Noryang: Deadly Sea (2023) Movie Script

My life
appears like dew,
and vanishes...
like dew.
Earthly splendors
are but dreams within dreams.
Withdraw our forces
from Joseon.
My son, Hideyori...
Take care of him.
- Father!
- My lord!
Lord Chancellor!
Hurry up!
Move it!
Hurry up!
Did you speak to Liu Ting?
He said...
he has no control over the Ming navy.
He suggests you ask Commander Chen Lin.
Is that so?
We should not have
trusted Liu Ting, sir!
After all those bribes he accepted...
How long will our supplies last?
As things stand, five days at most.
Soldiers are starting to say
they must feed on corpses
to survive without rations.
We were the last to
receive the withdrawal order.
Ieyasu must be trying
to delay my return.
If so,
his ally Kiyomasa will
leave Ulsan Fortress
and return before you.
That bodes ill.
Who knows what they will be scheming?
The young lord
Hideyori will be in danger.
We must return at once!
But the blockade...
Wae soldiers are moving from
Namhae to Changseon Island.
Wae forces from Goseong have
also gathered on the island.
The enemy may be evacuating
the Gyeongsang region,
but it is possible
that they will reinforce Yegyo
Fortress to break our blockade.
That seems unlikely.
Take a look over there.
It has been a while since
Konishi had that beacon lit.
And yet,
no Wae forces are coming to his aid.
Their leader has died and the
soldiers are too busy fleeing.
Konishi is the one
under pressure, not us.
I agree.
With our blockade in place,
Konishi has no choice but to surrender.
It will not end so easily.
Over the past seven years,
Konishi has been central to the war.
He will not surrender that easily.
Not without a battle.
We must prepare to face an attack.
- Yes, Admiral.
- Yes, Admiral.
Commander Chen, help us
open a way for us to leave.
I beseech you!
Surely, you would approve.
The war is over, Commander!
He beseeches you to open
a way for them to leave.
It is in your power alone
to end this war.
Let the past be forgotten.
Please, seize this chance for peace!
Do you mean to say,
you repent for your past errors?
He asks if you repent
for your past errors.
- That is...
- "The road to invade Ming."
You demanded of Joseon,
"Lend us the road to invade Ming,
and we shall spare Joseon."
"The road to invade Ming."
"Lend us the road to invade Ming,
and we shall spare Joseon."
Your late leader Hideyoshi
was a madman!
Was he not?
I am here to propose peace,
not to surrender.
He says he proposes
peace, but will not surrender.
And if I refuse?
What will happen if he refuses?
In that case,
Ming forces will suffer
many more casualties.
If so, Ming forces will
suffer many more casualties.
How dare you!
Go tell Konishi.
Peace comes at a price.
I offer no peace to him!
Begone, I say!
Begone at once!
At once! Do you hear?
You made the right decision, Commander!
"Peace comes at a price."
I shall prepare for battle, sir.
No need.
How many beheaded enemy
heads are we taking to Osaka?
Nearly 2,000 heads.
We shall offer them all to Chen Lin,
along with the treasures
we seized in Pyeongyang.
Since he asks for a price,
we must pay.
Chen Lin is not like Yi Sun-shin.
He, like us, must
return to his homeland.
even if Chen Lin tries
to lift the blockade,
Yi Sun-shin will fight back.
My son...
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You must escape!
It is my fault.
It is all my fault.
Admiral, Junsa reports.
Just as you predicted,
one of Konishi's ships
entered the Ming base.
Was there a skirmish?
None, sir.
All right.
Do you not wish to return home?
You may leave with your Wae compatriots
if you wish.
The commanders may be unaware,
but the soldiers know by instinct
that to return home,
the war must be over.
Once the war is completely over,
I shall do as you say.
- Stop.
- Stop!
You are not even wielding
your family's sword.
How dare you try to deceive me?
I have already heard
from other prisoners.
After you fought in
the second invasion,
you passed through Asan in Chungcheong
and came all the way here.
I heard you passed through
Asan, Chungcheong, on your way.
