Nocturama (2016) Movie Script

Hello, I reserved a room for
Sophie Baroud for one night.
- Your room key.
- Thanks very much.
- Have a good day, miss.
- You too. Goodbye.
- Hello, miss. - Hi, I reserved a room
for Sophie Baroud for one night.
- Hello. I have a meeting here
with the minister. - Yes.
- Ask at the reception.
- Thanks.
What's up?
It's not fucking working.
Try more slowly.
It's not working, okay?
It's Fred, on door 4.
Can you release N7?
It's a delivery for the studio.
Lock it again later.
- It stays unlocked?
- Yeah, leave it for now.
- Keep an eye out.
- No sweat. Over and out.
Message received.
- May I have your credit card, please?
- Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Here you go.
- Is there a problem?
- Not at all.
I'll be right back.
Sorry, will you pay with this card?
- Uh, no, with cash.
- You haven't signed the back.
Go on. I'll take the stairs.
Fuck, you're slow.
- This is for David.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Mr. Devaux? Your appointment's
at 3:30? - Yes.
- Come with me.
- Thank you.
How are things going at Sciences Po?
Very well, nice and smooth.
I'm aiming for the ENA in two years.
Very good.
So what are you studying now?
Civil service law.
It's okay, it's not too difficult.
Who's your professor?
- Jean-Bernard Auby.
- Ah, an excellent teacher.
- Been here before?
- Yes, twice.
I won't show you around then.
And how's your father doing?
Where R U?
the bench
on the square
- Lookin' for me? - Yeah,
mom wants you. - Yeah? Why?
She went through your stuff.
I think she found something on your
laptop. She was yelling and crying.
- She was crying?
- Crying and hitting the wall.
She can't go through my stuff!
- What's on the computer?
- Just shit for school.
- Come on, what is it?
- Nothing.
- Tell me.
- I'll go over and then we split.
- Wanna sing for us, Yacine?
- Not now.
- Please, come on.
- No. I'm not some clown, okay?
He's not a clown.
I'm gone in an hour.
I'm working later.
If they don't see me by then,
I'll split.
You're fucking crazy.
In a job like this,
you'll be bored shitless.
A parking garage all night...
It's okay, I don't care. It's better
than having a boss always on my back.
- How many will they take?
- No idea.
Both looking for work?
No, just him. I have a job.
Been looking long?
Yeah, a year or so.
A year? Bummer...
- But you're really looking?
- Yeah, I'm looking.
I look every day,
but there's nothing.
How about you? How long?
No, not too long.
Do they hire you right away?
Not usually, no.
But they'll call you soon.
Done this before?
No, it's my first time.
- And you?
- No.
What do you do?
I work in a restaurant.
Creating Jobs
in small and average sized companies
HSBC tightens its belt
with close to 50,000 lay-offs
Hello, sir.
- Hello. - Do you have
an account here? - Yes.
- May I have the account number?
- I don't know it by heart.
I'm here to deposit a check.
Can you hold up a piece of ID
to the camera, please?
Sorry, I don't have my ID on me.
But my account's here.
Your name, please.
- Your first name?
- Andr.
Your date of birth?
September 17, 1992.
Your address?
64, Rue du Bac, but...
Hurry, I'm claustrophobic.
Can I come in?
Sorry, we have new security measures.
"The situation recalls Chile
in the 70s
"when Nixon was attempting
to overthrow Allende
"to prevent similar movements
in the USA's backyard.
"Make the economy scream,"
Nixon ordered.
"Afterwards, Pinochet's tanks took over.
"The silent coup in Greece
used more modern tools."
Will you help me?
Yeah, of course.
It's all there.
All of last year's subjects.
In history, you have an essay
to do in four hours.
Subjects on the 20th century.
Last year, you had...
"Economic growth, globalization
and social changes since 1850,"
"War and totalitarianism
since 1900,"
and "The stakes facing France
at the turn of the century."
Which one did you do?
I'd only revised that.
Always stick to the same plan.
In part A, expose the problem
and define it.
In B, explain it.
In part C, take it to its paroxysm
to define the limits.
And in D, suggest a solution.
You can add a risky theory, too.
Something politically incorrect,
or even unacceptable.
Even if they don't like it.
They'll want you to fuel the debate.
What was your theory?
I ended saying
the 20th century was proof
that so-called perfect democracy
becomes its own enemy.
It can only be judged by its enemies,
not its results because...
the results brought us to
the end of civilization.
I don't understand a word.
Going further, civilization is a condition
for the downfall of civilization.
I won't take the exam.
Why not? It's cool.
