No Postage Necessary (2017) Movie Script

have become one of the most
serious threats to our nation.
The cyber challenges we're talking
about are not theoretical.
Hackers can shut down
our electric grid...
Our money, our secrets.
This is something real.
We're already under attack.
Sony Pictures...
Target comes to mind.
Sooner or
later, the U.S. will take action.
We will respond.
The FBI hopes to
graduate hundreds of new cyber agents.
We still have a hard time
finding the right people.
The Bureau's having
trouble finding enough qualified personnel.
The current threat outpaces
our existing authorities.
Foreign governments...
The massive distributed
denial of service attack.
A new form of warfare.
Cyber attacks are
only going to get worse.
The cyber
threat is threat number one.
And in local
news, a Hillsborough County man
has been sentenced
to three years in prison
for hacking into a multinational
agricultural company
and posting online
the home addresses
and social security numbers
of its board of directors.
Have you remained in the same
residence since our last meeting?
Yes, sir, still
at my brother's.
Have you maintained
gainful full-time employment?
Yes, sir, I'm dutifully employed
in the land of minimum wage.
In lieu of
paying restitution,
you've opted to perform
community service.
Have you complied with the court order
for the required number of hours?
Yes, sir, nothing gives me more pleasure
than seeing those little rug rats smile.
Have you knowingly
violated any law
at the Municipal, County,
State or Federal level?
I'm as honest as a politician
during election season.
Answer the
question, yes or no.
No, sir, I haven't
violated any laws...
that I'm specifically aware of.
Finally, have you operated any
devices connected to the Internet,
including a computer,
phone, tablet or television?
No, sir. I haven't.
I'm telling you,
give me one chance,
and I'd hack
those TERRA cells so fast,
they'd think I was
in the next room.
You think our government's
doing anything about it?
No. They rely on outside
groups like Anonymous
to do their dirty work.
To pass them information.
And then, they lock up kids
who were just having fun,
when it's those kids
they should be hiring.
Doesn't that
make you mad?
Fools give full vent
to their rage.
The wise bring
calm in the end.
For Christs' sake, Stan...
And once again, please,
my name is David now.
You know,
changing your name doesn't
mean you get to start over.
This isn't Halo, you
can't just respawn.
You know, I'm willing to accept my
faults and set a path to correct them.
But like a talisman,
my name serves
as the key
to the spiritual mindset
that I'm trying
to achieve.
Doesn't alcohol
do the same thing?
You should come to Bible
study with me sometime.
All the answers
are in here.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
we have customers.
State-sponsored cyberterrorism,
though, isn't that the FBI's worst nightmare?
Yes, if
a rogue terrorist
were to perpetrate a hack, it
would be the worst nightmare.
You forget
I found this,
stuck between my seats.
Wait right there,
I have something for ya.
Hi there, Jack.
Hello. Beautiful
weather we're having.
Are you kiddin' me? It's
hotter than hell out here.
Oh, you know us southern
ladies never sweat.
You came early today.
my middle name.
Early isn't efficient,
it's just early.
You got
that letter for me?
You okay there, son?
"Happy Birthday, Tommy.
"We remember when you were just a little
boy and now you're ten." Blah, blah, blah.
"Love you very much.
Love Grammy and Granddad."
Thank you, Grammy.
Adam... from Barb.
Whoa. Nice to meet you.
Stay right there.
How generous of you.
"Dear Adam, I've never done
anything like this before.
"I'm a little embarrassed but you
make me feel so comfortable.
"I can't tell you enough
how much your encouragement
"has brought me
out of a very dark place.
"I don't know what's more impressive,
that I'm wearing lingerie,
"or that I figured out
the camera timer."
Well done.
What's up
with the getup?
I thought
you were at work?
Called in sick.
"Dear, Michael.
"Tomorrow will be six years
since you left us.
"2,190 days since
they told me you were gone."
That's 2,190 nights
dreaming the same beautiful dream
of you next to me.
And then the same horrible
nightmare where you float away...
dissolving into darkness.
Leaving only that moment
when the doorbell rang.
I forgive the soldier.
I'm still angry with God.
Daisy looks
more like you every day.
She has your cute stubbornness
and your intellect, too.
But she struggles
connecting with others.
I just don't know what to do.
I sent her application to that
school for the gifted in Nashville.
It's a long shot,
and it's expensive.
Too expensive.
But I think you'd at least
want me to try, wouldn't you?
I miss our mornings together.
The dawning of each new day
bringing endless possibilities.
Days filled with love.
Nights filled with laughter.
A life full of dreams.
But that song has been sung.
The harmony's gone.
Dad thinks
it's time to move on.
