Northern Comfort (2023) Movie Script

If the engine noise is too much,
try listening to music
Fuck this, Coco.
I can't do it.
-or clench your buttocks tightly
-lskling, it's going so well!
Come on, darling. Everything's all right.
Just go back to your seat.
So this is a very good example
of a false alarm
that is going off in Alfons' brain.
The logical functions are being hijacked
by a part of the brain, the amygdala.
And, as we know, when the
amygdala responds to danger,
it pumps out stress hormones, which make
us desperately wish to escape.
It's what we call
the fight-flight response.
In fact, Esther,
if I may just jump in here.
It's been scientifically proven
that by recalling pleasurable experiences
you can produce oxytocin,
the love hormone,
which, as we know, is the opposite to
cortisol and adrenaline, stress hormones.
That is indeed right, Charles.
For men, oxytocin is released
at the point of orgasm,
for example.
Whereas for women,
it's released during foreplay.
Yes. So
If you can truly connect to
the memory of a steamy romantic situation
Yes. Thank you, Charles.
That's very creative.
So, any questions?
This was, uh
This was extremely helpful, Esther.
Thank you. Extremely helpful.
This is the most important exercise
for the experience flight.
It'll help your confidence
to have encountered flight conditions
in a protected environment.
So give yourselves
a well-earned pat on the back.
Esther, sorry, but do you know exactly
where it is we'll be flying to?
We never know that
till shortly before departure.
It all depends on availability,
but I can tell you it'll be
a fairly short flight.
No more than an hour or two.
Once we reach the destination,
we'll wait a couple of hours
till the plane's been serviced,
then we'll pop back here.
Charles will give you further details
closer to our flight.
I would much prefer to know
the exact details of the destination.
So I can prepare myself properly.
Well, it's not the destination
but the flight that matters.
I've got just a silly question, really.
I've booked another flight
the day after our experience flight.
So is that
That's a bit ambitious, is it?
So how's Los Angeles? Sunny?
Oh, yeah. No, it's beautiful.
It's just like pure California gold.
That sounds gorgeous.
-Yeah, clear skies.
-It's bloody freezing in London.
Not that I can enjoy it, you know.
Back-to-back meetings
Look, love, I'd better go, so
Shall I just call you when I land
back in London tomorrow?
As soon as you land.
I can't wait to see you.
-Okay, see you tomorrow. Love you. Bye.
-Love you.
-Welcome back!
Oh! So good to see you!
Come in.
Oh, they are fab!
-Don't you think?
-Oh, wow! How cool is that?
-I want to wear them to school tomorrow.
-Great idea, isn't it?
Of course, yeah.
And for our trip?
Erm, I'm afraid they might be
a bit warm for Cabo Verde,
but you can wear them on the way.
So, how was your flight?
Oh, yeah, fine.
-No wobbles?
You know, Olivia, Sarah used
to be terrified of flying,
but she faced the fear,
and she conquered it.
-Isn't she brave?
-I love flying.
Because my tummy tickles
in a very funny way.
You must be jet-lagged.
Yeah, I am a little bit. Yeah.
Sorry. So this lobby
I hear you found some Victorian
reclaimed church floorboards?
No, the boards we found are vintage pine
from an ironworks in Sheffield.
That's it, yeah. For double the cost.
-Well, I feel
-Can you take that, Leon. I'm busy.
The instantiation of a building like this
should always reflect the emerging trends
in sustainability,
even if the cost is higher.
Sure, but it's going to be offices.
It's not a Dalston microbrewery.
-I'm busy.
-It's urgent, apparently.
-Who is it?
Charles someone
from Fearless Flyers.
Regarding the delay
of your experience flight?
Yeah, okay. Thanks.
-This is Charles from Fearless Flyers.
-Sorry, but due to some technicalities,
we need to postpone the experience flight
by a day.
We deeply apologize
for any inconvenience.
-So sorry I'm late.
-It's all right.
Honestly, running that site
is like herding cats.
-It's all right.
-You're here now.
Tom, actually, there's something else.
Looks like I won't be able
to travel with you.
Uh, because I, erm
because, well, I'm just going to get there
later in the evening.
I don't understand.
Is everything okay?
-You okay?
-Yeah, sorry.
I'm just going to I've realized
I haven't drunk any water all day, and
Sarah, tell me what's going on.
What's going on?
-What do you mean?
Yeah, it's just, erm
We've got so much on at work.
I've got to deal with these
sustainability issues, so
Sustainability issues? Look, Sarah,
it's important we all travel together.
We've been planning this for weeks.
Okay, erm Then I'll just change
all of our tickets.
No, don't. Stick to the plan.
It's been problematic enough
planning this trip.
Sometimes I get the feeling
you don't wanna go.
No, of course I do. Really.
More than anything in the world.
We'll have an amazing holiday.
It's just that I'm gonna get there
a little later.
You'll have had dinner,
and then I'll meet you in bed.
-It'll be fine.
-All right?
-All right. Fine. It's okay.
