Noel (2004) Movie Script

to Angels We Have Heard on High]
^^ Angels we have heard
on high ^^^^
^^ sweetly singing
o'er the plains. ^^^^
^^ And the mountains
in reply ^^
^^ echoing their
joyous strains. ^^^^
^^ Gloria. ^^^^
^^^^ In Excelsis Deo. ^^
^^ Gloria. ^^^^
^^ In Excelsis Deo. ^^^^
^^ ^^^^
^^ Come to Bethlehem
and see ^^^^
^^ Him whose birth
the angels sing. ^^^^
^^^^ Come adore
on bended knee... ^^
Merry Christmas.
^^ Gloria. ^^^^
^^ In Excelsis Deo. ^^^^
^^ Gloria. ^^^^
^^ In Excelsis Deo. ^^^^
^^ ^^^^
[bell dings]
Debbie Carmichael?
Rose Harrison?
Oh, my gosh.
I haven't seen you since--
High school, I'm sure.
How are ya?
Well, you know I married
Bobby Gidecki.
Oh, my.
Four amazing kids.
Can you believe it?
But enough about me.
What about you?
Tell me everything.
I'm married.
Hal, he's a lawyer
down on Wall Street.
Two girls,
Britney and Ashley.
And in less than--
oh, my gosh--
seven hours,
I've got to have
Christmas Eve dinner
for 35 friends and family,
so I got to go.
Oh, 35.
Yeah, well,
it was nice to see you.
We should...get together.
We're listed.
We're the only Gidecki
in Hartford.
I bet.
Oh, incredible
to see you.
All right,
well, I got to go.
Would you like
to share a cab?
No, no, no,
I'm just going down here.
merry Christmas.
Same to you.
[somber Christmas music]
^^ ^^
Hi, I was just wondering
what time
your party started.
I beg your pardon.
You know,
your Christmas party.
What time does that start?
This is an emergency room,
not Radio City Music Hall.
But you usually have
a Christmas party, don't you?
Patients only, though.
You planning
on being a patient?
You never know.
You look beautiful.
How ya doing?
Guess what
I brought you.
All your favorites:
smoked salmon
with capers
and arugula salad
and a mousse cake
for desert.
And what's the occasion,
you might ask yourself.
Well, I'll tell you.
Tomorrow's Christmas.
And that means
that we get to spend
the whole day together,
just the two of us.
How about that,
huh, Mom?
And you'll never guess
who I ran into.
Debbie Carmichael.
Yep, oh,
Debbie Gidecki now.
She married Bobby.
Surprise, surprise.
They have four kids,
a house in Connecticut
just filled with oodles
of joy and happiness.
I could have
smacked her.
Here, let's try
some salmon.
You love salmon,
You know, you got to
keep your strength up, Mom.
That means eating.
You haven't eaten
anything since yesterday.
Let's give a little salmon
a little try.
You don't get any dessert
if you don't try your salmon.
Come on.
All right, all right,
all right.
Well, you know what?
We'll try again later,
Look at this.
Look what I found:
an angel for your wreath.
How beautiful, huh?
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
Oh, hi.
I didn't realize
anybody else was here.
Just me.
I'm sorry.
I just thought maybe
I'd cheer things up
a little bit.
I felt bad 'cause he never
gets any visitors.
It seems
so sad.
Except you,
of course,
but I've never
seen you before.
Not that you've never
been here before.
I'm sure you have;
it's just that I've...
never seen you before.
It's an angel.
Yes, and very beautiful,
a renaissance angel.
Thank you.
It's very kind.
Oh, well,
it's Christmas, you know.
Merry Christmas.
Well, got to get going.
Excuse me.
Morning, Rose.
Oh, Dr. Barrow.
Good to see you.
You too.
Have you been in
to see your mother?
Oh, yes, we had a nice,
long visit, and you?
I was just on my way in.
Feeling okay
this morning, I hope.
Oh, sure.
I mean,
I know it looks bad,
single woman over 40
at Christmastime,
but I'll be fine.
Just keep me away
from the kitchen knives
and open windows
for the next few days.
You meant my mother,
didn't you?
Okay, bye.
[upbeat jazzy music]
^^ ^^
Hey, listen.
Hey, what do you say
I give you a ride?
Come on,
I'm a cop.
You can trust me.
This is where
I'm having lunch.
Then let me
take you round the block.
I'll bring you right back
where I found you; I promise.
Oh, I've been
around the block.
Ain't nothing
I haven't seen before.
Well, then
marry me.
I'll take you anywhere
you want to go.
Don't tell me
a man like you
isn't already married.
I've been
holding out.
Oh, yeah?
For what?
For you.
But let's
make it fast.
I get bored easily,
and I only have
an hour for lunch.
Do you know
how much I love you,
Ms. Nina Vasquez,
about to be Mrs. Riley?
How much?
More than you
ever know.
Enough to learn
how to dance with me?
Not right now.
Not right now.
You're gonna have to
dance with me at the wedding.
Or should I say
Did you type up
the Sulley/Seth revisions?
Yes, I put them
on your desk.
And merry Christmas.
If you hate it,
you can return it.
I'm sure I'll love it.
I'm sure
you'll return it.
Your sister called,
and she can't
spend Christmas Eve
with you after all.
Seems it's too painful
since your father died,
so she's spending
the next week
meditating with Buddhist monks
in the Catskills.
Good for her.
Also, your ex-husband called.
Wanted to know
if you would like
to spend tonight with him
and his beautiful wife
and their two perfect kids
in Connecticut.
And...oh, finally,
your shrink called.
She's got to cancel
your session today
because her husband
surprised her
with a fabulous trip
to Paris for Christmas.
