Non-Stop (2014) Movie Script

REPORTER: (ON RADIO) People have to realize,
we cannot make everybody totally safe,
even if we allocated the entire
federal budget towards security.
I promise you there is
not an easier job...
in the whole federal government than
riding first class in airplanes from...
I know. I'm sorry.
No, no, you can trust me. I'm fine.
What? I can't hear you.
I can't hear you!
MAN: Hey, man, you got a light?
Sir. Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir. You got a light?
Yeah. Sorry.
May I have your attention, please?
MAN: So, where you off to?
Where you headed?
I'm headed to Amsterdam.
May I have your attention, please?
The white zone is for
the immediate loading
and unloading of passengers only.
Here you go, sir.
Enjoy your flight.
MAN: Everyone and their
mother's in the game right now.
You got Korean phones, Japanese
phones, Scandinavian phones.
OS is trying to keep up with the hardware
from 15 different manufacturers.
That's what I've been saying.
No one listens to me!
Dude, you're preaching to the choir!
It makes absolutely no sense.
Really? I guess I'm in your way.
New Yorkers, man, I swear to God.
Give me two minutes.
Right this way, sir. Please.
Listen to me. Listen to me. I cannot
stay in London for three days.
Get me on the next flight back.
Please, look. This is...
This is a bad time for...
"You have to do what you have to
do." Well, guess what? So do I.
Long flights are the worst.
No, thanks.
Hi, baby.
Good evening, passengers.
WOMAN: There's a mix-up
with my reservation.
I was supposed to have a window
seat and they put me in an aisle.
Maybe you could move
some people around,
'cause I was guaranteed
the window seat.
I'm sorry about that, Ms. Summers.
MAN: (ON PA) At this time we are
inviting passengers with small children,
or who require assistance,
to board at this time.
Once again, in the boarding area,
we are ready to begin our priority
boarding Flight 10 to London.
We'll begin general boarding
in just a few minutes.
WOMAN: Are you all set to board?
GIRL: So we have to go on the runway?
Come on, sweetheart.
Is this everything?
Yeah. My mom checked
my big bag for me.
Have you flown by yourself before?
No. This is my first time.
WOMAN: You're gonna have a lovely time.
NANCY: Welcome aboard. Yes, just
through there and down to the left.
Nancy, this is Becca. It's her
first time on an airplane.
Wonderful. Who's waiting
for you in London?
My dad.
Well, we've a seat by the
window all picked out for you.
Look, I know it may seem scary,
but flying's really quite fun.
I believe this little
guy made a run for it.
What's his name?
Yeah, he looks like a Henry.
That's a good name.
- Well...
- Becca.
Becca, I think Henry's
a little scared.
Maybe you can show
him how it's done.
Good girl.
I'm sorry, am I in your way?
We are right up here.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
As a reminder, all carry-on luggage
must fit in the overhead bin
or be safely stowed under
the seat in front of you.
If you're having trouble
fitting your luggage,
we'll be happy to check it for you.
Thank you for choosing British
Aqualantic. Enjoy the flight.
JEN: Do you know, is there
somebody sitting there?
- Do you know who has that seat?
- No, sorry.
WOMAN: Is somebody sitting here?
Hey, I'm on the plane. And guess what?
They effed up my reservation.
We land at 7:35.
Did they book a car?
Hang on. Hang on.
Excuse me. Sir? I'm here in 3B.
I was wondering if maybe
you'd switch seats
with me so I could have the window?
Do you care?
Do you speak English?
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Sir?
Hi. I'm right here, I'm in 3B
and I was just wondering if maybe
you would prefer the aisle,
or if you don't care, if you would
switch with me for the window seat?
A lot of people just sleep
anyway, so I was wondering if...
Sure. Why not?
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that.
Sorry, let me get out of your way.
Let me help you.
MAN: There's room right up here.
ATTENDANT: Aqualantic is pleased to
offer extensive in-flight entertainment
with hundreds of video and music
programming at your fingertips.
Oh, God.
Hello? Are you there?
Your phone.
- What?
- Hello?
- Your phone.
- Oh, shit.
- Hello?
- Hi. Hi, hi.
I'll call you when we land, okay?
All right, bye.
Rough day, huh?
Yeah, you have no idea.
Hi, excuse me.
Could I get a gin and tonic,
when you get a chance?
- Of course.
- Make that two, please.
- Nancy, right? Gwen.
- Yeah.
Thank God for you.
Girl doesn't show up and leaves me
to handle two cabins.
You're a lifesaver.
If I pass out, just promise to
catch me before I hit the floor.
Not if I do first.
Can I get you gentlemen
anything before we taxi?
No, thanks, Nance, I'm fine.
Ground, this is AQ-10, we're ready
to disconnect ground power.
You naughty boy.
- Naughty.
Thank you.
Didn't you order gin and tonic?
Did I?
'Cause she brought you a water.
It's not my lucky day.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome aboard British Aqualantic
Flight 10, non-stop service to London.
I'm your captain, David McMillan,
flying with First
Officer Kyle Rice.
And we expect a smooth
ride this evening
- with a flight time of just over six hours.
- Seatbelts, thank you.
We should have you in
the air momentarily.
This is a beautiful
picture they took of her.
ATTENDANT: Sir, could you move
your seat-back forward? Thank you.
Flight attendants, please
be seated for takeoff.
What's that for? Is that for luck?
Something like that.
My daughter gave it to me.
Better than a gin and tonic, I bet.
It is.
I'm Jen.
- You fly much?
- All the time, actually.
Yeah, I can tell.
It's just the takeoff.
Once we're in the air, I'll...
You'll have a seizure?
I'll be fine. I promise.
You actually fly all the time?
Some things you never get used to.
How old's your daughter?
Now, she's, uh, 17.
What's her name?
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
I like that name, it's a nice name.
So, Why'd she give you the ribbon?
Some kids have blankets, stuffed animals.
Olivia had ribbons.
This was hers when she was little.
She'd tie it to a finger or
toe before going to bed.
And then in the morning,
she'd make me guess.
- Where she put it?
- Yeah.
That's cute. That's really cute.
Yeah, and then she grew up.
I suppose I need it
more than she did.
So, what do you do for a living?
I fly a lot.
Oh. Yeah?
