Not Today (2013) Movie Script

Come on, Audrey.
Just tonight.
I won't ask again,
I promise.
How about you have
a nice glass of warm milk...
...take a cold shower,
brush your teeth...
- I already have a mommy.
- Oh, yeah.
Why don't we ask her
if I should spend the night?
How about we ask my dad?
Come on, just tonight.
I will see you later.
Hey, yeah.
She's gone.
Come on over.
I do.
Yes, I'm listening.
I Promise.
Hey, homey, it's not
the end of the world.
- You guys are killing me.
- We're killing you?
I mean...
Oh, I'm sorry.
All right, then.
I'm all in.
Final hand,
final game.
Put up or shut up,
all right?
And to be clear,
the winner chooses the location.
One dart, no ifs,
ands, or buts.
All right, what are you doing?
- All right.
- Now let me deal with this.
- I call, I call.
- All right. Hey, listen, Please.
Did you just hang up on me?
What is going on over there?
Are the guys over there?
Are you drinking?
No, no, I am not
drinking right now.
- Are you lying?
- No.
Look, just tell me
the truth.
No, I'm not, okay?
Would you like
to come over and see?
Yes, actually.
That'd be great.
Yeah? No.
- No?
- No, baby.
What do we have
if we don't have trust?
- What'd he say?
- "If we don't have... "
- Did you say that out loud?
- Just because I don't go to...
...Bible school
doesn't make me a liar.
No, but lying does.
- Whatever, Caden.
- Audrey?
- It is about time.
- No joke, man.
Question. Why are we
throwing the dart?
Why don't we Google
the 10 most exotic locations?
Because one,
that would be typical.
Two, we agreed the winner
chooses the location in one dart.
So here we go.
Oh, God.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
We are not going to India.
Bill, jump on the computer
and Google Hyderabad.
Yes, master.
- Hello, darling.
- She is on it.
Okay, Party's on, man.
I'm in.
It says, "This is the crown jewel of
the country, home to the Taj Mahal. "
We're talking
one of the seven wonders of the world.
Incredible beaches,
smoking hot red dress...
- ... on those beaches...
- Red dress.
...and we'd have more money there
than we have here?
- Heck, yeah.
- Okay, good, good. Everybody good?
So we'll talk tomorrow?
I was getting ready to skinny-dip
in your infinity Pool.
- You weren't.
- Good night, drive safe, get out.
All right,
Peace, man.
Hi, baby, sorry,
just bad service.
So what were
you saying?
A quiet night alone?
What are you doing here?
And when exactly did lying
become your second language?
That's really what you're going with?
That's your answer?
- Come on.
- "What"?
When did you become
one of those guys?
Why are you here again?
You said you were alone.
- I was.
- So I brought you a sundae.
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
Those guys don't
bring out the best in me.
I know, I know.
So will you stay a minute?
A minute.
One minute.
Yeah, that didn't really
seem like a great idea.
I was just seeing
if it would light.
- I don't even want it.
- Totally on purpose.
You know, you're
becoming one of them.
You're the only one
who says that.
And who is them?
You're the only one
who seems to think that.
The reason I'm the only one
who says that is because... don't hang out with anyone
who cares enough to be honest with you.
Thank you for the reminder.
I mean, do you even think
about going to church anymore?
- Audrey, Please.
- Do you even miss it?
Seriously, okay? Do you wanna know
why I don't go to church anymore?
- Yeah, I do.
- Okay.
I don't go to church
anymore because... Puts me to sleep, okay?
It literally numbs my brain.
All right? I've seen
the strings, okay?
- You know what?
- They don't impress me.
Everyone spends
eternity somewhere.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Not my girlfriend.
Are you really resorting to that
bumper sticker T-shirt Christianity?
"Everybody spends
eternity somewhere"?
Not you.
Don't let them take you.
Three-second rule,
You've gotta be
kidding me.
Your favorite rule. I'm not,
and you should know better.
- That was silly two years ago.
- You don't have to be a jerk.
- You don't have to act like a 12-year-old.
- You first.
Honestly, Caden... this really
who you wanna be?
Or should I be asking,
is this really who you are?
I'm cute.
- Of course.
- And I am funny and sexy.
And arrogant and entitled
and self-centered.
- You forgot smart.
- Oh, so smart.
What you
did right there Proved it.
- You're smart.
- Okay.
Stop acting
like somebody you say you're not.
Stop hanging out with my mother.
Okay, okay, look.
I'll make you
a deal, okay?
Not the Prayer warriors!
Hi, guys.
- Hi.
- Are you guys still Praying for me?
- Always.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- We miss seeing you on Sundays.
It'd be great to have
you back onstage, Caden.
- Yeah?
- Did you get your guitar from Audrey?
Yes, I did, Mother.
Ladies, it's school.
It's the root of all evil.
- Excuses, excuses.
- My schedule's hectic!
We just miss
seeing you around.
- Yeah, you know.
- Hi.
- Hi, hi.
- Hey, baby.
Nice car. Your father
out of town?
- Bye.
- Thank you so much.
- Coming through.
- Thank you.
Is he cra...?
By the way,
Dad is great.
Could you be nice?
Mom, I'm hungry.
Do we have food?
