Northwest Passage (1940) Movie Script

Stow it forward, son.
All right, father.
Make it fast, my boy.
Yes, father.
Reel her through
the back, alan.
Yes, father.
Must be 5:00, father.
There's the boston stage.
Cap huff, where
you going?
Can't stop now.
I'm on an errand
of mercy.
When did you
start tending bar?
Why, langdon!
Hello, son.
The day
you left for harvard,
i started my education
at studely's tavern.
Hunk marriner's
in sore need of this.
Where is hunk?
On public exhibition.
Bring that tankard here
and let me hide
my face in it in shame.
Well, if it ain't
langdon towne,
my educated friend.
Why, you old possum.
Go over there
and shake hands with me.
I'm glad to see you.
Let me give him that.
Sure this is good
for him?
This ain't
the silly season.
You give it to him.
I'd as soon try
to fill a sieve.
What put him in here
this time?
the king's attorney.
Clagett? Did you bite him
or just kick him?
No. I'm in
for public speaking.
What brought you home
in time for deer season?
You might call it
public speaking.
Pictures speak
louder than words.
The puritan
or the pie?
The pie... harvard pie.
Who's the puritan?
The president of harvard.
Now the president can't
stand the smell of you.
He asked me to go
far, far away.
You ought to know
better than that.
Whiskers on a skunk
grow up, not down.
Well, i've never been
on intimate terms
with a skunk.
Does your father
know about this,
No, and is not
going to be easy
to tell him i've been
sacked from harvard.
Drop over to the tavern
I'll be there, too.
They lock me up
about sundown.
I usually break out
around 8:00.
Here, here.
Mind your step.
Mind my step?
Clages a tyrant
and thief!
I wouldn't be here
if he hadn't tried
to tax my old father
of half
his fish catch!
Save it, hunk.
The time will come.
A hundred years
the townes
rigged-out ships.
They had hoped
to bring into port
a professional man...
a lawyer,
a clergyman.
And now their
first great venture
is dashed
on the rocks
of youthful folly.
I ask your forgiveness
for disappointing
you and mother.
I ask my brothers
to forgive me
for throwing away
my chance.
Aw, langdon.
I want my sons to take up
for their rights,
but i hate
for my boy
to go around
with his heart
on his sleeve.
Yes, mother?
I'm sorry langdon's
lost his chance
to be a clergyman.
He's always shown
his feelings.
Clergymen show
their feelings
on all occasions.
Well, thas
a clergyman's
Artists should show
their feelings, too.
And if he's going
to be a painter,
he's got
to feel about things.
Yes. If he felt
that way,
he felt that way.
We'll have to make
the best of our
Oh, father!
Son, what was
in that pie?
I never
got that far, sir.
May langdon borrow
a sunday shirt
to call on elizabeth
Of course,
but remember...
keep our disappointments
within the family.
I don't want langdon
to bow his head
to reverend browne.
The townes have
been rigging ships
just as long
as the brownes
have been sending
sinners to...
I declare!
I can't believe it.
What can't you
You're more beautiful
than ever.
Oh, no.
Langdon, are those
the manners
they teach you
at harvard?
I thought of you
all the time,
made a thousand sketches
of the way you'd look
when i saw you again.
I'm sure you never
gave me a thought
with all those
lovely ladies
in boston.
I made one good sketch.
You're looking at me
over your shoulder.
Every time i see it,
my heart
comes into my throat.
we don't have to see
your father just yet,
do we?
That horrid
hunk marriner's
told everybody
in portsmouth.
Good evening,
mrs. Browne.
Good evening,
Hi, sam.
now that you have
willfully thrown aside
an education at harvard
and a career
in the ministry,
how do you propose
to support yourself
in life?
I want to be
an artist,
an american artist...
a painter.
A painter?
Heaven forbid!
Painters, actors,
drunkards rolling
in the gutter.
Not all artists
are like that.
Rubens and velsquez
were great gentlemen.
Sir joshua reynolds
is the toast of london.
I mean no offense,
my boy,
when i say that you are not
exactly a velasquez or a rubens.
I can only say that
if you persist
in this career,
then nothing
can save you.
And i am sure
my daughter
thinks as i do.
Don't you, elizabeth?
Father's usually
right, langdon.
Then i suppose
there's nothing
left for me
to say.
Let him think it over,
He'll feel
differently, sir.
Depend on me.
[Fiddle playing
sprightly tune]
[Whistling same tune]
Hey, cap.
One minute, jonathan.
Mr. Studely, you always
do well by your patronage.
Very well, indeed.
Some girl
came from london.
Oh, it isn't
elizabeth's fault.
Is that pompous
old... parson.
I've learned not
to argue with him.
I can't afford to
if i expect to marry
one of his daughters.
If you're trying
to drink yourself
out of lovesickness,
we've got some rum
that will burn the knots
out of a pine plank.
Bring it in.
I wouldn't
drink any more.
Why shouldn't i drink?
Browne said all painters
are drunkards.
The old hypocrite
wouldn't care
if he thought
they'd be rich.
Money and power...
thas all he
cares about,
with rich scoundrels
that put poor woodsmen
like hunk in jail.
Hunk got himself
in jail
for talking against
wiseman clagett.
It was hunk's own fault
for talking.
It was clages fault
for deserving to be
talked against.
Oh, claptrap.
Wiseman clages
the biggest thief
in this province.
Shh. Not so loud.
Oh, i mustn't talk,
or i'll get put
in jail?
I wouldn't
be surprised.
Clagett can steal
100,000 acres of land
from this province,
but nobody
must talk about it.
And he's hand-in-glove
with that indian agent,
sir william johnson.
They let men like hunk
clear the land
and risk being scalped
by indians,
then take it away
from them.
Be quiet, langdon.
They'd steal the pennies
off a dead man's eyes,
but elizabeth's father
wouldn't care.
Well, gentlemen...
to what are we indebted
for this pleasure,
mr. Clagett?
Mr. Livermore,
i find you
in dangerous company.
You may withdraw.
Langdon towne
is my guest.
If you're here to say
something to him,
say it to me also.
You wish
to defend libels
against his majesty's
Certainly not.
Then you've
no business here.
I bid you
good evening.
Packer, open the door
and give mr. Livermore
any necessary
Get out!
Now, sir, do you wish
to make a statement?
Why should i make
any statement?
You've made yourself liable
to very dangerous charges.
You've slandered me,
libeled that good man
sir william johnson,
repeated shameful rumors,
lies, calumnies.
I'd never
repeat calumnies
about innocent men.
Whas that you said?
I don't believe
they're lies.
Langdon, no.
He's dangerously
a threat to the safety
of the community.
Take him aboard
the battleship
in the harbor.
You can't
shanghai me!
I demand that
word be taken
to my family.
Raving from
the effects of drink.
Who's the one raving,
packer or clagett?
Take them both!
Langdon, you're
in bad company...
the lowest scoundrels
in portsmouth.
Why, you...
[hunk marriner]
Out the window,
Take to the woods
and keep going.
Oh, your excellency!
They went that way!
That way!
some talk
of alexander
and some of hercules
of hector
and lysander
and such great names
as these
but of all the worlds
great heroes
there's none
that can compare...
see any redcoats?
