No Resolution (2017) Movie Script

(doorbell ringing)
- Happy New Year.
- Sharon.
- Is my little man around?
- Uh no, he's actually not,
but he should be any minute.
- Oh, I gotta give him
his New Year's present.
- Right.
His New Year's present.
- Sure, silly.
I get him one every year.
Let's see, what did
I get him last year?
The silk boxer shorts I got him.
Hey, what do we have here?
Some gobble gobble?
It's New Year's,
not Thanksgiving.
- Yeah, I thought it would
be a nice holiday dish.
- Oh, honey, you cook it that
way you're gonna dry it out.
- Did you,
can you stay for dinner?
- Hm?
No, no, no.
You two go ahead.
Ken's taking me to one of
those shi-shi restaurants
he's always so excited about.
Made reservations months ago.
Speaking of which,
what's the date of
the wedding again?
- August 27th.
- I knew it.
Can't make it, you'll
have to reschedule.
- Reschedule?
But you said you
were free all summer.
- Well I am.
We were.
But, Ken's got this
cruise voucher and that's
the only weekend they can
take us before it expires.
- But I've already booked
the hall and everything.
- So, book another weekend.
Don't worry so much.
It's still a ways off.
there is no way I am missing
my only child's wedding.
You have to reschedule,
end of story.
how is the baby?
Happy and healthy?
Oh yeah, he's coming
along alright.
God, I can't believe
my little man
is having a baby.
Come on.
Loosen up.
You're liable to scare him off
with an attitude like that.
Don't you think?
- Thanks, Sharon.
(slow instrumental music)
(slow instrumental music)
(slow, tinkling music)
I get so restless I feel
trapped inside my body
Won't someone reach out
And rescue me
I can't settle down,
settle down, settle down
Settle down, settle down
It's not the meds
It's not the
drag of decomposing
I can't help this feeling
I'm floating
But anchored down, to
the ground, to my bones
To my own mortal address
And if you would
only cut the cord
Well I wonder what my
grandfather would think
50 years sweating
for his family
He knew how to settle down
Settle down, settle
down, settle down
(upbeat acoustic
orchestral music)
- Hey Pearly.
Oh, did you have a good day?
It smells fantastic.
(slow music)
- It's just one glass.
Your mom stopped by.
- I guess so.
What'd she say?
- Come on, open your
New Year's gift.
- Yeah, I know.
I know it's kind of weird.
- Yeah, not to mention
you're 33 years old.
- What did she,
name some other ex-girlfriends
she likes so much more?
- She told me we have to
move the fucking wedding day.
- Oh, pants!
Jean, look, pants.
So, we'll move the date.
It's not set in stone, is it?
- I already booked the hall.
- Well re-book it.
- They're all booked up.
I mean, they're not all booked
up but they're booking up.
Excuse me, Pearl.
- Hon.
Come on.
We'll just pick another date.
Why couldn't she make it?
- A fucking cruise.
Ugh, her and Ken wanna go on
some goddamn wind jammer cruise
to Turks and Caicos
or some shit.
So I have to
reschedule everything.
- Well it's just a hall, Jesus.
You know what, I'll figure
it out after the holidays.
I'll make some calls.
What are havin',
Thanksgiving day?
- Uh no, it is
not just the hall.
It's trying to schedule
with my family.
My friends.
Do you realize how long
it took us to settle
on August 27th?
My parents are in and out
of town all summer long
and when they're
not out of town,
my dad's having his
corrective surgery.
- Well it sounds like your
parents are the problem,
not my parents.
- No.
They are not the problem
because I have been in touch
with them and
scheduling with them
for the past two months
to land on August 27th.
Meanwhile your mom just
stays out of the conversation
and says, "Oh, I'm just
loafing around all summer."
And then she flippantly
unloads this horse shit on me
about some fab fuck cruise
that's gonna expire.
- That is not good,
now is it, honey?
- No.
And do you know how
many of my stupid
fucking high school
friends decided to get
married this summer?
All the weekends are filled up.
Will you please get a little
upset about this, please?
Cary, it's just some
dumb fucking cruise.
Can't you talk to her?
- Sure.
Sure, I can talk to her.
(soft acoustic music)
- Just stand up to her, hon.
It's our wedding,
she'll understand.
- Eh, okay.
- She's just doing it to
be confrontational anyway.
I will forever be
the other woman.
- Okay, god, don't
get into this.
- What? It's true.
You just don't know
how true it is.
- Okay, whatever.
(soft acoustic music)
- Did you pick up the beets?
- Oh, fuck.
No, I did.
I did, but I must've
left them at The Getaway.
- What?
- Fuck, I'm sorry.
I'll just, I can go grab
'em, it's not a problem.
- No, don't worry about it.
I'm the only one who
likes them anyway.
- Yeah, that's why I
should get 'em though.
- No.
- It'll just be
a second, though.
- No, I said it doesn't matter.
- But I feel bad now.
- What were you doing
at The Getaway anyway?
- I just stopped
in for a second.
- Even though I was making
this nice dinner for us?
- Hon, it was just a second.
they had this new girl
start so they asked me
to train her.
- Why would they ask you?
- You know what?
I left the beets
on the back bar,
so that's where I'll
go get 'em form.
- No.
Fuck it, damage done.
Too late.
- Oh.
I didn't wanna ruin
your nice little spread.
- Bet you wouldn't
have left the bag
if it was mac and cheese.
- Oh!
You're makin' mac and cheese!
- Yeah.
But I'm gonna spit in yours.
Seriously, see how
these pants fit.
- Okay.
- [Jean] Other than the fact
that there's no such thing
as New Year's gifts, it's
odd how close in proximity
it is to Christmas.
Didn't she just get you pants?
- Yeah.
And those,
those were too small too.
- She still thinks
you're her wittle boy.
- 30/30?
Why does she keep
buying me 30/30's?
- It's what you wear, isn't it?
(soft acoustic music)
Why didn't she get me anything
for New Years, I wonder?
- [Cary] You're
not her wittle man.
- I'm gonna be her
daughter, soon, though.
I practically am already.
I know why.
(soft acoustic music)
She really was kind
of a bitch today.
Well, we have about
30 minutes 'til dinner's ready.
What do you wanna do?
- Oh man, no, I'm
really starving.
Do we have any cheese or
crackers I could have?
- I thought maybe you'd
wanna run and get my beets.
- I can.
Yes I can.
Just give me a second, okay?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Totally kidding, come on.
We still have the
Thanksgiving day
parade on the DVR to watch
we never, ever, ever watched.
- You know what?
I thought you might
wanna play some bass.
Yeah, come on.
You're never gonna get
good if you never practice.
