Northpole (2014) Movie Script

- Clementine? What are
you doing up here?
- I wanted to get a better
look at the Northern Lights,
to see how bad
things really are.
- Worse than you can imagine.
(Electricity crackling)
I'm afraid Christmas
is in serious trouble.
- So, what can we do?
- When you figure that out,
be sure and let me know.
- Kevin, you're the man
of the house.
Are these for the Christmas
lights or the router?
- Actually, they're what's
left of your old hairdryer.
I saw a video on Edison.
I got inspired.
- OK, that's the last time
I skimp on movers.
Everything is mislabelled!
Oh! Nice T-rex!
- It's a reindeer, but if
see a T-rex, let's go with
- Oh, pragmatic artist.
Guess you got the best
of both parents.
Oh, honey!
We gotta leave in 10
You're gonna be late for school.
- I'm not sure
anybody would notice.
- Oh, Kev, come on!
Look, I know one of
the hardest things to do
is to fit into a new school,
but it just takes
time, you'll see.
(Cell chiming)
Oh, that's my editor.
He wants to see me
in the office. Come on!
- Probably just to tell you
you're his awesomest
- You're awesome!
You've always been
my biggest fan. Thank you.
- Mom, what if Santa looks
for us at the old house
and all he sees are empty rooms?
- Honey, if he can
deliver a billion presents
in a single night,
he's gotta have
some sort of system
that can track all
of us, don't you think?
Come on, let's go.
How is it in the making-
friends department, huh?
- Tommy Chan said sorry
when he tripped
on my backpack yesterday.
- See? That's
something, right?
- Seriously?
- OK, maybe not, but you've
got to keep trying, OK?
Oh, I have an idea!
Why don't you think about
maybe joining a team or a
or something like that?
- Well, I was thinking
of starting, like,
a Christmas committee
to put up more lights
and stuff at school.
- That's a great idea!
Come on!
(Child squealing)
- (Kevin): Lights and
decorations tonight!
- Promise, if we have to
through every box in the
- Great, 'cause the only
you see green and red
around this place
is when the 6th graders
dissect frogs.
- Eww! Gross!
But I get the point.
(Bell ringing)
- Top of the mornin', Kev!
- Hey!
- Who rides a bike
in the winter?
- Mom, this is
my teacher, Mr. Wilson.
- Hi, I'm Ryan.
- Chelsea! I didn't realize
Kevin's teacher was Irish.
- Oh, I'm not, actually.
I just like to keep
the kids on their toes!
(Both chuckling)
Nice to meet you.
- Yeah!
Your teacher is unique.
- Yeah! I like him.
He gets you to
see things differently.
- Kiss for Mom?
No? I love you!
Come on, buddy.
Talk to somebody.
(Telephone ringing)
- Uh, better make room
by the crossword.
There's something strange
on with the Northern Lights.
- Morning, Trevor!
- Morning.
- Hey, Chuck!
Nice piece on the bus strike!
- Thanks, Chelsea!
- Yeah!
- Hey, you want some eggnog?
- No, actually, eggnog and I
are not friends, so you
- Right choice!
Avoiding Chuck
in Christmas-party mode
is the best advice this
columnist could give you.
- Listen, maybe you
and I could have lunch
- If that means joining you
at your desk for a sandwich
from the vending
machine, no thanks!
- I'm sorry.
New-kid syndrome!
I feel like I have to prove
myself to the higher-ups.
- Well, here's your chance!
- Oh!
- Morning, Chelsea!
- I was just coming to see you!
- Good, good! Walk with me.
- OK.
- I've decided to
shake things up
and try you out on
the "City Beat" column.
- Really? Oh,
I won't let you down!
- I know! Back in Wisconsin,
you were the one
who broke the story
on the wholesaler
who was selling cheap
as gourmet gouda, right?
- Yeah, well, I have
a nose for news,
and that didn't smell right.
- Put that wit and tenacity
your column, and you'll do
Your first assignment.
The town canceled the
Christmas-tree lighting
in Greenwood Park
to save a few bucks.
Think you can you handle
a "politician
turned Scrooge" story?
- Yeah, of course!
Um, should I...
(School bell ringing)
- Mr. Finster?
- Yes!
- Chelsea Hastings
from The Examiner.
I called you about the
tree-lighting ceremony.
- I'm sorry, we're
closed for the holidays.
- Doesn't the public deserve
to know why it was
- Ms. Hastings, right?
- Yeah.
- The ceremony's expensive.
Power, labour, liability.
The mayor made a decision.
- It's a tradition around here!
- A tradition that seems
to have been forgotten.
If you have any questions,
talk to the mayor's office...
or the planning commission!
- What do they have to do
with the tree lighting?
- More than you might think,
but you didn't hear it from me!
(Bird chirping)
- Yes, he said
the planning commission,
which, of course,
is conveniently closed
for the holidays.
I'm telling you, Jasmine,
there's more to this story
than meets the eye.
Mm-hmm! Listen, I gotta go.
I gotta pick up my kid.
I'll call you later.
- (Ryan): So, to sum up
from the textbook,
"fractions are
numerical quantities,
"when added together,
comprise the whole."
I know I am.
(All chuckling)
All right, let's see
if we can make this
a little clearer.
Suppose we took these
scissors to this tie
and made the tie
a fraction of its length.
(Children laughing)
I'd say that's
about half, right?
So, if I took it and cut
right here, it would be...
All together now!
- (Children):
One fourth!
- By George,
I think they've got it!
(School bell ringing
and children laughing)
All right, so, remember,
Christmas vacation
starts next week,
so you have exactly 2 days
to pick your holiday
It can be an experiment
or a paper
or a plan to change the world!
Think bold!
Think big, people!
Hey! Nice to see you again.
- Thanks! That was an
interesting demonstration.
- Yeah, well, anything
to get the point across.
- What is the point of
the holiday project?
- My mom's a reporter.
She was born to ask
- It's OK. The point
of the project
is to teach the kids
creative thinking.
- Well, I think your
creative approach to math
has turned your $20 tie into
a penny worth of scraps.
- Well, you obviously don't
write for the style section,
'cause it was a $6 tie!
- Oh!
Tell me it went better today.
- Today was better.
- Really?
- No! But you told
me what to say.
- Spill it.
- OK.
This reindeer sweater, bad idea.
( Choir singing
The First Noel on radio
I also heard a nasty rumour
from the lunch lady
that the town's
ceremony was canceled!
- Yeah, I'm actually writing
an article about it.
I was gonna tell you today.
- So it's true?
Remember back home,
the tree-lighting ceremony
in Nelson Square?
Practically the whole
town got together!
- Yeah.
- I really miss all that.
- Yeah, I know, buddy.
Me too.
But listen,
uh, you know, this place
is into Christmas.
I mean, hey, look!
Look at that inflatable
reindeer right there, right?
He's giving 20% off
for the holidays, huh?
- Nice try.
- Honey, I'm sorry we
find the box of decorations,
but we'll keep
looking tomorrow, OK?
