Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008) Movie Script

Noah's Arc
The need in taupe.
Topo. T, O, P, O. Topo.
Now, for the front
of the shirts ...
... I see blue ...
... or maybe ... Sky blue.
Do not know what it is
I can not believe you work in a
fabric store and not know colors.
Get a new job.
Would you believe that Ricky brought ...
... one of my students
as a companion?
Be fair. I did not know
Brandon was a student that yours ...
... to enter
male prostitutes in point ...
Wherever you choose
their boyfriends.
Attention, passengers.
The ferry dock in five minutes.
Welcome to Martha's Vineyard.
Noah, awake, baby.
Come on, let me show you something.
This is my favorite part
coming here.
Everything is so beautiful.
Only the best for my love.
The king of my world.
Is not it beautiful, guys?
Ricky, if my stripes Louis,
we will be just you and me.
Yes, massa.
The dog could help
to carry your bags.
I bet that Trey is happy
for not coming.
Now, Trey, is the husband
Alex, right?
Yes, they had to stay home
with the new baby.
Thank God. On this trip, the last
we need is a baby screaming.
I think you took care of that.
- Surprisingly, Wade.
- Did you see the ocean view?
This house is intense.
So here will be held
the wedding, right? Wade and Joey Do?
Son Wade and Noah, Randy.
N, O, A, H.
It's Brandon, Ricky.
B, R, A, N, D, O, N.
Welcome home
of Robinson.
The rooms are upstairs,
names are in the doors.
In the words of Dominique
Devereaux from "Dynasty" ...
... do not sleep with your clothes on
or sleep with clothes.
I need two rooms.
You unpack.
I'll show Noah
something behind.
- Child will not work.
- They have no prospects.
I give them two months.
I think not.
Why do you think
that marriage does not work?
I do not believe in marriage.
For men monogamy
is a contradiction in terms.
But Wade and Noah have
some unique problems.
The problem is the accident.
It's what brought them together.
- Both are spiteful.
- Wade had a car accident?
- Noah helped him recover.
- How romantic.
Except that what caused the crash
was a fight ...
... between Wade and her boyfriend after
seeing Wade and Noah in action.
- Sounds like a novel.
- Why not work.
Life is not a novel.
But everything in life
bounces off something.
But this drama
enhanced emotional is not real.
I mean, what is
when is it?
Two people with nothing in common ...
... that even
is like a special way.
- Should not tell Noah?
- For what purpose, Trey?
Noah is only for Wade.
You will not hear a thing.
Love is blind.
What are you wearing?
This wedding should run
with some military precision.
- I'm channeling ...
- Who, The Village People?
You're cute.
Are we going to use all these
in one weekend?
Only if the local types
are horrible.
Herf "the feelings of the baby?
Let's see if we can do
something about it.
Hello, O.J. How is our
small Zulu warrior?
Alex, for the umpteenth time ...
... is Ojemodupe.
- Never mind. O.J. For short.
Before you forget, the local provider
is still a damn, so it looks.
I need you to go FedEx ...
... and send a lot of things for the wedding.
No, Alex. I must be at the clinic in an hour.
You can do
Take pencil and paper, because there should be no errors.
Blue you write, right?
I really missed this place.
As a child I used to come
every summer.
Spring Break, Christmas.
- This barn was my sanctuary.
- But ...
... Where are the boats?
- Down.
It was kind of your parents who let us use this ...
... especially in light of their opinion
over gay marriage.
My grandfather left us the house
I use it anytime.
And when my parents die, will be mine.
And after we get married ...
... also will be yours.
It is the fifth call in an hour.
It must be important.
- Hi, Brandy.
- How is my favorite writer?
I'm fine, Brandy.
I sent some notes from the script.
Do you received?
I need the draft
early Monday.
Not yet.
I have revised my email.
But Wade and I were married this weekend, so ...
- Are you getting married?
- In Massachusetts.
- On Martha's Vineyard.
- Noah, listen.
This film is one of the premieres
Paramount's most important.
What will I tell the studio head?
What you did not do your work ...
... because you were busy
symbolic ritual with your boyfriend?
And when you ask why
I did not know before ...
... I'll say: "I guess I must have
offended because I do not even invited.
Invite only a few close friends, but ...
"And I'm not a close friend?
Of course we would love to come.
I'll send the information.
Not coming.
Not coming.
No, it's very last minute.
But good luck this weekend.
I hope my comp
box on Monday morning.
- Brandy, do not listen.
- Bye.
My God, what now?
Now that I have your attention ...
... time to announce
the beginning ...
Operation ...
wedding weekend perfect.
I have the whole weekend split
in one hour segments.
Can we have some
time to enjoy being here?
Then we will all
wedding things you like.
If you want this wedding
fall behind ...
... within minutes of our arrival,
When finished enjoying
"being here" ...
... mom will be in the kitchen
candied yams ...
... and peeling shrimp for soup.
They are confused ...
... if you think I'm going to be working like a slave ...
Well, according to the schedule, says ...
... Ricky must be "taking pictures backyard canopy ...
... to send over the Internet the florist ...
... for the leaves to make the game ".
Well, Counter teacher, how makes you and Mr. Macintyre ...
... Eddie and Chance, Brandon,
at least this weekend.
And four years.
Married for three.
It's so good.
My longest relationship is four months, almost.
Well, when you are young, naturally that just want to have fun.
And even when you're not so young.