It rang
a couple more times,
but I was scared for you,
so I stopped answering it.
What's so funny?
Oh, it just struck me
as being funny
that a, you know,
a woman
who's never had a child
is editing a children's book
when maybe
it would be more appropriate
for me to work on
Cooking For One
or, you know,
How to Survive
the Holidays Alone.
Don't look at me
that way.
I'm fine.
Do you want
my advice?
You've been looking
after your mother for...
nearly ten years now,
Before that,
you were looking after
your father
and also your husband,
who walked out on you
the day your mother
came to live with you,
and let's not forget--
What is the point?
It's time that you stop
taking care
of everybody else
and start thinking
about yourself.
As my nana used to say,
what you need is--
I know; I know.
Someone to take care
of me for a change.
Wrong, what you need
is sex.
Good sex.
Your nana
said that?
Yes, she did.
And by the way,
Marco has been
looking for you again.
He is so tenacious.
That guy is sexy.
He's too young
for me.
Every woman
in the building wants him.
Not me.
I just want
some coffee.
Coffee it is.
Please, Rose,
sleep with him for me.
You can tell me
all the details.
I'll love it.
Just get coffee.
Okay, okay.
[upbeat Latin music]
Nina, no.
No, I got to go.
I can't be late.
^^ ^^
Listen, Dennis is waiting
for me, all right?
I got to go.
^^ ^^
I can't be late.
^^ ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Bailando mi boogaloo,
Micaela se pas. ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Que se bot, se bot. ^^
^^ Micaela se pas. ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Micaela cuando baila-- ^^
^^ Si, seor. ^^
^^ El boogaloo la arrebata. ^^
^^ Micaela cuando baila-- ^^
^^ Si, seor. ^^
^^ El boogaloo la arrebata. ^^
^^ Toda la gente la llama-- ^^
^^ Si, seor. ^^
^^ La reina del boogaloo. ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Que se bot. Que se bot.
Que se bot. ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Y cuando yo bailo con ella,
atrs me dej. ^^
^^ Ay, ay, ay,
Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Cuando yo bail
con ella, ^^
^^ Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Cuando yo bail
con ella, ^^
^^ Micaela se bot. ^^
^^ Pues, yo s
que ella es candela. ^^
I was beginning
to worry.
Absent from work
and apparent
no-show today,
thought maybe
you'd run off to Tahiti
and gotten married
on me.
I'd never do
a thing like that
without checking
with you first.
Of course.
So when are we
going to dinner?
Don't you have deadlines
or something?
Hey, I got to eat.
Uh, well...
It's Christmas Eve,
so I figure you must have--
No, no, no, no.
Okay, let's do it.
After work.
Yeah, it's a date.
^^ Sometimes we're red. ^^
^^ Sometimes we're blue. ^^
Those earrings new?
Cute, huh?
They were a gift.
From who?
Mr. Brenner.
Mr. Brenner.
Is that normal,
lawyers giving gifts
to paralegals?
Don't start, Mike.
You know,
some women would be flattered.
Of what, that the man
they were about to marry
was a jealous psycho?
See you at home tonight,
Hey, I love you.
[folksy music]
^^ If I only had a moment, ^^
^^ if I only had a moment ^^
^^ inside the sun ^^
^^ with you, ^^
^^ you know it's true, ^^
^^ we'd never feel so good. ^^
Excuse me,
can I ask you for a Coke?
Sure thing.
So anyway,
so my plan
is to spend Christmas
in the hospital.
I know that sounds strange.
I mean, the hospital's
probably the last place
anybody would want to be,
especially this time of year.
But see,
the thing is,
see, out of all the Christmases
I've ever had,
the only one
that was halfway decent
was the Christmas
where I was 14.
I busted my nose open
in this sledding accident.
They made me spend
the whole day at the hospital.
That's a shame.
No, but it wasn't.
That's what I'm trying
to tell you,
because they threw
this killer Christmas party
where the nurses
were dressed as elves,
and they were
singing songs,
and they were
handing out eggnog
with a little bit
of booze in it,
and they even made
little presents,
which was really cool.
That was awesome.
That was the best time
I ever had.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You know what cup
of cu fee this is?
Number four.
Where the hell you been?
Wedding plans,
you know.
Just one cup, I promise,
and we're out of here.
What can I get you?
Just coffee.
Oh, hi.
Just coffee,
and we're in a bit of a hurry.
What was that
all about?
I don't know.
Beats me.
You know the guy?
No, I never laid eyes
on him before.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Because he's looking at you
with that, you know, like...
it's, like, weird,
you know what I'm saying?
No, what are you saying?
Okay, here you go.
Here's your coffee.
I had a feeling
you'd want it black.
Right, black.
And I got you
almond butter cookies.
Almond butter cookies,
those are my favorite.
I know.
Ah, he's got
a thing for ya.
Come on.
Cut it out.
Come on; his eyes
are all over you.
And that silly smile.
I know that smile.
I'm gonna straighten this out
right now.
All right,
All right,
calm down now.
Come on;
come on.
Now, you're a cop,
Come on now.
You're a cop,
Your turkey club's up,
You got my money?
Not yet.
Aw, come on,
Jules, look,
if you want
to meet Arizona,
I have
to get paid first.
Look, you know
I'm good for it, right?
I just got to go d
this one thing,
so why don't you
tell me where to meet you,
and I'll bring you
the money.
All right, look.
Meet me
at the old theater
on Avenue A
at about 10:00, all right?
But don't go in
without me.
You wait for me.
Oh, you don't want
to surprise a guy
like Arizona;
that's why.
All right.
Well, Glen,
you know
I really appreciate this,
It's Christmastime,
^^ ^^
He never has
any visitors,
not even family.