Be honest...
this place kills thinking.
You can think in political schools.
We'll both end up like our fathers.
They're alike?
You bet.
And I'm like mine?
You've never attended a class.
- This is true.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, Yacine.
- Enjoy.
what comes after decadence?
And when rebirth is death,
what happens?
David... Andr.
He's doing the exam too.
Want a drink?
I'm okay.
- Live nearby?
- No, I live in Aubervilliers.
Ah, okay...
Everyone thinks the Bastille column
was made for the 1789 revolution.
But it wasn't built until 1830.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, look.
"The golden statue at the top
represents Liberty personified.
"On July 27th, 28th and 29th, 1830,"
"Paris rose up and overthrew Charles X.
"Later that year,
the government decided to build
"a bronze memorial to the victims
of the Three Days.
"The inauguration saw
the solemn transfer of the remains.
"Berlioz wrote music for the event.
"His 'Funeral and Triumphal Symphony'
was played on the boulevards of Paris,
"with Berlioz conducting.
"He led the parade of musicians
that ended on Place de la Bastille."
You like kissing me there?
- Good luck. All my best to your father.
- Thanks.
See you soon, maybe
here for your internship.
Thank you. Have a good day.
Don't answer it.
Don't answer it!
unknown number
I'll do this floor,
you do 29.
Hold on.
- We stay together.
- No.
We said the 28th and 29th floor.
Go on up.
Go up!
What's it called?
This is Semtex.
Developed in the 1960s
in Yugoslavia.
It's not made anymore.
There are 40,000 tons left
around the world.
Keep it carefully
and it'll last years.
They did that in Libya.
Where's this from?
This was stolen
from a civil security site
just outside Lyons.
30 kilos stolen.
How much is here?
Around 250 grams.
I got 4 kilos total.
But 250 grams is enough
to destroy a jetliner.
Are you okay?
Have some vodka.
Can I crash here tonight?
Otherwise I have to go to Saint-Denis.
No worries.
Sign it.
It's a swipe, you don't need a PIN.
It's to secure the room.
Pay cash.
It'll be 3 or 400 hundred euros.
400 euros? Per night?
Fuck, that's expensive!
I could buy other stuff.
Relax, I'm kidding.
- And the cherry-picker?
- Greg'll bring it.
Around 3:30.
It'll be there when she comes out.
Take the red. Take the red!
You're dead.
What do we do with the leftover Semtex?
Omar hides it in the storeroom.
We can get to it
if things are screwed up.
- What time do we meet?
- Just after.
At 7 o'clock. 7PM.
No calls.
You all dump your phone, okay?
We meet up at the store.
It's still open at 7.
We blend into the crowd.
Go on.
Hello. I've reserved...
Hello, I've reserved a room
for Sophie Baroud.
No, too stressed.
Say it more calmly and simply.
Step back, then walk up to me.
Do it again.
Hello, I've reserved a room
for Sophie Baroud.
Again. Say it like you've repeated it
ten times at home.
It's no good?
No. Look me in the eye,
like you're used to doing it.
It's the safest place going.
It's too dangerous going home.
If we're identified...
It's unlikely, but you never know.
If it goes well, we head home at 6AM.
Omar will handle security and the alarm.
- How?
- It's dead simple.
There are about 60 cameras.
All linked to security HQ.
Hello, I've reserved a room
for Sophie Baroud.
Cut them all
and the cops get an alert.
We leave 5 recordings
going to avoid that.
The other cameras keep filming,
but only in the security center.
Is it fail-safe?
I know the system inside and out.
Hello, I've reserved a room
for Sophie Baroud.
That's better.
Look me in the eye
and sound confident.
- Watch your voice.
- I stare?
I'll cover you from the tower.
Even with empty floors,
people can be there.
Can we smoke it?
Don't move!
- Don't move.
- I'm security too.
I'll put my gun down and go.
Freeze, I said.
I know you. I'm security, too.
Move and I'll shoot!
- Mr. Devaux...
- That's right. Thanks.
- Have a good day.
- Thanks.
Are you okay?
Sorry, I didn't see you.
Are you okay?
Thank you, goodbye.
This way, please. Thank you.
Madam, please...
Have a good evening.
Sir. Exit this way.
Follow behind them, please.
Young lady, leave now, please.
It's a shit storm out there.
- Any news?
- No connection.
A skyscraper blew up.
The Ministry of the Interior, too.
- The city's on fire. It's war.
- What else?
No idea.
The network's saturated.
- How many dead?
- No idea.
See you after the rounds.
I'm not going out.
What's going on?
Nothing. The door was open.
