Not Wanted (1949) Movie Script

My baby!
Give me my baby!
But he's mine.
He's my baby.
Alright, what's going on here?
You still insist that's your baby?
I guess I made a mistake.
"Sally Kelton". Is
that your married name?
I'm not married.
Take the child home.
Be here at 3.30 tomorrow.
The D.A. handles kidnapping cases.
Blue eyes.
Five foot two...
Hundred and ten pounds...
Is the governor here yet?
Ten years... for talking
to myself...
Oh dear God..... how did I get here?
How did I get here?
Hi, Pop! -Sally, come here quick!
Did you bring the bridging tape?
Gee, Pop. I forgot it.
We'll never hear the end of it.
That you, Sally? -Yes, Mom.
It's about time.
Gee, it's been a beautiful day!
How long do you think it takes to
boil potatoes? Ten Minutes?
I forgot them Mom...
That's fine.
It's a wonder you even
remember to come home.
Did you bring the stuff
for that pipe?
No! Of course you didn't!
Too busy tearing around with a bunch
of good-for-nothing hoodlums .. ever gave your mother and
father one single thought.
Let me tell...
I'm sorry, Mom.
So I forgot it.
Well, I'll go out and get it now, but
do you have to keep at me?
If I don't keep at you ..'ll end up like all the rest of those
little snits you run around with.
Been on my feet since
6.30 this morning.
All I asked you for was ..
...a pound of potatoes and something
to plug that pipe with.
But no, you got more important
things to think about.
Well let me tell you something
young lady.
You can eat stew without potatoes.
And you can sit under a leaky
ceiling for the rest of your life .. far as I'm concerned.
You just don't want to help me.
That's not true Ma,
and you know it.
So I forget things once in
while... well...
Do you have to keep
nagging at me?
If I nagged at you, it's for
your own good!
Because I don't want you so slave round
the kitchen for the rest of your life like I have.
Because I want you to meet a respectable
man who can do things for you.
How do ever expect to get anywhere ..
...hanging around with a lot of
drug-store idiots?
why don't you leave her alone?
I get so I can't hear myself think.
You haven't had a thought
in your head.
For the last ten years.
So just keep out of this.
I know what I'm doing.
Skip a beat.... and hit it!
Just do it!
You won't regret it.
Hit it!
What are you looking at?
Hit it again!
Fun, isn't it?
Nothing matters.
Just you do it!
Da da da.... dada.
Bup, bup, bup
baa, bup, bup.
Be bap, be bap, be bap...
Don't you remember me? I'm the one
that sold you that classy number.
On you it looks good.
I'd like you to meet some
friends of mine.
Sally Kelton and Bill Aikens.
How are you?
Oh yeah, why don't you sit
down with us?
Sure. Take ten. Have a beer.
You'll excuse us.
We've simply got to see some
friends of ours across the way.
Smoke? -No thanks.
You come here often? -Oh, no.
These kind of places
bore me silly.
I only came tonight because Bill
and Nancy just insisted I come.
What do you do?
Well, uh...
If you must know, I work here.
I work in the cafe next door.
It's really all one place.
So you see, its ..
It's kind of old-hat to come here.
Then, why do you?
I was sort of curious to see
if you could really play.
The last one we had was awful.
Can I?
Gee, you were terrific!
How old are you?
Around twenty.
That's what I thought.
You think fast, don't you.
Hmmm. No.
I don't think at all if I
can help it.
Look, I've got to get back.
Anything in particular
you'd like to hear?
Any old thing will do.
You asked for it!
[off] How old are you?
[off] Around twenty.
[off] That's what I thought.
I thought you might like
something hot to drink.
Of course, it's kind of cold now.
Where've you been? I didn't see
you around yesterday.
Well, Tuesday is my day off.
What do you do on your day off?
Nothing much.
Youre a funny kid, you know.
You really liked the way I was
giving out just now, didn't you?
It was the best I ever heard.
You don't get to hear much of anything
good around here.
When I visit Trawler-Wood ..
...I used to go down the street to the
man who owns the record shop and ..