Oh, except
for this one guy
that was there
this morning,
but I've never
seen him before,
and I just--
I don't know.
I wish there was something
I could do, you know.
To be sick and alone
and during the holidays,
it's awful.
You know, that's what
I like about you, Rose.
You care
about other people.
You know,
I have to say
that I--
Well, I just don't feel
like I'm really your type.
I think you should
let me decide that.
I'm a little uncomfortable
with you, Marco, sometimes.
Let's just relax
and have fun, Rose.
Good, because that's all
I really want to do
is just have some fun.
Hey, me too.
Didn't I tell you?
Best pizza
in the city.
Mm, mm.
It's very good.
This place
has been here forever.
On the weekends,
there's a line around the block.
Why don't you
have a girlfriend?
Or do you have
a girlfriend?
Well, I did,
but we broke up
a few months ago.
Oh, I'm sorry
to hear that.
Don't be.
It was good that it happened.
Why was it good
that it happened?
Ooh, hold it.
Yeah, on the side
of your mouth.
Oh, God.
No, let me do it.
So now that I've saved you
from Tony's pizza--
what shall we do now?
You want to see a movie?
No, not really.
Want to walk somewhere?
Yeah, but it's getting cold.
Don't you live around here?
Well, we could, uh,
go back to your place,
maybe have a nightcap.
Marco, I-I...
Rose, we work together
in the same building.
What's the big deal?
[laughing nervously]
You know me,
and it's Christmas Eve.
I don't have any...
real liquor.
I just have eggnog.
No, I love eggnog.
Let's do it.
Do you have family
in the city?
My family's
all down in Florida,
so it's just me here.
Great place.
You live here
all by yourself?
It's my mother's house.
Well, here we are.
I'll get the eggnog.
You know, Rose.
I find you
very sexy.
Thank you.
I'm gonna get
the nog.
You're not
attracted to me?
No, um...
I'm attracted to you.
But this, you know,
it's going a little fast for me.
Let's just start
with a kiss.
All you have to do
is say stop,
and I promise I will.
You promise?
Okay, stop.
All right,
that was a little quick.
Yeah, I know it was,
but I'm--I...
How long has it been, Rose?
How long it's been
since you've been on a date.
You're a very
beautiful woman.
You should be
with someone.
Someone like me.
You know,
you work all the time.
I never see you go out,
you know.
You got to live
a little.
Life ain't that bad, Rose.
You just got to lighten up.
Oh, gosh,
I just, uh...
It's just not
working for me.
What did I say?
Someone tells me
to lighten up and relax,
I just tighten up
and get tense.
Hey, I just thought
we could have a good time.
Yeah, me too,
I was just trying
to make you feel better.
I know;
I know.
It didn't, though.
I see.
I guess I better go.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no,
I'm sorry.
I was too forward.
I was wrong.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
It's not you.
It's me.
You're right, Rose.
It is you.
Merry Christmas, Rose.
Merry Christmas.
^^ Deck the halls
with boughs of [whistles]. ^^
Hey, you okay?
My stomach
is a little nauseous.
I think I'm just
stressed out.
Nina, can you please
just relax?
it's the glam rock look.
^^ Deck the halls
with boughs of da da. ^^
^^ La la la la la ^^
^^ la la la. ^^
What are you doing home
so early?
You must be Mike.
What are you doing?
This was for you,
you idiot.
He hit my lip.
What's going on
with this guy, Nina?
You can
clean up here.
What the hell is he doing
in the apartment?
You have a serious problem.
Oh, I got a problem?
What's he doing
in the apartment?
Are you insane?
Who is that guy, Nina?
This guy's my friend!
He was helping me
to prepare a surprise for you.
What kind of surprise?
He's a tree decorator!
All right, look,
I'm sorry, all right?
I made a mistake.
You know what?
You always
make a mistake.
Last week, you started
a fight on the street
because you thought a guy
was looking at me.
He was looking--
So what!
Men look at me.
Get over it.
All right, look,
I'm sorry, all right?
It was just
a misunderstanding.
It's just
driving me crazy.
I saw the two of you
talking today--
Talking when?
When I dropped you off
at work today.
I dropped you off at the office,
and I saw you guys.
Do you spy on me?
| |
No, I don't spy on you.
Listen to me.
I just--I saw
the two of you talking, okay?
And then the next thing I know,
you're hugging and kissing
on each other...
It was innocent, all right,
believe me, completely.
She was thanking me.
Thanking you
for what?
This is insane.
Look, I can
clear everything up.
Oh, that's not
the point.
I'm gay.
All right?
Nina, look,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
[somber music]
^^ ^^
Mr. Calvert.
Mr. Calvert!
Mr. Calvert,
your rent is due.
Mr. Calvert,
I evict you if I have to.
I evict you!
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
Yeah, but she told me
she was gonna stay with you.
I don't know.
Yeah, I don't know.
Look, uh...
Look, just tell her
I called, okay?
And tell her I love her.
And, uh...
And, uh...
0 0
Tell her I'm sorry.
What the hell
are you doing here?
I need to see you.
I have to talk to you.
Look, pal, you picked
a bad day to mess with me.
Now, you obviously
got me mixed up
with somebody else.
I just need
ten minutes of your time.
I'm not gonna give you
ten seconds.
You beat it.
Ten minutes,
that's all I ask.
I'll explain
everything to you,
and then I won't
bother you anymore.
Look, it's Christmas Eve,
all right?
Don't you have
someplace to be,
family waiting
for you or something?
What do you want
from me?
Ten minutes.
All right,
come on.
Ten minutes.
Let's go quick.
This is for you.
It's n much.
Just something
I wanted to...
It's a little, uh...
Take a seat.
Could I have
something warm to drink?
