Now You See Me 2 (2016) Movie Script

Excuse me. Sorry. I'm sorry.
Excuse me. Coming through.
Tonight, so-called
magician Lionel Shrike
is making another sad
attempt for attention
by performing what he calls
an impossible feat.
The safe is made of
the strongest iron.
It can't be sawed through or pried.
Yet, Lionel Shrike thinks
he's able to escape.
Dad! Dad!
Hey, buddy.
You made it, huh?
Now, see that seat there?
It's the best
seat in the house.
Is Lionel Shrike the kind
of magician who can pull this off?
Or is he actually
in over his head?
We'll see about that.
- What's the matter?
- I don't want you to go.
Dylan, come on.
We talked about this.
This is what I do.
I got to prove all
those naysayers wrong.
Okay? Besides...
I always keep
something up my sleeve.
Now, got your watch
like your dad's?
- Okay. How many seconds?
- Three hundred.
Three hundred. Maybe a few less.
I love you so much.
Okay. See you later, big man.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Lionel Shrike!
Will he be able
to hold his breath?
Will he be able to
somehow escape the safe?
Three, two, one...
Two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight...
296... 297, 298, 299, 300.
303, 304...
It's five minutes now,
and we have not seen or heard
anything from Lionel Shrike yet.
Dad! Dad!
Let go of me!
No! Dad!
Dad! Let go!
Find him!
The Eye.
It may not lie...
But don't think for a moment
that it can't be lied to.
Seeing is believing.
But is it truth?
People see the Horsemen
as noble Robin Hoods. Are they?
Or are they common thieves?
Depends on your point of view.
Here's what you know.
They robbed a bank in Paris
from a stage in Las Vegas.
They fleeced
an insurance magnate
of hundreds of
millions of dollars
and disappeared from
a roof in New York.
Always showering their
devoted fans with money.
Here's what you don't know.
They left one man behind.
Framed. Holding the bag. Me.
Are you listening, Horsemen?
When you emerge, and you will,
I will be there waiting.
Because mark my words,
you will get what's coming to you.
In ways you can't expect.
But very much deserve.
Because one thing I believe in
is an eye for an eye.
Welcome, Daniel Atlas.
Who am I speaking to?
I asked to see the face
behind all of this.
You've asked many questions.
And registered many complaints.
You can rest assured
that we've heard you.
Have you? Because I don't...
- Trust?
- No.
Your leader?
Your fellow Horsemen?
Perhaps even us?
I don't like that we've been
living in hiding for a year.
I don't like that every message
I get from Dylan is,
"Wait. Be patient.
The Eye has a plan."
Wait. Be patient.
The Eye has a plan.
This is games
and it's not working for me.
You feel it is you who should be
leading the Horsemen, not Dylan.
If that is what you desire,
stay the course.
Trust that your unique talents
and remarkable mind
will not go unrecognized.
We have a new mission
for the Horsemen.
Dylan has a plan
and will gather you together soon.
Now leave!
...North Carolina,
Florida, Maryland, Maine.
We're talking the entire
eastern seaboard.
I need to see some results.
Oh, hey. Oh, sorry.
Just real quick. Can I have you
for a couple of minutes?
I'm right in the middle
of something, Dylan.
No, I know. It's okay. Hey. Hey,
everybody. Sorry. Sorry about that.
Call the mayor.
Thanks a lot.
Twins, huh? Good.
Is he coming?
Look, I wouldn't have
brought you out of that meeting
unless it was something important.
It's about the Horsemen.
Somethings happening here
and it's happening now.
Message boards.
Elite magic society.
There is chatter going on
about the Horsemen
and something happening with Octa,
the giant software company.
I know what Octa is.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but two months ago
we sent men to Philadelphia
because he knew...
- And I said that I was wrong.
- He knew that the Horsemen
were going to hit
the Euro-Atlantic Banking Summit.
- I have proof.
- Let him talk.
Thank you.
Contact between who I think
might be Daniel Atlas
and who may be Merritt McKinney.
And what do you have?
Emails? Cell phones? Any transcripts?
- Pigeons.
- What?
I'm sorry,
you mean stool pigeons?
No, I mean actual pigeon pigeons.
Like carrier pigeons.
- Okay? Magicians work with pigeons.
- Doves.
Stay with me.
This pigeon, right here...
There's Daniel Atlas.
Same pigeon.
East Village.
Same pigeon, West Village.
42nd Street, pigeon. 65th Street.
All the way up to the
George Washington Bridge
on a sail boat with a guy that looks
just like Merritt McKinney.
And what does this all mean?
I know what it means.
It means nothing. It's bullshit.
- Could you sing a new song?
- No.
How is it that two years ago
you were so close...
You think I went out of my way
to screw up my own investigation?
You think I'm
that big of an idiot?
You know what I think now?
I think you're smart,
but you want everybody else
to think that you're an idiot.
Okay, stop.
Cowan, I know I'm new here,
but as far as I can tell,
people who don't even know you,
think you're an asshole.
- And you?
- Ma'am.
You don't know me, but my first year
in the Academy, you gave a talk.
The "long game" you called it.
You talked about a moral compass.
About how you believed
in yours immutably.
And I thought to myself, "That guy.
One day, I want to be that guy."
And now... A pigeon?
Technically, it was a few pigeons,
but I hear what you're saying.
Okay. So here's what
I'm going to do.
You want to take a vacation day?
Go on your own? Fine.
But I'm not going to devote resources
to another snipe hunt.
I came to clean this mess up,
not add to it. I'm sorry.
Boss, thank you. I promise you,
it won't be a snipe hunt.
We're gonna get those Horsemen.
She's great.
The problem is when you're
two people at the same time,
one of them is bound
to trip the other.
And when that happens,
I will be there.
Duly noted.
- Oh. Hi!
- Who are you?
- What are you doing in my...
- It's actually a funny story.
How did you get into my apartment?
I think it's funny.
It's not like funny "ha ha."
Or you might not think
that it's funny "ha ha."
I think it's funny.
I guess it's all kind of relative.
I was actually...
No, that's not...
I made myself in the neighborhood
and now I'm here, and maybe...
Seriously, how did you get in here?
Are you some kind of
crazed fan or something?
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, I recognize you.
You did that B-grade "geek magic" thing,
didn't you? You pulled a...
Pulled a hat
out of the rabbit.
A hat out of the rabbit, that's right.
I know that it didn't work.
No, it was actually
kind of disgusting.
It was way worse for the rabbit.
Well, your drop was obvious
and your body shell is flimsy.
So if you wouldn't mind crawling out
from under my couch and...
Ta-da! Now I'm sitting
over here. Crazy!
By the way, that rabbit thing?
That was eight years ago, okay?
I've gotten so much
better since then.
- Have you?
- Yeah.
Okay, come here.
What is it that you want?
I wanted to meet you.
Everybody, really.
I want to be a part
of the Eye, okay?
I said it. I do.
And I want to use my magic for good,
like you and Merritt
and Jack especially.
Oh, that's right.
I know that Jack is alive.
I know that he
faked his own death.
I am a huge fan of faking deaths.
That was crazy!
What is this?
A trucker's hitch?
- Yeah.
- It's terrible.
- Embarrassing.
- Okay.
By the way, I am so sorry
that Henley left you.
- Ow! God!
- Sorry.
That's actually a little better.
You know what I heard?
- What?
- About Henley?
I heard that she got tired
of waiting around.
She lost faith
and so she asked for an out,
and the Eye gave it to her.
But who knows, right?
In matters of the heart,
so difficult to tell.
I mean, maybe she got sick of you.
You ever think about that?
Control issues?
Maybe you just didn't
tie her up tight enough. Ow!
Here's what's going to happen.
You're going to stay
here and stop talking,
and I'm going to
make a phone call,
and in about five minutes,
some people are going...
- It's all in the wrist.
- Uh-huh.
Let the momentum
of the card do the work for you.
This last one I call the Stall.
Not bad.
Now you want to see
a thing of beauty?
- I do indeed.
- Here you go.
And bingo bango bongo.
That's good. No, no, no,
it's good to be positive
despite making zero
progress in a year.
Whereas when it
comes to hypnotism,
the student has almost
become the master.
I like your confidence, but you might
say that you have the better teacher.
- Ooh!
- Yeah.
You're right.
You're right.
Your teacher definitely doesn't
know what he's doing.
By the way, was this
your card yesterday?
- In fact it was.
- I thought so.
That's not bad.
If I can hypnotize Danny
before you hit him with a card,
I get top bunk for a week.
Okay, that's a deal.
- Danny, what's up, man?
- Hey.
Stare at the palm of your hand
and as your eyes change focus,
you will begin to notice...
Everything, because
I'm not hypnotized.
It's not working.
Please don't become him.
I didn't know you guys did party tricks
when there weren't floozies around
to impress.
Uh, I think we stopped
trying to impress floozies
in, like, 1937.
Okay, somebody broke into my apartment,
all right?
Some amateur who knew
everything about me,
everything about Henley leaving,
and everything about us.
- That's her.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You met Lula.
I've met her.
What is she doing here?
I'm the new Horseman!
I'm the girl Horseman.
Nobody. No excitement.
Jack? Anything?
Dylan, tell me
what's going on here.
