Nota (2018) Movie Script

Happy birthday Varun!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Varun!
"Set the way on fire to
make your blood intoxicated"
"Oh friend!"
"Show your skill so that
even the law would surrender"
"Oh friend!"
"Let's get high friend, come on"
"Float around the clouds
in intoxication my friend"
"We've got inebriated
girls around my friend"
"And get more intoxicated"
"Gulp down the shot number 1"
"Gulp down the shot number 2"
"Gulp down the shot number 3"
"Gulp down the shot number 4"
"Spend the night warmly with drinks"
"Keep dancing like crazy the whole night"
"Spend the night warmly with drinks"
"Keep dancing like crazy the whole night"
"What is fire?"
"Caress lips with desire"
"What is sweetness?"
"The beauty of teenage"
"What is love all about?"
"Ask your mind and find it out"
"Into the life"
"Fill some romance"
"Would you teach me
skydiving with a sweet kiss?"
"Try bungee jumping into my heart?"
"Would you share the
hotness of scorpion chilli?"
"Would you filter the moonshine
and give it to me night long?"
"Gulp down the shot number 1"
"Gulp down the shot number 2"
"Gulp down the shot number 3"
"Gulp down the shot number 4"
"Who is a hero?"
"A Good Samaritan during the day"
"Who is a villain?"
"The one who shines day and night"
"Who is a beauty?"
"The smile in our hearts"
"What's sexy?"
"The colors of youth"
"Is vibrator mode in a mobile necessary?"
"Why do we need a lubricant in an engine?"
"Why do you need a profile in Tinder?"
"The reason is it makes life beautiful"
"Gulp down the shot number 1"
"Gulp down the shot number 2"
"Gulp down the shot number 3"
"Gulp down the shot number 4"
"Spend the night warmly with drinks"
"Keep dancing like crazy the whole night"
What a party that was!
It was amazing!
Which check-post did he say?
Spotted Mercedes Benz
Black SUV
Go and block that car.
They are going to catch us and
slam drunk and drive charges on us!
Varun, wouldn't they leave us
if you ugive them your details?
As if you dont know he'll never use
his dad's name whatever the hassle?
-Speed up, Varun.
-We're so gone if we get caught!
-Someone is trying to trap us.
-Why are so many cars hounding us?
It's like they are chasing
us for an Encounter?
-Go, fast!
Now I get it. They are behind someone else.
We are caught between
them like in the movies.
-You pull over and let them pass.
-Are you sure?
Dude, haven't we seen this in so many films?
Trust me.
-Give way to them.
-Okay Varun
Swerve to the left and stop
Okay move on guys.
How can we pass if they park in front of us?
Oh god!
They were following us all along, idiot!
Okay, this ain't new to us.
I can manage it easily.
Are you new to this job?
Don't you know whose car it is?
Whatever it is, you can talk to me.
I won't leave you just like that.
I know that! You expect a bribe as usual!
Is there a cam here eh?
Okay we shall sort it out over there.
Please fine us sir.
We don't have a problem with that.
My license-
Sir, we know who you are.
We didn't stop you for drunken driving.
I'm Asst. Commissioner Ravindra.
The Inspector General wanted
to speak to you urgently.
That's why we stopped you.
Sorry for the trouble sir.
[phone ringing] Tighten security
outside his house, okay? Go ahead.
Okay sir.
The IG is online sir.
-Sorry, Varun
I've been ordered to bring you
back home at once wherever you are.
Uncle, please
Today is my birthday I
have to drop my friends.
This isn't what you think, Varun.
It's an emergency.
The news is all over the media already.
We've been trying to contact you for an hour,
but couldn't get through
Somehow we traced your whereabouts
But you had left from there by then
You don't worry.
Our men will drop them home safe and sound.
What's the emergency uncle?
Will you please explain?
Officially, it should sound like
sir has told this to you and not me.
Okay, tell me
That isn't right, sir
You are the new CM of the
state as tomorrow dawns.
Are you joking?
Varun, am I mad to chase you in the
middle of the night to crack jokes?
Please co-operate and allow
me to complete my duty.
What happened Varun? Is everything fine?
Thank you sir.
Please get down We'll drop you
Suresh, take this jeep and drop all of them.
'I accept, sir,
I shouldn't have grabbed you by the collar'
'And that too with a beer bottle'
Please forgive me just this once
[overlap of voices]
Just a question sir.
Oye! Haven't slept yet?
Happy birthday bro!
I don't understand what's happening here.
I heard they are escorting you
to the Governor's residence
Have all of them gone bonkers?
I've been living in London
to avoid all these hassles.
I don't even remember
when I last spoke to dad.
Don't even know who is
the present Governor here.
Even now I come once a year only for
you and for the kids in the orphanage.
What's with this man?
Has he lost it suddenly?
In your daily 'Yuva Telengana''ve been regularly criticizing
and writing articles on CM Vasudev
There are even cases
filed against you on this
'Do I have any 'give and take'
money dispute with the CM?'
'Whatever his deeds as the chief minister.
I'm reviewing them as a reporter. That's it'
What is your opinion on his
announcement all of a sudden?
Oh! He's been giving many such
shocks to the people repeatedly.
Nowadays, it's a fashon to
declare things at midnight.
But... this seems to be a new
shock that was never in the list!
He has called for a press meet in a while
Wonder what cock and bull
story he'll cook up then!
[phone ringing]Is it right to take sudden decisions?
-We strongly disagree.
-I've got to take this call.
-I'll be back.-Allow me to speak, sir.
Our leader's decision must
be for the good of the people
Mahendra sir, this is Varun here
Hello, my dear chief minister.
Sir, you know everything and
even you are taking a dig at me?
I ought to be in London in a couple
of days for an important project
What is happening here actually?
The news so far is only about a press meet.
We don't know what's next.
Just go with the flow.
Don't get tensed now.
Okay sir.
Tomorrow's orphanage plan is cancelled then.
Can you take care of that?
I know son. Poor kids!
As usual they had prepared
programmes for your birthday
They will be disappointed with your
absence. But I'll manage somehow.
Call me if there is anything important.
Okay, sir.
[people chattering]
It has started bro. Come.
Come fast.
[people chattering]
Call whoever told you this.
I'll also join
Okay, you go.
To facilitate a common man a
travel like the weathy ones... luxury buses across
the state or country
And to provide chilled Air
conditioning to them too
Our government
introduced the luxury bus project
Because of that project...
...fearing that our party and government
might get the laurels of the people
...some anti socials have
filed a case against us
Tell me If can elaborate further when the
case is being considered by the court?
I can't even give my opinion
I am sure justice is on
my side and that's true.
If you are so sure, why are you
resigning your post as chief minister?
Let us assume the court
declares me as not guilty.
Then what will my friends
from the Opposition say?
They would say he misused his
position as chief minister...
...and got the verdict in his favor.
I shouldn't gain such an ill repute.
That's why, taking moral responsibility,
I'm resigning my post as chief minister
'Even then aren't you selecting your son
who has no prior political experience?'
Who is that?
Turn that a little...
VNN... I assumed.
Madam, your channel supports the opposition
You have no choice but
to ask their questions!
Only then you'll get paid!
Still I'll answer your query
My son Mr Varun didn't jump from the sky.
I didn't force him to enter politics
5 years
He has been heading the Youth Wing for
the past 5 years and serving the people
Mr Varun,
do you know the meaning of 'Youth Wing'?
'He has been talking steps towards politics'
Let me tell you something
I did not decide Varun should step in
Millions of volunteers...
...and members have decided it unanimously.
I'm bound to their love.
Why should people suffer for your love?
Is it a Chief Minister post
or a game of musical chairs?
A man with no political
experience or held no post till now
Why should he be
forcefully given such a post?
-Isn't that Mahendra sir's daughter?-'Just because you don't know it...'
-...saying Varun is inexperienced is wrong.
-He is so fond of me
-and this girl is defaming me.-All the people of the state know this.
Without any recommendation...
-She's getting prettier by the day.-...he has got a seat in a top university.
He runs an orphanage in his mother's name
Whichever corner of the world he is
in he comes running for its programs
Age is not a criteria for a leader
How old was Vivekananda?
Sitarama Raju our freedom fighter?
Take the example of Varadarajulu,
leader of the opposition party
Sir, aren't you a senior reporter?
-What is the post his daughter holds?
-She heads the Women's Wing
Why don't you question our
Opposition leaders? You won't!
Last question please?
Why didn't Mr Varun attend this meeting?
A word for your volunteers, sir?
My humble request to my
millions of volunteers and fans
I've got news that some of you claimed
to sacrifice your lives if I resign.
Party might pay 5 lakh rupees if
someone sacrifices their lives.
You shouldn't sacrifice
your life for that money
This is a test I must go through.
Only I should prove my sincerity.
I'll come back, so kindly keep your
precious lives to welcome me back
Thank you
[people cheering]
Can I come in?
Sir asked me to tie this 'lungi' to you
What? A lungi?
Please don't worry sir.
If I tie this 'lungi'
on you and tie a belt in the right way...
...even if anyone grabs it in
a fight it won't strip off you!
Strip it off me? What are you talking?
You should tightly hold on to your
'lungi' in politics sir.
Because they can strip
it off you any second.
-This won't work for me.
-Please try it just once.
-Please listen to me.
-Then you'll hold on to it forever.
Variety Star Vasudev who has
acted in more than 100 films..
...has suddenly resigned his post
after 15 years of political journey
and appointed his son as chief minister
This has come as a complete
surprise to the people.
Varun is the son of
Vasudev's 1st wife Chithra
As Chitra passed away when Varun was
an year old, Vasudev married Kausalya
Their daughter is Narmada
[overlap of voices]
Why has he not chosen you
despite your experience?
Memes saying no surprise if Mr. Vasudev
makes this young girl the chief minister
are doing rounds on social media
Where is Varun?
-He is in the training upstairs, uncle.
-Coming sir!'
-Please tighten it
-Please lift your shirt
Your new attire is awesome!
Uncle, you've been with
dad since his film days
If he had wanted someone
temporarily for that post...
...why couldn't you you take it yourself?
