Nobody Lives Forever (1946) Movie Script

"This was the view from my window in
the Army Hospital on Governors Island."
"For 3 long months I lay there, watching
the town I was born and raised in."
"The way a guy waits
for a girl he loves."
"That's how I felt about New York."
"The day they let me out and
gave me my discharge papers."
"I didn't tell anybody about it
but my old sidekick, Al Doyle."
"A big, breezy conman who'd cut himself
in on every deal I'd ever pulled."
Hiya, Al.
Hiya, Nick. Sure glad
to see you, fellah.
You've changed some and it ain't
just that uniform you're wearing.
How? Fatter, older?
- Don't know. I can't quite tell yet.
Say, were you shot up bad?
Right through the center.
My fingers don't flex so good but ..
It will work out alright. Anyway,
it got me my honorable discharge.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Leaving us, eh Sarge?
- That's right. I'm on my way.
Good luck.
- Thanks, it's been good knowing you.
So long.
- Good luck.
How about that guy?
I soldiered with him for 14 months
and he brushes me off just like that.
Maybe he's in a rush to get out of here.
- No, he's a strange bird.
I don't any more about him
now than I did when I started.
Good luck, Sarge.
- Thanks.
You should have his luck.
Do you know, I had to give my
right name to get that pass?
"And while we rode the
ferry back to Manhattan."
"Al gave me all the news. How things had
changed on Broadway since I was away."
Suckers? Phew.
I've never seen so many square
Johns with loose dough in my life.
The boys are making takes you
wouldn't believe. And very few beefs.
How is Toni?
She's fine, fine.
"How is Toni" he asks me.
You see her lately?
No, I haven't seen her lately. She's
running some big Gyp caf. You know ..
Breast of guinea fowl.
One order, ten bucks.
With her, my credit is no good.
- This is sure news to me.
The caf business ought to be tops.
I guess she's looking
after my dough okay.
Your dough?
Yeah. I had 50 G's before I was drafted.
And let Toni hold it for me.
Boy, we're sure in the heavy
moolah then, ain't we.
"So now I had a business."
"Al said she'd also moved into
my apartment while I was gone."
"Well, why not?"
"She'd be living there soon anyway."
"Mr and Mrs Nick Blake."
"Boy, that sounded great."
"It was getting dark as
we rode up Broadway."
"Right from The Battery
to Times Square."
"Every light in the city seemed to be
turned on just to welcome me."
"There is nothing for a soldier."
"Like coming home."
And then there is that 2-bit chiseller
Chalky Rose. Remember?
In the old days he was
always hitting me for funds.
Now he's rolling in dough.
Cornered a warehouse full of bourbon.
It's getting just like the
old prohibition days.
Loose dough. Everybody making it and
throwing it away with both hands.
The old town looks mighty good at that.
I think it would after what you've seen.
What I'm trying to say is.
The sooner you get back in to
harness, the sooner we'll be rich.
I was figuring to take
a rest for a little while.
Sure, why not? We'll jump up to
Saratoga for a couple of weeks.
It gives you a chance
to talk to some of the boys.
It will be a relief after
all those G.I. farmers.
Some pretty good guys in my outfit.
Some pretty good guys?
I thought the army only
took square Johns.
Smart guys like yourself
worked an angle, huh?
Ain't women messy.
Looks alright to me.
Say, that Saratoga idea is
a good one. Mark Smith and ..
I said I wanted a rest and
I don't mean two weeks.
Ain't women the limit?
Always rubbing stuff on themselves.
I know guys overseas who'd give ten
bucks to smell one of those bottles.
I didn't know you smoked a pipe.
I never saw this before.
Maybe it's her cousin's?
Good evening, Mr Blake.
The biggest weekend we've ever had.
Another year of this and we can retire.
Yeah. And I'll be ready.
Getting pretty fed up singing every
night to a bunch of Park Avenue drunks.
Yes, Andre?
- Nick Blake just came in.
Nick Blake?
You must have made a mistake.
He's in the army overseas.
Table 9.
Okay, Andre.
Take him over a bottle of the best
champagne we've got and four glasses.
Why don't we just get out of here?
- We'll wait and settle this now.
You go ahead. I'll join you.
A bad place for a beef, Nick.
Look at the crowd.
- Maybe there won't be any beef.
What's this?
Compliments of the house, Mr Blake.
Hey honey, I just found
out you were here.
Hello Toni.
Well, that's not much of a
greeting after all this time.
Well, it's a little
public here. Sit down.
Hi, Toni.
- Hello Al.
Why the four glasses?
That's for Mr King.
He'll be here in a moment.
Jack King? What's he got to do with it?
Look Nick, Mr King is ..
- Hello, Blake.
Al, how are you? Where you been the last
few months? Haven't seen much of you.
Well, Blake.
Here's luck to you.
Glad you're back.
- Thanks.
Did you go to the apartment, Nick?
Why should I when I knew I'd find
you here? I was in a hurry to see you.
I'm so glad.
I wanted to find out how we're
doing as partners in this set up.
It looks like a nice take.
What's he mean, Toni?
Well, I tried to tell him a minute ago.
Nick, this is Mr King's place.
We only use my name because it's a draw.
- Now wait a minute.
When Al told me about this place I felt
you were making my money work for me.
Nick. I don't know how
to tell you this, but ..
Well, I opened a place of my own about
a year ago. With your money, see.
But I didn't know the ropes.
Before I got wised up, I went bankrupt.
Just like that?
Too bad, Blake.
I should have been here to advise her.
You don't know how sorry I am, Nick.
I wanted to write you about it but ..
Well, I figured you had
enough on your mind.
Your number comes
up now, Miss Blackburn.
Oh thanks, Bob.
Don't go away fellahs.
I'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my favorite singer and yours.
Miss Toni Blackburn.
A great girl, Toni.
A big draw.
"Guess who's on my mind."
"You again."
"When I'm with you that
old feeling is new again."
"Every kiss I steal."
"Has a new appeal."
"Something unforeseen."
"Intrigues me. You know what I mean."
"Guess who's in my dreams."
"You again."
"When I awake why am
I always blue again?"
King, it's kind of noisy here.
Let's go in your office.
What for?
A little business I'd like
to talk over with you.
"My heart keeps asking me when .."
"We'll meet again."
"To love just you again."
"Ever since that first night we
sat giving our hearts away."
Wait here, Al.
"I've felt the same,
I guess love is to blame."
"You are in my heart to stay."
- No thanks.
Why don't you smoke your pipe?
What do you want, Blake?
- In two words: my dough.
What dough?
Look, I know all about you, King.
You can always get a bankroll if there's
a dumb dame around. That's okay with me.
Just so long as it's not my dough.
Take it up with Toni.
She lost it.
I don't want to get rough
with you unless I have to.
"Every now and then."
"My heart keeps asking me when."
"We'll meet again."
"To laugh again. To live again."
"To love again."
"I'll tell you then."
"It's you."
Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Blackburn
will be back with us a little later.
Now let's dance.
I want to see Nick.
- He'll be out in a minute.
I want to say something, Toni.
All the time I was in the army I didn't
have much else on my mind but you.
All the way back home
on that hospital ship.
I kept seeing your face.
Waiting for me.
Nick, darling.
And another thing.
I can understand you
wanting to take a rest. Okay.
But what's the matter with
Saratoga? Why California?
You'll be worn out before you get there.
It's a great spot.
Clear away from everything.
You can say that twice.
Besides there's an old pal I want to
see. Pop Gruber. You remember him?
You mean that old
has-been? That chiselling ..
In my book he's okay. Gin.
And another thing.
You got your mustering-out pay.
And I got a little dough.
Mighty little since I bought
them railroad tickets.