...bribe him to lend me a few
good records once in a while.
Gee, that was something.
Then one day the machine
went blowy on me ..
...and scratched up a few records,
and that was that.
Oh, nothing.
I might sound kind of crazy.
You don't.
I used to think I was going to be the
greatest piano player that ever lived.
Really set the world on fire.
What happened?
What happened?
Listen honey, piano players are
a dime a dozen.
Everywhere I went there
were guys like me ..
...who wanted to play great piano
and thought they were going places.
I met them all.
Just a big family of little things.
Oh, you'll make it.
I just know you will.
What are you doing tonight?
Nothing much.
You want to meet me?
After I get through here?
Grab a bite somewhere?
Say about 11.30?
Nice kid.
Hi mom.
Did you bring the aspirin?
My head's killing me.
Gee, I'm sorry ma.
Here honey.
What's your hurry?
You going someplace?
Well, uh ..
Nancy and I thought we'd take
in a show after dinner.
Thought we'd take in
a late show.
Why don't you stay home once in
a while and get a nice rest?
I say, why don't you stay home once
in a while and get some sleep?
I get plenty of sleep, ma.
I feel fine.
Yes. You feel fine now
because you're young.
In about five years ..'ll suddenly fall flat on your face
one day. And don't say I didn't tell you.
Are you listening to me?
Yes ma. But I've got to get dressed.
Could you take those
plates a minute.
Pull that dress up!
Oh, ma, don't be silly.
I was only trying it.
Pull it up, and keep it up!
It's disgusting.
I'm not going to have you
running around half dressed!
I haven't hurt anything.
What are you thinking about?
That you'll be on a train
in a couple of hours.
And I'll miss you.
Miss me over here.
Capital City sounds so far away.
Will you be there long?
I don't know.
Depends on how I feel.
I guess I always have
to keep on the go.
Someday I'll get some place.
Where can I write you?
Twenty-three Wardlands Street.
A friend of mine found a
room for me.
If you're ever there, look me up.
Will you miss me too, Steve?
Sure I'll miss you.
Alright young lady, let's have
a little talk, shall we?
This your car?
No sir.
Well, whose is it?
My girlfriend's.
Her brother's, that is...
Oh I see. Did you ever
have a ticket?
Where do you live?
A couple of blocks from here.
I left it at home.
What's your name?
Sally Kelton.
No license ..
Driving fifty miles an hour ..
...that's pretty good.
Your folks let you do this often?
Oh no... they don't even know
about this.
Please officer.
If you'll just let me go this time, I
promise I'll never do it again.
Tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to personally deliver you home
and give you all a piece of my mind.
Now, go ahead.
Alright Mrs. Kelton.
I hold you and your husband responsible ..
...for her behaviour from now on.
But if it ever happens again
I'm going to book her.
You watch your step.
Well, go on!
Say it!
Say it!!
Stop it, Sally.
Don't Harry. Leave her alone.
It'll keep until later.
Let's go back to bed and try
to get an hour's sleep.
Here. Stick this under your back.
Go on...
It's okay.
I hope it doesn't smell
too "gamey".
I, uh been on a fishing trip.
I caught a couple of real beauties.
I've got them up there
in the bag.
Oh, it just smells fine, thanks.
By the way, the name is
Drew Baxter.
What's yours?
Mine's Sally Kelton.
Sally Kelton? Nice name.
Where you going?
Im going to Capital City.
Same here. That's my home town.
Gee, I hate to bother you but ..
It's a pleasure.
I was wondering.
Do you happen to know of ..
...of a room I can get in Capital City
that isn't too expensive?
A room?
Yeah. There's a pal of mine, name
of Mrs. Nigh over on East Street.
She runs a pretty nice place.
I had a friend of mine staying there
once. I never caught him scratching.
Mrs. Nigh...
She's a pretty good old dame.
Oh, thanks a lot.
You alone?
I mean, uh... know. No friends or
relatives in town?
Oh, I have some relatives
and some friends but...
But, I don't want to just
barge in on them.
