No Time To Be Young (1957) Movie Script

It's the infantry again. By the numbers.
They got you, huh?
Man, I'll take campus.
So I goofed.
If you hadn't smarted off to the Dean
you'd still be one deferred soldier.
Nobody pushes me around.
You won't talk so tough when you do that
hup-hup routine in your soldier suit.
Let them try giving me a hard time.
You like yourself a little, don't you.
I'm Buddy Root.
There isn't a girl on campus I couldn't
get just by reaching and grabbing.
Now, that is not liking yourself.
That is knowing yourself.
How many friends you got, boy?
Getting anywhere with her?
I'm going to ask her to marry me.
How much does she make in
a week? About sixty bucks or so?
What's that got to do with it?
Well, I wouldn't marry a chick knocking
down sixty fish a week hustling burgers.
Hi, Everybody.
- Hi.
You get your check from
the publisher yet, Stu?
No, not yet. Should be
here any day though.
When is your novel going to be out?
I don't know. It takes quite a while.
Sometime next summer, I think.
Why don't you get off it?
Look Buddy, I'm not kidding.
I really sold it.
Buddy Root never believed
anything or anybody.
I let them prove what they say.
What will it be?
- Cheeseburger.
Me too.
Every night, cheeseburgers.
That's the trouble with
going out with college boys.
You going to be off soon, Gloria?
Well gee, darling.
- I got to talk to you.
If you'd only called earlier, Bob.
It's important.
You don't know how important.
Oh, I can't tonight, honey.
I have a date.
Listen, you shouldn't date other
guys. I don't want you to.
You're pretty young to be giving orders
to a big girl like me don't you think?
Two cheeseburgers.
The roof fall in on you?
She doesn't understand how I feel.
I could show her something
about that "pretty young" stuff.
She thinks I'm just playing around.
She doesn't understand.
Hi, Gloria.
- Hi, Mike.
I'll be ready just as soon as I change.
- Sure.
[ Car horn ]
Are you the date?
Any objections?
Why don't you stay where you belong?
Or can't you make time with
anybody except .. kids?
Get lost, sonny.
Look out!
I think the girl has got
the evening open now.
Gloria, did you start this?
It wasn't her fault.
Get Buddy out of here.
You didn't have to hit him.
- Why not? You're my boy.
Get him out of here.
- Gloria, I must talk to you.
Alright you two. Take a walk.
Oh forget her. I can get
you a dozen like her.
Thanks a lot.
You want to see a babe crawl?
I can have her crawling in a week.
You leave her alone.
Come on. I got to buy mama some milk.
Yes, boys. What will it be?
Take it slow, man. Take it slow.
Well, do you want
something or don't you?
We want something.
Well, what?
Don't bug me, mister.
- I feel like smashing something.
Put that down.
Now go on.
Get out. Both of you.
Stick 'em up!
I was just joking.
A joke?
I could have killed you.
You fellahs get out of here.
We came here for a bottle of vodka.
Okay. Four bucks.
I want it wrapped.
Now give me the money and my gun.
Give it to him, will you.
That will give you something
to do. In finding it.
Smart punk.
That's a word a fat guy your
age never ought to use.
Jerks like you just
have to use it, don't you.
I got a price on fat old
guys calling me a punk.
Tonight the price is
one bottle of vodka.
Maybe we should call the cops?
For selling liquor to minors.
You are both plenty old enough to drink.
The law says we aren't.
I'll split the difference.
Two bucks.
Still too high.
Alight, take it. Now get out.
Fat old punk.
May I come in, Mrs Dexter?
You are late, Buddy.
I brought you your present, teacher.
- It looks like a big bottle.
Russian champagne.
You come in and suddenly
I feel like a girl again.
You are not so old, Doris.
On you, it doesn't show.
It would show outside.
Did you talk to the Dean?
He is the only one who
can reinstate you, Buddy.
You've got to go back to school.
You'll have to take
that up with the army.
They've drafted me.
Sure. Automatic.
Flunk out of school and
march into a soldier's suit.
Why don't you enlist?
As an aviation cadet?
You would be an officer. A flyer.
Like your husband.
He was a flyer.
A Major when he was shot down in Korea.
Wasn't he?
- Yes.
So an infantry bride wouldn't
be good enough for you?
Is that it?
It isn't that, Buddy.
You could be anything in
the world if you only cared.
Maybe I don't care.
- You've got the intelligence.
The only reason I flunked out of
school is because I am really stupid.
That isn't true.
- Maybe I'm as dumb as they come.
How do you know I could
ever make good grades?
You could because you are brilliant.
For what?
For making any kind of success.
To be a flunky to some bald-headed
lame-brain in a business suit?
I'd be like a thousand other boobs in
a thousand other their dull jobs ..
Kissing their way up in
some business racket?
