Not Cinderella's Type (2018) Movie Script

(light music)
- [Indy Voiceover]
My life was perfect.
I had an incredible
mom who loved me.
I was her princess and she
kept me safe from everything.
The only pain I ever knew was
when I tripped and skinned
my knee but my mom was always
there to make it all better.
Dad left before I was
born so it's always
I actually believed that
until two years later
when I learned what
pain really was.
The day my mom left, too.
- That funeral was way too long.
She didn't do
squat with her life
you think that they could've
shortened all that talk.
- I'm hungry.
- Oh, I know, the
food was terrible.
Let's go see what we
have in the fridge.
And here's your room.
Our neighbor's grandmother
died so they gave us her bed
so you be sure to be grateful.
- Okay.
- I know it's a
little plain right now
but tomorrow morning
we'll talk to Uncle David
and see what he
thinks about letting
you decorate a little
bit, how's that?
Won't that be nice?
- Okay.
- Look, I understand
that your mom just died
but I will not have
you moping around.
You will have chores
to do and you'll
be expected to help
around the house.
- Okay.
- And you will be
keeping this room clean.
You're 10 years old, there's
no excuse for messiness.
- Okay.
- All right, well, we will talk
about your chores
in the morning.
- Goodnight.
(door slamming)
(light music)
(alarm beeping)
- Well, Mrs. Wiggins, we
can't stay in bed all day.
Time to get up.
- Mom, my phone screen cracked.
- Well honey, get a new
one right after school.
- Kaitlyn, you want it?
- Ew, no.
- Can I have it?
- Indy, hurry up.
I have an early
morning meeting today.
- Sorry, I...
- [Clarise] Bye, girls,
have a great day.
- [Kaitlyn] Oh, I'm going
shopping with Jayda after.
- Okay, have a great time.
Good morning, Mrs. Whitman.
- [Indy Voiceover] This is life.
Every school has their
social stereotypes
like the band geeks, the
jocks, the underachievers,
I guess I fit in with the
too-normal-to-classify kids.
Certainly not with
the popular crowd.
I'll leave that
to Bryant Bailey.
Ugh, so annoying.
Some girls throw themselves
at Bryant all the time
and I really don't
understand it.
Jayda and Kaitlyn especially.
But there's a lot I
don't get about them.
That one's Bryant's
sister, MacKenzie.
I don't know her but
she seems decent.
At least she has a reason
to be around Bryant.
- So some of you haven't--
- [Indy Voiceover] Moving on
then, it's class after class.
and P.E.
Ugh, how I hate P.E.
And I get this every day.
They get to eat out
every day but Clarise
never gives me money for that.
- [Maxton] Hey, Indy.
- Hi.
- [Indy Voiceover]
And that's Maxton,
he keeps me sane, as
best friends should.
(bell ringing)
And that's my life
day in and day out.
Isn't it grand?
I mean, it's not perfect
but whose life is?
(alarm beeping)
Sometimes I wonder
what it would be
like if Mom were still alive.
With her I felt my
life was perfect.
- Well, this is awful.
You must've learned to
cook from your mother.
- [Indy Voiceover] But
after she died I didn't
expect that to stay the same,
but I also didn't
expect it to get worse.
- [Kaitlyn] Come on,
Jayda, we're gonna be late.
- I'm coming.
(Mrs. Wiggins meowing)
(tires screeching)
- [Indy] No!
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to,
I didn't even s...
I'm so sorry.
- [Jayda] It was fabulous of you
to stop by the
other day, Bryant.
- Yeah, you should
come by more often.
- I didn't stop by,
I hit Indy's cat.
- I totally forgot about that.
- Hey, Indy.
- Stop, he's gonna see me.
Is he looking?
- Yeah, he's coming this way.
- Indy.
- Let's go.
- Wait wait, I need
to get my stuff.
(Bryant sighs)
(bell ringing)
- Bye, Bryant.
- Bye, Bryant.
- [Dr. Bailey] And
there's my son.
Hey, Bryant.
- Thanks for stopping
by, Dr. Bailey.
I'll get those sessions with
the students
scheduled right away.
- Thank you.
- So, how'd it go?
- Great, great, yeah,
I've got several patients
that come to this
school and now I can
hold counseling
sessions here without
them missing too
much class time.
- Cool.
- Speaking of which,
shouldn't you be
off to class yourself?
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- That's her.
The one who owned the cat.
- Oh.
- Yeah, she's avoiding me.
- Yes, I see that, yeah.
Hey, it'll be all right.
She'll eventually hear you out.
- All right, see ya, Dad.
- Are you ever gonna
let Bryant apologize?
- Can't run and talk
at the same time.
- That's not an answer.
- Why should I?
It would only give him
a clear conscience.
- Yeah, and you're above that
whole forgiveness nonsense.
- Right?
Wait, no that's not--
- [Maxton] Oh jeez, oh.
You all right?
- Karma hates me.
What are you doing here?
- Being a gentleman
and helping you up.
- Little heads up next time.
- Sorry.
We still have class.
- Hey.
Are you just gonna
keep blowing me off?
- What more do you expect?
- I just wanna make
it up to you one day.
- The best way to make it up
to me is to leave me alone.
- Wait.
Please forgive me, Indy.
- Before you killed my cat
you hadn't even said two words
to me and now you
expect me to be nice?
No, Bryant, I won't forgive you.
That cat was the last
gift I got from my mom
before she died so
please leave me alone.
I don't want your pity.
- [MacKenzie] All right, Dad,
it's your turn to cook tomorrow.
- Already?
- No takeout though.
- Why not?
- Yeah, why not?
- Because we need to
eat a little healthier
and that's your
cop out every time
it's your turn to cook.
- Hey, I'm the doctor,
I say it's healthy.
- You're not that
type of doctor.
- What's up, Bryant?
- Just thinking.
- Everything all right?
- That girl that
I told you about.
- [Roni] Oo.
- What's her name?
- Okay.
Shoo shoo, both of you.
- [MacKenzie] Sweet, all right.
- The one with the cat?
- Yeah.
Indy Zimmerman.
Not sure I'm ever gonna
be able to apologize
without her throwing
something at me.
The cat was a gift from her
mom before her mom died.
- Zimmerman, Indy.
Or is it Cindy?
- I--
- She lost her mother a
few years back, right?
- I don't know when.
How do you know?
- Okay, have a seat.
Come on.
Maybe if you know a
little bit more about her
it'll help you apologize,
be a friend for her.
- [Clarise] Indy, get down here!
Indy, what is taking so long?
Get down here now.
- No.
- Cindy Ella Zimmerman,
if you don't get
your butt down here this second
you'll be grounded again.
What is wrong with you?
It is not a holiday, there
is no breakfast downstairs,
David has work, the
girls have school,
and I have people coming over
for a presentation at three.
- Oh, my head is killing me.
- Ugh, so you expect
us to eat cereal?
- I'm sorry, I just don't
feel very good right now.
