Nothing in Return (2015) Movie Script

Fuck, this again?
I don't know what else to make.
-Does it hurt?
- No.
Daro, how many times do I have
to tell you to wash your face?
I already did.
-What time did you go to bed?
-You should quit that shitty job.
-How will we eat?
You have to speak to the lawyer.
Are you listening?
Can't you work it out?
He needs to pay up.
He gives me money and clothes.
-He has to give it to me.
-I give it to you!
-Why don't you two fucking talk?
-No way!
-Not fucking court for me!
-Then go live with him!
-Come down, Luismi.
-I can't yet.
Get the fuck down here.
See you out back.
I can't come down this early.
Where the hell
are you going like that?
-We're going to work.
-You should've told me sooner.
-Get on back.
-Let me take it, you dick.
-As usual, but later never comes.
-You don't have a license.
-Neither do you, you dick.
Someone might see us.
You're an asshole.
Lose some weight, buddy!
We won't hit 120
in this fucking lifetime!
That's awesome, dude.
They look so real.
Shit, that feels good.
Kinda tight, isn't it?
I'm hefty.
You fucker.
I didn't see swipe those.
I been at it for years.
You dick!
They're nice, eh?
Come back tomorrow, kid.
Tomorrow? I've been coming by
for two weeks, pal.
What am I supposed to do, kid?
I can't rely on anyone.
Wise Guy, I got you what you wanted.
Pay out!
I'll pay you, when I get paid.
I can't wait.
I need the cash today.
What can I do?
I'm broke as a joke.
You figure it out, man.
Here we go again...
I don't have it.
I'd love to pay you.
I hate owing money.
Take the spare parts,
I'm not going to argue over money.
You think this is a department store?
I want my money!
-Fuck, that hurt.
-Are you OK?
-Get off!
-You're a tiger today!
Cut that tiger shit!
Pay him what you owe
or I'll have a "chat" with you.
Fuck, check out Sancho Panza here!
Daro, go to bed.
Come on, I can't carry you.
I thought you were sick.
I was, but I'm better now.
Take a seat.
What'll you do
next year if you don't pass?
-I'll pass.
-You said that last year.
This one will be different.
-Why is that?
-Because it will be.
Because you say so.
I'm going to pass.
I think so.
Tell your parents
to come see me.
They can't. They work.
Then give me their phone number.
I don't know it.
You don't know
your parents' number?
Please, things are real bad at home.
They'll only get worse like this.
-Give me a chance.
-Another one?
I'm all out of chances.
-How's it going?
What's with the hair?
How can your mom
let you out like that?
What the hell's she doing?
Working, for fuck's sake.
Watch your fucking mouth!
Have you talked to her?
Fucking unbelievable.
She throws me out on the fuckin' street,
then bleeds me dry.
Now we're going to have problems,
I'm fucking fed up with her.
She's going to lose the house.
-She won't be homeless.
-But I will be?
I didn't mean that.
One thing is loving your mother,
but fucking me over...
I'm not taking sides.
-Tell her that!
-I'll tell you both.
Don't yell at me,
I'll beat the crap out of you!
Talk to her,
you'll see what she's really like!
How's school?
For real?
Thank God you're doing well this year.
It's almost my only joy.
For you only.
Sign here.
Tyson, stop!
Control your fucking dog!
He's not shagging her,
he's too short.
Don't move a muscle,
fucking fat ass.
Get off, dammit!
Let's give him a rubber
and let them party!
Then I'll do your sister.
Suck my dick.
Stop it, she's in heat!
If he fucks her, you're fucked!
Cut it out!
Tomorrow I'll bring you three bags.
You always say you will,
but you never do.
Cut out the calcium!
Fuck, that's gross.
How can you drink that shit?
Shit, it's time!
Alicia's so beautiful!
You're right.
Awesome tits!
You can see them?
Ah, no.
That was her elbow.
She wants to do both of us, for sure.
She's playing with herself.
-You can see her?
-No, but I can tell by her face.
Let's go borrow some sugar.
Now's the time.
Not now, her old man's
about to come home.
What are you doing?
I slipped, fuck it.
-What's she doing?
-Playing with herself!
What the hell are you doing?
That's not me, I swear.
That's the situation.