Buddy, you've got to be realistic.
Will you get off this "mother" kick.
Any Martinis?
All you want, Buddy.
You know something?
I am so afraid of going in the army.
They will try and break me.
Squeeze me into their mold.
I won't squeeze.
You mustn't fight them too.
Either they'll drive me over the hill
or they'll put me into a stockade.
That stones me. Just stones me bad.
Have you told your mother?
I never even told her I flunked school.
Why should I tell her about the draft?
Anyway, I'm not going.
But you must.
I'm not going. I'm not spending
two years in any monkey suit.
What are you talking about?
Buddy. Buddy, you'll get
into trouble. Serious trouble.
Listen, if I don't see you for two
years I'm in worse trouble.
We can go away Doris, to Mexico or South
America. Just get in my car and drive.
You can't just run away.
You mean, that's not acting like a man?
I don't mean that and you know I don't.
I want to live my own life.
I want people to leave me alone.
Me too, Buddy?
You too.
I am just the woman with
the Martinis and the ..
And the midnight steaks.
Quit it, Doris.
Don't you bug me too.
Hurting comes easy for
you, doesn't it Buddy?
I don't want to hurt you.
You are the only one I can talk to
and now they want to break us up.
I know.
You know.
They'll pack me off to some lousy
barracks while you stay here and ..
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Aright, Buddy.
Where is the Martini?
I'll get it.
Thank you.
What's to eat?
I always have a steak for you.
- It will keep.
It's a conforming world, isn't it Buddy.
Suddenly it's very close.
With its rules and its ..
Its terrible demand that
you fit in someplace.
And you want to run away.
Only with you, Doris.
Only with you.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
Did you tell my father I was
out with someone else?
He doesn't even know I'm here.
I saw you drive up.
Ten minutes ago.
- Let go.
He was kissing you, wasn't he?
Grabbing you like a cheap pick-up.
Following me and spying.
Papa's favorite boy peeping
through the keyhole.
I wasn't here to spy on you. I've got to
talk to you about something important.
What do you do, keep notes
and report to my father?
Shut up!
I want to talk to you
about something else.
I want to marry you.
Don't you understand?
I want to marry you.
You mean it?
Of course I mean it.
Well, that's real sweet
of you Bob, but ..
I can't.
You mean you won't.
Where do you get such ideas?
Because we went to school
together, it doesn't mean ..
I've worked afternoons and nights to
make some dough so we could get married.
Well, I like you Bob, but ..
I just don't want to settle
down. Not now anyway.
I'll talk to your father.
- No, don't.
It's alright with him, I'm sure.
- You stay away from him.
You think you're going to trap
me by talking to him don't you.
A good, steady hard-working boy.
That's heaven to him.
Well not to me.
What do you want?
A man.
I want a man.
You think I'm not a man?
Kid's stuff.
You've got no right to say it's
kid's stuff. You've got no right.
I'll show you.
Let me go. Let me go!
Your dress is torn.
He's the one I should go with, you said.
He is good for me.
If you ever let him in this house again,
I'll scream for the police.
Maybe now you'll let me
lead my own life for a change?
We won't have to walk around all night.
Or eat in drive-ins.
Not next week.
What if the check doesn't
come next week?
You expected it two weeks ago.
Yeah. I guess they are slow.
500 dollars.
And it's just an advance.
Maybe we ought to wait ..
Just a little longer before
we tell your father.
Why should we wait?
Just bring the letter from the publisher
tomorrow and we'll show it to daddy.
Then we can tell him about us.
No, I don't want that.
But why not, Stu?
We're married.
We can't keep it a secret for ever.
We mustn't tell your dad. Not yet.
He will break us up.
You know how your father is.
He won't like me unless I'm a success.
What's the matter with you, Stu?
You are a success.
Twenty years old and you've
already sold a novel.
How many men can say that?
You love me don't you, Tina?
Like crazy.
Even if.
If I hadn't sold that
book you'd love me?
That's what makes it all so wonderful.
I've got a husband.
Who's going to be famous and important.
You mustn't stop loving me, Tina.
Stop talking, Stu.
I wish we had some place to go.
Here we are married and we have to ..
Meet in a park.
I think it's nice here.
In fact.
I think it's lovely.
Buddy, are you awake?
Buddy, I am leaving.
I want to see you up before I go.
You have a nine o'clock class.
I got lots of time.
- It's past eight.
You got to have your
breakfast before you leave.
How do you do it?
Any hour of the day you
got that elegant look.
In a successful career Buddy,
every detail counts.
How do you ever fit a detail like
me into your busy career?
You sounded just like your father then.
Is that good or bad?
Except that he never grew up.
Your father Buddy is still twenty.
Sounds like a right guy.
He divorced you right after I was born.
How come you never got married again?
And bring a stranger into our lives?