Well, Lula's been on the underground
scene for the last decade,
and I think she
has some real talent,
and I'd like to try her on stage
- to balance out the duo.
- What?
No, are you serious, man?
After Henley left, you said I could
get back on stage again.
Not someone who just showed up.
I told you I'd think about it,
and I have,
and I really need you behind the scenes
with me for a little while longer.
Dylan, come on. I've been
behind the scenes my whole life.
Which is a crime, might I add.
Have you seen that man's face?
Much as I appreciate the addition
of some femininity to the group,
over and above what Atlas provides,
I think the real issue
is we've been in this...
Yeah, the issue is that
we have been rehearsing for months
for something...
We don't even know what it is.
And you're going to
keep working until...
Until we work as a single organism.
I know, I've heard you say that.
The thing is, when you say that,
I think what you're
referring to is us, not you.
Listen, I'm getting my orders
directly from the Eye.
Okay? And then I give them to you.
Now, if you don't like that,
you're welcome to go.
No, I'm not going anywhere. But I'm...
Mmm. I'm taking care of myself.
Guys, can I just
weigh in here really quickly?
Because I think I see
what's going on here.
You guys are this amazing,
tight-knit family unit.
- I'm a new person...
- We are anything but a family.
Okay, well, my mother literally
knifed my father in the neck one time.
So you are actually
a little bit like my family unit.
- Literally?
- But, yeah.
It was an accident,
I think.
Okay. So, does this mean
we're actually going to do something?
You've all heard of Octa
and their playboy CEO, Owen Case.
His partner, Walter Mabry,
died about a year ago.
You wanna know what all this
has been leading to?
Octa's hosting the launch
of the next-gen cell phone.
Once these phones
hit the streets,
they'll siphon their users'
information to the black market.
Meaning Octa's selling privacy
to up their profit.
So, the Eye has decided
to expose them for it.
Our mission
is to hijack the show.
Rehearsal's over, guys.
This is what we've
been waiting for.
Now it's time to get to work.
Welcome, Octa insiders,
bloggers and journalists.
We're delighted that you've joined us
to participate in our special event.
Today marks the beginning of a bright
new journey in social networking.
Our latest product, Octa 8...
Keys, cell phones,
iPads, in the bin.
Thank you, sir.
Can't have you texting,
tweeting, recording, or eating.
Sorry, we will take very good
care of it for you.
Oh, by the way.
Security memo from Case himself.
Couple of surprise guests.
Just follow his lead, yeah?
We're all good.
I'm heading to the control room.
All right. Thanks, Jack.
- Atlas, go.
- No, Dylan, I can't...
- What? What's the problem?
- No, there's too many people...
Atlas, I got Owen landing now.
Okay, I'm going now.
- Stop.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Pascal, we need you in the kitchen.
Look, the speech is about freedom, okay?
That's what we're trying
to sell here, is freedom.
Which part of that
do you not understand?
- I know, I'm sorry.
- For goodness sake!
Mr. Case, John from legal.
Just need your signature for release.
Thank you so much.
Just get it done
and get it back to me.
Hey there, buddy! Smile!
- Who are you? What the hell?
- Who am I?
It is picture day.
Did Julie not tell you it's picture day?
- Picture day? What are you...
- Company-wide policy.
- Look, I got a job to do.
- I have a job to do, too.
Hold on a second.
What is that?
I'm going to need some backup here.
Who are you calling?
Hey! That's my ID.
Security, my name is...
- Bo Walsh, thank you.
- Hey, I'm Bo Walsh!
Not this guy.
He's not Bo Walsh.
Calm down, please.
Hey! Hey, what's going on?
This guy just came and
put a flashlight in my eyes.
I'm trying to do my job.
This guy, check his badge.
- Who is this guy?
- I'm Bo Walsh, not him.
It says here,
"Evans Mental Facility.
- Mark D. Stooge."
- Hold on a second.
I've never seen
this before in my life.
I'm sorry, Mr. Walsh.
- Come on, Mr. Stooge.
- Hold on. He's not Mr. Walsh!
- Come on. Let's go.
- What's going on here?
I'm Bo Walsh, not him!
God, you cannot trust anybody
in this city anymore, can you?
Get off me!
Look, I want to make a phone call.
- I want to call my boss!
- Hey, hey! What's going on?
I want to call my boss,
and this jackass...
Hey! Make your phone call.
That's your right, sir.
That's my right.
- What the hell?
- You're crazy. Let's go.
This isn't my...
Where's my phone?
Where's my phone?
Atlas, Stooge has left
the building.
The circuit board is ours.
I am leaving backstage.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Case.
All right. Lula, show these guys
what you're made of.
I can take over from here.
Clark says you're on break.
What break? Who's Clark?
"Who's Clark?" That's funny.
Imagine if I told Roger that,
he'd freak out.
- Don't do that!
- What?
Who the hell is Roger?
Does Lisa know that
you don't know Roger?
- I don't know who Lisa is.
- Are you kidding again?
- You don't know who Lisa is now?
- No, I don't. Just get away.
- That is a dangerous...
- You're ruining the meat.
Don't make me have to go to Brian!
- I don't know who Brian is!
- Why are you acting like this?
- I'll go straight to him.
- Give me...
Oh, my God!
What are you
doing to me?
- Help me!
- Help her. Go!
Have some water.
I feel from your face
you're freaked by the flow of blood,
which is fully fixable in a snap
by focusing and following
the flow of my words
as you're flowing and floating,
which is why you're focusing
on my commands.
You got this far in life
by listening to one voice,
the voice in your head.
This is that voice.
Look at the light.
Listen to your own voice.
Oh, my God.
Wow. What is that?
Is that a miracle towel?
Thank you so much.
Do you know what?
You have taught me that I'm not
cut out for this kind of work.
I quit!
Get another towel.
Thank you, and goodbye.
Oh, God.
Welcome everybody!
And now, the moment
that you've all been waiting for...
- Nice work, lady.
- Thanks.
Revolutionized music with Octa 2.
I'm actually nervous,
and I'm not even going onstage.
You know, I've heard
that if you're nervous,
it can be really helpful
to picture each other naked.
It's actually picture
the audience naked.
No, this is new.
This is a new science.
So, I don't know.
- Do you want... We should try it.
- Not the right mood.
Guess that leaves
you and me, old buddy.
What? Picture each other...
No. No, thank you.
I mean, I admit,
from the neck up there are issues.
But from the neck down, the David.
Owen Case.
Good morning, Octa-lites.
Now, I've made the claim...
Now, I've made the claim
that Octa 8 is pure magic.
But the truth is, that's just
one of those things I say...
You know, the truth is,
that's just one of those things I say...
...when in fact
I mean something else.
...when in fact
I mean something else.
What else do I mean?
Well, here to fill you in on some of my
fabulous lies and hypocrisy,
and to perform some of the most dazzling
feats of magic you have ever seen...
- They are the world's...
- greatest magicians.
Here to expose me
for the fraud I truly am.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here are the Horsemen.
Hello, New York!
Thank you so much.
Hey, it's great to be back.
And have you met
our newest Horseman, Lula?
- Feels good, right?
- Pretty good. Pretty good.
Thank you, thank you. Um, okay.
We want to talk to you
about your privacy.
What does your privacy mean to you?
Because apparently to Owen Case,
it means absolutely nothing.
No, actually it means less
than absolutely nothing.
You see, he's mocked your privacy.
He's scorned it.
Right, and we're not just talking about
the things that you already agreed to
when you signed,
probably without reading
the terms and conditions
of Octas 1 through 7.
Dylan, the FBI is here.
All right. Don't worry about it.
All right, go to plan C-4.
Lock the doors.
Hey, boss, I'm glad you're here.
Guys, look. We got to move
around, get in through the back.
These Horsemen are tricky, okay?
They got backup plans
on top of backup plans.
Hey, sorry, don't mean to gloat,
but I told you so.
Cut the bullshit, Rhodes.
We got an anonymous
phone call an hour ago.
Confirms everything
I've been telling her.
What are you talking about?
You sent agents
to Detroit and Philadelphia.
You've been crying wolf
so we wouldn't send them here.
- Boss, please.
- Keep working on the doors.
Please tell me that you haven't bought
into Cowan's crazy, paranoid fantasia.
Before we start the show...
We had Owen agree to a few terms
and conditions of our own.
So, everything that he had
once considered private...
That he thinks is really private...
Yeah, everything that he once
considered private is now...
Oh, my.
As the Horsemen like to say,
magic is about controlling perception.
You see them as champions of the truth,
but are they?
Or is that just another
one of their illusions?
- What's going on, Rhodes?
- This is crazy.
We got to get everyone
to the other exits.
- Let's go, to the back.
- No. You stay here.
So, since they clearly
love secrets...
Let's reveal some of theirs.
Danny, everyone, get off the stage.
Jack, go with them.
I'll see you at the meet-up point.
Let's go.
Do you recall the death of Jack Wilder?
What if I told you he's not just alive,
but he's actually right here.
And do you know who else is here?
The FBI.
Let's let them in, shall we?
And now, for the big reveal.
Go! Go! To the stage.
There's a fifth Horseman,
and he's the biggest
criminal of them all.
FBI agent, Dylan Rhodes.
- I knew it.
- What?
