Northspur (2022) Movie Script

(film reel clicking)
(button beeping)
(engaging music)
(somber music)
(dynamic music)
(somber music)
(somber music)
(crickets chirping)
(bicycle chain clicking)
It's okay.
It's Kellan, he
lives up here too.
You're defending the valley?
It's not safe.
It's a lot of bad people about.
Haven't reached here yet?
Starting to.
(tense music)
Ugly world's finding us.
The valley's not hidden anymore.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
(bike bell rings)
Protector from above.
- You are.
- Yeah?
Had a good haul.
Without hurting anyone?
Or I wouldn't have.
How close?
Oh, come on.
I think you can
help me with this.
(Melinda laughing)
(tense music)
(bottle spraying)
(shot firing)
Are warning shots
gonna keep them away?
Not killing anyone.
We have to make a statement.
Come on.
(tense music)
(shots firing)
Danger time.
(fire crackling)
(soft tense music)
(soft music)
(Melinda sniffling)
(Melinda gasping)
Hey Melinda.
Cleaned up that
bit of rusty iron
you been having me on about.
I didn't started on
the fences yet though.
Well, I mean, it just
seems a bit excessive.
It's life or death, Kellan.
It'll be all right.
No, it won't be all right!
Nothing will be all
right unless we sort it.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'll sort it.
I will.
(crickets chirping)
(tense music)
(fire crackling)
(Melinda sighing)
(Melinda screaming)
(Melinda panting)
What's wrong?
I dunno, I dunno.
Something's not right.
Holy shit, Melinda.
(Melinda) Oh, you don't swear.
I know, but what...
(Melinda panting)
How did you...
I cut it.
Shit, the car.
Oh shit.
(Melinda panting)
I think it might be reacting.
I'll get first aid,
just stay there.
(Melinda sobbing)
I'm coming, Lin, hey!
Anaphylactic shock.
Ah, shit!
Okay, okay, adrenaline.
Okay, getting it, okay,
baby, stay with me.
I'm sorry. (panting)
Baby, okay, stay with me.
Melinda, Melinda.
Hey baby. Wake up.
Come on. Come on, Melinda.
Come on.
Oh God, come on, please God.
That's the one?
Hey, come here.
(Melinda whimpering)
I'm here, baby, I'm here.
Okay, okay, you're okay.
Just breathe.
(both panting)
I think I'm okay.
Oh, baby...
(birds chirping)
(Kellan sighing)
Be honest.
(soft tense music)
This, this bacteria,
they release TK549.
It affects some
more than others.
We've been washing our food,
but with an open wound it's...
Can I have it sort of just...
Our antibiotics'll
keep it at bay for now.
We have a six day supply.
And for us to have any
real chance at it going on,
we need injectable
trimoxazole shots.
(Melinda crying)
Hey, hey, we'll find
'em, we'll find 'em.
(dramatic music)
(trap clanking)
(man screaming)
(shot firing)
(man groaning)
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
don't, no please, no!
(shot firing)
I have to go out there
and find those shots.
(dramatic music)
I'm protected, right?
Five rounds.
No warning shots.
(dramatic music)
(Melinda crying)
What happened to Kenny?
Needed his mum.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(birds chirping)
(knocking on door)
(birds singing)
This is your cabin?
Who are you?
(gun cocking)
Hey, please.
I'm unarmed, I'm not
here to take anything.
I just, I came
looking for medicine.
Okay, my wife is dying
and I, please, I'll...
I'll go.
Okay, I'm, please...
I've been tracking
you for an hour.
The path you walked to
this cabin is exactly right
or you would've lost your legs.
I used to come here as a kid.
(Summers) Why would
you have done that?
Camp Northspur.
Well, it's no holiday now.
My wife says I'm protected.
(Summers) Who by?
Man upstairs.
You don't believe that.
God, yeah.
Protection, I'm not sure yet.
Your wife.
(tense music)
Cut herself on a
piece of rusty iron
a couple of days ago,
Southbury Valley.
My fault.
Had a bad reaction and been
going to hell ever since.
I'm gonna find her some of
those trimoxazole shots.
Or else she...
So you killed her.
I'm gonna save her.
Bacteria, anyone with an
open wound's as good as dead.
I'm aware of that.