Otherwise if he had wanted a dumb fellow
...he could've made this
moustached Das bro as CM too
-Don't make fun of me
-What do you say?
-Why is your leader dragging me into this?
-You know your dad too well.
-It's secure now
If he takes a decision,
no one can change his mind
Do you think we didn't
discuss this with him?
The entire party tried to
convince him for a week
Ever since he returned from that 'ashram'
last week he's on a single track
You mean that monk's ashram?
Is the future of a State
in the hands of a god-man?
Well done you bloody politicians.
My dear boy, your father trusts him
Important decisions are
made only on his advice
You and I can't do anything about it
The judgment is due in 1 or 2 weeks
It will definitely be in his favor
Until then we'll make sure
you won't face troubles, okay?
Please come
Praise be to Allah!
How long have you been in politics, uncle?
Maybe around 25 years
Based on your experience please tell me
Don't you think all of this is stupidity?
'Hey! Which town, man?'
Is it really self immolation or your
is it a drama with a dead body, huh?
Why didn't you announce a condolence?
I already announced I'll give Rs 500,000
My signature isn't needed. Just use my seal.
I am going to the Governor's place now.
Forget it
At least let half the amount
reach the family of the deceased
-Bhai, have you briefed him?
-Told him everyhting sir.
put your usual habits at bay for some days.
Don't go painting the
town red with chicks.
Your revelry last night is
already telecasted in a TV channel.
Junk of a fellow!
After the swearing in,
go straight to your room
Everything you need will come to your room
For 2 weeks, you have to
be under our supervision
If they need your signature,
they will come to you. Just sit quiet.
-Why doesn't he respond?
Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.
-Shall we leave?
5 minutes sir. It's too crowded outside.
We had to use force to restrain them.
-They even pushed the barricades
-Get lost!
You'll hear cuss words then
Swearing in is at 5:00 a.m
Hasn't the time been set by Swami ji?
Have you cleared the traffic?
-Or should I go and say left and right
-No sir, we'll do it right now.
-Go away.
-I'll do it now.
What are you waiting for?
-Use the full force. Now!
-Okay sir.
'Long live our leader!'
No! Crap!
What is it?
My friends will post memes on
Facebook and troll me for sure!
There's no such culture
in politics in olden days
But today this culture and
politics go hand in hand
You think these flex
hoardings are for your sake?
No boy!
The local chap has to show off
his proximity to the leader
He knows that we won't be able to
notice them too at the speed we pass
and we know that too.
This is political tactics
he indulges his followers in
Who cares if he erects a
flex or his coffin itself?
Take it easy.
Come man.
Lower it.
Namasthe bro.
Learn to stand straight.
You might sculpt the wrong statue
claiming you never saw my face!
We haven't met. Can I have a word with you?
Young man...
Legally I must listen to
what your father tells me.
But do you hae any issue
with accepting this post?
My dad said it will only
be for a short duration
Till then I'll be handling it
Any portfolio changes, Mr. Vasudev?
Er... no sir.
Let all the ministers retain
their respective portfolios
The new CM will be in
charge of my portfolio alone.
Should all the ministers
take their oaths today?
No, let the CM and a couple
of ministers be sworn in today
The rest can do so a few days later, sir
'I, V. Varun, solemnly swear as
the chief minister of this State'
'I will faithfully and
conscientiously discharge my duties'
' the presence of god'
It's alright please sit down
Congratulations young man.
Do you know your portfolios?
I'm not saying this as the Governor.
I'm talking from my experience
Look over there
Look at your father's coterie
They will even stoop to kill
to claim this post of yours
But it has fallen into
your lap like a lollipop
Make use of it wisely.
You haven't had anything here!
-Coffe or tea?
Er...I haven't got over
my hangover of last night.
Can I have a glass of buttermilk please?
"Hey minister!
Come let's build a fort with thermocol!"
"Hey minister! Isn't the law your relative?"
Sir, this is regarding
finance. About pension.
This is a file of ministers who were
sworn in at the Governor's residence
'No, dad I am really curious'
How can even a dummy CM be so dumb?
It's been 2 weeks since
he was sworn in as CM
Not even gutsy enough to meet the media.
Vasudev draged you into this in
the party saying you are my daughter.
Are Varun and I equal?
He was such a riff raff even in college
Wait and watch how I'll tear him
to shreds in front of the people
What do you think will be
the verdict in Vasudev's case?
The CBI is conducting it
As usual it will lose it.
Some of the witnesses in the lower
court are dead out of old age now.
'Our new CM has another
scheme for the State'
Want to know the name?
'Let's drink and dance'
To elaborate,
so far the Govt has only facilitated
boozing in the bars for the people
From now on, the Govt will also
facilitate drinking with the chief minister!
Well said, madam!
A father who is entangled
in scams and facing trial
His precious son who doesn't
even know the ABC of politics
What's worse, the esteemed Ex-CM
is citing me as an example!
Can being involved as a volunteer and
rising step by step with experience... compared to someone jumping
from abroad out of the blue?
Even in monarchy the prince to be crowned
...was taught horsemanship, archery,
laws, logic and many such arts
But our precious prince hasn't
even cleared his subjects in college
She's tearing you to shreds man.
She's our college mate,
won't she know everything about us?
She used to be scrawny like
a scarecrow and ordinary then
-Now she's an eye candy!
-Shut up you!
She's pointing out all the flaws and
insulting you and you are flirting with her?
Hello Shilpa,
did I ask to be appointed as CM?
How can I be held responsible for that then?
Her questions are right too.
My political knowledge is zero
But I know to flick channels!
Change to our channel, dude
'Our new chief minister has introduced a
novel scheme never seen earlier in India'
'Through this scheme,
farmers will be provided free solar pumps'
'Millions of agriculturists will benefit'
What, dude? Setting eh?
-When did you do all this?
-When did I?
They will stretch out
a file for my signature
I do it, that's it.
Didn't you see my poplarity in our channel?
Then how does it matter what
that girl keeps barking about me?
Okay Varun.
What's the plan in life for both of you?
Would you just have
a jolly life being jobless?
Rags, you tell me
Where will you be 10 years from now?
If you offer me 2 bottles of beer
I wouldn't know where I'll be in the
next 10 minutes, let alone a decade!
-Same to you.
Varun, what about you?
No idea where I'll be
But I know I shouldn't be here!
Wherever my dad is won't work for me
I should run back to London
-Run and then?
-I need to get back to work, dear
Don't I have my game designing projects?
You mean video games?
Do you seriously intend to waste such
a prestigious post of chief minister?
Hello! Varun is CM for just 2 weeks
Then we intend to tell his
dad to elect you instead
Assembly will be shaken
seeing you in your shorts.
I'll smash your face
Superb! You're the one for this.
[phone ringing]
-I'll clobber you.
-Ain't it right?
-Shut up.
Sir, I'm calling from the Governor's office
His Excellency wants to talk to you urgently
Yeah sure.
-This is Governor Vijay Menon.
-Yes sir.
I presume you are alone?
-Baby... baby.
-Hit me istead but don't sing.
-Tell me, sir
-Stop it!
I've got information from Delhi
that the situation turned critical now.
Before the media gets to know about it...'s advisable to take
some precautionary measures
Secure police protection in sensitive areas
Ensure no law & order problems arise.
I don't get it. What happened?
What's the news from Delhi?
CBI court has passed a sentence on
Mr. Vasudev considering him guilty.
5 years imprisonment
He would be arrested immediately
He will be in the Delhi jail till
his appeal comes up for hearing
I don't know under what circumstances
you took up this post
But every single decision
you take in this situation...
...will affect many lives
Please prepare yourself
Narmada, ask your mom not to cry
Our lawyer says we can appeal in 2-3 days
Please don't cry mom.
[loud sobs]
Sir, Director General of Police Kodhandapani
We will face troubles if this
is leaked out to the media.
There's a likelihood of our party
cadres resorting to riots and rampage
That's why our governor has
cautioned you well in advance
Sir, I neither have any idea a
bout this nor am I experienced.
Please suggest steps to be taken
Pre-emptive arrests are possible sir.
Individuals we suspect of breaking the law
...can be arrested prior
to committing the crime
Their names will be listed
in the local police stations
What are you saying?
So do we arrest people from our own party?
A law and order problem would arise then.
some people are waiting for it
Don't worry about anything
I just spoke to our lawyer
He will obtain permission for us to
talk to your father in the next 1 hour
I'm flying to Delhi now
Before I board the flight,
I'll talk to your father and update you
Then you can decide.
Don't rush into anything
This is a very sensitive issue son.
-Okay, uncle. Call me in an hour.
Let's wait for an hour sir.
Okay sir.
Shaji, tell me
- I'm coming now
- I'll take leave
1'o clock flight?
Ex-chief minister Vasudev
has been found guilty...
...and has been sentenced
a jail term of 5 years
This mean, he not only loses his position
as Member of the Legislative Assembly
by the Representation of people act
[phone ringing]
Dad, your phone's ringing.
After his jail term, he cannot contest
in any election in the next 10 years
-Coming dear.
Without prior political experience
his son, the acting chief minister
-Sir, I'm Varun speaking
Yeah Varun. I thought you'll be busy,
so didn't call you since two weeks.
I just watched the News
-Is everything alright?
-Don't know, sir
Many issues have cropped up now.
I really need your help.
You know I'll rush to your
aid if you need any help
But your party men might not like it.
Especially your father
It's just last week my daughter and I have
torn your party to tatters in our magazine
'That's why I'm hesitatin-'
Don't think of that, sir
Can you come down now?
Of course I can, but where to?
-To my place
-That'll not work.
There's a way.
You go to the Secretariat now
I'll come over and meet you
You ought to be there now actually.
Okay, sir
What happened?
I'm leaving
Where to?
-Yes sir.
Arrange for a car at the
rear, outside the compound.
Let our party men and the Press
waiting in front be unaware of this
Set the route to the Secretariat
Sir, that compound wall is-
Is what? It's too high.
With glass pieces on it. Is that it?
I've scaled that wall many
times without your knowledge
Do as I say, quick
'Release our leader'
Don't block the traffic
-Hello, is it Jennifer?