If he doesn't pass his finals,
he'll have to leave school.
I'm stunned.
I don't know what to say.
It'd be a mistake to quit school.
No, of course.
By no circumstances.
-I swear...
-Shut the fuck up!
You've screwed up enough already.
What are you doing?
Are you talking back to your father?
All the problems we've got at home,
and now this.
My whole life, suffering
and slaving away...
to give you an education,
and now this.
-But this is a state school.
-Don't fucking talk back to me!
Do you want to end up
as a builder like me?
Is that what you want?
Where did we go wrong?
What did we do wrong?
I'm down a hole. Way down deep.
Take it easy.
"Take it easy,
take it easy".
Do you have kids?
You've got no idea the pain I'm in.
I'm... something or other.
Okay, so we're even.
What do you mean "even"?
We're fucking even,
I shut the shop to come here.
-You've got some balls.
-Come on, kid.
I got you out of a hole back there.
It's a win-win situation, brother.
Snap out of it.
Pass, or you'll be shitting bricks.
-What are you doing?
-They're fucking watching us.
Stop fucking around.
Fuck, kid,
you come up earlier every time.
You had dinner?
Come in.
What's up, dork?
Let's go, buddy.
Girl, it's Alicia!
-What are you doing, asshole?
-Don't look at me.
Yeah, look at me,
I'll fuck you up.
You're always so violent.
Be back in an hour, Luismi.
Don't make me come looking for you.
Move it, I gotta get home.
I won't be long, it's all ready.
Go on, give it to her.
You can do it.
Come on, more, more.
No, tiger.
You can't do it.
But you wish, right?
What are you doing here?
Waiting for Daro, he's getting
some notes from a classmate.
-I'll be right up.
Move it!
Do you want your dad to come down?
-I'll be right up, fuck it.
-Don't say "fuck".
I'll kick your butt.
Get the fuck home.
Fucking dogs...
Alright! Yeah!
You're going to go live with your dad
tomorrow. I've had it with you.
Sorry, Santos,
we'll finish up later.
Please, come in.
-How are you?
Sit down, please.
And your husband?
No idea.
I left him a message.
Excuse me?
I left him a message.
I doubt he'll come, to be honest.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
The school's not pressing charges
against Daro.
But the Board...
Can I help you?
I'm the father.
"The father"?
Daro's father.
Come in, come in.
Have a seat.
I was just telling your wife,
the school's not pressing charges
against your son.
But the Board has decided
to expel him from school.
A pretty drastic decision,
don't you think?
A good student can have a bad day.
Excuse me?
Did you take his grades into account?
They were part of the reason
for this decision.
My son gets good grades.
I'm afraid not.
He's failed the entire year.
If you want Daro
to stay in school,
enroll him in third year
at a private school.
You mean fourth.
No, I mean third.
Daro, what year are you in?
I'm sorry, I don't get it.
Son of a bitch.
Here we go.
-This is all your fault.
-Please, sit down.
-Your fault!
-Sit down. Don't make a scene.
Get up and be a man!
Son of a bitch,
you fucking bastard!
-Don't touch me.
You're out of your mind!
-Please, not here.
-Look what you've done to your son.
-You're fucking insane!
-Calm down.
When you finish, kid, sweep up.
Hey, Justo, can I get an advance?
It's not even two weeks
and you want a handout.
-I need it.
-No shit, me too.
Do you think this pays for itself?
At least you don't have to pay rent.
Times are tough, buddy.
The dealerships are killing me.
You can't imagine
what I have to do to stay open.
Yeah, but I need...
If some jobs come up,
I'll give you something.
Can I help you?
This thing's got some power.
Yes, the carburetor's bigger.
It's been hopped up.
You sure take care of it.
I've had it for 20 years.
Runs like clockwork.
-This is really old.
-Old things are worth a lot.
Here, let me help you.
When do you have to go home?
I don't have a curfew.
You students sure know how to live!
I'm a mechanic.
You don't go to school?
I quit. I'd rather make money.
Your parents don't mind you
being out late?
I don't have any parents.
I'm sorry, son.
A long time ago?
Look at this.
What a night,
you've brought me luck.
Julio Iglesias and I
used to play football together.
If I'd had a backer,
I would've made it to the top.
Maybe not as a singer,
but at football, for sure.
