Nochnoy dozor (2004) Movie Script

As long as humanity has existed...
... there have been Others among us.
They're human, yet they have abilities
beyond those of ordinary men.
Witches, sorcerers, shape-shifters...
... the Others are as varied
as stars in the sky.
The Others are soldiers
in the eternal war:
The struggle between Dark and Light.
Light Others protected mankind
from the Dark Others...
... who plagued and tortured humans.
Legend tells of a day
when the two armies met on a bridge.
Geser, lord of the Light...
...and Zavulon, general of the Darkness,
faced each other.
And neither one would give way.
And so began a great battle...
...bloody and merciless.
Zavulon gloried in the slaughter.
ut Lord Geser wept.
As the screams of the dying
reached heaven...
... Geser realiZed the armies
were equally matched...
...and he knew that unless
the fighting stopped...
...every last soul would perish.
So he stopped the battle.
Thus, the forces of Light and Darkness...
...forged a truce.
Geser spoke for the Light...
...and Zavulon spoke for the Darkness.
And these things were agreed:
No one could be forced to good or evil
without choosing freely.
The soldiers of Light
would be called Night Watch...
...making sure Dark Others
obeyed the truce.
And the soldiers of Darkness would
be called Day Watch, to do the same.
And so the balance would be kept
for centuries to come.
ut one day, an Other would come...
...more powerful than any before him.
Like all Others, he would have to choose
between Light and Dark.
And his choice would
change the balance forever.
HI. I'm here about your ad.
DId you brIng a pIcture?
HoId on a sec.
-Let me see It.
Come InsIde.
It's messy In here,
go on Into the kItchen.
Have a seat, son. Take It easy.
You don't mInd that I caII you son,
do you?
You're aII IIke sons to me.
Look, here's what happened--
I know what happened. . .
. . .Anton.
You Ioved her, marrIed her. . .
. . .and then two days ago,
she packs her bags. . .
. . .and Ieaves you for another man.
See? I know everythIng.
The women In my famIIy have the gIft.
-Don't worry, I'II fIx your IIttIe probIem.
-Look, I just don't get It--
What's not to get?
She's pregnant, you know.
And the baby's not yours.
It's no probIem to get her back. . .
. . .but the baby wIII puII her away
from you, to the reaI father.
And destroyIng an Innocent chIId. . .
-. . .Is a great sIn.
-Is that so?
Oh, yes.
So you're sayIng to get my wIfe back. . .
. . .we need to kIII an unborn chIId--
It's easy.
I'II just cIap my hands, IIke thIs. . .
. . .and It wIII dIe, she'II mIscarry.
But you must
take the sIn upon yourseIf.
-WeII, I don't know--
-WIII you? Take It?
-The sIn?
-The sIn.
- Yeah, sure.
-Let's shake?
What the heII.
Don't worry. It won't hurt.
We just. . .
. . .mIx everythIng up.
Don't worry.
DrInk thIs. Don't worry,
everythIng's sterIIe wIth me.
Are you kIddIng? It's--
Are the IngredIents Important?
Or the effect?
-The effect.
-Then drInk It.
Go ahead.
What's the matter?
I can't be wIth you.
Good boy!
Now we have to take care of the brat.
SIt stIII, wItch!
Get her hands! Don't Iet her cIap!
MAN 1 :
Get her hands!
HeIp me, Mashenka!
Hurry, stupId doII!
Get away! Get away from me!
MAN 2:
Don't Iet her cIap--
MAN 1 :
TIger Cub!
HeIp! HeIp, somebody!
FuckIng cops. UsIng IIve baIt.
Let's just fIII out the report, okay?
I'm not guIIty.
Whatever. TeII It to the judge.
DarIa LeonIdovna. . .
. . .you stand accused
of vIoIatIng the truce. . .
. . .ArtIcIe 1 3, Paragraph B:
""ConspIracy and premedItated
attempt to assassInate. ""
Job and posItIon?
I'm a gardener.
Oh, yeah?
You got a gardener's IIcense?
Someone gave you a IIcense for that?
Who are you peopIe?
He can see us?
He can now.
He's an Other.
Come to me.
Come. I'm waiting.
MAN 1 :
You sure he's an Other?
MAN 2:
Yeah, Iook, he's a seer.