Hello! Liz, this is Sarah.
Sarah, Liz.
-Hi, lovely to meet you.
-Olivia's told me so much about you.
-Oh, God!
All good, I hope.
Well, you know
what children are like.
How are things?
-Oh, you're a builder? Yes?
Basically, yeah. I normally
say developer, but same thing.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Buildings all look the same to me.
I'm more of a people person.
Anyway, I was very intrigued
to meet the woman who's recently
become a feature in my daughter's life.
Well, not that recent now,
I suppose.
Well, you might not realize that holidays
with children can be very demanding.
-They don't feel like a holiday,
just very hard work.
In fact, you're often more shattered
when you get home than when you left.
not very sexy!
Well, appreciate the advice.
And you're going to be okay
flying, are you?
Oh, Tom mentioned you have
some wobbles.
Is that
No, no. I'll be just fine.
-Aren't we here to discuss practicalities?
So, no big deal.
I would like an hour with Olivia
on FaceTime every day.
That'd be our quality time.
An hour every day?
That's a bit over the top.
Well, she's my daughter, so
Hi. Hi.
Where's Esther?
Something's not right.
Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.
Bit of a train issue.
-Where's Esther?
Something came up.
Unfortunately, she won't be joining us,
but I'll be your course leader for today.
And she wanted me to tell you
she's very proud of you all.
What happened exactly?
-It's a personal matter.
-Someone die?
-I can't get into that.
-Something terrible must've happened.
Someone did die, didn't they?
I understand that Esther's
absence may feel unsettling.
-But I have booked us a flight to Iceland.
-Exotic, right?
-That's a three-hour flight.
- Two and a half.
- Iceland?
Across the open ocean?
That lump of volcanic rock
in the North Atlantic?
Oh, God!
David! Come back!
You're a Fearless Flyer!
David? David!
Hey, Roger!
follow me. Come on!
Guys, come on!
Oh, Alfons,
I have bags under my eyes.
It's fine. I can Photoshop it.
Come on, do one more.
Please, lskling. I'm
I'm freaking out.
You know, if we keep on tagging Mot,
they will eventually notice me.
-It's the partnership.
-Can we focus on me?
-For once!
-One more. One more.
Okay, okay.
-Come closer.
-I can't focus if you're so close.
One more.
Evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is
a boarding call for flight 7742 to Madrid.
We kindly ask
all remaining customers
to proceed immediately to gate 1-5-7,
to gate 157, for final boarding.
God almighty!
This airline's fleet is
It's positively geriatric!
Wait, wait.
No, there's more.
There has been
a recent incident.
A plane that had to make
an emergency landing
on a flight from Denver
because of a crack
in the cockpit window.
Oh, God, those pilots could've been
sucked through the window like noodles.
-Take a deep breath.
-Hi-ya! What the f
Take a deep breath, Edward.
You see how your amygdala
is trying to hijack your reason?
You don't have to let it do that.
You can reclaim control.
This just gets worse. Hang on.
Tell me about your book tour,
It is a literary conference.
Yes, conference.
-You must be excited.
-Obviously I'm not, Charles.
It entails a very long flight to
Argentina, 14 and a half hours.
Are you a writer, Edward?
Yes, I am indeed.
I write novels.
They seem to win prizes.
I just love books.
Your fear is a storehouse of wisdom.
Speak to it, thank it
for what it's taught you,
but tell it that you are no longer
intimidated by it.
Reflect on your thought processes,
examine them,
critique them, revise them
and edit them.
Your reality
is your own to command.
I think this is a really good point,
What was his point?
Oh, is someone getting hangry?
You need to feed your tummy, lskling.
I doubt there'll be many options on board.
I can't do this.
But I No, sorry.
Wait here. Okay?
Just wait here!
Sarah, come back! Wait.
Please Sorry, excuse me.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Sarah, calm down.
What do you think I'm trying
to fucking do, Charles?
Okay, okay. Close your eyes.
Breathe with me.
Let it all go.
We need to break
this thought pattern.
Can you do that?
Okay. Do you have a boyfriend?
-I see, okay.
Think of the last time you were together.
-The last time you were intimate.
Stay with the thought.
There's music playing
in the background.
Passionate R&B music.
-R&B music?
-Yes, Boyz II Men.
What, from the 90s?
Okay, no music.
Forget the music.
-You feel his breath on your skin.
-Let's not
Charles. Oh, Charles!
-No, no, no!
It has proven to be very effective.
I could give you a hug.
A 20 to 30-second hug has proven
to be a very good source of oxytocin.
All right.
Charles, please
Hi, Tom!
-Right, think good thoughts.
-Oh, no, no. Tom!
Tom! Tom. No, it's not what
you think. I can explain.
Hi. She's my last Fearless Flyer.
Come on, pick up.
-Come on, pick up.
-Hello, it's Tom. Leave a message.
Oh, God!
Anyone smell burning?
-Is there a funny smell?
-Now that we're all seated.