But we are very happy, do not you, baby?
I've never been happier.
- Who is?
- It's Arthur, the caregiver.
Makes gardening
fills the fridge ...
... turn on the heating.
Maybe I can warm it.
- He is a heterosexual, Ricky.
- I have not yet known.
Sure you can lend a hand
the teacher.
"You said you were
love it, right?
See you at dinner.
Ever ago
what couples do?
Not really. He tells
"say yes to life".
Rather, say yes to STDs.
- You have to excuse him.
- No, I'm not mistaken with Ricky.
Just have fun, okay?
- And on that thing you said ...
- What? I heard nothing.
Thanks, professor.
I mean, Chance.
I'll check my email.
"Practice of cake cutting.
We, love.
- Pie!
- Come on, time on the cake.
Look, I really was not
in love with Chance.
It's just so inspiring.
All that passion that makes
in their classes and seminars.
Alex did not put you name.
Just wrote
"Ricky's the trick."
So this is be gay?
Does being a prostitute who can not
saying no or being bored and tired ...
... pretending to be happy?
Here's my little warrior Zulu.
- Is not it nice, baby?
- It's so adorable.
I do not know how you can be away from him a minute.
I know. We wanted him to bring, but
Doctors said it was too soon.
We've him had only two months and with its immune system ...
- It's definitely positive?
- We do not know.
Most babies to mothers with HIV are positive ...
... in the first six months,
I have or not.
So we are waiting.
You miss him.
Honestly, baby, it's nice
rest, because he cries a lot.
Raise the roof of the house.
But only the weekend. Will
mother in the arms of Alex on Monday.
Where is Ricky
with those photos of foliage?
Watch my sweet, baby.
Where are you, bitch?
I know you're fast
taking the damn photos.
What do you think about having children?
We still have not moved
together, papo.
That changed Monday.
Then we can discuss it on Monday,
when we married respectable.
We will have no children
born out of wedlock.
You're so sad.
- Baby Gat.
- Send a voice mail.
Probably named to congratulate me.
You lie.
You know, this marriage
never work ...
... if you do not learn to trust me.
I trust you.
This crazy and stupid spoiled
is another matter.
He's obsessed with you
since he refuses.
You know I like
Baby Gat, right?
- No?
- Yes
Then stop fooling yourself, papo.
I hear they cut cake.
Thanks, baby.
We need to talk.
- What does it matter?
- Who says we are wrong?
- Brandon.
- Brandon is in love with me.
Sure it would.
But in the room,
Couples talked about ...
... who marry and then discover
who do not like.
He was talking about
Noah and Wade, not us.
- Eddie, I ...
- Dinner is served.
Bow our heads.
Lord, thank you
for giving me the strength ...
... to prepare
This delicious meal ...
... without anyone's help.
Thanks for the wonderful
gifts of love and friendship ...
... you have given us this day.
- Amen!
- Amen.
- See you later.
- Bye.
What's for dinner?
I'm starving.
Let's eat.
Have they decided
about the name?
"You shall put the name of Noah,
it yours, or both?
- Still not decided.
- We'll take both.
And if you go to a place like
Saudi Arabia ...
... will not be presented as
lord and master.
I doubt we're going to Saudi Arabia.
Well, what about Jamaica?
Sometimes you have to be pioneers.
You should try to be brave.
That's where it starts.
- I thought only joking.
- About what?
The double surname.
I mean, if you want to put my name
with yours, well ...
... but do not know.
- When you meet the perfect guy ...
... definitely want to put
his name with mine.
are like stars.
The stars never change
their surnames when they marry.
Diana can marry
anything you want.
It will always be Miss Ross.
But marriage is a statement
before the world, right?
The reality is somewhat more
complicated than a big gesture.
You know what?
How about a toast?
To Noah, for making me the honor
give me her hand in marriage ...
... call us
as we call it then ...
... and wherever we choose
spend our holidays.
To Noah.
You know, I think it is surprising
that you and Mr. Iverson ...
... manage an HIV clinic
and adopt an African orphan.
Surprisingly, unlike some
unnamed superstar ...
follow the proper channels ...
in our adoption.
And Professor Counter,
I mean, Chance ...
... he and her husband,
have a daughter, right?
Little Ethiopia.
It's so cute.
- I thought it was Kenya.
- Yes, Kenya, yes.
It is with the parents of Eddie
during the weekend.
And their parents know
what him and Chance?
What about your parents?
If I told my parents I am gay they disown me.
But I want to, you know?
I want to know who I am
and who love me anyway.
And I feel that unless I tell them ...
... not give them the opportunity
to know the real me.
Look, never tell anyone
he has to tell.
You do what's right for you.
Make sure that decisions
you make are the foundations ...
... the world in which
want to live.
It's getting late and we must
get up at dawn.
So why
do not you go to bed?
- Here.
- What is this?
- Condoms, and you better use them.
- Because Ricky is promiscuous.
Although Ricky was a saint,
met him last week.
You should always use condoms.
Thanks, Alex.
Nene, take your little
tight ass up.
What do snowflakes
at night?
God scattered diamonds
on black velvet.
Why did not you
Wade I marry?
I just want to be happy.
Do not you think I can make Wade happy?
Do not think anyone
can be happy without being free.
Why are you so afraid?
Then why did you bring to Brandon?
I do not know.
The other day I was looking at pornography
and it occurred to me.
The idea of being locked
a weekend ...
