Noriega: God's Favorite (2000) Movie Script

I was just a poor slum kid, Father...
...with a face that made me think
God hated me.
My own mother threw me on the streets.
Nobody loved me.
But the great mystery
is I was still able to rise so high.
You see, I've always been blessed...
...with this wonderful luck.
I guess you could say
that is the story of my life.
I was always one of God's favorites.
Submit to me,
you pampered white-ass bitch.
Oh, you pimple-faced toad.
-What do you want?
-I wanna go to Paris.
Are you crazy? Felicidad will kill us both.
I don't give a shit
about that social-climbing bitch you married.
I wanna go to Paris and eat at Maxim's.
But not this time.
You expect to go shopping with Felicidad?
Where would you stay?
-What are you thinking?
-I should go and she should stay.
For once, me, not her.
-My travel outfit?
-In the closet.
-The shoes?
-Really, Tony, you don't need a mistress... need a valet.
You know... are totally correct.
Look under the bed.
I will take you.
Not this time, but soon.
That's a promise.
You can take it to the bank.
This will protect you when I'm gone.
-Watch for Roberto for me.
-All right?
-All right.
The good wishes of the people of Panama
accompany you on your well-deserved--
Very well-deserved trip
to the cities of Geneva and New York.
You make it sound like a vacation.
Oh, no, no, I certainly did not mean....
-Roberto, help Nicky.
-Don't let him do anything foolish.
I'm coming, my sweet.
My little sugar plum.
Here's your whiskey, sir.
Thank you.
Everything was offered to me, Father.
I know Jesus suffered temptations.
I really cannot believe
he went through the trials I had to suffer.
Some were worse than others, of course.
You look like a Colombian pimp.
Cesar, why do you talk to me like this?
Someone needs to tell you the truth.
There's 20 million in that suitcase
for Geneva...
...but you won't get to spend it
if you don't make good with the Colombians.
Colombians think they own Panama.
Sometimes you go too far, Tony.
You know...
...all my life, people have said the same.
"This time you've gone too far."
But I keep going farther.
I never get too far.
How do you know you're not already there?
I love to fly.
Put it on auto.
If you look at things too closely, Father...
...where the money comes from...
...who flies the cocaine to the gringos...
...who buys the guns with the money...
...why one man dies, another lives.
Why one man is a Communist, another not.
You look too closely, it makes no sense.
No sense at all.
He was so, so, so...
The headless body found yesterday
in the jungles of Costa Rica...
...has been identified
as that of Dr. Hugo Spadafora.
Dr. Spadafora, who fought with the Contras...
-Hugo Spadafora.
-...made charges against Manuel Noriega.
-Is it true?
-The CIA is shipping cocaine in planes...
...that are bringing arms for the Contras.
Noriega is involved.
He is taking money from the CIA...
...and at the same time
they are using drug money to finance the war.
-It can't be true. It's too obvious. a mini bus last Friday.
To have his biggest critic murdered...
...when everyone knows
Hugo was making charges against him.
They cut off his head.
In other news, General Noriega announced
that Panama defense forces...
...raided a Colombian drug lab yesterday.
The contraband seized had an estimated
street value of $100 million.
...when everyone knows
Hugo was making charges against him.
They cut off his head.
A left-wing medical doctor.
Modeled himself on Che Guevara.
Something of a national hero.
Where's the head?
Damn it. Don't we have more on this?
Don't we have sources?
General Noriega is our source. We've been
pouring gravy on his biscuits since the '60s.
Fifties. He's also the source for the Russians,
the Cubans, the Sandinistas, the Contras...
...the Israelis, the Libyans,
and the goddamn Colombians.
He was serially raped.
But only after they severed his hamstring
so he couldn't resist.
Then they drove a stake up his ass.
Before the drug money came
there was never such torture in Panama.
Unfortunately, the torture didn't kill him.
He was still alive when they cut off his head.
The great Dr. Spadafora.
You know, I think this time the little general,
if it is him...
...has gone too far.
Oh, it's clearing up.
Oh, very definitely. Great progress.
Is this Swiss humor, doctor?
If I were a cheese,
even a mouse would think twice.
Self-pity will not assist the healing process,
She will now apply the ointment.
Remember, keep your face relaxed.
No expression, no movement.
There's an emergency call
for General Noriega.
I'm busy.
It is the president of Panama.
Perhaps we can put in on the speaker.
What do you want, Nicky?
-General, I have Roberto here with me.
-Hello, Tony.
something very important has come up.
It seems Hugo Spadafora
has been assassinated.
This is good.
But the people are not taking it very well.
I don't know
if you can hear the honking outside.
Tony, the people are very upset.
And by the way,
the raid on the lab in Darien...
...the Colombians wanna kill you.
We think
either you should come home right away--
I understand... brought troops from Colombes.
Tony, I had only the best of intentions.
Return them immediately.
-And, Nicky.
-Yes, general?
I go to New York on Saturday. Call me.
I'll be at the palace.
Do not tell me I do not provide for the future
of my family.
Where did you get all these?
Investments. A few gifts.
These are retirement benefits mainly.
Did you think
that you could buy me off, Tony?
Why do you say these things?
All this. It doesn't mean
that I forgive you for everything.
Everything? No.
It's too much, of course.
Well, some things.
Look at this, Tony,
on the front fucking page.
They're accusing you of drug trafficking...
...the murder of Spadafora...
...and being a fucking double agent for the CIA
in Cuba.
Who put this in?
When did they really print this paper?
That's bad timing.
Would've been better tomorrow.
Relax, Pepe.
George Bush is an old friend.
He remembers well.
No, no, no.
What are you saying?
The White House? What?
I'm talking about the agency,
President Barletta. Isn't that right, Ginny?
The agency is behind your both,
Mr. President.
From Casey on down.
