Nothing Is Private (2007) Movie Script

MAN: You're beautiful
just the way you are, Jasira.
Those other girls are just jealous...
...because you're growing up faster
than they are...
...and you're prettier than they are.
Listen, don't let it get you down,
those stupid names they're calling you.
This year....
Just give me a second.
This year, we'll shut them up.
Oh, and we probably
shouldn't tell your mom about this.
Don't be nervous.
Are you alive?
No, I've died and gone to Switzerland.
WOMAN: I was wondering
if you could do me a favor.
BUNDY: No need to ask.
-What is this?
Look at this, do you believe it?
Did I say that you could shave?
GAlL: Oh, my God.
You did what? You shaved her?
BARRY: I just helped her shave, okay?
GAlL: No, Barry, it is not okay.
BARRY: Gail, I would never do anything
to hurt her. I love her.
GAlL: I can't believe this is happening to me.
BARRY: Nothing is happening.
Stop crying, okay?
Shh. I know. I know, honey.
Listen to me, okay?
This whole thing is your fault.
All right? The way you walk around
with your boobs stuck out...'s impossible for him not to notice.
And you're always talking
about your pubic hair.
Once. And only because the girls at the pool
called me Chewbacca.
I don't know what that is.
Barry does.
Bottom line is, Jasira...
...there are right ways to act around men
and wrong ways...
...and for you to learn which is which,
you should go live with one.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
This is for your own good.
I'm telling you,
you're gonna thank me for this later.
Shh. People are looking at us, honey.
WOMAN 1 : Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the Houston lntercontinental Airport.
If you'd like to set your watch,
the local time is 4:38 p.m.
WOMAN 2: Attention, Passenger Assistance.
Two wheelchairs are needed at Gate B2.
Repeat, two wheelchairs for two passengers
needed at Gate B2.
Hi, Daddy.
Your plane
was an hour and 22 minutes late.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry? Did you fly it?
Let's go get your luggage.
I don't want to hit traffic.
Let's go.
What is this music?
RlFAT: You're half-Lebanese
and you don't know what this music is?
Your mother is an idiot.
JASlRA: You live in a house now?
RlFAT: Of course.
What, you think I cannot afford a house
for my daughter?
I make a very good salary at NASA.
Besides, I don't want you...
-...going to a city school.
-Why not?
Because the schools in the suburbs
are better. Everybody knows that.
Watch the lawn.
Thank you for making dinner.
I had to learn how to cook
when I married your mother.
Yeah, she never cooks. Barry does.
-Good morning.
Go and put some proper clothes on.
You're not in Syracuse anymore.
Okay, I forgive you.
And smile.
"Jasira Maroun"?
Okay, Jasira.
It's Jasira.
President Bush made gains in his efforts... isolate
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Fucking Saddam.
Mikhail Gorbachev warned Baghdad
he would back additional UN measures.
Now what?
Hi, we're the Vuosos,
from two doors down.
-I'm Evelyn, this is my husband, Travis.
And this little boy is Zack.
I am Rifat Maroun,
and this is my daughter, Jasira.
Well, we're glad we finally caught y'all
at home. We tried several times.
I brought a pie.
Keep things pretty chilly in here,
don't you?
Well, I keep the thermostat at 68.
And everybody thinks I'm crazy,
but I don't care.
I love walking into my home
and saying, ah.
-What tiny coffee cups.
RlFAT: Madame.
And no handles.
How unusual.
Unusual? No.
Not in my part of the world.
Where exactly are you from, Maroun?
East Beirut, Lebanon, Vuoso.
You must have some interesting opinions
on the situation over there.
I certainly do.
I'd like to hear about them sometime.
Not today.
TRAVlS: I'm just asking--
EVELYN: No politics today.
Hey, Dad.
Is it okay if I go play badminton with her?
Yeah, yeah. Go on. Get out of here.
Hey, wanna play badminton?
What? I can't help where it lands.
That was stupid.
-We'll just go knock on their door.
-They're on their honeymoon, moron.
Then I guess the game's over.
Thank you so much for the pie.
Next time,
I will make kenefe bejeben for you.
Oh, Rifat, that's not necessary.
We were just being good neighbors.
And being a working parent myself...
...I know just how little time there is
in the day.
All right.
-Zack, we're gonna get.
TRAVlS: Who won?
-I did. She quit.
We don't say "she"
when the person's right in front of us.
I can't remember her name.
It's too weird.
Hey, her name is Jasira.
ZACK: Whatever.
It's a very pretty name.
For a very pretty girl.
Goodbye, now.
This guy is something.
He's an Army Reservist...
...and he thinks I love Saddam.
It's an insult.
I'm an American citizen.
Did you tell him you don't love Saddam?
I told him nothing. Who is he to me?
By the way, I found you a job.
I don't need a babysitter.
I'm just keeping you company.
You're only three years older
than I am, towelhead.
Zack, come on.
What are you doing?
And smile.
You can't look at these anymore.
I can do whatever I want, towelhead.
I'm not a towelhead!
Your dad is, so you are too.