You ain't going to get much rest
you know. We got to make a strike.
I don't mind you beating up the guy but
what good did it do? You can't eat it.
Mr King kicked in.
How can you do this to me?
Why don't you ever let me in on things?
My original investment plus interest.
Deal the cards.
We'll play for keeps now.
Are you sure we're still
in the United States?
I think Los Angeles is.
Stop at The Plaza first. I'll tell
you where to go from there.
Yes, sir.
How about it, folks?
See the wonders of nature.
Tonight Saturn is visible with its ring.
You can also see mountains on the moon.
It's only a dime, Folks.
Just one thin dime.
What do you say, mister?
How about you, pal? Take a
look at the moon for a dime?
Huh? Why not? I've paid a whole
lot more to see a whole lot less.
Well look right in here.
Close one eye.
You see.
The moon is full tonight.
It's beautiful, ain't it.
That's got more warts than a toad.
Those are mountains and valleys just
like we have only the moon is dead.
Nothing lives on it.
I don't like that.
It makes me very unhappy to think
of it up there in space all by itself.
Yeah, I know how you feel, but ..
How are you, boy?
Fine, Pop. I see
business is pretty good.
I was just about to close the deal.
Are you sure that's the
moon I'm looking at?
I guarantee it. That's all, mister.
Just a minute, I haven't
paid you your dime yet.
Never mind the dime, that's on
the house. Come on, move on.
I just ..
I just got in from the east, Pop.
I thought I'd drop by and ..
See if you were still
at the same old stand.
Glad to see you.
What happened? You lam out of the army?
No. I got an honorable discharge.
Talked them out if, huh? Same old Nick.
You here by yourself?
No. Doyle is with me.
Waiting in the cab.
Pop, thank you for the box you sent me.
You were the only guy that
remembered while I was across.
That's okay. I did that
for old time's sake.
But say Nick, tell me.
How does the big town look?
There must have been a lot of
changes since my time.
Yeah. Everything has changed.
Don't ever go back.
It will disappoint you.
- No, nothing. I can't do that now.
What brought you out?
Got something lined up?
No, I'm out of circulation for a while.
All I want to do is rest and
take orders from nobody.
It sure must have been
tough for you to take orders.
Say, where you staying?
I'll tell you later, Pop. Maybe you can
visit and we'll split a bottle of beer.
I'll be seeing you.
Okay, Nick.
How about, folks.
See the wonders of nature.
Saturn is visible with its ring and you
can also see the mountains of the moon.
And it's only a dime folks.
One tenth of a dollar.
The one in the fifth came in too.
I win 18,622 dollars.
Even Indian Parlor came in.
If I only had the dough to bet with.
Indian Parlor, eh?
Do you know what you are doing?
Playing with toys like a kid.
The best thing to happen
to us is round the corner.
And you sit there cutting
out paper horses.
Look Doc. A guy's got to
do something to pass the time.
We've a $2 million sucker
just waiting for us.
I can't sleep at night
thinking about it.
At one time this would have been as easy
for me as shooting fish in a barrel.
Now I've no front.
And I'm saddled with a couple
of broken-down tramps ..
Who sit there waiting for
something to happen.
No use getting yourself all upset, Doc.
It's just one of them things.
What do you know?
- Where have you been?
Sitting in the Plaza. It's a
nice night. Ain't that okay?
There is something I want to tell you.
- What's the matter, can't you remember?
Oh yeah. I seen that New York fellah
Nick Blake. He was buzzing Pop.
Nick Blake?
I thought he was in the army.
- I don't know. He was wearing civvies.
What do you think of that?
He used to be Doc's pet hate.
Why don't you like him, Doc?
He's a top man in the rackets.
A top man in the rackets, my foot.
Just a run of luck, that's all.
He'll get caught up with.
Never yet. I used to know
him around Broadway.
A bit of a Casanova Nick was.
The dames really went for him.
And did he work at it.
What did they see in that
swell-headed phony?
Wait a minute, Doc.
If Nick Blake is really in
town he's the guy for us.
He could take that dame. Like that.
I can make the play just as easy.
All I need is a bankroll.
She wouldn't go for you.
- Plenty have.
I ain't seen none of
them flocking around.
Oh, I didn't mean nothing, Doc.
Just kidding.
Windy and me know you can make the play
yourself but we need a guy to stake us.
Maybe if we can get in touch with Blake
you could talk him into financing us?
It's possible.
He's not too hard to break down.
Just a lucky small-timer
with a front. That's all.
What are you laughing at?
Nick Blake, small-timer. Ha-ha.
- You heard me.
When I first saw him I had a
suite in the best hotel in Miami.
He was going around with some New York
chiselers trying to pick up some dough.
He was very polite to me then. It was
Doctor Ganson this, Doctor Ganson that.
All of a sudden he began to get all
the breaks. Luck. That's all it was.
Just plain luck.
That's right, Doc.
You're absolutely right.
I don't like the guy. I never did.
You are right.
We need him in this.
I'll go and have a talk to Pop.
And find out where Blake is.
Once I locate him the rest will be easy.
- Wait a minute.
You boys going to try to
work with a top guy?
Why not?
Oh, that's just plain dumb. Us tramps?
We're getting out of our league.
- Oh, shut up.
Hello, Pop.
I was at the corner looking for you.
The fog came in.
Drink up your beer.
I'll buy you another.
Maybe you'd like some real liquor?
I only drink two beers at
night and this is my second.
A little service please.
- Yeah?
What kind of brandy you got?
Just plain brandy.
Not imported French brandy?
Look, do you want the kind
of brandy we got or don't you?
I ..
I had a little strike. You sure
you won't have anything?
You don't look too prosperous
to me. What do you want?
I understand Nick Blake is in town.
- Is he?
Are you kidding?
- No.
It's worth a lot.
- How much?
We located a sucker. We felt Blake might
be interested in financing the project.
It's no use, Doc.
This is the biggest thing ever.
It's a dame. All we need is ..
I tell you it's no use, Doc.
It's worth five hundred to you Pop
to know where we can find Blake.
Of course you've got the five hundred?
Keep the change.
You know you can trust me.
Why don't you stop kidding, Doc?
You know you and the boys haven't seen
five C's in one piece in five years.
We all have your ups and downs.
I've seen the time when I could
buy and sell Blake at his peak.
I was the biggest there was once.
Yeah? Well, once don't count.
I guess I'll call it a night.
Listen to me, Pop. I've found a widow
with 2 million bucks, and very lonesome.
A few years ago it would be a matter of
routine for me. Slightly boring, but ..
Times change.
Yeah, don't they.
This little lady is the easiest
touch there is and the biggest.
She doesn't know a soul out here.
Husband left her all his money.
You're barking up the wrong tree, Doc.
I tell you Nick is taking it easy and
anyway he wouldn't work with you.
Pop, I've been living for this one.
I'll see that sucker gets
taken, no matter what.
A small bankroll is all I need to put
me right back where I was. On top!
That's where I belong.
You know it. On the top.
Not so loud. Take it easy, Doc.
Take it easy.
Two million bucks, huh?
Tell me more about this will you, Doc.
Thanks, Tes.
Mr Blake not back from beach yet?
- No.
Ah, this is the life. If the boys on
Broadway could only see me now.
My, my.
What's wrong with you?
All the time, walk on beach.
Up and down.
Maybe two or three hours.
Mr Blake not a happy man.
He'll be okay if we
just leave him alone.
You know what I think, Mr Al?
- What's that?
Mr Blake ought to
find nice friendly girl.
Beach if full of girls.
Listen Tes, if you like it here
you'd better not tell that to him.
He just got out of a jam
with a nice, friendly girl.
