Normal Life (1996) Movie Script

- "Lock & Load."
Ready? Time to go!
FBI! Do not move!
You're under arrest!
-Is there a gun in the bag! He takes the gun!
-Let me see your hands, immediately or I'll head her brains blown out!
Why do not you just fuck?!
-Why do not you just kill him?!
What hell did?
-Shots, shots ...
Suspect goes to the east ...
Police uzvraa, we have a unit, chase
vehicle in which the armed preparedness.
FBI! Drop your weapon, leaving the vehicle
arms above your head, you have 10 seconds!
-Comes in action, you do not know anything about guns
but wanted something to protect the home.
The character wants grenade, I can not
to sell, raznee wrist.
I sold him miserable 38-cu instead,
If Sindi hear, odlepie.
I thought we were in it for the money.
-Too much stuff, too few people, well you did.
Tell it Sindi.
You know, it becomes clear that you do not care about me.
-Well, fuck you! No, fuck you!
-I go now, do not be going back!
Well go, get out of here!
-I dig here, stupid, fucking bitch!
Yes, and you, a fucking loser!
Hey, let me see it.
Do not worry, clean it.
Hold raised like this.
Would you like to dance?
-I do not dance.
-I do not either. Come on.
Maybe you'll have to hold yourself to me.
-I can do it.
-I Pem.
-What are you reading?
-The guy in a wheelchair.
Well, how did you find me?
-I am a police officer, I did not tell you? -No.
Basically parking.
That's why you're here?
No, during lunch I thought
Ranges to practice the target.
Your time? Yes, I organize my self
time, just like me here.
-Okay, take a deep breath.
Take the middle and holding,
now aim, press.
I do not suppose you're killing animals?
For me, the shooting accuracy,
control, if something happens, I'm ready.
I'm surprised that someone like you does not carry weapons.
-What do you mean, someone like me?
-Prelepa you guys must
you are constantly flirting.
-Always taking the girls to shoot?
Enough I shot on the ground,
it's just a hobby.
-Good hobby.
-What is it?
-Tomorrow at the same time! You showed me
her, now I'll show you mine.
Unit-103, answers
arrest on the pitch.
-What is this? On the car!
Possession of drugs, driving fast
resisting arrest.
-That's your name?
Fuck you, nerd!
Get up, come on in the car.
Come on!
-Well, try now.
I see, it looks almost blue ...
A little down on the left.
It's not very clear, it is blurry.
Like the dilutions? -Yes.
That's why it's not a star, it's a new galaxy.
-Incredibly ...
-The force of gravity of the black hole is so
strong that all nearby pulled ...
Not even light can not escape,
because they are invisible ...
As a big hole in the sky.
-How do you know you exist?
Just in theory, even before 100
years, something hit Siberia
and miles of forest have been razed, but nobody ever
nothing was found, or meteor, nothing.
Well, some people think it is a small
black hole passed through the Earth.
-Through the Earth?
Like a bullet through the smoke.
Black holes are really mighty, are part of the
of something called the "Black Thing of the universe."
I love it. Most of the stuff in the universe
it is invisible, and no one knows what he is or where he
I think I see what's there,
but not so.
-Does not seem to be that oseas
everything you do is not important?
Yes, is not it great?
As you do not have to be afraid.
Do you ever think about dying?
He was one shot training
at the academy.
The policeman on duty followed
someone for some committing violations.
He approached the driver's side, acted
is friendly when he took the driver's.
But on the radio is something ulo, and
He turned his head for a moment.
White light, the end of the tape ...
Can that happen every day, I want to
be one clean shot to the head, almost.
I wish, I wish, I wish that I fall
the black hole so that I die.
As the disappearance of a big nothing
my pictures forever hovering on the horizon.
For billions of years the alien
spacecraft would have passed by me.
Be seen to continue to fly.
-My God, you're so crazy ...
Hey Pem! No, I did not think so ...
Pem, I think so, Pem ...
Please do not, I, Pem, wait, wait
I ... I did not mean it.
I thought so, I thought a good crazy,
how are you doing that oseam's crazy, that's all.
I would not say anything to hurt you,
I never oseao like you.
It's okay ...
-Saekaj here, I'll be right back.
Hey dude! Head said she had to dismiss
resisting arrest, do you know why?
Because you wanted to support me.
Nothing you video ...