Yeah, you want some coffee?
Yeah, that would be
very kind of you.
I didn't mean
to frighten you before.
I hope I didn't.
It's just I was afraid
I was never gonna see you again.
Look, you know,
it's obvious
you got me mixed up
with somebody else.
I'm just trying to figure out
what's going on here.
Nothing person,
uh, Mister...
Almond butter cookies.
Your favorite, right?
May I have one?
Yeah, sure.
[festive music]
[voices and laughter]
Emilio, ven.
So heavy.
Thank you.
Hello, familia.
Tengo hambre.
Are you all right?
I might be pregnant.
Thank you.
But actually,
I just left my fianc
who I am supposed to marry
in one week
and who I love
very, very much
but who is
a jealous psychopath
who thinks that every guy
wants to sleep with me
and who drives me crazy.
You must think
I'm some crazy person,
blurting all this out.
Oh, no, no.
Not at all.
You know, because I'm
a blurter myself.
Sometimes, you know,
you just have to
get it out
so that you can figure out
what to do.
Thank you.
I'm Nina,
by the way.
Nice to meet you.
Uncle Pedro's friend
from Pittsburgh, right?
Dinner's ready.
Let's go inside.
Do I look like
I've been crying?
No, no, no,
you look beautiful.
I really--
I can't--
Let's go have some fun.
I have to go.
I really--
Nina, por favor.
I could use a hand inside.
Come on.
Oh, please...
Thank you.
pasam ese plato.
Maria, come on.
Everyone's at the table.
Um, maybe there's somewhere
I could use the bathroom?
Oh, yeah,
right behind you.
Thank you.
A ver,
A comer.
[melancholy music]
^^ ^^
Why not?
Yeah, okay.
^^ ^^
[conversation stops]
No es ella?
Wait, Rose.
Rose, wait.
Oh, I'm so sorry,
That was so stupid.
Stay with us please.
Please stay with us.
Tell your--
Please come back inside.
Tell your family
I am so sorry.
Sorry for what?
For crashing
your Chrtmas dinner.
For trespassing.
For breaking
and entering.
For being just...
Please come back inside.
We'll make room.
That is so sweet,
but I am...
I don't...
I don't fit in.
Me neither.
Not tonight.
I know a place
around the corner.
Maybe we can go there
and talk.
They're gonna
miss you.
I'll come back.
You're crazier
than I am.
Come on,
it's freezing.
It's so cold.
^^ Once again,
it's Christmastime. ^^
^^ I'm not feeling chipper ^^
^^ 'cause my girlfriend
just left me ^^
^^ for a male stripper. ^^
^^ She says
I'm a total dweeb ^^
^^ and I have no money. ^^
I know he loves me,
and he's a great guy
with a huge heart.
I wouldn't be with him,
but he's just so--
Yes, controlling.
He doesn't have faith
in what we have,
how we feel.
He won't trust it.
I mean,
I find myself praying
that he will change,
but I don't know anymore.
I mean, we're supposed
to get married in one week.
This is it.
This is forever.
And I can't live like this.
But I can't picture my life
without him either.
You love him very much.
Yeah, so much.
We even decided
that we were gonna try
to have a baby
since we just got
the apartment.
We both want a baby
very badly.
Even though it's a long shot.
I thought you were pregnant.
To tell you the truth,
I'm not sure.
Well, then you have
to take a test and find out.
Doctors have always told me
that I have a very low chance
of getting pregnant,
and I thought I was
a few times before,
and then I wasn't,
so I don't want to take
another test
and be disappointed again.
I know I'm just nauseous
from all the stress
of everything going on.
Excuse me,
ladies and gentlemen.
We're having
a little impromptu contest.
Winner takes home
the stunning Christmas tree
on my piano.
Just step up to the mic
and tell us
why you hate Christmas.
Best reason wins.
All those interested,
follow me.
Look, all I know is
that, um...
nobody's perfect,
and if you find love,
I mean real love,
you just don't throw it away
without a hell of a fight.
My wife used to do that
with her coffee.
It was her one vice,
if you can call it that.
It was more like
a simple pleasure, really,
just to put a little brandy
in her evening coffee,
and B&B,
just the way you do it.
Who are you?
Look, you've been
very, very kind to me,
and I owe you
an explanation.
It's just very hard for me
to get the words out.
What I would like...
[women talking
and laughing]
Anybody home?
Oh, he's home.
Ho ho ho.
Merry Christmas, Mikey.
What are you
doing here?
What am I doing here?
I come
to cheer you up, man.
Look, this is Holly
and Mary.
Mikey, get it?
Holly and Mary.
Come on,
Dennis, I'm not sure
this is such
a good time right now.
Yeah, the girl's room
is right around the corner here.
Okay, okay,
we're going.
Look what
I brought you.
Yeah, but, Dennis--
Mike, I get
the redhead, okay?
What's going on here,
That's the guy
from the diner.
What's he doing here?
I'm trying to get
to the bottom of this thing.
You invited him
to your apartment.
what are you thinking?
He could be
some sort of psycho.
He's not a psycho.
Little strange maybe,
but he's sweet.
Mike, is there something
you want to tell me?
What are you
talking about?
I'm just trying to figure out
what's going on with this guy.
I'm your partner.
You could tell me anything.
[women's voices]
Dennis, you got to get them
out of here.
Girls, Dennis,
I really appreciate
you coming by
and your concern and everything.
Mike, I don't trust
this guy, okay?
I'm on my cell
if you need me.
Nah, I'll be all right.
Mike, I'm on my cell, okay?
I'll be fine.
I find that I'm very
attracted to you.
Oh, wait a minute.
I'm not gay.
I'm not gay either.
I like women.
I love women.
No, I mean
I really like women.