- It's OK.
Good night, Mom!
- Good night, honey.
Sleep tight!
- Now, that was Christmas!
- Clementine!
There you are!
I've been looking
all over for you!
- I'm really worried, Mom.
Things are way worse
than people realize.
Just look at the ornaments!
There's one for every kid
in the world, right?
So we should easily be able
to read by their glow!
But they're totally dim!
- I have to admit,
I've never seen it so dark.
- So someone has
to do something now,
before it's too late!
- I hope by "someone,"
you don't mean you!
- If not me, then who?
- Clementine,
that's what you said
before the glacier fiasco
and the snowplow incident.
- Hey! I'm a problem solver,
those roads were very
- Everyone appreciates
your contentions,
but you have to admit
you do have a tendency
to leap before you look.
Hey, focus on your studies.
When you grow up, you can
join the rest of the family
in the Guild of Brain Stretch.
- But, Mom, it's just
I feel like I'm meant for
something else, you know?
something bigger!
Wait... wait a minute!
What's that?
Now, this kid really
gets what it takes
to make Christmas dazzy!
Kevin Hastings.
Why isn't Christmas
like it used to be?
- That's exactly what
I've been wondering!
- Honey, he can't hear you.
- Doesn't matter.
I heard him.
I've got a great idea!
(Doorbell ringing)
- Mom!
(Doorbell ringing)
Whoa! Cool!
Flight 7-Niner-Niner!
You're clear to land
on runway Alpha-Charlie.
Make sure your flaps
and landing gear are down.
(Cartoon characters
talking, indistinct)
- Whatever you say, Tower,
although, I don't use a
- Uh, who is this?
- If you don't know
who you're talking to,
then why are you giving
flight instructions?
- I was just fooling around.
- I know! I'm just
messing with you.
So, you like the present?
- Yeah, it's awesome.
It totally turned around
my otherwise crummy month.
- If it makes you
feel any better,
you're not the
only one with problems.
Do you wanna talk about it?
- Yeah, except my mom will freak
if she catches me talking
to a stranger on the radio.
- Well, technically,
it's not a radio.
It's a Northpole communicator.
- North Pole?
- Yeah! It's where I live
with my 9 brothers and
- You live at the North Pole?
- Oh, not the North Pole.
I actually live in
a city called Northpole.
Name's Clementine.
See? Now we're not
strangers anymore.
Right, Kevin?
- How could you...
- Now, you tell me about
your lousy month,
and I'll tell you about mine.
- No one around here gets me.
(Kevin talking, indistinct)
- We are two of a kind, Kevin.
I mean, where is it written
a small elf can't make
a big difference?
(Electricity crackling)
- Excuse me? Elf?
Wait a minute.
(Static, beeping)
Hello? Clementine!
- Kevin!
Hey! Who are
you talking to?
- Would you believe an elf?
- An elf?
OK, Mister, time for bed.
An elf!
(Woman coughing)
- Who needs a gym when
the library's open?
- Yeah! Uh, Ryan, right?
- Yeah.
- Shouldn't you be in school?
- The kids have music
class on Tuesday mornings.
It gives me a chance
to do my own homework.
- I see. New tie?
- Oh yeah!
- Yes!
- I buy them in bulk
on the Internet.
What brings you down here?
- Just doing a little
work on Greenwood Park
for an article I'm writing.
Of course, the research is
up there, and I'm down here.
- You wanna see some
world-class mountaineering?
- Think you should
be doing that?
- Don't worry!
I spent a summer as
a ranger in Yosemite.
- (Whispering): Yeah!
- Well, maybe not a ranger,
but I did manage
a concession stand.
- Ah! Thank you.
- A parenting book, huh?
Everything OK with Kevin?
- Oh! Yeah, um...
Well, to tell you the truth,
Kevin hasn't made
any friends here,
and he's been inventing
a lot of stories,
and last night,
he was talking to an elf.
- Well, the imagination can
be a great coping mechanism.
- Or a way to avoid
facing reality.
- Well, look,
I'm sure he will be fine,
but I'm happy to keep
an eye on him at school.
- Thanks!
Happy reading!
- Hmm!
(Wind blowing)
(Electricity crackling)
(Reindeer snorting)
- Hey, Randy!
We've got a big problem
that needs solving.
How about a trip down south?
Wow! Look at you all
and bowed and ready to fly!
All right!
It's time to get
into the snow zone.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Well, we might
as well get started.
At least we have 2 people
on the Christmas committee!
- Christmas committee?
I thought this was
the gamers group.
- Nice Christmas committee!
(Both laughing)
- Hey, honey.
Don't stay up too late, OK?
- I won't!
- And listen,
I'm sorry your committee
didn't take off,
but I promise we'll have
our own terrific Christmas.
- All right.
Good night, Mom!
- Good night.
- (On radio):
Hey! Kevin!
- Clementine?
- Sorry I lost
contact last night.
The Northern Lights
are freaking.
We've gotta talk right away.
- I don't think
I'm supposed to talk to you.
My mom says you're the
of an overactive
- Your imagination's fine.
It's your mom's
and a lot of other people's
underactive imaginations
that are the problem.
I mean, where's the joy?
Where's the happiness?
- Good question.
- Glad you think so,
'cause I need you
to find an answer to it
before Northpole's a goner!
- Goner? What are
you talking about?
- Best way to explain
is to show you.
Put down the communicator,
and look out your window.
- No way!
This is so sick!
- Yeah, well, I wanted
the one with racing stripes,
but beggars can't be choosers.
Now jump in and buckle up,
'cause we gotta fly!
- Uh, fly?
- Oh, do you know
a faster way to Northpole?
- If my mom finds
out about this,
I'll be in my room until
I'm old enough to vote.
- Go like snow, Randy!
- OK, I've had
some weird dreams,
but this is the weirdest!
- It's not a dream!
This is what I'm
trying to prove to you!
Northpole is for real!
OK, look down there!
Those are some of the
guilds where toys are made.
That's the Guild of Yummy!
And that's the Guild
of Spin and Fly.
(Kevin chuckling)
Oh, and my favourite,
Reindeer Games Stadium!
- This is so cool!
- And over there, that's the
Guild of Bounce and Spring.
There's Snow Row.
That's where I live.
And those are Northpole canals.
- It's totally awesome!
- Yeah, well, we say "dazzy,"
but "awesome" works too.
Oh! You're gonna
have to put these on.
You're not allowed up here,
and I'm in enough
trouble already.
- Candy-cane tights?
- Yeah!
- Green shoes?
- Cute, right?
- If anybody at school
finds out about this,
I'll be a piata in,
like, 3 seconds flat!
- My town, my rules.
Bring 'er home, Randy!
- Whee!
- (Male elf): Oh!
That's wonderful!
- All right! Come on!
Come on, come on!
Remember, act like an elf.
- Ugh! They don't call these
things "tights" for a
- Whee!
- Whoo!
