Nordvest (2013) Movie Script

NORTHWES Are you smoking weed?
You're supposed to
keep a fucking lookout.
- Are you able to drive?
- Sure. I'm good.
- How much do you think it's worth?
- It's good stuff. 4,000, at least.
Jamal won't give us 4,000.
Jamal's gonna screw us no matter
what. You know what he's like.
You punks get the fuck outta here.
Yo, what the fuck, man?
Jamal. Your car keys.
- We got some good shit today.
- We'll see about that.
French designer knives.
That one's 2,000 in the shops.
IPod speakers.
This is a piece of junk.
- It totally works.
- It's worn out, man.
A Georg Jensen watch,
a mobile phone
Put that junk away.
What's in this bag?
That one's mine.
It's just some stuff for my family.
A black leather bag? There must
be something good in there.
- How much do you want for this?
- It's for my sister. Fuck you.
Yo, Casper!
Your brother broke
the mirror on my moped.
- It's a scooter.
- It's a moped.
Your brother broke it
and he's gonna fucking pay.
- Did you touch my brother?
- Your brother's fucked in the head.
Make sure he pays me.
Why're you giving him the stink eye?
You want him to jump you?
- Jump me?
- Exactly.
I'll give you an even thousand
and we'll forget about the mirror.
- A thousand for all that?
- Yeah.
Just take it.
No way. Don't go mixing
my brother up in our affairs.
- You want Ali to talk to him?
- Are you threatening my brother?
I'm doing you a favour
and you know it.
I'm even letting you use my car.
Do you wanna ruin me?
You want me to pay five gees for this
junk? How am I gonna sell that shit?
Give me a chunk.
Give the man some smokables.
This is my final offer.
Come on, Casper.
- That shit ain't cool.
- It's my final offer.
- Nice watch. Is that a Rolex?
- Of course it is.
That goes without saying, huh?
Why wasn't that in the bag?
You bring me junk and keep
the best stuff for yourself.
- The watch is mine.
- You're not man enough to wear it.
- See you around, Jamal.
- Fuck you.
You want this?
- You want half of it?
- No, I'm good.
Call me later.
- I found the walkie-talkies.
- Quiet, mom's sleeping.
- Is Andy in his room?
- Yep.
- I'll be right there, Freya.
- No, now!
Andy. Andy!
Wake up, man.
Did you mess up Ali's scooter?
Did you ruin...
Is he the one
who doodled on your face?
- Is that why you broke his scooter?
- Yeah. So fucking what?
Ew! Fuck off.
There's a dick on your forehead.
You cost me money again today.
Just stay away from those guys.
Does it come off?
You need to scrub harder.
Knock it off, man.
Hey, mom.
- What's happened to you?
- Someone doodled on his face.
- I can do it myself.
- Don't be such a crybaby.
It's just a washcloth.
Come here, you.
I have to go to work.
I thought we had an understanding.
He's supposed to be in school,
not hanging around with you.
Of course.
I promise it won't happen again.
- Mom, are you leaving?
- See you later, Freya.
Here, mom.
Can you see, what it says?
"Come home soon, mom."
I promise.
I'm gonna tickle you.
It won't come off.
Jesus Christ...
- Don't leave! Don't leave!
- Scrub a little harder.
- I'll be home soon, Freya.
- In the morning.
That's a nice watch.
Yeah. It's new.
Why're you giving me that look'?
- So long, Andy.
- So long, mom.
Freya, get in here.
Go play in your room.
- I didn't see you last night.
- You went to Viggo's?
Hell, yeah.
I boned a Japanese girl.
A Japanese at Viggo's?
She was Asian or whatever.
She was this tall. I swear it.
Whassup, ladies?
- I swear she was that tall.
- So did you hit it?
She sucked me off standing up
in the men's room at Viggo's.
You're crazy.
You need to see
this text I got last night.
Look at this.
"Burglar"? He wants
to buy something?
I guess so, but I don't
recognize the number.
- Did you text him back?
- Sure. I'm meeting him now.
I'm game. I'm broke as hell.
Are you Casper?
- Who are you?