I love women too.
And I'm getting married.
I'm getting married
really soon
to a really great woman
that I love very much.
I was married once
to a woman that I really loved,
and that woman was you.
Excuse me?
Do you believe
in reincarnation?
How could you not?
When I looked at you
and you looked at me,
I knew it was she.
I knew it was
my Angeline,
my wife.
All right, that's it.
You're out of here.
No, you're out of here!
You're my wife.
Stay away from me!
Please, don't do this
to me.
Come on in, baby.
The car's warm.
's the matter,
You're no fun tonight.
Give me one second,
all right?
I don't trust this guy
with my partner.
Something's wrong.
Oh, nothing's wrong.
Give me a minute.
Give me a minute.
Come on, Dennis.
Son of a bitch.
I knew it.
No, no, Dennis.
My goodness,
look at...
[all laughing]
All right, listen,
I got to straighten
this guy out.
I got to.
I got to.
What I do
for my friends, my God.
All right, just--
I got to.
All right,
I got to straighten
this guy out.
Just stay here.
Stay in the car.
Oh, come on.
wait in the car?
What's the matter?
I really love you.
But your jealousy
is killing me.
You hold on so tight.
I can't breathe.
That's because
I love you so much, though.
Too much.
Come on,
that's crazy.
No, it's not.
You have to let go,
If we're gonna make it,
then you have to
let go a little.
I do have
another life,
a career,
a job where I have to
talk to men.
There's nothing
the matter with that.
Yeah, but all
these guys want
is to take you
to bed.
So some of them try.
So what?
You have
to trust me.
Who what?
What guys try?
No, are they
friends of mine?
Do I know
these guys?
I didn't say that.
No, are they guys
from your work?
Did I ever
meet them?
Mike, did you hear
a word that I said?
What guys?
Who are they?
Why the hell
did I come here?
Come on.
Listen to me.
I don't want
to talk to you.
Now you're starting
to scare me.
You're gonna have
to talk to me.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't listening.
Mikey, your friend here's
waiting in the doorway hiding.
I wasn't hiding.
I wanted
to be near you.
I thought you might
come down again.
Not now, Artie.
Nina, please.
Come on.
Don't leave.
Get in the car.
This is all
your fault.
Why do you keep
doing this to me?
You're my life.
You stay away
from me.
I'm warning you.
Stay away from me!
You understand me?
what'd you do?
I didn't
do anything.
Get an ambulance.
Get an ambulance.
And our last contestant,
Ms. Rose Harrison.
All right,
let's see.
I hate Christmas
because, uh...
Well, you know,
I don't completely
hate Christmas.
I, um...
There's...quite frankly,
a lot of things
I love about Christmas:
those little
dome things that you shake--
Right, okay, sorry.
Okay, I got pregnant
the summer that I turned 25,
and it wasn't something
that my husband and I
really planned,
but, you know,
we always wanted kids,
so we were thrilled.
And we found out we were
gonna have a little girl
and we painted the room pink
with little bunnies
and all that.
And we named her
after our maternal grandparents,
Olivia May.
And the pregnancy was great,
and the delivery was great,
and when she came out of me,
she looked perfect.
She had just
these little tiny,
tiny little fingers,
all of them
and little toes,
and she was blonde.
And you know, I don't know
what color eyes she had
because, um,
well, I never...
um, I never saw her eyes
because she, um...
Well, she...
her heart stopped.
It just stopped,
and they told us
that it was defective.
And I tried to get pregnant
again after that,
and it didn't happen.
And so I guess that's why
I hate Christmas sometimes
when I think
of Olivia May.
That's a sad story,
but what's that got to do
with Christmas?
Oh, right.
She, um...
Olivia May was born
and died on Christmas Day.
[sirens wa
Don't you die
on me, Artie.
[man over television]
A woman in the Bronx
killed her husband
and then turned the gun
on herself.
The woman left a note
by the scene
saying just one line:
"This is something
I just wanted to do for myself."
On the house,
[man over television]
We'll have details
on this controversial new diet
coming up when we return.
So where the hell
does this guy live?
He lives wherever he can.
He's a squatter.
Moves around a lot.
Don't worry;
you'll see what I mean.
I don't know
if I like this, Glen.
Just got to trust me
on this one, all right?
This guy
will take care of you.
Well, what if
I change my mind?
I do
I got my money.
Who's there?
It's Glen.
Glen, welcome.
I got somebody
here to see you.
Well, come on down
and bring him over.
All right,
you go.
I'll wait here.
You're not
gonna goith me?
It's cool.
Don't worry about it.
So what can I do for you, son?
Well, Glen said that, um...
Glen said what?
Glen said that you break hands.
That's absolutely right.
And whose hands
are we talking about?
Oh, sheez.
I'm s--oh, oh.
I'm sorry.
I'm so--
my fault.
Everything okay?
I'm fine.
Just maybe a few too many
Christmas parties, but...
You meant me,
didn't you?
I was just checking.
So how's Helen?
Well, her blood pressure's
still a little high,
but it's much improved
since this morning.
But she's still
not eating.
And I'm very concerned
about that.
If she doesn't
eat something tonigh I'm gonna come back a little later and...
check on her.
All right.
Let's start
the celebration
with some carrot cake,
Let's see.
Here we go.
Just a little nibble.
Here you go, Mom.
Come on.
Come on.
Did you hear
the doctor?
It's really important
that you eat, okay?
Let's just try,
just a little nibble.
Come on.
Why won't you
eat anything?
Oh, God.
Okay, let's do the tree.
Look what I won, Mom.
Huh, nice tree?
It'll cheer up
the room.
Let's see.
You like that, Mom,
Merry Christmas.
Hold on.
