No Way Through (2023) Movie Script

[Nigerian pop music playing]
[Jolade] My name is Jolade Okeniyi
I live in a commuity that you've never
heard of, on the outskirts of Lagos State,
with my daughter who's the only person
that matters to me in this world.
She is a true angel.
[Nigerian pop music continues]
People like me don't have choices.
We do anything to survive.
[music continues]
[car engine starts]
It's not about right or wrong.
It's about doing
what's best for the people you love
That's life.
[music continues]
I wish it was different,
but this is my reality.
There's nothing I can do about it
Maybe one day I'll pay for it.
But as long as
my daughter's okay, I'm okay too.
[breathing deeply]
Are you already floating?
How many left?
[in Pidgin] You can see,
it's just one left.
Is it me or is Lotanna adding
more drugs inside these packets.
Ah Margaret, it's the typical one
we smuggle. Same quantity.
- [Margaret hisses]
- I can wait for you.
See, just bring it. Let us
Oh sure okay. You've swallowed it.
Check it out.
- Are you sure nothing is wrong?
- [groans]
Wrong, how?
Oh, please What?
Why would something be wrong?
- Really?
- Oh please.
Babe, how is JAMB or JAMB Prep going?
- Oh, Ejide, you know how it is.
- Yeah?
- My daughter is a professor.
- Ah-uh!
My daughter is so intelligent.
I can't believe I gave birth to her.
- Dullard like me.
- Oh, come on.
- [laughs]
- [laughs] So
As you are doing this now,
what is her first choice of school?
- It's UNILAG.
- Really?
She insisted on going to UNILAG.
She said it is because UNILAG
has the best business admin course.
- I told her to go to private school.
- Really?
You know these schools will turn
a three-year course to seven years?
- Yeah.
- She said, "No,
- I want UNILAG."
- Wow. Look,
whether it's four years or seven years,
however it is, your daughter will make it.
- Amen. Amen, my sister.
- Amen. Okay?
- [Margaret muffles groan]
- You sure you are okay?
[sighs] You know,
this is my first trip of the year. So I
Ah! Nothing will happen to you.
Look at me, Margaret.
You're very good at this.
Nothing will happen.
You're able to cross borders easily.
You'll go and come back successfully.
- Hmm? Don't worry, you hear?
- Hmm.
You're crying? And you will come
to my daughter's graduation.
You know she's going to be
a valida validalia or
- Valedictorian.
- Yes, valedictorian.
- That's how Ejide calls it.
- Valedictorian. Say it. Valedictorian.
- That's your business. Let's go.
- [laughs]
- Is this your luggage?
- [coughs]
Please bring it. Is that not how we do it?
Yes, that's it. Okay, let's go.
[door opens abruptly, slams]
[upbeat music playing]
[Magaret sighs]
- Did anything come out?
- [hisses] Nothing.
Don't scare me. Don't let it come down.
- [Margaret groans]
- Remember not to take any food.
- Mmh!
- You are sitting down? Let's go.
I thought you only wanted
to use the toilet. Let's go.
Let's go.
- [chair scrapes ground]
- [in English] She's waiting for me.
[abruptly] Sit down.
- Jolade, Jolade!
- [Jolade gasps]
- Hold on! Just wait.
- Margaret.
Look, everything that I've been
trying to do is to protect you guys.
I'm begging you. Just calm down.
You set me up?
I'm an NDEA agent.
[Jolade grunts]
- Let's go.
- Margaret!
Jola. Come.
[whispers] Margaret.
She'll listen.
And Jude take it easy.
Get to the airport.
Make sure you make this flight.
[tense music]
- Margaret.
- Listen, I was trying to protect you.
Don't worry. Everything will be okay.
- Don't worry.
- Margaret!
[tuts] Officer
Oh wait, I'm forgetting something.
- You are Jolade Okiniye, right?
- Yes.
- We can settle.
- You're under arrest for drug trafficking.
Now walk with me.
Normally. And smile.
Don't make any funny moves.
[beat drop]
There are over 15,000
Nigerian students in Malaysia.
[Biodun] To be a sucessful drug courier,
you will take your place amongst them.
No one will be able to tell you apart
from the regular student.
If you are careful, if you're smart,
you will not get caught.
After your course of study,
you will not only have a good education,
you'll also be millions of naira richer.
Allow me to introduce to you,
Brother uh Mr. Lotanna.
- Our...
- Boss!
There's trouble.
They said the NDEA
raided on our Chinese stash house.
Well, let us discuss
how to behave as a student.
Eight key steps to academic excellence
that you must take very seriously.
Set goals. What is your
[upbeat music continues]
[music beats]
[door opens]
[Jude] This is Joladeayo Okeniyi.
She's Margaret's driver.
They've grown close over the past one year
and she has worked
for the cartel for over 10 years,
running couriers to the airport.
[officer sighs]
Margaret's driver?
What could she possibly know?
I mean, this is what
you risked our operation for.
Are you mad?
And Jolade, this man
that doesn't think that you are special is
Christian Ezechime.
A senior special agent at the
Nigerian Drug Enforcement Agency.
He's in charge
of bringing down your cartel.
Please tell him why you are special.
I said tell him why you are special.
[scoffs] I don't know.
You see sometimes even we
don't know why we are special.
You see, Jolade here,
her husband
used to carry drugs for the cartel.
He was a very successful mule
She was his willing accomplice.
That was until he was hanged in Malasyia.
The cartel paid her
to keep up the good work.
And she's been doing it ever since.
Excuse me, I don't know
what you're saying.
I sell food at the restaurant
in my community.
- I dont know about hard drugs.
- Really?
We have all the info on you,
do you want me to reveal it?
Margaret told me that you worked
with over 20 couriers!
Did any of them die?
[tense music playing]
[keypad clicking]
- [spluttering] I'm Please
- If I did not need you,
I would gladly throw you in jail for life.
