North 24 Kaatham (2013) Movie Script

Awvvw! Father and son
won't let me sleep, eh?
Good morning, son
Good morning
Good morning, mom
Good morning, Sid
Do you need to raise your leg
this way to drink your coffee?
Not just my leg
My bum too!
Hari, what's happening in
the world of programming? designed the new
Dan language they hope'll become...
...the next vernacular of
web programming like the Java script
Also there's a significant
difference between the-
Dad, do you understand
anything about programming?
No, I don't
Then, why discuss this?
Father, every time we talk,
energy is lost from our body
You talk less
You live more
Hey! Pinky boo
Morning! I'm fine
Dad's not really fine, though
Yes, I'll shower
Yeah, I did brush my teeth
See you
Ay! Sexual frustration!!
Will you please
get out from here?
Dad, that wasn't aim ed
at you...but me
Good morning, uncle
Good morning, Hari
Ma, where's my other slipper?
Did you see it?
Those are my sandals
- Hello
- Hey baby!
- How are you?
- I am good
Should I pull this behind?
I have cleaned my room
Tell Mini not to go in
Hari, are you
Aren't you late?
There is another strike
happening again on 19th
We just had 1 recently
Wonder what this is for!
This is to protest the hike
in petrol and diesel prices
nm- 'a
Shall I make a note of writ and
petitions scheduled for the 19th?
I'll inform the clerk about
the hearings for that day too
Okay, Sara
Do that
I just hope all these strikes
change things for the good, eh?
'You're listening
to Sid rig ht now'
'I knowl am late today, so-'
Ma'am, Sid has a great
fan following for his program
His nature is
so much like yours
Sara, when I was young
I used to be like him
I was so active in my college
'I intend talking about
some different people today'
'I know you are all rushing
to your offices and schools'
'Here's a cool song
to start off your day'
'This is 93.5 Red FM
Listen and keep on listening...'
"Are these webs self-spun?
Who is this gentleman?"
"ls this truth a pile
of burning coals alive?"
"As time ticks, people and their habits change
You search for change that takes a new image"
"I ponder...who is this man?
His mind and name unknown"
"Nation in turmoil with his eyes blindfolded
Hither or thither to vanish uncharted"
In a relationship with
Sandeep...come on!
Yeah, it's true
Then what happened to Rohit?
No idea
- Where is it?
- I have it, dude
Hi everyone
This is Simi the rookie
Simi...Ausu, Salam,
Priya, Happy, Niveditha, Easa
Hi...l'm Guru
Guruvayurappa (God)...!
Can you move...?
You're blocking my view
Can't you just
call me Guru?
Salam, Suni will be
training under you
Hasn't he reached?
No way!
You come...come
Please sit
Thank you
That's good
I hope you know Malayalam
Have you been
introduced to everyone?
There is 1more person
whom you must meet
- Lord Hari
- Lord?!
He is grandson to
the Queen of England
Has he taken off today?
No...he has set
a time for himself
10:30 sharp
He'll walk in
Sir, come let's go in this lift
Would you
like some coffee?
Sure, thank you
You are welcome
. so.
- It's okay
Sim I...Hari
Hi, I'm Simi
So? Get uP
Simi! That's Hari's seat
That's my seat
Do you get it?
Don't ever sit on it
I'm sorry
Will someone from your house
come and take this away?
Hari, isn't it bad etiquette to
behave like this with girls?
Don't you have
any other work to do?
Don't bother, dear
You can use
my seat anytime
I won't worry
It's alright, Simi
I told you
I'll talk to you later!
Okay! Fine
Now hang up
Oh, sir is already here!
Everybody was crying
Did Sam cry?
- No
- Lovely
Happy scene, isn't it?
Hi Sam
How's doing?
All set
Everybody having a good time?
I know, Hari
There is a leaking pipe
in the bathroom
There is only half a bottle
of hand wash
But this is not a meeting
to discuss all that
Punctuality will be appreciated
Please turn up on time
for our meetings
I have some good news
for the entire team
The function MRI data processing
software we had developed here...
...has been approved by both the US
and the European medical councils
- Wow!
- Wonderful
Peter called me just now
He has congratulated
the team members specially
We at Cabot should be
proud of ourselves!