I'll get it.
I can fix it.
Let's see.
Just a little bit of...
What the hell's
wrong with this thing?
Ah, just get this.
I'm gonna fix it.
Don't worry.
Damn it!
[somber music]
^^ ^^
I love you.
^^ ^^
Get him in room two.
What's going on here?
It's a pileup
on the West Side Highway.
[woman screaming]
You save him!
He needs help!
Sir, I'll be
right with you.
Looking for my mother.
She was involved
in an accident on the highway.
Her name
is Evelyn Jents.
I guess there isn't
gonna be a party now.
Not tonight, sweetie.
I'll try to scrounge up
some leftover eggnog for you.
Sure wasn't like this
when I was 14.
That was the best Christmas
I ever had.
That's great.
Excuse me.
Excuse me,
but I've been waiting for hours.
Is there any news
on Artie Venezelos yet?
You're gonna have
to talk to Nurse Stein.
Excuse me.
I was hoping
you could give me some news
on Artie Venezelos.
Are you family?
No, not really.
I just--
Either you are,
or you're not.
I'm a friend.
I'm sorry;
I can't give out
any medical information.
He's his friend.
You know,
like his friend-friend.
I don't care
if he's his priest.
Okay, thank you,
Nurse Ratched.
I will find out
what I can, okay?
Oh, man,
I really appreciate that.
You know,
but the truth of it is,
we're not even
really friends.
It's okay.
I figured that.
[somber music]
^^ ^^
Can't swim.
Love to learn.
You're the guy
from the hospital.
Yeah, Charlie Boyd.
You're the angel lady.
What are you doing here?
Did you follow me?
No, not at all.
Well, then,
well, why are you here?
I could ask you
the same question.
I just want you
to leave me alone.
Can't do that.
I see a woman
standing alone
on a pier looking over a ledge,
I gotta help.
I don't want any help.
If you jump in,
I'm gonna have to
jump in right after you.
Who said anything
about jumping in?
But if I did jump,
you'd jump in after me
after you told me
that you can't swim?
Yeah, because it's
the right thing to do.
And you always do
the right thing?
Yeah, I do.
It's a bad habit.
You want to tell me
your sad story?
I'm a really good
I'm all ears.
I'll tell you mine.
It's Christmas Eve,
and I'm all alone.
That's it?
You're all alone?
That's the best
you can do?
There's more.
I'm a priest.
Yeah, for 20 years.
Then last year,
I left the priesthood.
Kicked the habit.
Started my life over.
Now here I am.
No more
Catholic family,
no personal family here,
no one.
Now you want me
to guess yours?
Take your best shot.
You're an attractive lady
who forgot her hat,
and your ears
are very cold.
Take anything
off the top shelf.
Want to get a cab
and get a cup of coffee,
and I'll guess more
of your story?
After you.
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
Still my turn
to guess, Rose?
You're this amazing person,
but you're too busy
helping others
to see it.
You take good care
of your friend, right?
Is he a close friend?
What's the matter?
Kind of a bad stomach.
Hope we get
someplace soon.
I don't feel
so good.
All right, well...
My place is actually
not far from here.
Do you want
to go there?
You sure?
three lights,
take a left.
Hey, you know, I really
appreciate you doing this.
Aw, man,
I'm glad I could help.
I know hospital policy
isn't always on our side.
They can be
a little stuffy.
I remember when
my lover got sick--
Hey, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
You made a mistake,
uh, Randy.
Yeah, you're making
the wrong assumption
about Artie and I.
I appreciate you
bringing me up here and all,
but the truth of it is,
we ain't a couple.
As a matter of fact,
I just met the guy.
He's a waiter,
and I ordered some coffee--
Oh, my God,
that's how my parents met.
My mother
waited on my father,
only he ordered
a tuna fish sandwich
and a ginger ale.
No, now, now look.
I just, I want
to make it clear that--
Don't worry.
Your secret's
safe with me.
He's stable now.
Just thank God
for small blessings, right?
Let him know
you're here.
I don't care
what the doctors say.
Talk to him.
Tell him how you feel.
He'll hear you.
we got to talk.
Oh, hi.
Oh, my.
Who's that?
Nah, forget about it.
What do you got?
I went
to the station.
I got some info
on this guy.
Did you know your friend here
served four years
on a ten-year sentence
for manslaughter back in '79?
This guy?
Yeah, that's him.
It was
a domestic dispute.
This Venezelos
comes home,
finds his wife
with another guy, right,
but it's no boyfriend
or nothing,
just an old friend.
He goes into a rage,
accuses her
of being unfaithful, right?
Him and this guy
get into some words.
They start
going at each other.
He throws the guy
down a flight of stairs.
The guy's neck breaks.
He died
in the hospital
a few hours later.
it gets worse.
The wife takes off
before the cops show up, right?
She jumps in her car
and speeds away.
She's doing, like,
about 80
when she skids out
on this icy curve
and hits an oncoming car
head on.
She was killed instantly.
Whoa, Mikey,
you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Well, at least we know
who the nut is now, right?
Naw, he's not nuts.
Yeah, all right.
Let's get out of here.
I'll take you home.
Nah, I'm gonna stay
around here for a while.
For what?
They can take care of him.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
Dennis, listen to me.
Something's going on here.
I don't know what it is,
but I'm gonna find out.
I appreciate you coming by
and everything,
but I got to
figure this one out.
You gonna be all right?
Yeah, I'm gonna be all right.
All right.
All right,
merry Christmas, partner, huh?
Merry Christmas.
I didn't see
What is it
with this guy?
You don't even
want to know.
All right, later.
Take care.
This is really hot.
Be careful.
It's tea
with bitters.
It's good
for your stomach.
Thanks for letting me
come here.