I'd like to see Mr Blake, son.
- What's the name, please?
Just tell him Pop Gruber is here.
Hello Pop. Come on in.
I wondered who was ringing that bell.
You're the only one to know we're here.
Well, quite a swanky
joint Nick's got here.
I haven't seen one as nice as this
since I've been out of the big money.
And that's been some time.
Nick will be in soon. Have a drink?
A glass of beer maybe.
Well sit down. Make yourself
at home. I'll get if for you.
Prowling the joint, Pop?
Sure. Why not?
Come out to split that
bottle of beer, huh?
Well, in a way yes. Yes.
Anything else?
Yeah. I got a big one I
want to talk to you about.
I said I was going to rest for a while.
A man can always rest afterwards.
In spite of the high income-taxes, two
million dollars is still a lot of money.
How much?
- Thanks.
You know, Nick.
I'd never come clear out here if I
didn't figure I was doing you a favor.
Not to mention doing yourself one.
Hey, what is all this?
Oh nothing. Only a nice little 2 million
dollar layout has been located. But ..
Nick would rather rest.
Alright, let's hear it. Put on the con.
I used to be pretty good
in the old days but ..
Age caught up with me just
like it does with all of us.
Who sent you out here?
As far as I can make
out this is a ripe touch.
A guy like you Nick could
turn it in a month and ..
Then you'd be on easy street and
you could relax from here-on in.
Go on, we're listening.
It seems there is a ..
A widow come out here from Minneapolis.
That's an original idea. Taking a widow.
At least listen to him, Nick.
This widow can stand
quite a take. She's loaded.
And you could fix
yourself for Nick and ..
You'd be helping me out a little too.
I'm sure getting tired of
that 10-cent telescope.
Yeah, and picking drunk's pockets.
I'm getting older.
I do the best I can.
Don't be impolite. Listen to him.
This widow is living at the Marwood
Arms in the best suite in the joint.
Her husband dies a year or so ago and ..
She don't know anybody in
town and she's lonesome.
Why it is just your ..
If I'm boring you.
I guess I might as well be moving on.
The take could run a
couple of hundred grand.
Wait a minute, Pop. Don't go yet.
Look, Nick.
This one seems like it begs to be taken.
- Ah, let him go.
He was always like that. Stubborn as a
mule, even when he was a punk kid.
I've done alright, haven't I?
Yeah, you've done alright.
But you're 34 now and from
here-on in it's mostly downhill.
Here we go. The con.
That's no con. When I was your
age I had the world by the tail.
Making plenty of dough and throwing
it out the window just like you are.
I thought there was no end to it.
Look at me.
That's conning on the square at that.
Sure. Sure it is.
Hey, if you have got a bankroll.
Living like this, how
long is it going to last?
What are you going to be
doing when you're 65, Nick?
Selling pencils?
I don't think it will ever come to that.
I didn't think it would either.
No business sense at all.
I'll take care of it.
So long, Pop.
Hey Al, aren't you going in for a swim?
I don't want to get wet.
Have a drink, Nick?
- Huh?
A drink?
A swell night, huh?
Yeah, yeah.
Sit down. Relax.
That was the idea of
coming here, wasn't it?
Sometimes ideas don't work out.
You said it. Look at Pop's
idea for making a big roll.
That one blew up.
At the time I thought you
were crazy for nixing it.
Though I guess you were right.
- What do you mean?
That proposition is a big one.
To engineer them kind a guy
has got to keep his hand in.
You been away a long time, Nick.
Don't be silly. That would be
like turning over in bed for me.
I don't know.
A guy can lose his touch awful quick.
In this racket one bad slip
and you're cooked you know.
I don't make slips.
That was before the war.
Maybe you've been through
so much you've kind of ..
Lost your nerve.
Is that what you think?
Listen, Nick.
If you never want to work another
deal, that's okay with me.
We got plenty of dough.
Right now.
Only it's a shame to see a top guy
like you throw away his talent.
Don't let me and Pop influence you.
That's what I told you.
Put it all on Mr Blake's bill, chum.
Pop's information was a little sketchy
so I did some investigating on my own.
What do you mean "Pop's information"?
I located this, I've steered it.
Alright Doc, that's understood.
About that information,
just to get it straight.
The sucker's name is:
Mrs Gladys Halvorsen. Widow.
Husband, Carl Halvorsen.
Died about two years ago and ..
Left her a fortune which amounts
to over two million dollars.
She is staying alone at
suite 901, Marwood Arms.
Anything else, Doc?
- No. I guess that covers it.
Not quite.
What you guys didn't find out is that
her business advisor is out here.
A guy by the name of Manning.
He's also staying at the Marwood
Arms which may make it a little tough.
You sure find out things, Mr Blake.
- It's my business.
Any questions? Doc?
Blake, I kind of figured on
handling this myself.
All we were looking for was a stake.
- Wait a minute, Doc.
Listen, Pop worked this pretty smooth.
He got me interested before
he said who lined it up.
If he had mentioned your name Doc,
I'd have said no. Is that plain enough?
If you guys want me to handle this ..
- We're with you, Mr Blake.
Alright. Now, a couple more things.
I operate alone.
No interference of any kind.
As long as we're satisfied.
After all, it's our pitch.
Listen, you.
I'll make you a present of it right now.
- Never mind Doc. He's just jumpy.
Alright. Now about terms.
If you guys located the sucker, fine.
I have to finance the job, do
all the work, take all the risks.
I want two thirds.
Two thirds?
- That's the only way I'll operate.
Two thirds? Why ..
That only leaves one third between us.
A third of something is
better than all of nothing.
Sure Doc, he's right.
- No, no.
If it wasn't for me there wouldn't be
any deal. I had the connections.
I found the set up. It belongs to me.
Nobody will gyp me out
of what's mine. Nobody.
We know all that.
- I won't stand for this. Hear me?
Suits me fine. I don't
want to work anyway.
Hold on. Windy and me got
a word to say about it.
Say it quick then.
What do you figure the take will be?
For that kind of money,
at least a hundred G's.
Can you guarantee us thirty thousand?
- If I make the take, yes.
Okay, we'll go along with you.
Ten grand. I get ten grand.
I just figured it out.
What you do, count it on your fingers?
Ten G's. That's a lot of
sweet betting money.
A few years ago I wouldn't have
let a mug like that drive my car.
Now you guys treat him as if
he was somebody important.
If he wants to keep his health, he'd
better come through. That's all I say.
He'd better come through.
Thank you, Mr Lloyd. Suite 1009 please.
I'm glad I had that large
suite available, Mr Lloyd.
Your secretary tells me ..
- My secretary is here?
Yes, he's upstairs.
- Fine.
Morning, Mr Manning.
- Morning.
Any mail for me?
- I will see, Mr Manning.
Mr Lloyd, pardon me.
I want to introduce Mr CW Manning.
These are my bags.
I want to store the large one.
Oh, I hope you don't mind, Mr Manning.
I thought maybe you'd like to meet him.
He's a very important young
man I understand. Shipping.
I'm sure he didn't understand.
- Not at all, not at all.
I'm sorry Mr Manning. There
is nothing for you this morning.
Golf again today Mr Manning?
- Every day. It keeps me young and fit.
A beautiful morning for golf, isn't it.
I opened all the windows,
Mr Lloyd. Anything else?
No, that's all.
Excuse me sir, but ..
Didn't you used to be in
Florida a lot before the war?
Not me, son.
I used to ride at Hialeah before
I got overweight. I just thought ..
Must have been a couple
of other fellows. Thanks.
Must have been.
That's bad.
Forget it.
I ran into Manning downstairs.
We're off to a good start.
The sooner the better
at fifty bucks a day.