Yeah, but I think that
I'm gonna try to get some sleep.
- Get some sleep, sure.
- Yeah, it's gonna be a long flight.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sleep well.
- WOMAN: Stop!
- MAN: Baby...
- WOMAN: You're crazy!
- MAN: You're so hot, baby, I can't stop it! I can't!
WOMAN: People are watching!
MAN: No, no, no.
Nobody's watching. Nobody.
MAN: Oh, my God.
WOMAN: In front of my
mom, with no pants on
and half a Toblerone in his mouth.
MAN: He didn't.
Do you know him?
Excuse me.
What kind of tea do you have?
I'll have chamomile. Thanks.
- This your idea of a joke?
- What're you talking about?
If you have a problem with
me, say it to my face.
Don't play games on a
flight in a secure network.
You need to calm down, partner.
I was a cop for 25 years.
I knew men like you.
Men like me?
Men like me follow
goddamn protocol.
We're not even supposed
to be talking right now.
It's a secure network, Jack!
Bill, what the hell are
you talking about?
Don't deny you sent these.
Bill, I didn't send these.
See for yourself.
Then someone on this flight is
threatening to kill a passenger
unless $150 million is transferred
in the next 18 minutes.
Who knows about this?
You and me.
I say no way. It's bullshit.
Any threat to an aircraft
requires immediate landing.
Right, yeah, all right.
If there is a threat.
Come on, Bill.
You wanna be the agent
who lands an international flight
because some asshole knows
your personal problems?
Sends you a couple of joke texts?
Bill, I gotta ask you, how
many have you had today?
A threat's a threat!
You really need to think this
through, partner, all right?
Listen, how do you
kill somebody aboard
a crowded plane and
get away with it?
Pretty hard to pull that
off, don't you think?
Bill, if there's not a
situation, you don't create one.
I'm going to see the captain.
You keep your eye
on the main cabin.
Bill? Don't panic
the cockpit. Bill?
I tell you, it's five hours in
and then, out of nowhere, he
suddenly sits up and he says...
- How do we validate the threat?
- We can't.
Captain? TSA says a full cross
check on the passenger manifest
could take 25 to 30 minutes.
We can divert the flight,
if this is for real.
The nearest airport?
Well, it's 95 minutes
back to Halifax,
two hours to Iceland,
three to London.
We're midway over the Atlantic.
You Okay?
It's this juice fast I'm on.
Gives me the shakes.
It's your call, Bill.
Do we have a situation?
Can we review the footage?
It's recorded directly
to the black box.
But I can watch all the camera
feeds live from the galley?
Get back on the line with TSA.
See if they can back trace
this account number.
In the meantime, I'll need
the passenger manifest.
I'll see if I can find him.
But in 10 minutes, I'd like you
to switch off the network system.
We don't want him checking to
see if a transfer's been made.
Nancy, come with me.
Two cameras in business,
six in coach.
We're gonna need more eyes.
I'll get another attendant.
How well do you know the crew?
Not very well.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
Will you come with me, please?
You want me to come right now?
This is a bad idea.
She was sitting beside
me when this started.
The only two people I trust on
this airplane are you and her.
Trust me with what?
What's going on?
I text, you circle any
passenger with a phone
or acting like they have a phone.
I'm not sure I understand what
it is you want me to do...
Please, just do as I ask.
Ladies and gentlemen, looks like
we've hit some
unexpected turbulence.
Please return to your seats and
keep your seatbelts fastened
until it's safe to move about
the cabin. Thank you.
There. 9B.
Seat 9B. David Norton.
Austin Reilly.
NANCY: Jason Cole.
NANCY: 14C, Charles Wheeler.
Fahim Nasir.
NANCY: 5B. Iris Marianne.
You better answer it.
- Who is this?
- This is Philip Marenick.
I'm with TSA. I understand from
the captain you have a situation.
I need to speak to my supervisor.
Listen, I'm calling from
the DHS here in D.C.
From here on out,
I am your supervisor.
Now, Agent Marks, I need you...
I'm going to run seat numbers by you.
I need red flags and priors.
- That's a very serious request you put in.
- 20G.
Agent Marks, I need you to take me
through the events
from the beginning.
And we're looking into tracing
the account number you gave us.
20G again.
And as you know, protocol
dictates in these situations...
we corroborate everything with
the second officer on board.
20G again.
It's not him.
It's not who? Look, I'd rather
not jump to any conclusions.
Listen, Bill, I don't think
you're in a position to sort out
who's a suspect or
not at this point.
Agent Marks?
Agent Marks, I need some sort
of acknowledgment from you.
Agent Marks?
Marks, you need to answer me.
Hang on.
Marks, are you there?
Go back to your seat.
You son-of-a-bitch!
Keep your voice down.
- Hand it over!
- What're you...
Bill, look at me, okay?
I need this money.
I can cut you in...
- Give me the goddamn phone, Jack.
- Just listen to me.
Give me the phone...
Jack! You son-of-a-bitch.
- Give it up, Marks.
- Stop it!
- Give it up.
- Stop it.
Damn it, Jack!
Stop it. Stop it!
Stop fighting!
Don't do this, Jack.
Stop it!
Don't do this, Jack!
DAVID: Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
I apologize for the
But our network is
down for the moment.
If you just bear with us, we'll
attempt to restart the Internet.
- Turn the network back on.
- What?
The network, turn it on.
We'll keep you posted.
I need the network system back on.
Go ahead, Nance.
The account number you gave us.
It's in your name.
TSA just confirmed it.
That doesn't make any sense.
You know me.
You know I'd never do...
I know, I know.
Look, the 20 minutes are up.
Has anything happened?
It's probably just a hoax.
Some elaborate middle finger
to the airline industry.
Excuse me. Are you waiting?
No. Go ahead.
Hi, ma'am.
Agent Marenick, who you spoke with,
will continue to handle the
investigation from D.C.
And they've asked me to take
your badge and your gun.
- BILL: No.
- DAVID: Bill.
- No.
- Bill...
I don't have a choice here.
I'm the air marshal.
- Bill...
- Okay. Okay.
Look, just sit back, relax,
- and...
- Enjoy the flight.
Enjoy the flight, yeah.
Was it him? The guy in 20G?
No, it was nothing.
I dropped my stupid
phone in the sink.