That rhetoric is
a poor substitute for action.
Doesn't he realize my Prince
Charming is never coming back?
Be right there.
Agent Ames.
Sam. May I come in?
Do I have a choice?
You always have a choice. Some
choices are just better than others.
So, what brings you to
this side of the tracks?
Ever hear of
the spice trail?
Oh, the Indo-European
trade route?
Yeah, we learn about it in school...
That's funny, that's very funny,
but I'm referring to
the online drug marketplace.
Oh, that spice trail.
Well, you really should
have been more clear.
We infiltrated it a few years
back, and we were hacked.
Over 1,000 bitcoin
was stolen.
We've only just now
caught up with the trail.
Great. Congratulations.
However, we're at a dead end.
The trail vanishes.
You think that's funny?
It's just, I don't recall you
reaching a dead end with...
with me.
I'm sure whoever you're after is
using an encrypted Tor server
just like I did.
Yet you were somehow magically
able to find my IP address.
So, I'm just wondering,
why you don't break the
law to find them as well?
Sam, the thing is,
we know the IP address.
It was routed through the
same data center you used.
Well, thanks to you, I'm prohibited
from using the Internet.
So, unfortunately, there's
no way I can help you.
Actually, we think you can.
Nobody leaves a calling
card quite like you, Sam.
That's over $10 million
worth of bitcoin, gone.
Which would make you a very rich man.
Look, I have no idea who stole your
coins or how, that wasn't my game.
If you were willing
to break into Monsanto...
Come on,
that was for the people
subjected to their
genetically-modified crap.
That is a far cry from stealing
assets, even in the real world.
Do you have the coins?
No. I don't have them.
Thank you for your time.
Should have visited me
in prison.
I've missed our little...
There's always next time.
If you were to die today, how sure are
you that you'll be going to heaven?
if God's willing to overlook that
drunken one-night stand from last week,
I'd say I've got
a 50-50 chance.
You've got
to be kidding me?
What is it?
Trying to cash out of
this stupid poker game
but it's saying
all I get is 1.2 dollars,
which is a bunch of crap,
I just took the pot.
Well, let me
see that for a sec.
Oh, no,
it's not 1.2 dollars,
it's 1.2 bitcoin.
Those sneaky bastards!
I gave them
my credit card.
No, it's still real money.
It's just...
It's a digital currency
based on a perceived value
created by a group of people who
engage in trade, just like the dollar.
Why are you such a dork?
So, how do I get my money?
In dollars.
It's easy, you just...
You just cash out and then convert
the dollars on an exchange.
I can do it for you.
Hi, Rachel.
We need to talk.
Is everything okay?
What's going on?
You hacked
the spice trail?
Jesus Christ, Stan.
Please don't take the Lord's name in vain.
How could you?
It was a few years ago.
A few years...
That isn't what
we were into.
It wasn't corporate. We
agreed to stay corporate.
Why would you hack into
a drug marketplace?
You went rogue on me.
I've already been to prison
once, I'm not going back again.
'Cause they're
bad people.
They sell drugs to kids.
They sold drugs
to my sister.
They killed her, Sam.
I... I can't cover
for you this time.
You don't
have to, dude.
You didn't do
anything wrong.
Tell that
to Agent Ames,
he stopped by
this afternoon.
So, where are
the bitcoins?
I lost them.
They're gone.
Why is he talking
to you about this?
Check your wallet.
Karate cat was angry.
I'll go talk to him. No.
I'll take care of it.
He can't
prove anything.
After you, m'lady.
Watch your step.
Oh, hey there,
little bro.
Meet Nancy.
Nancy, this is dipshit.
This is your brother?
Why don't you come
party with us tonight?
It'll be fun.
Oh, baby, come on,
you know I'm just playing.
Come on, you know
I love you.
Come on, baby.
Are you ready for a good
day at school today?
Hi. I'm Sam.
I like long walks on the beach
and candlelit dinners.
Oh, yeah, I'm also
a convicted felon.
Recently released from prison,
who stole your letter
and staked out your house.
Yeah, I know, and you were
expecting Prince Charming.
Other girls
Just won't say
I know
This is so wrong.
I don't even have
a driver's license, dude.
Just drive in a straight
line and slam on the brakes.
I'll pretend you hit me.
It'll be fine.
That's her.
Oh, she's very pretty.
What? She is.
Remember. Just like we planned.
Been around the world
I've seen
Enough crying out
from a girl for me
Baby I'm here
All right.
Oh, shit!
Whoa, watch out!
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Are you hurt?
Come on. Let's get you up.
Come on, that's it.
The guy just
came out of nowhere.
Honestly, it's fine.
