Noor (2017) Movie Script

There's an ancient quote by Buddha.'
The trouble is you
think you've got the time.'
I often get these kind of quotes
on whatsAppf.
But they're way beyond my grasp, '
And the closest
I ever came to Buddhism...'
was a close friendship
with 'Old Rum'.
And that friendship
got too intense last night.'
We crossed all limits...'
and what did I get in return.'
4000 extra calories,
and a blockbuster hangover.'
That reminds me, my weight is greater
than my followers on Twitter.'
Why does everything
that star-ts out so amazingly...'
end so badly?'
I hate my life.
I'm so dependent on Malti and have
no idea what I'd do without her.'
And this is Dimpy.'
"Who I call the son my dad never had."
And me? Sometimes I feel
I'm his step-daughter.
This is my one-room-kitchen.'
I spend half of my life
on Mumbai's roads.'
And my average commuting time is longer
than the flight from Mumbai to Dubai.'
And turbulence? Full.'
In fact, even these potholes
have become my friends.'
Thanks to them, I changed my
tyres six times in the last one year...'
which is expensive.'
Everything I own is bought
on installments.'
And so I had to give up smoking.'
I can't afford it.'
I can't afford anything.'
In fact, my entire life is on installments now,
which exceeds even my salary.'
I am Noor... Noor Roy Chaudhary.'
Journalist... or Joker!'
Journalist? Jo...!'
Frankly, sometimes I feel
I am less of a journalist...'
and more of a joker.'
But let's look on the bright side.'
It's still not too late.'
If I learn to take the right step
at the right time'
then I'm sure I'll reach exactly
where I deserve to be.'
Most geniuses do.'
Today is my 28th
binhday... another year gone.'
The world failed to
discover me this year again.'
But next year...
all this is going to change.'
The world of serious journalism...'
is going to get
their new Barkha.'
No more adult sites.'
This year you haven't got a chance...'
because this year,
I'm going to find myself a real man'
This year... I'll be turning over from
'Seedhi-Savitri'(Decent) to a 'Tedhi Savitri'.
I've got an odd habit...'
I talk to myself a lot.'
Anywaymfirst work, then life.'
Always and every time.'
I am getting feelers from CNN.'
Who knows... maybe I'll
get my dream job this monsoon.'
however we regret
to inform you... blah-blah...
Of course.
How can I do it without you?
Of course, baby. Of course.
There was a time
when every journalist...'
wanted to grow up
and be like Shekhar Das.'
He was never afraid
of being inside the action.'
But... love changes everyone.'
Shekhar got married
to Lavina... and bam...'
That was the end.'
That's the journey from
'risk' to 'lshq' (LOVE)'
Now there's just BBTT.'
Biwi (WIFE),
Bacche (KIDS), Trips and TRPS.'
I've to go now, baby. Bye.
That's the world of Shekhar Das.'
Lunch with Lavina.
Film City.
Sunny Leone... interview.
Shekhar, even I have plans.
What plans...?
You're a journalist. Now go.
The crew's already on their way.
You know, it's not even 11130...
and already 17 people
have died in the local trains.
And, what about the coastal
road proposed by the government...
that's ruining the
livelihoods of the fishermen.
And the file on the
Sewage Workers...
which I kept on your table a
month ago... it's still rotting there.
Film City... Sunny Leone... Now!
Shekhar, it's my birthday.
Happy birthday, Noor.
Now go.
I'm not going to meet her... No!
Screw you!
I heard that!
And listen wear your black
halter, not the red one.
Black makes you look... slim...
You know what I mean.
Did I mention that Levine's dad
is the owner of a big news channel?'
And he gave Shekhar
this news agency as dowry.'
And now this is the only
job this news agency's got.'
Covering crappy stories for
Shekhafis father-in-laws company.'
This is my screwed up life...
and this is my screwed up boss.'
Junior correspondent at The Buzz.'
It's just a cool name,
there's no buzz here.'
And my show,
Mumbai believe it or not.'
It's the most pointless
show in the world.'
Meaning... l am the most pointless
journalist in this world.'
So this story will
be perfect for my show.'
Did celebrated journalist Shekhar Das
fall down the stairs of his own office?'
To post or not to post.'
ls Shekhar Das really fallen so low?'
In case you didn't notice,
I've got a strange habit...'
I talk to myself.'
One for Goregoan, please.
The population of
Mumbai is 225 million.'
Which comprises of
50% male and 50% female.'
Meaning there are around
100 million guys in this city.'
Yet, I am single.'
Its easier hiring a hitman to kill
someone than finding a decent guy.'
Oh no... what if I die today?'
Noor Roy Chaudhary...'
Risking her life, while travelling between
Churchgate to Goregaon in the rains...'
falls from the train and dies.'
In the line of duty.'
That too, on her birthday.'
it will definitely
make the headlines.'
Do you know why?'
Because Noor was on her way
to interview... The Sunny Leone.'
So this is my life, and that's hers.'
That's fame, is it?'
Living in an ugly white box.'
At least she's got an umbrella,
spot-boy, make-up man.'
What do I have?'
Rain... and these two goons.'
But seriously...
what the hell am I doing here?'
Hi, Sunny.
Thanks for joining us today.
Thanks for coming in,
in spite of the rain.
And in spite of it being my birthday.
Ahh... happy binhday?
So Sunny...
who is this Noor Roy Chaudhary?
Get lost.
Yup, that's my birthday cake.'
No-no... this isn't my imagination.'
This is actually my cake,
and my birthday party.'
I want to create safety awareness.
So you mean you never
take this helmet off.
Well obviously,
when I have to wash my hair.
Other than that... never?
Every house speaks volumes.'
But my house just weeps.'
Just like me, even my home's feelings
got washed away in tears.'
"I am Noor Roy Chaudhary..."
Reporting for Mumbai,
Believe It or Not.
Even the geyser's
not hot in this house.'
Hey birthday girl.
Oh God! Here comes Zara.
The mother I never had.'
Noor, you look like fashion
street just puked on Linking Road.'
Come on, get up. Whafre you wearing.
Nice to see you too.
Zara Patel. 1/3rd of me.'
For years,
Zara's parents kept fighting...'
like World Ward 3.'
So at a very young age,
Zara decided...'
that she wasn't going
to listen to the world.'
She would make
the world listen to her.'
And that's what I want.' Hashtag Lifegoals.
I am not going to wear
some toddler's dress.
Excuse me, this is high fashion.
I bought this playsuit for you.