Oh, God, I do that all the time.
I lost like five
phones in six months,
and then I learned
this little trick.
Here we go.
So, should I be worried?
No, not at all.
It was a mistake to
involve you, I'm sorry.
So, if it's not him, then
why do you have his phone?
I have to be careful, even when
there's nothing to
be concerned about.
It's my job.
As a passenger, don't I have the
right to know what's going on?
- Listen... Jen, right?
- Yeah.
It's an innocent prank.
Some kid with a cell phone.
If it was on the ground,
I'd catch him
in two seconds flat, but up here,
traveling at 500 miles an hour,
I can't track his phone.
There's nothing I can do.
There's nothing you can do?
Aren't you an air marshal?
Ma'am, please return to your seat.
Did you just call me "ma'am"?
Please return to your seat.
Seriously? Did you call me "ma'am"?
Okay, Bill.
I'm going.
- Thank you.
- Ugh.
Agent Hammond?
Just a moment.
Sorry. The indicator
must be broken.
I was looking for Agent Hammond.
What's wrong?
Nancy, wait. Wait!
Nancy, please.
Calm down, calm down.
Calm down.
Please, I can explain this.
This is a setup.
The captain just told
me that the account
they want the money
wired to is in my name.
Do you think I would
extort $150 million
using an account in my own name?
He was transporting cocaine, Nancy.
Whoever we're looking
for knew that.
He threatened Hammond,
made him paranoid.
I found out, and Hammond
tried to kill me.
The person who's doing this,
he wants it to look like this.
Like two federal agents are
the ones doing this, not him.
Jack pulled a gun on me.
I had no choice.
I had no choice.
You know me.
You know I could never
do something like this.
Look at me.
I need you to believe me.
I believe you.
In 13 minutes, someone else will
die, unless I find him first.
I need you to help me.
BILL: (ON PA) Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention, please?
My name is Bill Marks.
I'm the federal air marshal
assigned to this flight.
I apologize for the disturbance.
The TSA has recently
instituted a policy
of random searches aboard
international flights.
Unfortunately, this is one of
three lucky flights this month.
I'm gonna be coming
through the cabin.
If I call your name
and seat number,
please stand up and
move into the aisle.
If you're in possession of an
illegal substance, item or weapon,
it's best to just step forward now.
Captain, you might
want to hear this.
BILL: I need everybody to place both
hands on the seat in front of you.
What the hell is he doing?
Right now!
Contact TSA, tell them we
have a possible hijacking.
- Nancy, what's going on?
- It's just a random search.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Jennifer Summers?
Should I have told you
about the bomb in my bag?
Let's not use that word
on a plane, please.
When I move on to the main
cabin, you watch business class.
If you see anything suspicious,
anything at all, get my attention.
- Scream, if you have to.
- Okay.
American paranoia.
Iris Marianne, 5B.
Stand up, please.
Is that how older men
pick up younger women?
Fondle first, talk later?
Why don't you enter your number?
- You're a little young for me.
Who does this guy think he is?
WOMAN: It's all right. Just calm down!
- Just married?
- Yesterday.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Sit down.
It's nothing to worry about.
Happens all the time.
- 13B, Fahim Nasir.
- Bullshit.
- Stand.
- Thank you, sir.
Feeling okay?
Flying is not my cup of tea.
Tell me about it.
- You're a doctor.
- How do you know?
Your bag. Can you
fetch it up, please?
Sure. It's right down here.
What kind of doctor?
Molecular neuroscience.
Sounds interesting.
Hey, look, man, some of us
need to get some sleep.
Sir, sit down. Be quiet.
14C, Charles Wheeler? Stand.
There was nothing in his bag?
What's the purpose of your trip?
I have a client in Brighton.
I'm a bankruptcy attorney.
Yeah? You any good?
- Why? Oh, you need one?
- Sit down.
Sir, you need to keep your hands on
the seat in front of you. Thank you.
MAN: This sucks.
This is crazy. Are we next?
Just relax.
Okay, 22C. Austin Reilly. Stand.
Hey, look. Can we move this along?
Seriously, man.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Mr. Reilly, what do
you do for a living?
London your final destination?
My fairy brother's getting married
to a guy with a British accent.
Mind if I take a
look at your phone?
MAN: Come on, man. Are you serious?
This is some Big Brother-type shit.
Take your seat.
You, step into the aisle.
Come on, up!
Up! Right now!
Nah, man, I'm good.
I'm not asking. Shades off.
Come on. What is it,
like 2:00 a.m.?
Why don't you go back up there
so I can go back to sleep, man?
- Shades.
- No, dude!
Come on, man! Yo, chill!
Let me see your phone.
I don't have a phone, man.
WOMAN: Jesus.
This isn't yours?
Man, I ain't never
seen that before.
Looks a hell of a lot like the
one you were using at the gate.
MAN: This is ridiculous.
Sit down.
What happened to Amsterdam?
I'm connecting to London.
Show me your boarding pass.
What's your name?
Tom Bowen. Why?
Man, take it easy.
I didn't do anything!
Look, I have rights!
- Come here.
- Marenick?
- Marks, what the hell is going on there?
Listen to me. The threat is real.
I want you to stop doing whatever
you're doing immediately.
I have a suspect in custody.
I need a background check.
Seat 24E, Tom Bowen, B-O-W-E-N.
You have unlawfully subdued
innocent passengers, Marks.
I don't have time for this.
You called your supervisor before
the flight and threatened him.
- What?
- He wouldn't book you an overtime flight
and you said you'd do
what you had to do.
- I didn't threaten anyone.
- Is that right? Marks?
I need to run a full check
on Tom Bowen, seat 24E.
- Marks, damn you!
- Now! You're wasting time.
Marks... Agent Marks, you are hereby
relieved of duty. Do you hear me?
In three minutes, someone on this
plane is gonna die. Do you hear me?
Bowen is clean, Bill. He's a
schoolteacher, for Christ's sake.
He has family in London.
Everyone on that flight is clean.
Everyone except you.
You said Amsterdam.
I never asked you
where you were going.
You volunteered that information.
Why would you lie
to a federal agent?
Look, I didn't know you
were a federal agent.
Why would you lie to a stranger?
You can answer questions now, or
in federal custody when we land.
