North of Normal (2022) Movie Script

Adult Cea VO: When
my grandfather found out
his 15-year-old daughter
was pregnant,
he did what any nonsensical
anti-establishment cowboy
would do.
Best thing you can
do for this kid,
raise it somewheres
away from this
godforsaken capitalist society.
You're gonna meet your baby!
Adult Cea VO:
He packed his family into
a VW van and drove north
because if there was one
thing Papa Dick was sure of,
it was that the wilderness
would solve all their problems.
Fucking hell!
didn't use the shit pit!
Crotch, crotch, crotch!
Crotch, crotch, crotch!
A bear!
Papa Dick, it's a bear!
It's a bear!
Grandma Jeanne, it's a bear!
It's a bear!
Mom! I nearly got
eaten by a bear!
Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
First I saw the baby bear,
then I saw the mommy bear.
The mommy bear was
one hundred feet tall.
She put her claws up and went...
You never run!
You hear me?
Don't yell, she didn't know.
It also might not
have been a bear.
It was a bear.
Papa Dick:
I believe you, Peanut.
Now, what's my number one rule?
Always put the lid
on the shit pit.
Papa Dick:
That's the number two rule.
Rule number one is:
Never give in to fear.
This place ain't made
for the faint of heart.
You gotta fend for yourself,
so you don't end
up like your mama.
Now whatcha gonna do
next time you see a bear?
Are you gonna run away?
Whatcha gonna do?
That's right.
If this were money,
I'd still be burning it.
Come meet me later.
Now this is the ultimate irony.
Can all of you see
what I have here?
A tax-return cheque
from the government.
I know, I know,
you mean, I paid taxes?
I sure did.
Before I moved
my family off the grid,
I watched as one
third of my paycheque
got stuffed into some corrupt
government official's pocket.
Now, do you know where I told
them to send my cheques?
To the fuckin' Moon!
Papa Dick:
Damn right!
Papa Dick:
I don't bring folks
here to build teepees
and shoot goddamn deer.
These people are here
to learn our way of life.
It's about spreading our values.
So, you have to fuck the
visitors to teach them values?
You're free to do the same.
Hey, you ready for bed?
Are you a sexpot?
Where'd you hear that?
You're not answering
the question.
I'm not a sexpot.
You're a sexpot.
I am not a sexpot.
You're a sexpot.
Well, I think you are.
No I'm not!
You're a sexpot!
Michelle: I know you are,
but what am I?
A sexpot!
Cea, sex is a beautiful
and natural thing.
It's also very loud.
Yeah, well, Karl and
I love each other.
And he's an Aries.
So what?
So Aries and Pisces
are sexually in sync,
so it's only natural
that we're loud.
And it makes me very happy.
Don't you want me to be happy?
I guess.
Alright, sexpot,
it's time for bed!
Come on.
Cea: I'm gonna beat ya.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, how was your walk?
Mmm, good.
God, you're so beautiful.
Oh. "The gull sees
farthest who flies highest."
How you finding it?
It's good.
I'm almost done.
Are you?
Cea: Yeah.
Are you reading
trashy magazines?
You better hide that before
your grandpa sees it.
But I like the pictures.
We all like the pictures.
Go on.
How much have you smoked today?
I don't know.
Well if you don't know,
it's too much.
I can be the judge of that.
I'm an adult.
Are you? Really?
Does that mean you're
ready to leave home then?
Leave home?
What do you mean?
It's time for me to move on,
I want your mom to come with me.
What about me?
You too, of course.
I don't wanna go
anywhere without you.
Can Papa Dick and
Grandma Jeanne come?
No, they'd stay here.
You serious?
I was only supposed
to be here a couple weeks.
Now I gotta go.
I don't know
if I can just leave.
Oh, but you can leave me?
Look, we'll find our own place,
we'll build a life together.
But I'm going,
so make your choice.
Papa Dick: She's the one
turning her world upside down.
Your mama finds a man,
all of her sense
goes out the window.
We're gonna be a real family.
Papa Dick:
This is the realest family
you're ever gonna have.
Hey, come on.
Cea: I don't wanna
leave forever.
You can't worry about forever.
Nothing is real except
the moment you're in.
The past and the future
are just illusions,
like a dream.
You gotta live in the present.
If you get in that truck,
you gotta forget us.
Will you forget me?
What's my number one rule?
Never give in to fear.
Yeah, that's right.
You gonna give in?
All right.
Are you ready for an adventure?
Oh god!
Look at you.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
Come on!
Look at you, sexpot!
Well, this is the building.
This is it?
Hey Jeff, this is my girl.
Principal Rose:
Cea Sunrise Person.
That's an interesting name.
So I'm trying to locate
your transcripts
from your previous school.
Oh, uh, yeah.
I was, um, home schooled?
I thought Papa Dick mailed
my certificate thing in.
Papa Dick?
My grandfather.
Oh, is he your legal guardian?
Who looks after you?
My mom does now.
But I was living with
my grandparents in the Yukon
for the last six years.
Oh, the Yukon. Wow.
So how do you like it here?
It's okay.
I like being back with my mom.
And I get my own room
now which is cool,
so I don't have to sleep with
her and her boyfriends anymore.
I mean, I obviously didn't
sleep with her boyfriends,
they were just there.
And she only had one
boyfriend at a time, so...
Hey, what's your name again?
Cea Sunrise.
It's when I was born.
Amanda: Cute.
I'm Amanda Lunchtime.
One day, we'll go, you and me.
Anything good in there?
Just some porn.
Hey, I got the day off tomorrow.
You wanna do something fun?
Like what?
I love this song!
What are you doing?
Come on!
Come on!
Michelle: Cea!
Who needs Hawaii, right?
Although the flight's shorter
this time of year, you know,
'cause of the winds.
Cea: Cool.
Have a dip, the water's nice.
Don't mind my walking hormone.
Sam: You're a mom?
I am.
Sam: You know, I too have one
of those human teenagers.
I was twenty.
Twenty? That's old.
I was fifteen.
Fifteen? Shut up!
Hello, excuse me?
Hi, can I help you?
Fancy Woman:
I'm a scout.
Like a girl scout?
A model scout.
Here, you show this to your mom
and then come by our offices.
You could win a trip to Paris.
Hey, we gotta go, get dressed!
What does "Jay-me Pa-ris" mean?
Karl: It means someone's got a
lot of scratch for swanky trips,
so there's no need to feel bad.
Michelle, we just gotta go,
okay, please?
Paris is a really magical
city far, far away.
And you see that?
That's the Eiffel Tower.
You can see it from
anywhere in the city.
Can we go?
One day, we'll go, you and me.
Now get dressed
in the truck. We gotta go!
Because if the owners
find us here
we could get in a lotta trouble.
But I thought you said
we're allowed to stay here.
Well, we are sorta,
but just for one night
while they're not using it.
But if this is their house,
how come they don't use it?
Michelle: Because it's their
vacation house.
Cea: What's a vacation house?
We have to leave!
No, I don't wanna go!
Well, you can't always
have what you want in life.
You've got a momma
that loves you,
and that's more than
a lot of kids got.
So you should be
grateful for that.
It hasn't been just the two
of us in a really long time.
What if I could
take care of you?
Then you wouldn't have to keep
going out with these jerks.
Aw honey, you're sweet,
but how you gonna
take care of me?
I could model.
You wanna model?
My little bush baby?
Oh honey, you don't wanna model.
Why not?
Because it's...
it's modelling, it's...
The epitome of
our consumerist culture
and capitalist society.
Yeah, exactly.
It's just not how we live.
But how many jobs could I get
that could actually
change things for us?
Oh honey, I didn't
think this was so bad.
What if I win a trip to Paris?
Would you come with me?
Who gave you this?
A model scout on the beach.
She told me to come
by her office.
She seems legit.
Legit? Okay.
I always knew you were
the most beautiful thing
to ever walk this planet.
I just didn't know it
was gonna be your job.
So if I won,
you'd come with me to Paris?
What would we do?
Sit in cafes, drink champagne.
And eat croissants.
Get French boyfriends?
So you'd come?
Heck yeah, baby!
Try and stop me.
Alright, you hear it
with the bass just-
Excuse me, ma'am.
- I love it!
I'd like to throw some
of these balls.
Oh, hi sweetie!
You remember Sam.
He's all fancy now.
He's a stock broker.
I buy and sell shares
on behalf of clients.
He makes a lot of money.
And he wants me
to be his secretary.
She already has a job.
Customer: Hey, miss.
Which she should be doing now.
Will you think about it?
You'd fit right in.
Well I mean, maybe not right in,
but actually that's
probably a good thing.
I'll consider it.
Take my card.
Nice to see you again.
He wants to sleep with you.
I could do a lot worse.
He was wearing a wedding ring.
So he's not perfect.
The job sounds fun.
What's wrong with this one?
I can barely make rent.
I don't need my own room.
I'm figuring it out.
Well if you work for him
and then you guys break up,
then what?
Will you quit grilling me?
I said I'm figuring it out!
Just have a seat.
Next, please?
Do you have your headshot?
I have this.
Come back with a headshot.
Sam: No, don't pose,
just look natural.
Will you trust me?
I'm a portrait photographer.
You're not a stock broker
with an overpriced camera?
Hey, you wanted a headshot.
Sam's good.
You know, I could've
been a professional.
People are always saying to me,
"Sam, you have
a real eye for this."
What people?
Hey, Cea, who am I?
My mother on drugs?
Maybe this is your
mother on drugs.
I'm Janice. I'm Janice.
Is that what
you're gonna wear Monday?
Michelle: I could.
I mean, it's a pretty
corporate environment.
Michelle: Oh, you want me
to wear a tie?
Or, we could go shopping.
She hates shopping.
I don't hate shopping.
I just never had
the money for it.
Well, today it's on me.
It's time to dress for success.
You know, I always really
wanted to get one of those,
those blazers with the-the
pads and the shoulders.
I think I'd look chic.
I like what you're thinking.
Okay, okay.
If you want your secretary
to dress like a secretary,
you shouldn't have hired
the waitress you're screwing.
Hey, I get it.
My mom had a lot
of boyfriends too.
I already got the shot.
I'm ready!
When will I get the photos?
Ah, weekend maybe?
This is fun.
All of us going
shopping together.
You are gonna look so damn sexy.
Sam: Try it on.
Hello, this is Sam's office.
He can't come
to the phone right now
because he's with his stocks.
You're a natural.
I look neat.
Yeah, I look neat.
Look at you, sexpot!
You look amazing!
Come here, come here, come on!
Doesn't she look amazing?
You look very nice.
I'll get it for you.
No thanks.
Come on, baby, get it.
I don't want it.
Cea, come on!
Sam: You know, I think
this is the beginning
of a whole new wardrobe for you.
You look incredible.
Where do I put this?
Oh, just leave that there.
Actually miss, would you
ring that up as well?
I said, I don't want it.
Cea, come on!
If you're serious
about being a model,
you can't look like
you're wearing hand-me-downs
from a cult leader's love-child.
You should be dressing
like Madonna
or, uh, Cindy Lauper
or somebody.
He wants you to have it.
Didn't know you were so
passionate about teen fashion.
I'm trying to help you.
Please don't.
Please don't do that.
Michelle: Let's do something
fun this weekend,
celebrate my new job.
I can't, sweetheart.
I have to go outta town.
Where are you going?
Ahhhhh... Florida.
The kids want to go
to Disney World.
Disney World?
It's just for a week.
What about my photos?
Right, I-I'll get 'em
as soon as I get back.
What am I supposed
to do while you're gone?
Sam: I don't know,
whatever you want.
Young Cea:
Bye-bye house.
Bye-bye, house.
Hey, you need to be careful
of going down these stairs.
All right, come on, come on!
Up you go.
Hey Small Fry,
I got you a little keepsake.
A doll?
Even better.
But it's not really mine.
Hey man,
if someone left something
like that for the entire winter,
you know what I think?
I don't think
they fuckin' deserve it.
I mean, that's
a groovy snow globe.
It should be cherished.
Are you gonna cherish it?
Fuck yes!
Fuckin' right!
Hi there!
Oh, shit.
Hey, neighbour!
Mommy, are we gonna
get in trouble?
No honey, just
don't say anything.
It looks like quite a load
you folks got there, huh?
Oh yeah, just, uh,
heading to the dump.
You know, doing a bit
of spring cleaning.
Yeah, you know, I didn't realize
the Andersons were renting out
their cottage for the season.
Oh yeah, yeah, beautiful.
Yeah, they friends of yours?
Karl: No, just acquaintances,
you know.
But, um, I hate to be rude,
we really gotta get on the run,
you know?
The wife and the kid and
everything like that,
and it's just a big detour
for us to head to the dump.
But, um, you stay safe
out there, okay buddy?
Yeah, I didn't catch your name.
Your name?
Tiffany: Sunshine!
Oh. Hey.
These things are crazy.
What are you doing right now?
I'm just waiting for
some photos to be ready.
You wanna hang out?
This place is sweet.
No, it's not.
Is that weed?
You want some?
Tiffany: Yeah.
Are you gonna open these?
Whoa, you look hot.
You think?
What are these for?
They're headshots.
I'm trying to be a model.
It's a really sweet job,
you know,
something to get me
and my mom outta here.
Who's that?
That's my mom's boyfriend.
Yeah, she has, uh, pretty
bad taste in guys.
It was one thing
in the wilderness,
but now she has no excuse.
Like... like, in a cabin?
Did you live there right
before you moved here?
We, um, moved around
a couple times
with my mom and one
of her boyfriends.
Once we lived
in this guy's trailer
and he used to
drink his own pee.
He'd put it in smoothies.
Oh my God.
There was only one
guy I liked, Karl.
He had all these
ideas and stuff.
He was fun.
He taught me a lot
about books and stuff.
So why'd they break up?
They all break-up.
Oh, and then there was Barry.
Shit, shit, uh,
gimme your bag fast, fast.
Okay, here.
Michelle: Hey, baby.
You have a friend.
What's your name?
Um, I'm Tiffany.
Can I have some of this?
Oh, yeah.
I like it when you smoke pot.
Oh, nice to meet you, Tiffany.
Nice to meet you too.
Your mom is so cool.
Young Cea: Mommy?!
Karl: It's all right.
Come on.
Young Cea:
Mommy, what's wrong?
Karl: Cea!
It's okay.
Hey, which way is the washroom?
Hey Michelle, you okay?
Yeah, be right back.
Can we stay here?
That'll be fun, huh?
What are you doing?
I can't sleep.
What's this?
It's poison.
Why are
you drinking it?
It's making me feel better.
Are you okay?
I'm gonna have a baby.
You mean, a little sister?
Or a little brother, yeah.
But there's no bump.
It takes
a little while to show.
Aren't you glad?
It's just gonna
take a little while
to get used to the idea.
Is Karl happy?
I don't know.
I guess I'll find out
when you tell him.
Until then, it'll be
our little secret, okay?
You wanna come in?
Sam's wife's name is Pam?
Pam and Sam? Seriously?
Michelle: I wonder what
they're doing right now.
Who needs Florida, right?
I wonder if they're
eating dinner.
I betcha Pam likes to eat early,
like an old lady.
Can you just forget about him?
For one day?
It's not a bad thing
to have someone else
looking out for us.
I can look out for myself.
Is that what you want?
'Cause you can leave.
You can go out on
your own and be free.
Is that what you want?
It doesn't matter what I want.
You're your own person,
you gotta make
your own decisions.
Karl: I feel like we should be
getting close to something.
Michelle: I'm sick of sleeping
on park benches
and in other people's houses
without them knowing.
You said we were
gonna have a house.
Yeah, we will, you know?
We just gotta get to Tofino.
I gotta line on a place there.
Michelle: You got a job
to pay for it?
Baby, I'm working on it.
Don't you worry.
You know, we've got some
cash in our pockets,
got a stash of pot.
We're cruisin'.
Michelle: Holy shit!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Hold on, Jesus!
Oh my God, oh my God!
No, no, no, no, no!
Cea, come on!
Cea, let's go!
Karl: Fuck. Fuck.
Oh, fuck.
You can forget about fuckin'
Tofino, that's for sure.
Yeah, forget about Tofino!
You nearly killed us
with a stolen can of gas!
Oh, come on, don't pretend
that wasn't your idea!
We both did it!
This isn't my fault!
Karl: Oh no, no, nothing's
ever your fault, is it?
You just sit back, relax,
smoke your pot.
Now don't lift a finger, babe.
You're on my ass about
doing something,
why don't you do something?
Michelle: Hey, we were doing
just fine before you got here
with your promises of nothing!
Karl: Nothing, eh?
Michelle: Yeah, nothing but
your truck full of stolen
You're unbelievable.
Fuck this! We're leaving!
Oh yeah, go on,
run back to mommy
and daddy, huh?
Do that same routine again.
How many times
have I heard that?
Michelle! Michelle, hey!
Come on, hey.
Look, don't be stupid.
Hey, we're in
the middle of nowhere.
Baby, hey, come on.
Come on.
Get outta my face!
I don't wanna go.
Karl: I know.
Hey, come here, come here.
Hey, it's okay.
Your mom, she's a tough lady.
But you're even tougher.
You'll be okay.
Michelle: Come on, Cea,
we're goin'!
I don't wanna go!
Michelle: Come on!
Lemme give you a lift!
No thanks, we're good!
Karl: Not like this.
Michelle, come on.
I'll give you a lift.
No thanks, we're fine!
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Sam: I missed you so much.
You did?
Like you wouldn't believe.
How was Florida?
Did Pam have a good time?
Are you ever gonna leave her?
Well, that's none
of your business.
It is if you're fucking my mom.
I'll just come back.
No, no, she's done.
Tiffany: Here.
I'm sorry I couldn't get
these back to you sooner.
Oh, the famous headshots.
Hey, give that back.
Why, what's the matter?
I thought models
like to be looked at, huh?
What the hell?
Why do you have a picture
of my parents?
What the fuck?
Is this your mom?
Oh my god.
You know the only reason
Tiffany was nice to you
is because she feels
bad for you?
Right Tiff?
Isn't that what you said?
I didn't mean it like that.
Amanda: I mean, of course
you're messed up,
your mom's a drug addict
and a total slut!
Fuck you!
- Holy shit!
Hey, Cea.
Look at you.
You're wearing makeup?
Did they teach you
that at school?
I got kicked outta school.
Oh, good for you.
I punched a girl.
Oh yeah?
You don't believe me?
I believe you, Peanut.
I'm sure she deserved it.
Where's your mom?
You might wanna wait a minute.
Help me set up my tents.
You look skinny.
You're just used
to seeing fat city folk.
You talk to Mom?
I know she's shacked
up with some young kid,
if that's what
you're getting at.
She could be his mother.
Can you get this?
You okay?
Papa Dick: In my bones.
I still need somewhere to sleep.
I'm not dying tonight.
Does Mom know?
I'm gonna go for a piss.
When I get back,
I want everyone
acting normal again.
Papa Dick: Cea?
Backpack, front pocket.
Come on, Mom.
So this is the famous bedroom.
It's fine, I guess.
Walls, ceilings, all that.
You read this shit?
It's just a magazine.
It's consumerist propaganda.
Look, it's all ads.
Is this like, uh, one of those
spot the difference things?
We were just playing around.
Sam has a nice camera.
You have to tell Mom.
Oh, yeah?
Why's that?
'Cause you were married
to her for three decades.
That's all in the past.
I live in the present.
Michelle: Did the doctor talk
about treatments?
Wants to inject me with poison.
Doc said himself
I'll be nauseous,
stop eating,
lose all my fuckin' hair.
Thanks, but no thanks.
So you're giving up?
No, it's acupuncture,
garlic works wonders,
Cea: Sounds like you're
making a curry.
When was the last time
you had a massage?
Papa Dick:
Not since Mom left.
This is insane!
You can't cure cancer
with good vibes.
I know what I'm doing.
Do you?
Because you avoided
the chemicals and pollution
and alcohol and sugar,
basically everything
for your whole life,
saying it causes cancer.
And guess what?
You're still dying of cancer.
I'm staying true to myself.
You should try it.
What does that mean?
Papa Dick:
You're wearing makeup,
eating junk,
trying to be a goddamn model.
What are your values?
I could ask you the same thing.
Oh, I stick to my values always.
Then why did
Grandma Jeanne leave?
Was it because
you stuck your values
into half the women at camp?
We have different values.
Don't be a fucking model.
It's my dying wish.
Papa Dick:
People say they want freedom.
Well, this is it.
Beautiful, but hard work.
People don't want that.
They wanna be coddled.
What's that?
It means they want other
people to take care of them.
Like your mama.
Cea: Mama takes care of me.
Me and Grandma Jeanne take
care of the both of ya.
I take care of Cea.
Papa Dick:
Oh yeah? How so?
I read to her,
sing her to sleep.
I feed her soup when she's sick.
I tickle her back.
I sleep next to her every night.
I haven't been more
than a mile away from her
since she was born.
And who makes the soup?
Who hunts the meat?
Who built your damn shelter?
Stoney Tribe built
my damn shelter.
I wish you'd stay.
I ain't kicking the bucket
in the fuckin' city.
I can take it.
I don't like being coddled.
Ever wish you
weren't so stubborn?
Nobody tells me how to live,
and sure as shit,
nobody tells me how to die.
Fuck anybody
who tries to tell you
how to live your life, Peanut.
Even my grandpa?
Fuck him.
Take care of your mom.
Hey, what's my number one rule?
Young Cea:
Never give in to fear.
Yeah, that's right.
You gonna give in?
Young Cea: Do you think
they'll recognize me?
It hasn't been that long.
Cea: Papa Dick?
Grandma Jeanne?
Where is everyone, Mom?
You gotta eat.
What about baby?
Baby's sleeping.
I love this colour.
A little more.
Press. Like that.
I saw that in a movie
Barry: If I knew you wanted
a doll so bad,
I would've got you one.
The lady at the store said
all little girls want makeup.
Michelle: It's perfect.
Right? It's perfect.
I need to get a mirror.
Barry: You have a beautiful
face, you know that?
She'd look good
with a short bob, no?
Have you ever cut
your hair short?
My mom won't let me.
Why not?
Because men don't like it.
Female Agent:
Where you from?
I grew up in the wilderness.
Female Agent:
The wilderness?
What does that mean?
Cea: My grandfather
wanted to teach us
how to survive
and live off the land.
Female Agent:
Wow, that's unusual.
He says the modelling industry
sums up everything
that's wrong with society.
And I'm not just
gonna wait around
for the world to hand
me a decent life.
If I've got a good face,
then I'm gonna fuckin' use it.
Eh, she seems young.
What if I won a trip to Paris?
Would you come with me?
Michelle: One day we'll go,
you and me.
Don't be upset, sweetheart.
You wanna go out?
Let's go out.
You ignoring me?
I don't wanna go out.
Come on, let's have some fun!
Not everything can be
fixed with fun.
Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow!
Oh my god.
Ow, ow, my foot.
- What? What?
Oh, my foot.
- Hey, hey!
Let me see it.
Okay, can you feel this?
I got you.
Hey man, how are you?
I'm gonna have to catch
you up later.
Where's Denise?
Outside? Great.
Michelle: I'm gonna take
one of these.
Michelle: Hey! Hey!
Man: Want some?
Hey honey,
how you doin'?
You're so beautiful.
I think she's doing good!
And Amanda was very upset
to find out like that.
You shouldn't have
taken that film.
Maybe you shouldn't have
cheated on your wife.
Oh, Pam knew.
Cea, marriages are tough.
I tried to make it work
for my kids,
but it's done.
I left Pam.
Sam: Can I tell you a secret?
I'm gonna ask your
mom to marry me.
Sam: I know, right?
It's, uh...
It's-it's crazy.
I just...
I don't wanna be without
her ever, you know?
Look, this could be good
for you.
You worry so much.
I'll take care of you.
Barry: Do you know
how to play the quiet game?
Cea: Stop.
You lost.
What are you doing?
I can't sleep.
When I can't sleep,
I read a book.
Barry: You wanna play again?
You can't say a word.
That's how it works.
Get away from me.
Barry: At least gimme my wine
back, it's an expensive bottle.
Sam: Cea!
Michelle: Hey baby,
look at you!
Do you know where I got this?
I don't know.
The kitchen?
What? This is Sam!
Did you know why
Barry gave this to me?
Gave you what?
My doll.
Just gimme the wine.
Sam: Cea!
- Stop!
Cea, just give me-
Get away from me! STOP!
Just give me the-
Oh my god, Sam!
How you feelin'?
Is he okay?
Is he okay?
What is it?
Sometimes I get sad.
Get some rest.
Mom, what's wrong?
I think I lost the baby.
Young Cea:
Can I help you find him?
Oh no, it's lost forever.
Oh, man.
Where you headed?
The city.
I can't get you
the whole way there,
but I can get
you closer than this.
Pull that, there you go.
Hop in.
You in?
All right.
Sam: You have had it out for
me since the day we met.
The thing is,
I'm not going anywhere, Cea.
Sam: I mean it.
Cea: They all say it.
They all mean it.
They all leave.
I'll wait it out.
Sam: Fine. Wait it out.
But you need to do it
somewhere else.
I thought we were gonna do this
at the restaurant?
Your dad's house makes
the most sense.
Except he lives in San Francisco
and I haven't seen him
since I was three.
Sam: Then you're overdue
for a visit.
It'll be good.
Good for everyone.
We booked you on a flight
Mom, what's he talking about?
We thought it would be
for the best, honey.
Fuck this!
Michelle: Cea!
Cea, where are you going?
You're sending me away?
We're not sending you away.
Greg's your father!
So he's cool to just take on
the burden!
I didn't say that!
You didn't have to say it.
You made it pretty clear
when you ditched me
in the fucking Yukon!
I was trying to get
my shit together.
Cea: It was six years!
What can I say?
I'm a lousy mom.
You're better off without me.
Don't pretend like
you're doing this for me.
You're doing this for him!
What if I won that
trip to Paris?
Would you have actually come?
Would you have left him
and come with me
if I had a job and
could take care of us?
I'm trying to make us a family!
We already are a family!
It can't just be the two of us!
Why not?!
Why can't you just choose me?
For once in your life
choose your fucking daughter
over your shitty boyfriend!
Why can't you be happy for me?
And what about Barry?
Why couldn't you leave him?
We didn't know
where to go. I-
Do you know what he did to me?
I know you know.
I don't know why this stuff
happens to us, baby,
it just does.
Cea: That's not good enough.
I know!
Oh, I was just trying
to do my best.
Your best is pretty
fucking shitty.
Cea, come back!
Pack your stuff.
Young Cea:
Where are we going?
Michelle: I heard from
Papa Dick
and Grandma Jeanne.
They're in the Yukon.
Is Barry coming?
Just us.
Young Cea:
Papa Dick!
Grandma Jeanne!
Papa Dick:
How you doin'?
Hey, you're back!
Hey, aw.
You're back!
You're back!
Why are you not unpacking?
'Cause I'm not gonna stay long.
I'm gonna go to the city.
We can't leave.
We just got here!
Not you, sweetheart.
Just me.
But I'm gonna send for you
as soon as I get on my feet.
Aw, don't get upset.
Come here.
What if, but what if
we leave for a little bit
and then you can't
find us anymore?
Just like Papa Dick and
Grandma Jeanne did?
Well no matter what,
I'll always find you.
How do you know?
'Cause I'm your mom.
I'm never gonna lose you.
Just a one-way.
I have a credit card.
Goodbye, Mom.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
It's not gonna be forever.
And you're gonna be okay.
Y'know why?
Because you are so, so, so,
so, so, so, so, so smart.
And you're so, so,
so, so strong.
And you can take care
of yourself.
Michelle: I don't know
how you turned out so good
with a mom like me.
But I'm proud of you.
Michelle: Cea!