No, Buddy.
If I ever get married, Helen.
It will have to be
somebody just like you.
That was an odd thing for you to say.
You don't normally show any affection.
I'm a cold fish, huh?
Pretty self-sufficient.
The usual thing for a child
from a broken family.
Buddy, is something wrong?
At school or outside?
If something is wrong
I wish you'd tell me.
We are both realistic
and practical people.
Maybe I could help.
Maybe you can.
Coming home for dinner tonight?
No, I'm sorry. I can't.
I have an engagement.
I have to get in line. Is that it?
Buddy, tell me now. What is it?
Well .. it's everything.
I feel like a trip.
Maybe in June we can visit uncle Ed.
You like boats and fishing.
No, I was thinking of
getting away sooner.
What about school?
Can I take a month off, and make it up?
Buddy, this is foolish.
Where would you go?
Mexico maybe. I think I'd like it there.
I tell you it's nothing. I'm just bored.
I just want to get out of here.
You sure?
Sure I'm sure.
If that's all it is. You had me scared.
We'll talk about it later.
Perhaps tomorrow?
Yeah .. well.
Now don't leave the house with
only a coffee and a cigarette.
Have an egg and some bacon.
Can I give you some money?
- No thanks.
Go ahead. Don't worry
about me. I'll be alright.
[ Buzzer ]
Hello, Stu.
Hello Mrs Root. Is Buddy up yet?
- Yes. Come on in. Had breakfast?
Just coffee.
Well, why don't you help Buddy
fix yourselves a decent meal.
Thank you, Mrs Root.
I'm in trouble, Buddy.
- Figures.
Ever since high school
you've been in trouble.
I've got to have 500 dollars.
You are flying today.
- I've got to have it.
I got to show it to Tina.
I'm married to her.
I'm married to her.
Since when?
Since last month. Since I told
her I sold that lousy book.
Buddy, you got to help me.
Her father doesn't know about it and
Tina wants me to tell him today.
So tell him.
You don't understand.
He will throw me out.
- Why?
You're a budding genius. He should
be lucky to get you in the family.
Tell him that.
I never sold any book.
It's all a lie.
I knew it.
I knew it.
What good will 500 bucks do you?
I will tell Tina's father it is
my advance from the publisher.
One dumb lie after another.
In six months I can say they dropped it.
But I've got show Tina the money from
the advance to impress her father.
If her father finds
out the truth, he'll ..
He will break us up.
He'll make Tina get a
divorce or an annulment.
Oh, I get the picture.
Then when you leave school you move in
on a lush job in the old man's business.
What do you think I am?
A smart guy.
Only you need 500 bucks.
I'm in a rough bind.
You don't know how rough.
You've got no problems.
You've got your girl.
For how long?
Wait until her old man finds out.
Who cares?
You still don't have to hide or
jump when the doorbell rings.
You can walk down the street with her.
You got it bad.
You need 500?
I think I know where we can get it.
The Teach?
Well, I knew you were seeing her.
Do you think she will ..
- I'm talking about Bob.
Yeah, he's got a job.
It will be a lifesaver.
You haven't got it yet.
How did you ever get
your foot in her door?
Whose door?
The Dexter.
That's none of your business.
You sure got it bad.
What's wrong with that?
- Nothing, but ..
She's old enough to be
your mother, isn't she?
If you are not going to listen
to me I might as well go.
I haven't said anything yet.
I told you I was sorry about last night.
I had a few and I lost my temper.
I explained to father. It's okay for you
to come to the house anytime you want.
Aren't you going to say anything?
You said it all last night.
Don't you want to make up with me?
You know how feel about you.
Well then, look at me.
I'm looking.
I like you, Bob.
Better than anyone I know.
We could see each other.
Providing I give the proper notice.
You want me to walk out and never
see you again? Is that what you want?
I don't want that.
What do you want?
I won't marry you, Bob.
Don't ask me now.
We got a special on these beans.
So that your trip shouldn't be a
total loss I recommend you stock up.
I want a cup of coffee.
Can't you take a break now?
I guess so.
This ain't the place for it, boy.
This ain't the place for it.
Bob, I got to talk to you.
- Later.
No, now.
Hal, take this away will you.
Stu needs 500 bucks.
What happened to you?
- Then you'll do it?
I'll pay you back every cent.
I'll guarantee half.
You need money.
I don't want you to go to strangers.
I've got just 504 dollars.
Thanks. All I need is the 500.
What's it for, Bob?
Can I tell her?
Keep it to yourself.
Tina and I got married.
Married? What for?
Never mind the cracks.
Tina's father is rich.
Why borrow it from Bob?
Stu has got his pride.
He is no mooch.
There you go.
Thanks, Bob. I'll never forget this.
That was real bright of you.
What do I need money for now?
You did it to make me mad.
What were you trying to prove?
