No Safe Haven (1987) Movie Script

Get him out of the car.
Turn it around!
Hey, come back with it, man!
Goddamn, this is a tank.
It's a goddamn tank.
I win!
18, 19, 18, 19!
Shh, quiet here, quiet.
Listen, I'm on.
The oldest, most experienced
player on the team and a big
supporter of the drug abuse
it must be frustrating to watch
not only your teammates
but other players in the league
prey to cocaine and Percodan and
the new
so-called designer drugs.
Well, you know I don't like
And I feel bad for the people
that use drugs.
Do you think the drug test
be voluntary or involuntary?
Uh, invol-- involuntary.
I think they ought to make you
take 'em.
That's bullshit.
That's bullshit.
OK, no, listen to me.
You think men have cornered the
market on sports?
I am so sick of your cowboy
and your Negro arrogance.
I have spent 13 years writing
the copy that
made your shit smell so good.
You don't think I know what I'm
talking about, right?
Am I right?
Oh, I'm sure you know what
you're talking about.
What concerns me is when you do
you breathe?
OK, go ahead, but listen to me.
Mr. Buddy Wayne Harrison in
Yeah, OK.
Mr. Harris?
Two men in a limousine asked me
to deliver this.
You asshole, Harris.
We thought there were women in
They're here?
Yes, sir.
They're in the driveway.
How you doing, buddy?
My friend?
Why don't you come and sit in my
brand new plush limousine, huh?
Come on, Hey, buddy, looking
good, man.
Tuxedo, cowboy hat.
All right.
I told you never to get this
close to me.
What the hell are you doing
What the hell am I doing here?
What the hell am I doing here?
Buddy, we came here to wish you
good luck
in Sunday's playoff games, man.
To broaden our little business
Listen to me, you--
Don't you ever touch me.
Don't you ever put your hands on
me again!
Now I'm gonna tell you how this
motherfucker goes down, OK?
Not only are you gonna take
another package on that team
plane to Los Angeles, man, but
gonna throw Sunday's game.
And you're gonna throw it very,
very big.
10 points, no less!
If you don't throw Sunday's
you'll never throw a fucking
football again.
Ever again.
You want me to cut your tendon
here right now?
You want me to cut your fucking
tendon here right now?
Please, don't cut me!
OK, man.
Hey, Ricardo, you wanna go to a
hot shot football party, man?
Yeah, get some dirty lady, huh?
Oh, come on, buddy.
We're just kidding with you.
Nobody has seen this kind of
thing before, man.
You know, when a guy gets in so
he starts to lose his balls.
He starts to lose his sense of
humor too, man.
Come on, buddy, party.
Come on, man.
Cocaine from Colombia.
Come on, let's do it.
No, no.
Oh, shit.
Take this motherfucker.
Get the hell out of my
You're making me look bad.
I don't want your balls blowing
up on top of me, man.
That is the last time you ever
Come here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Give me the ball. Here.
Give me the ball.
Give me the ball! - Harris!
Give me the ball.
Dave, come here.
What, what?
I wanna go back to the office.
Fine, man, go back to the
No, no.
I want you to get me a ride.
Ben, if there was a cab in this
town, believe me,
I would call one for you.
Benjamin, Benjamin.
Would you like to go back to the
office with me?
I could walk you back there.
Perfect, yeah.
Um, do you-- do you like ice
Oh. Oh, yeah.
Because I have this wonderful
herbal kind of ice tea.
Well, Jose, I think it's just
you, me, and Dave, huh?
Don't forget that, Dave.
Understand your loyalty.
Perfect, huh?
Oh, two more years here, huh?
What the hell.
Give me the ball, huh?
JJ [ON PHONE]: I cannot believe
I scored four touchdowns in one
playing defense and offense.
Isn't it great?
BUDDY [ON PHONE]: Yeah, it's
But listen, you keep your grades
You understand? - Yeah, yeah,
No sweat.
Hey, so if you're gonna go to
the Super Bowl,
you gonna fly me and Mom there?
Let me talk to Mom, will you?
Uh, yeah, OK. Hang on a second.
She's outside.
Gotta get her.
Buddy? BUDDY [ON PHONE]: Hi,
How you doing?
Oh, fine.
We're so excited about--
are you OK?
Is your arm all right?
100%, Ma.
