Northern Lights of Christmas (2018) Movie Script

Are you a pilot?
Oh, yes I am.
That's what I wanna be.
So far I'm good with my
take offs,
but my landings need work.
They do?
Oh it's just an app but
it feels real.
Well, one day it will be.
Until then...
Here is your first set of wings.
Wow, thanks.
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hi, Zoey.
Oh, hey, Phil, how's the charter
business going?
It's great, I just bought a
bigger plane.
Ugh, you're my role model.
Well, I'm auctioning off my old
piper next month.
You should bid.
Maybe I will.
I hope you do.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Phil.
Hey, honey.
Hi, mom.
Your dad's here too, I'm putting
you on speaker.
Hi. honey!
Well, um, I just got the letter.
The probates cleared.
I've officially inherited Gus
Henderson's ranch.
How are you feeling about it?
Honestly I'm pretty sad.
I mean I can't imagine the place
without him.
And I can't believe he left
it to me.
Oh of course he left it to
you, honey,
he was like your grandfather.
And he taught you how to fly.
I think Gus giving you his ranch
is his way of helping you get
your own plane.
I'd rather have Gus.
But I'm on a plane tomorrow
to Alaska,
I'm gonna sign the papers
and um...
Take a look at it one last time
before I put it on the market.
You are gonna be back in Tampa
in time for Christmas?
That's two weeks away.
I'll be out of Alaska in one
week... tops.
Can't wait to see you.
Love you.
Love you.
Love you too.
It's just like how I
remember it.
Christmas time's the best.
Who rides a motorcycle in
December in Alaska?
Otto, just try a peppermint
The customers will love them and
they're Christmassy.
Anya, we serve apple pie,
lemon pie, and chocolate
Nobody orders the chocolate
Yes, they do.
Nobody orders it twice.
Just try one of the brownies.
They're delicious.
Ate half a pan last night.
I'll think about it.
Merry Christmas.
You're here early!
Hi, Brock.
And hello, Otto.
Do I know you?
Otto, you remember Zoey.
My best friend from high school.
We used to hang out here
all the time.
When I was a teenager I used
Gus's plane
to buy you a replacement coil
for your deep fryer.
The teenaged pilot.
You saved my summer!
I remember you, you were Gus
Henderson's best student.
How are your parents?
They're great, yeah my dad's
still working at the post office
in Florida, they love the
I'm so excited that you're here.
You won't reconsider staying
with me and Brock?
Oh, you know what? I'm gonna
stay at the ranch.
It think it might be my
last chance.
Okay, well then let us bring
over dinner tonight.
We'll get caught up.
Dinner sounds great!
I'll send over some chocolate
Ooh, that's okay.
Zoey Hathaway, is that you?
Mrs. Walker!
You're not in ninth grade
anymore, call me Tracy.
I hear Gus left you his Ranch.
He did.
Are you gonna do the Christmas
Festival this year?
It hasn't been the same since
Gus stopped.
Oh I'm only in town for a little
while, I don't think so.
Oh, well maybe next year.
It's so good to see you!
You're all grown up.
That takes care of the
transfer fee.
Now the property is
officially yours.
You know I have seen people put
their cats on these,
but never a plane.
Yeah, it's there to motivate me.
I'd like to start my own
charter airline.
Wow, and you've always wanted
to fly?
Pretty much.
I remember when I was little I
would go with my dad to pick up
the bags when Gus would do a
mail run.
I'd watch that plane land
and just think,
"Wow, I wanna do that."
Now you are, it's all that
you hoped for?
Honestly, it's better.
It's like getting paid to
have fun.
Sometimes I think I'm more
at home in the air
than on the ground.
How long did you say you were\
in town for?
Just a couple of days, and then
Christmas in Florida,
and back home to Seattle.
Hey, you don't have a
recommendation for a real estate
agent in the area, do you?
It's a small town, we all wear
a lot of hats.
Well, you are hired.
Well I'll go through my buyers
list, but if no one bites
we might not be able to sell the
ranch until Spring.
Oh, is that gonna be a problem?
These Alaskan winters can be
No, it shouldn't be.
Yes, a ranch like yours does
need constant care,
plumbing, wiring, roofing,
but you're very lucky
that your caretaker, Alec
is really good.
Alec, yes, Gus mentioned him to
me over the phone.
He used to be a wilderness guy?
He still is.
He's been helping Gus out in the
winters ever since Ida passed.
Gus already paid for the entire
season, so...
Thank you, Gus.
All right, well let's go take a
look at your ranch.
All right, let's go.
Well, it's a little isolated
out here
but Alec is usually around.
There's his pickup.
I love this place so much.
You moved away just before I cam
to Aurora.
Did you spend a lot of time here
at the ranch?
Well Gus and Ida were like
grandparents to me,
and I actually lived here
my senior year
when my dad was transferred
to Florida.
So this is like a homecoming
for you.
Are you sure you wanna sell?
Well, in a perfect world I'd
keep it,
but my life is in Seattle.
Don't make me doubt myself,
you'll lose your commission.
Forget I said anything.
You know if it wasn't the middle
of December,
this place would be very
Oh and there's a jeep in the
Hey, Gus and Ida's trees.
Oh, they've grown!
It's such a sweet gesture,
planting a live Christmas tree
for every year they were
It's like a love letter written
in trees.
I love this room!
It's amazing.
Is this you?
Yeah, that's the day I got my
pilot's license.
Gus was such a good teacher.
He and Ida were so kind to me.
Everyone in town loved them.
Oh, this brand new kitchen will
completely sell this house.
Gus retired, and he sold his
Cessna to Geoff Peters,
and then he put all that money
into building Ida's dream
Oh, there she is!
Hi, Holly.
Oh I remember when Gus and Ida
found her.
She just lost her mother and
they bottle fed her.
She must be 15 years old.
Now you, Mister...
Never met you before.
Oh that's Palmer,
Gus got him last year.
Alec has been taking such great
care of both reindeer.
Oh... quite an entrance.