My left leg was a deadly weapon.
One day we'll kick the ball around,
so you can see for yourself.
Justo, have you ever been arrested?
Who hasn't been arrested
at least once?
I was only caught once,
and for something I didn't do.
Two years in jail.
That was in the Franco era.
You don't know what it was like.
They tried to butt-fuck you all the time.
Now it's a spa.
And did they?
No fucking way they were
getting my ass.
No, no.
I could take her to heaven and back!
You're a real goddess,
not like those Greeks!
Did you see her?
She's hungry for sausage.
Princess, wait,
give me your number,
I want to tell you a secret!
You ever sharpened your pencil?
Yeah, loads.
At your age,
I don't know why,
I had all the chicks I wanted.
Of course, I had more hair.
They fucking wore me out.
Steal and screw, screw and steal.
But you can't beat a hooker.
-Are you married?
-Me, married?
The way I like to party?
No way.
Just a second.
-What's up, man?
-How's it going?
-Let's see what I've got.
-Leave that.
-I'm just looking.
Shit. You're a sight for sore eyes!
You been hiding on Mars?
You know, fighting to survive.
You? I doubt it.
-Times are tough.
-Tell me about it.
-We have to catch up.
-I'll drop by this week.
You said that last month.
I've got two bikes to sell
and it's yours, word of God.
This is it, yes, sir.
If you want it,
we need to settle up.
Come on, Matas,
we've known each other for 20 years.
I'm good for it.
-We're old school, buddy.
-That's just it, Justo.
I told you, it's for the bikes.
-I know.
-I need it.
Pay up or no deal.
-But it's for you.
-Don't worry about me.
Your tough luck.
-I'm fucking itchy!
-'Cause you don't wash.
What do you think I'm doing here?
-When are you going home?
-Fuck that.
I'm working,
living rent-free and making money.
No more putting up with shit.
I don't need anyone.
You're going it alone?
I don't need my parents.
I can make it on my own.
I'm on vacation.
I passed everything.
Anyone can learn a trade.
That's what you say.
I already know it all.
That's why you failed everything.
Studying is a pain in the ass.
-I'm not tied to a chair.
-No one ties me to a chair.
You're too fat to move anyway.
And you take calcium to grow,
you dwarf.
Chill out, fatso.
-I'm sick of being called fat.
-So lose weight.
-Tell that to your trucker dad.
-And your fat mama?
Your mama needs a ladder
to reach the kitchen sink.
-What are you doing?
-In case you need it.
-It's fine, I'll get paid.
-Pay me back when you get it.
OK, dude, whatever.
Jesus, that cologne stinks!
I only sprayed twice, smartass.
Hey, what's up?
Hi, how are you?
-I haven't seen you here in a while.
I haven't seen you here in a while.
It's our first time here.
Yeah, that's what I meant.
Do you want a drink?
-He's asking if we want a drink.
-Okay, sure.
Luismi, let's grab some "strays".
Come here, man.
Hi, handsome.
-Do you want some sausage?
Do you want some hot sausage?
What's the matter?
-Are you an idiot?
-I thought you wanted it.
You're insane!
-What's your problem?
-Fuck off!
Let go of me, asshole!
-Hands off!
-Forget him.
-What's so funny?
-Ignore him.
-I ain't no kid!
-Shut the fuck up!
-You shut up!
-Let's go.
-Get back inside, you pussy.
-Shut up!
That fag's going to pay for this.
He doesn't know who I am.
Careful, shit!
I don't fucking believe it,
look at my pullover.
Yeah, look at you.
Did you see my moves?
If I'd hit him full on,
he'd be out cold.
See? I told you he'd come.
This guy's old school.
He took me by surprise.
It happened so fast.
I went after him,
but he ran back inside.
Better. If I got him,
he'd be shitting bricks.
-We'll come back tomorrow.
-There he is.
Look. Him, in the helmet.
-Let's get him.
-Not here.
Too many witnesses.
We'll follow him and get him
somewhere else.
There's plenty of time.
Come on, dammit!
You're going to let him leave?
-Come on, Luismi.
-Relax, tiger.
Get off me! He can't beat me up
and get away with it!
Hold it.
You gotta do it right.
Are you scared of him?
What are you saying, kid?
Hey, you!