MAN 1 :
A seer?
Just what we need.
Another asshoIe
wIth vIsIons of the future.
What do you mean, ""vIsIons""?
Don't get any Ideas.
You're not pIayIng the Iotto
or anythIng.
MAN 1 :
VIsIons can't be controIIed.
Why Is It so dark?
You've sIIpped Into the GIoom.
It's a pIace onIy Others can go.
I don't understand.
-EverythIng's so dIfferent.
-Don't worry.
The worId hasn't changed.
Just you.
MAN 2:
Anton Gorodetsky.
MAN [ON TV] : We'll show you the
proper techniques for using live bait...
...such as minnows
and night crawlers....
We got it.
There's not much time,
it's almost dark.
It's going to be cold tonight.
Dress warm.
They're using the Call
to lure the victim to them.
We've traced it to the orange subway
line, but that's as far as we got.
You'll have to track them
on foot from there.
You have to get on
the same frequency as the victim.
Hear what he hears.
Feel the Call, like he does.
Can you feel it yet?
-You will.
A victim hearing the Call will have
high blood pressure, and may bleed.
The Call puts him in a sort of trance.
He doesn 't think about where he's
going, he just knows he has to get there.
Any signs he sees along the way...
...he tells himself they're instructions.
Anything he hears,
he takes for an order.
What do you want? Go away.
Don 't let him out of your sight.
I got It.
Don 't forget your weapon.
Got It.
And use the right light bulb this time.
You'll know you've found the victim...
... when you hear the Call
as clear as he does.
If you're not feeling it yet...
... try another swig of the red stuff.
I'm out of the shIt.
Need me to get more?
No, I'II handIe It.
What are you doIng up at thIs hour?
Just Iet me get dressed.
HI, neIghbor.
-Hey, Pop.
-I toId you not to brIng anyone here.
He's cooI.
It's stIII warm.
Is It pIg's?
PIg's bIood Is aImost
exactIy IIke human's.
They even use pIgs' organs
for transpIant these days.
""They"" who?
We IIke you very much, Anton.
-Our famIIy.
Me and Kostya.
Why dId you brIng hIm here?
Because he's turned Into one of us.
No, Kostya. He's a LIght Other,
one of the NIght Watch.
They drInk bIood
under onIy one condItIon:
When they hunt vampIres IIke us.
He stIII hasn't caIIed? Try hIm agaIn!
He's not pIckIng up.
Why not?
FIne. I'II caII hIm agaIn.
Where the heII Is he?
Underground, probabIy.
Must be.
I'm waiting.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come now.
You feeI IIke shIt, huh?
I feeI IIke chewIng your fuckIng ear off.
Don't you push me!
What's wrong wIth you?
QuIt shovIng!
WearIng sungIasses Indoors,
screechIng IIke a IunatIc.
Get a job.
I'm waiting.
Let's see some ID.
Anton Gorodetsky.
Take off your shades.
Have you been drInkIng?
Just bIood.
Drunk on bIood.
Drunk, aII rIght.
Drunk and dIsorderIy.
Grab hIm!
What the fuck you been drInkIng?
Get the heII out of here.
Come to me.
Got your location. Cold Street.
What's the address?
What's wrong?
Anton, don 't switch the phone off--
-Let's move.
I gotta drop some pounds.
Go on. DrInk hIm.
I can't do It.
WaIt. Come here.
Do It.
Boy? Where are you?
ThIs Is NIght Watch.
Step out of the GIoom now.
BEAR: Take the cross-town, It's faster--
- You wanna drIve?
SImeon, stop, It's red!
Run, boy!
UsIng IIve baIt, pIg?
No IIve baIt. Just me.
My teeth!
Hello? Anton?
Did you get the address?
SIMEON: What was that?
BEAR: Number 1 2.
-No, he saId "" 1 0. ""
-Ask hIm agaIn!
AndreI! Stop It!
Let hIm go! AndreI! No!
ZavuIon! It's ZavuIon!
AndreI, Iet hIm go!
Where are you?
I don't want to hurt you.
Come out of the GIoom.
BEAR: I toId you It was number 1 2,
but you wouIdn't IIsten.
Get hIm In the truck.
It's the Day Watch.
Your coIIeague Is charged wIth
the unIawfuI use of deadIy force.
