Nome di donna (2018) Movie Script

Sorry I'm late.
- Nina Martini.
- And who is this beautiful child?
- Catherine!
- Wait, wait, Catherine.
I have something for you.
Do you like licorice?
I'll get this.
No, I have it, I have it, come on.
We want to go?
(NINA) Be good, love.
Then. Born in Milan,
September 1980,
resident in Milan, civil status: free.
Unemployed, right?
I worked in a restoration laboratory
until a year ago, but then it closed.
- Catherine?
- My daughter.
Yes, I know. The father?
There is no father, I raised her alone.
- Other relatives?
- My partner, Luca.
Well, we can't
just call him a relative.
As you will have noticed here
they are almost all on vacation,
she has a contract
for a summer replacement.
For, if he worked well,
in late summer,
I do not exclude that it can be hired.
Thank you.
He has the duties in mind
what are you waiting for?
Here, maybe the nail polish not, eh?
Our guests are demanding,
people used to being served
and revered. In short, we understood each other.
There are no big jobs here,
small jobs.
Everyone works together
for the same purpose.
Sure. I can't wait to start,
it is a very beautiful place.
The oratory makes summer courses
for children.
Her neighbor will naturally help her.
Have you seen the house yet?
Not yet.
He wanted to come here immediately to see
what will be his work, good, I like it.
We need people like you.
Well, you can go and settle now,
and maybe she too,
in all senses.
Hi, love, bye.
- Look what I've got here?
- Thank you!
- So how did it go?
- Well.
Here, good lawyer,
a little step, good, forward, good.
So let's go to the Olympics
next year.
Un, deux, trois, quatre.
Un, deux, trois, quatre.
Well done, so good,
I want to see you fly.
So the first six months bring us
an increase in profit of 11 percent.
And we didn't even touch
the expenses chapter. It could be improved.
(DON ROBERTO) No, I disagree,
there is nothing to cut.
The quality of the service has done
del Baratta the excellence it is!
And in fact nothing is cut off.
On the contrary, we must deliberate
urgently three new hires.
Dr. Mario Nevi,
geriatric specialist in Alzheimer,
the cook assistant Giacomo Mari
who passed 15 days of trial,
and the attendant, the Martini Nina,
who finished the summer replacement.
But look, all Italians.
All foreigners in the area they are already working here,
they are not there anymore.
Here, if maybe we save ourselves
certain jokes
and you don't waste my time.
But mercy, Don Ferrari,
where does he keep it?
Safe in your room
attendance tokens.
Excuse me, I didn't think
were in the room, review later.
No, no, go ahead.
Do as if you were dead.
No, no, those don't touch them.
San Giorgio, San Luca and San Luchino.
Doctor, I've made an appointment
with the mayor.
- I booked at Leon D'Oro
21:00 pearls tonight
and I sent the roses to his lady.
Thank you. He must not believe
that is carelessness, eh?
It is not. I know he works too much!
Ah, another thing,
Franca Tozzi phoned three times.
He wants an appointment,
she was very insistent.
I don't know what it is.
I know what it is,
wants promotion to Caposala.
If you call again,
say I call you.
- (NINA) Here, come!
- (LUCA) Careful that you fall!
(LUCA) You are really sure
of wanting to stay at Baratta?
(NINA) Love, please, it's not that
we can talk about it endlessly.
(LUCA) The work you do there
you can do it also in Milan.
(NINA) Shit work
that I do, you mean.
(LUCA) But no, of course not.
(NINA) Listen, it won't be much of a thing,
for, vacation, thirteenth,
salary, the house, the countryside.
After the year I spent!
And then it's an hour by car,
come whenever you want.
- (LUCA) This is not the point.
- (NINA) And what's the point?
(LUCA) We could have tried to make it
with my work.
The architect told me that
next year it gives me the increase.
- (NINA) Eh, next year.
- (LUCA) You could have stayed with me.
ninety two
00: 09: 36,542 - 00: 09: 38,626
You never thought about it
seriously, that's all.
- (NINA) You know why.
- (LUCA) Sure.
Oh well, "I don't want to depend,
I don't want to keep me.
(NINA) And is it wrong?
You can't get your whole life conditioned
from that fucking head that dumped you.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's not for eternity.
I just want to settle for a moment.
Everything is simpler here.
What do you want?
- No, nobody sees us.
- No come on!
(LUCA) Stay here.
- (NINA) Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi, Nina.
- Hello.
- (CATERINA) Close well that they steal it.
- (NINA) And who steals it?
- The Giargianesi.
- Who?
The Giargianesi!
But who is it that teaches you
these words?
Love, come here
I take off your helmet.
I'm the only one with the cage on his head.
- Hello sweetheart.
- Hello!
(NINA) Chiara. Are you OK?
(CHIARA) Yes, always the usual stuff
every morning.
- (NINA) Solita manfrina.
- (CHIARA) Exactly.
(NINA) Come on, I'm in a hurry, hello.
(NINA) Thank you.
(SILVIA) Four people are still missing
to form the gymnastic group.
(ALINA) Yes, I have to register.
Lucia, are you going there?
Yes, I sign up, then I see.
- You, Nina?
- Eh, I can't, I have Caterina.
I also have two children,
that's what I go for.
But at home you have a husband.
(ALL) And mother-in-law!
Do we drink a beer one of these?
Or come to me and do the mamaliga.
Ah, I can Friday.
But what is mamaliga?
(ALINA) Romanian dish, it is polenta type.
I organize?
Nina, if you want you can come
also with Caterina.
Good morning, Mrs. Martini.
Sorry if I take advantage.
Dr. Torri would like to see you tomorrow
after the shift in his office.
But I finish at 20:00,
I wouldn't want to be late.
- But why do you want to see me?
- Mah!
Excuse me for the delay, I stayed there
with a guest at the end of the shift.
Why did it change?
Anyway, now I can't,
I have no time, I have a commitment.
