Noble Earth (2017) Movie Script

Excuse me, can we
pull over please?
Can we stop the car please?
- Thank you very much.
- Bye.
[Man] Ciao bella! Wow.
How are you? Where are you from?
Sorry, where are you from?
- Please. Please.
- Argentina.
[Man] Argentina, wow,
it's so beautiful, like you.
Don't worry. What's your name?
Sorry sir, I'm just...
Please, please, just a name.
- Emma.
- Oh, Emma.
One moment please.
I have a poem for you, okay?
[speaks Arabic]
That's a brilliant poem.
- Beautiful.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry, sir, I'm just...
- I'm kind of in a rush, so...
- Okay, I help you.
No. no.
- Upstairs?
- No, no, no.
I'm okay, but thank
you for your help.
[speaks aggressively
in Italian and Arabic]
- Jesus.
- [yelling]
I don't know what you're saying!
20 you give me. I help you.
- 20? For what?
- For help you!
[shouting in Arabic]
- Okay, okay.
- 20 euros.
Jesus Christ. Okay, okay.
[breathing heavily]
Oh shit.
Benedetta? Hi, it's Emma Morgan.
Yeah, I'm actually in Italy.
Yeah, there are some
things I needed to do
so it all worked out
perfect timing.
Okay so the day after tomorrow.
What time?
Okay, cool.
Last time we spoke you
said that you think that...
that they're close to buying?
So strange to see you I was
just in the neighborhood.
You look exactly
like your mother.
Come on, let's
have a cup of tea.
I remember you were such a good
student. Do you still play?
No. I hardly remember
anything anymore.
Don't you miss New York?
No, I love it here.
I've never been happier.
You don't have to lie to me.
Everywhere I go it's
the same feeling.
I get caught in this
loop, I can't...
I can't describe it.
I got fired from my
job in New York.
Just came here without
having a second thought
and now I find
myself here and...
I just sort of drift
from place to place
without feeling anything.
Does it get better?
I need to get this repaired.
Please could I have
another glass of wine?
Please, sit down.
I only stopped by to
pick something up.
Tancredi. I thought
you'd be hungry.
Emma. I was just about to leave.
Can I take you for
a glass of wine?
Where do you live?
Thank you, I owe you a drink.
You can get a lot around
here for 20 euros.
They give me such a dark vibe.
What's that?
Oh, it's funny, it's a joke.
Guys, welcome!
Nice to meet you. Hey.
Nice to meet you, too.
You want a mussel?
Do you know that we also call...
whatever, I'm not going
to go into details. [Laughs]
No but normally we call
ugly girls mussels.
[Emma] Why?
First of all because they're
ugly if you open them.
And second because
mussels, they stick on the rock,
and normally ugly girls,
they stick on you after you
have sex with them. But...
Do you want more pasta? Is
this enough? Come here.
Lollo, which third world
country were you...
I forgot to serve myself!
Isn't this place just amazing?
You don't have any idea.
In years past you could
hardly get a table here...
I have a piece of fish in my...
So thank God for the recession
we can buy everything because
everything is so cheap.
That's the best part.
I'm gonna choke.
Lollo too if he does
it in the proper way!
Here you go.
I am.
Thank you, God.
Come on.
Piece of shit money.
I have coins, I have coins.
Lapo, I have coins.
Well thank you.
[Emma] Is it even Sunday?
Who gives a shit!
I don't have any idea guys.
I don't fucking give a shit.
Come on Lapo let's go.
Let's go!
I'm not going anywhere
until I have my vodka tonic.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
You have a brother?
He's great.
He's a liability.
This is much better.
Too many people at the umbrella.
We can have a relaxed
aperitivo here.
Speak in English Tancredi.
He's so rude.
It's okay. I understand
a bit of Italian.
She used to live in Florence.
That doesn't mean anything.
Anyway, we speak like peasants.
Out of Tuscany nobody
understands us.
[chuckles] Nobody
understands you.
Lapo thinks he's
going to be a diplomat
and that's why when he
drinks he speaks like
an Albanian with a
Milanese accent.
Tancredi had an existential
crisis when he was a teenager
and that's why he ran away to a
boarding school for eight years.
You want to be a diplomat?
What do you do Emma?
You don't even
know what she does?
- Consulting.
- Cool.
No, not really.
I just quit my job.
Oh, so you're just
here traveling and...
I don't know.
Right now I don't seem to be
doing much of anything.
That's perfect.