Look. Okay, Jesus.
He said he'd give me $100 if I asked
you where you were flying. Okay?
I don't know why I said Amsterdam.
I swear to God, I didn't know
you were a federal marshal.
- Bullshit!
- I swear to God!
He said he wanted to play a prank
on his friend. Will, right?
Bill. Whatever, man.
I did it for 100 bucks.
- Who was he?
- I don't know!
What does he look like?
He was white with brown hair, a European
accent, like 30, 35 years old...
- Is he on this plane?
- I don't know, I didn't see him.
When I went back, he didn't
pay me, he was already gone.
- You'd know him if you saw him?
- I don't know!
I never saw him get on
the plane, man, I swear!
Humor me. Look!
God damn it!
Come on, look.
I don't see him.
- Come on, look!
- God damn it! I don't see him!
- Right there.
- Where?
Right there. The glasses.
Come on, move.
MAN: This is crazy.
You! You. Look at me.
Look at me! What's your name?
Michael. Michael Tate.
- Well?
- It's not him.
- You're sure?
- Yeah, God damn it, I'm sure!
Look, if I'd seen him
get on the plane,
I would've gone and
asked him for my money.
What's going on?
Nancy, watch business class.
Turn around.
- Are you serious?
- Don't talk.
Now, sit down.
Don't move.
Oh, God.
Everybody remain in your seats.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please remain in your seats
and keep your seatbelts fastened.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please remain in your seats
and keep your seatbelts fastened.
Nancy, are you okay?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
What's happened?
He started having chest pains, then
he just collapsed over the yoke!
- Come on, come on!
- Wake up!
- ATTENDANT: Sit down!
- MAN: What the hell was that?
Everything's under control.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Is the captain okay?
- Dr. Nasir?
- I didn't do anything, I...
Come with me, now.
Marshal! Is someone gonna tell
us what the hell is going on?
I need your help.
Hey! People are scared!
We have a right to know
why you searched us.
Why this plane almost went down!
Hey, Marshal, you and I are
gonna have a conversation.
Don't you walk away from me.
Doctor, cockpit, now!
You're letting that
guy in the cockpit?
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna get back to your seat,
you're gonna sit down, and
you're gonna shut up.
Or what?
From one cop to another,
you know.
There was nothing I could do.
Excuse me, miss? You were sitting
next to that guy, the marshal?
You know what's happening?
I have no idea.
There's no evidence of assault.
It could be poison.
Induced anaphylaxis.
- What?
- Allergic reaction.
Without an autopsy, I...
Doctor, would you mind seeing
if any of the passengers in
coach need medical assistance?
This stays between us. Please.
Nancy, go with him.
Kyle, did the captain leave the
cockpit since I last spoke with him?
- You?
- No.
Did anyone else enter?
Has he had anything
to eat or drink?
I don't think so.
Have you or the captain had any
reason to unlock this door?
Of course not.
So you and he were both alone here,
on the flight deck, for
the past 20 minutes?
You bastard.
Don't get emotional.
I'm getting emotional? Look at you!
Rice, if you have a
problem with me...
I have a problem with my
friend dying next to me.
I have a problem with being accused
of not only murder,
but also hijacking.
I didn't accuse you of hijacking.
Christ, I've heard about you.
About your problems with money.
With drinking. TSA.
They gave a paranoid
alcoholic a gun and a badge
and they put him on my plane.
You're gonna hit me?
Don't tell... Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
This door stays locked until
this plane lands safely. Okay?
- Marenick...
- Marks, God damn it, I thought I told you...
The captain's dead.
Excuse me?
The cockpit was secured,
locked from the inside.
Let me guess, were
you inside, Bill?
The co-pilot said the man
just collapsed beside him.
It could be induced anaphylaxis,
I think it's called.
Induced... What are
you talking about?
Poisoning, I don't know how.
It was just he and the co-pilot,
and the co-pilot, I trust.
For now.
"For now"? I don't
know about this, Bill.
Marenick, you need to
transfer the money.
Where is Agent Hammond?
I need to corroborate
everything you're telling us.
Hammond's dead.
- He had cocaine in his carry-on.
- Jesus Christ!
I confronted him, he pulled a gun.
- Are you serious?
- Marenick. Transfer the money.
Buy me time. I'll find him.
Transfer the money.
$150 million into your account?
Is that something you're
seriously asking me to do, Bill?
The moment we land, arrest me,
freeze the funds. Just transfer it.
I can't do that, Bill.
The airline believes
paying the demand
will set a dangerous and
irreversible precedent.
Christ, there are 150
people on this plane.
Which makes me wonder why you
haven't cut the network.
You have 150 people panicking,
contacting their families, while we're
trying to handle the situation.
You attribute all
this to a passenger,
but you can give me no
proof he actually exists.
I won't cut the network. I need
to communicate with this guy.
Then, Agent Marks, I can't
continue talking to you.
What does that mean?
It means we will not
negotiate with a terrorist.
Who else in the crew has
access to the cockpit?
Just me.
Would you like to see
my phone, Agent Marks?
Is your interview in the morning?
Yeah. If we ever make it there.
Yeah, if we ever land, right?
Exactly. But it shouldn't...
I'm sorry. I'll get up.
No. Please, don't worry about it.
Zack, this is Bill.
Bill, Zack.
We were just talking and
Zack was telling me
that he's a programmer
for smart phones.
Is that right?
Yeah. I'm interviewing
at Paige in the morning
for a software analytics position.
Which, technically, isn't
programming. But...
Look, I'm sorry for being
such an asshole earlier...
Yeah, but you were a
programmer, right?
I was telling him that I
keep losing my phone,
and because I keep my ringer off...
It'd be nice if there
was a way to find it.
Yeah, but apparently, it's
pretty simple, right?
- I didn't say it was simple...
- GPS?
Carrier signal triangulation?
Basically, you just send an intrusion
virus attached to a picture text
that switches the phone
from silent to ring.
Most phones load images
automatically, so if you...
What if there's no
cell phone coverage?
If it's two phones on
a smaller network?
It's the same protocol.
Even over Wi-Fi.
How fast could you do
something like that?
What, like right now?
There are variables.
The phone and the network.
If the other phone is
even turned on or not.
It's on. But the target
number is anonymous.
You have to send it
from this phone.