- This is amazing.
How come they don't
just use the bridge?
- Duh! Because
bouncing's more fun!
- Makes sense.
Oh! What's up with
the light show?
- That's what we need to fix.
If Northpole's gonna
we need somebody
to do something to keep
the cycle of happiness
- What's the cycle of happiness?
- When children down south
the joy of holiday
sparks of happiness flow up
and become the Northern
Then they float
back down on Northpole
as magic snowflakes.
And magic snow
powers everything.
It's what the elf
guilds use to make toys,
toys that make kids happy,
and so then the cycle continues
just like it has
for generations.
Until now.
(Elves talking, indistinct)
And so less togetherness
south means less magic snow.
Without some kind of miracle,
the Northern Lights
could go out,
which would be the
end of Northpole.
- And the end of all
the toys from Santa!
- Oh! Well, now you're
getting the picture!
Man! No toys?
(Both laughing)
Why am I laughing?
- Because getting smacked
a snowball made of happy
makes everybody giggle!
(Both laughing)
Anyway, now that
you've seen the problem,
we need to get busy.
- Uh, we?
- Yeah, you and me!
It's up to us to make
the miracle happen.
- I don't know about
that, Clementine.
It sounds a little
out of my league.
- (Santa):
- Oh boy!
My ice is totally cracked.
- Santa and
Mrs. Claus?
- Kevin Hastings!
You almost had me fooled!
- Uh, well, you see,
- Does this have anything to
do with my missing reindeer?
- Uh-huh! But I've got
a very good excuse.
You see, Kevin and I
are working together
on the happiness problem.
- You volunteered, Kevin?
That's nice!
- Well, I haven't
exactly volunteered.
I mean, Clementine's
talking miracles here!
I have trouble opening
a jar of pickles!
- Well, even
the smallest snowflake
can turn into
the biggest snowball!
- If it gets a push.
I know you're worried about
finding you in your new
but if it'll make
you feel better,
you take this magic snowflake,
and we'll find you
no matter where you are.
- Wow! Thanks!
- (Mrs. Claus):
Good luck!
- Thanks, Mrs. Claus.
So, what do you say?
- What else can I say?
I'm in!
- Oh, Kevin! You're
the deer's ears!
Now let's get you home.
Come on!
(Birds chirping)
- Mom, you're not gonna
believe what happened!
- Morning, Bed Head! Whoa!
- It was amazing!
First I talked to Clementine!
- You made a friend
named Clementine?
- Yeah! She's an elf!
- You were talking
to an elf again.
- Not just talked!
She took me on a flying-
sleigh ride to Northpole!
And I met Santa,
and saw all the guilds where
they make all the toys!
And I was drafted
on a special mission
to help save Northpole
and protect Christmas!
- Wow! That was some dream!
- That's what I thought at
first, but it wasn't a
Look, I got proof.
- Oh, you got the rest of
Christmas decorations!
- No, Santa gave me this himself
so he can find me
no matter where we live!
It's a magic snowflake!
- OK, honey, I want you
to listen to me.
I know that this move
hasn't been easy,
but we're gonna get through it,
like we always do,
- But, Mom, I...
- Honey, go get ready
for school, OK?
Come on!
- At least I know what
my class project's gonna be.
- Magic snowflake!
- Hi!
- For the mayor?
- Yes, but I have
strict instructions
to deliver it personally.
- Oh! Uh, OK.
Just one moment, please.
- So, as you guys well know,
we are T-minus 2 days
till Christmas vacation,
which means it's time
to pick your projects.
All right? Now, dazzle me.
- My project is
to measure snowfall.
- OK, how you gonna do that?
- Using my cat's water dish.
- Wouldn't you rather
use a beaker?
- Pico de Gato won't drink
from a beaker!
- OK, moving on!
Andrea, what's yours?
- I was inspired by
the Jane Goodall video
we watched last week.
- To do a field study
on learned behaviour?
- No, a field study
on which of my Christmas
presents cost the most.
(All chuckling)
- OK! Kevin, what's
yours gonna be?
- Uh, well, there's been
some really great ideas
floated around here,
and I don't wanna
upstage anybody,
so I'll tell you later.
- No, sir. Out with it!
Now, I know you
got something great.
What's your vacation
project gonna be?
- (Muttering):
I'm gonna save Northpole.
- What's that Kevin?
I couldn't hear you.
- Um, I'm gonna save
a place called Northpole,
make sure Santa can still
bring presents and stuff.
(Children laughing)
- Hey, hey, hey! It is
an unconventional idea,
but as Einstein said,
imagination is even more
important than knowledge.
All right, look, Kevin,
we'll talk after class.
Now, moving on...
(Telephone ringing in distance)
- Thank you.
- Please come in.
Sit down.
Oh, and which happy
do I have to thank for this?
- Chelsea Hastings
with The Examiner.
You haven't returned
my phone calls!
- You're very tricky,
Miss Hastings.
I applaud your tenacity.
- Well, it seemed better
than interrupting
your speech at the Kiwanis.
Tell me, how do you feel
about cancelling
a century-old tradition?
- Ah, this is about
the tree lighting.
Look, I was elected on
an austerity platform.
Now, I'm not gonna
spend money on some ceremony
that, well, hardly
anybody goes to anymore.
- I'm sure it's not that bad.
- Have you been there?
- No, not yet.
- It's an eyesore.
The warming chalet
is all boarded up.
The skating rink
needs maintenance.
I'm sure you can
understand my position.
- What I can't understand
is why the planning
who usually overseas
construction projects,
is suddenly involved with
a Christmas-tree lighting.
- And who told you that?
- Sorry, I can't
reveal my source.
- I can't comment any further.
- I see. Well, at least
I'm starting to.
- OK, let me make sure
I got this right.
Sparks of happiness rise
and form the Northern
- Right.
- Which then float down
in the middle of
magic snowflakes
that elves use to make toys,
which make kids happy,
and the whole cycle
just repeats itself?
- Exactly!
Means more Christmas
happiness overall!
And maybe that can snowball.
- Wow, you've really
thought this through.
- So you'll let me do it?
- Of course I will, OK?
But supposing that your
hypothesis here is correct,
what are some of
the things you can do
to help spread
holiday happiness here?
- That's where
I'm kind of stuck.
- Well, what are some
of the things
that make you happy
at Christmas?
- Well, in my old town,
Christmas is all about
carolling and baking
and the best thing of all
the big Christmas-tree
It was so cool how the
whole town got together.
But my mom said, here,
they're not even gonna
have a tree lighting.
I mean, really?
- I know, it's funny.
It used to be huge.
I guess, over the years,
just sort of forgot about
- Maybe they need
to be reminded.
That's what we gotta do!
We gotta save the tree lighting!
- Save the...
OK, that's a, uh,
that is a tall order, Kev,
but I did ask you
to dream big, didn't I?
All right,
let's break this down.
- Hi, is this the
public works department?
- (Man on telephone): Yes.
- I wanted to see if...