- Alright, let's play bass.
- I knew you'd want to.
Okay, you're gonna start
with it open, open.
Yeah, remember this?
You gotta meet it though.
Yeah, so.
Then you're gonna go five, five.
- Five, five.
- Seven, seven.
- Seven...
- Seven, seven.
Oh yeah, try it again.
- Seven, seven.
- Open.
What's going on with you?
You were playing
this fine last week.
Have you been practicing?
- No.
- Jean, you're
never gonna get good
if you don't keep at it.
- Well, I do wanna
get good, but when
am I supposed to practice?
- Aren't you at home all day?
- Cary, what do you
think I do all day?
Sit around watching court TV?
- Well no, but it's not
like you're working all day,
every day.
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I kinda am.
When I'm not getting the
PR stuff off the ground,
I'm planning our wedding.
Which doesn't have a
firm date, by the way.
- All I'm saying is it takes
a lot of dedication is all.
- Come on, show me
something harder.
- You're not even getting
the easy stuff that well.
- Fine.
- Trust me, you'll never
have to learn anything
more complicated than
that for our band.
- Oh right.
Our band.
I'm starting to think easy
is just code for shitty.
- It is, but it's cool.
It's cool.
But then we can
start doing shows.
- Yeah, we can teach
our baby to play drums.
- Fuck yeah.
And we'll teach her
at a super young age
so it'll be this crazy
novelty and everybody'll
want to see it.
- We could be like
awful child star parents
but a shitty garage band.
- Yes.
So learn the bass already.
- I gotta stir the gravy.
- [Cary] It'll be
fun though, right?
We'll get to tour and stuff.
- [Jean] We should
work on a name.
- I thought of
one the other day.
Jessica Albatross.
- For the baby?
- No, for the band.
- I'm saying we should
work on baby names,
but sure, yeah.
Jessica Albatross, that's a
good name for a little girl.
- Ooo.
I thought of the perfect
one the other day.
Doom Buggy.
- Come on, I wanna
do baby names.
- Oh yeah, boy or girl.
Doom Buggy.
- Right.
What do you think about Olive?
For a girl, obviously?
(people laughing outside)
- Uh, I think those guys
upstairs are throwing
a rager tonight.
- Again?
For New Years?
- Yeah.
Saw 'em lugging a keg upstairs.
- [Jean] Did they
say anything to you?
- No, I never talk
to those dudes.
- You'd think they'd
have the respect
to at least warn us
they're having a party.
Seriously though.
It's kind of growing on me.
- I like Magnolia.
- I do, too.
Sucks Kyle and Crystal
took it already.
- Oh.
I had the shittiest
work email today.
- I wonder what
they're doing tonight.
I should say hey to her,
see how she's doing.
- Kyle's probably practicing
his stupid yogi yoga
bullshit or whatever.
He started doing it
on the lunch breaks.
- It's healthy at least.
- He looks like a total doof.
He does it in the break
room and he just lays out
his mat and everything.
- Well if he's
starting to be a yogi.
Jesus, you ate all that cheese?
- [Cary] You helped.
- I hate like a bite.
- Well, it's good.
- Yeah.
But I'm cooking this
nice dinner for us.
- I know, I'm hungry.
- Yeah, are you still hungry?
- I swear I am.
(slow piano music)
- I should've ran and
gotten those canned beets.
- Jesus, I'm sorry
about the beets, okay?
- No, no, it's just,
you've been drinking.
You're probably full
now, so I at least
could've have some
beets if I'm, you know,
the only one enjoying the meal.
- I'm gonna enjoy the meal.
Come on, let's eat.
I'm starved.
- It's not ready yet.
- Okay well then let's
finish this song, then?
- I don't want to
play bass right now.
- You never do,
that's the problem.
- Oh.
That's the problem?
- Jesus, why are you so
pissed all of a sudden?
- Why couldn't you
remember my canned beets?
- God, that's it, I'm
grabbing the goddamn beets.
- No, dinner's almost ready.
- Well, you're obviously
not gonna be satisfied
until I grab 'em.
Let me just grab
'em, I'll be second.
- No, just, it's too late.
You've already forgotten them.
Come on, let's
just we can start--
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
(slow piano music)
Everything's just crazy.
I'm really hormonal
right now I think.
You're just...
You just run and get the beets.
I used to believe in the sound
The sound of the ocean
An infinite
current to carry us
Now there's a
silence in the air
Equally infinite
but utterly desolate
A desert hush
I padlocked my own childhood
And threw it in the abyss
If someone would
only dive down and
Recover it
If you wanna head
out tonight, you can.
- Uh no, no way.
I thought we were gonna
spend the night in.
Solidarity, right?
- You sure you don't wanna
do some keg stands upstairs?
- Eh, I thought you'd never ask.
What's going on?
- Oh, no, nothing, just
joking around with Crystal.
- Oh that reminds me.
I haven't told you
about that shitty email.
Mary sent out this
super negative,
shitty email to the
whole staff right before
we went home for New Year's Eve.
Isn't that fucked up?
- What'd it say?
- Well it was pretty
much talking about
that pamphlet I mocked up
for Clifton Medical Supply.
And she's like, "Oh,
don't be creative
"and pretty much do
all the boring stuff
"that the client
wants you to do."
- Well you probably
should do that, huh?
- Well, yeah, but,
like why is it called
creative resources then?
- Cary, it's business writing.
That's just an arbitrary name.
- Why would Kyle lie to me?
He told me that it was
this totally good job
and that it was
super challenging.
All we end up doing is just
writing this super lame
business jargon.
- It is a good job.
Kyle probably
really does like it.
He gets paid well.
- It is really boring.
There's no way he could
fucking like this job.
- Cary,
he has a kid.
It's called growing up.
- [Cary] Fuck that.
I don't ever wanna grow up.
- Right, but don't be like that.
It can't be that bad.
- Yeah?
Well you should try it.
- I did.
For over two years
at Chellem-Howell?
- Two years sounds pretty sweet
compared to four fucking--
- Cary, stop.
- You know what?
I'd love just to
stay at home all day
and not go back to my
stupid, boring job.
- Sweetie, it doesn't
work like that.
You have to be making money
if you wanted to stay home.
Kyle and Crystal wanna stop by.
- No fuckin' way.
No, no, no.
- What am I supposed to say
if they know we're
just sitting around
at home all night?
- I don't know, say anything.
Say that we're watching a
fucking movie or something,
I don't know.
- They wanna bring
Magnolia over.
We've only seen
her that one time
after she got home
from the hospital.
- Fuck.
This night couldn't
get any worse.
- Hey.
Thanks a lot.
- No, I don't mean.
I don't mean you, I just mean
all this fighting, it sucks.
