Not of This Earth (1957) Movie Script

I think it's time I cut out now.
Don't be a drag, you
know how you flip me.
I'm hip.
- So?
- So leave me here.
If my father dug this scene, he'd
put small round holes in your head.
Well, I guess it is pretty late.
I really have to get in.
Goodnight, pops, you're a gas.
And you're a doll.
- Later!
- Later.
What are you doing?
Hello, you have an appointment?
I see.
Mr. Paul Johnson,
for 10 o'clock.
- That'd be for a blood test.
- No test.
- I beg your pardon.
- No test.
Well, don't tell me a big man
like you is afraid of a little needle.
I have no fear.
I came for a
transfusion of blood.
Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson,
but you have to have a blood test.
We don't hand out blood
like gasoline, you know.
We have to find out whether
you need ethyl or regular.
Well, you sit over there, the
doctor will be with you in a moment.
There's some magazines
there if you care to look at them.
Dr. Cavanaugh,
wanted in pathology.
Dr. Cavanaugh,
wanted in pathology.
Oh, doctor, this is Mr. Johnson,
he's here for an immediate transfusion.
I see. Well, Mr. Johnson,
we'll look you over right away.
Nadine, will you take him
into the lab and run his type?
On, no, he's having a
fast pint on the fly, no tests.
Would you come inside, please?
Sit down, won't you?
Now, Mr. Johnson...
why don't you want a blood test?
I choose not to reveal a reason.
Oh, I see.
Well then, I suggest
you try another doctor.
You have no blood here?
Yes, we have blood.
But there isn't the doctor
on Earth who'll transfuse...
blood without first
learning the patient's type...
Rh factor, and
other peculiarities.
The wrong kind
would probably kill you.
I must have blood.
I'm dying.
I am type "O".
I'm sorry, but I can't take
your word for any of those facts.
Get away from there!
No bleeding.
It will bleed...
in some moments.
But then, thinly,
and sporadically.
Have you've been
to see another doctor.
None that you know.
A hematologist, blood doctor?
Will you give me
the transfusion?
Not unless you submit to a test.
Then without a specimen
of my blood for study...
it is impossible.
You will test.
Then you will know,
and you will prescribe.
You may study it in all the ways
of your kind, and you may learn...
but you may not speak!
You will not...
you cannot transmit to any other
being your knowledge of my tragedy.
I-I've got a terrible headache.
I am ready for your test.
Oh, I'm glad you
changed your mind.
Take off your coat.
Now, this won't hurt.
The agglutinin's disintegrating
at an uninterrupted rate...
resulting in the destruction of
the cellular structure of the blood.
No, it's impossible.
There, that should do it.
How long have you been a nurse?
I graduated 7 years ago.
You are a good one?
That's no question
to be asking a nurse.
- You relax now, I'll be right back.
- Wait!
Do your work
always in hospitals...
or may you treat private cases?
Well, I specialize,
That is good.
I would like you to work for me.
Oh, you would.
Doing what?
Preserving my health.
Seeing to it that
I do not expire.
Mr. Johnson, no one in this
wide world can guarantee life.
Nor in any other, I fear.
No, I suppose not.
What money's do receive for
the work of your profession?
Mr. Johnson, that's a
very personal question.
It is.
If you will serve me, I shall
pay you $200 each week.
Let me tell you something, sir.
No nurse would dream
of getting $200 a week.
Well, it's ridiculous!
Besides, it has the sound
of something very unethical.
Would it still be unethical if
Dr. Rochelle asked you to serve me?
Well, if Dr. Rochelle assigned
me to your case, I'd take it.
I see.
Would you ask the
doctor to come to me?
Yes, Mr. Johnson.
And you're to
administer 500 CC's of
type "O" every night until
further orders from me.
Yes, doctor.
Just what is wrong with him.
Well, it's very
interesting, he has...
I'm not positive.
There are indications
of internal hemorrhage.
I see.
How long does he have?
I don't know.
I'm doing everything I can.
From now on, it's
in the hands of God.
- Did you do all this?
- What?
Mister, I've got to hand it to
you, I've never met anyone...
who commits so many
violations all at once.
He seems aggressive, why?
I'll talk to him, Mr. Johnson,
you get in the car.
- I know him.
- Thank you, nurse.