Did you see the widow?
- No.
But tonight in the dining
room we pull our first plant.
- By the way.
Watch your language. You are
supposed to be a secretary not a tout.
Take it easy, Nick.
I speak very good grammar.
But the real problem was the 17th hole.
It's like this. Short but very tricky.
The tee is here.
The green shall we say, is right here.
There is a sand trap here.
A bunker over here.
It's not exactly that shape.
It bends kind of ..
But you get the idea.
The three o'clock sea breeze blowing
in strong but from this direction.
That's the wind.
The sun was from over here. Pardon me.
That's the sun.
Quite a problem, eh?
- Oh yes. Quite.
The trouble was I didn't
know how to play it.
What did you do?
I took the long gamble.
- Ah.
I said to the boy:
Get me my mashie-niblick.
I played a little to the right,
for the wind, of course.
Took a full swing.
Threw my wrists into it.
I had to get all the backspin
I could, you know.
I kept my head down.
And then?
I don't know where the ball went.
We never found it.
Good evening, Mr Lloyd.
Everything satisfactory?
Yes. Thank you, Mr Evans.
- If not, please let me know.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me, Mr Manning. My name is Lloyd.
I believe I owe you an apology.
An apology?
The manager Mr Evans says he tried to
introduce us this morning at the desk.
I misunderstood.
I hope I didn't seem rude.
No, not at all.
I never gave it a thought.
Mrs Halvorsen. Mr Lloyd.
How do you do, Mrs Halvorsen.
How do you do.
- Won't you join us?
If I'm not intruding. I don't want
to make another mistake.
You are not intruding at all.
- No, no. A pleasure.
Will you have a drink,
Mr Lloyd? Brandy perhaps?
No thanks. I have work to do tonight.
Mr Evans tells me you've
been out here some time.
Yes. It's been about four months.
As a matter of fact I may stay here.
It is such a beautiful place.
Your first trip to Los Angeles?
A wonderful climate out here.
Fine for golfing.
So many nice courses and
any sort of terrain you like.
A golfer's paradise I call it.
Oh, my secretary, Mr Hall.
Mrs Halvorsen and Mr Manning.
How do you do.
- How do you do.
Pardon me.
You want something to drink, Gladys?
- No thank you.
No, not tomorrow. Call these men
and tell them later in the week.
Yes, Mr Lloyd.
Excuse the interruption, please.
It's always something.
I've got to ease back into harness. I've
only been out of the army a few months.
And it's a little difficult
to adjust myself.
Oh, have you been overseas?
- Yes. Cigarette?
Thank you.
I've leased a house out at the
beach and I was planning to ..
Spend the whole day there tomorrow
just lying in sand doing nothing.
Not even thinking.
- That sounds wonderful.
I haven't gone to the beach
since I've been here.
Neither have I. A waste of time for me.
I play golf every day. Never miss.
Sorry to hear it. I was going to ask you
both to come out to the beach with me.
Now that's very nice
of you, Lloyd, but ..
Do you play golf?
I'm afraid not.
Well .. I really must be going.
It's funny how much you can forget about
your own business in a few months.
Mr Evans said something about
shipping. Is that your business?
Well, in a way. I've been fooling around
with tugboats ever since I was a kid.
About five years before the war I got
interested in the salvage business.
Deep sea tugs.
We're working on reconversion plans now.
It's going to be very big after the war.
As a matter of fact.
Excuse me for talking shop.
This has been very pleasant.
- Goodnight.
An odd kind of a chap.
Sort of a diamond in the rough.
Deep sea salvage.
Sounds like an immense project.
Too bad he doesn't play golf.
- Charles.
I think I will have a brandy.
Certainly, certainly.
I'm glad to see you enjoying yourself.
Maybe they went some
place else for breakfast?
Maybe, but tomorrow is another day.
That dame sure surprised me.
She's a dish.
You just don't figure a rich
widow is going to look like that.
Or like this either.
Good morning, Mrs Halvorsen.
Good morning, Mr Hall.
- Good morning.
Won't you join us?
Well, you seem pretty busy.
- No, not at all.
Please sit with us. I'm always
looking for an excuse to quit work.
A beautiful day.
I wonder why people in
southern California ever work.
Perhaps to escape the monotony.
The usual, please.
As soon as I'm through with
Al I'm going to the beach.
How nice.
I don't suppose you can persuade mister
Manning to give up one morning of golf?
I doubt it very much.
He'd be upset the whole afternoon.
- Oh, there you are.
Good morning, Mr Lloyd. Hall.
Gladys, I just talked to Peterson. He's
waiting for me at the Metropole Club.
He wants me to breakfast with
him and then play a round or two.
I wondered if you'd like to ..
- No thank you, Charles. You run along.
It's too bad me leaving you
alone every day. I do wish ..
You sure that you and Mrs Halvorsen
won't come out to the beach with me?
No. Quite out of the question.
But thanks, Lloyd.
Are those the tugs?
- Yep.
I had no idea they were so large.
Well, this is the deep-sea type.
They are all about 300 tons.
Steam driven, their engines
develop about 1,200 horsepower.
And they'd tow anything.
- Salvage, eh?
It should be a tremendous
business. Very interesting.
Good heavens! I've got to go.
- Mrs Halvorsen, why not come with me?
Why, thank you. I'd like to very much.
Fine. Fine, that's a good idea.
Have a nice time.
Goodbye, all.
- Bye, Charles.
Can you be ready in an hour?
Right after breakfast
if I can come like this.
Oh sure, just bring a bathing suit.
That was heavenly.
- Yeah.
A good dip really takes the kinks out.
Sure. Everybody gets
them once in a while.
When I was a boy my old man
used to call them the rumples.
He'd just pack up and go fishing.
It's hard to think of you as a boy.
Why, do I seem as solemn as all that?
I didn't mean it like that. I mean ..
You seem so sure of yourself.
As if ..
As if you could take care of yourself ..
No matter what the surroundings were.
I was brought up in a tough school.
I was a river-front kid in New York.
The whole district was a ..
Playground for hoodlums.
You had to fight or run.
I did a little of both.
And learned which to do when.
I'll never forget those days.
Don't stop. It's very interesting.
It may sound interesting but it wasn't.
All I thought about was getting out.
By the time I was 13 I was working on
a tugboat. I got kicked around plenty.
But I learned the business.
When the war started I was
practically running the company.
You've done very well.
Because you can't be more that 31 or 32.
I'm 34. And I'm going
to do a lot better.
Now I'm bragging.
You have a right to.
I don't know why I'm
telling you these things.
Please do.
I don't talk much myself as a rule.
But I like to listen.
Well, I like to hear myself talk so ..
We should get along alright.
How nice you look, Mr Hall.
This has been a lovely day.
Quite the nicest I've had
for a long, long time.
It hasn't taken much to please you.
No, not much.
I've been around so little.
You see.
Mr Halvorsen was never in really
good health. So we seldom travelled.
He liked to sit at home and read
a book or listen to the radio.
Not that I minded. I was happy
to do whatever he wanted.
Better not let other wives hear you say
that or they'll put you out the union.
I didn't feel that I missed anything.
He depended on me a great deal.
You see, before we were married I was
his secretary for nearly five years.
You're not exactly
my idea of a secretary.
That's because you think of
me as a well-to-do woman.
But it wasn't always
like that. My father ..
I think I'll repeat what
you said this afternoon:
"I don't know why I'm
telling you all these things."
I never had a better day in my life.
A little quiet for you, perhaps.
Oh, please don't misunderstand me.
I'm not saying that you're fast,
Mr Lloyd. It's just that you seem ..
A little less conventional than
most of the men I've met.
I like to get drunk once in a while.