- I'm Bjorn.
How did you get my number?
I found it in the Yellow Pages
under "burglars".
- Doesn't ring a bell.
- Sure.
I got it from your friend Peter.
I heard you're in the game, too.
Heard you can get stuff.
What do you need?
A few flat screens, a stereo -
- and a PH Artichoke,
if you can get one.
No can do. Try IKEA.
They don't have what I need.
Who's your friend?
Just my buddy. He's all right.
Were you scared to come alone?
Can you get me the stuff?
Not right away.
I'll pay you good money.
I don't know, Bjorn.
Well, if you wanna make some dough,
you can find me at 1O Dommer Street.
Don't be a stranger.
Foxy, come on.
- You know who that guy is?
- Is he in a biker gang?
He's affiliated at least.
Done time for it, too.
Well, I'm not doing it,
so don't worry.
Whassup, Torben!
- What are we having?
- Four gin and tonic.
- Did you bring cash this time?
- Sure thing.
- You got any?
- Nope. I'm broke.
- I knew it.
- Haven't got a dime.
Whassup, boss lady!
Did you miss me?
- You call that money?
- Just put it on the tab.
- You'll get it tomorrow.
- No way.
I've heard it all before.
I'm sick of it.
You have to pay
like everybody else.
Aw, come on.
- You can have me for an hour or two.
- Sure, but I think I'll pass.
You can have two G&T's.
Now either behave or get lost.
Yeah, all right.
What about your date?
I'm gonna do her.
You don't think I can?
- So, what did you get?
- Gin and tonic.
The whole room heard that.
It's for you.
Andy, you got any cash?
- What for?
- For shots.
- I don't think so.
- Jeez, that's so lame.
- I've got twenty.
- Give it.
Don't do it. Why the hell
is he hustling your kid brother?
Don't be so cross, baby.
- I just wanna hold your hand.
- I don't wanna hold hands right now.
- Clean up your shit.
- Back off.
Who the hell are you
telling to back off? Huh?
I'm moving it! Back off.
I'm moving it, okay?
Move your shit. Bitch.
I'm getting us some drinks.
- Are you buying?
- Well, you sure as hell aren't.
Two Jack and coke.
I'm buying next time.
I'm just kinda broke today.
It's all right.
Honey Five glasses
for that table, please.
- Five glasses.
- Great. Thanks.
I need to take a leak.
- Whassup, Jamal.
- Whassup.
- Are we gonna do business soon?
- Sure. Swing the goods by the store.
- Wanna borrow the car'?
- I've got a better idea.
I've got clients looking for
some expensive shit.
We deliver it to 'em directly so you
won't have to have it lying around.
We Split it 50-50.
Forget it, Casper.
'Cause I'm not an Arab?
Look here, Casper.
You're a burglar and a good one.
You should stick with that.
They've got your brother!
- What'?
- Ali is beating your brother!
Fuck him up!
You fucking dog!
Leave me alone! That's my watch!
What are you looking at'?
You want some, too?
Fucking bitch!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Sure.
Fuck 'em.
Casper, look at me.
- Leave me alone.
- Look at me.
- What happened?
- Piss off, lrem.
Hey, they've got a dog.
He's cute.
Take this.
- Come on.
- Let's bring the dog.
I want the dog.
Leave him alone.
- We're going upstairs.
- This dog's crazy.
There's the Artichoke.
Here's the stereo. Robin, focus.
Get a grip, man.
Damn, these people are loaded.
Does it come off?
Careful with it. Don't scratch it.
I won't.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
Why does money
make my heart sing?
Gimme bling bling
and those material things
Beating for her
Why does money
make my heart sing?
Gimme bling bling
and those material things
But your heart should
be beating for her
Your heart should
be beating for her
Pussy before paper.
Paper before pussy.
Or do you want pussy on your paper?
Or you can
spend your paper on pussy.
You're a pussy.
Where are you going?
Go down to the store.
- Go to the store.
- I'm done with that shit.
You're the one talking shit
about Jamal all the time.
- You wanna deal with those bikers?
- I'm going to 1O Dommer Street.