Are you gonna introduce me, or
should I introduce myself?
Zoey Hathaway meet Alec Wynn.
Oh, nice to meet you, I've heard
such good things about you.
I've heard about you too.
Well I don't mean to be blunt,
but, uh...
you staying or selling?
Actually, I'm selling.
Well it was nice to meet you.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have
a fence to repair.
Palmer keeps getting out.
Alec is a good guy.
A little rough around the
edges, maybe.
Yeah, I can see that.
Hey, come here!
Come here!
Hi, Palmer, I'm Zoey, nice to
meet you.
Wow, it smells amazing.
You need to stop working
for Otto
and open your own restaurant.
That's the master plan.
Not for another few years or so.
Maybe open a restaurant or B&B.
What are you looking for?
Ida had a secret recipe for
Christmas Wreath cookies.
Oh I loved those, they were
so crunchy.
Everybody did, she made
hundreds of them
for the Christmas Festival,
and I am dying to know how she
made them.
It's not here.
On the plus side,
if you need 20 ways to cook
salmon you're set.
Thank you, good to know.
I'm so glad you're here.
Video chatting isn't the same.
No, it's not.
I love Aurora, but you see such
fabulous places.
I bet you get to hang out with
the cool people every night.
Guys, I'm up at four in
the morning,
and I'm in bed at eight
at night,
the cool people are being
cool without me.
By the way I met Alec Wynn
He was not very talkative.
He talked?
At the diner, the most I get is
a please and a thank you.
He's a nice guy, I know Gus
liked him.
Yeah, so Gus mentioned him to
me on the phone.
He said he trusted him,
but I was actually picturing
somebody more Gus's age.
So Alec is gonna stay onto the
place still?
Well, I haven't talked to him
about it yet,
but he's paid through the
winter, so...
I just hope the place sells
really fast,
and then we'll be totally
Well I think dinner's ready.
Who's hungry?
Uh, I am.
Let's go.
Good morning.
I'm feeding the reindeer,
I wanna show you how to do it.
Oh, no, can't we do that later?
Dress in something warm.
I know how to dress.
I'm here.
Oh, look at all these
from the Christmas Festival.
It's the sleigh.
This is the sleigh!
All the kids from the town get
their picture taken with Santa
on this sleigh.
Oh, look at all these lights.
Holly and Palmer are waiting.
Oh, so sorry,
didn't mean to delay your
So the reindeer get fed twice a
day, and I aim for 6am, 6pm.
Got it.
They each get one scoop of these
pellets, and some hay.
You'll need more feed in
a couple of days,
you can get it at the hardware
store in town.
Now the well freezes up in the
pump house.
If the light goes out you gotta
keep an eye on that.
Oil furnace needs a delivery
next month.
And there's a generator back
there if the power goes out.
Good luck.
Good luck? Where are you going?
He's charming, isn't he?
Are you leaving?
It's your place now.
Now that you're here it's time
for me to move on.
But I'm not staying.
I need you here.
And Karen said Gus paid you
through the winter.
And I gave you the money back.
All right, I don't understand.
What's really going on here?
Gus loved this ranch, he built
the house himself,
him and Ida planted all
those trees.
He didn't leave it to you
just so you could sell it to
some strangers.
He left it to me so I could
buy my plane.
Oh yeah? He tell you that?
Well not in so many words, but
he knew I lived in Seattle,
he knew I was saving up to
buy a plane.
He had to know I'd sell
the ranch.
Sounds like to me you're just
planning on dumping it.
I'm not gonna sell it to
just anyone.
I'm gonna sell it to someone who
loves it just as much as we do,
and who's gonna care for it.
And the reindeer.
Oh, well what if the new owners
don't want a reindeer?
You haven't thought this
through have you?
Holly and Palmer deserve
a good home.
I'm gonna find them a good home,
but I can't stay here, Alec.
My job is in Seattle.
I need you here.
What if you were involved in
the sale?
We'll have a partnership.
It can't be a partnership.
Of course we can.
We'll work together to find
the perfect buyer
for this place.
You'll be an important part of
the decision.
Oh. But you hold all the cards.
All right, so
I'll give you an ace.
If you stay until this place
sells I'll give you 10 percent.
It's not about the money.
And I promise to listen
to whatever you have to say
about the buyer.
If you think I'm selling to
the wrong person, tell me,
I'll listen, I'm a very good
You sure are a good talker.
If you ever get tired of flying
you can go into sales.
Well, you're a tough customer.
What do I have to do to seal
this deal? Throw in a toaster?
I don't need a toaster.
You don't know me, why does my
opinion matter?
Gus trusted you.
That means a lot to me.
This ranch is special.
It needs you.
So do I.
So I've only got
four more days in town
and I really wanna spruce
up the place.
All those real estate shows say
that the little details
make a big difference.
Like what?
Like maybe put some Christmas
lights up around the windows.
Only have to take them down
in January.
But they'd be so pretty.
You want stockings and candy
canes too?
Maybe a train set running
through the yard?
Not much of a Christmas fan,
Not really.
I love Christmas.
Why am I not surprised?
So what else are we gonna do?
Well clean everything,
oh and I think the thermostat
might be broken on the furnace.
I installed the furnace, I can
take a look at that.
Great, thank you, and if we
need a new one
I'll just grab one at the
hardware store.
I have a project list too.
Banister on the porch is loose,
got to trim back those trees,
and we need to take a look at
that barn.
We make a good team.
These boards are all worn out,
we'll have to clear the
whole barn.
Well we can't have everything.
I guess the floor can wait.
I promise that we will find you
a good home.
That's a cool picture.
Who took that?
I did.
I saw some camera equipment.
So that-- are you a
No, just a hobby.
That's cool.
Okay, I'm gonna go to the
hardware store
and get a little bit more
reindeer feed.
Karen said something about me
inheriting a Jeep?
Can you drive stick?
Can I drive stick?
If it's got wheels, wings or a
rudder I can make it go.
Oh, Merry Christmas, how can
I help you?