- Okay, well, why don't we stop?
Can we?
- Sure whatever, I can.
- Such a--
Oh, I nearly forgot.
I got us an ice cream cake.
You want a piece?
- No, babe, I'm stuffed.
- Come on, you have
to start working
on your sympathy weight.
- No, seriously,
I'm over-stuffed.
I'm stuffed.
- [Jean] It's all that
goddamn cheese and crackers
you wolfed down.
- You know what?
I'm famished.
Come here, serve it up.
- Hey.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, me too.
- No, but,
I'm sorry about last night.
Especially about last night.
- Forget it, you didn't mean it.
- I had this plan to make you
this nice dinner and stuff
and make it up to you, but,
your mom stopped by and
shit all over everything.
- What happened to
the "And stuff?"
- I know you hate your job.
But we just have to start
making sacrifices, right?
- I guess.
- Cary?
- No, I know.
I'm just worried about the
Burning Daylights, you know?
Or wondering if we're
ever gonna tour again.
- Well, you guys never
really toured anyway, so,
why does it matter?
- Yeah, we did.
We went that one time
to New York for a week
(phone pinging)
and back.
- Oh, yeah.
(clearing throat)
Uh, they're coming over.
- God, really?
- Yeah.
- I told them we
were watching a movie
and they said
they'd just pop in.
- God.
Take a hint, Dingles.
- Yeah.
(slow acoustic music)
- Okay.
I'm gonna go get some beer then.
Alright, it'll
just take a second.
(slow acoustic music)
You be the deer,
I'll float in the trees
Hide and seek, hide and seek
I'll be the snake
down in the weeds
Hide and seek, hide and seek
There's no beginning,
there's no end
Only a need to comprehend
What we're all missing
Hide and seek
Hide and seek
(acoustic pop rock music)
(soft rock music)
(people chattering)
I don't think these
hipsters appreciate
your nice decorations.
- Well if they're hipsters
then what are you?
- We met before, remember?
Well I will have
a shot of whiskey.
Hey, I'm,
I'm a parent.
- Yeah.
So be extremely apparent.
- No, I mean (laughing)
I mean, like I'm a dad.
I'm gonna be a dad.
So, I'm not like all these
hipsters running around.
- Congratulations.
- Hey, I'm gonna take
it from here, okay?
How's New Years
going for you so far?
- Oh, it's alright,
man, how's yours?
- Beautiful, but
it's about to get
this much better.
Alright, what's this to?
To, uh,
to another shitfaced year.
- I hope so.
- Woo, okay.
I'm gonna go restock some shit.
Are you gonna be around?
- Sure.
- Okay, great, I'll
see you in a second.
- Alright.
(soft rock music)
(soft rock music)
(people chattering)
- Oh hey, do you want a bump?
- Huh?
Yeah, sure, why not?
- Great.
So, are you hanging
around tonight then?
- Oh man, I wish.
No I just, I came
by for a six pack.
- Oh fuck man, that sucks.
Well, I am gonna get
you nice and lit for
game night or whatever
it is you're doin'.
- Fucking hanging out
with Kyle and his wife
is apparently what I'm doing.
- Oh shit, man,
that's gonna be fun.
- Yeah.
I guess.
Not likely, though.
- Dude, what's the deal?
I thought that you
and him had like
a super awesome
bromance going on?
- I, I guess, man.
Things were a lot cooler,
though, when we were
focusing on the band and stuff.
- But you know what, man?
This is, like, the
fucking time, dude,
where like, you're
fucking having babies.
You're like, settling down,
becoming old together.
This is the time where you
just kind of hang it up.
You know, you call it a day.
- It's bullshit,
though, man, you know?
I mean, you wouldn't
stop playing just because
you were having
kids or whatever.
- I don't know, man.
You gotta grow up
sometime, you know?
(slow, tinkling music)
- [Bobby] Alright man,
it's time for me to just,
hop back into the fray.
- Yeah, and hey, man.
Can I get that six pack?
IPA or whatever.
- Oh yeah, but, this
is for Kyle, right?
- [Cary] Yeah.
- And he is gluten free.
And we are completely
out of gluten free, dude.
- Ah, fuck.
Alright, that's cool.
Thanks, man.
Hey, you mind if I just
chill back here for a bit?
- Nah, it's all good.
Can you just clean up a
little bit after yourself?
- Yeah, I can.
- [Bobby] Alright, see you man.
(slow, tinkling music)
Holdin' out
You're holding out
So who are you waiting for
Do you really think another
love will fill the hole
Your sorrow is a curse
that keeps you holding out
Stop holding out when
you should be grabbing hold
- Hi, you guys.
- [Crystal] Hey, hello.
- Oh, look at the
little inch worm.
Ooo, look at that hand.
Oh, come in.
- Oh, your place is so adorable.
Oh, I love your tree.
- [Jean] Have you
guys been here before?
- No, I guess not.
- Oh wow.
Cary will be back
in just a minute.
And you remember Pearl.
Um, he just went out
to get some beer.
- Oh, he didn't have to do that.
- [Jean] Oh, well.
I'm not sure what's
taking him so long.
And I don't think
it's just for you, so.
- Well in that case, I think
he did have to do that.
- I brought dessert,
it's cherry pie.
- Oh, oh.
I got a fever I can't shake
I got a sickness
I ain't gonna quit
I'm on a streak
that I can't break
Lighting the wick
of each relationship
Boy, I got a
secret to tell you
It's never as hard as
you're makin' it seem
Yeah, I got a
secret to tell you
You're out of truth
'cause you wanna be
I'm bustin' out of this coffin
I'm gonna run my
own bones in the dirt
Color the road
with my skeletons
Hastily hid and
they never stay put
Boy, I got a
secret to tell you
Nobody's ransacking
your dresser drawers
I got a secret to tell you
You're not even sure
what they're hiding for
I have been sipping on this.
I opened it last weekend,
but it still tastes okay.
- Sure.
I'll have a sip of the old wine.
You're supposed to
let it age, right?
- That's right.
And you're okay?
- Yeah, water's totally fine.
I'm breast feeding so
I can't have any booze.
Boo hoo.
- Oh.
Ooo, she is such a darling.
- Oh, thank you.
So, a baby on the
way, and a wedding.
You must have your hands full.
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh well, I mean, nothing
like you guys, I'm sure.
- Remind me of the date again.
- Um.
Funny you should mention that.
It was August 27th and now
I'm not sure what's going on.
- What?
What do you mean?
Is everything okay?
- Oh yeah, no, it's
just Cary's mom.
- Oh boy.
What's she done now?
- It's nothing really.