-Yeeah tell me, madam
We closed school at noon fearing a riot here
'All the children have left'
Only Julie is waiting for you
I took permission from my boss and
started as soon as I got the call, teacher
I'm caught in a traffic jam
because of the commotion
I'm in an auto.
My husband isn't in town too.
Please be with her. I'm coming.
Is it you who faces traffic. Don't we too?
My husband is waiting for me.
Don't I need to go home in time?
How long should I wait for just one student?
Come soon or I'll be forced
to leave her with the security
Madam, can you find my neighbor Raghu
who is in 9th grade in your school?
Can you send her with him please?
Ain't this a trouble?
Now do I have to go looking for him?
Okay, hang up I'll take care.
Hello, Jennifer? Your kid is so stubborn.
I found that boy but she
is refusing to go with him
[chaos]What do you want me to do?
Sorry, teacher give the phone to my daughter
Wait then.
When will you come mom?
I'll be a little late, dear.
I heard you are refusing to go with Raghu.
Go home with him this once.
I'll see you soon.
Haven't you always told me?
I shouldn't go with anyone.
No, darling,
I'm getting delayed to come and pick you up
You be a good girl and play in Raghu's house
I'll buy a Mickey pencil box for you.
Would you buy it for sure?
It's a promise, I'll buy it for you.
Hello, please send her carefully ma'am.
They are creating hell here
Madam, I don't think I can take this route
-Shall I make an U turn?
-Please make it fast, bro.
"Whose mistake is it and who pays for it?"
"What law is this that causes death"
"Even if the foxes look at you in hunger"
"Don't be scared"
Julie, let's get down.
Move aside son. Quick!
Please stop for a minute
What happened? Make it fast
-What's the price of this?
-Rs 50.
-Get in quick
-Please go, bro.
Bus is empty. Set it on fire now!
I'm on the way sir.
Turn on some news channel immediately Varun.
Following the arrest of ex-CM Mr Vasudev...
...riots and unrest were instigated by
his party men throughout the State
'In that melee they have set fire
to a Govt bus in the old slum area'
Anguished cries of a young girl are
heard in the bus that was set alight
-This is an exclusive clipping-Where was this, sir?
-Is a child trapped inside?
-It's in Charminar, Varun
Situation is gory
Arrange for a meeting with the
DGP in Secretariat immediately
This wouldn't have happened if I had
issued orders to arrest these dogs sir
Varun, focus on what to do next
I couldn't save a little girl
Then what's the point of
me running an orphanage?
-I must go there immediately-Where?
Venue of this incident
Varun, doesn't make sens-
I'll meet you there, sir
Bharath, re-route to Charminar
We must go to Charminar, re-route right now.
Tighten security everywhere
Yes sir
We tried our level best
But we couldn't save that poor child
Look at the lifeless form of my child
I sent her to school this morning. She
has been brought bundled like this.
Will no one speak up for me?
Sir, don't go there. It's too crowded.
[woman crying]
Oh my darling baby!
What sin did this innocent child commit?
I want my baby back
Look at my daughter sir!
I conceived this child
after a lot of prayers sir.
They've brought her back in ashes.
How will I face my husband?
Answer me.
Why did you sacrifice my
baby for the sake of politics?
Answer me! Don't just stand there sir.
My only child! You took her away from me!
I'll perish along with her.
Who is responsible for this?
-"What is the use?"
-one minute.
-Who is responsible for this?
This is done by the ruling party
We've got evidence of
involvement of the local MLA's son.
If you give me a free hand...
[phone rings]
...we can take immediate action
and control the violence.
I spoke to your father.
He told us not to lay hands
on our party men right now
Let the riot continue for 2-3 days
He said only then would
the public realize our power
We've already informed our party men
They will issue a statement
blaming the opposition party
So just ignore this as much as you can
Hello son?
DGP, do the needful
Arrest the offenders whoever they may be
How long will it take to
control the riots in all the areas?
Give us 6 hours, sir
We can't afford 6 hours
So many lives are at stake
Mahendra sir,
I want to call for a Press meet
That's a right move.
If people know the party head is
strong, they won't participate in riots
Go for a press meet immediately
Every person standing here
with a mobile is part of the press
The press meet is now and here
Sir...sir, come here
Tell us, sir
'Namaste' everyone
-My father
-Not that, sir
My father, Vasudev is the leader
of the Indian Democratic Party
You are aware of the verdict
on his case as 'guilty'
We respect the court's judgment
Our lawyers are doing the
needful to get him out of jail
But, using this as an excuse
...some scondrels are resorting to
plunder and pillage all over the city
They set fire to a bus
and very unjustly
...a school girl
...a school girl was burnt-
A school girl died because of that.
Whoever maybe the culprits
Whether they are our party men
or an MLA or MP holding a political post...
...I've issued orders to shoot
them at sight like stray dogs.
If I see anyone causing violence anywhere...
...I will close his chapter off.
On behalf on my party
men this is a challenge
Supporters and fans who love Mr Vasudev
representatives of our party including me
...from now till the next 3 days protest of our leader's arrest,
we will stay indoors
What is that protest
done by sitting at home sir?
Sit-in protest
Sit-in protest.
True supporters of Mr Vasudev
...from now on till the next 3 days
...will either stay in their
residence or in the party office
Violating this if you see
anyone stirring a riot...
...kill them on the spot.
Remember this
3 days
Got that?
We will subject ourselves
to house arrest for 3 days
Chief minister Varun explosive interview
Commotion subsided within half hour
Did he defy the political protocol?
Debate of the Day
-That was a superb move
-You bet!
His intelligent clause was
the leader's true volunteers!
No one will get involved in riots now
Where is our nation heading?
Is this how a chief minister speaks?
What's wrong with his speech?
Haven't the riots
stopped in just half an hour?
Is it doomsday if he spoke
a string of cuss words?
The State loses 10 billion
with a general strike for 1 day
'hasn't he saved such a
huge sum with just 1 interview?
He stopped all the riots.
Now I'm forced to go to work
I don't know about the riots
But he's so mind boggling handsome!
what is your take on our new chief minister?
New CM?
Call him 'Rowdy CM'
Star of cricket is M.S. Dhoni
star of cinema's is Powerstar
Star of politics is our rowdy CM!
What is this new pet name?
Aren't his predecessors rowdies too?
-3+3 = 6
-Rowdy CM makes magic!
Icecream cold Rowdy CM bold
We won't have food to eat if
we don't sell for even 1 day
Bless you, rowdy CM'
Ain't it unruly?
What he did is right
It's right.
Rowdy CM did the right thing.
Rowdy CM is 100% right
Rowdy CM is right
-It's wrong
His decision is right
-Wrong move
-Right decision
I approve
What he did is what we need
Long live, Rowdy CM
He earned a good name
with a single press meet.
You don't know about him
That was just his luck.
People will forget all of this
He'll do something foolish
again and get in troubles.
Whatever, dear
You made a 'Dummy CM'
famous by naming him 'Rowdy CM'.
[phone ringing]
I have a job for you
[indistinct voices]
The chemicals you wanted are in this bag
Will he be granted bail?
Or should I finish him off in jail?
You get ready
I'll update you tomorrow
I'll call you as soon as it's ready
[phone ringing]
-Tell me dude?
-Dude, come out.
Where to?Didn't you watch the news?
-3 days of sit-in protest
-Protest my foot.
Use the rear entrance. We are going out.
There are security guards everywhere
If I'm caught by the public that's it, kaput
I have a lot of pending work
Have you slipped into the real CM's shoes?
That's your dad's seat dude. They say
his bail will be granted in a few days
After that you'll be stuck with me
Bottle is ready. Come soon.
Okay. Fine
Wait for me then.
-Lets go
You know him right?
Kill me dude!
Who are these girls?
The one in that corner is Swiss,
rest are England and French
Leave the French one to me.
Wonder what party it is!
Varun, let's go, come one!
What is this, dude?
She knows my name?
Do they know I'm CM as well?
Looks like you'll blurt it out
They aren't even Indians.
They don't even know Telugu.
Shilpa met them in a party and invited them
Varun, video game designer.
that's all I told them. Get in.
-Hey, you want some beer?
-No thank you. I'm fine.
-Coca Cola?
-Cheers girls
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Intoxication is your world now, o' king"
"A slice of heaven beneath you tempting"
"Maidens at the blink of an eye, king"
"Whole nation before you a-waiting"
"Waves of passion chase you, oh! king.
Hours of revelry eagerly anticipating"
"Simple pleasures bask for your love
Lust takes precedence as offering now"
"Title and position yearn for you
Take authority in your hands anew"
"This universe is like a beautiful rose.
Rule as the king of this century dutiful"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Dangers on one side menacing
On another side your kith & kin"
"Like a boat, let us go with the flow"
"Caught between patience and defeat"
"On my head rests the crown
as a impediment all around"
"This is a burden I'm bound to"
"Temptations of maximum fun
and frolic in the harem"
"King caught in the playful momentum"
"Heaven as hell in many ways
Between a rock and a hard place"
"In a daze, in a maze, this king"
"This king id the rain god
whoc rains where it's needed"
"Stringing Cupid's arrows is his
forte, his count is countless per day"
"Overflowing, my bucket list lengthy"
"As a quiver full of arrows target me
and I raise my shield protectively"
He is the ruler of romances.
Embedded in the hearts of the people"
"He is handsome, he garners fame
Victory is his very first name!"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
"Hey king!"
Where is our lawyer?
Glory to Allah!
Namaste, bro.
What happened?
What the hell can we understand?
All of them are speaking in English
We are waiting for our lawyer
Allah, it should all end well
We can get a stay. Let's hope for the best.
Has bail been granted, sir?
Wait please
High Court has issued a
stay on CBI's punishment
So Mr Vasudev can be released immediately
he needn't stay in jail until
the case comes up for trial
Having shed crocodile tears for a
child's demise in the morning,
Unable to bear that anguish,
right after sunset.
He drowned himself in alcohol
He went on a 'fun and frolic'
spree with scantily dressed females.