You must be crazy
driving down there in Jamal's car.
You wanna let Jamal pay you a measly
grand for hifi and an Artichoke?
- I just don't wanna die for some...
- Die? Are you scared or what?
If they find out
you've been here in Jamals car...
You're a fucking pussy.
Always going on about money.
"Paper before pussy." Don't you
wanna make some real money?
Those guys don't know
anyone from the hood.
This ain't about the hood.
It's all about the money.
- You wanna make money?
- Sure.
Then shut the fuck up.
I'll go.
What do you want?
I'm here to see Bjorn.
To see Bjorn?
I've filled his order.
- His order?
- Yeah, the PH Artichoke lamp.
It's all been arranged.
Fuck off, dickweed.
Get the fuck outta here.
Well, if it isn't the little burglar.
- I thought you were busy.
- I changed my mind.
- It's all outside.
- In the street?
You parked a car filled with
stolen goods right in the street?
I can just go
sell it somewhere else.
Drive round to the back.
- Wow!
- The cord is all there.
- Did you cut it decently?
- It's not cut. The cord is intact.
Is that your buddy out there?
Get in here.
Don't be standing around out there.
You don't exactly look
like a courier service.
- What's that'?
- BeoLink stereo with speakers.
- Sony flat screen, 4O inches.
- Why not Bang & Olufsen?
Sony makes the best TV sets.
Looks nice.
How much do you want for it?
What did you have in mind?
Ten grand.
All right.
Sold to the young gent
with balls of steel.
Shut your hole, Theis.
Now, listen up.
Carry it inside and connect it.
You don't get paid until it works.
I'm not going in there.
I'm taking the car back to Jamal.
What are you on about?
Why? Are you scared of 'em?
I'm not staying here.
See you around.
Hello, girls. How are you doing?
This is Casper, mr. Hifi. We're gonna
put up some speakers for you -
- so you can have
some music down here.
Put one up here
and the other one there.
Can you handle that?
- That shouldn't be too hard, huh?
- Not at all.
Oh, good music!
Hello, bitches! How are you doing?
Hello. How do you doing?
Oh, Petra
Show me a little body.
I will buy you a car and a house.
- I want to buy you
- You drink too much.
I've drunk too much?
You don't know how much I can drink.
I can drink like a horse
and fuck like a pig!
Did I hurt your feelings?
I'll marry you now.
I'll marry you tonight.
Theis, what are you doing?
We're just lounging.
Testing out the new stereo.
We're just chilling.
The stereo's fine. Turn it off.
- You're fucking wasted.
- Relax, I've only had a couple.
You're the driver.
That's all I ask you to do.
Now you can't even do that.
You can't drive for shit.
- Why are you still here?
- You haven't paid me.
I didn't know what you'd agreed upon.
He's been nice to the girls.
He hooked the stuff up
and made it work. A really nice guy.
Yes, that's right.
Here's your ten grand.
There you go.
The deal was fifteen.
So it was.
They're on their way.
We need to get a move on.
- We need a driver.
- I can't drive right now.
We've got clients waiting
and no driver.
- Theis, you fucking moron!
- Give me the keys. I can drive.
Like hell you can't.
What about the kid?
- You got a driver's license?
- Sure.
Just give him the house keys
while you're at it.
Shut your fucking mouth!
You got that?
I'm sick of your bullshit!
Get the fuck out!
Fuck off, you fucking bastard!
- Jesus Christ!
- Are you ready, girls?
Looking good, looking sharp. Cool.
You got everything with you?
Your lubricants? Condoms?
Your cell phones so you can write?
So, what'll it be?
Get gOing-
And don't mess up.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
Mind if I take a look around?
Go ahead.
All right.
- Hey, Bjorn.
- So, how's it going?
- It's going great.
- How are the girls doing?
They're doing good. Tell Bjorn
that you're having a good time.
Good time!
Good time! Party, party!
- Did you hear that?
- Of course I did.
I need them down at the club.
Just mention my name
to the doorman.
All right.
Is Bjorn sitting here?
Sit down.
I'm here to see Bjorn.
Do you know Bjorn?
I'm here to see him.