Marshal, I don't know about this.
Can you do it?
This dude is talking about killing people.
Can he see us right now?
I'm here.
I guess I can give it a shot.
But I can't guarantee...
How fast?
Thirty minutes?
We have less than eight minutes.
You can do it. That's why
they want to hire you, right?
Eight minutes.
Tell me when it's ready.
Thanks, ma'am.
Hey, hey.
What did you see up there?
I'm really not at liberty to say.
What, are you like a
doctor or something?
What the hell?
BILL: Ladies and gentlemen,
if I can have your attention.
The business cabin is now closed.
I repeat, the business cabin
is now closed to everyone.
Flight attendants, if
you could do your best,
please, to accommodate
all passengers.
Thank you.
MAN: I have a family, for Christ's sake!
We have a situation.
Hey, man, you gonna tell us what
the hell is going on or not?
Is the captain all right or not?
The... The situation
is quite complicated.
Complicated? Come on!
But I can assure you...
This is bullshit!
Everything's in hand!
Everything is under control!
Everyone, calm down!
I want to see the captain.
I'm gonna head up there myself.
That's it. Move aside, Marshal.
Wait, wait. Free travel.
Free flights!
Free travel.
The airline company will guarantee
one year's international
free travel.
If you sit down, remain
quiet, and do what I say.
Free international travel.
Thank you.
Twelve months.
One year. Free travel. Thank you.
Kyle, it's Bill.
Why are we turning?
I've been instructed not to
communicate with you, Marks.
Did they tell you to cut
the network? Listen to me.
The men who issued those
instructions are not on this plane.
This is your plane.
These are your passengers. Rice!
We've been diverted north.
55 minutes.
Did they tell you
to cut the network?
I have orders, Marks.
Give me five minutes. Five minutes.
Land the plane wherever you want,
but do not switch that network off.
Do you hear me? I have a plan.
I can find this guy.
Five minutes.
I hope we can trust this guy.
I trust him.
Yeah, well, I'd rather not end
up an accessory to a hijacking.
- Okay.
- BILL: Zack.
It's done.
Here it is.
Good man.
You think the captain's still
in control of the plane?
The plane almost goes down,
there's a guy waving his gun
around, tying people up.
I'd say he pretty
much took control.
So you think the thing about free
international flights was bullshit, or...
At what point do we do something?
Gentlemen, would you please
return to your seats?
You don't know what's
going on either, do you?
So, what's the air
marshal up to now?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I need every passenger to raise
their hands above their heads
and remain silent for
the next 60 seconds.
This is not a request.
Flight attendants, too.
- Hands behind your head.
- What the fuck...
Hands behind your goddamn head!
Remove the phone. With one hand.
I've never seen that phone before.
Miss, undo his seatbelt.
Stand up, now.
You searched me.
My phone was in my bag.
Into the aisle.
Whatever you think I've done...
Shut up. Front of the plane. Move!
You're making a mistake.
Turn around.
Take it easy!
MAN: What's going on?
Listen to me, please!
That's not my phone!
Who are you?
Just a passenger!
Why did you open the
account in my name?
I don't know what
you're talking about!
Answer the question, or
I will break your arm.
You got the wrong guy!
We found him, Nancy. We got him.
Why me? Why?
Why me?
Nancy, get the doctor. Now!
Bill? Bill?
Bill? Bill?
Okay, let's break this down.
First, he ties up that guy, then he takes
another guy and brings him out back.
What, is he gonna pick
us off one by one?
That's the doctor right there. Hey.
You want to let us all
know what's going on?
- And the captain?
- Dead.
The co-pilot is flying.
Behind locked doors.
- Are you all right?
- Me? Fine. I'm great.
You shouldn't be seeing all this.
All right, Doc. So, we got a
dead passenger and a dead pilot.
The plane took a hard
turn 15 minutes ago.
That doesn't happen mid-flight.
The marshal closed
off business class,
moved all the
passengers to the back.
Does this scenario ring any bells?
You think he's gonna
crash the plane?
Flight 10, this is
Royal Air Force 114,
call sign Jackrabbit. How copy?
Excuse me.
I was told I could stay
here with my husband.
Of course.
You used the lavatory about an
hour ago. Do you remember that?
I don't have Alzheimer's.
Do you know if someone else
went in there after you?
Yes, she was standing
there blocking the aisle.
The redhead.
The woman you were sitting next to.
What are you doing in here?
I'm drinking. I'm sorry, I shouldn't.
That's just terrible.
I've been wondering.
Why the window seat?
What? Why the window seat?
Why did you sit next to me?
- What?
- I found a hole
in the first class toilet,
clear shot to the captain.
The guy who died had one of
these imbedded in his skin.
Ever seen one before?
The toilets were locked 10
minutes before the captain died.
Five minutes before that,
I saw a woman enter.
She's 70 years old.
She said you went in after her,
and she doesn't have Alzheimer's,
if you're wondering.
Are you asking me if I
saw someone else go in,
or if I killed the captain?
Did you see someone else?
Then answer the question.
You're a dick.
You switched seats to be next to
me, which made you trustworthy.
You engaged me in conversation.
To relax you because
you were scared...
Yet you evaded personal questions.
You mean, like where I work. Yeah,
that's a great personal question.
You inserted yourself
into the investigation.
Are you serious?
Tracking the phone,
that was your idea.
Are you kidding me?
I am the only person on this
plane who has stood by you.
You've been lying to
me this entire time.
You've been lying to me since the
second you boarded this plane.
Oh, God! Okay, fine, fine!
Seven years ago my heart failed,
and I was dead for like 43 minutes.
Aortic arch aneurysm.
They tried to fix it,
but when I woke up,
they told me it was
something they couldn't fix
and that one day it would fail
again and I would just die.
And that's okay with me because
we're all gonna die someday,
and none of us know when
it's gonna be, right?
But when I fly, which is a lot,
I like to look out the
window instead of
at the back of the
seat in front of me
or a folding tray table, because
one day might be today.
Why do you like the aisle?
Wait a second.
Let me pour you a real drink.
I'm sorry.
I hate flying.
I always kind of
liked it, you know?
Six hours in the same spot,
nobody can get to you.
Nothing to do but just
be present, you know?
You have no control.
Control is an illusion.
There is no control.