Stupid, my daddy doesn't wear a towel
on his head.
He's a Christian,
just like everybody else in Texas.
Would you describe your situation
as light, medium or heavy?
Can't I pick them out?
You're not wearing tampons,
if that's what you're thinking.
Tampons are for married ladies.
-Do y'all need any help?
-No, thanks. We're fine.
These for you?
Well, this is the kind my daughter likes.
-Why? What's wrong with these?
-Well, they're thicker, not as comfortable.
Right, but those are twice as expensive.
Well, that's probably the comfort issue
I was referring to earlier.
Thank you.
BOY 1 :
Hey, Jizz-ira.
You ignoring me?
Are you ignoring me, girl?
JASlRA: Hey, give it back!
BOY 2: What do we got here?
What do we got here? Oh, jackpot. Yeah.
-All right.
-What--? All right. What are you doing?
Are you okay?
Your parents don't speak Spanish
at home?
RlFAT: Why did you use so much toilet
paper? No wonder the toilet overflowed.
What's this?
GAlL: What the hell is going on?
Your father called and said you ran away.
He locked me out.
I came to the payphone to call you.
You should be calling him.
He's worried sick.
He locked me out.
Jasira, you and I both know
your father overreacts.
That means you have to adjust
your behavior. If your father tells you... shouldn't be wearing a tampon,
you shouldn't be.
What's so wrong with wearing tampons?
That's not really the question, is it?
The question is,
what's wrong with wearing a tampon...
...when your father
explicitly tells you not to?
Because there is definitely
something wrong with that.
Like there is something wrong
with shaving...
...when your mother tells you not to
or asking someone else to, in your case.
I never asked. He volunteered.
You know what?
I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
Hang up now, and call your father.
Don't be nervous.
Why were you jumping around like that?
I just couldn't get comfortable.
What the hell?
Jasira, why are you looking
at these magazines?
Zack, give me that magazine.
Go wait for me in your room.
And you messed them all up too.
I would've expected more
from you than this, Jasira.
Don't you know you're not supposed to
look at stuff like that? You're too young.
Plus, it's for men.
I'm sorry.
Do you like looking at those magazines?
I have to go home.
All right.
Fine. You go home.
Are you gonna tell my daddy?
No, I'm not gonna tell your daddy.
Come here.
Come here. I wanna talk to you.
Come here.
You still wanna go home?
All right.
Go home.
Wait. You gotta pay a toll.
That's right.
You gotta pay a toll of $5.
All right, you go.
I'll get it later.
Finally, a woman I actually like.
Normally, I wouldn't care for a woman
to invite a man to dinner...
...but Thena's different. Thena is Greek.
Sophisticated, you know?
Not a peasant like American women.
-She sounds nice.
Jasira, we're celebrating here.
Here, have a sip of my beer.
Come on.
You like it?
I want you to do me a favor.
I want you to write a letter
to your grandmother in Beirut.
I don't even know her.
She loves you very much.
"Dear Grandma.
I miss you a lot. I live with Daddy now.
And we live in a very, very nice house.
Daddy's engaged to a woman from NASA.
And he is a--" What?
I may very well
get married to this woman.
She likes me very much.
Tricky one.
Excellent. That was very good.
Your mustache tickles.
Oh, Jasira.
This is Thena Panos.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
-Thena, Jasira's a wonderful babysitter.
You should see how this kid next door
loves her.
Although his dad is an Army Reservist.
He found out I'm Lebanese,
and now he thinks I'm in love with Saddam.
Oh, God. That's so typical.
I only let Jasira work for him
so she can save for college. Right?
JASlRA: Mm-hm.
-And what do you want to do, Jasira?
You know, you could be a model.
You're so beautiful.
Yeah, she wants to be an engineer.
Oh, no. You don't be an engineer.
You be a model...
...and then you make a lot of money...
...and then you spend your life traveling.
No, Thena. Don't put ideas in her head.
We're just having a conversation.
That way.
This way.
Rifat, we're ready.
That's the Reservist.
I guess he didn't have duty this weekend.
Rifat, doesn't Jasira look beautiful?
She really could be a model.
Yeah, she looks great.
What is he doing? Digging for oil?
You're so sweet. And you look beautiful.
-Bye, Jasira.
-I hope I see you again soon.
-Well, I hope so too.
Wash your face.
I don't want you wearing makeup.
Are you digging for oil?
No. No.
It's for a flagpole.
Your father let you wear makeup?
How old are you?
Wow, you look older.
I miss looking at your magazines.
They make me have orgasms.
Get out of here.
You have to do this
if you're gonna fly the flag at all times.
you have to take it down at sunset...
...then put it back up at sunrise.
Like that idiot next door.
What is he trying to prove,
that he's more patriotic?
Well, he's not.
It's more patriotic to fly the flag
all the time.
-She got fat on her honeymoon.
-She's pregnant, stupid.
I'm Jasira, and this is Zack.
-We came to get our birdies back.
We knocked them into your yard
while you were gone.
Oh, you mean shuttlecocks.
Yeah, sure. Come on in.
I'm Melina, by the way.
