North West Mounted Police (1940) Movie Script

The Canadian Northwest.
Here the first traders
from the Old World
intermarried with the lndians
of the plains and forests
to found a new race:
the Metis of Canada.
Here, for two centuries these
half-breed hunters and trappers
multiplied and prospered
a law unto themselves.
Then surveyors and homebuilders
pushed westward
bringing laws of land
and property
which threatened to end forever
the free ways of the wild trails.
ln 1885, resentful and confused,
the half-breeds,
under the leadership of Louis Riel,
revolted against the advance
of unwelcome law.
ln that hour, a handful
of hard riding men
in scarlet coats,
the Northwest Mounted Police,
stood between Canada's destiny
and the rebellion that was being
kindled across the American border
in a little Montana school house.
Three cheers for
the red, white and blue.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Thy banners make tyranny tremble.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Thy banners make tyranny tremble.
Three cheers for the red,
white and blue.
Susie, you didn't sing
the last words.
l got scared, Mr. Riel.
He kind of looks like the big
bad robber in the picture books.
l'm going to let you all
go home early today children.
- School dismissed!
- Bye, Mr. Riel!
Susie! Come here.
There's nothing to frighten you.
These are old friends from Canada.
Get the kid out!
Time is short.
-Run along. Don't imagine things.
-Alright. l'll sing good tomorrow.
You're not gonna be here tomorrow.
l got your message, Duroc.
Returning to Canada is death.
For some maybe, not for us.
15 years of exile
haven't changed you Corbeau.
Or you... l hope.
Canada change plenty. No more
she belong to the half-breed.
The law come on the old trails,
white people steal the land,
the surveyor tell us
where we got to live.
We send plenty letter to government.
She is too busy to listen.
Government take care of lndians,
take care of white settler.
Ain't nobody take care
of the half-breed people.
No half-breed gonna take
care of himself.
She's gonna fight by Jove.
You gotta come back, and lead us.
-Against the Queen's soldiers?
-We tried that once.
-This time it will be different.
The lndians are in grand council.
More Black Feet and Cree
than anybody ever saw before.
They'll join us if l say so,
and fight.
l got Cree blood,
same as Big Bear.
-The lndian government...
-What? You and me,
and Duroc, we will be the government.
With the lndians,
we'll wipe the whites out
of Western Canada.
We'll set up a new government.
Batoche gonna be our capital.
Half-breeds coming there by hundreds
from the river and woods,...
-They still believe in me...
You know what happens
if we fail again?
We don't fail!
Corbeau's got something.
You've never seen a gun like that.
She squirt lead like a hurricane.
Trust Corbeau to know
the newest way of killing.
-My gun shoots 1000 slugs a minute.
A Gatling gun stole near
the border.
-Put on the dunce cap.
-l go fight alone. Come on!
l will never let you lead my people.
You can be the saint
that leads them Louis.
All l want is the whiskey business.
And l'll get it.
Or you'll get no help
from the lndians.
l don't want no help
from a whiskey trader.
Louis, if he don't get
the Cree and Black Feet
to fight those redcoats with us,
we go smash.
And the half-breeds,
they don't fight without Louis.
So maybe you don't like each other
but you need each other very much.
Blood will run like water.
Blood? You won't notice it much.
The mounted police wear red coats.
Looks like bargain day
in Batoche.
Trouble... Keep your eyes open
and holster closed.
Left turn!
Present arms!
Present the arms!
Soldier, what for
you don't do what l say?
l go home.
Duroc, he's a go home.
Hey! Why you go home?
''Shoulder arm, hold arm,
right, left, right about,...''
He change his mind too much.
l go home.
Go home? Get back.
All you men obey the order.
-Come here!
-Red coats!
Johnny Pelang, dismiss the men.
Get the paper.
-Good boy.
-Shoulder the arms!
Redcoats coming, we dismiss now.
Go away, but don't leave.
You suppose the inspector's right
and Riel is back?
The inspector's always right.
-The fort's 20 miles away.
-Dry up.
-Where did they get those revolvers?
-Santa Claus.
The police.
Cover up quick.
Hello, Freddie Monts.
Pretty heavy lunch box
you got there.
She's just a little present
for my wife.
Be careful she's not your widow.
-Brave man to give his wife bullets.
-Stow that.
There are men here all the way
from the Parsnip. They mean business.
Fort Carlton tonight,
same place.
l told you to forget that klootch.
She's poison.
-But Jim l...
-Never trust a blue eyed squaw.
There's the old wolf himself.
Go to hospital and call on
your sister. Stay there until l come.
-Don't come on a stretcher.
-Sharp now.
-Hello, Jim.
-Hello, Dan. Quite a crowd.
Sure. Plenty friends of mine.
-ls Louis Riel here yet?
-He is the best friend we got.
Better advise him to go slow.
For 15 years we go slow.
Now we go quick.
We give you 24 hours.
On this paper we write what we want.
lf your government say no,
we make new government.
You're making a mistake.
-The law is in the Northwest now.
-So is this fellow.
You can't fight the whole
British empire?
50 mounted police, only 50.
ln all Canada, only 500.
We got many thousand half-breed.
Big Bear and Crow foot
got 10,000 warrior.
The lndians won't follow Riel.
Maybe they follow Jacques Corbeau.
lf you bring back that killer
you'll deserve what you get.
You're a great old wolf, Duroc.
l'd hate to see you
hang with that coyote.
-24 hour Jim, we want answer.
-You'll get it,
if the wires to Ottawa stay up.
The wires, she'll stay up.
Just 24 hours.
Don't get them tangled
around your neck.
-You think Corbeau no come, eh?
-He will if he smells blood.
Maybe he smell blood
pretty quick.
Your blood!
Pull him down!
We're gonna fight!
lf we want Corbeau,
we'll be getting Corbeau.
The redcoat be skinned
pretty easy.
lf we want Riel,
we'll get Riel!
-Didn't Jim ask you to stay here?
-Yes but...
Take your hand off that bridle!
Stand clear.
Let go of that bridle!
Shorty! lt's a boy!
A boy Shorty!
Don't you want to see your son?
A boy! Hang loose!
Out of the way!
My son he ask for see me.
Good for him!
Tod McDuff!
l just have baby!
-Hello, Tod.
-Hey, Jim.
Thanks for keeping Shorty covered,
but l'm glad you didn't shoot.
l was of a mind too
but l was afraid l'd drop a stitch.
She not very big.
How you make sure that's boy?
Black Chief.
That's chief.
Look, Jim.
l just got baby boy!
That's a fine papoose.
l've got to tell my wife
about this.
-Hello, April.
l'll have to get Shorty's baby
a rattle for that timing.
The baby arrived hours ago.
-Then you get the rattle.
-You rattle me enough as it is.
Hold still Niska.