-I saw that you put a kid in handcuffs
before you kicked him in the balls.
-Henderson, you're an arrogant bastard, you know?
Even for beginners, you have still a lot to ui.
And you will not find it in your fucking books.
-Will you teach me, or first put handcuffs?
-Nauie in one way or another, nauie.
-Lord, did you have to face him spit?
-Yes, I did.
-Regret! -What are you doing here?
I thought I told you to stay in the van.
-You were gone so long, so I
I thought you needed support.
-Overcame limits.
-Privee me?
-Is not it great? My house.
-It is nice.
But this color, do not get it, it was yellow.
-Are your house? To say hello ...
That's my room, correct to say that in the middle,
I lay there in the cot.
Spans the styles that I loved to watch
wallpaper, were the star and missiles.
Fire flares was red, and ranged
toward the darkness, it was beatiful.
Probably wished deaka.
-Sorry guys, can I help you?
No, my friend has lived here
and he wanted to show me.
-We bought the house last year,
Is she one of Davikijeve children?
No, no. Sorry about harassment.
-With me something was wrong, asthma
or something like that, I could not breathe.
Obviously they had to get out,
You can not really blame them, I mean ...
Children may not like to Smar although good,
I'm sure they explained, I do not know.
I was 4 years old.
Do you know how much I have waited?
It lies shattered in the car, head
She rolled into the canal, and I can not wait,
can not wait like a fucking moron.
-Did I do something wrong Pem?
No, you're great Kris, the best.
-It seems to me that you never leave,
and I want you to leave.
-Listen, I do not come on, ok?
Are you a problem?
-Never? Yes, ever.
-If you think that with me there is something wrong,
fuck you, you already get what you want,
What worries you then.
-I just want to know if you, too nice.
Shit, you're the same as all the characters with a huge ego.
You have to prove your good time
What are you gonna do to a woman screaming.
Who am I to fucking please you?
Pem-See! Can you still love me?
-I said, would you still love me, simply a question.
Because I love you.
I love you, and I want to marry you
but you and me to love you.
-You're crazy, why would you believed?
-Because I needed brinuu about you
and I want you to be my wife.
Is it so strange? I mean,
Give Pem, do people do when they love.
Voleu and forever, I do not care for sex.
It's not that I do not want to finish just does not happen.
-We can change.
But you have to decide, do you want me or not
I can stay or go.
But you have to odlui Pem.
-If you're taking Kris present here Pem
to be your law venana wife
to live together in holy marriage community
you love her, ugodi her, honor and uva,
from now on, for better or worse
wealth or poverty, disease
or health, until death do you part?
-If you're taking here Pem present Kris
to be your law venan husband
to live together in holy marriage community
you love him, ugodi him, honor and uva,
good or bad, wealth or poverty
sickness or health, until death do you part?
-You can share Burma.
Ovlaen by the state and the constitution
I pronounce you husband and wife.
-Here we are, tend to, uplaie them.
-Regret! Hey Mom!
-It is much nicer than I thought.
Hey Pem!
-It's comfortable, what is this here?
Pem-enters the telescope, Dad.
It's a Newtonian reflector, and these bolts
set the main frame at the end.
Yeah, you know, I'm sorry I have to ask that.
-Let me help you?
Hey Adel, do so to run away
You guys have not surrendered his gift.
-For both, it is to move. -Pem?
-Frank, Frank, let the boy to open.
-Honey, come here. -We thought you'd be
srean you have it, you loved it when you were little.
Oh, patrolling. -There is always, wedding gift
we called the patrolling, Kris is still much loved.
Sea when you wanted to be a cowboy?
What was that program Frenk?
Cowboy chase! Entire school year
just want it.
I want to be a cowboy, mom ...
-It's great. Krise whether food is burnt?
-Proveriu, here.
But Kris ...
It is well-Pem.
-Kris made.
-I am sure that you helped,
doneu little water.
-Are you okay? Bie well?
-Frank Drink this.
-It has a bad week, this new therapy ...
I think that it should be carried to home.
Are you going to go home Frenk?
Come on!
-Pem! Come out to say hello darling.
-Can you izae now, they are gone, it's safe.
-One barely B Size and
other around C, hold, or vice versa.
I do not know, do not be gradations range
but she was very selfaware.
Well she could to put the implant, only one.
-I did not care, I was very sexy.
Call me crazy but I love boobs.