As a woman I'm feeling embarrassed
to even elaborate further
Is such a man the future of our State?
Will such a person think
about people's problems?
How disgusting!
Being such a proficient speaker if
you had joined our party 10 years ago
We could've formed the Govt by now
Peak hours of the internet -
7:00 pm to 9:00 p.m.
I'll upload this then
[phone ringing]
What happened?
Vasudev has been granted bail
Keep this aside for the time
being, Let this commotion subside.
We shouldn't feed the people
with too much information
Timing is crucial
He has been released
He will get out of jail
by 10:00 am tomorrow.
They'll go straight to
the airport from there.
What is your plan of action?
I've set chemical explosives in this drone
This can be operated from a distance of 5 km
Since it works through satellite system... ordinary mobile
jammer cannot obstruct it
Very good
Once the job is done...
...your balance amount would come to you in
the form of shares to your mobile company.
Sir, give me a cigarette
Hey! Get in. Idiot!
Give me one too
I'll clobber you!
What do you want? Huh!
What? Dancing, huh?
Go... get inside
Namaste, sir
Sorry, sir, I couldn't arrange
the western toilet you asked for
Only one cell has that facility
As you know, sir
That minister from Bihar He's
in that cell for many months now
Sir, everything you asked including
cigarettes and mosquito repellant is here.
This is from my side.
My son's seat
-Is it about the school seat?
-Yes, sir
-Consider it done
-Thank you, sir
We want water
No water in the toilet, sir
-Stomach ache
-No water
Take me to Hyderabad
-No water, sir
-Take me to Hyderabad
[indignant voices]
We don't get water in the toilet, sir
'You will face problems this year for sure'
According to your horoscope
Venus moves from the 5th house
' the 6th'
'If you don't want to get
entangled in that problem'
' must resign your post'
'But for no reason whatsoever...'
'...your post should not go beyond
your blood relative or your lineage'
If you ensure that alone
''ll come back to your
seat regaining your full power'
-Yes, bhai
What does Varun know?
Is it right to bring him into this?
Bhai, in this 20 years of political
clout how much would we have earned?
This case I've been accused of
is the most trivial scam of all
Peanuts, just 50 million
Didn't swami-ji predict
my time isn't favorable?
Problems are bound to arise
'The post should be within blood ties'
'You came up with some
reason and cancelled the shoot'
What about tomorrow?
Tomorrow we can cancel the schedule
-We can go to Ooty.
Okay let's go.
Where did you go?
Oh! She's such a pain!
Shooting of course.
Would I come back from the moon?
I just inquired.
They said the shooting was cancelled.
Which female were you with?
A man has a lot of things
to do and meet many people.
-Should I tell you everything?
-So can you do anything?
Even I'll go out tomorrow
Don't ask me whom I slept with!
Mind your words
One click of my finger chicks will queue up
I married this second hand unnecessarily
What did you say?
Second hand, huh?
As if you married me
without any political agenda?
You knew everything about me
Hey. What's with you now?
Didn't you fall for me, got married
and have a son? Then what now?
You go around with a different female daily.
Do you think I'll sit at
home like a virtuous woman?
The father of this baby's could be anyone.
What's the guarantee he is yours?
Curb your tongue-
Don't you know only if I tell you?
If you accept you aren't faithful-
[baby crying]
Then what does that make you?
[baby crying]
If you speak like this one more
time, I swear I'll really kill you
Virtuous wife indeed!
'I always feel I'm seeing
you the very first time'
How is that?
Will you buy me a diamond necklace I like?
Whats the big deal in it baby?
[phone ringing]
Move aside.
23 sleeping pills, sir
The security guard came in to check
as the baby was crying nonstop
But her body had turned cold by then
Press should not know this is suicide
Hey! Look at my grandson.
He looks like a foreigner
He doesn't resemble you!
Old hag-
As if he will resemble my neighbour!
'The father of this baby could be anyone'
'What's the guarantee he is yours?'
'But for no reason whatsoever...'
'...your post should not go beyond
your blood relative or your lineage'
'What is the guarantee he is yours?'
'The father of this baby could be anyone'
[door creaking]
Hey! Our leader
Namaste, sir
What's this bad habit of falling at my feet?
What's happening here?
Are you all having fun when I'm not there?
He's shooting his mouth off in the media
You're all listening to it and-
Bhai, what did I tell you?
We repeated what you said
verbatim to your son Varun
When came here tensed as
we heard of your punishment.
Hey! I can't entrust you with things.
-Where's my car?
-Right here, sir
Can you operate it even from here?
[drone whizzing]
It will keep following their car now.
[drone whizzing]
Varun turns to him for
advice at the drop of a hat!
As soon as I get back I'll nail them down
1 week I entrusted you with
my 20 years of experience've brought me to the road
Mahendra! I'll skin him aliv-
Get me a cigarette, bhai
Someone give a cigarette please
No, sir
No one has it, sir
Otherwise ask him to
stop at that shop and buy it.
It's risky to stop on the way. Listen to me.
Who will recognize me here?
Ask him to stop
Pull over at the kerb
-Bro, bring a cigarette
-Yes, sir
[fans whirring]
-What, bro?
What is it shining behind our car?
[fans whirring]
Security, come soon
Coming sir
[fans whirring]
[door banging]
They are saying all kinds of things, bro
They say there was a bomb blast
when dad was on his way back home
I believe no one knows about dad's condition
I'm scared. Come fast bro.
Okay, sir DGP is here
We are waiting for his order
Arrange for more Black Cats if necessary
Sir. Very sorry to tell you.
From Delhi prison en route to the airport
...your father has been
attacked by a drone explosive
3 ministers and 6 security
guards have been badly injured
Your father
Since your father was the target,
the bomb exploded right next to him
He's badly injured and
is in a state of coma.
Arrange a jet to leave for Delhi immediately
Okay, sir
Dad will be fine.
Ask your mom to get ready
We will be leaving for
Delhi in half an hour.
Our ex chief minister
met with an accident...
...and is admitted here.
-Our Cm is also here.
'Long live our leader'
[indistinct people shouting]
You don't know how strong your father is.
But as the Opposition leader and a political
rival all these years, I know him well
I'm sure he will recover
soon and be back on his toes
-Be brave. Okay.
-Thank you.
We'll wait down till madam talks to him
Hasn't your life been really
topsy-turvy in this one month?
I've come to see you only as a friend.
We've been classmates from college
Don't think of me as Opposition
Feel free to call me
whenever you need any help
'Speedy recovery to our leader'
This is my visiting card
Bye Varun.
Kala... thank you.
How is your dad now?
Doctors say there's no
point in us waiting here
No one can predict when he
will regain his consciousness
They say there is no
danger to his life as of now.
I think we should shift him
to a hospital in Hyderabad
You're right, my boy. No use waiting here.
My dad yells at everyone but never at me.
I feel it doesn't matter if
he gets up and yells at me now!
Oh baby!
Don't cry, dear
Don't worry about your dad.
He'll be fine soon.
Be strong, okay?
'Tell us sir. How is he now?'
How is our leader?
Am I power crazy?
Or am I experienced in this job?
A problem arose and I spoke to the
press to save our people's lives.
But I get this feeling as if someone is
trying to tie me down to this chair, sir
I feel suffocated.
Varun, I have a friend called Somasekar
Quite a different character
He works in a ship throughout the year
But he never learnt to swim
When I asked him why, he said...
...when the ship is about to sink mid-sea does it matter if
you know to swim or not
One who doesn't know to swim will die
One who knows will swim for a few days
and then die without food or water
Not only that,
as soon as he knows the ship is sinking
...the one who knows swimming
will try to jump to safety
But the non-swimmer will fight to save
the ship and it's passengers till the last.
You are more or less in his shoes
Even when you can't swim
...aren't you trying to save the
ship and rescue the passengers?
Okay, let me ask you in your own lingo
Have you skipped straight to the last
level of a video game and played it?
How will it be?
Very challenging
Gaming is a learning curve
Only when we keep playing
and reaching the next level
...we understand the game
But wont the challenge hold your interest?
At my age,
do you know how I'm viewing your post?
As a golden chance to bring
about a massive change
At your age,
why don't you treat this as a video game?
Get down to brass tacks!
Long live our leader!
But in this game
...the blood you see is real
The enemies are real
You taste this once're addicted for life
Life or death!
Sir, Devaraju Intelligence Wing
Investigating officer of this case
Tell me
You can discuss this in front of him. Go on.
From the Intelligence reports, this attempt
on your father's life is a local hand
Plus your whole family
is facing the same threat
I've been issued orders to
protect your entire family
Especially your sister and you
-For Narmada?
-Yes, sir
Even if it is cloaked
in political tactics...
...involvement of 'hawala'
and black money is suspected strongly
We can't make this public
But someone is trying to
eliminate your entire family
This is an unofficial question
Do you know any details about
your father's assets and will?
I have no idea about any of his dealings
Its time you made an effort, sir
Another unofficial news is that
Almost a 100 billion
wealth is linked to this.
-A 100 billion?
-Yes, sir.
For your own safety, it is imperative
you find out about your father's assets
It is possible only when you are in power
If you get any information
please let me know
I'll take leave now. Thank you.
Looks like I have no other option
'Long live chief minister!'
I have to play this game
'Long live chief minister!'
DGP sir, this is Varun here
CM speaking
The attempt on my father will incite
an outburst of violence in that State
Arrest the anti-social
elements as a precautionary measure
Our party representatives in particular
Don't excuse councillors
or any other politician
If jails aren't enough, keep them under
custody in wedding halls and schools
Serve them biryani
and release them after 2 days
DGP sir, not even a street light
should break in our State this time
If any ruling party member showed off
his credentials and created a ruckus...
...announce 'Rowdy CM' is on his way
[indistinct typing]
'You said you'll be back in a week'
Looks like a lot has happened meanwhile
Doing well Wong. You?
I, Varadharajulu Gangadhar alias Wong... on top of the world
You tell me What's up?
I need your help
I'll do anything for you. Shoot.
I'm speaking from a secure line now.
Let this be just between us
Intelligence says there's a huge wealth
linked to the murder attempt on my dad.