I'd like to remind you that the most
dangerous part of the expedition is
long behind us.
The car ride to the airport.
Statistics say the odds of dying
in a car accident
are around one in 5,000,
whereas dying in a plane crash
is more like one in 12 million.
I'd do my best not to use
words like that if I were you.
- Still, the chance exists.
- Well, it's so slim.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you ever buy lottery tickets?
Certainly not.
-Why not?
-It's bloody nonsense, isn't it?
It's a tax on the desperate
and the weak-minded.
-You never bloody win anything.
Statistics clearly show
you've got far greater odds of winning
the lottery than of dying
being in a plane cr
You use statistics much like a drunk
uses a lamp post.
-Excuse me?
-For support, rather than illumination.
It's bloody freezing.
That's a lovely tattoo,
Did you serve in the army?
-I won the lottery.
-It's true.
50,000 quid.
He used the money to found
a company based on his app.
You did what?
I invested the money
to fund a start-up, for my app.
All it takes is for one little bird
to get sucked
into the engine of an aircraft
to kill every single soul on board.
So what's the odds of that then, hm?
In the unlikely event of a
sudden loss in cabin pressure,
oxygen masks like these will drop
from the compartment above your seats.
If that happens, immediately pull
the nearest mask down firmly
and put it over your nose and
Like this.
Bloody hell.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
lskling, I'm so proud of you.
You've got a white hair.
I think you're all being so brave.
You can just feel the energy.
It's inspirational.
-Well, well done you too.
I'm not afraid of flying.
I actually love it.
You love flying? What on earth
are you doing here, then?
It's Alfons. He was so afraid,
he refused to sign up for the course.
-Unless I came too.
-What the fuck?
-Alfons, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
And we really need to be able to travel
because of my feed.
Your feed?
You see, I'm an influencer
That's what I do.
Alfons and I are building my brand.
Basically, I post pictures of my bum
all over the world
and I get paid for it, a lot.
Travel can be such
a lucrative market.
They even got this for free for us.
Just because
I post content on my Insta.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You must be feeling so bad.
Erm, yeah.
I've definitely felt better.
Jesus Christ, I've gone and booked
another flight for this afternoon.
-I dunno what I was thinking.
-Good for you!
-So where are you going?
-Cabo Verde.
-Pleasure, hopefully.
I'm going away with my boyfriend
for the first time, and his daughter.
-Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that?
Hear that, Alfons?
She's going to Cabo Verde.
I've heard it's so picturesque.
We're talking total content heaven.
Out of nowhere, Alfons developed
this, like, paralyzing fear of flying.
Every trip turns into
a nightmare.
But he's got a great eye
and it's great for the content.
He's an asset.
Any drinks for you guys?
No, thank you.
Double vodka on the rocks, please.
No! lskling, the point of this course
was that you wouldn't rely on alcohol.
I'm so scared.
But, lskling!
You said you wouldn't.
I know.
Hang on just a moment, please.
The consumption of alcohol is entirely
prohibited on the course.
Esther spelled out the
dos and don'ts.
Esther's not here. I'm shitting myself.
-I understand. But I have to ask you
-Give me the f
It's not allowed.
Alcohol only makes things worse.
lskling, he's right.
She has half a million followers
on Instagram.
That's gonna generate
a lot of people to your course.
So if I want a drink,
I'll have a fucking drink.
lskling, I hate
when you're rude to staff.
How we doing, Edward?
Feeling marvelous, actually.
Definitely found my fearless place.
Bravo, Charles. Bravo.
Thank you.
-Excuse me.
Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Erm
I was just getting the new edition
of The Albatross, at the airport.
And, uh
it's a classic.
And I saw you standing
in the queue.
What are the odds?
Would you mind signing it for me?
No, of course not.
My pleasure.
Excuse me, sir,
this is Business class.
Oh, I know. I'm just getting
my book signed. Then I'll go back.
No worries.
-Here you go, squire.
-Thank you.
Edward! You're famous.
There you are.
Oh, as mentioned earlier,
the course offers the rare opportunity
to visit the cockpit.
I'm actually feeling rather delightful
just where I am,
so I'll give it a miss,
if it's all right with you.
Yeah, no, I think that could
be helpful, actually.
We often find that visiting the cockpit
can be very salutary.
Most of our fear comes from
not being in control.
So often it's reassuring
to meet those who are.
Just a road bump. Hi.
We're here from Fearless Flyers group,
we've arranged a meeting with the cockpit.
Yes, of course.
I have two people here from
the Fearless Flyers programme.
Apparently they're turning on
the seat-belt signs.
-We're about to hit some turbulence.
Yeah, just go back to your seats
and try again later.
-It's nothing to worry about.
-They're just being extra cautious.
Oh! That's not good.
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! God!
-Why are you doing this to me?
-What? Don't say that!
This is all your fault.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Hashtag "amazing."
Hashtag "bikini."
-Hashtag "fucking fucked!"
-Stop it.
Hashtag "plane crash!"
I'm here with you. We're together.
