Noodles (2023) Movie Script

That's enough
Ok, now that's fine
What's happening here?
Why so much noise?
It's past eleven
Let the neighbourhood
sleep in peace
Weren't you playing guessing
the movie name?
No ma! It is called Dumb Charades
You please stay quiet
You can sing
I asking to you all
What is this game?
What game is this?
You are going on with your songs?
Let me explain
You have to use one common word
and use that in a song
It is a song association word game
the teams should use a common word
in the song appropriately
Mrs.Meera Venugopal,
you got it right?
Now join us
You sing
Admit defeat if you can't
think of a song
We rocked
It is good that your husband is on
a night shift today
otherwise he would
have kept us awake
Don't get cheesy and distract us
it is your turn now to sing
No, this is not a movie song!
It is!
Hello! Which movie is this from?
You guys stop bullying
We sing in right name you know
Wait!! You cannot use synonyms
it has to be the exact word
as long as it means
the same, it is alright
Boys team dont play a fair
game, you always cheat
We don't accept
You are cheating now
You guys are bending
rules of the game
This game is too noisy
since you started
Let's stop this
Aunty! Please don't stop
Let's play a little more, please!
Or let us play Dumb Charades!
You will still make noise
We will play without
making noise
Pull over here
Mom, Please!
Each one turn only
That's all
Ok, who begins?
Sir, we have reached the location
Yes, we have reached
I need to check, sir
Vigilance Inpector
Govindraj spoke now
Ok, sir
His daughter resides
somewhere closeby
Lot of disturbance at this hour
it seems, he mentioned
Just have a check
Sure, sir
Right away
Tell me
Few minutes ago your called me
I wondering you
Did you give your husband assets
to your husband sister?
How fare this?
If you go to court you
have nothing you know
Is Vetri Vizha, right?
Don't act with that stupid person
If you go to court it's waste of cost
Don't repeatedly whatever you told
Hang up now
How long will you guys take
to throw us a challenge?
Come on! I will take this challenge
you had it now!
Let's see!
Let it a bit easy to enact
It is easy
Brother, it's very difficult to
find this movie title
Is there even a movie like that?
- Tell me it is tough, and accept defeat
- Move on!
Is it?
Try it now
Who is actor in that movie?
- Don't you know hero name?
- Take your time Shakthi
How many letter in that movie name?
She is counting by finger
6 words?
Is this available movie
title in 6 words?
Hey Ashwin
Keep quiet
We will find out if it difficult title
First word
What aunty?
You are dancing for movie title
If this is difficult, next one will be
impossible to get!
Prakash, this has to be the last game, enough!
It is too late, lets go sleep
Sure, we will
Breath exercise?
Is first word is Yoga, right?
It's just a family playing sir
Have you informed them?
What sir?
Inform them, to create more noise and
disturb the entire neighborhood
Sorry sir
Go and solve a problem,
when you are on it. Go on!
Hey Shakthi!
You can't mouth a word
It is a foul
She hasn't said any word yet
Chill now
Whatever it is, no mouthing
Drinking water?
Small pot?
No Tumbler
Girls team is waste team
- Slow
- Glass
You dancing well
I know this movie title
Yokkiyan Varan Somba
Thooki Ulla Vai
Excuse me
Girls team is the winner!!
We won! We won!
Whats the matter, sir?
What are you people doing here?
Just playing some game, sir
Can't even notice a cop's visit?
Dumb Charades Uncle
It is enacting a movie title game uncle
Stay quiet?
You all look civilised
you are making such noise at this hour?
Its past eleven now and don't you
realise people sleep at this hour?
You are louder than that of the police siren
Sir, has anyone complained?
Do we have to wait till someone complains?
Sir, I didn't mean that
It is a friendly neighbourhood
every weekend we play these games,
the noise grew louder over
excitement today
Oh, so it was the kids enjoyment?
Hey, why did you giggle?
Nothing sir
What is so funny?
Sir, spare the kid please
What is it Ravi?
Sir, have you warned them yet?
Boss is getting late
Alright, make it fast
Sir, he is done and coming back now
Have you seen this?
Saw this video in the morning
An officer manhandled by civilians
our honour is lost when such things happen
Turn off the engine
Don't lose your temper
on a non-issue, Sir
Who has lost temper?
Will you keep your noise levels
low only after a complaint?
Sir, he did not mean that
What else did it mean?
What did he mean?
Sir, please don't lose your peace
You were all making the ruckus and
asking me to keep peace?
You make noise to enjoy your weekends
but no questions be asked, is it?
and you intimidate us!
Sir, who is intimidating now?
You haven't been talking
to us with respect
Shakti, pls keep quiet
Sir, can we please end this here?
Why should I even keep
peace after all this?
Sir, don't lose your cool
I told you we are all family friends,
please maintain
some decency sir
Sir, this won't happen again
It wasn't our fault
Who was telling you to maintain decency?
This man
teaching us that it is trespassing
to enter without a complaint
The officer was a bit harsh,
that's why he asked for credentials sir
we don't need a complaint to stop any
nuisance to the public at this hour
We assure, it will not
happen again, sir
Who lives here?
In this house?
We, sir
We? Does that mean all of you here?
No sir
Me, my kids and my nephew
My husband is on a night shift sir
Where does he work?
He is an electrician in
a private company sir
In case of any complaints, you will be
the first to be enquired, got it?
Sir, the terrace is a common area
for all the residents here
Why single them out?
If you are eager to be enquired,
you all are welcome too
Madam, can't you hold
yourselves for some time?
Where do you stay?
Sir, that is my wife
We live on the ground floor
I am a fitness trainer in
a gym closeby, sir
Sir, we won't repeat this again
One of you give an undertaking
assure that this won't happen again
Sir, why would you need that
for a private activity?
Don't you rebut the officer, ok?
We are just having some fun in private
and not creating a nuisance sir
It's not fair to intrude in
our personal space sir
What do you mean?