... with a group of married couples
scared me.
Being trapped.
That's what scares me most.
But that's what you do not understand
on Wade and myself.
It is love that frees us.
Love is just a word.
Freedom too.
What pornography?
What looked at pornography
when you had that epiphany?
"Under the Habit".
"These monks kneel
but not to pray. "
I think it's my place, my brother.
- Good night, Ricky.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My weddingbook!
You left it in the downstairs bathroom.
I stuck with tape.
Chance is my bible.
You look tired and too late.
Go to sleep.
Baby, I sew it all.
I design a wedding cake.
I have things to do.
At the risk of
a stupid question ...
... Why did not you order a cake?
What is that?
It is one thing
I'm a bit ... momentum.
- Alex.
- It's herbal, not tea.
Can I connect?
What the hell is this?
DowneLink is my profile.
"Like in" oral sex "?
It is not something sexual, Ricky.
It is a place of friendship. It's like
MySpace but for homosexuals, and. ..
Yes, I understand, as
Black Gay Chat or Whatstea.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey, baby, how are you?
- How are you?
- There must be a handsome man ...
... on this island.
Look, the thing is ...
... I tell you something.
Something important.
Fat, old, fat, ugly ...
... damn thin, nothing.
No, Mom, Myla not became pregnant. We are only friends.
Look, the thing is, I am gay.
Homosexuality? What the hell you mean you're gay?
- I'm out.
- I feel for not faint.
Do not expect me awake.
It is a sin, Brandon. Sin!
Hi Mom ...
Mama, no.
- Mom ...
- Wait to tell your father!
Insurance will have a heart
in the act! God!
Homosexuality? Homosexuality?
"Ricky did something?
I was so inspired
to be with you ...
... to hear your families accepted you.
So I called my mom and told her I'm gay.
- What happened?
- Called my dad ...
... and he said he does not want me to come back.
- Do not want to be alone tonight.
- Of course not.
- Limits?
- Shut up, Eddie.
Well, well.
What are you looking?
To you.
You know it's our last chance.
Premarital sex.
What's farewells
Well, premarital sex between us.
What do you mean with "bachelor parties"?
- No I meant.
- Is better for you.
No kisses.
Police Department
Martha's Vineyard.
Get away from the tree.
Breakfast in bed for the happy couple!
Is not this fun, baby? Pancakes, maple syrup ...
... bacon, scrambled eggs,
hard-boiled ...
... toast, coffee,
tea, orange juice ...
... my mom's cookies
candied yams and my ...
... and you'd better eat it all.
Enjoy it!
Breakfast in bed!
They are at 5:50 a.m.
I think Ricky and Brandon escaped.
They were probably walking.
Or for a car ride.
Ricky's car is not.
They say, fled.
Damn, are they getting fatter?
Alex, are sweet potatoes for breakfast?
Chance, how many times
I tell you?
The sweet potatoes are the new
for breakfast. Magazine "O".
Now eat it today
need all your strength ...
... because you have to
millions of things. Yes?
That was close.
They say they can not deliver samples of bed linen ...
... or Doric columns.
Farewell to my temple Arcadio as the theme for the wedding.
You know what time is it, Alex?
- Yes, 6:01.
- No, L.A. It's 3 a.m.
So? Just as you feed your baby.
Hello, O.J.!
What are you doing up so late?
You know your dad must go
to work tomorrow to make money ...
... so you can buy something when you return.
Recently, your look.
Sounds like a total stranger.
No, no, no, it's good.
It means that even ...
Still fascinates me.
You're still my man of mystery.
You are so weird.
And by the way ...
... the answer to that question you ask last night is yes.
I would like to have children ...
... but not soon.
Boy, can that
want to download.
Does this seem red?
I said red roses, not lavender,
pink, green, or those colors!
- Are you colorblind?
- Sorry, Mr. Kirby ...
... but the order
says "lavender".
If there is any problem,
call the store.
Alex, purple is my favorite color.
I guess it will pretty
with the costumes.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Take care.
What now?
- Take care, okay?
- Okay.
Where were you, Ricky?
- I could not sleep, so ...
- Can we take him to the backyard?
Beware, beware. Come on.
Eddie, Eddie, beware with flowers.
Put them there. Well.
Well, bitch, what happened?
I could not sleep, so I went for a walk in the park ...
... the other side of the island.
- Let's skip the preamble dishonest.
You were in the woods for Men.
Despite having a young adorable in your room.
- I saw this guy and...
- Do we need to hear this?
No, but we want to.
Well, when we were, you know, the police appeared.
The guy got away, and I remained alone.
- Ricky ...
- Wait, wait, wait. Improve.
I spent the night in jail for public indecency.
I hope Wade's family does not find out ...
... on this offense at your door.
It is a misdemeanor.
And the best part is that the night Sergeant was attractive.
And I liked it.
So I've got two guys on a night and a free trip home.
Which reminds me that someone should take me to the park ...
... to pick up my rental car.
Bravo, Ricky.
On my wedding weekend?
It's your wedding, not mine.
If another person and not Ricky, I'd swear he was jealous.
I hope the weather clears before the wedding.
Oh, shit.
- Shit, shit!
- What?
Reset the pages I worked the last two hours.
I said, save often.
- That does not help me.
- What works, Professor?
The paradigms of the free market capitalist consumerism ...
... and individual freedom seen through the eyes of a slave ...