Right. Sure...
Look... I've got an idea.
Don't get me wrong. But, well, if you're
not doing anything tomorrow night. .. about a meal and
a fifty-cent guided tour?
Well, that's awfully sweet
of you, but ..
...why, I have another engagement.
Ah well.
But if you're uh... a loose end, well
give me a buzz.
Irving 2-8-4-2. I'm at the Gas-A-Teria centre.
The what? -You know "Gas
You know the "Gas-A-Teria", drive-in.
Serve yourself, sort of thing.
You know - a gas station?
I manage the place.
Hey bud...
Is there any part of this
that will keep until tomorrow?
Oh yeah, sure.
Hello Steve!
I'll bet you're surprised to see me.
What gives?
Oh Steve, isn't it wonderful?
Here we are!
Well! Aren't you glad to see me?
Yeah, I'm glad to see you.
Only isn't this kind of crazy?
What do you mean, Steve?
Well, what's it all about?
I knew it...
I left home.
I couldn't stand things the way
they were anymore.
Wait a minute.
You mean you just pulled up
stakes? For good?
What are you going to do?
I'll get a job.
I got a room this morning.
Its only a few blocks from here.
So we'll, we'll be able to see
each other all the time now.
Steve, you.... you don't seem
very glad to see me.
It isn't that Sally.
I just think it was a whacky
thing for you to do.
Leaving your folks,
traipsing way up here.
I'm busy! I've got a million
things to do.
I won't have any time to
spend with you.
Gee Steve...
I'm sorry to bother you.
I just wanted to be with you.
You said, if I ever came this
way, to look you up.
Sally, Sally, don't get me wrong.
I think the world of you.
You know that, but...
...well I didn't expect you.
I made other plans.
I'm up to my ears on the
deal I'm working on.
I just don't have any free
time. That's all.
Look! ..... Look, I tell you what.
I'll call you the first free night I get ..
...and we'll do the town, Okay?
I'd make it tonight, but I'm
all jammed up ..
...with some piano arrangements
I'm doing for a guy.
Come on. Have a cup
of coffee, huh?
Then I want to play you
something I wrote.
No Steve...
I think I'd better go now.
Well, have a cup of coffee...
No. I really have to go.
Come on Sally. Let's have it.
What's the money situation.
I can let you have a little.
Thanks Steve.
I'll be fine.
I guess I'd better...
go now.
What's the phone number where you're
staying? I'll remember it.
Chester 1-3-4-3.
Chester 1-3-4-3.
It's a hall phone. So, the
landlady will answer.
Hmm hmm.
I'll be running along.
You will call, won't you Steve?
What do you think?
Goodbye Steve.
So long, honey.
Well, hullo!
What will you have? Regular or rental?
Well, I thought I'd just drop
by and say hello.
Well, come on while I dump
these. We'll have a Coke,
Here. Here is a chair.
Hey, this is a wonderful surprise.
You know, I never expected to
clap eyes on you again.
Get a little sleep?
Hey, come on now.
Nothing's that bad...
Oh Sally...
Here, blow hard a couple of times.
You'll feel like a new person.
That's the stuff.
I guess I need a job.
I hate to bother you, but ..
Well, there isn't anyone else
I can turn to.
What's the matter?
Relatives give you the brush?
Yeah, I guess you'd call it that.
Hey. I've got an idea!
One of the kids here is
getting married next week.
That makes us short a girl.
How about taking a
crack at it?
That sounds wonderful but ..
Well, I don't know anything
about that kind of thing.
You don't have to.
Look pretty .. when they hand
you the dough .. sure you give the right change.
And you're in.
And have dinner with me tonight.
Drew, I don't know how to
thank you, but.
Well, I'm going to try awfully hard.
That's all settled then.
You start Wednesday.
But tonight you got to eat so.
Well, how about my invitation?
Well ..
I'm kind of tired tonight. I think
I'll go home and take it easy.
You understand, don't you?
That's the story of my life, honey.
I always understand.
But, look I'm the boss ..
...and you're liable to lose your job.
Ah but.....