See you tomorrow,
after work, at the same time.
But I have the same shift.
Don't change.
Excuse me, doctor,
can't you anticipate anything?
Beautiful, just beautiful.
(MARIA) Mamma mia!
Did he make you the laser?
(ALINA) Only three times of laser.
We can already see a lot less.
Already the fifth time
will not be seen again.
Does it hurt?
Yes, I already took her to school.
I'll call you at lunch. Hello.
You know what I think?
What if you have the right man
you never have to work, he'll take care of you.
But you chose the wrong man.
- (ALINA) Maria, leave ...
- ! Eh?
Alina, you didn't say how they work
here the things to your friend?
I say it's late.
What has Maria? Explain to me.
Come on, that cools everything down.
You go to Ines who loves you so much.
- (ALINA) How are we doing?
- (INES) Good. Good morning.
(NINA) He didn't want to go down
at the restaurant?
(INES) No. Too many bores at this time.
And then I wait for a phone call
with Skype. So maybe help me.
- Are we going to eat here?
- No, after.
They want to do Hamlet.
Another, yet another.
You will understand the novelty.
Production for is important, eh?
I should do everything in English.
He's Colin Firth.
- Do you like Colin Firth?
- Very very much.
He wants his mom to do it.
A very bad mom,
and let's face it, very slutty.
What do you say, I have to consider
a compliment?
- Eh, well, yes.
- Once they made me do Ophelia.
You don't know how many times I've died
drowned with floating braids.
In a show, the director,
made me drown in the pond
all naked!
The water was obviously heated.
Acting naked is beautiful.
You don't have to worry about anything anymore.
Everyone watching that thing there.
And nobody is more careful
to what you say,
you can go wrong, forget the part.
Recite La vispa Teresa.
(NINA) Plan, plan, plan.
(LUCA) Do I turn off this?
(NINA) No, the big one.
# There is an epileptic dowser
# that everyone is afraid of !
# But the amazing botanical garden,
# a kick in the ass sends it. #
Yet !
(LUCA) Shhh!
Let's go to the bench.
This stroll
I love that stew !
- Ines, you have to walk !
- No way !
Let's talk about interesting things.
Why this mood?
Nothing, it's just a little tired.
At my age you can understand everything on the fly.
Although no one gives you more attention.
Yes, don't make that face.
You don't look at me like that, it seems
who wants to take an X-ray.
Then talk, say!
- What's wrong?
- I'm worried about the job.
- The director, Dr. Torri.
- Well?
He wants to see me and I don't know why.
Do you think you have displeased them?
I don't think so.
Do you go to church?
You know they keep us here.
Not so.
I'll talk to you,
what do you ever want them to tell you!
But, actually ...
They are in paranoia,
this job is important to me.
(INES) What an ugly fauna
the people here.
Old, ugly, useless.
Without family, without friends,
no one wants them.
Anyway for this job of yours,
do you know what we do
If you break your balls,
we go away together,
and whoever is seen has been seen.
(TOWERS) Come on dear, come in!
Come, come.
Please have a seat.
But why has it changed again?
He's so good
with his beautiful uniform!
- Do you want to give me your jacket?
- No thanks.
And why? He's cold?
I'm fine.
Please have a seat. Relax.
Here, this is for you.
Don't want it?
And why?
Is it uncomfortable?
Are you worried?
I would like to go home, it's late.
I wanted to talk to you about the pediatrician
for his little girl,
because she knows we have here
health service for employees.
Free, of course.
Thank you.
But are you sure you don't want it?
What a pity!
He doesn't know what he is losing.
Life must also be learned
to enjoy it.
But I don't believe you
you enjoyed it very much.
Mother girl.
I know how you are.
You like to escape.
Because you like it even more
make you chase.
Is it true?
Is it true or not?
You see it? Look what
you're making me do it.
See what you're doing to me?
What the fuck are you doing?
If you want to go, go!
Do you want to go?
No one forces you!
But what a bitch.
Alina! Alina!
- Nina, what's going on?
- Come out, I need to talk to you.
- Come inside.
- Go out!
Calm down, now, come.
- Piece of shit!
- What happened?
Why did not you tell me
who was a son of a bitch, eh?
- Why did not you tell me?
- What are you talking about, Nina?
Don't ignore it.
Why did not you tell me?
- Come inside.
- Do not touch me!
Girls, go away.
See you tomorrow, eh?
I take Nina home and she's not feeling well.
Hi, Nina.
Take it easy.
I'll tell you now.
Fuck you. Bitch.
Tell me again, calmly.
You knew he would do it
and you didn't tell me anything!
- Did it hurt you?
- It made me feel that he had it hard,
that if I didn't run away, he would fuck me!
No, that's not true, if you don't want to,
he does nothing.
So you've been there! And you gave
taken for granted that I was there too!
- But no.
- And the scar?
I asked him to help me
and helped me.
- In exchange for a fuck?
- No. Nina, you're wrong.
You're making a big mistake.
My daughter would be great now,
22 years old.
You already told me this.
But I didn't tell you ...
the daughter was my father's.
My daughter.
My sister.
He started when I was 15,
I let it go, so it ended before.
My brothers knew.
You believe that I can still
make me hurt by a man?
That I ran away from there
to have the same things here?
What I told you is true.
- Maybe you misunderstood.
- No, and you know it.
Excuse me, love, but I was in the shower.
And how long did this shower last?
I know, it's that I would have called you now,
I didn't realize it was so late.
But what voice do you have?
I feel you a p strange.
I'm just a little tired.
Look, I notice when you're weird!
- Come tomorrow night, right?
- Yes, of course.
I feel you are agitated,
did something happen?
But I'm not upset.
I told you, I'm tired.
Okay Love,
so see you tomorrow.
Give Caterina a kiss, eh? Hello.
See you tomorrow.
Nina! Nina, there's the manager
who wants to see it.