Twenty years.
What? It's accessory.
The maximum
we can charge on this is 20 years.
And what if she goes silent,
like the rest of the ones we caught?
[laughs] Well, she won't do that
because there's another
reason why she's special.
Her daughter is an accessory.
[grunts] Please, my daughter
is not an accessory.
Please. My daughter
doesnt know about this work
She was so stupid
that she took her daughter, Ejide,
on many of her runs.
[Jude] How daft could one person be,
taking her daughter on drug runs?
I mean, really!
my daughter is innocent.
Please, she does not know anything.
Innocent? So all the
other girls you killed were not innocent?
Alright tell me, what do you want, please?
As long as this phone is on,
we can hear your conversations.
What we need you to do,
is get Lotanna to confess that
he's part of the business.
After that, you and
your daughter are free to go.
You have one week.
Lotanna has packed up
next week's package for me.
All the package that he gave me,
I have handed it all to Margaret.
I don't know how I'll ask him
for another package. He'll be suspicious.
It'll have to be the next package.
You got yourself in this mess,
find a way out of it.
That is not my problem.
[door bangs]
That was easy.
And what if she makes a mistake?
What if it doesn't work out?
What if Lotanna is on to us?
[in Pidgin] You know me.
[in English] It always works.
[door opens and closes with a bang]
[whirling music playing]
[phone notification chimes]
Hello Margaret,
[in Pidgin] I called you my friend
but you are a bitch.
You betrayed me.
This is for your own good.
If I didnt convince my bosses
to give you a deal,
you and Ejide would go to jail.
Babes, all you have
to do is get us Lotanna.
You can do it. I have faith.
[horn honking]
[Pastor] And so brethren,
timing is everything.
God does everything
according to a set time,
for His own purpose.
Come with me real quick
to the gospel according to Mark.
Mark chapter one, verse 15.
- If you are there, say I'm there.
- [voices in congregation] I'm there.
- If you are not, say almost there.
- [voices in congregation] Almost there.
Alright. The Bible says,
"The appointed time is fulfilled
and the kingdom of God is at hand."
It says, "Repent!
Repent and believe in the Gospel."
[man groans] Let me go.
- It is not too late
- Casino!
- to find your way back to God.
- Shh! Easy boy!
Turn to your neighbor, say "repent!"
[congregation] Repent.
Turn to your other neighbor say,
- "Believe in the Gospel!"
- [congregation] Believe in the Gospel!
- [worshipper] Oh, praise to God.
- Halleluyah.
[in Pidgin] Loti,
I'm your boy. What's happening?
- [Apostle] So the loudest lady in this
- Loti, what's going on?
- place should say to you,
- Loti, talk to me.
- "It is not too late!"
- Lota, this is a church.
- Loti, what are we doing here?
- It's not too late,
- to repent!
- He prays for the devil.
- [Lotu] Who in the last 20th century
- It is not too late to find your way
- has had the compassion
- back to God
to pray for the one sinner
who needs forgiveness the most?
- "Seek ye in faith"
- Who's that?
- The boss wants to talk to you.
- of God.
So you see brethren,
we are living in the end times.
We are living in the end times
because the children of man
have turned away from God.
The children of man have
turned their backs on God.
The children of man have derailed
and followed the path
that can only lead to damnation.
If it were up to me, JJ,
- As He was walking around
- I wouldn't have hesistated to kill you.
- with Simon and Andrew
- I wouldn't have hesistated to kill you.
- As they were casting their nets into the
- But
- they were fishermen.
- [in Pidgin] whatever it is,
- [in Pidgin] I will enjoy.
- And Jesus
- Work on him, boys.
- called unto them and said "Come,
"Follow me
and I will make you fishers of men"
- [worshippers cheering] Amen.
- [Apostle] Halleluyah!
Now is the time.
Today right here, right now,
is the time. What are you doing?
Now is the time
for you to win souls for God.
- [worshipper] Yes, sir!
- Now is the time
for you to impart destiny.
Now is the time for you to repent.
[worshipper] Preach it! Yes sir.
Now is the time
to seek the face of the Lord.
Now is the time to win souls for God.
Now is the time for you to give back
everything that belongs
to God, to the kingdom.
Now is the time. Now is the time!
[speaking in tonques]
[JJ groaning]
[worshippers praying in background]
[choir singing] Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
Een though it be a cross
That raiseth me
Still all my song shall be
Nearer my God to thee
Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
Wake him up.
[worshippers continue
to sing in background]
You know who I am?
Yeah, I see you do.
Did you tell your NDEA
bosses about me, JJ?
[spluttering] NDEA?
I don't know what
you're talking about. I swear to God!
- Stop that!
- [JJ grunts]
- [JJ grunts]
- Don't do that.
Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.
- [JJ groans]
- It's a sin.
One that I will not tolerate.
- [JJ coughs]
- Answer me.
[coughs] Apostle,
[in Pidgin] I know you as a man of God.
[in English] I don't know
anything about drug dealing.
I I don't know anything
about drug dealing. Hmm?
Proverbs 12, chapter 22.
"And the Lord hates liars,
but he is pleased
with those who keep their word."
[JJ groans]
- Are you lying to me, JJ?
- [JJ whimpers]
Are you lying? Are you lying to me?
[JJ breathes heavily]
Oh, forgive me.
Forgive me, Father, for my anger.
[JJ forces a cough]
Cleanse me.
[Apostle sighs loudly]
[JJ groans]
[JJ] Is that how you do it?
Huh? You deceive young, vulnerable women
and lead them
to become your mules, drug mules.
Man of God, my ass.
He didn't know.
- [JJ coughs]
- But we still have to send a message.
[in Pidgin] Send a message
to anybody intending to sell us out.
- [JJ laughs mockingly]
- Remind them who we are.
- Still all my song shall be
- God bless you as you do it.