It'll all be okay, baby.
What about me?
What about what I want?
-What about who I am?
I never get credit
for how fucking amazing I am.
-You do.
-You know why?
Because Photoshop
is an invisible job.
I'm tired, Coco!
I'm tired of being fucking invisible!
This is our dream, lskling.
-Shut up! Stop bickering!
-No, this is your dream!
I'm only documenting!
Oh, my God!
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
No, please. Don't!
He's dead.
Edward's dead!
Edward, answer me! Stop the plane!
We need a doctor!
He was popping pills.
I saw it the whole flight.
Help him.
Edward, what are these?
What have you been taking?
You're scared, aren't you?
We thought you were dead!
Brace! Brace!
We're going down!
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
Expecting to land in 30 minutes
from now, that's 30 minutes.
The latest weather report
from Keflavik Airport.
It's a chilly morning,
minus seven degrees
and west winds.
Las Malvinas.
Oh, hi. Thank you.
-For what?
-Just thank you, thank you, thank you.
All right.
-I'm pretty sure this wasn't our pilot.
Hello to you,
all beautiful people.
Hello to you, all beautiful beings.
You know how much I love travelling,
but I have to tell you that I just
survived the most terrifying
flight of my life.
Look, I'm soaked in my own sweat.
I literally had a
near death experience.
And you know what?
I have never felt so alive!
Oh, my God, you guys!
I'm in Iceland and I'm alive!
Life's amazing!
Say hello, Fearless Flyers!
To life.
Okay, let's just close our eyes.
Take a deep breath in
through the nose.
-Oh, for God's
-And feel ourselves slowly relax.
I'll never fly
with this company again.
Idiots! Nearly killed us.
Just keep breathing deeply.
Feel the tension drain away
from our bodies.
You're calm.
You're peaceful.
You're in control.
I'm so, so sorry.
I think it's my fault.
Oh, my God, that is revolting!
-Hold on. I've got you.
That is so Oh, fuck.
Let's just bring our focus
back to the breath.
In for four
out for four.
In for three
out for three.
Oh, fuck me!
In for two
Oh, shit.
What the
Oh, my God. Sh
Hello, it's Tom. Please leave
a message after the beep.
Hi, love.
Erm Just call me as soon as you can.
What you saw at the airport
is really not what you might think.
I'm having an awful time. So
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck!
Yeah, Tom, please just call me
as soon as you can, please.
I'm really sorry. I love you.
No, no. No, please!
Oh, fucking hell!
No! Oh, my
Three more hours.
It's quite obvious
that there's something wrong.
-It is imperative we find another flight.
-Let's not jump to conclusions.
And I would like my medication
returned, please.
-This minute!
I've got an extremely important flight
I need to catch from London.
I have to be on that flight.
So is there maybe another way?
-Or like a different flight, maybe?
-I don't know.
Right. Could you go and find out, please?
No. No, no. Guys.
This is our flight. We've been instructed
to go back with them.
-Those are the terms of the course.
-But this is an emergency
You're not seriously thinking
about taking another flight today?
Yes, I am. Fuck.
This top looks so cute on you.
Thank you.
They can't carry on keeping us
in the dark like this.
A boat. There must be a boat.
-I'm not taking a boat.
But I might.
-Yes, do that.
I might.
Okay, you guys wait here.
I'll be right back.
My name's Charles. I have a group of
passengers on a fear-of-flying course.
Can you possibly give me more information
on the flight to London at 2:10?
The one that was delayed.
It actually looks like there's going to be
a further delay on that flight.
Do you know why?
There was some malfunction
with the aircraft.
So just keep checking
the departure screens.
And what sort of malfunction
might that have been?
Apparently there was a partial breakdown
in one of the engines.
Partial breakdown.
-What does that mean?
-I don't know.
Just, you know, keep your eye
on the displays.
Please. Yes?
Our flight has been delayed
nine hours.
-Nine hours?
That's 540 minutes.
Is that right?
-A nine-hour delay?
Yes, that is true. But it's really
nothing to worry about. Erm
It's a little bit foggy in London, so
Yeah, erm all flights are delayed,
until this evening.
Foggy? Oh, yes, there's definitely
something foggy going on here.
They're hiding something,
that's what!
Look, this is quite normal.
Don't blame me.
I took this course for you.
-You pussy.
-What did you say?
I took this course for you!
Alfons, in order
for meaningful change to occur,
we must take responsibility
for our actions.
Oh, my God.
I've got to get out of here.
Sarah, leaving the airport
is strictly prohibited.
A Al Okay.
If there's a nine-hour delay,
shouldn't they provide us with a hotel?
No? Yes!
You just read the small prints.
I'll check with the office.
So, I've just spoken to the office
and they've arranged a wellness hotel
for us not too far away.
The perfect place to gather ourselves
and prepare for this evening.
We just grab a taxi.
-What are you doing? Come on, get in!
-Sorry, no.
Edward, you can't do this.
Do what?
-The office said take a taxi.