In Italy no one ever
does anything.
Do you have an extra?
Can I sit?
I ran away too, you know.
Six years.
What makes you think I ran away?
You might find when you go
back that little has changed.
I'd have no way of knowing.
I love this dress.
It was my mother's.
What do you know about
Poggio Imperiale?
That's where the rich kids go
when they can't
pass their exams.
They're hiring an
English teacher.
This close to the school year?
I'm good with books.
And I could use a
source of income.
You can move in with me.
It's important that
I keep the house.
What I'm saying is
you don't need to.
Darling can you put the roast
back in the oven please?
- Have you turned it already?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
What's that?
I don't know!
What are you doing?
It's gauze.
I'm sure that Emma will
be happy to help you out.
Of course. Yes.
[Emma] [sniggers] Would
anybody like dessert?
[Father] Yes please.
- Let me help you.
- Oh no, leave it.
By the way, Emma.
Tancredi fancies himself too
much of an intellectual
to make you drop your decision.
I studied comparative
literature at Dartmouth
with an emphasis in
literary theory.
I worked in consulting
but I didn't find the
work stimulating.
I do, however, have
experience teaching English
in South America on
one of my leave terms.
That villa belonged to one of
the oldest families in Florence.
The problem with the old
families is that no one works.
Ten years ago the man
who owned that villa
realized he had to sell it.
But he waited too long
so he sold it as is with
everything inside
for around twenty million euros.
And the man who bought it,
some German investor,
he sold half the furniture
inside for guess how much?
More than twenty million.
What kind of an idiot could
let something like that happen?
My father.
I'm sorry.
- This is my cousin.
- Hello, nice to meet you.
- Ciao. Emma.
- Francesco.
[Tancredi] Fuck's sake.
What's strappona?
Strappona is quite a
rude word for these girls.
It's quite a national thing
hunting them.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Emma] Does anyone
have a cigarette?
[All 3] Yeah, sure, of course.
Thank you.
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you very much.
I see you brought
anorexic Jesus with you.
How are you doing, man?
How are you doing?
Thank you.
And here he is.
Do you mind asking my mom if
she needs any help with lunch?
Good morning.
Ciao Emma. Did you sleep well?
Perfectly well, thank you.
It's a beautiful day.
Is there anything
I can help you with?
No thank you.
Are you sure? I won't have
much time for the beach anyway.
Really? In that case
I need some basil.
You know where it
is in the garden.
And milk.
- Ciao Fra.
- Ciao Emma.
How are you?
I'm good. How are you?
Good. Thank you.
No beach for you this morning?
No. We ran out of milk.
Did you walk from Suvericcio?
Just in case - you know,
there are wild boars.
My mom saw one this morning.
Here. Just right
down in the woods.
Pretty dangerous this
time of the year.
Did you go for a ride this
Yeah, big one.
Castiglioncello and back.
That must be like a hundred
kilometers or something.
You know, this show
won't last forever.
Let me get that milk for you.
Emma, you have any cigarettes?
Thank you.
- You want one?
- Yes please.
No, no grazie.
Can I use your card?
- You need to buy a pack?
- Yeah.
Alright, let's go together,
I need to buy another one.
What the fuck?
I know, it's horrible. Lapo
makes them race sometimes.
- Ciao.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
- Hello!
- Luisa. Nice to meet you.
- Luisa, my sister, sorry.
[whispers] Can I have some?
How could I say no, right?
How long are you staying Lulu?
[Luisa] Just for
four days unluckily.
Just the time to
relax, and then...
[Luisa] And then
back. Back to work.
Oh, thanks.
Well what would you
propose as an alternative?
[Lapo] There is no alternative.
So, forgo search and rescue?
Oh, we rescue them,
then the others get hope.
That's warped logic.
It means I can touch the food
at the top of my stomach.
It's funny.
That's horrible.
- Come on, that's so funny.
- No, it's not funny.
You lament that
your country is crumbling,
how you're being left behind
how your generation has
been plunged into recession
but here we pretend
that it's all a myth.
It's been sanctioned.
You pretend that it's
genteel and charming,
well it's not!
Sorry Lapo.
This is Italy's prodigal son.
No better than the rest of them.
A lost prophet sitting
on his hands.
[Tancredi] Emma, you're,
you're wonderful.
I really want to thank you
for helping my mother.
For everything.
It's no problem.
Now that all this
bullshit with Lapo
is over we can do
whatever we want.
We can go to Paris.
To London.
Run away from all this.