Not too drunk and not too often.
But don't tell on me.
Nanny might not like it.
Shall we go?
- Yes.
It will be lovely driving back.
The moon is just coming up.
Well? Heard anything?
About what?
You wouldn't hold out on me would you?
Talk plain.
- About the deal.
I'm waiting here just like you. You got
the best guy in the business in there.
That's a matter of opinion.
Not to me it ain't.
- Oh.
I always did figure you were pretty
thick with Blake. Talked to him lately?
Say, what am I? The schoolboy,
and you're the teacher?
Look. I come in here to enjoy a glass of
beer after work. Now stop bothering me.
It's not healthy to
talk to me like that.
Why not?
I've talked like that to tougher guys
than you. I'm past sixty and still here.
All I can say is Blake
had better make this.
I'm counting on it. Counting on it big.
My first chance to get out
of the red in five years.
He'll make it or it can't be made.
- I'll put you wise on a thing I heard.
Blake's playing this dame like he's more
interested in taking her than the dough.
Forgetting business.
I don't know what he does but
he sure don't forget business.
Let me give you a tip, Doc. Why not go
away and relax until this thing is over?
You're getting jumpy.
You better tell that friend of yours
if he don't get busy I'll move in ..
Quit acting like a rube. If you want to
hand out threats hand them out to Nick.
And while I'm talking I
may as well tell you this.
I don't like you.
I never did and I never will.
And I'm sorry I got Nick
hooked up with you.
And from now on stay away
from me. Do you understand?
I wish I could rumba well.
A man looks kinda silly doing this.
It's alright for a woman though.
As a matter of fact I haven't
danced at all for years.
I used to dance a bit in Florida.
In a weak moment I let a woman
teach me how to rumba.
Now I'm stuck with it.
She wanted to rumba all the time.
What happened to her?
- Who?
The rumba dancer.
- Still in Florida, I guess.
I just wondered.
Give it to him, give him that right.
Oh boy! What a sledgehammer.
I told you it would.
- Yeah, it sure did.
Gladys, are you alright?
- Oh yes, but ..
I guess you don't like this.
Come on, let's go.
Wait, the main event is coming up.
- Well, you stay.
No really, I don't want to.
- Come on, let's go.
He's a sucker for a right hand.
I could lick that palooka myself.
Shut up.
Nicky, honey.
What are you doing out here?
I'm just on a little vacation.
Excuse me.
Hey Al, what's the matter with ..
- Nick is working, ma'am.
Come on Lou, we're late.
Who was that girl?
She was a cashier in
a club I used to go to.
Can she rumba?
Look Gladys, I've known
more than one girl.
I'm sure you have.
"Ladies and gentlemen.
The main event of the evening."
Mr Hall. Don't you simply adore Bach?
Buck? Oh yeah. Ice cold
with a nice big head on it.
How about another
drink before turning in?
No thank you, One Highball is my limit.
Lloyd, I've given a lot of thought to
that post-war salvage set up of yours.
Really? I'm afraid I've
been neglecting it.
Look, we're both businessmen.
So I'll come right out and say
what I want to say plainly.
I'm looking for some
good solid investments.
Mrs Halvorsen. I handle
her estate, you know.
Oh? I didn't realize that.
- Yes.
I don't know much about
the shipping business but ..
Well, if there is any possibility ..
You mean you'd like to
invest in our company?
I am deeply considering it.
- I'll tell you, Manning.
We don't need any money. As a matter of
fact we're subscribed to the limit now.
And I'm not going to sell any stock.
I was afraid of that but if you
could make an exception ..
On a friendly basis. It's really
for Gladys, not for myself.
I'd like to accommodate you but you
see I have a partner in New York.
As a matter of fact I call him tomorrow.
I may ask him to do me a personal favor.
Oh, that's awfully decent of you, Lloyd.
- That's alright.
Pop, Al Doyle ain't shown. But there's a
good looking blond dame looking for you.
Her name is Toni.
- Toni?
Send her in.
Alright. Come on in, sister.
- Kid.
You know, I've been wondering
what happened to you.
Nick never spills anything. Sit down.
Say, where is Nick? I lost the address
again. I just got in from New York.
And boy am I worn out.
And did I have a time finding you.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Everything is alright.
Al Doyle will be here in a little while.
Al Doyle?
- Yeah.
Well I can't wait. Say Pop,
have you got Nick's address?
- Could I have it?
I'm in a hurry to see Nick.
He's got a house down at the beach.
It's quite a swanky place too.
Where you going? What's the hurry?
You know how Nick is.
If he knew I were in town ..
But you may not be able to find him.
He has a suite at the Marwood Arms too.
But I'd stay away from there.
It's a heavy pitch.
Sure. Sure, I understand.
Look, Pop.
If you see Al Doyle don't
say I was here, will you.
Okay, honey.
- I want to surprise Nick.
I'll bet you do.
Hello, Doc.
- Hello.
I haven't seen you since Miami.
How's it going?
Fine. Fine. You looking for Nick?
Yeah. I know where he is.
Don't move in on him too fast.
It might upset the apple cart.
A big deal, huh?
You must be in on it too Doc, huh?
- In on it?
I laid it in his lap with partners.
Well, that's great. I'll probably
be seeing you. Bye, Doc.
What's your hurry? Why not have a drink?
- I can't stop now. Later.
[ Buzzer ]
Come in.
I got a date.
Alright, so you got a date.
Don't bite my head off.
It looks like you lost your touch.
The tie, I mean.
- What do you want?
I'm going down town to see Pop. He wants
to talk to me about that palooka, Doc.
He's getting more and more
jumpy about the deal.
Tell them all to relax.
He's a bad boy, Doc.
- Not very.
Even I'm getting kinda jumpy.
- Take an aspirin.
Look, Nick.
Pop is no fool. If he's worried there
is something to worry about.
Take my word for it.
I tell you it's in the bag.
Everybody is kicking about the way
you're fooling around with this dame.
They figure you're not banging
down hard enough on the take.
A big deal like this takes time.
And don't call her a dame.
You sure you're not going
overboard for this tomato?
She'll wait. Listen to me a minute.
Doc's a bad boy with a rough reputation.
If he figures he's getting sold,
he's going to blow the top right off.
Leave Doc to me.
Alright, but look at it another way.
Our dough is going like confetti.
Look at this apartment.
That house down at the beach.
And all the moolah you
been spending on this ..
On this lady.
We're going to be stripped.
It's my dough. I got to go. You coming?
I never seen you so excited over a date.
Not even Toni in the old days.
This is what comes of getting mixed up
with a bunch of small-time chisellers.
Always hungry. Always scared.
It begins to look like Pop
conned me into a bad one.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
I'm sorry, Miss. I was sure he was
there. Perhaps he's on his way down.
I'll go up and see.
I wouldn't advise that, Miss.
Mr Lloyd is very particular about his ..
Oh, there he is now.
Go to the writing room and see if
Mrs Halvorsen is there and stall her.
This deal is really going haywire.
Hello, Nicky darling.
- What do you want?
That's a nice greeting.
Why don't we sit down
somewhere and talk?
How did you find me?
Do I have to go in to detail?
Look, I'm busy. I've got no time.
You'd better take time.
You wouldn't gyp an old
pal like me would you?
I gyp you? That's a hot one.
All I did was take my dough back.
Yeah, and the joint folded.
- Your boyfriend ran out on you.
I ran out on him, that no-good ..
Toni, get wise to yourself.
We're washed up. You took care of that.
A brush-off is not that easy, Nick.
That's the sucker, huh?
Nice work if you can get it.
Hello Gladys. Did I keep you waiting?
No, I was having a cup of coffee.
Do you mind coming to the
bar with me for a drink?