- Ew, you look awful, too.
Maybe I don't want
you spreading around
whatever disease
it is you've got.
Especially since I'm doing a
presentation on essential oils.
Okay, all right,
we'll have cereal.
We'll just have the
girls hide the mess
and you can deal with it later.
Hey, isn't this Jayda's shirt?
- There was a stain on it,
she said she didn't
want it anymore.
- Well, you didn't
work very hard
to get this out in the laundry.
Get it out and get
it back to Jayda.
(whistle blowing)
(crowd clapping)
- Hey, Maxton.
- Oh, hey, what's up?
Do you need something?
- Uh, yeah, I was
just looking for Indy.
Do you know where she is?
She wasn't at school today.
- I think she's at home.
She text me earlier that
she had a killer headache.
- Oh, that makes
sense why she's not
at your game too, then, huh?
- No, that's actually
pretty normal.
Her aunt and uncle
are kind of strict.
- Oh.
- You still trying
to talk to her?
- Uh, yeah, yeah.
- I'm sorry, dude,
Mrs. Wiggins was--
- Wiggins?
- Her cat.
- Oh.
- Yeah, anyway.
Special cat.
- Yeah, I got that.
All right, thanks, Maxton.
- Indy loves company,
her room is up here.
Indy, are you there?
I've got something
that will cheer you up.
How are you feeling, sweetheart?
- I'm actually a lot
better now that I slept.
- Hey.
- What in the world
are you doing here?
- Look who it is.
It's the boy who killed your cat
and he wants to apologize
and he has a present for you.
Isn't he the sweetest?
- Very.
- Well I still have
guests downstairs, so.
So sweet.
- What are you doing here?
- I knew you'd say no so I
just came without asking.
- Caught that part.
What do you want?
- I'd like us to be friends.
- No.
- Look, do you have something
against guy friends?
- Of course not,
Maxton's my best friend.
Look, I know you're only trying
to be my friend out of pity
and I don't want that,
I want genuine friends.
- Well, I'm genuinely
worried about you.
Can't that be a start?
- You are no more
worried about me
than my aunt and uncle are.
What's in the bag?
Smells good.
- This?
Just a little peace offering.
- Food?
- Captain Jack's famous burger.
- You're kidding.
- And there's fries as well.
I knew I'd get on your
good side eventually.
- Don't push it, I'm starving.
Why are you here?
- Well besides feeling
bad about, you know,
hitting your cat, I--
- Murdering.
You murdered my cat.
- Besides feeling bad
about murdering your cat
I don't know why I'm here.
I just feel like this is where
I need to be so here I am
and maybe you need me.
- Great, now I'm just terrified.
- Just hear me out.
- This has absolutely
nothing to do with me.
If you need to come
here to feel better
about killing my cat then sure,
placate yourself
and show up I guess,
but to say that this is for me?
That's where I'll
call you on it.
If this had anything to do with
me you would leave me alone.
- Okay.
You're right.
Maybe I need you.
Look, can we just go
on a walk or something?
- Why?
- Fresh air.
- I don't think I
can, I have chores.
- Well, Clarise said
that her party's
not gonna end for
another hour so.
What if I had you back by then?
- Fine, but we have to hurry.
I love being around flowers,
they remind me of my mom.
I remember she always used
to have lilies at our house.
They're her favorite.
- [Bryant] Do you
miss your mom a lot?
- [Indy] Of course.
It's kind of a weird
question to ask.
- No, it's because I wanted
to tell you something.
There's no easy way to say
it so I'm just gonna jump in.
About five or six
years ago my dad came
home from work pretty late.
There was an accident and he was
behind the car that got hit.
The lady driving the
car was hit by a truck
and then she swerved
into oncoming traffic
and was hit again by a semi.
- Stop.
- He was the one who called 911.
And he didn't say
how bad it was,
only that she was dying
and that she wasn't gonna
make it to the hospital.
So he sat there and
he held her hand
and he just let her talk.
- Please tell Cindy that I
love her and she's my princess
and no matter what I'll
be with her always.
- I remember.
I remember a guy coming up
to me before the funeral
and saying those exact words.
I had no idea it was your dad.
- When I told him that
I had hit a girl's cat
and her name was
Indy, he asked if your
name was actually
Cindy Zimmerman.
- Only my family
really knows that
but Cindy Ella, that's
what she named me.
- He mentioned that she used
to call you her
little Cinderella.
- She was quite the romantic.
- He did everything he could
to take her mind off the pain
and he told me that
he could just see
and feel how much that
she cared for you.
- I know that.
I never doubted that.
- I'm so sorry, Indy.
- It's fine.
Bad things happen to people.
It's just the way the
world works, right?
- Yeah, but, there's
more to it than that.
- Like what?
- Well yeah, bad
things happen but
it's how you learn from
those things and those trials
and how you help others
learn that defines you.
- Sounds way too deep for me.
- So, Jayda and Kaitlyn
are your cousins, right?
- Yep.
- And Jayda's the
senior and Kaitlyn's
a sophomore like you, right?
Or did I mix that up?
- No, you're right.
- They just pretty much
leave you alone up here?
- I actually prefer to be alone.
Hint hint.
- It is different than
the rest of the house.
Aren't there any other rooms?
- Well, the master
bedroom's on the first floor
along with some studies
and a guest room
and there are four bedrooms
on the second floor.
- So, let me get this straight.
There are six actual bedrooms?
- Well, the girls turned
one of them into a playroom.
- And a guest bedroom.
- Clarise always has that
ready for her guests.
- So why not put
you in the toy room
and move the toys elsewhere?
- I really don't mind.
What are you doing?
- I know, I'm nosy.
One question.
Where are all your
dolls and stuff?
- My dolls?
- Well, yeah, your
cousins have so many
they needed an
extra room for 'em.
Where are yours?
- I guess I really
never had many.
Mom enjoyed experiences
more than things.
- Okay, but you were 10.
I mean, I expected at
least to see a teddy bear
or something on your bed.
Or maybe even things
of your mom's.
- Well the funeral
expenses were too high, so.
- So?
- So we had to sell
a lot of stuff.
- Really?
- Yeah.
The only thing I got to
bring with me was my cat.
- Hey, Indy, mom said
Bryant Bailey is here.
So you are here.
- [Bryant] Yep.
- So, Bryant, what
brings you here?
How are you doing?
- I'm good.
I was just talking to Indy.
- About what?
- Death.
Is Clarise done with
her presentation yet?
- Yes, thankfully it just ended.
So what are you doing
tomorrow night, Bryant?
We're having a few friends over
to hang out and watch a movie.
You wanna come?
- Sure, that sounds fun.
- [Kaitlyn] Jayda, mom
said that Bryant's here.
- He is, we're in the attic.
- How long have you been here?
- Uh, well Indy and I have
been talking for awhile.
Quite, quite awhile, actually.
I should get going.
- [Jayda] You don't have to go.
- Got homework.
- It's Friday.