He cannot be questioned without
anyone complaining, it seems
Sir, that's not what I meant
That's exactly what he means
You need a complaint to enquire you?
These people don't respect
the men in uniform sir
Sir, with due respect
but, respect is reciprocal sir
When abused, anyone
gets worked up sir
Sakthi, please keep quiet
What will you do if
you get worked up?
If an officer abuses you,
will you abuse in return?
I assure, this will not
happen again sir
Lady, you seem to say yes to what
my Boss asked you now
I didn't mean to say yes
So you will abuse in return?
I say you go home now
They are the ones not
giving us due respect
we are not on the wrong side
How will you abuse?
Please go now Sakthi,
Please bring her inside
Don't we have freedom to be the way
we want in our own house?
Do you think you are so Potent?
Only you can be 'Potent' is it?
Take your hands of me!
How audacious?
Take your hands of me I said!
You have assaulted an Officer
Do you realise?
Who started it first?
You can't just drag me as you please
am not a country bumpkin
I can initiate a law-suit against
you for trespassing
We haven't done any crime here
As if they are the only
authority over here
I can escalate this to their
superiors and their ministers
Sir, if you want me to attend an enquiry,
please come with a proper warrant
Why do you get so worked up?
We have done nothing
wrong to get scared
Just because they are in an uniform
What a foul mouthed lady, sir
Don't rub it in, now
Only commoners are never
respected by these cops
and run errands for higher-ups
and powerful people
Uncle, what a show of might!
I had goosebumps witnessing it
Uncle, you scared the cops away!
you don't listen when
I warn you about the noise
Why did you react that way Sakthi?
Why not? he said only you
will be called for an enquiry
we also want to see how the
police station looks like from the inside!
Hey, you don't know
how serious this can get
You all keep calm
I am sleepy dad!
Yes sweetie. It's very late now
Ok, let's call it a day
Carry me, Dad
What is it?
Isn't it wrong to make a video
without their consent
Who did you see doing it?
You know in the terrace
Brother Prakash
Ammu whats the gossip at this hour?
Did you drink water?
I had it mummy
Is it?
Get up now
Sorry, did it hurt?
Had your water now?
Shall we sleep now?
Who is it?
Am I audible?
This is Ashok here
Hey Ashok, how come
at this hour?
Why don't you come in?
Will be there in a moment
Ashok is at the gate
I am coming, hang up now
Hey Ashok, why don't you come in?
Trying to reach you
for a long time bro
At this hour?
Sakthi's parents are visiting
you tomorrow morning
Bro, this time they are
visiting for sure
They will reach at 7 AM
Her Father told me this &
I am picking them up at the station
Is it?
Yes, Brother
Why would they still hold a grudge
against their daughter after so many years
Believe me
They are welcome
But lets keep this away from Sakthi
till they actually arrive. Please
They are coming for sure, Bro
I too will be delighted if that happens
Don't tell her any of this
Why Bro?!
Been so Long!
How are you?
All good!
How come at this hour?
Was passing by, just
wanted to say a Hi
How is the Little one?
Slept already?
Not yet
Why don't you come in?
There she goes, let me
put her to sleep
You please attend to her
I take leave now
They are coming for sure this time,
Bro. Trust me
They are welcome
Let it happen
you don't trust me right?
Shall we bet?
One Thousand Rupees. Ok?
If they don't turn up, I will
pay you two thousand
If they come, you pay me just
one thousand. Alright?
Let them come, I too will
pay you two thousand!
Keep the cash ready then
I will collect it in the morning
Its Late now, I shall leave
How can you even think
of asking my daughter for marriage?
You have no kith nor kin
We don't even know your pedigree am
sure even you wouldn't know your lineage
I cannot marry my daughter
to an orphan
I will not agree to this marriage,
go may leave now
Since she decided to go against my wish,
I disown my daughter now
I will consider my
elder daughter dead
We don't wish to see her ever again
Saravanan, Come In
Sorry to disturb at this hour
Not a problem
Come inside
Were you sleeping?
No. I wasn't
A small favour please
Sakthi's parents are
visiting us tomorrow
Is it?
Aren't you surprised?
Sakthi's parents are coming!
Oh, I thought it was
Never mind
Have a seat!
Sakthi must be so excited now
No, Sakthi is not aware of this
It's been a false alert thrice before
every time she was disappointed badly,
all that she cooked for her
parents went wasted
I dont want that to happen again
I need a favour sir
Go on. I'm all ears
The chef you hired for an
occasion sometime ago
Yes, that was Saminathan sir
Can we ask him to cook
breakfast for 15 members
You are expecting 15 guests?
No, just three of them
just in case if they don't turn up as usual,
we all can have it together
Why a chef?
Jayanthi can manage the cooking part!
Let me do it
Please don't take the trouble
I request
Sir, please check with him
It's already late...
Sir... Greetings!
Have a small request
A small celebration at
my neighbours
Time? What time are the guests arriving?
7 o'clock at the station
Sir, 7.00 at the station,
7.30 they should be home
Breakfast should be
ready when they are here
will text you the menu
Saravanan, We meet at 5.00 AM
and start cooking!
Thank you so much, sir!
Also, let this be between us
and be a surprise for Sakthi
Try keeping a secret for a day!
I am sure they will
turn up this time
Nothing can make Sakthi happier
Hope they come
Don't you worry
It will happen
Sorry for all the trouble sir
Please don't be
Saminathan sir started ahead of time
Greetings Sir
He is the one expecting
guests today
Pardon me
I came a bit early
Shankar Sir is always a lucky charm,
I get more orders whenever he calls me
I need to move on to the
next event after this
everything including the dessert is ready,
please have a taste
Shankar sir, pls take it
He just polished off a handful
If you cook like this,
I will polish everyday
It's awesome sir
I'm Glad
Madam, I have kept all the dishes separately,
will be warm for atleast 4 hours
Sir, How much do I pay?
The usual, 2500
Will that do?
That's enough
Anything else?
That's it
Thank you!!