Nina, did you hear me?
I asked you to send me
10 curriculum and still have not arrived!
You can bring them to me tomorrow morning.
Sorry, now I can't talk, bye.
Dr. Torri, Mrs Martini.
Oh! Mrs. Martini,
nice to meet you.
We have never met before,
true? Come.
Wait a minute, please.
Come, come, sit down.
- Could we have some water?
Do you want something else?
Okay so, thanks.
Please, take a seat. You are welcome.
Sit down.
So, Mrs. Martini.
They tell me that she goes around
to tell serious things about me.
Not unpleasant, eh? Serious.
But I don't want to believe it.
No! How can I believe it?
We don't even know each other,
it's the first time we see each other.
Indeed, I want to tell you, whatever
which you need,
ask me and I'll help you.
I want our employees too
feel assisted here,
they feel heard,
understood, pampered.
I spend myself firsthand
for this. Thank you.
Especially in the case of women like her,
who have seen so many in life.
What's the name of your child?
Has Caterina ever known Dad?
I tell you this because I knew
that children make comments at school,
they ask questions ...
and children can be very cruel.
Other than the orcs or the witches.
In short, for anything,
I am always here.
You can return to your job,
Mrs. Martini, and thank you for your time.
You can tell Hamid, please,
to get my car ready? Thank you.
(SILVIA) Nina, why here?
(LUCIA) Did you change the shift?
You're not OK?
(NINA) Who told him?
Maybe it wasn't any of them,
I talked to Alina about it.
- I repeat, I think he's right.
- Sure, I'm making it all up.
But I didn't say that,
neither did Alina.
Come here.
Please come here.
Come here, love, close to me.
What did you have in your head last night
to tell me nothing?
Today it was even worse, he pretended
to see me for the first time.
Son of a bitch!
It all sounds crazy to me.
Catherine, do you realize?
Use the baby to scare me,
that shit!
She says that school children
she likes them.
I don't see how you can stay here
in these conditions,
- thinking that you have everyone against you.
- Why, isn't it so?
If it is so, all the more reason
I don't understand why to stay.
Because I don't have a home,
because the child goes to school here,
and because I have the right to work
without making me get my hands on it.
They are not right, I'm right!
Alina, do you have a boyfriend?
I don't want it, thanks.
Eh, already, every so often I try
to remind me of my loves,
it is impossible, there have been too many.
Husbands, for, apple trees I remember.
Especially the last, his goodness,
the best.
- Senn who knows where I would be now.
- And what did he do?
The industrialist, a category now disappeared
from the face of the Earth.
Good day, Ines, we go.
- See you later.
- (NINA) Goodbye.
- Hello.
Nina? Sorry, come here.
Sit down there.
What was your daughter's father like?
I had only been dating for a few months.
He didn't want the baby.
And when was the baby born?
He had already escaped.
I met him too,
but they never screwed me.
Luckily I didn't have any children.
I wasn't fit.
Dogs, yes,
but here they do not let them hold.
- Good morning.
- (INES) Good morning.
The anti-inflammatory can take it,
but only if he has pain.
Franca, your promotion?
It will come sooner or later, eh?
Hopefully soon. Good morning.
Nina, sorry, while you're standing
go to the desk,
there are sheets and lots of things
maybe to be thrown away. Look.
All advertising.
There is this one of the electric wheelchairs.
And even the funeral home?
There is this from the harassment union.
Once they called them "compliments".
Come on come on! Now I'll show you!
Come on let's show him who we are,
Take this! Look!
This place is beautiful,
I didn't know him before.
My grandparents worked
the countryside here, they had an orchard,
and this place as a child
it seemed like heaven to me.
Here, the data of the questionnaire
that I told you on the phone,
is a year and a half ago.
About sixty employees
only 12 completed it
and only two women, here they are ...
admit sexual harassment.
Usually on an anonymous survey
you get something more.
And what did you infer from it?
That the problem does not exist?
On the contrary, that exists
in a widespread and protected way.
Think how safe Torri feels,
he gave us the assembly hall
to organize a conference
on harassment in the workplace.
You know?
200 seats and there were only six women.
Three doctors, two nurses,
and a single orderly,
the only one who had dared to register.
Who was the woman?
Here she is.
Sonia Talents.
But he no longer works at Baratta
and in its time
I talked to it without getting anything out of it.
Nina, you can do something.
Sometimes it's enough to start,
then the others follow you too.
The others?
They are afraid of what you could do.
Think of those who are married
or those who need help
because they struggle.
Look, I have a baby.
I wish I had courage,
but I'm afraid of doing something
and I'm afraid of doing nothing.
Next week I can organize you
a meeting with our lawyer,
to know more.
I have to talk to Luca, my partner.
Of course, I understand that.
I'm going back to work on Baratta, I'll talk
with internal union representatives.
Will you come back in a few days?
Look, Giovanna,
I'm glad to call you.
But I promise you nothing.
Usually those who do my job
intervenes on women beaten in barrels
or to convince them to report a man
after months of threats.
I chose to work
where it all begins,
from our tolerance threshold.
Excuse me, don't ...
I'm not just an idealist,
but sometimes it's frustrating.
I should say that before fighting
the mentality of men,
we should fight
that of us women.
Eh, yes, I got it right.
I want to tell you something.
When the harvest was organized
in the orchards
there was a professional figure here,
the placer.
He had a notebook
with the names of all the women of the country
who wanted to participate in the collection.
The placer formed the teams
and sent them into the fields.
To be at the top of the list
or have guaranteed the entire season ...
it was up to go to bed.
And ... everybody knew, even husbands.
mothers instructed daughters
from generation to generation.
Until they arrived
the machines and the work is finished.
60 years have passed, everything has changed,
but we are always
in someone's notebook.
# Camminer, Camminer,
# on your way Mr.
# Give me your hand, I want to stay
forever with you.
# With you!
# Camminer, walk ... #
- Don Gino?
