Nocturne (2016) Movie Script

- Jo.
Glad you could make it,
come on in, come in.
- Am I early?
- Too early for a
graduation party?
No such thing.
I've been partyin'
since yesterday.
Can I get you one?
- Jo!
You okay hun?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Probably just
So glad you could make it.
- I'm just gonna
grab you that drink.
- I figured you'd be
at Hannah's tonight.
I heard she had a live DJ.
- We don't really get along.
- Yeah well, she's a bitch.
Heard she got crabs at Dylan
Frilbrigers pre-game party.
I got work to do.
- Hey Jo.
I didn't know you were coming.
- Yeah well, I heard
about Isaac's party
and I needed to
get out for a bit.
- It's Isaac's house,
but it's Vi's party.
Oh pooch!
Get outta here.
So, anybody coming to
town to see you walk?
- I mean, it's not like I
accomplished anything amazing.
I just managed to meet the
minimum legal requirements
for adulthood, so.
- Fuck yeah, booze!
- I don't think the
neighbors can hear you.
- I think you got
something on your neck.
- Famous last
words by Isaac.
- Hard at work, I see?
- Oh, it's nothing.
- I assume I have you to thank
for inviting Debby Downer.
- Jo's here already?
- I guess that's a yes.
- You guys, come on.
She deserves to have some
fun tonight, we all do.
- Well, she's your
So, the second she brings
the mood down, she's out.
- Jesus, Vi.
- I guess we could always
go to Hannah's party.
I heard she's got a live DJ.
- Fuck you both.
- Oh come on, what did I do?
- Take off your stupid sweater,
it doesn't mean
anything anymore.
- I worked hard
for this sweater.
- Student body artist,
the only office
you don't have to
get voted into?
- Exactly right.
I gotta get as much mileage
outta this thing as I can.
There's gotta be some freshman
coming tonight, right?
- Do you know where Jo is?
- Bathroom.
- Okay, thanks.
- Ah, you're the best.
Hit you back next time, I swear.
- With a shitty knick knack
your parents bring back for you?
- That's priceless
indigenous art, man!
- That's not what I'm saying.
You're missing the point.
- My God, that's impressive.
- Then what are
you trying to say?
- How do you get
to the cake part?
- Wait for it to burn out.
- I'm just saying that
you can't put your trust
in something that subjective.
- Oh my God, I love this stuff.
- Hang on.
Shouldn't we wait for
more people to show up?
- Too late now.
- Jo.
Could you come
over here a second?
I need you to help
me prove a point.
Have a seat.
- What are you talking about?
- In a moment, I'm gonna have
you choose a card at random.
Tough crowd.
All right.
How's that look?
Been shuffled, that fair?
- Good.
- Now go ahead
and choose a card.
- What does this
have to do with anything?
- Shh, let her focus.
This part's important.
Got it?
Okay, memorize it.
Go ahead and show
it to everybody.
Alright, now to make
things interesting,
I'm gonna have you sign it.
Now this next part's
gonna be a little weird.
I promise that it will all
make sense in a second.
If you could do me a favor,
hold that in your teeth.
Go ahead.
I will take a card as well.
Sign it.
Alright, now there's a
certain power in kissing.
Go ahead and stick it all the
way in your mouth, like that.
Very good, now lay it on me.
Wasn't much of a
kiss, but it'll do.
Go ahead and take
it outta your mouth.
On the count of three, we're
gonna unfold it, ready?
One, two, three.
- Nice.
- Woah.
- Thank you, thank
you very much.
- How did you do that?
- That's exactly my point.
- I don't get it.
- It's just another Gabe debate.
- About what?
- Religion, or all things
supernatural for that matter,
are either failed
sciences or magic tricks.
- Yes, game time!
- Go Vipers.
- You're really going for it.
- Dude, I don't have to
make weight til September.
- To a summer of eating shit.
You know what I mean.
- Here, here.
- To Hannah Bailey's DJ.
May he set her house on fire.
- Ah, here, here.