Oh, sure.
It's not right,
you know.
I should be the one
helping you.
Oh, no, I'm the one
that always
takes care of everybody,
My thing.
Must be something
you need, though.
What do you mean?
what do you want most
in the whole world, Rose?
I guess just to make it
through the night would be nice.
Now we're talking.
I can definitely
help with that.
Did I just invite myself
to spend the night?
Sort of.
Maybe I should go.
You sure?
On condition that you tell me
what it is that you want.
That's fair.
I don't want to be alone
when I die.
Is that too much?
No. No.
You sure that's him?
believe me.
He was just here
this morning.
So you think
that it was self-inflicted.
Well, if that's the case,
we can hold him
for up to 24 hours
for observation if we think
he's a danger to himself.
Have the resident psychiatrist
have a talk to him
before we decide
to let him go.
Look, if there's not
gonna be a party,
I want to go now.
Can't leave right now.
You have to speak
to another doctor.
For what?
Those are the rules.
Look, you can't
just keep me here.
I can't,
but he can.
Now sit down.
[both chuckle]
Charlie, I hope
you don't mind my asking, but...
Why did you leave the priesthood
after 20 years?
I lost my faith.
And I began to question
the existence of God.
If you're a priest,
that's not good.
So here I am.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
What about you?
What about me?
How's your faith?
Oh, it's pretty shaky.
Well, my mom's been sick
for a long time
with Alzheimer's,
and she was always the glue
that kind of
kept the family together.
Now she can't even
bathe herself.
And I keep trying
to reconnect with her.
How do you do that
with someone who's not there?
Well, I put...
I put pictures of the family
all around the room,
and I bring her
her favorite foods.
I play her favorite music.
You know,
I'm just trying to find her
just even for, like,
a second,
just to have some kind
of moment of clarity, you know,
so that I know
she's still there.
Does it work?
Do you pray?
No, not anymore.
Yeah, I know
how that is.
Only five more hours
to go.
Till what?
Till you make it
through the night.
This is mesmerizing.
Not for five hours.
We should put
another tape on.
How you doing?
Look, I want
to go home now!
All right?
This is all wrong.
This is not the way
it's supposed to be!
Calm down, Mr. Calvert.
Oh, you want me
to calm down.
Calm down, Mr. Calvert.
Calm down.
I can calm down.
That calm enough
for you?
What about that?
and yelling]
Get him on the other side.
What are you doing?
I got a broken hand.
Put me--
I didn't
do anything wrong.
Let me go.
Come on.
Come on.
You know, Artie,
I got to tell you,
I feel really bad
about what happened
at the apartment today,
and I want you to know that,
you know,
I wasn't mad at you.
See, I was...
I was mad...
Man, Artie,
I really screwed things up
between Nina and me.
You have no idea.
Actually, you probably do,
don't you?
Hey, Artie.
I got to know.
That stuff
you were saying today,
about you and me,
you know,
about your wife,
that was just crazy, right?
Just some
big misunderstanding, right?
Who are you?
I'm a friend.
I've never
met you before.
Paul Venezelos.
Michael Reilly.
I'm the guy
that took him here.
I'm a cop.
Oh, thank you.
So how's he doing?
He's stable.
All right.
Well, thanks for sitting
with him.
It was good to meet you.
Yeah, of course.
He didn't give you
some cockamamy story
about you being
my reincarnated mother, did he?
He did, didn't he?
He's been doing that
to some poor unsuspecting chump
every Christmas
since she died.
Well, look,
I promise I'll let him know
that you were here
when he wakes up, all right?
I appreciate it.
[melancholy music]
^^ ^^
Can't believe
you're still here.
So he likes to tell people
they're your
reincarnated mother, huh?
Always around Christmas.
Look, I'm sorry
about your mother
and all that happened.
He told you what happened?
Yeah, a little.
You know,
he mentioned it once.
My father
never talked about that.
Anyhow, I'm sorry.
Pop, you know,
he just can't seem to forget it.
It's the past
that holds onto him.
We don't count.
No matter what we do,
no matter how much
we try to be there for him,
we just can't reach him.
I can't reach him.
Do you know he still keeps
that glass angel by his bed?
I swear he sees
her face in it.
Glass angel?
Yeah, my mother
had it blown out of glass
to put on top of the tree.
It was a surprise for Pop.
Sounds like
they loved each other very much.
They did.
All my father's looking for
is a little forgiveness.
Where's the harm in that?
Forgiveness from who?
From her.
He screwed up,
and he's sorry.
He just never got a chance
to tell her.
I got to take
a walk.
I'll be right back.
Keep an eye on him.
Yeah, you got it.
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
How you feeling?
if you have to leave,
I understand,
It's fine.
Look, I made it
through the night, didn't I?
Yes, you have.
But is that
what you really wanted?
Just to make it
through the night
and that's all?
Well, I suppose
I'd like to think
that my life matters.
Oh, your life matters.
You've touched
other people's lives
in ways you don't
even realize.
How do you know that?
Because you touched
my life.
You're just
being nice, Charlie.
No, Rose,
I'm not.
It's more than that.
You saved me, Rose.
I was wondering
where God was,
and the next thing you know,
there you are
at the bedside
of a complete stranger
telling him you love him
with such meaning.
And then I knew
God was there
in that room
with you.
You were there?
Why did you do that,
Because he was just so alone,
I guess I know
what it feels like.
I know.
That's why your mother
wants you to let go
and live a life.
Your mother wants you
to live your life, Rose.
You don't know my mother.
She knows
you love her
and you're there for her.
Why are you doing this?
Because she told me
to tell you.
That's not funny.
And you're scaring me.
No, Rose,
I don't have
much time.