So you'd know those drugs
are oxygen to a lot of people.
Even if you could find them,
some would kill you
within days to get them.
I'm gonna try.
(tense music)
I have to.
(Melinda panting)
(Melinda screaming)
(wood thudding)
(Melinda whimpering)
(Melinda sobbing)
(Melinda grunting)
(man groaning)
You're alive.
(Summers) You won't
make it out there.
That's up to why
I'm telling you.
I survived by being
practical, trusting no one.
You, you're naive.
You're a corpse in waiting.
Lord's protecting me.
Bullshit, look around you.
This is post-God, post-love.
Best thing you can do
is forget your wife.
She's gone.
Sentiment'll put you in the
ground quicker in a bullet.
No, we're without love,
I mean, what's
the point in that?
(dramatic music)
(metallic rattling)
Bastards are trying
to burn me out.
Make yourself useful, snowflake.
Thought you didn't trust anyone.
Use it on them. Not me.
(flames roaring)
(shots firing)
Get the pump!
What pump?
Go now!
(shots firing)
Quick, before it catches!
(shots firing)
(Gunman) Come on, go, move it!
What the hell was that?
Just a sprinkler system,
tried to burn me up before.
I just can't figure
out how to automate it.
No, I mean using me as a
fireman in a moving target.
If it took we both
would've burned.
I have to find
drugs for my wife.
Okay, not risk my life 'cause
of some crazy stranger.
You can shoot me if you want.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, I said, wait.
I got the drugs in there.
They're in that safe
in my gun cabinet.
I could do with your
help for the next week.
I'll give you the
drugs in there too.
Help doing what?
Failing the cabin.
This cabin, from who?
Oh, I annoyed some
people from Blackton.
Coming next week there's
gonna be a tangle.
What if I just kill
you in the night?
Take the drugs.
A, you're not the
killing type, yet anyway.
B, only I have the combination.
And C, you try to remove that
safe, it's rigged to blow.
Why do you have them anyway?
I got 'em for her.
My wife.
Grazed her arm on a rusty nail.
I should have hammered her arm.
I'll help, 'cause
I need the drugs.
It's just for a week.
I'll have to get
back to my life.
Still think you'd be
better off forgetting her.
Make your own way.
That what you did?
A week.
(tense music)
(birds chirping)
There's a pit there,
a mine over there,
and a trap just there.
Come a long way since my day.
Cabin's all rigged too.
Mechanical is solar.
Without power, there's
only so much you can do.
You got dynamite.
(tense music continues)
(rain pattering)
Faith and expectation.
Fuck, stupid!
Bloody stupid.
(Melinda sobbing)
(Melinda panting)
You sleep here.
You got a blanket?
It's not Airbnb.
Surprised you know what that is.
Wanna mint on your pillow too?
There's water on the fire.
Well, that'd be bad for it.
Mine's black, no sugar.
Going somewhere?
Stocking my fallback shelter.
(tense music)
(Melinda panting)
(Melinda blowing)
These bottles?
Just to remind me never go back.
(Kellan) There's a poem on
the back of that painting.
Yeah, I'm not
really a poetry guy.
So this week are we
expecting anyone in particular?
(tense music)
Shell Mightley.
(dog barking)
How's the town?
It doesn't sound like my town.
We've beaten them
down pretty good.
So why don't I hear anguished
cries from the street?
They have strong spirits.
Those get broken all the time.
Mine did, now it's unbreakable.
Do them a favor!
You okay?
Are you?
(dog barking)
Why do we need mortars?
We're going after
Summer's cabin.
He's a one man arsenal.
Two men now apparently.
Two men against one woman.
I pity him.
He won't have half the
brain power he needs.
(birds chirping)
More stew tonight.
This is variation.
(tense music)
(men grunting)
No, no, no, no, no!
(shot firing)
Don't shoot!
(men grunting)
(Kellan panting)
You homicidal maniac! Why?
Gotta come back.
Got bolder.
You asshole.
You gotta be to survive.
People can change,
they can turn.
If you just keep killing
everybody who turns up...
People don't turn ever,
they get harder and harder.
Once compassion's left
the building, believe me,
it ain't coming back.
The hell is that,
is that bush wisdom?
It's all bullshit.
You need to a harden up, son.