Roll up my sleeve Ekawe.
l will.
How can you deliver a baby,
set a broken leg and look
lovelier than a Christmas
calendar all at once?
You're quite a picture yourself,
you'd look good in a golf frame.
-Better in the same frame.
-Let's make it a family album.
Let's water the horses. We must
get Duroc's message on the wire.
When you look at Ronnie even
his hair stands to attention.
There's a contrary streak
in the Logan breed.
-We just know our own minds.
-You don't know your own heart?
-l don't intent to listen to it.
-You will.
You're leg will be just as straight
as sergeant Bret's back.
-Tell you what our plans are...
l've been transferred to
Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia?
What's that's where
codfish grow, isn't it?
Orders are orders
in my branch of the service too.
Niska! You mustn't eat that.
Your tummy will turn to stone.
Like your heart.
-l just don't understand.
-You'll never understand Jim.
Until something
beats you to your knees.
Don't get yourself
all over plastered.
-You love me.
-You see?
You don't ask.
You just make statements.
Well, do you love me?
l might but l don't want to.
Help me, will you?
You're fine and right for yourself
and for the service but
-anyway, l'm leaving.
-Running away?
-l'm no heroine.
-All Anglican nurses are heroines.
l don't want to be bravely
smiling goodbye to my husband
every time he puts down
a rebellion or
goes on patrol to the North Pole.
l just wouldn't let him.
When do you leave?
-Next month.
-We'll see.
Anything in the regulations about
you always getting your woman?
No, but there should be.
l gave the horses some water.
Have some yourself.
l'll be there in a minute.
l wish you'd think what it
means to us if you leave.
l'll have plenty of time
to think in Nova Scotia.
Sure. What's time to a codfish?
But l'll track you.
To Nova Scotia, Afghanistan...
or anywhere, because l still
think we belong in the same frame.
Niska, do you think l'm a fool?
So do l.
You'll make somebody
a good wife someday.
ln the meantime we'll need you
as a Mounted Police scout.
Duroc is my very good friend.
Nearly every night for 30 years
we've played pinnacle together.
You can't be on both sides.
McDuff, you don't scout
for the Redcoats?
-You don't turn against me.
-My father was a Highlander.
They helped knit the Empire together
and l'll have no hand in
unraveling it.
The inspector will swear you in
at Fort Carlton in the morning Tod.
24 hours Jim.
You and me,
like brothers Tod.
Aye, that we are.
But l cannot fight against the Queen.
Flesh of the snake.
Blood of the skunk!
You don't fight with us,
maybe you don't fight with nobody.
lt would twist my soul
to fight against you Dan.
But l cannot fight
against the Queen.
Cover up for me after mess.
l've gotta get out.
Next time tell that klootch
to bring a friend.
Ottawa can't possibly act
on these demands in 24 hours.
B0 atoche will boil over
and scald half of Canada.
Rotten business.
lf the lndians rise they'll be
blood from here to Baffin Bay.
Come on!
Gates closing for the night!
Everybody out.
Civilians outside the stockade!
Get going, Uncle Blue Owl.
-Come on. Come on.
-Hurry it up there.
Hurry it up.
-Where can l find the head man?
-Headquarters over there.
Keep moving. Everyone out.
Hey you!
Who's that? Gabriel?
No civilians allowed in
the stockade after retreat, mister.
-You'll have to come back tomorrow.
Hold him for me, will you soldier?
He's part bull and don't like red.
A man from Texas, sir.
My name's Dusty Rivers sir,
Texas Rangers.
l landed up here following
a man we're after for murder.
Orderly, tell sergeant Bret
l want him.
Yes, sir.
Ranger's commission.
Commissioner's deputy,
United States Marshal
and here's my O. K.
from your Regina office.
-l've heard of your organization.
-Thanks. We heard of yours too.
Thank you.
You come at rather a difficult time.
Sergeant Bret, this is Mr. Rivers
of the Texas Rangers.
Texas did you say?
-Texas, is a United State.
-Yes, sir.
The Rangers are a organization
rather like our own
in some respects.
Yes, sir.
He's here on a police errand.
See that he's fed, billeted,
and offered a bath.
Then help him fill out
the proper forms.
Very good, sir.
That's mighty hospitable of you
but l want to get started...
This way please.
They say Riel
is gonna try it again.
Look out, l'm not Riel.
l tried a lot of times
l never got anywhere.
-Low bridge there Slim.
-Place wasn't built for a giraffe.
This is Mr. Rivers of
the Texas constabulary.
-Hello, constable!
Another criminal has leaked out
of the US and he's after him.
You can sleep in that
collapsible mantrap, sheriff.
Attention, to roll call.
-Constable Ackroyd.
-On patrol.
-Harder than rock but for your head.
He was slightly overheated
and went out to get some air.
-Why you be so late?
-l was put on potato patrol.
lf this potato is other woman...
l eat your heart out.
l was pealing one million potatoes
just because l talked
to you in Batoche.
Then maybe l don't eat your heart.
l just keep him here,
inside my heart.
Suits me molasses.
-Here. Want this for a padlock?
This lock both our hearts together.
Put it on for me please.
What's that?
lf that wicked sentry finds you
your cute little pelt
will be nailed to the barn door.
Ronnie, maybe police
no let me come Fort no more.
-My father, he come back.
Who's your father?
He's very bad medicine.
l remember long ago
he cooked bear meat on stick
give me piece in my hand.
Well l'll tell you
what we'll do.
l won't bite him
if he doesn't bite me.
you don't let my father
bust us up!
Listen you little wild cat.
You're the only real thing for me.
Nobody, nothing could ever
make me let you go.
l love you so terrible bad
l feel good.
l'll be pealing potatoes
the rest of my life for this.
-Douglass, a hand will you?
-Of course.
Mother and child,
both doing nicely.
What do you ride in Texas?
They come in handy if you
break a wheel on your wagon.
An uncle of mine visited Texas once.
Sir William Wade,
perhaps you've met him.
We hung a fellow
named Bill Wade.
That probably was not Sir William.
Advise me what time Logan get in.
Good night Sheriff.
Revelly is at six o'clock.
-Re- what?
-Oh Revelly.
You fellows are pretty fancy!
Having ltalian food for breakfast.
Doesn't your organization
rise by bugle call?
Sure! We blow Rev...
Oh! You mean Revelry.
lt's been waking him up every
morning and he can't pronounce it.
Any more than you can eat it.
We'll get your man for you.
l was counting on being
home by the 4th of July.
-Your birthday?
-No, my Uncle Sam's.
lt's an American holiday.
Yeah. The States sort of set up
housekeeping for themselves.
After being hatched
and protected for 150 years.
-Don't mind him. He reads a lot.
-We stuck to our mother, that's all.
lt's a wise child that
knows its own mother.
A wiser one that appreciates her.
