No Sin Unpunished (2019) Movie Script

(car horn honking)
Claire, Claire wake up.
Wake up, wake up, Claire.
Claire, wake up.
(glass shattering)
(grunting and panting)
(laughing maniacally)
[Woman] Please, ah.
(weapon dropping)
Who's baby?
[Woman] I don't know.
Baby, baby (laughing
[Taryn] Huh.
Well, I'm not gonna get any
sleep tonight.
[Megan] Yeah, no, I'm
sleeping with all the lights on.
Why do we do this to
It's fun.
Oh shit, we're so late.
[Megan] I feel like I lost my voice
from screaming so much.
(car engines revving)
[Taryn] Okay, back to the real world.
(mysterious music)
[Megan] Why do we still work
[Taryn] Oh, because
it's a fabulous salary.
[Megan] Uh, I can't wait to leave.
Do you think your boyfriend
will be here tonight?
[Taryn] He's not my boyfriend.
Because you stare at him
like you want him to be.
He's pretty cute.
Oh Hero, oh my Hero.
I'm sorry.
[Taryn] So what time tomorrow?
Six, if we're gonna
find a place to park.
Drinks first?
Make it five, then?
[Megan] Bye, slut.
Love you, Maggie.
I love you too.
(bell ringing)
[Neely] Hey Taryn.
Sweetie, can I get a
cup of coffee over here?
Yeah, I'll be right there, Neely.
[Rodney] Taryn.
I know.
[Rodney] You're 10 minutes late.
I know, I'm sorry, man.
I got a restaurant full of
people here.
I got it, Rodney.
How's the search going?
Actually, I think I've
narrowed it down.
Do you know that old
drive-in movie theater
at the edge of town?
The Starlight?
I just came from there.
And I've always thought
that place was pretty special.
Been going there since I was a kid.
[Neely] Hey, I could use
some more coffee over here.
I'll be back.
How's your chicken parm tonight?
It's the same as it always is.
Charlene still taking
care of her mom in Lagrange?
Yeah, and her sister still has
the kids.
Who's the drifter?
Oh, wrong guess.
That's Hero, he's an archeologist.
He has all kinds of college degrees.
It's just a nickname.
His real name's a jaw
buster, it's Her, Hieronymus?
He's kind of shy, but
once you get to know him,
he opens up.
Has he been coming in regular?
About three weeks.
So what's he here for?
Guess he's trying to find some stuff.
He's looking for this
ancient civilization.
14,000 years old.
And he thinks he's found it,
right here in Carverstown.
He's gonna put this place on the map.
He sounds like just another
nut case hitting on you.
What time are you getting off?
Same old time.
Same old time, why?
So I can pick you up.
[Taryn] I might have other plans.
Oh, you fixin' to be mean to me.
Your wife's my second cousin.
That's never bothered you before.
Well maybe I've done
some growing up since then.
Why don't you tell me
all about it at midnight.
[Rodney] Order up.
Eat your chicken.
Everything okay?
Is that where you think it is?
If not, I've wasted
two years of research.
But, when I'm there, I feel it.
Feel what?
Emanations from the ruins of a city
buried 14,000 years ago.
But whatever's left is
discharging enough energy
to make my skin crawl.
I mean, I'm naturally
sensitive to the earth's
energy fields, but this
place, it's almost enough
to knock me on my ass.
So what happened to it?
Believe it or not,
earthquakes strong
enough to move mountains.
There's earthquakes in
Well, seismically
this area was very, very
different back then.
So these visions, is
it like being psychic?
Well, neurologically
speaking, I'm epileptic.
When I have an occurrence,
a seizure, I see things.
People, events, places,
past, present, future.
It's never the whole thing.
Just quick flashes.
[Rodney] Order up.
Here, let me top you off.
Ah, ah.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Hero.
Somebody help.
Rodney, somebody call 911.
Hero, can you hear me?
So he's already been discharged?
Did he leave an address
or maybe a phone number?
No, this is very important.
I have something he needs.
Thanks anyway.
No luck.
Well, he'll probably be
back for his glasses, right?
Listen, I wanted to show you something.
I found that on the floor.