This is 3000?
Let me pay him, it is alright
Swami, Your fee
Sir has paid you well
Just keep it
That's ok
You deserve it
Thank you sir. With my cuisine
It's always a happy celebration for my clients
Thank you
What will be your excuse if
Sakthi is looking for you now?
I have come out for a walk now
Sakthi is not aware of this arrangement
Please take some rest sir
Oh yes, after all that 'tasting'
he is tired and needs to rest
That was very funny
A cat!
Sorry sir, I didn't notice you sir
Hey Bala, How are you?
Am good sir
Haven't seen you much in recent times
Yeah, I am on the late
shift at the Gym
Missing my walks these days
Is it? Was there some trouble in
the neighbourhood last night?
Heard from my Boss that Police was doing
a background check of the residents in this area
For what?
I Don't know
That's why I asked you
I take leave sir
Bathing so early?
Yes, Ashok phoned me
Will explain when I am out
Tell me bro
I told you not to tell sakthi anything!
Bro, why would I?
Just a spin, that if she visits the temple
today all her wishes will come true
Don't forget about the bet!
I won't
Don't you spill the news like a fool!
I won't
Let them arrive first
Are you there?
I need help
The pipe is broken....
Hey... Sakthi!
Dear pipe!
Open the door
The pipe!
How did this happen?
Where's the broken part?
I don't know!
Let me do it
Why are you pushing me away?!
Let me fix it!
Go away
You shameless!
Shakti baby!
Shall we fix it again!?
That was enough
Just open the door for a minute
That was enough, I said!
I can't repeat over and over again
Can you get down please?
I can pay you online, right?
Get down from my vehicle
Please. Will you?
We paid via online
due to no cash in hand
Why are getting down us?
Get down, sir
Get down Sir, please!
I Don't understand why?
You will understand
Please get down
You have a google pay option, right?
I get only peanuts when
you pay me online
After all the taxes,
I will be left with nothing
You cancel the trip and
get some other cab
Don't you understand
in simple language?
Get down now!
- Be patient
- Get down, please
Whats the going on here?
Hey, you treat elderly like this?
Who are you to ask?
How does it matter?
What is the issue?
Why did you dragging him outside?
- How dare you?
- You?
I don't know why he is so rude!
Everyone accepts Googlepay these days
This was totally unwarranted,
are you hurt?
That was unintentional, alright?
Why couldn't you be a bit
considerate with them?
Shall I take you to a hospital?
Very sorry
You mess with me?
Just wait and watch!
I didn't mean to hurt you man!
Why do they behave like this?
Very kind of you, young man
Thanks a lot!
- Sorry for all the trouble caused
- Take care, sir
Thank you so much
Let's go dear
Leave my mother.
Ammu.... Ammu....
What happened dear?
Priyu! What happened?
What happened dear?
Oh was that a nightmare?
I thought it was real
What was it about?
It was about.
Little Brat forgot so soon?
Where is mummy?
She is bathing now
So soon?
Soon? It is been an hour and half
it is not about bathing daddy
What else?
Why is she getting ready so early?
Let me share a secret with you
You should not tell your mother. OK?
She has come
you took just one and half hours
You know, you look good
in these clothes too!
But inside, it was much better to look
Ashok had called
He called me too. what did he say?
He said it is an auspicious day
to visit the temple today
Baby, get in for your bath
No, I want to sleep
for some more time
Get up baby, aren't
you a good girl?
You can go and fetch milk,
I will freshen her up by then
I want to go with Dad
You're not sleepy anymore?
Ok, I will go now
I am coming along
Alright sweety.
Don't buy her any candies
Stop this pamper!
Don't ask him for candy
I won't ask
If you ask, then you had it from me
I will ask
Ok, no candies
But that dress of yours
Move on
Daddy, I remember
the nightmare now
What was it about?
Mummy was trapped by
someone really big
It was Shin-Chan who saved her
These nightmares are
because of excessive mobile
gaming & cartoon shows,
you must stop them. Understood?
Be careful, sweety
Hello, you look relaxed
Opened the store a late is it?
Usual on Sundays
How can I help you?
Two coconuts and
one litre of milk
Lift me up, Dad
Lift me up, Dad
What is it now?
What do you want?
I want those candies
We both had it from
your mother
- Please take this
- Thank you!
Has any Police staff moved
in your neighbourhood?
Am not aware of it, sir
Any properties for rent there?
No, why?
Last night around 12.15 I recieved
a call from the Police station
They were enquiring about your
neighbourhood and residents nearby
They enquired at that hour?
They act to their
whims and fancies
What are you looking for?
In my packet-
Hey, not my phone again
Daddy Please...!
Just for a little while
Do you have a bag
or you need one?
Am I your first customer today?
Yes, why do you ask?
Shucks. Don' t want your day to start
with a credit sales I did not get my wallet
- I can go and get the wallet daddy
- It's ok, sir
Ammu, listen to me
I will come along, hold on
Let her go, your house is
just around the corner
When will she learn?
No brother
It safe to avoid in road
Your Payment portal isn't active yet?
It should get fixed today sir
Did the police enquire about
the house for rent is it?
I thought so what happened sir?
Shankars and other
families in the building
made some noise while
playing some party games
An officer and his subordinate
had asked us to stop it
The entire episode turned
ugly with a spat of words
I too lost my cool and it got worse
I thought the enquiry was
a follow up of that incident
Which officer was it?
I don't know his name sir
Can you describe him?
He was tall, dark and
around 35 years of age
There is no such Officer
posted in our area station
There are two officers and both are due
for retirement shortly
Just a moment
Was it him?
Yes, sir... it was him
Sir, he's an Inspector
Why did you mess with him?
He is an insane person
I did not know he
was an Inspector
Why do you argue with
Police officers sir?
He is not a gentleman
Please be careful in the future
A small proof is enough for them
to screw up your life forever
Sir, one pack of oats please
How much?
One Kilogram
One moment please
Sir, do you have vegetables?