DId he say somethIng?
I can't hear a thIng
over the truck engIne.
Sorry, we've got an emergency.
You mIght want to move that nIce car.
We wouIdn't want to
accIdentaIIy run over It.
See you.
CIty LIght Company. ThIs Is Geser.
It kInd of went bad, sIr.
-He killed one vampire.
-The femaIe escaped.
-Is he all right?
You know how many number 1 2's
there are on CoId Street?
es, yes, Is he aII rIght?
BrIng hIm to me rIght away.
On my desk!
AII rIght, aII of you out. . .
. . .rIght now. Go on.
Every NIght Watch offIcer. . .
. . .must be profIcIent In combat.
I don't need my peopIe. . .
. . .dyIng. . .
. . .or kIIIIng anyone eIse.
You shouId have gone
Into the GIoom. . .
. . .arrested the vampIre.
Not smashed hIm to bIts.
But everyone's actIng crazy IateIy.
Dark and LIght, breakIng the ruIes.
It's IIke somethIng's In the aIr.
I saw--
Go ahead. TeII me.
On the metro.
A woman.
Young? Pretty?
Not what I mean.
The vortex.
The vortex.
I saw It, over her.
I. . . .
LIsten carefuIIy, Anton.
You have to take me there.
Take me there.
TeII me.
QuIt shovIng!
It was on the metro.
Don't you push me!
There was a girl...
...a vortex over her head.
I turned the UV on her.
I thought she was a vampire.
ut she was something worse.
It's aII rIght.
It's aII rIght, Anton, come back.
DId you see her?
AnaIytIcaI department.
Emergency meetIng.
And check the weather forecast...
...for anything unusual over the city
in the next 24 hours.
She's the VIrgIn, the gIrI you saw.
Long ago, when the world was young...
... there was a virgin in yZantium.
She was a good woman,
pure and kind...
...and someone cursed her.
Wherever she went,
misfortune followed.
When she held a candle, it went out.
If she petted a puppy, it died.
When a bird ate from her hand,
it dropped to the ground.
In houses she visited, children died.
The force of the curse opened
a vortex of damnation around her.
And with it, the first forces of
Darkness were born into the world.
Warriors of Light
rose up to fight them...
...and the great battle between
Light and Dark began.
All because one human cursed another.
Legend says that one day the Virgin
shall again appear.
Again she shall be cursed...
...but this time her appearance heralds
the last battle.
For when the Virgin returns, the final
battle between good and evil shall begin...
...and the balance
will be broken forever.
The Great Other will appear. If he takes
the side of Light, Light will triumph.
ut wise men say he will
choose the Darkness.
For It Is easIer for a man to destroy
the LIght InsIde hImseIf. . .
. . .than to defeat the Darkness
aII around hIm.
The prophecy is coming true.
It's begun.
Put AIIce on.
It's ZavuIon.
Sounds serIous.
I'm kInd of busy rIght now.
-They kIIIed the haIrstyIIst.
Andrei. usted his head open on a sink.
- You know what to do.
-I'm on It.
We need to find Andrei's girlfriend.
The one with the burned face.
When did she turn?
Night Watch licensed Andrei to bite her.
She was so in love with him...
...she didn 't even run.
Young, beautiful, reckless,
you know the type.
Anyway, Andrei ate her
like a midnight snack.
Now he's dead and she's starving.
Then this will be easy.
-GIve It to me!
- you want It bad, don't you?
GIve It to me!
AndreI taught you how to use the CaII.
He dId. GIve It to me.
You were the one who caIIed the boy.
Do It agaIn.
And when he's In your hands. . .
. . .demand to see the one
who kIIIed your AndreI.
My AndreI. PIease gIve It to me.
GIve me!
You want revenge, don't you?
-PIease. PIease.
MAN: Don't torture her.
-She'II sure as heII fInd the brat now.
She'II snIff hIm out IIke a starvIng dog.
-Where are you goIng?
-I have to fInd hIm.
FInd who?
The boy.
What do you thInk you're goIng to do?
You're bareIy aIIve.
Your gIImpses of the future
aren't enough for fIeIdwork.
DrInkIng bIood, huntIng. . .
. . .you're not cut out for It.
That's not the poInt.
What Is?
We IIcense Dark Others ourseIves.