In the false ceiling of my dad's room
I found this diary
It has 6 - 7 secret codes...
...and account numbers.
What are these?
Can you dig further into this for me?
Bring it closer to the camera
This is piece of cake, dude
Don't worry I'll call you myself.
[raining and thundering]
-Have you got what I wanted?
-Everything is ready.
This file contains all the asset statements.
I'm giving you the details as the primary
party has approved you as the manager.
You can just see them here but
aren't allowed to take them with you.
Handler Ramasamy?
20,700 crores! Wow!
Robert. Do you the situation?
My main party is in coma in the hospital.
How do we do if I want money?
I'm his brother-in-law
You can draw upto 10 crores per
annum without main party's permission.
But any amount above that can't be
taken or transferred to another name.
You need the main
party's signature for that.
-What if that party dies all of a sudden?
-Mr. Ramaswamy.
The 5 minutes window is done.
The 50 million you requested are in
the car outside. Carry them carefully.
[raining and thundering]
-What's the reading?
Situation is getting worse
Forecast says another bout
of heavy rains expected
If we don't open the dam gates
now it will be a fatal disaster
-Didn't you consult the higher officials?
-I'm trying my best
VIPs who should decide are in the hospital
'The others don't want to take the blame'
Or they pretend to be busy!
'Aren't the Ministers watching too?'
What major work are they in
when it's raining cats and dogs?
Dad, why is it raining so heavily?
There's nothing to cook at home
Who anticipated this downpour, dear?
Do you want me to go out and buy something?
[phone ringing]
-Is it Mahendra sir?
This is PWD chief engineer, Chandram here
Don't know whom to approach now
No time for the usual red tape
-I was told CM will listen to you.
-Tell me.
All I need is just 1 order.
We must open the sluice gate immediately
It's a problem
pertaining to a lot of lives sir.
How can you say this in the last minute?
Wait, I'll call you back
I need a map of Ranga Reddy district
Isn't there even a projector here?
Sir, 3 ledgers have to be
signed, I will be right there
Connect the call
[phone ringing]
Mr Chandram, how serious is this?
This is the situation half an hour ago
All the lakes in the city are full
We don't have and option but to
open the sluice of Singur dam
-Why not do that then?
The dam is located 90km from the city
So there is no threat to the city.
But 40 km from the lake,
there is Ranga Reddy district
If we open the sluice,
even if 60% floods the farmlands
...40% will flood the neigghboring villages.
If we don't take adequate precautions will endanger lives of people
Why don't we open it in small measures?
This should've been done
10 days ago step by step
Now it's too late.
But if dam gate isn't opened,
the lake will breach
Then why wasn't this done 10 days ago?
Who is responsible for this?
My dear boy, sluice is never opened
without your father's permission
Okay. Come sit down uncle. Please.
Hey, all of you sit down
Please sit. Make yourself comfortable.
We'll deal with it when
my dad comes out of coma
Please come here sir.
-You sir! Come here.
Let's play a game
Name of the game is 'Which comes first?'
Will our leader come out of coma
or the deluge will take a toll?
What do you think?
Sir you know...
I don't know, sir
You know no one here knows anything
Why waste your sarcasm on them?
Whatever you say will go above their heads!
Listen, matter is very serious
High possibility of heavy loss of lives
Please understand that the people in
this room won't be affected a bit.
So you say opening the dam
gates fully is our only option now
Yes sir, but-
What's the 'but', sir?
Houses on the riverside
will be badly affected
Lives would be lost too.
But aren't you saying
we have no other choice!
Damage is less if we open the
sluice than breach in lake bund sir.
'Chandram sir,
how long can you delay opening the dam?'
Maximum 2 hours, but that's risky too.
How long will it take for the
water to reach the district border?
Usually 4 hours
But it might reach in 3
hours as the river being in spate.
We have 4 hours
Is it possible to evacuate the
people in the affected areas?
This task should have
begun 2 or 3 days earlier
We will need more man power too
It is more difficult to
evacuate people at night, sir
'We usually announce on loud speakers
or the old fashioned beat of drums'
I doubt if it will be heard
in this incessant rain
Then this can't be handled
by our Govt resources alone
'Before the Army or Navy can help...'
...the entire area will be flooded
and it will be a disaster, sir
We have a huge army right
here at our disposal
I'll make everyone pitch in
Mahendra sir
Prepare a list of 10 active youngsters
from each area in Facebook and Twitter
Get all the help possible from
your friends and journalists
Mr. Chandram, divide the water prone
areas as stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3
It's 6:40pm now.
Open the sluice gate at sharp 8:40
Taking that as starting time
...I need a list of when and which
stage you've divided is likely to flood
Government staff
Call all of them back
Ask them to bring their toiletry kit
Until this flood situation is amended... one can go home
Let's create a war room
Ask our force to come
to Vikarabad immediately
Inform Control room of water level
in Vidyanagar and Indira Nagar
Call our MLAs in all the areas immediately
- Attend to this at once
- Check water level in Sultan Bazaar
Inform the media
Only then would the
public know what's happening
-I'll give you the press list.
-Yes sir.
This should go viral in Facebook and Twitter
Bro, what is this war room
our young leader was talking about?
Maybe he'll book a room in a hotel?
I don't understand either
Not a war room,
I think he was talking about a bar room!
What? A bar room?
That's true.
We'll be up all night working.
We'll be in high spirits with some booze!
My dear public representatives
A war room means... case of such emergencies
...important people assembling at one
place to take decisions in a jiffy
That's what he meant
So you've never done this before?
In the present situation if the gates
aren't opened, the dam will breach
So we are about to open the gates now.
It is likely to worsen the
flood situation in some areas
I'll list out 12 areas
now which are the hotspots
This News has to go viral at once
Please share this information
on Facebook and WhatsApp
Call your friends and let them know
Camps have been set up in all
Primary schools in these areas
If you're unable to reach these schools...
we've got the high rise
buildings opened in all these 12 areas
You can go up there and take
refuge until normalcy is restored
Food packets will reach
you through helicopter
Govt is trying to do its best
in this unavoidable scenario
...the Govt alone cannot
do this singlehanded
I need all the youngsters
in the city to lend a hand
'For the next 24 hours...'
...all of you are Govt officials!
Each and every one of you is my General!
This list has name of the
area and time of flooding
'Get the work going without panicking'
Where are you going now?
You keep saying I'm jobless
Now our CM has called me for a Govt job!
-See you, ma.
-Hey listen!
Start the bike, let's go
But there's no problem in our area son!
Old man,
why hang in safe like babies?
We will seek out the risk
prone areas and help out
Listen, we've got 25 blankets 100
sanitary napkins and some used clothes.
Even we made a list to buy
Medical kits, water bottles, biscuits,
power banks, mosquito repellents
We'll need around 25 to 30,000 easily
50 of us stay in our hostel
Let's make Rs 500 per head as mandatory.
Yeah. I think we can do it.
We've assigned 3 leaders in
each area as per your request
1 policeman, 1 fire service
man and 1 social media activist
We've assigned this hotline for
them to call war room anytime
-Good job. Proceed.
-Okay sir.
[water splashing]
[helicopter whirring]
-We have lost all our possessions.
-Take this.
Our houses have been swept away
-Our children are starving
-We are on it. Food will reach you soon.
-This location has lot of problems.
-Which area is that?
-Moti Nagar sir.
-Isn't Murali the MLA of Moti Nagar?
Murali, I heard your area
is facing a lot of problems
People are unable to step out of their homes
Call the Fishermen's union immediately.
Ask them to bring boats or catamarans
-Calling from Kothagadi, sir
-Please tell me.
We've received food and clothes
for our area from Jadcherla
But nothing has been distributed
We don't know what to do
Children are starving here, sir
Please do something
Sir is calling you
-Aren't you in charge of Kothagadi?
-Yes sir
Why is the food not distributed as yet?
Everything is ready long ago
It's taking some time
to stput on the stickers
What sticker?
How would people understand our service if
we give them without our party sticker sir?
'That's the reason sir'
In 15 minutes remove the stickers
and try to send the truck
Otherwise I'll stick a
condolence poster for you!
'-Okay, sir
-Scroll down'
-I'm stepping out, I'll be back
-Mahendra sir
War room is war room, even if it's you!
No one is allowed to leave this place
I've left Swathy alone in the house Varun.
I'm unable to reach her over the phone
-I'll just go and check in on her.
-That isn't my problem sir.
You can't go out now.
What's the status of Vikarabad?
-Sir, 1 minute.
He's joking
Just an hour ago he sent his own car to pick
your daughter and brought her to his house.
Since Singur dam gates
was opened at midnight... Ranga Reddy district
Vikarabad, Kothagadi, Vidyanagar,
Indiranagar, Moti nagar have been flooded
Despite extreme havoc being wreaked Mr
Varun's daring and timely initiative
...and with the tireless
efforts of youngsters 24x7
...huge loss of life was averted
From the past 3 days, The CM, ministers,
all Govt officials and party volunteers
...worked round the clock without
going back home and having food
[indistinct chattering]
I've never seen such a diligent CM.
You made those who hardly work during
the day toil throughout the night son.
Please sit down Mr. Chandra.
Sir, the problem is solved just
because you spoke to the CM.
If anything had gone wrong,
it would have haunted us lifelong.
-Thank you very much.
Oh no!
Why are you thanking me?
We should thank the CM and all
the officials who worked 24x7
And the ones we'll deride as
'jobless jerks'...
1000s of youngsters
Did you see how they worked?
-We should thank them first.
-Yes sir.
At first I underestimated them
considering their lack of experience.
But they did a splendid job
In this age of corruption
Our youth had worked in dirt and
drains without any expectation sir.
I thought our CM Varun was irresponsible
He astounded me
We must trust our next generation, sir
Who else can fix this nation which
we have messed up all these years?
That's correct sir.
How come there's a power
outage in the CM's residence?
What a pleasant surprise Swathy!
Hey bro! Don't act so innocent.
Why do you look so tired dad?
It's just that I didn't have
any sleep for the last 48 hours
So I feel drained out
Try to catch up on some sleep dad.