Ofcourse, they are fresh
Why is my daugther
taking so long?
Hello? Yes, he is here
Sir! Call from your home
Yes, sir
Hey Sakthi
You are not audible
Can you be a little clear?
What are you trying to say?
I can't hear a thing!
What happened?
Tell me clearly
I will be right there
Hang up now
Bro, Please handover
this phone to him
It's me! open the door!
I was cleaning outside the door
Priyu was cycling
Two men on a bike approached her
The Pillion rider tried to
snatch the phone from her
Priyu raised an alarm
and I tried to stop him
I grabbed him by the collar, and he stumbled
inside the house for grab mobile
He tripped against the gate
and fell inside over here
- He is lying unconscious
- What are you saying?
How did this happen?
I tried to retrieve the phone and
grabbed him by the collar
He stumbled and fell inside
I cannot recollect the incident clearly
Do you understand what I am asking you?
How did he end up inside our house?
I tried to retrieve the phone and
grabbed him by the collar
- He stumbled and fell inside
- I dont know how
You are repeating the same thing
Compose yourselves and
try to recollect
Did you hit him with something
after he came inside?
No, I tried to retrieve the phone and
grabbed him by the collar
I don't remember, how it all happened
You are repeating the same
thing over and over
Sakthi, what happened to the
other guy on the bike?
I don't know
How did he manage to fall here?
I don't know, I can't recollect
He fell here and you don't know how?
was the door open?
I Don't know
Shucks! you don't know anything?
What am I to do now?
I grabbed him by the collar,
it all happened so fast I cannot
remember anything
Sakthi! Do you even follow my words?
Have I committed a crime?
Have I committed a crime?
Have I committed a crime?
Have I committed a crime?
You have done no crime
You tried to stop a theft and
he fell inside, that is it
Where's the little one?
Get up, dear
Baby, are you alright?
Are you hurt?
What happened darling?
Why aren't you speaking?
This was not our intention
Whatever happened is an accident
We have to face it
You haven't done it
I have done it
We stick to this story.
That's all
Then why do you take the
blame when it's an accident?
Sakthi, please follow
and do as I say
What will Priyu say, if she
was asked how it happened?
How is possible?
Did someone watch
when all this happened?
I was away at the store
You called the store owner &
informed me about Priyu's accident
I got back and found her unhurt
Or, Priyu went to the store to fetch
something and I followed her
That's when two men on the bike
approached her from the opposite direction
Tried to snatch the phone
and I Grabbed him down
He stumbled & fell inside the house
Lets say this when we are questioned
But it was me who did it
Sakthi, just do as I say
This what happened, and we
stick to this story. Understand?
When asked, even Priyu should
say exactly the same
Ammu, don't be scared
and stay here
Don't step outside this room. OK?
Where are you?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
Answer me
Listen, it is alright if you don't have
money come back home soon
Your daughter has not eaten
from the time you are gone
Atleast pacify her
Father! It's me speaking
Father, won't you speak to me?
When will you be back home?
I have eaten nothing and will
eat only when you are here
If mother argues with you
again, I will spank her
Father, I am very hungry
I didn't do it deliberately,
it all was so sudden
Why me?
Sakthi, calm down
Why did I grab his collar?
Calm down, Priyu might hear you
Poor that baby
- Sakthi, listen to me
- Stop crying
Why did that Uncle snatch
the phone, daddy?
Remember Sakthi,
Both of you will stick
to the same story that I told you
Why should you suffer
for my mistake?
Please understand. You need to be
with the Baby when I am away.
Daddy, your phone is with that uncle
Don't tail me, stay here with baby
Keep my cash ready!
You lost the bet!
Train is arriving shortly, will
reach home in an hour
What happened?
You are Dumbstruck?
Does your wife know
about her parents visit?
Great! It will be a
pleasant surprise to her
I'll call you later
Am I audible .?
Please plan a visit to
your in-laws Bro
They would be happy to
have you all there
A separation that lasted
a decade can end here
Who called?
Listen, you & Priyu must go back to your
parents home if this issue gets murkier
What are you saying?
I don't get it
Your parents will be visiting us in a while
Ashok had come last night to convey this.
You should take our daughter
and go back with them
I'm going nowhere.
Won't go with anybody
I will not leave you,
come what may
They didn't want to visit
us for all these years
You can tell them
they're not welcome
My Dad's curse is all coming true now
He had said,
''When I visit your home,
your life will be in shambles''
Those prophetic words have come true today
I am not going anywhere
Will not desert you
Alright, Don't
Won't go with anybody
I will not leave you alone at this time
Sakthi Listen. We are not in the
wrong with any intent
Let's inform the police about this. Ok?
I will check. You both stay here
Don't step out until I say so
Sir, You seem to have left in a hurry
What happened?
My daughter fell off the bicycle
Oh. I hope she is doing well now
Nothing serious, she is resting now
You did advice her to be careful
but forgot to carry you wares in a hurry
- Please take them
Do take good care of your daughter
The store owner had come
to handover the grocery
I have dumped the body
in the other room
Who is it now?
Ok, I will go
Stay here, don't step out
Oh no
I found this license outside your gate
Maybe it belongs to someone you know
Maybe it belongs to one
of those delivery boys
I will figure it out & handover
Sir, is your daughter alright?
She's resting
Don't worry about yesterday's scuffle
Relax, any problem can be
dealt with our influence
there is nothing that cannot be solved
Are you familiar with
Lawyer Thirunavukkarasu?
He lives down the street
I have heard of him, not acquainted yet
Doesn't matter
He must be knowing the Inspector well.
He can sort out this
issue for you in a Jiffy
He will be great help to you
Do you have his contact number?
A lawyer & Cop together can rewrite
any entire episode in your favour
I have shared with you his contact number
you can call him after 8.00
Your neighbour Shankar and the lawyer
are bumchums and 'Glass'mates!
Just relax, everything
will be alright?
I'll make a move, see you!
Who was it?