But this Spadafora murder
is a PR disaster.
Is this your view, Nestor?
That's why we brought Mark with us,
The press loves them.
We had an election. I won.
Free and fair elections, Mr. President.
Of course. What other kind?
Supervised by international monitors,
like the U.N. or....
Jimmy Carter.
Fabulous idea, Mr. Ambassador.
He brokered the Canal treaties. Perfect fit.
We've got a big problem in Washington.
Senator Jesse Helms is asking
for an investigation.
We welcome an investigation.
This Helms is...?
Well, it's not just Helms.
We got Kerry on the left saying the same stuff,
worried about the drug business.
And this in a town
where the left and the right agree on nothing.
Mark's right. Listen to him.
Drugs. Drugs.
Do they not read the newspapers?
We just raided a major processing plant
in Darien.
And look.
Yesterday, in Washington,
their own DEA gave me this.
"For his contribution... the war against drugs."
They said I was a rock.
-We know that, general.
-A fucking rock.
Yes, sir, we know.
And look what the French--
The French gave me this. The Legion of Honor.
Does your Senator Helms
have one of these?
-General, we know--
-No, no.
We know that you're one of the good guys,
an anti-Communist democrat.
But you have to appreciate
that the American public perceives you... something different than that.
And this Spadafora thing is not helping.
Well, how do they see me?
Well, the American public sees you
as a little pizza-faced, tin-pot fascist...
...which, Lord knows
how they got that impression.
You have to make a gesture, general.
Somebody's got to be arrested.
...let me talk to Roberto.
Yes, Tony?
I thought I told you take care of Nicky.
I am.
If the puppy shits on the rug...
...sometimes you still have to push his nose
in it.
-Right. Right.
-You know what to do.
Take care of it, Roberto, before I get back.
Very nicely put, general.
You like that?
You can see for yourselves.
I am totally committed to democratic reform.
Yes, it is.
Oh, my dear, yes.
I always love your hotel.
-And the room is full of beautiful flowers, and--
-The flowers.
And champagne.
Yes. Now all I lack is a beautiful woman
like you to share it with.
I love you too.
You're not gonna get away with this,
We have laws in this country.
It's your choice, Nicky.
You can sign this and retire gracefully...
...or else.
What a fool I've been.
The President of Panama, Nicholas Barletta,
stunned his tiny nation...
...when he announced his resignation
after little more than a year in office.
General Manuel Noriega
accepted the resignation of the president.
Elections will be held shortly
under the supervision of President Carter...
...and an international panel of jurors.
He grew up an orphan
in the slums of Panama City.
Despite this, he managed to gain a commission
in the Panamanian armed forces.
There, with the help of his mentor,
General Omar Torrijos...
...he soon rose to chief of intelligence.
After General Torrijos' untimely death
in a plane crash in 1981...
...he became the most powerful man
in Panama...
...and perhaps in all of Central America.
General Noriega.
Thank you.
I am speaking today...
...on the subject of the role of the military... the Contadora peace process.
As the great Niccolo Machiavelli observed... can make peace with the military... can make peace without the military.
But no one can make peace
against the military.
General Noriega.
You've been accused of like blackmail,
...drug dealing, money laundering,
selling arms...
...and destroying the democratic process
in Central America.
Who is saying these terrible things?
The Crimson.
But you do not believe them I hope.
I bet you did some of that.
The road to heaven must be very easy for you,
young woman.
You are rich, you are beautiful.
You live in a powerful country.
Your parents take care of you.
All you ask of yourself is to do no harm.
Me also.
I want to do no harm.
But for me it's not so easy a path.
I was born in hell.
You understand?
Every step I take... saying goodbye to hell.
How can this be evil
when I only want to be like you?
General. May we--?
May we have a word with you privately?
-You want a copy of my speech?
-Actually, we're interested... doing some business in Panama.
-Nothing illegal, of course.
-No, absolutely not.
-Of course not.
-Here's my card.
If you need anything in Panama,
you come to see me.
Thank you, general. We'll do just that.
You do not have a card?
You cannot do business without a card.
What do you learn in this place?
Where is everyone? Where are the limos?
At last.
Welcome to the workers' paradise.
-Welcome to Havana, general.
Come on, my sweet.
Tony, you're drinking too much.
Do you want Fidel to see you like this?
You know, you should not concern yourself
in matters of state, darling.
Fidel will not be here until midnight.
He always keeps people waiting.
That's his style.
...let's enjoy the hospitality.
This is a very simple country.
Copa Cabana
It is okay to give a face...
...if you offend the right persons, correct?
You offend me...
...but it is fine.
I forgive you. I know you.
You are a little stupid
and I take this into account.
You offend the Americans.
It is a good policy to offend the Americans...
...up to a point.
But, Tony... never offend the Colombians.
These are serious people.
You make a big problem...
...for Panama, for Columbia, for everybody.
The Americans knew about the lab.
There was nothing I can do.
You made a deal.
You took the money.
-I'm getting out of that business.
-You are on a one-way street, my friend.
You cannot turn around now.
What can I do?
Perhaps I can speak to someone,
make certain assurances.
Yes, but what?
The return of his investment.
Five million dollars?
Plus another five for the trouble you caused
and the loss of his material.
Ten million dollars?
I don't have $10 million.
Oh, of course, you don't have $10 million,
you little weasel...
...because you have 50
and you're too cheap to say you have 10.
Madre de Dios, once fought pigs like you.
Why is there always more like you
than there are like me?
You will not only give him 10,
you'll return his airplanes, his helicopters...
...and you will rebuild his fucking plant
somewhere else!
You understand, Manuel Antonio?
And then...
...perhaps he will forgive you.
Your husband should bring you to Cuba
more often.
Next time, I will take you to the mountains.
I love the mountains.
I will show you where the revolucin began.