You're such a nice girl.
I'll let it go this time.
Yeah? Who do you want?
Is it for me Mrs. Nigh?
No... He left about a month ago.
You're welcome.
They're all alike, honey.
Never call when you want them to.
Granada Club?
May I speak to Steve Ryan please.
Tell him it's "Miss Kelton" calling.
Hello! Steve!
Oh. He's left already?
No message.
Hey, I want to have a big discussion
with you during lunch-hour.
Sure Drew ..
Honey, am I tired.
Brother, this is one day I'll really
be glad to see over.
Here. Double-egg.
Good for you.
You know ..
What I wanted to talk to you about was
last Saturday night you gave me the brush.
This Saturday night, you're not
going to get away with it.
Wake up! And go on and eat.
You're getting too thin.
Well, how about me going
crazy tonight ..
...and spending three bucks on
you for dinner?
Swell. But don't wear
the family jewels.
This is a strictly
delicatessen date.
Now go on and eat.
Watch the smoke in that one!
When it goes through the tunnel.
See the smoke?
Look at this one, Sally. The
light working at the front.
Right here. See it? And
in the back. See it there?
Want to see other train
effects? Watch this.
Night! Now watch the gate.
See....... night!
Ain't it wonderful?
Oh, you're wonderful!
So anyway, when I ..
...when I got back from
overseas ..
...first thing I did was ..
...blowed all my cash
on some really good track.
You can't get them to really zip
unless your tracks are the best.
Then I got old man Green who own
this place to let me use it.
One minute.
We're ready to go.
Hook them up.
And we're off.
Oh no. Not again.
Here I go. Hold the fort.
What is it? Are you alright?
Yeah. I'm okay.
Funny that.
I wondered when you were
going to ask about that Sally.
Had a little skirmish with
a mortar shell.
Bad habit of mine. I never
watch where I'm going.
Now you get back up there.
Yes sir!
Just be a minute now...
What about your folks Drew?
Oh, my mother died when
I was a kid.
My father passed away
about three years ago.
Do you have any family?
But, I guess they don't want
any part of me right now.
Look Sally, I don't want to pry but ..
...don't you think you ought
to let them know where you are?
Don't worry. I knew on the bus that
night that you were pulling up stakes.
Running away from something.
Let's not talk about it now, huh...
Ready to go now. Hold on.
There it goes!
Now watch it this time Sally.
It goes all the way round
the corner.
Over there and through
the tunnel.
And watch the drop-gate come down
as it comes out of the tunnel.
Watch the drop-gate over there.
There it goes! See it?
It goes all the way down to
make it go around the bridge.
And there's another drop-gate
over here.
Lights on it this time. A little man comes out.
Watch him.
Here it goes.
Now watch it when it goes through the bridge
and it gets over here a little man comes out.
There he goes Sally. Look!
Wait a minute.
Would you mind taking me
home, Drew?
Okay....... sure.
It's.... It's just that I'm
kind of dead on my feet.
Okay, Sally.
Drew, you don't know what this
has meant to me tonight.
You run a wonderful railroad.
You really think so, Sally?
Come on. Home you go.
Come in.
Come in!
Hello Steve.
I've been calling you
Didn't you get my messages?
I called you earlier this morning too.
I didn't answer the phone
this morning.
Steve, I know you're busy
and I hate to bother you.
What is it Sally? What is it?
You said you'd call me.
And you haven't.
Yeah. I know.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I'm all tied up with this stuff.
A guy's paying me for it
and I've got to meet a deadline.
Just isn't going right.
Maybe if you took things easier, Steve?
No, no, no. It's not that.
It's me.
I can't concentrate.
Got to get it through because
I need the extra dough.
I'm pulling up stakes at
the end of this week.
Heading for South America.
You're leaving?
I don't know what it is.
I stay in one town too long... `
...get stir crazy. Can't see straight
any more.
So, I'm taking off.
Maybe this time, I'll hit
the jackpot.
Steve, you can't mean that!
You're not going to go.
You're not leaving me.
Look, Sally, that's the way it is.