Hi, I need a new one of these,
do you have one?
Yeah, one thermostat coming up,
um anything else?
Um... yeah.
Is that everything?
It's a start.
Are you the pilot? The one that
used to live here?
I always wanted to learn
how to fly,
and then Gus sold his plane
before I could take any
lessons, so...
Could you teach me?
Oh I'm only here for a couple of
days, I don't have time.
That's too bad.
Oh Zoey, you're exactly who
I need to talk to,
but just one second.
Hey Danny, George is tying
a Christmas tree up to my car,
could you ring it up for
me, please?
Yeah, sure thing Mrs. Yazzi.
Thanks. Fixing things up
out there?
Yeah, starting to.
All right, well no pressure,
but I just spoke with a
potential buyer,
I cannot believe how lucky we
but they're actually very
Can I bring them out tomorrow
All right, try and make the
ranch look as homey as possible.
This might be our last chance
until spring.
Like I said, no pressure.
You got it.
Thank you, Danny, Merry
I'll see you tomorrow,
fingers crossed.
Fingers crossed!
Know what?
I'm gonna go check out your
Christmas trees out there.
I'll be back.
Here comes Santa Claus!
You bought a tree?
We have a buyer coming tomorrow.
Karen thinks we should make the
place a little more homey.
You own a mountain covered
in trees
and you bought one from the
Oh, good point.
Little late.
I like this tree.
Let me help.
Thank you.
Deck the halls with boughs
of holly
Tis the season to be jolly
Not a singer?
Why am I not surprised?
Want me to install this
Yes, please.
Nice talking to ya.
And heaven and nature sing,
and heaven and nature sing
You know you're gonna scare the
And He-ea-van
And Heaven and nature
Okay. Here we are.
It's so pretty.
Welcome to the ranch.
It's gorgeous.
We've been looking all over,
and so far this place checks
all the boxes.
This river rock is so dated.
You think we could paint
it white?
Well we did that back at the
Montana ranch, looked great.
You own a ranch in Montana?
We used to, but we just didn't
use it enough,
but we've always wanted to own
a home in Alaska.
I'm not sure if this barn
is big enough.
Oh Alec, these are the Upsons.
What kind of livestock you
planning on?
Oh not livestock.
I have a lot of...
Well, Melissa likes to call
them toys.
In Alaska, I'll need snow
mobiles, a couple boats,
some off road vehicles.
Back home in Connecticut
he had to build a second garage.
What can I say? I like my toys.
It's plenty big enough.
We just need to clear it out a
little bit.
Oh yes, clearing out
of the barn is definitely
on the to do list before
the sale.
That's me.
Come on. Come on, fella.
They leaving already?
Hey, Alec, great news.
They think this would make the
perfect vacation house.
She kept nudging him to
stop talking,
and he said they're gonna
make an offer.
The plane goes up for auction
next month,
and I never thought I'd be able
to say this, but...
I think I'm gonna be able
to make a bid.
What's wrong with you?
So when you said you wanted
great people to buy the ranch,
you just meant anyone who would
make an offer?
There's nothing wrong with
the Upsons.
You really think that?
Pfft! Sure.
First they'll
start with the barn,
and then they'll tear the
whole house down.
Are we partners in this or not?
We are.
Then I vote no.
You're already up.
Yes I am.
Well, I feel like you're about
to break up our partnership.
No, I-I wanna be partners.
I think I was so focused
on the sale,
I wasn't thinking things
The Upsons aren't bad people,
No, of course they're not, but
they're not our buyers.
But I've also flown charters
with people like that before and
They're gonna get bored with
this place in a year.
Maybe two, and then they're
gonna sell it
without giving it a second
Gus wouldn't want the place to
be empty most of the year.
And he definitely wouldn't want
that fireplace
to be painted white.
It's just... those were Karen's
best prospects.
So... I wonder...
We want to show the world
how spectacular this
ranch is, right?
I was talking to Tracy Walker,
and she asked me about Gus's
Christmas Festival.
Did you ever see it?
No. Gus did talk about it,
It's my favourite Aurora memory.
What if we revived it?
What? Now?
We're looking for the perfect
buyer, right?
It's a great way to spread the
word and show the place off.
People used to come
from all over.
Plus I think it would be
really fun.
The town would love it.
And when would this be
Um, okay, Christmas is in
nine days, so...
It would be next Saturday,
the 23rd.
Next Saturday?
Ooh, I'd have to change my
flight to Florida,
but I could do that.
You think it's a bad idea?
No, it's just a lot to do
in a very short period of time.
Well, we can do that. Come on!
Ooh, okay, these go--
okay, they go right outside the
barn next to the sleigh.
We're gonna need a Santa.
No... no.
All right, you know what?
You have neither the physique
nor the personality.
Oh my Christmas village!
And we're gonna have our work
cut out for us
organizing these lights.
Oh, I need a great picture of
Gus. Right here!
Whoa, what are you doing
with that?
You'll see.
y Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
You don't look very merry.
This isn't my kind of thing.
How long do we have to be
doing this for?
Until all the flyers are gone.
Oh, Samantha!
I heard you were back.
Listen, stop by the dress shop.
I wanna hear everything about
I will.
And this is fantastic!
The festival was always my
favourite part of Christmas.
Yeah, me too.
I used to do half my shopping at
the craft booths.
Oh, those booths were great.
I don't think we'll have time to
organize that this year.
I know all the crafts
people in town.
Let me handle the booths?
That would be great!
I'm happy to help!
So good to see you.
That's huge.
Merry Christmas.
Oh hey!
So you're gonna be in town long
enough after all.
You kind of inspired me.
I'm so glad.
I mean, the festival was always
the heart of this town.
Things just weren't the same
after it stopped.
You're doing a wonderful thing.
And so are you. Oh!
My ninth grade teacher.
She's a hugger.
I noticed.
This makes me so happy.
Can Brock and me be in
charge of food?
Ooh, I'd have to check with my
planning partner here.
Yes... yes.