- I'm leaving with the girls, then.
- Just piss off, will ya?
Get the fuck outta here.
Get out of here. Piss off.
You wanna start something?
Casper, meet the Caliph.
- Is he cool?
- Yeah, sure.
Girls, here you go.
This is for you.
You guys want drinks?
Fuck this, we need some bottles.
Bottles! Gimme some bottles!
That's my girl! That's my girl!
I'm not drunk.
I'm just getting started!
Gimme that card.
That right there
- Open up!
- Pipe the fuck down.
What the hell are you yelling for?
Get in here.
Get in here, you bastard.
Check this out.
- Back of the line.
- No, let him get a hit.
Go crazy, Theis.
I was afraid
he was gonna take it all.
Get in there, old man.
Some good stuff, good stuff.
You don't want any?
- Are you shitting me?
- No way, man.
Have another.
Holy shit!
Is this the right place?
Nice place.
They've got trees growing inside.
We usually don't allow
children under sixteen.
I'm prepared to pay you
a little extra.
As long as you're quiet, then.
We'll be on our best behaviour.
2,125 kroner, please.
- We can go somewhere else.
- Stop it. We're doing this.
There you go.
All set.
It's just like a vacation, huh?
But why is there no water slide?
- Would the lady care for some fruit?
- Grapes for the queen.
You have to toss it higher.
This is way too expensive, Casper.
There's more money coming.
Much more.
Don't worry about it.
Today is a day of luxury.
I just hope that
it'll make me look good.
I've brought a kebab for you.
And the money from last night.
Seven grand.
Just leave 'em on the table.
- You wanna count it?
- No.
If anything's missing,
you lose a finger.
Have a seat.
So, how do you like it?
It's going well.
Clients only fuck once a night,
but they can snort coke 'till dawn.
And I've got my hands
on some good shit.
We sell it alongside the girls, but
I can't have it traced back to me.
If you can do that,
the gig is yours.
But you need to bring along
someone you can trust.
Hey, Foxy. What do we say
to those who can't pay?
Huh? What do we say
to clients who can't pay?
Good girl.
Back up. Back up.
How do the girls make us money?
You're such a good girl.
Which one is it?
- You're playing with your food.
- I want spots on 'em.
- It's the way Freya likes it.
- You're teaching her bad manners.
No, he isn't.
We'll put her in the pot
and cook a monster frankfurter.
- Let me chop off her fingers.
- The biggest frankfurter ever.
No! No!
That frankfurter was tasty.
Go to sleep, okay?
Why isn't Freya in school?
She's got the flu, too.
- You guys don't have the flu.
- We don't feel too good, do we?
Where are the keys to the scooter?
- To my scooter?
- Which I paid for. Give 'em to me.
- What do you need 'em for?
- That's none of your business.
- What do you need 'em for?
- Just give me the keys.
Give me the damn keys.
Go back to your game.
You could just have given 'em to me.
We're in a hurry.
Bjorn's waiting for us.
Smoking weed again?
Always wear a helmet and use
your mirrors to look out for cops.
Stop dicking around
and take off those fucking glasses.
- My glasses are mad nice.
- Just leave 'em off.
And no riding around with a joint.
You'll be going all over Copenhagen.
I can't have you looking
like a Northwest dick.
I look like a dick
riding this moped.
- It's a scooter, asshole.
- Whatever.
And what about those bikers?
You're working with me,
not for Bjorn.
You hear what I'm saying?
How high are you?
Getting busted with ten grams
means hard time.
Selling ten grams
means hard cash.
Do I look okay now?
You look like a bitch.
Lend me your lighter.
Go inside, Andy.
Just be careful with it.
Careful, Robin!
Get the fuck inside.
- Andy, get the fuck inside.
- All right, chill!
Let's get going. Bjorn's waiting.
Fuck you, Robin.
Jump on, then.
- How's the nose, Ali?
- Whassup, bitches.
'Sup, Ali.
Why don't you come around the store
no more? Last time, the car was empty.
- We've been busy.
- Busy doing what?
Take that helmet off.
- Take it easy, Ali.