This is so much deeper
than you know, boss.
You think you're looking at one thing,
but you have no idea.
- Who are you?
- The same man I've always been.
Boys, I'm sorry.
You gotta be kidding me.
We've gotta get to the chute. Go!
- Who are those guys?
- Who cares? Come on!
- Hurry, hurry!
- Keep going!
How the hell could this happen?
I thought Dylan
had everything under control.
Yeah. Apparently he didn't.
Maybe you're the leak, Dan.
Where you been sneaking off to?
Don't you dare for a second
insinuate that I had...
- I'm not insinuating. That's your...
- Let's get to the truck, come on!
- Stay together!
- Move! Move!
Lula, come on!
Coming! Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Move it.
Why are you still here.
What the hell is going on?
- Wasn't there supposed to be a truck?
- Where the hell are we?
- Wasn't there supposed to be a truck?
- Where the hell are we?
What are you doing?
Get out!
What are you doing?
Get out!
We're working, get out!
Come on!
We're working, get out!
Come on!
Hey, hey!
Wait, did you mis-run the tube?
No, I put it in the truck.
I know I did!
Because we're really
not in the truck right now.
Somebody must
have moved the tube.
Somebody must
have moved the tube.
Get out!
Get out!
Were we above a Chinese restaurant?
Give me that!
Get out!
Were we above a Chinese restaurant?
Give me that!
- I'm moving! Relax!
- There's something very wrong.
- I'm moving! Relax!
- There's something very wrong.
- Get out!
- Get out, white devil!
- Get out!
- Get out, white devil!
Okay. Why are we here?
Why am I frickin' starving?
Yeah, I'm weirdly starving, too.
This makes no sense.
Excuse me, sorry.
Okay, sorry.
At least, and I know this
isn't much consolation,
but apparently
we're now surrounded by Chinese food.
- Right?
- Guys...
I think where we are right now, they
don't refer to it as "Chinese food."
It's just called "food."
Wait, what are you saying?
How is this possible?
I believe in your particular parlance,
the word is "magic."
That guy looks exactly like you.
He looks exactly like you.
Are you seeing this right now?
Must confess, it's like what I heard
about meeting the Rolling Stones.
They're a lot shorter in person.
Remember I told you about the guy
who screwed me out of everything?
This is my twin brother, Chase.
Wait, did you do this?
Wait, did you do this?
Don't move!
Don't move!
As you can see,
my boss don't mess around.
I do not understand what is
going on right now. At all.
Okay, let me break it
down for you.
You jumped off a rooftop in New York
and you landed in Macau.
AKA the Vegas of China.
And presto-changes.
Don't you just love it?
The "greatest magicians in the world"
are the object
of someone else's magic trick?
Isn't that poetic?
No? You know what,
I'm not gonna let you guys yuck my yum.
Shoo-shoo. Or mu-shu. Whatever.
Oh, and you know what they say,
"What happens in Macau..."
Uh, well, I don't know the rest of it,
'cause it's in Chinese, uh...
Hey, thanks, guys!
Reports are coming in
that the infamous Horsemen
hijacked the Octa product launch today.
The trick was on them, however,
as we learned of the miraculous
resurrection of Jack Wilder.
And the stunning revelation
that FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes
has been working as a mole
within the Bureau.
Questions abound today as an
international manhunt is underway
for Dylan Rhodes and his elusive
and criminal band of illusionists.
Hey, seriously, where are you guys?
I'm at the meetup.
I've been leaving you messages.
I haven't heard from anyone.
Please, call me!
And the stock market
saw big gains and modest
losses on Thursday.
Hey, tell me you're safe.
Where are you?
Right where you left me,
18 months ago, Agent Rhodes.
How does it feel
to lose everything?
Your job. Your identity.
Your reason for living.
How does it feel to be out of control,
perhaps for the first time?
What do you want?
You're a fool, Agent Rhodes.
You always have been.
- Where are they?
- I'm not telling you on the phone!
Where are they?
And if you're wondering if I was behind
the Horsemen's recent debacle,
I'll let you work
that out for yourself.
Hey, I burned you once, I'll burn
you again. I'm not playing, Thaddeus.
It's not my game,
Agent Rhodes. It's yours.
You started it when
you locked me in a cell.
This is simply my move.
Next one is yours.
Let go!
Dad! Help me! Dad!
It's all about blind spots.
When you're staring straight
at something, and not see it. Why?
Blind spots.
We learned that together,
didn't we, bro?
Did he tell you that
we were partners once?
No? I didn't think so.
The "Mini-McKinneys."
And then, one day, we were 12
and Virginia von Welsheim
had a very nice party
down the street.
I had a little tum-tum, couldn't go.
Mer-Bear did it on his own, and got
a taste of the solo thing, and uh...
- ...and kicked me to the curb.
- Oh, God.
Chase, you win! I concede.
Just tell me how you did it.
Delivery guy came to your door
about a month ago, little za.
Pizza, huh?
- Is this apartment d3375?
- Not even close.
Relaxing, floating,
drifting, dreaming...
So, what he did,
my little womb-mate,
is he downloaded all
your private information,
and my employer
had all he needed.
How did you know how to find him?
- That's a very good question, Atlas.
- Okay.
Just follow the guards.
They'll take you to my boss.
Been fun playing this cat-and-mouse
with you, broski.
Have fun at the Sands.
- I am so, so, so sorry.
- Yeah, you should be.
Don't ever accuse me
of betraying us again, okay?
Do you guys ever think that
the Eye is watching this?
You know, that maybe this
is even what they want?
And at the exact right moment,
they're gonna swoop in,
and we'll be like,
"Yes! Thank God you're here!
Thank God!
Just in the nick of time, Eye!"
And then we'll just celebrate,
and it was all worth it in the end?
I don't even really
think that, either, so...
It's cool.
So happy to be working with you.
Please, come in. Come in.
Please, come in. Come in.
Move it.
Move it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Move it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, sorry, how are you
working with us?
Oh, well, as much as a magician
who pulls a rabbit from a hat
is working with that rabbit.
We'll be working together. Yes.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Yeah, you're Walter Mabry.
You died a year ago.
Yes. An idea I got
from you, Mr. Wilder.
Fake your death,
the world puts its guard down.
I'm able to control
quite a few companies,
including my old partner, Owen's,
as a consortium of so-called
anonymous shareholders.
- And that violates how many SEC laws?
- I believe it breaks all of them.
All of them.
You see, you all want an audience.
Need one, desperately.
It's quite sad, really.
Hence, my ability to nab you.
I, on the other hand,
want the opposite of that.
I just want to be, and I am
100 percent off the grid.
You know why?
Yeah, because the grid
is for actual human beings.
No, because in a world
of total surveillance,
the only true freedom
lies in not being seen.
You can't control the grid
from within the grid.
- Follow me.
- Yeah.
- Follow me.
- Okay. All right.
You pulled a hat out of a rabbit.
That was very colorful.
Almost eight and a half years ago.
So, no need to bring that up.
We can't all be held accountable
for our adolescent personas.
Can we, Magicolio?
Magicolio, that was 15 years ago.
Don't get me wrong, I love magic.
Like you, and many others who,
I suppose, were not getting any sex
in high school, I dabbled with it.
But, uh, unlike you, I was able to
transition upward towards actual magic.
Science, you may
have heard it called.
So, would you like to know,
my friends, just how I got you here?
We know how you did it.
No, you don't.
Yeah, you stole our files for the show,
then obviously hypnotized us.
Stop. No. Seriously, stop.
The strobe was a combo
of binaural beats, as well as...
I said stop!
You might not be having fun,
but I am.
You have an unusual way of showing it.
How did I do it?
Easy. You see, magicians like to control
other people's perceptions.
In your heightened state of agitation,
you saw the simplest cues.
Black tube, roof.
And your minds filled in the rest.
But the tube you meant to go down
was 20 feet to your right.
Go on, sit down. There's no one
standing in your way.
Don't mind if I do.
Anyway, once in the tube,
yes, you're right...
Blah, blah, blah, the strobe contained
UV letters pulsing the word "sleep."
And that, combined with the sound,
put you into an instant alpha pattern.
Sleep, sleep, sleep.
And from then on,
it really was just fun.
And I can assure you,
you don't know what happened.
That's really creepy.
Really, really creepy.
That's not cool.
Yep, easy stuff, magic,
if you put your mind to it.
All right, that's enough.
So why are we here, then?
Besides you getting to show off
how adorably clever you are.
Well, to start with,
the man you stole from last year,
turns out I had invested quite a lot
of money in some of his companies,
so a lot of what you
stole was, in fact, mine.
Good news is, it's very easy for you
to pay me back.
I just need your skills.
Owen and I were like the Beatles,
if the Beatles had been...
Pretty sure the Beatles were geniuses.
And like them, we had a dream.
Could we create actual, genuine magic?
And I'm guessing one of you achieved
that dream, and it wasn't you?
That is what he
would like you to think.
My vision was a perfect blend
of elegance and technology.
But Owen wanted it for himself
so he humiliated me
by exposing my private files
to the board of directors
and convinced them
that I am unstable.
Did you take a picture of him
while he was sleeping?
He had me kicked out of
my own company,
and now he goes around
taking credit for a chip
that's not just the key to one computer,
but every computer
system on the planet.