It's even called a 'Playsuif.
Its like, I am going on a picnic to
Hanging Garden. With my lunch-box.
Shut up!
Wear it with black Pumps
and red lipstick.
And who knows, maybe some hot dude
will take you for an overnight picnic.
Hot dude?
Hah! Urban legend.
I'm not in the mood
to go anywhere today.
Can't we stay at home
and watch Game of Thrones?
Absolutely not!
It's your birthday.
The world will end sooner...
than this geyser ever getting fixed.
No... hello...
Noor, it's your birthday.
I am not going to let you
sit here and feel sorry for yourself.
I hate my life!
Why do you crib so much, Noor?
Why do you always see problems?
You must learn to
count your blessings too.
But there are problems, Z...
My peanut salary and
my last two stories...
I want to get into issue-based
broadcast journalism...
and look at what I am doing?
What are you doing in Mumbai, go to Delhi.
People in Delhi keep groping you.
At least someone will touch you.
Mumbai is unexciting, Delhi is unsafe!
Is there any place on this earth
which is exciting according to you?
You're attracting all this
negativity in your life, Noor.
Happy Birthday!
Yes, Saad.
Happy Birthday.
Saad Sehgal! The other 1/3rd of me.'
Spent his childhood in London.'
Saad's dad was a classy man.'
He took him to the finest
restaurants in the world.'
When Saad was just 12,
his father passed away.'
And his mother brought
him back to Mumbai.'
That's when the three of us met.'
Zara, Saad and me,
we became the Three Musketeers.'
Childhood friends.'
The three of us is all we need.'
Or should we say...
we three are not a crowd.'
Back to Saad.'
So Saad used his inheritance... '
To open a restaurant in London.'
But he never took me there.'
In fact, I am convinced
that this is just a front...'
to pick up hot girls.'
What time is it in London?
Because I am ugly.
That bad?
Listen, switch to video...
or I'm flying down tomorrow.
Saad, I am really
not interested right now.
I know you'll ask me for a tip...
to break up with
one of your floozies.
And I am not in the mood, please.
Noor, please.
Like I need your help.
But seriously... one of my
ex-girlfriend staned stalking me.
I've no idea what to do.
So just come here.
It's Zara's gig as well.
And get me a crate
of Old Rum as well.
Dude, I am flying down from London...
not some Army canteen!
Can I get you better
rum than Old Rum?
There's no rum better than Old Rum.
You look interesting!
Where's my baby?
"Oh 3" Dad...
I better go.
Bye... see..
Go... your papa's calling you.
I think I am invisible
except for the fact...'
Come my baby, don't you hardly eat...
Why does Papa pay
attention only to Dimpy?
And why not me?
Why doesn't anything
ever get fixed in this house?
Why do people in this
house always complain?
Because the geyser's
broken for three days.
Malti was supposed
to get an Electrician.
Let Malti come first.
I think Malti is secretly French!
Her work-life balance is really good.
She works for only 4 days a week.
She's made 'kheer' (sweet porridge).
How about I get a bowl for you?
I hate my life!
So this was it.'
28th year of my life
on this God-forsaken planet.'
You know, there are some days
when I feel I've hit rock bottom.'
In fact... I'm so low,
that there's no bottom.'
Except for my own bottom.'
And at the rate at
which it's growing...'
pretty soon it will
have its own pin-code.'
Bye, dad. I am taking the spare car-key.
Don't ask, long story.
Anyway, the electricity
bill and money's right there.
Remind Malti to pay it.
All the other kids
pay online these days.
So how long have you
been walking on your hands?
About 8 months, madam.
And you... never lose balance?
It keeps getting better.
Actually my Guru has said...
Just a minute. Hold on...
Yes, what?
Hi, Sunny.
Thanks for joining us today.
"Thanks for coming in,
in spite of the rain."
And in spite of
being it my birthday.
Ahh... happy binhday?
So Sunny... do you feel more accepted
in this industry after that interview?
Yes, I do feel that...
and, I've just signed 5 movies.'
Yes, people are taking
me more seriously.
And I've just signed...
What's that on the screen?
That's me!
What are you doing on screen?
It's not what it looks like?
Like what?
It's not that I don't take my work seriously?
What do you think? I've some
secret debauched night life...
with lots of sex and drugs?
Looking Like that?
Drugs, perhaps? Sex, doubtful.
Do you know what the truth is?
You don't have any
respect for your work.
How can I, she's a bloody...
She's a woman!
She's a strong woman who
accepts herself the way she is.
She has no regrets in life.
And she has totally re-invented
herself from scratch.
And that's why I'm
not surprised that...
she has the whole nation
in the palm of her hand.
And our male population has something
else in the palm of their hands.
First do something with your life...
and then judge Sunny.
You know, honestly Shekhar...
it's not even about Sunny!
This month I've kept 6 well-researched
stories on your table...
which is about the real problems
of the real people of this city.
My problem is why?
Why are we doing the same old,
done-to-death stories...
which the other media are doing?
Because Noor...
media is the mirror of the society.
It's not my fault that
the city wants to see her...
and... not him.
Hi, Saad.
Hey, Noor.
I can't believe that
you're saying this, Shekhar.
Listen, I am at the airport
you were supposed to pick me up.
You want to do this later?
Hold on!
Actually, can we?
Who do you think you are?
Where did you get this attitude?
Were you born with it...
or did you take a class?
I am a University topper, Shekhar.
I have brains.
If you have a problem with us...
then why do you show
your face here every day?
Don't come.
That's the plan...
it's what CNN wants too.
And they are going to
give you war-reporting...
based on your experience in features?
Yeah, they finally called me back.
Good luck with that, Barkha!
Thank you.
Can you drive any slower?
Or we might actually get there?
Who told you to bring the rains along?
Okay man' why you bang so Ago?
You didn't get me Old Rum either.
A well-known CNN reporter like you
is arguing over a bottle of Old Rum.
There's no CNN.
I lied to Shekhar.
Are you mad or stupid?
Apparently both.
No BBC... No CNN..'
I don't even have my job now.'
Bank Balance under 155$...
and neck-deep in EMls.
Very slim chances of
having a boyfriend now.'
I would've been better
off married to Rahul Parekh.'
Rahul... Noor...
Noor... Rahul...
I've heard so much about you.
All true, I swear.
Rahul's here from Boston.
University. Economics.
Meaning beauty and brains.'
Hashtag lifeset.'
I thought if not love,
at least I'll get some action.'