Over anything.
WOMAN: You need to listen to this.
REPORTER: Where a federal bomb squad
and investigators are searching
a car that allegedly
belongs to Bill Marks.
Sources tell us that Marks parked
his car here at the airport today
before boarding British
Aqualantic Flight 10,
the way he had boarded
so many flights before,
in the guise of an
everyday passenger,
but carrying a mandate
from the United States
Department of Homeland Security.
His job, to protect the flight.
And he was also, as always,
carrying a concealed handgun.
Well, we know this is the hijacker's
phone. Can it tell us anything?
It's password protected.
I can't get in.
Did you try guessing?
This is a transatlantic flight
from New York to London,
the airline now confirming this is,
in fact, a hijacking in progress.
- What did you do?
- I didn't do anything, I swear to God.
I just was messing around with it.
I didn't do anything.
Open every bag in this cabin.
And the horrific twist
is that the hijacker
is now believed to be
the one person who
was authorized to carry
a gun onto the plane.
You're looking for a package.
You'll know if you find it.
- Every bag. Go! Now!
- Okay.
- Marks?
- Order this plane down to 8,000 feet.
Marks, listen to me.
I have reason to believe
there's a bomb on the plane.
- Agent Marks, just listen to me.
- We need to drop altitude now.
A bomb at this height would
tear this plane apart.
REPORTER: And questions
already swirling around.
Bill Marks and his state of mind
as he boarded the flight...
MARENICK: Bill, when you send
me a text and you say
that you're out of options, you and
I both know that's not the case.
Who else received that message?
Clearly, we got it here at TSA.
We're getting calls from
the FBI, the White House,
and now the press is involved.
You have our attention. There's no
need to take this any further, Bill.
No one else has to die. I know it feels
like no one is listening, but I am.
We'll work it out together.
Marenick, you're not getting this!
Bill, listen to me.
Let's talk this through.
You're talking to me
like I'm a terrorist.
You know how this works.
If you try to bring that plane any
lower into civilian airspace,
you will be shot down.
You're a threat to ground, Bill.
Just wait for your
money and sit tight.
REPORTER: A stark picture of a man
in a dangerous psychological state.
MARENICK: Bill, stay with me.
I need you to cooperate with us...
What now?
REPORTER: Officials say he was
originally from Northern Ireland.
He became a decorated New York City
police officer with a young family.
He became distraught when his
8-year-old daughter, Olivia,
passed away from cancer.
Over the next decade, sources
say he became withdrawn,
got divorced in 2003.
Suspended and later
fired from the NYPD,
it was then, in the summer of 2003,
that he transferred to the
Federal Air Marshal Service.
And there, his
colleagues and neighbors
saying he's a quiet man who
kept mostly to himself.
This is a costly program, as well.
There's no question. This is what
happens when you put an unstable,
angry man in a position of power.
This guy wasn't even
born in the U.S.
He could be IRA, for all we know.
Thank you.
Since 9/11, we've put 4,000
air marshals in the sky.
Where do these people come from?
I've seen these guys myself.
They walk right past
the security line
and they're barely qualified
to carry a badge.
Walked right past security.
There's controversy around the
air marshal program already.
Is this the final blow?
We give these people
absolute power in the sky.
We give these people
absolute power in the sky.
We give them guns and
we put them on planes,
and we're surprised when we have
incidences of drug smuggling.
Oh, God.
Go, go, go!
Grab him! Grab him! Get the gun!
- Help me, man!
- Wait!
Hey, stop it!
Stop it!
No, no, no, no.
Stay down!
- MAN 1: Take him down! Kick his ass!
- MAN 2: Somebody stop him.
NANCY: Stop it!
WOMAN: Oh, my God!
Help me, man!
NANCY: Let go of him!
Get him to the ground!
Hold him steady!
Get his legs!
Hold him, God damn it!
- Grab his legs!
- BILL: Listen to me!
- Listen to me!
- Shut up!
Listen to me, please!
Please, go into the bathroom!
- Pin him down!
- In the bathroom!
- You're done, Marshal!
- There's a dead body!
Shut the hell up! Shut up!
There's a dead body
and a briefcase!
In the briefcase
you'll find a bomb!
Bullshit, you're lying!
There is a bomb on this plane.
Believe me, please!
Get off of him.
- I said get off of him! Get off him!
Do it now. Get back, back!
Back away, all of you.
You don't know what you're
doing with that gun.
MAN: Come on. What is he doing?
Bowen, give me the gun.
- Tom, please.
- No, stay where you are.
I'm NYPD, we got it covered!
Put it down!
Is there a bomb on this plane?
I want you to tell me what
the hell is going on.
- Relax.
- Don't tell me to relax!
A passenger on board
this flight has
threatened to kill
someone every 20 minutes
unless they're paid $150 million.
And now, three people are dead.
The bomb will explode in
less than half an hour.
Now, they want you to believe
that I'm responsible.
Everything you've heard
about me is true.
I've lost my family, my job.
I'm an alcoholic.
My daughter was diagnosed with
acute leukemia at the age of five,
and I spent my days at work
instead of being at home,
looking after her, because I was
afraid of watching her die!
I'm not a good father.
I'm not a good man.
I'm not hijacking this plane.
I'm trying to save it!
And I will save it!
If you work with me.
You're NYPD. So was I,
and you look as if you were
a better officer than I was.
Cut him loose. Nancy.
We need to start moving all
the luggage towards the back.
And move the women and children,
move them up to the
front of the plane.
That's your plan?
My job is to prepare for the
worst possible outcome.
Well, my job is to prevent it.
Women and children, no exceptions.
Men move up in coach.
What the hell are you thinking?
There's a plan of
action that exists
called the Least Resistant
Bomb Location Protocol.
You place the bomb
against the rear door
and stack anything and
everything against it.
Every bag, blanket, every pillow.
Nullify it as best you can.
At this height a bomb would
tear this plane apart,
but we descend to 8,000
feet, pressure equalizes,
and then we have a chance.
So you're just gonna
let the bomb go off?
Of course not, I'm gonna stop it.
But if I can't, I'd rather
be prepared, wouldn't you?
The man who brought this bomb
on the plane may try something.
Can I trust you to stop him?
You're damn straight you can.
Hey, Reilly, sorry about the nose.