Get practical real quick.
That what this is?
(dramatic music)
(metal striking)
(woman screaming)
Those men you killed.
Would've done the same
to us, change the subject.
Okay? Sure.
Let's let's have a
conversation, yeah.
Some stuff you need to know.
Shell Mightley's sick,
she needs the drugs too.
That's why she's coming.
Well, that's that's great.
Plus, I might have annoyed
one or two poachers
down Quiltern Lakes
by taking their game.
You're a real peach.
And there's a Locton
gang from Halcrow.
They want something
back from me.
In fact, this cabin,
Northspur Crossroads,
about the deadliest spot around.
Even if we survived this week,
I'll be lucky to
live another month,
but I'm sure as shit not
going down without a fight.
(tense music)
You're just telling me this now.
Well, I couldn't
tell you before.
You might not have helped me.
(Kellan shouting)
(plates clattering)
Okay, alright, so
change your plan.
You can either go to that safe
so I can get back to my wife
or I get busy on your eyes.
You can't torture
me for that code.
Why not?
A, you're not the type, B,
I wouldn't give up that code
even under the threat of death.
And C...
(electricity zapping)
(Kellan shouting)
(birds chirping)
You try that again,
you won't wake up.
I'm worried about my wife.
(Summers) Four
days, get used to it.
What happened?
You got both my
tasers, got 'em on a rig.
I never saw a rig.
Doesn't matter what you saw.
What you were saying last
night about all these people
trying to get a piece of you.
You're not exactly
popular, are you?
I aim to be alive.
Not be popular.
(tense music)
Need to get busy then.
(dramatic music)
(metal sliding)
(metal clanging)
(dramatic music)
(Melinda panting)
Come out now!
Who is it?
What do you want?
I'll give you some
food if you go!
(Melinda panting)
I'm sorry.
I'm hungry.
Is it just you?
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay, I'm safe.
I need to find Melinda.
I'm Melinda.
Where did you come from?
My house, nearby.
What happened?
My mom and dad got killed.
Honey, I'm sorry,
come here, come on.
Mommy told me to find you.
Are you Jessica's girl?
She was my friend, but I
haven't seen her for ages.
(soft solemn music)
Oh, baby.
(pills rattling)
(drones buzzing)
(tense music)
Bastards have got drones.
Quiltern Lake poachers.
Must have fixed
the circuit boards,
used solar panels to charge 'em.
Why would they need drones?
(drone buzzing)
(explosion booming)
Dropping grenades, gets
'em over the booby traps.
(dramatic music)
They're too fast for that.
Want my target shooter.
(explosion booming)
(dramatic music)
(drone humming)
(shot firing)
Another one.
(drone humming)
(metal shattering)
(drone humming)
(shot firing)
(explosion booming)
Yeah, hell yeah!
Still got some skills, I guess.
Now take the poachers out.
(Kellan) No.
There's still lurking at there.
Yeah, but they're not attacking.
(tense music)
Well, hold on,
what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
(shots firing)
Hey, hey, they're going, stop!
Hey, they're going!
Just leave it.
Yeah, okay.
Don't ever make me risk
my life outta here again.
Crazy old man.
Thought you were protected.
Thanks for the drones.
Should have finished
off the guys.
Mercy's better than vengeance.
Get that from your book?
Something like that.
People don't turn.
(Melinda chuckling)
Honey, come back here, quick.
Honey, put that
down, be careful!
(dramatic music)
Dear, how fast can you run?
Okay. Now go!
Don't look back!
(shot firing)
Question is how many
rounds do you have?
The one that goes
through your forehead's
the only one you're
gonna know about.
(Tia crying)
(Melinda panting)
You all right?
Yeah, yes, honey, yes.
Why don't you tell
me what happened?
Your mom was my friend,
but I lost contact.
She took a picture, showed
me how to find your house.
She said to run here
if anything happened,
My dad tried to fight them.
I hid in the cupboard.
(solemn music)
I heard my mom screaming.
At night, I came
out and ran here.
Come here, baby, come on.
You did good.
You did real good.
Your mom would be proud.
I'm proud.
And if you'd like, I
can look after you.
I can look after you too.
(both sniffling)
(crickets chirping)
You and your wife have kids?
Not yet.
Wise move in this world.