Then we use Innocent humans as IIve
baIt, to catch them breakIng the truce.
Says who?
Says me.
I'm sayIng It.
You don't understand.
You sIt In thIs offIce. . .
. . .you don't understand anythIng.
He's just a IIttIe boy.
A chIId.
To her, he's IIke a gIass of water
In the desert. . .
. . .torn from her hand
before she couId take a sIp.
If I don't fInd hIm, she wIII.
And she'II suck hIm dry.
I'II gIve you a partner.
You kIIIed a Dark Other, Anton.
ZavuIon won't forgIve you for that.
You need protectIon.
What's that?
It's OIga.
She'II heIp you.
What the fuck Is thIs?
SuIt yourseIf.
Owls are known...
...for their merciless killing instincts.
Every Other has to choose. . .
. . .LIght or Dark.
WhIch one are you?
Which one are you?
I'm not a kIIIer.
I dIdn't want hIm to dIe!
FInd out where she IIves and works. . .
. . .everyone she's come In contact wIth
In the Iast three days.
We've got to fInd who put
thIs damned curse on her.
Every mInute matters, understand?
If we can IIft the curse. . .
. . .we mIght stop the FInaI BattIe
before It starts.
A Iot Iess messy.
How much tIme do we have?
Not a Iot. Is that her?
ep. SvetIana Nazarova, 29 years oId.
Works at cIInIc number 1 7.
LIves wIth her mother In VatutInkI. . .
. . .near the aIrport.
SeveraI IncIdents IndIcate a curse:
Her mom is hospitaliZed.
Failed kidney, needs a transplant.
A friend's kid got sick
after she visited them.
And here's another thing:
Her neighbor,
who she calls ''Auntie Valya''...
... 78 years old,
she's a tough old bird...
...but last night she had to call
an ambulance.
Seems all it takes is for this girl
to look at you...
...for something terrible to happen.
HeIIo. HeIIo, AuntIe VaIya.
That Is the cutest puppy.
What kInd Is It?
MaxIm found her at work.
We can't keep her,
she has to go to the pound.
Mom, she can IIve wIth us.
Let her IIve, AuntIe VaIya.
-Take care.
-Thank you, Sveta dear.
You hungry?
My new partner, the feathered wonder.
Say somethIng.
TaIk to me.
Don't turn around!
Don't turn around!
Don't Iook!
-Are you. . .?
-Don't Iook at me!
Are you afraId?
The shower. . .
. . .Is over there.
Why dId they do thIs to you?
It was a punIshment.
How do I get thIs to work?
Uh, up, and Ieft for hot, rIght for coId.
I mean-- es.
I never heard of a punIshment IIke that.
You've never heard
of crImes IIke these.
Do you have any cIothes I can wear?
Sure. Just a sec.
You got any women's cIothes,
by chance?
Never mInd. Sorry.
Here. These were my mom's.
SomethIng wrong?
Come In for a sec.
You know, Anton. . .
. . .when a Dark Other goes away. . .
. . .goes away for good. . .
. . .we aII feeI It.
That's the way It Is, neIghbor.
It's the truce.
You know how It works.
How does It work, Anton?
Your guys and our guys have a deaI. . .
. . .that aIIows everythIng,
as Iong as we take turns?
WeII, there Is one thIng I don't get.
Why does your kInd get to Issue us
IIcenses, and not the other way around?
You know what our hunger Is,
you've feIt It yourseIf.
- es, I have.
What's thIs for?
It's soap.
What do you want me to say?
He was a cooI guy.
-He was a cooI guy!
""CooI guy""? He was a kIIIer.
He kIIIed defenseIess peopIe.
He turned a gIrI Into a vampIre.
She's IIke you now, onIy much worse.
She doesn't know how to IIve wIth It.
You IIcensed hIm to turn her.
Maybe they wanted
to be ImmortaI together.
They Ioved each other.
I dId my job.
That was good.
I've been waItIng 60 years
for a hot shower.
NIce vampIre you've got there.
He doesn't feed on the IIvIng.
Maybe not now,
but the tIme wIII come, won't It?
es! And when I do,
I'II come to you IegaIIy. . .
. . .and you'II gIve me
a fuckIng IIcense. . .
. . .won't you, neIghbor?
Let hIm go.
-He's my frIend.