Good night Sheriff.
Good night.
But l still want to be home
by the 4th of July.
Have your saddles ready for
marching orders in the morning.
There may be action.
-Lights out. Good night.
-Good night.
Action tomorrow. You hear that?
Look, he's a Redcoat at heart.
ls that the Rangers full dress?
Very good!
Why do you carry two guns?
One don't shoot far enough.
-l'd like to visit Texas some day.
-You can.
Canadians get over to our
country too once in a while.
l'm after one of 'em now.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Good night.
That second red river cart
looks like it had the mumps.
Wait. l'll talk to them.
-Good afternoon.
-How do you do?
What's in the carts?
-Take a look. lf you want.
-No, you have no warrant.
These aren't ordinary times, mister.
Rare wheels for a red river cart.
Open it up! Come along!
Pull the hide off.
Holy cat! Look at this!
Why did you do that?
We could have taken them prisoner.
There was no need to shed blood.
You're splattered with it too, Louis.
You can't back out now.
Get going!
Get up there! Come on!
-No word yet sir.
Buy from me please.
-You buy these white ermines?
Buy from me please.
Furs. You buy these
pretty white ermines?
What l got here is
very fine, very young.
What you got is the oldest
thing there is,
only the original sale
was for an apple not a fur.
l no sell this for apple.
Stranger! l wouldn't buy
any furs from that Beelzebub!
-She steals them!
-You tell lie!
Somagun Scotch lndian!
-l think l kill you.
l'll take you across my knee
and tan your hide.
-l kill you!
-Oh you would!
Let go my hair! Let go!
l'll get you for this!
-l'll skin you for this!
-You're gonna get it!
Let me go!
Take her hands off her
or l'll beat your teeth out!
Tod, report to the OC.
He'll swear you in.
Aye Him. Daughter of Beelzabub,
l know how to handle a woman.
l told you to keep away
from this fort.
Pretty soon
you'll no be boss no more.
Get out of here!
Wait a minute!
Where did you get that ring?
What you care?
Logan, l want to talk to you.
l warned you about that klootch.
-My personal business is my own.
-She's a thieving little...
l ought to wipe your jaw for that.
Don't be a fool.
-lt's because she's part lndian.
-No! Because she's all bad.
You'd lose your eyebrows
if l married her, wouldn't you?
-Why not?
-l don't see why all this...
-Do you know who she is?
-l know who she's going to be.
-She's Jacques Corbeau's daughter.
Look out!
lt's April!
What happened?
Call the hospital orderlies.
Get the doctor!
Put that man out there.
Take this one first.
He's dead.
-Corporal take charge of the body.
-Dr. Roberts. This way sir!
-There's two of them in there.
-Gently, he's badly hurt.
-Who is it?
-l don't know!
Clear these people.
-Come on!
-Let Miss Logan through!
How'd it happen?
Constable Fenton.
-Where did you find him?
-On the Red Berry trail.
l was on my way to a case.
How long were they lying
there before you found them?
-lt happened just before l got there.
-Did you hear firing?
-Did you see any tracks?
-Some red river cart tracks.
l couldn't tell how many horses.
-What Fenton able to say anything?
-He said something about a gun but...
Constable Fenton, what happened?
Wagon train, sir...
Carrying a...
Gatling gun.
-A Gatling gun?
-Somebody running guns to Duroc.
-Did you recognize the men?
-No, sir.
But funny foreign looking saddle.
can you describe the saddle?
Did it have a big silver horn?
l ever saw.
What the boy saw was
a Mexican charro saddle.
Probably ridden by the man
l'm after, Jacques Corbeau.
Have the bugle sound
boots and saddles.
-Patrol of 20 men.
-Yes, sir.
Good job Miss Logan.
Better stay at the fort.
Batoche is not safe.
Thank you but l have several
patients in my hospital.
l wish l was one of them...
-Boots and saddles!
-Come on!
No member of the force shall discuss
the situation with any civilian,
except in being in the
regular line of duty.
Alright. Bedrolls and kit bags
on the wagons at once!
Don't let the grass grow under you.
Come on!
On the double.
Get 'em out there.
Pick 'em up. They won't bite.
Be sure you put that
on the horse Logan.
-One keg of horseshoes.
Don't forget the nails this time.
You can't sew them on.
-And an extra wagon pole.
-That breaks you'll pull it yourself.
One coil of rope.
You boys can sure slap
a saddle on pronto.
Come on!
On the double!
Fresh team for you Miss.
lnspector's orders.
-Thanks. l can hitch them.
-lf you say so ma'am.
Fall in!
-l'll hook 'em up for you Miss.
-Thank you.
Back up here you lucky horse.
lt belongs to the Mounted Police.
-They're pretty good, aren't they?
-They're the best.
-My name's Dusty Rivers.
-lsn't that a contradiction?
l expect you've never
been to Texas, Miss...
-April Logan.
-April? You're not fooling?
Here's your horse, sergeant.
Head 'em out.
Group mount!
Reform ranks!
Eyes right!
Eyes front!
At ease!
Make much of your horses!
April, l'd rather you didn't
go back to the town.
Sergeant, what part of
the parade do l ride in?
l'm sorry,
you're not going with us.
-April, with Riel on the warpath.
-l'm sorry too,
-but l am going with you.
-Corbeau is wanted for murder here.
He belongs
to the Mounted Police now.
He belongs to whoever
catches him first.
Hi, sis'!
Let your brother kiss you goodbye.
ln the line Logan.
l'll be glad to tend to any
unfinished chores for you.
There are some things about
you that l don't like.
-You're not exactly perfection.
-This isn't Texas...
Jim! l think l'm capable of deciding
who l'll kiss goodbye.
l'm not sure that you are.
-You ought to obey him.
-Do you?
-Not always.
-Your judgment's good enough for me.
-Patrol all present, sergeant.
-Very good.
-Patrol ready to march, sir.
-Pick up the trail at the scene.
lt'll probably take you
to Big Bear's camp.
-Yes sir. March them off.
-Very good sir.
Sections right!
Wire from Headquarters, sir.
Sergeant Bret!
Patrol halt!
-Dismiss you men, sergeant.
-Beg your pardon, sir?
-Dismiss your men.
-Very good, sir.
-Sergeant Field, take over!
-What the..
Dismiss the patrol.
Sections left about!
-What's up?
-We're staying here.
Not me, amigo.
l'm gonna get Corbeau.
lf you ride through that gate
l'll place you under arrest.
-You can try.
lnspector's complements: Will you,
Mr. Rivers and McDuff report at once.
Change of orders from Regina.
No patrols to leave until we're
reinforced by Colonel lrvine.
lt'll take a week. By then Corbeau
will have Big Bear on the warpath.
And the Black feet.
-Couldn't you wire Regina?
The wires were cut two minutes
after this came through.