-We're not taking a bloody taxi! Get in.
We'll all fit in that one.
-Cool car, Edward.
-I don't care if it's cool.
It's British and the appropriate vehicle
for the conditions. Now get in!
He was drugged out of his mind
a minute ago.
Exactly. Guys.
You know, for safety
and insurance, we have to
No, we
-What's the matter?
-What? Nothing
Las Malvinas.
This brings back memories.
It was a very similar terrain.
Sorry, Edward.
What is Las Malvinas?
It's the Falklands.
You fought in the Falklands, Edward?
-You sure it's not a good idea if I drive?
-No, no.
What's going on?
Oh, my God!
You see that?
-That was the taxi you wanted us to take.
-I don't think it was.
That was most definitely it.
It's fair to say that thanks to me none
of you are lying face down in the snow
or fighting for your lives
in some godforsaken foreign hospital.
Now, listen, tell them to postpone.
There's a nine-hour delay on my flight,
so I won't be in London.
Oh, no! It's a sign.
Oh, yes!
It's a clear message
from the mountains.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I'll stay an extra couple of nights
and maybe go heli-skiing up north.
Yeah, okay. Book me directly
on that flight to San Francisco, will you?
Okeydokey, thanks. Okay, bye.
Sorry, are you on the London flight?
The delayed one?
-Do you know why it's delayed?
They told me there was some sort
of malfunction on the flight over,
and they're waiting
for a delivery of the
spare part
that they don't have here.
-Spare part?
-It's broken?
That's what they told me.
You lied to us.
-It was
-We're led by an imbecile and a liar.
That's the information I was given.
I was simply sharing
what I was told.
-This is your first time, isn't it?
-Well, I
They've never actually trusted
you to lead your own group.
-Have they?
-Look, I've just got to
Hi, erm
I These I'm with Fearless Flyers,
and these are my students.
Hello, it's Tom. Please leave
a message after the beep.
Hello, it's Tom. Please leave a
What are you doing?
Know that guy in the lobby?
-That guy in the lobby.
He was Dries de Vries.
He's, like, a huge tech investor.
Fuck! It was really him.
I should've walked up to him
and pitched the app. Maybe he
Can we please focus
on what we're trying to do here?
Could you maybe give me a blow job?
Jesus, Alfons.
I need to make content!
Can you focus for once?
But Fuck! Alfons, no!
-Alfons! Damn. Fuck, stop that!
-No, no, no!
-It's not funny.
No, no.
- Yes?
- Come to Room 334 immediately.
-We have a critical situation.
And we need to strategize.
Come on.
So, the Your girlfriend
not joining us?
-I don't know.
-Fair enough.
The so-called facilitator of this course
can no longer be trusted, right.
He's wet behind the ears, dishonest,
and clearly completely out of his depth.
So to follow his lead and take that
flight would be nothing less than suicide.
The plane is a wreck,
and the turbulence report,
it's about as ugly as it gets.
Look, look
Look at that. Look at that!
That swirling purple mass there.
Look, look.
Acute turbulence.
I think we can all agree my foresight
has already saved us
from an horrific injury in that taxi.
Come on, Edward,
we can't be sure about that.
Well, you tell me you didn't see
the terror in Charles' eyes.
He became incontinent with fear
at the first sign of trouble.
Are you all right?
I've been close to death before, and I can
feel her breathing down my neck
even as I speak.
So we're going to take control.
We're aborting those flights tonight
and we'll find an alternative
carrier in the morning.
I expect your cooperation
in this, yes?
-Yeah, all right. Yes.
-And your cooperation, yes?
What was up with him anyway?
So I expect your cooperation
-Your cooperation, yes?
-I'm taking a boat.
You're what?
-I'm taking a boat.
-A boat? Oh, don't be so ridiculous!
Oh, hi.
Good afternoon.
I must say,
this hotel is so amazing!
I will definitely
be recommending it.
I'd say at least five times
a week.
-Me? No.
-You don't work out?
-Most of the time.
But I've been so lazy recently.
I really feel like I know you
from somewhere. Are you an actress?
-What have I seen you in?
-I don't know.
I actually do
a lot of rock climbing myself.
-Oh, yeah?
-Oh, I love climbing.
And Muay Thai.
That really sorts me out.
Oh, I always wanted to try Muay Thai.
Oh, you have to try it.
It's a great sport.
It's quite an experience.
That's actually a very important stretch
in Thai boxing you're doing there.
May I?
Uh, sure.
Okay. Now you breathe out.
There we go.
That's really good.
Hold it. Deeper, yeah.
Can you go deeper?
There we are.
-A bit further. Yes! There we are.
- Hold it.
- That's really
Oh, God.
-What can I get you?
-Oh, God. Alcohol.
Let me make you a Northern Comfort.
It's a hotel special.
Oh, yeah.
I don't drink cocktails.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Oh, hey. How you doing?
Oh, hi. Yeah, fine, thanks.
-Thank you.
-There you go.
Can I get you anything?