It was a very good year.
The advice is free.
He is so much man.
Tony, I really think you should listen to Fidel.
He's very profound.
Bella, this man is a Communist.
I think he cares about you.
This is the worst day of my life.
Maybe I can make you feel a little better?
My little froggy.
Call Seora Vicky?
Seora Vicky?
How did your whore know where you are?
You pig!
You'll wake Fidel.
But I am not the same, Father.
I'm just a typical man of the Caribbean.
I would never do anything
to bring shame down on my house.
Felicidad, bless her soul....
She never knew anything.
You see, Father...
...between Fidel, Felicidad and Medellin...
...I was lost.
Welcome home, general.
I will not forget this, Roberto.
-Hello, Vicky.
-Hello, Icky. Icky.
You think this bird
is supposed to make everything different?
I trained him myself.
Listen. He's got a song for you.
Come on. Pepe, sing your song. Come on.
You better not dirty the fabric.
Hey, be glad you missed Paris.
It rained all week.
Is that what you think I want? Paris?
I don't give a parrot's ass about Paris.
-What can I give you, my sweet?
-Not some stupid bird!
Oh, Vicky, please believe me.
I've spoken to many priests about this.
Annulment is out of the question.
Even for a man in my position.
Too many children.
You hypocrite!
-You are the worst Christian in Panama!
-I am not a Christian.
I'm Catholic. It's like a race.
I move to Miami, does my skin turn pale?
Does my hair turn blond? No.
I am mestizo.
You look at me and you know.
Inside, I am Catholic.
Belief, faith, means nothing.
Because Catholic is a condition of life.
And this condition means
I am supposed to be your mistress forever? No.
-I do not accept this.
-Come, Vicky, Vicky. Come on.
-Icky, Icky, Icky.
-I'm so hungry for you.
-No, no.
-Come on.
I love you, Icky.
-You don't know what I feel.
-My name is not Icky.
You don't know what I feel.
I know what you want
when you have nobody to screw.
Go. Go to Felicidad, go to the other girls.
Go to Cesar.
Do not treat me this way!
You should learn more respect.
I love you, Icky.
Give this to the general.
Tell him it's from the Medellin.
Go in?
We have been friends for a long time.
But now....
Now you have a problem.
I want you to know
that I am here to help you.
I'm sure of that, Tony,
but what exactly is my problem?
Sit down.
It's better for our business.
Many people suggest
that you are responsible.
Tony, me? Of all people.
As I said, I am here to help you.
-So let me help you.
I've been thinking...
...maybe it is better
that you go to another country.
I want to stay in government service.
A post in a consular office.
Ambassador rank.
If you want me to take the gringos
off your back...
...I insist on this.
From one of the Colombians, general.
Thank you, Moises.
You ask for too much, Roberto.
But from the goodness of my heart...
...the Dominican Republic.
How could any ambassador make money
in the Dominican Republic?
Japan is out of the question.
I've already offered Japan to a cousin
of Vicky's, an expert on the Japanese.
He's a judo instructor!
Japan or nothing.
...I do not like ultimatums.
But I will think more where we send you.
I've been with you a long time, Tony.
I know too much.
How much has he already made
on Cuban visas? Millions.
And he tries to blackmail me?
What the fuck is this?
Felicidad and your daughters?
They're here.
Son of a bitch!
There are many clouds.
Black clouds.
You have new rivals.
New enemies.
Which ones?
A friend. Someone you have trusted.
An officer.
He is weak.
There is also a man.
Much power.
A man... robes.
Little nuncio.
He's giving refuge to my rivals.
Big. Much power
Come back. Come back!
Make me a potion.
Ay Dios mo, Tony, you overdo the potions.
It's not a gin and tonic, you know.
Why does everybody want me to suffer,
We'll make you a special.
You will feel like a king.
Take it easy.
It is true, Father.
I did worship the devil.
I did for-- It was done in the spirit
of scaring followers...
...into believing I had special powers.
But the funny thing is...
...after so many years of pretending...
...I found I did have supernatural powers.
It was amazing.
I even survived the Colombians.
I don't know how. I don't know why.
But anything I want, really want...
...I got.
Can I be blamed for this?
Sir. General. Thank you.
Thank you for seeing us.
It's my pleasure.
And here.
So how can we be of service?
We're looking to relocate
our base of operations.
What is your business then?
You may speak frankly.
You could say we're in...
This is a Harvard word...
...for drugs.
These North Americans come to Panama
believing they can do anything they want.
That we'll let them use our country,
fuck our women...
...corrupt our government... long as they leave a few million dollars
on the table for Tony Noriega.
Is this your hypothesis?
-No. General, we--
-Actually, general, that's....
That's exactly our hypothesis.
Tell me something.
Your country has only 4 percent
of the population of the world...
...yet you consume 64 percent of the drugs.
Why is this?
Gosh, you know, I--
I-- I never thought about that.
You don't do market research?
Well, we have more demand
than we could possibly supply already.
You know what I think?
The problem is not in Colombia.
The problem is not in Panama.
It is in your soul.
There's something wrong
with the soul of the gringo...
...that he needs all this cocaine, heroin...
...marijuana, LSD, crack.
You are so sick inside.
What do you think?
Am I correct?
General, I'm a businessman.
I'm not a philosopher.
I'm-- I'm here to do business.
I'm just....
Panama welcomes you.
Is it true Roberto has turned against Tony?
Did you notice who's here?
Everybody in the opposition.
-Do you think we're being set up?
-Roberto? No, no, no. He's too crazy.
He has lost weight. Is he ill?
He's been eating tofu,
and I hear he'd become faithful to his wife.
He must be crazy.
A few minutes ago,
in the presence of my guru...
...I made a prayer to my higher self...
...invoking the divine spirit
of the fourth incarnation of God on earth...