It can un-encrypt anything,
crack the defense firewall,
manipulate markets,
and spy on anyone.
And now it's being sold
to the highest bidder.
If you're so rich,
why don't you just buy it?
So he gets the money?
And the pleasure? No.
No, no, no. Besides, why would I buy it
when I could have you steal it for me?
It's being previewed tomorrow
to the various suitors,
which will include your targets,
a crew lead by a South African gangster.
South African gangster.
Yes. How your team
gets past security, that's up to you.
But once you do, you just need
to inspect it and steal it.
That's it?
Come on, this is
perfect for you, isn't it?
You're magicians and thieves.
What makes you think we would even
consider doing this?
Um, oh, wait, I had a reason.
What was it? Oh, yes.
You see, back home,
you're wanted criminals.
But here, I control the police,
the casinos, the media.
I can give you a new life,
out of hiding.
And if you don't,
I'll have you killed.
You know what?
I'm not stealing a thing for you.
- Not unless Dylan tells me it's okay.
- Really? Dylan is where, exactly?
It doesn't matter. Yeah, I'm with him.
So you can go ahead and kill us
because I'm not gonna
steal anything for you either.
Strikes me that a consensus
seems to be forming, Walter,
and we're calling your bluff.
- Actually, we'll do it.
- What?
We're in Macau. The oldest
magic store in the world is here.
We'll get the supplies
we need, and we'll do it.
Thank you.
It should be fun.
Chase will take you
to the magic shop in the morning.
Agent Cowan. Your ID.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
It appears Mr. Bradley's
still at dinner.
Yeah? Tell him recess is over.
All right, so I made my move.
Where are they?
I don't have time for bullshit.
Oh, I have all the time
in the world, thanks to you.
And I didn't get to finish my lobster,
which makes me very grumpy.
Okay, let's cut the crap.
What do you want?
You can dispense with
the tough guy act to begin with.
You're too desperate
for it to be believable.
I said, what do you want?
You used a form 219 warrant
to search my room.
You found a connection
between me and the Four Horsemen.
Which means you can take me
out of here on a 24-hour leave.
- You want me to break you out?
- I want you to take me out.
All you need is an extradition order,
which you'll find in
that tray by my printer.
Dylan, I had nothing to do
with the Horsemen's disappearance.
You were lured into a trap.
And like Dorothy did
when she landed in Oz,
you're beginning to realize
that the only way out is through.
And I'm the only one
who can get you there.
You got this place wired.
You don't need me to get out of here.
This is all about payback.
- I believe in an eye for an eye.
- So you're out to destroy me?
Oh, absolutely.
You think I'm still gonna
play your little game?
I know you will.
Because no matter how hard you try
to find a culprit behind all this,
you're going to blame only yourself.
When your little vendetta ended with you
putting me in jail 18 months ago,
you got tired, you got sloppy.
You stopped paying attention.
And that's where you lost.
So, you can save yourself,
or you can make a deal with me,
and save the Four Horsemen,
and stop wasting both of our time.
Steal something for this narcissistic
little man boy? I don't like it.
But what I like less
is you deciding for us.
Yeah? Do you like that we're the
laughing stocks of the magic world,
and the fugitives
of the actual world?
Walter is right.
We have nowhere to go.
But we can fix that.
- We can fix it?
- Yeah.
So you're officially
part of the team now?
- Excuse me?
- I'm sure this is what Dylan
meant when he said we should
all work as a single organism.
Yeah, that is a fairytale
that Dylan tells himself, and tells us.
Look, even if we get this stick,
he'll never let us go.
We can't trust Walter, okay?
The Eye has a history in Macau.
They're the only ones we can trust.
Now, if we can get it to them,
they can clear our names
and get us the hell out of here.
It's a bad plan, man.
Hi, how are you?
Um, we need some
things custom-made.
Actually, by tomorrow.
We're kind of in a rush.
You have no idea what
I'm talking about, do you?
- Boy, customer.
- Okay.
Okay, don't rant.
I'm going.
Welcome to long's.
My name's Li. Not Bruce Lee.
- What?
- Got you.
- Okay.
- Look.
Where'd it go?
Oh! And now it's by my head. How fun.
- $20.
- $20?
No, thank you.
We're kind of in a rush.
- $10.
- Uh, no.
- Two for one.
- No.
Okay, all right.
Just give us the thumbs. Yeah?
Okay. Thanks a lot, Jack.
Please take these.
So, we need a Keplinger holdout,
and we also need roughing fluid,
a Sanada gimmick, sleeves, tracks.
This is all in plastic,
though, if you can.
This is all in plastic,
though, if you can.
Sleeves, tracks, all to be plastic.
All the props.
Sleeves, tracks, all to be plastic.
All the props.
It would be too crude.
It would be too crude.
Is there a problem?
My grandmother wants to know
why plastic? Plastic is cheap.
Sorry. Yeah, we need plastic
because we're...
We're going through a very sensitive
metal detector, okay?
So plastic, nothing. Metal...
It detects.
It detects.
Boss, even if you use plenty
of woo woo woo or like this.
Boss, even if you use plenty
of woo woo woo or like this.
I still don't understand.
What did she say?
She said just because you're
talking slowly and moving your hands
doesn't mean she can suddenly
understand English.
Oh, yeah. So sorry. He's racist.
Hey, bro. Listen, I know
that the only thing that we agree on
is that our mom and dad
had one too many children.
So why don't we just let
the kids play with their toys
and go get a little drinkey-poo?
- If it's free, it's me.
- Great. Guys, we'll be right back.
Okay, kiddies,
the chaperones are watching you.
Don't do anything I wouldn't enjoy.
Okay. Have fun, you two.
Hey. Can I use your phone?
It's kind of important.
- On the house.
- Thanks.
Who are you calling?
I'm arranging
to hand over the stick.
So that's how we've been
contacting the Eye?
You've been doing it
on your own?
Oh, God.
Dylan's not gonna like this.
I'm not really concerned
with what Dylan likes. Okay?
I'm doing this for us.
- What is wrong with this thing?
- Hey, relax, it's just a kid's toy.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
- Okay. Let me just...
- Ow!
Sorry, sorry. Jesus.
Hey, can you get this?
It's like birth, you know.
One person enters the hospital,
two people come out.
Walk and talk.
I'll tell you on the plane.
What plane?
My sources tell me
your Horsemen are in Macau.
- What's the look?
- It's none of your business.
Who are your sources?
Just some old friends.
When we have the card, where do I go?
And 0 for 52.
Well, it's perfect.
It's a perfect score.
Then what about girls?
Like, relationships?
Look, it's not
something I'm proud of,
but every girl I get close to,
I end up taking their trust.
And then their wallet.
- You take their wallets?
- Yeah.
You ever take their belts?
Or how about some peanuts
from the hotel bar?
Not sure why you took those.
I'm sorry, did you think
that I was like those other girls?
Oh, Jack.
Okay. So there's a marketplace
down the street.
And I'm meeting
a man with a blue hat.
He'll get the stick to the right people
and get us home.
You go grab Merritt, okay?
We got a lot to do.
And, hey, put your belt on.
Oh, no, it's not...
She took it off me and...
You know, the most
heartbreaking moment of my life
was when I discovered that you had
stolen all my money and split.
I didn't realize until now
how much of that money
you put into your face.
Seriously, is it weird to have more hair
in your nose than on your head?
Speaking of, next time
you get a hair transplant,
you might wanna consider requesting
something other than old man pubes.
You know what?
You are such a buffoon, Mer-Bear.
And this little ploy you have
of stalling me while your friends
screw over my employer?
Not gonna work.
Chase! As you stare into my eyes,
you will find that you wanna sleep.
When you wake, you will beg
for Merritt's forgiveness
and realize that you will never be
half the man that he is.
Merritt, I am so,
so very, very sorry
about how pathetic your pupil is.
Hey, a little hint
on your technique of surprise.
It lacks that all-essential
little element of surprise.
Hey, this has been fun, Mer-Bear.
Let's do it again sometime.
Well, I've had ample time
to do some research, and you know,
I was wrong.
I think the Eye
might actually be real.
Thought you didn't
buy into all that.
I'd be lying if I
said I didn't think
that this road would lead to
the great wizard behind the curtain
and, in the end,
I might get to see his face.
That ain't gonna happen.
Even if the fate of
the Horsemen depends on it?
Listen to me. I broke you out of there.
We're not changing the terms now.
- You put me there!
- Yeah, because you deserve to be there.
- Listen, I did not kill your father.
- What?
All right, all right,
let's just cut the bullshit.
I know who you are, Shrike.
I know you blame me
for your father's death.
I know you think I goaded him into
performing a trick he couldn't pull off.
I know the time in jail was a result
of a 30-year revenge plot against me.
Supposing that's all true,
you think I'd tell you now?
Thirty years.
Thirty years, and the greatest long game
magic trick ever created.
Just to put me behind bars. Okay.
So how did it feel, seeing me there?
Was it all you hoped?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're lying.
It was an empty experience.
And you wanna know how I know?
I know because you know.
There's always, always more
than what's on the surface.
So what, the past didn't happen,
and you're not who I think you are?
Now, don't tell me in 30 years
that's the first time you've
asked yourself that question.