- I want him to take it off.
- Get off my scooter, boys.
- Fuck you.
Is that your moped?
It's kinda nice, huh'?
- Is it for sale?
- No, it's not.
It's not for sale?
We ain't friends no more?
Is this about Jamal?
- Jamal took my watch.
- So what? You still work for us.
- Fuck off, punks!
- Watch your mouth.
Leave him alone.
- Let him go!
- It's none of your business.
Why don't you come around no more'?
How are you making your money?
You know me. I'll be around.
Yeah, I know you.
All you think about is money.
Tell Jamal
I'll drop by the store soon.
- Let him go.
- If not, we'll come for you.
Fucking bitches.
Come on, let's roll.
Get down from there.
Don't make me tell you again.
- You okay?
- It's broken.
- It's not broken.
- Sure it is.
- Are you ready?
- I'm not going anywhere.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm not going!
- Put on the fucking helmet.
- I'm not going.
He's waiting for us, dammit.
See you around.
Open up!
Open up.
I need you.
- What's going on?
- Close that damn thing.
Put your shoes on.
You're gonna go play next door.
Just put it on.
Freya, don't argue.
You wanna bring your Nintendo?
Freya, come here.
You wanna bring your Nintendo?
Andy, lock the door
and meet me outside.
- Hi. ls Philip in'?
- Sure.
Hi. Can Freya
come visit for a while?
- Sure.
- Thanks a lot.
Can I just park it here?
We stash coke in here.
- You got that?
- Sure.
Here we go. Look 'em in the eyes
and stand up straight.
- All right?
- Yeah.
Where the fuck have you been?
When we have an appointment
you'd better be here on time!
We're here now.
I don't give a shit. You keep
your appointments with me.
Shut your fucking mouth
when I'm talking to you!
Don't you dare interrupt me.
You keep your fucking appointments!
And who the fuck is that?
You're giving me a fucking ulcer.
Who are you?
Sit down, Casper.
Sit your fucking ass down!
- Who are you?
- Andy.
What are you doing here?
- I'm Casper's brother.
- Where's the other guy?
I trust my brother with my life.
He's my flesh and blood.
- How old are you?
- Seventeen.
Can you drive a scooter?
What'll you do if you get caught?
Penal code, section 750.
- And what does it say?
- The right to keep my mouth shut.
All right. I'll give you a shot, kid.
Show me what you've got.
- Andy.
- Drive safely. Hello, Andy.
We're late.
Get going.
Make sure he drives safely.
- I've already told him.
- Oh yeah?
Do it again.
Kids are fucking thick!
We've got royalty in the house.
Two birds, sizzling hot.
You're telling me.
Wake up the lazy bastard.
- So, what do you think?
- I'm loving it.
Take it easy, girls.
- Put down that club.
- What did we order, Oliver?
- Put that fucking club down.
- Easy, easy.
How much is it?
- 2,000 a girl for one hour.
- All right. The money's over there.
What do you think, boys?
Take five.
Keep the change for yourself.
Turn around for me, baby.
- Six grams? That was insane.
- Don't talk about it now.
Change this for me.
- And buy me a Red Bull.
- Sure thing.
Three, four, five.
Here you go, kid. For you.
You're doing good.
That's it.
Are you stoned?
- You get stoned so fast.
- Shut up.
Fuck you, man.
- Fucking drive!
- The cops are on us!
Jeez, it's cold.
Shut up.
And use plenty of water.
This bird shit won't come off.
Hi. Why don't we just
take it to the car wash?
This shit takes forever.
Doing it by hand is better.
And when you're done,
you can clean the house windows.
You can hardly see through 'em,
they're so dirty.
And do it neatly.
Whassup, boys!
- You've got a car and a house now?
- Wow, things have changed.
- What're you doing here?
- Did you forget who you work for?
- I don't work for you no more.
- Oh, you don't?
- You took my watch.
- Fuck that.
- We ain't scared of you, Jamal.
- When did you grow a pair?
Ali, leave him alone.
Butt the fuck out.
You're either with us or against us.
What'll it be?
- Are you threatening me?
- Call it what you want.