And do we want kids?
In this world.
Has to be some point to it.
(soft music)
We're waiting for a miracle.
You got a mother?
I haven't seen my
father in a long time.
Blames me for my mother dying,
sees me as weak, useless.
Well, you're not
entirely useless.
Why you still have those
drugs and stuff for your wife?
(wood clattering)
What was that?
Just rats.
Are you sure?
No one'll make it
across that ground.
(tape ripping)
Is that rabbit or possum?
Very hard to find caviar.
Your wife.
Is gone.
So we're done.
You loved once, still do?
Sucker's game.
EMP attack, pathogen follower.
Quartered the population, wiped.
No weakness, no love.
I'm okay with that.
I don't think you are.
Had a son, George, full of life,
larger than life.
He was a top dressing pilot.
Hit some power lines one day.
He's gone, I'm still here.
I've got a daughter too.
Tried to reconcile
with her a while ago.
But anyway, nevermind.
(tense music)
(Kellan sighs)
"After the cutting and parry,
a storming shot.
Scream of horses rearing.
Shouts of war are
lost in quiet pines.
And we live calm among
the glades once more.
The metal clearing.
Always loved that poem.
Calm after the storm.
Gotta have the storm
to get to the calm.
Those poachers were
just a warm-up.
To what?
(dramatic music)
This one has got a big mouth.
He's shooting it
off against you.
Well, we can't have that.
You want us to beat him, boss?
No, this was the Deputy Mayor.
- Oh.
- Oh!
(Shell) How's it going, Harry?
Bit rough.
(dog barking)
You used to babysit me.
I liked you.
You were kind.
You were a good kid.
(laughing) What happened to me?
Your father, I guess.
(dramatic music)
I guess.
Oh, you knew.
Knew, but I didn't like it.
You had me at knew.
You were a cricket fan, right?
(Harry) Yeah.
(bat smacking)
(birds chirping)
(shot firing)
Come out, out!
Bloody hell, what are you doing?
You stupid fucker, you
could have killed him.
(Summers speaking
foreign language)
It's alright.
This is Kellan.
I rescued him a year back
from the Locton gang.
They were keeping
him as a slave.
When you arrived, he hid
the fallback cabinet,
Take him food every night.
He's the one who tasered
you, aren't you, sir?
He's a bit scared of
people, been beaten.
Sorry I called you
a stupid fucker.
Sorry I shot at you.
Robbie, you take
my blanket, mate.
Hey, it's alright.
It's alright.
It won't hurt you.
He'll come around.
(soft music)
You all right?
(soft music)
(pills rattling)
(birds chirping)
(Robbie) No!
(Summers) What?
They're taking our food.
(Kellan) Have any other food?
Yeah, but I need my greens.
Let me get 'em.
(dramatic music)
No, no.
The agreement was
to defend the cabin,
not risk my life
for some veggies.
Good, toughening up.
Robbie, you stay here.
(Summers speaking
foreign language)
If you die, Robbie's
gonna be here alone,
I'm not gonna get my drugs.
Is that compassion
or practicality?
Bit of both.
(guns cocking)
(shots firing)
I wouldn't.
Wait, no, no, wait!
(shot firing)
Next time you say I wouldn't,
make sure they know you mean it.
(dramatic music)
Hey, Robbie, Robbie, wait, wait!
Okay, you all right, yeah?
What happened to your parents?
They drank some bad water, died.
I was hiding.
Looking for food.
Then found shelter
with some men.
The Locton gang.
The leader.
He beat me.
(blows striking)
I get that, sucks eh?
Hey, we're gonna
protect you, I promise.
I'll show you.
Here, give me your hand.
Slap, pound, that's a promise.
Good boy.
Summers thinks that cabin
of his is impregnable,
but I've already
unlocked it with my mind.
(dramatic music)
Why do you want
him so bad, boss?
(dog barking)
He's got something I need.
There's more to it than that.
Not if I don't say so.
He's just an ornery old man.
He's anything but!
(speaking foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(Summers shouting)
- What's wrong?
- No, damn it!
(men shouting)
(Kellan) Get off me,
it's Kellan, get off!
(dramatic music)
If you kill each other, I
don't want to live either!
Look here Robbie,
put the gun down, mate.
Put the gun down.