Well, that looks tasty.
-I'll have what the lady's having.
-That's a good choice.
-There you go.
That hits the spot.
Am I right?
Uh, yeah.
Do you mind?
No, no. Yeah, go for it.
Are you on vacation?
Erm, stopover.
So you're just killing time?
Oh, yeah. Well,
it feels like time's killing me.
Sounds like you could use
some cheering up.
Yeah, God. I wish.
I could give you another hug.
I'm sorry.
-Sorry about that.
-It was funny.
Oh, my God!
Wh Are you serious?
That is Oh, my
Do you know what, actually?
I'm going to do you a favor. All right.
That is
There, done. God.
Wow, you really like doing this.
God! Oh.
-Who's that?
I mean, you just You looked like
you wanted to party.
-What? Oh, God.
-Right, you need to listen to me.
-Who is this?
-Don't be coy now.
-You know exactly who this is.
We're not flying back tonight.
Simple as that.
With ferocious turbulence
and a shoddy airline.
We're taking a flight back to London
tomorrow morning on a different airline.
Erm, you know,
Edward, as course leader,
I think it's best
that we follow company policy
and take the return flight tonight.
You don't want to know what it's like
to have people die under your command.
No that's
That's quite true.
I don't know if you're aware,
but you're beginning to sound
a teensy bit aggressive right now.
Hi, Sarah.
I really should apologize.
Yes, you fucking should apologize.
You are clearly out of your depth.
And you've completely betrayed the trust
of three severely aero-phobic individuals.
I know, it was really irresponsible,
but I must admit that I have no idea
what I'm doing.
Shut the fuck up, Charles! For God's sake!
Pull yourself together.
Because I need you to help me
get out of here tonight.
Yes, absolutely.
That is what I'm here for.
-So meet me in the lobby, eight sharp.
-Eight o'clock, sharp.
No matter what the others decide,
we're taking that flight tonight.
Lobby, eight o'clock sharp.
Would you be a good man
and give me a hand, would you?
Uh, please.
-All right
What the
Oh, God!
What's happened?
Oh, my God!
-Oh, Jesus!
-It's all right.
No, it's all right. I'm just gonna
immobilize you, I'm not gonna hurt you.
-All right?
-Immob Edward, please!
-You don't need to do this.
-You're all right.
Edward, please. You know,
some mistakes were made.
But I'm trying
One second. That's it. Okay.
There we are.
You all right? Comfy?
- Lovely.
- No!
Oh, God.
Do you prefer a window seat
or an aisle seat?
I always say the world is like
a virgin canvas,
and it's up to you
to fill it with colors.
I guess I'm still looking
for the right brush.
It is a process.
Oh, er You're here!
Is he a friend of yours?
-Hey, man!
-I'm Alfons.
-Hi, join us.
-Thank you.
Dries was just telling me he sold
his start-up company to Google.
Now he's not allowed to work
for three years. Can you imagine?
Yeah, I know.
-I'm a big fan.
-Wow, that's amazing. Thank you.
-Are you in tech?
-He has got an app.
-An app?
Wow! Great! That's exciting stuff.
You want a drink?
Uh, he can't.
He's got a flight to catch.
- Oh, actually, I'd love a drink.
- Yeah?
-Excuse me. Can we have a
one more drink over here, please.
Thank you, brother.
So, where you flying to?
- Oh, I'm not flying.
- Yeah, really?
No. I'm taking the boat.
No, you're not.
Poor Alfons.
He is terrified of flying.
Oh, I feel for you, my brother.
I've been there.
I couldn't even look at an airplane
without getting a panic attack.
But look at me now.
I am heli-skiing. I'm flying
all over the world every week.
I fly like an eagle, my brother.
Yeah, free as a bird.
-How did you do it?
I'll let you in on a little secret.
Thank you.
Sarah! I found tickets with a
respectable airline for tomorrow morning.
-I just need your passport number, please.
-Where's Charles?
-Oh, he's been taken care of.
-Come on.
-What do you mean, "taken care of"?
He's come to understand
that he's surplus to requirements.
Sarah, it's nothing sinister here.
Just give me your passport, please,
so I can book the tickets. Can I
-Edward, please.
-Sarah! Don't be a bloody fool.
-Edward, Leave me alone.
-Give me your passport. Sarah!
-Airport, please.
-You have a bag?
- Sarah!
- Just go! Just go!
- Just drive! Drive!
- I'm trying to protect you.
-You're a driver! Drive!
-I'm trying to protect you!
-It's suicide!
-You know this guy?
Please, just help me.
Just get me to the airport, okay? Please.
-What are you doing?
-It's been a really long shift.
Can you just keep your eyes on the road
because these are really dangerous
driving conditions, aren't they?
You think this is bad?
When I was a kid, like, the winters here
were so much harder.
So much harder.
Like, this road, for example.
They wouldn't let us drive it
half the time.
So, this is nothing, really.
Can you pass me the
the Monster in the glove compartment.
There's, like, a can, yeah?