Do you know those boys?
-One of them is my son.
-Great. So?
Come here, I'm going to explain
something to you.
You won't believe this guy.
He's super tough.
How would you feel about
new saddlebags for your bike?
The leather's top notch.
You can go to the club
whenever you want. On him.
Did you really hurt him?
Just enough,
I don't like to go overboard.
You have to know
where the shortcuts are, tiger.
You'll see.
When I pay off my mortgage,
I'll rent out the shop,
get a shack on the beach
and scratch my balls all day.
I got it all worked out.
What a dick!
What are you gonna be?
An ambulance driver.
-To save lives?
-No, to jump lights.
What a fucker!
Live life to the max, brother.
It flies by, I'm telling you.
What did you want to be?
Me? Exactly what I am, a winner.
Cool music, right, brother?
Listen, Daro.
I need to ask you a favor.
-Go on.
There it is. It's on the 2nd floor.
Are you coming?
I'll stand guard.
Someone should stay outside.
Piece of cake, right?
Not really.
I couldn't start it, it cut out.
You're learning.
I should charge you.
You dick, weren't you the lookout?
Now you're really
going to make money.
-For sure.
-I've got orders.
We're on our way up.
Take the day off tomorrow.
-But tomorrow's a holiday.
-Yeah, exactly!
-Excuse me, how much?
-Hi, Daro.
-Antonia, how's business?
-Not so hot.
Too many malls.
Your stand's nice though.
It's too much at my age.
Ma'am, is this the price?
No, that's the date it was made.
Go to hell...
Maybe it's too high.
The more you ask,
the more you get.
That's true.
You've lost weight, eh?
-Thanks, it's delicious.
-You've told me four times.
Would you like some more?
No, I'm okay. Thanks.
Give me your plate.
Thank you.
Come whenever you want.
I'm alone.
Some days, no one even says hello.
-Is that your family?
-Yes, that's my family.
-I'll clean up.
-Don't worry, it keeps me busy.
You never stop, do you?
You have to keep moving, son.
-A rolling stone, you know.
I'm going to watch the news.
-What's this?
-I borrowed it from my boss.
-Come on, get in.
-Where are we going?
Where we should've gone
a long time ago.
-Can I drive?
As usual,
but later never comes.
Get your license.
Get yours first.
I don't need one.
What's this shit, man?
You got no idea.
This guy's a poet.
I'm a rogue, I'm a gentleman.
A bohemian and dreamer.
-What do you think?
-What a piece.
Imagine doing her!
Isn't that a transvestite?
It's your dad, fuckhead.
Don't you see those tits?
I see them, I see them.
And we can touch them.
It's on me, I got an advance.
I have to go upstairs.
Oh, you're gonna go up alright.
C'mon, we gotta get in first,
or it's not cool.
How's it going, princess?
You know, here, hanging out.
Nice night, huh?
You're very pretty.
Well thank you, you prince.
What's the deal?
For everything.
You're very young, sweetie.
But I'm a stud.
You could have a great time.
I don't doubt it.
-Wait one second.
-Whatever you need, princess.
-How's it going, babe?
Come on!
When you're older
don't be a freak like that guy.
Come back in a couple of years
and we'll see what we can do.
In a couple of years,
we'll be married, goddess.
-Yes, dude.
-Come on, man!
She's into me.
Get in the van.
Are you clean?
You gotta make a good impression.
I showered Thursday.
-We're going to show her!
-Both of us!
-We'll never forget this.
-We'll drive her wild!
C'mon, somebody might
beat us to it.
-Was that your old man?
-No, bro.
Someone else drives it on weekends.
Today's Monday.
And weekdays sometimes.
They take turns.
I don't think it was him either.
What do you think?
-It looks brand new.
-No shit.
We do quality work.
I've got all these to sell.
Tons of 'em.
This one's awesome, man.
It rocks.
If you know someone...
-Is that one cheap too?
-Of course.
Like yours.
I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Thanks. Kid!
Whip it out for the man.
The bike, I mean!
This one's faster than Billy the Kid.
I'm off, I'm kind of in a hurry.
OK, see you around.
You know where to find us.
Don't take any wooden nickels.
-Your first paycheck, champ.
You earned the shit out of it.
Ask before you take stuff, tough guy.