- To Maren who made
enough food to feed
the entire varsity
football team.
- Or just Liam.
- Or just Liam.
- To my Mormon Dad who
agreed to get me a car
if I graduated from seminary.
- What?
- Therefore my heart is
glad, and my glory rejoiceth.
For thou wilt not
leave my soul in hell.
- Oh my God, what
the hell was that?
- Psalms 16,
9 and 10 I think.
- You're a real piece of work.
- To all of us lucky bastards
who are gettin' outta here.
As you may have
heard, Liam, Maren
and myself will soon be
off to greener pastures.
As for the rest of you sorry
sorts, I wish you all the best.
May your careers at
the Dairy Mart make all
your dreams come true.
- Actually, I got
into Wellington.
- You did?
- Yeah, I got my acceptance
letter yesterday.
- Oh my God, that's amazing.
- Well in that case, Vi,
I do hope that Isaac's
worth stickin' around for.
- Oh I am.
- I don't get it.
Gabe, how did your card
trick prove anything?
- Oh Lord, here we go again.
- Just proves he'll do
anything to get some.
- No, really though.
- Well, although there
are a few ladies out there
who I'm sure would disagree,
I do not, in fact, have
any magical powers.
The card trick was a card trick.
Nobody thought that I was
doing miracles over there.
- All I'm saying is that there
are some things out there
that you can't explain.
- Exactly.
Can you explain how
I did the trick?
- It was a trick.
- Yes it was.
My point is that not
enough people out there
extend that same skepticism
to the supernatural.
Like Charlie Charlie or
has anybody ever played
with a Ouiji board?
- We totally should.
- We're not playing
with a Ouiji board.
- We have to.
We're all at a very important
juncture in our lives.
I think we could all
use a little direction
from the spirits.
- But dude, I don't
have a Ouiji board.
- Do you have any candles?
We are all familiar
with a deck of cards.
What you probably don't know
is that in many cultures,
it has another name.
The Devil's Bible.
- I thought you weren't
into all this stuff.
- Well I'm not, but,
for the sake of this
social experiment,
think of me as your
personal spirit guide.
Face cards were banned
in many cultures
as early as the 1300's
for their power,
and connection to Lucifer.
The Fallen Son of the Morning.
- Very nice.
- Thank you.
- The King represents Satan,
usurper and foe to our
Lord, Jesus Christ.
He is the deceiver, the
accuser, father of lies,
prince of darkness.
The 10 represents the
spirit of lawlessness,
opposition to all moral
law and the word of God.
Clubs are the chief
weapons used by murderers,
still are in many cases.
The entire suit represents
the spirit of murder
and death by violence.
Jack, ah Jack, the lustful
libertine from pimp
to adulterer to whore monger.
The Jack's chief ambition
is to gratify sensual
fleshy lust.
- Sounds like someone we know.
- Easy.
The Queen.
The Queen represents
Mary, mother of Jesus,
but in card language,
she's known only as
the mother of harlots.
- Sounds like
someone else I know.
- Stop it.
- Which brings us to the Joker.
The Joker represents Jesus
Christ, the son of God,
held up to ridicule.
The Joker or the fool is
said to be the offspring
of the licentious Jack
and the courtesan Queen.
So on and so forth, every card
is said to contain hidden
blasphemous messages.
52 cards in a deck, 26
letters of the alphabet.
We are going to use
the power of the cards
to contact the spirits tonight.
- This reminds me
of junior high.
- Shut up, Isaac.
- Why, what happened
in junior high?
- We used a Ouiji board to
try to contact Vi's mom.
- Stop it.
- Did anything happen?
- I was 12.
It was stupid.
Where were we?
- Time is an eternal round.
A simultaneous experience.
So by granting access
to the spiritual realm,
we have access to the past,
present, and the future.
This is your last
chance to back out.
If anybody's not
comfortable, it's okay,
just please excuse yourself now.
Okay, great.
Let's get started.
Everybody place one
finger on the planchet.
The wine glass, guys.