Does the order prohibit
sending out a single scout?
l'd like your permission to proceed
to Big Bear's camp alone
-and try to keep him loyal.
-No! Only a loon would do it.
lt's a ticklish job,
but permission is granted.
l'll leave at once, sir.
l'll leave at the same time.
l'd be grateful if you'd
bind and gag this Texan.
-l'm not going where he is.
-Where do you want to go?
l figured to pick up Corbeau
in Batoche.
-Why do you think he's there?
-That's Riel's capital, isn't it?
You can't make an arrest in Canada.
lf l got to have a nurse...
give me the Scotchman.
McDuff, you'll
accompany Mr. Rivers.
And gentlemen
l hope you keep your scalps.
A nurse, at my time of life...
-Good hunting.
-Sure you make that fast.
-Alright miss.
Climb aboard McDuff.
-Where are you going?
-l wish it was 1000 miles.
-Seat's too hard for 20 miles.
Lady, to me it's just
like sitting on a cloud.
-Are you riding with us Jim?
-No. The other way.
l'll send you a postcard.
Canada is a lot different
from what l expected.
The scenery?
-No, the people.
-Haven't had much time to tell.
Sometimes it strikes you
at first sight...
l mean...
You can usually figure a man
by the way he handles his horse
but women are different.
What did you expect
Canadian women to be like?
Like the scenery: good to look
at but kind of frostbitten.
But you're not.
l've always understood Americans
were too busy building,
and selling and shooting each other
to waste time saying
nice things to women.
-We get around to it now and then.
-Must be appreciated by your wife.
-Who's wife?
-Aren't you married?
l've always held that
a bachelor is a fellow who
never makes
the same mistake once.
You believe that?
l did... until mighty recent.
Do you think a plant from up here
would do alright in Texas?
l don't know Texas.
Even the moonlight's warm and soft
along the Pecos River.
Do you have fast horses
in Texas Mr. Rivers?
The fastest in the world.
Betting they cannot
keep up with the men?
-What happened, Mrs. Burns?
-Don't go into Batoche.
-They've looted the Trading Post.
-And driven us from our homes.
-How could Duroc permit it?
-He tried to keep order but...
when Corbeau got there...
Excuse me, lady.
Just one thing more.
Riel can tell you how this
new government sets up.
But l'll tell you how
it's going to win.
10,000 lndians turn loose
on Saskatchewan.
They'll be nobody left to pull
down this government
when l'm finished.
Canadian woman
who has so sweet the eyes,
who has so sweet the eyes,
who has so sweet the eyes,
who has so sweet the eyes,
who has so sweet the eyes,
Corbeau has promised you
the backing of Big Bear.
When Big Bear leads
the Cree nation upon the war path
the Black Feet will rise with him.
Our fire of wrath will
consume its oppressors.
From it will arise,
not half-breed,
but a free and
independent Metis nation.
Don't mind me, mister.
Go right ahead.
Duroc, who is he?
He's officer from United States.
Want talk with Canada Government.
l bring him here.
They found out quick.
l'm a Deputy US Marshal, Mr. Riel
-You know my name.
Sure! Who don't?
Here's my credentials.
We'd be happy to know
if your new government
means to work hand in hand
with the United States.
The Metis of Canada will be happy
to cooperate with the USA.
Suppose some fellow commits
a crime in our country
then trails up here to hide out.
We'll help you in every way
just as we hope you will help us.
That's fine because
l got a warrant here for the arrest
of a man named Jacques Corbeau.
On a charge of murder.
Council is recessed.
Wait here.
That put a bee in Riel's bonnet.
-This bee on your bonnet.
-What's the matter with it?
-My first bullet shoots him off.
-Why you wanna ruin my bonnet?
Just so you know it is me
who fires the second shot.
The one that go between your eye.
l'll make you a small wager.
50 cents
that l put a bullet through
your vengeful heart
before you shoot the knob
from my bonnet.
l take that bet and l take
the money from your pocket
because you'll be dead.
-There's a US officer here.
-For what?
He wants a warrant from
my government for your arrest.
-Why don't you give it to him?
-But we need you for the lndians.
ln two hours give him your warrant.
Tell him l'm in Big Bear's camp.
He can arrest me there.
He would never leave
that camp alive.
You don't want him killed here,
do you Louis?
At an lndian camp,
who cares?
Once the Cree warriors
were free men.
Canada belonged to you and to us.
Well it's gonna be ours again.
Take the warpath with us.
Fight like you used to fight,
and not one of these prairie cops
will be buried with his scalp on.
Big Bear, that medal
you wear is the Queen's.
The great white mother who sent
food to you when you starved.
You're too wise to let a liar
make bad blood between us.
Men say Queen no longer rule us.
Redcoat no more our friend.
This is our friend that bites
with a thousand teeth of fire.
Make gun talk to them.
-lt'll tear it to rags.
-Squaw make new lodge.
A hole in the tent won't
change the British Empire.
This man is going to hang.
l don't want to see you beside him.
Make gun talk.
Two more strangers.
l want his scalp.
l know him.
Well you sure found
Corbeau alright.
You're as welcome as a broken leg.
Ahkakito, who these men?
Spies to count your men and horses.
His tongue is forked.
He said he came alone.
This man is no spy.
He comes from afar to take
Corbeau who killed in his nation.
Like Mounted Police want
Corbeau because he has killed here.
Are you afraid of Redcoats?
Their blood spills like other men's.
Look here Chief.
Before you turn that man over
to the Mounted Police,
l got an order for his arrest
not only from the US,
but from his own Chief, Riel.
And if you...
l'm paid 72 cents a day
to protect dummies like him.
We got no war with the Redcoat.
Yet. But they
no take away my friend.
You both come alone,
you both go alone.
l have spoken.
Big Bear was a great chief.
His friends will be sorry for him.
Now you die.
You can kill me and take this back
but its medicine will be gone.
The great white mother gave you this
to let you rule over thousands.
You are not chief
unless she gives it back to you.
Big Bear will join his blood
brother and fight for Riel.
Big Bear,
you're a great Chief.
Why we heard of you
way down in Texas.
But how do you know
who's the best fighter?
The Mounted Police or Corbeau,
the great killer of men?
-You better get out.
Peace. Talk.
Why this fellow's killed in Texas,
and killed in Canada.
He must be a great gunfighter,
but have you ever seen him kill?
How do you know
all these yarns are true?
l'll show you if they're true.
He offers to show you.
Let him kill now.
Who he kill?
Another will die.
Slide my guns back in their cradles,
untie my hands
and l'll hold them out.
Then tell this tough man
to go to it.
Cut the thongs.
Put back the guns.
-The man is daft.
-He's great!
Now tell him to kill.
Go ahead Corbeau. Draw.
Tell him to draw Big Bear.