It was never my best feature.
Can't you get them to wire the money?
Just try something?
This was never about the money.
Then what's it about?
I'm not sure. They used
an account in my name.
They want an air marshal
to take down a plane
with 150 people on board,
and they want the whole
world to see it.
I was never supposed
to find that bomb.
WOMAN: Look.
That's not good.
WOMAN: Do you know what that means?
Aqualantic Flight 10, this
is Royal Air Force 114,
call sign Jackrabbit. How copy?
Copy, Jackrabbit.
We will be your escorts to
the designated landing zone.
Do not deviate from
your current course
or altitude without authorization.
- Do you copy?
- Copy.
- Kyle.
- Yes, Marks?
We have a new situation.
Yeah, no shit.
I need you to drop the
plane to 8,000 feet.
Get to the lowest pressure
deferential you can.
One PSI, 1.5 at most.
Wait, Bill, that's
explosives protocol.
Yes, we have 16
minutes, give or take.
You know we have company, right?
Two typhoons are
flanking me right now.
They're watching, and
you want me to...
Kyle, we need to drop altitude now.
Look, I have orders, Marks.
Any suspicious activity and they...
There is a bomb on this plane.
We have to descend to 8,000 feet.
All right, give me 10 minutes.
If we drop now, I lose speed.
Ten minutes at this altitude,
maybe I can get us close enough,
close enough to land in Iceland.
Ten minutes. Thanks.
It's an RDX explosive.
Very professional. Maybe military.
Is that blow?
Are you positive it
can't be disarmed?
This is a calibrated
pressure trigger.
The only way to disarm a bomb
is to remove the trigger.
But remove the trigger, the pressure
releases, the bomb goes off.
- Well, can't we just dump it?
- Same principle in reverse.
The low pressure outside the plane
won't hold the trigger.
You try to dump it...
The bomb goes off.
- Isn't there like a wire you can cut?
- No.
So, if this guy doesn't
get his money,
he's gonna kill himself
and everyone aboard?
I can't believe this.
This is crazy.
- Why aren't we looking for this guy?
- We're out of time.
That's a bullshit answer,
Marshal, you know it.
Take it easy.
There's 150 passengers and crew.
It could be anyone.
Let's find him! Let's pay
him, let's do something.
It's not about the money,
and even if I find him...
I don't think he ever intended
to get off this plane.
My God, we're all gonna die.
We gotta place the bomb here.
Stack all available luggage over it.
And direct the explosion outward.
At 8,000 feet, the pressure
will equalize. Then we land.
- With a hole in the fuselage?
- And this has worked before?
It's never been tried before.
- That you know of.
- You're not being helpful, Doctor.
We're so screwed.
It could work! We've got to try!
Come on! Grab every able hand!
Let's get this done!
Marshal, if they're setting
this thing off, no matter what,
what are they waiting for?
AUSTIN: Just grab what
you can, go to the back.
All right, you guys form a chain,
send those bags back
as fast as you can.
ATTENDANT: Please remove all
luggage from the overhead bins.
Kyle, how close are we?
We need to descend, now!
No, give me three minutes.
Three minutes, okay.
Look at your watch. Three minutes
from now, not a second longer.
No matter what happens,
drop down 8,000 feet.
- Take this.
- MAN: Lighter luggage up front.
Keep piling please.
Bring the heavier luggage down.
NANCY: Keep them going.
Sir, keep that with
you, I just need...
Your nose.
Yeah, it's bleeding, thanks.
You have a displaced fracture.
Look, it's a broken nose, it's
normal, I don't need you to fix it.
Look, I'm going to set your nose.
Here, hold this.
Just make it quick, all right?
Apply some pressure.
On three. One...
GWEN: Sweetheart, you've got to come out.
It's all right, I'll hold your hand.
But it's not safe.
- Gwen, what's going on?
- Please.
We need to hurry.
Sorry. I'm sorry, I need your help.
She won't come out.
What's wrong? Are you scared?
I wanna see my daddy.
I know you do, sweetheart.
I know you do.
You know, I was a daddy once to
a little girl just like you,
and when she was scared,
you know what she'd do?
She had a magic ribbon,
very powerful.
It'll protect you,
just like your daddy.
You wanna see it?
I have it in my pocket.
I carry it all the time.
Here it is. Here.
You wrap it around your
hand, just like that.
That's it, hold on to it now.
Are you bribing me?
Yes, I am.
This is my friend, Jen.
She's gonna look after you.
- Jen, this is Becca.
- Hey.
Don't worry, you'll see your
father soon. I promise.
Can I have the window seat?
You mean this old seat?
KYLE: Ladies and gentlemen, we
're about to begin our descent.
I need you to return to your
seats and fasten your seatbelts.
GWEN: Please stay calm. Everyone,
please get back to your seats.
Marks, we transferred the money,
150 million US into your account.
It's too late for the money.
Whatever he's doing...
You can stop now, Marks.
You have your money.
The jets will escort you in.
I have to bring this plane
down to 8,000 feet.
You will not descend
into civilian airspace.
You think he wants the money?
You think that will stop him?
If you transferred
the money, prove it.
You want proof? Here's your proof,
$150 million was transferred
to account CH-1000-23000-A-10982.
Confirmation code R48940.
We'll escort you into
a military air field,
you will not be arrested,
no questions will be asked.
There is a bomb on this plane.
It isn't mine. It will go off!
- And we have to prepare...
- You're in command of a hijacked vessel
and you will not dive that
plane into civilian airspace.
I will!
Then, Marks, God damn it,
we will shoot you down!
Someday, they'll fish this plane's
black box out of the Atlantic Ocean,
and the world will know these
people could have been saved.
The world already
knows what's going on
in that plane, Bill.
You are hijacking it.
- That's what you're telling them.
- No, no, no, no, no.
That's what your hostages
are telling them.
That video is playing on every major
news network on repeat, Bill.
- What video?
- One of your hostages uploaded a video.
You're taking a man, dragging
him around at gunpoint,
stumbling over
terrified passengers.
How do you expect us to believe
anything that you're saying
when you clearly are
abusing those hostages?
We've seen everything
we need to know.
But we're trying to negotiate...
Your phone, now! The phone!
Show me the video that
you uploaded! Come on!
