Nocturno (1974) Movie Script

What happened?
- Quickly doctor, hurry up.
Save her. You promised me, you told me...
Yes, yes. Let me examine her first.
Please, leave us alone.
Please, later...
You can go back to your wife.
- Doctor, will she recover?
Why is she having these seizures?
You're forgetting what have I told
you the last time.
Yes, but you said that those are
just your assumptions.
And what was I suppose to say?
Human destiny is beyond our will and power.
God, what should I do... what should I do?
- Go back to your wife, she needs you.
However, one cannot know. There's
always hope while someone is alive.
Maybe crisis will pass.
Where were you for so long?
I'm here my love, next to you.
Don't worry, it's going to be alright.
Don't misguide me Lucio, it's no use.
Every second is like an eternity
for me now.
What eternity? What are you saying?
There's a whole life in front of us.
Never mind Lucio, I want to sleep...
Listen Jelena, don't you
believe in our love?
It's stronger than death, you know it.
- I want to sleep Lucio.
I'm tired.
I want to sleep...
Let her sleep.
If everything goes well tonight, send
Janko to get this medicine.
Most important thing for her is not
to be troubled.
I can't to anything more as a doctor.
There are forces that are
stronger than people.
Be brave.
There are forces that are stronger
than us. Stronger than us...
Lucio, let me go. Let me go.
Let me go, let me...
Search it.
- Search where?
- Here or there. Take a guess.
This salon is filled with big secrets.
And maybe...
And maybe I'm clairvoyant. That
should be rewarded.
Should I reward that too? Schubert?
You remember. That was my answer
to your letter.
Yes, and instead of words, notes.
And on notes, Schubert's questions.
- Not his, but mine.
Now too?
Yes, now too...
Why? Because I love you more than life.
Jelena my love, don't leave!
Darling, don't give up!
My hand is here, squeeze it hard.
You must live!
You're afraid because I'm leaving you.
But death doesn't have to be separation.
Jelena, my love...
If you really love me, you'll have
me forever.
I don't understand. What do you mean?
- Your love will call me.
Because I love you too Lucio.
I love you greatly.
I'll come if you call me. I'll come
again. I'll be yours forever.
You'll look at me, hug me. But only if
your love is truly strong.
You'll come. Death is not separation.
Not separation.
Promise me that Lucio, promise me
that you'll believe. Promise me.
I promise, I promise.
Here it comes.
It's coming, Lucio...
Wait for me Lucio...
Wait for me...
Wait for me Lucio...
He didn't eat anything today again? - No.
- For who I'm I cooking for 8 days?
Please don't nag all day long,
let me eat something.
Don't touch what doesn't belong to you.
- And cleaning his room instead of you is allowed?
It's not because of me... - I know, it's
because of ghosts. - You fool!
Don't say it out loud. It takes time for
dead pearson to leave the house.
You keep waiting, but let me eat.
Soon, you'll start talking with yourself,
just like the mister.
You keep making jokes. One day
you'll choke on your big tongue.
If you're such a hero, why don't you wind
that clock that belonged to the mistress?
Don't talk nonsense, you know it
stopped by itself. - Really?
It stopped? - It's broken.
- It's broken by itself?
Not here, or there, but when
the mistress died.
What does he want now? I can't even
eat in peace.
Come here.
Where are the books that I read
last night?
How many times do I have to tell you
to touch nothing on my desk.
They were here this morning.
- I don't know nothing sir.
I'm not touching anything here.
- Really? Where are the gloves then?
I didn't know that gloves were there.
- Yes they were.
Where are they now? Where did they go?
Bring me my coat.
- You're not going out now are you?
At this time.
- I said to bring me my coat.
Should I prepare a carriage?
- No, I'll walk.
What are these phantasms?
What are you doing in my room?
I'm preparing a compress for your forehead.
You had a fever.
- Unfold the curtains.
Why am I in bed at this time?
- Like I said sir, you had a fever.
I was scared so I called a doctor.
You were ranting few moments ago.
How did I get into bed in the first place?
Well... I found you on the cemetery.
You were unconscious.
In the morning, before the dawn, when I
saw you're not here, I went to find you.
I got scared, I thought that something
happened maybe.
Bring me my robe and slippers.
But the doctor said...
- I know what to do.
He'll scold me. He said that he'll
come here before noon.
Tell him not to come. Tel him I'm fine.