I was saving for us.
But there is no "us".
Anything you want?
This whole place scares me.
Will you relax.
I never met a man like him before.
And he never met a famous writer.
You're just as important as he is.
And I want you to act that way.
I want him to like me.
What did he say when you told
him that you were married?
He wanted to know how
we were going to live.
But I told him we could
manage on our own.
He thinks an awful lot of you, Stu.
I hope so.
"Yes, Mr Parner?"
- No calls please.
There it is. And that's
just the advance.
I started my marriage
on a good deal less.
Isn't he wonderful, daddy?
Come over here, Stu.
Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
- Call him "Dad".
What are your plans?
I have two more years of college.
I plan on completing my
degree before anything else.
And then?
Well I figure on continuing
to write during this period.
Another novel?
Daddy, he's got a million ideas.
Tina, would you excuse us, please?
I'm not going to leave him
in here with you alone.
Please, Tina.
Well. Alright.
But you be nice to him, daddy.
Take your time, Stu.
I want you two men to get to
know each other real well.
You don't think much
me do you, Mr Parner?
What makes you say that?
I feel it.
I feel you expected
more in a son-in-law.
It's not what I feel that counts.
Tina loves you.
She married you.
But you think she made
a mistake, don't you?
Do you?
Yes, she did.
A big mistake.
Don't you love her?
Yes. But that's not enough.
I'm nobody.
You wrote a novel.
- Sure I wrote it but I didn't sell it.
Didn't you?
No, they rejected it.
Not just one publisher. All of them.
I know.
I had my New York office check.
You knew all the time?
- I only found out this morning.
Why didn't you say something?
- Where did you get this 500 dollars?
I didn't steal it if you think that.
- Nobody said you did.
I lied but I'm not a thief.
Why did you lie?
Why does anyone lie?
Do you want the legal definition?
A lie is a fraudulent device ..
Through which a person tries to
get possession of something ..
Or somebody to which he is not entitled.
Meaning I'm not good
enough for your daughter?
It would seem so.
I am inclined to agree with you, sir.
And I won't take up
any more of your time.
You are not only a liar,
you are a coward.
When you are guilty, at least
be man enough to face it.
What did I do?
I fell in love with your daughter and I
fought for her the best way I knew how.
By lying.
- So, I lied.
You are like all these
irresponsible kids.
You want to be somebody
but you won't work for it.
You feel you've got it
coming but you're wrong.
The world owes you absolutely nothing.
Until you grow up.
Until you learn the meaning of work.
Hard work.
You are not ready to marry anybody.
I married your daughter.
And she is still my wife.
[ Car horn ]
Get in.
Where did you get it?
A friend. He's out of town.
I'm saving him garage bills.
Where shall we go for dinner?
I don't have any money.
You had plenty this morning.
I'll treat. I'll pay you back.
I'll pay you back.
Now what's eating you?
Who stood you up tonight?
How come you got time for me?
I sure picked me a live one.
I won't ask you to marry me tonight.
We can still have fun.
- I wouldn't know how.
I guess I'm just a drag.
I get smart talk all day
from guys on the make.
You don't drag me, Bob.
Someday it will be you and me.
Maybe you'll marry a few guys in
between, but I know we'll get together.
I feel that too.
That's why I won't give you up.
Maybe when I get out of
school you will have grown up.
I don't ever want to get old.
I'm having a ball.
You got the right idea.
I wish I could be like you.
Just let yourself go.
I could if it wasn't for you.
The trick is to only think
of the one you're with.
At the time.
I'll try it next time.
Why go to strangers?
What are you being so nice to me for?
You don't have to marry
a guy to be nice to him.
The guy who lets you use his car.
How nice are you to him?
If I like a guy he doesn't
have to have a car.
I'll even pick him up
in someone else's car.
I guess some girls
like to play the field.
Don't most guys?
It's different with a girl.
- How so?
Do I have to draw you a picture?
I knew it was a mistake
to pick you up tonight.
Don't waste it on me.
Pick yourself a live one.
Are you trying to kill somebody?
- Let's see your driver's licence.
Well hello, gorgeous.
- Va-va-voom.
Beat it you guys.
Good evening, boys.
- Start the car.
This is where you get off.
Start the car, I said.
Is this joker bothering you, lady?
- She needs protection.
Now get out of here!
Go on, get lost.
You want to have yourself a time?
Move over.
I thought you'd never come.
I brought you something.
You forgot your 500 dollars.
Where are you going?
- Home.
That's all I came for.
To bring you that money.
I got to talk to you, Tina.
Will you let go of the door.
There is nothing to say.
There's a lot to say.
- There's nothing.
Now let go or I'll start whether
you're holding on or not.
No you won't.
Give me that key.
You got to listen.
We are married, Tina.
You tricked me.
My father told me everything.
