Northern Shade (2022) Movie Script

(soft dramatic music)
(bright orchestral music)
(reels squeaking)
(film slicing)
(reel scraping)
(projector clattering)
(train horn blaring)
(bell ringing)
(tires screeching)
(lights clanking)
(tense music)
(fire crackling)
(fire popping)
(glass shattering)
(tense music continues)
(fire popping and roaring)
(truck exploding)
(tense music continues)
(water sloshing)
(can clattering)
(motor buzzing)
(bike rattling)
(birds squawk and chirp)
Fucking A.
Sign that kid up for
Ringling Brothers. Huh?
(Justin chuckles)
Expecting company, Noel.
Yeah, Ringling boy.
(fighter jet whirring)
(chuckles) Take care
of yourself. Huh, boy?
(cigarette pack pattering)
I thought that was just a rumor.
Taliban injecting cigarettes with cyanide.
Why buy 'em then?
Real Trust.
(lighter clicking)
You want a light?
(lighter clicking)
How's Michelle and Luke doing?
I gotta show you something.
I just got it in the mail.
That's my whole life right there, mate.
(chuckles) You lucky son of a bitch.
(bullet whistles and thuds)
(blood spurting)
(helmet clattering)
(high-pitch ringing)
Hey, McLaughlin! Sniper!
Man, get the fuck down! Sniper!
(Justin gasps)
(Justin breathes uneasily)
(can clattering)
(Justin sighing)
(upbeat rock music)
(Justin groaning)
- Another late night?
- Oh, big-time, Marty.
Your wife's in the cabin.
I figured I'd let her sleep in.
Yeah, good one. Don't you ever work?
Yeah. Can't all be
retired like you, bud.
(Marty laughing)
What am I supposed to say to that?
Enjoy your freedom.
(chuckles) Love you too.
(Announcer) The number of new infections
on the rise here in New Haven County...
(Justin coughing)
As officials try to find
the source of cases...
I hate being on this route.
What's wrong with New Haven?
All the fucking animals down here.
You know what I'm saying?
(upbeat rock music)
Don't do that.
Okay, pal.
Yeah, let me just get
a six pack of Corona.
(door bell ringing)
Hey bud, I, I don't
know you, but do you mind
if I give you some advice?
Don't get deployed or anything.
She'll fuck your friends.
(engine starting)
(engine revving)
(Justin sighing)
(upbeat country music)
(beer can opening)
(Justin sighing and slurping)
(siren wails in distance)
(group partying)
And we were dancing beneath
the starlight chandelier
(gulls shrieking)
Justin McLaughlin?
My name is Frankie Rosa.
I'm here to talk to you about your truck.
My truck?
Yeah, found it upstate
yesterday. Abandoned.
The Ranger. It's my brother's truck.
Your brother?
- Are you a detective?
- PI.
Charlie. I sold it to
him about a year ago.
I guess he hasn't gone to
the DMV like I told him to
a hundred times.
Well, I found
your brother's truck torched.
And it's been linked to a couple
of interstate drug busts, pills.
You know anything about that?
He went upstate a while back.
I don't know anything about
pills or why it was torched.
When was the last time you saw him?
When I sold him the truck
before he went upstate.
Well, make sure you at
least go up to the impound
and make sure you're not
liable for holding charges.
Let me know if you
remember anything useful.
Love the name, by the way.
(gulls shrieking)
(door sliding)
(phone ringing)
(Recording) You have reached
the voicemail box of...
(voicemail beeps)
(soft dramatic music)
(water sloshing)
(lighter clicking)
Is that you, bro?
(Justin chuckling)
Fucking Ringling Brothers.
(soft dramatic music continues)
(gulls shrieking)
(man coughing)
- How's work?
- Fine.
I got me checking vacancies.
Apparently that's essential.
At least it's work.
(customers chattering)
Have you heard from Charlie?
It's been six months.
(sighs) You weren't the
nicest older brother, Justin,
before the Army.
You were mean sometimes. Did
you ever apologize to him?
I was mean?
(door closes)
(soft dramatic music)
(water spraying)
(soft dramatic music continues)
(lighter clicking)
(Noel) Why were you so mean?
I was mean. (laughs)
(Noel) You're not gonna go
up there and look for him.
That's fucked, Mac. He's your little bro.
Seeing as how you left
him to join the Army.
I didn't leave him.
(Noel) You told me you did, remember?
And Daddy walked out on
me, left him with no money.
My mom was an abusive drunk.