No, but there's
a fella inside
in some
green outfit.
54's a lot of miles
without no rum.
Shall we risk it?
and such great names
as these
but of all the worlds
great heroes
there's none
that can compare
to the toh-roh
toh-roh toh-roh-toh
to the british
here, you.
Whas the matter?
We ain't busted
no laws.
You can sing,
can't you?
We haven't
got time.
No? Why'd you
come in here?
Where you headed for?
Makes no difference
when a man gets west.
Help me get this indian
on his feet,
i'll buy you rum.
This indian
wants to sing.
We can't seem
to suit him,
so he's dissatisfied.
he's dissatisfied,
he won't drink
anything but rum.
Unless we get him
to drink beer
so he'll get sick,
he won't be fit to travel,
and he's got to travel.
We'll sing some beer
into him.
All right.
Give us the pitch.
drink to me only
with thine eyes
and i will
pledge with mine
bom bom bom
or leave a kiss
within the cup
and i'll not ask
for wine
bom bom bom bom
the thirst
that from
the soul doth rise
doth ask
a drink divine
bom bom bom bom
but might i of
jove's nectar sup
i would not
change for thine
bom bom bom
bom bom
you my sweet brudder.
Your sweet what?
Your his sweet brother.
Don't worry.
He won't kiss you.
These indians haven't
learned that yet.
He's climbing
a mountain now.
When he gets
to the top,
he'll fall off
the other side.
There he goes,
into the valley.
When he comes to,
he'll be sober enough
to travel.
Gentlemen, i'm obliged.
I need that indian.
What for?
Bring some hot water,
rum, sugar, and butter.
Tout suite.
I owe these gentlemen
something special
and permanent.
Where'd you say
you're going?
I didn't say,
but we're going
to albany.
You're taking
a roundabout way.
Aren't you afraid
of getting lost
in the woods?
Not with the maps
he makes.
You make maps?
You can go anyplace
with his maps.
I've always been
interested in maps.
Ever since i've been
a little boy, i...
"langdon towne.
Harvard college."
Hmm. Quite an eye
for detail.
Ah. Thank you,
Cold rum is just
a temporary drink.
Ill wear off
in a day or two,
but hot rum
will last you
as long
as a coonskin cap.
Whas, uh,
whas this map?
Oh, thas
the northwest passage.
What do you know about
the northwest passage?
All they know
at harvard.
All they know
at harvard.
Where'd you
hear about it?
Oh, tall tales,
trappers' stories.
Whas a harvard fella
like you aim to do
in albany?
We aim to join
dutch traders
and go west.
What for?
Well, paint indians.
Paint indians?
As long as we got...
long as we're going,
i could paint them
as they really are.
Smart fella like you...
can make maps,
drink rum.
I'm surprised
you're not in the army.
I'd be
more surprised if i was.
Well, you never
can tell nowadays
surprise a man next.
We've got enough sense
not to join the army.
We don't aim to dig ditches
and chop down trees
and get shot at
in a red coat
that stands out
like a house on fire.
Might as well
be back in jail.
Well, maybe
you're right.
Maybe what
you're saying
is just plain
common sense.
Anyway, i wouldn't
recommend the british.
Maybe those dutch
up in albany
might just suit you.
Here's to them.
Makes me want
to shoot a panther.
Two or three
drinks of this,
you won't have to
shoot the panther.
Just walk up to him,
kiss him once,
and put him
in your bag,
all limp.
[Fife and drums
What the heck
was that?
On your feet.
Come on,
on your feet.
John, take
that shirt off.
We're military.
Where are we?
Crown point.
Get over
with the scouts.
Kankaba sick indian.
Kankaba so, so sick.
Of course you're sick.
I've never
seen an indian
need a coat of paint
worse than you do.
Where are my maps?
Major rogers took care
of them for you.
Major rogers?
The indian fighter?
is he the fella that mixed
that panther juice?
He brought you here
with that indian scout.
That indian got drunk
and went over the hill.
If you let
one indian get away,
they'll all get away.
So major rogers went
after that indian
The smartest
indian alive
can't think half as much
like an indian
as major rogers can.
We're going to albany,
and i want those maps.
All right.
Come along, and we'll
get them for you.
Rogers thinks
we're drunk enough
to join those redcoats,
he's crazy.
You mean
them clay dolls?
No. Major rogers
ain't no redcoat.
Haven't you heard
of rogers' rangers?
They fight indians mostly,
don't they?
Indians? Hah!
They do everything
Look over there.
Mcneil, where
do you think
major rogers
will take us?
One man's guess is as
good as another's.
Well, here we are.
Wait outside,
Yes, sir.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Anything more i can
do for you, command me.
You can return my maps
and sketchbook
and explain
why we're here.
I owed you both
a good turn.
Is no good turn
i can make out.
Don't you know
we're fighting a war?
The woods
are full of indians
who'd enjoy
using your hair
to make their girls
look up to them.
I see you've left
a girl at home.
It wouldn't be right
for you to go home
without your hair.
There are no hostile indians
between here and albany.
suppose there aren't.
I need a man
who can make maps.
I need him bad.
If you'd join
my rangers
and make a map for me
now and then,
i'd show you
all the indians
you could paint.
Of course, my rangers
are a pretty rough lot,
maybe too rough
for an educated man.
He ain't that educated,
and we can take care
of ourselves.
Then you'll take
to my rangers
like a duck
to water.
They wear
fancy uniforms
and eat like
major generals.
Sometimes there's
quite a spell
between meals,
but that only
whets your appetite.
Now and then
they have to kill
an indian or two.
I want to paint
live indians.
All right. When you
see an indian,
you paint him alive
as long as you
feel safe.
When he gets
too close,
let him have it
and then finish him
with a hatchet.
Well, thas just
plain common sense.
We're going out
and in whaleboats.
You won't even
have to walk
to start with,
just a pleasure boat
ride on the lake.
You can come along
as mapmaker
in boat number one
with me.
How about it?
Good. We'll endeavor
to teach you things
that harvard college
Your orders, major.
I presume
you've planned
your movement.
We go up the lake
far as we can
with the boats.
The enemy will be
watching the lake,
but we'll row by night
and hide by day.
When we leave the boats,
we'll take our chances.
If we move fast
we can do whas
got to be done.
Sir william johnson
thinks you ought
to wait until spring.
General amherst, they
expect me next spring.
Thas why i want
to move now.
As his majesty's
of indian affairs,
i speak
with some authority.
In my opinion,
you haven't a chance now.
General amherst,
speaking for my men
and for myself,
those red hellions
up there
have come down and hacked
and murdered us,
burned our homes,
stolen women,
brained babies,
scalped stragglers,
and roasted officers
over slow fires
for five years.
If you were
in our place,
what would you do?
By jove, i'd go
after them.
Thank you, sir.
Well, then,
I've made it appear
the usual thing
in case enemy spies
are watching the fort.
for inspection!
Present your firearms!
Your scouts seem
anxious enough
to hit the trail.
Where did these mohawks
come from, sir?
Sir william's
offered them as scouts.
Are they scouting for me
or for sir william?