So, what grades are y'all in?
I'm in eighth. He's in fifth.
What is this?
That's my husband Gil's old house
in Yemen.
He dug toilets for the Peace Corps.
Bend your legs and squat.
Even more. As far as you can,
without your butt touching the floor.
That's how they go to the bathroom.
They just dig a hole in the floor.
Can you imagine doing that
when you're pregnant?
All right, Jasira, let's--
Let's go.
Jasira? What kind of name is that?
-It's a towelhead name.
-Don't you use that word in my house.
JASlRA: People next door came back
from their honeymoon.
I know. That woman
needs to cover her stomach.
Her name is Melina.
Her husband used to live in Yemen.
We do not call adults by their first name.
-She told me to.
-I don't care what she said.
Just find out what her last name is
and call her that.
This is for you.
-Who's Nathalie Maroun?
-She's your grandmother.
It's in French. I can't read it.
What do you mean?
Aren't they teaching you French at school?
I just started.
Ask your teacher for help.
"Dearest Jasira.
I am crying as I write you this.
I want to hold you
and squeeze your cheeks...
...and tell you how beautiful you are,
but I have never even seen you."
-"This is not how things should be.
Please tell your father
to bring you to Beirut very soon.
It is important for you to know
your Lebanese family."
BOY: She's Lebanese.
DENlSE: "l love you very much."
BOY: I thought she was a Mexican.
DENlSE: "Grandma."
And I think we should all
say merci to Jasira...
...for letting us translate her letter.
Nice letter, raghead.
Yeah, Jizz-ira.
How come you never told us
you were a diaperhead?
Sand nigger.
Hey, I'm Thomas.
I'm sorry I called you that name.
It's okay.
No, it's not. You should never let anybody
call you names like that.
Long time no see, towelhead.
Don't call me that.
Okay. Camel jockey.
-Shut up.
-Okay. Sand nigger.
You're in big trouble, towelhead.
I'm gonna tell my dad,
and he's gonna tell your dad.
And you're gonna get fired!
Jasira, what are you thinking? Huh?
Don't you know enough
not to hit a small child?
I'm sorry.
I want to speak to your father.
-Where is he?
-He's at his girlfriend's.
I want my magazine back.
Go on, get my magazine.
Go on.
Go and get my fucking magazine.
Please. I'll get the magazine.
Ah. You're hurting me.
You're hurting me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my-- I'm sorr--
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it, I'm sorry. I swear to God,
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
-I'm sorry.
-No, don't go.
RlFAT: Thena's moussaka was delicious.
But the baklava?
She might call you to go shopping with her.
Just say you have homework.
She needs to find friends her own age.
You know, even when you're not there,
you hog all the attention.
I don't know how you do it, but you do.
Now what?
Hello, Rifat.
-May we have a moment of your time?
RlFAT: Certainly.
EVELYN: We've come to give Jasira
her last paycheck.
It won't be possible for her
to babysit Zack any longer.
-Yeah, she hit me really hard in the arm.
RlFAT: Is that true? Did you really hit him?
Why would you do such a thing?
I don't think there are any circumstances
under which hitting would be appropriate.
He called me a towelhead.
Well, did you know that your son
called my daughter a towelhead?
And a camel jockey and a sand nigger!
Jesus Christ!
Look, if Zack used inappropriate language,
I'm sorry. But violence--
Where is the check?
Where is the check?
You can show yourself out.
Well, all right, then!
Zack, I really wish
you would've told me the whole story....
Her redneck of a husband
will soon get called up...
...and then Saddam will gas him,
and that will serve all of them right.
So, what's Lebanon like?
She's never been. She has a grandmother
she's never even met.
Oh, no, that would never fly in my family.
This wine is delicious.
Daddy picked it out.
Seriously? He didn't even
want you to come. I had to talk him into it.
-Your mother and I are gonna go upstairs.
WOMAN: Good night, Jasira.
Good night.
The wine you brought them
made them horny.
What happened? Did I hurt you?
No. I had an orgasm.
Wow, was that your first time?
I've had them before, with myself.
But I don't want to anymore.
Why not?
I wish I could have one right now.
You can if you want.
-Will you watch?
-I don't know.
Hello, Bradley residence.
RlFAT: This is Rifat Maroun.
I would like to speak to my daughter.
Oh, yes, sir, Mr. Maroun.
She's right here.
-Hey, I'm coming to pick you up.
-Wait for me outside.
-But it's not even 9:00 yet.
I'm tired of waiting up. I want to go to bed.
Some of us work, you know?
Does your mom have any tampons?
Could you bring them to school for me
on Monday?
I'll go get them.
You could take them home.
No. Daddy won't let me wear them.
Does your mom have any razors?
Because I need those too.
Night, Mr. Maroun.
You're not to see that boy again.
You did not give me the full information
so I could make a proper decision.
Do you understand what I'm referring to?
-I think so.
Because if you continue to visit
that boy's house, no one will respect you.
Thank you.
How far up are you going to shave?
I don't know.
I think you should shave everything.
I could do it for you.
I'd be very careful, I promise.