He was showing this to me earlier.
What is it?
Do you have any tape?
Yeah, I think so.
I bet you good money I
know exactly where he is.
I'll just take it to him on my
way home.
Were you planning on stopping
I mean, why bother?
Because I need to know he's
(car engine revving)
Goddamn it, Hero.
What are you doing here?
[Taryn] I brought you your glasses.
You shouldn't be here.
Hero, look out.
Oh my God, Hero.
He's not dead.
I don't want him dead, yet.
Why did you do that?
We didn't do anything.
Our Lord did not bleed for you,
so can throw His mercy back in
His face.
Is he your, your newest?
Hero and I never--
You get tired of being defiled
by that son of a whore, Neely
There were so many.
And you took your, your
goodness, your sweetness.
Neely's been done for a while.
No, how many have there been,
I seen 'em.
I seen 'em all.
You're right, I'm sorry.
I'm sick.
I need help.
God's help.
Please help me, John.
Please, John, please.
Help me.
No, you can't be helped.
Who do you think made me this
Go with God, if He'll have you.
(choking and panting)
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
No, I--
[Man] Hey.
Hey, hey.
Hey you.
Thy steadfast love, oh
Lord, extends to the heavens.
Thy faithfulness to the clouds.
Thy righteousness is like
the mountains of God.
Thy judgments are like the great deed.
Man and beast thou savest oh Lord,
how precious your steadfast love.
Thank you, Brother John,
for that eloquent reading
from one of our favorite Psalms.
Now let us turn to hymn number 79.
[Cruz] So, that's the
last time you saw her?
I just can't believe it.
So Megan, did Taryn
call or text last night.
Um, maybe.
It's just the usual trash
talk gossip, you know?
So she didn't mention having a
late date?
Mm-mm, I would've been the first.
We've been friends since fifth grade.
Blood sisters we called ourselves.
We did this stupid blood oath.
Still have a scar.
Taryn, Taryn, she was
squeamish about being cut.
She was very dear to us, Megan.
Pauline and I loved her as if
she were our own, you know?
She was such a blessing
to Pauline, God rest her.
We couldn't have children of our own.
Taryn's tragic loss for a family
was God's blessing to us, you
I hope she had only good things
to say
about the years she lived with us.
She didn't
talk much about personal stuff.
You know how she was.
I'd spend hours trying
to cheer her up and,
Sheriff, can I get back to work
In a moment, Megan.
I'm just trying to establish
Taryn's whereabouts
after she left the diner last night.
Excuse me, John.
We talked to Rodney.
There was something going
down here last night
that might have to do with the case.
Like what?
There's this hippie who
was taking his meals here
for about three weeks.
[Megan] Hero?
You know him?
I've seen him a couple times.
Can you describe him?
Shy, I mean unless you had him
warmed up
about his favorite topic which
is velocities of Atlantis.
I meant, physically.
Oh, hmm.
Tall, thin, lots of hair, glasses.
Fits the description
we have from the witness.
Also he's an epileptic.
Had a seizure here last night.
Medics scooped him up,
but he was out of the ER
in a couple hours.
Did you get a phone
number or an address?
No, but we're getting a
copy of his insurance card.
I might know.
I mean, he talked about
the Allatoona Camp Ground.
I guess they rent cabins by the
week and--
Dispatch, who do we have right now
in the vicinity of Allatoona--
Hero couldn't have done this, though.
This guy wouldn't hurt a fly.
Well did, did Taryn have a,
you know, a crush on him.
She didn't say anything to me.
If anything, he brought
out the mother in Taryn.
You know how she was, stray
cats and dogs and stuff.
Like that was her biggest flaw.
Thank you, Megan.
(birds chirping)
[Taryn] Hero, look out.
I don't want him dead, yet.
(children playing)
(police siren going off)
(intense music)
Got his meds, Diazepan.
Good, he'll probably try to
refill that
if we don't catch up to him first.
[Cruz] It looks like we just
missed him.
Yeah, sun's gonna be
down in about an hour.
We need a search team here pronto.
And get Charlie Hodge
up here with his dog.
[Cruz] Yes, sir.