- Can you hold, pleas
Can you hold, please?
- Yes, of course, I'll hold.
(Crow cawing)
- (Female voice):
Please continue to hold.
(Birds chirping)
- Used to be one great park!
When the ice was groomed
and that tree was lit up,
it was magical!
What you're holding in your
means the end of all that.
- I don't think I'm following.
- Those numbers are coordinates.
A few days ago, a couple of
surveyors drove up here.
"Peterson," I think, was
on the side of their truck.
- "Peterson"?
Or did it say "Pendleton?"
- That's it, "Pendleton."
Whoever he is has something
in mind for this place
other than ice skating.
- So, how's the
investigation going?
- Well, it's an enigma
wrapped in a riddle
inside 3 layers of mystery.
Or is that a turducken?
(Chelsea chuckling)
- Did you talk to the mayor yet?
- Yeah, I can see
why people like him.
I still don't think
he's being straight with me.
- You always see
the half-empty glass.
- Honey, somebody has to,
or we'd run out of milk.
- Who's Ernie Pendleton?
- Hmm! That's what
I'd like to know.
(Doorbell ringing)
Oh! That's Mrs. Tucker.
Now, listen, make sure
you do your homework, OK?
I love you.
Hi, Mrs. Tucker!
- Hello!
How are you?
- (Chelsea): Good!
Thanks for coming over.
- (Mrs. Tucker):
It's always a pleasure.
He's a good boy!
No trouble at all!
- I'll be back before dinner.
- OK!
Hello, Kevin!
- Hey, Mrs. Tucker!
- Doing your schoolwork?
- Mm-hmm!
- All right, dear!
I'll be watching my soaps!
Let me know
if you need any help!
- So, how did you know
I'd be at home?
- Magic snowflake, back pack.
- Oh, yeah, right.
If we're gonna do
something, we gotta hurry.
My babysitter's soap is
over in exactly one hour.
- OK, so what do
you have in mind?
- I was thinking
about what Santa said,
with, you know, snowflakes
turning into snowballs.
- And?
- And what if we get
a lot of people together
to do something
really Christmassy.
- Like?
- Like saving the town's
tree-lighting ceremony!
That could create a ton
of happiness sparks.
So, what do you think?
- I think it's pure genius!
Let's go!
- Whoa, there! Not dressed
like that, you can't.
Throw on my old coat
and switch hats.
Be sure to pull it
over your ears.
- What... what's wrong
with my ears?
- Nothing, except
mine are round,
and yours aren't,
if you get my, uh, "point".
- OK, but these clothes,
don't reflect my personal
- My town, my rules.
- OK!
- Slow down! You're
gonna melt those keys.
- How come everybody at
City Hall runs for the hills
when I ask them
about the canceled
tree-lighting ceremony
and that survey flag
at Greenwood Park?
- Good questions!
Here's another:
Jake in ad sales is a great
and I was wondering if...
- You mean the guy who talks
too much about monster
Yeah, no, I don't think so.
Thanks, though!
- All right!
I tried!
- Hmm!
- Help us save the
Christmas-tree lighting!
- Make a donation here!
Help save the
tree-lighting ceremony!
- Help save the tree lighting!
- Hey, you two!
You're driving off my
business with this racket.
There's no panhandling
here! Now, shoo!
- We weren't panhandling.
I'm pretty sure we would
if we were handling pans!
- Move along before
I call the cops.
- I think he needs
a dose of happiness.
- No!
They don't have
magic snow here, remember?
- Uh-oh!
Sorry! Merry Christmas!
- I can't believe
you snuck out on Mrs.
You almost gave her
a heart attack!
What has gotten into you lately?
- Uh, Christmas?
- OK, we need to move beyond
the obsession with
Broaden your horizons.
- I don't have time to have
my horizons broadened.
- Kevin, you're 10 years of
You have nothing but time!
- I don't know
if you've noticed,
but I've only got a few days
to work on my class project
save the town's tree
- That's your class project?
I don't mean to sound like
my usual negative self,
but I think that's gonna be
a tough one to pull off.
- Mr. Wilson says
I'll learn more
by doing something
difficult and failing
than doing something
easy and succeeding.
- That's what
Mr. Wilson says, huh?
- Yep!
- Well, I guess
that's pretty good advice.
Listen, no more skipping out
on Mrs. Tucker. I mean it.
- OK.
Wait! We still have to get
our own Christmas tree.
- You're right! How about
you and I go get one?
- And not just any tree.
The absolute best, most
Christmas tree we can find.
- You got it!
(Birds chirping)
Is that a Christmas tree
or a giant sequoia?
- But I like this one!
- Can I do a bait-and-switch
offer mini-golfing instead?
- Sorry, too late.
- Hmm!
- Hey!
That's quite a
conifer you got there!
Kind of makes this one
look a little...
- Puny?
But accurate.
Guess I'll keep looking!
- I think we should
keep looking too.
- All right!
Hard to beat perfect,
but I'll try.
Bye, Mr. Wilson!
- See ya!
- Funny to see you here.
- 50/50 chance. Only 2 tree
lots in the whole town.
- (Women on radio):
There's a place not too
With tree and a star
There might be mistletoe
You won't know
unless you go...
- Oh, that's a beauty!
- Clementine?
- In Northpole, we light up
a tree every day of the
- What are you doing here,
and where's your hat?
- Oh! Gosh, I am
such a snowflake!
- Hurry and get back to
my house before anyone sees
- OK!
- Go!
- (Chelsea): Kevin told me
about the Christmas project.
- Yeah, I asked them
to think big,
and boy, did he ever!
- Fostering imagination is fine,
but your assignment is
his whole Northpole fantasy.
- Just because you
can't see something
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
- Like elves, right?
- No, but...
- Look, it's fine being the one
filling his head
with sugarplums,
but I'll be dealing with
the sugar crash when it
and believe me, it will!
- You ever notice how
trees are kind of like
- What do you mean?
- Well, some trees
are too sappy.
- That's for sure.
- The other trees,
they're just, like,
well, they're just
way too prickly.
You can't get near 'em.
- Hmm! Yeah, I get it.
- Look, Kevin is just
looking at things
a little differently, you know?
Something I think everyone
should do once in a while.
You OK?
- Yeah, I thought I...
(Talking indistinctly)
- Ah!
- Perfect! Now, if someone
just call me an ambulance...
- I thought you were
a mountain man, huh?
- Only in my mind, not my back.
- Thank you. We never
gotten this monster in here
if you didn't offer to help.
- My pleasure!
- Maybe some hot chocolate
will make your back feel better?
- Terrific!
- Two marshmallows
in mine, please!
- I know, I know!
(Clementine talking, indistinct)
- (Clementine's mother):
I don't know what to say,
- I know, Mom.
I worry too.
So things are getting worse?
- I'm afraid so.
Assembly lines have slowed,
and elves are starting to talk
about not being able to
enough toys for Christmas.
- Don't let your candy cane
lose its stripes, Mom.