Wait... Hey!
Get back here!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, let's
get you inside.
Thank you.
That's it. Over here.
Sit down.
Oh, my goodness, your hand.
Does it hurt?
I hadn't even noticed.
It was very brave of you.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
I'll tel you what,
here is my name and number.
If you start to feel worse
or get a headache, or just
wanna lawyer up
and need a witness...
call me.
Hi, Josie.
I'm Sam.
Hi, Sam.
You sure you're okay?
Better now.
Have you remained in the
residence since our last meeting?
Yes, sir. Still living
with my deadbeat brother.
Have you maintained
gainful full-time employment?
Yep. I'm still
stuck in reverse.
In lieu of paying restitution, you've
opted to perform community service,
have you complied with the court order
for the required number of hours?
Tell me, sir, is this it?
Is this what rehabilitation
looks like?
Something troubling you, son?
I need a better job,
for starters,
and a new car would be nice.
And how's that possible when the
system's rigged against people like me?
People like you?
I'm not a bad person.
You're also not a victim.
I understand how hard it is
when you first get out,
you got no job,
no prospects,
and in your case,
are unable to earn a living using
the unique skill set that you have.
I do get it.
That's just it. I can still
do coding and security work.
I don't have to be
connected to the Internet.
I mean, I can do all
my work on a dummy station
and then send thumb drives.
There has to be a job
that'll let me do that.
I'll tell you what,
I'll do some
digging for you.
In lieu of paying restitution, you've
opted to perform community service.
Have you complied with the court order
for the required number of hours?
Yes, sir.
Sweetie, why
aren't you asleep?
Do you think
Daddy's in heaven?
Come here.
What do you think?
Albert Einstein said,
"Energy can't be
created or destroyed,
"it can only be changed
from one form to another."
I think Daddy
is a star.
Daddy is a star.
He was our star.
Would you please
sing me a song.
Galileo, what were
you thinkin'
What were you seein'
To frighten you sometimes
You might be a fool
Did you stand beneath
the moon glow
To change the world
Or impress a girl?
Were you just sleepless
and needing
Something to do
Tell me, Galileo
Come on.
Come on, pops.
Well, hello there, sir.
Where's your truck?
High cholesterol. Doctor
said I need more exercise.
You look thin enough.
It's a silent killer.
Aren't they all?
You have any mail in that
bag of yours for me?
Afraid not.
You got any
outgoing mail for me?
Yes, I do.
Right there.
Thank you. You have
a great day, sir.
You too.
I interviewed for that
customer service position today.
I think it went well.
Hi, sir, how can I help you?
Yeah, I need bee honey and all you
have is wild flower honey, so...
Well, sir, wild flower honey
just means that the bees use
primarily wild flower blossoms
to make the honey. So...
You think I'm stupid
or something?
My wife sent me down here
to get bee honey,
I need honey that's
made from bees.
Not by wild flowers.
And although the pay
raise would certainly help,
I still don't think
it'll be enough for Daisy.
She got in trouble again
at school today.
What am I doing wrong?
The guys are playing
again this weekend.
Should I go?
I miss the music.
But that was a different life.
I was a different person.
Honey, you need to eat. Grandpa went through
a lot of trouble making that for you.
Smells like
Godzilla farted.
Daisy Maribel!
Where did you learn that?
At school.
It's okay.
No, Dad,
it's not okay.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
Apology accepted.
Now we eat some chicken
nuggets and french fries?
That'd be much better.
Thank you.
You're quite welcome.
Whatcha doing?
I'm drawing a processional
graph of Mercury's orbit.
Isn't it pretty?
I've been stuck
on this page for years.
It's beautiful.
I want to start
a new chapter but,
who am I?
I've been caught between
the past and the future.
Just waiting...
Is this it for me?
All the dreams I had,
are they...
are they gone forever, too?
Hey there, Josie.
Looking good!
Hi, Tom,
how are you today?
Mother's going out
for bingo tonight.
She's going
to be out late.
That's nice.
Excuse me!
Um... I have
a date tonight.
Sorry, Tom.
I think you just
saved me again.
I guess it's providence that
we ran into each other then.
So, I never got a call form
you, I take it you're okay?
Well, I am
a little concerned
about this corn.
Do you know
if it's non-GMO?
Did you get it in the certified
organic produce section?
Yes, I did.
Then, yes,
it is non-GMO.
Great. I feel so much
better now. Shall we?
Shall we what?
I believe you
mentioned a date?
Well, that...
No, I didn't actually
mean that you...
you and I were gonna go on a...
on a date.
Then, shall we
have a drink?
Isn't that
the same thing?
Depends on how
you look at it.