He's been bragging about how
he's gonna kill? Start on me.
Draw you yellow pole cat!
You're a good hand at shooting
men in the back. What's wrong now?.
l won't foul a great Chief's lodge
with the blood of a dog.
He's yapping across the trail,
to save his Redcoat friends.
But the medicine gun,
she'll roll them all in the dirt.
l have not seen this yet.
Then look.
What a thing!
That gun strong medicine.
Shooting painted horses
is not killing men.
Before the sun has set three times
l'll bring you the Redcoats
of the Mounted Police,
made redder with their own blood
and full of holes like a net.
You're not a feather to be blown
about by the talk of a coward.
Bring me in your hand
their empty coat red with blood
before three suns have set
and my braves
will take the warpath.
Before three suns have set
Corbeau will wear iron
on his hands.
Come on!
Very nice entertainment indeed.
Now if you'll cut me loose l'll
endeavor to show my appreciation.
You're alright, Sheriff.
Let's mush.
-l came here to get that fellow.
-l think we'd better move
before Corbeau finds out the lndians
took the bullets out of your pistols.
l won't tell on you.
Come on.
Whatever you did at Big Bear's
camp these men have undone.
What else could we do?
Our horses were stolen
two nights ago.
You should have blown it up!
Leaving 10,000 rounds of ammunition
at Duck Lake is inexcusable.
When my wife heard the half-breeds
were coming through Duck Lake
on their way to attack Prince Albert,
she grabbed the kid and we left.
Thank you. That's all.
l didn't think about saving
anything but our scalps.
-We're going after that ammunition.
-Very good, sir.
But Col. lrvine's relief force
is due shortly.
Relief or not, we cannot allow
that ammo to fall into Riel's hand.
-l don't like the smell of this.
-What do you mean?
l'm curious to learn
where Corbeau plans to find
the bullet ridden red coats
he promised Big Bear.
That won't be his first lie.
You will post sentries
commanding Beardy's Basin.
That's the only place
we could be ambushed
this side of Duck Lake.
There's an old cabin there?
That's the cabin.
See that Basin below you?
lf Riel's brigade cuts back from
the Prince Albert road
they'll come through
the river bed there.
Each man two hours on watch,
two hours rest.
Two hours on your feet,
and two hours on your back.
At the first sign of the enemy
fall back at gallop and report.
-All this time the half breed army...
-Moving in the other direction.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
You'll be relieved tomorrow.
Bye. Keep your eyes open.
Same to you.
You fix leg.
Come sit in this nice green chair.
Does the cast hurt you?
No, you help her good
that's why l help you.
-Help me? How?.
-You fix. Don't look at me.
Redcoat march for Duck Lake.
Half-breed, they wait in wood,
kill Redcoat.
But l thought Riel had
marched on Prince Albert.
That's just for trick.
They make trap
for Redcoat at Duck Lake.
An ambush?
With the medicine gun?
Your brother keep watch
on cabin at Beardy's basin.
They gonna kill him tonight.
So he don't see them make
what you call ambush.
You just trying to scare me.
l don't like you pretty much.
But it's Ronnie who's in danger.
-You think l like him too much?
-lf you like him, you can help him.
What do you mean, like?
l love Ronnie.
That's why you no like me.
You think l'm no good for him.
lf you love him,
you'll do as l ask.
He's on outpost duty
at the old cabin near Beardy's Basin.
Go to him. Tell him to warn
the Police not to march on Duck Lake.
-Why don't you go?
-They won't let me leave Batoche.
Nobody would stop you.
What you think?
Me save police?
Pretty soon my father
have all the whiskey business
and l wear silk and rings.
l think Ronnie like that.
lf you don't warn the Police,
Ronnie will hate you.
Maybe that man you love,
that big sergeant gonna be killed.
Maybe bullet go through
that Scotch lndian.
you think you better than me,
you go save them.
l'm not better than you. lf you
want rings, l'll give them to you.
But don't lose anymore time.
l beg you on my knees
if that will make you go.
Soon medicine gun knock
police on their knees.
Maybe tomorrow night the wolf
come for what is left.
You say you love Ronnie while
you brazenly sit there eating,
knowing he's gonna be killed.
There's nothing in you but hate.
You're a savage Louvette.
A vicious, cruel savage.
Blood and revenge is all you know,
-not love.
-Hey you!
l'll show you love.
What you want l tell Ronnie?
You'll go?
Sure l go.
Tell Ronnie the half breeds
will ambush at Beardy's Basin.
Sure l tell him.
You go home now.
We'll never forget
what you've done for us.
No. You won't forget.
-What's after you?
-A big bad rabbit.
Chased me all the way back.
-Male or female?
-l didn't ask.
My tobacco is in the saddle bag.
-Steal it sparingly.
-Thank you. l will.
You need wife for clean the house.
What in the...
What are you doing here?
-How'd you know l was here?
-My father is mad on me.
-He find out l got big love for you.
Why didn't you tell me
Corbeau was your father?
Tonight he take plenty half breed
made big ride to Prince Albert.
-But when he come back...
-Answer me...
What do you care
who is my father?
You hate Jacques Corbeau
more strong than you love Louvette.
l'd be bat brained about you
if your father was the devil himself.
You don't never marry
with me now.
Once this is over l'll marry you
quicker than you can say Somagum.
That's too late.
My father gonna kill me
'cause l love Redcoat.
We be married tonight
or we don't be married never.
lndians shoot priest
at Frog Lake today.
Now at Batoche, Duroc
he's scared for Father Piccard.
Gonna send him to Regina
when daylight come.
he marry us before he go.
-But l can't leave here.
-Nothing happen here.
Why you here for anyway?
But you be back
before somebody know.
l love you so terrible much.
But l'm on duty.
They'd hang me, shoot me,
boil me in oil.
You don't love me
because who my father is.
Try to understand.
l have to watch the river bed.
That other fellow could watch.
Get in river bed with him.
lf your neck wasn't so lovely
l'd break it.
You break the heart.
-Always l know you lie to me.
But that lie is sweet
and my heart,
she sing like a bird.
l don't live without you, Ronnie.
You crazy little loon.
What do you think you'll do?
-l'm going.
-No, you won't.
You're the sweetest poison
that ever got in a man's blood.
l love you.
l want you.
We'll be in Batoche in one hour.
Maybe less.
Ten minutes with the priest.
An hour to get back here.
l'll leave word for Jerry he'll have
to take15 minutes of my guard.
He'll yell, but he's a good egg.
Ronnie, they're coming.
Wake up, Ronnie.
Get back to the fort!
The half-breeds ride.
Warn the force! Ambush...
-What happened to this town?
-They all go Prince Albert
to fight for Louis Riel.
We wait in here
for Father Piccard.
lt's dark as a weasel's bedroom.
The rifle!
Quick, Louvette!