Hold on
Who is it?
Can I talk to Thirunavukkarasu please?
Yes, This is advocate Thirunavukkarasu.
Sir, I am Saravanan here
Shankars neighbour
I live on the ground
floor, below Shankar's
Yes, I know, How can I help you?
Saravanan, Welcome. Please come in!
I was wondering how to get a quick opinion
good that you came by
If you don't mind, can you...
Can you smell?
Smell booze?
Surely no right?
I can attend the meeting at 8 then!
Have a seat, will join you in a moment!
Don't you worry! Relax!
Saravanan! Do you want
some green tea?
No, thanks sir!
I am a health freak you know
How come so early in the day?
Sit down, please
Please be seated!
Sit down
There's a small problem
Just returned from Bangalore last night
found Original Bacardi rum there!
grabbed a handful of them
had a couple of drinks as usual
Hit the bed at 8!
Originals are always slow burners
unlike what we get here
But I couldn't resist
Got up and had a couple
of swigs again!
Please have your tea!
Sir, I am in a...
All my plans of sleeping
in on a sunday fell flat
by an early morning invite
for a club meeting.
Can't miss it for the
eminent guest list.
Most of them are bibulous
tipplers like me!!
Have your tea!
But they're super smellers ,
will name the brew from a mile!
Smart asses! will be upset if
I didn't give their share
I wanted to ensure, I don't smell
You came in as my saviour
you surely can't smell anything right?
Don't be dazed about my banter
Despite being a regular tippler
I am always fit!
As you can see my hand, stiff like a rock
That's me!
A Healthy mind
complements a healthy body.
Am I correct?
Come on! have your tea!
You want to say something,
but you are not
If you don't speak,
I will continue my rant
Thanks to my profession!
You know, I am a leading lawyer!
But remember
You can ask me anything, I Charge
1000 bucks for a question.
Shocked? I was just kidding.!
Have your tea.
Sir, there is a...
friend of mine, a store owner had an
untoward incident last night
Two bike borne men, tried to mug him
and snatched his phone
He tried to defend himself and
grabbed the pillion rider
and stumbled inside the store
And the pillion rider hurt his head
Oh, so the store owner has sought your help
and you are asking me to. right?
I smelt a rat, as soon as looked at you
That's Thirunavukkarasu you know?
What if the guy passed away after the fall?
Can it still be called an accident if
a person dies this way?
Even if it was a homicide, I will take care
Now that's on me to
convert it as an accident.
But, you should be honest with me
Get him here
It will be sorted
Just asking, the client
is a money bag right?
Sir, can you please come along with me?
Go along?
Actually a leading lawyer like me never
meets a client out of office
Sir, Please make this an exception
You are Shankars friend
and referred by him
Ok, will meet him
But remember, this privilege
is only for you. OK?
Ok, Sir
You know, In the courtroom yesterday,
the Judge was flummoxed by my oratory skills
and asked me
why don't you shift to Bangalore
But I have enough clients here,
Ok, as an exception I will
come along with you
Give me two minutes,
let me change. OK?
Sure, sir
Saravanan! the client seems very diffident
Leave it on me, I will handle it
This way, sir
Nice house!
I can sense some very
positive vibes around
Awesome energy!
Sir, please come inside
Call the client here
Sir, it will be good if you
can come inside please
Oh, he is that shy?
Having come this far,
I can come in too
Look at that! a mini gymnasium out here!
Who is this?
Sir, It's the person who fell
and passed away
This.. this man
Why is the dead man here
instead of the client?
I was about to tell you that
Didn't know how to say it
Get lost!
Sir, please sir
I can explain
No way!
Sir, please sir
I can
Explain? you have a dead
body inside your house!
and you conned me with a fake story
Do I look like a fool to you?
You dragged me into this
with a blatant lie!
You wouldn't come if
I told you the truth sir
So? You lied to make me
an accomplice in your crime?
Honestly, this is not a murder sir
It was an accident, sir
Accident? how did he land in
your room from the street??
He fell inside at this place sir.
I dragged the body inside
when the grocer had come
Does the grocer know about this?
No sir
But, he shared your
number with me sir
Why did he give my number?
I had an altercation with
the local police inspector last night
so he suggested to
seek your help
What was the altercation about?
He spoke to us disrespectfully when
he saw us playing some games
Then, I had to confront him
What? You disrespected him in return?
were you out of your senses?
You have locked horns with the police!!!
Don't worry dear
You cannot be trusted at all
You dont even know how to
handle an officer in uniform?
I wouln't have come here
had I known the truth!
You have hidden a dead body
in your house!
Sir, Please lower your voice sir
Sir, it is all my fault
Is this a prank? both of
you claiming to have done it?
Who is telling the truth?
You shouldn't suffer for my deeds
Please try to understand Sakthi
- Listen, you both take your time and decide
- Bye!
Sir, please sir
Are you both in agreement?
Firstly, you both must
decide on who did this
Sir, whatever he said is true
But I am the one who did this.
I disrespected the officers and
I dragged the biker on the ground
Why did you lie all this
while that you did it?
Now, she is accepting as her doing!
Sir, I was trying to save her ...
Sir.... Please...
Its a request sir
Please help us
Hello Raja?
Tell me sir
So early today?
How is this virugambakkam Inspector?
What do you mean 'How'?
are you getting your daughter
married to him?
No. Can he be bought?
That depends on how much
he likes the person
can also beat him to pulp otherwise
He is erratic.
Looks like you caught
a big fish this time
Not at all
Hang up now
Sir, I can help you with this,
just show me the money!
It is charity here!!
So early in the day for this?
I will call you later
looking forward sir
This area Inspectors name is Elango
He is known to be harsh on offenders
But can be bought for a price
We can pay him, sir
Wait, we can work on that
I will sort that out
Just do as I say, OK?
She didn't do this
We admit you both
did this unintentionally
If you try to save eachother,
we all three will be held guilty
- OK?
- How sir?