Used to beat on him in public.
Poured your fucking guts out on me, man.
Shut the fuck up.
(lighter clicking)
- Want a light?
- Fuck you!
(Noel chuckles)
You've been home seven
fucking years, Mac.
You know we gotta go up there, right?
(ominous music)
It's not far from my place.
(Justin exhales)
(lighter clicking)
(eerie music)
(birds chirping)
(engine starting)
(soft dramatic music)
(beer can opening)
(engine revving)
(phone ringing)
(Recording) You have reached
the voice mailbox of...
(voicemail beeps)
Charlie, it's Justin. Call me back.
(dog barking)
Fuck. Looks like shit
I'd see in Afghanistan.
Me too.
A local woman hired me to
find her son, Nicholas.
I found your brother's truck
while investigating her case.
(Justin sighs)
I can take you up there.
(tense music)
- Wow.
- It's beautiful, huh?
There's an old abandoned sawmill
about five miles up the road.
I heard gunshots from back there.
I haven't gone past the main gate though.
We should check the lake house.
- Lake house?
- Our aunt's place.
She lives in Vermont now,
so she's never around.
Charlie was staying there.
(tense music)
(seat belt clicks)
(door opens and closes)
(keys jangling)
(door closes)
(soft dramatic music)
(gulls shrieking)
(birds chirping)
(pump clanks)
(traffic whirring)
(pump clacks)
(body thuds)
(papers rustling)
Here you go.
Have you seen my son Nicholas?
No, no, sorry. I'm not from here.
Keep one?
(soft dramatic music)
(chimes jingling)
(beer can opening)
(engine revving)
(tense music)
(gun firing in distance)
(suspenseful music)
(birds squawking)
(dirt bike buzzing)
This is a restricted area. Turn around.
I'm looking for my brother Charlie.
I don't want trouble.
There ain't no Charlie
here. Turn around.
I said, there ain't no
fucking Charlie here!
Turn the fuck around!
This is private property.
Turn around.
(suspenseful music continues)
(engine starting)
(lighter clicking)
(exhales) You should go visit.
Wouldn't that be weird?
You promised you'd stay
in touch and you didn't.
That's weird.
(exhales) Twice in seven years
ain't gonna kill you, man.
(knocking on door)
Justin, I'm so glad you called.
It's good to see you, Michelle.
Come on in.
I'm just getting Luke ready for bed.
Make yourself at home.
There's beer in the fridge.
Better angels
May seem invincible
(soft country music)
(fridge opens)
(bottles clinking)
(beer opens)
(trash can clacking)
(Justin sighing)
(door closes)
He goes right out now.
It's great.
(fridge opens and closes)
It would be nice for you
to see him sometime though.
He wore the shirt you got
him until it fell apart.
(chuckles) I'm glad he liked it.
Uh, do you mind? I haven't
been around many people.
Yeah, go ahead. Me neither.
You wanna sit?
It's so nice to have
somebody else in the house.
I've only seen my friend
Tiff since COVID hit.
You doing all right?
Yeah. It's just stressful
being a teacher right now.
The older teachers are so overwhelmed.
I have my own lessons to do
and I can't be IT support.
How about you? Still living on your boat?
(soft country music)
How's your brother doing?
Charlie, right?
Yeah. He's good.
You seemed to miss him
when you were overseas.
What do you mean?
There was one time I
was on the phone with Noel
and you hopped on the
line for a few minutes.
You said you missed him a lot.
(chuckles) You don't remember that?
No, no, but, um-
- You could have been drunk.
- Yeah.
(both chuckle)
I mean, Noel and I
would get pretty shit-faced together.
(soft guitar music)
He's missing.
(tense music)
- Who?
- Charlie.
Wait. That's why you're up here.
They found this truck
near the old sawmill.
You know it?
I dated a guy
who used to hang out up there.
The people he was with turned out
to be dangerous, so he left.
I can ask him to talk to you.
I'd appreciate that.
(tense music continues)
(chimes jingling)
(car door opens and closes)
(Justin gasps softly)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
Don't move! Get on the ground.
Jesus Christ. You
scared the shit outta me.
I'm Austin.
Michelle wanted us to talk.
I'm not a threat, dude.
(light clicks)
(fridge closes)
(tense music)
(can opens)
So you know Charlie?
I do. Good dude.
Was a good dude.
What does that mean?
Means I was friends with him.
He came around the same time I did,
but, but he didn't wanna leave when I did.
