Not Forgotten (2009) Movie Script

Glorious and powerful Death,
taking advantage of your kindness ...
I ask you this favour: as the invincible master that
you are, I beg that you vanquish my enemies,
conquer him who is conquering me,
like Jesus conquered on the cross.
My daughter is missing.
Please tell me where she is.
She is not your daughter.
The father, please come.
I see swirling red flowers.
And flowing curtains in the wind,
as in the footsteps of Satan.
They come in the night,
with fire in their eyes.
Who? Who has come?
- ... darkness in their heart.
Her little hand is under the bed hiding.
The cross falls to the floor, as do the curtains.
The curtains are torn as the man falls.
The true meaning of enlightenment
is to see in the dark ...
with open eyes.
Please, Doa, you must help me.
Come closer.
Please, tell me where Toby is.
Can you see her?
Do you know the story of the cranes
from the lost city of the Aztecs?
On dark, moonless nights ...
at times, they flew
back to their homeland ...
to welcome death.
The darkness that you are trying
to avoid ...
says you must return ...
to your roots.
Go back. Return.
Hello. Wait, I can't hear you.
Josefina? She is working with a client,
baby. But I am here.
Should I send her a message?
Who is this anyway?
Is that you, Robert?
Do you not hear the phone?
- Don't you!? We're watching TV.
Josefina, telephone! Josefina!
Hello? Yes, Josefina.
My God, Robert.
It's been so long.
How are you?
Lorena has become eight or nine?
- Eleven.
Eleven! How is she?
- She was kidnapped two days ago.
Kidnapped? Blessed Death,
glorious Death, mighty Death ...
conquer him who is conquering me,
like Jesus conquered on the cross, Amen.
Listen, I need your help.
- Tell me what I can do.
I must know who brings the girls from
the US these days.
You think she's taken?
- I don't know. Hopefully not.
You know how it goes. Everyone is
quiet but I will ask around a bit.
Thanks, Josefina.
- Stay well.
Goodbye Captain.
- Sanchez, how are you?
Robert? It's been a while.
How's it going?
Tomorrow night, 7:00pm, St. Dismas
Carolina? I'm here.
Good God, Carolina.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
He was not there.
So this must be where they keep
all the beautiful girls hidden.
The transvestites are free to go.
Get out of here.
Until tomorrow.
Where is that foreigner, Marco?
Ten dollars per hour.
St Death, this is Robert.
I'm back and I'm now faced with you again...
for the last time.
Dear Death,
Do not leave me without protection...
keep my family united.
Protect my loved ones
from my enemies.
conquer him who is conquering me,
like Jesus conquered on the cross.
Is there anyone there?
Madam, is everything all right?
Open the door, madam.
Please open the door. Is everything okay?
Open the door, madam!
St Death, we beg you...
face to face,
holy of holy, cup to cup.
St Death is one of us ...
Now our newest daughter,
a wife she is to become.
St Death, show us the way.
St Death, protect us ...
and share this holy communion with us.
St Death, protect us.
The blood of St Death ...
will provide fire to
flow through your veins.
No sin ...
of yours will ever be remembered.
Why me?