We're working on it.
- I know you are, honey,
but don't get your hopes up.
It looks like this problem
may be even bigger
than your determination.
- Tomorrow, we kick
things up a notch.
- Kevin's talking
to his imaginary elf.
I wish he would
just make one real friend.
- Well, I was 12 when our
family moved us to Colorado.
I became a little withdrawn,
but, hey, look at me now!
Wow, nice Christmas display!
All you need now
is a nativity scene
made out of office supplies.
- Yeah, I tend to
bring my work home.
- Oh, that isn't
Greenwood Park, is it?
- Yeah! Did you know it used
be called Christmas Tree
It's been having tree
for almost a century.
- Hmm, it was so
cared for back then.
Look at these two!
(Chelsea chuckling)
(Cell phone ringing)
Go ahead and take it.
I gotta get going.
- OK. Thanks, though,
for helping us with
the Christmas tree.
(Door opening and closing)
- This is Watson Elementary.
We're having an after-school
assembly tomorrow,
so pickup will be
at 5:00 p.m.
Merry Christmas! Beep!
- You're not supposed
to say the beep.
- Oh, sorry! I was
just so in the moment.
- (Chelsea):
Mr. Pendleton?
- Yes?
- Chelsea Hastings
with The Examiner. Hi!
- I have a publicist that
deals with press inquiries.
If you'd like to
make an appointment...
- I just wanted to ask
you a couple questions
about your plans
for Greenwood Park.
Look, I understand that you
a crew surveying the
Do you and the mayor have
plans that I don't know
- Please, just take
my word for it:
After the holidays,
it'll all sort itself out.
- I would be a lousy reporter
if I took everybody's
word at face value.
- I'm sorry, I really
can't comment any further.
(Cell ringing)
- Mr. Jenkins!
- Drop whatever you're doing.
There's a protest going
on at Greenwood Park.
I need you there.
- Greenwood Park?
- Why are we still
talking, Hastings?
- I'm on it, sir.
- (Man): We need you all to
stand back. Just stand back.
- Excuse me.
Oh, sorry!
- (Man on walkie-talkie):
- Copy desk?
Hey, this is Chelsea.
I'm here at the protest.
Can I dictate a story?
Jenkins will want this
on the website ASAP.
A lone protester
in Greenwood Park
caused emergency vehicles
to come out this afternoon.
- He's really wedged
in up there, Captain.
Bucket's going up now.
- Fire officials have gathered
to try to coax down
the reluctant figure
suspended 50 feet
above the ice rink.
As far as a statement
from the protester...
- Hey, Mom!
- Kevin?
What are you doing up there?
- Stringing up decorations!
Figured if nobody else
would do it, we would.
- Sir, that... that's
my son up there!
- So I gathered. Ma'am,
why don't you step aside?
We'll handle this.
- As long as he's up there,
I'm staying right here.
- I see the ornament doesn't
fall far from the tree.
(Captain chuckling)
- (Man):
You got him?
(Crane beeping)
- I can almost see
our house from up there!
- Yeah? Did you also see me
lose 10 years off my life?
Oh gosh! Oh!
Thank you!
Honey, I thought
you were supposed to be
at a school assembly
meeting friends!
- I was actually here
with a friend.
Clementine? Clementine!
Huh! She was just
here a second ago.
- Clementine? The elf?
- Exactly!
- We're going home right now.
- I heard what happened.
Is Kevin all right?
- If you consider grounded
for life all right.
I knew this was gonna happen.
- (Woman on TV): Firemen
called to Greenwood Park,
where a child was pulled
from a 60-foot tree...
- Get your facts straight!
It was a 50-foot tree!
- More strange activity
with the Northern Lights.
- Well, at least he wasn't hurt.
- Yeah, but he could've been,
all because of the ceremony
that nobody cares about
and a park that's not
gonna exist in a month.
- What do you mean,
isn't gonna exist in a
- Mr. Pendleton, the
he's building condos on it.
- What? How could that guy
be such a Scrooge?
- I don't know. If I knew,
maybe I could change his
But right now, what
I'm worried about is Kevin.
This whole thing has
gotten out of hand!
- OK, OK!
Look, let's just take it
- OK, this is what I'm gonna do:
I'm gonna pack our bags,
book us tickets to someplace
warm for the holidays,
away from this town
and your little assignment
that turned into
Kevin's mission!
- No! I can't leave now!
It's too important!
You gotta believe me!
- Honey, it's a fantasy.
It's not real!
- Yes, it is!
- You listen to me, Mister!
- No, you're wrong!
Just 'cause you don't think
real, doesn't mean it isn't!
- Kevin! Honey!
- He's just a little
boy, Chelsea,
who isn't quite ready
to grow up.
- Yeah, I know 2 people
who are stuck in that phase.
- Which is probably why
it's so hard for you to
whether to let Kevin stay
in his own little world
or drag him kicking and
screaming into yours.
- Good night, Mr. Wilson.
(Door opening and closing)
- This Pendleton guy
wants to demolish the park!
- Kevin!
- So there will never be
a tree lighting ever again!
- I know! I heard
including what your mom said
about wishing she knew why
Mr. Pendleton is such a
Which gave me an idea.
OK, grab your coat,
and let's go.
- Kevin?
- So, tell me why
we're here again?
- To find out why
Mr. Pendleton is so mean,
he would cut down
the city's Christmas tree.
I mean, who would
do such a thing?
And maybe whatever we find,
your mom can use
to help bring the
ceremony back on track.
- Sounds like kind
of a long shot.
- Right now, my friend,
it's the only shot we got.
- I checked State Street and
the park on my way back
- I shouldn't have
been so hard on him.
- I shouldn't have
him in the first place.
- I'm gonna call the police.
(Electricity crackling)
- What do you think
Santa will do
if he catches us sneaking
into the archives?
- Don't know and
don't wanna find out,
so pipe down!
Right here.
- Hurry!
If my mom checks out my room
and sees that I'm not there,
she'll have bloodhounds
looking for me!
- We're getting
warmer and warmer
and warmer and...
We've narrowed it down
to the past 50 years!
- Another power dip.
- Because we're running
out of magic snow.
- How many Ernie Q.
Pendletons can there be?
- Apparently a lot.
- What were those
mothers thinking?
- Oh!
Got it!
Age 7, 8 and 9,
all he asked for
was a gift for a penny.
Money must've gone a lot
further in those days!
- They weren't gifts
for a penny.
They were gifts for
a person named Penny.
"Dear Santa,
can you please bring
"some white ice skates, size 4,
"to my friend, Penny,
"so we can skate together.
"Her mom is sick,
"and her dad says they don't
have any money for skates.
"Thank you. Ernie."
- All he asked for
was gifts for her!
- But nothing for himself!
- Which means maybe
he's not all bad.
- We gotta show mom!
- Yeah!
OK, help me!
- I need to file a missing
person's report.
- (Kevin): Mom!
- Never mind.