Do you imply
my mohawks
aren't loyal?
They're loyal to you,
and you and i
have never agreed
upon the best way
to deal with indians.
Is crown policy.
Take them along.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Ritchie, my compliments
to the command.
Dismiss the battalion.
right wheel!
your firearms!
To the right,
Forward harch!
Number three company,
to the left, face!
My compliments
to your men, major.
I shall be sorry
to lose them.
We'll be back
in october.
When do you start?
When the last glow
of the sun
has left
the western sky.
Number six boat.
Number four boat.
Number six.
Number seven.
Number seven.
Come on,
number seven.
Where we going?
Think the major tells
before starting out?
He ain't a fool.
We're in
number one boat.
There it is.
Get in.
Take your places, men.
Number 13
filled and ready.
Number 16
filled and ready.
Number 14
filled and ready.
Number 12
filled and ready.
Number 10
filled and ready.
Number one
filled and ready.
Anybody dead
in number 17?
Maybe they
aren't going.
Number 17
filled and ready.
All right.
Send them off.
Push off, men.
Up oars, men.
Buttonmould bay.
Turn in here.
Captain, you'll
post sentries
on the ridge.
Four to watch
and two to sleep
by turn.
No fires, no cooking,
no smoking.
Have the men
get some sleep.
We won't move
till dark.
Does anyone know
where we're going?
Hard to say, son.
Where's that?
Is as good a name
for nowheres as any.
Webster got a letter
His wife died.
He's not feeling
very good.
Oh, thas too bad.
Yes, i suppose a man
does get attached
to a woman
after he's lived with her
a few years.
Where'd you come from?
Is funny i never
seen you before.
I was born
in portsmouth.
I been away
to harvard college.
No wonder
you don't
sound right.
How'd you
come to join
the rangers?
Wiseman clagett.
That skunk clagett,
you know him?
He tried to put me
in jail.
Then when you go home,
some of us better
go with you.
If clagett says anything,
we'll take his jail
to pieces,
just to give him
the idea.
You say when.
These fellas aren't
so bad, after all.
Towne. Major wants you.
Got buzzards bay there?
We'll make it tonight.
That isn't
very far, sir.
Better to take your time
going 10 miles
and make it
than it is
trying to go 30
is such a hurry
that you don't.
These frenchmen pop out
of the water like frogs.
Want to paint
some indians?
I don't see
any indians, major.
Then you'd better
keep looking.
If they see you first,
you'll lay where
they leave you.
We don't stop
for funerals.
Just what did they
teach you at harvard
a northwest passage?
Why, how
the early explorers
looked for
a shortcut by water
through america
to japan,
but they all failed.
Of course. There
is no shortcut.
The only true route
to the western ocean
will be found by men
who break trails
and fight indians.
Thas my aim when
all this is over.
Now you can see
what the enemy
looks like.
Are those frenchmen?
They look like
toy soldiers.
They see our boats,
you'll find out
Get down, men.
Keep your fingers
on your triggers.
Don't fire unless
they see us.
[muffled sneeze]
Better get some sleep.
Yes, sir.
Don't you
ever sleep?
Uh-huh, sometimes.
On your feet.
Come on, men.
Come on.
We're moving out.
Muffle your oars
and oarlocks.
Come on, towne,
get up.
On your feet.
Muffle oars
and oarlocks.
Muffle that oar
tight, jesse,
so the leather
doesn't slip.
Can't have
any squeaks
We're slipping
by the french,
eh, major?
They're camped
ahead somewheres.
The lake's as narrow
as the neck
of a gin bottle.
We've got to sneak by
without the rattle
of a button.
We mustn't even
hear ourselves breathe.
Put some grease
on that leather.
Yes, major.
Wrap wool around that.
Leather against leather
We can
breathe easy now.
We're safe.
Like rats in a trap.
On your feet, men.
On your feet, men.
Come on.
We're moving out.
Come on.
Wake up, men.
On your feet, men.
We're moving, men.
On your feet.
Come on.
Get up.
Uncover your boat.
[Speaking mohawk]
He say mohawk
saw no frenchmen
ahead on lake.
Way is clear
for you.
[Speaking mohawk]
Put them
in the boat.
I don't know.
There were frenchmen
in that camp
we passed last night.
There must be more frenchmen
ahead of us.
Perhaps our friends
just went out to
take a good sleep.
Thas just what
i was thinking.
Well, we'll know
before morning.
All right, men.
Push off.
Push off.
Les get moving.
[Bell rings]
[Ding ding]
[Ding ding]
[Ding ding]
French gunboats
at the mouth
of the river.
We can move
around them tonight.
No, the lake's too narrow.
We'll have to
get around them
some other way.
Turn in here.
Men, some french sloops
are anchored ahead
just beyond the point.
Now, with their lookouts,
we won't get by unnoticed.
We can wipe them out.
Give us a chance.
No, no.
Somebody would be sure
to get away
and announce our coming.
Now, uh...
the only thing to do
is to go where they can't.
Men, if you found yourselves
stopped by the dirty enemy
and you had to
get around him
and you were going to need
your boats again bad,
what would you do?
Major, i'd take
the boats with me
over that hill.
Webster, so would i.
And with as little noise
as possible.
Good work, men.
All we have to do now
is get down
to the bottom.
Funny thing about a boat...
is no good to you
on the top of a hill.
Good work, men.
I'm proud of you.
Did you hear that?
Now bring those mohawks
to me.
Keep a report of this,
Our friends the mohawks
are known
throughout the world
as great warriors.
They've come
a long journey
from their homes
in the mohawk valley,
and we, their friends,
thought they had come
to raise their hatchets
for the great king
their father.
We trusted them to find
the french's hiding place.
They returned saying
they'd seen nothing,
yet three french war boats
were in the way,
enough to kill us all.
It is impossible to make war
if you are dead.
Tell them that.
[Speaking mohawk]
[Speaking mohawk]
He say their father,
sir william johnson,
there is time
make war
and time
not make war.
This is not time
make war.
Well, now we understand
why sir william johnson
sent our brothers
the mohawks to join us.
He sent them
to drink our rum,
eat our food,
and do nothing.
Since they won't
obey orders,
they must return
to crown point.
If they tell the real reason
they came back,
general amherst
might have them shot,
so they'll say
they became sick.
It may seem remarkable
that all of the mohawks
became sick.
They may be called old women
for doing so.
Better to be called
old women
than to be shot.
They will return at once
by land.
Les move.
Get their belongings
from the boat.
I'm going to see
what those sloops are doing.
Them mohawks had pelts
half as good
as a weasel,
they'd be
worth shooting.
I'd burn them alive.
Injuns is
peculiar people.
You can't judge them
like white folks.
Those mohawks
are snakes.
Hey, put that down!
Whas going on here?
you can't do that.
What can't i?
These red skunks
stole the powder
out of the boat.
Blow his head off!
Step aside.
Let this indian through.
I won't back down
for that dirty skunk.
Follow orders.
Go jump in the lake.
You can't
throw us orders.
We've got
more brains
than you.
You dirty provincial.
Dirty provincials?
Thas what
you think.
You and your
and your
black irish.
You ain't rangers.