...whereupon I solemnly declared war...
...on General Manuel Antonio Noriega.
Look, I myself have made a fortune...
...selling Panamanian passports
to Cubans and Chinese.
But General Noriega makes millions
every month...
...from narcotraffickers
allowing drugs to pass through Panama.
He also authorizes
fake end-user certificates...
...for U.S. weapons
being shipped to other destinations.
-So weapons that are destined for Panama....
-Pepe, how the hell did he get on the news?
Cut him off, fast!
-Mama, I can't believe you're saying this.
-Believe me.
I am only acting in your interest.
My interest is to have an ordinary life.
Husband, children,
to be respected in the society.
As long as I'm his woman, I'm radioactive.
Vicky, listen to your mama. She's wise.
Many Panamanians wondered
if General Noriega was involved... the murder of Hugo Spadafora.
Of course he was.
Not only Hugo...
...but our beloved General Omar Torrijos.
General Torrijos?
Noriega conspired with the CIA
to have his plane crash in the mountains.
-Lie! Lie!
-And Ronald Reagan knew this.
I did not touch a hair
on the head of Torrijos.
He had a priest pushed out of a helicopter.
A simple....
No real dictator takes this shit
from some number-two man.
He is either loyal or he's dead.
-I want him arrested.
-The priest survived his fall into the sea.
Get him off the air now!
Then he had to kill him again.
I did not touch a hair,
a hair on the head of Omar Torrijos.
I-- I worshiped him. I adored him.
The priest, on the other hand, well,
that business was a little overblown.
I did order him pushed out.
I learned that from the Americans
in Vietnam.
But he lived.
You know, he fell 3000 feet.
Some damage, yes, but....
He too was blessed.
I learned many things from the Americans.
But still,
they always manage to surprise me.
Your glass is empty.
Chaquita, another carrot juice
for Colonel North.
These ribs are terrific, general.
Aren't you having any?
-I don't eat meat, actually.
-I'm surprised.
I think it's a sin
to eat the flesh of other animals.
Of course, you must enjoy your meal.
Don't think about the moral consequences.
No, no, no. This interests me.
All through history man has eaten meat.
I mean, in First Timothy,
the Apostle Paul wonder against vegetarians.
Because of foolishness like that,
I turned to the Buddhist faith.
-Oh, gosh, I don't know much about that.
-Well, it's...
...simply a search for truth.
What is it you want
from your great friend Tony Noriega, huh?
Well, to be honest, general...
...I've got my ass in a crack.
We have to shut off the arms
to the freedom fighters in Nicaragua.
The part of the money that was used
to purchase those arms came from a--
Now, what's the operative term here?
Special arrangement.
Special arrangement?
You sold missiles to the Iranians.
You sell them to the enemies of America.
Well, I guess it does sound odd.
But I have to remind you
that you still need discretion.
Why would I not practice discretion?
The arms?
The secret Contra training camps?
The secret accounts?
I keep them all here.
Nowhere else.
Now, here's the sticky part.
There's this renegade prosecutor in Florida.
They say he's got your name
on a drug indictment.
After all the favors,
this is how you repay me?
I just feel awful about it.
And how does my friend
George Herbert Walker Bush feel?
I'm sure he feels awful too.
So he can just get rid of the indictment,
simple as that.
You and me, we have an arrangement.
Well, the truth is I've got problems too.
I have a proposition.
Goodwill gesture.
We can get rid of the Sandinistas.
I have men there.
You give me a little money for them...
...and a dozen heads will roll.
Toms Borge, the Ortegas,
the whole bunch.
You take care of my problems,
I take care of yours.
That's a....
That's a neat idea.
I can't. That's against the law.
Are you being amusing?
Your whole fucking war is against the law.
So why is Tony Noriega the only one
to be indicted?
I wish I had a good answer for you.
You'll wish it very much by the end of this.
And so will my friend George Bush
and his boss, Mr. Reagan.
You fucked the devil.
And that is just the beginning.
There is never the end.
At all times, relative to this indictment...
...there existed an enterprise
which utilized the official positions...
...of the defendant, Manuel Antonio Noriega,
in the Republic of Panama... facilitate the manufacture
and transportation...
...of large amounts of cocaine
destined for the United States...
...and to launder narcotics proceeds.
How do you intend to get him
out of Panama?
We'll get him out, don't worry.
People of the streets...
...the North American white asses
who own this country...
...they want to get rid of Tony...
...again and again and again!
Every time, the gringos intervene.
Now they threaten to come back again.
Our dignity is at stake.
We must take back our Panamanian dignity.
And I say to the white asses
in their fancy clothes... do not go fucking with Tony Noriega...
...because the people of the streets
will not let this happen.
Am I correct? Yes!
Yeah! Yeah!
Yankee go home! Yankee can go home!
Yankee go home! Yankee can go home!
This has gone too far.
Noriega is responsible for this.
-Get Bush on the phone.
-Sir, those are mostly civil service workers.
I know who they are and who to blame. We've
been putting up with that pirate for too long.
If he thinks he can insult the U.S. State
Department, he's got something else coming.
I want that little toad to come in here
on his hands and knees and lick my ass.
If you are wondering where everyone was today
in Panama, you are one of the few...
...who did not turn out to welcome
former U.S. president Jimmy Carter...
...who arrived today in Panama City... supervise an international team
of election monitors.
Carter said his mission was to ensure...
...that Panama's presidential choice
was free and fair.
Turnout is expected to be very high in the race
between President Manuel Solis Palma...
...and his main challenger,
Attorney Guillermo Endara.
Why do you keep making
such silly men president, huh?
You should be president.
I will never be.
It is not my destiny.
The people who own this country
would never permit it.
When they look at the stage,
they want to see one of their own.
I'm a poor, ugly alley cat.
Pineapple face.