- I'm committed.
I'll see you all tomorrow.
- Indy!
Oh, ew.
Do you know how long my
girls and I had to work
to get this place
looking decent?
- Um, I'm sorry.
- You should be.
Your little vacation
is over, missy.
Everything needs
to be cleaned up.
I want my oils
packed away neatly
and this entire area
scrubbed from top to bottom.
The girls are having
their own party tomorrow
and I want everything to
be absolutely amazing.
- Okay.
- That means dusting and
sweeping, mop, bathrooms.
Oh, don't forget to
make fresh snacks.
- I don't know if I can
get all that done tonight.
- Well, of course not.
The snacks need to be
fresh so you get up early
in the morning and do those.
- Got it.
Anything else?
- Yes.
Since you weren't
feeling well today
I think it's best that
you just stay tucked
away in your room
during the party.
You know, in case
you're contagious.
- Didn't think I
was invited anyway.
(birds chirping)
- [Maxton] Hey, let me help.
- Hi.
- [Maxton] You feeling better?
- Much.
How was your soccer game?
- It was a tie.
- Better than a loss.
- It was so close, though.
Here, I got you.
- Thanks.
- So you doing
chores all day or?
- Yeah, cleaning and baking.
- Need any help?
- I mean, I'd love
some but Clarise
would probably say I'm
not working hard enough.
- Probably, yeah.
- Thanks anyway, though.
- Yeah.
I'll see you Monday.
- See you Monday.
- Okay, bye.
(loud exhaling)
(doorbell ringing)
- [Jayda, Kaitlyn]
Oh my gosh, hi.
- [Kaitlyn] Come on in.
How are you?
- Okay, so food's over here.
- There's food in there.
- [Kaitlyn] Thank you so
much, it's so good to see you.
Come on in.
Okay, so this is all
the food we have.
It's really good,
we worked super hard
on it getting it ready.
(talking over each other)
- [Jayda] Guys, you're so sweet.
Grab what you want.
(muffled talking downstairs)
(doorbell ringing)
- I'm so glad that
you could come.
- Thanks.
- Hi, Bryant.
- Hey, Bryant.
- Hey, everybody.
Where's Indy?
- Oh, why don't you
go get some food
and then come watch the movie?
- I saved you a seat, Bryant.
(crickets chirping)
- Mom,
I miss you so much.
- Do you know how hard it is
to find you in your own house?
You've gotta be freezing.
How long have you
been hiding out here?
- Thanks, but I wasn't hiding.
How's the party?
- Fine, but it was
missing something.
- What?
- You.
Do you not like being
around big groups?
- I already told
you I wasn't hiding.
- Then why weren't you
hanging out with us?
- I'm just tired,
had a long day.
- Yeah?
What'd you do today.
- I cleaned and I cooked.
- Did you make all the
food in there tonight?
- Yeah.
- It was good.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Indy?
When your cousins
invited me tonight
didn't that include you too?
- We don't really
hang in the same
social circles or anything so.
- Yeah, but you made everything
for their party tonight.
- Yeah.
I mean, look, it's
really not a big deal.
- Wow.
You're literally Cinderella.
- No, Cinderella's just
a name my mom loved,
it's not who I am.
- Well it fits you perfectly.
- I prefer Indy much better.
- All right.
Well, come on.
Let's get you out
of your prison.
- Okay, but I'm not Cinderella.
This is so good.
- I'm glad you like it.
My mom used to bring
me here all the time.
- Why'd she stop?
- She died about 10 years ago.
- How'd she die?
- It was sudden, like your mom.
One minute she was riding
her bike to work and the next
she was hit by somebody who
was texting and driving.
- How'd you get through it?
- Well, I missed her like crazy.
She was riding her
bike because she and I
were doing this child-parent
triathlon that Summer.
We would go out in the
evenings and ride our bikes,
wake up early, go to the
swimming pool and practice.
- Wow.
Did you still end up doing it?
- By myself?
That day of the triathlon
I just curled up in my bed
and didn't move all day.
Everyone seemed to forget
about the race but I didn't.
That was the day that
I cried the most.
- I'm so sorry.
- Well, I think that we
should do this more often.
- What, share grief stories?
- No, get to know each other.
It's how relationships start.
- Whoa, you need to slow down.
I don't know you,
you don't know me.
You think we're starting
a relationship now?
- I don't know, maybe.
Besides, all friendships
are relationships
and I just wanna get
to know you better.
What's so wrong with that?
- It's gonna be a little hard.
- Why?
- If Clarise even knew that
I was here right now she--
- [Bryant] She'd lose it.
- You have no idea.
She's not really into
me having relationships.
- So what are you
really trying to say?
- I'm saying you're
probably better off
trying to start a friendship
with one of my cousins.
- What if I don't wanna
get to know them better?
- They seem like they
wanna get to know you.
(Bryant laughing)
Speaking of which,
aren't they gonna notice
you left their movie party?
- They may have but
they were just gossiping
and didn't seem to
see me slip out.
Plus, I like to hang
out with kind girls,
and from what I've
noticed they're not.
- Hey, thank you for tonight.
- Yeah, it was fun.
Thanks for coming.
Would you wanna go
another date next weekend?
- This wasn't a date.
- Then what was it?
- Bryant, you and I are from
two completely different worlds.
- So?
- So I'm not the kind of person
you typically hang out with.
- But you're exactly
who I wanna be around.
- And you, look, you're
just not my type, okay?
- Is that the real reason?
- I could get in
a lot of trouble
for being with you right now.
- What's wrong with me?
- It's not you, it's me.
- Wow, are you breaking
up with me already?
- My aunt doesn't
like me staying out.
People at school are gonna
notice and they're gonna talk.
- All right, well let's
do it this way then:
we'll just keep
our relationship--
- Friendship.
- A secret for a couple of
weeks and see how that goes.
I wanna hang out with you as
friends and maybe more one day.
Look, it's getting
late, Cinderella.
Let's get you inside before
you turn into a pumpkin.
- Don't call me Cinderella.
- I don't know if you've
noticed but your aunt
and cousins are playing
their parts to a T.
- Whatever.
- Hey, wait.
Can I get my shirt back?
- Sure.
- Goodnight.
- As we explore the findings
of Shakespeare's Hamlet
I want you to pay
particular attention
to the following scene
as to how you can use it
in our everyday lives.
William Shakespeare wrote
relatable characters
so well that after hundreds of
years we can still enjoy it.
Even though life was
a whole lot different
for them than it is now,
we still had same needs,
desires, and problems.
Just like you.
(light music)
- Indy.
Indy, where you going?
- Oh, sorry, I was
looking for somebody.
- What's gotten into you?
- What?
- You're smiling.
- I smile.
- Okay.
So anything new going on?
All right, spill.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Oh, I'm not that stupid.
Now share, please already
or I'll get a complex.
- When have you ever
gotten a complex?
- You are avoiding
the question, ma'am.
You don't wanna
talk, that's fine.