Not at all.
Take it easy, babe.
I can have you thrown out of here.
That dame is batty
about Nick. I could tell.
Oh come on. Let's take a walk.
I don't like this rush act, Al.
Should have thought of it when you had
Nick's roll. There's big dough on this.
Keep your nose out of this one.
- Or what?
Tell me to mind my own
business if you wish but ..
Burt you were rude to that girl.
That's not like you.
- I just didn't want to talk to her.
If I was rude, I'm sorry.
Shall we get started for the beach?
- Yes.
But I've got a better idea.
- What's that?
We'll take the care and I'll drive
and don't you ask any questions.
Right, I bounced through Italy in a jeep
so why would I worry about your driving?
Well, just for that I'll
run you into a tree.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Yeah, sure.
Maybe we should have gone to the beach.
- No, no. This is swell.
Shall we go inside?
Sure. What do we do, just walk in?
- I guess so.
The door was open so we just walked in.
Good. Everyone is welcome.
Would you like me to show you around?
Well ..
How about it, Gladys?
Would you mind if we just look?
Perhaps that is best.
How old is this church, Father?
It was founded in 1776
by the Three Padres.
Serra, Jayme and Amorio.
And is probably the
oldest part of the mission.
Well, that is very interesting.
Thank you.
This is for the poor box.
If there is anything I can do ..
You will find me through that door.
Thank you, Father.
I didn't know whether to
give him any money or not.
He seemed alright.
[ Choir singing ]
Where is that singing coming from?
It must be from the school building.
Didn't you notice it when we came in?
I ..
I wonder where that door goes to.
I don't think you like
the mission, Nick.
I'm afraid I wasted your afternoon.
No, it's alright. Let's go outside.
This is swell, isn't it.
Very beautiful.
I wouldn't know you.
I got to thinking of Italy.
That place back there reminded me of ..
Some of the churches we saw.
Except they were all wrecked.
Holes in the roof.
Statues all over the floor.
Paintings ripped to pieces.
And everything smashed.
I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
Maybe I forgot about
what we saw too easy.
It's too bad people can't get along.
The world is a pretty nice place.
If you're happy.
Are you happy?
I wasn't.
Until I met you.
It seems that I've been
waiting all my life for you.
9th floor, Mrs Halvorsen.
Yes, of course.
I'll see you at dinner.
- At seven.
What did I tell you?
I knew that was going to happen.
- Yeah?
But you don't know what I know.
Hello Blake.
What do you want?
- To talk to you.
I'm tired of being pushed
off on Al and Pop.
We've got nothing to talk about.
You must be crazy coming up here.
The only way I could see you.
Notice the clothes?
I had a little strike with the dice.
Come on, Doc. Blow.
- Don't rush me.
As I'm here, you can listen to me.
- Alright, talk fast.
The boys and I had a meeting.
We're not satisfied at
the way things are going.
We figured I'd better
have words with you.
Stop fooling around and
get down to business.
Get the dame out of your
head and make the take.
Look, Doc. Either I'm
handling this job or not?
Now if you want to take over, it's okay.
- Glad you brought that up.
That's the point I must make.
It's exactly what I'll do, Blake.
Right. I give it to you
right now. It's yours.
I never wanted it, anyway. The
more I get into it the less I like it.
Now beat it.
Suppose the boys and me
hold off for another week?
I've already turned it back to you.
It's yours.
I'm unused to working with chiselers
who should be in the strong-arm racket.
Big deals take time.
- Okay. I'll hold off.
Don't pull any fast ones.
Are you threatening me?
- Stay away from me, Blake.
You come up with a rod
and I'll make you eat it.
I only use a rod as a last resort.
Alright, Blake.
Work fast.
Mr Manning.
See that man who just left the elevator?
- I couldn't very well help it.
When I was riding down in Florida.
He was a big-shot gambler at the track.
He was always trying to fix races.
- Really?
What's a man like that
doing at the Marwood Arms?
He was up seeing Mr Lloyd.
9th floor, Mr Manning.
Good evening, Doris.
- Good evening, Mr Manning.
Is Mrs Halvorsen in?
Charles. Come in.
Where have you been?
I've been trying to get you.
What a beautiful orchid.
I thought you could wear it at dinner.
- Thank you.
But Charles, I'm afraid I won't be able
to dine with you after all. You see I ..
He'll be here in a minute.
Perhaps I'd better ..
- You could join us if you like.
No. I don't want to intrude
but frankly I'm a little worried.
What about?
- Lloyd.
Actually Gladys, the man is a stranger.
We're taking him at his own valuation.
We know absolutely
nothing at all about him.
I know one thing.
I'm happy.
I've never been as
happy in my entire life.
I'll run along now. Perhaps
I'll see you later in the evening.
And Charles.
Thank you for the beautiful orchid.
Not at all.
This is Mr Manning.
Would you get me the
District Attorney's office.
Yeah I know, but Nick ..
- Shut up.
I'll hand you the
low-down as I get to it.
Now we blow just as
soon as I get reservations.
But what about the deal?
- It's off.
Say something, Pop. Talk to him.
It was your idea in the first place.
Let Nick do the talking.
I don't like the whole set up.
I'm backing out right now.
Okay, but Doc will throw a fit.
I'll pay him off.
Wait. What's going on here?
You mean you made the take?
I'll pay Doc and his boys
off with my own dough.
Don't just sit there.
This guy is off his rocker.
You guaranteed those
guys thirty G's, Nick.
That's a lot of dough.
- I can stand it.
I'm sorry about you Pop,
but I'll look after you.
Well, as long as you pay Doc off.
Hold on you two. Are you both crazy?
Doc gets paid off, Windy and
Shake get paid off, even Pop.
Where do I come in?
- You come to New York with me.
On what?
When you get through paying off them
guys we won't even have cake money.
I don't get it. Why New York?
Is the widow going with us?
- No.
If you're not overboard for this dame.
Nothing makes sense.
- That's my business.
Go out to the beach, pack the
stuff and pay off the house boy.
Then call Doc. Tell him and the boys to
meet me at the Coast Caf tonight at 8.
Nick, wait.
Alright, the deal is washed up.
But don't be a sucker.
Why pay off them broken
down tramps? We'll just blow.
Do I have to answer that one, Pop?
Listen Al, he's got to pay off.
He's too big a guy to welsh on a deal.
And besides, if he don't pay off ..
Doc will take over the play, and he'll
never let up on the widow and Manning.
I've got things to look after.
Can you figure a guy loving
a dame 30 G's worth?
And then not even getting her?
It just don't make sense.
Not to us.
Why didn't you talk to him, Pop?
He listens to you.
I think I've talked to
him too much already.
I wished I'd had the sense
to do what he's doing.
Thirty years ago.
What is it, Charles?
Gladys, I ..
I .. I just don't know how to tell ..
Charles .. please stop stammering and
say whatever it is you want to say.
This is very difficult.
I've found out that Mr Lloyd is not
all that he is supposed to be.
What do you mean?
I'm afraid he's a swindler.
That's ridiculous.
Charles .. how can you be so silly.
I found it hard to believe too.
I've talked to him on the phone.
I told him I had a check made out
for him. He'll be up any minute now.
Are you trying to say that he wants to
sell us worthless stocks or something?
Yes. His real name is Nick Blake.
He is a notorious confidence
man and I'll prove it to you.
How you can you believe
such an absurd story?
[ Buzzer ]
Come in.
Hello Manning. Gladys.
I didn't know you
were here. I called you.
Charles asked me over.
- Just as well.
I got some very bad news today, Manning.
- Oh? What's wrong?
Well, we can't accept your money.
Things aren't going as well as
they should in our company.