Yes...we'll party tonight
No problem
There is a special mention about
Hari Krishnan who has designed it
In fact, Peter has asked Hari
to shift to our office in San Jose
Only later he remembered
Hari's fear of flying
Hari is scared to fly!
Hari has aerophobia, right?
But Hari, you'll have to attend
a conference in Trivand rum
Oh no!
Hari, only Trivandrum
It's not as if we are
sending you to USA!
But, sir...!
No 'buts' and please
don't call me 'sir'!
It is an important conference by
the Indian Medical Council
And the main topic of discussion will
be the program you have created!
And who better to explain
the program than the creator?
I'll let you know the dates
And remember this, Hari
Tonight's party
is in your honor
And you had better be there
Can I have 2 peach punch?
"You and I enjoy rhythms of this song
This song is just crazy bang on"
"For the first time, in your eyes I see
a sparkle bright and starry"
"Desires and dreams glow
let's go there and dream it now...!"
"Hey there's a fair, just be there,
grab a pair and just don't care to care"
Isn't that Hari
sitting over there?
Isn't that Hari
sitting over there?
- Where...?
- Look behind you
That's my brother!
Yeah man!
Is that Hari's girlfriend?
Girlfriend...for Hari?
I will show you something
That girl will cry now
She will really cry
You want to bet?
I'll bet for 100 bucks
You will lose the bet
Watch out...Hari will leave now
Didn't I tell you?
See for yourself...he's gone
He's gone
You lost!
He has spoilt it
Has she taken a pledge to
cry every morning and night?
You are the only one left to cry
Stop it, he will
make you piss
Move away...!
You are the team leader
Can't you do
something about this?
What can I do?
Last appraisal, didn't we all
give negative reports about him?
And look what happened!
Sam said the company does well
only because of this devil!
I'll give you a solution
lf we plan it out well
it will work out beautifully
What plan?
Son, for a change
I had good fun
His dance was good
Hi uncle
- Join us for dinner
- Hi aunty
Hung ry-u!
Aunty, it's cold, is it
yesterday's food?
Where were you all?
We went for a party
At the club, Tanthri
Nice place
He was there
He was at the club too
At the club?!!!
Some office...some panymsomething
And he was
making a girl cry
God help me! I wonder
where he will end up...
...with all these curses
from so many girls
- Resignationm?
- Give it to me!
Priya, who told you this?
- I saw the letter
-I don't believe this
Will anyone give
a letter these days?
Guru, let him
just do anything
It is alright
Did I hear it right?
Don't get me
hyper for nothing
Then...all those candles I lit
as offerings weren't futile
Come here soon
Pay him...all of you
Take this too
- Mine
-1 minute
Collect it from everybody
- Guru, move
- Did you pay him?
I've given your share also
Hari is resigning from the job
on, is n?
Give me your share
for Hari sir's resignation
Let him go and
die somewhere
I want Hari's booth
Who wants his booth?
Let him get lost
Such an egoistic person
Have you seen his attitude?
He and his stupid pair of glasses
and a bag he carries around...!
Are you sure?
Hari...are you sure?
Come inside
Yeah, right away
Come in, Prathiba
What is it?
Can we celebrate?
Which blessed time
did you conceive him?
Ifl remember right, I wasn't
the only person involved in it
Why can't these American
companies work all 7 days?
Hari, aren't you going
to see the doctor?
Today is Saturday
As if you need to
remind him about that!
Who is this?
Prathiba...let me see
Hari, it's for you
I'm Hari's mother
Hari is unavailable
Okay, on the 19th
I'll tell him about it
Hari, your train ticket for
the 19th is confirmed
Prathibha just called
I think it is for Trivandrum
Trivand rum?
I wonder what for!
Welcome to our Saturdays
Oooo ooh!
Why can't you wait for the others
before you start celebrating?
Dad will be here soon
We should have
invited Hari as well
Oh Yeah! You couldn't
think of anyone else?!
Can you even think of
our plight without him?
Then what?!