- [JJ continues to laughs mockingly]
- Hear it?
[smacks a kiss]
- God bless you.
- [JJ] God bless you indeed.
- You are a fake!
- Lota
[in Igbo] Lota, Lota! Hold on, Lota.
[in Pidgin] I'm your guy, Lota.
Lota, it is me.
- Lota, please. Lota!
- Calm down.
- [screams] Lota!
- [blood splatter]
[screaming in pain]
[man praying in tongues]
Ah! Sister Jolade!
- [in Yoruba] Long time.
- Ah, Mummy Bankole.
- God bless you.
- Greetings, ma!
- Greetings. It's been a while.
- Yes, ma.
- Yes, it has.
- You didn't come for mid-week service?
- No, I didn't.
- Ah! You missed a good thing.
- Really?
- My sister, you missed.
If you'd seen the way
your daughter was singing
[in Yoruba] It felt like angels
came down from heaven.
- I'm telling you.
- God be praised.
- God bless her.
- Thank you very much.
No problem.
Please, I was going to tell your daughter
[in Yoruba] to tell you to send
me a bowl of vegetable soup.
- Vegetable soup? I will send it.
- Yes.
- You have my address, right?
- Of course.
- I can I can write it down.
- Youre my customer.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, ma.
- Amen.
- I see what you are doing for the Lord.
- God will bless you. Thank you.
- Amen. Bless you too. Thank you.
- [Lotanna clears throat]
- Ah, Pastor Lotanna.
Yes, uh, how are you?
- I'm well. Thank you, sir.
- Wow.
Look at uh, Ejide.
[in Pidgin] She is now an adult.
- We thank God.
- Yes.
I remember when she was
a small baby running all over the place.
- Is she 18 yet?
- No, she's 17.
- Will she go to university?
- Yes. She will go.
[in English] Oh! Has she considered
traveling to Malaysia to study?
[in Pidgin] Please, my daughter
doesn't know the kind of business I do.
Yeah, but she should know. Who does that?
- Please.
- She should know that
- you're a strong woman.
- Uh
- Pastor.
- Edije.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, sir.
- Remain blessed.
- Amen, sir.
We dont see you at
Teen Church anymore. What happened?
Nothing, sir.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
You used to be
a great servant to the teen church.
Thank you, sir.
But it gives me so much joy
to know that you continued
the Lords work in the choir.
Thank you, sir. Yes, sir!
I was discussing here with your mother.
She said youll soon
be admitted into the university.
- Yes, sir.
- And I was telling her
that you are the perfect candidate
for our scholarship program.
Sir? Really? Mommy...
- Praise the Lord.
- Hallelujah, sir!
Ive been thinking about it
but I didnt know how to apply.
- Oh! The Lord is good.
- All the time, sir.
Oh yes uh
[Jolade] Let's go.
- Ill talk to you some other time.
- Thank you, sir.
- "When they gather, we scatter."
- Amen, sir.
Bolasco. You can come to my shop for food.
Lets go.
Mommy, the scholarship program.
I've dreamed about it.
So many schools across Asia. I can't wait.
You're not going anywhere.
- [in Yoruba] Do you hear me?
- Mommy!
Move. [fake laugh]
[praying in tongues]
[soft menacing tune playing]
[Jolade] The more I thought about it,
Apostle is more dangerous than the NDEA.
[groans] I've heard what he does
to people who snitch on him.
If he thinks I betrayed him,
he will kill me and my daughter for sure.
[soft menacing music continues]
I'm just going to live my life
and pretend none of this ever happened.
My daughter must never know
about this part of my life.
Oh ah!
And I just hope the NDEA will solve their
problem without me and leave us alone.
[phone ringing]
Everything will be alright.
I just know it.
That's for sure.
[Christian] Has he regained consciousness?
[Doctor] Not since you brought him in.
So theres nothing you can do?
All we can do is
to make him more comfortable.
Hes likely to be dead
within the hour. Im sorry.
You know, when you said he was the
head of the challenge stash house,
it clicked. I couldn't imagine
that you made JJ Ejiro your informant!
How did you get him to turn?
Please tell me that you are not the person
who called the raid on the stash house!
- Yes I did.
- [JJ wheezing]
Yes I did.
You killed our informant.
Its the work.
It comes with the territory.
This operation
had been going on for so long.
We needed to show
the bosses some progress.
- Progress?
- Yeah!
- What progress did you show?
- Twenty kg of cocaine!
Why are you being so emotional?
I cant believe that you sold us out
for 20kg of coke, you fucking idiot!
We got a commendation for it and
we bought some time with the bosses.
It's a win for everybody.
Tell that to him.
He knew the risks.
And this Jolade babe, what if she fails?
Then she fails and we still have my bust.
Everything is gravy. Whats the issue?
This guy, youre a fucking son of a bitch.
Some people say that but
I heard when you brought him in,
he was still conscious.
Did he tell you anything?
[whispers] Apostle Ephraim
did this, avenge me.
[tuts] Fuck you.
Whats with all the emotion?
Time of death, 2:21 p.m.
[city sounds]
[tense upbeats playing]
[tense upbeats continue]
[tense upbeats continue]
[tense upbeats continue]
[water running]
[tense upbeats continue]
[tense upbeats continue]
- [tense upbeats continue]
- [silent laughter]
[tense upbeats continue]
[Apostle] ...because we definitely
cant fund this by ourselves.
Were not made of money.
- Absolute...
- [door opens]
If you do not want
to see your husband die,
I suggest you leave now.
[tense music intensifies]
Is that what's going to happen?
You killed JJ. I kill you.
It's the way of the world.
What will it cost for you
to leave my husband alone?
Again, if you dont want
to see him die, leave now.
[dramatic music playing]
You really should take the money, my son.
- [loud rapid footsteps]
- [Rachael grunts]
[tense upbeats playing]
[tense upbeats playing]
[tense upbeats continue]
You should put the gun down, boy.