Forget it. Carry on.
Still no connection.
Lights out. Put the news on.
All clear! I'm down here!
Did anyone screw up?
- Not me.
- Sure?
No one was followed?
Omar? Is the alarm off?
No sweat.
- And the guards?
- All set, too.
You tied them up?
I aimed a gun at them.
Then I gagged them
and tied them up.
No worries, you can trust me.
Stay off the lighting aisle.
The cameras and sensors
are still recording there.
It's off limits.
The rest is okay.
- The shift change?
- We let them work.
The security center is only
used in the evening.
The cleaners never go in.
It's secure.
- Omar, you're sure no one can see us?
- Don't worry.
There's no street view.
Weird. It's dead quiet.
- Outside, I mean.
- You can't hear much from here.
Fred and Greg are missing.
- Fred's dead.
- What do you mean, dead?
He got shot in the tower.
- How?
- No idea, I didn't see it.
I heard it from the corridor.
I don't know who opened fire first.
Then another guard arrived.
He tried to stop Fred
but Fred tried to talk.
But that didn't help.
The guy shot him anyway.
And Greg? Why isn't he here?
No idea, but Fred's dead anyways.
You saw Fred get killed?
- No, but I heard it.
- You heard?
Maybe he wasn't the one killed.
I feel rough.
What's wrong?
Dunno. I feel rough.
I want to puke.
Drink or eat something.
- I think my arm's broke.
- How that?
A car knocked me down
and my arm really hurts.
- Do you hurt anywhere else?
- Here.
We'll get you something.
Come on.
How did it happen?
I crossed without looking.
What did you do after?
Nothing. I got up and ran off.
No one followed you?
No, I swear. I ran off fast.
Come with me.
Show me.
Can you move it?
Okay, it's not broken.
Just a nasty blow.
What did we say we do now?
We stay holed up here.
It'll be insanity outside.
We go out tomorrow evening,
not before.
If everything's okay,
we head home.
You dumped your phones?
Even new, unidentified ones
are dangerous.
Omar, where is the Semtex?
- In the store room.
- Show me.
What happened?
We blew everything up.
- Where were you when it went off?
- I didn't hear a thing.
I took the metro and got here
as fast as I could.
- Here it is.
- Great.
If all else fails...
we can blow this place up, too.
As long as no one screwed up
it'll be fine.
Show me your gun.
Your phone's off?
No. In case my boss calls.
You told mom
you wouldn't be home?
I said I'd be at Mika's.
And you?
At Katia's.
I screwed up with the credit card.
How so?
When I handed over the card,
the woman went into an office.
She said it was because
I hadn't signed it.
She didn't need to
go to an office for that!
I bet that bitch ratted on me.
No. It's just a piece of plastic
with a fake name.
Your prints aren't on file anyway.
You're being paranoid.
- Don't worry about it.
- I dunno.
This quiet is freaking me out!
The place must be soundproofed.
Think we can smoke?
No, they must have detectors.
Fuck, it's huge here.
Yeah, mind-blowing.
We should've set a bomb here too.
It's weird doing nothing.
What can we do?
Dunno. What time is it?
10 PM.
Where are we?
I need to move.
Hold on.
I'll come with you.
Are you there?
Anybody there?
How about some light?
Will someone see?
No, there's no windows.
The guys working here must go crazy.
Start the escalator up, too.
I'm sick of wearing this.
Don't watch me change.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Why the knives?
They might come in handy.
You never know.
Greg missing freaks me out.
How'll he get in?
He'll figure something out.
Careful, please.
What was that?
That was me.
- I broke something.
- Fucking watch out!
Are you there?
Think we killed many people?
No idea.
We tried not to. Forget it.
We know nothing. It's crazy.
Look, it's the same one I use.
Why do you do this stuff?
It's okay. Are you scared?
No, I'm not scared.
But I never thought
I could do such a thing.
You're beautiful.
Go on.
Help yourself to clothes upstairs.
Not too loud!
Don't worry.
Can we turn these on?
Yeah, I guess.
I don't know how, though.
I'll check.
- Are they working?
- No.
Hold on.
And now?
It's wild, seeing it for real.
What's that?
- What?
- The music.
Willow Smith.
She was 10 when she sang this.
Seen the video?
It's totally sick.
Who cares?
Check out the sound.
It's awesome, huh?
I'm fucking locked out!
Still no connection.
Won't the cleaners find the guys
in the security center?
No, they don't go in there.
Won't they suspect something?
Nah, I'll be around.
They don't give a shit.
It's every man for himself here.
- Can I smoke?
- No.