Tell Ana to make something to eat.
That's good, that's really good.
- Hurry up. - Yes, I'm going.
Ana, make some breakfast, our mister is
alive again. He's stomach is howling.
Thank God... Let's hope he'll
now clear his mind.
I told you, you didn't have to come.
Like you see, I'm fine, I'm healthy,
I'm having breakfast.
I even sat by the window like you
advised me.
So you can see that I'm not ill.
I hope so. What about last night?
What happened last night? You said
yourself that
you don't know how did you end up in
Let's say I was delirious.
But that's over now.
I hope so.
You should live mister Lucio.
Other life, beside this one, that we call
worldly or realistic, let's be honest,
doesn't exist.
Don't forget that it was given only
once, no matter how it is.
Yes, so what? What do you mean by that?
Nothing, nothing... Just, release
yourself from those morbid thoughts.
I know that loosing your wife
was painful,
but drowning in that pain...
Is there sense in that?
And... Why that specific literature?
Or this... 'Are the body and soul two
different worlds?'
Why don't you start doing some
work mister Lucio?
Not important what kind. Get back to
your books. Of course, not this type.
Why? Do you have evidence that will
disprove everything written here?
That will prove that all of this is nonsense.
Just guessing of human limited mind.
Human mind is not limited mister Lucio.
At least, not like you'd wanted.
According to your books, mind dies
with the body.
That same mind that can think unthinkable,
that can comprehend incomprehensible,
and can give birth to that general
comprehensive thought.
That same mind, according to you, in one
moment, gets down with everything else.
On one simple bunch of human flesh.
That rots.
That's enough for you doctor?
That finding is satisfactory to you?
Get busy with some work mister Lucio.
Only work can save a man.
That's all I can say to you as a doctor.
If you need me, you know where to find me.
Goodbye mister Lucio.
- Goodbye doctor.
Thank you.
You're surprised. Didn't we say goodbye?
This hat is bothering me.
I'm hugging you easier without it.
- Jelena...
That's because I'm tired. I'm reading
until it's late.
You forgot that I don't like that.
My pale, tired cheek. You had doubts,
you thought I won't come.
We haven't walked for a long time.
Lucio, look how pretty is this flower.
That's my flower.
Don't lose it. Yellow is my color.
Careful, you'll crush it.
You see it's fine.
I stained your shirt.
How? With what?
- I got pricked.
It will be fine. It's just drop of blood.
It got away. Did you saw it?
- Who? - Pheasant.
It's been ten days since they are
roaming here.
So neighbour, when are we going to hunt?
Sorry, I don't have the time.
- I didn't mean right now.
There's more days than pheasants.
That was just a phantasm...
Mister Lucio is here to see you.
Where is he?
- In the anteroom.
Now when I'm working huh?
- He's waiting.
Show him in.
Come in, don't be scared. Those are
only stuffed birds.
You have no idea how good
they sell in the city.
Well... What brings you here neighbour?
Sit down please, sit down.
- Mister Jagi...
I wanted to ask you something.
- But please, think good before you answer.
It's about something that is
very important for me.
Yes, it must be something tricky. I don't
know if I'm the right man for that.
What did you... When we
met in the garden yesterday...
Who did you saw next to me?
- What do you mean how did I saw?
I saw a pheasant, but he got away.
- And no one else?
I mean, with who I was in that moment?
What do you mean with who? With no one.
My God, mister Lucio, what kind of
joke is this?
You know better than me, that
you were alone.
And you're certain that no one was near me?
- Near you?
Mister Lucio, are you asking me seriously,
or you're playing a joke on me?
Thank you. I'm sorry for
disturbing you.
You're going on a trip?
Yes, I am. If you have to know.
I still don't know where.
That's the best thing you can do at
this moment. When are you leaving?
Maybe tomorrow, maybe day after.
Sooner the better.
Tomorrow is Easter.
So what?
If he could only come one more time,
I would now...
Come who?
Nothing, nothing.
Doctor, please tell me.
Can our thoughts and our will be stronger
than the laws of the physical world?
What do you mean?
I mean if our body is just a temporary
wrapper of our being,
if it's truth that our thought and our
soul is omnipotent,
couldn't be truth that with the help
of some great will in us
we preserve from death something that
it's just its physical form?
You're asking me can our will take
our corporeality from death?
Yes, let's put it that way.
You know...