But so you know, the next
time you wanna know something
I'll leave you hanging, too.
- That's not fair.
It's a secret.
- Oh, come on, I'm not gonna
tell anybody, all right?
I won't say a word.
- Okay.
You have to keep
your mouth shut.
- What'd you do?
- Bryant Bailey,
I think he likes me.
- What?
- Yeah, we went
out this weekend.
- Wait, what?
- I mean not on a date.
I mean, I made sure not to
call it that but he wanted to.
- What?
- I know.
It's really really
weird and that's why
I wanna keep it a secret.
I can't even wrap
my head around it.
- Hang on.
Seriously, you're not joking?
- No.
He came over Friday and then
he came over again Saturday
and we actually have
a lot in common.
- The Bryant Bailey?
The guy you completely
despised, who killed your cat,
and has been stalking
you ever since
to apologize for
destroying your life.
That Bryant Bailey?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
I would not of expected it.
- Me either.
- He said he wants to date you?
- Well, not in those
exact words but yeah.
- Wow.
That is crazy.
So what'd he say when you told
him you already had a boyfriend?
- A what?
When did this happen?
- Last year.
- I didn't even know
you liked me like that.
- Indy, I have always liked you,
you just didn't
want a boyfriend.
- I didn't?
- I don't think so,
so I just hung back
and we were just friends.
- Until last year?
- Yeah.
It seems like it's
a shock to you.
- Uh, yeah.
(bell ringing)
I have History.
- Talk later?
- Definitely.
- On page 275 you're going
to find a lot of information
that you'll find
necessary to complete
the worksheet before
the end of class.
If you finish early you
can use the duration
of your time to
prepare for a quiz
that may or may not surprise
you sometime this week.
We've been studying the
Declaration of Independence
so that's a good clue on
what the quiz will be on.
Remember, Thomas Jefferson
was he our third president
but one of the main authors of
the Declaration of Independence.
I recommend that you
write that in your notes.
- [Maxton] Hey,
how was your day?
- Interesting.
Learned lots of revealing stuff.
So, what happened to
change our relationship?
- What?
Oh, oh, okay, are
you talking about
how I knew you had
just a burning desire
in the deepest of your
heart to be with me
even if you wouldn't
say it out loud?
- I guess so.
- Like how I'm
having fun with this?
Sorry, um.
Do you remember last
Summer you were sick
and you asked me to come
over and I snuck out
and I stayed the night with you
and talked till you
had felt better?
- I was pretty delirious.
- Yeah, but for the first time
I saw how scared you were.
You showed me how scared
you were and it was awesome.
Not for you, obviously, you
were all sneezy and feverish but
you've always been
this tough, fun girl
and then you needed
someone and, I dunno,
I thought things changed then.
- Well, I guess
they did, I just--
- You just didn't
see us as an item.
- I saw us as best friends.
- Yeah, and I saw us as
boyfriend and girlfriend
because I thought I was the
closest thing to that for you.
- So after last Summer why
didn't you say something
or try and take me out
or kiss me or something?
- Kiss you?
You're not the kissing type.
No, no, no, sorry, not
that I don't want to I just
got the feeling you
weren't ready for that yet.
- I didn't even know we
were in a relationship.
- Now that you do?
Yeah, sorry, I decided I
wasn't gonna hold back anymore.
Apparently I am awesome at
this communication thing
so let me try this again.
I, um.
I, I wanna be your boyfriend.
- Thank you?
- All right, is that a yes?
- I need some more
time to think.
- Yeah, do you wanna go
somewhere and do something fun?
- When?
- Tomorrow after school.
- Clarise will have a cow.
- Clarise always has a cow,
she's gonna have
to deal with it.
You can tell her you're working
on a school project with me.
- Okay.
I'd like that.
Hey, Mrs. Whitman.
- [Bryant] Let me
guess, your aunt doesn't
do much yard work?
- [Indy] I have
much bigger problems
to worry about right now.
- [Bryant] Yeah, like what?
- Maxton thinking
I'm his girlfriend.
- [Bryant] Like a
girl that's a friend?
- Nope.
- Do you think of yourself
as his girlfriend?
- No, but.
- Like have you guys
ever gone on a date?
- No.
- Or even held hands or kissed?
- No.
I mean I guess
today we did, but.
- What?
- He kissed me today when I
told him about me and you.
- You told him about us?
- He's my best friend and
he could tell something
was up the minute I
walked in the room
and he started hounding
me and hounding me
and finally I gave in.
But it backfired.
- Well, I guess now things
just get interesting.
- What do you mean?
- Have you ever thought
about giving him a chance?
- You're giving up already?
- Well, you guys have
been friends for forever,
he definitely has a lead on me.
- I have never seen
him in that way.
Besides, what if I start
liking Maxton more than you?
- So you're saying
that you like me?
At least a little bit.
I will be your friend
regardless, okay?
- But what about Maxton?
- I think you should
give him a chance
but I do hope you realize that
I still want a chance, too.
(upbeat music)
- I'm glad you came out with me.
You're not afraid
of heights, are you?
- No.
Even if I was, though,
I'd stick it out.
It's our first date.
- I guess so, yeah.
Now that we both realize it.
Anywhere you
wanna go let's go
So, just out of curiosity,
why all the awkwardness?
You seemed shocked
I even like you.
- I just never saw it.
- You ever wonder why I ate
lunch with you every single day?
- I thought it was because
we were best friends
but I did notice all
your soccer friends
asking you to go with
them and you saying no but
was that because of me?
- This is a trick question.
Look, I like you, okay?
I have for a long
time and Clarise
won't give you lunch
money to go out to eat
and she refuses to let
you make anything at home
'cause she thinks
it's tacky, so.
I don't know, when
you got embarrassed
about only eating
school food I had my mom
get me meal tickets, too.
- Really?
- Yeah, yeah, it didn't really
matter to me where I ate
as long as I was with you.
- And all your soccer
friends, they know?
- Yeah.
Soccer buddies tease me about
my girlfriend all the time.
Mostly they just ask why
you never come to my games.
- They do?
- Yeah, I tell them
it's complicated,
I know Clarise and
David don't really go
for that kind of thing
and I didn't wanna make
it harder on you so I never
really pushed it, I guess.
- And all the times
we went out to lunch,
you saw that as a date?
- I guess so, I.
I don't know.
Look, I fail at this whole
relationship thing clearly.
I know I'm not
Bryant Bailey, okay?
That guy's his own
brand of whatever.
What I'm.
What I'm hoping is that you
care about me even if I'm not--
- Hey.
I care about you, okay?
- Wow.
- And I wanna come to
your next soccer game.
- You mean this Saturday?
- [Indy] Yeah, what time?
- Are you serious?
What'll Clarise say?
- I'll deal with that later.
- Well if you're serious,
the game's at one o'clock.
- Okay.
- Indy, um, you know I
wanna be your boyfriend.
What do ya think?
- Can I just have some more
time to think about it?