With Rahul I would feel like a Diva.'
And this high life,
I could get used to.'
No matter how hard I tried, but...'
it was hard to fit in
Rahul Parekh's life and Zara's jeans.'
Despite all of this,
marrying Rahul Parekh meant...'
Birkin around your arm,
coke up your nose...
and a 10 million
diamond around your finger.'
When you're getting all that...'
you can definitely
endure some discomfort'
She's gonna love you.
Dangling chandeliers from
my ears was unbearable...'
But I endured that as well.'
But tolerating his
mother... was impossible.'
So Mom, this is Noor.
The one I told you about.
She's a...
She's a... good friend of mine.
And we've been spending
a lot of time together.
What beautiful earrings.
Thank you, aunty...
She's a journalist,
that's why she was late.
She has a voice...
Yeah, of course.
I am sure she can speak for herself.
Of course.
So Noorie... you're a journalist.
Which newspaper, Noor?
Actually, I am a broadcast journalist.
And which channel are you on?
Well it's Kind of like
a local human interest...
No, it's more like a news agency...
We collect news.
We generate and provide
content for other channels here.
Where did you study?
Didn't your parents think about
sending you to a foreign university?
Well I was just four
when my mother passed away...
and, dad couldn't afford it, so...
Shekhar had a tendency
to consistently...
disrupting my barely
existent social life.'
But that day,
for the first time in my life...'
he called me at the right time.'
I am sorry, I've to take this.
Yeah, Shekhar.
Forget it, dude.
Rahul Parekh is a loser.
He doesn't deserve you.
And I say good riddance.
Am I ever going to find anyone, Saad.
Well, for now let's
go to the an gallery.
Mum is dying to see you.
Pseudo alert.
Why don't you give
this place a chance...
before you star-t judging it.
Want a drink?
Hi... two champagnes please.
Hi, Saad.
Hi, Maa.
How are you?
Hi, how are you?
Saad didn't have
my drink in his hand...'
in fact,
it was his new arm-candy.'
She looked like she
just jumped out of...
an Archie comic wearing
that A-line dress.'
Perfect waistline,
perfect hair, perfect lips.'
Little Miss Perfect.
You were supposed
to get a drink for me.
Hi, aunty...
Did you want a drink?
About an hour ago...
But I guess you were
busy plucking grapes.
Thank you.
ls there a problem?
No... she's just... Jokes!
She is a joker.
So pretentious.
Why do you say that?
It's quite dramatic.
I mean the chiaroscuro
is quite powerful...
I don't know.
Isn't there too much negative space?
How about this one?
Who does this?
Poor guy went for a haircut.
Never imagined someone will take such
an ugly picture of him in this condition.
All in the name of 'Ar-t'.
And this...
What is this?
This is how foreigners
want to see our city.
Street kids... taking a dip...
The beach...
I mean... l am tired of all this.
Don't you think such images...
capture the free spirit of Mumbai.
Ummm no...
I'm Ayananka Bannerjee.
My friends call me Ayan.
Hi Ayananka Bannerjee,
I'm Noor Roy Chaudhary.
At least... our names are
cooler than these pictures.
Excuse me.
What happened?...
I am an idiot, Saad.
Well, at least you
and I agree on something.
Him? Forget it...
Looks like a wannabe.
These are his photos.
And I just made fun of them
in front of him.
It's not funny, Saad.
Well, I guess another
one bites the dust.
Shut up... and she's the wannabe, okay.
Are you like jealous?
Yeah, so jealous.
Fine, come on...
Zara's gig, you elephant.
You elephant.
Don't touch me...
Ayananka Bannerjee... CNN Reporter.'
A man of substance.'
My dreams were finally coming true,
and I blew it!'
Your love's cast a spell on me...
cast a spell...
My head's stuck on you...
stuck on you.
Your love's cast a spell on me...
My head's stuck on you...
My plight's really bad...
really-really bad.
My plight's really bad...
really-really bad.
Since I saw... your rosy eyes...
my head's on a high.
Hold me... guys...
because I am out of control.
There's nothing to hide...
from the world...
we're going to say it ...aloud.
Friends must keep meeting...
They must every evening.
We'll do what we want...
no questions asked.
My plight's really bad...
really-really bad.
We hate restrictions.
We won't listen... even if...
anyone gets furious.
Live and let live...
that's what we preach.
My plight's really bad...
really-really bad.
Since I saw... your rosy eyes...
my head's on a high.
Hold me... guys...
because I am out of control.
You are a moron!
Malti... who takes so many offs?
Actually Didi, my brother was sick.
Did you take him to the doctor?
When will this geyser get fixed?
I'll call Electrician.
Aren't you getting late for office?
Technically, yeah...
I mean... l would be getting
late if I had a job.
Yeah... l got fired.
You know what,
I didn't get fired... l quit.
I don't have a job anymore, dad.
I was wasting my potential in That job?
They give me peanuts for a salary...
and send me to cover
Stupid stories...
I got fried.
Just Like your mom.
If only she was alive today,
she would've been a celebrated novelist.
Her words had that 'power' Noor.
She even had a short-temper like you.
The word 'patience'
Wasn't in her dictionary.
I wish I knew her.
But I don't think you get it, dad.
There's a lot I want to do in life.
But there's a time
for everything, dear.
How can people like you
spend their entire lifetime...
in a dead-end government job?
It wasn't a dead-end job.
It had stability.
And I loved spending
time with your mother.
And in case you don't remember,
I raised you single-handedly.
Didn't you ever want to change the world?
I didn't have to.
I've left that for you to do.
Hey, gorgeous.
How was Delhi?
Delhi is well... Delhi.
Yup... Delhi is Delhi.
So I was thinking if you're free...
maybe dinner this evening?
Give me a second, yeah...
Aah... tonight looks tricky.
Okay then, never mind.
Maybe another time.
When I'm in town.
I've a meeting today which
I can reschedule for tomorrow.
That's great.
Drinks tonight?
What are you thinking?
Noor... the flush is broken again.
Use the plunger like you always do.
Dad, Please...
Is this your room or a warzone?
Dad, I am on a call.
Who is it?
Hello, young man.
I'm Noor's father and this is Dimpy.
Say hello, Dimpy.
Hello, sir. Hello, Dimpy.
Yeahmbye, Dad.
Okayokay. I'm leaving.
I am really sorry about that.
Well, looks like you
can use a drink right now.
Yeah... badly.
That was quick!
Yeah... cold shower.