Don't spend it all at once.
Go on.
Hurry up,
you're gonna use all the hot water.
Coming, damn it!
Down on the floor!
Alicia, Alicia.
-Is your dad home?
Not yet.
-Are you in fancy dress?
-Can I...
-Fuck, Daro.
-This is the last time.
-You'll get me in trouble.
-It's the last time.
-My dad'll be home soon.
The last time, I swear.
Fine, come in.
Does your dad
know everything you do?
You'll kill yourself one day.
Fuck no, I got too much to do.
Come on, kid.
In five minutes,
I could take you to heaven and back.
Just five minutes?
Let's say half an hour.
Thanks a lot.
I owe you one.
-Hi, Daro.
-Hi, Antonia.
-Did I wake you?
-No, I was listening to the radio.
-I barely sleep.
-Can I leave my backpack here?
It's closed for the vacations.
What'll you do?
I don't know,
I have to find something.
-Thanks a lot.
-"Cornyflakes" or cookies?
Careful, it's probably too hot,
this microwave's crazy.
And your family?
I have an aunt,
but she's abroad.
Where will you sleep?
Drink your milk.
-Are you going to bed, son?
Sleep well. See you in the morning,
God willing.
-Good night, Antonia.
-Good night.
What's up, you dick!
-How're you holding up?
-Great, buddy.
I'm meeting
some fucking awesome people.
I should've come here sooner.
You can't imagine
the contacts I'm making.
I have everything.
TV, video games.
I'm going to the gym, kid!
-Don't I look good?
-You can tell.
Sure! I look 20 years younger.
You're better off here than outside.
Of course, tiger,
you have to take advantage
of every opportunity.
What happened?
I had to explain some things
to some people.
You've lost weight.
From screwing all day long, fucker.
Well, I can't complain.
I'm holding off.
Hey. Did they...ask about me?
Relax. I've got my code.
But you better
stay away from our lair.
What did the lawyer say?
That it's fucking going great,
but to escape if I can.
What a dick!
He's just after my money.
The fucker says I should cop a plea
to get time off.
The smartass!
I didn't do anything,
but I'm going to pay for it.
I told him to fuck off!
No one wants to work these days.
What'll you do?
I heard about this lawyer
who's top shit:
10 grand and you're out.
He handles the King's shit.
Fucking awesome.
Yeah, fuck, yeah.
But my case is this week
and they took all I got.
Where do I get that kind of money?
-No one can give you a hand?
-Yeah, round my neck.
You're the only one out there
with a code.
I gotta get out of here, right now.
The bank wants to take my shop,
and what'll I do outside
at my age?
Slaving away my whole life,
now look at me.
Don't worry,
we can do something.
What am I supposed to do
from in here?
Are you crazy?
It's a piece of cake.
It's a big chance.
Yeah, to end up in jail, retard.
-It'll be OK.
-Forget about it.
It's fucked up.
I gotta get Wise Guy out.
You'd risk your neck for him?
He stood by me,
I can't leave him hanging.
-I've got a code.
-You've got a screw loose.
What are you doing? I'm full.
It's for me.
Don't they feed you at home?
I've been on vegetables all week.
-Just check it out with me.
-Fuck that.
I know you too well.
Come on, now.
Let me eat in peace.
I have to eat slowly to lose weight.
-I'm going to take a piss.
-Yeah, like hell.
This thing is my life.
If I stay home, it's all over.
-You're looking great.
-Because I never stop.
-Have you always done this?
-No, I was a seamstress.
But with all these malls,
it's cheaper to buy something
than to make it.
What's better, now or back then?
Now we have creature comforts.
But people lived together
much better back then.
If you could go back in time
would you?
Only for one thing.
-Where did you find this?
-One street over.
-It's new.
-People get tired of things.
I'll be right back.
-Not too bad, right?
-No, we're doing well.
Whenever you come along,
we find something.
-We make a good team, right?
-Really good.
You're like a gift from heaven.
-Hello, good evening.
-Good evening. Am I speeding?
No, you're a little overloaded,
don't you think?
It can take it.
I don't doubt it.
This is a good machine.
It runs really well.
Did you know that the load
cannot exceed
the vehicle's dimensions?
No, I didn't.
Would you please show me
your license and registration?