So, how is Audrey doing?
I don't know, you tell me.
I'm sure you already know the answer.
She just asked me
to Pray for her, that's all.
Mom, really?
Stay out of my business.
Just let it go.
Let it go.
Mom, food, Please.
- Hey, do not be like that.
- I'm kidding.
- Do not be like that.
- I'm just kidding.
- Sandwiches?
- Yeah.
So, how's
your life, kiddo?
You get
that job yet?
Life? Life is good.
The job? No.
I've been too busy
Planning my trip to India.
- India?
- Yeah.
No, I don't...
I don't think so. You made
a Promise to your mother... were getting a job this summer.
Be your own man
and take on responsibilities.
- You remember any of that?
- Yeah.
I don't know if you misunderstood.
I'm not asking you
because I don't need your Permission.
I need hers.
Mom, India.
You know what?
I think India's great.
- What?
- Exactly.
- It's great.
- Now I don't have to lie to Dad.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
So, you're in?
That depends.
You have to define "in. "
Please, Please,
Please define "in. "
All right, well.
Dad said that you'd have to
sign off on the trip.
Don't worry,
you don't have to foot the bill.
Hey, come back here.
I want to be very clear about something.
This Promise to your mother
to get a job.
That Promise doesn't mean anything,
is that right?
Where are
you guys headed to in India?
Look, Mom, we're going
to Goa, Agra...
...Taj Mahal, Hyderabad,
which is the Pearl capital of India.
I'll get you Pearls.
"I'll get you Pearls. "
And, Luke,
by the way, yes.
Promising my mother
means everything to me.
So, Mom, I will get
a job when I get back.
Yes, yes.
- Yes?
- Yes, you have our blessing.
Yes, thank you!
Thanks for the sandwich.
Thanks, Luke!
Do you mind telling me
what just happened?
Yeah, I mean,
haven't we been Praying...
...God would get hold
of him and shake him up?
Yeah, yes, yes,
but India, really?
- India.
- Yeah.
You never know. Really.
Nice try, Mom.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Where the ladies at?
We are in India, right?
Is that where we are?
- It's English, okay?
- Hey, hold on!
- Hello, my friend.
- What's your name?
Hey, open the door!
Call her.
She Probably misses you.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
- Do you think he's...
- Just a little bit.
No, it's just misty. You're just misty.
We'll send her this.
Do you want
to say something here?
Yeah, it was a long flight.
I missed you.
But look at Captain Serious
up in front here.
Captain Serious, can we
have a little fun tonight?
All right, yeah, shower, shave,
do whatever you guys do, wax.
And then we are going
out to the club.
Sounds like a deal.
Get inside the...
Bring on the girls!
Bozo. Who invited
this bozo?
- All right, shots.
- Give me mine. Where's mine at?
- All right.
- All right, here we go. 26 hours of flying.
We are here, let's get
some action tonight.
- Please.
- To us.
Hey, hey, shot number one
of, let's say, 30? 40?
- All right, done.
- Do it.
Kick them back.
Here's mine. Grab one.
- We're good.
- Bottoms up.
All right,
you and me, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come on!
No, no, no.
I gotta...
Gotta get some air.
I'm not kidding.
What are you looking at?
Sir, Please.
I wasn't talking to you.
Wait a minute.
Haven't I seen you before?
We have homeless dudes
and beggars back at home...
...but none of them
have a racket like this.
You know, I mean,
you're using your own kid?
Is she even
your own kid?
I mean, I don't know
how they do it here.
Please, money.
Food. No home.
You know English?
I speak English, and,
well, that ain't English.
- I'll be nice this time.
- I'm saying I had a bad experience.
I love that movie.
Hey, hey,
it's Caden.
What's up, homey?
What's up, buddy?
What are you doing, man?
Dude, this is not the night.
The street corner.
- What?
- The street corner.
I saw this guy
and this Puppet and this little girl.
We saw them on the way
to the hotel...
...and he's trying to tell me
they're hungry. Really? Really?
You got
a three-bedroom in the hills, right?
Know what? Wrap the clubs,
let's Play Poker at his house.
- Hey, hey.
- What's the buy-in?
You could Play, too.
- The Party is inside.
- I got it.
- Let's get our boogie on.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
- Look, give me 15 minutes.
Come back out.
Look at me, all of you.
Do not leave me.
I still got some Bollywood
dance moves going on.
All right, ladies!
Hey, what's your name?
Lola, watch this.
Hey, where's my watch?
- Sir?
- Where's my watch?
- We leave.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, hey.
Where's my watch?
Sir, Please.
Give it back.
And how about my wallet?
What's wrong with you?
Sir, we need to go.
Then go.
Hey. Hey.
Hey, where am I?
Sir, not good Place.
No, no, no.
Where am I?
I don't understand.
How did I get here?
I'm all screwed up,
Sir, this okay.
Sir, Please, Please.
We're dying.
Annika, she dying.
Sir, I help you.
Why you no help?
- I watch for you.
- You're being dramatic.
Times are tough
No, Please.
And stop Pestering
People like me... give you
food and money.
Get a job,
feed your own kid.
It's not my deal, okay?
I don't have kids.
I don't have a wife.