Takes just a minute... and Malti
hasn't gotten the geyser fixed.
You don't know, Malti? You must meet Malti...
In fact, even I want to meet Malti.
Cheers to Malti.
To Malti.
So I Googled you.
You Googled me?
Yeah... everyone these
days Google each other.
And you're a war photo-journalist, with bloody CNN.
I was...
But now I sell my stories and photographs
to different agencies and syndicates.
I prefer the freedom.
So what brings you from
that warzone to this one?
Persis, the owner of
the An Gallery is a friend.
She wanted to showcase
some of my work, so... here I am.
Yeah, your work... is beautiful.
And I am very sorry that I said way too much...
No need for the politeness.
When I was asked to
exhibit my photographs...
I was like...
This is really serious stuff.
You know, if you try to look...
you'll find a hidden
city inside every city.
And I like exploring these hidden cities.
So you never exhibited
your war photographs?
Exhibiting that kind of pain and suffering...
on an artistic platform...
Doesn't seem right.
I've some really bad memories.
I am done with war.
The lives of people
have no value anymore.
And anyway, what difference do the
photos and stories of a journalist make?
Does anything change?
I lost a... very good friend in Iraq.
We were in Baghdad.
Reporting live.
We saw Saddam's statue fall.
In the middle of Firdaus Square.
I took a bullet for that story.
But my friend... he lost his life.
God, I am sorry.
You've really seen a lot, huh.
Look... journalism has
two schools of thought.
First; Ground work and research.
Second; Right place, right time.
There's just ground work
and research in my life.
Right place,
right time is not my destiny.
Meaning I am a journalist as well.
Get out of here.
What kind of stuff?
Can't tell you.
It's really embarrassing.
Come on, tell me.
You know, there's a woman in Bandra...
who wears her motorcycle helmet 24/7.
That's interesting.
Or, there's a man
in Bhiwandi who's sworn...
to walk on his hands for a year.
You know I've so many stories
backed up by so much research...
but, no one cares.
Ayananka Banerjee.
Ex-CNN reporter.'
Strong but sensitive.'
Was I really getting
a second chance.'
Let's have a real drink?
Old Rum?
Oh my, God... l love Old Rum.
In fact, my friend Saad
calls me 'Rum-bacchant.'
Nothings changed
without a reason...
There's definitely a reason...
I am standing still...
and the path's walking ahead...
There's magic in the air...
You're with me...
everything seems new.
Am I dreaming about you...
or is that really
your face in front of my eyes?
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
Old Monk and coke please.
Diet coke.
Diet coke!
You know... whenever there's
a new guy in the scene...
you shift to diet coke.
So... where is this
Imaginary boyfriend?
We were supposed to meet
for coffee... but he ditched.
Which is why I've to sit on
this stool and watch your ugly face?
Okay... next time when he calls, please
don't follow him like a puppy dog.
Try to be unavailable.
Did I ask for your advice? No, right?
If you had,
you would've been on a date instead.
You never want me to settle down.
Hello soapqueen.
First go for coffee with him,
then we can talk about settling down.
Whenever I star-t dating a new guy...
you really can't take it.
Date? That Ayaan?
That Pseudo.
Does he even know you're dating him?
Act like an adult.
What... what. ..
What if I...
I will... kill you...
Why does it feel like...
you're flying in the air.
There's love in
the air all around...
I can feel that.
Since you arrived...
you made my hear-t beat again.
He found me on Facebook.
Show me.
He's 40.
And... the salt and pepper looks
really good on him.
I think he sent a text.
Show me.
God. I am fat, and I hate my life.
Say it. I am thin. I love my life.
I am thin. I love my life.
Like it's going to make a difference.
See, it works.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
The ambiance feels
close to my hear-t...
what seemed like a stranger to me.
This journey's taking me ahead...
and there's no to turning back.
All my desires...
and these wishes.
You heard them...
like God answers a prayer.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
That thing which is called love.
It's what I feel for you.
What are you doing with your life?
How's your new job?
So full of shit.
You want to do serious journalism,
don't you?
Start With this.
There's a Dr. Dilip Shinde.
He's star-ted a new scheme
for the under-privileged.
He'll treat the poor for free.
Whether its cancer
or open-head surgery.
He's going to do... what
the government is not doing.
This Dr. Shinde works
for the Kapadia Trust - So?
So Kapadia Trust means the
Trust owned by your wife's family...
Is this even ethical?
That's irrelevant.
One... Shinde's doing
a good thing for the poor.
Two... this is a very good story...
which is about the real problems
of the real people of this city.
Do you want to do it?
Dr. Shinde, Hi! Noor Roy Chaudhary.
Shall we do the interview here?
Here is fine.
So Can I call my camera crew? please.
So Dr. Shinde, what was your
motive behind initiating this scheme?
To continue our efforts
to help the poor.
And support such schemes.
Here in the clinic, we don't just
give regular treatments, in fact...
Here in the clinic, we don't just
give regular treatments, in fact...
For example, kidney stone.
Where are you going, Malti?
I have To take my brother for a checkup.
Please clean the room first.
You fixed the geyser, thank you.
Yes, Didi.
Wow! Hot water!
What would I have
done without you, Malti?
Here in the clinic, we don't just
do regular treatments, in fact...
For example, kidney stone.
In fact, we even treat cataract.
Do you believe this
scheme will be a success?
Mam, What...
You're crying?
What happened?
He's a very bad man.
He's a bad man.
Dr. Shinde?
What doctor? He's a butcher.
What are you saying?
Tell me properly.
This man... promised
to give my brother a job.
Malti... tell me properly.
I'm here... tell me.
He promised to give
my brother a job...
but he stole his kidney instead.
I am really worried.
I don't know what's going to happen.
Where is Vilas now?
At home.
Come on, take me to him.
Get up... come on.
You're coming.
Yes... come on.
Come on.'re not going to believe this.
I got my story.
It's a really big
organ-harvesting scam.
I am going to expose it.
Careful, Noor.
Yes, Z... l wasn't born yesterday.
Anyway, I've got to go now,
I am driving.
I'll talk to you later.
What are you going to do?
I want To help you.
Don't worry.
Vilas. Didi here to see you.
Do you want the pot?
Down... down...
you have...
Vilas. Tell me how this happened?
Let him rest.
No, he's speaking Malti.
Let him speak.
Tell me, Vilas.
That Shinde...
promised me a job.
He said he'll give me a job.
But he stole my kidney instead.
Dr. Shinde did this?