Alright, now don't remove
your finger from the glass
for any reason.
The circle that we've
built is our vehicle to the
spiritual realm.
It grants us access,
but it also protects us.
There are some spirits on the
other side who don't wanna
be there and they're just
looking for an easy way out.
- Spooky.
- Everyone clear your
minds, try to relax.
Don't move the glass
intentionally, just
be a spectator.
Benevolent spirits,
we gather as friends
to gain access and
knowledge from your realm.
Please make yourself
known to us.
- Jesus Christ.
- I hope not for your sake.
- What was that?
- It was probably Pooch.
- Clumsy ass cat.
- Hello?
Someone here?
- Stop, you're freaking me out.
- Holy shit.
- Is anyone forcibly
moving the glass?
- Liam, stop being a dick.
- I'm not, I swear.
- Yes, Liam's a dick?
- Guys, you asked
if anyone was here.
It would appear that the
spirits are with us tonight.
Does anybody have any
burning questions?
- Yeah.
Who farted just now?
- Stop or you're gonna
have to leave the circle.
- No, no, no, he can't.
Not until we say goodbye.
- Is anyone else coming
to the party tonight?
- Vi.
- That's all I wanted to know.
- Who is the last person
that Liam had sex with?
- Hannah?
- Hannah Bailey?
- Holy fuck Liam, did
she give you crabs?
- Fuck you guys.
This isn't funny.
- No, no,
don't break the circle
until we say goodbye.
- I have a question.
Will we be safe tonight?
- Thank God.
I got nervous with
the condoms around.
- Guys, we have the ear of the
spirits from the great beyond
and you wanna know about
popularity and STDs?
Alright fine.
Am I getting laid tonight?
Oh ya hear that ladies?
Spirits think one of you's
gettin' lucky tonight.
- I have a question.
How many girls has
Gabe had sex with?
- Honestly more than I thought.
- Clearly, the spirits have
not included some activities
under the umbrella of sex.
- How many girls has
Isaac had sex with?
- One.
- Babe, they were all
before you, I swear.
Spirits don't lie.
- Awe, true love.
- No?
- What the hell?
- Does Vi love me?
- Who's doing that?
Of course I love you.
For fuck's sake!
- How many girls has
Liam had sex with?
- Maren, enough with
the sex questions.
- Huh, well this has been a
very educational experience.
- We should do something else.
Someone is obviously
being a dick.
- I have one more question.
Liam left me at prom last year.
He said he was
sick, was it true?
- Maren.
- Where did he go?
- Jo?
- It's not like that.
- Maren, you don't--
- She's gonna be okay.
- Guys, it doesn't
mean anything.
It's just a game.
- We didn't say goodbye.
- Nice.
- I didn't touch it.
- Sorry.
Can I just talk to
you for a second?
Listen, I'm sorry about prom.
- If you wanted to spend
the night with her,
why did you even ask me?
- 'Cause it wasn't like that.
- Don't worry about it.
It's over and we'll both
be going across the country
in a couple weeks anyway so,
let's just forget about it
and move on with our lives.
- Yeah but, how did it
get the questions right?
I mean, how did it know
personal information?
- At least one or more
of us knew the answers
to all of those questions.
That plus the ideomotor effect.
You don't even realize you're
answering your own question.
- Okay, so you decided
to get your friends together
just to have them
tear each other apart?
- I wasn't
asking the questions.
Obviously, there was some air
that needed to be cleared.
- That's not your call to make.
Besides, you can't
prove it wasn't spirits
moving the glass.
- I guess not.
I also can't prove that
leprechauns don't exist, can I?
- What does that have
to do with anything?
- They're both
unfalsifiable claims, Vi.
You can't prove that you're
not in the matrix right now
or that you didn't
just pop into existence
with false memories in your
head of the rest of your life.
- Oh my God, Gabe.
- All I'm saying is that a
hypothesis that you can't
prove false is a bad hypothesis.
- So you're admitting that
you don't actually know
whether or not we were
messing with some kind of
supernatural force.