I don't have a girlfriend anymore.
I have no idea
where I am.
- Please.
- This isn't my deal.
I'm sorry.
Annika not eaten
for three days.
No food.
She dying.
I help, why you no help?
Please, sir! Please.
Listen, okay?
You get me back
to my hotel.
My hotel, all right?
I'll help you,
I Promise.
Welcome back, sir.
Please, sir.
Dalit not allowed.
What do you mean, not allowed?
Of course you're allowed.
Come on,
it'll be fine.
- You're with me.
- Sir, they not let us.
I feel like
I'm gonna get sick.
Welcome back, sir.
Good to see you.
They're okay, yeah?
Who are they?
It's okay for them?
Trust me, no. You are not
supposed to be alone with them, actually.
- They are not from here.
- You're joking, right?
Please, Mr. Welles.
Please come inside. Please.
Please, Mr. Welles.
Please come inside.
I have to go inside.
Sir, come back,
give us your help.
- We wait.
- I'll come back, okay?
- Please.
- I'll come back.
Please, sir.
Please come inside.
We wait.
Sir, we wait.
Take them out. Go from here.
Buenos dias,
morning muffin!
Turn the TV down.
- Hey, come on.
- Come on, buddy.
What time is it?
You should be asking
what day it is, bro.
You've been in bed
for the last two days.
Tell me you're kidding.
He's tired.
We went to the management
to see if you were in a coma...
...and we came and you were
Passed out.
We checked your Pulse,
you were alive, and then we left.
- You left?
- Yeah.
- Seriously?
- Dude.
- That's Perfect.
- The Taj? Awesome.
Taj Mahal.
Listen, we took a flight to Delhi...
...then took a train to the Taj,
no joke, it was sick.
Got back
this afternoon, homes.
What's he doing?
Please tell me you're kidding.
No. It's like
flying to Vegas, dude.
Oh, no.
Sweetie, did we
hurt your feelings?
No, no, you guys
are great.
- Yeah, great.
- He's Pouting.
Don't give us
shit here, man.
I'm so sorry,
Pookie bear.
We're not your mom, man.
Why are you upset?
My mom wouldn't leave me in the street
Passed out in a third-world country.
We left you in
a super swank hotel, man.
- A Presidential suite.
- All right.
- For two days.
- No big deal. It's all about the hotel.
- We were drunk.
- Whatever.
- Like, drunk.
- I'm leaving.
I'd rather be sick
in my own bed at home than here alone.
You are not alone, okay?
We are here for you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. What are friends for?
Dude, I will...
You're here for me,
once every few days or so.
Dude, lighten up.
We're in India.
We are in India.
Doesn't matter. I'm calling my dad.
I'm taking a first class
back to my own bed... you guys
need to leave. Get out.
- Can you grab me a fresh beer, bro?
- Give me that apple.
You guys, seriously.
Come on.
Have a nice day.
I'm glad you had fun.
You have your own rooms.
Wow, okay, well.
Thanks for having
us over, sweetie Pie.
See you in the O.C.!
I need a direct line
to America, Please.
Please stop.
I'm coming.
I already told you, okay?
This isn't my deal.
I will not take responsibility
for your stupidity.
Life is about
choices, man.
We're not friends.
I don't need you.
How many times
do I need to tell you?
I learned a long time ago
that you are not to be trusted.
You failed me
when I needed you most.
Why would I ever choose
to trust you again?
You can't just
leave her here!
Sir, hurry.
We will miss the Plane.
AirPort, Please.
- Oh, stop, stop, stop.
- No time.
It's okay.
Give me a second.
Sorry, sir. Boarding for that flight
closed 15 minutes Past.
Would you like...
India, let's party!
Get in the car,
naked man!
Bring on the girls!
This guy's a stupid clown.
Where are the women?
You don't have to do it
one at a time.
Hey, C.T., what's up?
Hey, Liz.
- Let me get Audrey.
- Thank you.
Audrey, still
mad at Caden?
It's none
of your business, really.
He wants to talk to you,
so what do I tell him?
Gotta go, C.T.
See you later.
Thanks, Liz.
Thanks for nothing, Liz.
Well, maybe next time you'll
let me borrow your jeans, gosh.
- Gosh, let her borrow your jeans.
- They don't even fit her.
I gotta say, I didn't really
expect to hear from you...
...after the way our
last conversation went.
- What's up?
- Nothing good.
I don't know,
I've been sick the whole trip.
I'm sorry.
I met this...
This guy.
He came up to me
with his little girl...
...and they were asking
for money for food.
I don't know,
I kind of blew him off.
And, I don't know, for some reason,
I didn't believe him.
And his little girl
is really cute and really dirty.
And, I don't know,
I didn't help them.
Well, that
wasn't very nice.
Oh, well, thank you
for stating the obvious.
You're so helpful.
Hey, you don't have to
get nasty with me.
I was trying
to tell you something for once...
...and you could have
just listened, you know?
Anyway, I was just looking
at some Pictures of them...
...and I just have this really bad
feeling about it.
I can't sleep.
I told them I'd come back
and help them, but I didn't.
And I should've.
I feel like an idiot.
What do you
think of me?
- Are you serious?
- What do you think of me?
What do I think of you?