Okay, okay.
Where am I?
Okay, nearest town, Eddysville.
Three and a half clicks north, northeast.
Okay, that's good.
(dog barking)
And that is really, really bad.
Okay, okay, think, think, think.
Okay, do I back track down the
That's not gonna fool those dogs
for long.
[Taryn] It's me.
You can't be.
[Taryn] I'll explain later.
Oh my God, but you're--
[Taryn] Stop gawking.
Run like hell, find Jacob's bus.
But how?
[Taryn] That way, half a mile.
Find the damn bus.
I'll take care of the dogs.
Yeah, go ahead.
Them damn dogs are red hot on
his trail.
Can't be long.
Just let the dogs off the leash,
they can get to him faster than
you can.
That ain't highly recommended, Sheriff.
These shepherds will tear him to
Well not if he has enough
brains to climb a tree.
[Charlie] Come on, boys.
Saddle up.
Oh my God, there is a bus.
Stick him, boys, get him.
Come on.
Well, here you is at least.
I begun to have my doubts.
Oh, she'll be along directly,
no worry.
Man, that's sho enough the
hounds of hell.
You best get on board now.
Where are we going?
A more commodious place
than you at right now.
You got my guarantee on that.
Where is she?
Right here.
Where am I?
No, no, wrong question.
Where are we?
It's all a reality field.
Jacob, did you not tell him
Reckon I'd leave that to you, missy.
Sure, since I'm the expert.
I did just die a few hours ago.
Taryn, I--
Hero, you really should
get a grip on something.
[Hero] Wait, what?
Jacob's about to haul ass out
of here.
Yes, ma'am.
[Taryn] Never changes.
Thanks for the warning.
I told you to grab something.
What is that smell?
That's the scent of violets.
No, don't touch me, I'll
Different energy fields, it'll
take hours
to pull me back together.
How did you find me?
Astro configuration.
Trust me, it's nothing
that teach at Princeton.
Hero, we've got a problem.
Seems like we both do.
Sheriff John Stone.
Listen, as long as you're still alive
we can do something about him.
Place the blame for my
murder where it belongs.
Otherwise, I am doomed
just like the rest of them.
Take a look around, Hero.
[Hero] Where did they come
They got on here and there
while you were nodding off.
[Hero] Nodding off?
It's happened six times
since we've been talking.
There, you just did it
again for a couple seconds.
I mean, in your time frame
and velocity of course.
So, my funeral is in two days.
Once I'm in the ground, I
only have two options left.
The better place, it does exist, Hero.
Or I become one of them.
And am restless and
earthbound with nothing
but John Stone on my mind
and nothing that I can--
Hero, wake up.
So in order to ensure that
you're not stuck here,
we have two days.
He's obviously a mad man,
but any specific reason
why he targeted you?
He was afraid that I
would expose him one day.
And unless we put John Stone in
the hell
that he deserves, I'm going to
be stuck
in the in between forever.
Expose him for what?
Him and his wife took me in
after my parents passed away.
He abused me the first time when
I was 14.
And then he continued doing it
until I was old enough
to get out of the house.
Did his wife know?
If she did, she was too
scared to say anything.
I mean, being married to a
pillar of the community is--
I, I got it.
For now, I have to get going.
You need to have a safe
place to sleep tonight.
Belvedere Cemetery.
That's you, Mr. And Mrs. Olgivie.
Nod off, Hero.
(mysterious music)
Hi, Megan.
You okay?
[Taryn] We don't have all night.
Get in the car, now.
I think I'm gonna hurl.
Deep breaths.
I can't believe this
is happening right now.
I have a little favor to ask.
Thought you were gonna snooze
through the rest of the night.
You're here, my friend.
Wait, I am?
Call it your jumping off place.
(bus horn honking)
[Megan] Get in.
Get in.
How did you know where to find
You saw her too.
It's nice.
My brother's place.
Mine is a horrible one bedroom.
But he's out of town so I
think we'll be safe here.
When was the last time you ate
I don't remember.
Then I will make some eggs,
after I make a drink.
Do you want one?
Oh, uh I don't drink.
I can't, it's a neurological thing.