Here's my dad's shaving cream.
Should I put on my bathing suit?
How am I supposed to shave you
if you're wearing a bathing suit?
Come here.
You look nice.
Do you wanna stand or sit?
Usually I stand.
So let me know when it grows back.
I can shave it for you again.
RlFAT: I can't believe your idiot of a mother
is gonna be here for Christmas...
...but I want the place to look good
when she gets here.
If she thinks she's the only one
who could plant a decent garden...
...she's about to experience
a rude awakening.
Hand me another one.
Zack and I were wondering
if we could talk to you and Jasira...
...for a moment.
Well, aren't you talking to us now?
-We came here to apologize.
RlFAT: Really?
Right, Zack?
I'm sorry I called you a towelhead.
Will you be my babysitter again?
I wanna apologize, too,
for things that I said that I shouldn't have.
-Maybe Zack overheard me--
-Maybe Zack overheard you?
Did anyone ever tell you
how to accept an apology, Maroun?
Because you ain't very good at it.
And why should I be good at it, Vuoso?
I don't want to be Zack's babysitter.
I have things to do after school.
Come on, Dad. Let's go.
Good day.
I'm so proud of you, Jasira.
Hey. Well, no-- Hold on, Jasira.
I'm not gonna come in.
I'm just gonna stay right here.
Zack and his mom went to his grandma's.
Her cat just had kittens.
I guess they're pretty cute.
Your dad staying at his girlfriend's?
Yeah? I figured.
Well, I was thinking maybe you and l
could go do something together.
What would we do?
I don't know. We could....
We could go get Mexican food.
Margarita for you, seor.
And a virgin margarita for your daughter.
Thank you.
I'm not your daughter.
I'm your girlfriend.
You're too young to be my girlfriend.
No, I'm not.
You did that thing to me.
I'm your girlfriend.
Jesus. Jasira, that thing....
God, this whole setup's
gonna have me pissing all night.
Just in time.
How come it took so long to get here?
It's so far away from where we live.
Well, I just didn't want to run into
anybody we knew.
I'm drunk.
How would you know?
Because I feel so happy.
You think being drunk makes you happy?
I guess it does sometimes.
Why do you like me?
I know.
My boobs.
It's more than that.
When I grow up,
I wanna be in your magazines.
No, you don't.
Are you a slut?
-I don't think so.
-No, you're not a slut.
You're not gonna be
in those magazines.
I'll tell you something, though.
Keep hanging around that black kid,
you'll be a slut.
I saw him leaving your house.
He's better than you.
Oh, yeah?
He only touches me when I say he can.
Thank you.
I'm not a bad man.
I'm really not.
I never would've
done that thing to you if l'd--
If I'd known you were still a virgin.
The only reason I married Evelyn
is because she got pregnant.
I mean, she's....
She's not the kind of person
that I thought I would....
You know, sometimes...
...I actually hope that I will get called up.
Will you write me letters?
I'd like that.
Good night.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Gil said he saw you
in Mr. Vuoso's car last night.
I wasn't in his car.
Any man who wants to be friends
with a girl your age is a pig.
I wasn't in his car!
If he asks you to be his friend,
I want you to tell me, okay?
-I mean it, Jasira.
-You're not my mother.
-Hi, baby. Hi!
-I missed you!
I missed you so much.
Gail, you really are ridiculous.
Shut up, Rifat. Hi.
Hi, sweetie.
Well, just so you know, we've decided
not to exchange gifts this year. Right?
We are protesting the fact Bush is
waiting until after the holiday to wage war.
Whatever you want. Whatever you want.
So glad to see you.
Wow, very nice.
Thank you.
Hey, what's with the flag?
Oh. I'm supporting the war.
I thought you were protesting it.
I'm protesting one aspect of the war
and supporting another aspect.
See, the mark of intelligence, Gail,
is having the capacity...
...of holding two conflicting ideas
in your head at one time.
Is that right? Okay.
Honey, show me your room.
How about I go drop your dad off
...and we go get a Christmas tree?
Would you like that?
Yeah? I can't wait to give you your
Christmas presents.
You're gonna love them.
I spent a fortune on them.
I hope you didn't get me anything.
I don't want anything, you know.
You're so pretty.
You are.
So pretty.
Barry and I broke up.
He moved out.
That's too bad.
No, it's not.
He was an asshole.
I, um....
I feel terrible about last summer
when I took his side over yours.
Do you like living here? With your father?
I guess.
I should finish out the school year here.
I like the school.
But I thought you said you didn't like it.
I thought you didn't like your daddy.
I don't have anyone.
I'm so lonely, Jasira.
I'll come back next summer.
I guess I misunderstood. Good night.
Can I kiss you?
-It's pretty. Thank you, Mom.
-You're welcome, baby. You like it?
Well, I guess that's it.
Well, I guess so.
I thought you were kidding
about not buying me any presents.
Why would I be kidding you, Gail?
You could've at least
made me something in art class.
Just great.
Your mother can be very hard
to live with, you know?
Cheap, cheap. You cheap bastard!
I put you through graduate school
so you could make this kind of money...