Maybe it's a sickness with me.
I don't know.
But I got to keep going until I find
some place where I belong.
Then take me with you!
I'll take care of you!
We can be married.
I'll help you find where
you belong.
Please Steve? It means everything to me.
You won't be sorry.
You couldn't stop caring
just like that.
Look, Sally.
You're a good kid.
Some day you'll settle down ..
...with five kids and a husband
with a pipe.
But I'm not that guy.
I've got to keep moving.
Travel light, don't you see?
Maybe I'll live miserably ever after.
But that's the way it is with me.
You never cared anything
about me, did you?
And all the time ..
...I thought it was the most
wonderful thing I'd ever known.
The way I thought about you.
I thought you felt that way too.
And all the time, you didn't care.
Not even a little bit.
I must have seemed awfully
silly and cheap to you.
Mustn't I?
Shut up!
Oh, that's the way I feel.
Silly and cheap!
Shut up!
Now you listen to me!
All my life I've stuck to
one principal.
Never get involved!
And you know why?
Because I'm tired, Sally.
I'm tired of rooms like this.
I'm tired of cheap out-of-tune
pianos. I'm tired of joints.
If I'm going to get where I'm
going, I have to do it alone!
You're forgetting something Sally.
We were two people who knew
what we were doing. Remember?
I never gave you any phony
ideas about getting married ..
...and growing old together. That's
something you got into your head.
If I've hurt you Sally, I'm sorry.
But I never lied to you.
Now get that straight!
I've got it straight.
Thanks a lot.
Well, what do you say?
You know, when you walk around with a long
look on your face, it goes to your feet.
When your dogs start
barking you'll feel bad all over.
Hey, will you keep still?
You know, every time I've looked
around in the last couple of weeks ..
I find you moping in the corner.
It's got to stop.
Oh, let up will you Drew...
No, I won't let up.
And another thing. I'm not going
to ask you any questions ..
...because it's none of my business.
If you want to tell me, okay.
If you don't, it's still okay.
But baby, when you got a headache don't
go around giving it to the rest of the world.
Drew, that's not fair! -Yes
it is. And another thing.
You and I are going to take the day off
tomorrow and go out and have some fun.
You sharpen yourself up a little,
and we'll live.
Besides, you been looking
like a wreck lately.
Well I like that!
But cute.
Feel better?
Yeah, I guess so.
Leave it to old man Baxter!
You're terrific.
I know it.
Hey. Am I good to women?
Oh, that was fun ..
Hey, that's a pretty cute
hat you've got there.
You go and blow seven-fifty
on it just for me?
How did you know it
cost seven-fifty?
It looks like it.
Hey, you had a bee on you.
Well thanks.
Sally, you know that's the first
time I've really seen you ..
...look happy in weeks.
Well, I am happy.
You can "forget" here.
Right now, I'm thinking about all
the nice things ..
...that ever happened to me.
For instance?
When I was seven, and my dad
took me to the circus.
Go on. I'm listening.
In high school,
for the spring play.
When the curtain came down
and everybody applauded.
I played Elisabeth.
Elisabeth. Elisabeth who?
Queen Elisabeth.
Queen of England.
You mean you played the old dame
that chopped off all the heads.
She had to be stern.
Ha! ... Sally you're a
remarkable woman.
Naturally, you were big
stuff after that?
Well, pretty soon after
that I left school.
I had to go to work.
To help out at home.
I was awfully proud when
I got my first pay-check.
What happened nice
after that?
Nothing much after that.
Nothing until today.
Today's one of the nicest
days in my life.
Me too.
Were you ever stuck on anyone?
I was kind of soft on a girl, once.
What happened?
Oh, and the fireworks died down ..
...and I got back from overseas, I ..
...guess I just wasn't up
for a speed anymore.
You know, kind of slowed down a bit.
But I'm...
...I'm glad nothing happened.
So we could have today.
You and me.
Just like this.
I'm glad too.
Yes, Drew?
Sally, I want to marry you.
We can have lots of little gas stations.
A whole chain of them.