-He's a vampIre.
-He's an Other.
-He wanted to kIII you.
-He brought you cIothes.
-We're stIII enemIes.
Get dressed.
Are these cIothes In styIe?
Don't know.
They're aII we've got.
Don't you have a gIrIfrIend?
I dId once. A Iong tIme ago.
How Iong ago?
Just Iong.
Where Is she now?
Don't know.
It's been 1 2 years.
DId you take your medIcIne?
DId you take your AndIpaI?
Good boy.
Experts say that the winds
building outside Moscow...
...are the strongest ever recorded....
HeIIo? It's IrIna.
I was wonderIng If you couId
spend the nIght here.
I'm worrIed about egor.
He's sIck agaIn. . .
. . .and I have to go to work.
You can't?
Are vampIres reaI?
es, egor.
They're IIttIe boys who suck the IIfe
out of theIr parents.
I'm serIous. They're reaI, I saw them.
HeIIo? HeIIo?
Zhenya? Is that you? No?
When do you expect her back?
Baby, what's up?
Baby, need a rIde?
HeIIo? HeIIo?
I'm IookIng for Zhenya.
Have you seen her? No?
Thanks a Iot.
Great. So nobody's home.
Here, here's your medIcIne.
Take It rIght now, you hear me?
The keys.
They're reaI, I saw them.
-Who's reaI?
Stop pIayIng games.
you're a bIg boy, you're oId enough
to stay home aIone.
Who are you?
I apologiZe. I assumed you knew.
I am Dracula.
Get out!
The vortex is 3 1 4 meters high...
...angle velocity currently
1 7 0 miles per hour...
. . .and we've got an aIrpIane
enterIng the red zone.
AIrpIane? What the heII?
FIIght out of AntaIya.
A bIrd got Into the turbIne.
A bIrd?
A crow.
Where Is the CaII comIng from?
-Seventh fIoor.
What bastard Ieft the door open?
It's her.
She's here.
She couId be anywhere.
It's safer If we go In
through the GIoom.
I see you.
Can he reaIIy?
- es. He must be an Other.
-How Iong can he stay In the GIoom?
Not Iong. He's had no traInIng.
How Iong do we have?
Ten seconds before
the GIoom consumes hIm.
-Stay away!
-Look at me. Look at me.
-Don't cIose your eyes.
-GIve me your hand.
-GIve me your hand.
I'm not afraId of you.
Open your eyes.
Don't touch hIm.
He's already lost.
OLGA: If we stay Ionger,
the GIoom wIII take us too.
The GIoom has started to take me.
We have to save egor.
DIstract the GIoom, feed It. . .
. . .and we can sIIp hIm out.
GIve It bIood.
It was so dark.
Why was It so dark?
DId you do that?
No. It's caIIed the GIoom.
You can see It because. . .
. . .you're an Other.
I'm not. . .
. . .IIke normaI peopIe?
Not anymore.
Is that a good thIng, or bad?
Just. . .
. . .dIfferent.
We have an emergency bulletin
from the National Forecast ureau:
Due to abnormally severe weather
conditions, a tornado watch is in effect.
So, what are ""the Others""?
WeII. . . .
Scoot over.
Some peopIe are born specIaI.
But they don't even know It.
How do they fInd out?
When they have to
do somethIng extraordInary. . .
. . .IIke IIft a car to rescue someone
who Is trapped. . .
. . .or defend themseIves
from a vampIre attack. . .
. . .somethIng awakens InsIde them.
And after that,
IIfe Is compIeteIy changed.
If there's no one cIose to you to expIaIn
what's happened to you. . .
. . .to traIn you In how
to use your new gIfts. . .
. . .you couId dIe.
Every Other has a dIfferent gIft.
Soon you'II dIscover yours.
you'II use your powers to serve Dark,
or LIght.
EGOR: What kInd of Others are you?
LIght or Dark?
Us? We're LIght.
What about me?
You'II have to decIde for yourseIf.
What's the dIfference between
Dark and LIght Others?
OLGA: AII Others draw theIr power
from what Is InsIde peopIe.
The Dark ones feed on darkness,
the LIght ones on IIght.
Understand? LIke food.
You don't eat normaI food?
Us? We wouId If someone offered.
My bad.
You IIke dumpIIngs?