I just, I don't wanna
rush into anything.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Where have you been?
- I was working on
a school project.
- Something you
couldn't of done here?
- It was a group
thing with Maxton.
- Hmm.
Well, get started
cleaning the house.
- Okay.
- And David wants
something other
than pasta for dinner tonight.
Think spicy.
- I'll see what I can do.
(phone buzzing)
Hey, you.
- Hey.
So how was your
date with Maxton?
You guys officially
boyfriend and girlfriend now?
- Not yet.
I never knew it,
but he's actually
sacrificed a lot
to keep me company.
- Like what?
- Like he eats
cafeteria food every day
just 'cause he knows
I always have to.
- Why do you always have to?
- I don't get money
to go out to lunch.
- I see your cousins
go out all the time.
- Well, that's part
of their allowance.
If they keep their
grades up they get money
every week to go out.
- What do you do
with your allowance?
Indy, come on, tell me.
- Why should I?
- Because I'm beginning to think
you don't get an allowance.
Do Jayda and Kaitlyn
do any housework?
- No, they're usually
busy during the day.
They get home just in time for
dinner and then they crash.
- So little Cinderella
does all the housework
and if she doesn't get it
all done then Aunty Clarise
gets angry and doesn't
refill her lunch card.
- I don't exactly love
cleaning and cooking
and being grounded
all the time but
they're the only family I have.
- Indy, why are you so nice?
- I've been horrible
to you for weeks.
- Wish there was a way that
I could just go back and--
- Bryant, it's really okay.
Mrs. Wiggins shouldn't
of run out into the road
and it's actually
really bad of me
to blame you for something
that's nobody's fault.
I'm sorry.
- Here you are being nice again.
Well, I should
probably let you go.
Wanna walk to school tomorrow?
- Sure.
- See you then.
- [Dr. Bailey] Hey,
you're still up?
- Yeah.
Couldn't sleep.
So I've been hanging
out with Indy.
- Oh, good, good.
- She's really something.
- So hanging out with is
really code for you like her.
- Yeah.
But I did something stupid.
- What?
- I encouraged her
to figure herself
out with this other guy.
I'm an idiot.
- You're being a good friend.
- But I don't want
her to date him.
- Well are you gonna
do anything about it?
- I don't know.
- You have a good heart
and you're respecting her,
you're letting her
make her own choice.
- I guess.
- She's special, huh?
- Dad, you see a lot
of family stuff, right?
With work?
- Yes.
- Is it uncommon for
families who take in orphans
to treat them differently?
- Why do you ask?
- I've just noticed some things.
It's like she's not an equal.
Not even close.
- Yeah, it happens
and sometimes without
the people even realizing
they're doing it.
Are you worried?
- I'm not sure yet.
(heavy breathing)
- I hate running.
- Apparently it's good for you.
- So is math, doesn't
mean I have to like it.
- Wuss.
- Come on, let's finish
this lap so I can
go die quietly somewhere else.
- That's the spirit, here we go!
- Hey, now you're
just showing off.
- [Maxton] Yeah,
every single day,
it's nice to see you
finally noticing.
- [Bryant] Hey you.
- Hey.
- Hey, instead of
going home do you wanna
take a quick detour?
- What did you have in mind?
So this is your detour?
- [Bryant] Yeah, I
love playgrounds.
I don't know, there's
just something about them
that reminds me you're
never too old to have fun.
- [Indy] Okay, so what's
your favorite thing here?
- Oh, by far the merry-go-round.
I don't know, there's just
something so fun to me
about spinning around
as fast as you can
while trying not to get sick.
Yeah, okay, there
was this one time
when I was little, right?
I was running as fast as
my little legs would let me
and I was pushing it
so hard that I just
completely flew off
and broke my arm.
- Oh no.
- Yeah, but I survived
and it didn't stop me
from coming back
again and again.
I mean, that is
until they got rid of
the merry-go-round a
few years later, but.
- I guess swings will have
to do for today, right?
- Hey, us being here isn't gonna
get you in trouble with
your aunt, will it?
- I mean, as long as
we're not out too late.
- Did, I mean, was
she cool about it
when Maxton dropped you
off after your guys' date?
- Not necessarily but
I told her we were
doing a school project so.
- How'd that work?
- Not well, I had to
do a few extra chores
around the house, but.
- So you did get in trouble?
- Kids get in trouble for that
kind of stuff all the time.
- Yeah?
I mean when I get in
trouble my dad just,
I don't know, he
just chews me out.
Sometimes he'll listen
when it's important to me
but I've noticed that
when you get in trouble
you just kinda become
Clarise's servant.
Maybe what Maxton shoulda
done, and what any friend
including me, should
do, is walk you in
and take the blame
for making you late
because chances are
at that point Clarise
will kind of back way
down and be less harsh.
Maybe in the end--
- In the end she would
just wait for you to leave
and then just chew
me out anyways.
(car horn beeping)
- [Both] Hey, Bryant.
- Why is he with Indy?
- Ugh.
- Come on, we should
probably get you home.
- [Indy] There's no
way I can lie now,
the girls already
saw us at the park.
- You'll be fine.
- [Indy] Speak of the devil.
- I'm here.
- No, Bryant, just go home.
I'll be fine, okay?
What are you doing?
- Exactly what I
should be doing.
Hey, Mrs. Taylor.
- Hi, Bryant.
My girls said they
saw you at the park.
They just left for the mall,
they'll be so sad
they missed you.
- Oh, well, tell 'em I say hi.
Are we too late?
Were you looking for Indy?
- You know I was.
Yesterday she was
so late getting home
that I just wanted to make
sure she made it home today.
- Do you need me to stay?
- Oh, Indy will be
just fine without you.
Now go ahead and have a
seat in the living room.
- Thank you for walking me home.
- You're walking on
very thin ice right now.
I don't know what it is
you're trying to prove
with Bryant Bailey but remember
he is only being nice to you
because he killed your cat.
My girls have had their
eyes on him for years
and the last thing I need is
you getting in Jayda's way
especially with prom
right around the corner.
Go do your chores.
We'll talk about this later.
- Yes, ma'am.
(phone buzzing)
- Hey, what happened?
- Nothing I haven't
heard before.
- Well, let me know
if it gets bed.
- I'm sure everything
will be okay.
- I'm serious.
- Okay.
- Wanna walk to school tomorrow?
- I actually probably shouldn't
I have to go to Maxton's
soccer game on Saturday
and I wouldn't wanna be
grounded before then.
But, Bryant?
Thank you.
- Anytime.
- [Indy] Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
(upbeat music)
This is the moment
we've been waiting for
No hesitation oh,
we're at the door
We can feel it, we're
not stopping now
We were lost but
finally found it
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh we're not stopping now
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh we're not stopping now
We're not stopping now
We're not stopping now
We've got this time
we can be so free
Turn our dreams into reality
There's a feeling
comin' back again
There's a reason we
can never let it end
(whistle blowing)
- [Man] Maxton, are you okay?