I wouldn't recommend
an investment at this time.
At least not until I fly
back and investigate.
Oh, Nick.
Will you be gone long?
- Not long, I hope.
Well. This is very disappointing.
Good investments are
so hard to find now.
Maybe after you investigate, Lloyd ..
- I can't make promises.
Frankly, I don't like the looks of
things myself. I may withdraw.
Gladys, I'm sorry about our date.
Will I see you before you go?
Of course.
Will you meet me in the bar at five?
So long, Manning.
Goodbye, Lloyd.
Well, Charles?
Mrs Halvorsen - Mr Johnson,
District Attorney's office.
How do you do.
How do you do.
That was Nick Blake alright.
Oh no.
You must have made a mistake.
No mistake, Mrs Halvorsen.
- Well then, arrest him.
On what charge?
He has committed no crime
and he's not wanted by the law.
He didn't take your money.
He refused it.
But how can the police let
a man like that run loose?
What can they do?
He always has plenty of
money, the best lawyers.
Nobody has ever been able to
get an indictment against him.
He usually takes prominent people. They
hate to admit they were made suckers of.
Of course, you were too
smart for him, Mr Manning.
Well, keep in touch. If he makes
a move let me know right away.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
That's right. I want all my
stuff checked to Union Station.
I must be out of here before 4 o'clock.
[ Buzzer ]
- Come in.
Thank you. Thanks.
I couldn't wait until five.
Anything wrong?
Nick, tell me the truth.
Is your name Blake?
Who told you?
Charles. And a man from the
District Attorney's office, but ..
I just can't believe it.
Take it from me, it's true.
Then you didn't intend
to meet me at five?
- But Nick, you ..
There is so many things
that I don't understand.
Let's forget the whole business.
Nobody is hurt. I might
as well say goodbye now.
I just can't say goodbye like this.
You say that nobody is hurt.
I am.
You could have been hurt worse.
You're a nice lady. I'm just a
guy trying to take your dough.
Why didn't you take it
when Charles offered it?
I got wind of something.
I hoped the more I kidded
him, the bigger the take.
You refused the money
on my account, didn't you?
Because after that day at
Capistrano you just couldn't.
What's the difference?
We're a 100-1 shot, believe me.
We're two different kinds of people.
Go home. Stick to those you know.
Soon you'll forget whole thing.
I don't want to forget. I love you.
You can start all over again.
People like me don't change.
You have changed.
What does it matter what you were?
We love each other.
I suppose I should have realized.
That was also a part of the deal.
No it wasn't.
Believe me, it wasn't.
I love you.
Hello, Al.
Hey, where did you come from?
The door was unlocked
and I walked right in.
What do you look so happy about?
It's a good thing Nick's not
here, you walking in like this.
I got a good mind to bounce you.
But I just don't feel like it.
Want to cry on my shoulder?
How is the big deal going?
Or should I ask?
It's not going. It has went.
If I had a piece of rope and it wasn't
so darned much trouble I'd hang myself.
Are you kidding?
Yeah, yeah. Ha-ha.
I'm laughing myself sick.
It was those square
Johns in the army did it.
Nick is all washed up.
First he falls for that dame.
Then he won't gyp nobody because it's
against his principles or something.
Okay, if that's the way he feels.
But he don't have to pay off
with our dough, does he?
Even Pop gives up.
You talk, Al.
But you don't say anything.
I said a mouthful. If you're
too dumb to catch on, well ..
I came all the way out here
from the main stem for what?
The ride, that's what.
Now we're going back.
You mean Nick is going to
pay off Doc and his boys?
That's it. With our dough.
It doesn't make sense.
You say he's crazy about this dame?
Nick has got a fortune in his hand.
But he don't want to split
with Doc and the boys.
So he pays off. He's in the clear.
And he's got the widow.
I saw her, you know.
She's not hard to take.
She's batty about Nick.
Even you must have seen that.
So he and the widow beat it east?
He Marries her.
They live happily ever after.
With a couple of million
bucks to kick around.
Listen. I know Nick from every angle.
Maybe he can kid you, but not me.
Nick paying off with his own dough and
passing up a couple of million bucks?
That guy hasn't been overseas that long.
Maybe you got something there.
Wait a minute. Sit down, Toni.
I haven't got time.
I can't wait to see Doc's face
when he hears about this.
Goodbye, Al.
- Now wait a minute.
Where is Windy and Shake?
- I figured I could handle this alone.
Did Al tell you I will pay you off?
- Yeah.
Call Windy and Shake and
tell them to come and get it.
I'll wait 15 minutes.
A funny thing you not trusting me.
I had to trust you all along.
What is this? Spit it out.
First of all, tell me about the take.
How was it? Tough?
I got nothing to say about that.
I guaranteed you guys
30 percent of a 100 G's.
I got it here in my pocket. If you
want to collect tonight, call the boys.
As a matter of fact I'm in no hurry but
you know how Windy and Shake are.
A hundred bucks looks like all
the dough in the world to them.
They'll let you pay them off.
Quite stalling.
What are you trying to say?
I'm saying that guarantee means nothing.
How do we know how much the take is?
I'm telling you.
Of course I'm not doubting your
word, but I've got a feeling ..
That you didn't make any take.
That you're paying
us off just to get rid of us.
Do you want the 30 G's or
don't you? That's all you'll get.
I went along as you wasted time showing
the dame around and doing nothing else.
Well now I'm done playing.
You're hurting my ears. For the last
time, you want the money or not?
Sit down. I've got a rod on you.
You won't look so pretty
with your insides out.
You're through running
over everybody, Blake.
From now on, I call the play.
- Call it fast then.
I know the set up. Don't think
you'll pay me off in chickenfeed ..
And marry two million bucks and live
in clover for the rest of your life.
You're blowing your top.
We figure the widow for two million.
Thirty percent of that is 600 G's.
That's what you owe us: 600 G's.
Is that all?
I know it's a lot of dough but
you can pay fifty G's at a time.
Supposing I don't play ball?
You wouldn't be so dumb. Why begrudge
us our dough? You'll have plenty.
Of course, if something was to
happen to you, an accident, maybe.
I'd have to take the deal
over, one way or the other.
And I play very rough.
- I get you, Doc.
This takes a little figuring.
Alright. On your feet.
You're all washed up, Doc.
I was going to pay you as I guaranteed
but now you don't get a red cent.
If you ever cross me again or look
like it I'll bump you. Now beat it.
Okay, Blake.
Right now you are holding the best
hand, but there may be a new deal.
Get going.
You don't have to save face with me.
He blew up higher than a kite.
- I was afraid of that.
What happened?
No time to talk. When Doc comes,
you guys follow him in your car.
Stick to him. I got to go back to the
hotel and make sure Gladys is alright.
There is something about
this that bothers me.
Say, if you find out anything
call me at the hotel.
I always knew this deal was a bad one.
Come on, and shut up.
I'll drive. I know the
roads better than you do.
Well, try 909.
Never mind. Thanks.
I just rang your room. Where's Gladys?
I want to ask you that, Blake.
- You mean you can't find her?
That's what I mean. If you know ..
Take it easy. I want to
find her as much as you.
Mr Manning. I see you're
looking for Mrs Halvorsen.
I was just out having a bite to eat ..
- What? Where is she?
She left with a man.
A complete stranger to me.
About twenty minutes ago.
- What did he look like?
Well, he was a very big man, Mr Lloyd.
He spoke with a raspy voice.
Okay, thanks.
Look, Manning. This is bad.
And you'd better help me.
Stick here. If Al or Pop call say I'm
on my way to the Eldorado Hotel. Got it?
Yes, but who is ..?
- Al or Pop. Eldorado.
Well, he's going home alright.