- You don't wanna fuck with us.
- Shut the fuck up.
What're you doing, Jamal?
This is my hood. Don't you know
who you're talking to?
- Fuck you!
- What the fuck did you say?
Jamal, put that crowbar down.
Shut the fuck up!
I'll fucking tear you
and your bitch-ass brother up.
You only drive for me!
Back the fuck off!
You want some of this?!
- Are you stupid, asshole?
- Back the fuck off!
- Casper, what's going on?
- The bastard stole my watch.
Take the watch!
You just keep frontin', Casper.
Fuck you. Fuck you!
Shut the fuck up, Casper.
Fucking Arab. Fuck on home
to your daddy's bullshit store.
Knock it off!
Now we've taken the watch
and that's gonna be the end of it.
Now get the fuck outta here.
And leave Casper alone.
- Get going.
- Piss off!
Come back if you're
tired of living! Fuck off!
Fuck you, faggot.
Fuck you!
Calm down, Theis. Get in the house.
What'll the neighbours think?
- What the hell's going on?!
- Shut up. Get inside.
What the fuck was that?
- It's over.
- Like hell it is.
That windscreen is coming
out of your pay. Understood?
And if there's any more beef
You Okay?
Yeah, sure.
Keep your shoulders loose.
That's it. One, two.
And one, two, three.
Left jab. Left, left.
Only with your left.
Uppercut. Hook.
Uppercut. Jab.
Uppercut. Hook. That's it.
Right jab. Uppercut. Hook.
Don't punch through.
Ease up. This ain't no brawl.
It's all about technique.
Keep that umbrella steady.
Are you paying attention?
I want you to do what he does.
Right, left, hook. Slowly.
Right, left, hook.
Faster, but not hard.
Like this.
What the fuck are you doing?
Show me!
That won't hurt a fly.
We'll get back to that.
Right, left, hook.
Right, left, right, left.
Ten times!
That's it! Well done, Casper.
- Did you pay attention, kid?
- Sure.
Don't go for a knockout with
every punch. Get in the rhythm.
Look for the openings.
And don't duck like this.
Bend your knees and go
Let's go.
Again. A bit harder.
- Get your guard up.
- Right.
Without your guard
you're wide open. Come on.
And don't bob your head.
Closing your eyes won't dim the pain
so keep 'em open, like a man.
That's it! Again.
You hit harder than he does!
Once more.
Jab, jab, cross. Faster!
Jab, jab, cross.
Hell, yeah! A hit like that
will floor any man.
Give me ten more.
Once more. Come on!
Come on! One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
One, two, three, four...
Come again!
Good evening and welcome.
- Do you have a reservation?
- Yes, we do.
Would you like to leave your coats?
- No, we'll bring it with us.
- This way.
You can see all the way
to Northwest from here.
Get a grip, man.
Is this our table?
Let them have the window seats.
This is so classy, Casper.
- Look at that crazy view.
- The chairs are Allan Jacobsen.
- Arne Jacobsen.
- Yeah, whatever.
Arne Jacobsen. Real leather.
Jamal is here. Jamal.
He comes here a lot
to throw his money around.
- Then why are we here?
- He can't tell me where to eat.
Did you know he'd be here?
No, but I knew he likes to come here.
Are you afraid of him?
- What are you talking about?
- Robin's just being a pussy.
So what else is new?
- Let's have seven courses.
- Seven? Are you crazy?
- They're really small.
- Have you seen the prices?
Relax, I'm loaded.
- Let's have seven courses.
- Seven it is.
- You look like a waiter in that
shirt. - And you look like a bum.
- You're so overdressed.
- I didn't know we were going here.
So nice.
This is fucking good.
Your bottle, sir.
- Is that the champagne?
- It is.
Send the bottle over
to that gentleman.
- What the hell are you doing?
- It's nothing.
You're a big spender, huh?
Of course. You need to spend money
to make room for more.
Casper, he's leaving.
He's getting up to leave.
What's your problem?
Any ideas for Freya's present?
For her birthday?
She's checked off everything in the
toy catalogue. We'll find something.