-Iva, how did you know what you are?
-Do you think gay? How did you find out?
-I always knew.
Just as you know, you guys like them
It's the same thing.
Simply know who you are.
-Cindy wants to invite you to Sunday
on the grill. I can not on Sunday, Mike.
-They no longer heal the, what is with you,
you are still in the honeymoon?
Fucking busy, too busy fucking?
-I am not busy.
Just on Sunday pumped out the basement
Stjuovom uncle, in. ..
Already-'s great ... I told you that marriage is a fence.
Pem-is worth it.
-Pem, home alone. Pem!
-I must have fallen asleep.
-What's to eat? I have not had dinner.
-What is a bad day?
It's not bad, only lasts 37 hours.
Kris, I thought, we should get a dog.
The dog would protect Krise.
I think we need a dog, you are always absent.
-I have to do all the time.
I know but it's just an idea, besides
dog the company and liked to us.
You do not want a dog that you bring slippers and licking feet?
I thought because I have you.
Pem know you want a dog.
-Or maybe Labrador Husky.
-He has to eat, you have to feed it,
I do not feed, there is no food here.
Do not look at me, I'm not your damn housekeeper.
-No kidding.
Shit. What time is it? I have to work.
Now? Are you going? Is wrong.
We need to set ground rules.
-I have to go.
-When you get back home postaviemo
some basic rules.
-Late 50 minutes.
Pem not to let it more.
I warned you a million times, if you can not
to arrive on time, do not bother to come.
You finished for tonight, let's go, if you do not
arrive tomorrow in time do not even come.
What are you on a break?
Pem-wait! Are you okay?
God, what a fucking asshole!
-She hates me, otpustie me.
-No, I will not fire you.
See you tomorrow zvau uvea in 8
I check if you are awake.
Here kitty.
Hey, enjoy a free dinner.
-Thank you, Iva, you're my only friend
you know that? -Talk to you later.
I'm sorry Miss,
your card is rejected.
Magnetic tape-worn smooth
Just copy over it.
I can not, rejected, not damaged.
-Invite them.
-Never surrender over it.
-Do you want to sell eyeglass?
Client-requested copy, tell yourself.
Hello, of course I understand,
But these are not normal circumstances
tonight is pomraenje months
obviously we now need eyepiece.
5 days ago I sent a check
mail is messed up again. He will not be back
deliminog pomraenja next 6 years
Until then you will surely deliver them posted
my a check and you'll ruin my business.
-Thank you very much. -Tonight is pomraenje?
Yes, for three months, to see that knife.
-Excellent Tanto seivo, guaranteed
... Going through the door of the car.
-I do not care what may Pem
I'm not allowed to spend $ 500.
-I need your permission?
And I do, sea be?
You have no idea what kind of crap I put up with
of that fucking udaka.
-I will not listen to you, because we agreed ...
-Why do I need you to get justice?
Because you're wearing pants? Because one of the
We must be in contact with realnou.
And I'm not because I want things for yourself
and beach to your money?
-Our money. No, these things are here
what is yours-yours, what's mine-yours.
I noticed that you do not mind that
wasting our money when it pleases gun.
You do not ask my permission, how many guns
do you have? The engine, Night ride with Mother.
-You work at night, otherwise she could with us,
you know. -So I should quit, that completely
I depend on you, and to ask permission
of you to fucking breathe.
-First, I had the engine 2 years ago
but I met a mother ...
-Screw Mother and motor, screw your head
stupid family, because I do not fucking listen.
No, because you ... Shut up immediately
Now that you're clogging.
-I believed you. I believed
and you're the same as everybody else.
It did not take me to marry you, never
never supposed to marry you.
-I would love to see how you'll survive
without me. -Get the fuck outta here, Lord.
... Creature visible in sazveu Perseus
known as the Demon Star ...
Beta ... Perseus is actually almost double,
Two stars caught together in one orbit ...
Beta Perseus ... we call dark
pomraujuom surface ...
15 ... that the beginning of the 23h, see
light while darker star hides his ...
Smaller pieces ... brighter companions. Mars
will be visible to the whole month ...
... Thank you for calling heaven
reporter ...
-Pem, honey, I'm sorry.
Hey. Oh God.
Pem-baby, come on, in bed
You're already three days. Pem?
-There is a document? Of course, the dog
is worth $ 400.
But I thought that we can not afford.