If this is a miracle,
it's one that nobody wants.
And honestly, I think she's
taken this blood sister thing
just a little too far.
But that's probably how she
found you?
Okay, and where is she now?
Right here.
Jesus Christ.
Nope, still Taryn.
You did it again.
Should you call ahead?
No, considering the circumstances,
I think you're doing just fine.
Is that my shirt?
[Taryn] How many of those have
you had?
Enough to knock me on my ass.
It just, I wish you would've
told me about Stone.
It was too dangerous.
If you would've just looked
at him the wrong way,
he would've known that I told you.
And why couldn't you have just
It takes courage to leave.
Courage, self-respect,
everything that he stole from me.
Now in two days I will be stuck
in this shitty little town forever.
We gotta bring Stone down and fast.
Okay, so how?
[Taryn] He has photos, Megan.
And videos he took of us.
Okay, even if we knew
where to locate these tapes.
He has a locked filing
cabinet in his office at home.
Do you know the combination?
No, but you could get it off
with a hammer and a chisel.
In the garage.
My brother has more
tools than Chippendale's.
Okay, that's after we
break into the house.
The Sheriff's house.
He's lived alone since his
wife died.
And the house is empty during
the day.
He's never locked it, not even
at night.
So I just walk in?
That's easy.
Except for the fact that my face
is gonna be plastered all over
the news tomorrow morning.
I've got it.
You wear one of my brother's
shirts, his tool belt.
If anybody does see
you, they're gonna think
you're there doing a repair.
I drive you up to the front of
the house, you walk right in.
It can't take what, a couple
Okay, even if we get
the videos, what then?
Post them online.
The local news station,
the sheriff's department.
I mean, YouTube, just get them
out there.
Taryn, what do you--
Is she coming back?
What is that scent?
I think it's what she leaves behind
so that we can remember her, her soul.
[Megan] Hero?
Are you scared?
Is there any other way to be?
What, what if we screw this up
I don't wanna think about that.
Yeah, me either.
(blender buzzing)
You'll do.
So what do you think
happened last night?
Looks like he knew we were coming.
Yeah, somebody's giving
him some help somewhere.
Then there's probably another story.
Take what, two weeks?
It's negative on the
prints from the knife.
Too fragmentary.
So what do you think?
Do we go with person of
interest or prime suspect?
Well, tell me what
we know about the kid.
He's 28, multiple
degrees in ancient history,
archeology, paleontology.
Research grants from
different foundations,
including the Smithsonian.
Well that's nice, come on, Lara.
Okay, no beefs.
Not even an overdue parking ticket.
Anybody that we've talked to so far
speaks very highly of him.
His temperament, diligence,
social life.
Parents are divorced, no siblings,
but here's a recent photo
pulled from the internet.
You know, John, for me he
just doesn't fit the profile.
It takes a rare breed of killer
to cut the throat like that
and so far, no motive.
So why's the kid on the run?
Terrified, probably.
Yeah well, if he happens to be innocent,
maybe he'll come to his
senses and turn himself in.
Meanwhile, he's probably
armed and I presume dangerous
and that's what we're going with.
That can get him shot.
Yeah well, he's made that
his problem, hasn't he?
There it is.
Yeah, and anybody could be watching
through different directions.
Walk right in through the
front door,
just like we talked about.
Yeah, just walk right in.
I will be right here when you
come out,
studying for my exam.
Studying what?
Tax accounting.
I know, it's boring for
someone who has been
on expedition to Outer Mongolia.
Yeah, subzero temperatures,
dust storms, hostile locals.
That was a cake walk compared to this.
Please get out of my car.
We said no glasses.
Repairmen don't wear glasses.
And put your phone on silent.
(mysterious music)
All right.
Come on.
Good, okay.
[Stone] Shh, shh, shh,
shh, you'll wake Pauline.
[Taryn] No.
Got you, you son of a bitch.
I thought I heard someone.
Sorry, I--
It's quite all right.
Did you find what you were
looking for in John's office?
Yes, ma'am.
Sorry, didn't mean to disturb you.
No bother, hardly a
day goes by that John
doesn't send one of his deputies around
to retrieve something he forgot
when he left for the office.