Hold on, just wait, do as I say
He tried to snatch the phone
from your daughter
You dragged him first, and
then your wife helped
In the melee, he fell
inside and then died
Whoever asks you, Just
stick to this narration
You may call the police now
Before you call the Police,
put the body back in the same position
It's not appropriate for me to be
here when they arrive, So
I will leave now & comeback
after the Police arrives
Sir, Please help us
Don't worry, I'll be back for sure
Sir, we are scared
Please help us
This was an accident and
totally unintentional, sir
I'll be back in a minute
I will be back
Saravanan, is this not a peephole?
No, sir
Hold on.... wait... Just do as I say
Sure sir
Throw the body outside the door
Sir! How is that possible?
How? the same way you put
the body inside.Just do it!
I will stand outside and
give you a clearance
When I tap the door twice,
you can bring him out
You bring the body out now
Sir, how do we?
Saravanan! go and bring
the body now! Go!
OK sir
Listen, I was not here, and
unaware of what happened here
You have done all this
without my advise OK?
I have nothing to do with
any of this, Got it?
Go, get it now!
Do it fast, quick! Go!
Hold it here
Hold the leg!
Push the door open
Watch out, the leg is stuck
When I tap once, bring him out
If I tap twice then don't!
Is that clear? Ok?
After I signalled you can put him out
Lift him now,!
Just wait!
Not now,
Shakti, it is now!
Drop him down
There is no chance!
We cannot take him out, no way!
Like I told you, just call the police
How, sir?
Sir, if I admit as done by me,
will they question her too?
Why not? They might interrogate
your daughter as well
How will my daughter face this?
in such eventuality, just send
the kid to your parents
We married against our parents wish
I don't have my parents
It is after a decade, Sakthis
parents are visiting us
How many hassles do you bear Saravanan?
Nothing goes right with you is it?
There is no other way atleast
that I can think of
calling the Police is the only option,
and that is the safest.
I will leave now, when the police arrives,
I will be back. OK?
You don't worry, OK?
I will be back, definitely.
But remember, don't let anyone else in. OK?
Who is?
I don't know, Sir
Take this body back inside..go!
Watch the door
Sakthi, you stay inside with Priyu,
don't step out. move!
You asked for a proper complaint right?
Where is you wife?
I repeat
Where is you wife?
I am Lawyer Thirunavukkarasu sir..
Madras High court
Practising from 22 years Sir...
Good for you
Nice meeting you sir
I was shocked to see you suddenly, er
I mean surprised, sir.
What brings you here, sir?
What? What on earth have you done?
Complaint of an auto driver
of physical assault! Why?
You didn't even mention it to me?
It was just a shove, not assault
Believe me!
What all have you done!
Tussle with the Police, now this!?
Save your act for later
Shall we go?
Sir, it was inadvertant
Sir, I am familiar with Real estate Raja
What happened last night
was a mistake sir
We can compensate for it
however you may want
on or off the record sir
Moreover, they are expecting
some guests now
I assure I will bring them to
you later myself definitely
we are open for negotiation sir
Sure. shall we go in and 'negotiate'?
Aren't you civil enough
to invite a visitor in?
You only scuffle is it?
Let's go in and talk
Where is your wife?
You asked for a proper complaint?
Lawyer sir, come here
Come on
Saravanan, I heard you are
expecting some guests?
Yes, Sir
We can settle this Lawyer sir
Thanks, sir
Last night, Saravanan was boasting
about all his connections
with my bosses & their bosses
and the ministers as well
We can settle the way you want if any of
those 'Higher Ups' call me and let you go
No sir, I admit I was impudent
and it was a mistake
I have no such connections sir
You know nobody?
No sir. I wanted you to leave the place,
I am sorry
Saravanan, I lost my sleep last night
worrying how you would wield your clout
Can you see the red-eye?
I too was scared, sir
Get me some water to drink
go and get some water
Lawyer sir, who is the guest?
They are In-laws of Saravanan
They married without their parents consent
It's been around ten years now.
They are visiting for the
first time today sir
Please allow him some time sir
Oh, they are visiting after a decade?
Yes, sir
What a day!
What time are your in-laws
expected Saravanan?
They will reach in an hour, Sir
In an hour?
Shanmugam, have a seat
It's alright sir
Will you be standing for an hour more?
Sit down, Shanmugam
Let me also meet the guests
and then take Saravanan along
Why do you plead?
Sit down sir
Sir, they are visiting after 10 years
It won't be appropriate
if they find you here...
Please consider his situation sir
I will myself hand him over
to you after they leave sir
What exactly is the problem here?
He can introduce me as his family friend!
Sir, I come from a
respectable family too!
What I am trying to say is...
Is there any other
problem Saravanan?
Sir, Please..
Nothing as such sir
What else?
Sir, I have a valid complaint
raised on Saravanan
If need be, I can use all the
powers vested in me
and file cases under sections
323,324 or even 307
am sure you must be aware of
all those legal implications
I am not using those powers as yet
I will wait till the guests
arrive and then take him
Am I not reasonable here?
I can vouch her parents,
that their daughter is
not a plain Jane but a lioness
She was so aggressive, reminded me of
warrior Queen Jhansi Rani
They would be proud to hear this right?
Saravanan, why are we talking?
ask her to come over
Call her
Sir, Please don't involve
the lady in this issue
She invited herself, not our fault
Call her, sir
Sit down
That's alright Sir
Saravanan, bring her here
I asked you to sit
down Shanmugam!
Sure sir
What reverence! My goodness!
Sir, please help us a little
Who am I to help you?
An ordinary Inspector.
Why is he asking for
my help, Saravanan?
Am I 'Potent' enough?
Go now. Bring your wife here
Shanmugam, go and fetch her
Sir, Please leave her alone
Shanmugam, I asked you to go
Sir, Please sir....
She is here
Shanmugam, can't believe this girl
was so aggressive last night
In fact, nobody would believe that
What was it that you said yesterday?
Can't recollect?