She just stopped by
tonight with some
cockamamie story about
this cruise she has to take
that weekend or something.
- That sounds about right.
- I don't get it.
Is she, like?
- A kook.
- To put it lightly.
I'm sure you understand
why Cary is the way
he is now, huh?
- Yeah, well, yeah.
She's not all that bad.
I think she just sort of
lives in her own orbit.
- Says the soon-to-be
- I can't remember.
How long have you
two been together?
- Um, six years.
- Wow.
Just getting married now?
I mean, not that
that's a bad thing.
- Actually, I think
certain circumstances
fast tracked the decision.
- Well I could see us all
hanging out a lot more
once we all have kids.
I mean, wouldn't that be fun?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I would love that.
- It'll be fun.
- Yeah, it's so hard now.
With everyone being
so busy anymore.
- And trying to pin Cary down
for more than five minutes.
You know, I swear,
I never see anymore.
Except for slaving away
in his cubicle at work.
- You know, he told me about
that email that Mary sent?
That sounds kind of brutal.
- Brutal?
He never follows any of
the company guidelines.
He doesn't even follow any
of the notes that his clients
give him.
Basically the tell
him to do one thing,
and he does something
entirely different.
- But do you really
think it was necessary
to reprimand him
on a group email?
- Trust me.
She has reprimanded
him plenty in person.
I think this is like,
her latest effort to try
to get through to him.
It's not like he's gonna
get fired or anything.
He is a really good
writer, it's just,
well, you know, he's Cary.
He likes to do
things his own way.
- Wow, I didn't realize
he was so difficult.
- You didn't realize that
Cary Lonegan was so difficult?
- Honey.
- No, no, no, no, that's okay.
Of course I know how Cary is.
That's why I love him.
- Yeah, he's awesome.
- Yeah.
I just didn't, yeah, I just
didn't realize he was having
such a hard time at work.
- Well, he's a
really good writer.
It's just,
well, like you said.
He's Cary.
And that's why we love him.
(soft acoustic orchestral music)
- Hey.
Come here.
Yeah, you.
Come here.
- Can I help you?
- What's up, man?
You partying tonight?
- Yeah, kind of.
- Kind of?
How is that going?
- Well, I mean, I am.
But the dudes I'm
with aren't really.
- She wants to ask if
you'll buy us a 12 pack.
- [Cary] Of soda?
- Yes, one 12 pack of vanilla
cream soda, please sir?
- I am not gonna get busted
for your little antics.
Don't you have an older brother
or a cousin?
- My brother's a
total dick licker.
- Come on, dude.
We're like totally cool chicks.
And we're practically
21 anyways.
- Aw, yeah, and
what's the law got to
do with it anyway, right?
- Exactly.
They should make IDs cards
that say "Practically 21."
- I tell you what, why
don't you show me your ID
that says you're practically
21 and I'll go ahead
and buy that vanilla cream soda.
- Where is it?
Fuck, I can't find it anywhere.
I got this, though.
Practically $21.
- Disemboweled Vagina?
- Work out music.
(drum roll)
- [Shawna] Is that for us?
- Yeah, this one.
I don't really know
what to do next.
Feels like doing
a drug deal here.
- Do you wanna hop in your
car for a sec and have a beer?
- Uh yeah, let's go.
- Okay.
Who you sextin'?
- Uh, huh?
Oh, no one.
- Who's home?
I mean, god, we're in
a strange man's car
and we don't know a
single thing about him?
What if he's a homicidal rapist?
- Not funny.
- You're not a homicidal
rapist, are you?
- I'm Cary.
- See?
He's Cary, he's not a
homicidal rapist at all.
- [Tracy] Scary Cary.
- She's all bent out of shape
'cause her boyfriend's gay.
- Oh, how does that work?
- It doesn't, Scary
Cary, it doesn't.
I'm Shawna.
Pleased to make
your acquaintance.
And this barrel of laughs
behind me is Tracy.
- Oh, I,
I used to have a
cat named Tracy.
- So glad you're
not gonna rape us.
- Who's back at home?
A lady?
- Oh yeah, um, it's just,
um, someone I live with.
- Is she like your room mate
or are you guys like a thing?
- Yeah, you could
say that, I guess.
- Say what?
That you're a room
mate or a thing?
- Um, both.
I mean, you know,
she's my room mate
and we're like, together.
- Sounds pretty hot and heavy.
- Actually it's kind
of hot and cold.
Uh, what do you guys do?
- We're at the Art Institute.
We moved here from Kentucky.
It's pretty awesome here.
Are you from here?
- Yeah.
Yeah, the suburbs.
- We live in the dorms.
It sucks.
- Yeah?
What are you guys
doing way up here?
- Oh this is our
favorite liquor store
to pick up strange men.
- Ah, I guess you're doing
a bang up job then, right?
- We're going to some dumb
party Tracy's gay boyfriend
told us about.
We're going so we can
hold hands at midnight
and talk about shoes--
- He's not gay.
I wish he was gay, though.
I wish we were both gay dudes.
- You'd get a lot more action.
How about you?
Do you get a lot of action
from your room mate?
- I can't believe we're
still talking about this.
- Oh, come on.
Stop being so
sexually buttoned up.
That's the problem
with this country.
So freaking provincial.
When did you guys meet?
- Oh well, a while ago.
A while.
- Ooo, so you probably
don't get a lot of action
at all anymore, huh?
Sensitive subject.
How did you guys meet?
Was it love at first sight?
- God, 20 questions.
- Um.
Oh, not exactly, I mean.
You know, it was
actually business.
She did the PR for my band.
- You're in a band?
What band?
- Uh, yeah.
The Burning Daylights.
- Hm, never heard of them.
My boyfriend's in
the band Cleanliness.
You ever play with them?
- Never heard of 'em.
- Really?
Oh god, they're like blowing up.
You should totally go see 'em.
- Yeah, I guess I'm a
little out of the loop.
- The Burning Daylights, huh?
When do you guys play next?
- Oh, we haven't
booked anything yet.
I mean, but, we
probably will soon.
- Sweet, I wanna
come see you play.
- Yeah?
(slow, tinkling music)
- [Tracy] He's
there, can we go now?
- Hey, Scary Cary?
Do you mind taking us to
this dumb little party?
- He said he was coming back.
No idea what's
taking him so long.
- He really didn't
have to bother with
gluten-free anything.
This wine is totally fine.
- Maybe we should
dig into that pie.
- Yes.
Yes, let's do it.
Hey, forget Cary.
More for us, right?
- [Crystal] Oh, your
kitchen is so cute.
- [Jean] Oh, thanks.
- Yeah, Kyle and I
just redecorated.
Oh here, let me dish that up.
It's a little bit runny.