You see, by the time I am done with you,
you will wish you had taken the money.
- [gunshot]
- [Rachael grunts]
You are dead! Dead!
[dramatic music escalates]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [music playing]
- Shit!
[suspenseful music continues]
- [tires screech]
- [gunshot]
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music fades out]
Boss. He escaped.
[Rachael sighs]
- Tolani.
- Ma?
You were on perimeter duty today, right?
Yes, ma.
- [gunshot]
- [Tolani yelps in pain]
[Tolani grunts]
Was that really necessary, darling?
You know I dont condone incompetence.
That lanky idiot broke into our home,
threatened to kill you and me.
Surely an injured leg
is a small price to pay.
Of course, darling.
Bolasco, take care of that.
[Tolani groans]
[Tolani grunts]
We need to find out everything
about that JJ and his family.
Yes, darling.
And when we do, we will find that man.
We will kill him. Slowly.
Come, let us pray. Come.
[Apostle] Jehovah,
in the Mighty name of Jesus...
- Amen.
- The King of Kings,
the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace
- The I Am That I Am... Jehovah Emmanuel.
- Yes, Lord.
- Yes, Lord.
- Thank you, Lord, for today.
- Thank you, God.
- [Apostle] Thank you for your blessings.
- Thank you, God.
- Thank you for your mercies.
- Thank you, Lord.
- Thank you for your deliverance.
- Oh Jehovah...
- Thank you for your blessings upon us.
- Father Lord.
- Yes, Lord. Thank you for your protection.
[city sounds]
[music playing]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music fades out]
[indistinct chatter]
What's up? You didnt check in?
I dont have any business with you.
Let's go and talk.
[in Yoruba] Juniors mom, please go
and attend to the customers inside.
You as well, go and assist her.
Leave this, Ill check on it. Thank you.
Why dont you just give
the guy what he wants?
[Jolade] I said, no.
Hey, Auntie.
- He wants your daughter.
- No!
[in Pidgin] You dont have a choice.
If you dont go to him tonight and
get him on tape agreeing to give
your daughter drugs to transport,
Ill arrest both of you, tomorrow.
Hey, Ejide. How are you?
[laughs mockingly]
- Mommy
- Eh?
Whats he talking about?
Mommy, whats he talking about?
- Youre a drug dealer?
- Edije, come back.
Ah! I am not a drug dealer.
I only help them to
you know, those travelling, to pack it.
I dont sell drugs.
How is that enough
for the man to arrest you?
And me!
He said he was going to arrest me, Mommy.
[in Yoruba] It wont happen.
I will do what is right.
[in English] How will you make it right?
What are you going to do
to not make my entire life a lie?
[in Yoruba[ Come, I reject it.
God forbid it.
Your life will not be a lie. Never!
[in English] I will do what is right.
Anything they say I should do,
I will do it
as long as my daughter is okay.
Please Ejide, my heartbeat.
- Please. Ejide!
- [Ejide whines] Leave me.
[Ejide sobs]
- [lively music playing]
- [pool table balls clacking]
- [lively music playing]
- [background chatter]
[lively music continues]
Sir, why am I here?
This outfit of yours. [chuckles]
[laughs] Are you moonlighting
as a rapper now?
- Sit down
- [laughs]
It has been over 20 years
since Ive been in this place.
And its actually amazing,
it still feels the same.
Its like I can turn my
head and see JJ and I,
- just waitering, running around.
- Really?
You guys grew up together?
Is that how you recruited him?
Hey bros, come, come.
Hey, give me
Thank you, bring another one for them.
It wasnt until
a little bit over a year ago
that he reached out to me
for some help with a cartel that was
turning the girls of his
community into mules.
So he recruited you.
I'm sorry.
If I knew he was more than just a recruit,
Id have made a different decision.
He delivered.
He told me that Pastor Ehraim Adeowoye
was behind the cartel.
Lotanna is number two.
- Shit!
- [chuckles] Yeah.
Thats why I tried to kill him today.
Wait, are you mad?
Why are you telling me this?
To implicate you, obviously.
- What the fuck?
- Come on, man.
Who would actually believe
that I did it by myself?
What do you want?
[sighs loudly]
Apostle must pay.
I mean, Ive seen it before.
He's a very well respected
man in the community.
And then a message will come from up above
from the powers that be,
telling him to wrap up his involvement.
But if you allow it,
were both going down
for his attempted murder.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
[lively music continues]
[sighs] Fuck me. Fuck me.
[lively music playing]
Put off that goddamn music!
I said, turn it down!
[in Igbo] You all are mad!
[in English]
Are you people mad or something?!
You all are here
having a party, enjoying yourselves
when someone
tried to kill Apostle in his house
in broad daylight!
[in Pidgin] Boss, its not like that.
We are paying our respect
to Ginger and Vicious that bastard killed.
For Ginger and Vicious, right?
[in English] Ginger and Vicious.
I don't give a fuck about
Ginger and Vicious!
I dont give two fucks about them!
Now you go out there
and find me the bastard
who tried to kill Apostle!
Now you get me that bitch called Orode.
[in Pidgin] The one
thats allegedly dating JJ.
[in English] Find me something.
You guys better find me something.
Get me something to work with!
Now move your asses!
Move! Are you moving with swag?
Move your asses!
Cmon, move it. Move it! [pants]
Mad people!
[shouts] "A thousand wars,
a thousand victories."
What do you want?
Thank God Apostle is fine.
I asked a question,
I said what do you want?
Ejide says she wants to enrol
for the scholarship programme.
[in English] Good thing
youre back to your senses.
[in Pidgin] My daughter cant carry drugs.
I dont want my daughter
carrying drugs at all.
What did you say? Are you alright?
Lotanna, you know my husband
Tunde died carrying drugs.
I dont want to see
my daughter doing the same.
I want her to enroll for the scholarship.