DumpIIngs? I Iove dumpIIngs.
Look, I just don't get It--
What's not to get?
She's pregnant, you know.
And the baby's not yours.
Don't worry, I'II brIng her back.
WeII, I. . . .
-What's the probIem?
-No probIem.
What are you mutterIng about?
How do I know If It's true?
Trust me on thIs.
It's a boy.
Who's thIs?
How oId are you?
Are you sure she's not comIng back?
The vampIre gIrI.
She won't.
Not whIIe we're here.
Ah, damn.
DId you saIt the dumpIIngs?
The vortex is almost open...
...and he's still with the kid.
What do we do?
Just be patIent. . .
. . .and everythIng wIII come together.
Get ready. It's tIme.
PILOT: 753 to ground controI. ReQuest
permIssIon for emergency IandIng.
Negative, ground systems are down.
Circle at altitude and stand by.
I told you I needed all her contacts...
...for the last three days.
-Can you do that or not?
-I can't.
-The software's totaIIy outdated--
We're IeavIng.
We'II have to stop It on the ground.
CaII Anton. We'II send hIm to SvetIana.
HeIIo? HeIIo, Anton?
- es?
-We're moving the Hq to Vatutinki.
What's In VatutInkI?
Svetlana 's apartment.
It's ground Zero for the vortex.
We've got to stop it.
Tiger Cub and ear will replace you.
Here. Be more carefuI next tIme.
Are you IeavIng?
-TIger Cub and Bear wIII repIace us.
-What do you mean, ""Bear""?
egor. I'II be back soon.
AII rIght. I trust you.
Don't worry. They'II take care of hIm.
He'II be fIne.
It'II aII work out, Anton.
Watch the road, SImeon.
Watch the road, SImeon.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
PIease heIp.
-AuntIe VaIya Is dead.
MaxIm found her at work.
Mom, she can IIve wIth us.
-What's wrong?
-MaxIm's mother dIed.
Who the heII Is MaxIm?
The pressure's up.
But I can't see where the probIem Is.
We have to caII VaIya's son.
I can't. I just can't.
It's aII rIght. I'II caII hIm.
ShIt! My sausages are boIIIng over.
They're goIng to expIode.
Is thIs the power statIon?
MaxIm IvanovIch, pIease.
It's for you. Cover for me, okay?
ExpIodIng sausages.
-MaxIm IvanovIch?
Your mother Is dead.
Hello? Hello? Maxim Ivanovich?
Can you hear me?
ShIt. They're about to go.
Hang on, MaxIm.
Damn It, we're too Iate!
ANTON: It's goIng to faII on us!
Where Is It?
The vortex? RIght there.
MAN 1 :
KIII the juIce!
MAN 2:
UpstaIrs, get the cabIe up here!
Run the cabIe.
More, more!
SvetIana's apartment
Is across the way.
We're set up at ground zero.
--pubs for Instance.
Shut down aII pubs,
rock concerts, footbaII matches. . . .
NegatIve fIeId densIty of 87 percent.
The vortex Is growIng exponentIaIIy.
Got It, got It!
-Who are these peopIe?
-They IIve here.
Are you Insane?
ShouIdn't have been eatIng whIIe
watchIng TV. Bad for the eyes.
Have you found who cursed her?
Nobody cursed her. Nobody.
You act IIke you've never heard
of the ApocaIypse.
What's the bIg deaI? A vortex?
I remember In 1 941 ,
when I stepped on a IandmIne.
Now, that was a huge hoIe.
SInce then, my rIght ear hears okay,
but my Ieft. . . .
I've anaIyzed the vortex's growth rate.
It's goIng to bIow soon.
We have to get out of here.
What does the poInty arrow do?
Don't touch that!
DId I ask for your heIp?
Looks IIke you need It,
you fuckIng hacker.
FIeId densIty's 92 percent.
We're runnIng out of tIme.
Have you trIed every IntersectIon?
FIne, go ahead, you try It.
Let's see.
HACKER: I've checked aII her frIends,
famIIy, acQuaIntances.
Not one.
Not a sIngIe Other among them.
No one who couId create
a curse thIs bIg.
What motherfucker cursed her?
Mother, there's a thought.
Look, I'II show you.
Nazarova, Sergeyevna, born 1 947.
Former schooIteacher, now retIred.