Should taste good.
Thank you.
Oh, thanks.
- [Jean] I'm so
sorry about Cary.
He can be so
inconsiderate sometimes.
- Oh, that's alright.
He's just trying to
be helpful, I'm sure.
- [Jean] Um.
Yeah, thanks, but,
no, he's not.
I'm sure.
- What's up?
Is everything okay with you two?
- Uh yeah.
It's fine, you know.
ups and downs, but it's fine.
- I'm really glad we
came over tonight.
We don't get to see each
other that much, you know?
- Yeah, yeah, it's good
to see you guys, too.
It's so nice to--
- I know we don't know
each other that well, but,
I really like you, Jean.
So, you know, if there's
anything that you
wanna get off your chest that--
- I don't know what's
happening to us.
- Hon, what's going on?
- He just gets so
distant, alright?
Disappears all together
like right now.
It's like he keeps up this
facade but there's just,
there's nobody behind it.
- That's just guys, you know?
(slow music)
- For all I know, we don't
even have a wedding date set.
- [Crystal] You do...
(soft music drowns out speaker)
- He's such a child.
Total arrested development.
All 'cause of his mom.
Unless there's some
other traumatic event
I don't know about.
Just being around her
is traumatic enough
to fuck anybody
up for a lifetime.
- Yeah, Kyle told me
a little about her.
- And I have been
saying such awful things
to him lately and it's
like he doesn't even care.
I called him a selfish,
spoiled brat right to his face.
God, it made me feel like a
child calling names like that.
No, but that's what
he reduces you to.
Just last night, we
had this epic fight,
which has been happening
more and more lately.
I keep blaming my
hormones, but anymore,
I'm not even sure--
- Oh gosh.
It's not your hormones.
Even if it was, I
hate that excuse.
- Ugh, I know.
I hate that I even offer
it as an excuse, but,
so, last night, we're
arguing about houses.
We're gonna buy a house.
- Exciting.
- Yeah, yeah, I guess.
But he's fighting it
every step of the way.
Apparently he'd be
happy renting this dump
for the rest of his
life despite us hardly
fitting into it
even without a baby.
And when I exposed
the fact that he is,
he is too scared to be
bogged down by a mortgage,
he just sort of
shrugged like, "Yeah.
"Yeah, so what?"
So, I decided to
test him a little
and I was like, "Well, why
don't I just buy a house?
"And you can just pay
me rent, like a tenant."
To which he actually
sat there, considering.
So I really laid in on him.
Called him a shitty, washed
up, never was musician
who could just move
back into his mother's
basement for all I cared.
(door opening)
(soft rock music)
I know it was harsh.
I was way out of line.
But do you know how
difficult it is to discuss
the future, your
own child's future,
with someone who
doesn't give two shits
about anything
other than himself?
- Oh come on, he's not that bad.
I mean,
he loves you, he just,
some people have a
hard time showing it.
- Yeah, a real hard time.
Wait, you wanna know what
the worst part of it was?
- I said all that
awful stuff to him,
and he just looked
at me with this
like, totally blank expression
and just left the room.
And then this
morning he gets up,
goes to work with
a smile on his face
like nothing ever happened.
It's like he still carries
this power over me,
this authority, like he
knows something I don't.
- Hm.
Well, what would that be?
- You know what I think it is?
It's simple.
He doesn't need me anymore
- [Crystal] Oh come on.
- No, no, no.
He doesn't.
He doesn't need me.
He knows I don't
need him, really.
I mean,
I'm the one having our baby.
At the end of the day, it's
my responsibility, not his.
- But Jean, he
would never do that.
- He knows I'm
financially stable.
He knows I could
just work from home.
Could even get a
nanny to help out.
I don't know what
I want anymore.
But it would be nice
if the baby had a dad.
- Maybe you are a
little hormonal.
- Oh my god, I was so drunk
at Kelly's last weekend.
Did you hear about
Peter pissing her bed?
- [Shawna] Yeah, little pervert.
- Shawna.
Shawna, I pissed her bed.
- You slut bag.
- Totally.
Peter totally took
the wrap for me.
- You think that's bad?
I peed myself.
- What?
- Yeah.
It was a sleepover at her
house in the seventh grade.
You didn't hear about this?
- [Tracy] No.
- [Shawna] Take a right up here.
- Seriously?
This is my street.
- No way.
You wanna come party with us?
- [Cary] Oh, I mean, I
already have company over.
- Oh.
here it is.
- [Cary] You gotta
be shittin' me.
This is my apartment.
- [Tracy] Wait, wait, what?
What's going on?
- This isn't your party is it?
- Uh no, I live
on the main floor.
You must be going
to my neighbors
on the second floor.
- Huh.
Cute place.
Small world, huh?
- Tiny.
Hey, uh.
I mean, it's not that crazy.
You were in the
neighborhood, weren't you?
- Yeah, um, I'll see
you later, Scary Cary.
- Are you gonna come up?
- Oh, uh, no, no.
I don't think so.
I have company.
- Maybe I ought
to come down then.
- Oh god, please don't.
- If this is your place,
aren't you gonna park?
- Um, no.
My parking spot's in the back.
- Okay.
Thanks for the ride.
Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
(slow orchestral music)
- I felt so bad about last
night that I was gonna
tell him this story about
how, when we first met,
it wasn't actually, you
know, the first time
I had seen him.
- How did you two meet?
- Well we met at
a show, actually.
One of his shows.
Their shows.
I gave him my business
card at the time.
These flimsy Kinko's copy
cards that I had made
for my short-lived
music PR company.
And, it wasn't until
after they hired me
that we started dating.
What I never told him
is that I had
actually seen him play
a couple times already
and I had, like, seen him
around town and stuff.
But, I just didn't know
how to approach him
without seeming,
you know, gross.
I started a PR company
to give myself an excuse
to go up and talk to him.
- What?
That is so adorable.
Why didn't you ever tell him?
- I don't know.
I mean, it seemed
kind of unprofessional and I
actually took money from them.
But to be fair, I really
did start a PR company.
I just started it that day.
And Iitdid pretty
well, actually.
That's how I ended
up at Chellem-Howell.
- Wow.
I think you should tell
him, he'll love it.
- It doesn't really matter.
I just wanted to remind him of
you know
how important it felt back then.
I practically altered
my life trajectory
just to have a chance
to talk to him.
He once drove overnight
for 18 straight hours
from Austin just to
see me one day sooner.
He'd never do that now.
- Well how's work going now?
How's the new company going?
- Oh my god.
I should be asking
you something.
- Oh.
- How's Magnolia?
How's being a mom?
How is your work going?