See, I'm not into selling pills
or hawking my fucking scripts.
That's not why I joined a militia.
But your brother didn't
take issue with it.
It's a means to an end.
I made plans to leave.
I told the cops what I knew,
but the lazy fucks
didn't even go up there.
What are they preparing for?
(chuckles) What's anyone preparing for?
- How many are there?
- A dozen.
There's this one sick fucker Matthew.
Other guys he found
online, and your brother.
Listen, (sighs) I'm not
certain that your brother
ratted me out, but somehow Billy got wind.
- Billy?
- Leader,
Not sure what branch.
Last name?
(tense music continues)
No, you don't wanna do that. No.
No, they keep it guarded.
Cameras, wire traps in the fucking woods.
- I can handle myself.
- Maybe,
but someone with them has feelers, man.
Antennas. They're already after that PI.
- Frankie?
- Yeah.
Jesus, be fucking careful.
They burned my eye out and they liked me.
(tense music continues)
You don't, you don't know the pain.
So, uh, yeah.
Yeah, I liked your brother,
but he wasn't there
when they pouring bleach
into my fucking eye!
So, I don't mind if karma's
the bitch people say she is.
(tense music continues)
(bullets clicking)
(magazine clicking)
(dirt bike buzzing)
I said, there ain't
no fucking Charlie here!
This is private property!
I know he's here.
Turn the fuck around!
(Man On Radio) Hey, Todd.
What's up?
(tense music continues)
(radio beeps)
All right.
(tense music continues)
(gate clattering)
Follow me!
(dirt bike buzzing)
(engine starting)
(suspenseful music)
(motor bike buzzing)
(suspenseful music continues)
Step out.
Arms. Arms.
(gun clacks)
You don't need it. We're just talking.
Whoa, boys.
(guard laughing)
No need to get testy.
(gun firing in distance)
I'm Billy.
(tense music)
It's all right. We're
back to shaking hands.
I don't have the virus.
- Justin.
- Good.
Well, now that we're not
strangers, let's go on in.
Let's have a chat. Sit with some tea.
It's about the only thing
the Chinks make good, anyway.
(laughs) I realize our security
detail put you on edge,
and I do apologize for that.
We just don't allow
visitors to carry guns.
We can talk out here.
(tense music continues)
(guns fire in distance)
Tell me where my brother
is. Charlie McLaughlin.
(inhales) Mm.
Fine, follow me.
All of this, the mill.
This land has history.
Native Americans lived here.
The timber cut was used
for the first settlements in New England.
This is sacred land.
The quarry you passed, the
stone that the Statue of Liberty
stands on was carved from out there.
Then the state comes in and
builds a fucking highway
right through the middle
of all of it. (chuckles)
Imagine, I could be growing a
million dollar marijuana farm
if I wasn't living in fucking Connecticut.
- Whoa, wait.
- Clear, dark.
All clear.
(guns firing)
- Clear.
- Dark.
Charlie talked too much at first.
- Clear.
- You know what that's like.
- Clear. - You know what that's like.
- All clear? - Clear.
- All clear?
- Clear.
Having to listen to somebody complain
about the stupidest shit after seeing
the worst that humanity has to offer.
After cleaning your best
friend's guts out of a Humvee,
(militia members chattering)
(gun firing)
the last thing you wanna hear
is some bitch complaining
about the milk in her vanilla latte.
I've consumed moments that
make living as a civilian
nearly impossible.
(guns firing)
Now remember, as soon as
you hit that fucking door...
(Billy) This is my
wave, living inside of it.
So first person, you better fucking hit.
- Yeah.
- Bring it in, over here.
We can't all isolate
ourselves on a boat adrift
without intention or purpose.
Let's try it one more time. All right?
Here we have rules and codes.
- Dark.
- We try to maintain order.
- Dark.
- Even though the fat cats
in Washington fail us,
we have something of
value to offer society.
- Clear.
- Dark.
There's something in the air, Justin,
and it ain't just the fucking virus.
Try to buy ammo.
People are stockpiling
it like toilet paper.
This country's going to hell,
headed towards Marshall Law.
Not an our watch.
You gotta hit them pretty fucking fast
before you get to the tunnels.
So what do you say?
A vet like you could be
one hell of an asset.
Not just a body, family.
(guns firing)
Where the fuck is my brother?
Take him.
- Are you sure
- Did I fucking stutter?
Hey Billy, we got the
rooms pretty well mapped out.
Can't you see that I'm fucking busy?
Yeah. Okay.