...and you can't even buy me
a bottle of perfume?
You've made copies of my paychecks?
How'd you get these?
-My salary's not your business.
-Of course it is!
-We have a child and she costs money.
-Did you give her the key to my desk?
-I don't know where it is.
-I don't believe you, Jasira.
I used a nail file, so lay off her.
Know what? It's not the first time
she's broken my rules.
She keeps taking phone calls from that
black boy and thinks I don't know!
-You're not supposed to see him anymore.
-She does what she wants!
She can live with me. How about that?
I have to finish the school year.
What is this "school year" bullshit?
You hate your father!
-That's what you told me on the phone.
JASlRA: I didn't!
-I don't hate you.
GAlL: Oh, my God.
-I'm going to Thena's.
-Fine. Go.
Yeah, I am going.
GAlL: You ruined our Christmas.
-And you have invaded our privacy!
-You got your girlfriend a present.
-Yes, I did.
I can't believe I spent six years
married to you, you fucking asshole!
And I can't believe
you want to spend another minute with him.
You're all idiots.
JASlRA: I just don't feel
like going anywhere today.
Well, then I'll just come visit you.
You can't come over. You're black.
I really hope you're kidding.
I'm serious.
My parents don't want me
being friends with a black boy.
Why would you listen
if they said something like that?
Because they're my parents.
Come on in.
JASlRA: Hey.
Excuse the mess. I promised Gil
I'd take that tree down today...
...but I just got too tired.
I can't stay long.
I like your tree.
Oh, hey. I got you something for Christmas.
That there, that's for you.
I meant to bring it over earlier...
...but Gil's parents were here,
and my mother and stepfather.
It was exhausting.
I'll have to hide it from Daddy.
Well, just keep it here.
You can come read it anytime you want.
MAN [ON TV]: The first assault began
at 2 a.m., Baghdad time.
-Finally. Saddam will get killed before long.
-Laser-guided smart bombs.
In Washington, at the request
of Defense Secretary Cheney...
...President Bush authorized the call-up...
...of as many as
...and other Reservists
for up to two years.
But the president denied
that a ground war was imminent.
I'm interested in war reporting.
What kind of war reporting?
Well, I guess I'm interested
in Reservists...
...and what it's like to get called up.
My next door neighbor is one.
Maybe I could interview him.
That's a good angle.
Want to come to my house this weekend
to work on our articles?
I can't. That's when I want to try
and interview the man next door.
Then I'll come to your house.
After the interview.
We could have a sleepover. Wanna?
I'd have to ask Daddy.
Want to know why I joined the paper?
You can't tell anyone.
I'm in love with Mr. Joffrey.
I wanna have sex with him.
Can I have a friend sleep over?
She's a girl.
A white girl.
It doesn't matter what color she is
if she's a girl.
Don't make me out to be a racist,
when I have your best interest at heart.
What's this?
Questions for Mr. Vuoso.
I'm going to interview him
for the school paper about the war.
Here you are, living with somebody
from the Middle East...
...and all you care about is interviewing
that scumbag next door.
Who are you?
Is it okay if I interview you
for our school paper about the war?
Since you're a Reservist.
Are you scared to go to war?
No. No. Well, I'm not in a fighting unit.
I do humanitarian stuff like--
I do humanitarian stuff,
like passing out food.
But Daddy says
Saddam's gonna gas all the troops.
Well, I would expect that
from someone who loves Saddam.
That's racist.
You're making an assumption about him
just because of where he's from.
Daddy probably wants Saddam
dead more than you.
Is that so?
Is that so?
Next question.
Why did you pack rubbers in your duffle bag
if you're married?
Now, who said
you could go through my personal things?
Why did you pack them?
Why do you think I packed them?
TRAVlS: Goddamn it.
-What is going on over here?
JASlRA: I'm interviewing him...
...for the school paper.
-The interview's over. You're going home.
-Wait a second--
You want me to call somebody?
All right.
Hold on.
I'll be right back.
Did you tell her anything?
No, I swear.
So, what's her fucking problem?
Damn it. I hardly get to spend
any time alone with you...
...and I get this one chance...
...that bitch ruins it.
Hey, I'll walk you home.
I want to give you something.
It's a key to our house.
If you ever need to come over at any time,
for any reason, just let yourself in, and--
You don't even have to tell me why.
Okay? Just come on over.
You can watch TV or read your book.
Why are you doing this?
If anything ever happened to you,
I'd never forgive myself.
Nothing will happen to me.
Give me the tape.
I wanna know what he told you.
It's private.
Nothing you have is private.
Give me the tape.
Now what?
RlFAT: Hello.
DENlSE: Is Jasira here?
-Yes, she is.
Come on in.
I'm early. My mom had some errands
to run, so she just dropped me off.
Daddy, this is Denise.
-Hello, Denise. How are you?
May I offer you something?
A snack or a cold soda?
Your dad seems nice.
He's not that nice.
He's a racist.
He won't let me see Thomas anymore
because he's afraid it'll ruin my reputation.
And now Thomas is mad at me
just for following my dad's rules.