... on the auction block.
- Well, it seems profound.
It is. Overall
I hope to release ...
... black gay men controlling forces of both ...
... the free market mentality where slavery is rooted ...
... and attitudes of hatred to one induced under the same models ...
... current psychoanalysis.
- It's so amazing.
When was the last time well you get excited about us?
What has my book to do with our marriage?
God, I go crazy.
If this has to do with me because I
have spent the night with you ...
Would you mind giving us a moment?
Yes, sure, Mr. Macintyre.
It has nothing to do with
last night, Brandon.
Lose those pages you more angry
that the idea of losing your marriage.
Is it the real you?
Your husband and your daughter are just decoration ...
... for your intellectual vocation?
Yes they were, then this marriage ...
... will never work because I need ...
... for us to be your center.
Eddie, I ...
I do not know.
Well, you thought, or else ...
Or if not what?
What's so funny?
I discovered something.
Why do you do what you do.
The sex is just a distraction.
Of truth.
And what would the truth, exactly?
You're in love with Noah.
Nice try, Brandon, but I am too big for mind games ...
... and you're too young for them.
- Then I dare you.
- What?
Kiss him. Now.
Go up and kiss him. Then tell me I'm wrong.
Because I've seen how you look ...
... and I've seen the way that it supports the body.
I have 19 years, but I know
much more about love than you, Ricky.
Go to hell.
What is this?
It's for you. It is an early wedding present.
"How to Save Your Gay Marriage?"
Alex, still we are not married.
What are you trying to make us?
Prevention. I'm sure it will fabulous and perfect marriage.
Well, thanks, I guess.
How do I look?
- I ...
- Yes?
- What was that?
- Nena, she freaks.
That's what makes you sucking cock in the park.
Especially if they are large.
- What was that?
- Why ask me everything?
They have to prove my soup.
Honey, is a bomb.
It is my great-grandmother's recipe.
Damn. What?
The tension is so thick as the bread that made Chance.
- I like bread, Professor.
- Thanks, Brandon.
Consent of teacher.
Must be the Pet Store.
"Pet Shop?
Where is my friend, Noah?
Where is my writer?
- "Baby Gat?
- Is the rapper?
He is the protagonist
I write the movie.
Kind of neat.
Will you give me an autograph?
No, but you can stick your cock in your butt, if you want.
- Wade!
- "Baby Gat is gay? God.
You can not tell anyone, Brandon.
What does your sex life so valuable?
The fact that my film collapse if people find out.
Yoy are not invited and you are not welcome.
Go back to your limousine and go to hell!
You mean that limo?
- Yes?
- Brandy, come back here.
Impossible, Noah.
Fortunately, Diddy bought a house in the vineyard ...
... and tonight give a great party.
Be late
lunch before the party.
Now, be nice to our star.
We need him for the film.
Have mercy on the traveler Alvarado, good sir.
Do not leave me out in the cold, cold.
It's daylight, Curtis, and I know that one can take you ...
... to a hotel.
To an old diamond.
Curtis, you know I can not accept it.
Then throw it away. You know gift when something is a gift.
I know what you're doing.
- And you leave an encouragement.
- Me? I'm doing nothing.
Yes you do.
I love attention.
Watch your body language.
It is not enough stamina the antics ...
... of your annoying friends.
- Wade, also are your friends.
- Not even welcome them!
Excuse me.
Your friends do not like.
Ever they like.
That's not true.
If they disapproved,
Why be here?
Because you want.
I am sorry you think
my friends do not want ...
... much as I do. They will,
but it takes time. You know.
I regret that appeared Baby Gat uninvited and that despite ...
... of what I say or do, remains a flirtatious.
Brandy sorry ...
My boss, do not forget.
... has told us were getting married.
I regret that.
But I know ...
... Are you using this as an excuse to get away?
Will you marry me or not?
Because if you do not want ...
I will not lock you, Wade.
I love you.
And I want love
you feel more free.
For loving me means you should do certain things ...
... and accept that you are not part of certain things.
And he must fight about such things.
Do not you understand?
I know all that.
That's why I proposed marriage when we could have lived together.
To prove that I understand ...
... just do not need your friends if you doubt me no doubt.
Come on. Time to put things in place.
And Baby Gat?
Faced with this bitch when the time comes.
- Look, Curtis ...
- Baby Gat.
Only my friends call me Curtis.
Whatever, baby. I care only remember that this wedding.
- It will be remembered.
- In a good way.
Now, how do we make this no idiot ruin it?
I believe that you they're ruining it without my help.
Who do you think you talking about?
You know nothing about me.
We can solve ...
... all this table. We set fire to this place. I tell you ...
Damn, my blueberry pie.
Look, we want Noah to be happy.
- They want Noah to be happy.
- Me.
And you're ready to go the closet to be with him?
- Because it is what is needed.
- We'll fix that.
I do not think well.
I live by my impulses, man.
My feelings. My heart.
So do not come with lectures on logic.
Because that's your thing, not mine.
I say what atemos, and metamos in the trunk ...
... a car until this is over.
That would be kidnapping, and Ricky ...
... you've spent a night in prison this weekend.
I ran out of ideas.
Anyone else?
What do you think?
Thrilled to see a star, I filmed everything with my cellphone ...
... to show my friends University.
I shot a Baby Gat giving flowers to Noah.
You know, the gay thing.
Could be transferred via Bluetooth YouTube easily.