Use all the years Ive spent working
with you to compensate for her.
- You want me to help your daughter?
- Yes.
[in English] Im a business man,
make me an offer.
Whats in it for me?
Let me carry the drugs.
What is an old woman like you
looking for in Malaysia?
Lotanna, please. I beg.
Jolade, Im not interested in
all this your begging bullshit.
When youre ready to be sensible,
you know where to find me.
[Jude laughing]
This is a joke, right?
Im not joking.
You told me to have a recording
of Lotanna stating hes into drugs.
Ive done that.
[in English] What we have is you
on tape offering Lotanna
to transport drugs for him.
Even in Nigeria that's entrapment.
[in Pidgin] We can't use it.
However there is something
you can do for us.
Go and tell Lotanna you found Orode.
- Who is Orode?
- JJ's girlfriend.
Or at least his imaginary girlfriend who
Christian here used to see JJ
without raising any suspicion.
Please, excuse me.
How do I find someone I dont know?
Your restaurant.
You will tell Lotanna that somebody came
to buy food for a condolence visit.
The agreement is that
I should get a recording
of Lotanna, where he says
hes doing hard drugs,
and that if I get it I am free.
- And Ive done that.
- [Christian] Hey!
Youre done when we say youre done.
We own you.
Is that clear?
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
Now you will call Lotanna
and you will tell him you found Orode
and followed her to her place of work,
a hair salon.
And you will ask him to meet you.
What if he says he's not coming?
Be convincing.
- Argh! [mumbles]
- [Christian] You hear me?
- [in Pidgin] I cant hear you.
- Ive heard you.
Ive heard you.
This isnt difficult, just do it.
You know my number.
[music playing]
Where is she?
She went
to the back room to get something.
Well, good thing someone came to buy food
at your restaurant, right?
And you were smart enough
to follow her down here
at her place of work.
See, someday
Ill repay you for this service.
"When we gather, they scatter."
Wait in the car, guys. I got this.
[whispering] Take me to her.
You guys must be JJ's contact, right?
[grunts] NDEA?
Snakes. I hate snakes.
[in Pidgin] But anyway,
I have a deal for you.
I don't think you understand
what kind of trouble you're in.
Are you being serious?
Do I look like a child to you? Huh!
Dont joke with me, please.
This hairdresser
started work three months ago.
Or JJ's overnight girlfriend?
Or should we talk about how Jolade
has been trying to incriminate me?
See, Im a business man.
I am here to talk business.
Lets talk.
But if you dont want
to talk business, let me leave.
If I go, you know what will happen to you.
So, what is this business deal about?
"A thousand wars, a thousand victories."
When I first discovered JJ,
I was upset. I was very upset.
But then I discovered
the opportunities available for me
I calmed down.
What opportunities?
Well, you see opportunities that
will make each and every one
of us here smile to our banks.
We go our separate ways
and our paths will never cross again.
Our supplier
is sending down a man
known as Javier Ferrara Nascimento
on Friday with 100 kg of cocaine,
under the cover of night service.
And you want
immunity for that information?
- [grunts]
- [chair squeaks]
You see, Nascimento has been on the
watch list for quite some time now.
Five hundred thousand dollars
reward on his head.
I'll take your immunity,
and I want that money too.
Apostle Ephraim as icing on the cake.
You already knows he runs the cartel.
You can pick him up,
he will be there on Friday too.
And dont forget his wife,
shes in on it too.
I'm sure we can come
to some kind of arrangement.
- [laughs] Obviously.
- There's only one problem with that.
- Which is?
- [gasps]
You. Go and tell his men
assasins ambushed him.
- Now!
- [Jolade gasps]
He had nothing more we needed, okay?
Nascimento is a big win.
And what if killing
their second-in-command
makes them cancel this trip?
Did you think of that?
- Did you even think?
- Never.
That would show off
a sign of weakness, okay?
We have them exactly where we want them.
Your big bust. My revenge.
Look, everything's gonna be all right.
- Just chill.
- Great, but youre off the case.
And if you argue with me,
I will tell HQ why.
- I still have to see this through.
- No.
Youre too close to this shit.
Jay Jay was my brother.
[Christian] Yeah.
Same mother, same father.
And they killed him like a dog.
So I will have
my revenge. They will all die.
So why did you spare the driver?
Nobodys going
to believe her. I mean, besides,
Apostle will probably kill her anyway.
And what if he doesn't?
I'll take care of it myself.
[tense music]
[tense tune playing]
[tense tune playing]
- Jolade.
- Bolasco.
This is your one and only
chance to tell me the truth.
- Did you lead Lotanna into an ambush?
- Never.
[in Pidgin] Bolasco, I didnt know
theyll kill Lotanna.
I didnt set him up.
I just did what I was told to do.
Aunty Rachael is expecting you.
- Nothing will happen to you.
- [sighs loudly]
I promise.
Lets go.
Thank you, thank you.
[sighs loudly]
[muffled choking]
[gulps then coughs]
- [spluttering breathlessly] Please, ma.
- I'm disappointed, Jolade.
- Disappointed? Ma?
- After everything Lotanna did for you.
And for what?
How much did the assassin pay you?
[in Pidgin] I did not betray Lotanna.
He took care of me when my husband died.
Im not a part of this set up, ma. Please.
[breathing heavily]
Ha! Ma!
[gulps, splutters]
[chokes then coughs]
- [coughing]
- You led Lotanna into an ambush.
You colluded with the man
who tried to kill my husband.
It wasn't me. I did not. I didn't.
- [yelps in pain]
- Are you calling me a liar?
- No, ma.
- [Apostle] Darling.
[Jolade coughs]
- [Jolade hyperventilates]
- No.
Anger is a sin in the sight of God.
[Jolade sobs then screams]
Stop. Enough.
[Jolade coughs]
[whimpers] Ma.
Let me hear you say it again.