I know my role... destiny.
It makes me strong.
...this is my language.
Without power, I do not exist.
Even for you.
Here comes the mosquito.
In a few minutes,
you'll be on top of the world.
Any results yet, major?
They say the vote is running 3 to 1
against the president.
No, this is not true.
The Americans give our opponents...
...millions in Yankee dollars
to buy out the polls, advertising.
They expect to buy up our entire democracy.
No. The vote is in favor of our president.
In Panama,
the civilians have a responsibility...
...the military has a responsibility.
The civilians must choose
the right man to lead them.
Apparently, they have made a mistake.
So now it is up to the military... correct the mistake
the people have made.
Jimmy Carter is here.
He's supervising the election.
Carter! Fuck Jimmy Carter!
If he could run his own country,
he wouldn't be here! He'd still be in office!
Now, get out there, major,
and bring me the election.
--and each nation, Colombia, Venezuela,
others, have to make this decision...
...on their own, but I hope there will be
a worldwide outcry of condemnation...
...against a dictator who has stolen this election
from his people.
Opposition candidates Guillermo Endara,
Arias Caldern and Billy Ford...
...who lost in yesterday's election,
were severely beaten today... a mob in downtown Panama City.
The assailants,
who carried steel pipes and tire irons...
...knocked Endara unconscious
and gravely injured the other two.
-Papa, Papa, come swim with us.
-Okay, in a minute, okay?
Okay, why don't you get ready
for bed first, okay?
-Let's go play.
-Give me a kiss.
I'm in a hurricane.
Everything's flying apart.
I know.
I don't-- I don't know
what America is gonna do to us.
I don't know if they want Tony to stay,
I don't know if they want him to leave.
This man...
...sometimes he makes me laugh
and sometimes he makes me feel afraid.
But now, every day I wake up,
I feel ashamed.
Do you renounce Satan
and all his works and pomps?
We do renounce him.
Bless you, my little granddaughter.
May you have a long and happy life.
And may you shit money.
And may your enemies grow sick with fear
and die unnatural deaths.
Are you drunk?
-Tony! How are you?
You filthy dog.
She's young enough to be your daughter.
But she is my daughter.
Come, say hello to thegeneral.
Life, enjoy it, before it's too late.
She's beautiful.
-Thank you for your kindness.
-Major, keep your eye on the guests.
Any spies, photographers or Americans,
remove them.
Any American helicopter flying over,
shoot them down. That's an order.
Such an eloquent blessing, general.
I understand they have made you an offer.
I expect you could tell me every detail.
All those years in the Vatican,
one learns to keeps the ears open.
All those years,
you must have developed some sympathy...
...for the point of view of the devil.
Well, it has given me a certain...
...moral range.
So the Americans have agreed
to drop the indictments... least the extraditions.
You name your successor,
you keep your money...
...and this seems to me
too good to turn down.
Here, I have my resignation speech.
And reason tells me
that this is the correct path, to resign.
You have reservations?
Somoza, he stepped down.
The bastards tracked him down to Paraguay.
They blew him into microscopic pieces.
Didn't even find the hairs of his mustache.
General Torrijos used to say, "The first duty
of a man in power is to stay in power."
And if Torrijos had left
when the time was correct...
...perhaps his plane would not have crashed
so mysteriously.
You do me wrong, Monsignor.
I am conveniently accused
of all the crimes others have committed.
...when one rides the tail of the tiger... is unseemly to complain.
Do you read the Tao?
Eastern philosophy does not call to me. No.
There is great wisdom there.
Lao-tzu says, "Practice not doing...
...and everything will fall into place."
"When I am lifted up from the earth,
I will draw all men to myself," says the Lord.
Let us pray.
O powerful God, may the holy mysteries
we share in this Eucharist...
...make us worthy
to attain the gift of heaven.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.
The mass is over. Go in peace.
Thanks be to God.
Thank you. Thank you.
Father. I'd like a word with you.
Will you come with me?
Of course. I've been expecting this.
You have? Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, it's not what you think.
I just-- I just want to talk.
I know your reputation, Father.
You're the most anti-Noriega priest
in the country.
-Perhaps you're surprised I'd be talking to you.
-Depends on what you say.
Father, I'm a Christian and I'm a patriot.
And right now I find these two sides of me
are in a very dangerous struggle.
I wish to do something for my country
that might place my soul in jeopardy.
Sometimes men of faith
must take great chances.
But if they are true to their principles,
God will help them.
But what do you think
of the story of Abraham and Isaac?
I have often wondered why God
would place a man in such a position...
...that he would have to sacrifice
his own son.
He didn't have to make the sacrifice.
God stayed his hand.
I know. Okay, but, look,
the question I ask myself is...
...what if God had demanded
the blood of Isaac?
Can it ever be right to kill in cold blood?
I don't believe God would ask this.
-Bad vibration.
-Bad vibration.
Many people are turning against you.
People close to you.
Who are they?
I feel a larger force against you.
Colombians, Americans. Coming to get you.
Very strong.
-Too strong.
-Too strong?
Too strong.
Strong. Strong.
Much vibration.
Much vibration. Much vibration.
-Vibration. Vibration.
-Much vibration.
-Bad vibration.
-Bad vibration. Bad vibration.
-Bad vibrations.
Enough! Enough!
Look what you have done.
Tony, this is wrong.
Go. Get out of here!
Get out of Panama!
You need me.
I need you? I am the one with the power.
I am the spiritual mastermind.
You are just a fag with a towel on his head.
Get out!
Let me collect my herbs.
Here they are.
You already have too many enemies.
Too many enemies.
But I am rich.
Rich in power.
And rich with money.
Lots of money.
Rich with women.
And that's who I am.
And rich with enemies.
Rich in enemies.
You know... were such a handsome man.
No, no, no. I mean it.