Now, don't start
writing until I explain.
How do you plan to explain
away a no parking sign...
a fire plug, a red zone, and
the wrong side of the street?
I think this man's
won himself a ticket.
He's in a critical state.
Now you put away that pad
and stop playing storm trooper...
I've got to send this man home.
If you say he's critical,
sunshine, he's critical, but...
I'll just tag along to see that
he gets there safe and sound.
Then maybe I'll take you in.
Why, I haven't done anything?
Why not?
Here, buddy, you might
enjoy a little light reading.
Where'd you pick up the cop?
He followed me
from the hospital.
I told you not to go driving
a car before you learn how.
Come into the house, Jeremy.
I want you to prepare a room.
You having company?
Which bedroom
she gonna sleep in?
Open the room in the south wing.
I shall be in the kitchen.
Do not come there.
I do not pay you to spy on me.
Should you do so again...
I shall eliminate you.
Sorry, boss, I
won't do it again.
Prepare the nurse's room.
You're expected.
Come on in.
Johnson's in the living room.
I'm Jeremy.
If there's anything you
need, baby, just ring for me.
All I need on this job is blood.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm sorry I'm late,
Mr. Johnson...
but I had to clean out
my desk at the hospital.
Do not excuse yourself.
Come, I will show
you to your room.
All right.
Jeremy and I are
alone here, Miss Storey.
You're the first person
who's been in my house.
We only been here a month.
Jeremy, it is time that you saw that
all the outside entrances are secure.
Right, boss.
Bring the storage bag upstairs.
Your room is
upstairs, Miss Storey.
You have a lovely
house here, Mr. Johnson.
It is adequate, Miss Storey.
Here you will sleep.
I have received blood this day.
You will have no further
duties until tomorrow.
Then I'll say
goodnight, Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Johnson!
- Yes, Miss Storey.
- You locked my door.
- I did, yes.
- Why?
You do not wish it?
If my door's gonna be locked...
I'd like to do my own locking.
In the place from
which I come...
no person would dare
sleep in insecure quarters.
Just where do you come from?
I believe your expression was...
good night, Miss Storey.
Good night, Mr. Johnson.
Time narrows.
There is death upon Davanna.
Davanna must endure.
Speak of the Earth creatures.
They are second
stage sub-human...
weak, and full of fright.
Speak of their blood.
It may be as ours.
I have sent to you
thirty cubits for study.
That must be more.
The conquered enemies dwindle in
the pens of pasture, and time constricts.
It is soon that
we shall all perish.
Perhaps the blood of
this planet shall answer.
Your mission upon this globe...
is to be accomplished
in 5 out of 6 phases.
In the first...
you will study all characteristics
of the Earth sub-humans.
Phase 1 is study.
In the second phase...
you shall increase the
quantity of Earth blood
which you are
transmitting to Davanna.
Phase 2 is more Earth blood.
For phase 3...
we must have a live specimen.
A sub-human to be used in...
vivisectory research.
Phase 3 is a live specimen.
You are phase 4...
in which Earth blood value...
will be determined by
your survival or your death.
Phase 4 is my life or death.
If Earth blood
preserves your life...
phase 5 will be the conquest...
subjugation, and pasturing
of the Earth sub-humans.
Upon your order.
Phase 5 is conquest...
subjugation and pasturing...
if I live.
Phase 6 will be the utter obliteration
of this planet, by your order...
dependent upon the anticipated
failure of your experiment.
Phase 6 is destruction
of this planet...
if I am to die.
Phase 6 concludes
the instructions.
Phase 6 concludes.
I am returning.
Up all ready, boss?
After you've taken
Miss Storey her food...
Prepare the automobile.
You will take me
to the public library.
I hope you eat
something this morning...
I'm getting sick of
throwing away good food.
- Anything else, boss man?
- No, nothing.
- Anybody home?
- That you, Jeremy?
Yeah, I got breakfast.
Well, leave it on
the bureau, will you?
I sure will.
After a stretch here, I ought to
be able to get a job at the Ritz.
There at least I get a tip.
Why, doesn't Mr. Johnson
pay you very much?
He pays me too much!
I think the guy's short
a few nuts and bolts.
Would it be out of
line for me to ask...
you just how much
he does pay you?