I'd be mad at you too.
If you do what a racist tells you to,
that makes you a racist.
DENlSE: Bye!
-Goodbye, now.
Go get the tape.
I do humanitarian stuff like--
I do humanitarian stuff,
like passing out food.
JASlRA: But Daddy says
Saddam is gonna gas all the troops.
TRAVlS: Well, I would expect that
from someone who loves Saddam.
JASlRA: That's racist.
You're making an assumption about him
just because of where he's from.
Daddy probably wants Saddam dead
more than you.
Is that so?
Next question.
JASlRA: Why did you pack rubbers
in your duffle bag if you're married?
What happened?
Mr. Vuoso got mad
that I asked him that question.
He hit stop.
And then what happened?
-He asked how I knew about his condoms.
-And how did you?
I found them in his duffle bag.
What kind of person
goes through another man's things?
Do you go through my things too?
-Oh, my God, Jasira!
Condoms? You're just a child!
You have a foul mouth and a foul mind!
-No, I don't!
-Yes, you do!
You do! You do! You do!
I did an interview with the guy next door
for the school paper.
-I had to make most of it up because--
-So you interviewed a redneck.
So what? I'm not impressed.
-What would impress you?
It's too late.
Wait, I know.
Have sex with me.
But not at my house.
We could do it at my house.
My parents work late.
Can we do it today?
Do you have a condom?
Then we'll have to wait until tomorrow.
I have one at home I could bring.
lt'll only hurt for a few seconds.
Just tell me when you want me to stop
and I will.
Oh, my God.
-Oh, no, it just feels so good.
I'm sorry if it hurts.
The first time is always painful for girls.
I know.
The cab will be here in 15 minutes.
Who'd you do it with before me?
No one.
But nothing popped.
It was supposed to.
I don't know, Thomas.
I'm not gonna be mad if you tell me
you had sex with somebody else.
I'm just curious.
Was it back in Syracuse?
It was nowhere.
Do you feel like a woman?
I feel like a man.
What you reading about?
About kissing.
-What do you want?
-ls your daddy home?
No. And if he was,
he wouldn't want to talk with you.
Now look what you did!
Snowball! Come here, Snowball.
Come on.
God-fucking-damn it.
First, your idiot of a president
declares a ceasefire...
...even though Saddam isn't dead yet,
or even captured.
And then, I ran over a cat,
about a block away.
Was it little and white?
Put it in here.
Don't you want me to take her back
to the Vuosos'?
Are you kidding?
So that asshole can call me a murderer?
We'll stick it in the freezer...
...and then we'll take it out on Wednesday
with the trash.
Then they'll never know
what happened to her.
Well, you should have thought of that
before you got her killed.
Your mother's dating Colin Powell now.
I hope he marries her.
What a hypocrite.
How are you
supposed to learn anything anyhow?
I have to go to Thena's.
Are you gonna come?
The girl has to come first.
I'm not sure I even know how to.
I'm not by myself.
Can you come like this?
I'm gonna go look for Snowball.
Can I come in?
Can't we just talk like this?
I got called up.
-But the war is over.
-Well, the fighting part is over...
...but they still need plenty of help.
Could you get killed?
No, I don't think so.
Course, it's still dangerous, but....
I leave tomorrow...
...4 a.m.
I just come to say goodbye.
It was nice knowing you.
Take care of yourself, all right?
You can come in.
Can't you come closer than that?
Come on over here.
You know, you act like you're so young.
You don't know what you're doing.
You know what you're doing.
You know what you do to men.
You are so beautiful.
You are so beautiful.
Would you stand up?
-I want you to strip for me.
-Because it's sexy.
Go on.
Just stand there.
That's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
Get on the floor.
I'll think about you in lraq.
Morning, kids.
GlRL 1 : Hi, morning.
GlRL 2: Hi, Mr. Vuoso.
Hey, Mr. Vuoso.
Hi, I'm Gil, Gil Hines.
Melina's husband. Hi.
Hello. Rifat Maroun.
GlL: Listen, would you guys
like to come over for dinner?
We could celebrate the end of the war.
Celebrate? What's to celebrate?
Well, we don't have to celebrate.
We can just eat.
We're thinking Monday night,
around 7:30.
-Do we have to?
-We'd be happy to come.
GlL: Great.
Oh, my God.
We can make our own glamour photos.
Come on, we have to.
Well, I got to say, you girls look great.
How about we start out
with a nice smile?
Come on, smile.
Nice. Very good.
You wanna give me a nice little kiss?
Come on. Pucker up. Pucker up.
Be having fun, come on.
There you go. That didn't hurt, did it?
Another one just like that.
Smile. You're so beautiful.
-Good. There you go.
MAN 1 : Don't be nervous. You look nice.
WOMAN: You know, you could be a model.
MAN 2: You're prettier than they are.
There you go, darling. Can we get
one more of those? Like that.
Pucker up real good. Oh, that's sweet.
-You're very, very sexy.
MAN 3: You're so sexy.
Let me see as much of your throat
as possible. Little bit more.
Come on, stick out your chest. Good.