Plain and simple.
I know what my mom thinks.
Luke's easy,
he has to like me.
My friends I could really
care less about right now.
But you I can't sort out.
So now I need
to be sorted out?
Come on, Audrey.
Please, for once, like,
you know what I mean.
What do you think?
Does it matter?
Yes. What do you mean,
"Does it matter?" Of course it matters.
I think that you ran away from God
when your Parents got divorced...
...and you haven't
found your way back.
I think your mom is trying
to Pray you back every day.
And I think that Luke
loves you.
Not because he has to,
because he wants to,
And I think that you
can't see any of that right now.
Wow, are you done?
That felt good
to get out, didn't it?
As a matter of fact,
it did.
Well, just to clarify that,
God ran from me first.
Do you really believe that?
Yeah, I do.
Come on, Audrey,
do you even know how much...
...I prayed
and got on my knees... the Bible,
did everything you're supposed to do...
...and none of it mattered?
Nothing changed.
So because he didn't answer things
your way...
...that means he didn't answer?
I'm here.
Look, it's getting late,
so I should Probably go.
I'll Pray for you.
That'd be good.
All right.
I miss you.
Okay, bye.
- Hello?
- Mom?
Hey, Caden.
- Where's Mom?
- Oh, she just left.
She's gonna be bummed
she missed you.
How's it going?
Still in Hyderabad?
Yeah, yeah, unfortunately,
I'm stuck here.
Anything I can do for you?
Yeah, help me
get out of here faster...
...find Mom,
help me sleep.
Any of those would help.
Like I said,
your mom is not here.
I'm not sure
when she'll be back.
I wish I could help you
get home sooner.
As far as sleeping,
I learned something a long time ago.
If my conscience
isn't clear, it haunts me.
Keeps me up at night
until I've fixed whatever it is.
Once I do, I can sleep
like a baby again.
Maybe God's trying
to get your attention.
What do you think?
If he is, can you tell him
to be a little nicer?
Did you do something that keeps you
up at night, or was it God that did that?
Point taken.
What if I did do something...
...and that's the reason
I can't sleep?
What do I do if
I don't know how to fix it?
I know you hear this from your mother,
Probably from Audrey as well...
...but why don't you Pray?
God will help you sort it out.
He'll open doors, show you
a Path. He always does.
Not always.
No, always.
You might not be able to see it
right now, okay?
Listen, I'm good.
Thanks for the talk.
Tell Mom to call.
God, I can't find them.
Okay, so if it's enough
that I tried...
...then, Please, let me
feel better about this.
Okay, if you wanted
my attention...
Please, sir.
Money, sir.
Sir, sir,
money, sir?
- There you go.
- Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Well, if you want my attention,
you've got it.
If it's enough...
Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- No, no, no.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Do you remember me?
Do you remember me?
Where's the little girl?
- Where's the little girl you were with?
- Oh, gone.
- What do you mean gone?
- Gone, sir.
Whoa, what do you mean gone?
Don't tell me she's dead.
She... She have
now good life.
The education, best for her.
It is best life.
Wait a minute, you told me
you were dying.
You told me that she was gonna die.
I don't understand.
Sir, she would have.
Well, okay,
just like that?
All is well?
You know what?
Here, hey, hey.
Better late
than never, right?
What, is it not enough?
- Sir...
- No, no, no. It's for you.
Where exactly
did she go?
They not say.
They take.
- Who wouldn't say?
- The man who buy her not say.
Please tell me you're kidding.
No, sir, I told you,
it is best opportunity.
School, job...
Wait, wait, wait.
You're telling me
that you sold your daughter?
- The man...
- You sold your daughter.
Sir, the man that got her
said this...
- Yeah, you said that.
- Not easy for me, but...
I just don't understand it.
What kind of man buys a child?
What kind of father
sells his own daughter?
I no understand.
This is good.
Can you show me
who bought your daughter?
My cart, this my future.
This best for Annika.
- Please, sir...
- Annika, that's her name?
Annika, daughter.
That's your daughter's name?
The one you sold?
Sir, if this best for her,
why you would not do that?
Look, man, I don't...
I don't understand.
No, sir,
this my cart, sir.
No, no, no, stop.
Buy a new one.
Okay, I'm not leaving until I see this is
what you say it is.
Show me where you took her.
Take me where this happened.
The little girl
he sold you yesterday.
Where's his daughter?
I need the girl. Annika.
She's gone.
I'm just a supplier.
I don't know.
Look, man,
this isn't right, okay?
People don't
sell their kids, okay?
They just don't.
They get jobs or they
stay with friends.
- Sir, go home.
- Wait here.
- Wait here.
- Yeah, go home.
Do you remember
exactly what...
...that vendor guy said
about Annika?
She could work
with a wealthy family nearby...
...get a good education
and food.
Maybe even
her own bedroom?
And that she could come
and visit you any time she wanted.
Yes, I told you.
That's exactly
what they tell People.
I knew this wasn't right.
What you mean?
What if what I just read
is true?
What if...
What if these little girls
that are sold into better lives...
...that they
end up as slaves?
Please, sir.
Don't tell me this.
leave me alone.
Look, man,
I'm only trying to help.
How this help me?
I trust she okay.