Nothing you could do
would be out of line, baby.
He pays me $300 a week!
What in the world for?
Most anything.
Such as?
Such as, making sure nobody
goes near the cellar, and...
such as changing little gold
ingots he gives me, into US money.
What do you do, kid?
I'm here to keep
Mr. Johnson healthy.
I'm already healthy.
What time do you get off work?
I'm not here to keep
you happy, Jeremy.
Mr. Johnson, you strike
me as a very healthy man.
I am pleased.
Perhaps your treatments will
prevent my predicted death.
For a man who
thinks he's gonna die...
you seem to be
pretty casual about it.
How can one not be casual?
Death is not a remarkable thing.
No, but it's not exactly
something one looks...
forward to with
giddy anticipation.
That is true.
Nor with undo dread.
You have no further
duties until this evening.
So you may do as you
like with your time until then.
Thanks, I think I'll
try that pool of yours.
You're gonna to
get yourself wet.
I think everybody in this
house could use a little exercise.
Well, save me a little water
for when I get back from town.
I'll do that.
You could probably use it.
Hey, I've got a hook and line
inside, maybe I ought to go get it, huh?
I'm afraid, Jeremy, you
just haven't got the right bait.
Good morning.
I represent the Airwick
Vacuum Cleaner Company.
- You the gentleman of the house?
- This is my house.
Crazy, I'd like to
show you the product.
You wish that I
purchase your machine?
I don't want ya to
purchase, mister.
I just wanna give you
a free demonstration.
You wanna purchase,
you purchase.
You don't wanna
purchase, you don't purchase
I ain't gonna force
you to purchase.
This is one of our
standard attachments.
Clean any rug you
got in the house...
no matter how deep the
pile or how the delicate fabric.
- Ain't that something?
- I do not wish to purchase.
Hey, let me finish, will ya?
This, as they say
in the vernacular...
is the darling of the
vacuum cleaning world.
You having trouble
with stopped up pipes...
and drains, like in
a kitchen or a cellar?
With this little baby,
your problem is over.
See, it goes right
into the pipe...
No persistence.
Leave my house.
Sheesh, give me
a chance, will ya?
It's just a demonstration.
You see this little baby at work in your
home, and suddenly you'll turn flip-flops.
No flip-flops.
No flip-flops.
Look, buddy, let me have 5 minutes
of your time in your own cellar...
I'll prove to you that
this little baby can...
do what no other vacuum
cleaner in the world can do.
In my cellar?
That's right, it'll
take only 5 minutes.
Come right in, young man.
I shall be glad to see
your machine in operation.
Will you just take a look at
the dirt in that drainpipe, buddy.
Ain't that a shame?
You never know when a thing
like that's gonna give you trouble.
Well, we'll have it
outta there in a jiffy.
It's a very simple operation.
I've ordered you not to
sound the warning horn.
Or make any high decibel
noises while near me.
Sorry, boss, the
jerk cut me off.
who are those gentlemen?
Those aren't gentlemen,
those are bums.
Those characters have
hit the bottom of the barrel...
they live from one day to the
next, just for a shot of cheap hooch.
They're unfortunate.
Unfortunate? They're happy!
Give 'em a little wine, or a bottle
of hair tonic, and they're tickled pink.
Phase 2.
- What'd you say, boss?
- Nothing.
Jeremy, I want
you to invite one...
no, three of those
gentlemen to dinner tonight.
Dinner! Are you kidding?
Tonight, Jeremy.
You'll proceed to the library.
Well, anything you say.
You may return home, Jeremy,
I will be finished here at 5.
Got ya, boss.
Car laid up, doc?
Yeah, I'm afraid that
car has a chronic illness.
Where you going?
Over to see Nadine
and our patient.
Hop in, I'll give you a lift.
Oh, thanks, I hope you and
Nadine stay on friendly terms.
At least until I'm
back on wheels.
- Hi, Harry.
- Hi.
Well, you look as if
you're enjoying your job.
I've got to keep in shape.
I see you've got
yourself a new chauffeur.
Clear the road, will ya?
Well, if it isn't Pittsburgh
Perrin, the riot of every cell block.
Officer Sherbourne.
- Classmates?
- Yeah
Jeremy here, spends
his summers with us.
What's he doing here?