- Oh, Nina. Good thing you're here.
Listen to me, this is the chair
that we wanted you to repair,
if you find some time.
So round it up
and don't lose your job, eh?
Sure, willingly.
You know how much your mom kept us
let you be a restorer.
But you came here,
Did you want to tell me something?
I need advice.
Please let me quickly
why am I running, eh?
It is a delicate thing, perhaps
I come back another time, calmly.
If you do not mind,
it would be better so, do you mind?
- No, no.
- But you're happy to be here, aren't you?
Especially for your Caterina.
Look, it was hard!
There is a line to find a place
al Baratta!
- Ready?
- Hi, honey.
Hi, love, is there any news?
Yes, there is a big news,
I decided, I denounce those pigs!
- They don't get away with it this time.
- We didn't agree like that!
(NINA) Don't worry,
I know what I do.
Stop, stop, stop, we can't
talk about it over the phone, sorry.
- (NINA) So when?
- I'm coming tonight.
- Even late.
- All right, tonight.
- Hello sweetheart.
- Hello.
I go out of my way to come here,
but meanwhile you have already decided.
And the alternative which would it be?
Pretend nothing happened?
You've seen how many women
do they get justice?
You read that who reported
wouldn't you do it again?
These of the union, if they are never
can you prove anything,
there will be a reason, no?
And then let's get crushed
from all these things bigger than us!
Don't try it! I only want
let all the risks be clear to you!
If I do nothing,
I lose without even fighting.
I would like to report it to you,
I would like to smash everything!
I try to be reasonable,
but I have a rage!
Shut up, wake up the baby!
I don't choose things because they are easy
or because they are convenient.
I know, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
- (MONICA) Hello, Giovanna.
- (GIOVANNA) Hi, Monica.
- I prepared the document, look at it?
- Yes, of course.
- Hi, Nina. Welcome.
- Good morning.
I'm Monica Monti,
union lawyer.
Giovanna told me about you,
nice to meet you.
You are welcome. Take a seat.
- Alright.
- Well.
So here we are, I'd say.
If there are no questions.
- Yes, I really am, sorry.
- I'm here for this, tell me.
Wouldn't an anonymous complaint be better?
Would Nina no longer be protected?
We expose the fact,
what happened to Nina,
we attach the two questionnaires
and ask questions.
The purpose is to open up
the investigation by the magistrate.
I know, but I'm worried about the exposure
of Nina.
- (MONICA) But it will only be questioned.
- And at Baratta, what will they do to you?
- Wouldn't it be better if he left?
- No, no, no jokes?
It is totally contrary
to a legal statement.
Let's fight on a front
and do we withdraw from the other?
You told Luca
that maybe we can go back up
- to one of the two women in the questionnaire?
- Yes, I know.
Sorry, I would like to sign for now.
I have the night shift, I have to go back.
- Why? Do they make you sleep at night?
- I believe by mistake.
It is not included in my contract,
I'll see you change it.
Don Roberto! Excuse me.
I have no time now,
come during reception hours.
A minute.
I wanted to talk to you about the night shift.
- There must have been a mistake.
- The night is well paid,
- everyone wants to do it!
- Yes, but I have the child.
Maybe I ask a colleague
if it replaces me.
Ask yourself, among colleagues it is necessary
get along, give yourself a hand.
Let's see if your colleagues help you.
(DON ROBERTO) I fear more breakages
by the League and by the unions.
We could at least accept it
a part of their proposals.
Why? We respected everything,
we are unassailable.
We must of course backdate
integration to the resolution.
I think it will be good
the restricted assembly
of the board of directors,
that of the end of October.
I'm going to talk anyway
to the assembly of nurses.
This is a great idea,
I'm coming too.
No, we share the critical points.
For do the Herald, the Forcillo and Rossi
I will promote them immediately,
that's how we make ours happy,
the PD and also the League.
We also promote Tozzi.
Obviously the Tozzi too,
so let us make you happy too.
By the way, it was your idea
to move ...
the Martini at night?
- Dr. Torri, good evening.
- Evening.
Come and let me accompany you.
A nice guarantee notice.
(TOWERS) I think it's not much.
The usual trade unions.
That girl then, an idiot,
Unemployed for a year,
with a dependent daughter.
Yes, for be careful
because these girls here
judges really like to protect them.
We took it upon reporting
of a country priest.
I think he wants a bit of money and that's it.
You are the only one who can say it.
Do you defend me or not?
But what did you think of?
(MARIA) Who was it?
- (NINA) Who was it?
- Eh? Who did it?
Who did it? You came here
to ruin our lives, eh?
Bitch! Ugly bitch that you're nothing else.
You have to leave, understand?
- You broke my balls, go away!
- What the fuck do you want?
Take it easy.
Let's look for a ride.
- (NINA) Lucia has a car.
- But where do you live?
Lucia is the rector's niece,
take home what you want,
detergents, eating, everything!
Nina, you're an idiot!
Then? What happens here?
You risked destroying
a family, not just the Torri family,
but all of us who have welcomed it
in a moment of difficulty.
The unions have been for years
they try to attack the Baratta.
It was used, they took advantage
of his weakness.
He's trying to convince me
not to tell the judge the truth?
This truth must be demonstrated
sooner or later to the judge.
We have facts? I mean concrete facts.
We don't have them.
And the others?
All with her, all supporting her?
I do not think so.
- Hello.
- What are you doing here?
Come inside,
there are also Monica and Giovanna.
- But Catherine?
- It is with Rosy, play with the cat.
Don't worry, bye.
- Hello.
- I have to give you bad news.
The judge dismissed the proceedings.
Why didn't you tell me right away?
- I didn't want ...
- Excuse me, how filed?
They closed the investigation,
have completed the investigations.
- Without even questioning me?
- I know, but this is ...
No, but sorry, wait,
when do they call me?
They won't do it, I repeat,
they closed the investigation.