- You know, it's
tough, but it's good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- God, I feel really
terrible asking you this,
but what do you do again?
- Oh, that's okay.
I work with battered women.
- Oh my god.
This must just all sound
so petty to you and dull
and awful.
- Are you kidding me?
I wish that more women
were as strong as you are.
But then I guess I'd
be out of a job, so.
- Maybe you should
be talking to Cary.
I mean, really.
- Yeah, have his people
contact my people--
- Hey everyone, free beer!
Hey, what'd I miss?
(upbeat jazzy music)
Hey, whoa.
- Cary.
- It's alright,
it's fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
How about that email, huh?
Jesus Christ.
- Yeah, she was a little
miffed, I suppose.
- A little miffed?
She ripped everybody
a new asshole.
- Really?
I guess I didn't read it
as harshly as all that.
She's been under a lot of
pressure, you know with
some of the bigger clients.
- You know,
I think I know who
she's talking about.
- Who?
- Patterson.
He's been doing real
shit work lately.
I don't think he even
gives a fuck, you know?
But still.
That was bullshit that
she ripped into us
on New Year's Eve?
- Get a couple of drinks
while you were out?
- I,
I had one at the Getaway.
Oh, that's where I
first stopped to get
your gluten-free.
- You really didn't have to.
- No, man, it's okay.
It's no worries, no.
And sorry it took me so long.
I probably should have
stopped after the second place
but then it became
sort of a mission.
- Well it tastes even
better knowing what you
went through to track it down.
- Ah.
- So, do you have
a gluten allergy?
- I just try to avoid
it whenever I can.
Initially I thought
the whole gluten scare
was just an excuse for
people to avoid eating carbs,
but then like, my mom tried...
(Kyle drowned out
by tinkling music)
(slow orchestral music)
Is it getting crazed
out there for New Years?
- Oh, it's,
they were not too wild.
The liquor stores are
kind of busy though.
Hey, hey you know
what we should do?
We should set up a show.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I thought we were
taking a break?
Or a hiatus or whatever
you wanted to call it.
- Oh, I know.
I just think it would
be good to set up a show
and create a local presence.
- Cool with me.
Set up a show, I'll be there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Oh well, hell.
Might as well parlay it into
some regional shows, too, man.
- Yeah.
I mean, there's work to
consider and everything, but,
- Yeah, maybe it isn't the
best time to, you know,
hit the road with a baby
on the way and the wedding.
- I was thinking the
same thing, you know.
I'm sure your hands
are very full.
- I love your dog.
She's so sweet.
- Oh thanks.
Yeah, sorry she smells
like a thousand butt holes.
Your daughter, she
is a stone cold fox.
- Oh, (laughing) thank you.
I supposed she can smell
like one butt hole sometimes.
- Curse you, shitty neighbors.
- [Crystal] At least
they have an excuse.
- They didn't even
bother to tell us.
- They didn't
bother to invite us.
That's what Jean's
so upset about.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Cary, that's
what I'm upset about.
- Oh, I didn't realize it
mattered so much to you.
- And I didn't realize we
mattered so little to you.
- We should get going.
- No, no, stay.
You just sat down
and Jean, well Jean
is just getting warmed up.
- They've been here
nearly an hour.
You've just sat down.
- [Kyle] Thanks
for the beer man.
- Taking off, huh?
Sorry my fiancee
cut the party short.
- I cut the party short?
You hardly even
showed up for it.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you.
- Call me if you need anything.
- [Cary] What is she gonna need?
- Everything cool, then?
- Yeah, everything's cool.
Just having a baby, you know.
- Jean's really great, man.
Don't be too hard on her.
- She's pretty great?
What about me?
I'm the one getting
reamed out here.
- Just,
take it easy.
- Yeah.
(slow orchestral music)
I'm gonna go walk the dog, okay?
Come on, Pearly.
(cellphone ringing)
Come on, girl.
(cellphone ringing)
(cellphone ringing)
Hey, what's up?
Happy New Year to you
Happy New Year to you
Okay, okay, that's enough.
- [Sharon] How's my little man?
Are you guys having
a nice night at home?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know.
It's okay.
- [Sharon] Did you
open your present?
- Yeah, yeah, they're
a little tight.
- [Sharon] Meh, you're
just a ponchie, that's all.
Can't you suck it in?
- No, that's not it, mom.
They're too small.
You always buy me
a size too small.
- [Sharon] Okay, I'll shop at
Men's Warehouse from now on.
- Okay yeah.
Can I go now?
- [Sharon] "Can I go now?"
What are you, four?
- Well that's how you
treat me sometimes.
- [Sharon] 'Cause that's
how you act sometimes.
- Okay, what'd you
say to Jean today?
She's all pissed off now.
- [Sharon] She's all pissed off?
She threatened not to
move her wedding date
after I told her
I couldn't make it
and she's all pissed off?
Boy, you got a real fire
cracker on your hands.
- But mom, you
could've said something
a little bit earlier you know.
- [Sharon] I am saying
something earlier.
Cary, all she's done
is rented a hall
so move the date, big deal.
- Okay, well, there may
not even be a date now.
- [Sharon] What?
What's going on?
- Nothing, nothing.
We have to reschedule now.
I don't know.
- [Sharon] Well, I don't know
what the big rush is anyway.
- I don't know, ask Jean.
- [Sharon] You sure
got your hands full
with that one, don't you?
- Mom, it doesn't help out to
cut her down like that, okay?
- [Sharon] Well someone's
gotta stand up to her.
It sure as hell
ain't gonna be you.
- Mom.
- [Sharon] I don't know how
you ended up so spineless.
You're just like your
father sometimes, I swear.
- Okay, um, you know what?
I gotta go, so have
a good New Year.
- [Sharon] Oh,
don't be so upset.
Everything will
turn out just fine.
And what's it matter if
you're married or not
when the baby's born anyway?
- I don't know.
Thanks for the pants.
- [Sharon] Love you sweetie.
- Love you, too.
- Elliot!
- Go this way.
- [Little Girl] Elliot!
- [Man] Hey puppy puppy.
Look at that loaf of bread.
- [Little Girl] Elliot!
- Hey pooch.
Hey man, you want a beer?
- [Cary] Come on.
- Eh, yeah man.
They're not mine.
- Yeah, sounds right.
- The party's upstairs man.
Second floor.
(upbeat rock music)
I get the feeling that
the worst isn't over
- Hey, what up, man?
Too loud for you down there?
- Huh?
Uh, nah.
No, no, no.
You're okay.
Happy New Year.
- Yeah, Happy New Year.
Where's your wife?
- Oh no, man, we're not married.
I think she went to bed.
- [Man] Fuck it,
man, Happy New Years.
- Yeah.