Plus you do
kind of owe me.
I do not.
Stop it. Tom?
And I jumped in front
of a car for you.
If that doesn't get a guy a
drink, I don't know what does.
Let me go clock out.
The lies had to make
the trees so heavy
Oh, I
I was such a fool
No, I wasn't ready
Here you go.
Thank you.
I can't stay long, though. My
daughter is with her grandfather.
You have a daughter?
Where are you going?
Yes, I have a daughter, I am
widowed, and I haven't spoken
with another man in years, let
alone have a drink with one.
Please, don't go.
I'm sorry, I...
I haven't done this in...
Neither have I.
I always dreamed
of being a singer.
But, I mean,
what kid didn't?
I respect music way too much
to subject this voice to it.
So, what's stopping you?
Life, I suppose.
I was even in a band.
People really do that?
I mean, I feel like
everybody wants to
but I never met anybody
who actually has.
Well, don't let this customer
service uniform fool you.
We were good.
You are brave.
I was brave. I was.
What about you? What did you
want to be when you grew up?
A fighter pilot.
That's impressive.
So are you
a fighter pilot?
Unfortunately, no.
A little thing called
school got in the way.
No, no, that wasn't the
problem, I got straight A's.
I had what
you might call...
behavioral problems.
Looking back,
I think I was just bored.
I acted out a lot.
Do you still act out?
Honesty, I just try to focus
on the little victories.
It's what gets me
through the day.
Maybe some day, they'll
add up to something.
Something special.
Let's drink to that.
Hello, Mrs. Cartwright,
this is Hawthorne Elementary calling.
Please give us a call back. It's regarding
your daughter, Daisy. Thank you.
Come in.
Please, sit down,
Mrs. Cartwright.
What happened?
Daisy hit a girl.
She's okay. Just a little
shaken up, they both are.
Daisy gets frustrated easily
which I'm sure you know.
But the thing is,
it's getting worse.
She's becoming
more anti-social.
She just retreats
into herself.
She doesn't pay attention, she doesn't
interact with the other kids,
she just doodles
all day long.
I would like you
to consider this.
Special education?
You're not serious?
We just feel that she would
do better in another program.
One that can cater
to her unique needs.
But she's smart.
She's really smart.
We're doing the best we can, Mrs.
But we can't have her
hitting other kids.
That's two weeks in a row.
I have to take the well-being
of all students into account,
including that of Daisy's.
You okay?
Come here.
I think of you
and I find my strength
your warm embrace
I was going to wait the
requisite 48 hours, but...
Hi, Sam.
I'm sorry. It's just
been a really bad day.
Well, lucky for you,
I have just the thing.
Do you want to go
out with me on a date?
A real date.
I don't even know you.
That's exactly what
I'm trying to remedy.
So, I'll pick you up at 8:00?
Is that a yes?
That's a yes.
Hey. Can I have
your address?
Thank you.
You sure
this is a good idea?
I can't pick her up
in the car you almost hit her.
No, I mean this entire
situation, dude.
Look, have you ever
had anybody love you?
Think you were the greatest
thing in the world?
Well, I haven't.
But she has.
Maybe she can feel that
way about me someday.
- Mm-mmm.
That's it.
That's the one.
How do you think
this is gonna end?
I've gotta try.
Try to be
something better.
If I don't, I'll just be living
the same life I've always lived.
Where has
that gotten me?
Hello? HARRY: Sam?
Yes. Free tomorrow?
Yes, sir. Got you an interview.
Brinker Stag Investments.
That's great.
That's amazing.
Be there at
10:00 a.m. sharp.
Yeah, I'll be there.
All right, good luck.
How can I help you,
Special Agent...
You have Sam Collins
on papers, correct?
I do.
Is there a problem?
Has he reported
on his weekly probation?
He has.
Hasn't missed even once?
No, he's been
a model probationer, why?
Hasn't asked you
to look the other way?
You know, you're bordering
on the offensive, Agent...
Ames. Right.
Of course, forgive me.
One more question
before I leave.
Has he mentioned anything to you
at all about stolen bitcoins?
Thank you for your time.
You're aware that
lying to an FBI agent
carries a maximum sentence
of five years?
Yes, I'm well aware
of the law, Agent Ames.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
Please, please me
Please, please me
Hello, sir. I'm here
to pick up Josie.
Postal work
pays pretty well.
My aunt recently...
We were very close.
Who are you? JOSIE: Come
inside with Grandpa.
Please take her, Dad.
Come on, darling.
Okay, but,
who is that man?
That's the mailman.
Wow, I haven't been to
this part of town in forever.
I hear there are some great
restaurants that opened up.