What? Sleep, huh?
-Don't we have other plans, sir?
-What plan?
-Yeah what plan?
So you booze but you don't smoke, huh?
Has your Government passed any new law that
a habitual drinker must also be a smoker?
At one point in his life
he was a chain smoker
Keep quiet, dear,
don't remind me my past memories.
Tell us, sir
He ever tells me the whole
story. I've asked him ever so often.
Won't you tell me, sir?
He'll tell you like a jigsaw puzzle
My dad loved another woman
before he married my mom
As usual they broke up
Devadas mode. He quit smoking for her only.
Sir, is she good looking?
Or is she very beautiful? Tell me, sir.
The chief minister himself wants to know
At least tell us now, dad
Not an ordinary beauty
She used to come to the
Sports club to play badminton
'I used to frequent the tea
stall opposite the club'
'And smoke away to glory
in my usual carefree style'
'A car stopped in front of me.
[vehicle purring]
She got down and entered the club'
'I have never seen someone
so beautifully sculpted!'
She went in and I was
waiting out for her to come out
'I lit another cigarette meanwhile'
'She finished her game and stepped out'
Did you stub out your cigarette immediately,
Oh no!
That was when I was hard up
for even 1 square meal a day
I couldn't afford to waste half a cigarette
I used to smoke till the very
end till it touched the filter
'She got into the car and
left and like an angel'
'I fell head over heels!'
Did you fall for her beauty uncle?
Like a gold fish I walked
with a dropped jawline
Municipality had dug a
hole and I feel in that.
Then I followed her everywhere.
She used to give me
a glance every now and then.
A fleeting smile in the corner of her lips
I was thrilled to bits
catching a glimpse of that
Suddenly one day she came down to
me instead of getting into the car
-And then?
-Then what?
Then she said 'If you keep
smoking like a chimney always...
...your dream will never come true"
Saying that she grabbed the cigarette
from my lips and stubbed it out
-That's it.
I quit the habit which I didn't despite
the advice of many well wishers, for her.
Then what was the next
chapter in your love story?
We spoke a lot and
wandered all over the city.
A man has a sense of pride
when he is dating a girl he loves
Then why didn't you tell your
parents and get married to aunty?
No one knows about this story
Except my room mate Subramanyam
He used to tell his stories and
I was telling him my love story.
One day all of a sudden her
father got to know about us
He threatened his daughter
about caste and social status
I went straight to meet her father
'He offered me a huge sum and
asked me to ditch his daughter'
'Of course I refused'
'He threatened to hit me with his
henchmen and I told him to go ahead'
He realized his tactics
weren't working with me
Then he promised to get us married
once she completed her studies
I believed his promise
and my life was ruined
I got a call from her out of blue.
She said her father had fixed a groom from
their own caste to marry in three months.
Her father had the money and the manpower
Can we dominate them and get her fighting
with people like a hero in the films?
Even if I did,
I must provide a good life style, right?
I wasn't settled in life
I thought about it and felt
I should forget our love
This life may be a better deal for her
I told her she is better off
marrying the groom her father chose
I told her, 'let us forget
everything' and hung up on her
I snuffed half her life on that day
'On that day' means?
Now is she-
She is no more
Did you meet her after that
or did you talk to her?
She called me just one day
Before she passed away
Did she tell you she was about to die?
I found out only the next day
when I was watching the news
What did she tell you,
on that day when she called you uncle?
-Tell us, uncle
He's very tired, dear.
He has dozed off.
Swathy, let's take him to his bed
That Subramanyam
My room mate Subramanyam
He snitched to her father about us for
his own selfish reasons and married her
He grabbed everything from me
My ruined my life.
That Subramanyam.
'Hi dude, it looks thougher than I thought'
Actually this is the most important
account in your father's name
This is a bank account in Hong Kong
'This account has cash transferred from
the Shell companies in the Panama islands'
But a commission amount has been
transferred regularly to another account
Commission, huh?
Whom did dad transfer money to?
His name is Robert, a Singapore national.
'I think if we nab him
we will get some important info'
-Thanks, dude I'll call you later.
-Sure bro.
DGP sir, I'm sending some
details through your secure line
It's a secret operation.
We've come to see you
regarding an important matter
Please sit down
Praise be to Allah!
Tell me
We don't know when our leader
will regain consciousness
Due to this verdict, mid-term election
is due in the constituency where he lost
God willing you should contest
Why me?
You can't occupy this seat for long
if you aren't a MLA, my dear boy
If you contest at this juncture
you won't have any rival candidates
'You've gained ground with a good name now'
You don't even have to campaign
They would vote for you as
soon as they see your name.
He's right son.
Varun contesting in the
election is confirmed, dear.
This is the right time we were waiting for.
...5 different countries. We are going to
have a very important and powerful meeting.
It involves a lot of
international delegates and
You need to see this sir.
-Look at our Rowdy CM dude.
-'Awesome man!'
'Video of Rowdy CM having
a ball with a model has gone viral now'
'With the mid-term election coming up'
-Where are you going now?
-To meet Varun
I was just beginning to think high of him
Even I was feeling guilty
for misjudging him earlier
He showed his true colors now
Why do you always support him?
Why should you see him now?
Let us not be quick to judge.
I'll meet him and then call you.
No need of that.
Hereafter don't even take me to that house.
Your video has gone viral now
If you campaign now we
will be inviting trouble
Let's cancel our campaigning for the day
Look how well we are being
received in their constituency
The public meeting today
will be a grand success
Advance congratulations to you!
'What would you do if your father is
hospitalized and in a comatose state?'
'You would sit in grief'
On the other hand our chief minister
Rowdy CM is supposed to be unique
he would be having a high time with 3
foreign females in a guest house.
Chief minister should get down!
Are you trusting someone like this?
-No. No
-Not at all!
Tomorrow when people suffer
from famine and hunger
...what if this same CM takes off
to Bangkok to a massage center?
Greetings to everyone.
How are you?
As usual let me come straight to the point
I don't know who the prankster is
But I thank them!
The video is very clear!
I won't say that it's not me or
some computer graphics or mimicry
That is me
Chief minister should get down!
Chief minister should come down!
Don't be hasty
But it has a small flaw
Contrary to what you think,
we didn't have fun in that resort
A very well known person will
explain what happened exactly'
We made a short film on drug
abuse as an awareness campaign
Mr Varun had agreed to act in it.
But became the CM half way through the shoot
Not wanting to be the reason
for hindering a good cause
...he finished this short film
despite all the problems he's facing
All the faces you saw are only actors
Here are the working stills
from the shooting spot
Hi Friends! How are you?
Varun is such a gentleman.
I'm an actor from Germany.
It was an honour to have acted with him.
Long live Rowdy CM!
[crowd cheering]
After all this, if it is a crime
for a hero to kiss a heroine...
...take a look at all this
[Audio of Sannajajuloi song
from the film Simha Baludu]
They are actors turned politicians
who ruled or want to rule you
If you didn't vote for them,
don't vote for me either
But if you have voted for them in the past have to vote in my favor too.
[crowd cheering and whistles]
Thanks. Namaskaram.
'Long live the CM!'
Thank you sir.
You did a last minute photo
shoot bringing your crew over
To top it all,
for my sake you defended me to our people
We are all aware this is a
conspiracy by your enemies
You are taking such good care of the people
This is the least I could do, that's all
I love Rowdy CM.All the best!
This is Robert who works for an agency
What kind of an agency?
Politicians, industrialists and sportsmen
who amassed a lot of black money in India
All of them are customers of this agency
'The work of this agency is to
invest the black money in India'
'in the shell companies in islands like
Panama, Mauritius and Virgin Islands'
Robert is the one who handled
your father's accounts
'It isn't that easy to nab this chap'
Without him,
the details of the dummy owners of
your father's Shell companies in Panama
their net worth and other
details cannot be known.
-Good job.
-Thank you sir.
[phone ringing]
-Your phone is ringing.
-One second.
-What's up?
Pack your bags enough for a week
-You are going on a trip
[electronic beep]
I'm Kausalya, dear
Open your eyes and look at me
This is me, dear
-Yeah Narmada?
Dad is moving his finger slightly
Mom told me just now
Narmada, that's good news
But you haven't told this to anyone, right?
Not yet, you are the 1st person I called
Don't tell this to anyone. Okay?
[phone rings]
Yeah Varun.
Sir, a new problem cropped up.
What is it?
My father is slowly regaining consciousness
Good lord!
The election is in the next couple of days
If this news leaks out now
...sympathy factor will decline
and people will be confused
-What you should do is...
-I already cautioned her.
What did you tell her?
I've told her not to publicize it
Even you're becoming a seasoned politician
If one is working on a ship,
one has to learn to swim sir
This should be kept under
wraps for everyone's good sir.
Can you go in person to the hospital, sir?
Okay, I'll go
-Hi uncle.
-Hello sir.
Hi darling, I heard your father
has regained consciousness
How is he doing now?
He is asleep, uncle
Doctor, an order has been passed not to
publicize Mr Vasudev's health updates
See, he has gained consciousness
yesterday itself. How can I hide it?
-Won't the visitors find out?
-Don't let anyone in doctor.
What reason do I give?
Should we teach you all this?
Give your usual reason
Tell them there is a chance of an infection
Or come up with a name of any new disease
-'Mashed up.'
Nasma Nephonia
What do you say?
What is this, sir?
Where is the CCTV footage
of his room being recorded?
Hello sir.
Is there old footage in this?
-Data up to 2 weeks will be stored.
-Very good.
Then stop the 'Live' relay
Go to last week's footage
when the CM was in coma
Can you play that footage on a loop?
Sir, my career shouldn't
be affected because of this
This is a law & order political problem sir.
Do what he says
I'll ensure your protection.
-Hey Buddy.
-Hey Wong, tell me.
Just landed in Panama.
I checked Robert's bank
transactions just as you said
There are 12 dummy directors in
this country for your dad's assets
I will be meeting all
of them in person now
Excellent Wong. Keep me posted.
Wow! What are you saying?
Narmada, you shouldn't yell in a hospital.