But you asked why the investigations
have they been so hasty?
The magistrate said that,
given the importance of the accused,
and the reputation of Baratta,
immediately wanted to reach the conclusion,
- also to avoid leaks.
- And you don't say anything?
- It is clear that the Tribunal protects him.
- We have no evidence to say this.
Ah, good to know, congratulations.
They all listened,
also the 23 women who work there.
But they didn't hear me!
Torri immediately went there with his wife
and Don Ferrari, without even the lawyer.
I want to go to the judge too.
You must hear me too!
It is useless, it has already decided.
But damn bitch, you noticed
what are they doing to Nina?
Can report against unknown persons.
No, I'd say that with complaints
we have closed.
I continue to work on Baratta,
they just beat us on time.
(NINA) Now I understand
what Don Ferrari meant.
You used me
and you have done nothing.
- Mom, when's your bike ready?
- I'm going to pick you up later.
- Who did you puncture it?
- I do not know.
- They were the Giargianesi.
- Stop with this story.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Come down, get out.
This stuff came, I signed,
I don't know what it is, take a look.
Thanks, Rosy.
Oh, fuck!
They report me for libel.
Then Stefania, send an email,
and also call to anticipate it,
and also send a salesman
with a registered letter by hand
with receipt signature.
Donatella, can you please?
Listen to the call.
Mrs. Martini?
Hello, it's the personnel department.
You will receive an email
of certified mail.
A deliveryman within an hour
will deliver a registered letter by hand.
No, look, don't worry,
because as I was saying
she doesn't have to come to work.
As you will read in the mail, it was
subject to disciplinary action,
with suspension for one month from the service.
The suspension is not paid.
I gave you this communication
in the presence of a witness.
Good day.
Now I have to go,
I shouldn't even be here.
Just a moment and then go, why
I got an idea, maybe it's useful.
You talked to me once
of a conference, no?
And you told me it was gone
also Sonia Talenti.
Sonia Talenti followed me
for two years, every single day.
It was she who took care of me.
- Did you know that?
- Yes, of course.
Suddenly, overnight,
Sonia disappears!
He no longer answers the phone, he doesn't do it
more alive, yet she was very fond of me.
He may have found a better job.
Yes, the caretaker in a seminar
very far from home,
an hour of bus coming and going.
This is the address.
Go visit her,
he never answers the phone.
- Good evening, Dr. Torri.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, ma'am.
- Good evening.
- How are you?
- Fine thanks. It's all OK.
I reserved the usual table for you.
Please, let me go.
- So what's up?
- Ah, good evening.
- Hello.
- Do you know each other?
Of course yes.
(CECILIA) Thank you.
Dr. Torri, good dinner.
Dr. Torri.
Do you like calling yourself a doctor, eh?
You should tell him that you only have
an accountant's diploma,
- not even very well taken.
- It's a way of saying, isn't it?
And then it's always good
who believe you more than you are.
Ah, yes, in your case, yes.
We're here to talk about you
or am I wrong?
I remind you that I'm about to leave.
I guess you didn't even get it
into account
the place I offered you.
A medical degree to go
to volunteer in Africa.
You know how it is, you need more doctors
what accountants.
I understand, okay.
And why
did you want to talk to me?
Because I wanted to let me tell you
of this investigation history.
Ah, it's not ... it's nothing serious, not ...
It is a political attack,
they are grudges, envies.
It is a soap bubble that is already over,
honey, don't worry.
Look, you don't have to reassure me.
It took it
before anyone dared.
Dare what?
- What are you saying?
- What do I say?
I say that I remember perfectly
of you with Lucia.
And that day I was sick
and I stayed home from school,
and mother was out, I saw you.
But are you crazy?
You're making it all up.
But what? What were you doing rummaging?
in the pants with rubber gloves
which he used to clean the toilet.
And those little games you liked so much
that you even took it to Baratta.
And thanks, dad, thanks,
why not have it around the house anymore
it was a relief.
- Sit down! Now. Sit down, now!
- Do you still do it? Hm?
Are you dressed like a waitress?
You put them on again
gloves in your pants?
Yes or no?
Be calm,
I never said anything to mom.
She too overestimates you.
He thinks better of you
of that shit you are.
(SONIA) Thank you, Marcus.
Have patience tomorrow if you are late,
because there is a strike.
- Thanks good evening.
- Good evening.
- YES?
- I'm Nina Martini, a friend of Ines.
I have to take the bus, because if it is
I lose, I have to sleep here by the priests.
- I'll take you, I have the car.
- No, no, thanks, thanks.
This shirt is from Ines, isn't it?
Look, I already told him
to those of the union,
I didn't have to go to that meeting,
I didn't have to leave the name.
- For the questionnaire you signed it.
- I didn't sign it, I can swear it.
Why did you leave
from the Baratta suddenly?
Al Baratta must be silent,
you should have figured it out too, right?
La Tozzi! Talk to her!
In truth they were already around
items on your colleagues.
Especially on Lucia.
But also on Mary. I didn't believe it.
Come on, someone like him,
cultured, refined, sorry, you know,
but he could have anyone he wanted.
Possibly he likes it
the attendants
and that he should also force them,
as you say?
Sorry, Nina, sorry. \ I know
that is not the point.
Anyway, that evening
he has decided and arrived.
We were there on the couch.
I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to touch him.
But he suddenly stood up
as if I disgusted him.
He settled in a moment, looked at me
strangely and disappeared.
And then?
I waited a few days,
I was sure he would call me.
Anything. Then I called him.
I did not understand.
I know you met Sonia.
He told me everything.
- And the questionnaire?
- I did it a few days later.
I felt humiliated,
I felt rejected, I wanted revenge.
It is a bad thing,
you don't know how I'm ashamed.
Is that why you pulled back?
But you think I complained of harassment
one I fell in love with?
One with whom I wanted a story
and who didn't want me?