You said..
If you abuse us, we too can
Lawyer Sir, please ask her to repeat it
If she does, I will walk away now
Will come back later for Saravanan as you requested
Sir... Please sir
Repeat it dear
Ask her to do it Saravanan.
Say it!
If you are abusive, we too
can get abusive.. Sir..!
You said it Right?
Repeat it
What's your name?
I asked for your name!
Sir... Shak..
Reply only if I ask you
and 'Only' you reply when I ask you!
Let me hear
Tell me now!
If you are abusive, we too
can get abusive.. Sir..!
Oh so If I get abusive...
Hey Saravanan, You a piece of shit,
are you a even a man?
Madam, isn't this abusive enough?
Ok, Let me try this
Hey Saravanan, You-
You realise you stretched
way too far last night
These words don't suit a womens vocabulary
If only you showed some restraint,
it wouldn't have gone this far
Sir, you may do as
you please with me
But, please allow me some time
till my in-laws go back
I didn't realise I was
wrong with you, Sir
I was totally moronic then.
Please forgive us, Sir
Sir, Kindly consider a little please
It all was totally un-called for, Sir.
They are remorseful it happened, Sir
What is it?
How dare you threaten us with
''Tresspass and assault on women"?
You have the audacity to chide a public
servant who works 24/7 for your well being
And we go home with that Shitty
feeling of being unwanted
You know whats remorse?
Like Saravanan said, we
know all the higher ups
The ministers, whenever they order us
Whether we like it or not
Sure sir! Right away, sir
Sure sir! Right away, sir
That's how its obeyed
We too are peeved
Don't have a choice but obey!
We treat them with respect
We expect the same respect
from you civilians too
That respect is all the honor and
we expect you to fulfill it.
and you display arrogance?
More over sir, even young kids
tease us with nick names
And show utter disrespect to the uniform
And that is the sad part
We were recruited into the Police as well
trained and phyically fit cadre
We enjoyed doing the
parade at the grounds
Today, we can't make
time for basic excercise
Police job is a thankless one sir.
Despite his health issues, he
walks up two flights of stairs
requests you to keep the noise
levels low and you ridicule him?
No, sir
What is that you deserve?
That moment it all went
bizarre and wrong sir
Sir, while we were walking down, they
were taunting and laughing at us
Sir, Not at all sir
It wasn't meant to be sir
Get all the people who were present
last night and seek pardon
Isn't that fair Thiru sir?
We can take Saravanan after that
Book a petty case and release him. OK?
Sir, can I talk to Thiru sir...
Can I talk to Thiru sir in private?
This will not happen again sir
Please sir
Can't hear a thing!
Sir, Please sir...
Please allow us, sir
You are only pleading again
Last night she looked fiery and rude
I think your wife deserves
a compliment, May I?
He is bleeding heavily!
Looks like he is dead!
Have you gone crazy?
Why did you do this??
Another life is gone!
That man is dead!
You are a real killer now!
What happened to you?
You look aggrevated?
Looks like your imagination went wild
when you heard my Compliment!
She looks so composed now,
why was she raging yesterday?
You want to talk to Thiru sir?
Just 2 minutes in private sir
Go ahead!
Lawyer sir, you may
have a word with him
Sir, please try and start
the negotiations again
What can I negotiate with?
You had mentioned that the Inspector
can be bought for a price
Check with him his price for
dropping all charges on me
I have already done that
when he came by
Sir, If he agrees,
let's close it for good
If he declines the offer,
I will go with him
Go with him?
Sir... We cannot get rid of the
body till that man is here
And he won't leave without me
Sir, kindly stay here till my In-laws arrive
and explain them whatever happened
And send Sakthi and
my daughter along with them
Narrate the whole episode
to Shankar as well
Sir. In case he spots the
body inside the house
You will also be considered an accomplice
and arrest you as well, sir.
Lawyer, sir!
Sir, please try and do your best
Lawyer Sir!
Sakthi, ask Priyu to call me as soon as I
step outside the room
Don't you go with the police
Try to understand Sakthi
- Just a moment sir
- Let's go, come
Sakthi, just do as I say
Just ask Priyu to call me
as I step out . OK?
For god sake.
Lawyer, sir!
What have you decided?
Sir, I will go along with you
Sir, allow me to have a word
with my daughter please
Go and make it fast
Lawyer Sir
What made him to
budge suddenly?
Sir, I have a small request
Go ahead
As we spoke outside
Can we arrive on
a settlement please?
Settlement meaning?
I mean, you can quote
your price sir
You are trying to bribe me?
Isn't that a crime?
No. It is not a crime
I usually accept it
But don't feel like this time
Constable sir, please try to
make him understand
Can we have a chat in private?
Now he too wants a private talk.
Sure, Shanmugam
Which room is Saravanan in?
This one or that?
Speaking to his daughter
Is there a wash room there?
The one here is better, sir
Better? Huh!
Open that door, Shanmugam!
Sir... Where are they?
What are you saying?!
Clears throat
Lawyer sir
Let's close the deal
Normally I don't accept bribes
You can pay 200,000 Rupees
to the Injured auto driver
And a piece of advice Saravanan,
don't lose your cool
wasn't necessary at all
Can you arrange for the
cash immediately now?
Sir, will mobilise in some time please
Check the door
Go on
Sir, It must be her parents. Let me check
Please do
You may introduce me as your
friend to your parents
I will manage with them
You Imbecile Lawyer!
What are you doing here?
You haven't been answering
my calls yesterday
Did you hear last nights
story from Saravanan?
Two cops showed up and
created a mess here
Didn't Saravanan tell you?
Why are you acting so wierd?
Tipsy early in the day?
Is it a crime in a democratic country
to have a play time on their property?
When they got to know am
not a simpleton Shankar
But Super Shankar,
they took to their heels!
They would never dare to
show their faces again
You believed it, right?
It was Saravanans might!
Saravanan was the Hero
of the story last night
The way he handled them, they ran away with
their tails tucked between their legs!