Jeremy, ask the doctor
to come into my house.
I guess I've been
invited inside.
I'll show you in, doctor.
Is Jeremy really a criminal?
Two bit crook.
I can't imagine what he's doing
working for a man of Johnson's class.
He's probably trying to reform.
Come on in, I'll build you a cup
of coffee while the brains talk.
Thank you, Jeremy.
You may go.
I assume, doctor, you have...
further scrutinized my blood?
I certainly have, Mr. Johnson.
And there are many
questions I'd like to ask you.
That desire is predictable.
How many answers you receive...
however, is not predictable.
Have you spoken
to anyone if this?
No, I...
I feel it best...
to keep it an absolute secret.
An excellent feeling doctor.
Can you tell me anything
that I do not know?
I can tell you this...
your blood is different from any
I've ever studied in my entire career.
In what way?
In the first place...
no man on Earth should
be able to live with...
such a low count of red
corpuscles as you have.
In the second place, your blood's
behaving in an impossible manner.
The agglutinin's breaking down, destroying
the basic structure of the blood itself.
- The result is...
- Is evaporated blood.
Well, that's an
over simplification.
Blood within the veins
couldn't possibly evaporate.
The more precise
term would be...
Evaporation, as a term...
will suffice, doctor.
Have you found the cause?
Not yet.
But you think you will?
I may.
I'm already neglecting my other work
to devote all my time to this problem.
God forbid such a dreadful new
plague should strike the Earth.
God forbid.
You seem already aware
of what's happening to you.
I am aware, doctor.
If a cure is not
soon forthcoming...
the blood of my body will
turn to dust, and I will die.
As a doctor, it's my job to
try to cheer up the patient.
That is an infantile
attitude, doctor.
Continue your studies, and return
to me again when you learned more.
Yes, perhaps I shall
learn something soon.
I feel that time is the
great element in this case.
Time, is indeed the
only element, doctor.
I hope you will
return soon, doctor.
Boss, that cop in the kitchen is
filling Nadine with lies about me.
You are safe in
my employ, Jeremy.
Tell the policeman to
take the doctor away!
Then you will go to the park
and collect my dinner guests.
- But boss.
- Go.
Then I'll pick you up at seven?
All right, speedy, you win,
but I have to be home early.
Well, well, the big lover.
What's your angle
here, Pittsburgh?
It's straight.
The doc is waiting in
the car for you, flat foot.
It better be straight, buddy.
Because from now on,
I'll have eye on this place.
- See you tonight.
- Okay.
Lousy cop.
Jeremy, I'm disappointed in you.
You have such an honest face.
Did you swipe my bathing cap,
because I can't seem to find it?
I gotta go now.
Big feed?
You're balmy!
Who's springing it?
My boss, he's a
crackpot philanthropist.
Any chaser?
You get a free fifth of French
cognac when you leave.
- I'm with ya.
- Got a couple of friends?
Hey, Sterno, Meatnose.
They're a little drunk.
For he's a jolly good fellow...
He's a jolly good fellow...
He's a jolly good fellow...
which nobody can deny...
They're dead drunk.
Why would anyone
want to be a cop?
Or a nurse.
It must be something about helping
people that gets into characters like us.
- Couldn't be the money.
- Or the hours.
Do you like this job you're on?
Yeah, it's different.
They all are, but this
one's especially interesting.
Johnson's some kind
of a foreigner, isn't he?
He's got a dialect,
but I can't place it.
I'll have to ask him.
He sure is a cold one.
He's cold and
odd, and brilliant.
He has a fantastically
powerful mind, and yet...
he seems unaware
of the simplest things.
Like how to park a car.
Why does he wear those glasses?
I don't know.
Can't discuss my patient's
condition, you know.
I'm interested in the
condition of a certain nurse.
Don't worry about me. Did you
ever try and tangle with a nurse?
No, but...
I've seen a couple of heavyweights
take the count when they tried.
There's a few things in our
training that might surprise you.
You wanna bet?
I guess this is your house.
Thank you, Harry, I
had a wonderful evening.
That's my standard
treatment for high class nurses.
A creep and a two bit crook.
I don't like the feel of this
place, be careful in there, Nadine.
Oh, I'll be all right.
I'm a big girl now.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Take the case directly
to the living room...
and return here, I have
other duties for you.