(guns firing)
You come here again,
I can't make promises.
We shoot trespassers.
(guns firing)
(militia members chattering)
Hey, let's go.
(tense music)
(guns firing)
(dirt bike buzzing)
(engine revving)
What the fuck is this?
There's no one out here.
The fuck?
Take him with you.
(dirt bike buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
Oh, no.
(dirt pattering)
No, no, no, no.
(shovel scraping)
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no!
(dirt pattering)
No, no!
Charlie! No!
No! Charlie!
It can't, it can't...
(Justin screaming)
I didn't do this! No!
It wasn't me!
I can't fucking do it!
(Justin screaming)
(lighter clicking)
(Noel) You sure that's
your brother, Mac?
(Justin breathes heavily)
(Justin exhales)
(dirt pattering)
(Justin breathes heavily)
It's not Charlie. (breathes heavily)
(Noel) You should bring him back.
It's a crime scene.
(Noel) Cops are not gonna come up here.
That's what Austin said. Remember?
(soft dramatic music)
(Justin breathes uneasily)
(Justin exhales)
(shovel scraping)
(soft dramatic music)
(chattering on police radio)
(soft dramatic music continues)
(Daniel) If the body
was on the property,
it would be a whole different story.
They showed me exactly
where the body was buried.
How is that not proof
they killed that kid?
Do you have any evidence of a crime?
Are there any witnesses?
I, I can't just go and
investigate every person
who walks around in camo in the woods.
Do you have any names other than Billy?
I can get you your fucking names!
Every single one of those
gear queers, all right?
It's not enough to get a
warrant to search that property.
How many kids have to turn
up in shallow graves, Chief?
You know I don't have enough
to get a warrant for the property.
Frankie, come on. You know this.
My brother's missing.
If you're not gonna do your job, I will.
I would strongly advise...
(door slams)
(Daniel sighing)
(siren wailing)
The way I see it, you solved
a missing person's case today.
The way I see it, we
need to solve a murder.
I'll wait for the coroner's report.
You know, Frankie,
you could have been something
really special at this department.
I saw you climbing up the ranks.
(door opens and closes)
(tense music)
(shower spraying)
(fire crackling)
(can crunching)
(fire sizzling)
(knocking on door)
So he's definitely up there?
Yeah, they kept him hidden from me!
Hey, easy.
Whoa. I'm fine.
(lighter clicking)
(Noel) Chill, Mac.
I talk to him sometimes.
That's good though.
(breathes uneasily) It's healthy.
(bottle taps)
You should stay here tonight.
I'm fine to drive.
Please. It's safer.
You don't know if those guys will show up
at your lake house.
(door opens and closes)
(chattering on radio)
(officer approaching)
Sorry about the tail light, officer.
It went out yesterday and I
got, I gotta get it fixed.
You've been running your
mouth to anyone, Austin?
- What?
- Billy wants to talk.
(ominous music)
(footsteps approaching)
Um, you can sleep in the
bed with me, if you want.
Just for company.
(Justin moaning)
(package tearing)
(soft dramatic music)
(both moaning)
Oh God.
(lighter clicking)
(cigarette lighting)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(fighter jet whirring)
(bell ringing)
(soldiers chattering)
One dollar.
Do you have a dollar?
Uh, sorry, no.
(soldiers chattering)
(footsteps approaching)
One dollar.
One dollar.
(gun whacks)
(intense music)
You little fuck. Piece of shit.
You set us up. Fucking killed him.
You killed him!
Chill, Mac. The boy had
nothing to do with it, man.
Mind your fucking business!
(lighter clicking)
(intense music continues)
Justin, wake up. (gasps)
(Justin breathes heavily)
Fuck. Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I just get these...
I'm fine.
I guess this is one thing
I've been spared from
what other wives say.
Just next time, just shake my foot
and repeat my last name and I'll wake up.
Next time?
I think you should sleep
in the living room.
I don't want Luke to get confused.
Yeah. Okay.
(Michelle sighs)
(Justin sighs)
Fuck. Fuck.
(door creaking)
Yeah, a family thing came
up, uh, I won't be in today.
Yeah, fine.
(chimes jingling)
What's going on?
You all right?
You gonna say something?
I need you to leave.
You're messing things up.
And I have something important to do.
I can't have you here asking
questions, getting in the way.
What are you talking
about? I was looking for you.
Just leave.
Is this you talking or
that fucking weirdo Billy?
I have people in my life that actually
give a shit about me now.