Come on guys, let's help him.
(whistle blowing)
- You did amazing.
Is your leg gonna
be okay, though?
- Oh yeah, I think so.
I think it's probably
just bruised or sprained.
I'll put some ice on
it when I get home.
- Oh, hey, let me help you.
- Oh, thanks.
- So, besides the injury,
are you always that good?
- You know what?
Today I think I had
some extra motivation.
Thank you for coming,
watching me play.
It means a lot.
- Of course.
- You know, it's funny,
I've always liked you
but I never never thought
I'd feel like this.
I like this.
I like us.
- Come on, let's go get
some ice on your leg.
(phone buzzing)
Oh, it's you.
- Nice welcome.
So you back from
the soccer game?
- Yeah, just barely.
- How was it?
Did Clarise get mad?
- I actually don't think she
remembered I went to go study.
I snuck in through the side
door so nobody would see me.
- [Clarise] Indy, get down here!
- Oh, sorry I have to go.
Clarise is calling.
- Calling or yelling?
- Yeah, bye.
- Have a seat.
So would you like to tell us
where you really were today?
And don't lie.
- I was at Maxton's soccer game.
- So you weren't
studying after all.
And what about after?
- After?
I came straight home after.
- Really?
Because Clarise received
a call that would
seem to imply otherwise.
- Mrs. Whitman called
me and said that
she saw you and
some boy making out
in the middle of
the soccer field
right there in front
of everyone to see.
- What?
We kissed once but I
promise we didn't make out.
- Do you have any idea
how embarrassing it is
to receive a call like that?
- I'm sorry.
- I have to go into my office.
Do whatever you need
to do here, Clarise.
Deal with her.
- What?
You're not leaving me here
to handle this by myself.
What, do you want
her going around
the neighborhood
like some floozy?
- Well, with her mother
what would we really expect?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Fix this.
- No.
Do you have something
you'd like to say?
My actions, my
choices, are mine.
So don't you dare pin
this on my mother.
My mom loved me and cared for me
and worked herself sick
trying to provide for me
and she had nothing but nice
things to say about you two
so I am done hearing how
awful you think she was.
- You don't get to--
- I know you don't want me.
I knew it the moment I
showed up to stay with you.
I was just some poor
relative who was coming
to intrude on your lives
but I was loved before this
and I know the
difference between this
and what a real family
is supposed to feel like.
I have done everything you have
asked me to do, everything,
and it is sill not enough.
Sure, Jayda and Kaitlyn
get to go on dates
and see their friends
and have normal lives
but not me.
What is it going to take
for you to see me as family?
- Oh, oh, missy, how
entertaining was that?
- I'm serious.
- You want serious?
If you don't learn to respect
both of us in this home
you can find another
place to stay.
- And what is respect
to you, Uncle David?
Doing all the chores?
Staying away during
family events?
Living in the attic and not
having a life outside of school
until you tell me to
come make dinner for you?
Is that respect?
Because if so, what of
that have I not been doing?
- You're acting as if we're
treating you like a maid.
Oh, after everything
that we did after all
the things we changed to make
room for you in our lives.
- Do you hear yourself?
- Enough.
You will go to your room and we
will decide on a
punishment for you,
you selfish little brat.
- David!
- And let me tell you,
it will be severe.
Go now.
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
- Hey, Indy, I can't
really talk right now.
- Sorry, did I wake you up?
- No, no, it's okay.
It's just my ankle,
my mom made me go
to the clinic to get an x-ray.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I should be, I'm
just still in a lot of pain.
Can I call you back?
- Um.
I'm having a really rough night.
It's bad here.
- Yeah?
- It's probably the
worst it's ever been.
- I'm sorry, maybe
just give your aunt
some time to cool down?
That usually works, right?
- I'm scared.
- Oh, hey, the doctor
just came back in
so can I call you back tomorrow?
- Tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
- Okay, uh, night.
(phone dinging)
- Wait a minute.
Are you leaving?
Indy, what's going on?
- I missed up really really bad.
- Okay, what happened?
- Guess one of the neighbors
called Clarise and told her
I was making out with
Maxton at his soccer game.
- Uh, were you?
Sorry, that's not important.
- We kissed, we didn't
make out, though.
It was in front of
a group of people.
- And your aunt chewed you out?
- Her and David.
And then David made a
comment about how he thought
my mom raised me poorly
and I just lost it.
All the stuff I had
pent up just came out.
And then David said
that if I disrespected
them one more time
I'd be kicked out
and then he said my punishment
was gonna be really bad.
- So you came upstairs
and started packing.
- Yeah.
- Did you tell him how unfair
it was that you're the maid
and the cook and the
prisoner all while
they get to go out and live?
- Sort of.
Look, it was awful.
My filter was completely gone.
- So now what?
- I don't know.
- Do you need a place to stay?
- No, I'll be fine.
- Their threats aren't
going to get any better.
Look, my dad's a family
therapist and he sees
this stuff all the time, and
the problem with abusive people
is that they just always
think they're right.
- You think they're abusive?
- Yeah.
Their daughters are perfect
and you're not allowed to be.
Excuses to keep you grounded,
not inviting you to things,
not even giving you
a proper bedroom.
The list goes on and on.
- I mean it's bad
but it's not abuse.
- Yes it is.
It's definitely emotional
abuse which can be
so harmful and dangerous.
Look, I think that you
need to come with me.
- Can I have time
to think about this?
- Actually, do you
mind if I call my dad
and just ask for his advice?
I'll just be a second
but in the meantime
you should really really
keep packing, okay?
Yeah, I'll tell her.
- What'd he say?
- Well, he was obviously
concerned when I told him.
What I didn't know is now
that I've told him by law
he's gotta tell child
protective services.
- What?
Are you sure?
- Indy, he could lose
his license if he didn't.
- This is insane.
- I know, but, look, I'm sorry
and I promise we'll
keep it private.
- Bryant, I can't do this.
Jayda and Kaitlyn--
- No, this is not about them.
This is about you.
My dad says that you
can come stay with us.
He's certified to
take in foster kids
and he really doesn't
think you're safe here.
Look, I think that
you just need to
come to stay with us tonight.
- I really don't think that
they're gonna hit
me or anything.
- No, but they might just lock
you in your room or something.
- They always do that.
What, is that
considered abuse, too?
- I'm getting the
bags, we're leaving.
- You didn't answer my question.
- I don't need to.
If they're going to
lock you in your room
for being a normal child,
imagine what they're gonna
do when they're all upset.
We're leaving.
- Hey, come on in.
Welcome, Indy.
- Thank you.
Your home is beautiful.
- Oh, listen.
I want you to feel as
comfortable here as you can
so I hope you don't mind that
your room is next to Bryant's.
He is a boy and they, you
know, they stink sometimes.
And I know you're really
tired but if you feel up to it
would you mind answering
some questions for me?
It'll help me know better
what to do in the morning.