Or I can save and delete after the wedding.
Brandon, you're a genius.
Holy God. What ...?
- Eddie?
- Leave it.
You have to calm down.
I must say ...
... what I did before was wrong, go, now I realize.
They love nothing will change.
I just want to be there to celebrate their union.
You have my word.
From brother to brother.
- Where does this?
- Feel the love, rasta, that is.
These guys ...
These guys ...
They want.
Both of them.
They just tell me the great couple that form.
Although they have a review.
They say you're paranoid.
They say that you trust ...
... where you want they want to Noah.
I am a man who keeps his word.
It is better that you, too what are you, my black.
Who asked for something from the Pet Store?
When we talked last time about our dreams?
In college I was in a band.
Lead Parasol.
You said it stank.
Go to hell!
At least it was fun.
I loved playing in that band.
When was the last time I played a guitar?
When you see that trigger a midlife crisis.
I guess.
My God, Alex!
So let go and then ...
Do you fly?
Do not freeze at this time of year?
The perfect metaphor for the joy of marriage.
That's it.
God! What happened?
- We found him unconscious.
- Careful.
Still breathing. He has a good pulse.
Alex, where are they?
- Give me the pills.
- Do you take pills?
- Amphetamines or something.
- Son of herbs.
Where are ...?
Alex, not herbal.
They are loaded with caffeine.
That's why I passed out.
You're exhausted. You must sleep.
- But the wedding.
- Do not worry about that.
You prepared the schedule.
We will follow it.
- Sleep.
- Do not forget to bring your camera ...
... for the video of the preparation.
- I'm sorry.
- Eddie, not now.
Very well then. I guess
we all have work to do.
You recover.
What is that thing the broom?
When our ancestors were slaves were not allowed to marry ...
... legally, so they created this ritual to symbolize a wedding.
- It's a way of honoring history.
- Great.
I feel bad because your family is not.
Are our families or none.
We discussed it. It is my choice.
Yes, but now it's real.
It feels like a bad start or a bad omen.
Because with my family was not my choice.
- Did they finish?
- Almost.
You picked the perfect time to awaken.
That was the plan.
The final touch.
Alex, are adorable.
Thank you very much.
- Thanks, Alex.
- Is not it nice?
- Look at the scarf.
- They must be hungry.
- You hungry?
- Very much so.
I'm starving. Let's eat.
Boys. Dinner.
- Great, I'm starving.
- Yes, that is.
Now, Noah and Wade ...
... before moving to their respective stag ...
... I remind you that from now on,
bride and groom ...
... should not be before the wedding.
- What?
- Why?
Bad luck.
- But do not share the bed?
- Wade can sleep in the shed.
Great. Well, okay.
Eddie, do you still take it to Wade your bachelor party?
- Yes.
- Well, and we'll do the party ...
... here at home. The jacuzzi is warming at this time.
- Is the hot tub?
- What about Brandon?
Brandon can celebrate with us.
'll Enter another one.
- It's fun.
- Yeah, like a slumber party.
You can come with us, Brandon.
Yes, sure, Mr. Macintyre.
Well. No more formal dessert.
Beginning the bachelor parties.
Come on!
- What do you call this place?
- Fos'cle.
Bar heterosexual bias with a bohemian twist.
- Do you have your ID, right?
- Yes, Mr. Macintyre.
Hey, Kim-Fung Choi, if you want go to that bar ...
Eddie and Wade ... call us.
Do you think it is okay to stop using condoms after marriage?
It's difficult.
I mean, passing clinic many young ...
... I ask, "Can I let him without a condom? ".
Having known the guy less than a week.
They say:
"I love it. I trust him.
Doing many good things for me. "
And I say, "Do you trust him? Nena you'll be sitting in a clinic ...
HIV ... feeling stupid! "
But not much more complicated when you talk ...
... on a long term relationship?
- You and Trey still use condoms?
We did the first five years but always did the test.
And you know that we are to meet 11 years?
Can you believe it?
And I never cheated.
That you know.
What about you and Eddie?
Still use condoms.
I think it's more hygienic.
Well, I think we can expect.
Maybe we review the options after years of happy monogamy.
There's that word again.
With all types that are sexy ...
... Why do it?
Well, not so much monogamy itself.
Well ...
Wade is the man ... sexiest on the planet.
- For you.
- Yes, for me. And I got it.
But as you know it the sexiest if not sales ...
... and you check regularly?
You just know. Okay?
- I drink to that.
- Health.
- Bitch, okay.
- Yes?
I mean, you know, I will not lie.
I know he has wood.
Health, friends.
- Health.
- By Martha's Vineyard.
- For the wedding.
- For the wedding.
So like effeminate, right?
I mean ...
... Noah is not very masculine, no offense.
And even the teacher's Counter a little loose ...
... when nobody is looking.
There was nothing I sought, but when you fall in love, indeed.
- Yes.
- But did you ever think ...
... "if someone more masculine? "
But femininity in a type is something funny.
You get used to and you stop noticing it.
Notes all things masculine.
Muscles of the face angle.
Then you must submit
someone ...
... and during this horrible time back to see everything.
Suddenly you're scared.
You think: "Who am I?
Do we really want this? "
But it forces you to confront it.
To be more courageous than you ever
been if you had the easy option.
I will ask another round.
I hope you have not offended. Me like Mr. Nicholson. It's great.
Only now I'm trying discovered homosexuality.