MOM [ON PHONE]: So that means
75, right, honey?
I'm fine, Ma.
Are you taking the vitamins I
sent you?
I'm taking 'em twice a day, Ma.
Ma, how do I contact Clete?
Is he still in Honduras?
What's wrong?
BUDDY [ON PHONE]: Nothing, Ma.
I just wanna talk to him.
I miss him. MOM [ON PHONE]:
Since when?
Don't you dare lie to your mama.
Hang on, Ma, there's somebody
at the door.
I'll be right there.
Ma, I got gotta go.
I'll-- I'll call you later.
BUDDY [ON PHONE]: Ma, I'll be
I love you.
I love you too.
Take care.
And remember, plenty of ice on
that bad shoulder.
BUDDY [ON PHONE]: Bye-bye.
Bye, son.
I'm coming.
Are you Mr. Buddy Wayne Harris?
Yes, I am.
Manuel said you have something
for me.
COMMENTATOR: And so we come down
to the 16th game of the season.
Here comes a field goal unit on
the field.
There's 17 seconds left on the
and it is nail-biting time in
Los Angeles.
Rittenhof lines up with a field
This will be a 49 yard attempt.
Blue 32, hut!
COMMENTATOR: It's long enough.
It's hooking, hooking!
I don't believe it.
It goes through!
The hawks win in double
They'll go to the Silver Bowl!
And we'll be back in the Dallas
room right after the break.
Here, ladies.
Thank you.
And then it hit the upright and
went on through.
We got real lucky today.
Congratulations, John.
Let me get Buddy Wayne Harris.
Buddy, Buddy.
Here's the man who brought this
team to the playoffs.
Let's talk about your arm.
You broke your heart yesterday
in the shower.
You had to miss the game today.
Do you plan to come back to pro
Uh, yeah, Jim.
The doctor said that I'll be
back next year no problem.
So I'll be on top, and it's hard
to keep a good man down.
That son of a bitch!
Goddamn it!
He did it on purpose!
Did you see that?
He spit on us, man.
He spit on us.
Did you see how happy he was?
Did you see how happy he was?
He caught this whole game from
the sideline.
If this were soccer, he wouldn't
betray us!
But no.
He is a white American football
I'm gonna cut his throat!
He cost me $3 million!
Hombre, he cost me $3 million.
OK, Carlos, I'll take care of
it, man, OK?
Buck, it's 8:00, Wednesday
Channel three.
Louie, Buck, Ernie, Fred the
Shut up, bitch!
Buddy, how you doing, my man?
Buddy, is this your brother
here, man?
Huh, good looking boy?
Bet you're really proud of him,
Bet you wanna grow up to be just
like him, a footballer, huh?
What's the matter, man?
Cat got your tongue?
BUDDY: Leave him out of this!
Buddy, relax.
We're gonna have a party here.
Hey, Buddy, who's this?
This your mommy, Man Huh?
Is this your mommy?
Buddy, Mommy Harris.
Mommy Harris, how are you?
My name is Manuel de Cordoba.
It's really a pleasure to meet
Did you know, uh, me and Buddy
real good business associates?
And, like this, good friends.
You must be very proud of him.
Everybody is fucking proud of
you, Buddy.
Your Mom, me, everybody.
BUCK: Buddy!
You fucking piece of shit.
You think I like to come over
and do business like that, huh?
There's fucking blood all over
the goddamn place.
When you needed money, where did
you go, huh, man?
Did you go to fucking Bank of
You came to us!
You came to us.
We treated you like family, man.
But you forgot us, man.
Didn't you, huh?
Didn't you, Buddy?
Didn't you, Buddy?
Answer me, you goddamn fuck-up
piece of shit quarterback,
answer me!
No, Manuel!
Not my brother!
Please, please, please.
Fuck your brother, man.
Fuck your brother!
Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me!
I wanna show you something.
I'm gonna show you something.
Come here.
You fucker, you come here.
look, Buddy. Look at him!
Who knows?
He may live.
But he's not even gonna remember
who the fuck he is.
Just like you.
You forgot who the fuck you are,
didn't you?
Ricardo, do your thing, man.
Hey there.
Take care.
How was that?
Una cerveza, por favor.
Ice cream.
Hurry up too, OK?
I'm home, honey.
Who called?