Charlie, please.
I don't want
to listen.
Please listen
to what I have to say.
Get out of the house.
I don't want you
here anymore.
I'm not gonna leave
till you hear
what I have to say.
She spoke to me
last night.
All right,
I'm calling the police.
I know it's hard
to believe.
I mean it, Charlie.
Get out!
That's what
she wants.
I know that
would make her happy.
My mother doesn't even know
she's my mother.
She doesn't hear me.
She doesn't see me.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
When you look in her eyes,
you see absolutely nothing.
She's not there,
do you understand?
I'm watching
my mother die bit by bit.
So don't you tell me
about my mother.
Get out of here!
Just go!
I love you, Rose.
Did you do that
to yourself, Jules?
Well, there are some people
here at the hospital
that think you might have.
Hey, look,
this is bull have to
go through with this?
If you want
to leave, yes.
All right.
I'll play
this game.
My dad died
when I was real young.
My mother
married some guy
with quick hands
who didn't have time for me.
So he hit you?
A lot?
When he felt like it.
They still married?
I heard he died
years ago,
which made me
very happy.
When was the last time
you spoke to your mother?
I told you,
I don't have a mother.
I want to help you, Jules,
but unless
you tell me the truth,
I can't.
So tell me,
did you do that
to your hand?
By the time I was 14,
I was taking a beating
every day.
And once,
it got so bad,
he even threw
my mother
halfway across the room.
And that's when
I told him to stop.
That's all I said.
"Stop it."
And you know what he did?
He broke my nose
in three places
and then threw me
out of the house.
And after
they fixed me up,
the hospital
called my mother,
and she never showed.
Never even picked me up.
Maybe she was scared, Jules.
Maybe she was just as scared
as you
when she allowed those things
to happen to you.
She might have been happy
when you ran away
because she knew
he couldn't hurt you anymore.
Maybe she loved you that much.
Why don't you call her?
I'm sure she'd love
to hear from you.
I can't.
It's just a phone call, Jules.
No one should be stuck
in an emergency room
on Christmas
if they don't want to be.
Be back
in a few minutes.
[somber music]
^^ ^^
I thought I was never
gonna see you again.
Long time
no see.
Should I get the nurse?
What are you still doing here?
I was waiting for you
to wake up.
Thanks so much
for helping me out.
I'm very--
very grateful.
You're welcome.
listen to me.
I want you
to know something.
I forgive you.
You understand?
It's over.
I forgive you
for everything.
Looks like there's somebody
okto see you.
Hello, son.
Hey, Pop.
You okay?
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
Nina, dear.
I'll be right there.
Ay, Nina.
Come and see
what I see.
What are you
doing here?
Listen, I've been thinking
about what you said last night,
about being scared.
I shouldn't have
said it like that.
No, I know what you meant.
But you're wrong.
I'm the one
that's scared,
not you.
Look, it's not
that I don't trust you, Nina.
I don't trust
who I am,
you know?
What you see
in me.
You know,
I'm just a cop, you know?
I don't have
a fancy suit
or a fancy degree
on the wall.
I don't have the words
to make all the things I did
go away.
I wish I did,
but I don't.
I just know I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
Look, if you don't want
to get married,
it's fine.
You don't want
to see me anymore,
all right.
You don't even know
if you love me anymore...
well, I'll just have to
accept that,
because you're more important
to me than us.
But if you give me
one more chance--
I know I've said this before,
but this time,
this is for life--
I won't let you down.
I won't--
I won't let you down.
You have to believe me.
I've changed.
I'm not the same anymore.
You don't
have to say
right now.
I want you to think
about what I just told you.
You know,
it's like you used to tell me.
I mean, this is it.
This is forever,
and I want you
to be sure.
All right.
Hey, you know,
one more thing.
Whatever you decide,
be happy,
because that's more important
to me than anything.
[somber music]
^^ ^^
Excuse me, nurse.
Have you seen the gentleman
that visits this patient?
No one comes
to visit him.
I've never seen anyone.
His friend's name
is Charlie Boyd,
and I saw him here myself
yesterday morning.
You're mistaken,
This is Charles Boyd,
and no one has ever
come to see him.
Excuse me.
I have rounds
to make.
Oh, my God.
It is you.
[melodramatic music]
^^ ^^
Hey, Charlie.
^^ ^^
It's okay.
I'm here now, Charlie.
You can leave now.
It's okay
to let go.
Look what
you forgot.
^^ ^^
Thank you, Charlie.
Can I come in?
Yeah, come on in.
I thought I'd come by and...
give you your gift.
Where is it?
It's right here.
Merry Christmas, Mike.
Oh, I love you.
I love you.
So will you
marry me now?
Let's get married.
Oh, my God.
I missed you.
I love you
so much.
So, Helen,
do you think your daughter
would go out
to dinner with me?
You know,
I was hoping
you might put in
a good word for me.
What do you think?
I'm a nice--
She's eating.
Mom, you're eating.
That's so great.
I was just--
You're talking,
I know that.
She's a great listener.
Yes, she is.
I suppose I should
continue my rounds.
Oh, Doctor.
What's your first name?
That's Matthew, Mom.
I'm sorry
about what you heard
when I was talking
to your mother.
You know, as a doctor, you say
things to your patients that--
You don't really mean.
No, no,
it's just that sometimes--
You don' don't want
to take me to dinner.
I mean yes.
I would like
to take you to dinner.
Well, good,
because, uh...
Well, I think,
I think that's a good idea.
That's great.
I would really like that.
Me too.
Merry Christmas, Rose.
Merry Christmas, Matthew.
You too, Helen.
He seems like
a good guy.
What do you think,
Do you like him?
Merry Christmas, Mom.
[uplifting music]