I'm Mary Stone, John's mother.
Which one are you?
I'm Brian.
Brian, you must be one
of John's new deputies.
Yes, ma'am.
Second week on the job.
Like I say, he's always in a
hurry to be
on his way in the morning.
What was it today?
Don't rightly know, Mrs. Stone.
Just an envelope, don't
know what's inside it.
Speaking of which, I should
Oh no, no.
No rushing off.
John will understand.
I always make it a point to get
to know
all of John's deputies.
May I take your arm, Deputy?
We always take time in this
house for tea and cookies.
I've learned my way around
this house very well
since I came here.
Almost two years now, but the
stairs can be tricky for me.
My mind wanders or forget
how many steps there are.
Did you tell me your last name?
My short term memory's getting
to be a problem, I'm afraid.
It's Wakefield.
Now the kitchen's around this way.
Wakefield, Wakefield.
Not the Wakefields that
raise horses near Jasper.
Hey, Megan.
What are you doing here?
I was on my way to Rick's
place and it just died.
Happened to just coast here, I guess.
Well just pop the hood
and I'll take a look, okay?
Yeah, thank you.
Okay, now try it.
Sounds great.
Well, Megan, if I were you,
I'd go straight to Vinny's
and get that battery checked.
Yes, sir, will do.
Thank you.
[Stone] My pleasure.
(car engine revving)
The water's hot, if you
wouldn't mind pouring for me.
I love those homemade cookies
that Ginger Wilson makes for me.
But sometimes I have to hide them
because John can go through a
half a dozen
with his bedtime glass of milk.
You know Ginger, don't you?
Of course I know Ginger.
Mrs. Stone, I should--
It's a 357 Magnum.
Please, stay seated whoever you are.
Judge, how you doing?
I may be blind, but I never
miss a point blank range.
I gotta call you back, Judge.
Mother, for god's sake.
Oh, John, I think he went
out the way of the foyer.
[Stone] Put that thing down.
I've told you and I've told you
that the trigger pull on
this piece is too long.
(dog barking)
Come on, come on, please, please.
(phone vibrating)
(police siren going off)
Where's Cruz?
She's on her way.
Should be here by now.
Check around back, he's armed.
I'm sure he's gone by now,
but see what you can see.
(phone vibrating)
What the hell?
(phone ringing)
(intense music)
[Megan] Hero, thank
God, I've been trying
to get ahold of you.
Hero, what happened to you?
Hero, can you hear me?
Here, let me give you a hand
with that.
Thank you.
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
[Megan] Hey, you've reached Megan.
Leave a message and maybe
I'll get back to you.
(engine revving)
Now what?
Come on, she's needing you
real bad.
[Hero] Where?
Where it all began.
Better grab ahold, son.
Okay, that hurt.
[Taryn] I'm here.
[Hero] How do you do that?
I can't.
At least not without you.
I, I don't understand.
We've always been better together.
The two of us.
We're where it first began.
No, it's deeper than that.
I know you felt it, that
connection to this place,
to each other.
The city.
It is here, isn't it?
Yes, where we first met.
First fell in love.
We've been doing this dance
for a, a very long time.
And hopefully we'll do it again.
But right now, I need you to
focus, Hero.
I wish we had the luxury
of time, but we don't.
What do you need me to do.
Open yourself to me.
I need to use you as a conduit.
(electricity buzzing)
Stop, stop, stop.
It's like my head's on fire.
You'll be fine.
It's always difficult at
first, but you'll get stronger.
You have to get stronger.
Wait, no, Taryn.
I've got the disk.
I saw what that bastard did.
We've got him.
And hopefully it's enough.
But I can't risk that, we can't.
If it comes to it, you
have to show everyone.
Taryn, I have no idea what I'm
Can't you just--
I don't know if I'm
gonna have any energy left.
Focus on the truth, Hero.
I need to go rest up for the big day.
You can rely on Jacob.
How am I supposed to find a ghost.
He'll know when you need him.
Jacob's not a ghost, he's an angel.
Oh, thank God.
Hero, I got food.