This? Do you want me to
No, it's okay.
Thank you.
Actually, shall I
There's there's
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
You almost killed us!
Are you out of your fucking mind?
I just saved our lives!
I'm the driver! Fucking hell!
Get off!
- Call the emergency services.
- No! Don't do that.
Why not?
Oh, shit!
Because I'm over the limit.
Can you please get off!
You're drunk!
Oh, fuck me!
I'm not drunk. Like, I had a couple
of beers. They're super strict about it.
I should report you to the police!
No, I will call the police
Mind if I dance?
I'm a little nasty,
I'm a nasty little boy
I'm a little nasty,
I'm a nasty little boy
I'm a little useless,
I'm a useless little toy
I'm a little useless,
I'm a useless little toy
Thank you.
Cheers, my brother.
You're a little crazy,
you're a crazy little sexy girl
You're a little crazy,
you're a crazy little sexy girl
One of those nights
can't turn you on
all night long
I can't turn you on,
I wanna be your boy
Wanna be your nasty, nasty,
nasty, nasty little boy
Are you okay?
I have a very important piece
of advice for you, my brother.
-Let go.
You were never in control,
And let me tell you one more thing.
Incredible change
will happen in your life
when you decide to let go
of what you can't control
and take ownership
of what you can control.
Accept yourself.
Love yourself.
If you want to fly,
you have to let go of everything
that weighs you down, my brother.
Spread those wings.
Spread your wings.
Spread your wings!
You're beautiful, man.
You're beautiful.
What's it gonna be
When you spread them out
for me?
Take a notice girl
I don't want you to leave
-Where are you?
Erm I don't actually know.
-What happened to your face?
-Oh, I
Oh, yeah. I had an accident,
but I'm completely fine.
-How are you?
-Why didn't you come with us?
Well, Olivia, do you remember I was
telling you how I didn't like flying?
That your mum?
-What happened to your face?
-She had an accident.
I was explaining to Olivia
how I didn't like flying, and how,
you know, I had to ask for help.
Well, I didn't.
What do you mean? I literally
just saw you boarding a plane.
You flew to Los Angeles last week!
I didn't go to Los Angeles.
-I stayed at home.
Where did you buy the boots then?
Online. I'm really sorry.
Okay, sweetheart, erm
It's time for the adults to have a talk.
Can you go inside and draw me a picture?
Of what?
Draw us an airplane.
That would be lovely!
-Go on.
Jesus Christ, Sarah!
First you can't fly with us
because of a "meeting",
then I see you in the arms
of some other man!
Now you tell me you didn't fly to LA
but holed yourself up in your flat
and lied to me
about where you were.
I'm a complete idiot, but I am doing
everything I can to fix it.
That's why I was at the airport,
I was taking the fear-of-flying course.
I really want to get this right, Tom,
I do.
-Who was that man then?
-Oh, God! He's the instructor.
Where are you?
I'm in Iceland! I'm in the middle
of fucking nowhere!
I don't know, I
I'm so sorry.
Honestly, who does something like this?
I don't recognize you, and frankly,
Sarah, I don't trust you.
Tom, please.
No, no, not now. We can talk about this
when I get home.
Please, just listen to me for a minute.
I fucked up. I know that. I'm so sorry.
But I am going to get there tomorrow
no matter how many flights I have to take.
No more empty promises, Sarah.
Oh, my beautiful brother!
Where are you hiding him?
Where is he?
Where are you hiding him?
Get out!
Or I'll knock you out.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
-What have you done, you psycho?
Fucking psycho!
-He can't breathe.
-You need help.
You need serious help.
- He can't breathe!
- I can't breathe.
Oh, my God! Help him!
Help him right now.
Talk to me! Talk to me!
Talk to me! Come on!
Talk to me!
- Yes?
- It's Sarah.
-Oh. Hello, Sarah.
-Didn't you have us booked on a flight?
- That's correct.
-And you've still got the tickets?
-I certainly do.
-I'm not sure about it, Sarah.
-Trust me. I've done the research.
It's a very respectable airline.
It's not the airline
I don't trust. It's Edward.
-Oh, for
-No. No!
Will you please get rid of that? I will
not have you drinking on this flight.
No. Don't worry about me.
I'm not coming.
-I'm not coming.
We're going heli-skiing with Dries.
Is that a good idea?
If you want to fly,
you must get rid of all the
things that weigh you down.
Come on.
Oh, God!
What's wrong?
I don't understand.
What's going on?
I might have been responsible
for an accident.
Good morning, troopers!
What's the matter?
I'm in trouble.
All right, you, go and get the car
running. You, follow me.
No, no. Sarah, I
Oh, God.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you bloody well can.
Now, trust me
and do what I say. All right?
you wind your legs
around the rope, like that.
And let yourself down slowly.
-There's nothing to fear.
Oh, God! Oh, God.
Oh, God!
-All right.
-Oh, God, I'm scared.
-Now listen, listen. Listen, Sarah.
I swung on a rope
like this once.