He told the I-Center safeguards,
there to work off a few hours, srediu it.
-Thank you, Kris, I could not live without you.
All the chaos, and you and I, we're a real family
as I've always wanted, you've got it made possible.
Lots of love. -I do everything for you
Pem. I just want you and usreim.
-Uncle Kris! -Come on, help me.
A good soldier.
Hey, you finally succeeded, the UDI's mother was behind.
Come on you. How are you?
-Regret all! Hey Mike!
-How are you Kris?
-Who wants a drink? -I'll get another beer.
And I will one of these.
-Pem! Pem do you want a beer?
-Are you the mower might spoil?
Just growing, mowing am 4 days ago.
-I told him he needs to cut the
every 2 days during the summer.
-What do you prefer, or swing set?
-Set, this is more difficult to control
especially when it is close to a large tree.
You know that his father was much worse.
Adel says that long since you went.
-Kris called him.
Pem-God, it's not the same.
You ... already started with that. Pem, are you listening?
What are you going to do? Would you izae
or are you going to stop? Just responsibly.
It now needs to do, drive motor.
-Are you listening to me? No, do not listen to you.
Just stop.
-The food is awful, Sindi was awful ...
Stop it with food.
It has nothing to do with Sindi even with Mother
and you know it. Every time I do I want
to go somewhere with my family
can not you do that for me.
No! -Please. -Fucking Son of a bitch.
Get away from me.
I do not go anywhere without me.
-Put on a dress, right?
Well if you have the department store.
Be in the funeral home at 6 am
I'll be with my mom all day.
Be there. Regret.
Something wrong? I suppose.
Krisov dad died.
Pem-God, I'm sorry.
Why, did you kill him?
-You can not in the matter.
-Get them away from me.
-I can not help you now.
Kris, I'm sorry about your dad.
I know you love it. I'm really sorry.
-I tell you, I threw the jacket below opasaa
as you said, all that he kidnapped a weapon.
Cancel-okay? -What's wrong with you?
Everybody knows that Svift moronic no secret ...
-For what are you so damn special? This
the real world Krise, you have to live with them.
-Podri them, and support. Hey, swelling
a coffee shop, he honor.
-Fuck them, I'm doing my job.
Well then you're going to look to work alone.
I'll be there.
Unit-36, Highway 20, a mile
due east, request support, end.
Unit 36 ??again, Highway 20
require support provided, the end.
Poor fucking fagots need to sit
here and can not wait to make my ass hurt
just because one of you lenjivaca
not raise his to earn his pay?
Good-bye, asshole.
-Where's mine?
-I did not save it.
-Why? You have not thought that I ate?
Not occurred to you, "Kris has had a long
hard, shitty day, lost his job
you might like to come home to
a decent meal for a change. "
Pem Come, sit, come.
He checked I our situation, if
I get a lot of time working at the Center
assuming maximum povea
number of overtime hours in Univorldu,
I continue to work in their free time to
Stjuovog uncle, and cut costs to a minimum
I think we can rid
Debts for 8 years.
Pem Well, what do you think?
I think we are cool dinner.
-You simply do not get it, we are in serious
trouble. -Those assholes!
How you got fired? You're much better
than they will ever be, I think ... God!
Assholes, they just fuck
anyway you hated the job.
Listen to Kris, you might be on to this
as an opportunity, I think ...
You hated the bastards, right?
Now you can release them.
I've always said you wanted to zapone
your job, maybe it's now time, maybe ...
just do not see that this is good.
-Have you not heard any REE what I said?
Starting a business cost, we do not
money, no credit because you ruined all the cards.
We do not have any sources, if I lose my car
and motor do not have enough money for this hole.
It's over to me as a cop
we drown, and where now?
Will I find a place where I will
much to pay? You tell me!
What do not you just go to eat?
-You can continue employment at
probation based on entry
the program treat ment of drug addiction.
Everything is here. Say if you have questions.
Pem, if you break a rule
seek help.
Saekaj-bit, do more.
Would you like to play Pem?
Igrau any game you want.
You do not want to live over, I will not either.
Are you srena now? Because it's over.
On the 3rd First .. 2nd ..
No! Krise sorry. I can not fix it
I can not, I'm sorry.
-911. -Securing Center, switched
alarm in the first commercial bank
at the corner of Dwight and Earlton.