His programs are our only
reasons for our survival
Salam is right
Hey, forget this program of
touring the world and get the food
But I find him very cute
What about my-
Go, get that
Must be dad
One day he will look at me
and I'll kiss him th-
Come in
My ticket
You didn't have to
take this trouble
I would've sent it
through Mani
It's okay
1 minute
Hari, want to join?
You said it may be difficult
This is the progra-
What happened?
Didn't get kissed, eh?
- Hari?
- Yes, doctor
How is everything?
Everything is fine
Do you have
anything to tell me?
Are you off
to Trivandrum?
What ifl am?
Can you travel alone?
Get out of my bed
Get out
Can you get me 'poli'?
These sweet pancakes
Get me 2 packets
What time is the train?
Why are you leaving so soon?
Should I drop you, Hari?
Ma, I'll be late
You want to get dropped?
Safe journey, son
Where are you going?
Did I ask you where
you are going?
Madam, this is his berth
Please move
to your own berth
Thank you, sir
What is it, Moid heen?
What do I do now?
Sir...please help me
Lend me a hand
Sir, what happened?
Do you want
water to drink?
Please help him
Please turn off the light, will you?!
I must go back home
My wife has been taken ill
Which is the next station?
I'll call the ticket officer
Sir, over there
We'll reach Paravoor in 5 minutes
You can get down there
- Okay?
- Thank you, sir
It's alright your step
Let's sit here
Move aside, man!
Moidheen's call kind of left me
totally weak and shattered
I usually don't leave her alone
like this and travel by myself
Nothing to worry
Moidheen always makes
a mountain out of a mole hill
- I left my bag in that train
- What?
I must reach Trivandrum-
These are small fish
Do you want some?
No, my wife doesn't
know to cook this fish
- Sir?
- Yes
When is the train
to Kozhikode?
To Kozhikode, huh?
There are many trains
But they won't stop here
I left my bag in that train
Why didn't you
go in that train?
How can you
be so careless?
What do I do now?
Why are you asking me?
Give a written complaint
to the person seated in there
Train number, coach number,
seat number and color of your bag
If you are lucky
you may get it
There is a train from
Kollam to Kozhikode
But, don't you have
to go to Trivand rum?
I will ensure you are
safe before I go
We need to
go to Kollam
Rs 1000
Kollam...not Coimbatore
I will give you
maxim um Rs 250
You can go to Kollam
or Coimbatore
But you need to
pay for the auto
There's a strike now
I won't get a passenger
on my way back
Let me sleep in peace
It is okay
I'll pay him
Let's get going
Come on, get in
Get in
Sir, get in soon
You can get down here
Walk straight ahead and
you'll reach the railway station
Get down here?
Did you agree to
drop us midway?
We won't get down
Stan the vehicle
The road that side is all broken
It is just walkable
distance from here
- You can easily walk it up
- How can you say that?
It is alright
Let us get down here
I will pay you only
half the amount
I'll pay him
No need
I've kept it ready
Here is the full amount
Madam, shall I take leave?
Good night
Get lost!
Since it is a strike,
the trains will be delayed
The exact time
can't be specified
Shall we go try at
the KSRTC bus stand?
We've been waiting
What strike?
Govt vehicle is for
common man to travel in
Bro, I'll give you the keys
You can drive it
for the common man
It's such a hassle
for so many people
Bro, when is the bus
to Kozhikode?
What will we do stranded like this
in the middle of the night?
Do something soon
Bothering us
with the strike
Bro...bus to Kozhikode...?
There will be
a bus to Alapuzha
Get onto that, you might get a bus
to Kozhikode from there
You have to
give us an answer
We've been waiting
here for ages
Let us sit here
It will take a while
for the bus to come
Sit down
In all this confusion
I lost my phone
Do you know
your number?
Let me call your number
It says 'this number
does not exist'
Did I give you a wrong number?
Anyway, it is lost!
Tell me your
landline number
Residence number is
No sound at all
I hear only some noises
I've forgotten that as well
It is afaulty line
I even forgot to
give a complaint
It's okay...anyway
I'm going there, no?
Is there any other number?
Moidheen's number
Ever since I started
using this mobile phone...
...l can't memorize
any of the numbers
Or 88332
Try both
Aww...the battery has run down
Hey, can I have the phone?
Which phone?
Your phone
I don't have a phone
I do not have a phone
What did they tell you
when they called?