Not here,
you'll set off the detector things.
- Where did you find it?
- The toy aisle.
- And this one?
- It's Omar's.
- Sure it's real?
- Yeah.
Don't screw around, okay.
Screw around? Are you serious?
The others screw around
with music and clothes.
It's all bullshit.
We'll put it all back.
And these?
What's after men's clothing?
Dunno, we didn't go there.
Good evening.
How's it going?
Fine, okay.
What's going on?
It's total panic.
I don't really know.
But I don't know where.
Want to come in?
- Where?
- Inside the store.
It's open tonight.
What are you doing in there?
It's my dad's store.
He said I could invite some friends.
If you're cold...
there's plenty to drink.
- Good wine, if you feel like it.
- Dunno.
What's your name?
Well, Jean-Claude...
I'm waiting for my wife.
Okay, well...
When she arrives, come in.
I'll put a wedge under the door.
Just pull it open.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are the others?
Watching TV.
Are you okay?
You asshole.
It's a day of total terror.
You heard the President earlier.
In a short but intense speech.
He speak several times
of the word 'horror'.
He has promised the use
of 'unlimited resources'
he added from the Elyse.
This afternoon near the Louvre...
an explosion started a fire.
- That is now under control.
- Turn it off.
No, hold on.
Wait to see if there are any dead.
Turn it off.
They'll only talk crap.
All nonsense.
We did what we had to.
Don't go on the net
at home tomorrow.
There'll be bullshit comments.
We don't need that.
Hey, the connection's back.
The police say the attack
may be linked to the others,
but was carried out
by different people.
Not much on Facebook.
So get better friends
and turn that shit off.
We should've blown up Facebook.
Turn around.
Turn around.
I'm ready to die.
After my death, carry out an autopsy
to see if I was mentally deranged.
What do we do?
I dunno.
What time is it?
Quarter past midnight.
Another ten hours to wait.
I'm going to smoke.
I'll be back.
It's wild.
Want to try it?
Excuse me, do you
know what time it is?
No, sorry.
Do you know what happened today?
I'm a bit lost.
I don't know much more.
Several simultaneous bombs, fires...
It seems calmer now.
Some people are overjoyed.
And then you see others crying
they say it's war.
But I think it's over now.
I think they're finished.
Do they know who did it?
Apparently they'll be found.
No one's claimed anything.
Valls says there are serious leads.
But he won't say more.
He just said they
may not be foreign.
But, quite frankly...
Frankly what?
It was bound to happen, right?
I dunno. I guess.
You bet.
It had to happen.
It really had to happen.
And now it has.
Don't move!
Don't move.
I'm security too.
I'll put my gun down and go.
Freeze, I said.
I'm security too.
- Fuck.
- Move and I'll shoot!
I'm starving!
- Got a euro?
- No, I left them back in my jeans.
Got a euro?
Great job getting to the store room.
I told you I'd make it and I did.
I just had to reach the back stairs.
It was tough.
No, it was easy.
Turn around.
- What?
- Some makeup.
No, cut it out.
Just relax.
Don't move.
My handsome warrior.
And I'm not a warrior?
Your turn next.
You're handsome.
- Got plans tomorrow night?
- Me?
I told my mom I'd be home.
- You?
- Dunno.
Where were you?
All the doors are locked,
he can't get in.
Stop worrying.
Maybe. But it stresses me out
not knowing where he is.
Maybe he's dead,
maybe he's talking...
What do you mean?
What time is it?
Not eating?
Not hungry?
Something wrong?
I'm okay, I'm just a bit tired.
Tired, all of a sudden.
To Fred.
And to us!
I don't want any trouble, okay?
We were told we could come in.
It's okay,
she was just surprised to see you.
There's food and drink.
Make sure you're not seen
if you go back out.
You realize what you're doing?
Yes, I know exactly.
They'll eat some food
and we'll never see them again.
Think they'll rat on us?
They're homeless.
What is this?
Are you kidding?
You're totally sick!
Look around, Yacine,
before you get mad like that.
You're a nutjob.
Don't let them
out of your sight, okay?
Only let them go
if someone takes over.
Or we shoot them.
Cut it out, you dumb jerk.
What time is it?
David, I'm starting to freak out.
Why? Because of them?
I dunno. No, it's...
It's the idea of going out
tomorrow and seeing it all.
I don't know.
Don't worry, baby.
Come with me.
This is too big for me.
We're all gonna die.
We're all gonna die.
- We're all gonna die.
- We aren't.
- Yes, we will.
- No.
A cop watched me on the cherry-picker.
Then he left, but he saw everything.