And speaking of.
I thought we were
going to dinner.
Don't let
this place fool you.
They serve the best corned
beef you'll ever taste.
I can't go in there.
Look, here's
the thing.
We could do
a quiet evening
in a restaurant
talking all night.
Serious adults having
serious conversations.
Or, we could go in here,
have a meal, laugh,
listen to great music.
Your choice.
Hey, man, can I get
another round of Guinness for the band.
Three? It'll be up in a wee minute.
Josie? Is that really you?
Oh, my God, I can't believe
you're actually here.
How've you been?
God, you look amazing.
Hey, I'm Sam.
Hey, there.
I'm Gareth.
Oh, uh...
I hope you're taking good care of this one.
She's a special girl.
It's not like...
Um, well, look, we're just
about to start the first set,
but please swing by
during the break.
I know the rest of the gang
would love to see you.
Yeah. It was great
to see you again.
It's good to see
you too, Gareth.
the music gonna start?
So, you know that band
I used to sing with.
No, way. What are
the chances?
"Neither snow
nor rain nor heat
"nor gloom of night
stays these couriers
"from the swift completion
of their appointed round."
Come on. You are
making that up.
No, that's really
the postman's creed.
If only every occupation
sounded so noble.
So, you like it?
It certainly
has its perks.
Let's go slowly
Don't say love me
Don't want to roll the dice
Just yet
I was five years old.
Looked up
to my grandpa.
He was my idol in a way that
parents can't be at that age.
And I was walking down the
street with my mom, and...
he was on the other
side, approaching us.
And, so, I called out to him, "Grandpa!
And he just
kept walking.
Pretended like
he didn't even see me.
He had remarried.
His first wife had died
and the new wife thought
it would be a good idea to
disassociate him
from his kids.
That was the last I ever
talked to my grandfather.
A few weeks later,
we packed up and left town
in the middle of the night.
I started to stutter.
I kept asking
my parents if...
if I was good.
I was paranoid, really.
And then I grew up
and realized,
it doesn't really matter
if you're good or not.
My being good had nothing
to do with his choice.
You can probably tell
I don't get out much.
My husband died.
Six years ago,
in Afghanistan.
He was a marine.
Compliments of
the band.
And can I get
you anything else?
No, thank you.
The sad part is,
is that...
he never even got
to meet his daughter.
What kind of man was he?
He was honest.
He always saw the positive
in everything.
He was a romantic.
He was kind.
He loved me.
And I loved him.
We were
high school sweethearts,
I mean...
he's all I've ever known.
And when his life ended,
so did mine.
Now I live for Daisy.
At least I try to.
Thank you very much, folks.
We're Fair Play Lass.
And now I'd like to invite a very,
very special lady up on stage.
It's been a long time since she's spit a few
lines with us and seeing her here tonight,
me and the boys just couldn't
pass on the opportunity.
I think he's
talking about you.
Josie, come on up here.
Let's have some fun.
Um, I'm good. No.
Go on,
I'll be right here.
You can do this.
There she is, folks,
give her a big hand.
Tell me what you're thinking
'Cause baby
I've been thinking, too
It's only wishful dreaming
But lately
I only dream of you
I need to know
Tell me
Would you come running
whenever love calls
Would you fly with me
without fear in the fall
Give me your heart
Or nothing at all
Thank you for tonight.
I had forgotten what it
feels like to have fun.
Look, Josie,
I really like you and I
wanna be completely hon...
Yeah, that was
pretty smooth.
Good night.
Good night.
Fill this out.
And I also need to see
two forms of ID.
Hey, I'm from
the Zoldi Corporation.
We look after
your network infrastructure.
Excuse me.
We recently
updated the BIOS
on your system drives
and as reported,
the Wi-Fi is assigning
dynamic IP addresses
to the ones that
should be static.
So, I need to get
in the server room.
It's an emergency, so if you
could just push that button.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
How may I help you?
I was brought in to do an integrity
check on the Wi-Fi network,
and I came across a DDoS attack
on the way on your mainframe.
"Distributed denial
of service."
It's kind of
a big problem.
Okay. What would
you like me to do?
I would like you
to get me in there.
They're in meetings.
I'm sure you've done
everything right
to get behind
this big desk.
Went to
the right school,
flashed that saccharin
smile of yours,
and used it at just the right
moment to kiss the boss' ass,
but if you don't
get me in there,
all anybody
will remember
is that you're the guy who
failed to protect this company.
You're responsible for all its
clients' money being stolen.
Now, is that what you
worked so hard for?
No. No, it's not.
So, I want you
to use those...
hands of yours
to pick up that phone and
get me in there. Right now.