She wants to invite
all the girls from school.
Sounds good.
You've started making more money.
Yeah, it's been hectic.
- Are you looking out for yourself?
- Sure. Of course I am.
I'll get that present for Freya.
All right.
Way to go, shrimp!
Looky, looky!
Look what Theis found!
Hey, baby, sit down.
Snort that shit up!
What's up, sweetheart?
What've you got, huh?
Show me your war face, shrimp!
Come on, show him!
Casper! Casper, get out of here!
Stay down!
What's going on?
Calm down, girls.
Take your things and go upstairs.
Come on, upstairs!
Come on, baby. Upstairs.
Baby, can you look at me?
Look at me. Sofia, it's me.
Sit up, so I can clean it.
I have to clean it a little.
It's just a minute,
it's just a minute. Count to three.
Get Bjorn down here!
You guys do something.
I'm coming!
Don't touch it.
It's not tight enough.
Hold this rag.
She's gotta go. Pack her stuff.
Pack her shit.
Sit down.
You're the one
who started this mess.
That means you're cleaning it up.
Jamal will no doubt
have gone into hiding.
But we'll find him.
I'll set up Jamal.
You get the boy ready.
- Hi there. Did you come alone?
- Yeah.
I see you've prepared the range.
You take it out
and keep it down here.
Cock the fucker.
Take aim.
Open your eyes and focus.
It's not too difficult.
Look here. Slide it in.
Bang. Then you cock it.
Take it out
from underneath your coat.
Nice and easy.
Keep it lowered. Cock it.
Look at your target.
Just keep calm.
It's easy. All you have to do
is pull the trigger.
That's all it takes.
Take aim.
Use your free hand for support.
Open your eyes -
- and focus on your target.
Imagine yourself hitting it.
It's not that difficult.
Take note of where the bullet hits
and adjust your aim if you miss.
Hell, yeah. Well done.
Way to go.
Well done.
Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday, Freya.
- Blow 'em out.
- You've got a boyfriend!
- Is it Robin?
- No!
- Why can't I be your boyfriend?
This is better than Viggo's!
And the babes are much cuter.
There's plenty of cake for all.
You want a slice?
Right here.
No. 102.
I think it's an allotment garden.
Wait here.
- What the hell happened?
- He wasn't there.
- Then we go back and wait for him.
- No, we're going home.
It's Jamal's car!
Come on, let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's go.
Where did you go'?
Why didn't you pick up?
I sat there at your sister's
birthday party for two hours.
- I didn't get your call.
- I called you like ten times.
Here, Andy. Take the big one.
You bitch!
After him!
Get the bitch!
You're dead!
Faster! Faster!
You're dead!
What's going on here?
Calm down.
- Fucking arrest me!
- Sure, we can do that.
Are you carrying anything?
This way.
Wakey-wa key.
Have you sobered up?
Look at me.
You look okay. We've got
a few questions for you.
Let's go. You want a hand?
Bring the blanket.
I assume you'll want to tell us
who your pursuers were.
Was it friends of Jamal's'?
You know Jamal, right?
Jamal has been shot, Casper.
Do you know anything about that?
Here are some photos
from the crime scene.
A man clasping a Glock 17
with both hands.
Who taught you to shoot like that?
It's very professional.
Could it be you?
Judging by these pictures,
the shooter's no rookie.
Did some old timers teach you?
Two hands, two shots.
Admit it, it's you.
And who gave you the gun?
Did you get it from Bjorn?
Are you a man, Casper?
- You look like a big man.
- Fuck you.
- What does it take to be a big man'?
- Fuck you.
- Committing murder?
- You don't know shit, pig.
You fucking moron.
You're a fucking loser!
How do you feel about your friend
Robin being in intensive care?
- Must be a rotten feeling.
- Fuck you.
Something's boiling inside you.
Is it fear?
You think I'm afraid of you,
you fucking faggot?
Fuck you!
You should be afraid of those
who're waiting for you.
Do you really think they'll
protect you when you get out?
See you soon, Casper.
Hello, fuckheads.
This is Andy. Leave a message.
Pick up the phone. Call me.