- They'll find us and we'll all die.
- No.
Yes, we're going to die.
Come and see.
No information yet on the
number of terrorists
or their identity.
A crisis meeting is underway
at the Elyse...
- How did this happen?
- Dunno.
- How is it possible?
- No idea.
Don't tell the others.
Why not?
It'll only panic them.
The cops won't just show up.
We might've rigged explosives
or have hostages.
We have to stay calm.
I never set the bomb.
I left the tower before.
Too bad.
- Where're you going?
- The storeroom.
Everything okay, Omar?
Great sound, huh?
Anything on the news?
Yeah. Nothing new.
Wake up.
- I fell asleep.
- Come on, get dressed.
Get dressed.
Get dressed.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Nothing.
Want a wedding dress?
- Take one.
- No. I don't care.
Come on.
- What's wrong, David?
- Nothing.
Wait here for me,
I'll be back.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I'll put the rest
on the other side.
- Okay. Need a hand?
- No.
Talk to the others.
We'll use this to negotiate.
Want to get in with me?
No, thanks.
Think we'll get caught?
But I don't give a damn.
- You don't?
- No.
No, I don't.
We did something wild
that no one has done before.
Do you realize?
Nothing will be the same again.
And you know what?
We'll go to paradise.
Not just me, you too.
And all the others.
What're you drinking?
Let me try some.
You know, our history teacher...
She told us this totally crazy story.
During the Iran-Iraq war,
Iran sent children
and old folks
to clear mines.
They sent them out as scouts.
They promised them paradise.
So the kids went to clear the mines.
- Loads were blown up.
- So they're in paradise?
No. No, no, no.
That's not the crazy part.
Just before sending kids,
they sent donkeys.
But the donkeys
refused to move after a while.
So they sent kids instead.
Give me your telephone.
- Who are you calling?
- Forget it.
Hi Mom, it's me.
I know it's early,
but I had something to tell you.
The garage door is still broken.
I'm worried you might end up
locked in.
Get it repaired, okay?
And... I'll come to lunch on Sunday.
Just make sure you don't get
locked in, okay?
Lots of love, Mom.
See you Sunday.
I love you.
Where are the others?
Get in with me.
No, come on.
I said I didn't want to.
Where's Mika?
No idea.
Shit, Greg.
What time is it?
4 AM.
Where the fuck were you?
I ran.
I didn't stop.
When I left the guy's office,
I ended up on the street.
In the confusion,
I still had my gun.
I forgot to hide it.
I fucking forgot to hide it.
I had the gun in my hand.
I started running like crazy.
I kept thinking:
"You won't get into the store.
"It's too late.
You won't get in."
"You won't get in."
So I stopped running.
I just stood there.
So I blew my brains out
rather than end up in jail.
Wouldn't you have done that?
Tell me the truth.
Wouldn't you have done that?
Huh? Mika?
Wouldn't you have done that?
Okay. Lots of love, Mom.
See you Sunday.
I love you.
I had a fucking horrible nightmare.
Want to see a real nightmare?
...which means the police operation all the more delicate,
all the more complex.
The Interior Ministry
has limited us to studio broadcasts.
These images won't be shown again
...until the end of the operation.
What will happen next, Franois Bo?
How will the forces of order
go about this?
Given the selected targets, these aren't
terrorists but enemies of the state.
Officially, it means that
negotiation is no longer obligatory.
that the only --
- There's a full sound system?
- Yeah.
Put some music on, please.
I'm gonna fuck you...
What's up?
- We have Semtex, but no detonators.
- What?
We have Semtex, but no detonators.
How come?
We never planned on using it.
Take some and look for an exit.
- Enjoying yourself?
- Yes, it's quite tasty.
What time is it?
Time for coffee
and buttered bread.
It's over.
- What's over?
- It's over, okay.
I love you.
Shit, I was looking all over.
Where were you?
I'm here.
You like this, right?
I love it.
Where're you going?
To find coffee.
Frankly, man to man,
isn't this look totally wild?
Drop the gun!
You like this, right?
I love it.
I always watched it as a kid.
Where're you going?
To find coffee.
Frankly, man to man,
isn't this look totally wild?
Drop the gun!
I'm gonna die.
What do we do?
- What the fuck do we do?
- No idea.
I have this.
Take the gun.
Give me that.
- Be right back.
- Where're you going?
I didn't tie up the guards.
- I killed them.
- Why did you do that?
- Dunno.
- Shit.
On three, we run for the stairs.
You go first.
Hold on, not just yet.
Help me...
Help me.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me.
Oedipax for KG