What's in here, King Farouk?
Are you ready for your transfusion,
Mr. Johnson? It's almost that time.
I will be ready in an hour.
Come to the living room, then.
All right.
This night I am transmitting
the blood of phase 2.
The study of phase
1 is in progress.
Within 24 Earth
hours, I shall locate...
and transmit the live
specimen of Earth sub-human...
as you have instructed.
I have no information on my
own probability of life or death.
That's right, I
put Krantz on it.
He's looking for prints.
Probably won't find any.
Yes, they're the same neck
punctures as on the others.
All right, lieutenant, I'll let you
know the minute we hear a thing.
That woman was 12th, wasn't she?
It's a miracle the papers
haven't put 'em all together.
I can just see those
vampire headlines.
Any break in the case yet?
This killer is a fiend of
the most diabolical kind.
Interested in only one thing...
What can he do
with it? He's no idiot.
He has an ugly device. It
burns through the victim's eyes.
Burns the brain,
right in the skull.
Then he takes the blood.
Maybe more.
The missing persons
rate's gone up sharply.
The Airways Vacuum
Cleaner Company has got...
men out looking for a
door-to-door salesman.
They probably don't want the
salesmen, they want the cleaner.
Oh, don't worry,
George, you'll crack it.
Crack it! I can't
even scratch it.
And all I can think
of is who'll be next.
Have you any close relations
in the city, Miss Storey?
Why, someone leave
me a million bucks?
Merely the
curiosity of a patient.
Well, I have a 200
pound aunt in Detroit...
that sends me a box of salt
water candy every Christmas.
Are you close to your aunt?
She raised me as a child.
Every now and then
she gets on the phone...
to have a nice long
collect chat with me.
You may increase the flow
of blood this time, Miss Storey.
Mr. Johnson, for a man who didn't
know he had to have a blood test...
before a transfusion...
you seem to know an
awful lot about medicine now.
I have done some reading.
In the last 3 days?
Perhaps you could give
me a bit of information...
that I was unable to
discover in my research.
What's that?
In the uranium method of
cancer examination it is...
true that the uranium
flies to the cancerous area.
But the books neglected
to give me an explanation.
Well, that's true, nobody
knows the reason.
Then, one assumption may be...
that since cancer
tracks radio activity...
that the cancerous tissue itself may
be charged with a negative energy.
Possibly that might lead to
a cure. What do you think?
I'm sure I don't think
anything, Mr. Johnson.
Now, you just...
you just lie still until the
transfusion is finished.
Very well.
(Foreign language)
(Foreign language)
I have brought the specimen.
He shall follow me
back through the beam.
With this transmission,
phase 3 is completed.
Phase 3 is completed.
Phase 1, near completion.
Soon, you must complete phase 4.
There is destruction within
that council of the northern orbit.
Rule is dissolving.
Independent action increases
on a 73 degree tangent.
The result of phase 4 shall be known
to me in 3 of the Earth solar days.
I shall return to
Davanna, and tell them so.
It must be no more than 3 days.
(Foreign language)
Oh, wait a minute!
Let's see what the patient
put away this morning.
He never eats, I think he keeps a
window open and lives on the smog.
You know, maybe, maybe not.
- What was in this?
- Water.
Black water?
Not when I took it in to him,
maybe he took a bath in it.
Oh, it's got a
chemical smell, it's vile.
This guy is 6 kinds of a freak.
- Maybe you're right, Jeremy.
- Yeah, baby, sure I'm right.
Look, Jeremy...
Is there anything else you've
noticed about him that's different?
I noticed a couple of things in the last
2 days that look worse than different.
Night before last, he had me bring those
stumblebums out here to dinner, remember?
Yeah, I saw them when I
left on my date with Harry.
You went out.
But they stayed in.
What do you mean?
After dinner he sends
me out to work on the car.
Later I come back and
he says the bums are gone.
But they ain't.
Because I was outside all the
time and I would've heard 'em.
You mean to tell me that you still
think they're some place in this house?
I don't think nothing.
But what happened
last night was a real dilly.
What happened?
The boss second stories
it in about 2 o'clock in...
the morning and he has
has a Chinaman with him.
Yeah, and three pink elephants.