He will kill us.
He could kill you too.
Turn this off...
I am... l am...
This is a huge scam, Malti.
We must bring it to the media.
No. I don't want this camera.
Malti, I will need
your interview for this.
Malti. I am here... l won't
let anything happen to you.
" Huh?"
Do I speak?
Yes... tell me from the
A month ago we shifted from Colaba's
Machimaar slums to the Mankhurd, SRA.
So... earlier,
my brother had a job in Colaba.
So when we came here,
he had to quit.
He was looking for a job,
when he learnt that...
Dr. Shinde recently opened his
new clinic, and he needed male-nurses.
So... he interviewed him and said...
he needed to do a medical-checkup.
And... if he passed
He'd get the job.
Then what?
They said that my brother
had a stone in his kidney.
They said would need
to operate on him.
They said that the
operation would be free.
We said... okay...
You'll get our blessings...
for this good deed.
After that...
two days later we came home.
Vilas had high fever...
he was very sick.
He was feeling nauseous.
So I called them up.
They said...
They didn't reply.
There's a doctor in our neighborhood,
and so I took Vilas to him.
What did the doctor say?
He said... my brother's kidney
has been removed.
Didn't you talk to Shinde?
I asked him...
But he said if we tell anyone,
he will shut us up.
Shinde threatened you personally.
He said he will kill us.
And anyway, people like us
have no value in this huge city.
Even if we disappear tomorrow,
it won't make a difference to anyone.
Didi. What are you
going to do with this?
Dude, plug this in
and open the video file.
Shekhar... please come here.
I must show you something.
Yes, now!
Your Dr. Shinde is a thief...
he's a butcher.
Come and watch this.
That Shinde...
promised to give me a job.
He said he'll give me a job.
But he stole my kidney instead.
I asked him...
But he said if we tell anyone,
he will shut us up.
You do understand what this is?
This is a huge scam, Shekhar.
We must expose this.
Noor, do you even
know what you're saying.
And these people...
Who are they?
What are they saying?
That Shinde is pan of
an organ-harvesting racket!
I sent you to do a positive story.
What is this?
This is a huge story, Shekhar.
And we've got a lead on it.
No one else has this story.
A few years ago you would've played
this story with no questions asked.
Where are your...
Do you have any?
didn't you hear what Malti said?
He's threatening her.
Does your source know the consequences
of doing a story like this?
How it's going to affect her life?
Yes, obviously she does.
That's why I am here.
Let me think about it.
Mail it to me.
This is 'gold' Shekhar,
don't sit on it.
Can you believe what I found, Z?
I knew you'd find your story.
I am so charged up.
But that stupid Shekhar
needs to move his butt on it.
Anyway, I got to go... call you later.
Meeting, Ayaan?
Please touch-up your lipstick.
Please... Mommy. Bye.
Hey, gorgeous.
How are you?
Very well, how Are you?
You've got to have to see this.
Here. Watch this.
That Shinde...
promised to give me a job.
He said he'll give me a job.
But he stole my kidney instead.
Didn't you ask Shinde?
I asked him...
But he said if we tell anyone,
he will shut us up.
Who is she?
And this Shinde... from Kapadia Trust.
You know him.
I've heard about him.
Dr. Shinde... Kapadia Trust...
They are powerful people.
That's why Shekhar Das
is sitting on such a big story...
and laying e995-
Says he'll get back to me on Monday.
So you've got the report.
It's getting done...
my editor's working on it.
When does it go on-air?
You think It should, right?
Of course... in fact, right now.
This is serious stuff.
But I guess you must
wait for two days.
But... from the look of it...
seems like you're going
to expose a serious racket.
God, you're hot!
Let's get out of here.
He'! gorgeous...
You know I've never seen
anything like this before.
You're lucky.
Can't believe this is happening.
Are you for real?
We better Do this again tonight.
Just to be sure.
Listenmyou won't
get over this hangover easily.
Take the day off.
Have some breakfast,
sit at the poolside... get a massage.
Pamper yourself.
I'll see you.
Hi, Z - Noor, where are you?
I couldn't sleep all night, So I just crashed.
I called you like 10 times, Noor.
Just calm down, Z...
I'll tell you everything.
Forget that. Listen to me...
Ayaan stole your story and
posted it online.
Turn on the TV.
I'll call you back, Z...
It's difficult to say anything yet...
but if we find hard evidence...
then, it will expose
a very influential family.
And prove that Kapadias
are behind this organ harvesting scam.
Who could imagine that an
organization like the Kapadias...
could be involved in such things.
Of course, I was working
on this story for months.
In fact, it's a grave
crime to sit on such a story.
You know, Malti and Vilas
Tambe are just one of the many cases.
I am sure the Kapadias
are involved in many such cases.
We shouldn't have waited.
Story has gone viral.
This was my story.
MY big break!
It's trending on my timeline,
but no one knows this is my story.
All because of you.
And my career... is finished!
All because of you!
Because of me?
Are you sure there's no contribution
from 'Dashing Mr.Ayaan Bannerjee'?
There's a word called Research'.
Maybe you've heard about it.
Most journalists give
a lot of importance to it.
Your Ayaan Bannerjee is a conman.
But don't worry,
you're not the first he's conned.
If we had played this story on time...
this would've never happened, Shekhar!
The reason I didn't run this story,
because I knew...
this is going to happen.
You didn't think even once...
that your stupidity could
ruin Malti and Vilas' life.
Don't you have a conscience,
some ethics?
You're still thinking
about your career.
When you were shooting Vilas...
recording that place...
Did you even once think that
you should get Vilas a doctor?
News runs in a cycle.
The story will run for two days...
on the third day,
it'll be a ticker.
On the fourth day it will be out.
But the lives you ruined...
will never change.
Yes, you're intelligent...
and you've a nose for news.
But as journalist,
we've certain responsibilities as well.
Anyone can display courage
in the heat of the moment.
But acting patiently...
is not everyone's cup of tea.
And that's the difference between
an amateur and a professional.
You forgot a basic rule, Noor.
We're not just journalists...
we're humans too.
Now get out!
This time it's final.
Get out!
Yes, dad?
Noor, Are you alright?
Where are you?
Who is Shinde?
He called me...
He was saying "keep Noor
away from these things".
Otherwise she will have to regret.
Away from what, Noor?
Come home, now.
No, Didi... but I don't want this camera.'
When you were shooting Vilas...'
'Did you even once think
that you should get Vilas a doctor?'