The gun!
You don't need gun now, Ronnie.
Tie him here.
You crawling black scum!
-Shut up.
-Don't you hit him.
-Get out. Get out.
-Pay now.
Get out.
Get out.
Well, come on.
-Cut me loose.
-l got to keep you here.
lf l don't you be killed
like the others.
You sneaking shewolf.
Killed? Like what others?
ln Duck Lake woods 1,000 half
breed make trap for Redcoat.
The whole force
will be cut to pieces.
-Every man of them.
But you're alive is all l care.
You, dirty squaw.
Why didn't you tell me?
l'll kill you
when l get loose.
When you be safe
you kill me all you want.
Back to the column. Warn them
the outpost's been killed.
Danger of enemy on all sides.
You'd better get back
with the column.
That blue eyed klootch
has got him.
-That's destroying evidence.
-Which might put that boy
in front of a firing squad.
lf the whole column rides
into a death trap
he'll deserve whatever he gets.
l was thinking of his sister.
Do you think it'll help to make
her pay for his mistakes?
Somebody's paying for it
right now.
Sound commence firing.
Take what cover you can find!
-Turn the wagons over for barricades!
-Yes, sir!
Bring those wagons forward!
Steady men!
-That gun!
She speak death like
the rattling snake.
Yes. She'll get me them
red coats for Big Bear.
Now that side!
Sergeant Bret and that Texan
are coming through.
-Give them fire cover!
-Yes, sir.
Clear there...
-Help the Sergeant.
-He's alright.
You got nine lives, Sergeant.
Have a spill bud?
No, thanks, just had one.
Keep your heads covered men.
Still got one good arm Bill, use it.
Take your time!
Don't waste a shot!
-Look at that hat. 20 bucks.
-Wear a feather.
Get us out of this crossfire.
Fall back on Carlton.
Yes, sir.
Palmer, Rankin, root out
that snipers nest to the rear.
-Right that wagon for the wounded.
First section,
open the Carlton road.
Sections on the right,
fall back 50 yards.
Left sections hold fast.
Bugler, sound retire
and continue firing.
Pick up all rifles.
Don't leave any ammunition.
Give me 10 men and l'll hold
the road while you drop back.
You drop back with the men.
l'll hold the road.
l can't hear you.
Let me go to them.
l'll do anything.
l'll give you anything.
No, Ronnie.
l don't let you be killed.
-We're back at Fort Carlton.
-How many got back?
-We don't know yet, sir.
No, sir.
They were in the woods thicker
than boiled beans on Tuesday.
But we couldn't see them.
Jerry was on outpost.
Why didn't he warn us?
Jerry's dead.
They must have got
Logan when they got Jerry.
Nobody got Logan.
He went over the hill.
-l heard the Sergeant.
-Look out!
Ronnie didn't seem to be
that kind of a chap.
lf Ronnie had the slugs
in his legs l've got in mine
he couldn't have run so fast.
Shut up, you fools!
That's his sister.
You always show up
where you can help.
They let me leave Batoche
is morning.
-What are they saying about Ronnie?
-They're all out of their heads.
Do any of you know where Ronnie is?
-They don't know, April.
-Keep that stretcher working, Sheriff.
-Doctor, the inspector's real bad.
Get this man ready.
l'll be back.
-Some brandy here.
-Sergeant, bring that brandy.
-He's lost a lot of blood, no?
-l'm glad you're safe
-but l wish you were anywhere else.
-l tried to get here in time.
l could have saved all this...
l'd give that tourniquet
another twist.
Where's Ronnie?
-ls he... is he...?
l'm sorry. l have to go
to the lnspector now.
Don't fight. You'll be alright.
l told you to take care
of the men.
-Yes, but...
-Nevermind me. Get to the others.
Yes, sir.
ls there an assault?
-Not yet, sir.
-Man the bastions.
l have, sir.
Did you get proof
that Logan deserted?
Yes, sir.
When this is over,
make it your job to get him.
Bring him to justice.
l'm about to get mind.
-Take command, Sergeant.
-Very good, sir.
Some fool at Headquarters,
wants to change
the uniform to green.
Stand up for the Redcoats.
lt's a good color.
-Any sign of a rush?
-Just steady sniping.
-Keep your head down lad
-if you don't want to lose it.
-Can you reach the river?
There's a very good chance.
Get the bateau and canoe
and moor them 100 yards below.
We'll try to get through tonight.
That l will.
-Take his place.
Look! Look What l see!
-Don't shoot.
-He is police scout.
He the Scotch man.
He's mine!
Nobody shoot.
Where is the knob from the bonnet?
Blood of the devil!
you snake in the bush?
Duroc, you old porcupine.
-Foosh to you.
-You son of a pumpkin?
That's a pawky trick.
You snooling clootie!
Who is snooling clootie?
You bairn of a buzzard.
My yarn, my bonnie yarn!
l'll never dare to show...
You... You skunk you.
Such a thing!
Darn these pants!
Hold 'em up with your teeth.
You, dirty Scotsman!
Bonnie thing you look
going naked through the fen.
For goodness sakes!
Yon goes the seat
of the government?
Blood of a skunk.
l'll show you.
Sharpshooter down there seems
to have McDuff cornered.
-Got a sight on him?
-No. He's behind...
Now l can.
Dan! Dan!
l didn't shoot you.
You win the 50 cents.
No Dan. lt was from the fort.
You showed yourself.
You're an old fool my friend.
One more game of pinnacle
l skin from you the belt.
Aye, that you would Dan.
-That you would.
-No, Tod.
l lose.
No, Dan, it is my loss,
every man's loss this day.
The Big Trapper
got me by the neck.
The 50 cents
she's in my pocket.
-Any more soup and they'll bust?
-l must get this...
-Stop carrying it long enough...
You've been ramming around here
for 10 hours, using up all
the Queen's bandages
and l never saw you beat.
Well, you haven't
been playing croquet.
Special orders is you stop now.
And have a cup of coffee.
Dusty, what happened?
Did something happen?
l didn't notice anything happening.
l don't like women who cry.
You know something, lady?
l make the best coffee in Texas.
You can float a horseshoe
in my coffee.
Over and over l hear them say his
name but they won't tell me anything.
Look... just kind of
-get down some of this Java
-Even Jim won't tell me anything.
Two sugars?
Jim is a great soldier.
But if you don't drink
this here coffee...
Where is Ronnie?
What's happened to him?
Now listen...
l don't know Ronnie so very well
but l know you.
The first time l saw you l knew
you better than anyone l've known.
l know it couldn't be in your
brother's blood to be cowardly.
love does funny things to people.
You've been a good soldier.
l've got a tough job for you,
if you'll take it.
You want me to put
some salt on Corbeau's tail?
l'm trying to get the wounded
to the river under smoke cover.
-What smoke?