And the kids my age are so impacts on different things.
And if you walk around being sexist ...
... with my pants hanging from the rear ...
- You're a real man.
- Exactly.
We all have to be 50 Cent ...
... or if Terrell Owens not fit that mold ...
... not even deserve to exist.
You know something, man?
It is.
It takes a lot more value to be yourself as who you are ...
... is someone with whom many idiots ignorant have problems.
But make no mistake.
It is ten times more brave than I ever will be.
But what about the thing upside down?
Do not limit a bit? Like a parody of heterosexual relationships?
- What do you mean?
- Because I'm versatile, yes?
Did you ever want Mr. Nicholson fuck you?
Who says you he have not already done?
Baby, you're drunk, baby.
- It's not fair.
- What?
I do not care the family of Wade.
Yes, but what you do about it?
He forgot the phone.
Is it prudent?
I know he would love that his family was here.
What time is it?
"Mrs. Robinson?
I'm actually Noah.
But flames my son's phone.
Is something wrong?
Did something happen?
No, no, no.
Everything is fine.
It's just that ...
This is the wedding.
What wedding?
Wade's wedding.
What are you talking?
Who speaks and how do you know my son?
And why call me at this time?
- No one knows.
- Oh, this is sweet.
Wade and I ...
- Yes?
- Wade and I were married.
I'm afraid I do not understand.
Wade is married.
Who are you, Pastor?
No, I mean ...
I have marry him.
Wade and I were married.
And the thing is ...
... he would you are here.
"" Here "?
In the house of Martha's Vineyard for the wedding ...
... tomorrow.
It would mean a lot to him.
Listen, do not know who ...
... and do not know why I called at midnight ...
... saying hateful lies.
But whoever it is, let alone my son!
- The guys forgot the key.
- Well, well, well.
Let no one say a word about what just happened ...
... until you think what to say to Wade.
Forgot gown.
I like to stay.
Are we going to invite to happen?
Of course.
- Curtis!
- Your old man is not, right?
The last chance to make the wild.
That is what the bachelor party.
Get away from me.
The party was fabulous.
Baby Gat talked and talked on your scripts.
And Diddy is looking for a vehicle new to his acting career.
"I Am Legend" finds its "In Pursuit of Happiness."
Where is the toilet?
- Down on ...
- Got it!
Beautiful house.
I wear clothes.
It does not bother me.
My God, boys ...
... They are Brandy and Baby Gat.
What do I do?
Want my advice?
Probably not, but in these circumstances themselves.
Sleep with Baby Gat ...
... but I know what the British call "bad in bed".
So lose interest.
Without principles, but psychologically effective.
I sleep with Baby Gat.
A useful suggestion, please?
Offer him a drink.
You Keep them busy here ...
... while I clear my mind and Wade will tell how ...
... I just tell his mother he's gay.
And I wear clothes.
I wear clothes.
Ricky is in love with Noah.
So nobody is attracted.
It is not against marriage.
It is against Noah to marry someone other than him.
That makes sense, really.
You know, you're pretty smart.
If it were so smart, have devised a way ...
... to tell my parents without completely disinherit me.
When we discover, let me know.
Wait, did not you tell your parents?
But you're getting married.
Yes, well, I guess that makes me dumber than I look.
Now, when I was at the party Oprah's Christmas last year ...
Baby, please.
You were not in Oprah's house.
Yes, I was.
Santa Barbara.
Is the promised land of the real estate? Does Oprah's house?
Back off, it will explode.
Tell me everything.
Start with the kitchen!
Yes, I'm not much into the kitchen.
Anyway, look at me O ...
... look at Beyonce, looks back at me ...
... and says:
"They could be twins."
I know.
- What?
- My God.
No, seriously, what happens?
Are you hiding from me?
I needed air.
What's wrong?
You tell me.
I had two days claustrophobic ...
... of fights, arguments ...
couples on the brink ...
To overcome this, just ...
... to discover that the family of Wade not known he is homosexual.
If it takes you where the commitment long term, not to mention ...
... marriage,
Why do this?
How do I know?
I never aspired to marital status.
The old man used to wear my mother as sandbag.
She never left him.
Once stabbed him, but never left him.
Curtis that is horrible.
It's what I say.
What do you do?
Live free or die ...
... Noah Nehemiah Nicholson.
Live free or die.
Thanks for sharing that.
Curtis, out!
Sure you'll be fine, Mr. Robinson?
I'm fine.
Sorry, guys. I did not think I had taken both.
There is a real farewell unless someone vomit.
I'll change clothes.
What's wrong with you?
Can we not have a moment no genuine attempt ...
... without you want to sleep with me?
- Sorry, I could not help it.
- You're too sexy.
- Come on.
You change your clothes.
You freeze.
Is it a hot tub?
I'll race you!
Baby Gat, yes!
Nobody can beat me!
Do you realize you're naked and it's very cold?
You know you're crazy?
You're completely crazy.
I'm crazy about you!
Come on!
You exit the tub.
No, salt.
Simply, no!
What about Curtis?
As you take off your clothes.
That means you have to know Diana.
I say, Miss Ross.
Her son Evan and I are almost best friends.
Her acting career is also rising.
Tell me you saw him in "ATL".
Sure, bitch.
He is young but is well!
Yeah, baby, you can get.
Seriously, bitch.
Who would you say bitch?
I thought you seriously angry.
That is not the problem.