Your brass-button
filled up
with poisoned
skunk water
and sawdust!
we needed that powder.
If captain williams
hadn't interfered,
none of this
wouldve happened.
You can't
take liberties
with an indian.
No matter how
these indians behave,
you've got to
keep them friendly.
We've got enough
unfriendly ones.
But thas
beside the point.
You didn't
maintain discipline.
The moment
discipline's gone,
everything's gone.
i thought...
captain butterfield,
you're going back.
Report to general amherst
that you got sick, too.
You're sick,
and so is every man
with a powder burn
who goes back
with you.
Captain williams...
captain williams,
i'm putting you in charge
of all these sick men.
You'll start
back at once.
Major, i'd like
to say a word.
Say it.
Counting the mohawks,
you're sending back
40 men.
Thas 20%
of your command.
You can't afford
to lose that many,
Couldn't you...
those orders?
I can still see
out of one eye.
Captain williams,
you're going back
because you're in
no condition to go on,
but most of you
are going back
because you can't
maintain discipline.
I'd make this expedition
with 50 men.
Yes, with 10 men.
I'd do more
with those 10
than i could with 200
who didn't obey orders.
All the men
in this detachment
are rangers.
Do you understand?
They're not englishmen
or highlanders or irishmen.
They're rangers.
And if i find
two men leading together
as americans or englishmen,
by heavens,
i'll send them back
if we're within 20 feet
of where we're going.
Injured men
fall in there.
The rest of us
will push on.
We can't risk
being bottled up
in a little stream.
Fall in!
Follow me to the boats!
Any orders, sir?
Have them
cover the boats well.
Yes, sir.
Well, captain,
this is as far as we can go
with the boats.
Have every man
fill his meal bag.
Assemble all ranks
at the base of split rock
in full marching kit.
Very good, sir.
Captain jacobs, kankaba.
Men, you've followed me
and without questions,
and i appreciate it.
Now the time has come
for you to know
where we're going,
although some of you
probably have already guessed.
Here's general amherst
and our forces
at crown point.
Here's lake champlain
and missisquoi bay
where we are now.
Up here is
the st. Lawrence river
and canada.
And right there
is the spot
we're headed for...
the abanochi indians
at st. Francis.
Thas where
we wanted to go, major.
I don't have to tell you
who the abanochis are.
Most of you have lost
folks and friends
in indian raids
since '57.
You'll find their scalps
at st. Francis.
Some of you men
fought in the battle
on snowshoes last year.
Ask joe turner.
He was there.
He'll tell you.
They captured lieutenants
crofton and phillips
and 20 other rangers.
Lieutenant crofton's
brother is here.
He can tell you
what happened to them.
Yes, major.
I can tell you.
Phillips had
a strip of skin
torn upward
from his stomach.
They hung him
from a tree
while still alive.
They chopped his men up
with hatchets
and threw the pieces
into the pine.
They tore
my brother's arms
out of him.
They chopped
the ends of his ribs
away from his backbone
and pried them
out through his skin
one by one.
Thas what happened
to crofton and phillips.
But they were soldiers.
Tey had to take their chances.
But your folks
on the border farms,
they weren't
fighting anybody.
They were clearing woods
and plowing
and raising children,
trying to make
a home of it.
And then one night,
abanochi tomahawks
at the door.
If it was over quick,
they were lucky.
Now, if there's
any man here
who doesn't want
to follow me
against these indians,
he can step out now.
Destroy that map.
We'll leave provisions here
for our return.
Take two indians
and watch the boats.
If the french find them,
notify me quickly.
Well, men, you won't have
any boats to row,
and you won't have any time
to sit down.
You won't be bothered
with blisters
where you got them now.
We're going
through the swamps
so we won't leave
any tracks.
Number one squad!
Till we're out
of the bog,
we'll march three abreast.
Straighten that line!
We'll stop every hour
to save straggling.
We can't afford
to lose anybody
on this trip.
All set?
We'll go north
all afternoon.
Should strike some
shallow water by evening.
don't bite you,
do they?
You put something on
to keep them off?
Rancid bear's grease.
They hate the stink
worse than i do.
I'll keep
the mosquitoes.
Get off that dry land.
No tracks.
Where does he get
that energy?
Don't you wish
you were like him?
Heck no.
I'd rather
be like me.
Captain ogden?
Captain ogden.
Travel north
by northeast today.
I don't see any reason to
dillydally here any longer.
Very good, sir.
Tell the men
we'll eat breakfast
on the move.
Come on.
Hit the trail.
We'll eat
on the march.
Come on, men.
I've slept in
a lot of worse places,
but right now,
i can't recall
just where they was.
All right, men!
On your feet!
Get that column formed!
Come on.
Keep moving, men.
Too bad this bog
isn't rum and eggnog.
We'd all be mellow
as horse apples.
Save that stuff, man.
Learn to keep going
on a mouthful a day.
Yes, sir, major.
Keep going.
Break your leg,
Yeah, in two places.
Rest here a while?
Thought i would.
Well, you'll want
some tobacco.
Won't need all that,
Oh, you better
keep it, anyway.
Good luck, webster.
Get a redskin for me,
won't you?
Better than that, major.
I've got her loaded
with buckshot.
That's the spirit,
You can't
leave a man behind
like this.
Webster knew
what would happen
if he couldn't
keep up.
And he understands
that you'd like
to help him, too,
that we all would.
He understands the same
as i would myself.
Keep going.
Keep going, men.
We'll rest here
a while.
I've sent jacobs
on ahead.
Should be near
the st. Francis river.
Have the men fall out.
Fall out, men!
Fall out!
Fall out!
Ain't you sick of
sausage and cornmeal?
No, can't say i am,
seeing this is
all we got.
Now, if i had been led
to expect roast turkey,
i'd be sick of
sausage and cornmeal,
but not otherwise.
Major rogers!
The boats!
The boats!
What about the boats?
The french
found our boats!
Captain ogden,
wait a minute.
This concerns
all of us.
When did
it happen?
three suns ago.
How many french
and indians?
Maybe 500.
500? 500?
500? 500?
Well, men, the french think
they've trapped us.
They think
they've cut us off
and that this is the end
of rogers' rangers.
They've been trying
for five years
to wipe us out.
Now they think
they'll have our scalps.
They're probably
counting the money.
1,000 pounds
for my head alone.
They want us pretty bad,
the french do.
Want to know how i feel,
i'll tell you.
We've always done things
they thought were impossible,
and i don't propose
to stop now.
They think they've got us.
They think
we're as good as dead.
They haven't got me,
and they haven't got you.
Not yet, they haven't.
I don't think
they ever will,
if we continue to fight
as we have in the past.
Get out your maps.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant mcmullen...
that's a bad knee,
You'll never make it.
nothing the matter
with my knee.
I'm sending you
back to crown point
with a message.
Remember this map
is a big inverted "v."
We're going up
to st. Francis.
Then we'll start down
past lake memphremagog.
Tell general amherst
to send food for 150 men
to old fort wentworth
or where it was
if it's fallen down.
Circle around the french,
even if you have to make
a 50-mile detour.
They'll be following us.
Take keely and wilson
with you.
They're too sick
to go on.