And a doctor.
A handsome doctor.
The universe is a mystery.
And you could be up there so high.
And I was down so low.
What do you think, doctor?
It is funny, no?
Then why aren't we laughing?
A Panamanian solution. Isn't that
what you're president has been calling for?
We need to make one thing very clear,
The U.S. cannot be part of any plot that
might result in the death of a foreign leader.
We have no intention of harming anyone.
If everybody plays his part....
What is our part, major?
Simple. You block off the roads
to the presidential palace.
Don't have to do more.
Just stand in the way of reinforcements.
Fly over the airport.
Keep the planes on the ground.
We don't fire a shot in anger.
Just say it was all a routine maneuver.
It's no more than you do all the time.
And one other thing.
It's very personal.
I want you to protect my family.
In the morning. At dawn.
They'll come to Howard Air Force Base.
It's most important. Do you understand?
Here's our number.
All I can say is good luck.
It's a goddamn trap.
You ought to spot it from here to Timbuktu.
I don't know, general.
He seemed pretty sincere.
Noriega sends one of his most trusted men
over here... provoke us
into making some stupid maneuver.
Then he could point at us
and say we're playing gunboat diplomacy.
Aren't we negotiating for him to resign?
-We heard State's talking to him.
-But we don't know.
We hear Noriega's just playing along.
He doesn't seem very serious.
If it's real, this guy Giroldi
may be our best chance to get rid of Noriega.
"If." Suppose this is just a show.
Noriega is completely capable
of staging the whole thing.
Hey, Pepe. Yeah.
It's good, huh? Yeah, okay.
And some for you.
Monster! Moron!
Please! Please!
You disgrace our children.
Even in the newspaper,
they talk about Seorita Vicky.
No, no, no. I-- I closed the newspaper down.
I'm taking the girls and I'm leaving you.
Oh, pl-- Fe-- Felicidad, no!
-Stay right there! Stay there! Stay!
Thank you.
Tony, we could have eaten at my apartment.
I'm sure the food is better here.
You will never understand these people.
They would never accept this.
Tony and his mistress.
-Is that how they see it?
-That is how it is.
No, no. I see it differently.
It's Tony and his fiance.
-Have you told Felicidad?
-Well, not yet. It's a little difficult.
Well, I'm glad you haven't told her,
because I cannot do this.
-It would be wrong for everyone.
-I thought this was what you want.
I thought it was what I wanted too.
And then I finally realized something.
All my life I belonged to someone else.
My mother, you.
I never did anything for myself.
Now I'm going to do something I want to do.
I am going to be a fashion designer.
In Miami.
I know what you're thinking.
It sounds vain and shallow, doesn't it?
But, Tony, I am vain and shallow.
I'm not the kind of woman
who wants to be fist lady of Panama.
I can give you a fashion business.
I'll appoint you minister of fashion.
Everybody in Panama...
-...will wear just what you want them to.
-God. Tony, you miss the point.
-Do you know how much I want you?
-Want, want.
Do you know what it's like to be wanted
by Tony Noriega? It's like a prison.
Listen, you give me what I want,
I give you what you want, okay?
What is it I can't give you, huh?
Love, money, power? What?
I just don't want people
hating me all the time.
It takes a toll, Tony.
I love you.
If you love me, become a regular person.
And then maybe I'll consider your offer.
I can't.
I know.
Honey, I'm home!
No-fucking-body here.
It's the leader of your country speaking!
Fucking Armani!
Fucking Cerruti!
Fuck-- Fucking--
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, no.
I'm just so scared.
Don't worry.
I told the Americans what I needed
and they agreed on every point.
Tomorrow night, we'll have a celebration.
Just the two of us.
We'll get a room in the Intercontinental.
Our first night in a free Panama.
Moises, if you do this...'re going to have to kill him.
You know he won't just step aside.
I have no other option.
Oh, Moises.
Why does it have to be you?
I think God wants this.
And with God and the gringos on our side,
how can we go wrong?
May I help you, ma'am?
We are the Giroldis.
Aren't you expecting us?
Something going on, corporal?
No, general.
I was just checking my cartridge.
Checking your cartridge?
Go! Vmonos, move!
-Come on!
-Look out!
General! General Noriega!
It is Moises.
General, it's no use. Look out your window.
Please, no one should die for this.
Give up, general, or we'll have to kill you!
Do you have any weapons?
Throw your weapons into the hall!
Your pistol, general!
You've done a wise and honorable thing,
Now, I'll have you move to the window.
What are you going to do?
-Just do as I say.
-Just-- Can't you follow orders, general?
Look at the monster!
Oh, no, no. No, please. No.
No one is gonna die here, general.
But you must resign.
Just give me a moment.
I need to pray.
-Very well, then, if that's what you need.
-Do not trust him, major.
He must be treated with respect.
Just leave him alone
to make peace with himself and with God.
That son of a bitch Giroldi,
he's throwing me out.
-They're going to kill me.
Maybe somebody is loyal.
The Mountain Men, the Doberman,
the Dignity Battalion.
As long as the Americans
are not a part of this, it....
Get the chief of police.
Tell him to round up the families
of the HQ staff.
Come in.
We have a statement for you to sign.
-This is my resignation.
I cannot sign this.
The terms are extremely generous.
You may stay in Panama.
-All charges will be dropped.
-There are several items for discussion.
I will have to get a legal reading
before I make such a commitment.
We are not negotiating, general.
These are the final terms.
Really, there are a few items
that need to be clarified.
For instance,
there is nothing here about my pension.
-It may be a small thing to you, lieutenant...
...but I have to consider my family. Have
the Americans examined these documents?
This is not an American action,
this is a Panamanian action.
But surely they know about it.
I think you should fax it over
to get a reaction.
Major, if you are going to run Panama,
you may as well know...