They said my wife is having
severe breathing difficulty
When I suggest
going to the hospital...
...she never listens
She will be fine
Yes, nothing would
have happened
What is your name?
Hari Krishnan
We met at Shoranur
She is Narayani
But she prefers to
be called Nani
Where are you from?
- What is the time?
What is the time?
What happened?
What is it?
1, 2 or shower?
Do you want to pee,
crap or take a shower?
Rs 2/-
- Give me coins
- I don't have any
Here's the balance
It is all over there
What crap is he
talking about?
In here...get in, careful
I must get in too
Stop staring and climb up
Get in both of you
Oh no...break down
What's the problem?
Axle of the bus is broken
We can't go now
Will another bus come?
Who knows! You can go
if one comes along
- How can you say that?
- Let me see
What do we do now?
How can you leave us
stranded in a place like this?
You have to arrange
another vehicle
We need to reach
Kozhikode immediately
May be you can
board a ship
Walk straight that way
to reach the backwaters
Axle of the bus
is under repair
Can anything be done?
Shall we walk that way?
Come, let's go
It's pitch dark here
Oh! You have
a torch with you!
Do you use it always?
Not always...only when it's dark
How long do we walk...?
Where will we reach
if we walk like this? clue!
Let's see
What happened?
- Brother...?
- Yes?
If we cross this lake
can we get any vehicle?
You may be able to get
into an ambulance
Can you take us across?
This is not such a boat
I use this for fishing
You can't get onto this
Brother, please help us
We'll also help you fish
No, that won't work out
I'll pay you something, comrade
The old man
has got brains
The 3 of you can get in
Come on
Vasu, loosen
the mooring rope
I'm not coming
Okay, don't!
Who asked you
to come along?
Brother, how heavy is this boat?
How heavy is the boat?
I have not weighed it yet!
What is it?
Will it sink ifl also get in?
What a pity!
"Was the lonely path feeling demure?
Did thunder clouds exhaust their downpour?"
"On sidewalks peacefully sleeping
with silence enveloping"
"ln this jungle, sun's rays patrolling
arms swinging and gracefully strolling"
This jetty is an old one, eh?
My father used this for
fishing and now it's mine
Hey! Catch hold of this
What is this?
Something is pulling it!
Must be a fish
Awwwwwwww! Fish!!
"ln this world happily lived the people
though submerged in strikes and turmoil"
"ln this world carefree lived the people
though submerged in strikes and turmoil"
"Truth stabbed every day relentlessly
while revelry rents the air repeatedly"
ls there any place here
we can get some food?
"Oh you poor scorches indeed
within us the ashes of a flame that seethed"
Oh! I must enter through
the rear door today
You can get yummy tapioca
and fish curry here
You can wait here
We'll both go and get it
I'm coming too
I'm really hungry
Come on
'Long live Mother India'
Puroshothamanmwhat is this?
Shall we sit here?
Is this a television soap?
Or a family pack?
What do you have?
I mean, food to eat
Like tapioca and fish
or some such thing
Oh...that kind of food?
There is fish egg, fish fry,
small fish, tapioca
And then there are
white rice pancakes
I'll have a plate of
tapioca with fish gravy
Sir, what about you?
Okay, 2 plates of
tapioca with fish gravy
Sir, what would
you like to have?
I don't want anything
Why is that so?
Don't force him
Brother, please serve us fast
Rajesh...2 plates of
tapioca with fish gravy
Where are you from?
Where are you going to?
We are on our way
to Kozhikode
Oh! I see
To be frank, we ended up here
because of the strike today
I was wondering how
you found this rotten shop
Sit down
My dear boys,
take your seat
You just forgot me, isn't it?
You don't come here these days
Or have you all
stopped drinking?
What would you
like to eat?
There is fish egg, fish fry
and head fry
You know what
we like to eat
So, I'll serve you all now
I first met my wife-
Sorry, what?
I first met my wife
in a toddy shop like this
She was heading
a strike against alcoholism
And I was doing the same
for the laborers here
Our beliefs were
so opposite
Like how they say,
'opposites attract'!
Okay, I'll go
Those bike-boys have agreed
to drop us till Ernakulam
Where are you off to?