I don't want to have anything
more to do with you.
Listen. Just listen.
Alright. I lied.
I did a dumb thing.
But I did it for you.
I'm in love with you Tina
and you're in love with me.
Nothing else matters.
- Go.
Nothing else counts for me. Nothing else
is important except that we're together.
You have to understand.
You've got to trust me.
You mean, I've always
got to believe you?
Could I?
Maybe my father is right.
Maybe you stole that 500 dollars.
Shut up about your father.
He is not important to us.
He's important to me.
I respect him.
He's a success.
- Maybe too much.
Without lying, without cheating.
Do you know whose fault this is?
It's yours.
Because of your father.
The first book I wrote
had to be a success.
Because your father was a
success I had to measure up.
You and him, both alike.
Can't you see it?
Oops. That vodka got
me a little bit too.
I forgot my key.
I'll have to climb in the window.
[ Scream! ]
My legs.
I'm hurt.
- Gloria.
Daddy, my legs.
I got your call. What's the scoop?
- You are going to see the Dean.
We're late.
What for?
You were in Engineering School.
Science students are exempt from
the draft until they have graduated.
If you won't go into the army,
you must come back to school.
How? I have been kicked out.
I had a meeting with Dean
Harris about you, Buddy.
I told him you had come to me for help.
Why you?
You were in my English class.
It's not unusual.
The Dean has agreed to see you.
If you'll only impress him with your
sincerity he'll give you a make-up exam.
Oh, he'll do nothing for me.
Pass it .. and you will be
reinstated in the university.
Come on.
How can I pass? I haven't
cracked a lesson in four weeks.
I will help you.
You mustn't think of anything else.
Your record is not good, Mr Root.
I guess I didn't take
classes too seriously.
It would appear so.
I always thought Mr Root had the mental
equipment if he'd only apply himself.
He seems willing to do so now.
I understand you have been drafted?
- That's right, sir.
Is this a way of getting out of it?
I have to go anyway and I would
like to try and get my degree first.
Then I will have an opportunity to
serve in a more useful capacity.
You've been out of school a whole month.
Do you think you are prepared to tackle
a comprehensive examination in one week?
I'd like to try, sir.
Frankly Mr Root, if Mrs Dexter
hadn't interceded on your behalf.
I would not be considering your case.
I don't want Mrs Dexter having
to ask any special favors for me.
Well, you wouldn't ask it yourself.
Mr Root is a very proud young man.
Not of this record, I trust.
I wouldn't ask you to
break precedent, doctor.
You've done it before
for other students.
When sincere purpose has been indicated.
Look, it it's this much trouble ..
- Sit down, Buddy.
I'm not asking you to reinstate him.
Just give him another chance.
I don't want anybody doing me favors.
Not you, not him. Nobody.
Now just a minute, young man.
Don't give me that "young man" routine.
You and your whole university ..
- That's enough.
You said it, buster.
I'm up to here.
I've been waiting for you.
I'm leaving town.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
I'm just going to get
in my car and drive.
You don't make any sense.
Ma, I'll meet you later.
Buddy, you can spare me five minutes?
Alright. What is it?
You're in trouble.
I will be if I don't get out of here.
I'm going with you.
You can't.
How about your job?
- It will be there when I get back.
I'm not a child.
I can take care of myself.
You don't want me, do you?
No, I don't.
Don't make it tough for me.
Do you have any money?
So long.
Take care of yourself, Buddy.
But where are you going to go?
Just away.
I came here to say goodbye.
I suppose I should be grateful for that.
I am sorry if I ..
I got you in a jam with the Dean.
- That doesn't matter.
If I find a place to stay,
I'll let you know.
Send for you.
What makes you think I'll come?
You will come.
[ Buzzer ]
Who's that?
I don't know.
Get rid of them. We got
some more talking to do.
[ Buzzer ]
[ Buzzer ]
[ Buzzer ]
Mrs Dexter?
I'm Mrs Root. Buddy's mother.
I know he's here. I followed him.
Where is he?
What do you want?
Take your things. We're going home.
I asked you what do you want.
Do as your mother says.
- Leave us alone please.
No, you leave us alone.
I am waiting, Buddy.
I'm not going with you.
I'm not nine years old.
You can't order me around.
Why did you follow me?
What is it to you where I go?
We'll talk about it later.
We won't talk about anything later as
you and I have nothing to talk about.
We never and never will.
Now just let me alone.
I'm not leaving until ..
- I told you, let me alone!
Buddy, I think you must
go with your mother.
You keep out of this you cheap little ..
- No, Buddy!
Wait outside.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Please go.
I'll be back.
Goodbye, Buddy.
Put that cigarette away.
If I don't are you going to spank me?
Go to bed.
I don't feel like sleeping.
You hungry?
- No, I'm not hungry.