That is sweet, honey.
Very pretty name.
-Very nice.
TRAVlS: For a very pretty girl.
MAN: I want you to look like
you just woke up. Sleepy. Good.
I'll tell you something, little girl.
You are very, very good at this.
TRAVlS: That's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
Why don't you let that strap come down?
Let me see your shoulder.
You have a foul mouth...
-...and a foul mind.
-Like that.
TRAVlS: You know what you do to men.
Are you a slut?
MAN: Strap down, let me see your shoulder.
-No, I'm only 13.
DENlSE: I used to think
that purple was my favorite color...
...but now I don't think I like it as much.
-How was the mall?
-Great, Mr. Maroun.
Get in the car.
Buckle up.
Where'd you get that filthy magazine?
Answer me!
You don't live in the moral universe!
The things you do are not normal!
You look at pictures of whores,
and you like them so much...
...that you keep the magazine!
You don't obey me
and you don't obey your mother!
One day,
you're gonna run out of places to live.
Jasira! Where are you going? Come here!
Hey, Mel.
Oh. Hey. Come on in.
Open the door. Jasira!
Jasira. Open the door, now.
Why don't you go wait in the study?
-Down the hall, second door on the right.
RlFAT: Open the fucking door!
GlL: Jasira? I just wanted to let you know
your father went home, okay?
When do I have to go home?
You wanna go home?
-So don't worry about it.
-Don't tell her not to worry. She's worried.
Nobody's gonna make her do anything
she doesn't want to do.
Go hide.
-Hello. I'm here to take Jasira home.
-Jasira doesn't want to go home with you.
RlFAT: This is kidnapping!
And I will call the police.
I don't see the harm
in her staying with us for a couple of days.
She'll be home when she's ready.
He'll probably be back.
Sorry. This is all that I have.
I've got something you can wear.
We'll go over and get some of your stuff
tomorrow. I'll pick you up right after school.
We'll go before your father
comes home from work.
What happened to your leg?
Daddy was mad about the magazine.
Mind if I get a couple of pictures?
Is there anything else
I should take a picture of?
You know, I wouldn't even mind this stuff,
if it wasn't for all the airbrushing.
See how smooth her skin is?
She probably has cottage-cheese thighs.
They just paint over it.
And now men look at these pictures
and think that's how women should look.
And women look at these pictures
and think that's how they should look.
Women look at these pictures?
Yeah. They look at them
and feel like crap.
Do women ever look at them
and feel good?
Well, maybe.
Is that how you feel?
I mean, they're sexy pictures.
How anyone feels when they look at them
doesn't really matter. It's private.
But how a kid your age
got a magazine like this, that isn't private.
Who gave you this?
Jasira, did an adult give you this?
Try and get some sleep, okay?
When they enter the job market.
Can you give me an example?
WOMAN: Well, anytime a teenage
fashion doll is presented in a....
JASlRA: Hi, Melina.
-This is my friend Thomas.
MELlNA: Hey, Thomas.
Hey, can I come over
and hang out with Jasira for a while?
Is that what you want to do?
Okay. Get in.
We have to drop by Jasira's place
to pick up some clothes first.
There's something else
I need to get from there. It's kind of gross.
Her name's Snowball.
Well, I'm gonna take a nap.
Last couple of days have been maybe
more exciting than I'm used to.
-You two will be okay?
JASlRA: Yes.
I have a surprise for you.
-Oh, shit!
Oh, I still have the condom on.
Why was this door closed?
I don't know.
Okay, well, you guys
need to go back to the kitchen.
I just have to go to the bathroom.
Hey, baby, I'm home.
You and I will talk about this later.
Emphasis on the:
Hey, Jasira.
Gil told me how to say "hi" in Arabic.
Dinner's almost ready, Mel.
Hey, Thomas.
Don't you want to call your mother?
Yeah, I guess I'd better.
Yeah, just use the phone in the study.
Good evening.
We're here to celebrate the end of the war.
It's okay.
Come in.
This is Thena, my girlfriend.
-Hi. Gil.
Nice to meet you.
And this is for you, I prepared it myself.
It's baklava, and it's delicious.
And this is for you.
It's sparkling cider.
Good evening, Melina.
This is my girlfriend, Thena.
Hello, Jasira.
Say hello to Thena.
-Hi, Thena.
-Hi, Jasira.
It's so good to see you again.
THOMAS: Melina.
MELlNA: Yeah?
-My mother says I can stay.
-All right.
I just have to make sure
that I'm home by 10:00.
This is Thomas.
-Hi, Thomas. I'm Thena.
-It's nice to meet you.
THENA: Nice to meet you.
Where's Gil?
-It's Thomas.
-I know.
Well, obviously you forgot
about our dinner tonight.
Well, I mean, the circumstances
have changed, don't you think?
-The war is still over.
-We didn't mean to intrude.
We just thought that maybe this
was a good time for Rifat to see Jasira...
...and let her know
how much he misses her.
I would like that very much.
Okay. Sure.
Well, why don't you just come on in
and sit down for a few minutes?
Thank you.