You trust?
All right, genius,
who do you trust?
The guy who you give your daughter to
and gives you money?
That's who you choose to trust?
Let's just go back to the guy.
We'll ask
in a different way.
I heard that they are
taken to Goa...
...from there to Bombay,
and then all over Asia.
I can't believe
we're not flying.
Why he tell you that...?
Where my Annika
if she not okay? She fine.
I already told you.
He didn't tell me where she is.
He told me where she might be.
After I gave him
a handful of my money.
There's a big difference.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I Pray my Lord
my Peace to keep.
If I should cry
before I wake...
...Please take my fears
and bake me a cake.
Dear God.
I know it's been
a long time, but...
Sir, where you go?
He took my camera.
It's worth a lot of money.
Sir, no, wait, sir!
- No!
- Please, sir.
- I'm gonna kill that guy!
- No, no, no, need... Wait, sir!
Please, sir.
Your bag here, sir.
Sir, Please, wait!
It's fine.
Well, the watch
my dad got me for graduation...
...and the camera...
...he and my mom got me
before they divorced.
Our last Christmas
together as a family.
These things mean a lot.
Nothing worth this.
Well, this watch
is worth $20,000.
That's a lot of lakhs.
One lakh is...
One lakh is rupees,
like five zeros.
A lot.
Okay, well, then.
This camera is worth
about seven lakh.
That's not that
much money, is it?
Sir, nothing
worth the risk.
But you risk more for life.
Thank you. You came back.
Thank you.
Sir, you have faith?
You talk to God?
I'm Caden.
Sir, you have great faith.
I know.
Once upon a time, maybe.
No, sir, you came back.
This good faith.
Sir, this not it.
She with rich People
doing chores, the house clean.
Sir, that's not...
No, no, no,
don't Panic.
He said she might
be here, all right?
So let's just hope
that he's lying.
- A little girl.
- Little girl?
-7 or 8.
- So, come, then.
Come, boss.
Come here.
No, no, look, look, look.
I'm showing you.
Here, come.
Follow me.
What do you want?
Old girls? Young girls?
Annika here?
No, who is he?
He's just my guide.
Do you have little girls?
I have many girls.
We're looking
for a little girl.
I have many girls.
Young girls, old girls.
Give me one minute,
one minute.
- Do you want to find your daughter?
- Listen, she's not there.
This not Possible.
- You have two choices.
- Not Possible!
Listen to me!
You have two choices.
I go in there
and you stay here...
...or you can go and I will gladly go back
to the train and go back to the U.S.
It's up to you.
My friend.
How you doing?
to my heaven.
Smells like flowers.
Which one do you want?
I want the one I showed you.
I don't know.
She's not in here.
What does it say?
Ask your guide.
He will tell you.
You not buying?
I'm not bothered.
You deserve it!
God, what I do?
I can't read this.
Audrey, hello?
Audrey, hey,
it's me.
I wish you would've
Picked up.
I can't...
I don't even know
what to say right now.
So I found the guy,
but not the little girl.
He sold her.
Come on, Audrey,
Pick up, Please.
I just listened to your message
and I was Praying.
Yeah, well, after
what I've seen today...
...Prayer seems like
a complete joke.
I can't even find
the girl we're looking for...
...but these little girls
and their faces...
You have to trust in God.
Sometimes we have
to be broken to be useful.
That's brilliant,
Completely brilliant.
You know,
that's so you.
The gospel according
to Audrey.
Let me just tell you,
in my experiences with God...
...I have zero reasons
to trust in him right now.
Caden, you need to know
that God is with you...
...and that he loves you.
That isn't
the God I know, okay?
The God I know
I Prayed to every night...
...and begged
for a response, okay?
The silence
was deafening.
I sat and watched my family
disintegrate, okay?
This girl could be dead.
You're not hearing me.
And to be honest with you,
being dead would not be...
...the worst thing,
after what I saw today.
Not say that.
- Caden?
- What if she is dead?
What if this
can't be fixed?
What if I've done
all I can do, Kiran?
So what do you do,
just go to America? Disneyland?
"Disneyland. "
- You don't get to judge me.
- Sir, Please...
You might've sold
your daughter into Prostitution.
- No, no, no, shut up!
- You cannot judge me!
Oh, God.
I'm not trying
to be mean, okay?
But... stink, man.
And now I stink.
You need a shower.
I need to shower.
You need everything...
...starting with
new clothes.
And how do you know
about Disneyland, anyway?
These little girls,
they were offered to me.
And they were, like,
7 or 8 years old.
Caden, I can't even
understand that.
It must be heartbreaking.
I admire you
so much right now.
I'm also realizing that...
...I have a lot of growing up
to do myself.
I want to make
a difference.
I wanna be doing what you're doing
right now so badly...
...but the truth is,
I'd Probably Pee my Pants.
I'd be so scared, Caden,
I'd run away.
But like you said... are the one
there, okay?
And you are not
running away.
You are acting
as God's hands right now.
You're being what the church
claims to be.
But what if
she's dead, Audrey?
It's Possible.
Maybe I...
I don't even know.
Listen to me,
that little girl needs you.
She needs you,
She needs you
to find her.
And her father...