-Units 706 and 709, the alarm in the first
commercial bank, corner of Dwight and Earlton.
-Send car to the location, the unit ...
709, approaching the first commercial
bank, department-Dwight Earlton.
-19 Minutes. Pathetic.
It's only rehabilitation Pem
will not kill you, I will come pick you up at 3
Do not forget to eat.
I love you.
-Sometimes the breakup, but the bar
I have Kris, he's like a rock.
Yet I know that I have
alone to take care of themselves.
Can not reach
I expect that corrects things.
Kris wants what's best for me,
neither did he presrean to be here.
I just want to get back to normal.
-What do you want?
-I just want it all out this,
I want my life back.
Kris does not understand this drug
He is clean, clean as a whistle.
In fact he was a police officer, if
You can not accept it.
But is not there to make progress
and will soon set up his own company,
there are lots of people who will invest in it.
Creature great.
All-stop, and I mean it now.
Niko had not moved it, give me that
fucking gun, one that is not moving.
There, on the floor, and you, lie down on the floor
Now, get the fuck out there.
Looking for a boss, who will do it.
You, come here, front kick, immediately.
Fill this fucking bag, you have 2 minutes
filled it, it's really full. -Yes.
Do not look at me, lie down, full, lies
I said to lie. Come on, move it back.
You, too, lay on the floor, both morons
downstairs. Charged, coming here, come on.
-Robbery in progress ...
-Can you hear that? So the police are coming
I'm nervous and you'll die
if you do not look at the floor.
Full, what is it? Do you leave
cash ... Are you going to die? Lie down.
Down on the fucking ground now,
Do not look at me.
Well, what a surprise?
Come on. -This is so good.
Kris, come on. I can not.
-Come on. -OK.
I have something for you.
-This is ... -20 000 dollars
There were more but this is the allowance.
But where are you?
I told you that I will take care of everything.
Kris is we're not going to tell me where you got the money?
-I told you I was working overtime
crushed it, has finally begun to be
isplauje but no card.
All paying in cash.
That's so great.
-I told you not to worry, pobrinuu
for it when we run out.
-Kupiu new framework for the telescope and
maybe new soivo.
-Go to sleep.
-To say we're going? -What? -Where did you get a new
issues. I do not know, I got it.
-How much is Grieved? -Approximately 800
What's your problem?
-I do not even know, do you? I slaved
of work in the shop, barely serving
and you show up with a new
nerajuom nines
which is not sea and where are you?
I spans the styles, you have not bought from me.
-Mike I'm sorry, I was so occupied
my thing, I took it on
Fair gun the other day, I
thinking. -Forget it.
Let's just gaamo these cans.
-Bearded robber attacks again
jue, the fourth bank robbery
in the suburbs this year.
-With much this time robber pulled out, even?
-The Bank has not issued a secret figure.
-So you hold your breath while eka
that the bank issues a figure, even.
-No prints, no fiber content
This time he left a little sticky.
None of usisivaa, smells agent
to clean the oven. Type planned in advance.
-Fuck that.
-Do not we all?
-You're really sick, you know that?
This little game of power and box? Let's see.
Hey, shit.
All right, come on. Ready?
Here you go. Our.
-I bought it, paid off.
And this.
-I ordered you a helmet with visor
not raupa while driving.
-Good morning. -Scorching day.
-Fill a bag or you'll die.
filled immediately.
Come on, come on, filled it. Freeze.
Come on!
-Pem. -Fucking bastard therapeutic
think you can forgive me
after all that I have prepared.
I do not know with whom he is dealing.
With what I have, I have a good chance.
What can I say Kris?
I promised that I will succeed.
-Fuck him.
Pem if you can still throw it
stay with me.
I'm telling you, let's celebrate.
-Follow me to the van.
-Great! I guess this is
a good time to tell you
I got fired today.
-Good enough, as much as any other.
-Let's go home.
-How many banks did you?
-Today was the ninth.
-I'll help you with the tenth.
-You will not.
-Please Krise. It's dangerous.
-Let me to go, you do it.
I know that I do it.
-I can learn them.
-No. -Please. No Pem. -Creature you
assistant, partner, sauesnik, slave, everything.
-No. -Please, just give me a ... It's not a game
it is armed robbery, no exercise.
-Come on, filled it, come on. Put the money in the bag
Now put the money in the fucking bag, come on.
-Ubiu well, put it immediately, put it here
bag, give it to me, come, lie down.