Surely, you know what I mean.
Tell me
exactly what you have done in Asan.
Did they truly murder Admiral Yi's son?
They confessed the deed, did they not?
They even mentioned the exact location.
In that case, should
we not inform Admiral Yi
and have them beheaded?
For now, keep it a secret.
Former commander Yang Hu
sends intelligence from Ming.
Dear Commander Chen Lin,
the Wae leader Hideyoshi
died a few months ago.
By the time this letter reaches you,
the Wae forces in Joseon
will know of this fact as well.
Liu Ting was bribed by Konishi.
Contrary to his reports,
Liu Ting did not join in the battle.
Wae forces were ordered
to withdraw from Joseon.
No wonder Liu Ting
stopped his attacks on land.
Konishi must have told him himself.
Liu Ting was aware of the withdrawal
and deliberately chose to avoid damage
as he considered the
war to already be over.
Already over, you say?
The attack on four fronts.
The joint attack on land and sea was
supposed to destroy the enemy.
And yet,
none of the attacks were successful.
The enemy still occupies
Suncheon Fortress.
I ordered Admiral
Yi to join the attack.
So, why did he fail to capture Konishi?
Your Majesty.
Please quell your anger.
Hideyoshi is no more.
The archipelago
abroad will fall into chaos.
The Wae forces will hasten
back to their homeland.
The war is won.
Your diplomacy secured
the arrival of Ming forces,
which enabled this victory.
I believe it is for the best,
as opposed to Admiral Yi
retaking Suncheon Fortress.
Admiral, we have
reached our headquarters.
Pull harder!
Is this panokseon warship
the flagship of Right Navy
Admiral Lee Eok-gi?
Yes, sir.
After the Battle of Chilcheollyang,
it drifted at sea.
We finally hauled it here.
During the battle,
after Admiral Won took flight and
the chain of command collapsed,
Admiral Lee battled on
until the very end,
then threw himself into the sea.
The warship can still sail.
It shall be our flagship.
Admiral Lee will join us
in spirit and fight with us.
Mother has arrived.
Your palanquin is ready.
Very well.
I will be out shortly.
I saw Myeon in my dreams again.
Even as a spirit...
he only visits his father.
How I long to see him
if only in my dreams.
We have mountains of these heads
on Namhae Island.
Let me pass through the blockade,
I shall bring back ten times more.
He promises ten times
more if you let him through.
Will you be requesting reinforcement?
He asks if you will be
requesting reinforcement.
Even if you let us pass,
Yi Sun-shin will attack us.
He expects an attack by Yi.
To break the blockade
and buy time to evacuate,
a slight show of force will
be necessary, will it not?
It will be just enough to
make time to evacuate.
A slight show of force
will buy us enough time
for Commander Konishi to
leave Yegyo Fortress and the area.
I assure you,
it will be a mere standoff.
It will be just enough
to let Konishi leave.
Even if Yi attacks
and a skirmish ensues,
the Ming forces will not be harmed.
Commander Konishi gives his word.
Konishi gives his word that the
Ming forces will not be harmed.
How can I trust him?
He asked how that is to be trusted.
you have only to follow
the current tide of war.
It is the best solution.
He asks that you follow
the current tide of war.
What a sturdy warship you have built.
My soldiers and rowers
will be well protected.
The sturdy warship will protect
his soldiers and rowers, he says.
Konishi has sent a letter
to Commander Chen.
Konishi will continue
to send such letters.
Lend your support to Commander Chen
so that he may stand
firm, Vice Commander.
I see why you have gifted
me this panokseon warship.
I confess that, unlike Commander Chen,
I do not understand
your full intentions.
However, I shall accept your gift.
You can trust me, Admiral.
Junsa sends a report.
Three Wae ships entered the Ming base.
- Not one, but three?
- Yes.
Each ship was fully loaded
with cargos of some sort.
Commander, will it be
fine to let them through?
No need to worry.
Wae forces are withdrawing to
Changseon Island, are they not?
That is why I am worried.