I am not my father.
You're not getting in my head, okay?
You think you're luring me into a trap?
You're not.
Now, I am desperate,
which means I'm dangerous.
My only concern is the health
and well-being of the Horsemen.
And you're gonna lead me to them.
And if you don't, I promise you,
you're gonna end up far worse
than in some cushy jail cell somewhere.
What if the Horsemen
don't actually need you to save them?
All right. So the lab
is made up of two distinct layers,
the security perimeter
and the clean room.
The stick we're looking for
should be in this core.
So we're gonna have to
get underneath, extract it,
and replace it with a decoy.
Now, we're about to get to the chip.
This is the thing
about the chip, it's very thin.
Luckily, it's similar
in weight and size to a playing card,
so we're gonna have to
brush up on our card-istry.
Whoa, whoa!
That's no good.
So how do we get in?
Hannes Pike.
He's the son of
a South African gangster.
He's RSVP'd with what looks like
a couple of members
of his security detail.
A doctor, to vet it, I guess,
and somebody named Buffy.
Yeah, apparently, he travels
with a different bimbo every week. Hmm.
I wonder which one of us
gets to play the bimbo.
Hey, can I get in?
At the soothing sound of the slots
you slip into a serene state
of slumber and sleep.
Jack, for a moment,
They will think you're Hannes,
so lead them out and keep them busy.
You trust your people implicitly.
You will have them
take care of everything,
and you will wait in the car.
And eyes open, wide awake. Go.
Excuse me.
These people are following me.
You might wanna
check their pockets.
You might wanna
check their pockets.
- Hold it.
- Where are you going?
- Hold it.
- Where are you going?
- Body search.
- What is this?
Then our time is
ticking to infiltrate the lab
and get the card to the market,
where I'll hand it off to the Eye,
so we can all get the hell home.
Hannes, my old friend.
So glad you could make it.
I knew you had a soft spot
for an old-school bidding war.
How have you been?
I trust my people implicitly.
What they say goes.
Certainly. But I'm sure
you'd like to see it for yourself.
Hold it in your hands,
check the build quality.
Or not. Also fine.
Well, if you'd like to follow me.
You'll have to remove all your metal.
Watches, rings, etc.
- Yeah, of course.
- Excuse me for asking...
Where might I have seen you before?
I don't know, probably
one of my many symposiums.
The book jacket!
I have to say, Dr. Michaelakis,
I'm a huge fan.
Oh, thank you so much.
Uh, which book?
There have been so many...
Does Hannes' chippy
always talk for you, Doctor?
Sorry, when you say "chippy,"
you are referring to Buffy here, yeah?
Of course.
Hannes prefers the term "floozy"
for all his boy toys.
- Yeah. He does. That's good.
- Noted.
By the way,
I got your email, Dr. Michaelakis.
You had a query about our ability
to maintain quantum coherence
at room temperature
without the use of dilution,
refrigerators, or error correction.
Do you care to elucidate?
- Right.
- Yeah.
Yes, I did send that email.
- The other day, I saw you.
- I did, I sent it. So what gives?
I'm sorry, what gives...
I think what she's trying to say...
Actually, the grown-ups
are having a meeting, Buffy.
If you'll hold on to that.
- Yeah, sure, Doctor.
- Thank you.
Now, every seventh grader,
even the dumb ones,
know the second law
of thermodynamics.
"All ordered systems
tend toward disorder." Disorder!
So I'm going to ask you one
more time, sir, what gives?
Well, it's actually
topological quantum order.
The emergence of quantum effects
on a macroscopic level.
So that is, in fact, what gives.
Thank you.
You know,
Buffy is not a bad name for you.
You know, buff, firm, taut.
That's good.
Did you just find a thesaurus somewhere?
- That's good. Thank you. Okay.
- There we go.
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
Go out first.
Go out first.
The stick's metal.
How are we going to get it out?
Yeah. I don't know.
This is the housing.
820 million qubit miles
of digi-synaptic resonance.
But of course, what sets us apart
from anything else on the planet
is the processor, which we playfully
refer to as the Magic Broomstick.
The Broomstick?
Has the power to clear the contents
of any computing system on the planet
and then magically
sweep them into your bin.
Oh! Broomstick. That's funny.
Take a look, vet it however you'd like,
and tell Hannes we'll be
taking bids on Monday.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
I must be allergic to something in here.
What could you possibly be
allergic to in here?
- This room is hermetically sealed.
- That's it.
I'm allergic to hermetic seals.
If we could get him away
from the computer, please.
- That's the one thing.
- Just until he's recovered.
We're gonna need some anti-bac...
Do we have alcohol wipes?
Your hands need to be sterile
if you intend to get any closer.
Do I make myself clear?
- Sorry. We couldn't...
- No, I'm fine.
...take his medicine into the country.
Can't risk any contamination.
You're gonna have to stay away
from the inner workings.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- All right. If you're done...
- Oh. Here you go.
Sorry about this.
Okay. I'm okay.
This happens to him sometimes.
It'll pass.
Allergies. Nothing you can do.
Well, something you could do, Doctor.
Search him, please.
Didn't we just do that?
Are you serious?
Okay. I wanna run
full diagnostics on the system.
Take off your jacket.
This is completely unnecessary.
Take off your jacket.
This is completely unnecessary.
Raise up both hands.
Let me see your hands.
Turn around.
Spread your hands.
Don't move.
Don't moving here and there.
Turn around.
Up, up.
Up, up.
Up, up,
Up, up.
Up, up.
Up, up.
Up, up.
Up, up.
Up, up.
Over there, thank you.
Hey! I can walk on my own.
Over there, thank you.
Hey! I can walk on my own.
Don't start any trouble.
Don't start any trouble.
Don't start any trouble.
Hey, get up quickly.
Hey, get up quickly.
Get up, lady.
Raise your hands.
Raise your hands.
Open up your hands.
Turn around.
Raise up your hands.
Raise up your hands.
I can do that myself.
We just met, man.
Handsy, handsy, handsy.
The other side.
My eyes are up here, man.
How do you like it?
What's that?
- Don't move.
- Let me look at your hand.
Hey, I'm good.
- Don't move.
- Let me look at your hand.
Hey, I'm good.
Hey, I'm good.
Stop. Slowly turn yourself around.
Raise up both of your hands.
Stop. Slowly turn yourself around.
Raise up both of your hands.
Turn around.
Stop. Slowly turn yourself around.
Raise up both of your hands.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Slowly turn around.
Do you hear me?
Don't move.
Do you have anything?
I don't know.
Can't trust anybody.
- I'm good.
- They're clean.
- I'm good.
- They're clean.
They're clean.
They're clean.
They're okay.
Do your final checks
and get them out of here.
They're okay.
Do your final checks
and get them out of here.
Oh, we're walking
this way again. Yay.
I don't speak the language.
What did I tell you, man?
We didn't have anything.
Thanks, pal. Appreciate that.
4 guys from the inside are coming out.
Get ready.
Something about a big white dance floor,
makes me wanna boogie.
Hey, thanks for having us.
That's great stuff.
Are you ready?
Hold it.
Hold it.
You guys are pretty serious
about your security, huh?
Hold on a moment.
Hold on a moment.
Do I have all my things?
I feel like I came in with more stuff.
Did I come in with more stuff?
Did I come in with more stuff?
Still want to start some trouble.
Did I come in with more stuff?
Did I come in with more stuff?
Walk out of here.
Walk out of here.
You don't think so?
Walk out of here.
You don't think so?
Okay, next person.
Uh, sir, I think you
still have my wallet.
Okay, next person.
Uh, sir, I think you
still have my wallet.
Remember, I, uh, gave it
to you when I came in?
It would be nice to leave with it.
Wallet coming through.
Wallet coming through.
Wallet coming through.
Wallet coming through.
Hey, what are you doing?
Sorry, my belt.
I guess that's everything, right?
Thank you.
- That is not a toy, Buffy.
- Sorry.
Go, go, go!
All right.
Drop me off at the market
so I can get this to the Eye.
You asked me to call you
when they started
running around like headless chickens.
Well, that's what's happening.
This is where your sources
told you they'd be?
No, this is where my sources said
we might find an answer.
You're not dead yet?
You're still alive, huh.
What good deed did you do
that let you out?
She must be familiar with your work.
Excuse me.
Miss, have you seen these people?
Have you seen them?
My grandson and him,
their leader, have spoken.
He's inside.
Follow me.
She says her grandson
spoke to their leader.
Follow me.
She says her grandson
spoke to their leader.
He's in the back.
No "Wow, you speak Mandarin"?
You deserve it.
You coming or what?
Little Li.
Little Li.
Little Li, where are you?
Little Li.
Little Li...
Ah! The Coffin to the Beyond.
It was always a flap,
or a trap or mirrors.
The audience thought
he'd just disappeared.
But he was always
hidden somewhere inside.
I believe that's the prototype
for the one your father had made.
He, like many others over the years,
ordered his supplies from here.
Of course.
That's why you gave me the look
when I said they were in Macau.
Your father used to come here
when you were young.
Can I please get some space here?
If you think you're the only one who'd
wondered for 30 years what happened...'re not.
Lionel was a master magician.