Don't tell them the message
unless you have to.
If the french take you,
don't let them know
how we plan to get back
no matter what they do.
You've got to get through.
Provisions for 150 men
at fort wentworth.
You're coming back
the eastern leg
past lake memphremagog.
That's right.
That's how
we'll come back
if we come back.
Good luck.
Goodbye, major.
Keely! Wilson!
We're moving!
Big river.
That'll be
the st. Francis.
Tell captain ogden
to have the men fall in.
We'll cross at once.
Yes, sir.
Forward, men!
We ought to be about
15 miles above town.
How many rafts
shall we make, sir?
We got no time
for rafts.
Have the men
plug their muskets.
We'll wade it.
How can we wade that?
you could,
couldn't you,
if you had
a good stout chain
stretched across
to hang on to?
Sure, major,
but we ain't got
no chain.
we'll make one.
We'll make
a human chain,
man by man.
I don't know
that it's ever
been done before,
but that's no reason
why it can't be.
I'll see
what it's like.
Now, ain't he a caution?
We ferry boats
over a hill
where a panther
couldn't crawl.
Now we make a chain
across a river
where a fish
couldn't swim.
All right.
Take your indians
If anybody drowns,
get them.
Can't have any bodies
floating down
the st. Francis
to give warning.
Yes, sir!
Pick your best men.
Come on, men!
Grab a hand!
Take a good hold, men.
Now, don't let go.
How about you, towne?
Do you feel husky enough
to be the first man over?
Yes, sir.
When you get
on the other side,
get out your notebook
and keep count.
Yes, sir.
Keep your feet, men!
Get that man!
Fill it in, men!
Fill in that break!
Come on.
We got to keep moving.
It's boyle. He's sick.
I'll go and get him.
Stay where you are.
We'll have to leave him.
Boyle, keep traveling east,
try to keep out of
the way of the french.
They'll be following us.
Good luck!
Come on, avery.
We've got to keep moving.
When you get across,
tell the men
to pull us over.
Well done, major.
Well done, major.
Nice work,
Shall we bury
the dead, sir?
No time for funerals.
Hide them in the bushes.
Yes, sir.
What do you make of it?
142... 5 are
without muskets.
Not bad.
Could be worse.
I could take quebec
with 142 men like these.
Now draw your loads
and reload with buckshot.
We're heading
for st. Francis.
Forward, march!
[Drums beat]
[Indians chanting]
Let's see now.
hatchet, and...
i've been saving this here
for the fireworks.
They're having some sort
of celebration.
They're probably all drunk,
but we can't count on it.
Every man
must get some sleep.
You're going to need it.
You asleep, langdon?
No. Are you?
What are you
thinking about?
Oh, just things.
Sunday at home.
My mother
in the kitchen
pouring flapjack batter.
at studely's tavern.
Elizabeth browne.
The way
her hand touched mine
when we held
the hymnbook in church.
The major's back,
and everything's all right.
All right?
Yes. We're going
to attack at dawn.
Come on, men.
Come on!
You sure
you got everything?
Hatchet, boots,
bullets, powder?
Kind of wish i was
back in jail now.
Now pay attention.
I've just had
a look at the town.
They've been having
a whale of a time
all night.
Haven't left
a sentry out.
The wind
is in our favor.
Even the dogs
can't smell us.
Lucky thing
for the dogs.
We're to
wipe out this town,
so see that you do it.
Kill every
fighting indian quick
and kill them dead.
Don't kill
our own indians
or the white captives.
Our indians will have
white crosses on their backs.
Remember this...
down there is the food
we've dreamed of...
and we're going to need it
if we expect
to stay alive.
We'll get it, too.
All of it.
you and marriner
go with me.
You, too, mcnott,
and sergeant lucas.
All right.
Now listen to
your company commanders.
Repeat what you're
going to do.
I'll advance
with 50 men and torches.
We'll fire the village, then
move to the river's edge
and hold the beach.
Right. Dunbar?
Hold the ridge
and kill them
if they try
to escape this way.
I'm to barricade
the river road
above the village.
I'll block
the downstream end.
Shoot down the dogs
that tortured my brother.
Attack when you hear me
give the cry of the loon.
All right.
Fix your bayonets.
Report to your stations.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Come on, towne.
I never shot
a man before.
I know just
how you feel.
It's nothing
to be ashamed of.
I was paralyzed
all through my first fight.
Like getting buck fever,
just stood there.
But my old musket
was so well-trained
that it kept
firing and reloading
all by itself.
I killed six indians
and never pulled the trigger.
If i had that gun,
i'd be all right.
When things start popping,
maybe you'll find it.
[Goat bleats]
[Dog barking]
[Dog whimpers]
[Imitates loon]
Under cover, men!
Don't fire till
you hear the command!
Here they come, men!
Stand by!
Prettiest shot
i ever made.
Getting any
pretty pictures?
Looks like you found
that gun all right.
Come on!
Come get 'em.
Drive them back!
Kill them!
Kill them all!
Come on, men!
Come on,
white men!
Dunbar, come in!
Come in!
Some are getting away!
Go on over and get them!
Too young!
Crofton, haven't
you had enough?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Indians chanting]
Tally our losses and
get the men together.
We haven't got
time to waste.
I want towne
to make a report.
Let me go!
You let me go!
Watch it!
What about
None, sir.
The french took them.
There's nothing left
but a few baskets
of parched corn.
Put them in the canoes.
We've got
a long way to go
on that corn.
Divide it up
and tell every man
to fill his knapsack.
Bring those
white prisoners here.
Move on.
Get up here.
What's your name, ma'am?
Sarah hatten
from new hampshire.
They took me
seven years ago.
Killed my husband and
knocked my baby's head
against a tree.
My husband's scalp
is over there
with 700 others.
Oh, don't...
don't leave me here.
I'll look out for you.
The french will be back.
They'll see the smoke.
How many?
About 400
and a band of braves
from here.
It's the truth,
all right.
They'll be back and
put up their stakes again,
and your ugly head
will be the first
on the pole.
What's your name?
Jennie coit.
She's been
living here so long
she's worse than
these red rips.
Ah, rip yourself,
you old hag.
She's white.
She goes back.
Lieutenant dunbar,
get them started
across the river.
I stay here
where i belong!
[Speaking mohawk]
You white devil!
Go on! Get her moving!
Hurry up!
She gives you
any trouble,
stick her in the rump
with a bayonet.
What do we do
with those?
Let them go.
Tell them
i'm letting them go
so they can
give a message
to their people.
Say that
i destroyed their town
as a lesson.
Tell them if they ever
send their warriors
to take the scalps
of our people,
i'll have no mercy
next time.
[Speaking mohawk]
We attacked at 5:17.
It's 6:10 now,
and we're still here.
Assemble the men.
We've got to get moving.
Where's towne?
Have you seen towne?
Langdon towne!
Take two men
and burn the fort.
You can't use
all those moccasins.
I'll keep them
for you.
Crofton, have you
seen langdon towne?
I let him
see me first.
How does it feel, son?
Well, sort of like...
i spilled
hot soup on myself.
We got to travel.
Come on.
Put your weight
on me now.
We won't say
nothing to the major
about this.