I have been so
worried about you!
Where have you been?
- Collecting information
for you about Mr. Pendleton.
- What? Information?
- Yeah, about why he's so mean,
and it turns out maybe
you were wrong about him.
Maybe he is a good guy.
Look! When he was a kid,
he never asked for
any presents for himself,
only for somebody named Penny.
- Where did you get this?
- Uh...
- Kevin!
- Northpole.
We found it in Santa's files.
- (Chelsea): "We"?
As in you and
Clementine, the elf?
Honey, listen to me.
You know you're the
most precious thing
in the world to me, right?
- Of course.
I didn't mean to scare you, Mom,
but I thought it was
'cause it might help
- (Both): Northpole.
- And Christmas?
- Right.
'Cause even though
you don't believe it,
I know it's real.
- I, um...
I believe that you believe.
And that's good enough for me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
And if you say
spreading holiday cheer
is the only way
to save Northpole,
then we better find
a way to do it.
(Doorbell ringing)
- Oh, that'll be Clementine!
- This should be interesting.
(Door opening and closing)
- Hey, Ms. Hastings!
I'm Clementine!
- She's the one I've been
telling you guys about.
- Right! You're the, um...
- Only member of Kevin's
Christmas Committee!
- Listen, um, thanks
for being here for me.
I think maybe I was a little
over the top, and I'm sorry.
- Well, I might not
have any kids of my own,
but from 8:00 to 3:00,
I have 30, so I can
For what it's worth,
I think it was a wise choice
to play along with the
At least for now.
- Yeah.
He's not gonna be
innocent for much longer,
and I guess it's better to
embrace it than to cut it
You helped me see that.
- Does that mean the mission
to save Northpole's back on?
- Well, we've met Clementine!
We can't let her
be homeless, right?
- We?
You still want me
along for the ride?
- Well, are you willing?
- Why would you think
- Ask me when we have more time.
Right now, we have a tree
lighting to save, right?
- All right, I'll see you.
- OK. Good night!
- Good night!
- Mmm!
- OK, so, how's
this gonna work, Mom?
- Yeah, how's this gonna work?
- I suggest a 2-prong
You guys spread the word.
- Sounds good to me!
- Cool!
- We're gonna need food,
funds and a permit.
- We're on it!
- And I'll get something
even more important.
- And what's that?
- Leverage.
- I got the list of the
biggest campaign donors.
Guess who's at the top:
Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Pendleton.
Uh-huh. Oh!
Yeah, I gotta go. I'll see
you back at the office.
- Excuse me, sir,
I think you dropped this.
- (Man): No.
- Get some food, OK?
- Hey, Chelsea!
- Ah...
- Don't worry! I'm not gonna
and set you up with anyone.
I just wanna see how
your story's going.
- Well, you know, a couple
things aren't adding up.
I could clear up one thing
if the planning commission
wasn't closed for Christmas.
- A woman I sing
with at church works
for the planning commission.
- Seriously?
- She'll be at practice
Maybe she can help.
- You are a lifesaver!
- I just hope you
can carry a tune.
- (Laughing): Yeah!
( Jingle Bells )
- Donate to the town
tree lighting!
Save a Christmas tradition!
- Here's a buck for
some trumpet lessons.
- Normally, I would
be offended by that,
but it's for a good
cause, so thank you, sir!
- Merry Christmas!
- How's our website doing?
Any better than we are?
- Well, we've only got 5 hits,
and four of them are me!
- Which means
we've already had one hit!
- (Ryan and Kevin):
- Hey, guys!
- Hey, Mom! How's your side
of the attack going?
- It's coming along.
How about you guys?
- So far, we've raised $4,
including 2 Canadian
quarters and a bus token!
- So, that puts us at about
98% short of our goal. Hmm!
- (Ryan):
Or 2% closer to victory!
- I think we need to find a
better way to get the word
- You know, I think
I just might have one.
- (Chelsea): Seriously?
We're supposed to change
with tree scraps?
- Well, you call them
I call them festive pine
- (Chuckling): Well,
either way, it'll be fun,
which, as they say back home,
is the best reason
to do anything.
- Hi there!
I'm Ryan Wilson.
This is Chelsea Hastings.
- (Chelsea): Hi!
- Any chance you remember
the tree lighting
in Greenwood Park?
- Oh, I do!
Haven't thought
about it in years.
But it was beautiful,
and so much fun!
- Well, it can be again,
with your help.
Hope to see you there!
(Woman chuckling)
- Can any woman
resist your charm?
- I'm hoping one woman can't.
- So, how'd you get
into teaching, huh?
- Uh, well, after college,
I did a lot of jobs,
but teaching is the best by far.
- Really? Why?
- Light bulbs.
- Light bulbs?
- Yeah, turning on
over kids' heads
when a concept they've
been struggling with
finally sinks in.
- Hmm...
- I love that.
Oh, hey!
- (Man): Hi there!
- Hope to see you there.
- Thanks!
- Merry Christmas!
- (Man): You too!
(Clearing throat)
- Must be a challenge,
being a single mom.
- It was definitely
hard the first year
after Kevin's father left.
But I never had any illusions
that the world would
make it easy for me, so...
- Is that why you're
such a skeptic?
- Well, partially by
nature, partially my job,
and partially the result of
living with Kevin's father.
- Hmm... Feel like
telling me about him?
Oh, hey!
- (Woman): Hi!
- Here you go!
Hope to see you there!
- Thanks!
- Yeah, sure! Um...
We met in college,
both English majors.
I wanted to be a journalist,
he wanted to be a novelist.
Only difference is
I worked towards my goal,
and he only dreamed of his.
- Where is he now?
- Oh! I don't know.
Probably some place
with coconuts,
dreaming of his first draft.
- (Clementine, giggling):
Oh, look! Here's more
- (Kevin):
Special delivery!
Tree lighting on Christmas Eve!
- Ah! That fella
could pull a sleigh!
Hope to see you
at the tree lighting.
- (Ryan): Once you make
learning fun, my job's easy.
- Fun? Yeah...
Come to the tree lighting.
- Thanks!
- I used to have some of
before the responsibility
of a pesky thing
called paying the bills.
You know, I used to
pack a mean snowball.
- Oh, really?
I bet you talk a big game.
- So, you don't think
I'd do this, huh?
(Both laughing)
- Oh, really?
It's on!
- (Laughing): No!
- (Kevin and Clementine):
Snowball fight!
- (Ryan):
Oh, what do you want?
You guys want
a piece of this? Oh!
(All screaming and laughing)
(Clementine and Kevin laughing)
- (Josephine):
( Choir vocalizing )
In excelsis deo
- Nice job!
Nice job, everybody!
Let's take five!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Josephine, this is
my friend Chelsea,
the one I told you about.
- Thank you so much
for talking with me.
- Well, to be honest, I'm
really sure if I should.
- Look, all I need to know
is January's agenda.
If it wasn't the holidays,
it'd be public, right?
- Right.
I guess it's OK.