Excuse me, but may I ask
what he's doing here?
-I'm a friend of Jasira's.
Except that Jasira's
not supposed to be seeing you.
Why not?
-Because I'm black.
-Ha! Is that the reason?
Oh, my God.
That's ridiculous.
I did not make the world the way it is.
I'm just trying
to spare my daughter shame.
And now these people
decided to butt into our lives.
We are just trying to help her.
Who are you, exactly?
Why should you help?
Who asked you to help?
GlL [lN ARABlC]:
I'd like to see where Jasira's sleeping.
I have the right to know
where my daughter's sleeping.
Okay. Sure.
It's down the hall,
second door on the right.
Thank you.
-Great, Gil. I can't believe you let him in.
-Well, he has a right, Mel.
MELlNA: Not in our house.
GlL: She's still his daughter.
I'm going to take the baklava
to the kitchen.
Thank you.
...mind if I ask when your baby is due?
Officially, March 10th. But she's already
dropped, so it could be...
-... any day.
You already know it's a girl?
Girls are so much more fun than boys.
That is so exciting. Congratulations.
-Get up.
-Stop it!
-Rifat! Stop it!
What the hell? That's disgusting!
I found a condom in your toilet.
-You're snooping in our toilet?
RlFAT: His jacket's on her bed...
...and his condom is in your toilet.
He's the only one here
who needs one, right?
Oh, my God.
You think I'm terrible,
but you let my daughter...
-...take boys in her room?
-We don't.
-Jasira, get your things. We're going home.
GlL: Just hold on a second. Hold--
Go ahead, call the police.
You have her leg, but I have the rubber.
-You both are terrible too. Terrible people.
-It's my fault. Blame me.
-Of course I blame you, Thomas!
-It's not his fault!
And you, Mrs. Hines. For letting
my daughter lose her virginity in your house!
-I didn't lose it here.
-She lost it at my house.
I lost it at your house, Daddy.
Mr. Vuoso did it with his fingers.
I didn't want him to...
...but he did.
Someone from the DA's office....
In the meantime, here's my card.
If you need anything, or if she just feels
she needs to talk, you can give me a call.
RlFAT: So I can get ahold of you directly?
RlFAT: We'll call you if anything else
comes up, but thank you for your help.
All right? Take care, now.
I can't understand
why you never told me about this before.
I thought you would be mad.
Why would I be mad
if somebody's hurting you?
Okay. Let's call it a night.
What if I want to spend some time
with my daughter?
Come on, Rifat.
You can't come home with me?
Not even for one night?
I'm talking to you, Jasira, not to her.
I can't.
I didn't tell the policewoman this...
...but the other time
that I did it with Mr. Vuoso...
...I acted like I wanted to,
even though I didn't.
I don't know.
I thought I was supposed to.
Jasira, you never have to have sex
if you don't want to.
And a grown man knows that.
If he has sex with anybody
under the age of 16, it's rape.
Even if she wants to do it.
But I feel sorry for him.
Don't you feel sorry for him.
You should have told me.
I didn't want to tell you.
Was there a lot of blood?
That was my blood, not his.
No, it wasn't. It was my blood.
I don't think
we should have sex anymore.
-Are you mad at me?
No, I just don't think it'll be right.
Not after what that asshole did to you.
I don't want to stop.
I like having sex with you.
I don't want to lose that
because of what Mr. Vuoso did.
MELlNA: I've already mailed you a copy of
the canceled check as well as faxed it twice.
And you're saying for us
to complete the claim form as well.
All right, yeah, I'll fax it again.
But tell me exactly who
I should send it to the attention of?
I've already faxed it to her.
-What are you doing here? Get away.
-I just need to give you something.
-They let you go?
-I'm out on bail.
Daddy ran over Snowball,
so we froze her.
She ran out while I was talking to Zack.
It ain't your fault.
You stop! Get away from her.
-Daddy! Daddy, help!
RlFAT: Jasira!
-She fell! Melina! She fell!
-What's wrong? Who fell?
There's blood in between her legs!
She won't wake up!
It's all right, sweetheart. Just call 91 1...
...and tell them we need an ambulance,
all right?
Jesus Christ!
Oh, never mind. It's already here!
MAN 1 : All right, I got the stretcher.
MAN 2: All right, I got the kit.
Hey, hurry, please. She's not responding.
MAN 1 :
Yes, sir. We're coming. We got it.
Daddy, she wants us to be there.
I'm not watching her have a baby.
That's none of my business.
But she doesn't think her husband
will make it here in time. Please.
WOMAN 1 : Well, I'm just gonna bring it in.
It'll be okay. One more swab.
WOMAN 2: Sir, if you're gonna stay,
you'll need to put on a gown.
-I'm just saying hello.
WOMAN 3: Okay, honey, rest while you can.
You're really not staying?
-I'd rather not, Mrs. Hines.
-Didn't you see Jasira's birth?
Those were different times.
Jasira will stay with you.
That will be much better.
She's a good girl.
Yeah. She is.
Thank you.
Got the smaller cl--? Yeah, that's it.
Daddy doesn't like bodies.