(Summers speaking
foreign language)
Give me the gun.
Good boy.
And we, we need to stick
together and we'll make it, yeah?
(soft tense music)
Back to bed, honey.
I'm just getting a drink.
There's noises outside.
Melinda, Melinda,
Melinda, Melinda!
Please Melinda, please wake up.
(distant rattling)
(Tia hyperventilating)
Come here!
(Tia screaming)
(man grunting)
(Tia screaming)
(rapid tense music)
(Tia panting)
No! (screaming)
No, Melinda, help!
(man grunting)
(man panting)
(Melinda shouting)
(Tia crying)
Okay, okay, you're okay.
(both panting)
(Melinda grunting)
(Melinda screaming)
Do it.
Don't come back.
Weak, so I will!
(birds chirping)
One last day.
That was the deal.
For what?
I can't help with
Shell Mightley.
She comes after I go.
No, it's my fight.
You know her.
Could say that.
(metallic clanging)
(dramatic music)
(Man) Righto.
We want the boy back.
Just send him out.
We'll leave you alone.
Locton gang.
Not happening, Green.
He's ours, you know that.
He's his now.
He's my boy.
I fostered him when
he had no one else.
Gave him a good life,
roof over his head.
Three meals a day.
How many beatings?
(Green) Discipline,
what he needs.
(Summers) He
doesn't need it now.
(birds chirping)
Go on.
Where are they going?
(metal clanking)
(dramatic music)
They won't reach us.
Well, he's getting closer.
(explosion booming)
(metal ricocheting)
Using ladders to
get over the track.
(shots firing)
Think they're gonna
use that thing for cover?
(shots firing)
Come on!
(Man) Double back.
(gunfire drowning out shouts)
You reckon they're
gonna rush us.
No, we pick 'em off.
I reckon they'll leave it
until tonight and have a shot.
(Kellan sighing)
(soft music)
You have anymore?
Do you know how to pray?
(wood thumping)
Quick, quick, quick.
Be very quiet.
(Melinda shouting)
(man grunting)
(Melinda screaming)
Not weak!
(Melinda sobbing)
(metal groaning)
(Melinda panting)
(gun cocking)
What are you waiting for?
You two line up!
(shot firing)
Not wasting a bullet. (panting)
(soft tense music)
(shots firing)
Robbie, go down
the fallback shelter.
You hear them come in the
cabin, take the tunnel and run.
(shots firing)
(glass shattering)
- What now?
- Need to know basis.
(shots firing)
(tense music)
I think they're about to storm.
How's the pacifism?
Receding, like your hairline.
Or fading, like your humor.
(shots firing)
(tense music)
Shut us up.
(shots firing)
Oh, shit!
You all right?
Keep firing.
(dramatic music)
(shots firing)
(all panting)
(shots firing)
(Robbie whimpering)
Be quiet, boy.
(shots firing)
All right. Shut us down.
(Summers grunting)
Drop it.
Put it down.
Good lad.
Gone quiet, he must be inside.
I've got the boy down below.
Safe and sound.
Okay, so why don't you go then?
Gotta see the old
fella off first.
Trouble he's caused me.
I had high hopes for you, son.
I thought you'd harden up.
Become a man.
But nah, you couldn't
take it, could you?
Could never understand
I was doing it for you.
Not to you, like
my dad did for me.
Well, it's a shitty
world out there, boy.
Even more so now.
And you, people like you,
you're gonna be eaten alive.
You're better off out of it.
(tense music)
(Summers breathing)
You're with him now, right?
Well then.
You beat Robbie too?
Oh, don't worry.
He's a good boy, he'll learn.
But you?
Nah, it's too late for you.
What if I stopped you?
(chuckles) Well, I
doubt that's gonna happen.
Don't doubt.
Have faith.
(Green screaming)
(Green grunting)
Let's go again.
(dramatic music)
(Kellan) Won't be coming back.
You stay with it.
(marauders screaming)
That should hold 'em.
Why are they screaming?
I installed acid, not water.
Keep me covered,
I'll go and get Robbie.
(tense music)
Hey, hey, come on.
It's me.
You're all right,
you're safe now.
(Robbie panting)
What are you gonna do?
I don't know, I'm thinking.
Not your strong
point, is it, son?