Geoff Peters!
Oh! Zoey!
It's great to see you.
You too!
Oh man.
How's Gus's plane?
She's a beauty.
I'm covering Gus's old delivery
route everyday.
She's steady as can be.
That's great.
Geoff, aren't you
to be on your mail run
right now?
Yeah, about that.
That reindeer of Gus's shut the
air strip again.
And it's your reindeer now,
Yeah, wait...
You said Palmer had been
getting out,
but the air strip's miles away.
We gotta go get him.
Sorry, Geoff.
Palmer, what are you doing here?
Come on, bud, we gotta
head home.
You know what?
I'm kinda a city girl.
Reindeer wrangling isn't really
my department.
What's the protocol here?
Do you-- do you get
nervous if I...
Come a little bit towards you?
No, okay.
I'm gonna go back and see if
Alec has gotten here yet--
You okay?
I wasn't talking to a reindeer.
Palmer, come here buddy.
Come here, it's okay.
Hey, it's okay, buddy.
Well, you made that look easy.
Yeah, lots of practice.
So he's been to this airstrip
Yeah, last month.
Why does he keep coming back
I have no idea.
Good, you got him.
Zoey Hathaway!
Merry Christmas, and uh...
welcome back to Aurora.
Thanks, how's the airstrip
these days?
The airstrips better than ever.
It's just my knees.
They're getting a little creaky,
but after 40 years on the job,
well, I don't blame 'em.
Come on inside, I need to
talk to you.
Sure, yeah, you got it.
We'll be right back.
You're the legal owner of the
reindeer now, right?
And this is the second time he's
delayed a flight.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that,
I'll make sure it never
happens again.
Well, I'm sorry too,
because with a second offence
there's a fine.
The FAA does not mess around.
Will that be cash or credit?
Oh, um... debit.
Getting a lot of use these days.
I'm never gonna get my plane.
Mom, don't worry, I will be
home for Christmas.
I'm flying on standby with a
buddy pass on Christmas Eve day.
You know what? I have to go,
I'm making toffee for the
Christmas Festival.
All right, I love you.
Okay, start on the nuts.
Flying on Christmas Eve is
gonna be tricky.
Yeah, that's what she said.
She's worried I'm not
gonna make it.
She should be.
No, it'll be fine.
I always spend it with them.
Oh, it's my Dad.
Would you stop?
Listen, even if I have to hitch
a ride on Santa's sleigh,
I will be home in Florida
for Christmas.
Okay, I think we did it.
All right, ready to test 'em?
Hey! That looks great!
Wait, what just happened?
We just blew the generator.
I need a new generator.
No problem.
And 500 strings of Christmas
That could be a problem.
I don't have that many lights
at the store.
Um, I mean we got what you
need in Fairbanks,
but it wouldn't be here until
after Christmas.
Well, can they be overnighted?
We could send a truck but...
it's gonna cost ya... a lot.
Well, I've gotta have them.
Here you go.
My plane fund, it's getting
emptier and emptier.
Do you have to put on the
I know people are looking
forward to it.
I'm putting it on so that people
can see the property.
If they come from out of town,
they'll see Aurora at it's best.
I love this place.
I Forgot how much I missed
everyone here.
Oh, thanks, Otto.
So what time does the barn dance
start after the festival?
I forgot about the barn dance!
Oh you gotta have a dance.
You know Gus and Ida used
to always have Santa
in the sleighs, lights in
the trees,
and that big Christmas star on
top of the ranch house.
I haven't even seen that star.
Oh you've gotta find it.
But most of all, you've gotta
finish off
with a big barn dance.
I mean we have to celebrate.
Otto is a big grump all year,
but at Christmas he's like a
little kid.
I am not a grump.
You know that barn floor is not
in good shape.
There's reindeer living
in there.
The reindeer are
the guests of honour.
Oh. Otto's got an answer
for everything.
I wish I did.
I'm back.
Do not tell me you need
more lights.
You are gonna outshine the
Aurora Borealis.
No, do you have any wide plank
oak flooring?
I need to fix the barn
floor fast.
For the barn dance?
Everybody's looking
forward to it.
Yeah, I have plenty of
wide plank oak.
It's a little spendy.
Of course it is.
So I was wondering...
The hardware store used to do
this Christmas ring toss booth,
um... and it's for little
kids, but...
You know, it's really fun.
I remember that.
Any chance you'd wanna organize
that for the festival?
Really? You're sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Yeah, yeah, I could do that.
Where are the Christmas lights?
Oh, they're coming on the
truck tomorrow.
And these are boards for
the barn.
There's gonna be a dance.
I know it's getting bigger
and bigger,
but I really appreciate all
your work.
I don't mind, I kinda feel like
I'm doing it for Gus.
He was sad that he had to stop
the festival.
He always said someday he would
start it up again.
I guess someday is now.
You know there used to be
this big star
that all the kids would make
wishes on.
Do you know what happened
to that?
Yeah, he lent it to a church
in Greenville
a couple of years ago.
You think we could get it back?
It's 150 miles away.
Oh, so we could drive that.
And the pass is already snowed
So we can't drive that.
Well, I guess we can't have
All right, I've got this guy,
you got those.
After you.
Thank you.
And house supplies, flooring.
There's the lights.
FAA fine equals...
So the Hathaway charter fund
is not looking good.
And we're finished.
All right, thanks for the help.
Yeah, no problem. And you got a
couple boards left over.
That's all right, I'll just
throw 'em in the cabin.
You know I'm surprised how much
I'm liking that cabin.
I've always said, living outside
in a tent is the way to go.
Having a roof over my head and
a nice comfy bed...
Pretty nice.
You think that means I'm
getting old?
Yeah, it does.
You didn't have
to be that honest.
Oh, hey, look at you.
One dance floor ready to go.
Well good, 'cause they just
delivered 500 strings
of Christmas lights and a
Do you wanna help?
We've got 27 trees that
need lighting.
Oh no ,I gotta get back to
the diner.