You don't think I give a shit about you?
Did you ever?
Listen, I understand you
don't wanna talk to me,
but Mom's worried about you too.
She's been trying, she's
putting in the work
and you haven't been there for her.
I haven't been there for
her? That's a good one.
You haven't been there for her, asshole!
- I joined the Army!
- Oh yeah, I forgot.
Tell me, did you do that for us
or did you do that for yourself?
Go back to your fucking boat.
Joining a gang in the
middle of the fucking woods
like some replacement family
is not gonna fix anything.
That's funny.
That's exactly what I thought
when you joined the Army.
I joined the Army because
it was the best option I had.
That we had.
Or you could have gotten a fucking job.
Taking care of your younger brother.
Checked your mom into a fucking rehab!
Did you ever think about that?
Of course not. No, it just all fell on me.
But then you come back home and woo-hoo!
I said my peace.
What makes you think you
can start giving a fuck now?
It's all good to have
a unit with a mission
when you're across seas, right?
Part of some state-sponsored trip.
What about back here at home?
That's when I'm not allowed
to have a brother in arms?
Fucking hypocritical
society, just like you
and just like Mom, hypocrite.
What are you talking about?
Look at yourself!
Fuck you! You left me with a junkie!
- What are you on, bro?
- I'm not on anything.
I'm the only one in this
fucking family that's not!
You still drinking like
a fish? Huh, Justin?
For once in my life, I
feel like I have a purpose!
Can you say that? Huh?
After you've been home for
seven fucking years, Justin,
you're finally settling in.
Do you feel like you're
part of something? Bro?
I'm not gonna let you fuck this up for me.
Don't follow me. Stop looking for me.
Just fuck off!
(footsteps receding)
(chair banging)
(chimes jingling)
(tense music)
(keys jangling)
(engine revving)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
All right boys.
Charlie, stand right here.
- Here?
- A little bit too far.
You wanna get down like this.
Keep it right to that entrance.
Now listen up, once we
breach the north entrance,
we have to take that fucking hallway.
Go on now.
Charlie, you need to be
prepared to canvas the area.
Charlie, are you with me?
(intense music)
I'm Captain Tim Smith
with the Davis Town Police Department.
We treat every overdose
as a scene of a crime.
Every OD we prevent is a lead on a dealer.
We find the dealers,
we save the community.
We don't have the resources
to be battling two pandemics,
so we need you, the parents,
to be our eyes and ears.
(tense dramatic music)
Any leads with that
truck you're looking into?
- What?
- Don't worry.
Our little secret.
For the record, I respect
that you left an apartment.
We need more cops like you.
Vets who've, you know,
vets who've seen some shit.
Appreciate it.
It's bullshit like that. You know?
It makes people hate cops.
Hey, lock that for me. Will ya?
(door creaks and closes)
(boat creaking)
(footsteps approaching)
Get to bed. You're a mess.
Hypocrite. (chuckles)
I just wanna help.
Can I get on the boat?
Rule's a rule, Nance.
It's dad's rule.
(liquor sloshing)
(cap clattering)
Your father will never
come back for this boat.
A rule's a rule.
(soft dramatic music)
- Up here late, isn't it, bud?
- Yeah.
Send up a flare if you need any help.
I got your fucking flare right here!
(soft piano music)
(bottles clinking)
Going topside.
(Justin laughing)
Whoa, I like laughter! (laughing)
(soft dramatic music)
(can crunching)
Mm! (spitting)
Trust the fall.
Trust the fall.
(water splashing)
(man sobbing)
Taliban killed him. It's his brother.
Freeman, call security.
(soft dramatic music)
(man sobbing)
Let's go, Mac.
(water burbling)
(Justin sniffing and gasping)
(Justin coughs and breathes heavily)
(lighter clicking)
Come on, Mac. Get your shit together.
Are we still friends?
(Noel scoffs)
Of course, man. All
you did was fuck my wife.
(Justin laughs)
Mac dog, I'm fucking with you, man.
She needed someone,
someone she could trust.
I was supposed to bring
you back to her and to Luke.
My little man's growing
up way too quick, Mac.
You got shot because you
were showing me their photo!
I got shot.
That's what happens.
(Justin sobbing)
No, Mac.
No time for that.
After you were gone, I felt useless.
I couldn't wait to come
back home, but now...
You still feel useless. I get it.
Where did it go?
Mac, dog.
(Mac sobbing)
Listen, there's something off
about what your brother said.
He's got a mission? What
the fuck does that mean?