It is a short cut
Short cut?
The bike with the girl
is not in sight
They are just
a little ahead of us
We will catch up
with them soon
I can't see them
They are just ahead
Don't stress yourself
There he is!
Stop the bike
Stop...l say!
'12 miles more...'
What is it?
He hasn't reached?
Are you sure?
Maybe he didn't leave at all
Let me find out
from Hari's mother
- Aunty
- Hi, Prathiba
He left quite early yesterday
Please reduce
the volume, Sree
He hasn't reached?
No way he'll go
anywhere else
Are you sure?
Can you check again?
What is the matter?
Hari hasn't reached
Trivand rum yet
Her bag
What happened?
The strap's broken
What do you
think of yourself?
You don't have to show off this
over confidence all the time
Imagine if something
had happened...!
This over smartness
is nothing to be proud of!
I wonder where we are
Thank goodness!
Get down
This is awful
I wonder why IT professionals and
cops are not affected by the strike
Just come here with me
What is it?
- He hasn't reached
- Who?
Are you sure?
Does Sam know about this?
It was your idea
to send him there
Go and tell him yourself
What do
we do now?
What do you think
we can we do?!
- It flows down from there
- So beautiful!
Let's jump into it
I will jump into it now
It's lovely
Hari, aren't you coming?
What pure water!
We can even drink it
What is the distance
we've covered now?
What distance
are you referring to?
Furlong, kilometer or
'Kaadham' (5 miles)
Like how people in
the olden days called it?
- Doesn't Kaadhu mean 'ears'?
- This is 'kaadham'
Haven't you heard this saying...
...'Even if Mecca is 1000 'kaadham' away,
it will still be fresh in the heart?'
It is 16 kms as per
today's calculations
Mecca is just
4600 kms from here
1000 'kaadham'
is 16,000 kms
Shall we go?
Yes, but where to?
We must go north, isn't it?
How do we know
where north is?
Sun is not visible either
Why are you carrying
a screw driver and such stuff?
North is that way
What is this?
Man vs wild?
What does that mean?
There is a man called 'Bear Grylls'
who hosts a survival reality show on TV
Do you think
this is a game?
Do you think this is a place to
vent out your personal grudges?
If you don't know,
everyone in the U.S values...
...Hari's expertise
more than any of you
They even value him
more than me!
If anything happens to him
jobs are at stake
Did you try
calling his home?
They've been informed that Hari
got down at the Paravoor station
And his bag has
reached Trivandrum
Paravoor is close by, isn't it?
This is Paravoor, near Kollam
Do you mean Quilon?
I don't care Paravoor or Parabikulam
You better go and find him right now
How will you go now?
Appan has his bike, Bullet
I have my 2 wheeler too
So, what are you
waiting for? Go...!
Or you wait!
I'm coming
Sir, will you be
able to climb this?
I have climbed so many
hills and mountains
Stop there...l say!
Stop running
Don't run
Stop there
It's the cops...!
Run for your life
Sir, what is it?
Why did he run?
I know you must
be wearing one
Are you wearing one?
Are you wearing one?
lam wearing a boxer
Show him what he is
supposed to do
Get up and
go stand there
Remove it
I haven't done anything
Why did you run?
I know what to do
What is it?
You should reply
only to my questions
What is in this bag?
It is-
Give it to me
Sir, I think he is
a medical representative
ls it so?
I'll kick you
Get up! You morons!
Remove rep!
Someone told us we can reach
Kottayam if we come this way
Anish...can you
reach Kottayam this way?
You can reach Munnar,
Them, Kambham...
...and finally the Bay of Bengal!
You are over doing it
Who is he?
His son
Who are you?
His daughter?
- I am-
- Yes
How will you reach
Kozhikode today?
Just like how we reached
this far from Kollam
There is a vehicle going
to Kottayam from here
Do you want
to travel in it?
Is there any news
about your brother?
No, dude
What actually happened?
He went on some
official purpose
Some conference
or some such thing
But he is missing now
What will you do now?
My dad has called
for the police and army
Let the police
and cops just wait
Why don't we try to
find him before they do?
How do we do that?
- How do we go from here?