Hey, Andy.
Where's Andy?
Did he call you?
Last night, an ethnic youth
was shot dead execution style.
Have you spoken to Andy?
Please tell me
you had nothing to do with that.
We need to disappear.
Who needs to disappear?
Me and Andy.
Get out. Just get out.
Get out!
Take care of yourself then!
Please meet me
in front of the school in an hour.
- By the cemetery.
- What happened to Robin?
- I rem...
- He's in the hospital.
- Please meet me there in an hour.
- What the fuck's going on?
I need to find my brother,
then we're leaving Northwest.
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
We need to disappear, okay?
Tell 'em you haven't seen us.
That you don't know where we are.
All right?
Freya, I need to talk to you.
Me and Andy
have to go away for a while.
But Why?
Just because.
I'll call you and mom real soon.
- Don't go.
- Go back and play.
No, don't go. Don't go.
- Freya, please...
- Don't go.
- Go back and play.
- Don't go.
I have to.
Freya, stop it.
Stop it. Go back and play.
Freya, leave me alone.
Piss off, Freya!
Casper? What the fuck are you doing?
Come on inside.
Don't forget your bag.
Hurry it UP-
There he is. Well done.
Guys. Casper's home.
- Welcome back, Casper.
- Thanks.
Good job.
- Whassup, killer?
- Is Bjorn here?
Well, I'll be...
- Well done.
- Thanks.
- Do you know where my brother is?
- I do. Have you said hi to the guys?
- To some of them.
- Well done.
- Whassup, Theis?
- Hey there, shrimp.
He did good, didn't he?
- He did all right.
- Damn straight.
- I can't reach him.
- He's practically moved in here.
He's asleep down in the basement.
Go wake him up.
And after that...
...I have a surprise for you.
- You can look forward to that.
- I'll do that.
- Are you all right?
- I just wanna talk to the little guy.
- Sure thing. Get down there.
- I'll be right back.
Andy. Andy...
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Come on, get up.
- What's going on?
- Sit up.
- We need to get out of here.
- Did Bjorn say so?
No. Bjorn can't know about it.
We're leaving.
No. We're staying here.
No way we're staying.
- Bjorn and the Caliph's got our
back. - Like fuck they do.
They said they had Ali in check.
They didn't.
They beat Robin senseless
and they'll do the same to us.
You can't count on
Bjorn and the Caliph.
Where would you go?
Put your fucking shoes on.
Put your fucking shoes on, Andy.
- 'Sup, boys?
- Whassup.
Are you rested, Andy?
You look a bit grumpy.
Sit down, boys.
Andy needs to get home.
His mom hasn't seen him in two days.
Sure thing. But like I said before,
we have a little surprise for you.
All right?
Fucking good job.
I mean it. We all agree on that.
So we have a little surprise for you.
It's not just a trifle.
This means a lot to us.
You know what that means,
don't you?
- I can't accept it, Bjorn.
- Sure you can.
Put it on.
It looks good on you.
You're a man now.
We're all happy for you.
Your brother should be, too.
Do you realize
what your brother's done for you?
Why the sour face?
Aren't you proud of your brother?
Aren't you proud?
He needs to get home
to his family first.
I'm the one who did it.
Shut up, Andy. Let's go.
What are you talking about?
What did you do?
You're coming with me.
No, I'm staying.
I'm the one who did it!
Calm down.
Do you realize what you're saying?
- He's just babbling.
- Shut up. Shut up.
Look me in the eyes.
Did you do it?
He shit himself.
Bjorn, he's confused.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
- Why are you so nervous?
- He's just babbling.
- What's in the bag?
- Just my stuff.
- My private stuff.
- Put the fucking bag down!
Give me the bag!
And give me that fucking chain!
There's like fifty grand here!
Get back here!
- Drive!
- I can't. What the fuck?
- Just drive!
- He's in the way.
- Go around him!
- I can't!
Ali! It's Casper!
Casper, they're coming.
Get him!
Where did he go?
You! Run that way!
You guys run that way!
Where the fuck are you?
Where the fuck are you?!
He's here! He's right here!
Fucking bitch!