Didi! What are you
going to do with this?'
You forgot a basic rule. We're not
just journalists... we're humans too.'
Didi, he Will kill us.'
Malti, I am here for you.'
I won't let anything happen to you.'
For three days she hasn't
eaten or said a word.
Don't worry, uncle.
It will take time,
but she will bounce back.
Thank you for coming.
I figured this was pretty bad.
Uncle, do you have any
idea who made that threat call?
Don't know.
But the way he sounded,
I was scared Saad.
Until this doesn't settle down,
please take Noor away.
Any news about Malti?
This is a police case now.
They are looking for her and her brother.
You try... I'll make coffee for everyone.
Hey... sleepyhead... up!
What are you doing here, Saad?
Get up or I will switch off the AC.
You've 10 minutes,
then we've a flight to catch.
I am not going anywhere.
You don't understand
what's happened, Saad.
I went to check
if Malti's brother was 0k, and...
I do understand what happened.
You really don't.
What have I done, Saad?
I don't know where they took Vilas, and Malti...
is she even safe?
But is there anything
you can do about it?
Look... l understand what
you're going through.
And I also know that you
want everything to be fine again.
But Noor, they are dangerous people.
You're getting threat calls.
You're dad is really worried.
So please... just once...
Only once... think about him,
and not yourself.
As soon as I get any news about Malti,
I'll let you know.
I promise.
Sometimes I feel...
this is the way it had to be.
It's important for the...
the winds to change it's course.
Sometimes I feel...
I got what I deserved.
It's important for the...
desires to shatter.
For he was the one...
I moved heaven and earth.
But the distances prevailed.
Because it's important
to cry secretly.
It's important for the
eyes to brim with tears.
Those who would...
wait for me eagerly.
Didi, he Will kill us.'
I snatched the light
from those eyes.
What was mine...
was never mine.
What is this game...
that time played with me.
I've never seen smoke...
rising from snow for anyone.
The distances prevailed.
Because it's important
to cry secretly.
It's sometime important
for this to happen.
When are we going back home?
I am serious, Saad.
Why did you bring me here?
Well, I had just two options.
Either I could've brought you
to London, or give you one tight slap.
Okay, who are you?
And what have you done to my friend.
Your friend is a very selfish girl.
You know this self pity,
doesn't suit you.
I don't know,
maybe this isn't meant for me.
What? Love or journalism?
Okay, what has happened to you?
The Noor I knew...
never talked like a loser.
Then just get used to it, Saad?
Did you think I'd' come
to London and party?
My ambition had become more
important than their lives, Saad!
That's disgusting!
And to top it all,
I can't get that idiot out of my head.
Can you believe it,
in the middle all this...
I'm still worried
about my relationship?
I hate myself, Saad!
I don't know what to do.
Nothing! Don't do anything.
You know what...
'Karva-chauth' is due soon.
Why don't you fast for him?
And I thought you were upset
because he stole your story.
Is that why you called me here?
Sometimes... when you look
at your problems from a distance...
you get a different perspective.
That's why I brought you here.
Noor, everyone makes mistakes...
but judging yourself...
It's a vicious circle.
Okay, come. This bar is closed.
Get dressed, we're going out.
Two pints, please.
Thank you.
Here you go.
What is That, Saad?
To 'no more fighting'!
To 'no more fighting'!
There's something I want to tell you.
I've been thinking of
telling you this for a while...
but I'm scared of your reaction...
Should I say it?
You know, I never thought
even I could be nervous like this.
Come here.
I left my wallet... at home.
Why did you do that, Saad?
Why did you lie to me?
Your wallefs in your pocket, isn't it?
I just wanted to see
that look on your face.
What look?
You know the classic 'Noor' look.
Seriously, you should've
seen your face... it was amazing.
Not bad.
Hey, you found it.
Just give me a minute.
It's bland, Raphael.
Definitely needs something.
Green chilli perhaps,
to improve the flavor.
Okay, green chilli and lemon.
Can you star-t working on that?
Your world is so beautiful, Saad.
You've achieved so much, on your own.
You know, after coming
here I feel... l never knew you.
You're a self-made man, Saad.
That's pretty cool.
Why do you leave this beautiful world
and come to Mumbai so often, Saad?
Because of you.
Come here-Come here.
Come here...
What? It's a tree.
It's a tree? That's all you see.
Just look at it.
You know, people like us...
will stand under its shade
for a while and then leave.
But this tree... it's been here before
us, and it will be here even after us.
We're so small... and our
problems are even smaller.
So... if there's one thing
I've learnt in life, then that is...
Live for today...
Hi, Dad.
I am fine, any news about Malti.
Yes, Dad. I am coming back.
So what happened?
Vilas is dead.
It's my fault. How long will I keep running
from my responsibilities?
They recovered the body...
from the garbage dump.
Noor... it's okay, dear... it's okay...
Open the door.
Just open it.
Dad, please get out of the car.
Malti, please open the door.
I am going to sit out here
until you open the door!
You can't stay here alone, Malti.
Please come home with me.
Open the door, dear.
It's all my fault.
If I hadn't given that interview,
my brother would still be alive!
My brother's body was
Found on a garbage heap.
They abducted me too.
You called me your big sister,
didn't you?
We're insects to you, aren't we?
You can step on us and move ahead.
So that's it.
No, it's not!
My brother's body was
found in the dumpster.
You called me your Elder sister,
didn't you?
We're insects to you, aren't we?
Shinde promised to give me a job.'
He said he'll give me a job.'
But... he stole my kidney.'
Do you know him?
Do you know him?
Do you know this doctor?
Do you know him?
Listen... please tell me.
Dr. Shinde...
Please roll sound, Nasar bhai Okay, ma'am.
Are the Kapadias involved
in organ harvesting?
After days of investigation, we now know that there
are many other victims like Vilas Tambe...'
who fell prey to the organ harvesting scam.'
And the person responsible
behind the scam was Dr. Dilip Shinde.'
He used the Kapadia Trust as a front...
and in the process,
Dr. Dilip Shinde walked free.
The Mankhurd SRA Colony
is a playground for Dr. Shinde.'
9300 homes...'
45,000 people.'
And one of them was Vilas Tambe.'
Malti, Vilas Tambe's sister...'
who mustered the courage
to speak in front of the camera.'
And in return, she lost her brother.'
The real heroes, are not...'
The real heroes, are not the ones,
who ask questions behind the camera.'
The real heroes are the
ones who face the camera...
and dare to speak the truth.'