(sobbing and panting)
[Stone] Shh, shh, shh,
shh, you'll wake Pauline.
[Taryn] No.
[Stone] That wasn't so bad,
was it?
[Taryn] No, no.
Where is he, Megan?
Where is he?
(grunting and panting)
Listen, there's always a
little blood in the beginning.
A little pain.
It'll get better.
That's all right, baby.
I'm fine to myself.
Thou shalt not kill, John.
[Taryn] John.
(glass breaking)
Oh, thank God.
Oh God.
(muffled talking on police
How's she doing?
She'll make it, but I've
got some airway concerns.
Whoever it was, was one strong dude.
[Hero] Is she gonna die?
All I can tell you, is her
spirit ain't left her body.
This is all my fault.
What am I gonna do now?
In a couple hours Taryn's
body's gonna be buried
and her spirit's gonna be
stuck here, maybe for eternity.
Whoa, whoa wait.
This ain't no time to be crying
the blues.
Now you know what's got to be done.
Bad odds, they'll shoot
me down in the street.
Now listen, the Lord looks
with favor
on the righteous, son.
Get this to the lab.
Yeah, you got it.
What the hell happened here?
Whoever he was, he was in a hurry.
Some more blood splattered
over here,
but it's not as if he cut an artery.
Why don't you go ahead and
track it.
I'll see how far it goes.
Now, slay all the whores of Babylon.
For they stand between
the just and the righteous
in the throne of heaven.
[Mary] John, it's late.
You should be in bed.
I've always, always
done the Lord's will.
Obeyed His judgments.
Even when they confused me, mother.
[Mary] I know.
And I've dedicated my
life, my life mother,
to the destruction of the
kingdom of evil
wherever I find it on this earth.
[Mary] I know.
I have licked the
wine of her fornications
from my fingertips.
And yet, she is not dead.
[Mary] John, please.
You're overtired.
Come to bed.
She is not dead.
And still, she stands between
all of us
at the throne of heaven.
And God, God torments me in His silence.
What, what do I do now?
(mysterious music)
(sobbing quietly)
Pray, John.
(soft mysterious music)
(monitors beeping)
[Hero] She gonna make it?
He almost crushed her windpipe.
I overheard the nurses talking.
She'll pull through.
If I had been there--
You'd both be dead.
Don't underestimate him.
He's quick and he's strong.
Promise me you'll take care of her.
You need to get going, now.
What are you doing here?
It's after hours.
I know, I'm sorry.
I was just leaving.
You need to stay right here.
Hey, you.
Hi, can you tell me what
room Megan Holloway's at.
[Man] Security, 1033 on the
fifth floor.
- Where are the stairs?
[Man] Intruder on the fifth floor.
Have security meet
me on the fifth floor.
(intense dramatic music)
Come on, come on.
Not this way, get to the roof.
Just go.
I'll explain everything on the way.
(intense music)
Deputy Sheriff, stop.
Take it easy, now.
You don't wanna be up there.
I didn't do anything, he set
me up.
Okay, let's talk about that.
You come any closer, I jump.
Okay, easy.
Hero, right?
I'm Lara.
I didn't kill Taryn.
I didn't hurt Megan either.
Please, you have to stop him.
Who is he?
You won't believe me.
I believe you.
And we need to find out what happened.
You and me.
I'm not falling for that.
Open your eyes before it's too late.
No, shit.
What kept you?
When the sun sets for the last
And my days come to an end
In the light of your holiness

I know where my heart will
My God I will follow, you lead

Lead me home
I put my faith in the father
'Cause I can't do it alone
Lead me home
Tragically, Taryn's parents died
when she was very, very young.
But John and his dearly
departed wife, Pauline,
took her in, gave her a home,
and raised her as their very own.
So John, would you like to come up
and say a few words for us,
Thank you.
And thank you, Miranda for...
I know that the song
that you chose was one
of Taryn's favorites because
I would hear her at night
at home in her room alone
singing it
over and over to the music.
And yes, the (coughing).
And yes, the (coughing).
And yes, the (coughing), words
were especially meaningful...
It's all right, John.
It's all right.
Must be the flowers.