-We'll burn the fort.
lt'll be your job to get April
and the wounded down the river
to meet Colonel lrvine's
-You'll stay and roast chestnuts?
-l have 7 men sound enough to ride.
l'll be there when Corbeau
throws those red coats
in front of Big Bear.
Looks to me like you're just
delivering seven more red coats.
You've got to tell me.
l know it.
But let me tell you first
that l love you.
Always l guess. You'll never
be able to look at me again.
Nothing under heaven
can ever bring us together...
What do you mean?
You've got to know it,
so l'd rather you knew it from me.
Ronnie is not dead.
He deserted.
He left his post,
left his companion sentry.
He was killed.
He could have warned the column.
All those men lying dead
might still be living if Ronnie...
-but he ran away.
-No, no!
He ran away with that half breed
Corbeau's daughter!
But l sent her to him,
to warn him, to warn you.
Didn't you know he'd sell
his soul for that girl?
l don't believe Ronnie deserted.
lf you prove it to me 100 times,
l still won't believe it.
Jim lad,
the half-breeds
being a wee bit confused
with the death of poor Dan Duroc.
lt's the time to be going.
Tell Corporal Underhill to have
the patrol in full dress order
sidearms and rifles
then set fire to the buildings.
Aye, all is ready then now.
l hope you never believe
Ronnie is guilty
but that doesn't change my job.
When this over l'm going
to get him and bring him back.
l will get him if l have
to follow him over the icecap.
You know what that means for him.
l know you're duty comes
before everything else.
l know it means
more than mercy or love.
Go on, follow your orders.
Kill that boy who was foolish
enough to put love first!
But don't tell me
how sorry you are!
Just do your duty and kill!
We'll take you and the wounded
as far as the river.
Dusty will take care of you there.
We're going on to Big Bear's camp.
Pray that l don't come back.
You'll have to let me
look after you now.
-Better throw some wash in my face.
l have no right to be crying
over my troubles.
The wounded must be moved. They'll
need all the help we can give.
Looks like you need
some help yourself lady.
Attent hut!
This is a volunteer patrol.
Once we've entered Big Bear's camp
no man of you can properly
expect to come out alive.
lf any of you prefer to go
with the wounded you may fall out.
Thank you.
Fyffe, you're hurt.
You'll have to go with the wounded.
No, l'm alright.
l can fight.
Join the wounded as directed.
Yes, sir.
We'll take the wounded
to the river first.
Keep them under cover.
Corporal, mount the patrol.
Patrol! Prepare to mount.
They die in there you think.
Maybe so.
l don't see nobody come out.
Men with leg wounds
man the paddles.
Dusty and McDuff,
scout the shores with a canoe.
lt's a dangerous place
you choose lassie.
l can't leave these two men.
They're the worst hurt.
Good luck, Soldier.
That'll be Colonel lrvine's
relief column.
ln camp, beyond the bend.
That's a pretty sounding noise.
l was afraid these boys
would never see that camp.
You're going to and you'll
get some rest. l'm leaving.
-Going hunting.
lt's no use.
Jim has Corbeau by now.
-Or Corbeau has...
-l wasn't thinking about Corbeau.
Well, l'd like to have a powow
with the wolfgirl he's been with.
Ronnie's dead. l know he is.
He wouldn't run away.
He'd come back and face it.
Sure he would.
Maybe he can't come back.
Maybe he sort of lost his head.
l got a feeling l can make
things easier for you
if you'd let me.
You're grand person, but there's
nothing anyone can do for me.
Sure there is.
Come to Texas with me.
lf Ronnie's alive,
he'll find us there.
l'll never see Ronnie again.
He's gone.
Not when somebody cares as much
about you as l do.
lf you want what's left of me
after all this
l'll go with you.
l'm a coward Dusty!
l want to run away.
You're the loveliest and
gentlest woman l've ever known
but you haven't closed
your eyes in 24 hours.
l don't want you to say yes
without thinking.
l don't want to think.
When we get to Texas,
you won't have to.
-Texas must be heaven.
-lt will be when you get there.
Pull into shore Tod, then take
April down to lrvine's camp.
l'm splitting off here.
What manner of frisky
are you up to now?.
Well, there's a couple
of things l got to do.
l kept my promise Big Bear.
Red coats full of holes like a net.
This one belonged to that Sergeant
who said he'd put me in irons.
Medicine gun speak like thunder.
Keep your promise, Big Bear.
Kill. War!
So dead men ride?
You cannot kill the dead.
Tell your war chief to spread
his blanket on the ground Big Bear?
Tell your men to fire!
Kill the dogs!
You tell me they are dead.
Let us know what dead men want.
Nestestu! Put the blanket here.
The blanket!
Put the blanket here.
The spirits of the brave
are still inside their red coats.
They are sacred. Tell your men
to lay them on the blanket.
The brothers of the dead
are brave.
Put them on the blanket.
No, no! These enemies are
in your hands. Pull them down!
Kill them! Now!
lf one shot is fired,
the soldiers of the Queen
will come like the sands
of the great salt sea.
You and your sons will die
and your children's children
will never walk on the Earth.
The other coats Big Bear.
We are waiting.
Put the coats on the blanket.
Pull 'em off the horses!
Kill them!
Are you afraid of 7 men?
Kill them, you fools!
There's no magic in their red coats.
Throw them to the crows.
Like this.
You're under arrest!
Shoot, you fools! Shoot!
Shut up!
Two men on the left, dismount.
Take the prisoner.
-On your feet, now.
-What's the matter? Tired?
You're too heavy to carry.
Will Big Bear kneel to the Queen
and be the chief
of his people again?
The Cree
are brothers to the brave.
This fellow keep Redcoats
out of Batoche.
The canoes go down river
by himself!
lt's my bateau, come on!
Look! Come on!
-Let's go!
-Don't let him go.
You know Louvette?
No Gatling gun, no Riel,
no lndians, no fight.
You come home,
l give you all the fight you want.
Yes, mama.
-You know Louvette Corbeau?
-l know no one like that.
Well, l guess that's right.
-You want something?
-You know Louvette?
-Of course.
-Louvette Corbeau?
-Sure. Come on.
Are you hungry?
You don't feel good, huh?
l feel alright.
A man's brain can be sick.
He goes on breathing
and living until he rots.
My heart wants you so much.
She all the time say your name.
Ronnie, Ronnie...
l should have torn your tongue out
the first time l heard you say that.
No, we go away Ronnie.
Way up to far North.
To land of little sticks.
Nobody don't find us there.
One man l can't get away
from even there.
A filthy rat that can't
stand the sight of his own face.
My love, l make you forget.
l ought to...!
You want to kill me?
l'm too much of a coward
even to do that.
Because l love you.
Two wild geese go north.
Hello, Ronnie.