...the Americans like to have their thumb
in every pie.
It would set a good precedent,
show that you will be cooperative...
They like that.
This is a ruse. Send it to the Americans...
...and we'll be here in the next century
waiting for a reply from the State Department.
It is just a gesture, a simple courtesy.
-I don't see the harm it would do.
Your first executive decision.
I must admit, I am impressed.
What the hell am I supposed to do
with this?
Appears there really is a coup in progress.
Maybe we should provide the backup
Giroldi asked for.
it appears there's a countercoup underway.
Coup, countercoup,
how the hell do we know what's real?
What are we doing in this goddamn
third-world puzzle box in the first place?
Guarding a goddamn ditch.
-The Mountain Men division.
-No, the Americans have blocked the road.
Do you see them?
There are no gringos out there.
-No answer.
-Major, let's kill him now.
-Then what do you propose?
You absolutely refuse to sign it?
I cannot sign.
-We have to deliver him to the Americans.
-Too late for that.
It's for you.
They have my wife, my family,
even my mother.
They have other families as well.
What happens to me happens to them.
If you value your families,
place your weapons on my desk.
It's over for you, Giroldi.
The hell with them.
You want some friendly advice?
This is your moment of decision, major.
...I propose you kill yourself.
It's against my religion.
I respect that.
In that case, give me your weapon
and place your faith in God's hands.
Of course... could still kill me, major.
But you can't do that either, can you?
You don't have the balls for that.
So, what are you going to do?
Kill me?
Kill yourself?
Act now.
Now shoot.
Shoot me. Come on.
Shoot me.
God is waiting for me.
We're coming in, general!
Thank you, gentlemen.
You should have taken my advice.
-Is the compound secure?
-Yes, sir.
I am tired of this shit!
Do you believe this?
This can't be just luck.
I should be dead.
I should be laying on the floor
with my head blown up... that poor stupid son of a whore.
Kneel down.
It's a miracle.
Do you believe in miracles?
A religious man. I assume you do.
Love is a miracle.
You know, I'm just as puzzled as you.
I don't know where I get this power.
Someone up there is taking care of me.
Otherwise I wouldn't be here.
Put your hands on the desk.
You pushed me, remember?
That was rude.
Oh, God!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
I want a little more respect around here.
Kill me. Kill me.
Kill me. Somebody kill me now.
Oh, no, major.
That would be so disappointing.
He says he wants to die.
I don't think he wants it enough.
Besides, I have a few question to ask you.
And then, perhaps...
...I will consider your request.
My father and my mother I never knew.
I was the bastard son of my father
and his domestic.
The kid nobody wanted.
An orphan.
A piece of trash going through the streets.
But my country, I love.
My Panama.
I have always fought for Panama.
But the gringos, impossible.
For 10 years, I helped their country...
...and they turn on me.
Because there is only one interest
that country has in ours.
And that's the Canal.
Nothing. Nothing more of Latin America
is more important to them than the Canal.
From today...
...a state of war exists between
the peace-loving Republic of Panama...
...and the monster of the north.
A war...
...with the United States.
The United States tonight declared that,
in effect, Panama's General Manuel Noriega... a threat
to this country's national security.
Mr. Noriega, the drug-indicted--
Drug-related, indicted dictator of Panama.
We want to bring him to justice,
we want to get him out...
...and we want to restore democracy
to Panama.
And so when you read
these outrageous charges... a drug-related indicted dictator,
discount them.
They are total lies.
My Israeli sources tell me that
a large American battle group is headed for us.
And Cuban intelligence has spotted...
...RC-135 transports and U.S. fighter wings
out of Florida.
They thought they were being invaded.
All landing here at Howard Air Force Base,
right in your own backyard.
It all points to a massive strike
at virtually any moment.
This is bullshit.
The Americans can't touch me.
I've got George Bush by the balls.
Well, Tony, apparently he doesn't think so.
You'll like it.
Tony. You can't get any of the whores?
This is not your day.
-No, no. Not your uniform.
-What will I wear?
Okay, go. Quick.
Team two. Clear.
It's the real thing, pal.
Sorry, buddy.
-Drive! Drive!
Fellow citizens, last night
I ordered U.S. military forces to Panama.
No president takes such action lightly.
This morning, I wanna tell you what I did
and why I did it.
Last Friday, Noriega declared
his military dictatorship... be in a state of war
with the United States...
...and publicly threatened the lives
of Americans in Panama.
That was enough.
At this moment,
U.S. forces are engaged in action in Panama.
But the operation is not over yet.
General Noriega is in hiding.
And nevertheless...
...yesterday, a dictator ruled Panama.
And today, constitutionally elected gover--
Elected leaders govern.
Coming. Coming.
-Oh, Seor Arthur. Welcome.
-Good evening, Sister. Good to see you.
And Monsignor.
Thank the Lord you're safe.
I see the power is out yet again.
Lower your voice if you please.
Lord above.
What have we here?
Police torturers.
-That's nice.
-Members of Noriega's death squads.
They came to church.
Foreign terrorists.
A cross-section of Panamanian society.
We can put them in the convent school
across the street...
...until the new government
has established itself.
Welcome back, Monsignor.
So do we have any idea
where the little general is?
People say he is in the jungles,
calling for armed resistance.
I cannot believe it.
More likely he is in a Colombian whorehouse
calling for a whiskey soda.
In any case, the borders are sealed.
His army has collapsed.
Even his closest aides are making deals.
He has no one. The Americans have
offered a million-dollar bounty on his head.
He's a cornered rat.
You know where this cornered rat will turn?
He'll come here.
What if he does?
It is a diplomatic disaster.
We'll ask the Americans to put a cordon
around our embassy.
Under no circumstances is Noriega to believe
this sanctuary is available to him.
If he were here
I just don't know how I'd behave.