- I think you're
misunderstanding this
whole conversation.
- Yeah, well I'm
not misunderstanding
that you're being a
fucking dick right now.
- You are being
kind of an asshole.
- You too?
Thought you'd appreciate
my little seance.
I almost did this
spirit slate thing
sandwiching two cards
together to reveal messages.
- How's this for a message?
The sweetest release.
- What the fuck.
Wait, Maren, how
did you do that?
Jo, are you leaving?
- Baby.
You don't believe all that
bullshit from earlier, do you?
- It kinda got to me.
But I know it's stupid.
- Well, let me make it up
to you and prove it wrong.
- What now?
- Uh huh.
- Yikes.
Oh hello.
Have we met before?
- Isaac!
Fuck, yes!
- Wow.
This is quite the bedroom.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Maren and I wanted
to go take a soak.
So, if you wanted to come.
- Cool.
- Cool.
- Yep.
- Alright.
- Yep.
- See ya soon.
- Great.
- I applied to some schools.
- I know.
- You do?
- Your Dad told my Mom.
He thought I knew.
- I'm so sorry babe.
I just can't stay here.
- Did you hear back?
- I'm going to Fitzgerald
Union at the end of August.
- That's only what?
200 miles?
It's an easy weekend trip.
I really wanna stay with you.
But I also want you to be happy.
So if you wanna stay
with me too then,
let's make it work.
- I love you, Isaac.
- I know you do.
- Completely honest.
- Grab one, hop in.
- I didn't bring my suit.
- It's all right,
neither did we.
- Yeah well, skinny dipping's
not really my thing.
- Not my thing either, Jo.
- Come on.
- Alright.
Here we go.
Alright Liam, you're up.
- Never have I ever
had a cup of coffee.
- I'm glad you got your
priorities straight.
Go Jo.
- Never have I ever
failed a class.
- Ah, boo, boring!
- Alright Maren.
- Never have I ever smoked weed.
- No weed, Gabe?
- I got better things
to do with my time.
Never have I ever
had sex with Jo.
No lying.
- Fuck you Gabe.
- Fine.
- Never have I ever shit myself.
- I'm never telling you
anything ever again.
- Alright, Jo.
- Okay, never have I
ever committed a crime.
- Ah come on guys,
live a little.
- Okay Maren.
- Uh Maren.
- Hey.
- Never have I ever had sex.
- Maren, no lying.
- Never have I ever
had sex.
- Jo.
- Guess I'm out.
- You guys done already?
- Yeah, it was gettin'
a little hot in there.
- I think I'm just gonna go.
- Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
Guys, I'm so sorry.
- Let me get the hose and
get the worst of it off.
Vi, will you grab them
something to wear?
- Oh, thanks Gabe.
- So, here's some new clothes.
Just give me your old ones
and I'll put 'em in the wash.
- Vi won't say anything.
Feel better?
- Yeah.
Can you hand me that towel?
- Hey Maren, you
almost done in here?
'Cause I gotta piss.
- New game.
Strip blackjack.
- I'll deal.
- Of course you will.
- Guys, I think I'm
just gonna head out.
Thanks for the
party, Isaac and Vi.
- Come on Jo, it's
not a big deal.
Just play.
I mean, you stripped
down for the hot tub.
- Just play a couple of rounds.
And that's my
shirt, so it's like
betting with borrowed money.
- Modified rules.
You can choose to
take a shot or strip.
- That's more than fair.
- Okay.
- Yeah!
- Hit me.
- Hit me.
- Better luck next time, kid.
- Woah!
- Thank you.
Hey, tell me
something altar boy.
- It wasn't a catholic
seminary, Gabe.
- Why does God frown
on nudity when he just
plopped us down in the
garden of Eden that way?
- 'Cause the joints of thy
thighs are like jewels.
Thy breasts are like two
young roes that are twins.
The neck is as a tower of ivory
and they eyes like fish pools.
Song of Solomon, Chapter
7, verses 1 through 5.