How exactly did you survive?
[in Pidgin] He said that I should go
and tell Apostle
that he is coming for him.
Aunty Rachael, please.
I have nothing
to do with the set up, please.
[Apostle] Darling.
Please, sir.
[whispers] Please, sir.
God. [whimpers]
- What if she's innocent?
- Shes not innocent.
If she was innocent,
why did she let her survive?
Nascimento is here in three days.
You dont want an assassin running around.
What are you thinking?
I think she works for them.
And I think we can use her.
[Jolade grunts]
- Jolade.
- Ma.
Listen to me and listen carefully.
- You will take us to the assassin.
- Huh?
Otherwise, you and your daughter are dead.
- Ma. Ma.
- [angrily] I give
Oh, we give you till tomorrow.
- Ma
- Trust me, I dont make empty promises.
[Jolade whimpers]
[sombre tune playing]
[Ejide in Yoruba] Good evening, ma.
What happened?
[knocking] Mommy.
- [Jolade sobbing]
- Mommy, is everything okay?
[Jolade sobs]
- Mommy!
- [sombre tune continues]
Mommy, what happened?
- [Jolade sobs harder then coughs]
- [worried] Mommy, what happened?
[Ejide] You'll be fine.
- Ejide.
- Ma?
- Ha!
- Mommy, what happened?
[sobbing continues]
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be okay.
[sighs deeply]
[in Yoruba] Good morning, ma.
Good morning, my heartbeat.
- Mommy.
- Hmm?
Do you want to talk about it?
[in Yoruba] Never mind. Go back to sleep.
Mommy, tell me
what happened yesterday, please.
Mommy, dont lie to me.
[sighs heavily]
The NDEA killed Lotanna.
- Pastor Lotanna?
- [wistful tune playing]
Apostle and Deaconess, they threatened me.
[in Pidgin] They believe that
Im a part of the set up
that got Lotanna killed.
They threatened me and said if I dont
bring any information about
the assassin or bring the assassins,
they said theyll kill us both.
[in English] Yes. Apostle and Deaconness,
they are drug dealers.
Mummy, but he's our pastor.
He's a good pastor.
How can he do this?
Hmm, pastor.
Ejide, people are not
what you think they are.
[in Yoruba] Life is very deep.
- [Jolade sighs heavily]
- [wistful music continues]
- Cant we run?
- Run?
NDEA or Apostle, one of them
will find us and kill us.
Apart from that, I dont want to run.
I want you my daughter to be free.
- Mommy...
- No, no.
[in Yoruba] I cant run.
I want your freedom.
You must live your life.
Do you think
Im happy with the life Im living?
[in Yoruba] You are the reason
Im doing all of this.
Look, you will be fine.
You will go to the university,
you will study your Business Admin,
and you will become an accountant.
You will even go
to London and do a Masters.
When you come back, you will marry
a husband and youll have children.
[in Yoruba] Ive said it,
and thats what itll be.
- [claps] Hmm.
- [wistful music continues]
Mommy, I don't want
anything to happen to you.
What's the point of all this
if you are not here to see it with me?
Dont worry,
youre the most important person.
Hmm? You will be fine, I swear.
You will be fine.
[wistful music escalates]
[exhales sharply]
[Christian] Why are you here?
[in Pidgin] Apostle carried me yesterday.
They tortured me badly.
I thought I was going to die.
They said Im one of the assassins.
Then I was told
to bring the assassins to them,
otherwise theyll kill my daughter and I.
[in English] I don't know
how we can help you.
You dont know how you can help me?
Really? Have you forgotten your promise?
- That you will help...
- That you will not
go to jail for any of your crimes.
Our business here is concluded.
Is that so?
And if I tell them about you?
Then youll kill yourself.
You think they are going to forgive you
for dealing with the NDEA?
[in Pidgin] You think we're stupid?
Okay. Whatever it is,
I know itll lead to death.
But I wont go down alone.
I will revenge. Yes.
I will tell them about Nascimento.
I will tell Apostle about the NDEA agent
who's JJ's brother and who killed Lotanna.
Do you think youll go scot-free?
Answer me. They'll kill you.
You wont survive.
And what if I kill you right now?
Yes? You came to meet an assassin, right?
Youre just as good as dead.
My daughter knows I'm here.
And if I dont call my daughter
to tell her that Im okay,
the next thing is
to call Apostle and tell him everything,
and you know youre not safe. You know.
So what are you saying?
- What I am saying is that,
- [drags a seat]
we are all
in this current situation together,
and we have to think together to solve it.
The only solution is my death.
[in Yoruba] If you want
to die, thats your choice.
Not exactly.
They don't need to kill you.
They only need to think you're dead.
[anticipatory tune playing]
[Christian] You will give Bolasco
an address. Tell him Lotanna gave you.
- Itll be my apartment.
- [anticipatory tune continues]
[Jolade] What if they catch you?
- [Christian] They wont.
- [anticipatory tune continues]
[anticipatory tune continues]
I like it.
That will show
that you are part of them...
before I try to kill you.
- [Christian] Dont worry, Ill miss a lot.
- [anticipatory tune fades out]
[Jude] I like it.
- [anticipatory music playing]
- [silent dialogue]
Take Bolasco to
a public place, Ill do the rest.
That could work.
[Christian] Ill lead them to
the safe house at the bottom of the hill.
[Jude] Makes sense,
the road is barely driveable.
[anticipatory music continues]
[anticipatory music continues]
- [anticipatory music continues]
- [gun shot]
- [anticipatory music continues]
- [gunshots]
- [anticipatory tune continues]
- [gunshots]
[gas pipe whistling]
[gas pipe whistling continues]
[gas pipe whistling continues]
- [explosion]
- [glass shattering]
[anticipatory music continues]
- [anticipatory music continues]
- [silent dialogue]
- [anticipatory music continues]
- [silent dialogue]
[anticipatory music continues]
[anticipatory music intensifies]
Call your daughter.