Come in here!
All right!
Get them in the boats!
We're ready
to go, major.
Don't any of
these red hellions
have man-sized feet?
Lieutenant avery!
Captain ogden!
All right.
Shove off.
When we get
on the other side,
i'll build
a stretcher for you.
Be careful of him.
He's pretty bad wounded.
I'll be
right behind you,
Assemble all the men
over here.
Line them up,
Here we go.
Line up!
Captain's orders!
Over here!
Get out of the water!
Out of those canoes!
Out! Out!
Out of those canoes!
Hurry up, men.
Join your companies
and report at once.
Assemble over here.
How many men missing?
Seven, sir.
Three, sir.
It might be worse.
Towne's wounded.
He's lying there, sir.
Now pay attention.
Pretty soon
there'll be 500 frenchmen
and indians back here
looking for
their silverware
and sunday britches.
We've got to
keep ahead of them,
and we've got
to get to food.
How do you aim
to get us back, major?
Go any way
but that swamp again.
Then we'll strike out
for lake memphremagog.
Then we'll go
to old fort wentworth
and food.
Did you say food?
How far is it, major?
We ought to be able
to step into the lake
in 10 days.
You can
rest your stomachs
all the way.
When we get there,
maybe we can stop
to hunt and fish.
Salmon, trout,
and deer steaks.
Will that suit everybody?
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Before we start,
every man eat
a handful of corn.
That's a banquet.
What do you think
the french will eat
at st. Francis?
Nothing but roast indians.
All right, ogden!
Start them south!
Right face!
Right face!
Right face!
Didn't you
hear assembly?
Join your company,
Langdon's wounded.
I'll look after him.
I ain't going
to leave him.
Another word
and i'll have you shot.
Join your company.
Yes, sir.
Don't give up, son.
Are you hurt bad?
That's the first thing
i've had in my stomach
in days.
Can you walk?
You know my orders.
I can't let the men
carry extra burdens.
Have you tried to walk?
How do you know
you can't walk
unless you've tried?
You know,
when people want to
badly enough,
they do
all sorts of things
they didn't know
they could do.
What's a little piece
of lead
to a great big
husky fellow like you?
you've got
a sweetheart at home,
ain't you?
Well, now,
what are you
going to do,
lie here and rot
and let
some other fellow
take her away from you?
Where's that book
of yours?
Let's see.
Didn't i see the picture
of a pretty girl in here?
Why, sure i did.
My, my, my.
Do you think i'd lie here
like a newborn calf
if i had
a girl like that?
Not me.
Is she really
as pretty as that?
Come on.
Come on!
Now, i'll
help you this far
but no farther.
A ranger puts
his left foot forward.
Now your right.
That's the spirit.
Here, you!
Whatever your name is,
come over here!
Bring that
little indian boy.
Your name is billy.
Get over here.
Give this soldier
a little support
until that blood
stops running.
That's it. Left!
In a few days,
you'll lick any man
in the outfit.
Left! Right!
I'll see you
at sundown, harvard.
Keep on your feet,
They're all you've got
between you and bread
and molasses.
I'm glad
you can't see yourself
in those beads, mcneal.
Ha ha ha!
What have you got in
that knapsack, crofton?
You better throw it away
if it's heavy.
It's not heavy.
It's light.
Ha ha ha!
fall out!
Make camp!
Marriner! Beacham!
Yes, sir.
Come on, son.
How are you feeling?
I'm all right.
I'm first-rate.
That's good.
Don't you think
you better sit down?
No, i better not.
If i sat down,
it might be pretty hard
to get up again.
No, i'd better not.
You sure ought to be glad
that hole isn't in you.
I guess you're right.
But that's as nice
a place for a hole
as i could think of
if i thought all day...
if you have to
have a hole.
How far have we come?
Oh, about 15 miles,
as near as i can figure.
It's almost sundown,
isn't it?
Jesse and me will
take you into camp.
You go with the women
where you belong.
I'm fixing his bandage.
I'll tend to that.
Go on!
Do like i tell you.
Go on! Get out of here!
No! Leave me alone!
Here, you mink.
Don't you start
raising cain with these men
or i'll turn you loose
in the woods.
Go ahead.
Turn me loose.
I didn't ask
to come, did i?
Turn me loose,
why don't you?
Some of us
could carry him, sir.
Got a couple of poles i can
fasten a blanket between.
Like a hammock.
I won't do it.
I'm all right,
i tell you.
As long as i can
stay on my feet.
He's right.
If we carried him,
he'd be like
a baby for weeks.
If you can go
15 miles today
with that hole in you,
you can go anywhere.
How far is it
to lake memphremagog?
It's about...
ask her.
It looks like
she's going to
take care of you.
i'm proud of you.
You've been eating
too much.
How much of that corn
have you eaten today?
I had two handsful.
I got pretty hungry.
Guess i must be
feeling better.
Well, you can't have it.
You'll walk 10 days
on 1 handful a day.
You're not going
to get more now.
Are we almost
to memphremagog?
Ask that big moose
up ahead.
There's the lake,
plenty of fish there!
We're going to eat!
There's the lake.
This way!
Wait. Where do you
think you're going?
A mess of trout
for supper.
A mess of french lead
and hatchets for supper,
more likely.
What's the matter
with you men?
But, major,
you said when we
reached the lake,
we could stop
to hunt and fish.
Sure you did.
Put yourselves
in the shoes
of that french commander
that found our boats.
If he's guessed
we came to memphremagog,
he came here, too.
I'm going down
with the indians to look.
The rest of you,
stay here
until i get back.
Major, my men are
mighty hungry.
They've got corn,
haven't they?
Captain jacobs,
If you fellas
were smart,
you wouldn't
have to eat corn.
Hey, there.
Hey, there.
Don't take the red one.
I'm saving that
for dessert.
Where's the food?
Didn't we make it?
Langdon, you're just
in time for a little corn
with the rest
of us roosters.
See the patch
in that moccasin?
That moccasin
belonged to webster,
the man we left
in the swamp.
Same french indian
who killed webster.
They come here, too.
You can't expect
the men to keep going
day in and day out
without food.
A few grains of corn
won't keep their bodies
in condition.
You said when we got
to lake memphremagog,
we could hunt and fish.
We've been talking
things over.
If we can't hunt here,
we think we should hold
an officers' council
and take a vote on what's
the best thing to do.
That's regulations,
if you want to do it
that way.
I vote to get to wentworth
as soon as we can.
But, major, my men
are starving.
If we don't find
something to eat,
we won't go
That's right.
What do you want to do?
Stay here and fish
and get roasted alive?
No, sir,
but the men feel
they'll be all right
if they
could split up
into hunting parties
and look for game.
That's what
my detachment thinks.
We could hunt,
then join up together again
and meet
anyplace you say.
[Major rogers]
Your men grumbling, too?
Not grumbling,
they just want
a little food.
Game's as scarce
as hen's teeth.
Gone out
of the woods,
i guess.
A big party
like this
will drive away
what's left.
Captain ogden,
what's your idea?
Well, sir, it's pretty hard
to drive hungry men,
but i think
we'd be better off
if we stick together.
[Men jeer]
Now, wait a minute.