[ Car horn ]
[ Car horn ]
Doc is getting kind of impatient.
It looks like there is something up.
Maybe Doc just came back
to get Windy and Shake.
Ah, Nick is probably dreaming,
he is so crazy about that dame.
Yeah, well Nick generally
knows what he's talking about.
It's a cinch. She fell for it like that.
She knows Nick is a racket guy
but she thinks we're his chums.
Okay then, let's go.
The dame. The sucker.
Now Doc has really done it.
Oh, where is Nick?
- I'll take you to him.
Something came up, Mrs Halvorsen.
He wants to see you and
this is the best way to do it.
Get out. I'm going to follow her.
- Yeah but ..
Wait in the diner until I call,
no matter how long it is.
Try and get in touch with Nick.
Come on, get out. Get out.
How long ago did you say he left?
A cup of java, buddy.
Are we going to the beach?
- Yeah, that's right.
I wonder why Nick
didn't call me himself.
Nothing has happened to him?
No, he's okay.
Another java, buddy.
I'll be right back.
If there is a call for Al, hold it.
Hey, Nick.
They grabbed her off.
- Where'd they go?
Take it easy, Pop's on them.
He'll phone me at the diner.
What am I meant to do,
hang here and wait?
What else?
Doc sure signed his
death warrant this trip.
This here thing is like a license
to steal. Don't it ever pay off?
Sure. Anyway, nobody
is making you play it.
Another java, pal.
Look, fellahs. I hate the word "java"
and I hate to be called Buddy and Pal.
I just can't stand it, I can't.
[ Telephone ]
Joe's Diner.
No, he ain't here.
Who did they want?
- Some guy named Horace.
Hey, that's me.
I thought you meant we were
going to the beach house.
Where are we going?
Just relax, lady.
[ Door knocks ]
Can I use your phone?
A cup of java, pal.
[ Telephone ]
Yeah, Pop.
Got you. Beach Road.
Right. Sit tight.
Very tight.
Let's go.
Hey, hey. Who's paying
for all that coffee?
Take it out of the machine.
It ain't paid off yet.
Oh boy! Look at that!
Can I have another shot of that?
- Sure.
Thanks. That's plenty.
It sure hits the spot.
It's getting kind of chilly out.
Yeah, a fog is coming in.
It generally does, this time of night.
Say, ain't you a little old
for a government man?
Yeah, I used to be a private dick but ..
All the young fellows are in the army.
That's right. You know when
things are booming around here.
I couldn't get any help and I
had to do all the work myself.
Now there is nothing to do.
Getting old.
Is there a telephone in that
shack down at the pier?
Ben, he's the watchman.
He comes in here to use this one.
He's been here half a dozen times today.
Thanks for the coffee.
- That's alright. You're welcome.
Okay Ben. I guess you'd better
get started. It's about time.
Besides, you're spoiling Shake's game.
He can't cheat while
you're watching him.
[ Laughter ]
You are all rather light-hearted
about this, aren't you.
It seems to me I've heard that
kidnapping is a very serious offence.
If the law gets in the picture, it is.
But of course it will.
You're stupid to think ..
I hope you behave. We might have
to get rough if you kick up a fuss.
That would be silly of me, wouldn't it.
- That's what I like. A dame with sense.
I never noticed it.
It won't take long if things go okay. We
contact Manning, Manning contacts Blake.
Knowing me pretty well,
Blake won't yell "copper".
I'll put it to you this way.
You are our security for a big loan.
As soon as we get the dough,
Blake and Manning get the security.
That's simple.
A smart fellah, Doc.
Okay Ben, get going.
I call Mac at the
all-night bowling alley.
I say I want to reserve an alley for
tomorrow afternoon for a Mr Mike Finn.
That's right. He'll do the rest.
- Okay.
There's another thing
I like about this deal.
If anything goes wrong, Blake
will be nailed as the go-between.
Don't get all excited.
Blake was supposed to meet
you at the hotel, wasn't he?
By the time he got there Manning was
looking for you. He'd find Blake and ..
Blake would get the idea very quick.
Where's Gladys?
She's in the shack at the end
of the pier. You got a gun?
Yeah, how about you?
- I'm all set.
Look, there's only four guys there.
Let's go out and surprise them.
No, wait. We got to figure an
angle. She's in a tough spot.
Doc can hang for this. And
you can only hang him once.
Right. Never thought of that.
Do they know we followed?
- No. They feel safe.
They must make contact sometime.
There's no phone out there.
They must go to the store to make calls.
- Good.
What's the idea?
- Shut up. Come on.
You the watchman, buddy?
- Yeah, but ..
He's in on it. He's been using
that store phone all day.
You have company out there, haven't you?
- Are you kidding?
Nobody ever comes out there.
How would you like for
me to dump you in there?
I got company.
Is the girl alright?
She's alright.
What are you coming here for?
To us the phone.
We'd better work fast, Nick.
Stay here and watch him.
He should have been back by now.
Maybe he's had a tough
time making the call.
I should have sent one of you guys,
but since he knew the store ..
Maybe he's run into trouble?
- What trouble?
All that can happen to him is to
get run over on the highway.
That sum you were
talking about is fantastic.
Where could Mr Manning raise so
much money on such short notice?
If you'd only trust me
and forget about Nick.
Lady, I was beyond the trusting
stage when I was six years old.
Windy, take a look for that dumb cluck.
Don't you get lost.
- 0kay, Doc.
Al .. Ben.
- Come on guys, get going.
Underneath the pier.
Don't let me tell you twice.
Sit still, Windy.
The tide is coming in.
I'm getting my feet all wet.
What would you rather
have, wet feet or no feet?
See anything?
No, not a thing.
It's still foggy.
Doc, I got a feeling.
- Psychic, eh?
I got chills down my spine.
I tell you this one's gone wrong.
If you'd only listen to me.
Don't you start giving me any arguments.
Go outside and take a look.
You can't see a thing, Doc.
- What you afraid of, ghosts?
Well, it's might funny nobody
has come back, ain't it?
Keep your eyes on here.
I'll take a look.
Shake, maybe you'd listen.
Don't bother me, lady.
I got troubles of my own.
Gee, I was beginning
to figure you was lost.
What's the score, Doc?
- I don't know.
Someone must have grabbed
Ben and Windy. Who?
I say it's uncanny. That's what it is.
- Yeah.
We've got to make a break.
- Not down that pier, no.
Pull yourself together. We use Ben's
boat. Go see if you can start it.
What about ..?
- Take her with us.
We got to come in sometime.
If they spot her ..
They won't spot her.
Wait a second, Doc.
We didn't figure on that angle.
Get outside and do as I tell
you and stop trying to think.
Why don't we stay here
a little while longer?
Maybe there was trouble
putting the call through.
In a remote spot like this, well ..
Yeah. But he could send Ben
back to tell me, couldn't he?
Windy doesn't seem too intelligent.
A good argument Lady,
but I am taking no chances.
I'm flirting with the electric chair.
You wait here.
That wasn't a very
smart thing to do, lady.
Drop that gun, Doc.
Here, here!
I told you not to ..
- I know. I know, Nick.
I ain't going to make
it this time, Nick.
It's just as well.
- Take it easy.
You're going home with me.
Don't talk foolish.
Do you think I'd do time at my age?
I'd be an old man when I got out.
See the moon.
See the stars.
All for one dime.
I guess his time was up.
Nobody lives forever.
That's the way he looked at it anyway.
Who was he?
Just an old guy.
Down on his luck.
He said "Nick".
"Life goes by so fast".
"You wake up one morning
and you find you're old."
He was worried about us wasting time.
[ Police siren ]
You'll have plenty of
time to dry out now.