Yes, there's a gentleman out
here with our network provider,
who says we're under
a distributed denial...
...of service attack.
...of service attack?
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, okay.
She said to go on in.
What do you know?
What's going on?
I'm here
for my interview.
Excuse me? The network
security interview.
May I?
You've been hacked,
by the way.
I don't understand.
It's what's called
social engineering.
I simply impersonated
a field technician,
said I was checking Wi-Fi integrity
and security parted like the Red Sea.
I could have loaded any kind of malware
or spyware on your company's mainframe.
I could have downloaded every
document or email in this firm.
But, of course, I didn't.
Sam Collins?
Yes, sir.
I understand the condition
of your probation
is you're not allowed
access to the Internet.
Maybe I should have
hacked in after all.
Changed the records.
Forgive me,
but, isn't access
to the Internet
kind of needed
to secure our company
from attacks
coming... from...
the Internet?
as I said, my hack today
was simple social engineering.
Which is exactly what
some teenager did
when he hacked the head
of the CIA, by the way.
Where the Internet
is concerned,
I can write software simulating
any kind of attack imaginable.
Then I can create a virtual
environment to test these attacks,
and then provide the code
for somebody else to implement.
Mr. Collins,
although we appreciate
your enthusiasm...
Corporations spend
$60 billion worldwide
on information security
services last year.
They're expected to shell out
another 86 billion this year.
The reality is,
you control a lot of money,
but you're vulnerable.
Entrepreneurial hackers hunt for security
flaws in companies just like yours.
Then they sell that info to governments
from Russia to North Korea,
as well as your competitors.
For that single vulnerability,
I could have
been paid $150,000.
You're welcome.
Look, hire a middle-aged man with a computer
degree from your local community college,
if that's what you think
will protect you.
But don't say
you haven't been warned.
Thank you, Mr. Collins
for your...
insightful commentary.
We'll be in touch.
the interview go?
What are
you doing here?
Sure, help yourself.
What are we gonna do
with you, Sam?
You've got
nothing on me.
You know, impersonating a postal
worker is a federal crime?
I'm sure that your
probation officer would be
none too pleased upon
receiving this information.
Neither would the judge.
Okay, I get it.
Okay, so back to
my original question.
What are we gonna
do with you?
Pretend like
it never happened.
No, that's...
That's not what
I had in mind.
Get me
the bitcoins, Sam.
Then this little problem
of yours will go away.
I told you,
I don't have them.
I... I never did.
You got three days.
Stanley, we need to talk.
Come on, Stan,
I know you're in there.
David, please open up.
We need to find
those bitcoins, now.
Agent Ames just busted me
for stealing mail.
Why are you
stealing mail?
Well, first for money,
but then for...
Oh, so the bad boys really do
get all the girls, don't they?
No, they don't.
The girls that matter,
they just want an honest man.
Okay, the uh...
The bitcoins
when I ran them
through the tumbler.
He's never gonna find them.
I'm sorry, Sam.
I can't believe
you tried to launder them.
What are
you gonna do?
I don't know, David.
I'm thinking of giving
prayer a try.
Kung fu?
Yeah. It's cool.
Are you messing
with me, Sam?
No, sir.
Then why did you hack
into that job interview?
I was trying
to take initiative.
I thought
I could help them.
They weren't asking you
for that kind of help.
Their ignorance isn't
something I could ignore.
Their ignorance?
I was doing
that company a favor.
No! You were gambling
with my relationships.
The world is burning
around us,
and we're playing by
a different set of rules.
You smoke one joint,
you're not FBI material.
You show initiative, you're told
not to think outside the box.
You hack into a company
to try to help people,
you're relegated to working
in an ice-cream cone.
It's not how you win a war.
Not this one.
A war?
Okay, enlighten me, son.
How does one
win this war?
You put your best soldiers on the front
lines and let them battle it out.
Just like
we've always done.
Is that how you see
yourself, a soldier?
I could be.
Young man,
to be a soldier,
you have to think of someone
other than yourself.
Because when
you're a soldier,
if you make a mistake,
people could die.
Right now,
what I see hiding behind
that charming smile
of yours,
is someone who is out for
himself, damn the rest of us.
Is that the type
of soldier you wanna be?
Agent Ames,
came by
my office yesterday.
Is there something
you wanna tell me?
About stolen bitcoins?
I didn't steal
his bitcoins.
Not that it matters,
he circumvented
the law before
to put me in prison,
he'll do it again.
Okay, let's make this cool.
All right. Hi-yah!
Hello, Barb.
Stay right there.
Hey, Adam.
Sorry, do I know you?
You think it's funny, what
you're doing to that lady?