...he needs you to be strong
because he won't be.
He believes in you
and so do I.
I know that you are sick
of me saying things like this...
...but God is watching.
Whether you feel him or not,
he is there with you.
He cares about you.
More than
you could ever imagine.
I wish I could
believe that!
Hey, what's the matter?
Is something wrong?
Why didn't he
help those People?
Why didn't he
help those People?
- And that little girl.
- Nobody's sorrier about that...
...than he is
right now.
Listen, why do you think
he's not answering his Phone?
He said the Phone doesn't work
everywhere he is.
He said that.
He's in India, sweetheart.
It doesn't
work everywhere.
Let's go to sleep.
Come on, sweetie.
What were you thinking?
Wake up.
What were you
You're always saying
you're the one...
...that's responsible for our family
before God. What were you thinking?
If I don't know what you're thinking
and you keep making decisions...
...without consulting
your husband first...
...what am I supposed
to do with that?
- It's kinda difficult.
- No, you just stood there.
You didn't argue, you didn't disagree.
You just leaned on the counter.
I had no idea.
You kept Pulling my hand...
...and stopping me
from speaking...
...and you were looking at me
with those Pretty eyes.
Sweetheart, it's late.
Come on, let's go to bed. Come on.
Okay, okay, okay,
I'm sorry.
I know that you're scared.
I can see that you're scared.
Something bad
is happening.
You know what? Something bad is
happening and there's nothing I can do.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- And you know what?
I'm the one
that let him go,
I'm the one that wanted this to happen
and for God to shake him up.
You're the one who thought it was
a good idea, and I trust your judgment.
You have very good judgment, okay?
And if you look at it... can see that God's hand
is all over it.
It's everywhere.
And I think he's
getting shaken up.
Doesn't that sound like
an answered prayer?
It sounds
like an answered prayer to me.
But he's in serious trouble
right now, you know that?
And he's
way over his head.
- Okay.
- There.
Are you sure
you wanna go in?
You can wait here.
I need to see.
We're looking for a girl.
Raj sent us.
- You have money?
- Yeah.
- What about this?
- No.
Don't waste my time.
No, no, no,
I can get more money.
If you have the girl,
I'm telling you, cash is no Problem.
You want the girl?
Is she here?
The one we asked Raj about?
The same, the same.
If you want to buy girls, give me this.
- Give me!
- No, no!
I need this one.
This one for sure.
I need the other one, okay?
The one I just showed you.
The one in the Picture.
No, she's not here.
She had an accident.
So, you want two?
She's not here.
Look, I sell you. I have others.
- You want to buy or not?
- Annika!
- What'd I say?
- Annika!
Listen to me, hey...
Listen to me.
I have told you, she has an accident.
She is not here.
Just go get the other one.
I'll Pay you whatever you want.
- You want to buy?
- Yes.
If you have the other one, Please,
get her quick.
Come, come.
Wait here.
Is she right?
She is good?
We need to Pray about it.
We can't stop Praying.
- No.
- Let's Pray right now.
No way.
I'm done.
- I'm not Praying about this anymore.
- Okay?
I Prayed him into this mess.
- Then I will Pray about it.
- No, you know what? I'm done Praying.
That's what got
him there in the first Place.
Come on,
Your Praying did not get him
in this mess in the first Place.
What got him into this mess...
...was him deciding
he was going to man up.
That's what got him in this
mess in the first Place.
- Yeah, but what if he doesn't man up?
- As far as I can see...
You Prayed that our son...
...would start seeing the world
through different eyes.
Start seeing other People
in different ways.
And that's exactly
what's happening.
Yeah, but, you know,
he's so far away.
And we're here
and he's feeling so bad...
...and there's nothing
I can do.
You're right,
there's nothing you can do.
We're gonna Pray.
Come on.
Come on.
Dear God...
...we thank you so much
for answering our Prayers.
We Put our family
right there at your feet.
Help us never to forget
that no matter how much I love my wife...
...that you love her
even more.
Also, no matter
how much my wife loves our son...
...that you love him
even more.
I thank you for the wonderful blessings... have bestowed upon me and
my family, and the responsibility...
...that you've given
me and my family.
We Pray these Prayers... the glorious name
of your son.
I trusted you!
You failed me again.
Again. Again!
- And again! And again!
- Please, Please!
Sir, stop!
Sir, you did good.
Sir, you saved
these girls.
- It's good.
- Are you kidding me?
I'm done with this.
How many did we
leave behind?
There is no good in this!
You're spoiled, right?
Everything always
given to you?
You not fight?
I know your God
is listening...
...but not answer to you
like you want.
So you run, hide, kick.
Look at these kids.
Look at these little girls.
Their lives are ruined.
They'll never forget this.
You not forget,
we look for Annika.
She may be
in trouble out there.
Let's remember
that you sold her.
You sold her!
And besides, who are you
to question me or my faith?
Why not? You just
questioned the faith just now.
When I was just little...
...these white People
told me about your god, Jesus...
...and said we create
in his image.
Yeah, everybody
except us Dalits.
I not know.
Not Possible for me
to think this.
He create me
and love me like this.
But you have everything.
Food, money, school.
And I know I did that...
...because I thought was best
for Annika.
I know.