- Did you have to
memorize that one?
- No, extra curricular.
- Oh, gettin' into the shots.
Watch out ladies, this
guy's a heavyweight.
- Hit me.
- It's just a
streak of bad luck.
It'll get better.
- Maren, you've
been lucky tonight.
- Come here babe.
Protect my manhood.
- Stop, I'm gonna drink.
- Come on babe, we all
know what they look like.
- Hey!
You know what they look like.
Just pour me.
- Jo, you're up, take it off.
- I'm gonna drink.
- Jo, you're practically
dressed, take it off.
- Take your shot or
take clothes off.
- Alright!
- That's the spirit.
- And we're right
back where we started.
- How do you even do that?
Isn't that against the rules?
- You know Maren,
I think it's time
your luck changed.
- Maybe.
Guess not.
- Maybe we should stop, okay?
- Oh come on Liam,
what are the odds?
- Whatever
dude, I'm out.
- You need to stop.
- Gabe, look at her.
- This isn't fun anymore.
Isaac already lost.
I thought we were
supposed to stop there.
- No.
Normally it's last man standing.
- You're not afraid of
everyone seeing your tits,
are you Vi?
- What?
No, I--
I just think we should be
having more fun than this.
- I think it's game over.
- Come on.
One more.
No, no, no more for you Jo.
Jo, don't drink.
Just lose the top.
Lose the top, you're not
a heavyweight like Liam.
- Isaac, knock it off!
- No.
- Oh my God, Jo.
- Get him cleaned up.
- Come here, come here, come on.
Do you need any help?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- I'm drunk.
- You're always drunk
but you have never
pulled shit like that before.
Get the fuck up!
- It was an accident Vi.
Why are you giving
me such a hard time?
- Because you need
to stop acting
like a fucking
child and grow up!
Do you mind?
- I'm so sorry man.
- When did you take it?
- Right after the seance.
- What the fuck
were you thinking?
- I was just feeling
really down after
the whole thing with Vi and--
- How much?
How much, Isaac?
- Dude.
- What the fuck, Isaac.
There were six cubes in here.
- I know!
I'm sorry.
The last shit was
just so weak, ya know?
It was mostly RC.
- Did you put something
in the drinks?
'Cause that would
explain a lot right now.
- I took it all myself.
- Six cubes!
Do you have any idea
how much that cost?
- You're dropping acid?
- Babe, it's not
that big a deal.
I just felt like shit and I
thought I could really use it.
- How the
fuck is that not a big deal?
- I was kinda
worried after I dropped them
and then we fucked
and 45 minutes later,
I was feelin' nothin' man.
is quality acid, Isaac.
know that now, Jesus.
Hit me so hard right
before we started
playing blackjack, dude.
I'm trippin' balls
right now, man.
This is serious shit.
Um, guys?
- I can't believe you.
- Maren, stop.
Stop it!
- You
can do whatever you want
with your life--
You're damn right I can do
whatever I want with my life!
- What is that?
Guys, shut up!
- What?
Oh my God.
How is she doing that?
- I don't
know but it's fucking creepy.
- Maren, sweety.
You okay?
- Holy shit.
- Maren,
you gotta stop doing that.
It's really annoying.
- Do you think I don't
know where you are?
You stupid little cunt.
I'll find you and when
I do, you're gonna wish
your mom had stuck a fucking
hanger between her legs
before I'm done.
- Coming to get who?
- Maren?
- What's happening?
- She's having a seizure.
Isaac, help me out.
Keep her steady.
- Don't hurt her,
don't hurt her.
- What the fuck?
- He's almost here.
- I'm calling 9-1-1.
- Oh shit.
- What happened?
- What the fuck is this?
What the fuck.
- Vi, it's not what you think.
- What the fuck,
you sick bastard!
- What is going on?
- What is it?
- There's at least
a dozen of these.
- It's nothing.
Seriously, it's nothing.
It's just--
- What the hell?
- Will you just give it back?
- You sick prick,
you're not gettin' shit!