Yeah, you kids have fun.
All right.
I know, right?
There's years of happiness in
Gus and Ida's trees.
This is the longest I've been
earth bound
since I got my license.
I gotta get up in the air.
I like my feet on the ground.
Never been in a plane in my life.
How'd you get to Alaska?
They got these things
called "roads."
I gotta get you up in the sky.
Yeah... No thanks.
All right, it'd be you and me
in the cockpit,
we'd have the whole sky in
front of us.
It's the best feeling
in the world.
Oh, thank you.
Here you go.
So how long you been in Alaska?
Seven years now.
Never stayed in one place much
until I started spending winters
here with Gus.
Where were you before that?
All over, but I'd spend the rest
of the year
at a glacier tour company.
Ooh, that sounds interesting.
Yes, it was.
Gus used to say uh, if I spent
one more year there,
I'd be Alec the snowman.
I can just hear him saying that.
Yeah, he was a good man.
He was the best.
He always made me feel welcome.
Like he was happy I was here.
I don't know, there's something
about this ranch, just...
it almost feels like...
Which is strange because
"home" is a word
I never thought I'd care
about, but...
Maybe I do.
You know, I feel the same way.
Brock and Anya...
I think they think I lead this
glamorous life,
but... actually it can be a
little lonely.
I figured you had loads
of friends.
No, I do, I do...
I mean, no one as close as Anya,
she's-- she's like family.
But I guess in Aurora,
it's hard to be lonely, because
I know everybody...
and everybody knows me.
To Aurora.
To Aurora.
All right, ready?
Oh, I love it.
I gotta get a picture.
You know what?
It's better in person.
Yeah, let me, uh...
try with this.
You brought your camera?
Of course.
Wait. Say cheese.
No, not me!
No, get the trees,
don't get me.
Okay, okay,
I'll get the trees.
No, stop, stop,
I don't want you
to get me, stop!
No, oh, that's perfect.
Stop it, I mean it, stop!
That's actually really nice.
That is good.
Oh, will you send that to me?
I want to send a copy
to my folks.
Of course.
You know,
this is the first time
I've ever decorated
a Christmas tree.
You gotta be kidding.
My mom died when I was a baby,
and my dad wasn't exactly
a decorations guy.
You know, I look back on it,
and I think Christmas
probably made him really sad
and miss my mom.
But, he always got me
a present.
One year, he got me a camera.
It was nothin' fancy,
just a little point-and-shoot,
but I thought it was the
greatest thing in the world.
I was a pretty quiet kid,
and my dad said,
"You should let the pictures do
the talking for ya."
And you know what?
He was right.
I really got into it.
Sounds like a smart man.
He was.
So, what about you?
What's your favourite
Christmas present?
Oh, flying lessons.
14 years old.
Made my parents nervous, but...
They knew it was what
I really wanted.
Well, here's my stop.
Good night.
Good night.
Zoey, I have some promising
Oh, what is it?
Well, there's a boutique
hotel firm
that scoped out the property
a couple years ago.
Gus thought about their offer,
but he decided not to sell.
I'm surprised he thought
about it.
Well, they're very good people,
and he was tempted,
but anyway, they contacted me
and they wanna arrange
a meeting with you.
A hotel firm?
Well, this might be your last
serious offer before spring,
it doesn't hurt to talk
to them.
Alright. Thank you.
Hey, Ginny, sorry to bother you.
Can I speak to Geoff
for a minute, please?
Sure, Alec. Geoff?
Hey, Alec.
What's up, man?
I need a favour.
Yeah, sure.
Hi, Zoey, I'm sorry to call
at the crack of dawn,
but our pilot Geoff Peters
can't make it in today,
and I'm desperate for
a substitute,
so I was wondering if maybe--
I'll do it, I can do it!
I'll do it!
Come on in.
They need me at the airfield
right away,
but my jeep won't start.
Oh, uh, do you wanna borrow
my truck?
Any way I could borrow
your bike?
It'd be so much faster,
I could take the trail
instead of the main road.
I told you I can drive anything.
Yeah, it's just the trails are
a little icy this time of year.
Here, let me take you.
I'll grab my jacket.
Oh, that would be great,
thank you.
Oh, wow.
Did you take these pictures?
Oh, yeah.
I thought it looked a little
bare in here.
They're good,
people should see them.
They're just for fun.
Okay, let's get going.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You okay?
Thanks for the ride.
I'll pick you up.
What time?
Oh, uh, I don't know, come on
in, we'll check with Chuck.
Zoey, you are gonna be one
popular person today.
See, it's the last big
postal service delivery
before Christmas
and you've got six towns
on your route.
Now, the planes are loaded
and itinerary's right here.
You're gonna be surprised how
many boxes are on board,
so it's a good thing
you brought a helper.
No, I'm staying here
on the ground.
Come on, you'll have a front row
seat to the whole sky.
Someone's gotta be here to feed
the reindeer at six,
so I should just go.
I can call Brock
and have him do that.
You could take pictures
from the plane.
Zoey, people who don't
like to fly
really, really don't like
to fly.
Me? Hey, I'm a flyer,
and when I retire
that's all I'm gonna do.
Oh, come on, you're never gonna
retire, you love this job.
I'm retiring at the end
of the month.
Oh, I can't imagine this place
without you.
Well, look who's a flyer,
after all.
Let's do this.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
You really think
that's gonna help?
Got your eyes open, didn't it?
All right, now look down.
You won't regret it, promise.
That's beautiful.
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
Cessna 714 X-Ray Delta,
I do wanna remind you, you are
currently on an open channel.
Yeah, dully noted,
Aurora Unicom.
Maybe this isn't so bad.
Isn't so bad?
Come on, this is the best.
So, why do you love flying
so much?
Well, it's hard to put
into words,
but I've loved being in the air
since my first lesson with Gus.
I knew right away the sky
is where I belong.
See that?
Flying makes me feel
like I'm alive.
Next up?
Yeah, they brought flu vaccine,
thank you so much.