- I will be right back
I truly believe in
the Indian govt.
Allegations against me
is a major conspiracy
My party and I believe
I can prove it too
Sir, if the court proves othenuise
will you approach the High court?
The court won't
prove otherwise
I'm very sure of that
Did you find it difficult to come here
because of the strike today?
I was at home till yesterday
I'm a social worker and
these strikes don't bother me
Where are you going to now?
- Who is this?
- I don't know, sir!
I am on my way
to Ernakulam
Bishop from Kalaipurackal
is in the hospital
I'll visit him
and get back
We are 3 of us
Can you take us
along with you?
Thank you, sir
This is the 1st time I am
travelling in a minister's car
Where is your place
in Kozhikode?
Ram anatukara
Isn't that in
the district of Malapuram?
It is the border
We need to reach
Kozhikode immediately
That's why I-
Sir, road is blocked
towards that side
So can't we go there?
No, sir
- What is your name?
- Narayani
- What about yours?
- Hari Krishnan
What do you do?
FPGA Architect
Oh, our future!
What about you?
I'm a social welfare trainee
with a NGO in Trivand rum
Which NGO?
- Aren't you the health minister?
- Yes
Have you gone near
the Mullassery canal?
It is so polluted!
It has been cleaned
Don't you read the papers?
Sir, road is again
blocked this way
Turn the car back to Pala
We can see the bishop later
The 3 of us...?
What do we do about them?
We can drop them
at the next junction
How do we go from there?
Arrange a police jeep
for them to go
I wonder how long
we have to walk
You asked stupid questions
and spoilt the chance of a lift
Leave's okay
Hari is safe
We've reached Ernakulam
Now he can go
home by walk easily
We were told
a vehicle will be here
- What for?
- For us to travel in
- For you to travel in?
- Didn't the minister inform you?
Which minister?
The Health minister
We travelled in
his car till here
How are you
related to the minster?
He was the minster's mentor
There is a vehicle here
but it is under repair
If it starts, I can
drop you at the airport
He has started it
You are really smart
Shall we take leave?
Aren't you coming along?
Hari, aren't you
going back home?
No, I'll come
along with you
To Kozhikode?
You can get down here
Convey my regards
to the minister
We are really grateful
Sure...carry on
Sir, please wait for me
I'm coming
along with you
It's gone
That's also gone
Where are you all off to?
I am off to Chaavakaatu
Day before yesterday,
I've been blessed with a son
I just landed from Dubai
There is a car
coming to pick me up
But due to the strike
it is stuck somewhere
I tried the railway station too
There are no trains, either
I wonder when there will be
an end to these strikes
Walk faster
Man, didn't I tell you
we need not go today?
Every Indian citizen has
the right to pull in a strike
So does the Indian constitution,
allow a citizen have the rig ht to...
...obstruct 'right of movement'
of a fellow citizen?
You are right but nobody
is seeing it as an obstruction
It calls for a holiday and
hence a celebration
ls there any chance
of getting a vehicle?
Strike allover today
I wonder if waiting here
will be of any use
We can only hope
Some car is coming
We came here
before you did
What difference
does that make?
Get in soon
We have to go urgently
Everyone has their urgency
"As a song be with me
once more on this silent journey"
"Memories rush to hide
like flowering tress left behind"
No, don't get into that
"Strange shores and miles unknown
must be crossed in this torrid zone"
"Will you walk with me
even if breeze doesn't accompany?"
"As a song be with me
once more on this silent journey"
"Rhythms that never ceased
played on the heart strings"
"Step by step we progress
our unexplored desires"
"As a path perceived by the burning eyes
Faces and expressions fade as time flies"
"At the destination as each journey ends
like a burdened shoulder a new one extends"
"Will you walk with me
even if breeze doesn't accompany?"
"As a song be with me
once more on this silent journey"
"Will you walk with me
even if breeze doesn't accompany?"
- What do you do, Hari?
- I am FPGA architect
ls there any technology
to catch fish easily?
Let us rest for a while
and then continue
Sit down
Fooled you...!
From where did you get it?
Where did you run off to?
How can you leave
the child alone like this?
I was busy with some work
That's why I didn't realize
Go to your mother
Looks like you all have
travelled a long away!