Like the time you tried to give
your mother her medication.
She had cancer.
She said you...
She asked me to, what
was I supposed to do?
Where were you?
Our happy holidays.
I despised that life.
I hated it.
And your mum, she loved me
and I resented her for it.
I resented the hold she
had over me, that life.
Soft, pointless.
No, this is me strong,
surrounded by the strong.
You're not strong. (sniffling)
You boys aren't so strong now.
Yeah, the Battle and the Fray.
They'll get over it.
Mom loved that poem.
Yeah, looks like you
did us both a favor.
(dramatic music)
(wood rattling)
(dramatic music)
(blows thudding)
(both shouting)
Slimy little shit.
(shots firing)
I think he got away, come on.
(marauders screaming)
- No, no, no!
- Hey!
What do you think you're doing?
This only ends when he does.
Just leave it.
(marauders screaming)
Just leave it.
(soft music)
(screaming continues)
Wait, what are you doing?
It's a mercy killing.
Besides, if we let 'em go,
they'll be back for revenge.
Is that compassion
or practicality?
Bit of both.
(dark music)
(shots firing)
(marauder groaning)
(shot firing)
(solemn music)
(birds chirping)
(tense music)
Melinda, Melinda, wake up!
Well, week's out.
You're free to go.
I'll get the drugs.
Shell Mightley?
Not your problem.
I just leave you
and Robbie here?
You will leave me.
Not Robbie, he's got a future.
Here, you take it.
Drugs all for me.
Thought they were for your wife.
Yeah, but I was too late.
(Kellan) What happened to you?
Forgot to wash my food.
Just once, that's all it took.
So now it's your wife or me.
She gets 'em.
We'll split 'em.
No, there's not enough.
I'll stay and fight.
You give Robbie a future.
Robbie, you go with
Kellan now, okay?
Don't want to, please,
I don't wanna go.
He's got an important mission.
He needs your help.
Please, I wanna stay with you.
I won't leave.
Come on, come on.
- No, please.
- Come on, come on.
Come on, here we go, come on.
No, please.
Hey, I'll look after you, okay?
So take those ladders.
They'll get you out
safely, then run.
(solemn music)
What are you waiting
for, an Uber?
Yeah, I know what they are.
Get outta here.
Feel like I'm
running from a fight.
You'll have plenty.
This one's mine.
Come on, mate. Come on.
Let's go.
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
No prisoners.
Summers dies along with
whoever he's got with him.
(dramatic music)
Come on, let's go.
(shot firing)
Hey, hey, wait, don't
shoot, don't shoot.
Put the gun down.
I'm Kellan.
Do you know Melinda?
Yeah, she's told
you about me, yeah?
Do you know where she is, honey?
Yeah, down there?
Yeah, give me the gun, honey.
Yeah, good girl, you stay there.
Robbie, you stay here with her.
Melinda, Melinda, honey!
Hey, baby.
Oh come on, oh come on.
Okay, come on.
Come wake up, baby.
Come on.
Come on, wake up baby, wake up.
Baby, come on!
Come on, Melinda!
Come on!
Wake up.
(Melinda gasping)
(triumphant music)
Oh baby, baby!
Hey, I'm here, I'm here.
(Melinda gasping)
I'm here, I'm here, it's okay.
How you feeling?
Much better.
Swelling's gone down too.
That was very good.
Who's this?
That's Robbie.
He needs a home.
Hello, Tia.
(tense music)
Those drugs, did you have to...
And old man gave them to me.
You wanna stay with us?
I'm gonna have to go back.
Now, why?
I have to help the man
who gave me those drugs.
Then I'm seeing my dad.
Just one day.
I'll be back.
I'll be back.
(dramatic music)
(Summers gasping)
Hey, hey, hey, take
it easy, easy old man.
Least you didn't say crazy.
Those are for your wife.
She can spare one.
(dramatic music)
Shell Mightley's coming.
I'd been dying to meet her.
You should go home
to your wife and kid.
You could get killed here.
Lord's watching over me.
My faith's still in the barrel.
How you feeling?
Fighting fit.
(soft music)
You okay Robbie,
(speaking foreign language)?
We just have to stick together.
Then we'll be okay.
(Melinda speaking
foreign language)
I need you to be strong soon.