Hey, you guys are still here.
- Jake, it's Scary Cary.
- No shit, look
everyone, Scary Cary.
- Scary Cary, where's
your room mate?
- Oh, um.
I think she went to bed.
- What about your
little shindig?
Everyone pass out already?
- Uh, yeah.
They're just an
old married couple.
Buddy duddies.
- Fuck yeah.
This place is totally lame
but we're kind of stuck here.
I mean, at least until midnight.
We don't wanna be in like a
cab or something on New Year's.
- No, that would totally suck.
I mean, I remember when
I was in New York--
- What are you doing here?
- I don't know.
I mean, I live
downstairs so I thought
I'd just pop up.
- Oh, you thought
you'd just pop up?
- Hey.
I just realized I didn't pay
you back for that 12 pack.
- No.
You completely did not.
- I would offer you another
beer, but we're all out.
Can you grab some
from downstairs?
- Oh, uh.
Well I probably should only
stay for a minute, but,
you can, we can share this.
(rock music)
- Uh, we're going to
a party after this.
Wanna come?
- Uh, I think I should
probably stick around here.
- But, how am I ever
gonna pay you back?
- Slut.
- Wanna go have a smoke with me?
- Okay.
- [Jake] Hey bruh,
Happy New Years.
- Oh thanks man.
- Oh come on man, you
can drink more than that.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Alright.
(all exclaiming)
- [Jake] Where'd you
learn to drink like that?
- Are you alright, dude?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Hey bruh, you might as
well finish the bottle.
- No, I'm cool man.
- [Jake] Come on, it's
New Years, drink up.
- Yeah.
One more won't hurt, right?
- [Tracy] Oh shit.
(rock music)
- What the fuck?
What the fuck, man?
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- [Woman] What the fuck?
(slow orchestral music)
You should fold
up your telescope
Chuck your compass
at the unknown
You should shoot
out every star
All they've gotten you is lost
They burned out so long ago
Those twinkly little lights
Be hung from the window sill
Just above our bed
Our first studio, we
barely could make the rent
So we held our
world on a string
We had an answer
for everything
(rock music in the distance)
(people chattering)
- What were you doing in there?
- I was just brushing my teeth.
Getting ready for bed.
- It's not even midnight yet.
Going to bed already?
- Last I saw, you were in
bed, so I just figured that--
- No.
I wasn't in bed.
I was in our bedroom, crying.
Last you saw me, I was
slamming our bedroom door.
I talked to Kyle
about that work email.
- Oh yeah?
What'd he say?
- [Jean] Why does
everything have to be
so difficult with you?
- Who's being difficult?
I just said, "What'd he say?"
- He told me that
Mary is exhausted.
She doesn't know
what to do with you.
- What?
Well how about I quit?
And then she won't
have to worry about
what to do with me--
- It's like trigger
response for everything.
- Fuck her, you know.
If she doesn't like my work,
she can just suck a dick.
- Jesus.
What has gotten
into you tonight?
Are you wasted or something?
- What?
When do I have
time to get wasted?
This is like the
tamest New Years
since I watched the ball
drop with my grandma.
- When?
You have been gone
all goddamn night.
You tell me when.
- This is stupid.
- What are you doing?
We were having a conversation.
- Well, I just figured that
if I'm gonna get reamed out
for being drunk, I might
as well be having a beer.
- God, Cary.
When did you become
such a prick?
- Me?
I should be asking you that.
- I know I've been
mean lately, okay?
Do you know how awful
that makes me feel?
I'm only reacting to
how absent you've been.
You've been like on a
different planet for weeks now.
Do you think I like yelling
at you all the time?
I love you.
You can't just quit your
job if you don't like it.
We're having a baby.
- I'm not gonna
quit my job, okay?
She just, the whole
company just pisses me off.
- Is that how
you'd deal with us?
Would you just quit?
- I said I'm not gonna
quit my job, alright?
- Where were you tonight?
- What do you mean where was I?
I was running around town
trying to get gluten-free
piss beer for Benedict
Arnold or some shit.
- No, what took you so long?
How many drinks did you
have at The Getaway?
- Why?
Are we counting beers now?
I don't know.
A couple?
And if you must know,
they're having trouble
with the new
bartender so I had to
jump behind the bar
and help 'em out.
- You left me alone
with your friends
so you could have--
- You invited them.
- They invited themselves.
They were coming
over to see you.
And then you skipped
out, leaving me alone
to awkwardly dish up
small talk all night.
- No you, no, no, you
are friends with Crystal.
You guys were texting.
- We are friends of convenience.
Our fucking husbands
slash fiances,
or whatever the fuck you
are now, are old friends,
so we are just
picking up the slack,
so social engagements
like tonight
aren't so uncomfortable,
which it was,
because you were
absent for most of it.
- I'm not gonna stand
here and be cussed out
because Kyle decided to
come over and parade around
his baby and his wife.
- Oh my god, don't even
get me started on that.
- On what?
- I saw you checking
her out tonight.
You think I'm that dim?
Yeah, she's fucking hot.
- What am I supposed to do?
Stare at the floor
when I talk to her?
- Oh my gosh, ugh,
just forget it, ugh!
You make me act like a
fucking 14-year-old, I swear.
- [Cary] Fine, what else?
What's next?
What else am I
doing wrong, Jean?
- I'll tell you what
else bothers me.
What bothers me
is that you get so
riled up about Kyle
and about work and
everything but when I said
all those awful things
to you last night
you basically just shrugged
it off and went to bed.
- What?
You tell me, let me
get this straight.
Now you're mad at me
because I wasn't mad at you?
- I am mad because you
don't fucking care.
I am like textbook
lashing out at you
and you just shrug it off
like I'm some stranger
off the street.
No, no, no.
No, that's not even it.
You would go off on a stranger.
I'm like even less
than a stranger to you.
You don't give a fuck
what I think about you
'cause you don't
give a fuck about me!
- Yeah, I do, of course I do.
Why else do you think
I put up with you
yelling at me everyday?
- 'Cause you're too
chicken shit to leave.
- What?
Oh god, you want me to leave?
You'd love that, huh?
- Cut it out.
I don't wanna play
head games with you.
- Who's playing games?
(rock music in the distance)
(people chattering)
- I am sorry, for
what it's worth.
Sorry for saying those
things last night.
I didn't mean them.
- Yeah, you did.
It doesn't matter.
I don't care anyway.
- See?
There's that shitty,
careless attitude.
You truly don't give a
fuck what I think of you?
- What, you think I'm
a loser, so fuck you.
I don't care.
- You really think I
think that about you?
You're just some loser?
We're getting married.
- [Cary] Supposedly, anyway.