I agree with ogden.
We're all pretty hungry,
but a hungry man
can go on
a lot longer
than he thinks he can
if he keeps his courage.
You know,
i'm pretty hungry myself,
but it's better
to be hungry
than to be cut up alive
with hatchets.
We'll be safe when we get
to wentworth.
That's only 100 miles
from here,
as the crow flies.
But, major,
we ain't crows.
Wait a minute.
You know,
this is tricky country.
It would be
a mighty easy place
for a small party
to get ambushed in.
We'd better vote,
All right, we'll vote.
Well, that settles it.
We'll split up
into four parties.
All detachments
will meet here
at eagle mountain.
I'll have maps for you
before you leave.
And don't miss me
at eagle mountain
because you'll
never find wentworth
by yourselves.
All right,
get ready to go.
Number one company,
form over here.
Number two company,
form over here.
Number three company,
over here.
Sergeant mcnott.
Yes, sir.
Send the white women
with captain jacobs,
sergeant clark,
and half
of our scouts
across to crown point.
Sergeant clark.
Yes, sir.
If them french
and injuns
would lend me
a boat and bait,
i'd go catch me a trout.
You ain't hungry,
are you?
I'd rather not
discuss it.
You won't starve.
I'll see to that.
Say, if you got food,
fetch it out.
No. You ain't
hungry enough yet.
Ha ha ha.
What's the matter
with crofton?
I don't know, sir.
No, no, no, no!
That's mine!
That's mine!
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you,
and i'll eat
your head, too.
No, no, no, rogers!
No, no, no!
What did he have
in that sack?
The head of
an abanochi indian.
I'm sending you
with farrington.
Why, sir?
Because you've
got an education
and farrington hasn't.
A man with an education
isn't apt to get discouraged
and quit
as quickly as one without.
Don't worry.
You've got one advantage
over the rest.
They just want to
stay alive,
but you want to stay alive
and paint pictures.
It's pretty hard
to destroy a man
who's got
a real incentive to live.
Yes, sir.
Give one of those maps
to each
of the detachment commanders
and tell them, above all,
to watch out
for ambush.
I'll tell them, sir.
We'll make a ranger
out of you yet.
I'd like to go
and look after
langdon towne.
You can
help towne more
by fighting off
the french
than by trying
to look after him
when he can look
after himself.
You're right.
But i'd hate
to be a man
and always be
as right as you are.
I'm not a man now.
I'm a soldier
in command of men.
If you ever meet me
when i'm just a man,
you may have to use
a little charity.
I'm sorry, major.
We'll meet towne
and everybody
at eagle mountain.
Thank you.
Let's get
those lizards.
Water's hot, major.
What have you got
to put in it?
Four hawks,
five squirrels,
eight frogs,
a wood sparrow,
a blue gingky,
27 lizards,
and a hat full
of minnows.
Well, it won't taste
like roast goose,
but it will take
the hunger cramps away.
Ogden, we're ready
for that rock tripe.
It will kill the taste
of the lizards.
Yes, sir.
Come on,
dump them in, men.
There's more
hungry rangers
on the way.
Jesse, you can
have my share
of the stew.
Ain't you
feeling well, son?
I don't want it.
I'm going home.
Home? What are you
talking about?
I'm going home
for supper...
in concord.
Where do you
think concord is?
Right over there.
Look, avery.
Right over there!
Let him go.
You can't catch him,
and i
won't shoot him.
Where do you
think he'll land?
Right in the middle
of those hills.
Maybe next summer,
somebody will find
a leather hair ribbon
and be christian
to bury whatever
they find with it.
Don't swallow
those bones, men.
If you're stomach's
they'll cut
right through you.
Be at fort wentworth
before long.
We'll get some real food.
Be careful, now, men.
Just a little bit.
I know it's
not chicken broth,
but get it down
and keep it down.
Whatever it tastes like,
boys, it's food.
Hold your nose, son.
Your stomach will never
know the difference.
It will get you
to wentworth.
Yo, rangers!
Yo, rangers!
Grant's detachment, sir.
Where are the rest?
We shot a moose.
We were hungry enough
to eat it raw,
but mcneal started
yelling about stopping
to cook it.
I guess the french
heard our shot.
They made us carry it
back to camp.
Then they tied us up
until they
started killing...
[major rogers]
Go on.
Well, they gave us
a bone apiece to gnaw on,
but mcneal here
sawed his thongs
in two in the night,
and he let me loose, too.
Good work,
Yes, sir.
If you'd eaten
that moose raw,
we'd have something
inside us!
Come on!
Stop that!
Rangers don't
act like that!
Get up!
Get up!
Beats all how
many people there are
that don't know enough
to thank god
they're still alive!
See anything
of dunbar's men
or farrington
or towne?
No, sir,
not a thing.
Eat some of that stew.
You'll feel better.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
I wonder what
kind of food
has sent to
fort wentworth.
I don't know, but i wished
he sent old cap huff
from studely's tavern
back in portsmouth.
He's a friend of mine
and langdon towne's.
He'd bring
them big sausages
and hams
cured almost black,
chocolate cakes
and ripe cheeses
and cigars
from the sugar islands.
That pale brown rum
that makes a man feel
like he was half moose,
half panther
in a touch
of an earthquake.
You know what we used
to call them minnows
like we threw
in the stew last night?
Little stinkpins.
you always spoil
Rogers' rangers!
detachment, sir.
Glad to see you,
Carry on,
Carry on.
He went back
to see that dunbar
didn't get lost.
Didn't you wait
for him?
We waited 12 hours.
Had these men
to think of.
Yeah, but...
that's quite right.
Give him some food.
Yes, sir.
Come along, captain.
You want to look
for towne,
your duty's
done here.
Thank you, sir.
I'll get my musket.
Major rogers!
Ranger towne!
How are you, son?
I was worried
about you.
Glad to see you,
my boy.
Where's dunbar?
I saw what happened,
but i couldn't help him.
When they cut up dunbar,
he was still alive
and screaming.
Any of them
get away?
They killed them all.
They were playing ball...
with their heads.
Playing ball
with their heads?
You men better dry
your blankets.
If the weather
we might have
a little trouble.
We might have
a little trouble.
We might have
a little trouble.
I don't know
but what is right.
Come on, son.
Towne, you can take over
the orderly book again.
When did you
make these pictures?
On the way
to st. Francis...
about 100 years ago.
Mmm. I can smell him.
Major robert rogers.
No flattery either.
My boy,
you're quite an artist.
Oh, here's the lady again.
Who is she anyway?
She lives
in portsmouth.
By jove,
she is beautiful.
Make a man
swallow his tobacco
just to look at her.
She's proud, though.
She knows
what she wants,
and she's
going to get it.
Well, men,
we've come all this way,
and there's still 50
of us left.
That's 50 more than
general amherst expects.
Now on we go
to fort wentworth.
Only three days away,
then all the things
we've dreamed about...
roasted beef,
ham, bacon,
chocolate, coffee,
and plenty
of hot buttered rum.
Does that sound good?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Then form ranks.
Number one company,
on your feet.
Number two company,
fall in.
Fall in.