Thank you so much,
Merry Christmas.
Have a good one.
Can't tell you how happy I am
to get these.
We're delivering them tonight.
What are they?
Us troopers all chip in
to make sure every kid in
the district gets a present.
Everything okay?
The company said
wrapping included,
I thought that meant the
presents were gonna be wrapped.
I'll never get these done
in time.
Wait, wait, we only have
one more stop.
Do you want us to help you?
Thank you.
I'll show you how it's done.
How are you so good at this?
You're the guy that never had
a Christmas tree.
You never had a Christmas tree?
It's a long story.
I've had a lot of jobs.
One Christmas, I worked
for a mail-order company.
When you get paid by the
package, you learn to be quick.
Never a dull moment
with this one.
All right, so our last stop
is in Greenville,
but it doesn't say what it is.
Do you know something
about this?
Reverend said he'd leave it
for us in his locker.
Leave what?
Open it and find out.
Gus's Christmas star.
Now you have everything
you need.
Thank you for getting me
the star.
I just made a couple of calls.
That's not all you did.
It wasn't a coincidence
that Geoff didn't come
into work today.
Did you talk to him?
You got me the Christmas tree,
I wanted to get you something,
Well, thank you.
Alec, get your camera.
What's happening?
It's magic.
I've seen the Northern Lights
before, but...
never like this.
Aren't you glad you came?
Yes, I am.
And if the lights are here,
that means they're gonna be
in Aurora soon.
In time for the festival,
I hope.
Me too.
So, how are we gonna get
that star home?
Oh, I'll pick it up
from Chuck tomorrow.
Oh, okay.
Did you see that?
Oh, I thought I saw a reindeer.
You don't think Palmer would...
I didn't see anything.
I got visions of reindeer
dancing in my head.
All right.
one sorting,
I'm gonna drop a box off
at the thrift shop downtown.
Do you want me to take a look
at the starter on your jeep?
Oh, that's okay,
I already fixed it.
It was just a loose connection.
My truck could use an oil change
if you get the chance.
I won't.
Oh, my gosh, what a mess, sorry.
Need some help?
Oh, wow.
I can't believe he kept them
all this time.
Wherever I went, I would send
Gus and Ida a postcard.
Look, this is the one
I sent them
when I first moved
to Florida.
"I'm in Tampa,
the landing was bumpy.
"The pilot needed you
for a teacher, Gus.
Sending love, Zoey."
"Merry Christmas from Florida,
Love Zoey.
P.S. I'm coming up in the summer
to visit for sure."
I sent that last Christmas.
I never made it up to visit him.
Gus knew you loved him.
He showed me this.
It made him laugh.
So, this is the first Christmas
I'll be in Florida,
and I won't
be sending Gus a card.
Thought you were staying
in Aurora?
Christmas is only two days
after the festival.
Oh, I have to go back
Christmas Eve.
It wouldn't feel like Christmas
if I didn't spend it
with my parents.
Right, of course.
But you are coming back?
Oh, you know what?
I have to work.
Yeah, yeah, once this place is
sold I'm gonna be moving on too.
Back to the glacier company.
Yeah, they always have a spot
for me.
Anyway, I'm gonna head
to the airstrip
and I'm gonna get Gus's star.
See you later.
Oh, okay.
See ya.
Well, looks like everyone's
getting back to their old lives.
You know what?
I wish that I could take
this whole ranch
and just fly it
right back to Seattle,
the whole town,
but I guess I can't have
everything I want.
I'm talking to a reindeer.
More coffee?
Sure. Thanks.
You look depressed.
I'm not depressed.
Alec looks depressed.
He always looks depressed.
Not since he's been working
with Zoey.
You need to go talk to him.
No, honey.
Hey, how's it going?
Getting ready for the big
Good, good.
It's nice of Zoey to bring
that back.
Anya asked you to come over
here, didn't she?
Yeah, I promised her I would,
but you don't have to say
So, did you catch any
of the hockey game last night?
Tell Anya I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
You make good coffee, Brock.
I'm gonna miss it.
In fact, there's a lot of things
I'm gonna miss about Aurora.
Just because Zoey's
selling the ranch
doesn't mean you have
to go anywhere.
I'm sure we could find a roof
and a bed for you
somewhere in town.
I hear that's important
to old people like you.
No, soon enough I'll be sleeping
in my favourite tent.
Thanks for the coffee.
See ya.
See ya.
What did you guys talk about?
Merry Christmas, Zoey.
Merry Christmas.
Zoey, so excited
for the festival.
Oh, yeah, it's in three days.
Can't wait!
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hi, Zoey.
Wow, she had a lot
of shopping bags.
Yeah, she has five daughters
and she was buying them all
dresses for the dance.
What are you wearing?
Oh, I have a sweet little dress
from my parents for Christmas.
I'll wear that.
It's nothing fancy,
but it'll work.
It's a party,
you need a party dress.
Like that one.
I do like red.
Come on.
Try it on.
Hi, you want me to come in?
What's going on?
I spoke with the hotel company.
Can we meet at the ranch
tomorrow morning?
So, if you decide to sell us
this beautiful property,
this is what we propose.
Guests will check
in at the ranch house
and stay in one
of 12 unique bungalows.
Each bungalow will have
its own character
and a spectacular view.
People will come from all over
the world
to see the Aurora Borealis
in all its glory.
Can you pause it, please?
Gus and Ida's trees are missing.
We wanted to make room
for that spectacular view.
The trees have sentimental
Is there any way that maybe
they can be transplanted?
I'll look into it.
Okay, this ranch
is really special,
so we're gonna need to find
a buyer who understands that.
I agree.
This place is special and we do
want to preserve what's here,
so, um... let me talk to my team
and I will get back to you with
a revised proposal and an offer?
Oh, sorry.
Well, wait and see
what they have to say.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I was sure you'd be against
the sale.
I think she meant what she said
about preserving the land.
And the trees could always
be moved.
But Gus planted those trees
with Ida.
I know.
things have to change.