I've got nothing.
You honestly can't find purpose?
You got a brother who needs you for one.
- He hates me.
- And you've got a
fucking hole in your head, two.
You got a dick that kind
of works. Two and a half.
I can't help him. He doesn't,
he doesn't want my help.
No one fucking asked
if he wanted your help.
It's your duty.
You need to prove to
him that you'll be there
no matter what.
You need to do an extraction.
Bring him home.
Don't take no for an answer.
I'd go in there with
you. You know that, man.
(Noel exhales)
I got guns at home.
You remember what I said?
If there was ever an emergency,
Michelle knows the code.
(water sloshing)
(guns clacking)
Slight change of plans.
Charlie, you're driving.
You'll take Matthew tomorrow.
You're not coming with us.
Someone's gotta mind the fort, big dog.
I'll wait here for Tim and
we'll catch up with you later.
- This wasn't the plan.
- (sighs) Sometimes, Matthew,
plans change and that's all right.
Hey. We put a lot of time
and energy into this.
Don't ruin it for us.
Austin and Nicholas, they
were chickenshit. Okay?
They deserted us. They had no vision.
But you and Charlie, you're different.
You got hearts.
Now is not the time for self-doubt.
Right? You understand?
Good man. Load up.
(guns clacking)
You handle that business
with your brother?
Yes, sir. He's gone.
That a boy.
Hey, he left you, okay?
Hmm? He left you.
Don't you ever forget that.
(tense music)
I will never abandon you, Charlie, ever.
(tense music continues)
(footsteps approaching)
(motor buzzing)
That asshole. (laughs)
- Hey, Kenny.
- Had a rough night.
(gulls shrieking)
(water sloshing)
Rise and shine.
Can see why you prefer it out here.
Thanks. Didn't take you for a craft guy.
(can opens)
It's warm.
(Frankie chuckles)
(can opens)
(Frankie sighs)
My brother told me he's
preparing for some kind
of mission with that group.
Told me not to stop
him. That's why I left.
You remember when American
militias were just vets
and farmers who wanted to protect people
from government overreach?
They're not whatever
the hell kind of group
your brother's got himself into.
Did you ever think about joining one?
I mean, Noel and I talked
about what it would be like
to get together in case
some shit went down,
but that was if there was a
zombie apocalypse or something.
(chuckles) Man.
Friend I had in the Army.
Most of these people aren't
anything close to a militia.
Just fucking con artists and posers.
Do you ever think about
contract work, private security?
Nah, I saw those guys overseas.
As glorifying as it
looked, it wasn't for me.
If anything, Noel and I
talked about going to Syria.
Help the Peshmerga fight Isis.
You know, that was then.
What about you? What made
you want to become a PI?
I was a police sergeant after the Army,
but I left the department.
I responded to a suicide
call, a man on a bridge.
When I got there, he was
just staring over the edge
and then he turns and I can see
he's got this silver
revolver in his left hand,
and I drew on him and
said, "Drop your gun."
"Can't do that," he says.
"Just shoot me. I'm a vet."
And he spreads his arms out.
And I was just...
I said, "I'm not gonna shoot
you just drop the gun."
I could just see in his eyes.
I told him I wasn't gonna
do his dirty work for him.
And I think that surprised him.
He, um, just broke down.
He cried and, uh, then I drove him home.
But that is not department policy.
I'm supposed to shoot him.
He's armed and he's a hostile threat.
They were actually supposed to fire me.
I could tell Chief was really
torn up about it, so I left.
Stricter terms of
engagement in Afghanistan.
- Win their hearts and minds.
- Yeah.
Imagine if it were like that here.
I never would've forgiven
myself if I shot him.
If I gave up on him.
I know I did the right thing.
Yeah. It's what matters.
Would you be willing to go
there with me to get him out?
(truck rumbling)
(Austin breathes uneasily)
(muffled yelling)
(muffled yelling)
Shut up!
(Austin breathes heavily)
Our little traitor.
There are certain people who
will never learn their lesson
no matter how many eyes you
burn out of their fucking head.
Doesn't mean you can't have a little bit
of fun though, right? (laughs)
(suspenseful music)
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
(nail gun firing)
(Austin screaming)
130,000 vehicles per day,
not a single one can hear you screaming.
(Austin screaming)
(traffic whirring)
(suspenseful music continues)
Go on, Charlie. Finish him off.
(Austin groaning)
Don't you think he's
learned his lesson already?
Of course not.