Maybe after that, a flock
of kids to make change.
Small change at first.
You could be superintendent of
the railroad and everything.
Sally, I ..
I forgot to ask you.
Well, do you think you could ..
...learn to care for me?
I mean, the way I am and everything?
Would you mind it?
Drew, how can you even
ask such a thing?
Why, you're the nicest, sweetest
person in the world.
Well that's ..
That's wonderful, Sally.
Well... ?
Come on! What about it?
Gee Drew, could you just give
me a little more time?
Sure, I could.
Oh Sally I'm ..
...I'm crazy about you.
What am I doing?
What's wrong?
I wish he'd tell us what's
wrong with her.
Why don't you come back in the
parlor and have a cup of coffee with me?
It'll pick you up.
I couldn't. Not now.
Well, I always need a pickup
this time of the afternoon.
So if you don't mind,
I'll go on back.
But you stay right there now. I'll
be back in just a few minutes.
And don't you worry.
Well... my dear.
I've checked you thoroughly.
You know what the trouble
is don't you?
I see.
You're going to have a baby.
Well now child. There's
nothing to worry about.
Babies are born every eleven
seconds. Night and day.
You'll be fine.
Now, suppose I send your
husband up to see you?
I have no husband.
It's not ..
...not him.
I see.
You don't have to tell me
if you don't want to.
Oh, please doctor.
No-one must know about this.
You won't tell anyone
will you?
Please don't let
anyone know.
If that's the way you
want it.
Ah, don't worry.
We'll take care of you.
In the meantime, you must get
plenty or rest and proper food.
So you'll have a nice,
healthy baby.
Now, Mrs. Nigh knows my
phone number.
Don't hesitate to call.
Meantime, try and get some rest.
And remember ..
Take those tablets that
I've prescribed.
Is she alright, doc'?
May I go up and see her?
Well, I wouldn't suggest
that right now.
Why don't you wait until
she sends for you?
Well, what's wrong with her?
Well, she's in a highly nervous
condition and needs a lot of rest.
Goodbye, Mrs. Nigh.
If she needs anything, call me.
I'm sure shell be up tomorrow.
I'm sure she will doctor. Yes.
I guess he knows
what he's doing, but...
I'll be phoning to find
out how she is.
Oh, you'll be phoning
alright, if I know you.
She'll be alright, now
don't you worry.
Go on home and get some rest.
You're the one that looks sick.
My name is Kelton.
Sally Kelton.
Oh yes. Mrs. Stone is expecting you.
Reverend Culbertson called.
Will you come with me?
That will be alright, there.
Mrs. Stone will be with
you in a moment.
Thank you.
You're Sally Kelton, aren't you?
Sit down, dear.
Thank you.
How old are you, Sally?
And where do you live?
Well, I've been living at a rooming
house, but I've checked out of there.
Have you any family?
Are your parents living?
But I don't want them to
know about this.
Well let me ask you
something dear.
Don't you think perhaps
you should tell them?
If they knew about this,
they might want to help you.
Please, Mrs. Stone.
I couldn't bear it if they found out.
I couldn't expect them to understand.
Not this ..
Do you wish to tell me the name
of the father? And his whereabouts?
Perhaps we could
communicate with him?
I don't know where he is.
He went away. I haven't
heard from him since.
I see.
Well, tell me my dear.
Have you decided whether you want
to keep your baby after it's born?
I don't know.
Well, we'll discuss that question later.
You'll have every opportunity
to decide for yourself.
And in the meantime,
this will be your home.
For the time being, you'll be asked
to help with the duties around the home.
And you will be expected to abide with
the regulations of the institution.
Thank you Mrs. Stone.
And remember.
We're your friends, not your judges.
You won't let my family
know I'm here, will you?
No dear. If that is your wish.
Well! As I was saying ..
...well ..
...look at the doctoring
we get.
My mother said she never got as much
attention with any of her kids.
My mother says I'm going to have
a boy. Because I'm so "short-winded".
She hopes it's a boy. But I don't care
which I get.... if it's healthy.