Either he gamed the hinges,
so he could kick the door
and they would pop out,
or he had access to the lock
from the inside so he could pick it.
Word is the safe was made
from cheap metal, and it bowed.
Still, he always had
something up his sleeve.
Unless he'd reached the limit of
his capabilities and his clock ran out.
Excuse me. My grandmother
has something you might want.
This was your father's.
He had several of these made.
Your father,
wanted me to hand this to you.
Thank you.
And the Horsemen?
I overheard them talking.
One of them, Atlas, he's meeting
someone at the market nearby.
As for former Agent Rhodes,
his location is now
your number one priority.
We're putting out an international APB.
We have Interpol, including cooperation
from local authorities.
Agent Cowan.
I'm assuming it was actually not you
who walked into Newburgh Federal Prison,
then walked out 30 minutes later
with Thaddeus Bradley?
- What?
- He used your ID.
What are you doing, Rhodes?
- Atlas, hey.
- Dylan.
- I blew it, I'm sorry.
- What are you doing here?
I'm here to help now.
Okay, we definitely
don't need your help.
I know I messed up, all right?
Yeah, you put everybody's
lives in danger.
- Where is everybody?
- Where is everybody?
I can't be seen with you,
actually, right now.
I got it now, okay?
I appreciate you taking
the time to take control
for a little while.
- Hey, I'm actually... Yeah?
- Yeah, but I got it now, all right?
- You do?
- Yeah.
You look like you can
get some rest, buddy.
- Who you meeting here?
- I'm not meeting anybody.
They told me at long's
you were meeting somebody.
At long's?
Okay, yeah, no, I am, um...
I'm meeting somebody from the Eye.
Yeah, no, they agreed to meet me
to exchange this computer chip
for our lives back.
So that's what it's come to now.
I hope you're happy
with the situation you've put us in.
You're talking to the Eye?
Why are you talking to the Eye?
Atlas, give me the stick.
Dylan, you're not our
leader anymore, okay?
You're not our hero.
You're not FBI.
You're not a magician.
You're not really anything.
And we trusted you for a year.
So if you really wanna help us...
If you really...
If you really wanna help us,
you would leave.
I get it. Cool. Bye.
Hello, hello!
Yeah, that was me you called
at the magic shop.
So much fun though, knowing you'd be
scurrying away from me at the lab
just to bring it to me here.
Did you actually think I'd let you go?
- How did you do that?
- Everyone has their button.
You push it and they go blind.
And yours, obviously, is ego.
"Stay the course.
Great changes are in store.
Trust that your unique talents
will not go unrecognized."
- That was you.
- Yeah.
Merritt downloaded all the files,
but how do you think
we were able to find him?
Your phone.
I asked to see the face
behind all of this.
What you actually put your phone on
was a bi-wave siphon pad.
Once again,
science beats magic.
- So, the stick?
- No.
I got it!
I got it. I got it.
- Fuck, Dylan!
- Wait, leave them!
You really think
I'm gonna walk away from you?
Give me the stick!
Give me it!
All right.
Don't ever question me again. Beat it!
- So, the stick.
- Go to hell.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
There's like 10 of you.
Come on, he's just doing tricks.
He's there! Go!
Get up.
Get up.
Move it.
Dylan, watch the pretty birdies fly.
And sleep.
- Doesn't work on me.
- Not even as a distraction?
- Good job.
- Nice to be involved.
You want to break something?
Get up.
Hey, guys! Guys! Hey!
- I just saw Dylan, something happened.
- What do you mean you just saw Dylan?
Dylan's here?
What happened?
- Atlas.
- I don't know.
- Watch it. Watch it.
- Good. Okay, okay.
What are they doing?
- Watch it. Watch it.
- Good. Okay, okay.
What are they doing?
Those are Walter's men.
This is what they want.
What the hell?
How do you still have that?
Whoa. That's Lionel Shrike's safe.
What the hell
do they want with that?
Okay, we gotta
follow that truck.
They must have Dylan.
We don't have much time.
What do you want?
You to understand something
very important.
We are mirror images.
You see, because like you,
I share a very deep connection
with my father.
And like you, I'll stop at nothing
to avenge any wrongs done to him.
You know the only difference
between your father and mine?
Mine's still alive.
Get him up.
So, this is the man
who spent a lifetime
plotting against me.
I wouldn't have known your face
if it had been on a billboard
outside my bedroom window.
But you have spent, what,
30 years thinking about mine?
When my father died,
your insurance company
denied my mother her claims.
- I wouldn't even have known...
- She died a pauper!
...who your mother was.
She was a digit, a nanobyte
in a stream of data.
Because nothing is personal to you
and everyone and everything
is just a number, isn't that so?
That is where you are wrong,
Mr. Rhodes.
Once you made yourself known
it became very personal.
- My son...
- Yeah, the sociopath.
Funny thing is, I have seven
so-called legitimate children.
Sniveling, snobbish, stupid runts.
I have one illegitimate child
who is a lot like me.
The point is,
he wants something,
and like any good parent, I will
stop at nothing to get it for him.
Your Horsemen have it.
You will turn it and them
over to us, now.
Dylan, I would like you
to really take this moment in
because this is the consequence
of your personal vendetta come to life
and staring you in the face.
I want you to know
that when you're gone,
we're not going to stop.
We're gonna destroy
everything you believe in,
starting with the Horsemen,
and ending with the Eye.
Now then, cast your mind back
to standing by the banks of the river
watching your father descend,
disgraced and discredited.
The horrid psychic pain
as you have relived for years.
I felt that same thing two years ago
as you drained not just my father's
fortune, but his dignity!
And yet you took pleasure from it.
This should bring back
some childhood memories.
This should bring back
some childhood memories.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
- Get over there!
- Get up!
Get moving.
Get over there.
Don't move!
- Would you like some tea?
- Oh. Thank you.
- You ready?
- Over to you.
Job done!
Hell is going to
seem like a day at the spa
by the time we're through
with these Horsemen.
- Wouldn't you say?
- You had me at "hell."
I love you so much.
Always keep something up my sleeve.
I wish I could dredge
from the muck of my soul
one speck of remorse,
but I can't.
So I'll stick to the business at hand
and try not to smile too broadly.
And, uh, thank you for delivering
Mr. Dylan Rhodes.
I take it it's done.
Literally hit the bottom.
- Now, where are the Horsemen?
- They're performers.
Their pride, their ego, their need
to be adored are all too powerful
to keep them out of
the limelight for long.
If they don't make themselves known,
you will find yourself
in a very similar position
to Mr. Rhodes.
- Are we clear about that?
- As clear as the water he's under.
You'll have the rest
when I have the Horsemen.
Dylan, come on, buddy, breathe!
- Dylan.
- Dylan?
Dylan, come on!
You're okay.
Jesus! You scared
the hell out of us, man.
- Are you all right, bro?
- Okay!
- Thank you!
- This is the least I could do.
No. There's a hell of a lot
less you could've done.
That was not an option.
You took a bullet for us, it was huge.
You really did, man.
Thanks for pulling me out.
You got yourself out.
We did the easy part.
Literally, in my case,
I was just standing on the shore
while Atlas jumped down and got you.
I'm serious.
Hey, you guys.
Something's not right.
- What's wrong?
- What?
- It's fake.
- What?
No, I had the stick.
The actual stick.
I swear, it was in my hand,
in the lab, and then I put it in
the little case thing.
- And I gave it to Atlas.
- Right, which I then gave to Dylan.
Is there any chance you've possibly
misplaced it at any point?
No, I took it from you
and then slipped it back in your coat
when I pushed you out.
Either way, we're left holding
a whole sack full of nada.
Yeah, but they're gonna come after us
as if we do have something.
No. Okay. I agree that somebody
got the better of us. Okay? Somehow.
But I don't agree
that we have a sack full of nada.
Because we're all here.
That's a sack full of something.
Listen, we all know that Walter is not
going to stop until he gets that chip.
And we're the only ones
that even know that he's alive.
We can't just walk away.
That's not what the Horsemen do.
There's a quote. Um...
It's actually by the magician
that made me wanna do this
in the first place.
It's, uh...
"A magician's greatest power lies
forever shrouded in his empty fist."
"And the very idea
that he can convince the world
that he is, in fact,
carrying with him a secret."
- That's Lionel Shrike.
- Right.
So what are you saying?
That we should pretend like
we have something we don't?
- What is Walter's greatest fear?
- Being seen.
- And what does the stick do?
- The stick can unencode anything.
It can open up a back door
into any computer on the planet.
- Including his.
- Yeah.
Right, we not only make him
think that we have it,
but that we're going to use it
to expose and destroy him.
We need a plan.
But we don't have time.
We have each other
and there are five of us.
But we also need supplies, right?
And resources.
And probably more than five people.
Do you really think
you don't have help?
Oh, she speaks English.
Of course. Yeah.
Do you know why the Fool is
the most powerful card in the tarot?
Not because the person
who draws him is a fool.
He's a fool because he's a clean slate,
and, therefore, can become anything.
You were chosen.
All of you.
Not because of who you are,
but because of who you might become.
When you say "chosen"...
Are you part of the Eye?
Yes. We are part of the Eye.
You've each doubted our existence.
Wondering if we,
indeed, were watching.
We are.
We always have been.