I'm sorry, I just...
Look, I don't know... to live this way.
I've never seen
anything like this before.
I don't know how to be here.
I don't know how to live this way.
Me either.
This not my life.
But you have to be happy...
...with everything
you have today, now.
I think you here
for this reason.
Thank you.
Come here,
listen to this.
- Your mom?
- Yeah.
- This America?
- Yeah.
She says,
"I'm Praying that God...
...will take you
out of your comfort zone...
...rattle you a little. "
She also says
earlier that...
..."My Prayer for you
is that you will see...
...what you have
and what others lack...
...and bridge that gap
with your heart. "
Talk about faith.
So what do we do now?
- Find Annika.
- Yeah.
I don't know what else to do.
We don't have any more information.
We don't have
any more maps.
All we have
is that note.
It doesn't even
say anything.
Just read it again.
What is that?
What is that?
- What?
- That.
Phone number.
It's a Phone number?
Call it.
Call it.
Sir, I not use before this.
- Call.
- You've never used a Phone before?
This number.
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Hello?
Hello? Hello?
Just give me the Phone.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Hey, do you
speak English?
Yes, sir.
Where are you
And here West Laxmi
I'm sorry, you have
to say that again.
And here West Laxmi
And here West Laxmi.
And here West Laxmi...
And here West
at Laxmi Industry.
And here West
Laxmi Industry.
- And here West Laxmi Industry.
- Okay, thank you.
And here West Laxmi Industry.
Yeah, is it close?
I not know.
Come on, what do you mean,
you don't know?
We gotta go.
What do we do with them?
I don't...
Do we gotta Pick a straw
or something? I don't understand.
How do we get to this Place?
- And here West Laxmi.
- Yes, how do we get there?
I not know.
Here you go, sir.
Anything else?
Yeah, actually.
I need to speak
to the manager or owner.
So what can I
do for you?
Actually, I'm looking
for a little girl...
...and I was told that the owner
would be able to help me.
Look, I'm looking
for a very specific girl.
Have you seen her?
Maybe yes.
How about now?
This is not the right
time and Place for this.
You should follow me.
Can I have my wallet back?
Look, I can pay you
whatever you want...
...if you have this girl.
I can get you to her.
How much do you have
for fair Price?
You tell me.
I would want
10 lakh rupees.
That means
one million rupees.
Wait, that's,
like, over $20,000.
If you don't want her,
that's okay with me.
No, I do.
I do, it's just...
If I Pay you,
I need that girl.
Okay? Not one like her.
Yes, she can be found.
But not by you.
I can get the money.
I need a few hours.
But not so long because I have
other customers as well, you see.
Please answer.
Dad. Dad. Dad.
Hey, no, it's me.
No, no,
you're breaking up really bad.
Hello? Hello?
Dad, yeah, listen.
Yes, I'm in India still.
Dad, I need
your help, okay?
I need a lot of money
and I need it really fast.
What? What?
Dad! Dad!
What am I
supposed to do now?
I need your help
right now.
Show me,
Please, God.
Please, God.
I need your help.
I need...
I need your help right now.
Right now, right now.
Right now.
Please, Please.
Right now.
Mom. Mom!
No, it's Luke.
- Is Mom there?
- Nope.
God Put it on my heart to call you
to tell you that we're...
We're Praying for you, son.
Thanks, Luke.
You doing okay?
No, I'm not doing okay.
- I need a lot of money and I need it now.
- How much?
And I can't get
ahold of my dad.
Can I ask what for?
To buy a little girl back for her father,
if she's even still alive.
Okay, Luke,
this is bad.
Not, like, at home bad.
This is literally
life or death bad.
I know this is
not what you want to hear...
...but if you buy her back,
you'll hurt other little kids.
There's a reason why
we don't buy hostages back.
I'm guessing you went
to the Police already?
Kiran said that they wouldn't care.
Or worse, we'd have to Pay them, too.
- Kiran?
- The little girl's father.
Can your mother and I make some calls?
Where are you, son?
Luke, I don't
know where I am.
I'm somewhere
in Mumbai.
I met with this girl
at a restaurant.
She's here. The little girl's here.
It's all lined up. Luke, I need the money.
If we don't find her now,
we may never be able to.
I didn't say
I wouldn't send the money...
...but I do believe that God
will make a better way, Caden.
I need to tell you,
I am so Proud of what you're doing.
I can't imagine in my wildest dreams
what's happening there, but I believe...
...God will make a way
that won't hurt kids. I know that.
God's not
making a way, Luke.
If he is, I'm really stupid
or just Plain blind.
No, you are not stupid,
you're scared.
Who wouldn't be scared?
Now, where should
I wire the money?
Luke, come on.
I know you don't have
that kind of money just laying around.
You're right, I don't.
Where can I get it to you?
I'll get it to you as fast as I can.
It might take an hour, it might take two.
But in the meantime,
can I ask you... Please think hard and Pray about this
before you do anything?
No. Okay, just...
...Please wire the money?
Send it to a Western Union
near the Taj Hotel.
I think that's where I'm at.
I'm sorry, that's all the information
I have, so I hope it's enough.
Western Union.
Caden, you hang
in there, son.
I'm gonna get
that money to...