- Cary, I don't
think you're a loser.
It kills me you think that.
(slow orchestral music)
Have you talked to your mom?
- No.
(slow acoustic orchestral music)
I fell down a well in my mind
And I can't traverse it
No, I can't reverse
it to save my life
If only you'd
throw down a rope
But you can't be bothered
You've got your own problems
You've had enough
Not that I could blame you
Okay, we both
know that's a lie
You shoulder the blame
as I stomach the shame
In this bottomless cavern
If you'd break
- I was meaning to
tell you about this,
this kind of funny secret
about how when we first met,
it wasn't, you know, the first
time I had seen you play.
- Yeah, are you talking
about your fake PR company?
- What?
You knew about that?
- Yeah, we all knew about that.
- Oh my god.
Why didn't you tell me?
You just let me take
money from you and stuff?
- Yeah, I made
the guys hire you.
- You did?
- Yeah.
I wanted to sleep with you.
- Oh no.
I am such a slut.
Hey, I did a pretty decent
job, though, anyway.
Despite not knowing what
the hell I was doing.
- Oh yeah, I think you
did a real good job.
- Ah, all this time
we've been holding these
little lies over each other.
- That's everyone, though.
It was a long time
ago, wasn't it?
- Same year I got Pearly.
Where is Pearl?
- She isn't here?
Oh, maybe I left
her in the back.
- What?
How could you leave
her in the backyard?
- [Cary] It's fine, it's not
even that cold out there.
- [Jean] Yeah it is.
- [Tracy] Hey, Scary Cary.
Hey Scary Cary.
(paper trumpet sounding)
(slow acoustic music)
- [Jean] That gate is open.
- Jean, Jean, I'll
check the alley.
You check the front yard.
(tense acoustic
orchestral music)
(tense acoustic
orchestral music)
- Have any of you
seen a big yellow dog?
(soft acoustic orchestral music)
All my life
Has led to this
And every moment after it
So why can't I commit
Snapshots flicker
In my mind
A woman sings a lullaby
If only I could hear it
(upbeat rock music
in the distance)
- [Cary] Come on.
- Pearly.
Oh Pearly.
Oh, hi baby.
I was so worried about you.
Where were you?
God, you're so cold.
- She was hanging out
with this neighbor girl.
Totally safe.
- Why did you leave her outside?
She could've been hit by a car.
- I didn't leave her out there.
I just, I came in and I forgot.
- But why?
Why would you leave
her out there at all?
Didn't you just
take her for a walk?
- Because I--
- Did she not take
a dump or something?
- I don't know.
We were just getting
back from the walk
and my mom called so I let
her out in the yard and then,
I don't know--
I thought you didn't
talk to your mom tonight?
- Well I did, okay,
and I didn't tell you
because I didn't wanna get
into a big fight about it.
- So you thought you'd
just lie to me instead?
- Yeah.
Yeah, to avoid a
screaming match like this?
Yeah, I did, okay?
So who cares?
I mean Jesus.
(shouting in the distance)
- Is this shit gonna
go on all night?
- So?
I forgot about her
for like a minute.
It's not like you've
never done it before.
- What is going on with you?
I feel like completely
abandoned right now.
- I left the dog outside.
She didn't die.
She probably had
a grand old time--
- It's the dog, it's
ditching me when
your friends come over.
you don't give a shit
about me anymore, you know?
And it's obvious.
And it's the fucking beets.
How could you forget
about my fucking beets
when you know how
much I love them?
- Oh, would you drop
the fucking beets?
Do you have any idea
how petty you sound?
- Yes, yes!
I am well aware of
how petty I sound.
You've reduced me to
nagging you about beets
and I fucking hate
myself for it.
I don't know how else
to get through to you.
- Don't, then.
Don't bother.
- What the fuck has
happened to you?
And you are like totally
fucked up right now.
- What are you, a
fucking cop now?
- And you know what else it is?
You haven't lifted
one fucking finger
to help with the wedding.
What did your mom say anyway?
- What does it matter?
- Oh no.
No, no, no.
Don't give me that sullen
10-year-old bit you play
with your mom.
We're not doing that tonight.
- You know what,
it doesn't matter.
We're not fucking
getting married.
- Oh.
So, that's how it's gonna be?
You're just calling the
whole thing off now?
You're gonna quit
on your baby too?
- No, I didn't say that.
I just,
I just don't know why
we're in such a rush
to get married.
It's not like that baby cares.
- My family cares.
I care.
I thought we were in love, Cary.
Isn't that why you asked me?
Wasn't this your idea?
You knocked me up, Cary.
You're supposed to make
an honest woman out of me.
Come on, you're supposed
to teach me bass, remember?
So we can quit life together
and go be in a band.
Our baby's gonna learn
to play drums, remember?
We're gonna live out of the
back of a van and change
the baby's diapers
at truck stops.
(people shouting)
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
(slow music)
(slow music)
What are you doing?
- What does it look
like I'm doing?
- You're really gonna leave?
Just like that?
- Yeah.
Just like that.
- Where are you going?
What are you doing?
- I don't know.
I'm gonna hail a cab, I guess.
- What is this?
What's going on?
Why were they calling
you Scary Cary?
- Who?
- The dipshits on
the backstairs.
They were calling
you Scary Cary.
Did you go up
there or something?
- What, no?
No, I didn't go up.
I don't know why they were
calling me Scary Cary.
Maybe because they
fucking hate us.
Probably 'cause we're
yelling at each other
all the goddamn time.
- How else am I supposed
to get your attention?
- Maybe act like
you're a friend,
instead of a goddamn
lunatic all the time.
- You don't need a friend,
Cary, you need a mommy.
(people chattering)
Well go, go already.
Well what are you gonna do?
Stay or go?
I am buying a house for
us and for the baby.
And no, you can't just rent
a room you fucking idiot.
I want you there.
We want you there.
But not if you're gonna be
a fucking child about it.
- [Party Goers] Nine,
- Come on.
Grow the fuck up already.
- [Partiers] One.
Happy New Year!
I am not over you
Being over me
I am not over you
Being over me
(slow acoustic music)
A mother calls to her child
He brazenly remains
on the swing sets
She recalls those
formative years
When he clinged so
tight to her pant leg
I'm holding everything back
I can't let you get
the best of me again
In my head I'm packing my bags
But I won't get up
from this park bench
I am not over you
Being over me
I am not over you
Being over me
I am not over you
Being over me
The subtle roll of the eyes
When I can't find
my car keys again
That almost inaudible sigh
When I retell your
jokes to your friends
(acoustic orchestral
indie music)
I am not over you
Being over me
I am not over you
Being over me
(acoustic orchestral
indie music)