- Isaac, knock it off!
- Look!
You sick fucking bastard.
- Jesus Gabe.
- I know it's fucked up.
Okay, but I am not
hurting anyone.
So please just give
it back and let me go.
- Oh shit.
- What's going on?
Oh my God.
- Maren?
- She's not breathing!
- Holy shit.
- 9-1-1,
what's your emergency?
- Hello?
My friend, she's
been electrocuted.
Was it your fault?
- What?
- Did
you cause her death?
- Just send
some help please!
- I don't think you're
supposed to do that breathing.
- I don't know.
- Sir, I'm
going to need your name.
- Why, I didn't do anything,
just send a fuckin' ambulance!
- We'll be
sending a squad to investigate.
- What the fuck are
you talking about?
What the fuck.
- Oh my God!
We thought we lost you.
Oh God, of course,
she's freezing.
Get her up, get her up.
- Come on, come on.
- It's okay, come on.
Sit down, sit down.
- Maren?
You let us know if you
need anything, okay?
- Yeah I know.
I'll leave.
Let me just get my shit.
- What was that about?
- Jesus.
Maren, how did--
It's gotta be the LSD.
- What's the matter?
Not so interested in the
student body anymore?
- No, I am.
I just have no idea what
the fuck is going on.
- Relax baby.
- Oh God.
- Better in person, right?
- You're--
you're not mad about that?
- I think it's flattering.
Too rough?
You feel like a man
popping my cherry?
Do you feel like a necrophiliac?
- What?
- I've got a secret.
There's nothing
left of your friend.
You're fucking a
corpse and so am I.
- How long does it take to
grab your fuckin' sweater?
- Isaac.
Isaac, just let him leave.
I don't want any
more drama tonight.
- You guys.
- Gabe!
- Isaac.
- Gabe, I'm not fuckin' around.
Gabe, I'm gonna--
- Oh my God.
- What the fuck?
- That isn't--
- That's Gabe.
The fuck!
- Jesus.
- Someone should
call the police.
- I got it.
- You sure that's him?
- How did this even happen?
- Violet honey,
what are you doing?
- Mom?
I don't understand.
How could this be happening?
- We need to talk.
- You've been dropping
a lot of acid, okay?
- Don't give me that shit, Liam!
Gabe's dead in my house!
- Maren, don't come in here.
You don't need to see--
- That horny bastard's
fried corpse?
Maren, are you okay?
What are you doing?
- Maren,
why are you doing that?
- How
is she doing that?
- How was
she doing it the first time?
- There
was a first time?
Stop it Maren!
- Is
that Gabe's sweater?
- What happened to Gabe?
- Now you're asking
the right questions.
- I'm here with Allison.
- What?
- There's something
she wants to tell you.
- Oh no, Mom.
- Don't interrupt me.
- Vi?
Babe, are you okay?
- Shut up, stop crying!
- Man that is born of
a woman is of few days
and full of trouble.
- Would it have killed
you to let her go with you.
- Mom, please Mom.
- You just couldn't let
yourself be seen with her.
- I didn't know, I didn't know.
- He cometh forth like a
flower and is cut down.
He fleeth also like a
shadow and continueth not.
- She never would've
killed herself if you
hadn't been such a bitch.
- No, no, no!
- And does thou open thine
eyes upon such an one
and bringest me into
judgment with thee?
- Mom.
Mom, Mom, Mom.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Mom please!
- Who can bring a clean
thing out of an unclean?
- Mom!
Please, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, Mom!
- Violet,
what's going on?
- Not one.
- Maren, what have you done?
What happened to Gabe?
- The soul that
sinneth, it shall die.
- Did you kill him?
- Isaac, stop.
- When an unclean spirit
has gone out of a man,
he walketh through dry
places seeking rest
and findeth none.
Then sayeth he, "I will
return unto my house
"from whence I came out."
- Jo.
- Where is she?
- And when he has come,
he findeth it empty swept
and garnished.
- Where is he?
- I don't know, he
was right behind me.