I apologize for my son.
Humor me. Look!
- Look.
- I don't see him.
Come on, look.
- Right there.
- Where?
Come on, move.
God damn it!
You. Look...
God damn it!
Stay where you are.
Bill, don't test me!
Reilly, drop!
Reilly, get down!
You gave me an unloaded weapon?
Overhead bin, 4B!
Everybody, down! Stay down!
- Hey, get out of there, move!
- What?
Hey, man!
You looking for this?
Give me that.
What are you doing?
- Get back!
- Okay, okay.
Jackrabbit, I have shots fired outside
this cockpit, need to descend.
That's a negative, Flight 10, do not deviate
from your current course or altitude.
Turn around.
I need all of you to put your hands
on the seat-back in front of you.
Do it now!
- Move.
- Don't test me.
Step back!
Put your hands up!
Sit, sit!
He was supposed to be in
the seat next to mine.
Yeah. He was close enough.
Listen, whatever I've done to
you, whatever it is, I'm sorry.
Stay down!
Bill, I'm not mad at you.
You're my hero.
People everywhere are gonna
remember the name Bill Marks.
An alcoholic, self-destructive,
suicidal man with a gun
and a federal badge
who changed everything.
What do you think doing
this is gonna change?
Two minutes outside
the window. Suit up.
Every one of these people
boarded this plane
believing their country
would protect them.
That you would protect them.
We're gonna be okay!
There's an air marshal on board.
Do you have any idea
how easy this was?
You're right, I failed.
You've made your point.
No, Bill, you failed miserably!
Three thousand people died
that day, including my father!
So I joined up 'cause I wanted to
go fight the cowards that did it.
But I just ended up fighting in a
war that I still don't understand
and came home to a country
where nothing had changed.
Until now.
Security is this
country's biggest lie.
In our homes, in our cities,
in our planes, no one's safe,
and one day somebody worse than
me is gonna expose that lie,
and the last thing our
children will see
is our failure as it destroys them.
You, Bill, you are that lie!
You should just have
handed out pamphlets.
It would have been a lot easier.
You can't change the
world with words, Bill,
unless you write those words in
the evening news with blood.
We gotta go.
You're military. These are the
people you fought to protect.
I swore to protect my country,
and that's what I'm doing.
- You believe that?
- I do.
I also believe we'll be
$150 million richer.
You'll never get that money.
It's in an account in my name.
It's in a trust in your name.
I die, the money moves.
To 100 accounts, 27 countries, each
of those into 100 other accounts.
When do you think
you're gonna jump?
35,000 feet? You'll be
dead in four seconds.
We'll jump when the pilot
follows explosive protocol
and drops us down to 8,000 feet.
Anything you think of, we've
thought of a thousand times.
They've been instructed to shoot
us down if we try to descend.
That's bullshit!
They're not gonna kill
all these people.
This is a hijacked flight.
We're a classified threat to ground.
If you don't disarm that bomb, everyone
on board will die, including you.
Did you think of that?
- Look, I'm prepared to die.
- We're not gonna die.
Say again, Jackrabbit.
I need to descend.
That's a negative, Flight 10.
I'm gonna stick with the plan.
We descend, we jump.
The plane goes down,
we have enough money.
We can do whatever we want.
Think about it, Tommy. We can
disappear and never come back.
You hear me? Never be found, ever.
Mission accomplished, right?
But right now we need to get
the hell off this plane.
Zack, you and I both know we were
never getting off this plane.
Zack, whatever your name
is, you don't have to die.
If you won't save these
people, save yourself.
Disarm the bomb.
Come on, do it.
He was a martyr,
like you and me, Bill.
Real heroes don't need to be
remembered or recognized.
Real heroes do
whatever's necessary.
I guess I wouldn't understand.
- Fuck it!
- I guess you wouldn't.
20,000! Come on, you wanker!
8,000 feet! Come on, come on!
- JACKRABBIT: AQ 10, climb back up to 25,000 feet!
- There's a bomb on board!
I need to get this
plane on the ground.
Nancy, move, move!
Everybody down, heads down!
Hey. Bill!
I'm getting off this plane!
Am I in your way, asshole?
Get down!
Do it quick! Heads down!
Get down!
Come on, Kyle! You can do this!
You can do this, come on.
Severe damage to your fuselage.
Are you able to maintain control?
KYLE: Fuel dump in progress.
- Copy that, Flight 10.
- Come on, damn it!
A little longer, come on!
Oh, God!
Get the belt! Get the belt!
- Hang on!
- Bill, help me!
Becca, I have you!
Hang onto me! Hang onto me!
You okay? Are you okay?
- Door is disarmed.
- Release your seatbelts!
- Take her. Everybody.
- Come on with me.
Undo your seatbelt!
Move to the front, quickly.
Leave everything.
Come this way, up to the front.
One at a time, please.
Leave everything.
Leave everything.
Up to the front.
Leave everything.
All passengers and
crew accounted for.
And you, are you all right?
That was a hell of a landing.
REPORTER: Less than one hour ago,
British Aqualantic Flight 10
made an emergency landing after
a bomb exploded mid-air.
This following an attempted hijacking,
yet in an unbelievable twist,
the suspected hijacker, U.S.
Air Marshal Bill Marks,
turned out to be the hero.
It was Marks who confronted
and killed the hijackers,
saving the lives...
- Yeah?
- It's Marenick.
It's my turn to break
protocol, Agent Marks.
I'm calling from my personal line
and I'll deny this
conversation ever took place.
Listen, Bill, what you did on that
plane, what you were up against,
I want you to know I
was wrong about you.
And you'll have my full support.
Appreciate that.
And, Bill,
we're gonna need that money back.
What money?
Take care, Agent Marks.
AUSTIN: Marshal!
Reilly, you son of a gun.
Next time, give me a loaded weapon.
Next time, don't get shot.
I'm gonna give you
back your ribbon.
I don't need it anymore.
It's your dad.
- Hey, I was looking for you!
- Hey.
- Do you know where we are?
- Iceland.
Ah! Well, never been to Iceland.
I mean, I've seen it, few times
from plane windows, but...
Thank you.
For what?
You stood by me, even
after all that happened.
You're a good man.
I bet your daughter would
have been proud of you.
Thanks, ma'am.
Where you headed?