If I were Konishi,
I would send a messenger
there to request reinforcement.
I expect as much.
What do you mean, Commander?
if the enemy on Changseon
Island decides to sail here...
Then Admiral Yi must
relent and lift the blockade.
It is the only solution.
Is it not?
What is the meaning of this?
What brings you here at this hour?
Father, look!
Chase the ship.
It must not escape.
- Yes, Admiral!
- Yes, Admiral!
He ordered them to chase the ship.
We will depart on my ship.
Vice Commander!
Vice Commander!
Why bother chasing a single ship?
That way! It must have sailed south.
Turn the ship!
It is not an open seaway?
Why, this is...
Let the enemy leave.
You have won enough battle honors.
He asks that you let the enemy leave
since you have won
enough battle honors.
Let me be clear.
As a leader, I will not speak of peace.
Nor will I let the
enemy leave in peace.
Then how about this?
We let Konishi leave.
Then we attack the remaining
Wae forces on Namhae Island.
He suggests letting Konishi leave,
before attacking the remaining
enemies on Namhae Island.
I shall take my leave.
I must hurry.
You are only trying to avenge your son!
You are holding Konishi
responsible for it, are you not?
He is asking if you are blockading him
so you can avenge your son.
What are you doing?
These are Joseon people.
Not Wae enemies.
He says they are Joseon
people, not Wae enemies.
Not enemies?
Are you defending
those traitors, Admiral?
He asks if you are defending traitors.
Your emperor sent you here
to save Joseon.
The emperor sent you
to save Joseon, he says.
Then why do you let the enemy live
and kill innocent people instead?
He is asking why spare the
enemy and kill the innocent.
You are right.
He says you are right.
The emperor gave me
this sword,
commanding me to save Joseon.
But Admiral,
the emperor added this caveat.
If anyone defies his representative,
I may kill them
on the spot.
I do not flee from death.
However, as a leader,
I will not let the enemy live
and let my people die.
If you refuse to join me in this fight,
I shall disband the Joseon-Ming fleet.
He will disband the joint fleet
if you do not join his fight.
- Admiral!
- Assemble the commanders.
Joseon will go to battle!
Yes, Admiral.
I beg of you!
Please save my commander, sir!
At any moment now,
the enemy will lay
siege to Yegyo Fortress.
No, perhaps they already have
as we speak.
Please do not forsake my commander
for the young lord Hideyori's sake.
You talk too much, just like him.
Did you expect you would be able
to talk your way out of trouble?
I suppose that is why
Konishi chose to send you.
As for protecting the
young lord Hideyori,
every other daimyo
has pledged to do so.
Did Konishi send you
just so you could repeat
such useless words?
How disappointing.
Hear me!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Tomorrow morning,
we will sail to Busan.
There, we will join Commander Toudou
and return to our homeland.
- Yes, Commander!
- Yes, Commander!
Not to Busan, Chief Commander Shimazu!
To Yegyo Fortress!
"My life
appears like dew,
and vanishes like dew."
"Earthly splendors
are but dreams within dreams."
Even dreams of Osaka.
Why, you...
How dare you repeat
the Lord Chancellor's dying words.
Do you wish to hear
Konishi's honest words?
This letter...
It carries Konishi's true message.
For seven years,
we failed to win and now
withdraw for one reason,
Yi Sun-shin's naval stronghold.
Once we withdraw,
it will be impossible to
avoid conflict with Ieyasu.
If, amid the upheaval,
Yi Sun-shin invades our islands,
who among us could defeat him?
Now is our chance
to destroy Yi Sun-shin.
If you agree to go to battle,
esteemed Chief Commander Shimazu,
I will leave Yegyo Fortress
to reinforce your fleet
and attack Yi from the rear.
Once he is vanquished,
no one will dare to challenge you.
Not even Ieyasu
would defy you.
How clever of you,
revering me with such honor.
Yi Sun-shin...
Prepare for battle.
Set sail to Yegyo Fortress in Suncheon.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Thank you, sir!
Thank you!
Set sail to Yegyo Fortress in Suncheon!
How dare he threaten to
disband the Joseon-Ming fleet?
Please, Commander.
Give orders to have Yi beheaded!
If you try to do so, the Joseon
and Ming navies will go to war.
And if you disband the alliance
without the emperor's orders,
there will be consequences.
Commander Chen,
let us adjourn for the day.
- Are you all right?
- Are you all right?
Leave me be.
The prisoners who
killed Admiral Yi's son...
Round them up.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Councilor Ryu Seong-ryong
has sent a letter.
The Wae forces will withdraw
as Hideyoshi has died.
Our victory in this war
owes greatly to you.
However, Councilor
Yun Du-su and his faction
might scheme against
Crown Prince Gwanghae
and stir conflict in the court.
Such is my worry.
Please, maintain your current fleet
in support of the Crown Prince.
Why are you burning the letter?
The state councilors...
care only about politics after the war.
Hoe, my boy.
Let us share a drink for
once as father and son.
Go and fetch some rice wine.
Admiral, Captain Song reports.
Vice Commander Deng
has sent you a message.
Who are these men?
He asks who they are.
They killed his son in Asan.
Commander Chen was
fortunate to capture them
and ordered that you
should be notified at once.
These men killed your son, Myeon.
Commander Chen ordered
so that you could be notified.
These are the murderers!
They killed your son in Asan!
Those men are guilty
of killing your son.
He says,
they are the ones
guilty of killing your son.
take your revenge
by taking their heads.
Then lift the blockade.
Let us return to our
base on Gogeum Island.
He urges you to lift the blockade
and return to Gogeum Island.
There is no need...
for needless sacrifices.
He says there is no need
for unnecessary sacrifices.
They are not the culprits.
He says they are not the culprits.
Why do you insist on going to battle?
Out of loyalty to your shameless king?
Is that why?
Or tell me,
is it to avenge those who died in war?
Everyone knows the war is over!
Even your king!
The Joseon navy is astir.
The leader's star up north
shines brightly tonight.
Indeed, it is quite bright.
If it were not for that star,
Joseon would have met its doom.
What are you staring at?
I apologize, Commander.
I simply did not know
that you held Admiral
Yi in such esteem.
Such esteem?
Just now, you implied
that he saved Joseon.
Your emperor sent you here
to save Joseon.
If you refuse to join me in this fight,
I shall disband the Joseon-Ming fleet.
He fights on,
but does his king even appreciate it?
I do not think so, sir.
Yet why does he go to such lengths?
It is one of two reasons.
Either he is determined to die,
or perhaps...
Let us visit the Joseon base.
Wae forces from Sacheon and
Goseong are on the move.
The Joseon-Ming fleet has
not disbanded yet, has it not?
let us hear your battle plan.
As the joint fleet still stands,
he wishes to hear your plans.
Our men scoured the
area and located Wae forces
on Changseon Island,
east of Namhae Island.
Their fleet is composed of 500 ships,
their largest fleet since
the start of the invasion.
It will take six hours
for them to reach us,
passing through Noryang Strait
and reaching Gwangyang Bay.
It will take them six hours to reach
us by sailing through Noryang Strait.
You make it sound as
if they will attack tonight.
He says it sounds as if you are
saying they will attack tonight.
They will, tonight.
He says they will attack tonight.
We let only one ship pass.
I doubt they would react so swiftly.
He let only one ship pass and
doubts they would react so swiftly.
In any case,
we cannot fight on two fronts.
How will you proceed when you will have
no choice but to lift the blockade?
The blockade will need to be lifted
as we cannot fight on two fronts.
He asks how we will proceed.
Right here.
We will meet the
enemy at Noryang Strait.
He will meet the
enemy at Noryang Strait.
So you will wage a battle?
He asks if you will be waging a battle.
Even there,
we will be surrounded, front and back.
Even at Noryang,
he says the enemy will surround us.
Konishi will not know
that we have set sail
from Gwangyang Bay.
We will deceive him.
That is impossible!
How will you deceive such a clever foe?
He will not be deceived for long.
Hence, this battle
must end swiftly.
He says the battle must end swiftly.
How would that be possible?
The enemy has 500 ships.
Given their 500 ships,
he asks how that
plan would be possible.
The enemy will sail
from Changseon Island
through the nighttime
fog en route to Noryang.
We will confront
them at Noryang Strait.
We have until sunrise
to lure them here and annihilate them.
That place is...
Bring the cargo!
We must hurry!
As ordered,
we lit torches on the galleys.
The enemy will not be fooled for long.
Do not worry, sir.
I shall do whatever it takes
to keep Konishi here.
Do not risk your life.
Simply send word as soon
as Konishi deploys his fleet.
Yes, Admiral.
Here is the list of casualties
over the past seven years.
We all wish for it.
Let us destroy the enemy,
down to the last ship.
For the sake of revenge,
I would lay down my life
with no regrets.
Shimazu, I suspect,
will abandon us and sail home.
Or else, why would
he not come to our aid?
We will hazard our lives
and attempt to break their blockade!
We must take action, sir!
We have no more supplies.
At this rate...
That is not possible!
Shimazu will arrive without fail.
So many torches...
The enemy fleet
seems larger than usual.
Set sail, Omura.
The torches do look
unusual, do they not?
Shimazu is on his way.
At this speed, we will reach
Yegyo Fortress by dawn.
They would not have
imagined such a swift attack.
Not even Yi Sun-shin.
On the contrary, he will know.
Yi has a network of spies.
Even in Osaka and Kyoto.
So, what of it?
I am simply saying so,
so that we may be prepared.
Demons of Satsuma,
the Satsuma army!
We are called thus,
even here in Joseon.
They may stab at us,
but as long as we breathe,
we will rise to our feet
and kill them instead.
We are rightly called demons!
We shall descend upon Yi like demons
and destroy his fleet!
Without fail!
The currents are
quickening! Lower the sails!
We arrived at Dae Island
across Noryang Strait.
And the enemy fleet?
They left Changseon four hours ago.
They will arrive soon
at Noryang Strait.
I will explain once more.
We will wait here, south of Dae Island,
to ambush their vanguard ships.
In that case,
we will wait here, farther north.
Allow me to be honest
about why I am here.
I refuse to sacrifice any more soldiers
for a war that is already over.
But the presence of the Ming
fleet will embolden your men,
and once the Wae forces
see Ming ships behind you,
they will withdraw in greater haste.
Do you truly believe
that they will withdraw
without a fight?
I do indeed!
Send forth the galleys.
That hazy outline is Dae Island, sir.
If we continue southward, we should
reach Gwangyang Bay in two hours.
What is that?
What is this?
It is the enemy! Prepare for battle!
All soldiers, prepare for battle!
Prepare for battle!
Yi Sun-shin...
Send forth the turtle ships.
Yes, Admiral.
Request relief from Shimazu. Now!
Chief Commander!
Terazawa requests relief!
All ships, full speed ahead
toward Terazawa's vanguard.
Yes, sir!
All ships, full speed ahead!
Full speed ahead!
Full speed ahead!
It is the mekurabune!
The mekurabune has returned!
The mekurabune.
I burned it myself during
the Battle of Chilcheollyang.
Have they already rebuilt it?
However, this time, we came prepared.
Chief Commander!
Over there! It is the Ming fleet!
Charge forth.
Yes, sir!
Charge forth!
Order the third-line panokseon
warships to advance.
Yes, Admiral.
Chief Commander!
Enemy ships are advancing on our fleet!
Close in.
- Tell Toyohisa.
- Yes, sir!
Fire the cannons!
Stand and aim!
- Take aim!
- Fire!
Close in!
Close in!
Close in!
Throw the jars!
- Throw the jars!
- Throw the jars!
Throw the jars!
Retreat, now!
Chief Commander, the
enemy fleet is retreating!
It cannot be...
Stop the ships. Now!
Stop the ships!
Stop the ships!
Stop the ships!
- Shoot the arrows!
- Fire the arrows!
Put out the fire!
Chief Commander, there is
no way to bypass the firestorm!
Behind our ships,
Tachibana's rearguard
is charging forward.
How amusing.
A fire attack amid fickle wind.
Tell Toyohisa
to load the Joseon
cannons we seized in battle.
The cannons, sir?
If we fire in haste,
our vanguard might take the hit...
Do you mean...
They displayed such courage.
We must display our
own resolve in return.
Hurry, for the sake of our main fleet!
We must quell the
fire to reach the enemy.
Aim at the mekurabune
and the vanguard. Now!
Dither, and we will
all be burned alive!
Aim now!
Aim now!
What is the meaning of this?
How dare you?
Admiral, the turtle ships...
Charge at their flagship.
We must go for the kill!
Fire all cannons!
Attack the flagship!
Load the...
Look! The mekurabune is sinking!
- Charge!
- Charge!
Admiral! Another line of enemy ships!
Load the cannons.
Load the cannons!
Load the cannons! Hurry!
Avoid cannon fire! Rotate to port!
Rotate to port!
Cut the grapnel ropes!
Board their ship!
Admiral Yi!
Admiral Lee's vanguard
ships are under attack.
They waited here to ambush our fleet.
But instead,
Yi Sun-shin dug his own grave.
Yi Sun-shin.
He will not be able to hold off both
me and Konishi at the same time.
"A slight show of force," they said.
Yet this is too fierce.
Hold your ground!
Command all ships to advance.
Yes, Admiral.
All ships!
All ships, charge!
Cannons, fire head-on!
Archers, shoot!
Yi Sun-shin!
It is much too fierce.
Do not tell me...
all of this was...
It is just as you suspected,
Commander. Yi Sun-shin is not here.
Sail at once to Namhae.
We must go as promised.
Yes, Commander!
Raise the sails! Hurry eastward!
Admiral Yi's enemy is our enemy!
Destroy every ship!
Look, Commander!
Vice Commander Deng
is attacking without orders!
Who is that man?
He is Deng Zilong,
the vice commander of the Ming fleet.
The Ming fleet?
Konishi said they
would not be interfering.
Has this been his scheme all along?
Pushing me into battle
so that he may flee.
No, sir.
The main Ming fleet
will not be interfering.
Chief Commander Shimazu.
Chief Commander!
The main Ming fleet is charging forth!
Chief Commander Shimazu!
I swear, none of this
was his intention, sir!
Commander Konishi is on his way!
Cut out his tongue.
Tie him to a galley mast,
and hand him over to the enemy.
Yes, sir!
Take him away!
Yes, sir!
Please believe me, Chief
Commander Shimazu!
Commander Konishi
will be arriving soon!
I beseech you, Chief Commander!
Commander, what made
you change your mind?
This is too fierce for
"a slight show of force."
I must see it for myself.
Let the enemy know
that we are advancing.
Yes, sir!
Sound the battle
drums and battle horns!
Sound the drums and horns, louder!
Tachibana's rearguard
is nearing us, sir!
You must command an attack
to avoid stalling their ships.
Do you see that?
That open sea, sir?
It is the southern sea.
We will lure Yi in that direction.
Then we shall attack
with Konishi's fleet.
Will Konishi arrive?
He will.
He is on his way, no doubt.
Yes, sir!
Rotate the ships!
Head southward!
Commander, it is the signal to retreat!
Retreat at once!
Retreat with the main fleet!
Rotate southward!
Commander, look!
They are retreating at the sight of us!
I have ordered all ships
to stop their chase.
Chief Commander, it seems
they have given up the chase.
Maintain the speed as
they will come after us.
Once Konishi arrives,
we will mount a joint attack.
Maintain the speed.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Maintain the speed!
Chief Commander.
This is...
It cannot be...
Land ahead!
Yi Sun-shin's fleet is closing in!
The enemy will sail
from Changseon Island
through the nighttime
fog en route to Noryang.
We have until sunrise
to lure them here and annihilate them.
That place is...
Flee to safety on shore!
Aim again!
There is no mercy for
men who turn their backs!
Every man who flees
will meet their death!
Fleeing will not save you!
Stop your weeping!
Do you have a death wish?
Sound the drum, Captain Song.
Advance again.
Yes, Admiral.
They retreated, only to be
trapped in Gwaneum Harbor.
How unfortunate.
Do you not agree, laoye?
He pities the enemy for getting
trapped in Gwaneum Harbor.
Let us return now.
Over 100 enemy ships
were destroyed tonight.
That is enough.
You have had your vengeance.
He says that should be enough
for your act of vengeance.
I will not forget.
We were able to come
this far, thanks to your fleet.
The Joseon fleet
will finish this battle.
Sail back safely.
Now, Captain Song.
To Gwaneum Harbor.
Yes, Admiral.
We will not let you pass!
Move out of our way!
We must fight!
It is not like you to be unreasonable.
I cannot stop now.
Go, Captain Song!
Out of my way!
Look, Admiral Yi!
Do you not see those wounded men?
How do you expect
them to keep fighting?
I foresaw as much.
If we stop fighting, then...
Konishi is on his way.
His fleet is sailing eastward
from Yegyo Fortress.
Konishi left Yegyo Fortress.
He is on his way here.
Konishi, you little...
How dare you deceive me?
Still, it is not too late.
We can withdraw.
How will you battle against
both Shimazu and Konishi?
I have a request, Commander.
Yi Sun-shin is withdrawing!
He is withdrawing!
Konishi is on his way.
Yi Sun-shin...
Chief Commander.
The Ming fleet is advancing!
How foolish of Yi.
He is mistaken to think that
Chen Lin can withstand my fleet.
Do you wish to live?
I do wish to live, sir!
Where are you from?
A village in Hyuga Province.
Do you have family back home?
My newlywed bride
and a child.
The child was only a baby when I left,
so by now...
Please let me live.
I wish to live too!
- I wish to live too!
- I wish to live too!
Do you truly wish to live?
Yes, sir!
I wish to live!
I wish to live too, sir!
- Please, sir!
- | do not wish to die!
- I wish to stay alive, sir!
- Please, sir!
If so,
there is only one way.
That over there.
Destroy those demons,
and you can go home.
We will cut through them.
Now, let us return home.
Give your all to
return to our homeland.
That is the only way
you can return alive.
Fire the cannons!
Make way!
Full speed ahead!
Full speed ahead!
Second line forward!
- Second line forward!
- Second line forward!
It is an elaborate
formation, Commander.
Withdraw the ships.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Rotate at once!
Out of the way!
The ships will collide!
What a disorderly fleet.
Fire the stern chaser!
I will bring that old man's head
this time, Chief Commander.
Pursue at full speed!
Yi Sun-shin is here!
Yi Sun-shin is here!
We must split their
fleet down the middle.
Yes, Admiral!
Fire the cannons!
Go forth!
Increase fire.
We must swiftly
destroy their rearguard!
Yes, Admiral!
Yi Sun-shin.
Why, you little...
Look, sir.
The Ming ships are returning!
Take aim!
Take aim!
Keep advancing!
Are we not keeping a distance, sir?
It is too dangerous, Commander.
The situation has changed.
Close in!
Yes, sir!
But Commander...
Close in!
How foolish of them
to advance toward us.
They are doing us a favor.
Send forth the sekibune warships.
Yes, sir!
Fire the cannons!
Keep circling instead of boarding!
Hold your ground!
Increase fire!
Vice Commander! Enemy ships to port!
Now! Board the ship!
Our men are boarding
the Ming ships, sir!
We are surrounded by
enemy ships, Commander!
- Defend the ship!
- Defend the ship!
Enemies to the rear!
If we capture that man alive,
we may be able to end this war at once.
Charge toward his ship.
I shall seize him myself.
Yes, Chief Commander!
Rotate toward the Ming flagship!
Rotate toward the Ming flagship!
Archers, shoot!
Captain Song!
- Yes, sir!
- Rotate the ship at once.
We must rescue Commander Chen.
There are too many ships in the way.
And there are still
enemies at the rear.
I will go to him.
A galley can sail through the ships.
Make sure you survive.
Enemy ships are incoming!
Board their ship!
Capture him alive.
Protect Commander Chen.
You must leave, sir!
After him!
Please leave without me.
What do you mean?
I failed to protect you.
Allow me to right my wrong.
Shen Li...
Come on board, Commander Chen.
Thank you.
I have been foolish.
Show him inside.
Yes, sir.
Please follow me.
Where is Junsa?
Where is he?
Who are you?
Are you from Joseon?
Or the archipelago?
Sir, the mast!
The mast is falling!
Watch out!
For the past seven years,
I have fought a righteous battle.
I have no regrets.
Yi Sun-shin.
We must leave, sir.
What is keeping you so long?
We do not have much time left!
Unless we retreat, we will be trapped!
Rotate all ships.
Yes, Chief Commander!
I shall give the signal to withdraw!
Rotate toward Yi.
Charge at his flagship.
But sir...
We must capture him
in order to end this war.
Do you understand?
Rotate the ships!
Charge at Yi Sun-shin!
We are the Satsuma army!
Capture Yi Sun-shin and end this war!
Seize Yi Sun-shin!
The Satsuma army shall prevail!
All men, charge!
Close in!
Stop them!
Commander Jung Un!
Commander Eo Yeong-dam.
Admiral Lee Eok-gi!
You are not alone, Father.
I will be fighting alongside you.
Protect the admiral!
Fend off the remaining
enemy with your bows!
Is that laoye?
Admiral Yi is urging us on.
Take courage!
We will win this battle!
All men, charge!
Look over there.
Do not worry about me.
We need more cover.
Bring more shields!
Leave it to me.
Bring me another drum mallet.
Yes, sir.
Must you carry on?
I have made it clear, have I not?
If we let the enemy
leave in this state,
they will return with
greater vengeance.
Captain Song, signal a charge.
Forgive me, Admiral.
I cannot. Not this time.
Can you not see?
This war
cannot end this way.
Letting the enemy leave alive
is no way to end the war.
We must fight.
We must chase them to
the ends of their archipelago
until they completely surrender.
Yes, sir.
I will signal a charge.
Raise the signal and sound the horn!
Charge forth!
They are not stopping at all.
Chief Commander!
How could this be?
We must withdraw, sir!
Why did the drum stop beating?
Annihilate the enemy!
All men, charge!
Stay calm!
How is this possible?
That drum...
Stop that drumming...
Turn the ships.
But Commander,
what about Shimazu?
Turn the ships!
Turn the ships!
We have won!
Hansan Island,
Where does it lie?
A drop of verdant green
In the vast sea
Gogeum Island,
Where does it lie?
Faraway in the south sea,
Along the shore
Our Admiral Yi
Has fought a hundred battles
He reached up
To the heavens
The battle must continue.
Do not spread the word...
of my death.
We cannot let the war
end this way...
Did Admiral Yi
leave any more last words?
He said, "The war cannot end this way."
"Letting them leave is
no way to end the war."
"We must fight."
"We must chase them to
the ends of their archipelago
until they completely surrender.
"Completely surrender."
He is correct.
The war cannot end without it.
Your Royal Highness,
I come bearing good news.
As of today, Suncheon's Yegyo Fortress
has been reclaimed by Joseon.
Now, the seven years of Wae
conflict have finally come to an end.
Wae conflict, you say...
It cannot be considered
a mere conflict.
It was a devastating war.
Of course, Your Royal Highness.
Do take a look.
That up north is the leader's star.
The leader's star?
Those who know all speak of this truth,
that were it not for that star,
Joseon would have met its doom.
I wonder,
how is it shining so
brightly in this daylight?
It is one of two reasons.
There is a message yet to be told
or a deed
that is yet to be done.