Besides, I need to make sure you can do
what's necessary when the time comes.
Now go ahead, son. Put one right there.
We have a mission to accomplish
and this traitor compromised it.
As simple as that.
(truck rumbling)
Just pull the trigger.
(Austin whimpering)
I can't.
Oh, for fuck's sake,
I know I can rely on you.
(Austin breathes heavily)
No. (muffled yelling)
(truck rumbling)
(gun fires)
(suspenseful music continues)
Necessary evil.
He was only gonna complicate things.
As for your brother,
he'll keep his mouth shut about us, right?
Because if he can't...
Uh, yes, yes, sir.
Good man.
Big day tomorrow, Charlie.
(suspenseful music continues)
(indistinct chattering)
All right, bye guys.
Noel all said if I was ever in trouble
that I could get some
things from the garage.
(tense music)
(bullets clicking)
(door closes)
How many guys are up there?
Seven that I saw. Doesn't
mean there aren't others.
I don't know anyone else
that I can trust with this.
Thank you.
We're ready.
(intense music)
(rain pattering)
Trip wire.
(suspenseful music)
Good eyes.
This is it. There's
no cover to the trailer.
We need to move fast. Stay low, follow me.
- Copy.
- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.
- Move.
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
Let's hope they're not watching.
I saw Billy come out of that shack.
It's at least a hundred meters. Ready?
(suspenseful music continues)
(rain pattering)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(switch clicks)
(drawer opening)
(drawer opening)
No way he earned all these.
Let's keep searching the property.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(door slams)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
Don't move.
You're too late. (chuckles)
It's already in motion.
(gun clacking)
Guard the steps!
You brought back up?
Shut the fuck up.
Damn. (chuckles)
I bet it's that fucking PI.
(chair banging)
(suspenseful music continues)
Were you relieved when you found out
that it wasn't your brother?
Sorry for the emotional rollercoaster,
but his mom started reminding me
of this sand nigger back in Iraq
who wouldn't stop looking for his son
even though half the village
watched him blow himself to hell.
It was nice of you to give
her some closure though.
Hmm. You did the right thing.
I knew you would.
Fucking liar!
You were never in Iraq. You never served.
Fuck you, I never served my country!
(pocket opening)
You got a Navy cross
for being in the Army.
(metal clattering)
That was my father's, military family,
but I don't have to answer you.
Fucking stolen valor piece of shit!
Stolen, stolen valor.
You got that wrong.
I just got a bunch of useless
fucking metals and uniforms.
(suspenseful music)
Where's my brother?
On a mission.
Where's my fucking brother?
Nice. There it is, the fire. (laughs)
- Justin, you good up there?
- Fine!
Yeah, bud. You good?
Don't make me ask again.
You gonna kill me?
(suspenseful music continues)
(gun whacks)
(Billy groans and spits)
Look at me! Why is my
brother doing your bidding?
(laughs) You think I
have something on him?
No. I saw his potential.
(chuckles) Same with Matthew.
That boy was a ticking
bomb and I took that energy
and I harnessed it.
I focused him, made him see straight.
Your brother, he just wanted a purpose.
Like you, Justin.
Billy's gonna be so pissed
we're going back, man.
You don't think I
don't know that? No shit!
Then why the fuck are we going back?
Billy should be here. We,
we planned this together.
We should go down there together.
Why doesn't anyone stick
to the fucking plan?
(suspenseful music)
Oh shit. Justin, we need to go!
I know where they are!
I told you, it's too late.
You'd only get hurt.
(suspenseful music continues)
(Billy sighs)
Your brother told me you
used to beat up on him.
- Shut up.
- Hey man, it's all good.
Not your fault.
(tape tearing)
I understand your old man
used to beat on you before he left.
You know when elephants fight,
it's the grass that suffers.
Somebody's gotta protect the grass. Right?
So you're the shepherd?
Mm, the shepherd.
(chuckles) I like that.
Hmm. Never thought of it that way.
- I bet.
- You had to compensate
for an absent father, hmm.
That's the problem with the
new generations, soft as shit.
No fucking balls.
Fathers teaching their
sons how to be pussies.
Masculinity, out the window.
(suspenseful music continues)
(gun whacks)
I'll deal with you when I come back.
(grunts) The order of the covenant
is thicker than one of
the wombs, you understand?
Your brother made a covenant!
They're planning an
attack on the state capitol.
I've told the chief.
They've got blueprints. Come on.
What took you so long anyway?
(suspenseful music continues)
Who is that?