Okay, and then Bryant will
help you get settled after.
Okay, just through here.
Now just get some
rest for now, Indy.
- I will.
And thank you for--
- Oh, we are happy to.
Bryant, could you
show her to her room?
- Come on, you can meet
my sisters in the morning.
- Here's your room.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
- What do you think
Clarise is gonna do
when she realizes I'm not there?
- Don't worry about them.
Will you focus on
yourself for once?
- I just really hope
I did the right thing.
- You did do the right thing.
Besides, you're
here with friends.
- Okay.
- All right, and if
you can't fall asleep
just shoot me a text, kay?
We'll go watch a movie in
the living room or something.
- Thank you.
For everything.
- [Bryant] How did
we get to this point?
- You killed my cat.
- And I'll never live that down.
- Nope.
- Goodnight.
- Hey.
- [MacKenzie] Ease up, save
some for everyone else.
- It's good.
- Morning.
- Oh, hey.
Indy these are my sisters.
This is MacKenzie and Roni.
I'm sure you know
MacKenzie from school.
- We're glad you
could stay with us.
I'm sorry the circumstances
aren't better.
- I'm sorry I woke
up so late, I--
- [MacKenzie] No
worries, it's Sunday.
- These are good.
Indy, do you want syrup?
- Those are for me?
- Yeah.
- Um, yeah, tons.
- [MacKenzie] Have a seat.
- Well, I hope we don't have
any fist fights over
whipped cream this time.
- I used up the last
of it yesterday.
- Oh, well that settles that.
So you had a chance to
meet the rest of the gang?
- Yeah, and thank you guys so
much for letting me stay here.
- Oh.
Oh, you know, I've been on
the phone already this morning
and things are moving forward.
I'll tell you more
about it after you've
had a chance to eat.
Oh, you know, I've
been thinking.
You know, we have that apartment
in the pool house out back,
maybe you'd be more
comfortable staying out there.
You know, you'd be
close to the family
and to the house here but you'd
have a little privacy, too.
- Um, yeah, that's fine.
(doorbell ringing)
- Excuse me.
- Eat up.
- [Dr. Bailey] Hi,
you wanna come in?
- [Woman] We need to
take Indy to her aunt
and uncle's house
for an interview.
- [Dr. Bailey] That
is highly unusual.
- They've hired a
powerful attorney
and he's assisting
that the venue be
the aunt and uncle's home.
- [Dr. Bailey] No way, you are
the government representative
you're supposed to
be keeping her safe.
We are supposed
to keep her safe.
- [Woman] You know these things
take time and some finagling.
They are the legal guardians--
- So you want her to go
back over there right now
and face them after
everything she's been through?
- We don't know what she's
been through, that's the point.
But Officer Reid and I are
here to make sure she's safe.
- [Dr. Bailey] Yeah,
that or to force
her back to her aunt's house.
- [Woman] Dr. Bailey,
please work with me here.
- Indy?
- How many pancakes did you eat?
- A lot.
- What's wrong?
(dramatic music)
What's going on?
(sharp inhaling)
- Was this all a joke?
- What?
- The whole saving me thing.
- No.
- I trusted you.
- Hey, you're not going back.
- I heard them
talking, they said
there was a police officer
there and they were saying
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Can I just explain?
Your aunt and uncle are trying
all sorts of
excuses and tactics.
Some that my dad have already
dealt with this morning.
They're moving fast
but there are rules
and you are not
going back there.
- But I heard them talking.
- Yeah, they were trying to
get you to do the interview
at Clarise's house with
Child Protective Services
but my dad is dead
set against that.
You should not
have to be anywhere
where you're feeling
- Interview?
- Yeah, look, you're
old enough to voice
your own opinion now
so my dad talked to
the Child Protective
Services lady
and they agreed to let you
do it wherever you choose.
- But why was there a
police officer there?
- That was just a
precaution, you know,
in case you had to go
back to your aunt's house
they just wanted
you to feel safe.
- Why are you doing this for me?
- Why wouldn't we?
Indy, I'm not gonna
sit there and watch
you be treated horribly
and neither is my dad.
- I don't wanna be a burden.
- You're not a burden.
- I just feel like I've been
causing a lot of problems.
Your dad mentioned moving me
out to the pool house and I--
- You got banished to the
attic in Clarise's house.
Indy, that is not
what we meant by that.
My dad just thought
you might want
some privacy or personal space.
Look, you are more than
welcome to stay in the house.
Man, I'm sorry, we
should've thought of that.
- No, I'm sorry
for overreacting.
- No, you didn't.
- So everything's really okay?
- No, but it will be.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Come on, let's go.
I thought you might
be needing these
since you ran outta the
house without 'em, all right?
Come on, let's go.
- [MacKenzie] Indy!
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you really?
- I'm sorry, I
just thought that.
I thought wrong.
- Well, that case worker,
she wants to talk to you
first thing tomorrow
morning at her office
if that works for you.
- I guess, but
what about school?
- Well, I'll deal
with the principal,
you don't have to worry
about that right now,
this is more important.
- What's gonna happen
after the interview?
- Well, in a couple of
weeks we'll probably
have to attend a
hearing on your behalf
where I'll get a chance
to share my side
and your case worker
will share her side.
- And what if we don't win?
- Oh, don't worry, we will win.
- But just in case.
Do I have to go
back with Clarise?
- No, not again.
- What's gonna happen
to my aunt and uncle?
- Honestly that's
a decision a judge
is gonna have to
make and that is
not our concern
right now, you are.
And if you're all
all right with it,
we'd like to be the
ones to look after you.
- You already have been.
- Well, I don't mean
just for the weekend,
I mean I think we could be your
foster family if that's okay.
Bring it in.
- What are you?
- Oh, would you just smile.
- I am.
She is ruining our lives,
dragging our names
through the mud.
- We're gonna stop her.
- When's our lawyer get here?
- He's on his way.
- Oh, that's good, that's good
- Thank you so much.
- [Woman] Absolutely.
- Little brat.
- Shut your mouth,
someone will hear you.
- Yes, dear.
Oh, sweetie.
- Uh, I'll walk you out.
Dr. Bailey's waiting over here.
- [David] It's okay.
- [Dr. Bailey] So, not too bad?
- It was fine.
- Good, good.
Hard part's over.
- Is it?
- Well, one of the hard parts.
How do you feel?
- Hopeful I guess is
the word, I just...
- [Dr. Bailey] What?
- I'm nervous.
- I can understand that.
You've got a lot of changes
going on in your life right now.
- But I'm not just
nervous for me,
I'm nervous for them, too.
Does that make any sense?
I mean, I realize that
they didn't treat me
the way they were
supposed to, but--
- But you still care for them.
- Yeah.
I mean, sort of.
Is that weird?
- Bryant was right about
you, you are a unique person
with a kind heart.
Whatever it is you're
feeling, it's okay,
I think the kids have
a movie night planned
maybe we oughta get home
and see what they've picked.