CurrentIy In the hospItaI
wIth kIdney faIIure.
Anton, Geser Is waItIng for you.
I've checked her a thousand tImes.
Look, Iook!
She's not an Other.
ANTON: ""Anton Gorodetsky,
reveaIed as an Other 8/1 9/92.
Chose to joIn the LIght.
Became an offIcer of NIght Watch.
FrIendIy wIth hIs neIghbor,
who Is a Dark Other.
HIstory of aIcohoI abuse.
ConsIdered capabIe of kIIIIng.
FIrst came to attentIon of NIght Watch
durIng the arrest of Mrs. SchuItz. . .
. . .for IIIegaI practIce of dark magIc
under faIse pretenses. ""
FaIse pretenses?
Why did you lie to him?
You knew it was his child.
You knew it was his child.
Come on, Anton. Let's go.
Let's go.
Anton, come on.
What's the matter wIth you?
Geser wants to see you.
The LIght Other wIth the dark past.
I've been IookIng for you.
Who's that barkIng In the shadows?
Knock It off, ZavuIon.
KIII the IIghts.
You InvIted me here after aII. . . .
GIve hIm the protectIon charm.
I'm not the one who kIIIed
someone IIIegaIIy--
He needs to be protected agaInst you.
-Throw It.
-ShouId I?
Behave yourseIf, ZavuIon.
Repeat after me:
you have no power over me, ZavuIon.
You have no power over me, ZavuIon!
WeII, I'II Ieave you two aIone.
Let's go, UgIy.
See you soon.
Go to her apartment,
fInd out who cursed her.
And then?
There are two ways to stop the vortex:
EIther fInd out who cursed her. . .
. . .and make them IIft It. . .
. . .or she has to dIe.
Are you teIIIng me to kIII her?
One IIfe agaInst thousands.
Maybe mIIIIons.
Door code Is 1 322.
ANTON: What If she recognIzes me
from the metro?
OLGA: Tell her you're one
of her patients, feeling sick.
She sees hundreds of patients,
she'll think you're one of them.
Anton, do you want me
to sing you something?
HeIIo, Dr. Nazarova.
Can I heIp you?
I'm sorry to bother you at home.
You have enough on your hands
at work.
It's aII rIght, come In. I'II take a Iook.
Just Iet me wash my hands.
-Is she as pretty as you remember?
-How's egor?
Don 't worry, Tiger Cub and ear
are taking care of him.
Come to me.
It's tIme for you to go.
Are you kIckIng us out?
No. But my mom
wIII come home soon.
How do I expIaIn you two?
Say we're eIectrIcIans.
FIxIng the IIghts.
Watch thIs.
Why do they caII you ""Bear""?
TIGER CUB: Because he's a
shape-shIfter, that's hIs gIft.
He can turn Into a bear.
Me, I can become a tIger.
Show me.
Show you what?
How you turn Into a bear.
Some other tIme, egor.
You're just embarrassed.
Embarrassed? About what?
If you change,
your cIothes wIII rIp up. . .
. . .and I'II see you naked.
That doesn't embarrass me.
So change. I promIse I won't Iook.
Come to me.
What Is thIs, the cIrcus?
egor! WaIt!
egor! Come back!
egor, waIt!
I dIdn't get the name yet.
LIe down, I'II be rIght there.
LIe down where?
LIe down where?
RIght In here.
Where does It hurt?
My stomach. I thInk It's an uIcer.
Does that hurt?
- es.
-How often?
AII the tIme.
Have you been under a Iot of stress?
You know, the usuaI.
Does It hurt here?
It shouIdn't.
No. That's not an uIcer.
What Is It, then?
You're absoIuteIy heaIthy.
ReaIIy? Then why am I here?
ExactIy. Why are you here?
Stay back!
I'II onIy taIk to the one
who kIIIed my AndreI.
-Who the heII's AndreI?
-Get hIm here! Now!
Get out! RIght now!
- You've been cursed.
You have a curse.
You're crazy.
The vortex Is expandIng,
do somethIng, now!
-I'm here to fInd out. . . .
-FInd out what?
No, no. I've come to apoIogIze.
FIne. I forgIve you. Now Ieave.
- You haven't asked why.
Because I pushed you In the subway.
It's okay.