Dear God.
Sir, what happened?
Where's Annika?
Where are the girls?
They go.
What do you mean,
"they go"?
Where did they go?
Sir, I went to get food,
you no come back,
And I came,
they going.
I said, "Where to go?"
They said, "Back. "
They went.
Now we find Annika?
Sir, Please?
How is that Possible?
Why would you
let them do that?
Sir, these girl big.
They could have baby, husband.
They not listen to me.
Are you telling me
that they...
They choose
to live like that?
Sir, if their father
...they tell the girl
they not good, they mistake.
Not worth nothing.
That is so jacked up.
Hey, I thought
you changed your mind.
No, no, no, I went
to go get the money.
It's here,
it's on its way.
We just have to go get it.
- Do you know him?
- Yes, yes, yes.
He's with me.
You know, his kind
is not fit for the city.
Oh, come on.
What does his kind matter?
You're about to make money off of me.
What does his kind
have to do with anything?
But he is not going
to come with us.
I need to take
another cab.
If anything happens to him,
the deal's off.
I'm here
to Pick up some money.
Can I have your ID?
Hey, where's my friend?
He is coming, no Problem.
Do you want the girl or not?
You want to waste
some more time?
Maybe she
already spoken for.
Come on, let's go.
Once we get in, you can Pick.
What? No, no.
That wasn't the deal. I told you
who I wanted. You said she was there.
Yes, I know.
I thought you changed
your mind like the others.
Come on, get out.
She's not in here.
Wait, wait,
I have more.
Please tell me
you have more.
Well, these are
my best girls.
You can Pick the one
which makes you happy.
No, no, no.
I've showed you.
I want this one
right here, you see?
Who said that?
- Where is she?
- Oh, that one?
She's not good.
She always ask for some dollies...
...some Puppet
or something.
- She's just worthless.
- Where is she?
I told you, you don't want that.
These are my best girls.
Never mind, okay?
I know she's in here.
I don't need your help.
Who said that?
I want her. That's the one.
I have the money. I'll Pay.
She's not my best.
That's the one
I came for.
You know what?
No money will ever fix what you're doing
to these little girls.
So I'm taking her, okay?
And I Promise,
I will be back to get the rest.
Come here.
Get off!
Hey, get off!
Turns out,
when Luke said he and Mom...
...would make some calls,
he meant it.
Not For Sale.
That was the first call they made.
A set of initials that a few weeks ago
meant nothing to me.
But now they're names
and people I will never forget.
As I look at this little girl,
damaged by whatever happened...
...I didn't have
the guts to ask...
...but based on what
the NFS people said... breaks my heart
to even imagine.
And her father,
trying to make it all better.
I know neither one of them
will ever be the same.
All I can think about
are the other kids...
...who are being kept
as slaves...
...away from home, away from
the people they love and who love them.
Now that's
what haunts me.
There is something
to that saying.
"I once was lost,
but now I'm found. "
It's true.
I feel it.
As for my prize
I have to say,
it is nice to have my camera back.
And my watch. Trading it
for that little girl...
...even if she did end up
running back. It was worth it.
It seems easy to see that
the hand of God was guiding...
...because now I'm aware.
I have no more excuses...
...and the very least I can do
is get involved.
Human trafficking is a Problem worldwide
that affects each and every one of us.
It has been our goal as storytellers
to try and start a global conversation.
To get People talking about trafficking,
sex slavery, and the Dalits of India.
It's everyone's issue,
and should be everyone's cause.
I'm Brent Martz,
Producer of Not Today.
- I'm Cody Longo.
- I'm Cassie Scerbo.
My name is Walid Amini.
I'm Shari Rigby.
I want to Personally
thank you for supporting this film.
Human trafficking
is a huge issue worldwide.
A Problem that affects
every one of us.
We made Not Today in India because
we've been working here for 10 years.
We chose to make it here because
it's an amazing and beautiful country.
Because of these kids,
these faces you're seeing.
I had no idea that right now, today,
there are more than...
There are more
than 27 million...
27 million...
People enslaved
around the world.
I didn't know that children
as young as 4 and 5 years old...
...are bought and sold
for sex daily.
And I also didn't know about
the Dalits of India. The untouchables.
A group of nearly 300 million People
who are abused and degraded.
Because of where they are born.
Their last names, the color of their skin.
You might recognize this girl here
from the movie you just watched.
Her real name is Persis Karen,
but she played Annika in the movie.
She's only here because someone
like you decided to get involved.
Now I'm aware, and now, for me,
doing nothing is not an option.
I hope you feel
the same way.
If you do, together we can make
a difference.
Get out your Phones and text the word
"today" to the number on your screen.
We'll send you a link to a website that'll
offer ways to get involved.
Helping to build a school,
sponsoring children.
Or volunteer your time
to a worthwhile organization...
...who desperately
needs your support.
To us, how you get involved
is not important.
What is important
is that you do get involved.
By texting the word "today"
to the number on your screen...'ll be able to make a difference in
the lives of kids like these.
Text the word "today" to the number on
the screen and watch what happens.
Watch what happens next.
You'll be glad you did.
So join us.
Together we can provide freedom
to children around the world...
...and to see the end
of human trafficking.