And you're good, this is your job!
- You made me take a fear!
- Don Gino where is he?
I'm waiting for it.
Why don't you go to Don Roberto
and tell him that you did wrong?
They don't even want to
too much mess, apologize,
- I talk to the girls.
- Thanks, Alina.
It is important what you say, for
I can't do anything about it.
I expected,
I begin to understand how you are doing.
But it was the Romanian, the Bogdan,
what went away?
- Good work, good!
- It wasn't difficult.
Don Gino, but it is possible that none
did i ever tell you anything
Let it not be
never come to confess?
It seems to me that I would violate
a confessional secret?
Anyway, I want to answer. Nobody.
- Why here and not in the confessional?
- (NINA) All right in any place.
(DON GINO) It has been since you did
the communion that you do not confess.
- You are making a fool of me?
- I have a weight inside, I want to get rid of it.
You know me well,
you know what i do.
I run a large structure
for many years now.
I got incredible results,
and I made a lot of money, really a lot.
They are all happy with me.
I have become indispensable.
I received a lot of offers
from the competition,
but I'm fine with Baratta.
I do what I want,
nobody tells me anything.
Ah, but I don't do anything wrong,
also because with all those priests
on the board of directors,
with Don Ferrari in the ribs,
someone would tell me something,
someone would have scolded me,
you think?
Yes, I like girls ...
especially those with the uniform,
serves her ...
the nurses, the cleaning women.
What can I tell you? They make me blood.
But they could refuse,
say no, go away,
I'm not violent,
I don't have to!
And instead they are there.
Some are ashamed,
someone does the coy.
But do you know why they are there?
Because I need them.
Let's face it, these girls
they're all p ie trouts, aren't they?
Then nobody ever died for one
fucked or for a blowjob, right?
- Right, Don Gino?
- Stop it now, stop it with farce.
Everyone at Baratta knows it.
Why doesn't Don Ferrari say anything?
And why don't you say anything?
No one comes to confession and you think
to be able to turn you away.
What kind of priest are you, Don Gino?
Your God ...
on which side is your God?
I didn't expect it
that Franca spilled everything.
But it wasn't Franca.
I told her about the photo.
Franca only told her
that you had talked to your husband about it
- and together you had come to me.
- Precisely, Don Gino, aren't they secrets?
In fact, why are we going out of our way?
You asked me for help
after sending that photo to Torri,
you were afraid of the consequences!
Bastard, look what you did
we wrote to him.
And he shut up, he didn't answer.
I still have it.
Exactly. But Don Ferrari has accepted
the version of the accident,
you accepted a severance pay,
and I pretended that everything was okay.
Don Gino,
I know how the facts went,
but why pull out everything now?
Because I was wrong not to go to the bottom.
No, I'm sorry, I can't do it
to go to court, Don Gino.
I can not do it.
- (LUCA) Hi.
- (MONICA) Hello.
Hello how are you?
Tomorrow morning I am summoned to Baratta da
Don Ferrari, does anyone imagine why?
It cannot be a dismissal,
whatever Don Roberto tells you,
just take note of it.
There is another thing I have to tell you
l regards Sonia Talenti.
Franca Tozzi, she was the one to sign
both questionnaires.
Well, all that was missing was an anonymous fake.
Sonia has been with Torri,
like almost all,
but it was not around the protected ones.
He didn't trust her.
Then Sonia pretended one evening
to take a picture of him to blackmail him,
but Torri has not fallen for it,
he said he would report it.
Wait, wait, Sonia tried
to blackmail him without having proof,
- and he raised?
- Let it go on.
Sonia then collapsed, Torri was
so angry that he gave her a push
and she ran into it
a piece of furniture and a lip split.
- And all this happened when?
- A little over a year ago,
they got them the job at
seminar and gave it a severance pay.
And then we know where Torri
makes his crap.
We place a camera
And that's it.
Calm, we can't do it.
In fact I don't think about the judges
who archive everything.
The network exists, the media,
public opinion.
But only the judge can dispose
an interception, Nina, don't ...
Wait a minute.
A new fact has come up.
If Torri hit her and Sonia Talenti
is ready to witness it,
we can have the investigation reopened.
And an element that changes everything.
We ask Alessandra and Jessica
if they come to the cinema with us?
Mom, for ica Jessica no.
- She's no longer my friend.
- And why?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Do you want to come to the cinema with us?
- Yes, willingly.
- At the first show, at 3:00 pm?
- Yes, good idea.
- OK. Later then.
- Hello.
Love, tell me a little about Jessica.
I never want to see her again.
I never want to see her again. Why?
He said his mom
he calls me "daughter of disgust",
and that he must never be with me again.
But didn't you realize it was a joke?
Did you make fun of yourself like that, eh?
- YES?
- (DON ROBERTO) Let her sit down.
All right.
Come, the companion.
You are welcome.
Good morning, Mrs. Martini.
(DON ROBERTO) Have a seat.
I hope you have been able to reflect.
Dr. Torri did something
of extraordinary.
He convinced the president of Baratta
to withdraw the complaint against her.
Dr. Torri ...
he asked us for identification.
A woman alone, with a child
to raise, forced to move house,
and a job sometimes very,
very humble.
She is the last to have arrived here.
Weak, plageable.
she too must do her part,
I can't afford it
that Dr. Torri exposes himself thus
generously without a compensation.
is a letter that you can sign.
In which he apologizes to Dr. Torri
for trying to muddy
his reputation is that of Baratta.
He claims to have invented everything ...
and who wants to go back to work.
- (NINA) Hey.
- Ah, are you back?
Now your daughter
apologizes to mine.
- Forget it, come on.
- No, you didn't understand!
Tomorrow Jessica apologizes to
Caterina and tells her that she was wrong.
My daughter does what she wants, okay?
- Feel you ...
- He will, for now leave us in peace!
Tina has studied well
all the news and is very optimistic.