So tell me...
who is Vilas Tambe's murderer.'
Is it Dr. Shinde? Is it the media?'
Or is it you, Mumbai?'
It is you, Mumbai.'
I used to dance for hours
at Marine Drive in the rain.
Now, I think twice before
stepping out of my home.
What if thousands of prying eyes
pierce through my drenched clothes?
Mumbai... You make me feel undressed.
There's a traffic signal
right next to my home...
where two young girls have been selling
flowers for the last seven years.
Please take one, Sir...
it'll make your girlfriend happy.
Please take one,
Sir... it'll make your boss happy.
I am not happy, Mumbai.
Because every Monday
two of your daughters...
are on the streets at 10:30,
and not in school.
And your slums, Mumbai...
I've been deep inside.
Their pockets are empty,
but people are happy.
But this happiness gets devoured
by some greedy builder... like that!
Bustling homes are
razed to the ground.
People are tossed around.
The only thing these people
get in the name of rehabilitation...
are concentration camps.
But these are your
lucky citizens, Mumbai.
What about those... who went near the
railway tracks to relieve themselves...
and lost a limb.
People are losing arms and
limbs because you don't have bathrooms.
I stopped smoking, Mumbai.
Because your air already
fills my lungs with crap.
It's poison.
And your water, its piss.
And taxes...
Holy shit
I go out on an arm and
limb to fill your pockets...
and what do I get in return?
Clogged drains, open sewers,
shit roads, polluted sea...
A struggling police force
that gets paid pittance.
26/11... 26/7... 7/11...
You were bombed...
the floods washed you away...
yet, you came backmwith
that 'All ls Well' smile of yours.
Is your gut and anger both dead?
Don't take a deep breath, Mumbai.
Don't count till 10.
Don't calm down...
That Tsunami, which came till Chennai.
I wish it had come
a little further up...
that would've been so great.
Mumbai finished! The End!
We would've rebuilt you from scratch.
You would've been reborn again.
Who are you, Mumbai?
Do you know... what you've turned into'?
Rned . I nto a ,., Qlrl.
For sale to the highest bidder.
There's an ancient quote of Buddha.
"The trouble is you
think you've got the time."
You're time is running out, Mumbai.
I actually don't care...
Because you're dying, along with me.
Beep you Mumbai... Beep the builders...
Beep the politicians...
Beep the film-stars and the bureaucrats.
Beep the taxi-drivers
and the Socialites.
Beep you Mumbai for Beeping me!
Maybe you and I aren't so
different from each other, Mumbai.
You're hollow inside.
You and I, we're both just
passing time for namesake.
Even I...
But maybe this is not
how you and I should end up.
Maybe we should get another chance.
If nothing else, prove me wrong.
Show Malti some justice.
Prove... that Vilas'
death won't go in vain.
Prove it...
You're killing me, Mumbai.
Hello, Noor.
What are you doing here?
Look at me.
You may think that
I am upset with you...
because you tried
to malign my family name.
My family's faced many
such controversies, Noor.
I am not upset.
But I am angry.
And it's for your
absolute lack of respect...
for the man you learnt everything from.
You didn't trust him.
You let him down, Noor.
This is not my fault, Shekhar.
And you know that.
Yeah, Z.
6?. Where are you'?
You need to come here now.
Go there... and give
him one tight slap.
Really hard.
Hey... Noor?
We met the other day,
at Ayaan's show...
You know, Ayaan right?
Yeah, we've met.
You know, Ayaan's taken
the most beautiful pictures of me.
How nice.
Look Noor... l know you're upset...
but please understand, that my
intentions weren't to upset you.
These things happen in journalism.
It happened with me as well.
Come on... be a sport.
You'll learn the ropes.
Everyone has to do it...
to move ahead..
Trust me... you'll get over it.
It's just a story.
Come on, let's get a drink.
What are you drinking?
Old Rum. Huh?
Just an old friend...
"photographs. let's take some more."
From Noor...
MY gosh, are you okay?
Hey... you went there to slap him...
and he was whispering in your ear.
He was practically kissing you.
How did that happen?
Z, don't you get it.
I am the idiot here.
This happened because I let it happen.
Nothing will change if I slap him.
You were the only
Eagle amongst the Crows.
What the hell, Shekhar!
What are you doing here?
Your piece... brilliant.
What do you want?
Your report...
Mumbai You're Killing Me.
Actually, maybe I'm already dead...
You know Noor,
every place is the same.
Life's unfair...
good people die young.
Bas live longer.
And we journalists...
We feed on other's lives
to make one for ourselves.
Yeah... so?
You're going in for the big kill!
But the question is...
have you got it?
Post or not to post.
As a social-media specialist...
the best time to post something
online is between 3 and 5 pm.
Here goes.
The social media video
of Mumbai's Noor Roy Chaudhary...
didn't just compel
the common man to think...
In fact...
Noor Roy Ohaudharyfls report...
has gone completely viral.
Citizen journalist Noor Roy Chaudhary's
post has connected with the people.
In just a few hours,
we've been getting similar posts...
from citizen journalists
from different cities.
Feels like...
The real heroes are the ones...
who face the camera.
It's trending all over the country.
That's why she's getting the support
from students from every part of the country.
Things are falling apart
how long can we pretend?
Saying that this is
someone else' problem.
And you don't feel safe
walking alone in your own city.
We've roads to drive, but...
Bustling homes are razed down.
Someone justice today is...
What's the point of such progress?
That kills its own people.
What is this...
The one behind this scam...
No more... it's time we stood up.
For us... for our family.
For our country.
The world's biggest democracy...
We've been compelled.
They have no right to live.
You stalker...
you celebrity...
Hold on, what is all this...
please explain.
1.7 million views!
And just a minute...
28,310 followers on Twitter.
You know,
you must practice your autograph...
because God just
answered your prayers.
You have officially become famous.
You know, God only listens to you...
when He wants
to teach you a lesson.
And dude,
these trolls are after my life.
Some will troll you...
that's their job.
But listen,
you star-ted a conversation...
one that needs to be had.
And anyway, you never needed
anyone's approval for anything.
Well if there's one good thing
that's come from all this...
it's that Malti's accepted
my friend request.
You think she'll open the door to me now?
There's only one way to find out.
How are you, Mam?
I saw your video on Facebook.
Today is Vilas's birthday.
Today he would've turned 30.
Malti, no matter how
many times I apologise...
for what I did, it isn't enough.
And what you said the other day...
Never say it to anyone again.