ROBERTA: Somebody from
They said it was urgent.
Am I in trouble?
I don't know, Harris. It's on
your message board.
Well, wait a second. Wait a
What did you tell 'em? - I told
CLETE: Where did you tell 'em I
I told them that you were out
on a call, all right?
And I wanna tell you something.
I am not gonna lie for you
And I'm not gonna cover for you,
all right?
CLETE: Wait a second.
You lied for me?
Yes, I did.
Roberta, I'm touched.
I-- I don't know what to say.
I'm speechless.
Thank you.
CLETE: You know, I was at the
store today,
and there was this little item
next to the cash register.
And I thought of you, because I
knew obviously you'd
never seen anything like this.
Are you kidding?
No, razor blade, uh-huh?
See, what you do is, you scrape
the hair out of your armpit.
Really, try it.
You know something, Harris, you
are so sick, you know?
You're the most superficial
shallow person I've ever met.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
And you know something else,
You know, while you're off
surfing and-- and playing
soccer and exploiting every
woman in this village,
I am keeping this office
You know, Berta, you are
looking so indigenous.
Will you make the call?
I gotta go to the airport this
All right? CLETE: Well, that's
You should get out of here as
much as you possibly can.
Oh, I forgot.
Got a new word.
New word?
You do it after you shave.
Do not send children for
Ben, how are you?
Honduras is hell.
Not very good, man.
I don't know quite how to tell
you this.
The company figures since we go
back a ways,
I should be the one to call.
Your mother and your brothers
have been killed.
It's real ugly.
JJ Harris, Mimi Harris, ashes
to ashes, dust to dust.
Let us go in peace.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Sorry for your loss.
Clete, my name is Carol Chase.
I was very close to your
I'm sorry.
Thank you for that.
Um, listen, if you're going to
be in town a while
or if I can do anything, please
Thank you very much.
Clete, we-- we offer our
deepest condolences.
They will be missed.
Oh, oh.
I'm sorry.
Sheriff, we understand that you
have a suspect?
Yeah, that's true.
We have one suspect in custody
who's confessed to the crime.
You know, off the record, I
think we've got this thing
pretty well wrapped up.
Well, I appreciate it, Sheriff.
Thank you. - You bet.
You spell that name right too.
Don't worry.
I will.
Hi, my name is Clete Harris.
I'm-- Bo Dean?
Long time, Charlie.
Well, Clete, I got everything
you asked for.
But I wanna warn you of
Some of these pictures are
pretty damn graphic.
I wouldn't look at 'em if I was
Nobody needs to remember their
loved ones like that.
You're probably right.
You get the reports too?
It's all there.
I wanna see 'em, Charlie.
Now, I don't think that's a
good idea.
No, no, no.
I need to see 'em.
Bubba, get that sleazebag out of
the cell
and put him in the quiet room.
Thank you, Charlie.
Appreciate it.
I'm warning you, son, you keep
your hands off him
or we're both in big trouble.
All right, you wanna rough him
up a little, go ahead.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry!
You expect me to buy this,
Now, Clete, I know you're a
little upset.
He didn't do it, and you know
Hell, I got a confession, man!
For Christ sakes, Charlie,
been getting people to confess
to all sorts
of bullshit the past 25 years.
Goddamn it, he's got a record
as long as your arm.
The man's raped three women!
Now, you listen to me.
You listen to me!
Now, that piece of white trash
didn't kill my family.
Nobody killed my family!
They were executed, Charlie.
And you know it.
I thought you Peace Corps types
were nonviolent, boy!
Well, there are all kinds of
ways of keeping the peace.
You should know that, Charlie.
Now, why don't you unlock the
door and let me outta here?
And while you're at it, get him
outta here too.
Jesus Christ.
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Code, Alpha,
omega, agent 503.
Access, Ben Waxman.
OPERATOR: Yes, sir.
I'll punch you through.
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Ben, Clete.
Yeah, hey, look, I'm sorry
about the funeral.
No, that's fine.
Look, did you get those
CLETE [ON PHONE]: You're not
gonna believe this.
The goddamn sheriff down here is
claiming it's robbery related.
Look, my friend, I need a favor.
Look, Clete, you know the
I could get my ass in a sling.
Besides, this is the wrong
for this type of conversation.
I'm in a payphone. Ben.
Yeah, but you're not thinking
about me.
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Of course, I
I mean, what's the worst thing
that's gonna happen to you?
You're gonna end up for two
years in Honduras with me.
I mean, it's the Sun City of
Central America.
You'd love it.
It'd be good for you.
Look, I know what you must be
going through, but I can't!
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Look at the
pictures, Ben.
I saw them.
No, look at the goddamn
That's my family!
I saw them, Clete!
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Well, you and
both know that's drugs, right?
I mean, I think my little
was into a lot more than
touchdowns, wouldn't you say?
Look, Ben, all I'm asking is
that you run an RJ-47.
That's all.
Real simple.
All right, I'll see what I can
But I'm gonna send you a K2.
And next time, goddamn it, use
What's that?
No, baby, that's an Impala.
It's an Impala.
Oh, God, if this is a GTO, I
swear to God right now.
I swear to you.
I'll trade it in tomorrow, but
it'll work for today, won't it?
Oh, God, yes.
Do you want me to go in there
with you?
- Yeah, I can't wait. - Come on.
- Really? - Yeah.
No, no, no.
Listen, listen, listen.
Before we go any further, I just
to tell you how beautiful your
hair is,
and that it reminds me of wheat
Oh, my daddy was a farmer.
He raised melon.
God, aren't they something?
Come in, Tokyo.
I gotta go, baby.
It's been fun.
I'd like to speak with one of
your ladies.
Yo quiero una--
I want the kind that spanks me.
WOMAN [ON PHONE]: I'm sorry,
We operate on a credit card
basis only.
What you want is an outcall
Well, what are you?
WOMAN [ON PHONE]: This is a
phone fantasy sex line.
No intiendo!
What the hell does that mean?
WOMAN [ON PHONE]: Thank you very
MAN [ON PHONE]: Aw, go to hell,
Vieja mensa.
CLETE [ON PHONE]: Hi, this is
Clete Harris.
Oh, hi.
How are you?
I'm OK.
Look, I came into Dallas today
to pick up some things
at Buddy's apartment.
You didn't know your brother
very well, did you?
You know, Buddy wasn't really
into a lot of things.
Clothes, maybe.
Right, well, what I was
is that there might be, uh,
something at the apartment you
wanna keep or something belonged
to you.
Oh, thanks.
That's very sweet of you, but
there's nothing I can think of.
Well, OK, um.
Well, look, it's-- it's real
nice to talk to you again.
Clete, would you like to get
together for a drink
when I get off work?
Yeah, yeah.
I was hoping you'd ask.
Um, I get off at 6:00.
And with traffic, I could meet
you, say, 7:00?
That's fine. Where?
How about Randy's on Knoll?
It's a dance club.
A lot of the players go there
OK, Randy's on Knoll.
All right, I'll see you there.
Yeah, I want some lunch.
Hamburgers, steak, baked
potatoes, and a beer.
Who is it?
You called out?
- Yeah, enter. - Yeah.
Put the shit over there on the
We've got your hamburger steak
well done, potatoes.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, man.
Hey, you got change for a $100
bill, man?
Oh, man, what the--
Get on your fucking knees.
Man, you want my money, man?
Get on your fucking knees.
Fucking knees.
You listen to me, you little
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
You ready?
You remember the ranch house,
Old woman and her two boys?
Guess what?
Guess what?
Oh, stop it!
I enjoy this, you chump.
Not bad, huh?
It's-- it's nice.
- Hi. - Hi, how y'all doing?
Very good.
Do you want another drink?
No, I think I'll change.
How about some wine.
Two glasses of wine.
OK, what kind would y'all like?
How about a white zinfandel?
Yeah, white wine. That'd be
Thank you. - Thank you very
All right.
So are you going back to
No, it's Honduras.
So are you going back there?
Yeah, eventually.
I'm on a leave of absence right
It must be fascinating.
Honduras? Yeah, yeah.
So exactly what do you do?
Well, I guess--
I guess you could say I'm a part
time doctor.
I know how to put a Band-Aid on
a kneecap that's been scraped.
Part time school teacher.
But to tell you the truth, most
of the time
I'm knee deep in manure, trying
to get
things to grow so the people
there can feed themselves.
God, there's such a difference
between you and Buddy.
I know.
When we were growing up, people
to say that I had a messiah
complex because I was
out to save the world, and that
had a hero complex because he
was out to beat the world.
So, uh, how about you and
Were you, uh--
Well, I was in love with Buddy.
But the problem was, so was
everybody else.
We went together on and off for
a while.
I proposed to him a few times.
There was one night when he
actually accepted.
By the time he sobered up the
next day, he'd forgot.
Yeah, that's my brother Buddy.
WAITRESS: Here you go.
Ah, thank you.
You're welcome.
No, we-- we wanted white.
That-- that's the killer it's
supposed to be.
- Oh. - Enjoy.
This is white wine.
Well, to your health.
This is nuts!
I'm outta here.
Non-descript secretary's car.
Can I open the door for you?
Yes, sir.
Got it?
There you are.
You know, this was truly one of
the loveliest evenings
I've had in a long time.
You're kidding?
I have nights like this all the
Well, listen, I gotta go out of
town for a little while
to eye up a few things, but if I
come back here,
I'd like to call you or
maybe see you again, if that's
all right?
Yeah, I think that's all right.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
Dallas was very fulfilling,
Did you locate the operative
down in New Orleans yet?
You're gonna love this guy.
Codenamed "Popeye."
Do you believe it?
Real Neanderthal but good.
uh, location 25 miles west of
New Orleans,
Napoleonville, 27 route one
number six, Randy's Funk
and Junk.
I got Randy's what and Junk?
BEN [ON PHONE]: Funk and Junk.
Funk and Junk.
Got it?
The future's looking bright, but
I wanna
hear from you in three days.
You bet, buddy.
Be well.
You the Harbormaster?
Are you Popeye?
That's right.
Randy's the name.
You like some?
No, thank you.
At ease, soldier.
Take your troops and resume your
And see that we're not
Yes, sir!
Too much fucking TV, you know
what I mean?
Now, Ben filled me in about
your family.
It's the goddamn hard drugs is
what it is.
Come on, I'll show you what I
You can show me your shopping
Listen, I'm looking for some
underwater demolition
I got that.
A Sig P226 would be lovely.
I got that too.
That's my favorite weapon.
And here's what I'd like to
show you.
You could really use one of
This is the Barrett Light 50.
It's got a range of 14,000 feet.
It fires high explosive 50
caliber bullets.
Look at that plane body over
How about that?
That's-- uh, you know, Randy, I
think that's a little too
much for what I need right now.
But very impressive.
Well, come on, let's move on,
Randy, I need a map of the
I got plenty of those.
And a boat?
I got any kind of boat you
How soon can I get everything?
Wait a minute.
Is that all you want?
Yeah, for now, that's fine.
No, no, no. Come here.
You gotta have one of these.
Well, um--
This is a great killer in a
little package.
It's a PRB Khalid.
You can take out a medium tank
or burn
down a small building with this
versatile little jewel.
Fires a red phosphorus grenade.
Better killing through
Know what I mean? Come on with
How'd you like that one?
That's great. That's good.
I know, I know.
But you can't use any of it.
Somebody around here's gotta
need some of this shit.
Listen, I don't know if Ben told
but I'm gonna need an extra pair
of hands.
You got any suggestions?
You got 'em.
Yeah, I'm already bought and
paid for,
compliments of Ben's computer.
You-- you got a telephone here?
You can use the phone in town.
Ben won't be in his office till
All right.
RANDY [ON PHONE]: Clete, this is
OK, everything's all set.
If you can tear yourself away
from the local talent,
I've got you a boat that ought
to do the trick.
You'll find it at pier 7, slip
All right, Randy.
Hurry up, let's go.
What's that fool think he's
What the hell?
You son of a bitch!
Get me that thing now!
You hurry up and get this
motherfucker going!
But that gun away, son of a
You motherfucker!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Jesus, you are one hard son of
a bitch.
Who are you?
Seriously, my father was
and I suppose my birth put an
end to the pure race.
Thank God.
Goddamn it, will you listen to
Now, I gave you my word I would
not touch
Carlos Hendel in this country.
Didn't I say that?
Look, I had the son of a bitch
in my sights.
I'm gonna know in 15 minutes.
Ben, I'm gonna know in 15
if I chase him outta here.
Jesus, Ben, there's a lot more
to life than a retirement fund!
All right, fine.
Damn bureaucrats.
Where the hell is Mike?
I thought you quit smoking.
Gimme that.
You're his parent. That's--
Hold up.
No, if I was--
Shut up!
I think I hear the soldier
coming now.
Well, now that Hendel's headed
south, we can go get him.
Look, Randy, you helped me out
today, and I appreciate it.
That's what you hired me for.
You're through, aren't you?
I've seen that look before.
We're not going south, are we?
I'll see you.
How are you?
Listen, you know, I--
I had this great idea that, uh,
would be very romantic to come
over here
and cook you breakfast, but--
How you doing?
Look at this.
All right.
I must look terrible.
How about-- no, you look fine.
Oh, well.
Here, have a grape.
We got oranges.
Good for you.
How'd you sleep?
I slept.
I slept. I don't know.
I was sleeping.
I don't know how I slept.
That's good.
Listen, I'm sorry about just
barging in last night,
you know.
I thought maybe-- - It's all
Good morning.
What are you gonna do?
About what?
OK, what are you gonna do with
the rest of the day?
Rest of the day?
Well, first of all, I'll get the
clothes out of my car.
And if you let me, I'm gonna
take a shower
and maybe use your toothbrush.
And then I gotta go to my
brother's apartment,
take care of that.
Then spend the rest of the day
with you, what do you say?
Hi, guys.
Jesus, you scared the hell out
of me.
I knew you were coming. I told
What are you doing?
How are you? - Good.
Yeah, look.
- Wow. - Yeah.
Hey, hi, Clete.
Welcome back.
Mikey said you'd be coming
Yeah, well, I guess he knew,
Why don't you break that down
and clean it for me, all right?
You bet.
How's business?
Who cuts your hair?
Yeah, I thought so.
Listen, don't you think--
don't you think you should be in
school today?
I am.
I mean real school, like where
learn how to read and write.
The three R's?
What, do you think I'm stupid?
I know how to read and write.
I just don't think you should
grow up so fast.
Well, what do you say?
Wait a sec.
Sit down.
You're not thinking about taking
Mikey with us, are you?
What, are you crazy?
I can't go.
I'm just a kid.
So how's your Spanish?
My Spanish is good.
Listen, do you hear it?
You hear it?
The quiet.
Hey, let's go.
Hey, you know where you're
Hey, Clete, what do you do in
No, no.
I'm a listener.
I listen to things.
What do you listen for?
Anything that's of interest to
That sounds kind of, uh--
Boring, yeah.
No, relaxing.
Is that why you picked Honduras?
To relax?
No, no, Randy.
I didn't pick Honduras.
Oh, that's right.
They sent you.
I was doing this job about two
years ago,
and they accused me of going too
You know what I mean, too far?
No, I've never been that far.
So what is it with Mikey?
You just leave him there to
watch Junk and Funk all alone?
No, it's Funk and Junk.
And he's not alone.
He's got the troops with him. -
The geese?
You probably didn't know, but
geese's hearing
is 10 times more acute than any
dog in the world.
No shit.
All right.
We look good.
We look tough.
We look like we know what we're
Where's the chopper?
Trust me.
Trust you?
Right around the corner.
Ah, right around the corner.
That's it.
There aren't any corners in the
Oh, damn, damn, get this.
I told you I'd find it.
Randy, I never doubted it.
What we got here is a Lauper
FT4 fully
armored attack helicopter.
The underbelly assigned to this
can take direct hits from either
large machine guns or grenades.
Special engine gives it an
operational ceiling
of 30,000 feet.
How about that?
It's even got Pfeiffer
air-to-ground missiles.
I love it!
Randy, do you think this is
gonna hold me?
Yeah, that's why we mounted the
50 over here.
Oh, counterbalance.
Trust me.
Everything's in the invoice.
Even more than what we bargained
All right.
Let's go.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
I wanna get familiar with these
They put 'em in different places
in different models.
No, wait a second, wait a
Are you screwing with me?
I mean, you've flown--
you've flown a model like this
before, haven't you?
They're all the same,
Trust me.
You're screwing with me, aren't
Grotto's coming up.
Get ready.
Where's my body armor?
It's in the bag.
No, it's not in the bag!
It's on the invoice.
It's gotta be in the bag.
Fine, don't worry about it.
The air's getting thin.
Better get into your gear.
OK, we're at 18,000 feet.
Stand at that door.
Now, remember, no stuff.
Go in, kill 'em, and get out.
I'll pick you up at daybreak,
like we planned.
Don't worry about the chute.
I got the guarantee in my
Well, they say there's one born
every minute.
Mis amigos, it has become a
tradition here
that, on the eve of the cocaine
we celebrate our good fortune,
and we ask that God shine
his light on the leaf of the
coca bush,
that our country may continue to
grow and prosper.
And we have prospered.
Through our efforts and constant
we have seen our children
our mortality rate decrease,
proper medical care, highways,
our highway, villages, our
cities, and the hearts of our
people swell with pride.
The last 10 years, we have seen
our problem become
second to none in the world.
Not even Juan Valdez and his
coffee bean
can compete with us.
The hearts of our people swell
with pride.
So on this very special
I thank God for our good
I pray for peace.
I thank Colonel Santos for the
protection he provides for us.
And last but not least, we thank
Arsenio for the convicts he
provides to work in the fields.
But most of all, I thank you,
all of you, for your support
and for your friendship.
A la amistad.
Salut, a la amistad.
As always.
I'm going to bed, and I don't
to be disturbed unless it's
absolutely necessary.
The party was a huge success.
Everyone asked about you.
They send their love, of course.
They hope you recover soon.
Here, drink this.
It should help you to feel
Looks like that little malady of
is just jet lag and not malaria.
It's tonic water.
It helps to bring the fever
Now, about that little favor you
owe me.
Oh, right there.
It feels wonderful.
Here you go--
Not one word.
Whoever hired you, whatever
they're paying you,
I'll pay double. I'll pay
You wanna know who hired me,
You wanna know who hired me?
My family.
My mother and my little
brothers, you freak!
Yes, that was unfortunate.
My men exceeded their authority.
Shut up.
Shut-- shut up!
Don't you dare try and negotiate
with me.
You beg, you little bastard.
Beg, come on.
I too know the pain of losing--
You know nothing.
You know shit.
Your brother was gunned down.
I know the pain of losing a
Now talk to me.
Shut up, shut up.
Please, please, please, come on,
say it.
That's not enough.
Say it.
Take the belt and put it around
you right now.
Very good. Good boy, huh?
Put the guns down.
You don't stand a chance.
You think it's our fault your
family's dead?
Blame your brother.
Nobody twisted his arm.
Your brother was a loser.
Blame him, not us.
Fire, goddamn you!
What the hell are you doing
Please, let me in!
All right.
Clete, where are you?
Me and this guy aren't going
home without you.
I can't see.
I can't see.
Do me, please.
Do me, please.
Do yourself.
Do yourself.
Hang in there.
Can't you see I was busy?
We can talk.
I know we can talk!
Thanks for the body armor, eh?
RANDY: Clete, I'm gonna blow
that turret into the compound.
You'll see it.
I'm gonna light up the whole
I want-- I want you to show
yourself, asshole.
What a beautiful morning.
I sure hope it stays that way.
Clete, I've got you spotted,
I'm coming in.
I'm making one pass.
Make it good.
Come on, come on.
Come here. Hang on.
We're outta here.
We're almost even, you son of a
Where are you taking me?
No, north, go!
Now we're even!
SONG: Who is she?
Where's she coming from?
Man, she's hot.
I ain't never seen one like her
so far.
Be with her one night.
Just one night.
My life never would be the same.
Come on.
She's a star.
She's a queen.
She stepped out of a dream.
Oh, what a lady.
Just her walk gives me chills.
She's got awesome sex appeal.
Wish she was my baby.
Oh, that look in her eyes make
the fans fantasize.
She's got a lot.
Shake the hair, her toes, such a
lovely centerfold.
The girl is hot.
Dream girl, where did she come
What's her name?
Dream girl, I wonder if she
that she's driving me insane.
To watch her dance takes my
I just can't help myself.
She moves so nasty.
She's got X-rated moves.
Not too shy, yet so cruel.
Really classy.
Human eyes have never seen what
she does to a pair of jeans.
It's outrageous.
If she granted me the right, I
would love her day and night.
She's so contagious.
Dream girl, where did she come
What's her name?
Dream girl.
I wonder if she--