Hey, and if they buy it,
you might get the money in time
for the plane sale.
Then, I'm about ready to head
out into the wild.
Aren't you worried about turning
into Alec the snowman?
No, I'll be fine.
And hey, if they do buy it,
you won't have to put on
the festival, after all.
I know, but I want to do it.
I think people would
really love it,
and I love Aurora.
So, it would be like giving
everybody a gift before I go.
But, listen, this means a lot
of extra work for you too,
so it can't just be my decision.
I think it would make Gus happy.
Let's do it for Gus.
ell Zoey
that Otto's gonna play Santa
Better him than me.
That should do it.
I hate the idea of moving
the trees,
and I haven't even found
homes for the reindeer yet.
Maybe you and Alec
could run the ranch
as a bed and breakfast.
I'm going home, remember?
And Alec wants to get back
to the wild.
It's too bad,
you guys seem good together.
Anyway, opening a B&B
feels like your dream.
My dream: flying.
Seattle's where I do that.
I'm this close to owning
my own charter plane.
Slow down,
you're gonna break the sifter.
Oh, my God, I forgot the cookie
cutter for the gingerbread men!
Oh, no, it's a Christmas
Don't worry,
Ida has one, I'm sure.
One of these drawers.
Gingerbread man...
What's this?
It's Ida's secret Christmas
cookie recipe!
Give it to me!
And the secret ingredient is...
Cornflake cereal.
No, it's not.
No wonder she kept it a secret.
I'm gonna make hundreds
of these cookies,
but I want you to swear to me
that you will never tell
a living soul
the secret
of the cornflakes.
I swear it.
Zoey Hathaway, it's sure nice
having you back in town.
Hi, Zoey,
your reindeer's here again.
Oh, no!
Well, I'm glad you're here.
Palmer's down by the fence
as usual.
We got one plane circling
and he can't land.
Zoey, I'm afraid there's gonna
be another fine.
Rules are rules.
No I understand.
Not your fault.
Palmer, come here.
He's tracked onto something
on the other side of the fence.
How does he keep getting out?
I'm not sure,
but it's driving me crazy.
Maybe he flies.
That is the best answer
we have right now.
What is he seeing?
I don't know,
I don't see anything.
Well, where did you come from?
Sadie, Sadie!
Is there a reindeer convention
I didn't know about?
There you are, girl.
You gotta stop scaring me
like this.
Sadie, she keeps coming here.
Palmer keeps coming here.
It's like they knew each other.
Where did you get her?
From a guy in Tuscola who was
moving out of state.
Palmer came from Tuscola.
I didn't know there were
two reindeer.
They must've been a pair
that got split up.
And they've been coming back
here to find each other.
Any chance you've got room
for Palmer?
And one more sweet old lady
named Holly.
I wish I did.
I've got horses and goats
and barely enough room
for Sadie.
My wife says if I bring home
one more animal,
I gotta build a bigger barn
and a stall for me.
We don't want that.
Come on, girl, time to go home.
Aw, don't look at me
like that, guys!
You're killing me.
I can't believe you
took another one.
You're supposed to be
finding homes
for the ones you already have.
Palmer and Sadie were looking
for each other.
They need to be together.
Goodnight, you two.
See ya.
I'm really glad
they got a happy ending.
Some couples are just meant
to be, huh?
We have the whole town
coming tomorrow.
We still have a lot of work
to do.
You ready to get up on that tree
one last time?
I've been thinking
about your pictures.
How would you feel if we put
them up on the wall?
Yeah, I don't think so.
Why not?
Isn't it kinda like showing off?
No, they're beautiful,
they deserve to be shown off.
You really think so?
I really do.
Let's get back to work.
I think we're ready.
Yeah, so where is everybody?
I don't know.
Maybe I was wrong about how
excited people were.
But not even Brock
and Anya are here.
I know.
Hey. What's going on?
A giant tree just fell across
the main road.
The road crew says that they
can't get it moved today.
Oh, no.
Well, maybe everybody
could take the trail.
It's too narrow for cars,
it would take all day.
We're gonna have to cancel
the festival.
Oh, man!
This happened the first year
I worked for Gus.
It took him a week to get
the road clear.
Oh, man!
Feel better?
Little bit.
Hey, look at that.
People coming.
Hey, Zoey!
We heard this party was BYOC.
What does that mean?
Bring your own cable.
Half the town is on their way
to help tow this tree
out of the road.
That's right, we are not missing
this festival for anything.
I love this town.
Who's this now?
Mom, Dad!
What are you doing here?
We couldn't do Christmas
without you.
We booked a flight.
We were worried
you wouldn't get a seat.
But you got a seat.
That was no problem, nobody
flies from Florida to Alaska
in the dead of winter except us.
You hate the cold.
Yeah, well...
We love you more.
Here they come!
Ida never gave me the recipe.
Are you gonna share?
When is Santa coming?
Oh, any minute now.
Are you sure?
He'll be here, I promise.
I think Gus's Santa suit
will fit you perfectly.
Is that wool?
Yeah it is,
and there's a cape too.
Nothing like fake fur
and real wool to keep you warm.
Otto is allergic to wool,
severely allergic.
You don't want a Santa
with hives.
Honey, I'll be fine,
don't worry about it.
Is there anyone else
you can find?
I'm happy to take pictures.
We don't need a photographer,
we need a Santa.
Come on,
you don't wanna disappoint
all those little kids, do you?
All right.
But I'm not wearing the cape.
We'll see about that.
Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Oh, my sleigh.
Santa, you came!
I wouldn't have missed it
for the world!
Hop on up.
I love you, Santa.
Well, what do you want
for Christmas?
Page four
is the most important.
Page four?
You're very prepared.
I had no idea you were
so talented.
These photos are gorgeous.
The one of Zoey
is my absolute favourite.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
If you'll excuse me.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Do you wanna dance?
What a wonderful party, huh?
On behalf of the entire town
of Aurora,
thank you to our host
Zoey Hathaway.