Your life is just as valuable,
as mine.
No, Didi...
How's uncle?
He's fine.
And Bumpy?
She keeps scratching
me all day... when I'm working.
And uncle gets so
furious if I lift her up...
Sit down everyone.
And now, the journalist whose story...
created quite a
sensation on the internet.
Today, we have with
us in our studio... Noor Roy Chaudhary.
Good evening Noor,
and welcome to the show.
Good evening,
thank you for having me here.
Mumbai - You're Killing Me!
Technically speaking your story,
is actually about Vilas Tambe.
But this story had already broken.
That story...
That story was just pointing fingers
at the Kapadia family.
You know... sensationalist stuff.
Every ship has rats.
And I am sure there are some in
Kapadia Family's organization as well.
That's why they got caught up
in this scandal for no reason.
I agree that this story
triggered an investigation, but...
it had no weight.
It was very poorly researched.
And the real culprit, Dr. Dilip Shinde...
he came out of all
this without even a scratch.
He walked free.
And the victim,
Vilas Tambe... lost his life.
And I should know this...
because that was my story.
Are you suggesting that journalist
Ayaan Bannerjee plagiarised your story?
Apparently 'these things Happen'
in journalism.
But all I would say is that...
without solid facts, much research,
without understanding...
the impact on the subjects
when a weak story is released
we run the story anyway,
for the sake of TRPs and ratings.
Every story has a news cycle.
And as soon as this cycle
comes to an end, the story dies.
And that's what happened to this story.
As soon as Ayaan Bannerjee
broke this story on the internet...
you, me, and other journalists like us,
picked up this story.
There were pane I discussions,
And somewhere in
the middle of all this...
Vilas Tambe was abducted
in a critical condition...
and dumped in that
garbage dump... to die.
No Vilas... No evidence... End of story!
Then I have to ask you this question.
If you met Ayaan Bannerjee today...
what would you say to him?
Actually no... let me rephrase that.
What would Ayaan Bannerjee say to you?
He would say...
It's Just a Story.
By the look of things,
this story isn't going to end any time soon.
Such a pleasure to have
you on my show, Noor.
We're eagerly awaiting
your next story.
That was so good.
Often those who appear strong...
are weak on the inside.
It was sad that
Ayaan had lost his humanity...
because of his life experiences.
It seemed that he couldn't feel for others.
Somewhere I felt pity for him.
After all,
he was fighting a battle as well.
With himself.
Does climbing the ladder
of success mean everything?
What's the point of success
If it separates us from our kin.
When you take them with you...
then it'll be much more fun.
Malti and all the people who fell prey
to Dr. Shinde's scam...
"they all dared to testify."
And as they say...
Truth never Loses.
I don't hate my life.
In fact, I love my life.
I love everything about it.
Except, my weight...
which is still same to same.
Bye, Mam .
Bye, Dad.
See you... Bye, good luck.
Uncle, would you like some tea?
Absolutely, I do.
You were great.
Thanks to you.
Off somewhere?
Yeah... I've an interview at CNBC.
For the job of senior correspondent.
And I'm late!
Some things never change.
Noor, you proved
that not just the city...
but 'News' is changing as well.
And you're falling in
that old-age news trap again.
What happened to that Eagle?
And what is this?
You worked so hard to find yourself.
And then lost yourself again?
How do people wear these clothes every day?
I feel suffocated in this skin.
I've an offer for you.
Come on.
Come on...
Now I am really going to be late.
Where are you taking me, Shekhar?
So? How is it?
It's pathetic.
This pathetic room is now all yours.
Your office... to be precise.
I've paid full year's rent...
You're the boss.
Hire anyone you like...
do the stories you've always wanted to.
Does Lavina know?
It was her idea.
You remind me of the person I once was.
Shekhar is still a...
Jerk... Joker.
I was going to say journalist,
but... Okay.
Mumbai isn't 'killing' you, Noor...
It's making you stronger.
How are you feeling?
And... what about men?
What About men?
You know, Noor... l was thinking...
Suppose... if a guy like me...
proposes to a girl like you...
then what would be her answer.
A 'guy' like you... proposes to a 'girl' like me...
then what will I say?
Not you... someone like 'you'.
Let me think.
So what you're saying
is if a guy like you...
proposes to a girl like me,
then what will I...
I mean... what will she say?
What will She say?
I'll say we should
live together first...
Wait, are you saying this...
or the 'girl' like you?
To be clear.
Saad... you're being
extra-ordinarily annoying today.
Are you proposing to me?
Saad... are you proposing to me?
You're just hitting on me...
just want to get into my pants.
I am not hitting on you...
and your pants won't fit me.
Won't fit you! Won't fit you, huh!
But tell me... what would you have said?
Are we really going
back on this merry go-round.
Are you dizzy?
But it's okay..
Whenever girls are with me,
they do feel dizzy.
I would've said yes...
Yes... l would've said yes, but...
it's not me, it's someone like me.
Yes, but you would've said yes.
Yes... but you're not asking.
That's true, but... would you?
Are you asking?
Me? Am I asking?
Not someone like me?
Saad... can we end this conversation
before one of us dies?
So you said yes...
Shut up, Saad!
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
When you shake those hips...
mmy hear-t star-ts to sway.
When I shake those hips...
myour hear-t star-ts to sway.
Your beauty makes me blind.
If you don't mind...
Can I come close to you and grind?
What do you get? What do you
get by torturing us?
All of you, I find you to be fit.
When you dance in a disco,
you look lit.
Like hard liquor, you hit.
You do!
From night till dawn, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move my hips baby...
Move my hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Your hips sway like pendulum.
Baby, how are we going to handle them.
I swear...
you've made my hear-t go crazy.
Baby, don't play
With hearts of the boys.
Don't talk like that.
There are many girls here...
but you slay.
You're sweet and sour like ginger ale.
I've never seen a female like you.
Your figure's to die for...
You're hotter than Delhi's summer.
You are busy on Snapchat
with your girlfriends.
I am busy on Snapchat
with my girlfriends.
I swear, the way your hips flow...
Baby, boys' mind will be blown.
Take a breather.
Listen to me.
When I look at you, I get a kick.
The dress you wear, I find it sick.
You look one in a million, chick.
You do!
You ruined everyone, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move my hips baby...
Move my hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move your hips baby...
Move your hips baby...
From night till dawn, baby.
Move my hips baby...
Move my hips baby...
Back off! Back off, I tell you!
You don't back off, do you?