When someone has confronted with death
so many times like me in my practice,
then he barely has the reason to think
about will or immortality of human soul.
Death is very real and prosaic.
I have to go away, I have to go away...
- I'd like to be in touch with you.
Of course doctor, I'll write to you.
Thank you. Tell Janko to prepare carriage.
There's no need. Walking is good
for health.
Well... have a nice trip mister Lucio.
- Good night doctor.
Good night.
Where were you for so long?
- I'm here Lucio, I'm staying.
Put it in, put it out,
put it in, put it out...
I won't be preparing his suitcases anymore.
- I wonder what he's planing with this?
Then he will say that I didn't
put it right again.
Listen, go check if he unlocked
the door already.
He's still not going.
What did I tell you?
He locked himself yesterday.
He just peaked a little this morning to
tell us that we've been preparing in vain.
What is he doing in the salon whole night?
He's probably talking with himself again.
Go check, peak.
He's talking.
- It's not his first time.
Is he playing?
Janko, do you hear? He's playing?
- You imagined it.
Jesus and Mary!
Mister Lucio.
Mister Lucio! Open the door!
What? What is it Janko? What?
Ana, if we heard it right...
Mister is not playing.
Mother of God, Mother of God!
Ana, mister can't play at all.
What is it? Your master hasn't traveled?
He's still here? - He's here.
He has guests. - What guests?
- I hear voices from the house at night.
And some playing too.
- You're just imagining that.
I'm not going near him. You bring
him this.
I brought you some food mister.
You coming when I don't want you with
my thoughts, but my whole being.
When doesn't know not just my thought,
but everything that is alive in me,
that I'm dying because you're not
beside me.
I'm here Lucio.
But you're looking for me in wrong
places, like every impatient child.
Why don't you stay beside me forever?
You're reading Byron.
Oh yes, that story was ghostly,
so what? It was like that, that's all.
You'll say that human soul knows the
bounds of worldly.
Don Juan, I have to write that down.
I didn't wrote anything for a long time.
Where is my album?
In the same place.
Look, I wrote the last things three
months ago. Such a long time ago.
Lucio don't.
Let it go Lucio.
I'll spill the ink.
Don't be impatient.
Just a little more.
It's probably dawn already.
Quiet... Don't mention the time.
What time is it?
- I don't know.
Clock has stopped, and it doesn't work.
- You fraud.
You think I don't hear ticking?
But it wasn't working, I'm sure.
Jelena, am I dreaming all this?
Tell me. You here, and everything
that happened?
Maybe you don't exist at all, and I'm
just imagining all this.
Quiet. Why are you asking all
these questions now?
But how should I interpret that?
- Sleep Lucio.
Close your eyes.
Where is he?
Why didn't you notice me that he
didn't gone away?
Why no one hasn't informed me that you
didn't gone away? - Oh doctor, it's you.
When was that... - That's the point.
I'd come earlier. - Why?
Don't act like a child, you know why.
I'm your doctor. I'm responsible for you.
Really? In front of who?
Seeing you treating your health like that,
I'd say that you don't have any intellect.
Let alone, education.
- Why? What am I doing?
You said you'll take a trip.
- And I didn't.
I'm fine here too.
- Very fine.
I can see and hear that.
- What does that mean?
You need treatment.
Nothing is hurting me.
- Really?
What about talking with yourself?
You lock yourself in room, and you
don't let anyone near you for hours.
You're playing Chopin
in the middle of the night,
you're wondering around the house
like a phantom.
Maybe you'll say that that is normal too.
I'm not talking with myself.
I know you won't believe me.
- Believe what?
Jelena is not dead.
She isn't?
- She's living with my will and hers.
It was arranged.
- You don't say?
I told you that you won't believe me.
You'll forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical
with these claims.
Even if I give you evidence?
- Evidence?
Dear Lucio, evidence about after life...
- Wait.
Look at this.
- I see it.
Notes from your wife, I know the
handwriting. - And the date?
January 26th.
- So four months ago.
- Look at this, this is her last note.
What are you reading?
- Yesterdays date.
How? - What?
- I don't understand.
Handwriting. Whose is it doctor?
How did you managed to forge
handwriting so good?
Forge? Of course.
In your brain you can't think anything
else except that I did it, but I didn't.
That's not my handwriting. Jelena wrote
that. Yesterday, in this room.
I was standing near her while she was
writing. I was playing with her necklace.
You don't believe me? Look at this.