You love me.
No, no ...
... I love you.
I love Wade.
Your mouth says Wade but your penis says Curtis.
No, not so.
What the hell, guys?
Wade, just ...
Let him go.
Film or no film ...
... if you ruin my wedding, I swear ...
... by God I'll kill you!
Ricky, Ricky.
Go after him.
Make sure he doesn't something crazy.
Why not?
You did.
Come to papa. What?
You are.
I saw what happened there.
Are you okay?
You are?
You love him, right?
But he loves you.
Between you and me ...
I always wondered ... what all the fuss.
What do you that makes him so crazy?
Well ...
Between you and me, I always ...
I wondered why ... fuss over you.
Why no one rejects you?
Not even Arthur.
Shit! Noah!
If I have to listen to a story Celebrity banal more ...
... I will cut my own eardrums.
You want wine?
I want a divorce.
Do you want to slap and ...
... divorce?
We are not happy, and you know it.
It's over.
What, no reply hurtful?
I'm too drunk.
We should talk about this when we're sober.
Enough, Chance.
We failed.
Failure is an most basic freedoms.
Oh, O.J. It's so cute.
Is not it? And love
Mama Alex.
Sometimes I think Trey is a little jealous of our relationship.
Is that Trey?
Wow, that's nice.
I know your big bum should be maltratandote.
And it makes me feel as a real woman.
- A W, O, M, A ,N.
- W, O, M, A, N..
It is bad luck for the newlyweds ...
... be before the wedding!
Noah, is not what you think.
Nene. Nene, opens the door.
Nene, please.
Let's talk. Noah!
Noah, please, baby. Come on.
God, the food ...
... it looks great.
And the cake.
What, Alex?
It is the cake.
It's perfect.
I was trying to ...
... see me happy, but I can not lie.
"How to Save Your Gay Marriage. "
It was not for Wade and me, right?
Baby, my marriage is a disaster.
I wondered why had highlighted many passages.
But I thought things were going well between you.
The clinic recently received that great benefit.
- Adopt O.J.
- I know.
I guess I should be grateful.
But Trey and I, we go crazy.
We are together 24 hours.
But most of the time is in the clinic or watching the baby.
A couple of months they have it.
They must get used to being parents.
Things are better.
Not only that.
Trey is more passive.
I'm more dominant.
And sometimes I hear the way ...
... in which I talk and see his face, and it's like ...
... I can not stop I'm doing.
Well, "identify the problem is the first step ...
... to solve it. "
The problem is that I'm the boyfriend from hell.
And the solution is that it should me on the street.
But you know Trey loves you,
That sounds more convincing ...
... as a solution when
you get married.
But after 10 years ...
... need something more than love to save the marriage.
But if love does not save ...
... What can you do?
You do not think worth saving?
Do you think he cares?
Thank you.
Take this.
Forget it.
What time is it?
Time to decide what you really want.
Eddie was asleep all night.
If you upload now ...
... never know.
I know, because I will tell.
It's my husband.
I owe the truth.
Wake up.
Time to go to bed.
Are you okay?
The wedding party appears have become a divorce.
Even Wade and myself.
Come here.
Sorry I could not rewrite the script.
Do not worry about that.
- I'll get a.
- Really?
Talk to your boss.
I heard he is a real bitch ...
... but I can handle it.
Now listen, the script is life, Noah.
You're the writer of your own life.
It's time to take control.
Time to take control.
Thanks, Brandy.
I need a joint.
This can not happen again.
Bad boundaries.
But thanks.
In the kitchen.
And honey, tell your daddy ...
... Trey knows that Daddy Alex which may be a fool.
And it promises to ...
... attempt to close the mouth ...
... and open your ears and listen.
He just wants the opportunity.
Do you think Alex deserves papi an opportunity?
Do you have to ask?
Well, I know you want me back home ...
... because you know I'm hungry.
I have something for you.
Let me raise the music.
I'm sorry, okay?
My fault.
I mean, I started.
Because ...
I do not understand.
Why is my best friend would feel ...
... the need to add my boyfriend the parade of trophies ...
... which brought the weekend?
The student, the gardener ...
... the stranger in the park, the police said.
- I did with the police.
- What?
I felt humiliated ...
... after I was arrested.
So I lied that the tragedy ...
... seems a win.
The guy sexy in the woods ...
... was a repressed married ...
... did not know how make a good puff.
Arthur was just an adventure.
And Brandon is a child.
A child appealing, but being with him ...
... makes me feel middle-aged and outmoded.
But with Wade ...
... I needed to know why.
- Why that?
- Why him?
What's so great?
What is the magical, special ...
... wonderful, amazing that has him ...
... I do not?
- You mean ...?
- I love you.
Not as a friend, or friend.
More than that.
And every man seems trivial compared.
They are just bodies.
I love you.
And the words burn my mouth ...
... because I know you do not love me.
- Ricky ...
- Not like that, I know.
It is my burden.
And sorry if sometimes makes me act like a fool.
But one thing I do know.
You always take care.
And I know otherwise.
You love Wade.
Thank you.
So what you waiting for?
I'm sorry too.
You know, nothing happened.
Only a drunken kiss.
The same with Baby Gat.
Less than a kiss.
Are we doing the right thing?
Are we taking it ...
... seriously enough?
"Until death do us part?
"Forgetting all others?
We can only try, Wade.
But I want to try.
Do you?
Going to change.