Your driver's license is expired.
You don't say.
I must've forgotten.
You must've forgotten five years ago.
Five years? How time flies.
I'm going to have to immobilize
your vehicle.
Excuse me, sir.
We can't leave it here loaded up,
with all the scum about.
If you don't mind,
we could go home
and not move it
until she has her license.
That's a good idea.
I'm here on behalf of Justo.
To pay what he owes me?
Can we have a quiet word?
What is it?
I'm looking for work,
I was wondering if you had any?
How old are you?
I'll be 16 this year.
-I don't have anything right now.
-I'll do anything, whatever.
I'm sorry.
I'm a fast learner.
You can pay me anything.
I don't need anyone right now.
Okay. Okay.
OK, I'll come back another day.
See you later.
Excuse me.
Can I use your bathroom?
I've been wanting to piss for ages.
Excuse me, boss.
-By the tires, on the right.
-Thank you.
How's it going?
You have a lot of parts here, no?
Yes, of course.
For motorcycles?
Yes, for motorcycles.
Did you see how easy it is?
-We didn't see a safe.
-The register, smartass.
-The alarm?
-You've got a trade.
-You retard!
-The fuse box is in the bathroom.
Worst case scenario,
we have 15 seconds to blow it.
-And how do you get in?
-Through the door.
It's a shitty door.
It opens just by looking at it.
How are you going
to open the register?
Carefully, so that the bills
don't get fucked up.
You idiot. I'm not coming.
Stop complaining.
You act like you just ate a turd.
What did you do today, Antonia?
Not much, watch TV.
That's not good.
A rolling stone, you know.
I don't have much to do anymore.
There's always something to do.
Did you find a job?
I got my eye on something.
I was going to ask
if you'd come with me tomorrow
to the council, to close my stand.
No fu...
I mean, you don't say.
But it's your life.
I'm letting it go,
it's too much for me.
No way, Antonia.
Something can be done.
Tomorrow's a special day,
we need to celebrate.
Leave it in the sink.
I'll do it in the morning.
I'll help you.
-I can do it.
-It's no trouble.
-Thank you, son.
-You're welcome.
You didn't have
to get all dolled up!
Aren't we going to a party?
Did you bring that for me?
Awesome. When things get going,
I'll pay you back.
-And your helmet?
-No way, it'll mess up my hair.
-Fuck, what a piece of shit!
-It's the wind.
The wind, my ass!
-Where the fuck are we going?
-Shut up, don't be a jerk.
You'll see.
Antonia, we're here.
Hello, how wonderful!
Come in.
This is the only music I have.
It's great, Antonia.
It's happy.
What would you like to drink?
What the hell are we doing here?
-Having fun, that's what.
-Who the hell is that lady?
A fucking awesome lady
who's being great to me.
She's all alone.
Keep a lookout.
We'll have a drink with her
while we kill time.
Time, for what?
To triumph.
Have you known each other long?
We've lived in the same building
since we were born.
-Not anymore.
-He told me.
A shame about his parents.
He's young and having a rough time.
-His father's two years gone now.
-And his mother is gone too?
-His mother?
-How's the party going?
Good, chatting with your friend.
That's weird, with food around,
he usually doesn't talk.
-Do you like my master stroke?
-You're screwed up.
Yep, screwed up.
Tell me again
after three more drinks.
-I've got to go.
-No fucking way!
Did you see what she's wearing?
She wants it.
After she's had two,
we'll make our move.
Keep a lookout.
I need a rest.
Do you like the party?
It's great.
I wasn't expecting this.
-Go with the flow.
-Yeah, right.
A toast?
How are you?
-Having fun, Antonia?
-Very much, son.
-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.
Who would've thought
we'd meet by a dumpster?
You're right.
We make a good team.
You can stay here
as long as you need.
-How are you, Antonia?
-Very well, son.
Very tired.
I'm ready for bed now.
We're going out now.
You can stay as long as you like.
-We'll have a soft drink and go.
-As you like.
Thanks a lot, Antonia.
So what do you want to do?
I don't know.
You guys?
Do you feel like anything special?
-Here, in the bathroom?
-What do you feel like?
Just ask, and it's yours.
Kiss each other.
You think you're the only ones
that like to watch?