Through the Iranian embassy window
and it was engulfed in flames at the time.
And then I shot a terrorist.
In the face.
-So what I'm saying is
It's fight
or flight.
So let's fight.
Okay okay.
-Obviously, there's the flight bit after.
But we'll deal with that later, all right?
Get in!
You'll ruin the whole thing. Get in!
I've already said I'm sorry, haven't I?
You'll thank me in the end.
It was for your own safety.
What the hell are you doing?
Get in!
Okay, okay, okay!
Right. We won't be having
any more of that, Charles.
We're a unit.
That was good work, soldier.
I don't like the look
of these clouds at all.
Don't you start playing
mind games with me, Charles.
I'm not playing mind games,
Edward. Those clouds are hostile.
Clouds "hostile"? Come on, Charles!
You know better than that.
It's little droplets of water.
That's nothing to be frightened of.
They're just bad thoughts.
Let them go, Charles.
-May I have your attention, please
We're all right. Just calm down.
-Come on. They're going to close check-in.
Hang on, hang on! We're
booked on the 11:30. Right?
-That gives us another two hours.
-Yeah, but, Edward
The 11:30 is cancelled.
They're all cancelled. Okay?
It's the 9:30 or nothing.
But, Sarah, those are the bastards
that nearly cost us our lives!
We've been stranded here
since yesterday morning
and you have done nothing
to help us, nothing!
Sir, I am sorry. I offer my sincerest
apologies for the inconvenience.
Come on, darling.
We're in Business.
Erm, actually, I am very sorry,
but we are completely overbooked.
-Yeah. I'm so sorry.
-It's all been a bit of a mess, sorry.
-No, no. Okay.
No, check again.
There's got to be a mistake.
We're on a fear of flying course so that
must give us some sort of priority.
Charles, can you do something, please.
You have to help us.
These people are not well.
No, I'm sorry. You just really
got here too late.
-I'm sorry.
-What about another flight?
There's a storm coming and all flights
after ten o'clock are being cancelled.
There's really nothing
I can do.
What do you mean,
there's nothing you can do?
Hey, you were booked in Business class.
Right? I can arrange for you to stay
at a luxury wellness hotel.
No, no, no.
I will not be staying a minute longer.
You have to put us
on that flight.
Now! Get me your manager!
Sir! I am sorry.
I just told you I am sorry.
I offered you to stay free of
charge at a luxury hotel.
-That's the best we can do.
-I want to go home!
I want to go home!
Sir! Please!
-I wanna go home!
-You stop this.
-Will you please stop.
-I want to go home now.
-You need to calm down.
-I want to go home!
No! No, listen!
I want to go home, and I want
to go home right now!
-Do you understand?
-You need to calm down. Sir!
I want to go home!
I want to go home!
- Calm down.
- Your life's in my hands right now!
Let me go. No!
It's okay. I have him.
No, really.
Look, he's been
under a lot of pressure.
I'm with him. I take care of him.
He doesn't like me to go away, you see?
Look, I think it's quite clear
that we're just not meant to be
on that flight.
Oh, stop.
-Oh, hi! It's Liz.
Oh, hi! Liz, how are
-Look, I'm so sorry to hear the news.
That you won't be joining them after all.
Olivia's told me everything.
-Well, actually, I'm still
-It's really nothing to be ashamed of.
-What do you mean?
-Well, we're all afraid of something.
-But, you know, they have these courses.
-Right, yes.
Don't worry, I'll be flying
down there tomorrow.
-To help out with Olivia.
Well that's great. I'll see you there.
-So, you'll know if I get arrested
Oh, hey Hi!
-Where are you going?
-Right now? Frankfurt.
-So your flight hasn't been cancelled?
-No, we fly cargo.
-It's a little different for us.
-So you can give us a lift?
No, no. I mean that's not really
Is that for your wife?
Look, I totally misread the situation,
and um
I'm really sorry,
but what you're asking for
is impossible.
I wonder what your company's policy is
on sexual harassment.
Look, I
I mean, with weather like this
it could get very rough.
No, Sarah, sorry.
This is in complete contravention
of course regulations.
I couldn't care less, Charles, all right?
Do what you want. I'm going.
Look, I have to warn you.
Okay? This is not ideal weather
for flying.
It's cargo, there won't be face towels
or complimentary drinks, or any of that.
I'm going.
- I'm on board.
- Ugh.
Look, guys, I really
This is not safe, at all.
Listen, I'm going to just call
the office because
All right. Fuck it. Okay. Okay.
What are you waiting for?
Come on, Charles.
Heart of a lion.
Come on, then.
Just make sure
you're buckled up for take-off.
After that, do what you like.
Lie down and take a nap, if you want.
Have no worries, Charles.
I've parachuted out of these things
a thousand times.
All right.
We'll be eating Currywurst in
Rmerberg before you know it.
All right! Hold tight, everybody.
It's going to get pretty bumpy.
All right, jockey.
Ready to evacuate.
-You all right?