I need to go help Kellan.
It's okay.
She's nice.
Come on, you're okay.
(dramatic music)
(gun cocking)
(explosion blasting)
(electricity zapping)
(men shouting)
We can shatter your
cabin to bits if we want.
That's how I got my nickname.
What about your other name?
(Shell) Didn't
like my real name.
Go ahead then.
Might lose the drugs.
Why even bring it up?
(Melinda gasping)
(Melinda VO) Lord, I'm sorry
for that I have to do this.
Just please keep them
safe while I'm away.
(soft tense music)
Nothing we can do about those.
She won't do it.
I know her well.
How well?
Her real name's
Michelle Summers.
She's your daughter.
I drank a lot in those days.
Used to knock my
wife and her around.
My wife forgave me,
but she never could
Tried to reconcile with her
in Blackton a while ago.
Didn't work out.
She took my office in
more ways than one.
I snatched some more
drugs there, but
the way she treats the town,
I'd rather she didn't get 'em.
So you beat your wife and kid.
Yeah, and I'm ashamed of it.
I've changed.
That's what I
wanted to tell her,
but she wouldn't believe me.
Well, I do.
I've seen the way
you are with Robbie.
(arrow firing)
(dramatic music)
(shots firing)
Those rollies were
just distractions.
This is the real attack.
(shots firing)
My gun is jammed!
(shots firing)
(men grunting)
(men grunting)
(dramatic music)
(Kellan grunting)
(blows thudding)
(Kellan panting)
(dramatic music)
You okay with that?
It's them or us, right?
(Melinda panting)
(tense music)
(Shell) All right, I
assume you're still alive.
I'd be disappointed
if you weren't.
Those were just
the opening salvos.
(dramatic music)
(metal detector beeping)
Come on out!
I'm right here!
My spies told me
you'd made a friend.
Been looking after a boy.
That'll get you killed, daddy-o.
Yeah, well, better love and
a bullet than just a bullet.
You wouldn't recognize it.
You never accepted mom's
culture, her language.
So I decided you didn't
accept me either.
And oh, oh.
The beatings!
Love for me was the
back of your hand.
Yeah, I was stupid,
pathetic, wrong,
but I did love her
and I love you.
He came to see me last night.
(dramatic music)
We bonded over a drink or three,
our mutual hatred
for family life.
The ones on the
roof, rubber boots.
Made for big drops.
(Shell whistling)
(dramatic music)
(combatants grunting)
(blows landing)
(Summers screaming)
(combatants grunting)
(Monk choking)
All right, it's done now.
Accept. It.
What's the matter, old man?
Can give a beating,
but you can't take one.
I'm sick.
Well, join the club.
I need those drugs.
I gave them away.
Don't believe you.
Open it!
(tense music)
(blow landing)
(blows landing)
(Shell grunting)
Hey, he's telling the truth.
Just keep it out of it, son.
Leave it for the grown ups.
You always were a pipsqueak.
I'm a lot stronger than you.
How do you figure that?
'Cause I can forgive you.
Open that safe.
If there's nothing there,
it's your last act.
(voices speaking faintly)
I gave 'em to someone worthy.
Then you have no further use.
(tense music)
Don't worry.
I'll do it for you.
(shots firing)
(Kellan panting)
(tense music)
After the cut and
parry storming the shot.
The screams of horses rearing,
shouts of war are
lost in quiet pines,
and we live calm among
the glades once more.
The battle clearing.
(Green spits)
I'll take the cut and parry.
No pines or glades here.
This only ends when.
They won't be able to.
Ah, we will.
I will.
I doubt that very much.
Don't doubt, have faith, dad.
(shots firing)
(solemn music)
He wasn't gonna change.
(Shell shuddering)
I swapped the taser parts
into the pistol housing.
Don't know why.
(soft music)
(Summers speaking
foreign language)
(soft hopeful music)
Come with us.
We've got a nice house
and yours is kind of...
(fire crackling)
Think Blackton
needs a new mayor.
(Kellan) What are
you gonna do with her?
Keep her locked up, for now.
Maybe she'll turn.
I've heard it's possible.
(soft music)
(metal clattering)
I wouldn't.
(soft music)
This is impressive.
God helps those.
Amen to that.
(soft triumphant music)