I've never hated a man so completely.
Be careful, Father Jorge.
In my experience,
it is always those questions...
...that we do not wish to face about ourselves
that God likes to pose.
The little general.
Pineapple face.
How kind of you to call.
Well, as a matter of protocol...
...I would have to submit such a request
to the Vatican.
You put me in a very difficult situation.
No, I cannot.
All right.
All right.
I agree.
Yes. Yeah, I am leaving immediately.
Thank you,
and happy Christmas to you too.
He says I have 10 minutes to decide.
He wants sanctuary.
If I don't accept him,
he says he will wage years of guerrilla warfare.
"Blood will be on your hands, Monsignor."
So you agreed.
He is waiting at the DC diner.
-Shall I call for your car?
-Yes, but I am not going, you are.
I distinctly heard you say
you were picking him up.
It's important that I reach the ambassador.
I'll get the Americans to intercept him.
Put on my vestments.
No one will guess you're not me.
Noriega will.
He knows you well.
He's gonna suspect a trick.
I don't wanna think what he might do.
No, don't worry. He will come along.
He has no choice.
I promote you.
Now, go. You take the papal Toyota.
I'll call the Americans.
They will ride to your rescue like the cavalry.
-Go. Go, go, now.
It's on the right, I think.
What would you like?
A Coke, please.
-A Coke? What about you?
-I'll take a hamburger.
-What hamburger? We have plenty.
-What hamburgers you got?
We got belt buster, mini belt buster,
supreme belt buster.
I'll take a large belt buster.
Supreme belt buster.
-Large French fries.
-French fries. Something to drink?
-Cherry cola?
-Cherry cola.
-I take cherry cola.
-Okay. I got it. I got it.
Got it.
I-- I think it's hopeless. We're too late.
I'm afraid he's here.
Is this some priestly trick?
Where's the nuncio?
He was occupied.
He sent me instead.
If you want to go to the nunciature,
you can come with me. Otherwise....
Let's go.
Do you not understand?
Noriega is coming here.
Now. Right now, yes.
Because your line was busy for 20 minutes,
an idiot receptionist put me on hold.
If you send troops immediately, you have--
Your weapons will have to be in the safe.
Now you're under the protection of the Vatican,
you will be staying in our presidential suite.
My room is at the other end.
Many of your opponents
have taken advantage of our hospitality.
Not right now, of course, but in times past.
I'm afraid the appliances don't work
very well...
...the air conditioner, not at all...
...and the television, almost not at all.
Well, we have dinner at 7.
And there is a Christmas Eve mass
at midnight.
Under no circumstances is he to use the phone
or receive any outside communications.
Oh, Sister, would you hide the fax machine?
Is the general not going to join us?
He would never eat this.
He is, you know, a strict vegetarian.
Two things you can never do
around the general.
Eat meat and smoke.
Monsignor. Monsignor.
The building is surrounded by Yankees.
Now they come.
Hold on.
I understand you're harboring
an international criminal, Father.
So you say, general, but he has not been
found so by an international court.
I want you to get your people out of there.
Either you hand him over or we're coming in.
Of course, I am delighted you want
to take this problem off my hands, general...
-...but this is not the way to go about this.
-I don't see how you can stop us.
No, no, obviously, I cannot.
On the other side of this gate, however,
you will be standing on the soil of the Vatican.
It would be the same
as invading the Cathedral of St. Peter.
I suppose I might mention that to the press.
In the meantime...
...we are at dinner.
Good morning, Panama!
Here's a special broadcast from Uncle Sam
to his good friend Tony Noriega!
I thought you might need a mirror.
I would never consider asking you to leave.
You may stay here as.... As long as you wish.
I prefer Mexico or Spain.
Yes, but Panama will never allow that.
I doubt the Yankees will either.
There are only three alternatives.
Stay here...
...turn yourself over
to the Panamanian authorities...
...or trust the American legal system.
Who knows what a good lawyer
might do for you.
You want to know what really concerns me?
I'm afraid the Americans
will let the mobs break through.
Why would they stop them?
I would hate to see you end up like Mussolini,
hanging by your heels... a butchered hog.
The ambassador will continue at the
United Nations throughout the afternoon.
Today, the bullet-ridden body
of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu...
...was put on display.
Ceausescu, who was found guilty of treason
and high crimes against the state...
...faced a firing squad yesterday morning.
Thousands of people
celebrated the execution in Bucharest.
In other news,
the standoff in Panama City continues.
American soldiers have....
This is the Lamb of God
who takes away the sins of the world.
Happy are those
who are called to his supper.
Lord, I am not worthy to receive you,
but only say the word and I shall be healed.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
He has to make a confession.
He has to have an act of contrition.
Otherwise he's committing another mortal sin
by accepting Communion.
It is his sin, Father, not yours.
You are not the judge.
You're only a priest.
Really, Monsignor, do you truly believe
that God loves this man?
Is it not obvious?
The Vatican is pretty upset.
Not only have you exposed the Holy See
to the accusation of political partisanship--
Excuse me, Monsignor.
I would like you to hear my confessions.
All my life, I've been looking for love.
It was the one thing God denied me
for so many years.
Now, he has given me
the one thing I want most.
Do you--? Do you not think that all of this
was God's will?
I don't presume to know God's will.
You understand
what your penance must be?
-The body of Christ.
-The body of Christ.
-The blood of Christ.
The blood of Christ.
The truth is, Father,
my life has been a mystery.
Even to me.
I have thought about this many times.
Twenty-five thousand soldiers
are looking for me.
One million dollars on my head.
But still they do not kill me.
Stand clear!
Why does God love Tony Noriega?
Why does he forgive him?
How did I get to be his favorite?
Why does he give me this third act?
Because I think...
...he wants me to begin again.
And this time, Father, I assure you...
...I will not let you down.