Noblesse: Awakening (2016) Movie Script

Oh.. You're Still doing well
Yes, I'm still alive Frankenstein
And of course, it's good you've visited. It's been a while
Raizel. I'm back. I hope you've been well
Are you still stuck at home?
Although, that is so like you
I suppose...
Yeah, yeah.. Is it not frustrating?
Though, we haven't met in a long time, so..
Let's just take a break and go for a wind, hmm?
you should go
It's a great idea to spend some moments outside after such a long time
Meanwhile, I've been around human world
That's so in different with the things here
It's filled with wars these days
This is marvelous
For you too, there is nothing more relaxing
Hey, Raizel. Im speaking of human world
Let me show you an amazing place
I refuse
Today I'm asking a friend to do as I suggest. It can help you know
How nice!
Ashleen.. Ashleen!
I'm here!
I'm a bit late. I'm sorry, I stopped somewhere for a while
Don't fool with me
You can't just go where you want and when you want without telling me anything
We've got so much to do and you're missing. Do u know how much i've done since the morning
Hey, Raizel
Come here
I told you about him, he is my friend Raizel
Now.. Now.. Ashleen!
Oh right
We don't have anything ready.
You can't just bring guests so suddenly.
Here, take this.
Hello! I'm Ashleen. It's first time he brings any friends.
It's dinner time soon, I'll make you something good
It will be ready in no time.
These days we're not traveling together
My cooking is a little lame, so it's nice to have someone who can
Looks delicious
Ashleen.. I found her and decided to return her back to her village
I've told you about the wars in human world
Humans do not hesitate even to kill their own people for their desires
Recently, this phenomenon is happening in many places
Ashleen's mother was also one of them, who were killed by other people
Scene of the lost hope for generations
When I arrived, it was already too late for her mother
Ashleen was only one I was able to save
I like being alone, but I decided to save Ashleen.
Made sure that kid would grow in peace.
Would be loved and had a home
Humans call such thing happiness
Since then, I protect her
I've heard Muzaka has returned.
With the child
If so, he will meet with Raizel
It won't be long now
So now the werewolves are starting to move across the valley
It caused a lot of war to make this happen so early
Humans really don't care about anything
I didn't care about humans. It's only natural to use them as tools.
We can't leave Maduke now since we have a deal
If we wouldn't condone their actions
Lord wouldn't overlook and wouldn't get off their backs
Everyone will know that everything was planned by werewolves
Their leader Muzaka will be blamed and we will blame Raizel
You think Raizel will go against Muzaka because of humans?
That's exaclty how it will be
Isn't he his only friend?
True, but he will not hesitate to save humans, even if he will have to target his only friend Muzaka
True, that's how Raizel is
Hmm.. Right
Thousands of years of preparations
At last this time to celebrate
Soon this will get done
Who is it?
I wanted to tell you that everything you've ordered has been complete
That's good
Some people say that war brings only chaos into the world of poverty
But in the end it is the course for a world to bring change to the dominating sin
Swipe them all!
Here it is
What a place for lord Muzaka to even stay in
What are you doing here?
We heard Lord came back, we came to greet you
Oh, I see
It seems my orders weren't clear to you
What do you mean? I don't understand.
Just as i thought
I was suspecting that you take part in this war
The power that humans could never imagine
It wasn't a bear, it was you who did that
They could be wrong
Since we are much stronger than humans
It's normal they gossip about that
However in some gossips there is truth
A werewolf has appeared in human world
What do you want to say with that
Humans only live for themselves
However their life is so short,
that's how we are so different
One visit
won't change much in their world
You are Noblesse
I've heard a lot about you
But what are you doing here, may I ask?
Muzaka is my friend
I understand
We came to visit Lord, but we can leave that for later
Just wait
Soon fun things will happen
I really appreciate it
Thought I didn't want you to deal with it
We will leave right away
Ashlee, Ashlee
What's the matter?
Why we have to leave so suddenly?
It's not long since we came here
I was glad to see you again, unfortunately it's time
Ashleen won't be happy leaving this place
She likes be around people
Though that is strnage
But you know what her dream?
Saving kids like her and their parents from wars
She even asked me for power
Because to prtotect the weak you need power
Of course I had to reject her
We can't just use power as we please
With her heart she could have used it wrong way
Her soul is very young
I know it's wrong to do this
Moving around all the time having child with you
But I like things like this,
thanks to Ashleen
I can be sincere
Although I'm changing
Everything is brighter
I'm ready for anything to protect Ashleen
You really changed, Muzaka
Now those two are most important
My lord,
The situation with werewolves gets worse in every moment
And what worries me is that Raizel may end up on their side
There is no reason to worry about that
Since the beginning when they became friends
I had deep meaning in it
I wonder how are things now
considering Raizel
How things will be
With your help now, we won't stay in debt
There's no wonder
Oh, and we've done preparations for what you asked
Great, that means that everything will go as planned and we will achieve our goals
Muzaka left much earlier than i presumed
Also I've heard from Roctis lately
That human war has stretched to north
That was presumed since it was about humans
Do not stop until you wipe out everyone!
Do not leave anyone!
Oh, this humans..
Can't catch anything
Where is Muzaka missing
This way!
It's a girl
Why is she here?
Ashleen, where are you?!
Answer if you hear me!
Damn them!
I will never forgive
Please, stay out of this
I will kill them all myself
I will not stop
Stop, Muzaka
Think back
Didn't you see what they have done with Ashleey?
This is the second time that scurrious humans did this to me
First Ashleen's mother and now her
This time they will feel the consequences
Get off
Muzaka, this is done for your own good
Th-that's a blood field
So you really think you can stop me, huh?
Muzaka. What happened to Ashleen is deplorable
But we dont interfere with what happens among humans
Shut up, Raizel
Whatever you think, without Ashleen I am miserable
You will never understand, because
Ashleen was my daughter
Her mother asked me to always watch after her
She was your daughter..
Now Ashleen can't laugh anymore
Just seeing her was making me a man who was happy to be alive
Was it too much to ask for?
I sacrified everything for the sake of the child
But humans claimed the last hope, everything i had
How they can stab like this?
Is it because Noblesse will protect vulnerable human beings?
I think so
But since, the human beings are really weak
I've seen their true nature
That's why i also wanted to protect humans
But now I will no longer
Then, Muzaka, you want to seek revenge on humans?
I'll take care of them all
I'll wipe them out of this world
That is what I want this time
Destroy everyone!
Raizel, with you like this humans will never stop
You dont understand what humans are
But now all the humans will disappear
Anger.. has taken over him completely
This whole world has no conscience
The human will disappear
Cadis Etrama Di Raizel
And you in front
TL: Nobi
Thanks for watching
Timing: Helios