(muffled talking on TV)
- So this is what a movie
night is really like?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
(phone buzzing)
I don't know what
to say to that.
- What's his number?
I'll text him.
- What?
What are you gonna say?
- Don't worry.
May I?
(Roni hushes)
- You guys are being too loud.
- Sorry.
- Happy?
- It's better than
what I would've said.
- Roni, you've seen this
movie at least a hundred times
do you really need
us to be quiet?
- Stop talking now, people.
- It's her favorite part.
- So this is what a movie
night is really like.
- Pretty much.
Popcorn, fighting, and movies
you've seen a hundred times.
- Hi.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Bryant said that you--
He's being serious, wasn't he?
- Yeah.
- And when you called
you needed my help.
- Yeah.
- Indy, I don't
know what to say.
I'm an idiot.
- No, you're not.
You just had your
own stuff going on.
Speaking of which,
how's your ankle?
- It's still sore but the doctor
says it's nothing serious.
Just have to take
it easy for awhile.
- I'm glad.
- Are you really okay?
- I mean, Bryant's dad is
taking care of my case, so.
It's getting there.
- Can I see you?
Are you gonna be at school or?
- I think I'm gonna stay home
but take notes for me, okay?
- Yeah.
Can I come over after
school just to talk?
- Sure.
- Indy, I'm really really--
- I know.
- See you tomorrow.
- [Dr. Bailey] Hey,
do you have a second?
- Sure.
Is everything okay?
- Well, I've had a few friends
digging into the paperwork
and apparently your mother had
a $300,000 insurance policy
that your aunt and uncle took,
as legal guardians,
to raise you.
- To raise me?
And they had all this
money the whole time?
- Did you see any of it?
- Never.
- That's the issue.
- On top of selling
everything, all my mom's stuff?
- Unfortunately yes.
But it's all gonna
come up in court.
- Why did they see
me as such a burden?
- I'm sorry.
On the bright side,
you will likely win all
of that money back and
then some in court.
It's not gonna look good
for your aunt and uncle.
- Thank you.
- The water looks nice.
You feeling any better?
- I always thought they
treated me the way they did
because I cost them
too much money.
Now I know that's not the case.
- It's their loss,
you have nothing
but goodness in your heart.
Besides, you didn't deserve
the way they treated you.
- I don't know if I could
ever face them again
and I have to see Jayda and
Kaitlyn every day at school.
- True. But the school
year's almost over.
It is a big school.
With the school year almost
being over there's this thing
that starts with a P.
- Party?
- Close.
- What about it?
- You should go.
- Jayda and Kaitlyn have been
preparing for prom for months.
- Then imagine their
faces when you walk in
with whatever killer
dress you pick.
With me.
- With you?
- If you'll go with me.
- But my cousins--
- Well, I just wanted
to go with you, but hey,
if you wanna make it a group
date with your cousins, then.
- Did you really
just ask me to prom?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
- Yes.
I can go.
I don't have to do
chores, I'm not grounded,
I don't have to make dinner
for my cousins or their dates.
I'd love to.
Do I have to wear
a dress with heels?
(Bryant laughs)
I'll wear the dress
I just, please,
don't make me wear heels.
- I'm a guy, I don't
care what shoes you wear.
- Hey, Indy, there's a boy
here who wants to talk to you.
- Ah.
- Hi.
- [Maxton] So new digs, huh?
This place is cool.
- The Baileys are
really nice people.
- Yeah, I can't
compete with that.
- What are you talking about?
- Look, you
you have Bryant now
and I'm stupid for not
asking you out sooner.
Look, Indy, spending these
last few years with you was
really a dream come true for me.
You made it worth going
to school every day.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, wish I'd done more and
been more of what you needed
but I didn't know what that was.
- You were exactly
what I needed.
You helped me through some of
the hardest times I've ever had.
You made me forget how
bad my life really was.
- Did you really get removed
from the house because of abuse?
- Yeah.
- Did they hurt you?
Why didn't you tell me?
I coulda helped, I
coulda done something.
- My case is more emotional
abuse which I didn't know
you could take
somebody to court for.
But I'm safe now.
Dr. Bailey's helping me.
- He seems decent.
I'm happy for you.
Are you gonna change schools or?
- I thought about it
but since Dr. Bailey
works at the school I
figured I better stay.
- Well, I'm glad you're staying
even if it's not with me.
- Maxton--
- Hey, it's okay.
This is the part where
you tell me you're going
with the handsome prince
and not the regular dude.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
It might not of been
legit but you were mine
for years and I don't
need more than that.
- You deserve more than that
and you'll have it some day.
- Just not with you.
- You know what you will have?
A best friend.
Promise me that you'll
stay my best friend.
- Friends for life?
- Forever.
(light music)
- [Indy Voiceover] As
I watched him walk away
I fully expected things to
be awkward here and there
especially if he and Bryant
were in the same room,
but Maxton has been such a huge
part of my life for so long
and we were learning now
what love really was.
I think that'll help us both.
We'll be fine.
As luck would have
it, Dr. Bailey wasn't
just good at his job,
he was really good.
Between his testimony and
the state's investigation
my aunt and uncle not
only lost custody of me,
they were ordered
to make payments
to pay back my mom's
life insurance policy.
As well as another
big sum to make up
for the missing assets and any
emotional trauma they caused.
I couldn't touch most
of it until I was 18
but holy smokes, I was loaded.
The first thing I did
was get a set of wheels.
Bryant's dad assured
me it was a good deal.
He also told me it'd be wise not
to spend all my money at once.
Funny thing was, I never
cared about the money,
never even thought I had
any, I only wanted to belong.
I did move out to the
pool house, though.
Since Bryant and I were dating
I figured it was the
right thing to do.
We all have dreams; some
of us wanna be singers,
dancers, astronauts, whatever,
after losing my
mom this was mine.
To have a family again.
- [Bryant] Wow.
- Yeah?
- [Dr. Bailey] Whoa,
whoa, whoa, you're not
doing prom stuff
without me, are ya?
- [MacKenzie] Dad!
You and your pictures.
- Yeah, you don't go to
prom without pictures.
And a little...
Battery issue.
Hang on just a sec.
- Do you know how
beautiful you are?
- For the first time
I feel beautiful
and that's all because of you.
- No, not me.
You've always been this way.
You know, if it wasn't
for Mrs. Wiggins
I don't think we'd
be here today.
So I got you
something, wait here.
- Oh.
She's beautiful.
Thank you.
This is the happiest
moment of my life.
- I'm gonna be competing with
the cat for your
attention, aren't I?
- She's not the only
reason why I'm happy.
- Okie doke, problem solved.
Picture time.
Oh yeah.
Oh, Bryant's got two dates.
And nice.
(camera clicking)
Ah, nice.
Look at that.
- [Bryant] Roni, get in here.
- Nice.
- Now you, Dr. Bailey.
- Oh, okay.
If you insist.
I think that's the button.
(light music)