What do you want?
Irene, I don't know.
What do you want?
I guess I just want the baby.
I don't care whether he's
a boy or a girl.
Oh well.
Hello. Craig's Gas-A-Teria.
Yeah, this is Drew Baxter.
Oh, hello Mrs. Nigh.
You what!
Yes, I heard from her today.
Just a second, I'll read the letter to you.
"Dear Mrs. Nigh, will you please give Dr.
Williams the enclosed five dollars I owe him."
"Also, could you forward the
dressing-gown I left behind."
"I think of you often, and how
kind you were to me."
"A merry Christmas. Sincerely, Sally Kelton."
Yeah, but does she say where she is?
500, Riley street,
Wait a minute, Mrs. Nigh.
500 ... Where? Riley Street?
Yup. Thanks a lot, Mrs. Nigh.
Would you go in there, please.
Thank you very much.
Sit down.
Thank you.
You were asking for someone?
Yes. I'm looking for Sally Kelton.
Is she here?
Is she sick?
What is your name?
Drew... Drew Baxter.
Are you related to this Miss Kelton?
Then she is here!
What's happened?
I didn't say Miss Kelton was here.
I merely asked you that
because you seemed so anxious.
And so troubled about
this Miss Kelton.
I'm sorry.
No. I'm not a relative.
You see we.... we worked
together in Capital City and ..
...I asked her to marry me.
Everything seemed fine
and, she took ill.
After that, she just disappeared.
The landlady gave me the address.
See, it's quite plain.
Yes, I see.
Mr. Baxter.
Perhaps you don't know.
But this is a home for
unwed mothers.
I'm truly sorry I can't help you.
I wish I could.
Because of what, Mrs. Stone?
Because this young lady
you're looking for ..
...appears to have someone
who loves her very dearly.
And only a person who
has a great heartache ..
...a great problem ..
...would run from such a love.
I don't know you Drew.
But somehow I feel that eventually .. will find what you're looking for.
Maybe somebody can use that.
Thanks a lot for being so
kind Mrs. Stone.
Thanks very much.
You're right, I did. I did find
what I was looking for.
Don't mention my name to her.
I wasn't here.
Are you awake?
I was thinking.
So was I.
What were you thinking about?
What will it be like?
Having a baby.
I don't know what I'm
going to do about the baby.
I know what you mean.
You see.
I know I'm going to love him.
But I keep thinking about
somebody else owning him.
Me too.
Oh Sally.
I'm awfully scared.
I don't know what's going
happen to me.
I feel safe here.
Maybe I could stay and help out.
See, I don't have any folks.
Only an aunt.
She'd never understand what's
happened to me.
She's the kind that thinks you
ought to be married to have children.
And you know something?
So do I.
I always pictured it that way.
Somehow it didn't work out.
You can certainly get a
rotten deal. Can't you?
Don't honey.
Don't ..
I knew a good guy once.
He was too good for me.
Which one's Irene's baby?
You got me. They all look alike.
They do, don't they.
But it's a girl.
And her mother was so sure she
was going to have a boy.
Because she's short-winded.
Did Irene have a bad time?
Pretty bad, but she sure
feels happy now.
Because that's what she
wanted all the time: a girl.
[off] Well, you can send Sally down.
[off] Alright.
[off] We're already for her
in the theatre.
Our young lady.
All yours.
Five minutes.
Hello, little fellah.
Are you glad to see me today?
You know.
You look like me, don't you?
I hope you don't mind.
What are we going to do?
Tell me. You're a smart little fellah.
What do you think?
You see.
They tell me.
They have to decide whether you
you and I stick together.
Or whether we both go our own ways.
Tell me.
Couldn't we try it?
You and I in a cold-water flat.
With no-one to take care of
you while I'm at work.
Couldnt you take care of yourself?
Sure you could.
Wash your own diapers... feed yourself.
Fix your own bunk.
What's the matter?
It'll be alright.
What's there to be sad about?
If I do give him up, Mrs. Stone?
Can you tell me a little about
the people who'll get him?