But I dId It on purpose.
You stood In my way, and I pushed you.
ForgIve me.
-I forgIve you!
-CaII Anton! Now!
-Okay, okay.
See, I'm caIIIng hIm.
PIease, go away.
Why are you doIng thIs?
Do you want a drInk?
I've got some wIth me.
Get Anton here!
She won't waIt. What shouId we do?
-Have a drInk wIth me.
-Are you nuts?
What? OIga, It's Bear.
-What's up?
-They Iost hIm.
- egor!
The vampiress wants Anton!
PIay for tIme!
It wasn't for you, Anton.
TeII me what happened!
What the heII happened?
The vampIre has egor.
She wants you to come.
My mother Is dyIng.
It's my fauIt.
I wanted her to dIe.
I thought that If It weren't for her. . .
. . .I'd have been marrIed wIth a chIId
Iong ago.
And as soon as I thought that. . .
. . .the hospItaI caIIed
and saId her kIdney faIIed.
That she needed a transpIant.
So I offered my own kIdney.
I passed the tests. . .
. . .but she refused.
I knew she wouId.
I dId It on purpose, you understand?
If I'd kept my mouth shut,
she wouId have taken the transpIant. . .
. . .but I toId her I was the donor,
because I knew she'd refuse.
I've cursed myseIf, I'm damned!
That's It!
Anton, you got It.
She cursed herself. She's an Other.
The curse is lifted. She's taken it back.
You shouIdn't say thIngs IIke that.
""Damned"" Isn't just a word.
That's It. Let's go.
WaIt. Let me. It's okay.
Here I am!
Here I am, Iet hIm go.
Take off the charm.
FIne. There.
Toss the fIashIIght too.
-It won't hurt you--
-Do It!
Okay, okay!
Just don't do anythIng stupId.
You want some bIood? Here.
I want my IIfe.
Then IIve.
Who's stoppIng you?
I want to be human agaIn.
You want to be human?
Then behave IIke a human beIng.
Do you behave IIke human beIngs?
I Ioved hIm. . .
. . .and you peopIe gave me to hIm. . .
. . .IIke food.
And then kIIIed hIm. ou dId.
I had no choIce.
He broke the truce.
You, the LIght ones, the good ones. . .
. . .you say you protect the worId
from Darkness.
Where were you
when he drank my bIood?
Why can't I drInk the boy's?
Because I won't Iet you.
egor, run!
Get away. Get away.
Get away!
Go on, get back!
Son of a bItch.
Lost the charm?
Where Is he? Where's my son?
- egor!
- You have no rIght to Interfere.
Hush, now, hush. Take It easy.
I brought you the charm.
DId you reaIIy want to kIII me?
ZAVULON: es, you dId.
Don't beIIeve hIm,
I dIdn't want to kIII you.
AIIce, read It.
""NIght Watch Arrest Report,
dated August 1 9, 1 992.
Mr. Gorodetsky vIsIted Ms. SchuItz. . .
. . .resIdIng at 1 0, Starozachatsky AIIey.
He paId a fee to Ms. SchuItz. . .
. . .for a servIce InvoIvIng dark magIc.
HavIng been warned by her,
he stIII agreed. . .
. . .to bear responsIbIIIty. . .
. . .for murderIng the unborn chIId
of hIs wIfe, IrIna Petrova. ""
So you reaIIy dId want to kIII me.
es, but. . .
-. . .then I found you, and I wanted--
-To kIII me?
you wanted to kIII me?
egor! PIease!
Don't go wIth them! They are Dark!
You're no better than the Dark.
You're worse.
You IIe. You onIy pretend to be good.
I've been waItIng centurIes for thIs.
Those fated to drown. . .
. . .wIII drown.
Those fated to faII from a roof. . .
. . .wIII faII.
ThIs boy was aIways fated to be great.
But It was you who made hIm
choose the Dark.
It's done now, you can't change It.
Stay away from hIm.
I wIII take care of hIm now.
You set aII thIs up, dIdn't you?
You bastard.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Go on.
That's It. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on. Come on.
Go ahead. Go on.
Come on.
And so it came to pass...
... the Great Other
came into the world...
...and chose the side of evil.
Legend says he will plunge the world
into darkness.
ut so long as there are those among us
who believe in Light...
... there will be hope.