There are 2 items:
a proposal to widen
a crosswalk on State Street,
and an offer from a company
called Pendleton Development
to purchase Greenwood Park.
- That's all I needed to know.
- Merry Christmas!
- You too!
- (Jenkins): Hastings!
When do I get the park
- I'm just putting the final
touches on it right now.
- Good! I wanna go big with
in tomorrow's edition,
and we go to press in 2 hours.
- Yes, I understand.
- OK.
(Keyboard clicking)
- OK...
- (Kevin):
OK, what's next?
- OK, so now we need
2 mittenfuls of sugar.
- All right.
- One... Nice!
- One...
- Two!
- And two!
- Perfect!
OK, and now, one
bellful of sprinkles.
- A whole bellful?
- And no skimping!
There's no such thing
as too many sprinkles.
- (Chelsea): Hey, guys!
Sorry I'm late! Hi!
- Guess what, Mom!
We just got an anonymous
donation from the website!
- Ah!
- A ginormous one!
- Yeah! Ginormous enough to
afford a generator and
- We might actually be able
to pull this off, hmm?
- To our secret, but very
generous, benefactor.
- Thank you!
All right, cheers!
- (Ryan): Cheers!
- (Clementine): Jingles!
- Jingles!
- Excuse me...
Be careful, it's hot.
First batch out of the oven!
- Thank you!
Wow! That is amazing!
- For every cup of
flour, 2 cups of happy.
Got the recipe
from Grandma Lolli,
who created it
with Grandma Dolli,
with help from Grandma Lacybell.
- You have a lot of grandmas.
- Tell me about it!
Last year, I got 204 pairs
of socks for Christmas.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- You and Kev, you're
just pretending, right?
I mean, you don't really
you're from Northpole?
- You know, sometimes, it's
harder for people to believe
in things they've never seen
than it is for others.
- Yeah...
That basically describes me.
- But, Ms. Hastings,
for Kevin, you ignored what
your head was telling you
and chose to listen
to your heart instead.
And just so you know,
that meant so much to him.
And what you're
trying to do here,
to bring the town together,
to light the tree
and make people happy...
Well, that means
so much to me too.
- Clementine?
- Yeah?
- How old are you?
- 13... decades!
I'm kidding!
I'll get you another cookie.
- Hey!
Oh, it looks like you've
been working all night!
- Well, I promise posters,
I deliver posters.
- A man who finishes
what he starts.
I'm not used to that.
- Maybe it's time
for that to change.
- I need some more
coffee. You want some?
- Sure!
(Birds chirping)
- OK, so I have
the food all set,
um, you've got the posters.
I just need to get the
then we're ready for
- Whoa!
- What?
- Well, isn't this the story
you've been working on?
- Let me see!
Jenkins wasn't kidding
when he said he
was gonna go big.
Huh! Wow!
I wonder who's gonna
call first, huh?
The mayor apologizing
or Pendleton's lawyer,
threatening to sue.
I guess I don't
need these anymore.
Wait a minute!
I don't believe it.
- Believe what?
- 1964 junior skating
pair champions,
Ernie and Penelope.
"Penny" is short for Penelope.
- I don't get it.
- It has to be him!
- Who?
- Pendleton!
- Yeah, I mean...
It could be, I guess.
But, so what?
- I think I made a huge mistake.
Can you hold down
the fort for me?
There's something I gotta do.
- Yeah...
(Car door slamming,
birds chirping)
(Doorbell ringing)
- Ms. Hastings! I'm
surprised to see you here.
- I wouldn't have
bothered you, but...
- Apparently, your article's
caused quite a stir.
The city council's decided
to launch an investigation.
- What a mess!
Look, I know I'm the last
person you wanna talk to,
but if you could...
If you wouldn't mind
answering a
couple more questions for
- Why bother?
You got your headline.
- I did. But, just...
I think I got it wrong.
For nearly 50 years,
Penny was the light of my life.
- Was?
- I lost her 6 months ago.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
- W-we grew up next
door to each other.
Walked to school together,
played, skated...
We had our first
kiss on this rink.
She... she loved
Greenwood Park.
- So, why build condos on it?
- Condos?
No, Pendleton Towers is
up by the old brickyard.
- But I know you were
planning on buying the park!
- To fix it up, and then
back to the city in trust,
so it could always be a place
where people come
together and have fun.
- Why didn't the mayor
tell me? Why didn't you?
- That's not what
Penny would've wanted.
No, no plaques, no publicity,
no names over the door.
"The joy is in the
giving," she'd say,
"not in the credit."
- Well, now that your gift
is no longer anonymous,
are you still gonna go
through with the project?
- Even if I decided to go ahead,
the city's reconsidering my
offer based on what you
- I'll make sure the
paper prints a retraction.
Maybe that'll help.
Mr. Pendleton,
did you happen
to give a donation
to the Christmas-tree
lighting campaign?
- Well, if I did, you
know I couldn't tell you.
Ms. Hastings, what made
you bring me that picture?
- I wanna begin by saying
truly sorry I am, Mr.
And I assured Mr. Pendleton
a retraction will go to
- A retraction is
not how I intend
to kick off our holiday issue.
I wanna be serving turkey,
not eating crow.
- But...
- Look, we can deal with
this in the new year,
if anyone still cares
about it by then.
- This is a man's reputation!
- And I'm sure you feel
appropriately contrite
about what you did to it.
- Of course I do!
- Look, we'll wait.
We'll see how many
letters we get.
Anything else?
- You can expect
one letter for sure...
my letter of resignation.
( Rock on radio )
- Yuck!
- (Ryan): How's it going?
- Not my best one!
It's a mountain of frosting.
- That's more of a
toupee right there.
- OK.
- Looks good!
- Yes, it does.
- (Kevin):
OK... Wow, it smells good!
- (Clementine): A little
happy sprinkles!
How's it going?
- (Kevin): Good!
- (Ryan): Let's see!
- It's going out of control!
(Ryan laughing)
- Hey...
- Mom! What's going on?
- I didn't take you
about Mr. Pendleton,
and if I had, I wouldn't
have made the mistake
that cost him his good name.
We didn't get the permit.
The mayor rejected it
himself, and he's having
maintenance crews
take down the posters.
- What?
- I'm really sorry.
- How could they do that?
You're just doing your
job as a journalist.
- Ex-journalist.
I just resigned.
I've become such a skeptic.
I nearly missed one of the
best parts of parenting:
being reminded of what
I was like when I was a kid,
before I became so jaded.
You know, I couldn't
make myself believe
that Kevin's friend was an elf,
but I had no problem
that Mr. Pendleton was a
That's just not
the person I wanna be.
And thanks to my
kid and Clementine
and, well, you...
it's gonna change,
starting now.
- I think I just got
my first Christmas present.
(Keyboard clicking)
- What you doing?
- Oh, just writing
about what I've learned
in the last couple of days.
- It did get kind of crazy
around here, didn't it?
- Yeah.
Crazy fun!