I'm exhausted. I will
talk to you in the morning.
I won't be here.
Where are you going?
Back to the pretty Professor?
You took care of that. Real neat.
I did what a mother should do.
- Yeah. You're great.
Do you think I enjoyed it?
It gave a big charge messing me up.
When you are older you will
know that I did the right thing.
I suppose you told that to my
father when you threw him out?
I didn't throw him out. He left.
If today is a sample, I'm
beginning to understand why.
What did you have to come there for?
She is twice your age.
I'm in love with her.
I might even marry her.
Over my dead body.
I don't care how you feel. I don't
care if I never see you again.
You are not my mother.
You are some stranger.
You don't know what you're saying.
After all I've done. After all the
things I've missed because of you.
Well, you can start
catching up after tonight.
You just want to hurt me.
You hate me, don't you?
I told you I just don't care.
You are never going to
see that woman again.
How will you stop me?
I'll go to the Dean.
I'll tell him who and what she is.
They'll throw her off the campus.
She'll never teach again anywhere.
You wouldn't do that.
- Oh, wouldn't I?
It will be a pleasure. I will fix her.
Buddy, I'm in trouble. Bad trouble.
Something terrible happened.
It was my fault.
Never admit it.
Gloria got hurt. She broke her back.
We didn't want to wake her folks so
climbing up to her window, she fell.
They know it was you?
- Sure they know it was me.
Her folds don't have any money.
I've got to get some for her.
How would you like to go
on a long sea voyage?
No draft boards, no family.
Nothing but fun.
Quit bugging me.
- I mean it.
You know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to buy a neat little
30-foot ketch with a diesel.
And take off for Central America.
Buddy, be serious.
I'm jammed between a
rock and a rough place.
You're smart. Help me.
I'm so smart I'm going to be playing
soldier up to my ears in muck.
A broken back.
You can't do anything for her.
I've got to. It was my fault.
It 20 wonderful years of living that
is the only thing that I've learned.
Never feel sorry for
anything you've done.
Well, that doesn't help me.
I need a bundle. Now.
You know something.
Remember how we nearly
held up that liquor-store guy?
Look, Buddy.
If you've got a frantic idea
about raising dough with a gun.
I'm in enough trouble now.
I don't mean holding up a crummy
liquor store for 30 bucks or so.
I don't care what you want to hold up.
The supermarket.
We'd get $20-30,000 cash.
At the end of the day.
That would be enough to buy a boat.
- I don't need a boat.
How about Gloria?
Yeah. My fault.
My dirty lousy fault.
You could send her folks five thousand.
And still have enough left over
to pay for your share of the ketch.
If we had that boat.
Then I could send
Gloria's folks some dough.
Where would we go?
The tropics.
Those little countries
where a guy is a man twenty.
I might even get hold
of Stu and get him in.
He'd never go.
Well, if you worked on him he might.
Are you levelling about
sticking up the supermarket?
Well, I was half kidding.
But I am beginning to get serious.
We can make enough dough
to dust away from this town.
Buy a boat. Head south.
We're good kids. We don't have records.
Nobody would ever know.
Thirty thousand.
A boat.
How do we split it?
Let's find Stu, huh?
I'll do the talking.
He'd never go for it.
Never in a million years.
I don't know. He's a
funny guy. He might.
Let's find him.
He's in his 9 o'clock class now.
How come you're not in class
absorbing all that knowledge, boy?
Education gives a guy
a pain in the head.
I wish I'd never read a book.
Or wrote one.
Did you already use that
money I loaned you?
It didn't help.
Thanks, Bob.
Now all I need is ten times this.
How is Gloria making out?
Not good. She's got a long
siege ahead in the hospital.
And expensive.
How'd you make out with Tina's old man?
He killed me. Dead.
We're all in great shape.
I'm quitting school.
I got to get out of this town.
How would you like to go on
a long cruise to the tropics?
With me and Bob for company.
What cruise?
Thirty-foot auxiliary ketch.
Stopping anywhere,
doing anything we wanted.
Panama, Honduras.
Bahamas. Anywhere.
Where are you going to get the boat?
Ten minutes tonight.
That's when we earn the price of it.
Talk sense will you, Buddy.
I know where we can
get $30,000 in ten minutes.
What are you going to do, rob a bank?
The supermarket where Bob works.
Yep .. yeah, I'm in.
You were the last guy I ever
thought would go for this.
Well, maybe tomorrow he would be.
Today, he is one big hurt.
He needs dough for Gloria.
I don't care what I do to get it.
Uhuh. Not me.
You said you were in trouble.
It wouldn't be any trouble sailing round
in an old boat in the Caribbean Sea.
Let me explain it to
you. Very carefully.
Only 18 thousand dollars.
A seagoing ketch, ship-shape
with a 6-cylinder diesel.