What's it to you?
She's somebody's mother.
Somebody's daughter.
What if it was your mom?
Gimme the money.
Tell that to her.
Get in the car.
I sent you packing
for a reason, honey.
What the hell! This shit
better be important.
I swear, she told me she was 18.
Where's Sam?
Oh, um, have you
checked his work?
What I was just saying
before, I was just kiddin'.
Excuse me.
Outta my way.
Where's Sam?
I'm sorry.
I don't speak rude.
Don't mess with me,
sprinkle lady.
I don't know,
he's not on the schedule.
You wanna look?
I was wondering when
you'd show back up.
Come here.
I got somethin'
for ya.
Well... aren't you
gonna open it?
How long have you known?
I had a barber
in Vietnam.
His name was Frank.
That wasn't
his real name.
He had a wife, kids,
from the village,
just outside of Saigon
where I was stationed.
Long Binh.
Frank was a jolly guy,
always smilin'.
Just like you.
Then one day while
he was giving me a shave,
the razor stopped.
I looked up at Frank,
and he had this look
on his face...
A mixture
of hate and fear.
Normally you just see one or the
other when they're fightin'.
But this was close up.
It made it more real.
Turns out Frank
was Viet Cong.
Turns out a lot
of our friends were.
tell me,
what is it
you want, Sam?
I just wanna be
the kinda man
that she could someday
write a letter to.
Nothing's stopping you from being
that kinda man but yourself.
You'll find her at work.
I'm assuming you've
received my e-mail?
Our adversary, the Devil, prowls like a
roaring lion seeking to devour its prey.
That so?
Yeah, that is so.
We're investigating reports of
missing mail in the neighborhood.
Have you noticed anything
out of the ordinary?
Can't say I have.
If you and your daughter
are involved in any of this,
that makes you accessories
after the fact.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Well, if you
think of anything.
Cheese is in
the dairy section, last aisle.
Have a good day.
Are you here
for some more corn?
I'm here for you.
I want you to know that I
haven't been honest with you.
Not about some
things at least.
Things I hope don't change how
you feel about me because I'm...
I'm still the same person.
You're under arrest for
impersonating a U.S. postal worker.
Sam, what's going on?
Let's go.
I'm sorry, I...
You're not sorry.
You're done.
That was your answer?
Stealing more
of my bitcoins?
Stay right there.
Stand down,
I'm arresting this man.
No, you're not.
I said, stand down, I'm
arresting this man. No, no, no.
Drop your weapon!
I said,
drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon.
Drop it now!
We know about
the bitcoins.
It's all over, Ames.
Last chance.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Drop your weapon now.
You're making
a big mistake.
Mark Ames,
you're under arrest
for wire fraud
and money laundering.
Do you know
who I am?
Each count carries a maximum
sentence of 20 years.
I assume you're aware
you're going to jail.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
held against you in a court of law.
You okay, kid?
Thank you.
Go ahead. Open it.
The Tomb of
the Unknown Solider
doesn't actually
receive letters.
But, I never had
the heart to tell you.
It seemed you needed
something to hold on to.
Something that could
get you from moment to moment.
So, when the first letter
was returned,
I set up a post office box
and forwarded them there.
This box is just one of many.
There's two letters
missing from that box.
You think there's a chance they may have
reached their intended destination after all?
How could you say that?
Michael is dead.
He died six years ago.
Daisy needs a mother.
A mother willing to chase her dreams,
otherwise what are you showing her?
How to survive?
Survival isn't enough.
Not when she has
an opportunity to thrive.
You can honor him by living.
Not by writing letters.
Have you remained in the same
residence since our last meeting?
Yes, sir.
Have you maintained
gainful full-time employment?
Have you, uh...
You handled yourself well
during this whole mess.
I could have
done better.
Well, life is more about where
you end up, not where you begin.
Don't you think?
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna...
recommend early termination
of your probation.
I mean, it'll be up to the judge
to make the final decision, but...
I'm confident
he'll judge favorably.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I don't have to tell you to make
the most of this second chance.
No, sir.
You have my word.
I'm so glad to see you.
How are you?
I'm doing well.
Why are you
doing this, David?
call me Stanley.
Oh, thank God.
I knew if Agent Ames stole
bitcoins once, he'd do it again.
So, I hacked
into his accounts
and traced
all his deposits.
But, in order to send
everybody that email,
I had to hack into
the Department of Justice.
Apparently they don't look too
favorably on that sorta thing.
I also told them that it
was me who stole the mail.
What? Why would you do that?
"Greater love hath
no man than this,
"that a man lay down
his life for his friends."
It's exactly what
you did for me,
when you took
the fall for us.