- Then goeth he and
taketh with himself
seven other spirits
more wicked than himself
and they enter in and dwell
there and the last state
of that man is more
wicked than the first.
Even so shall it be unto
this wicked generation.
- Benevolent spirits,
we gather as friends
to gain access and
knowledge from your realm.
Please make yourself
known to us.
- Jesus Christ.
- I hope
not for your sake.
- What was that?
- It was probably Pooch
- Clumsy ass cat.
- Hello, someone here?
- Where's Hank?
- He ran in there after you.
Okay, what the hell is goin' on?
- Retribution.
- Vi, what's wrong?
- Stop!
- You can't leave.
- Why not?
- Because you don't
know where you are.
- Violet!
What are you doing?
- I'm going to break
your pretty doll.
- Vi?
Vi, can you hear me?
- I can't stop it.
- Vi, tell me what's happening.
- I can't control it.
No, no, stop!
- Fuck this.
- Vi?
- Whatever it is you're
doing to Vi, stop it.
- Isaac, what are you doing?
- Do you really
think that's wise?
- Isaac, stop.
- I'm not fucking around.
Make it stop or I kill you.
- Jesus, Isaac!
- I didn't do it, I swear!
- This one's for you Liam.
- What?
- Open the door.
- Maren?
- Vi, open the door!
- Maren's gone.
- Then who the hell are you?
- Leviathan.
- Asmodeus.
- Belfagor.
- Beelzebub, Lucifer--
- Abaddon.
- My name is Legion.
- For we are many.
- Vi.
- Oh my God.
- Isaac.
- Isaac.
- This isn't happening,
this isn't real guys.
- Isaac, we need to go, okay?
Come on.
Listen you guys.
If the doors aren't
working, we might as well
try a window, right?
- I'll go first.
I have nothin' to lose.
- Jo, wait.
If you can find
a way outta here,
I want you to take it, okay?
Don't wait for me, just go.
Alright, come on.
- Isaac?
We'll find another way!
- Shit.
I think we're gonna
have to rethink
this whole situation.
- Liam.
- Fear not them
which kill the body,
but are not able
to kill the soul.
Rather fear him which
is able to destroy
both soul and body in Hell.
- I'm not afraid of you Maren.
- She's gone.
But you knew that, didn't you?
- So what?
You're the Devil?
- Don't you recognize him?
The skin was the easiest part.
Just slipped right off.
I have a present for you.
- Liam.
Damn it.
- Help me.
- Leave me alone!
- Take me with you.
- No!
Oh God!
- You always were
a selfish cunt.
You belong to me
you little bitch.
- Jo?
- Isaac.
Isaac, help me!
Please help me!
Isaac, help me.
- Sorry.
- Isaac!
- Fuck!
What the fuck.
Oh fuck.
Anyone there?
Maren, please.
- Bad trip baby?
Don't worry.
- Fuck.
- It'll all be over soon.
- Help!
Somebody please help me!
- Jo.
What's happening to us?
- Fear not them
which kill the body,
but are not able
to kill the soul.
Rather fear him which
is able to destroy
both soul and body in Hell.
- Where's Jo?
- She's gone.
But you knew that didn't you?
- What about Isaac?
- Don't you recognize him?
The skin was the easiest part.
Just slipped right off.
I have a present for you.
- Liam.
- Jo!
- Whatever it is you're
doing to Vi, stop it.
- Isaac, what are you doing?
You guys, can you hear me?
- Do you really
think that's wise?
- I'm down here!
Isaac, stop it.
- I'm not fucking around,
make it stop or I kill you.
- Shit, shit no.
Jesus Isaac!
No, fuck!
Don't, no!
- This
one's for you Liam.
- No!
- You stupid bitch!
- Take me with you, please!
- I don't owe you anything!
- You bitch.
- You'll never
change, you sick fuck.
And it's not my fault.
- No man having put
his hand to the plow
and looking back is fit
for the kingdom of God.
- Shit.
- Jo.
Glad you could make
it, come on in.