Tell her everything is going to be okay.
[anticipatory music escalates then stops]
[Apostle] A man came into my house,
- and tried to kill me!
- [gentle gospel music playing]
In my own house.
That man that same man
led our brother, Lotanna
into an ambush and
- killed him.
- [gentle gospel music continues]
But he was not
expecting your determination.
He was not expecting
your focus, your anger.
You sent a message loud and clear,
that we are not to be messed with.
To Lotanna!
- [gentle gospel music continues]
- Dinner is served.
Is everything okay, darling?
The assassin shot two men just before
jumping over the balcony onto a car.
[cutlery clinking]
He killed Lotanna and somehow,
he managed to miss Jolade
as exposed as she was in the market.
do you think Jolade
was working with the assassin?
She was instrumental
in helping us apprehend him.
- But, what would she have to gain?
- I don't know.
But think we should kill her,
- At least to be on the safe side.
- No.
- No.
- Darling.
No, we gave our word
in the sight of God and man.
I said no. The assassin is dead.
Thats the end of it.
Jolade and her child
are not to be touched.
Am I clear?
As you wish, my darling husband.
Okay, darling.
- [car hooting]
- [Margaret] Thank you for picking me up.
[Jolade in Pidgin] I dont have a choice.
I was trying to protect you.
You and Ejide.
Thats all you keep saying.
Ive heard you.
Anyway... thank you very much
and [sarcastically] congratulations on not
letting them kill me and my daughter.
- No, how?
- Listen,
Rachael already said
shes going to kill me today.
Im already going to die.
Rachael? Wait, Rachael,
is she not the Pastors wife?
- Or why would she
- [Jolade chuckles]
- why would she even
- [Jolade chuckles]
Oh Margaret, youre a novice indeed!
Your colleagues
dont keep you in the loop?
Listen to me carefully,
Apostle and Rachel,
theyre drug lords in this loop.
So Madam, I dont need you.
- Please.
- No, Jola.
Is there is there any way we can be okay?
That? Not going to happen.
I'll keep trying though.
[music playing]
- [door opens]
- [Jolade in Yoruba] My heartbeat.
- Welcome back, ma.
- Thanks.
[in English] Why have you not slept?
You think I can sleep
not knowing you were fine?
[in Pidgin] I told you I'd be fine.
Well, its okay. Let me see for myself.
Everything is over,
everything is settled. So Im fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, by tomorrow
the NDEA will just do their work.
- Okay. Oh!
- Let me go and sleep.
How are you different?
- Ejide!
- Pastor Lotanna
sent me a present
every year on my birthday.
Apostle is my pastor, Mommy.
Since I was born.
Everything they did, you did.
But we get a second chance
because Aunty Margaret likes you?
Feel the same.
- How are you different? Tell me, please.
- [wistful music playing]
- Ejide, sit down.
- Mom.
Mh! I am not different.
You are right to think Im not innocent.
Im bad. In fact, Im a devil.
Because its only a devil
that will see that a person
wants to die and then pushes them there.
I know that the girls
who carry the drugs will die.
It will kill them.
But I did not stop there.
You want to hear?
In fact, when they die, I feel bad.
I even cry sometimes.
[in Yoruba] But then, I ignore it.
Cause what is going to be will be.
Because I have a child,
how am I expected to take care of you?
Where would I get the money?
I neither have no school certification,
no father and no mother.
The little education and packaging
I have, were learnt on the streets.
I dont have anybody. Ehn?
How could I take care of you?
Its only through this hustle.
I know Im bad, there is no
good Ive done in my life.
The only good Ive done is birthing you.
That's the only good.
Every other thing, Im a bad person.
Okay. Mommy, I love you.
I love you too, my daughter.
- [aggressive door knocks]
- Who is that?
[in Yoruba] Who is knocking like that?
[tense music]
[door bangs loudly]
- [tense music playing]
- [Rachael] Mmh.
Hello, ma.
I thought we were paying you more.
- I
- Its okay.
I see that you are saving it all up
for this beautiful daughter of yours.
- How are you, my darling?
- Good evening, ma.
- Good evening.
- How is Apostle?
Oh, hes fine. You should be thanking him.
- Hes the reason youre still alive today.
- Hmm?
- Deaconness.
- Shut up.
If I had one shred of proof
that youre who I think you are,
Bolasco would've slice you open
from your belly to your throat.
Ha! Ma, Im innocent.
- [in Yoruba] I don't know anything.
- You are lucky my husband
has a soft spot for you.
And I, a Proverbs 31 wife.
You see, my husbands heart trusts in me
and he will want for nothing.
I only act for his benefit, not his harm.
Everything in me believes
that his benefit is to kill you,
but he wants you alive.
And alive you will be.
my lamp does not go out at night
and I have decided to keep myself
some sort of insurance.
- I don't understand at all.
- Oh.
Ejide here will be singing
in the choir tomorrow night at the vigil.
Is there a problem with that?
- No.
- Fantastic.
- Darling, you'll pack a bag. Okay?
- [gasps] Why?
She will be staying with us
tonight and tomorrow night.
- [gasps]
- We dont want her coming late.
No, she wont come late.
I dont want to stress you. She'll come...
Oh no, no. Nothing is too much for
such a precious treasure.
Alright? Go pack a bag.
- Okay. Let me help.
- No, she can handle it.
Go pack a bag. [tersely] Go.
[tense music playing]
[whispering] Jolade.
[tense music playing]
This way.
- This way.
- Yes, ma.
[Rachael] Goodnight.
[whimpers in fear]
[in Yoruba] My child!
[choir singing "Abide With Me" hymn]
[cheering and clapping]
- [Rachael] Jolade is here.