Hurry it along.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
We'll get...
army rations...
coffee, sugar...
come on, men, keep moving.
Stay on your feet, men.
Come on, men, come on.
Keep moving, men.
Stay on your feet, men.
Come on, keep moving.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
We're almost there.
Right, left.
Right, right.
Left, right, left.
Shut up!
Left, right.
Left, right.
1, 2.
1, 2.
1, 2.
We're almost there.
1, 2.
1, 2.
Fort wentworth!
There she is, men,
just as i told you.
Only two miles more,
then food.
Come on, now.
Quick on your feet.
No falling behind,
Fort, it's rogers!
Put it on the table.
We're all ready.
Come on, redcoats,
bring out the roast beef!
It's rogers!
Fort wentworth,
it's rogers!
Rogers' rangers!
Fort wentworth...
fort, it's rogers.
Rogers' rangers,
back from st. Francis!
Where is everyone?
Fort... fort,
it's rogers!
Rogers' rangers from...
hey, we're back.
Almost there.
I never thought
we would eat again.
Hope there will be
some steak.
I'll take gravy.
Come on, men, fall in.
Press it up,
press it up here.
Listen up.
Steady, men.
Take care.
Take care, men.
Left face.
Quarter arms.
The first thing
we've got to do
is get this fort in shape
for amherst and his men
when they arrive
with the food.
Farrington's men
will clean up the grounds.
Rogers' men will look
for roots and fish.
Lots of roots here.
Good to eat, too.
Marriner, take some men
and burn this litter.
Fall out
and get to work.
You heard the order,
Get to work.
Major, in the name of god,
let them rest.
Let them die!
We've lived on your promises
long enough!
We can't stand
They're right, major.
We won't do it.
Get up.
Get up
and start your fires.
Fires and warm shelter,
that's something, isn't it?
Get up.
Stand on your feet
and do what's to be done.
You're going
to act like rangers.
They'll be here
with the food.
I've never promised
you anything
that you didn't get.
Until they get here,
you've got to make
this place fit to live in.
Why? Because you're not fit
to go on any farther,
and when that happens,
you've got to stop
and live here where you are.
You know, you could be
a lot worse off.
towne's an educated man.
Wasn't there somebody
in the bible
who went without
any food for 40 days?
40 days?
I think there was
someone in the bible
who fasted for 40 days.
Uh, moses, i think.
There. Do you hear
what towne says?
Moses went without
the slightest taste
of food for 40 days.
He didn't have
any good cooked roots.
He didn't have
a single bite,
did he, towne?
No, not a thing.
No food, no water.
There. Do you hear that?
No food and no water.
Look at the water
we've got.
Good, clean, fresh water.
What do you suppose moses
would have given
for a mug of it,
let alone buckets-full
like we've got?
Instead of lying here,
doing nothing, giving up,
we should be giving thanks
for what we've got.
i'm not much
of a hand at prayer,
but maybe i can remember
a few bible verses
that i've
always believe in
and that have helped me.
"The voice of him
that cryeth
in the wilderness..."
"prepare ye
the way of the lord,
"make straight
in the desert
a highway for our god.
i will do a new thing,
"shall ye not know it.
"I will make a way
in the wilderness
and rivers
in the desert..."
"and a highway
shall be there
"and a way...
"and wayfaring men,
though fools,
shall not go astray
[Drums and fifes play]
form ranks.
Form ranks!
Rangers, attention!
I remember when that gun
used to be spotless.
You're getting careless,
aren't you?
You know that's
against regulations.
Keep that
under your shirt.
Shoulders back,
shoulders back.
Eyes, front.
Your daughter ought to
be quite a lady by now.
How many children
have you?
Five, sir.
Be glad to get home,
won't you?
How's the arm?
Better, sir.
Shoulders back,
eyes front.
Shoulders back.
Get that gun up.
Shoulders back,
eyes front.
Eyes front.
Marriner, you look
better than when you left.
Steady, men. Steady, men.
Back in the ranks.
Eyes front.
Batallion, halt!
[Major rogers]
Sir, i have the honor
to report the abanochis
are destroyed.
Rangers, present...
gentlemen, may i
have the honor?
present arms.
Hip, hip, hooray!
[Crowd cheers]
Left face!
Present your firelocks.
Shoulder your firelocks.
Here are
your warrants
and orders, major.
I suggest you
read them yourself
to your rangers.
Rangers... at ease.
Pay attention to orders.
"Know all men
by these presents
"that i, george ii,
by grace of god,
"king of great britain
and ireland,
do hereby authorize
and entrust..."
"my devoted liege...
"major robert rogers,
whose stout arm
and brave heart..."
"Whose stout arm
and brave...
by his unswerving devotion
to duty and..."
i'll tell you where we're
going in plain language
so you'll know where we are
when we get there.
You think you're going
on a duck hunt
like that st. Francis
Oh, no.
It's all signed,
sealed, and delivered.
We're taking a walk first
for our appetites,
about 1,000 miles
to a little fort
called detroit,
but that's just
the jumping-off place.
Why, you rangers haven't
seen any indians yet.
You're going to see
the plains indians.
You're going
to see the red men
of the shining mountains
and those men along
the mighty river oregon...
red men white men
have never seen before.
Because we're
going to end up
by the great
western ocean itself.
You're going to find a way
across this continent,
a northwest passage.
You'll see hardwood groves
like cathedrals,
corn stalks
as tall as elms,
rivers packed
with salmon trout,
and grass so high
the cows stand
knee-deep in it
and give nothing
but cream.
Just think
of all the lands
and the peoples
you're going to see,
and all
at the king's expense.
Just think of it.
A trip any man would give
his soul to make,
and you're going
to get it all free.
Oh, i forgot to tell you,
you won't have any boats
to row.
All you have to do
is just walk along
through ottawas,
chipewyans, wyandots,
miamis, sauks,
shawnees, sioux.
Well, i'll sort them
all out to you
when we get to them.
Rangers, attention!
Left step, march.
Forward, march.
[Band plays]
Ain't you going?
I've been.
All your life, langdon,
are you going to be sorry
you didn't go?
No. I've made
my choice,
but before i'm done,
his face
will look down
the art galleries
of the world
on the history
he's made...
the history
he's going to make.
Eyes left!
Too bad
your sweetheart
won't let you
out of her sight.
She's not holding
me back.
Yes, she is.
She wants you
to stay at home.
Isn't that right?
No. I don't want him
to stay at home.
We're going to london.
Yes. I want him
to be a great painter.
There you are. I told you
she was ambitious.
You'll never end up
an amateur mapmaker
who gets himself shot
every time he looks
at an indian.
This passage you hope
to find, major.
Is there such a thing?
There's bound to be.
Before i'm done,
i'll load a canoe
with the goods
of japan and end
by coming down
the hudson river
to new york.
I'll see you at sundown,
Is there, langdon?
Is there
a northwest passage?
Who knows?
It's every man's dream
to find a short route
to his heart's desire.
If the major
dreams long enough,
he'll find it.
Will we hear
from him?
Hear from him?
Every time we look
across a river,
we'll hear his voice,
calling us
through the wind.
But he'll be within us,
no matter where we are
or he may be...
for that man
will never die.