This is my opportunity
to pay you back.
I have to tell them.
Don't you dare.
It'll mess up
my plea bargain.
how's your girl?
Doubtful I'll ever know.
Haven't you asked her?
Sam, you have
to ask her.
Otherwise, what has this
whole thing been for?
Remember, you've
got to try.
Speaking of...
She's a weird girl,
that Rachel.
Said she always wanted
a pen pal in prison.
What can I do for you?
Talk to Josie.
There's something
I want you to have.
My Bible.
I'd be honored.
John, Chapter 4
is my favorite.
Let's see what the big deal
is, Stan, shall we.
John, Chapter 4.
John, Chapter 4.
A bitcoin wallet address?
Stanley, you sly
son of a gun.
Well, what do you know.
You really do have
all the answers.
I could never see
The man
I should be
Till I loved you
Till I loved you
What are you doing here?
I came to apologize.
You stole my letters.
Yes, I did.
What gives you the right?
Nothing at all.
I don't even know
who you are.
I'm a computer hacker.
A convicted felon
who was recently granted
early release
from probation.
I work in a giant ice cream
cone on the other side of town.
And I stole your mail,
hoping I could earn
a couple extra bucks.
But that was before
I read your letters.
Before I fell
in love with you.
From that moment,
I resolved to change.
To become
a better man.
You're a thief.
I only hacked into
the bad people.
You hacked into me, Sam.
Into my life. You know all about
my little girl, my family!
Do you know how violated
that makes me feel?
What, am I
a bad person, too?
No, you're the best
person I've ever met.
We're leaving.
We're moving to
Nashville next month.
What will you do?
I don't know.
I don't know, besides knock on the
door of that school every day
until they let Daisy in.
She's no closer to getting
in by being here.
I meant, for you.
I am so thankful
that we met,
and whether this was
real or not...
This was real. For me.
For me, too.
I'm a better person
because of you.
So am I.
Take care
of yourself, Sam.
Good things happen
to good people.
Don't ever lose
hope in that.
Didn't dream
Of all the things
Life could be
Till I loved you
Till I loved you
Till I loved you
Oh, hey, Dad. She's
finished with her lesson,
I'll be home tonight
around 10:00, so...
A letter came for you.
From who?
Why don't you take a look.
Shh. It's okay.
We'll figure
something out.
"On behalf of
the Kinsen Morgan Academy,
"I'm please to congratulate
you on the acceptance
"of your daughter,
Daisy, into our program."
Keep reading.
"A designated
scholarship gift
"has been presented
in Daisy's name,
"covering tuition and fees for
each year she is enrolled."
How well
do you manage adversity?
Well, you've heard of the
fight or flight response.
I was really good
at the flight part.
Problem is, I was
equally good at convincing
people I was fighting.
And now?
I'm tired of running
and getting nowhere.
So, I figured
it was about time
to start fighting for
something bigger than myself.
Can you describe a time
when you had to
demonstrate leadership?
I think I've always
been a natural leader.
It's where I've led people
that's been the problem.
So, that's why I'm here.
What do you have to offer us?
Let's get you
outta here.
Your intelligence?
Yeah, that...
Computers, Internet.
Obtaining political
and military information.
Fighting with my fingers,
you know?
Care to explain?
I can destroy networks.
Penetrate enemy computers
to steal or manipulate data.
I can release a worm to take down control
and command systems of our enemies,
so they can't communicate
with ground forces.
Or fire surface-to-air missiles.
That sort of thing.
Why do you want
to serve your country?
I appreciate the opportunity
we all have to chase our dreams,
no matter our background.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes,
to ensure we don't lose that right.
Plus, there's something
undeniably sexy about
being part of the biggest,
baddest military on the planet.
Don't you think?
Do you think you have
what it takes to be a soldier?
Yes, sir.
I believe I do.
"Dear Josie..."
We talk about
a beach in Tahiti
and Paris, France
What makes the best martini
Stirred or shaken
before it hits your glass
We talk about this
We talk about that
When we gonna get down
to brass tax
When we gonna talk about love
When we gonna talk about love
We talk about
having three wishes
And a genie
to make 'em come true
You go for a Maserati
I'm thinking
oceanfront Malibu
We talk about this
We talk about that
A whole lotta nothing
as a matter of fact
When we gonna talk about love
When we gonna talk about love
We go on about
our favorite movies
Casablanca or Heaven Can Wait
Astronomy, philosophy
Blind luck, or is it fate
I've been waiting
Anticipating for
the one thing
Missing from
our conversations
When we gonna talk about love
When we gonna talk about love
When we gonna talk about love
When we gonna
talk about love