I love you.
- Ditto!
- Hey, stranger!
- I saw you'd cleaned
out your desk
and thought you'd left
without saying goodbye.
- Well, that's one of the
reasons why I came back...
and to ask you for a favour.
- What's on it?
- An unauthorized final column.
I was hoping you could sneak it
onto the online edition for me.
- Is it a rant about the
callous nature of the news
- Uh, no!
- Too bad!
- Yeah. You'll still sneak
in for me though, right?
- Of course I will.
- You're the best!
Thank you!
- I've been looking
around for you!
What are you doing?
- I was writing a
note to thank you...
and to say goodbye.
- What?
You promised to spend
Christmas Eve with me!
You can't bail!
- I don't know what
made me think that
I could actually
make a difference.
- You did make a difference!
To me!
This is the most
dazzy Christmas ever!
You made me believe
in you, Clementine.
It's not fair to stop
believing in yourself.
- Mom...
- Hi, honey!
Is everything OK?
- Not so much.
Clementine's pretty
worried about Northpole.
I mean, I'd be freaking out
too if our home was in
- Hey... Did you just
call this place home?
- Oh... I guess I did!
- Let's go talk to Clementine.
(Chelsea): I'm glad you guys
decided to spend part of
your Christmas Eve with us.
- So's my dog, otherwise,
he'd be wearing
reindeer antlers again.
(Chelsea laughing)
- How are you, Clementine?
Look, I know things didn't
turn out how you'd hoped,
but, if nothing else,
you and Kev became friends.
- And we had a good
time working together.
- Yeah! So, I'm sure that
some happiness to Northpole.
- Yeah, but not nearly enough.
- Then there's only
one thing to do.
We need to make more sparks.
- (Chelsea):
Oh, permit-schmermit!
That's what I say.
- There's no law against
a few citizens enjoying
a public park on Christmas Eve.
- And having our own,
personal tree ceremony!
- (All): Yeah!
- (Clementine):
I love the smell...
- All right, here you go.
One for you!
Clementine, for you.
- Oh! Thank you!
- You're welcome!
- Hey, I'll race you up there!
You know, I feel better
- Me too!
- They look like they could use
a little company though,
don't you think?
And, ta-da!
(Chelsea, Kevin
and Clementine laughing)
- Awesome!
- Dazzy!
- (Ryan): Huh?
(All laughing)
- Now it's perfect!
( Choir singing in distance
- ...leaves are
so unchanging
O Christmas Tree...
- Look at that!
- Wow!
- (Choir): ...thy leaves
are so unchanging
Not only green...
- Wow!
- I guess we really did
get the word out, huh?
- But also when
it's cold and drear
O Christmas tree...
- Uh, Mom!
- (Ryan): Uh-oh!
- (Firefighter):
Well, lookie here!
The human Christmas ornament!
You, uh, have a permit
for this event?
- Actually, um,
not really. No.
- (Firefighter): In that
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
break out the equipment and
string up the lights,
- (Kevin): Yes!
(Clementine laughing)
- I knew I packed the
treeluminator for a reason!
- Each bough doth hold
its tiny light
That makes each toy
to sparkle bright
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Thy candles shine
so brightly
- I'd forgotten all about this
until I read your column.
It was wonderful!
- Thank you!
Well, at least
one person read it!
- A few more than that!
It got picked up
by the wire services.
- The wire services? Really?
- Almost a million hits
and not slowing down.
Your story's flying
around the world
faster than Santa's sleigh.
- Hey, if your story
went viral, then...
Snow my gosh!
I gotta go!
- (Kevin): Wait... Hold on!
- (Ryan): We gotta...
- (Chelsea): Yeah.
(Clementine laughing)
- (Kevin): Clementine!
Where are you going?
- Home!
- What about the
tree-lighting ceremony?
- Don't worry!
I'll know when it happens!
Merry Christmas!
- Why, that is one special...
- You're gonna see
exactly how special
in 3, 2, 1!
- Did I just...
- Was that...
- Guess this is one
you'll never forget!
Merry Christmas, Mom.
- Merry Christmas,
I love you!
- Let me go put on my
- OK.
Well, this is actually...
- Uh-huh! Yeah...
Where's the mistletoe
when you need it?
- You could use
your imagination.
How about right here?
It's easy to forget
what connecting with
one another feels like.
With a few keystrokes
on a computer,
we convince ourselves
that we've communicated.
(People talking and laughing)
By believing that's enough,
we lose sight of
the importance of human
and the joy of gathering
together as a community.
- How are you?
- That's what's so wonderful
about this special holiday.
It provides an opportunity
for fellowship,
a chance to truly touch
our neighbours,
friends and families with
generosity of heart and
And if you ask this reporter,
it's nothing short of
You weren't kidding
when you said
you skated worse than
you played the trumpet!
- Well, as long as I can
onto you, I'll be fine.
- (Jenkins): Chelsea!
- Whoa!
Mr. Jenkins?
- The phone's been
ringing all day.
The newspaper's never
had better, well, press.
- Um, Ryan, I'm sorry.
this is Mr. Jenkins, my
Well, former boss.
- Not so fast.
Listen, Chelsea, I was wrong.
We printed the retraction.
And here's some confetti
for New Year's Eve.
Your letter of resignation,
Come and see me on Monday.
I'm giving you a bonus!
- Christmas miracles
do happen, huh?
I'll be right back!
Mr. Pendleton!
I'm really glad you came.
- So am I.
Penny would've loved this.
Friends, neighbours,
reconnecting for at least
one special night.
- Evening, Ernie!
- Oh, Mr. Mayor.
- Sir, I owe you an apology.
I got it all wrong.
- Except for this.
No, as far as I'm concerned,
the no-longer-secret
project is still on.
- Well, most of the city
is here skating,
so I'm sure that after tonight,
there'll be no problem
accepting your gift.
- Good.
- Mom, tree's ready to light!
- Hey, you must be Kevin!
- Yes, sir.
- Well, word is, getting
our community together
to celebrate Christmas
was all your doing.
- Actually, I had
quite a bit of help.
- Well, still, I think you
should do the honours.
(Mayor): Gather around,
everybody! Gather around!
- (Boy): You rock, Kevin!
- (Girl): Whoo! Awesome!
- Merry Christmas to all,
and to all, a good... light!
(Crowd cheering, exclaiming)
- (Man): Beautiful!
- Oh! Beautiful!
- Yes!
- Oh boy!
- (All):
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon Virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly
Sleep in heavenly
- We did it, Randy!
We did it!
We did it!
(Clementine in distance):
- That a girl, Clementine!
- I told you she could do it!
- And as always, my dear,
you were absolutely right.
- Oh!
- It's time to deliver
a sleighful of happiness!
- Put her down
over there, Randy!
(Elves cheering
and talking excitedly)
- It's so dazzy!
- Merry Christmas, Northpole!
Merry Christmas,
everyone, everywhere!
- (Santa): Ho ho ho!