This is the necklace. You see?
It spilled last night in bed, I barely
collected it.
And you, if you keep looking
for evidences,
and if you tell someone that I'm a liar,
and that I'm changing my handwriting...
Please leave me alone. I'm asking
you politely now.
Leave me alone, or next time I'll
kick you out of the house.
Hello doctor
- Hello mister Jagi.
Are you in a hurry? Are some miracles
happening there again?
I don't know what you mean.
- You know very well.
We're not blind and deaf.
We should report this to his cousin.
That one in Zagreb.
If you think that this is your job,
then inform his cousin in Zagreb.
I'm just a doctor you know. If I can,
I treat people.
Everything else is someone else
business. Now excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
I don't know mister, did she told you.
Ana is leaving.
She packed her bags yesterday.
I thought that you'd want to talk with her.
Should I pour in another glass too?
I'll drink only wine today.
And you? You won't drink with me?
You're pretty.
You're flattering.
You think I'm vanity?
- Pretty woman is simply pretty.
Others have vanity.
Why are you disappearing every time?
Why are you letting that I wait and
search for you for hours?
Why are you doing when you're not with me?
- I'm here.
You're not... I'd know that.
You're still see me as
dead in your thoughts
Your feelings are fooling you until you
realise how silence is naughtily.
Then you'll stay with me forever.
If only you'd know...
It's possible so much more than that.
- How strange is to talk with someone,
when you know his thoughts in advance.
- And you know it?
What is it Jelena? What's the matter?
What is it? What do you see in the mirror?
My ema! No!
Run! Save yourself.
ema has burned.
Mister Klari?
- Yes, it's me.
And you're probably mister Jagi.
- That's right, I am.
I see... How should I say it...
I see that you received my letter.
Where can we talk?
- Well... Here.
You know, I would gladly invited you
at my place if that could be possible...
How should I say... It's a small town.
Understand? It wouldn't be convenient.
And on the other hand, as you can see,
there's no one here. - I'm listening.
You'll catch a cold.
Should I make supper?
You're a bad cook, and I'm not hungry.
Leave me alone.
Hello Lucio.
- Stanko!
You're here?
Keep pouring Janko, we don't have guest
like this every day.
Did you rest well? Come on...
- Thank you.
And you? How are you feeling?
- Never better.
I'm so glad that you came.
I missed conversation, friends...
There are so many things that I wanted to
share, but I didn't have anyone.
Man can't live like a wolf, all alone.
- Alone? I'm not alone.
I'm talking about friends, friendship.
- And I'm talking about your lifestyle.
Why? What about it?
- Lucio, man has to live on the ground.
It's all very nice. Sensitivity, romance,
but you should accept reality.
It's no use running away from it.
My dear, I'm here. I'm not running away,
I'm here.
Yes, just like ena.
What happened with ena?
- Of course, you don't know it.
Terrible story, she was burned alive.
I found out few days ago.
- How? When?
It was in Venice.
She was preparing to go outside,
a maid dropped a candle.
At first neither of them noticed. When
the flame was big, it was too late.
At what time has that happened?
- Why? - Tell me.
They say it was around 10 o'clock
So Jelena was right.
That was exactly what she saw in the
mirror. She said it. 'ema is burned'.
For God's sake Lucio, ema died few days
ago, and Jelena is dead since winter.
That's what you think. She's alive.
She's alive! She's with me.
Lucio please calm down.
I know that you've been trough a lot,
you were madly in love with Jelena,
but her death shouldn't impair
your judgment.
You think I'm crazy? You don't believe me?
- What should I believe? That Jelena is alive?
For God's sake Lucio, get together,
we were at the funeral together
So what? What is that proofing?
Just that part of her being has lost
it's existence, nothing more.
Jelena, the real Jelena, my Jelena,
she's alive, she's living, with me.
Anyway... You'll see her.
She should arrive any moment.
You'll see am I crazy.
I thought I'll be able to talk to you.
But now I see myself... You're ill.
Wait a minute. Wait. They told you
that I'm ill, they told you I'm crazy.
But I'm not crazy. Jelena is alive, she
lives you'll see her. - Don't maunder.
You're crazy, you're crazy!
Can you hear it too? Can you
hear that playing?
Who's playing?
You're insane. Don't delude me too.
You don't believe it? Maybe that's
wind playing the Chopin.
Maybe I have a fever. I must've got
sick on the road.