-What the hell did it was, could have been
kill us there for you.
Just for fun.
-Stand to the side.
-Stay down, if I tell you to go, go.
But ... -If I tell you to go, go.
Kris? -What? -Do you think he will die?
-No, I will not, I did not kill him
I just stopped and shot him in the shoulder
creature's okay do not worry.
-I am not worried, just when something
this happens, it is easy to odlepiti, quail
but SMEs to lose momentum, you must immediately
to get back on the horse when you fall, get up
and immediately you coming back on the horse.
-What horse?
I think you should immediately
masons another bank.
-That's it. Do not you see? We're home,
free, accounts are prepaid, we possess the house.
We have the capital to establish private
job. The other day I saw the place.
In Harris Park, odlian parking
high traffic, we have initial stake
and covered the costs for the first year, Pem?
How can you give up?
Where is your interest here? How can you
stop? -It has to be.
Time comes and you have to retire.
-Since it hit one of their
Local inhabitants of accomplishments on it.
We have full cooperation. -Excellent, now all
obtained reports will pass through this office.
Take the working map, organizujmo
surveillance, confront with it.
-Drama. -Put it in the literature.
Shit, this is harder than ammunition.
-Look at this. You want to try? Come on
has only one shot, chances are good.
Or bad, it depends. What is wrong with you Krise?
You were fun.
Hey Krise! -Henk! -I hardly
recognized. This is your shop?
I assumed. -Yes. -How's it going?
-All right, Come, see. -OK.
-How you doing police work?
My wife wants to do something else.
He was dreaming that I was dead, I told her
it's not like I was in Detroit, but you know
since the officer affected.
-Through the glass? I heard something about it.
How is he? -Accustomed to the hand, but shit
It can be a big shot, you know.
Anyway, good to see.
Here, kupiu book. I do not have to.
No, really, I need one, the
prismoti alone. What is good?
-Try this, house of honor.
Really? Thanks, is a mystery?
-In a way. It is good.
-Hello. Self-help?
-Dole, on the right side.
-Here are Kris and Pem, after signals
leave a message. You have no new messages.
-Here, right. Who is?
-Looking for Pem.
-You must be Kris.
-Can you walk?
-Leaving you. I went right back and do it.
-Why? What, you're leaving me for her?
-What's it got to do with it thus?
Well, I do not understand.
If you do not love me Pem, morae it to say.
I do not love you anymore.
Why are you doing this?
-You better so Krise, just go.
I do not need you.
-Everything I did was for you.
I robbed the bank in order to have life,
to have a normal life.
Why do not you love me?
Why do not you come home with me?
Kris do not understand. -Explain Pem.
Kris can not take it any longer there.
I can not, I'm not usually a person, you can
have a life, you're good at it.
You have a bookstore, customers, talk with neighbors
everything is fine, and I'm dying in parts.
If I'm going to live, then you'll really live
If I'm gonna die let me die.
Sometimes I think it's better.
-It does not matter, whatever, just do not leave me.
Just go. Get out!
-Where do I go? What?
-Leave me alone, I'd rather do it right.
-You do not know what is good.
You are my wife, promised to me, forever
You said, you said forever.
I do not get mad at me
do not be mad at me.
-I am not angry, just do not leave me.
Never Let Me Go.
-The show will soon began to
please take your seats.
-ovek was once believed that the stars
do not change, the lofty quest
sazvea across the night sky, human
species is seen ideal Veena peace and order.
Today we know that as the universe itself
stars are born and die
in the fall of unbelievable violence.
- "Lock & Load."
Ready? Time to go!
FBI! Do not move! You're under arrest!
-Shots, shots!
FBI! Drop your weapon, exits the vehicle
arms above your head you have 10 seconds!
Enough time to create the universe.
-In your presentation ... draws attention to court
aside 67 witness statements from the 19th October
where you been told by witnesses
robberies that have been tested, the threats
that are meted out to, you described the allegations ...
-Get them.
-I would like you to describe the court
claims that you are aware of a witness
with whom you spoke, that robber
imposed for the duration of the robbery.
Particularly rely on ...
-From the back it looks like my Pem.
-Continue tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.
Kris, you were odlian today.
're Going to get away.
-What is the fastest way to the cemetery?
-Time to go.
Kris, I'll see you tomorrow.
-He's got my gun!