Only what I told you before, dear.
They will be people of your own
race, and your own religion.
They will be a couple who
will give him love and affection.
A good education, and security.
They'll be a husband and wife.
Who have wanted a child
very badly, dear.
And haven't been able
to have one of their own.
I understand.
What would you do if you were me?
Oh, I don't know my dear.
That's a decision nobody
can make for you.
I've been thinking and thinking.
All the arguments on one side,
and all the arguments on the other.
I only want to do what's
right for him.
What can I give him?
Love? And love?
And that's about all.
No money. No future. Nothing!
Would you rather wait a little
and decide later, dear?
It wouldn't be fair to him.
I'll sign now.
You'll sign?
I don't want him to grow
up without a father.
I don't want him to look
at me and despise me.
He must never hear the word
they call children like that.
I'll sign now.
Sign here please.
I want to thank you Mrs. Stone for everything
you've done for me and the baby.
It's all a part of our job, Sally.
What will you do now, dear?
What are your plans?
I don't know. Get a job I guess.
Will you go home?
No. I've done enough to them already.
Maybe someday, when
I can make it up to them.
Hello, Sally.
Mrs. Stone.
I've got to see Mrs. Stone.
What's wrong?
Mrs. Stone isn't here.
Mrs. Stone isn't here.
I got to speak to someone.
I got to speak to someone.
I've changed my mind.
I've got to have him back.
I've got to. I should never
have let him go.
Go on.
Day after day, I see them.
They're all around me.
The family is there.
And they're all happy.
And children.
I must treat them when I go
to work in the morning.
And when I come home at night.
A child and ..
...I think of mine.
And I want to scream.
Because I'm sick inside.
Sick, because I want him so.
I've got to have him back.
I've got to have him back!
Sally.... Sally!
There, there baby. Shhh.
Sally....... Sally.
I have a letter here. I
want to read it to you.
It's from the people who
adopted your baby.
I can't read everything
that's in it.
The name they call him now,
and things like that.
But I want to read part
of the letter to you.
"I wish you could have been with us..."
"last Sunday when the baby was baptized."
"The minister said he had never seen
a more healthy baby..."
"or a more cheerful one."
"The little thing almost
seemed to understand..."
"that he was ensuring himself
a future place in heaven."
"And that it was a very
intelligent thing on his part..."
"to have reserved it
so far in advance."
"He's just as much our child as if
he were our own flesh and blood."
"And we couldn't love him
more if he were."
"God has truly answered
our prayers."
Can you see now, that
you've done the right thing.
I feel for you. I understand
your unhappiness.
This letter should be
of comfort to you.
You've made two other
people very happy.
You're young.
Your whole life is before you.
You'll marry, have a husband.
Other children of your own.
Long distance?
I want to place a
person-to-person call.
Drew Baxter. B-A-X-T-E-R.
Sally Kelton.
Okay. The Assistant D.A.
wants to see you.
I don't know what you done,
kid, but plead guilty.
They'll go easier on you.
So, I presume we all understand
the facts of this case?
And a most unusual situation it is.
Have you anything further
to say, Miss Kelton?
Except I didn't mean
to kidnap him.
I just wanted to hold
him for a while.
I thought he looked like mine.
As an Assistant District
Attorney, I have .. authority to recommend
any course of action.
However, there was a story in the
paper about your arrest last night.
That's how I happen to get a call this
morning from a Mrs. Elisabeth Stone.
Mrs. Banning knows about this.
I must say that.
What she told me
gave me an idea.
You see, there is a law.
That no-one may be tried twice
for the same wrong.
I think it's a good law.
In a way, you've been tried
once Miss Kelton.
And you sentenced yourself.
To... a bitter memory ..
...that only time may erase.
In view of these things, I'm going
to leave it up to the child's mother.
You Mrs. Banning.
To make the decision.
You may drop the charges
Mrs. Banning, or not.
As you will.
I think I understand.
It's just the same with my husband.
I'd like to drop the charges.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Sally! Wait a minute!
Sally! No!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Subs for KG
by "Targa".