Weren't you supposed to get
rid of your fucking brother?
- Stop the truck!
- Fuck, Mac!
Are you trying to fucking trick me?
(gun firing)
- Did you hit them?
- Fucking A, I hit 'em.
I'm taking fire on Mill
Road. Tell the chief.
My brother's on the driver's side.
Take position!
Take position, goddammit!
I'll cover you, sweep around the logs
and hit 'em on their flank.
Charlie won't fire at you.
You sure?
Yes. Ready?
(guns firing)
(bullets ricocheting)
Fire back, man!
Light 'em up!
(gun firing)
(guns firing)
(trigger clicks)
( Rifle racks)
(traffic whirring)
(magazine clacks)
(Matthew grunting)
What the fuck are you looking at?
- Move!
- Fuck.
Take her out.
- Fucking move, kid.
- Take her out!
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(Justin inhales)
(gun firing)
(Matthew groans)
(body thuds)
(Matthew gurgles and gasps)
(traffic whirring)
Oh, fuck.
Are you good?
(sirens wailing)
Don't run.
Don't run. You didn't do anything wrong.
Charlie, wait! Take this.
- But.
- Charlie!
(soft dramatic music)
(Charlie panting)
Charlie, wait!
Fuck, ah, fuck, shit!
(footsteps running)
Charlie! Fuck! (groaning)
Don't keep running, please!
I fucked up!
I need, I need my brother back!
I know I was mean to you.
It was, it was never
because you deserved it.
No matter what I said or did.
There was a lot going on.
Mom was a fucking mess.
But I treated you like shit.
Me! I, I took it all out at you.
And then I fucking left.
I left you.
You were right, Charlie.
I'm the one who fucked up.
I'm sorry!
Listen, I understand that you
wanna be a part of something,
so just believe in something,
there's nothing to protect,
but that, that fucking
charlatan almost had you
do something that you
could never take back.
I wasn't gonna go through with it.
I was just gonna drop
them off and then bail.
(thunder rumbling)
Okay. That's good, that's good.
I'm proud of you, Charlie.
I'll be a better brother.
I fucking promise.
I love you. Okay?
Justin, you out here?
Shit! Charlie, no!
(Charlie panting)
We can tell them you were forced into it.
(soft dramatic music)
(Justin breathes heavily)
(thunder rumbling)
- I lost him.
- Which direction?
He's heading south on the tracks.
Frankie tells me your
brother was a hostage?
Come on. Let's go check on Frankie.
(thunder rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
(rain pouring)
(engine revving)
(fists pound)
(door closes)
(rain pouring)
It's okay, Charlie.
Things, things just got fucked.
I forgive you.
Still have a mission to accomplish.
Let's get in the truck and let's go. Okay?
Charlie, I said I'd never abandoned you.
Come on, let's go.
(suspenseful music continues)
(door opens and closes)
(chattering on radio)
Goodbye, Charlie.
(thunder rumbling)
(door closes)
(engine starting)
(engine revving)
(suspenseful music continues)
I'm not gonna say anything.
I know, Charlie.
(thunder rumbling)
(gun firing)
You hear that?
457, that your gunfire?
Hopefully it's just
someone shooting at coyotes.
Be right back.
(suspenseful music)
This is Chief Till.
I need you to patch me
through to the captain
of the police department and
Chief Rodriguez right now.
Billy's in the wind.
Sorry about your brother.
We'll find him.
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(chimes jingling)
(bird singing)
(soft dramatic music)
(pen scratching)
(switch clicks)
(door locking)
(soft dramatic music continues)
(cans clattering)
(Nancy sighing)
Thank you for inviting me out, Justin.
Sure, Mom.
Do you wanna wait and see if he shows?
Nah, it's okay. We're losing light.
(soft dramatic music)
(gulls shrieking)
You're never only
haunted by one ghost, Mac.
(water splashing)
In that dust covered cardboard box
I hide my Purple Heart under
The picture of the life I used to know
Long before the battlefields
I was a brother and a son
And now I'm just another broken one
I can lay down or fight
until the dawn comes
And takes my will and
finds me struggling
Through another day
(soft rock music)
I'm search for a little hope
Praying to the holy ghost
'Cause I've been hanging from the same
Old rope for too long
I can lay down or fight
until the dawn comes
And takes my will and
finds me struggling
Through another day
I can lay down or fight
until the dawn comes
And takes my will and
finds me struggling
Through another day
(soft rock music)
(water sloshing)