Come with me
I live close by
Come with me
Take this balloon
Where are you off to?
We need to go
to Calicut immediately
My wife is not
keeping well
Fuel is low
Petrol and diesel
is hard to get now
I will drop you till
where this van takes us
What is your name?
I am Vyom kesh, my wife Lajju
and my daughter Pyali
Do you know in the novel by
Sharadendhu Bendhodhadhyaya...
...there is a detective
character with your name?
- Is it so?
- Yes
With my name?
I swearl didn't know
Daddy, you're great
That Vyomkesh may have
been a great hero
But this is the 3rd strike
ever since I came here
Only yesterday, we decided
to stay back here
Have you been
here for a month?
Actually more than a month!
More than 45 days
You seem to
have travelled a lot
Yes, we have
Are there strikes
in other places too?
What are the places
you've visited?
We are visiting
all the temples
My wife doesn't know Tamil
She is from Kutch
And I don't know Kutchi
So, what language do you speak?
Gujarathi or Kutchi?
It seems you know
many languages
"Whateverl wish to speak, beau
should be spoken by you"
"Day and night
we should interact!'
Come here
Vyomkesh, how old is Pyali?
She was born in
Gujarat, 4 years ago
Pyali, come and
play with me
They don't have a common
language to communicate
Can you ask him how he
professed his love to her?
Vyom, Nani wants to
ask you something
Go ahead
In what language did you
tell Lajju you love her?
Language is
no barrierfor love
Only the experience counts
- Did you understand that?
- No
Language is no barrier for love
Only the emotion counts
Pyali, come here
What are you looking at?
Are you wondering why I have
2 watches on my wrist?
One has the time
at which I found her
Other is the time that
we are living together
I've been using sign language
to communicate with her till now
But I want to ask her
something now
Before that, can I
ask you something?
Tell me
How did you get a baby if you
had no common language?
Why do we need
a language for that?
We've achieved
the impossible
Isn't this do-able?!
What do you
want to ask Lajju?
Ask her what
she likes about me
- ls that all?
- Yes, that's all
Lajju, what do you
like about him?
I like his moustache
So cute
- She likes your moustache
- Oh! Really...?
Look at this
Try smelling it
Coffee powder
Just imagine Vyom
and Lajju's situation
Without a common
language to communicate
Actually, it is ideal
They'll both have
peace of mind!
Otherwise the wife
should be like Hari
Who doesn't open his mouth!
Sir, are you tired?
Keep walking
How old are you, sir?
By next year I'd have
seen 1000 full moons!
So are you 100?
No, I am 84
Maybe my calculation
is wrong again!
- Sister...?
- I'm coming Mustafa is here
Let me come in first
Little devil, is your
circumcision over?
Move aside
Master, come in
Please sit down
Come in, sister Nani
Please sit down
Sit down
Mother, is Ambusa'ka here?
He is on his way
Please serve them
something to drink
Dad's little pearl...!
Come here
Haseena, he is
fairerthan me!
Sit here
What is your name?
Jubeena Mohammed
This is Haseena
and this is my son
I was praising you!
Can you see Nani?
Who is this...?
Did you see your dad?
So cute
Sir, what is
the need for this?
This is a ritual
Take it
Look at this baby
Don't pee on
Uncle Hari's lap
Come will carry you
He will not drink it
Please drink
Ambusa, where were you?
They told me
you have arrived
I had to unload some stuff
and that's why got delayed
Sir, this is my brother Am busa
and this is my brother-in-law
I found them
on the way
How did you
manage to reach here?
It was tough
They have to
reach Kozhikode now
Is it okay if you
can reach Beypore?
Yes, my house is
close to that place
That's it
Give me your bag, master
Give me a hand
Be careful
while you get in
Thank you
Bag... bag! !!
You and your bloody bag!
Kunjumon, be careful
Why are you
treating them like kids?
Carry on...and do let me
know once you reach safe
Sir, hope you have
my number with you
Yes, I do
So we'll meet somewhere
Not just somewhere
We'll come for your son's first
birthday to taste your yummy biriyani!