Uh-uh, baby, I
can see in the dark.
He takes the Chinaman into his
room, and neither one of 'em comes out.
I saw the boss in there this morning,
and he acted like nothing happened.
Or maybe nothing did.
I figure it's my business
to think the same thing.
Sometimes I get the creeps.
So do I.
I'm glad to have company!
You want to snoop around some?
Maybe he's making atom bombs
down there in the basement.
No, I think we're
jumping at shadows.
Mr. Johnson's a very
considerate employer.
I will tell you one thing...
as his nurse, I think I oughta
take this down lab and find out...
what it is Mr. Johnson's
putting inside of himself.
Instead of...
Instead of food.
Where we going today, boss?
You will leave me at
the bookstore, and...
pound the Hill's district.
You will then proceed
to the service station.
Later, I will meet you at
the parking lot, nearby.
Why the station?
I would like the vehicle
scrutinized for any...
possible mechanical
damage I might have done.
I see Miss Storey's
vehicle is gone.
She went into town
to catch a show.
I believe she was
looking for this.
Yeah, she lost it.
In the cellar, Jeremy.
You will return it.
Do you have any idea what it is?
No, none at all.
Where'd you get it?
That, doctor, is a secret
I'll let you in on later.
Let's just say it's a food supplement
a friend of mine developed.
A food supplement.
Well, that's something for an
internist to analyze, not for me.
Yeah, I know, but I think
you might find it interesting.
It's for you, Nadine.
He says he's the FBI.
All right, I'll be right back.
I had this blood sample tested,
you had the dog pound send over.
- And...
- It's rabies, all right.
A virulent case.
Yes, well, label it carefully
please, and put it back in the chest.
I'll have a use for it later.
Secret agent Do Re Mi.
Did you track down those
stolen police arch supports?
Arch supports? I
ride a motorcycle.
Yeah, well, that's
another kind of support.
Well, at least you
can call me a flatfoot.
What's happening tonight?
Well, there's supposed to be an eclipse
of the Moon in Johannesburg, South Africa.
What say we eclipse a steak?
I'm on night duty, go on at 9.
All right.
Okay, doll, pick
you up at six, bye.
I was going to ask you to
come back here at 8 tonight.
I should have those
tests run by then.
Oh, I did want to see
the results of those tests.
I'll tell you what, Harry'll probably take
me the Eldorado, do you know the place?
Very well.
Well then, I'll make
sure he takes me there.
And when you get
the final results of the...
supplement, come on
over and have a bite with us.
I'll do that.
Okay, I'll see you later.
- Why are you here?
- I escaped.
I came through the
beam in your dwelling.
Penalty for using the dimension
warp is immediate dispatch.
I had to do it.
I had to escape them all.
What has happened?
The wars are finished.
The blood supply vanishes.
The enemy captives have
been taken from pasture...
killed, and their blood
removed on the spot.
I had to escape...
or parish.
You were justified.
You shall not be punished
for using the dimension warp.
And you may help me
to expedite my work here.
I shall help you.
You were the recorder.
I sent a live specimen through
the beam with the courier.
Was the sub-human satisfactory?
The courier is dead.
Murdered for his blood.
The specimen overt humanoid
arrived in the Davanna beam...
in a compressed state.
He was crushed to the
size of this communication.
The department concluded
reservedly, that it is impossible...
to transmit a human
or sub-human...
anatomy through the
beam from the Earth end.
The courier lived, because
he never left the beam.
If the conclusion is correct, you and
I will be unable to return to Davanna.
However, I shall send
another specimen this night.
If it is correct...
we must remain upon
this world until we expire.
I would prefer the outer
planets of this system...
to the present agony of Davanna.
That is an emotional statement.
It is an emotional time.
And, if I do not receive blood
within 4 kranachton's of time...
I will have no continuing
need for emotion.
You shall have blood.
Nadine, you've got to tell
me where you got that stuff.
- Oh, hello, Harry.
- Hello, doc.
From a friend.
Your friend must be
an amazing person.
Why, the compounds fantastic!
Not only does it contain
every vitamin known to man...
but a few I've never
even seen before.
And it has the basic food
structures concentrated with...
bulk, roughage,
energy, and diet control.
All in the same
molecular structure.
Do you mean that he's combined
all of this into one primary unit?