Yes, you will see that we can do it.
You were brave and also very good.
- (NINA) Perhaps a p ente unconscious.
- Well, I wouldn't say so.
I accepted this case
because I think I'll let you win.
It won't be easy, it will take time,
work and so much strength.
But we can do it.
I tell you these things because so far,
sorry the nerve,
I have always won all these causes.
Of course you have to think about it, Nina.
Because if you decide to do it ...
anything can happen.
(TORRI) Sexual harassment,
the hot potatoes of the curia.
Illicit sex.
Model institute in court.
An avalanche. Also the question
we lacked in parliament.
A nice political fuss.
This Tina della Rovere moves her
bandwagon of trained journalists
and then it all ends in nothing.
- But don't waste your time!
- Excuse me, Dr. Torri.
- So Torri, how do we put it?
- How do we put it what?
We have already formed a civil party.
- Ah, yes, to get some money?
- The finished face, the money.
Take a step back and be ashamed.
Get out of here. Get the fuck out!
See you after the trial, when
you will come on your knees to apologize!
We demand that the Institute
come police station, okay?
We demand who? Your party?
Go talk to the Bishop.
Indeed, it does a beautiful thing,
call the Pope.
When did it start?
When did we all run away?
The court.
We will demonstrate the political nature
of this process,
the incredible welcome
by the Public Prosecutor
of a series of defamations and rumors,
preceded by other continuous attempts
to put in check
not the person of Marco Maria Torri,
but its renewal policy,
of refusal of any personal favoritism.
Don't complain
of companies that close,
of lost jobs,
when you are of the Syndicate
the first to sabotage them
evoking ghosts
and tarnishing excellent reputations
like that of my client!
Mrs. Martini.
I remind you that it is always under oath.
Avvocato Rossi, please.
Thank you, President.
Mrs. Martini, you said
that the evening of 13 September 2015
was convened in the office
by Marco Maria Torri, by the director himself.
And that on that occasion he,
I quote:
took me by the hips,
pressing his body against mine,
telling me and showing me
that he was excited.
He then put on record that if it were not
managed to free herself from her grip,
the Towers would have perpetrated
sexually violent behavior.
- Is this a correct summary?
So how come instead of calling
or to go to the nearest one
carabinieri station,
she stopped at home
of one of his colleagues
where they had agreed to dinner
other Baratta attendants
accusing him blatantly?
I was upset, I didn't know what to do.
Moreover, as I have already said,
a few days before,
I had listened to some colleagues
who told of Torri's favors
gave to some of them.
We remain on the facts of 13 September,
if you don't mind, Mrs. Martini.
Did you talk about it with someone else?
- For example with your partner?
- No.
He was in Milan,
I didn't want to talk to him about it over the phone.
I waited for him to come to me,
the next evening.
I see. And for,
not even after talking to him
of this thing the next evening,
she went to the organs
competent to make the complaint.
Is this correct?
It turns out that she ...
has signed a testimony to the CGIL
after more than a month, is that correct?
So you didn't act immediately
to protect it
in the face of the extremely serious fact
who described,
but he waited more than a month to sign
a sort of declaration to the Syndicate,
which has long been agitated
to hit the Baratta direction.
President, I object.
Avvocato Rossi, reformulate the question.
Thank you, President, I give up.
I know it's not easy, I understand
your mood very well,
but trust that it went well.
It made me look like
like one that has invented everything.
In reverse,
it was clear to everyone that you were telling the truth.
To listen to me from outside
I don't know if I would have believed my words.
- It's a bad feeling.
- And what they are aiming for!
But you are much stronger than them,
and do you know why? Because you're right.
Come on, come on, we can do it,
come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!
The civil lawyer can proceed
Thank you, President.
He was aware that the Torri director
had he had ... how to define it?
- A relationship with Franca Tozzi?
- No.
She agreed, for,
since September 2014
for the promotion of Tozzi
to the role of Head nurse.
He never talked to Torri about it
that he kept her stuck
for a whole year
while all other promotions
had they been carried out?
You are the chief of staff.
As never considered appropriate
talk to him about?
Perhaps I mentioned it to him, and he said
that he would be in charge
personally of the matter.
What does it mean personally?
Directly. My role
from the hierarchical point of view
is subjected to that
of the director.
just obey?
Yet it was she who suspended
from work Nina Martini
and then to have it reinstated,
it's correct, isn't it?
- Unbeknownst to Dr. Torri
or on his indication?
Eh, I don't remember.
Yet it hasn't been long, has it?
Go on.
Now let's talk about Sonia Talenti.
It is true that she received
a phone call from Don Gino
the evening of March 3, 2014?
(DON ROBERTO) I don't remember the date,
Don Gino called me
because Sonia Talenti said
that he had injured the Baratta
and that Dr. Torri had to do with it.
And how do you comment on that episode?
I was sure it was
of an accident
without any liability
of Dr. Torri.
It is true that she worked to find
another job at Sonia Talenti?
Well, I simply signaled it
as competent
for the Adda Park Seminar.
The Seminary of the Incarnate Word.
He proposed it to other attendants
equally competent?
For example, Mrs. Tafout Madani,
that lives right there,
a stone's throw from the seminar?
I do not remember.
No, according to Mrs. Madani,
she didn't propose it.
(LAWYER ROSSI) She told everything
to your husband, Mr. Michele Marri?
(SONIA) Yes, because I was hurt
and I was scared.
(LAWYER ROSSI) And what did he do?
(SONIA) He took a picture of me,
I gave him the mobile number
of Torri
and he sent it to her with a message.
And how she got the personal number
of Dr. Torri?
No, sorry, I didn't understand.
It was Dr. Torri
to give her her mobile number?
- No.
- So who?
- Nobody.
- Did you find it by accident, then?
Answer, how did you get it?
- I got it from Lucia's cell phone.
- Lucia who?
He means that he first stole them
the cell phone and then the number?