- [cheering continues]
[pastor preaching in background]
we were able to reject
[Apostle] Well, it may be a coincidence.
respect your right to choose
but there are consequences when you
Can I tell you this? I was talking
to a School of Ministries student.
We had a review session yesterday.
And I was encouraging them
- Maybe she wants to see her daughter sing.
- just like before.
Where's our guest?
Hes just pulling in, boss.
It is going to require
[Apostle]It may be wise to divert.
- We guaranteed his protection.
- No, we can't.
on the ways of God.
You want to move more products, right?
Diverting will mean that
we cannot handle a man.
- Just one man?
- One man?
- With everything he has done.
- He's just a man, not God!
Don't blaspheme, darling.
Youre the one who shouldnt
make him an idol in your mind.
[sighs] You're right, darling.
And what about Jolade?
We will kill her, and her daughter.
Ejide is just a child.
[tense music playing]
Don't take actions in ignorance.
You will only regret
Ask the armour bearers
to take them to the back for now.
Youre right, darling.
As always.
[preaching continues in the background]
John 1, verse 5, "And the light shineth
- in darkness,
- Amen.
and the darkness comprehend it not."
[ominous music playing]
Many of you have
heard me give this revelation. It is
Ah, my friend,
so good to have you in my home country.
- Welcome to Lagos.
- Indeed.
It has been a long time coming.
My boss is very pleased
with your efforts here in Nigeria.
Perfect. My wife.
- You're welcome, sir. Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
Were so glad to hear that
your boss is happy with us.
We can hardly wait to do more.
This is 100 kilos.
Move it within three months as agreed,
and we can discuss even more.
Alright my friends, I will leave you
to discuss business
and attend to other affairs.
[Apostle] Thank you.
[suspenseful tune playing]
that you have dwelled
in darkness for a very long time.
And then the light
of God's word comes in a moment,
in a twinkling of an eye,
you can be sure that
this realm of darkness has gone forever.
["Abide With Me" playing]
- [ominous music continues]
- [gunshot]
- [gunshot]
- [distant screams]
[worshippers screaming]
[Nascimento] You told us
we were protected.
[Apostle] Relax sir,
this is a church, okay?
You are merely guests come to worship.
There is nothing anyone can do to you.
[Nascimento] You think
your agency doesn't know who I am?
[Jude] Christian! Christian.
Bible time!
You know what?
I think youre right.
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
Clean up the mess. Take care of the boxes.
I need to prepare for our visitors.
[dramatic music playing]
[Apostle] It's okay, it's okay.
God is in control.
God is in control, okay?
God is in control.
- Just take it easy, calm down.
- Alright.
Calm down. God is in control, okay?
- [tense music continues]
- [gunshot]
You betrayed me.
I gave you everything but you betrayed me.
I did it because of my daughter.
- Your daughter?
- Yes, sir.
You would wish she was dead
by the time Im done with her.
Because I know just the place to send her,
where different men will use her everyday.
She will pray to die
but death will not come.
Your only comfort
will be that you will not be here
to see what she will become.
- [Christian] Thats some pretty dark shit
- [gun cocks]
for a man of the cloth.
You look different without a mask.
But that voice
I never forget a voice.
So the assassin is an NDEA agent?
One that would rather kill me
than arrest me? I wonder why.
Please dont kill me.
Who will take care of my daughter?
Ha! [sobs]
[softly] Get out.
- Hmn?
- Get out of here.
[Ejide] Why are we going
to Apostles house?
Ejide, I already told you, we have
men stationed there, so move.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
I dont know.
What are we going to do?
I dont know.
- What do you mean, you dont know?
- I just
[Ejide sighs]
What if Apostles people catch us?
Thats why we have this, okay?
[grunts] Move!
- [Edije cries loudly]
- [Margaret grunts]
Go, go!
- [gunshot]
- [Margaret yelps]
- [Edije grunts]
- Ow!
[tense music continues]
- [Ejide grunts]
- [Margaret groans]
- [Margaret] Ejide, Ejide!
- [Ejide grunts]
- Kill her!
- [Edije and Margaret] No!
She's an NDEA agent.
If you kill her they'll come for you.
You know they will. Please.
Stop! Ephraim is dead, its over.
You dont have to do this.
You open your mouth to tell me that
after you destroyed everything we built?
[Ejide sobs]
[groans in pain]
- [Bolasco] Jolade!
- [Rachel grunts]
[in Pidgin] Bolasco, I thought you said
Ill be safe on your watch.
Drop the gun.
That was before you turned to a snitch.
Bolasco please no, pleaase.
[Ejide crying]
[Ejide whimpering]
- My daughter.
- [sobbing] Mommy!
My daughter.
[screams] Mommy!
Please. We can settle this.
Maybe I should kill your daughter first.
- [Rachael grunts]
- [Jolade coughing]
- [Jolade groaning]
- Mommy.
- [Rachael grunts]
- [Jolade coughing]
[both grunts]
[Jolade grunts]
No mommy, no!
Mommy, please.
Mommy, please.
[sobbing hard] Mommy, please.
Margaret. Drag her. Lets go.
Margaret, manage.
[Jolade] Stand up.
[Margaret groaning]
[Margaret coughing]
[hopeful music playing]
- [Jude] Did you get what you wanted?
- We got what we wanted.
You're under arrest
for the murder of Apostle and Lotanna.
Take him in.
Move it.
Did you think
I was gonna let you take my glory?
[laughs] Move in.
[Jude laughs mockingly]
[door closes with a bang]
We will be fine.
[sombre music playing]
Lord, I thank you
[Margaret sighs]
[Ejide screaming]
[Jolade in Pidgin] I didnt think I and
my daughter would make it out alive.
- But God has helped us.
- [baby crying]
My Lord has helped me
We are free to build a life for ourselves
away from all this matter.
I dont know if we
will succeed but we will try.
B I dont know.
But we will try.
We will be alright. [sighs]
We will be fine.
[Nigerian pop music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki