North Star, The (1943) Movie Script

Good morning, my
little honey bees.
Good morning!
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning, one and all.
Good... Morning!
Good morning!
Where's Pavel Grigorich?
I've come to be your
guest for breakfast.
Stop shouting.
Don't be so young
with the voice.
You'll have to come
back, Comrade Karp.
Grandpa is still asleep.
A new baby came to the
hospital last night,
and then Grandpa came
home and did his writing.
Good morning.
That's not the way you say it.
You say, "a baby came
into the bright world
in the darkest part
of the night."
Don't talk so pretty.
A new baby. Isn't that nice?
What's nice about it?
I -- I'll be back.
You argue too much.
Good morning, Grandpa.
Ah. Good morning, my lad.
You should not have
worked all night.
Mm. I had a good night's work.
Did a little writing.
Feel better? Mm-hmm.
Come and have breakfast now.
Oh, dear.
What seems to be the
trouble, Boris Stepanich?
It'll take a better mechanic
than I am to answer that.
The patient is cured, Father.
It's all right now.
Hello, Comrade Karp.
You ever been to Kiev?
Of course.
There was a pretty girl there
who lost her head over me.
Years ago. Oh, of course.
Well, it is the
last day of school.
Tomorrow morning,
we'll be on our way.
It's our vacation, and we're
going to Kiev on a holiday.
That's a nice bus ride.
Not for us. We're hiking.
All the way? Well, of course.
It'll only take us
four or five days.
Marina is going?
Yes. Marina and
Clavdia and grisha.
My brother -- unfortunately.
Ah, but Marina is
the one who counts.
Have you proposed?
Or does one propose in
these modern times?
Good morning, Papa.
Good morning.
What are you doing, Marina?
I'm baking honey
cakes for the trip.
The cakes have
to be baked now?
You're not leaving
until tomorrow.
Well, it's hard at our age
to remember how
exciting a trip can be.
The planning is half the fun.
A long time ago, this is
the way I wore my hair.
Were you pretty, Mama,
when you were young?
I'm not so old, little one.
Mama's pretty now.
And she's not old.
It's only that
you're so young.
I'm not so young.
There are plenty
who are younger.
Yes. And there always will be.
Sophia, when you go marketing,
remind everybody to come
and help with the
loading of the trains.
Tell them there will
be supper for all
when the work is finished.
I'll tell everybody!
I'll tell everybody!
May I, Papa? May I?
I'll do it on my
way to school.
Please, may I? May I, please?
All right. You tell them.
I'll say there will be
supper for everybody.
I'll say there will
be music and singing.
I'll say there
will be dancing,
and I'll say there will
be cider for old people
and fruit drinks for children.
You might also remember to
say there will be work.
Yes. I'll say that, too.
"Everybody must
work," I'll say.
No pancakes?
You know what else the comrade
commander said to me?
You have my permission
not to tell me.
"Eat pancakes."
That's what he said.
It has been
recently discovered
that pancakes are fine for
a bombardier's nerves.
That ought to
interest you, Damian.
You're going to be a doctor.
It doesn't interest me.
Don't worry with
those maps, Damian.
I know all the roads.
And when we get to Kiev,
I will show you and your little
friends all there is to see.
Me and my little friends
are still young.
A visit to Kiev
is something that doesn't
happen to us every day.
And don't patronize
us about it.
Be a man of the world in
front of your mirror.
It's better that way.
Mirrors don't talk back.
Most men in the world feel
pleased when they have sons.
I wonder why.
I told you years ago.
Two quiet little girls
would have been very nice.
Well, you can't change us now,
and you wouldn't if you could.
Two healthy, brilliant,
handsome sons.
June 20, 1941, 8:00 A.M.,
broadcasting from moscow.
Be still, both of you.
German troop movements are
reported on the Polish border.
Their nature is unknown.
Reports reach us of
a typhus epidemic
in the German-occupied
city of Warsaw.
London was bombed twice last
night by the Luftwaffe.
In the Polish city of Lodz,
112 Polish children died
this morning as a result
of being made to give blood
transfusions to German wounded.
Children. Taking blood from...
Here's a report from a
reliable source in --
goodbye, now.
Goodbye, sweetheart.
Goodbye, Papa. Bye, baby.
Goodbye, Papa.
Bye, Mama. Bye, dear.
Come on, Clavdia!
You'll be late!
You're my brother,
not my guardian.
Mind your business.
Good morning, Clavdia.
Good morning, Marina.
You're early.
Oh! You know I never
eat breakfast.
You always look so clean.
You're no cleaner than I am.
Maybe not as clean.
And hair is curly.
Your hair looks nice.
Oh, it's as straight as wheat.
And don't try to console me.
Well, well.
The last day of school
is a happy day.
Even I remember.
Oh, no. No?
We're very sorry
it's the last day.
My first words will
be to congratulate
our three pupils
in the last class
who have all been
awarded scholarships
to the state
University of Kiev.
One of those three has
taken the highest marks
of any pupil in this
year's senior graduating class.
He is Damian Taratsa.
It is not my custom to start
your vacation with a lecture.
But this is the summer
of 1941, a solemn time.
No one of us knows
what will happen.
I don't have to remind you
that we are people
with a noble history.
You are expected to
carry on that history
with complete devotion
and self-sacrifice.
I think you'll do that.
And now... Have a happy summer.
From great moscow to
the farthest border
From the black sea
to the sea of white
There is peace where
once there was disorder
There is dawn where
once was blackest night
Not a voice but
sings in exultation
Not a heart but
beats for liberty
Side by side, the
peoples of our nation
Build a world where
man is ever free
Soviet lands will
give to us forever
Free of fear or strife
To be worthy is
our one endeavor
As a live a new
and glorious life
You know, Marina...
I-I can't explain it, but,
well, I-I almost wish
we weren't having
this supper tonight.
Oh, goodness knows
I usually love it.
But -- but it
interferes, really,
with the trip, if you
know what I mean.
Too many good things at once.
Mm. I felt it, too.
I didn't want
anything to happen.
Just the trip. Nothing else.
Oh, well. We really won't
celebrate tonight.
We'll just eat supper and act
like it was any other evening
and we were home
with the family.
You know what? I'm not
going to sing tonight.
Even if everyone asks
me, I won't sing.
And don't you sing either.
Loading time at last is over
Loading time at last is over
Let the workers mingle
Let the locomotive labor
While we dance and
join our neighbor
Clavdia, Clavdia,
take it easy
Kolya likes her thinner
If to him you
want to live up
Every day you've got to
give up lunch and dinner
Lunch and dinner
There's Damian
and his Marina
There's Damian
and his Marina
Love has got
them floored yet
Sixteen years of
fond attention
Is beyond our comprehension
Aren't you bored yet?
There's Damian
and his Marina
Romeo and Juliet
Cupid seems to
have them leaping
But their teachers should be
keeping them in school yet
Them in school yet
I wish it was
tomorrow morning.
Kolya says we'll go to the
theater when we get to Kiev.
All we have to do is
apply for the tickets.
We'll have three
whole days in Kiev.
We shall see everything.
It's been a good year.
Scholarship to the university,
of course, means the most.
There was a medal
for marksmanship.
And now this vacation.
We'll be separated for a year.
You'll be getting a scholarship
the following year.
But it's this year
I'm thinking about.
That's a long time.
I don't think it
is at our age.
You don't think so?
How strange.
What are you saying, Marina?
Nothing. I don't want
to talk about it.
It's odd you don't think a year
away from me is a long time.
It doesn't worry you?
All right.
You don't have to keep
saying it over and over.
Are you sure you feel
about me as you used to?
I don't like this talk.
It -- it's bad.
It's only natural that I --
it's not natural at all.
It's not like you.
I've loved you since I was
old enough to see you.
I will love you until I die.
That's the way it is,
and there's no need
to talk about it.
You mean you'll never
talk about it?
You'll never tell me?
I'll tell you in my own time.
But I'll not tell
you to waste time.
Look here, Marina.
You and I are -- are
like one person.
And I always thought you wanted
both of us to be educated and --
I didn't mean that.
Of course I want you to
go to the university.
Of course.
It'd make me sad
if you didn't --
and ashamed.
But it wouldn't matter.
I'd go anyway.
I'm a citizen of this country.
I intend to go forward
with it and --
and to give it all I have.
I have strong
feelings about it.
You'll come along
with those feelings.
But... You don't
come before them.
I understand.
I feel the same way for
myself, for both of us.
I was being foolish.
I only wanted to be with you.
I'm proud you got the
scholarship, of course.
You'll be a great man,
and the whole district
will be proud of you.
You'll have medals.
I think we'll go to the
theater every night.
That's too often.
And we'll grow old together,
and I'll be a beautiful
old woman and very kind.
Oh, I'm sure of it.
My grandchildren will love me,
and you will, too,
more than ever.
What's wrong with that?
Plenty of people
grow old together
and have a fine
life behind them.
I didn't say there was
anything wrong with it.
I shall buy baby
dresses in Kiev.
For whom?
For our first...
Our grandchildren.
You'll, um, you'll put the
dresses away for a while?
Yes. Of course
that's what I mean.
When we get home, you and
I should call a meeting,
and the five of us should
go over all the plans
for our journey tomorrow.
Don't you think, Kolya?
I don't need to plan
to get up and get dressed
and eat my breakfast.
I know how to do that.
I'm getting tired of hearing you
children talk about this trip.
I'm only going because
Father made me.
Oh, I thought it was because
-- well, because me.
I-I mean us.
Don't you like us?
What's the matter
with you, Clavdia?
I-I have a choking
sensation in my chest.
You eat too much.
You usually do.
It's not at all that.
It's my emotions in the chest.
Clavdia, you're a throwback.
What's that? What do you mean?
Somebody who doesn't
belong to their own time.
Ours is a new world, Clavdia.
You don't belong in it.
Oh, I see.
You mean I'm rather
and romantic, rather.
I've told you -- you
cannot come along.
I'm always too young.
I'm too young for everything.
Well, someday, when everybody
else is too old for everything,
you'll be just old enough.
Take care of the puppy.
I'll bring everybody
a present.
Don't get your feet wet.
And take care of yourselves.
The first time we have ever
been separated, Grandpa.
It's only for a short time.
Good morning.
Clumsy in the body are
those clumsy in the head.
You wake Grandpa and I'll --
oh, I'm gonna kill you,
you nasty little thing.
I'm gonna kill you.
Drink your milk, Clavdia.
You will now find it more
comfortable to get up.
Goodbye, Father.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
Seven times last night
you said goodbye.
We'll be back soon.
We'll try to get
along without you.
Well, goodbye!
Oh, Mother.
We'll be back soon.
Oh, have a good time, son.
We'll miss you.
Good journey, Marina.
Good journey.
Good journey! Good journey!
Good journey!
Good journey to us all!
Good morning, Kolya.
- Good morning!
- Hello.
Good morning, good
morning, good morning.
Good morning, Clavdia.
What's the matter with you?
With your face?
You look so foolish.
Well, you never said "good
morning" to me before.
Good morning!
Good morning, Kolya.
Good morning!
I don't like guns, Kolya.
Then don't have one.
I don't like the
noise they make.
Who does? Why are
you carrying it?
If you look at me, Clavdia, you
will see that I'm in uniform.
Men in uniform carry guns.
Uniforms, air force,
Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics.
Remember now?
Oh, you're teasing me.
Well, don't play with
that gun, please.
I intend to use it.
When we near the
end of the trip,
I intend to kill someone
and leave their carcass
for the hawks.
You want to help?
Oh, no. No. I will stop you.
I-I will sacrifice myself.
Oh, I couldn't stand to
think of you lying in jail,
a murderer, tortured
with conscience.
Oh, Kolya.
I've got to kill him. But who?
Two weeks of you, child, is
going to be a long, long time.
If I eat too much jam
Mother, look how young I am
Mother dear, please recall
That at one time
you were small
If I'm hard on my clothes
and I do not wipe my nose
Parents dear, please recall
That at one time
you were small
Tiddle-ee-um, tiddle-ee-um
Tiddle-ee-um, tum,
tum, tum, tum
We're the younger generation
and the future of the nation
If I look as I pass into
every looking glass
Parents mine, have no fear
Just go back some 20 years
If I stay out of doors and
don't help with kitchen chores
Parents mine, have no fear
Just go back some 20 years
Tiddle-ee-um, tiddle-ee-um
Tiddle-ee-um, tum,
tum, tum, tum
We're the younger generation
and the future of the nation
If to school I am late, please
don't scold and agitate
Parents dear, isn't it true
One time you were
that way too?
If I make too much noise
and I hit back at the boys
Parents dear, isn't it true
One time you were
that way too?
Tiddle-ee-um, tiddle-ee-um
Tiddle-ee-um, tum,
tum, tum, tum
We're the younger generation
and the future of the nation
Parents dear, use your tact
If you don't like how we act,
do not fret, do not mourn
Is it our fault we were born?
Please forgive all we do
For someday we'll suffer too
When in turn we will groan
at some children of our own
Tiddle-ee-um, tiddle-ee-um
Tiddle-ee-um, tum,
tum, tum, tum
We're the younger generation
and the future of the nation
Don't your feet hurt?
In the army, your feet
learn to stop hurting.
I told you young athletes not
to walk so far and so fast
the first day.
Make a fire.
We must have a fire.
A fire is so romantic.
Oh, we must have a fire.
Otherwise, we can't
sit around and dream.
Maybe it would be
better to kill you.
Do, um, do all men make
noises when they sleep?
I don't know. I never
listen to all men.
Hey, it's Karp.
Oh! Karp!
Good morning, Karp!
Good morning!
Good morning. Good morning.
I thought we'd pass you.
We're on our way home.
I'll give you a ride
to the crossroads.
Good! It's time for a ride.
You can't go on a walking trip
and take a ride. You can't.
Well, you see
more if you walk,
but we'd only be
riding a few miles.
Oh, come on.
And riding's good
for the feet.
Well, well. Nothing
like having good feet.
My feet are not good.
They're much too small.
Everybody knows that.
I think we should walk.
You can't go on a walking
trip and take a ride.
Who made up that law?
It's not a law. It's just --
well, it's --
it's not romantic.
I see.
You and Marina walk.
We men will ride.
Would you ride while I walked?
Darling Marina, I'm
not making you walk.
But would you let me
walk while you rode?
The brightest of women
are not bright.
I'm learning that.
We are women.
Different things go
on in our heads.
That's what makes
us attractive.
You coming?
If you're quite
certain you want me.
A fine marriage yours will be.
Boss you and then
laugh at you.
Oh, come on, Clavdia.
When you don't stand
by your convictions,
you set back the cause of all
women everywhere in the world.
She's an interesting
type, Clavdia.
Like a piece in a museum.
Sing me not of other towns
Of towns that
twinkle and shine
Excuse me, but there's no
village like mine
Sing me not of other towns
Of towns that
twinkle and shine
Excuse me, but there's no
village like mine
Your pig doesn't smell so
nice now that the sun is up.
And who does?
Sing me not of other towns
What's the matter?
Something the matter
with the sun.
Is that an old saying, Karp?
What's wrong with the sun?
Tell me what you mean.
I don't know.
But you feel it, too.
Stop that singing, please!
What's the matter with you?
Why shouldn't we sing?
Because I've been
hearing something!
You've been hearing
your own head.
A wit.
I hear it.
I've been hearing
it for an hour.
But I don't know.
Sometimes I hear things
from other years.
Sometimes I even forget
what year it is.
1914, 1915 --
or 1941.
What are you
carrying on about?
We can all hear it.
They're planes.
And you ought to know
what planes sound like.
They're many planes, and
they're not far from here.
Can't we have an air force
while you're on leave?
You should have let Grandpa
examine your head.
Maybe there's something
wrong inside.
Get down! All of you!
Get down immediately!
We're being bombed!
Understand that! Quickly!
Get out of your wagons and get
into the ditch immediately!
Leave the horses.
Get in the ditch!
I don't believe you. We
can't leave the horses.
I intend to use this gun on
anybody who isn't in that ditch.
Will he --
I don't know yet. I
don't think he --
let me. No.
You take a drink
of water, child.
Both of you... Close your
eyes and take my arm.
The face of war is ugly
and not for the young.
We are not young anymore.
Any better?
I guess it's the first time in
my life I haven't been hungry.
Oh, yesterday we were home,
and everybody in the --
one day you're home,
and the next day...
The next day, here you are.
Last week, the little boy was
in the store with his mother.
I met them there.
He had a ball,
and he was bouncing it
with his left hand.
I remember because I
noticed he was left-handed
and wondered what it felt
like to be left-handed.
And now there he is
without his left hand.
Without the hand that
bounced the ball!
Oh! I shouldn't be
talking this way!
I know it!
You're all ashamed of me.
You are what you are, Clavdia.
It is my opinion that the
trouble in the world
comes from people who
don't know what they are,
who pretend to be
something they're not.
Come on, Clavdia.
I'll wash your face.
Dirty cheeks.
Go back.
It's over. There
is nothing to do.
Good morning, Nadya.
Well, how do you feel?
I always wanted to know
how the doctor felt.
I'm very glad to have a patient.
People around here
are too healthy.
You like your baby?
Oh, she's very ugly,
like her father.
And beautiful.
Commander Petrov of the
12th Border Cavalry
speaking to the
border villages.
The fascist armies
of the German Reich
invaded the Soviet
Union this morning.
I will repeat.
German armies crossed the border
of the Soviet Union
this morning.
The attack was made with
unprecedented fury.
But our land will be defended
with a fury the fascist
armies have never known.
To the border villages,
salute, comrades.
The war has come.
Comrades, we have good reason to
know that our country is at war.
In our small village alone,
30 people have been injured.
Eleven people have been killed.
But this is not a
time for mourning.
It is time for revenge.
We will divide into two groups,
each to do his duty from
this day until death.
The able-bodied men
are to come forward
to the right of this building.
We will move from the
village to the hills
and take our position
as guerrillas.
I will go immediately
to Comrade Commander
Petrov's Garrison to get the guns.
The second group has
the hardest job.
They must stay behind.
As guerrillas, we must
have aid and information.
As villagers, you must, before
the entrance of the Germans,
destroy everything.
Everything, comrades.
The houses you have built,
the crops you have
sowed with your hands,
the cattle you have raised.
The Germans are not more
than 50 miles away.
Yours is the dangerous job.
For this job, you
will volunteer.
It is you who may have
to live with the...
...the Germans.
"I, who am about to become
a guerrilla fighter
of the Soviet Union, I
take this solemn oath."
I, who am about to become
a guerrilla fighter
of the Soviet Union, I
take this solemn oath.
"I will not lay down these arms
until the last fascist is
driven from our land."
I will not lay down these arms
until the last fascist
is driven from our land.
"I am willing to give my
life, to die in battle
to keep my people from
fascist slavery."
I am willing to give my
life, to die in battle
to keep my people
from fascist slavery.
You know where we'll be.
One of us will come every
night to the pine grove.
Remember, we'll need
supplies and information.
This is our land, our village!
We remember we fought another
war to make them ours.
We swear to give our
lives if they be needed.
We swear!
Through day, through night
Guerrillas fight the
butcher's bloody power
From field and tower
In rain or shower
Through day, through night
Guerrillas fight the
butcher's bloody power
His guns keep drilling
Our graves he's filling
But men grow brave
who fight to save
The land that
they were tilling
Our forest, our river
We'll fight for
land and home
Our land we'll deliver
back to its own
A dream we cherish
And never perish
And we'll be free
men once more
I'm ready, Comrade Petrov.
Good. Now, just a moment.
These reports show the
Germans rapidly advancing
across our territory.
By nightfall, there
won't be a highway
free of their guns,
their tanks,
and their supply trucks,
all going to the front.
Remember, you have a
good 40 miles to travel.
Your best chance is to
take to the back road.
That'll take too long.
I'll have to take a
chance on the highway.
We need that ammunition
bad and quick.
I'll get the truck through.
You can count on it.
Comrade Karp is going
to take my place.
My duty is to report to
the nearest airfield.
So gather around,
listen closely,
and I'll show you what I
think is your only chance
to get back to the village.
The Germans must have crossed
the river at the upper bend,
and --
get down, everybody!
Get the guns out.
Save the guns.
Get them out.
Get these boxes out!
Did you do it?
Yes, Father.
They're safe.
For our men.
Take it to them.
They're... They're at
the end of the stream.
Other side,
Obmyk Hill...
Beyond the pinewoods, past...
Take it back to them.
You hear me?
Yes, Father. We'll
take it back.
Say hello to... To
your mother for me.
I promise.
Well, that's all of it.
I'll say goodbye now.
Travel at night and
stick to the woods.
When you get to the
upper crossroads,
you'll see a little --
but what about you?
You said the Germans
had crossed the river.
How can you get
to the airfield?
I'll get through all right.
Now, do your best.
Don't be frightened.
Fear is a bad enemy -- or
so people have told me.
Bye, Clavdia.
Goodbye, Kolya.
We'll do the best we can.
That's all.
Tell Mother that...
Goodbye, Kolya.
Look after them, Karp.
Twenty-five years ago, we
fought and died for this earth.
People go forward.
They fight for themselves
and make things better
for themselves --
more food, a good bed, jokes
to make and time to laugh.
Then the filthy come
and try to stop it.
They want to take
away from people
all the good they've made
for themselves.
Well... Then you take your gun
and you fight until
you've killed all such.
Ready, comrades?
Yes, comrade.
We're ready.
We are ordered to occupy
the North Star village.
How big is this village?
Not big.
We're only taking
125 men to hold it.
We are ordered to establish
a regimental field hospital
in the village
North Star ahead.
Field hospital and a
village dispensary.
How can I take care of all
these men and more to come?
The order says that
more ambulances
and doctors will
be sent to us.
I don't want doctors.
I need surgeons.
The colonel has forgotten me.
I am a surgeon.
A surgeon is a man who can
operate, Dr. Richter.
I have not forgotten you.
Dr. Richter, where did you
take your medical training?
Freiburg, as I have told the
colonel many times before.
That was a good school.
I must beg the
colonel's pardon.
With respect to the colonel's superior
rank and reputation,
I must beg the
colonel's pardon to --
do not beg my pardon
so often, Dr. Richter.
Good manners do not
make a good surgeon.
It's well known, of course,
the colonel studied at the
University of Leipzig.
In the great days.
I was a pupil of freidenthal.
His most famous pupil.
Freidenthal? The Jew?
Yes. Freidenthal the Jew.
The colonel did not
mind his being a Jew?
I never thought about
it in those days.
It must be pleasant to
be so sure of oneself.
I should like to
think I was as good
as the colonel thinks he is.
The day you think you're as
good as I am, Dr. Richter,
I will know that
you're suffering
from delusions of grandeur
and I shall commit
you to an asylum.
Trust me, Dr. Richter.
Burn your houses! The
Germans are coming!
Burn your houses! The
Germans are coming!
It's hard. The hardest part.
The hardest part.
Go and do it now.
Others give their lives. We
give what is life to us.
Another burning village.
Speed up. Speed up.
Quite different, isn't
it, Dr. Richter?
The Army of the Third Reich
didn't see burning villages
on its pleasant tour
through Western Europe.
This amuses the colonel?
No. Danger doesn't amuse me.
I only state facts.
A strong people. One
has always heard that.
A hard people to conquer.
Who is responsible for the
burning and destruction
in this village?
Where are the younger men?
They burned it and
have tried to escape.
Is that correct?
Has the hospital
been burned down?
It is not bad. We caught it.
Carry in the
casualties immediately
and get the operative
cases ready.
As you order, colonel.
The chairman of the Soviet
of this collective farm
is called... Rodion Pavlov.
Is he here?
Where is his family?
I wish these
questions answered!
You have already, by the
burning of this village,
shown yourselves to be
enemies of the German army.
We punish our enemies...
Where is the wife
of Rodion Pavlov?
I am the wife of
Rodion Pavlov.
Come forward.
I wish to know where
your husband is hiding,
how many men he has with him
and how much ammunition.
I cannot answer
those questions.
You are certain that
you will not answer?
I am certain.
Take her inside.
Swine. Swine!
I am a doctor.
They will bring her out.
Her right arm and her
right leg will be broken.
You should advise your
people to give information
when it is asked for.
You are a doctor and
you are able to --
in this new order of ours,
we have to countenance
and commit many acts one does
not necessarily approve of.
We'll have a look.
We'll join you at
the crossroads.
Take Clavdia and grisha
and hitch the horses.
I can shoot. Do
what I tell you.
If anything goes wrong,
then -- well, drive away.
Don't wait. Just drive.
The horses. Quick.
Hitch the horses.
Only fools aren't frightened
when there's something
to be frightened about.
And I don't like to see
a fool hold a gun.
Now, go on.
And remember --
you'll only have
a second to fire
and you must be
quick and sure.
Try to sleep.
I'll watch.
It's hard to tell.
You get some sleep, my dear.
Everything sounds
like planes to me.
I think of Damian
and the children...
Wherever they are.
And Kolya.
You are quiet for you.
I haven't had any
sleep for 30 hours.
I've been on four
bombing trips today.
You're my fifth.
How did you do?
Well, I always do well.
I got two planes...
Whole line of supplies.
Got some big guns
near the river.
Well, get ready
to do it again.
We'll be over them
in three minutes.
We'll see how good you are.
Oh, I'm good.
You must have heard about me.
First flight, son?
This is my first flight
in the war, Grandaddy.
I was at home on leave.
Well, don't get
shaky about it.
I'll bring you
through all right.
He talks that way.
I've been flying
with him for years.
I'm used to it.
I can blow those supply trucks.
What do you say?
Save your bombs.
This will make a
good strafing job.
We're going down.
Tanks. Tanks in
those trees ahead.
Pilot, are you all right?
Are you all right?!
Gunner, they got the pilot.
Come forward at once.
Where did you get it?
Are you bad?
I don't know.
I can't feel it.
Remember -- years
ago in training?
They said when you couldn't
feel it, it was bad!
That's not true. That's all
talk. You hold on.
We'll go over the road and
let go what we got left,
and I'll have on the
ground in 10 minutes.
We're badly clipped in the back.
It's worse than I thought.
You crawl to the back.
I'll let you know
when to bail out.
No, never. Never been
frightened, I mean.
Maybe there's something
the matter with me.
All right. Crawl back now.
If you can't open the
hatch, I'll do it for you.
If the plane's too bad to land,
I'm gonna try something else.
And it doesn't need more
than one man to do it.
Now, don't argue and sound
brave and be a nuisance.
I can do it alone.
Get ready to jump!
Well, you'd never
have made it anyway.
I'll get ready for it.
This is going to be for
my father and for me
and for my village and for
people I've never seen.
Those are big words.
I guess I'll have to
stand by them now.
I'm coming down, and
it's going to hurt you!
And I'm coming down
just where I want to
because I was a good bombardier
and a good pilot, too!
The children were given their
supper at the hospital tonight.
Good. They needed it.
Why did they do that?
There's been
nothing but bad bread.
What? What, Anna?
The children are still
at the hospital --
in the hall, on the
benches where I saw them.
Supper was over long ago.
Shh. Shh.
He says we are to stay here.
He says we --
Mischa and Sonya
went in there and...
No. Don't do that.
No. Don't do that.
Guard! Guard!
Take this man out. Put
him under arrest.
Do not be so nervous,
Captain Richter.
You are well guarded
in this room
from the feeble attacks
of an old man.
After you, Dr. Kurin.
I realize that this is difficult
for you to understand.
But our plasma supply
was insufficient,
so we have to take blood for our
wounded where we can get it
and where the donor is
easiest to control.
I was looking at your
hospital library today.
I had forgotten that Kurin
the pathologist was Russian.
Strange to find you in
this little village.
You came to the University of
Leipzig to read your paper.
Must have been...
30 years ago.
I was a student, of course,
and not allowed to hear you.
But I remember it.
They said that men of medicine
see all that can
happen to people.
I'm an old man, and
I have seen much.
But how can a doctor
bring himself
to not only take
blood from children
but to bleed them white?
Comrade Kurin.
This boy needs help.
May I? Of course.
Dr. Von Harden,
do you mean that you're not
having this man arrested?
If you wish to be a
warrior, Captain Richter,
you must take chances
with your life.
Dr. Kurin is a famous
man of science.
He's not a man who kills and
therefore no danger to us.
Halt! Who goes there?
It's me -- Dr. Kurin.
Advance to be recognized!
The Kechins' boy.
You recognize him, comrade.
Take me to Rodion.
Twenty trucks. Now
start counting.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Ten seconds. And
here they come.
Twenty trucks,
then 10 seconds.
Eight motorcycles
in 15 seconds.
And more trucks without ammo.
Yes. That's the track.
Karp hasn't seen these
hills for 10 years,
but he remembered
them as if --
we'll go straight through
without stopping,
and we'll be there.
We'll have done our work.
Your face has changed.
And yours.
Tired and hungry.
You read about hunger,
but you don't understand how bad
it is until it happens to you.
If Karp and I can keep awake,
nothing else will matter.
I can do some of the driving.
Not this time.
We'll be climbing.
It'll be hard.
You'll sleep on my shoulder.
That'll make me feel
good, sure of myself.
Could I, Marina?
I've never...
Could I?
I'm going through the
woods to this side.
As their group of motorcycles
come around this turn,
I'm going to fire at them.
That'll stop the column.
You will be ready here.
As the firing starts, you will
take the wagons across the road.
The firing will
cover the noise,
and they'll not be
watching for you.
They'll be busy with me.
I hope.
If two people were
there to fire,
one one side and one another,
it'll be a better
chance for you.
I'm coming with you.
It's not for us to talk of
what's best for one of us.
You're needed to
take home the guns.
That's what you must do
and what you will do.
When you hear the
firing, go across.
When it's over, I'll meet you
on the hill by the cow path.
On the hill by the cow path.
He's right, Marina.
It's the only way.
Soon now.
When you hear the firing, go
across as fast as you can.
And remember to leave room
for me to cross next to you.
Where's Clavdia?
She's gone.
She went after Damian.
I saw her.
Why didn't you -- I
must go find her.
You must not go after her.
You must let her alone.
I saw her face.
Oh, Grandpa.
Oh, somebody help me.
Make me do something right,
the way everybody else does.
Keep me from being
so frightened.
Keep me from crying, please.
Where are you hit?
There are only two --
don't go, Marina. Wait
a few more minutes.
A dead kid and a fat girl.
All right. Signal
to them to go on.
The dangerous enemy
has been dealt with.
I'm going.
Stay here.
Come on. We just have time.
Is it bad?
No wounds on him.
It's me -- Marina.
And Karp.
Cla-- where is she?
She's dead.
Where are we?
Over the Yunageno Hills.
How much longer?
Not much more.
What time is it?
About 5:00.
In the morning or --
or in the afternoon?
All right! All right!
You say Boris has not
come with the guns,
but they are your children, and
they're being bled to death!
Why, the whole
village will be --
our time has come to fight.
It does no good for me to lie.
Men with rocks and clubs are
not good against machine guns.
Now, there will be
five men to a gun.
You know it, and I'll say it.
This may be the last time
we ride down a hill.
What do you say?
All right. Saddle your horses.
Take up your watch
at the pine grove.
And when Boris gets
here with the guns,
rush him down to the
north cornfield.
Pray that he arrives in time.
All right. The selected
men, dismount.
The rest of you wait here
until you see the gas aflame,
and then ride to the
schoolyard and ride fast.
Barricade it soon as you get in.
You know the plan.
Each group knows what to do.
Now let's do it.
All right. Now for
the gasoline.
Let's keep it pouring.
Down! We are fighting
in the village!
I'll take you!
They're our men!
They've come to fight.
Sophia, Nadya, our
children are home!
The children!
My baby is home!
Damian, it's your mother.
I have come for another
visit, Dr. Von Harden.
I'll only be a minute, doctor.
Come in, Dr. Kurin.
You do not like Dr. Richter.
I do not like
incompetent doctors.
I do not like much
of what I have done
for the past nine years.
You do not like bleeding
children to their death?
The boy died?
You knew he would die!
They took too much blood.
I am sorry for that.
Yes, I believe you when
you tell me you're sorry.
I'm sorry for many
things, Dr. Kurin.
Most sorry that it isn't
the world we used to know.
I have heard about
men like you --
civilized men who are sorry.
This kind is nothing.
They will go when
their bosses go.
But men like you, who have
contempt for men like him --
to me, you are the real filth.
Men who do the work of fascists
while they pretend to themselves
that they are better than the
beasts for whom they work.
Men who do murder
while they laugh at those
who order them to do it.
It is men like you who have sold
their people to men like him.
You see, Dr. Von Harden,
you were wrong
about many things.
I am a man who kills.
You, uh, feel you'll
need this thing, huh?
I like it.
We will come home someday.
I want to sew again.
And you will want to
write your book again.
We are not so old.
They tell me you were
very brave, Grandpa.
And why not, child?
I'm of the same blood
as you and Clavdia.
It's gone.
There will be another someday.
It will be different for us.
Wars don't leave
people as they were.
All people will learn this
and come to see that
wars do not have to be.
We'll make this the last war.
We'll make a free
world for all men.
The Earth belongs to us, the
people, if we fight for it.
And we will fight for it!
Our forest, our river
We'll fight for
land and home
Our land we'll deliver
back to its own
A dream we cherish
And never perish
And we'll be free
men once more