No, sorry, I didn't steal,
I just looked,
it was Lucia Binetti's cell phone,
which is a colleague of mine.
Lucia Binetti. Who knows
Dr. Torri for many years, right?
Yes, because she was a waitress ...
at Dr. Torri's house
before arriving with him at the Baratta.
He took the number ...
- President, I object.
- Rejected.
He took the number and took advantage of it
of the position of Signora Binetti?
How did you do it?
Al Baratta, in the locker room,
while she was washing.
And it was the same day that,
following what you describe
as an act of anger of Dr. Torri,
did she get hurt?
- (SONIA) I don't remember.
- (ATTORNEY ROSSI) I remind you!
No, it wasn't that day,
because Signora Binetti was on vacation.
And therefore, Madame Talenti,
it looks like she planned it all.
- President, I object!
- Proceda, Attorney Rossi.
He planned everything
to try to cheat
and set up Dr. Torri
a second time,
after the first attempt
blackmail failed.
I object!
Silence in the classroom.
Maybe even hurting herself.
President, I object! I object!
Silence or I make clear!
remove the last two questions.
Yes, Mr President.
there is still some point
that I would like to deepen
with Dr. Torri.
You confirm that you have spoken
for the first time with Nina Martini
the morning of September 14, 2015?
I object, Mr President.
The thing is irrelevant.
- Lawyer Della Rovere.
- No, it's not irrelevant.
Because his assistant called
Nina Martini on the evening of September 12th.
Why did he call her on the 12th,
but spoke only 14?
It's not true. My assistant
he could not have said it because it is not true.
He supports it
also Mrs. Alina Bogdan.
- (LAWYER ROSSI) I object.
- Go on.
What was the relationship?
with Mrs. Bogdan?
I helped her, as I helped
many other people.
Mister President,
I would like to make a statement.
If there are so many women at Baratta
that work, that depends
by a unanimous decision
by the Council that appointed me,
for esteem and respect for women.
I personally respect women,
I admire them, I think in so many things
they are definitely better than us.
The proof is the fact, that in my defense,
I chose a woman.
(TOWERS) It can go, I'll do it, thanks.
And these would be the luggage
for a week?
At least tell me where you go.
If they ask me, what should I answer?
Invent what you want,
you are so good.
Teresa, we have always succeeded
to fix everything you and me.
We have a public role.
It seems to me that you are always there
okay, right?
(JUDGE) Well, let's go on
the debate behind closed doors
in the presence of the parties only
and their defenders.
Chancellor, when the technician
it's ready let's start.
(TORRI) (monitor) So what can I do
for this beautiful Russian girl?
(MARIA) I want to bring
my cousin in Italy.
(TOWERS) And how is this cousin?
Is it beautiful? Is he young? Such as?
(MARIA) , she is beautiful, she is young,
(NINA) Piece of shit.
(TORRI) (monitor) Come here.
(TORRI) (monitor) Come here!
(monitor) TORRI RIDE
(TORRI) (monitor) Come here, like here,
(monitor) TORRI RIDE
Come here.
Where is your cousin?
What's your name?
The judge has just issued the sentence
for this unique process in Italy,
which brought to the fore the theme of
sexual harassment in the workplace.
The director of Baratta,
Marco Maria Torri,
he was sentenced to one year
with the conditional.
It is a mild sentence that disappoints
the prosecution even if he agrees.
The lawyer Tina Della Rovere already has
announced that it will appeal.
A compromise sentence like this
Pontius Pilate would have liked it.
Besides, it's the same court
that a year ago it closed everything.
I'm not happy at all
of the minimum sentence sentence.
Harassment is a subtle form
of violence,
and for this reason even more hateful.
What do you expect
by the Court of Appeal of Milan?
What is up with the times?
In line with a civilization
who respects women?
And above all that you apply the Law,
instead of always looking for loopholes,
Ok. How did it go? Everything good?
The names were right, right?
- Hi, Cecilia.
- Good morning.
Meeting her here was less difficult,
thank you for accepting.
Can we talk about you?
It's not easy.
I came back from outside these days
to be near my mother
since they restart the processes.
I can't wait to start again.
I'm sorry. I think about it often
that you have gone out of your way.
Do you really feel sorry for us?
Yes, of course.
but was the first sentence not enough?
You hadn't already screwed it up
No. It wasn't enough.
I know you understand me.
I'm sorry,
I know you are right.
I've always known.
According to you how it goes on
when are you a daughter of such a person?
What happens next?
To hear what the newspapers say,
Internet and all that stuff there,
it looks like you've already won.
Good, you worked well.
Thanks, but I wouldn't want to
draw hasty conclusions.
Come on, you know how they go
these things here, right?
You have smoothed public opinion,
you did well.
I worked hard, come on, like you did.
Let's say instead that everyone does
his choices, no?
See you in the classroom.
The Court!
In the name of the Italian people,
today, June 25th 2017,
the Court, read Articles 533,
535 of the civil code, 609 bis, 609 nonies of the civil code,
declares Torri Marco Maria,
guilty of crimes of sexual violence
to him ascribed,
united by the constraint of continuation,
and granted mitigating circumstances
equivalent to the disputed aggravating circumstances,
condemns him to punishment
of six years of imprisonment.
Torri Marco Maria also stated
forbidden in perpetuity
from public offices.
Read articles 533, 535 c.p.p,
378 c.p.
declares Ferrari Roberto
guilty of aiding and abetting
ascribed to him,
and granted
general mitigating circumstances
equivalent to the disputed aggravating circumstances,
he condemns him to a sentence of three years
of imprisonment.
Condemns the defendants to pay
of court costs
and to compensation for damages
in favor of the civil parties,
referring to the civil judge
for the settlement of damages.
The hearing is removed.
(JOURNALIST) Hey, here we are.
Hi, keep it.
- So you were good.
- Thank you.
For you could be one more ...
- One more?
- One more ...