Why you come here?
l was just passing by.
lt looks like this war
is kind of bogged down.
You come here for hurt him?
Nothing l say could hurt him any.
lt's already been said.
-What's been said?
-Don't listen to him, Ronnie.
l want to know!
that you ran from your post
and you're hiding out like a skunk
and haven't got what it takes
to go back and swallow your medicine.
-Does April say that?
She figures you're dead.
She knows if you could even crawl
you'd get back there to face 'em.
Don't listen to him!
lf you go back they kill you.
She may be right.
The militia's brought in martial law.
You know the Mounted Police
are a great body of men.
For years they've been through hell
without a yellow mark against them.
l'd hate to see April's brother
be the first to chalk one up.
Make him go away.
He just talk crazy lie for you.
-l'm heading for Batoche, coming?
-No, Ronnie, no!
You coming?
What for?
l'm already buried in the grave
of every man killed at Duck Lake.
-They're bound to find you.
-With your help?
No, they don't never find.
l fix so you don't tell nothing.
l won't turn you in,
but April's got a right to know.
Why don't you let me stay dead?
Because you're not a coward.
Whiteman, ride horse
with white face.
Go quick, Crow.
Go get him.
Viva Canadian womens,
fly my heart, fly high!
Viva Canadian womens,
who has so sweet the eyes!
Who has so sweet the eye!
Who has so sweet the eye!
He's gone to Batoche.
l loaned him my horse.
How much l morn for you...
Love does funny things
to people.
Captain Gower
of the Canadian Militia
is here to help us get what facts
we can concerning the ambush
at Duck Lake
before the General
convenes his court martial.
Yes, sir.
l'm the one to blame.
Not my brother.
l sent her to him,
sent her to warn him.
Miss Logan,
none of us are on trial.
We're only trying
to find out what happened.
l should have known Louvette
would lie to him.
-That she...
-That she was in love with him
and would persuade him
to run away with her.
That's not true!
Ronnie wasn't afraid of anything.
lf he's alive, he'll come back.
l'm very sorry but the evidence
we've gathered is conclusive.
Sergeant, you are personal
assignment is to keep after Logan
until you've place him under arrest.
Yes, sir.
-That is all!
-Capitan Gower...
-What is it?
-l don't know. Someone got killed.
Fall back!
Fall back there!
Constable Logan reporting.
-Who is this man?
-An American Peace Officer,
Texas Rangers.
ls this Constable Logan's body?
-Yes, sir.
-l don't understand.
This boy was captured. Look at
his wrists where the thongs cut in.
They thought you ran away...
The man has been bound certainly.
l don't know how he got loose
but when l saw him he was free.
Maybe he could have got back
to report but he didn't.
Because there was something
he wanted
more than he wanted
his own life.
-What do you mean?
-l mean the Gatling gun.
What did Logan have to do
with the Gatling gun?
The half-breeds had it on the bluff,
commanding the south approach.
We saw what happens to troops
who rush a gun like that.
But the kid could rush it because
he was on the inside of their lines.
Now you all decided
he quit his post.
Where l come from
we don't jump to conclusions.
lt's liable to be
a fellow's last jump.
l can tell you every move
the boy made.
And l can tell you this,
if you'd had 3 more men like him
you'd have put down
your rebellion in 24 hours.
He got their boats in the river
to pull the crew
away from the gun,
then he got a horse
and dragged the gun off
riding like a bat out of hell.
The half-breeds spotted him
but he got the bluff above the river.
Bullets were as thick as flies
but they didn't stop him
over he goes, horse, man, and gun
rolling like a Texas
twister over the sheer drop.
That's where l find him.
That's where you'll find the gun
at the bottom of the river.
He never gave up.
He never quit.
He never ran away from anything
because it wasn't in him to run.
He just kept going on like
l think you'd want him to.
Constable Logan shall receive
the highest military honors.
l'll mention Logan's bravery
to General Middleton.
Where were you all this time?
l was squeezed under a log
so tight l was
breathing on the installment plan.
Shall l include that in my letter
to your Texas Commandant?
l hope you won't. l'll be
in trouble enough without Corbeau.
You're an angel in leather.
l'd look funny with leather wings.
l'm sorry l misjudged a brave man.
Yes, we...
all are.
You will deliver prisoners
Riel and Corbeau to Regina.
-Last stop before Regina.
-Long way to ride
-before a hanging.
-They don't think so.
You be tying a wet knot.
Eight days with them
traveling 200 miles.
Cold molasses could move faster.
Thank you.
-Where's Jim?
-Went riding with April.
lf l should disappear,
you know, vanish
will you tell April
l'll be back for her?
lf you're as blind on the trail
as you are with your lassie
you'll never find your way back.
l could never manage
one of these contraptions.
lt's a shame to waste it.
Either the hand of fate or
someone thinks
you ought to shave?
No, one maybe can get through,
but there's no chance for two.
Find your own finish.
l'm ready for mine
whatever it may be.
l'll have my knife back now.
l give it to you!
No, sunny side up.
Now we're heading back for Texas.
l hid your horse under that
silver mine you call a saddle.
Just a minute, cowboy!
Going somewhere?
Don't look like
l'm going very far.
Come on out, April. lt's nobody
but Dusty taking a little ride.
Just trying to get away from it all.
Can we ride a little way
with you, Dusty?
Why yes, ma'am.
Do Canadians ever go
snow blind in the summer?
We're all a little blind sometimes.
l'm not.
There's talk some fellow may try
to get Corbeau away from us.
-How's that again?
-lt's only 100 miles
from the Montana border.
And no telegraph.
ls that so?
l'll check when l get back.
lf anyone's missing
l'll have every man in the troop
after them.
l can't say l blame you.
Jim, Dusty seems a little restless.
Maybe he's thinking about a man
who moved in on a friend
that trusted him.
Sneaked in behind his back like
a weasel in a hen coop
and stole the one thing
his friend valued most.
No, l wasn't thinking
about that.
Wouldn't you say
he'd loathe his friend
for doing such a low
contemptible thing to him?
He'd certainly owe him
an apology.
Well? l apologize.
You apologize?
Jim's trying to tell you that
he's taking something
he thought belonged to you.
lf l'm free.
She told me once, l'd be alright
if something beat me to my knees.
l've been brought down hard.
No, l'm the one who surrendered.
But l wouldn't change him.
l guess l've just been having
a beautiful pipe dream
in the middle of a nightmare.
Sure, you're free.
You got what we both want,
l got what l came for.
l'll say the Mounted Police
are the greatest outfit
l ever tangled with
and the luckiest.
Texas Rangers are two fisted
fighters themselves.
And one of them is the most
magnificent liar in the world.
Goodbye, Dusty.
Texas is gonna miss you.
There'll always be a part
of Texas in our hearts.
Come on, sweetheart.
Come on, sweetheart.