Hey, why are you
trembling man? Eh?
Please come in!
Who is this?
Sounds very familiar?
Why are you growling man?
Have I met this pers.
Come over
What Shankar was that?
Super Shankar is it?
Come in
Come in, sir
Come here
You were like a nincompoop last night,
but look at your temerity now!
You deserve to be made an accomplice in
the auto driver case and punished
Thiru sir and me are childhood friends,
we keep playing such pranks
What happened last night
was also a prank?
Bring all of them here
and seek my apology
Go now!
Sir, you may treat me
anywhich way you want
I said GO!
Lawyer sir, you can go too
Brief them about the situation
here and bring them
Shanmugam, you too
I have a doubt
You got so agitated for a short
intervention last night
But your reaction is very subdued
despite this prolonged query?
You both are pleading meekly
to whatever I say?
Even that Lawyer is submissive
Shankar, is following orders
in a timid manner
What made you all transform overnight?
Is there something else
that I'm yet to see
Nothing at all, sir
Wish you were as
obedient yesterday
They are all assembling here sir
You may sit now
Come in
Come in
Is everyone here?
My nephew, is in the wash room
Will be here soon
Has your husband returned
from his night shift?
Not yet, sir
Where is the lawyer?
Here he is
Stand together with them
Do you all know ear-pulling squats?
Squats while pulling your ears
Do it now!
Don't create further trouble
Follow them. They are doing
it well as a family
Or else, Saravanans family
will be behind bars
Say 'We will not disrespect policemen'
We will hold them in high honor
Repeat this with 100 squats each
Sir, you assured Saravanan will be free
after everyone's apology
Please spare them
Saravanan will be jailed,
if you don't squat now
Repeat what I told you
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
Hey You! you were taunting
the constable with a song
Sing that now
Sing that now!
Four of you keep singing, while
the rest will do the squats
Hey, do it now!
Do it for heaven's sake man!
You continue
Shanmugam, take the count
Yes, Sir
This isn't going well sir
Is it?
Not going well?
Let's try this then
Is it OK now?
Give me the phone
Ah Brother, they have arrived
They are so excited to see you guys
You might lose all the attention
from your wife now!
You haven't told her about
parents visit right?
Don't you forget about our bet!
Madam, this side
See you in 20 minutes
I will hang up
He is an acquaintance
I told you about my In-laws visit.
Why did you all stop?
Shanmugam, where's your attention?
They have all stopped
The Phone
Let them continue
Hey, start squatting again
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
Please spare the poor kids sir
Sure, will spare them
We have another 20 minutes to go.
Let them complete the task
Sir, I have a problematic back
Why are you even doing this?
We don't have a problem seeking an apology
But this isn't fair
I realise my folly
Give me some time to correct myself
Now Squat!
Sir, she is not fit enough, please sir
Don't stop
Saravanan hasn't assaulted the auto driver,
how could he have complained?
What made you ask so late?
Just dawned on me
I feel, you have coerced the auto driver
in raising a complaint
Sir, Please...leave it
Not bad! You got it right!
But surprisingly they are
all such sitting ducks!
They have learnt to respect
the Police, right?
They won't repeat this again!
Sir, can't common people even seek answers
from the authorities?
Sure. While you ask this,
I am considering
slapping Saravanan
with additional legal cases
Go ahead. Put everyone behind bars
Do as you wish!
But remember, you will
reap what you sow!
Easy sir
Do your squats Saravanan!
"We will not disrespect Policemen
we will hold them in high honor"
What is that?
Nothing sir
Give it here
Give it now!
No sir
Give it!
It is nothing sir
What did you do?
Nothing sir
Give me the phone!
Nothing sir
I said give it!
No sir
Hey, Stop!
Shankar, hold the constable, quick!
Give me that phone!
Why all of you hold him?
Hey boys!
Leave me
Leave my hand.
Leave me
- Give your mobile
- What is in that mobile?
Handover that phone!
Whats happening here?
Hold the Inspector down!
Why sir?
Handover that phone!
We will escape from this
I asked you give your phone
What happened, sir?
- Prakash
- Handover your phone.
For what dude?
Don't play with police
Prakash! Run away
Prakash! Run away
What are you trying to do now?
Hold the Inspector down!
Why he is chasing to Prakash?
On the phone...
We have caught evidence
on the phone
Give me that phone!
Catch him
What are you doing?
Catch him, Saravanan
- Hey Prakash send it now
- Handover that phone!
Leave him, sir
Please sir
Hey Prakash! Give it back!
Hey Prakash!
Delete all videos as per my order
Give me that phone!
The signals are weak sir!
Send it somehow!
Please tell him handover that phone
- Run away and try!
- Handover that phone
Not to that room Prakash! No!
Give that to me!
Give it!
Give that phone!
Hey, where is that video?
The video was about me?
Another resurrection!
What actually happened?
We thought he was dead!
Where is the video hidden?
What is happening here?
Say now!
- Video is in mobile, sir
- Video?
Prakash, What happened?
I have shared the video brother!
You could have told us!
Hey, what was it?
Sent it Sir!
Where's the video?
Once sent and when deleted,
you cannot see the video Sir!
Who did you send it to?
- How can I tell you?
- Give me that video
Who did you send it to?
You are all making a big mistake
That's alright sir
That is no proof enough
Saravanan, your In-laws should
be here any moment
Shall we get the breakfast arranged?
Relax sir
You all had it
Sit down and chill!
Don't hurry
They are here
Be patient
Bring them to inside
Saravanan, this is not good.
Sit down sir, a few squats and
we will send you the video
Please give me that video
Sir, Please relax, we won't use that
Shankar sir, can you please come along
Sir, please sit down
Please give back the video,
or else, I will be fired.
Sir, be patient
My husband will return it
How? You abused me before!
Am sorry sir
Please be at peace
This has to be confidential, alright!
They are here!
Sakthi, have you forgotten us!
Please bless the family!
God bless you all!