You on the deck in the sun.
You paint a pretty picture.
Sleeps six.
New sails.
A barnacle resistant bottom.
Mrs Stuben? How is Gloria?
I don't know what to say.
But I want to pay the doctor's
bills. It was my fault.
Okay. I will ..
Keep out of his way.
Gloria's father is out looking for me.
He wants to kill me.
Once you are on the deck of
our boat you're worries are over.
Yes, but he's got a gun.
He is out looking for me.
- On the campus.
Well, let's go see him. Public service.
Take the gun away from him.
- How?
A heavy hand. Just lay it on him.
Let's go.
You wait here.
He knows you.
We don't even know what he looks like.
- Sure we do.
He looks like a man hunting for a boy.
To kill him.
Hey, there is guy talking
to that Collins babe.
An old guy.
Okay, he's walking away.
Pull over.
Hello, Sandra.
- Hello, Buddy.
I don't want any, thank you.
I have a boy.
Who was that old jerk
you were talking to?
Some guy way out in left field.
He's bothering everybody
trying to find Bob Miller.
Did he say why?
Maybe he is Starting a zoo.
I don't know why.
Are you looking for Bob Miller?
Do you know where he is?
- Yeah. We just left him.
You want us to drive you to him?
I have my own car.
- Come on, won't take a minute.
Just tell me where he is.
- Come on.
That kept you from
getting in bad trouble.
Campus police.
They know what you're here for.
Now get out or we'll call the city cops
and have you jailed for carrying a gun.
But you're no campus police.
You won't complain to anybody.
Will you buster. Huh?
Pick up Bob.
We got a full day's work ahead.
We're just going to case
the place so act natural.
I don't want to do it.
Look .. it isn't like robbing somebody.
This outfit has got a million
stores just like this one.
Buddy, I know everybody
that works in there.
I can't go through with it either.
Okay. I won't force anybody.
Maybe we can figure out some
other way of raising the money.
Look, just for kicks let's go on
the inspection tour anyway.
Just to see if it would have worked.
What for?
No particular reason. We're here.
We've got nothing else to do.
Hey, you know what?
I got a great idea.
So have I.
We knock off this place.
No. A story.
I'll call it The Supermarket.
That's really the city.
And all the people are just the
goods stacked on the shelves.
Well you'll have plenty of time to
work on it on the deck of our boat.
Hi, Bob. Can't you stay
away from the place?
Hello Al.
It will be an interesting
problem robbing this place.
Just as an abstract puzzle to solve.
With masks it's no puzzle.
We've got a gun.
You'll never make it.
Candy from a baby.
See up there?
Somebody is watching us right now.
Otherwise shoplifters
would empty this joint.
They've got a telephone up there.
There is a robbery alarm
button at each register.
Well, suppose the telephones were dead?
And the alarm.
Then they could watch all they wanted.
Any guns here?
It's against company policy.
It's a grocery store. Not a bank.
Any other traps?
Like you say, it would be
simple for some real robbers.
You see, after the banks close.
The manager opens his safe to get
out money to cash the payroll checks.
How much?
It will close to forty thousand dollars.
A very interesting puzzle.
Part of it is real easy to solve.
A telephone.
Now all the stick-up guys
would have to do ..
Is call this number, just
shortly before the robbery.
Then stick a matchstick under
the receiver arm to keep it up.
The phone is dead.
The calling party has to hang up
before anyone can call out again.
That's right.
How did you know?
Remember how the phones in the
High School used to be tied up?
I've thought about the
robbery alarm, though.
That would be tough.
They made one mistake on that.
It's powered off the light circuit.
There's a main switch near the entrance
that cuts the juice on all the circuits.
You would think this place would
be picked like a fruit tree every day.
The police.
A squad car keeps a close check.
Oh. Well that puts the
cap on the bottle.
Not for good.
There is a way.
I don't know what you
guys are going to do.
But I'm going to rob the
supermarket about 9 o'clock tonight.
That's an ugly looking thing.
Take the slugs out of it.
When one of these hits you
it will bust you wide open.
Get rid of them.
No. We'll need them on the boat.
We're going to some pretty rough places.
Look, we're being crazy.
We're not criminals.
We don't know how to rob a store.
Yeah. He's right.
If I quit school and work full time.
Maybe I could give Gloria
forty or fifty bucks a week.
That wouldn't pay for two
days in the hospital.
What's she going to do for
the other five? Wait outside?
I don't need a lot of money.
Just enough to take me
away from this place.
Where's it come from? Phony checks from
magazines for stories you can't write?
If something went wrong,
we'd be in bad trouble.
No we wouldn't. I know.
If things go wrong, you
know what we'd get?
Five years.
- Probation. That's all.
Maybe a year's probation.
First offenders and the
gun is not loaded.
Not a day in the Bastille. Not one day.