This is the best
magic shop in the world.
- You know what she's saying, right?
- Yes.
That now we have
resources and help.
Thank you.
So, who's in?
- I'm in.
- Yeah, I'm in.
Let's do this.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
No, no, no.
Not long ago, we were tricked.
I was exposed
and brought back from the dead.
So we thought it was only fitting
that we do the same thing
- to the person who did it to us.
- Midnight, New Year's Eve. London.
We will be performing a series of shows
that all connect to our big finale,
so pay close attention to each trick.
Get my father.
I want Interpol, Scotland Yard,
whoever we have in London.
What do we know about Rhodes?
Wherever the Horsemen are,
that's where he is.
Let's get to the airport.
So leave your kiddies
at home and get ready for a wild night,
because we, too, will bring
someone back from the dead.
Let's move, everyone!
In front of
the largest stage in the world...
The actual world.
You know they're playing you, right?
Leading you into a trap?
Yeah, but the threat is real.
This card can hack into any system
on the planet, including ours.
They have it, why wouldn't
they use it to expose us?
Me. Everything we've done.
Is it real, Mr. McKinney?
The threat is real.
So, how do we stay
ahead of them?
We need to get
to London by midnight.
We are here in London
on this New Year's Eve,
and the crowds are out in force.
Locals and tourists alike
getting ready for
the party of the year.
A video gone viral from the infamous
Horsemen magicians has surfaced.
They promise
to make a grand reappearance.
But will it end in
their arrest on national television?
Or some sort of vindication?
Who knows where they'll show up...
But we do know, wherever,
whenever that is,
people will be watching.
Yeah, texts, tweets, Instagrams.
Anything that says "Horsemen,"
brags about seeing the Horsemen,
tag them and bundle them.
Dad, who do we have security-wise
on this? Your guys?
Whoever you want.
Well, we want all of them
and all their friends.
Anyone who wants to work
stationed throughout the city,
so they can be anywhere in 60 seconds.
Hello! Hey!
My name's Jack Wilder.
Goddamn, it feels good to be back.
All right, gather around. Indulge me.
I wanna talk to you about
something real quick.
You all know Three Card Monte,
also known as "Find the Lady"?
Trick performed by street hustlers all
over the world. And why street hustlers?
Because as soon as you walk up
to the table, you lose.
Every time.
Let me demonstrate.
While we're at it,
let's find ourselves a life-sized Queen.
Ma'am, would you
mind being my Queen?
Don't worry. I promise you
there's a 50 percent chance
you'll get her back after the show.
Head over there.
Thank you very much.
All right. Let's find ourselves
some Jacks to serve our Queen!
Trust me, gentlemen.
I know how these guys work now.
They're gonna start with a tease.
A few little pop-ups.
Something to lure you in. Like...
Well, you know, like Three Card Monte,
where the guy goes,
"Looky here, but no, no, looky here!"
Except when all these
little tricks are done,
the only thing
you're gonna be looking at
is the inside of your own colon,
with the words
"Horsemen" written all over it.
In blood.
We get the picture, Mr. McKinney.
And get out of my chair.
Hello, everybody!
Come close, come on!
All right, all right, so listen.
Tonight, I am going to make
something fly using actual magic.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
I'm going to take
a very large vessel,
I'm gonna make it fly over there
and land on the Thames.
Can you handle that?
Same rules apply as before.
All you need to do is
keep your eye on the Queen.
It's as simple as that.
- Are you guys ready?
- Yeah!
Dad, look at this.
Tag this one.
Where does it come from?
Near the river.
Looks like the shows are starting.
But we're not the only ones
who found them.
- What do you mean?
- It's on Channel One.
- Let's go to 2.
- Here we go.
Got him. We have a location.
It's Jack Wilder.
Here come the Horsemen.
Okay, we're moving.
Let's go, let's go.
Typing in grid coordinates now.
Turn around.
Hide yourselves with the cards.
And here we go. Switch!
You guys still have your eye on her?
You want me to go back and do it?
Okay, all right. I'm moving on.
And switch.
Where is she?
Down at the end?
You sure?
All right, can I get a drumroll
from my man in the back?
Thank you very much.
There's my girl.
Not my girl, 100 percent your girl.
But just in this situation.
Okay, but I gotta warm up
a little bit first. Okay?
So, uh, let me just
make something small fly, like...
Fly, fly, fly!
Wow, right? Look at that!
Aw. Come on, people.
Tough crowd. You, fly!
- Me?
- Check your fly.
You like that?
You support that relationship?
That guy had a bird in his pants.
That's disgusting.
Copy that.
We've got two sightings reported.
- Heading to Greenwich Market.
- Get me Thaddeus.
Thaddeus, the FBI are here.
They're moving.
Let 'em move.
That's what the Horsemen want.
Well, what if they get there first?
That can't happen.
I guarantee you, they won't.
Find the pattern.
You do that, and you'll be able
to cut them off
before they get to their final trick.
If it makes you feel better,
I'll take care of the FBI.
OK, well, I guess you found me!
We've got a third spot.
Okay, everybody,
we're getting a pattern.
Urn... Give me two, 13 and 21.
What the hell is that?
Freeze that and zoom in.
How the hell did this happen?
He's dead. We watched him drown.
How the hell did this happen?
Given that it did happen,
the pertinent question is,
what are we gonna do about it?
We're gonna stop him, Dad.
We'll stop him.
Where's my coat?
Walter, for the record,
I never loved the safe idea.
Oh, I know
where they're going.
The next show is Merritt's
and it's by the river.
Chase, you need
to get to him
so we can find the Horsemen's
entry point for the finale.
I have a confession to make. I've been
told I have some control issues.
I've learned that it's really,
really hard to control people,
so I'm gonna try to control something
that's a lot easier than people.
I'm gonna try to
control the weather.
Yeah, rain, um...
It'd be a little difficult
to make it rain, right?
That would be something
that only God can do, right?
I'm gonna do something
that God can't do.
I'm not just gonna make it clear up.
No, no, no.
I'm gonna make it actually stop.
And can God do that?
Mmm. No, I don't think so.
Or what about make it go up?
Are you still with me?
Watch the Queen on the left.
Let's do it. Turn around.
Show me the lady.
Show me the lady!
The end? End?
You know what?
I'm actually starting to feel kinda bad.
It's just because I can actually feel
that you guys are paying attention.
It's just that...
You know, it's unfortunate
that it's the wrong kind of attention.
Yeah, we need a fresher bird.
He's so cute. He's so cute!
Let's kill him, right?
- Merritt, move into position.
- Got it, Dylan.
Uh, I'm on my way.
I'll see you there.
Lula, stand by, all right?
Or, what about just go,
I don't know, just go insane?
Reports are
coming in from all over London
as the Horsemen appear to have taken
over the whole city for their show.
Hey, broski-whaddya-knowski?
Where you headed?
- Please, bro, don't do this.
- Where are you headed?
North, south, east?
East. Tower of London?
Tower Bridge?
Near Tower Bridge? The Thames!
You're going to
the Thamesy-Whemsy! You're so easy!
Bro, if there's any chance of us
ever having a relationship...
There's not.
Where's your entry?
South Bank? Greenwich? Greenwich.
I know where you're going.
I know where...
Watch it, hobo.
Hey, Merritt. Oh, come on.
Tell me you're kidding. How?
Shit. All right. All right, I got it.
Don't worry about it.
I'll warn the others.
Sorry. Just...
What? I just told you...
Phone call.
- Hello?
- Lula.
Dylan. Ah, yeah, kind of in the middle
of something right now.
Wrap it up.
Meet me at the rendezvous point now.
- What?
- Now!
Was that an act of God?
No. No, no, no,
that was an act of me
And the strobe lights
and rain machines.
And I hope you guys
were paying attention.
Because you're gonna need to know
all of that for the final.
So how did I do it?
Did I use a Barry Trap?
Maybe some switches
or a few duplicates?
Wham Jack, go now!
You know what?
I hate to say it.
You're gonna have to wait to find out.
I know.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I love you all.
Lula, go!
I have to go.
Out of the way, FBI!
Move, move, move! Go!
Get some men in that park!
Men in the park, now!
You gonna fill up on appetizers?
Or save room for
the main course?
Where the hell
are the Horsemen?
You can chase them
all you want,
you're just gonna wind up
holding your own tails.
Or, you can let them
come to you.
So, what's it gonna be?
Chase them?
Or make a deal with me?
Again? How did we
get found out again?
It's fine, it's fine.
We'll just cut to the finale.
- Where's Merritt?
- Fine. I don't know.
I'm here.
- Where's Lula?
- I'm right here!
What the hell happened?
- My goddamn brother happened.
- Don't worry about it.
We just gotta get to the destination.
- Lula, can you handle that thing?
- I can ride it.
Have you asked the guys
that question, or just me?
- Yeah, good point.
- Let's go!
No, Jack.
Jack's down. We gotta get him.
Come on, move!
- Jack! Go, go!
- That's the brake.
That's the gas.
You'll figure it out.
Come on, follow me!
That's it?
- Hey, ready?
- Yeah!
Get on.
- Yeah!
- Okay, guys, I'm coming!
Whoa! Jesus!
I'm coming!
- Get up! Come on!
- Okay.
You got me.
Those things are really dangerous!
- Come on!
- Go!
Get him in! Move it!
What is happening?
Where are they?
They should be
arriving any second.
That is, if they're gonna
get here by midnight.
Okay, feeling fear.
Fear. Anger, anger.
- Oh, full house!
- That's enough.
I was done.
So nice to see you all again.
But since we're such old friends,
let's skip the formalities.
One of you
has something we require.
So give it over.
Nothing at all?
Sit down!
Let's go, let's go!
Let's go, let's go!
Hurry up and move them quickly
before they can do anything.
Get those lights off me!
Get on the plane!
Ow! Hey!
Get on the plane!
- Hey!
- Whoa, whoa, hey!
Yeah, uh, take off immediately.
You know, you make it almost too easy?
I mean, even your hilarious attempts
to make yourselves unpredictable,
just follow the same pattern each time.
Set up, set up, set up.
Big reveal.
Which tonight was going
to be stroke of midnight,
middle of the Thames?
Tell me if I'm warm.
Well, there will be a big reveal,
and it will come now.
The stick, dear boy.
- No.
- Fine.
Start with her.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey!
- Give it to him.
- Danny, give him the card.
- Just give it to him.
- Danny, come on.
We'll have a closer look.
Okay, I owe you an apology.
Leader, you should have
planned an escape, okay?
- This is the both of us.
- Okay, it's the both of us.
- Guys, come on!
- Come on, stop!
- You, to save your little girlfriend!
- To save my...
- He had a knife to her head!
- I'm a Horseman, you dick!
All right, you know what?
This is not the time!
And you, what's your deal, man?
Look, they're not gonna get blood
all over the seats.
They're probably gonna
throw us out of the plane.
- Really?
- I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I just have to
say congratulations.
And thank you!
It's real.
It's real?
Bring them through.
Did you say it's real?
What is he talking about?
Well done, my boy.
Cote Du Marisule champagne.
It's the most expensive bottle on Earth.
$1.2 million.
And I saved it just for this occasion.
Honestly, same bottle,
Liquor Shack, 700K.
Hey. You got what you wanted.
So, does this mean
you're letting us go?
Knowing what you
know about us? No.
- You sure?
- Chase, what shall we do?
Toss them out.
Get your last words
in quickly, everybody!
- No! Come on! No!
- Farewell.
Oh, God! No!
Wait! I just wanna say...
I came into the world
with the wrong family,
but I'm leaving with the right one.
I love you guys!
- No!
- No, no, no!
This is how I kicked
you out of the womb.
Who's next?
No, wait! Let me go!
Let go of me!
No, no, no!
- Let me go!
- Toss her!
Oh, God!
Hurry up and shut that door!
It's getting cold in here.
Okay, hit the road, Jack!
No, no, no!
A lot of brain,
but not enough brawn.
Oh, that was fun!
Cheers! Well done, my boy.
No, is it supposed to taste like that?
No, it is not.
What the hell is going on?
Okay, come pick them up!
- Come on.
- Come on out.
Ladies and gentlemen... The Horsemen!
No, you should feel pretty
good about yourself, man.
You predicted it correctly.
The Thames, stroke of midnight.
New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!
- We are moving now.
- The whole thing just changed.
- All backup into position stat!
- We're on the move.
- You're staying here!
- Of course.
Move! Move! Out of the way!
Wow! Thank you very much, London!
We would like to acknowledge not just
our old friend, Arthur Tressler.
But his young and very
brilliant son, Walter Mabry.
Who has performed one of the
greatest feats of illusion
even we have ever seen.
He has, amazingly, brought
himself back from the dead!
But before he did that,
he revealed someone.
And we think it only right
to give him a proper introduction.
He is our friend and he is our leader.
Dylan Shrike!
- Get over here!
- Yeah!
So, normally
only the magician, his assistant,
and a few trusted stage hands
know the secret of a trick.
But tonight, however, in this effect,
all of you people
around the Thames here.
And since we're streaming live,
everyone around the world
already knows everything.
And only these fellows
here are the ones left in the dark.
So let's see how closely
you were watching our shows.
Remember when we were playing
"Find the Lady," and I said
that we used a Barry Trap.
Some classic switches
and a few duplicates?
Well, that's how we switched
the driver of the truck.
Which took us to a duplicate hangar
where we used your need to rush,
and your fear of being seen
let you do the work for us.
Get those lights off me!
So, the airplane.
How did we get it to fly?
Well, we used fans,
and lights and rain machines.
Obviously, all of this was
reliant on us getting caught.
But we needed to make sure
that you would do exactly
what we needed you to do
once you did catch us.
My brother Chase, who was
technical adviser to the losing team.
He taught us that it's
all about blind spots.
I know where you're going!
And, uh, surprises.
Watch it, hobo.
Why don't you watch
the watch I'm wearing,
the where of where
you're watching, and sleep!
It's going to be your idea to throw
the Horsemen out of the plane.
If all of this is
kind of confusing to you,
I can maybe catch you up on it later.
Probably see you what, three to five?
Come on, put it there.
Hey! Tit for tat, bro!
Basically, we showed them everything.
How you kidnapped us to steal the very
thing that is in your pocket right now.
You know, this thing here,
which you said you could
use to adjust markets,
manipulate governments,
and spy on whomever you choose.
Also, you could, as you said,
control the public
from outside the grid.
These men destroy people's lives.
Spying on the world, robbing you
of your right to privacy.
And they do that
by hiding in the dark.
So, in the Horsemen tradition,
we're here to expose them.
Tonight, they, like all of us,
are finally stepping into the light.
Thank you, everybody!
We are the Horsemen
and we will be back very soon!
Five, four, three, two, one!
- Hey, we're on the clock.
- Get a move on.
There they are!
- There's more inside.
- Don't you bloody touch me!
The Horsemen are over on the...
Oh, shit!
Stay with them!
Everybody spread out!
Nobody leaves this barge!
Rhodes, hold it right there!
Do not move!
This contains everything.
Not just Walter and Tressler,
but all their dealings.
All their contacts,
the entire network.
And why on Earth
would I believe you?
I told you.
I'm the same man I've always been.
Move it! Come on!
Let's go, go, go!
I'm not part of this
organization! I'm Merritt.
I'm a patsy!
I'm a patsy!
Ten minutes.
Now you're playing
the long game.
Dad, I promise you I will fix this.
You can't. Stop calling me dad.
There were so many women,
I have no idea whose bastard you are.
- What happened?
- Thin air, gone. Come with me.
What're you talking about, gone?
People don't just disappear.
You realize that he doesn't actually
have magical powers!
- Hey, guys.
- Hey!
- Good to see you all.
- Good to see you, Li.
Come on in.
Good morning. Welcome.
I'm proud of you.
All of you.
I have a lot to show you. Come.
Your father and I were partners.
Our act was that of rivals.
I was the hard-eyed realist.
He was the dreamy-eyed idealist.
We thought it was the perfect misdirect.
Yes, in public, I did goad him.
The only thing we didn't count on
was it going so wrong.
Why didn't you ever say anything to me?
I don't know.
Give it a name.
Shame, guilt. Regret.
Hey, guys, uh, you might
wanna come take a look at this.
I put you in jail, man.
Why didn't you
say something then?
Well, you know, I was going to.
But then, you were so quick to show
your personal motivations that...
Well, quite frankly
it spoiled the trick for me.
I showed my weakness.
Well, it showed you weren't ready.
But when you came back to my cell,
you had let go of your
30-year vendetta against me...
...for your Horsemen.
And I said to myself,
"That's Lionel's boy."
And I knew it was my job to see to it
that he became the magician
he was born to be.
All that was left then was...
For me to hit bottom.
So the safe, my father's wristwatch,
that was all you?
Walter and Tressler,
were they in on it too?
Oh, we knew
Walter was in hiding.
The Octa show was a setup
to expose him to the public.
And you were right
about the Horsemen.
They needed to learn to work together
like a single organism.
Now I know why
you look so familiar.
You're the Horsemen, aren't you?
But that can't be
what all this is about.
You know, the best tricks
work on many levels.
And the deepest one,
for me, at least,
is this moment right here.
I'm sorry, Dylan.
I miss your father.
Thirty years is a long time to drag
something around, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
So, now what?
- Now I'm about out of moves.
- Oh...
And I'm tired.
Come on, you're the one who said
that you believe that this road
led to the great wizard
behind the curtain.
I did.
And that you'd finally
get to look him in the eyes.
I am.
It's your game now.
You play it however you see fit.
My suggestion, however, is that
you find yourself a successor.
Hi. Okay, so, um...
Well, obviously,
we have a few questions. Right?
Uh... By "a few,"
I think he means, like, five million.
- Yeah.
- Well.
Good luck to you all.
- Okay. See, that's not fair.
- What!
- Come on.
- That's not right.
That's gonna make me really angry!
Not right now.
Oh, um, by the way...
Pay no attention to the curtain.
There is a curtain.
Go, go, go!
Seeing is believing.
But is it truth?
Depends on your point of view.
Are you listening, Horsemen?
When you emerge, and you will,
I will be there waiting.
Because mark my words,
you will get what's coming to you
in ways you can't expect.
But very much deserve.
Because one thing I believe in
is an eye for an eye.