Yes, please do
I'll make it with mutton
- Sir, carry on
- Thank you
Kunjumon, be careful
Abdu, you can start and stop
only when we reach Beypore
I wonder if some
foreigner will shoot us
Shoot us?
No foreigner or
Watson will come near us
Hold on tight and sit
ls there a bathroom?
You want to
pee or crap?
Just pee into the water
Your urine won't increase
the salt in the water
But if you want to crap...
...go the other side or
your pants will get wet
No need
What happened?
Hari, rub her
back for her
Are you alright?
It is because she isn't used
to travelling on water
Are you married?
What happened?
You must be
married, rig ht?
Is this the first time?
It is because
of the wind
We' re reaching Bey pore
We are about to reach
Please slow down a bit
Do you see that
school over there?
My wife worked there
as a teacher for 35 years
Her students are
like our own children
I went to Trivandrum only to get
a certificate attested for a student
Do you see that building...
...with the flat tiled roof
and white compound walls?
That was where my wife, Sharad ha,
Ramani, Thomas and I lived in hiding
When the case was over,
my wife and I decide to live there
Later on, she insisted on giving it
to our fellow party members
Now it is our favorite office
for our political party meetings
She has suffered a lot of
torture from the police
That's why she suffers from
repeated asthma attacks
She cooks excellent gravy of mackerel
with buttermilk which is very popular
She won't allow any guest
to leave without eating
That's her nature
Do you have
a handkerchief?
Please drive faster
We've reached
Stop here
Stop here, I say!
We have to walk a bit
Will it be tough for you?
Let's get down
- How much?
- Rs 180
Oh, you are all here!
ls it a welcome committee?
Keep the change
How is y our teacher'?
Just come with me
Moidheen...he called me
He is also one of her students
He is usually with us
in all our activities
We have a bit more to walk
Are you finding it difficult?
Nanu, come
Rashmi, I had to
break my journey
I'll get your certificate next week
Don't cry
What is this?
- Moidheen...?
- Coming, sir
You knew
all along, right?
Shall we go?
Poor soul...!
He's all alone now
I'll visit him next week
Hari, will you
come with me?
Shall we go and
eat something?
Where do you
work in Ernakulam?
I keep asking you
unnecessary questions?
- In the train
- In the train!
Do you want black coffee?
2 black coffee
2 black coffee
Where were you off to?
Trivand rum
I usually travel on
this train every Sunday
Where do you live?
lam from Shoranur
but I'm hardly there
Are you always like this?
Acleanliness freak...!
"Stars were born on
the night of this journey"
"Time left its colorful
foot prints within me"
"Was it the star that shone unblinkingly?
Was it a path that blossomed unending ly?"
"My dreams you embraced from yesterday
together we move forward as one today"
"Does our journey have a future
intertwined in strange desire?"
"My heart hummed with a desire to glance
To say something, a few words perhaps"
"Your doe-eyed shy gaze
remains fresh, not a haze"
"ln this morn, many a 'kaadham'
step by step we did fathom"
Maya, what is
your problem now?
Is it because Hari no longer
laughs in the morning?
Or is it because you people
can't wake up in the morning?
Didn't his laughing exercise become
a pan of your daily routine as well?
He has even started to have
more than 2 steamed rice cakes
Chicken...! He has
started eating chicken too
He must be having
a better appetite now
No, doctor, he has gone mad
Something has gone
wrong with him
Lost his marbles
He used to walk to and fro
but now he doesn't
It is after that trip he went on
Doctor, what do you
think is the reason?
It could be self realization
Another reason could be
a complex feeling of anxiety
This behavior will increase
in proportion to anxiety
Maya, I could be love
Hi Sam!
"Are these webs self-spun?
Who is this gentleman?"
"ls this truth a pile
of burning coals alive?"
"As time ticks, people
and their habits change"
"You search for change
that takes a new image"
"I ponder...who is this man?
His mind and name unknown"
"Nation in turmoil with his eyes blindfolded
Hither or thither to vanish uncharted"
"As time ticks, people
and their habits change"
"You search for change
that takes a new image"
Hari, you usually
come here on Saturdays
Why have you come
on a Friday this time?
You have anything to tell me?
I have lost something
To lose something did you
find anything in the 1st place?
I don't know
Should we not find
what you've lost then?