Besides, we won't get caught.
How do you figure that?
We're not dumb kids who don't know
what they're doing or how to do it.
We know how to cut the alarm and the
phone and how to keep the police away.
Nothing much matters, anyhow.
Life is a big gyp anyway you look at it.
It will be a ball every night.
The places we'd see.
We'd go first cabin everywhere.
If we're going to do it,
let's do it right.
We can't miss.
Let's not talk anymore.
Let's just do it.
Alright. I'm in.
Before you know it, it will all be over.
Everything clear?
I'm ready.
This is Donaldson.
Donaldson's liquor store.
277 West 18th Street.
Two men just held up my store.
A half minute ago.
Yeah, 277 West 18th Street.
[ Police siren. ]
Hello. Dorr's Market.
No screaming, no yelling
or I cut you down!
Get a paper sack and
put the money in it.
Right. Everybody over here.
Come on!
Hurry up with that money.
You don't have to hurt anybody.
Just take the money and go.
We're doing it. It's really happening.
Don't follow us out.
You've got the money. Get out!
I told you to stay put.
[ Gunshot! ]
You didn't have to.
You didn't have to do it.
I did it for you. He recognised you.
Well, now we've had it.
We got to hide out tonight.
And get away tomorrow.
Hold on to that sack of money.
- Just as well turn ourselves in.
We're through.
- We'll make it. We'll get away.
Forty thousand will take us a long way.
They'll never find us.
We had the money.
All we had to do was go.
Shut up!
Where we going?
You'll find out. Come on.
Buddy, what are you doing here?
Doris, we're in trouble. We got no time
for pretence. We must stay here tonight.
All of us.
- Why, what's happened?
What's happened?
Buddy, tell me. Please tell me.
- An accident.
I shot a man.
We robbed a store.
A man was killed.
I was trying to make it easy on you.
I killed a man.
You'll have to get a lawyer.
Call the police.
No police. I don't want a
lawyer. I want to get away.
We've got forty thousand dollars.
I'm not going with you.
Listen, we've got to stick together.
- You can't get away.
No-one was supposed to get hurt.
How about some coffee?
I'll make it.
How did we get into this?
A mastermind.
Shut up and drink this.
You're not giving orders anymore.
I'm getting out of here.
Where you going?
- To the cops.
Buddy, what did you do that for?
Who did you call?
The lawyer.
You're a liar.
Who else would I call?
The police.
You did, didn't you?
Yes, I did.
My mother was right.
You are nothing but ..
She called the police.
- Give me a hand.
Leave him. Come on.
We shouldn't have run out on Bob.
He ran out on us.
He turned chicken.
They know who we are by now.
They haven't got us.
Where are we going?
To Mexico. Ensenada.
How will we get past the border?
We don't even have any passports.
We don't need any for Ensenada.
- What are we going to do there?
We have $40,000 in a sack.
We buy a fishing boat. Load it up with
supplies and head down to South America.
We won't ever be coming back.
Who wants to?
I can't really believe this.
I got to talk to Tina.
After things die down,
if you still want to.
You can send for her.
No, I mean now. I got to
make her understand.
Sure. We'll just drive over to her
house and drop in for a cup of tea.
Look, I can't leave without
even talking to her.
Pull up to a phone. I'll call her.
- Look, we haven't got time.
Well then, pull up to a phone booth
and let me out and you go on alone.
You know where I'm going now.
We're going together.
I've got to make that phone-call.
Make it snappy. I'll make some
coffee and sandwiches.
And don't tell her
anything except goodbye.
Hey, I'd like to buy a car.
Sure. What kind?
That one. How much is it?
Well, you got a trade-in?
- No.
This car is $2,800.
You'd need about 500 dollars down.
- I'll pay cash.
Go ahead. Take a look at it.
Okay. I'll take your word.
I'll pay and drive off.
Just leave a deposit and
pick it up in the morning.
No. I want it now.
I couldn't get you the registration.
You see, everything is locked up.
It's after 10 o'clock.
- I need a car now.
Well, I wish I could help you.
Alright. I'll go some other place.
We all close at ten.
You can look around until midnight if
you want to but you can't drive it out.
What's it worth to you to
let me have that car?
I can't do anything until morning.
I told you.
Look, I'll give you 500 dollars, cash.
Extra. Just for yourself.
Look kid, you get in
trouble someplace else.
Not here.
Would you like to dance?
How about a lift?
Sorry fellah.
- Mister, I'm beat.
Give me a break.
0kay. Hop in.
Where you going?
Where you going?
Can I go all the way?
Same price.
You do look beat.
I had a rough day.
Well, we've got an
all-night drive ahead.
Why don't you try and get some shut-eye.
Maybe later.
You hungry, kid?
Want some coffee?
Hey you! Hey you!
# T-g # #