Stop, thank you.
This is so sweet.
Welcome home, Zoey,
we missed you.
And thank you to Alec Wynn.
It took a little while
to get to know you,
but I think he's
a real asset to our town.
He put all his time
and heart into all of this,
and now we know what a great
photographer he is!
Thank you.
So, come on, let's keep on
dancing, everybody.
Have a great time tonight!
Little hot in here, huh?
You wanna take a walk?
Yes, I will go get the coats.
Here we go!
Thank you.
Well done.
Thanks for coming, you guys.
So, I couldn't find the coat,
but I found this.
Let me see if I can do it.
Oh, wow.
I love it.
Shall we?
I think we did good here, Zoey.
Yeah I think so, too.
Oh, look.
It's here in time
for Christmas.
There you are.
Oh, my goodness,
this festival is wonderful!
I want to make it
an annual event.
You want to...?
I'm getting ahead of myself.
Can you meet me
tomorrow morning?
I am ready to make
a formal offer.
Well, this is happening fast.
Well, it just shows you
how interested we are.
I've heard all the details.
You are gonna be very happy.
You're finally gonna get
your plane.
These trees aren't going
I didn't appreciate them until
I saw them with the lights.
Okay, this is sounding good.
Good? This is great.
Okay, now, I want you to go
and enjoy your party.
I need you at the office at
9 a.m. to sign those documents.
See you then, Zoey.
Okay, bye.
Well, it, uh...
sounds like you'll be getting
your dream, after all.
Yeah, it sounds like it could be
the perfect offer.
Yeah, it really does.
Well, um...
it's been nice helping you
with all this.
Yeah, it's been nice
working with you.
Goodnight, Zoey.
All right, Mom,
I'll see you soon.
You off to sign the papers?
For someone who's about to have
a dream come true,
you don't look very happy.
No, I'm happy.
I'm your mother.
I flew 5,000 miles
to be with you.
Come on,
tell me what's going on.
You know, I just...
I thought I knew
where my life was headed.
I was gonna buy my plane,
I was gonna live in Seattle.
My whole future was set forever.
Have you changed your mind?
I just love this ranch.
And I love Aurora.
I love that the people here
know my name,
and they're happy to see me.
I love my reindeer.
I need to find them good homes.
I just...
I wish things
could be different.
Maybe things can be different.
Thanks, Mom.
I'll see you soon.
Hey, is it all right
if I invite a few people over
for a Christmas Eve open house?
Are you asking me for permission
to throw a party?
I think it'd be nice to have one
last celebration here.
I think it would be nice, too.
You kids have fun.
Hey, guys!
I'm gonna go see Karen, and then
I'll come back and help.
Well, I don't wanna sound
like Anya,
but you gotta tell Zoey
how you feel about her.
It's too late.
I called the tour company.
They got a spot for me
if I can get going soon.
They're swamped at the diner,
I gotta go to work.
You gotta tell her how you feel.
And you gotta get going.
If you get hungry,
swing by Otto's.
There's always a seat
with your name on it.
Hi, Zoey.
Best festival ever.
Can't wait for next year.
Oh, thanks.
It's been so nice
having you back home.
I wish you could stay.
I promise I'll come visit.
Make sure you do.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas,
I'll see you soon.
Thank you for giving us
another festival.
It was like having a little bit
of Gus and Ida back.
I loved doing it.
You must be happy to be
going back home
to your exciting life
in Seattle.
Yes, yes, I'm really happy.
I've gotta run.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Good morning.
Well, I have your contracts
all ready to be signed.
I'm really sorry.
No, actually, I'm not sorry.
I've decided to keep the ranch.
I know that this might seem
sudden to you,
but all the pieces are just
kind of clicking into place.
I've been travelling
my whole life,
and I think I've finally
figured out where I belong.
My heart is here.
It's not in Seattle.
It's in Aurora.
But what about flying?
I can still work out
of Fairbanks.
Fairbanks is four hours away.
Listen, it's not perfect,
but I think it would be worth it
to be able to come home
to the ranch.
To my ranch.
Anyway, I am sorry to have
wasted your time.
You know what?
Life's not all about business.
I'm happy you found your home.
Thank you.
I am, too.
Oh, cute!
Yeah, I know, the baby will be
here any minute,
so I just wanted to make sure
there was a present under
the tree, just in case.
Well, if you ever need
a babysitter,
I'm really good with kids.
Yeah? Thank you.
Wait, I thought you were
Oh, I decided not to.
I'm staying in Aurora.
You are?
All right, well, look,
with the baby coming
I need to be closer to home
so I'm taking Chuck's job
in the airfield.
And that means this town
will be short a pilot.
What would you say
about leasing my plane
and taking over my route?
I'd say Christmas
is coming early.
You all right here?
Thank you.
Top you off a little.
Thanks, darlin'.
Of course, Merry Christmas.
Okay, what can I do to help?
You know what?
I think we've got this Christmas
Eve feast under control.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, I will be.
Hey, I was wondering.
This is a big ranch,
and I think I might
get a little lonely
with just me and the reindeer.
How would you guys feel
about helping me run this place
as a bed and breakfast?
Really? You would do it?
Oh, yeah!
The ranch would make
a great B&B.
Gus gave me this wonderful gift.
I think we need to share it
with the world.
Oh, my gosh.
I knew from the moment
that we drove up here
that you were not gonna sell
this ranch.
You're gonna be very happy here.
Thank you, I think so too.
Sorry to take you away
from your party.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
In private?
Um, yeah, sure.
I drove 50 miles out of town,
and I asked myself, um,
"What am I doing?"
So, I stopped the truck
and I thought about things.
What kinds of things?
I never put down roots
because I was always off chasing
the next big adventure.
But what if the biggest
adventure of all
was you and I starting a life
Doesn't have to be Alaska.
Can be Seattle.
Can be anything you want.
Well, how would you like to
build a life with me in Aurora?
I decided not to sell.
I'm keeping the ranch.
I would love to start a life
with you in Aurora.