Nothing Personal (2009) Movie Script

- Need Help?
- No, do you?
Can you take me?
- Where?
- Everywhere.
No, sorry
we have kids.
I understand.
What is wrong with you ...
Stupid whore!
What's your name?
That does not give a shit.
It need not be rude.
You can work in the garden
in exchange for food.
I did not know what they are,
so I've left.
If desired, the plant.
These are plants ...
and that is grass.
There is not much difference.
Well, this smells a little onion.
You work well.
Want a job? I have no
help from the death of my wife ...
His story does not interest me.
The agreement was "Food for Work."
Well, let's eat.
- Come, enter.
- I prefer to eat alone.
- I'm just being polite.
- I do not.
First my food.
- At least I could say thanks.
- Why?
I worked for it.
- Where are you going?
- I just go.
Stay so good
as leave.
How do you know? You can not go.
- Why not?
- Because you're old.
Stay and work for me.
You can leave at any time.
Do not ask me questions
and I did not speak.
Well, agreed.
Only one question:
- What is your name?
- Why do you want to know why?
May be practical,
I have to call it something.
In this case simply saying "you."
Hey, you!
It worked ...
breakfast is at seven.
- Do you want a trench coat?
- No rain.
Not yet.
- Did you sleep well?
- From wonder.
And you?
Okay, thanks.
Would you like opera?
No questions, he said.
So you know ...
- Why? What it does
- I'm leaving.
Each time you break our agreement,
I have to sing a song.
Are you kidding?
Okay, man. Sing!
Well, I can not sing now.
before I have to prepare something.
- Basta.
- What?
Let's get to work.
First use the shovel ...
to discover the mob.
And then ...
using the hoe.
Try it.
That's fine.
The need in the kitchen.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- What it does
- It's a surprise.
The spirit of the land.
Enjoy and celebrate this simple
but sophisticated Parfait ...
freshly harvested potatoes.
Served with mushrooms as a symbol
the dark, soft wood.
Are you being funny?
No, ironic.
- Thanks for the music.
- Thanks for dinner.
Bon appetit.
Wake up.
Wake up!
- You can not stay here.
- Why?
Because I Said So.
Hey, you!
I want to show something.
This will be your room.
- I can help?
- No, thanks.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Sorry, I can not
offer any refreshment.
I would like
watch me tonight.
I have fear of dying
in my sleep.
I broke our agreement.
Yes, you did.
Do I sing?
- I did not want to scare you.
- You did not.
You can return to your own bed.
Are you sure?
I'm fine.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I picked up a book.
Well. You can catch them
whenever you want.
Today was a beautiful day.
Yes, indeed.
Good night.
Do you want to go out?
Sure. Why not?
What do you drink?
A beer.
- Tome.
- Thanks.
- Who is it?
- No idea.
Do not you know and
pay him a beer?
Eight, nine, ten ...
eleven, twelve, thirteen ...
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen ...
seventeen, eighteen, nineteen ...
twenty ...
Hey, you!
That's me, not you!
Wait, I have to pee.
You're drunk as a Cuba.
And you're talking nonsense!
You're drunk.
"I can teach you a thing?
- Let
- Again you have to pee?
For you.
It is really good.
Now, make it stop.
I can not.
No matter.
Is not given to us to fight
for perfection.
Go ahead.
Become a breakfast for you.
- What do I have to do today?
- What do you do?
- Want some breakfast?
- Yeah, right.
Nothing really disappears.
Everything remains in the world of men.
- Want to come?
- Yes, please.
The meat is delicious.
What is your favorite color?
Hey, you ...
sounds suspiciously
a personal question.
- Then I broke our agreement.
- Yes, I did.
I guess I have to punish me?
I can not wait.
What horoscope sign are you?
- What is that?
- Country Gothic or Psicobilly.
- It's kitsch.
- Kitsch?
You're too educated,
to know what is good.
What was the question?
- What is your favorite number?
- Very.
Mine is zero.
Who are you?
Hello, do you have an appointment?
I do not speak Dutch.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes One moment.
Could you leave me alone for a moment?
To get used to the site.
- They are a bit larger.
- You must wear two pairs of socks.
Like I said.
- I can try?
- No.
Why not?
I do not trust you.
- No one will be here.
- Maybe I love you so.
You're not the type to do so.
- I do not know.
- Sure.
Afraid I do not!
Martin ...
Have you taken medicine today?
No one will find here.
I do not want.
Why not? You would be well.
I do not want.
Be like you.
Living in this house
alone on the island.
Nobody watches, nobody knows you.
Why not?
Talent knows when to stop.
- What a wisdom! "Yours?
- Naturally.
What do you think
I got the medal?
- Have you been running?
- No.
Glad to see you.
- Have you had breakfast?
- No.
Too much butter?
If you want to cook
again for me.
The people here do a dessert
to seaweed.
"Carrageenan" Moos "they call it.
I love your hands.
You .
Dear You,
Sorry to leave you so.
Talent knows
when to stop.
The house is yours.
My will is located
in the left drawer of the dresser.
The money is in the teapot.
I love you.
- Do you have luggage?
- No.