie.
This woman's found her mother
complex, somewhat late in life.
So you weren't so smart?
None of you are smart but me.
Then let me tell you something.
Fenner ain't dead.
He's got Anna,
and she's opened her trap plenty.
- Gosh!
- Well, Mrs Grisson, shall we go?
Well, we can't stay here
and wait for the cops.
Get me Louis.
Louis. Louis!
Krautz, get me Louis!
Louis? Louis!
Krautz, quick.
Take care of Louis, fast.
I'll handle Slim.
Slim, look at Louis!
Here, take this.
You may need it.
I want to talk to ya, Slim.
Get up.
And keep your hands
away from your pockets.
I'm sorry, Slim, this is curtains.
You can have it in here or outside.
I'd prefer outside.
I'm sorry too, Eddie.
I hate to see things
finish up like this.
Well, come on.
Oh, Slim!
He's got away with the girl.
Come on, let's go!
Calling all cars. Calling all cars.
Be on the lookout for a black
Packard sedan, licence number 69...
Okay, let's go.
...heading north on Route 19,
driven by man, Slim Grisson,
wounded, wanted for kidnapping
of Miss Blandish, who is with him.
He is dangerous.
That is all. That is all.
Have you seen a
black sedan go by here
in the last five or ten minutes
with a man and woman in it?
- Yeah, Captain.
- Okay, you follow us.
- Shall I come too, Dave?
- You'd better stay here, honey.
Yeah, that's his car all right.
He must be in that cabin.
Darling, drink this.
It'll make you feel better.
How is it?
Oh, it's all right. I'm lucky,
it was just a flesh wound.
Slim, I'm afraid.
Let's get away from here. Anywhere.
No, it's no good.
The cops will have
all the roads closed by now.
We'll just have to
lay low, that's all.
You'd better come on out!
We got the place surrounded!
I'll give you thirty seconds!
I'll talk to them.
I'll explain.
- No you don't!
- Slim!
Get away from that door.
Listen, kid. The weeks
we've had together
was all the happiness I could
ever expect out of this life.
But there'll be courts and trials,
and maybe prison
before we could meet again.
That's not for you.
I know you'll always remember
that I love you.
But forget that you ever loved me.
Never, my darling.
Are you coming out,
or do we have to fetch you?
So long.
- Be seeing you, kid.
- So long, Slim.
I'll be seeing you.
Drop that gun!
If you don't drop that gun...
It's all over now, Miss Blandish.
Slim Grisson is dead.
Miss Blandish, you're safe.
You're with friends, I tell you.
Grisson's dead.
He's dead, Miss Blandish.
Miss Blandish, Grisson's dead.
You're quite safe.
Your father won't be long.
Now you just lie down
and rest, hmm?
Please leave me.
- But you must lie down.
- No, leave me.
Oh, Slim.
The ambulance
will be here any minute now.
Come on, keep moving here.
That's it, keep moving, everybody.