Who's he?
Mr. Johnson.
Well, let's see what they
have here for a hungry man.
Do you think it's possible
to reproduce Johnson's unit?
I think we've discussed
this sufficiently.
I guess I'll try the
breaded veal cutlets.
This place looks like an exhibit
from a vocal age museum.
This world is as
ours was of that time.
Your observation is correct.
Lie there on that plane.
I shall bring the blood.
That looks wonderful.
We use our own private
dressing recipe, sir.
Doctor, don't even want to
discuss this supplement thing?
No, my dear, I do not.
Well, I don't understand.
Nadine... I've
put in a long day.
I've described the compound
to you, that's all there is to it.
I'd like to eat my dinner,
and get back to the clinic.
I'm with the doctor.
All right, let's get
on with the salad.
It is finished.
Do you feel relieved?
I feel... disturbed.
The blood of
this planet is rich.
Soon you will find strength.
We must leave this place.
There is activity within me.
It will pass.
We proceed to your dwelling?
No, we are too similar.
There is a hotel 50
decopeds in that direction.
I will be alone among
the sub-humans.
I do not know how to behave.
A clerk will speak
to you vocally.
You must remain in a
state of lingual receptivity...
and imitate his
sounds and meanings.
You will remain in contact?
I will come to you...
at the hotel place, on the
noon of the Earth's star.
Get Dr. Jackson.
She's still alive, let's
get her to my office.
- I'll take a look at this.
- She's slipping, doctor.
Massage her arms.
No, she's still alive.
- Look at her glasses, they're just...
- Yes, I know!
I'll take those glasses off.
She's gone.
Get an ophthalmologist.
And call the coroner's office.
Sure have had a lot of
cars park here tonight.
One dollar.
Thank you.
You will come with me.
I must have a
second live specimen.
You will drive the
automobile as I direct.
Honey, I've been trying to
reach you for 10 minutes.
I just got in this
second, what's up?
I'm at Dr. Rochelle's.
A woman died in
the hospital tonight.
Is Johnson there?
I don't know.
Look, Nadine, I want you to
get out of the house, right now.
Harry, what are
you talking about?
The woman who died...
she had no eyes!
At least, not like ours.
I don't follow you.
She wore the same kind
of glasses Johnson wears.
Nadine, I don't think
he's a human being!
Harry, have you been drinking?
Look, if I didn't have to
go on duty in a half hour...
I'd come out there
and get your myself.
Just take my word for it, Johnson's
dangerous, and get outta there.
Look, maybe you have got
something, I'll tell you what...
You stay there until just
before you have to go on duty.
I'll see what I can find out on
my own, and then I'll call you back.
Are you nuts? Beat
it out of that place!
Goodbye, doll.
It is impossible
for you to escape.
Come to me.
I hear you, you
can't hurt me now.
- It doesn't work now.
- It's a lie!
I am not so injured!
Harry says he's
not a human being.
- I don't think he's for real, neither.
- Where is he?
He put me in a taxi and took off in
the car with some queer looking dame.
Well, this gives us a chance to the
house, come on, let's try the living room.
We better make it snappy.
- Find anything?
- Not yet, how about you?
What's this?
- Ive never seen anything like it.
- Good, maybe we hit something.
Now we've really got something.
I don't think we oughta
fool with it, it might blow up.
What's that?
From over here you can't
get your hand through.
What is this thing?
I don't think I wanna know, whatever
it is, no one on this world ever made it.
You mean the boss is
some kind of man from Mars?
I don't care what he is, but I
thing we oughta smash this thing.
You couldn't bust through
that with a 20 pound sledge.
There's nothing we
can do about this.
I'll stay here, you go down into
the cellar and see what you can find.
Yes, doctor.
Harry told you about the
woman who died here tonight.
He said she was like Johnson.
This has nothing to
do with our patient.
The woman seems to lack any
visible aperture in her optical tissue.
She has a fantastic blood disease in
which the agglutinin is disintegrating.
Is that what killed her?
No, she died of rabies.
I've been experimenting with
the blood from the rabid dog.
Someone injected that same blood
into her tonight, at least an hour ago.
The impossible part is that
she lived through the transfusion.
Who would do such
a horrible thing?