I'm more of a hugger.
Do you want some...
quality ham?
-We're going home right now.
-Out of the way!
Is Luismi here?
I think so. Luismi!
No, he isn't here.
He isn't.
Alicia told my sister
and she blabbed to my parents.
You can't trust a sister.
I've told you a thousand times.
What a mess, man!
-So, are you going home?
I'm doing the thing for Wise Guy
then I'm off to the beach.
-I'm done with this shitty place.
Cut it out, retard!
You have to go home,
you're being ridiculous.
Screw my parents!
I'm not going to that court.
-Do the Wise Guy thing with me.
-Sure, right away.
-You're screwed up.
-It won't take long.
I said no. Do you know
what I'm dealing with at home?
It's the last thing I need.
Tomorrow's the last day.
I can't let him down.
What the fuck do I care?
-It's the last favor I'll ask of you.
-No, forget about it!
I'm done with problems.
Count me out.
Fine, I'll go alone.
Open up.
Hurry. I need to get back fast.
-And him?
-In case my folks wake up. C'mon, Tyson.
What's that for?
To find the positive
and negative leads on the alarm.
Fuck yeah!
With this we can't go wrong.
Turn off this fucking shit.
I've had it with this moron.
You broke it.
Me? I didn't do anything.
Shit, man!
Okay, it's off.
Pass me the flashlight.
There are two, cut the red one.
There are four, none of them red.
That's not possible. Look again.
-Was it the yellow one?
-Did it go off?
-Well that's it then.
Keep a lookout.
This is bullshit!
before it tips off the alarm company.
I don't get it.
We're fucking idiots, man.
I'm out of here.
One second, wait!
I don't get it.
He said it was here.
What are you doing?
Shit, let's go!
Why are you looking
at motorcycles? Let's go!
Shut the fuck up!
Yeah! What did I tell you?
How much is in there?
No idea!
Take me home,
my parents might wake up.
-Chill out!
-Step on it!
If you don't see me again,
look for me on Benidorm beach.
-Fuck! My old man!
Did he see us?
I don't know, man.
-Maybe a little.
-I'm a dead man.
-Should I drop you off here?
-No, he'll kill me! Fuck!
Here, give it to me.
Luismi, wake up, it's working!
Look, I see envelopes!
Do you see them?
Here, let me.
Stop, stop!
What the fuck is this?
Fuck this fucking shit!
You and your great ideas!
There's something else in here!
Come here, come here!
I don't believe it.
Fat fucking pervert!
Hey, look, come here,
get over here! Come here!
We're rich!
We're so rich!
We're rich, you asshole!
We're rich!
How much? Twenty?
Fuck! More?
Holy shit! We're rich!
I've lost count now, you dick.
-Mr. Maellas?
And you are?
A client.
-Come in.
-Thank you.
He's good, he's on TV.
He handle the King's shit.
-He'll be out in a week.
-My dad's going to kill me.
He can take your case too.
Excuse me, will it take long?
He's in a meeting.
-And what time do you get off?
-When you turn 35.
I dropped it.
She saw the cash and gave me the eye.
Yeah. Money talks.
Mr. Maellas.
-Thank you.
-I'm here on behalf of Justo.
A client,
an "advancement" for your services.
Come right in.
I love, I love, I love,
I love, I love!
I love life,
I love people from everywhere!
Oh, my Tyson!
I love to party,
the early hours, I love to sing!
I love colors...
if they're natural.
What are you going to do
with all that money?
No idea, man.
Save it until I'm older. You?
Give my mom what my dad owes her
and end all this shit.
What should we do now?
We should eat something
before we go home.
I don't have any change, buddy.
Thank you.
Spend it on whatever the fuck
you want, champ.
Thank you.
Come on, shit!
What do we do, man?
Are you going to stop?
What do you think I'm doing?
This is the max!
If they catch us
my dad will kill me!
Are they coming?
Fuck me!
I'm going to puke, man!
-Settle down!
Let me go!
Get off, you fuck!
Leave me alone!
Luismi! Luismi!
You've really done it, kid.
Why didn't you stop?
-I don't know, I got nervous.
-Driving without a license.
-And something else.
Where'd you get
the cash in the van?
I found it in a park.
And the van?
Belongs to a friend.
And where's this friend?