I have to save three more relations before it reaches the minister.
Show me the path.
Where's the cream?
I got your cream.
Shut up.
Sorry about last night.
Can we forget?
Do not look to me, brother.
I swallowed so many pills I do not know what happened last night.
Can you help me with my hair?
First let me go to see Brandon.
You're not really remember?
Because I do not.
Hello, sir ...
... Noah.
Are you okay?
Did you hear your parents?
Not a word.
Well, maybe that will take them ...
... time, but they will understand.
What if they do not?
What will I do?
I mean, I live in the university ...
... during the year, but what about summer vacation?
Listen, whatever ...
... what happens to your family ...
... you always have a place to go.
With Wade and me
and Chance and Eddie, or Ricky.
It may take time ...
... but he always does right at the end.
Come on.
Why would you do that for me?
For now ...
... you are also part of our family.
Now I take a shower.
But you look cute.
For me, the life of the mind always comes first.
I can not be happy if not.
But I'll never love anyone ...
... as much as you.
I do not want a life with anyone ...
... except you.
And give you all the love ...
... I have to give another human being.
Can we make a promise?
"Make what we have among us ...
... in an adventure?
Say yes to everything ...
... the remarkable and surprising?
Always be rebuilding the temple.
Always be reconstructed the temple.
T.S. Eliot.
I slept with Brandon.
I know.
I missed you.
As you should have.
By the way, the answer is yes.
What is the question?
Do you forgive?
Should we start?
A minute.
But it's cold.
The guests are frozen.
One more.
My God.
We, ma'am.
Watch your step.
You look so beautiful.
I can not believe you left married without me.
I wanted you to be here, but did not want Wade to feel bad.
Well, at least had common sense ...
... to invite us but his parents could not come.
- Yes
- I love you.
Your dad wanted to come, but had to leave ...
... to see his mother.
- Grandma? Okay?
He fell, hurt his hip.
Old drunk.
- Mom!
- Okay.
But I wanted to tell you ...
... we'll
a great ...
... reception in Los Angeles when you return.
- Great.
- Where am I?
You can sit here.
No, not fair.
What now?
No idea.
It's my mom.
Baby, this is worse than an episode of "Jerry Springer".
"Maury Povich.
Oh, baby.
Mom, Mom, this is ...
... Noah.
Do you know?
Noah and I had a conversation ...
very interesting last night ... at 1:30 in the morning.
Sorry. I was going to tell you.
We were drunk, and I felt bad that your family was not here.
- I had no idea that they do not ...
- Okay.
I'm glad to be known.
Wade, would you explain ...
obvious why ... tell me ...
... you're not alone gay ...
... but you were going to marry ...
... with your male lover in our holiday home?
I wanted to.
I tried many times.
But how could the way I grew up?
It would be easier to tell I'm a serial murderer.
Wade, you're my son.
And though it may not be ...
... the life you I have chosen for you, I know from experience ...
... that sexuality is not a choice.
Whatever you say ...
... your father and these evangelists in church.
"Then you accept it?
Because if not ...
... you can come back and go home.
Noah and I have lived many things to let you ...
... or else we will ruin this day.
Well, then someone I paid the driver.
I'll pay.
- There he goes.
- It's the least I can do.
I'm sorry your father can not be.
Can not or will not?
I'm here.
- Step by Step.
- Step by Step.
I tell him his son ...
... is getting married with a wonderful human being.
The catch her in a minute, but you know ...
A beautiful girl like you not married?
You're a lesbian. Sorry.
Baby, I hope not.
I like penis.
- Strictly!
- Strictly!
The first time I saw you ...
... was not love at first sight.
You were interesting ...
... fascinating, remarkable ...
... but you were a man.
When I started to feel ...
... things you did not know ...
... what was it ...
... you were a man.
When I told you first that I loved you, trembling, full ...
... of fear that just could not breathe, I could see ...
... doubt in your eyes.
I could feel your fear.
And when ...
Well, words are just words.
And talk is free.
I asked you to marry me because ...
... marriage is a fact.
I asked you to marry me here ...
... in my family's house to show you ...
... that I am not ashamed ...
... join our names ...
... before the whole world, that ...
... everyone suits us and our love.
And in front of your friends ...
... who want to learn ...
... because you want them.
And because they love you to you.
All I did for you.
And all this will do for us.
I will be brave.
I'll be loving.
I will be kind.
I'll take everything you tremble ...
... and I will place within you ...
... safely
in the palm of my hand.
Are you crying?
The first time I saw you ...
... was not love at first sight.
You were interesting ...
... fascinating, remarkable ...
... but you were heterosexual.
Or so he thought.
Or so you thought.
But my love for you grew in silence ...
... from the corner of my eye ...
... drained by the time and tears ...
... and kisses.
I knew that I loved when ...
... to see through me ...
... a fear and a desire in excess of lust.
When I wanted to give the world and receive nothing ...
... more for your smile.
And that'll do it for you.
And this will do for us.
Be polite.
Be honest.
Be brave.
Be truthful.
I will be your port in a storm ...
... and your shield in battle.
And when the time comes ...
... to go to old home of the ancestors ...
... dance with you there.
And now, with power ...
... that gives me the commonwealth ...
... Massachusetts ...
pronounce you man ... ...
... and husband.
Sealed with a kiss.
Shall we dance?
When in Rome.
Come on.
"In good times and bad?
In good times and bad.