Someone who knew that she
needed blood desperately...
and didn't know what kind of
stuff he was pumping into her.
I say it was Johnson.
Doctor, do you think Mr. Johnson is suffering
from the same disease as this woman?
I will not discuss Mr. Johnson.
About this woman.
I think I know the cause
and treatment of her disease.
- You do?
- Yes.
Apparently the victim
has lived in an area that's...
been constantly charged
with radioactive material.
It was this atmosphere
that affected the blood.
Where would such an
atmosphere be found?
In a place where continuous
nuclear detonations...
have taken place
over a period of years.
An area of all out
nuclear warfare.
But there is no such place.
Yes, I know, my dear.
There's no doubt in my
mind that this woman is...
something other than human.
She's an alien.
I see.
What would be your treatment?
First, removal from
the toxic atmosphere...
and then a complete
change of blood.
Would this cure Mr. Johnson?
I'm not speaking of Johnson.
- But he fits your description.
- Nadine, please!
Dr. Rochelle, does this man have
some kind of a power over you?
Has he threatened
your life or something?
Nadine, I really must hang up.
I have a great
deal of work to do.
Look, Dr. Rochelle, I...
The doctor is no longer
in contact, Miss Storey.
Mr. Johnson.
Remain in your room.
You're not gonna get me, mister!
Do not run from me, Nadine.
I'm going to dispatch you.
I hear your voice, Mr. Johnson,
but I'm not going to open my eyes.
There is no place
for you to hide.
You may conceal your
person, but I can find your mind.
And I shall destroy your doctor.
Nadine, I am coming.
Listen to me.
I am not going to kill you.
You and your doctor
have cured me.
You have saved the
people of Davanna.
Because of you we shall live.
I am coming.
Still busy.
The makeup of this
blood's amazing.
I think the coroner will agree.
I can't wait any longer doctor,
I've got to go on duty, right away.
Uh-huh, I guess I can
continue my examination alone.
If Nadine calls, tell
her I've gone to work.
Oh, well...
Why-why don't you
try to get her again.
Once more.
I hate to think of her under
the same roof with that monster.
Mr. Johnson is no monster.
I can't wait.
Good night, doctor.
Good night, Harry.
Do not run.
I am coming.
Wait for me, Nadine.
I know where you are.
I'm driving directly to you.
Fifth precinct, Sgt. Walton.
Hello, I've got to talk to Harry
Sherbourne, I've got to talk to him!
Hold it, lady, don't
get so excited.
Now, what do you want to talk to
him about? Maybe I can help you.
Please! He's after me,
I've got to talk to him!
I think he's on traffic
duty. Who's after you?
Oh, please, please!
Look, lady, you've gotta
calm down and tell me what...
What's up?
Some hysterical dame,
wants to talk to you.
- Can't figure what...
- Nadine?
Oh, Harry, thank God!
- Johnson's after me!
- Where are you?!
I'm at the picnic
grounds parking lot.
Stay there, I'm on my way!
I can't stay, I...
- I'm going out there.
- Take Simmons with you.
You can not run forever, Nadine.
Your friend can not help you.
I don't see either one of them.
Look, we'll separate, you
take roads around the...
north side, and I'll take
the one past the zoo.
- Simmons! No siren.
- Okay.
Stop running.
Stop running!
Stop running.
My strength has returned.
It has returned.
I shall not kill you.
You shall not kill me.
The first specimen I sent
to Davanna was crushed.
It may have been an accident.
I shall send another.
You shall send another.
It shall be you.
It shall be me.
We will walk to the automobile.
I am about to be attacked.
Return to my house.
I shall dispose of the intruder.
Return to the house and enter the
transmission beam in the living room.
Return and enter the beam.
When you are inside the beam...
slide the power lever.
It will send you to Davanna.
It will send me to Davanna.
Did Johnson do this?
With his eyes!
Is that him?
Are you all right?
- I'm all right.
- Stay here, I'm going after him.
Look at my eyes.
My eyes are alien.
Look at my them!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Here lies a man who
was not of this Earth.
In a way, I feel sorry for him.
Why sorry?
Buried so far from home.
So far from everyone he knew.
I can't feel sorry for him.
He had no emotions
as we know them.
It was a foreign thing,
come here to destroy us.
Thank God he tried too hard.
Come on.