I'm afraid that I didn't see
Taryn as much
as I would have liked around here.
But I know and believe that
Jesus lived always in her heart.
So I know we will all excuse her
for the anger and
confusion she was feeling.
Now, I would like to invite you all
to follow the procession
to the grave site service.
(bell chiming)
(engine revving)
No baby, your sister did
not see me on Friday night.
Okay Taryn, do your stuff.
- No, I was goin--
- That's tellin' her.
Get out of the car.
Hey, come on.
What should I do?
Just, just follow that hearse.
[Mary] John, what is it,
what's wrong?
I don't know, momma.
[Man] Lara.
[Cruz] This is Cruz, go ahead.
[Man] Someone hijacked
the hearse from the funeral.
They're southbound on
68 near Beaver Falls.
Copy that, we're in route.
Hit the lights.
(police sirens going off)
Pull over now and stop the vehicle.
Don't lose him, don't lose him.
Over there.
(intense music)
Get over to the side of the road.
Pull over.
Pull over, now.
(intense music)
Get out of the hearse,
show me your hands.
Stay here.
Stand down, stand down.
Is everybody here?
Get out, slow.
You're in a world of trouble, son.
What you're gonna slaughter me
She was punished according to
her sin.
No, I saw you.
I felt what you did to her.
Any evil you saw in her was
just a reflection of you.
You can't prove a thing.
I'm not the one who's going to.
Mommy look.
We didn't do anything.
Oh my lord, what is happening?
You, you're doing this.
[Man] What have you done?
What's wrong with you?
But she had to die.
Don't you understand?
Tammy, Sandy, you know
what I'm saying is true.
It's there, in the Bible.
Revelations, Mark.
Heed the word, listen to me, people.
Listen to me.
Don't do it, John.
Let Hero go.
Haven't I always done
what I felt was necessary
to keep the evil from this earth.
To keep the evil from darkening
the sky,
like it's darkening our soul.
The evil that's in that
young whore, fawning.
[Woman] Stop, that's
Drop the knife, Sheriff.
No, remember, remember
the prophesy in Revelation.
Come out of her, people,
lest you be part of her sin.
Lest you share in her plague.
Whatever you have done, John,
there is forgiveness for all sins.
Please don't hurt me anymore.
Only one way to salvation.
What is that way, John?
It's, it's, it's blood.
Shed blood.
- Oh John.
- No, no.
(soft music)
So, it worked?
You're getting stronger.
You came to me.
And are you?
Good, for the first time in a while.
Find me a little sooner next
You always find me first.
Thank you, Hero, for everything.
(soft music)
Whatcha thinking about?
These were left here this morning.
They look fresh.
All I know is they
weren't here last night.
Then you think it's
her way of telling us?
Wherever she is, she made it.
[Megan] Well I guess we
got a lot of work to do, huh?
[Hero] How do you figure?
[Megan] The lost city.
You're the most famous guy
in Carver County right now.
I mean, just wait 'til
this hits the internet.
I figure we buy two
shovels and start digging.
[Hero] Shovels?
Do you realize how expensive
an archeological dig is?
[Megan] No idea.
Well, I'll help while
getting my archeology degree.
Endless, seamless streams
Can't tell if I'm awake or
Is this some kind of
madness taking over me
'Cause I'm seeing things
as they used to be
Ain't it funny how things fall
And you can't see the irony
When it's your broken heart
And if one thing goes wrong,
your whole world is gone
And you're seeing things
as they used to be
And if I go, I'll miss you
And if I stay, I'll kiss my
life away
In my dreams you're next to me

There's no sorry to be said
In the past where I rest my
Can a heart beat
without a reason to live
Feels like I'm thrown
out into the ocean
And I don't know how to swim
If there's one thing I know
I should've never let you go
'Cause I'm seeing
things as they used be
(soft acoustic music)
But when the past looks
better than the rising day
Where's the consequence
of all the time we spent
Thinking things would never
Thinking we would never change

When nothing stays the same
And if I go, I'll miss you
And if I stay, I'll kiss my
life away
In my dreams you're next to me

There's no sorry to be said
In the past where I rest my
In the past where I rest my