Mom, Varun anna has won the election.
They say his rival candidates
lost even their deposits!
It's a clean sweep!
Now brother is an MLA too!
'I believe his rival candidates
lost even their deposits!'
'It's a clean sweep!'
'I believe his rival candidates
lost even their deposits!'
'It's a clean sweep!'
'Now brother is an MLA too!'
[metal clanking]
It's been 2 days since
your father called for you.
Why don't you go see him?
I'm in two minds, sir
Meet him,
let us find out what is in his mind
Right from my childhood...
...I was always terrified of facing him
TAnd he is asking to see me first!
You are the chief minister
of this State son!
Are you scared of him too?
Only if you go meet him,
you'll know how much he remembers
He has literally come from the jaws of death
He could've changed for better.
Why don't you go and look him up?
I feel he will be cordial towards you now
'Gia go away!'
-No money no honey!
-I have nothing on me.
-Okay just let me take some and go.
-Gia go away.
I told you before do not
come here with nothing.
-I need the bucks.
-You pig.
Wait. Come back.
The usual thumb print, there you go.
That's it.
-Here. Good luck honey.
-Thank you.
[phone rings]
Hey Chief minister!We have 10 billion now.
Shell company's dummy director
is a poor drug addict
She has no clue she owns million dollars!
She was just a stamp head to sign documents,
that's all
Good work
Money to be deposited-
I'll take care. Don't get tensed.
I got to meet another 11 people.
I'll keep you updated. Bye.
Dad, bro is here
Ma'am, everyone wait outside please.
You also go, dear
The election
Narmada told me you won the election
I heard you administer the State very well
I feel so proud of you
Are you stunned I feel this way?
I had a lot of time to think here, right?
I thought about everything
The reason I dragged you into this political
scenario is because I had no other choice.
But now even I need some rest.
The party too needs a new leader.
I'll be at peace if you
take up that responsibility.
Haven't you hidden the fact that
I have regained consciousness?
That's fine. You did the right thing.
I'll take some rest.
Only wish is to share a few words with bhai.
I would like to. Can I?
Hey! Come here.
Call bhai and give him.
-Take care of your health.
Tell me, Varun
You were 100% right, sir
I haven't seen my dad speak like this
He has changed a lot.
In the end when he asked my permission
to share a few words with bhai...
...I felt so sad, sir.
A person who reeked of temerity-
You made a mistake Varun
Before a politician, your
father was a great actor
Did you forgot that?
Your litmus test starts now
[phone rings]
Namaste, this is Abu Thahir
Bhai. I'm Vasudev speaking.
Allah, I can't believe this!
-Listen to me carefully.
-Please tell me sir.
I regained consciousness 3 days ago
But he has kept it under wraps.
I was inquiring about you daily
But they chased me away
blaming it on infection
That's what they will say
Assemble all the important party
men and bring them over to meet me
If you aren't allowed to meet me...
...threaten to break and
damage hospital items
Things have gone out of hand
Why ruin your health?
After you are back to normal-
I am as good as new now
Shut up and just follow my orders
Hasn't it been ages since my
leader yelled at me like this?
Swami-ji, I've got a couple of bad news
'1st news is about Vasudev'
He has regained consciousness
in the hospital.
You promised me he'll die.
Thisnking that if he is no longer in power will be easier to finish him off
For the past 2 years...
...I had brainwashed him with astrology,
horoscope etc.
If your aim had been a bull's eye,
we would have got an
easy access to 20 billion by now!
I swear we fixed the best assassin
We didn't expect Vasudev will escape
from such a powerful bomb blast
What's the other piece of bad news?
The man in this photo is Wong
He's at the moment in Panama
'He's Varun's friend in London'
'He is a professional hacker it seems'
'He's the one who has
hacked my email account'
He's meeting all the dummy directors
one after the other right now
There is something wrong.
Many accounts have been locked
We underestimated that Varun
'If he has gone all the way up to Panama...'
...the problem is then
beyond Vasudev's clasp
[phone rings]
Hey Varun!
-Someone caught me man.
-Who is it?
He is chasing me like a dog.
I don't know, looks like
some bouncer in a pub man.
He got 11 signatures from me
-The money was-
-Wong. Are you there?
[car brakes applied]
Hi my name is Sylvia
Me and Varun were actually
in a romantic relationship.
When he became Chief Minister, he left me.
When I said I would g to the media...
...he started threatening me.
If anything happens to me here in India...
...Varun and his men are
responsible for that.
-Please help me!
Creating a sensation by releasing a video
claiming CM Varun was in love with her...
...model Silvia was shot dead by
unidentified assassins in a mysterious way.
The chief minister is suspected
of being guilty and foul play
We were not able to track your friend Wong
We lost the signal in the
mobile number you gave us.
You are No. 1 suspect in Silvia's murder.
CBi has found out all the working stills you
took with that film director to be fake
Under the Governor's order Special
force is on its way to arrest you
It's advisable for you to go
underground for 2 days, sir
Can't you prove my dad was
responsible for all this?
Someone more powerful than
Mr Vasudev is behind this
If they are influencing the top
government to arrest a chief minister... are under the scrutiny
of a very powerful bigwig
And one more thing, sir I'm no more the DGP!
I've been transferred to a Training college.
I'm thankful for the continuous
prayers performed by my people.
In these 2 months,
because of me and my situation...
...people have gone through many hardships.
When a case was foisted on me my party
members discussed extensively...
...and made my son Varun the
substitute chief minister
Under the guidance of senior leaders...
...I expected him to govern the
State in an efficient manner
So did everyone else
But what happened was
contrary to my expectation.
Only I have to take responsibility
for that disappointment
I have to apologize to you
and rectify the mistake.
Now, on behalf of our party...
...we will abdicate Varun of his post
And will select a worthy
representative from the party
who will occupy the seat of power
That diligent,
honest volunteer belonging to our party
Hey where are you Dasu?
-Come forward.
Only he will occupy that seat of power
Sir! You are my god.
My savior who gave me life
-You're the future CM!
-Epitome of mercy!
I'll give my life for you, my lord
What crap! That Ramadasu?
After all he's a henchman
When Vasudev got hit on the head,
did he lose his mind or what?
For the past 20 years even you
have somersaulted to grab the seat
What is the use?
Wonder what is ordained for whom!
Who is this Ramadasu?
He worked for Vasudev
waiting hand and foot on him
'Ardent fan of Vasudev'
Someone hit Swathy with
a car and slipped away.
She's hurt badly
She is being taken to the emergency ward
The police protection you
had arranged is missing
I'm scared and suspicious of everyone
-Don't know what to do.-Sir, please stop crying
Swathy will be fine
I'm here in-
Varun, do something fast
Her condition is serious
She'll be fine sir.
Sir, give me 1 hour
I'll take Swathy and you to a safe place
As quick as you can
What are you looking at?
What are you staring at me for?
Want to arrest me?
Here, do it
Oh, is that a different group?
Then get out
Get out!
Register in the party
office and then let me know
[phone rings]
Kala, I'm Varun speaking
Hey Varun
I set up Sylvia and arranged
for that video to be shot
But I'm no way connected to her murder
I knew long ago you won't go to that extent
I need your help
In a way,
I'm to blame too if you are in this mess
Tell me how I can help
1 mobile phone, few laptops and 1 ambulance
Importantly, a place to stay incognito
First 3 won't be a problem
But a place no one can trace you to...
If you set your heart you can do it
Couldn't get him to sign a
mere resignation letter!
So what if he isn't in the Secretariat?
Couldn't you have met him at home?
Varun is missing. No one
knows his whereabouts
The cops are looking for him too
How will we know where he is hiding?
Giving me lame excuses!
We need to immediately pass a No
confidence motion in the Assembly
Consider it done
Have our MLAS ever disobeyed your wishes?
-We'll do it for sure
-Fat hopes!
I'm a witness to your goof-ups
Listen to me clearly
Not 1 vote in the total 160
votes should be cast in his favor
Aren't there 30 minsters with us?
Didn't you line your pockets well?
Each minister should take
responsibility for his constituency
If even 1 vote is cast against us...!
2 days
48 hours
Suppress all your urges
Not one of you should stumble
Okay, sir
That means what the hell will you do, huh?
There wouldn't be a problem sir.
Everyone is in our control.
Control it seems!
-Yes, sir.
Get the boxes ready to
dole out to the politicians
Okay, leader
Why hang around? Attend to your work
We'll take leave, sir
Bro, you appointed Varun in this seat
much against the wishes of everyone
I understand you don't like his
attitude and befriending Mahendra, but-
But what?
What's the issue now?
How can you appoint Dasu as chief minister,
People are opposing this move
It is well known he is your stooge
If you can appoint a well qualified person-
Are you imparting your
pearls of wisdom to me?
Won't I know the likes and dislikes of the
people in all these decades of experience
What is this sudden show of concern, bhai?
Has Bhai become power crazy too?
What's wrong if I wish to be CM?
I've travelled this
journey with you from day 1
I've shared good and bad times with you
You don't even trust me though
Dasu joined after I did?
No I don't!
I lost it. So what now, huh?
Bhai, do you think I'm blissfully unaware
of your antics with Varun and Mahendra?
Bhai, only because of the same sense of
gratitude you specified that you are here.
I'm feeling sleepy.
Where are the documents?
Let me go man.
My friend is a Chief Minister.
I'll get you some land in Financial Estate!
Please let me go
Oh no!
Don't worry
You'll be on your feet soon
No problem, dad
I am fine
Attend to your work without hassle.
-Take care Swathi.
Wondering why I asked you to come
to a random house all of a sudden?
This is our emergency war room
How can you be so sure the
cops won't trace you here?
They won't come looking for
me in this place for sure
I swear it's going above my head
Because this is the residence
of the Opposition leader
No one can ever understand you.
[loud cheer]
[electrical buzz]
I am totally baffled
All our accounts are frozen
I'm unable to withdraw the cash
[phone rings]
Ramasamy has been bugging me for his payment
Talk to him
Robert, it's a matter of utmost urgency
When will I get my 4 billion?