He hasn't shown up.
I think he's on vacation,
but I don't know where.
-Why did you take it?
-To look for my friend's dog.
-Your friend's dog?
-He got away.
-Are you screwing with me?
Do I look like a moron to you?
-Not at all.
You have no idea
of the trouble you're in.
You could get three years,
unless you tell me
where you got the money,
and then maybe the judge
will reduce your sentence.
-I told you.
-Tell me again.
I came home.
I ran into my friend at the park.
He told me he'd lost his dog
and asked for my help.
I borrowed the van.
We found the dog...
Tell me the truth.
Where did you get the money?
I found it in a park...
-Where the hell did you get it?
-I found it in a park...
-Where the hell did you get it?
-I found it in a...
-I told you, loud and clear!
I found it in the fucking park!
Don't you understand?
You're going to make me work for it.
Alright, then let's get to work.
Excuse me!
How is my friend?
If you want to know something,
you know what you have to do.
may I have your credentials?
You can go in.
I'm going in, okay?
Daro Buenda Saiz,
you are charged
in accordance
with the criminal code for minors.
You are accused of
breaking and entering,
resisting arrest
and reckless driving.
-Do you understand these charges?
-The District Attorney may proceed.
-Thank you, Your Honor.
You and Luis Miguel Priego
allegedly borrowed a van
to look for your friend's dog,
which had run away.
Is that correct?
No. I borrowed the van on my own.
Where were you on the night
before your arrest?
All over the place,
looking for my friend's dog.
Are you familiar with
the Motostin parts store?
Were you and your friend
in the vicinity of this store?
Yes, we were looking for his dog
in a nearby park.
According to a witness,
that night you and your friend
left a building with a cart
with something covered up inside.
Can you tell me where you were
coming from and what was inside?
We walked by the doorway.
We saw a cart with a blanket.
We put the dog in it.
I advise you to answer truthfully,
if you don't want
the situation to get worse.
Where you were coming from
and what was in the cart?
I already told you.
I saw the cart in a doorway,
we put the dog in it and left.
Where did you get the money
that was found inside the van?
In a bag, inside a bush.
No more questions.
The prosecution may proceed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
According to my client,
you and your friend
were at his store two days earlier,
asking questions. Is that correct?
Yes, I went to ask for a job.
-And to check out the premises?
-No, I'd been there before.
According to police reports,
you have a prior record for
breaking and entering.
Is that correct?
You were arrested,
charged and sentenced...
for breaking and entering?
Did you and your friend
steal the safe?
-No more questions, Your Honor.
-Thank you.
-Counsel, please.
-Thank you, Your Honor.
As the prosecution pointed out,
my client has been arrested before.
At the high school he attended.
-Can you tell us what you stole?
-Some exams.
And before your arrest,
you were a runaway, correct?
-Can you tell us the reason why?
I used to go to school,
but my parents separated.
They fought all the time
and my dad moved out.
I started getting
bad grades in school.
I took the exams so I could pass.
They caught me
and I ran away from home.
Then things started to get worse.
Now my parents want to go to court
and for me
to testify against each of them.
And I, well I don't want to.
They're my parents
and they don't understand.
I don't want to know about
any of their problems.
I just want my friend...
I know what I did was wrong.
But it's too late to change things.
I don't mind going to a center.
I don't want to go home.
I just want my friend to be alright.
No more questions.
Daro Buenda,
the money found in the van,
did the two of you take it
from the store? Yes or no?
I took it on my own.
Do you have anything else to say?
Please take the accused out
Will the parents
approach the bench?
See you later.
Are you coming up?
No, some other day.
Come on, hurry up.
Tyson, come here.
I haven't seen you
since your last haircut.
How are you doing, man?
You never call me, man.
I'm grounded, I can't go out.
Sit down for a minute.
-I can't, I gotta go.
-Just a minute.
Just for a sec.
How are you doing?
You're such a jerk.
You know what?
My parents called off the court case.
I'm glad.
How's work?
I'm fucking sick of it.
I'm going to ask the judge
if I can go back to school.
I don't want to work all year
for no pay, just for running off.
I know where they put
the new safe.
I'm just kidding, shit!
Although, of course, if you want...
Maybe sometime down the road.
What are you doing?
You owe me one.