Mr Ramasamy,
listen to me without getting tensed
There's some confusion in
Vasudev's offshore assets
-What are you saying?
-I'm trying to solve it.
But it's very dicey to take the money out
Why are you bungling everything?
Assembly starts tomorrow
How can you say this now?
Robert, this is a matter of life or death
Tell him we'll arrange a loan
Let the problem be solved now
We can weigh the pros and cons later
We need the support of every legislator now
Mr Ramasamy
Sir, we were tracking Robert's
phone as per your suggestion
Just listen to this
Mr. Ramaswamy, you and your ministers
are our important clients
We'll get you 4 billion as
loan from an outside source
We can discuss this once
the problem is solved
Do that man. When will that truck
with the consignment be ready?
It is coming from Tamil
Nadu within the next 2 hours
I'll text you the vehicle number.
Kindly clear the route
They shouldn't lay their hands on this cash
Let us inform the cops to halt the vehicle
We don't know whose side
the cops will swing to?
They have removed even you from your seat
Media is the right solution for all this
If you had let us handle this situation
...we would have aced it!
To grease the palms of the
MLAs of the ruling party
...booty worth 4 billion was
being transported in a container
...according to a WhatsApp News
with photo and registration details
...the container was blocked by the Press
The police force that reached
the spot diverted the truck the collector's office in Suryapet
Hearing about this,
ruling party's volunteers
...and civilians have zeroed in to the spot
The venue looks like a war field
How did they zero in on our truck?
Even we don't know to identify the vehicle
But I don't know how they knew exactly
Their identification was 100% right
It has been confiscated at
the collectorate in Suryapet
Dasu, call that collector
-It's Vasudev speaking.
Tell me sir.
This cont...container is mine
It is a matter of utmost urgency
Just clear it as soon as you can
This whole place is encircled by
Press and the Opposition party men
...insisting the truck should be opened
So the cops are scared to talk to us
Please wait till the media is cleared, sir
My hands are tied I'll try my level best,
please understand sir
-Take it.
-Hey Ramasamy
Arrange a different source
20 million each for 160
MLAs Total 3.2 billions, it's just peanuts.
It seems there is some
confusion in our Shell account
I've taken even this 4
billion only as a loan
In my account is there a confus-
How can there be a confusion in my accounts?
I would've stored it in gunny
bags in my go-down the normal way
You were the one who said kossack
pissack Panama and all that crap
Hey Ramasamy, if I don't get back
my money I'll pound you to a paste
Assembly is being convened tomorrow
And you've left me in the lurch-
-Get the vehicle.
-Yes, sir
I'm going straight to that
beach resort from here
If I talk to them face to
face my MLAs will agree
I will spend the night over there
Even during the bomb blast
tumbling face down I was with him
He's making a random rowdy
chap as chief minister.
Is there no respect for honest hard work?
[phone vibrating]
Hello? Who is this?
Uncle, I'm Varun speaking
I went to your place looking
for you. Where are you?
That isn't important, uncle
I called you to speak about something else
Tell me.
I believe you and my dad
had a difference of opinion.
Just 5 minutes ago, your father and me
were talking in the hospital in private.
How did you get to know so fast?
When I could cut his room's CCTV footage it so tough for me to track
the hospital's CCTV footage?
I have a recording of what you both spoke
-Shall I send it through WhatsApp?
-No need.
Varun, listen to me once.
Party, money,
rule, it's is all in your father's favor
Forget all that
Whose side are you on?
Okay, you don't have to tell me right away
Let me update you for 5 minutes
on certain important issues
You let me know your decision after that
My dad's money is in my hands lock,
stock and barrel now
Not just that
When I transferred it
because of dummy directors
...their entire booty also
is now in my possession
If they comply to my needs I'll
part with at least 50% to them
Otherwise what they amassed all
along will go down the drain
It's your responsibility to
convey this to them at the resort
If you don't carry out this request...
'...Dasu will be the
next CM of this State'
Hello, bhai, come inside.
-Come in, bhai.
-Join us for dinner.
I want to talk to all of you
That's why I'm telling you My
kith and kin who moulded me
I am in a dicey spot in my political career
My own son is now seeking vengeance
on me like a snake about to strike
I am not scared
Why should I be anxious when you're with me?
You are the apple of my eye
You're like king Karna's
armour. Why should I be scared?
Tomorrow when you cast your vote
all your votes should be for me.
Oh god! The leader himself is in tears.
How sad!
Consider it done, sir
We are willing to forsake our lives for you
[voices in unison]
I'm glad.
Tomorrow we join hands to rewrite history
Come here
Dasu is my faithful shadow
You know how much he has served our party
You should cast your vote for
him without splitting the votes
-Yes, leader
-Okay, sir
- Yes, sir
- He is our candidate
Okay, go to your rooms and relax
Long live our leader!
Long live! Long live!
Yesterday I was so tense and I spok-
How can I forget our bond-
It's okay, bro, don't feel bad.
Go and rest up.
Everything will fall in place
Are you implying my dad is not
linked with any of these events?
Your dad is a mere politician
That god-man is the sole
reason for everything
He used an assassin called Salim and
tried to kill your dad to usurp his wealth
I somehow transferred the accounts
of all the 12 dummy directors my account finally
Interest alone is 1 billion!
What will I do with so much money?
For the time being go back to London
I'll tell you what to do with the money
Looks like you have lots of news to
publish when you're back on your feet.
I've put you to so much
trouble because of my problem
Sorry. I'll come back later
No. Come.
-How are you?
Is it still paining?
So...are you ready for the big day?
What is it?
Kala, I don't know why you took so
much risk and did all this for me
I didn't go out of my way selflessly, Varun
My dad has been struggling to
defeat your dad all these years
But your dad was unshakeable
This is a chance for us through you
And I thought I should study you at
close quarters to win against you
I'll be your political opponent
in the coming years, right?
Don't thank me too much
We will always be political opponents
[indistictive voices]
We are eagerly waiting
in front of Assembly...
Will Mr Varun win or not in the
'No Confidence' motion?
[indistictive voices]
We will know anytime now
Is it all in order?
Madam, I've checked it 4 times
This is the result
[bell rings]
Silence please!
38 votes have been cast against Mr Varun
122 votes have been cast in support of him
Mr Varun proves a clear
majority in this Assembly
He will continue as the Chief minister
Long live Chief minister Varun
[crowd cheering]
[loud cheer]
Varun, come
Move aside
Subramanyam, what happened?
Call the ambulance immediately
Harboring all the past in your heart took revenge, right?
That antagonism will never fade
But I have never thought of seeking revenge
'My room mate Subramanyam'
'He was trying his luck to get into movies'
Why trouble yourself?
Looks like Chithra would have
thought of only you in her death bed
'I have never seen such a beauty!'
'Suddenly one day she came to me
instead of getting into the car.'
'She grabbed the cigarette from
my lips and stubbed it out'
'Only my room mate Subramanyam
knew about our love story'
'He used to share his experiences with
me Even I told my love story only to him'
'He snitched to her father about
us for his own selfish reasons'
'And married her'
'As if you married me without
any political agenda?'
'You'll have a fling A
different female daily'
'Did you think I'll sit at
home like a virtuous woman?'
'The father of this baby's could be anyone'
'What is the guarantee he is yours?'
What the hell you speak?
Poor Chithra! She was faithful to you
You were the one who didn't trust her
Let me tell you now
After she got married to you...
...she didn't meet me even once
She called me just once the
day before she passed away
'What did she tell you,
uncle on that last day when she called you?'
Mahendra, I'm Chithra speaking
After how many years, Chithra
How are you?
I'm not feeling good, Mahendra
I've been very faithful
to my husband Vasudev
But he has flung me aside and
is running behind other females
I don't wish to live, Mahendra
It will all change for the good
My life won't change in this birth
If something happens to me
My son Varun
Poor boy
If he needs anything should take care of him
But nothing will happen to you
Don't fill your head with such thoughts
[baby crying]
Sorry Varun
You are unaware of any of this
But I helped you willingly
from the bottom of my heart
I am very fond of you
Hey! Varun
Though I am his father
I regarded him as my enemy
and wanted to defeat him
But you stood by him
And made him the chief minister
I'm very happy son.
How many times I've
suspected you aren't my son?
Rule this State better than I did
Must serve the people well
Reporters are waiting for you
Talk to them
'Long live CM Varun!'
Thank you for accepting a newbie like me
To all my Telugu brothers and sisters
Thank you
[phone rings]
We followed up on your request
and investigated that god-man case
In 1 particular case
People from a village near his
'ashram' have filed a case against him
6 years ago,
the lake in this village dried up
Some farmers committed suicide
along with their families
You must have heard about it
How is the god-man linked
with that incident?
Blocking the water source from
the mountain to this lake...
...he has built his
hermitage on a 400 acre land
8 farmers hung themselves to death
from a tree, due to water scarcity
But the case was closed because that
god-man was close to your father.
The villagers didn't have the money
to proceed with the case sir.
India's most acclaimed lawyers'
team will defend these villagers in court
I'll bear the entire expense
DGP sir
This is just the beginning
Step by step we will ensure a full
stop to that god-man's activities
I've often wondered
Why are these Govt buildings so
excessively magnificent in structure?
Why such imposing pillars and regal steps?
Why should a motorcade follow
the chief minister unnecessarily?
Only now I realize
This show of pomp and
splendor is a symbol of power
People from outside should
look at this as a temple
And the man inside should appear as God
A wave of fear should envelop
I am in that position today
I cannot play God
At least I will try to
be a decent human being!
You must have wondered why I called you here
We won't be campaigning in our next election
We won't go door-to-door and lobby for votes
No palms will be greased
No freebies in cash or kind
We will create a change
which will be visible to all
[electronic buzz]
This is the river Moosi in 1960
Boats were plying to and fro daily
All of you are aware of its state today
We should restore this river
within the next 3 years
I want to clean this river
to its original state
And I'll launch a boat trip
1 day before the election
Don't wonder how this is possible
We have money at our disposal
We have the best
intellectuals in our country
Our youngsters back me up
I have immense faith in this war room
Shall we start?