Nowhere Boy (2009) Movie Script

Do I ignore you? No.
So please don't ignore me.
I have called you twice.
Eh? Very expensive.
- Really?
- No.
First lesson, front room,
eight o'clock tonight. Don't be late.
# Well, I'm just out of school
I'm real, real cool
# I got the jump, got the jive
Got the message I'm alive
Glasses, John!
Glasses, John!
# I'm gonna keep a-shakin'
I'm gonna keep a-moving, baby
# Don't you cramp my style
I'm a real wild child
# Come on, baby, shake all night long
# Shake until the meat
come off the bone
# Cos I'm a wild one
# Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one
Hey, Tarbuck. Keep out of the chippie,
you fat bastard.
- Lennon, you prick!
- He thinks he's hard.
He couldn't batter a fish!
Marie, my angel face.
Show us your jugs.
Cock off, Lennon!
Or cock out?
# Sugar, now don't be late
# We're gonna move it all night long
# Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one
# I'm gonna keep a-shakin'
Gonna keep a-moving baby
# Don't you cramp my style
I'm a real wild child
# Whoa
You'll be lucky to find a job on the
docks because you're going nowhere.
Here at Quarry Bank generally...
Is "nowhere" full of geniuses, sir?
Because then I probably do belong there.
# But I'm a wild one
Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one
# I'm gonna keep a-shakin'
Gonna keep a-moving, baby
# Don't you cramp my style
I'm a real wild child
# I'm a real wild child
I'm a real wild child
# I'm a real wild child
There we go.
Stand by your beds.
And so, Judgement Day.
- Go on.
- Watch it.
- What?
- You're standing on it.
Come here. Hey!
Hey, mind the walls.
- Got you!
- Mimi!
Mimi, he's hurting me!
It works!
Mimi, it works!
Can we turn it over,
see if something else is on?
No, John,
we do not turn Tchaikovsky over.
We'll slide the cockpit open
to see what's wrong.
Good evening.
It ain't half cold out here.
- What's that?
- It ain't half cold out here.
Hey, hey, come on, cheeky git.
- You'll get me in trouble.
- Yeah, well, you're always in trouble.
- What, with Mimi? Don't be daft.
- She never looks happy.
Ever been married to me?
Right, now, go on, you're missing
your show and I'm missing me pub.
- What's this one?
- Don't touch it!
Ooh, it's the ejector seat.
Come back, where are you?
Uncle George?
- Mimi, we were only mucking about.
- He's just had a fall.
There's nothing to see.
Stop fussing, he'll be right as rain.
- But, Mimi...
- Stay here, we'll be back soon enough.
He's dead.
Please, let's not be silly, hmm?
If you want to do that,
you go to your room.
It's just the two of us now
so let's get on with it, shall we?
God will show us
the path of life.
In His presence is the fullness of joy.
At his right hand,
there is pleasure for evermore. George.
Give thanks for his life
and comfort one another in our grief.
Fancy Blackpool tomorrow?
Play the arcades, go on some rides.
I don't need looking after, Stan.
I know. I'm just asking
if you want to go to Blackpool.
He was my uncle, too.
Yeah, but he was more than
just an uncle to me, wasn't he?
You saw her, too, right?
The one with the red hair?
Where is she now?
Do you want me to ask Aunt Mimi?
John wants to know where Aunt Julia is.
She was busy, apparently.
Things to do.
You should call her Mum, you know.
The one with the red hair.
- John, have you got your glasses?
- They're in my pocket.
And is your pocket blind?
Now, you will be careful, hmm?
Be careful who you talk to.
It's only Blackpool, Mimi.
I found out where your mum lives.
- You wanted to see her, right?
- Yeah, but...
- We don't have to.
- No, no.
- What bus do we get?
- We don't. We walk.
Are you coming or what?
Blackpool's loss, our gain.
But we love Blackpool,
don't we, girls? Fun, fun, fun!
I knew you were coming, though.
Do you want to know how I knew?
Because I baked a cake!
What do you think? Nice, eh?
Vanilla buns.
- One for you, Julia.
- Thank you.
- One for you, Jackie.
- Thank you.
Hey, steady on.
Ooh, a mouthie! Let's have a look.
Hohner. German.
Boo! Down with the Krauts!
Good at mouthies, though.
Not so good at war.
- Do you mind?
- No.
Your spit's my spit, anyway.
Good lungs on it.
Uncle George gave it me
just before he died.
He'll be missed. He was a good man.
Come on.
# Mr Sandman, bring me a dream
# Make her complexion
like peaches and cream
Kiss me quick!
# Give her two lips
like roses and clover
# And tell me
that my lonesome nights are over
# Sandman, I'm so alone.
# Don't have nobody to call my own
- You big softie.
- # Please turn on your magic beam
# Mr Sandman, bring me a dream
# Mr Sandman, bring me a dream
# Make him the cutest
that I've ever seen
# Give him the word
Let's see ourselves in the mirrors.
What happened to my head?
# Don't have nobody to call my own
# Please turn on your magic beam
Do you hear that?
Hey, give us a light, will you, love?
# Step in my rocket and don't be late
# We're pulling out
about half past eight
# Going round the corner
and get a fifth
# Everybody in my car's
gonna take a little nip
# Move on out,
boozing and cruising along
Do you know what it means, rock'n'roll?
# Step in my rocket and don't be late
# Baby, we're pulling out
about half-past eight
# Going round the corner
and get a fifth
# Everybody in my car's
gonna take a little nip
# Move on out,
boozing and cruising along
Bobby! John, here!
Hello, John.
We've been to Blackpool,
haven't we, John?
- We found lke Turner on the South Pier.
- Oh, yeah, was he lost?
Stan brought him over. You know Stan?
Stan looked after the girls
while we were out.
- They should be in bed, eh?
- I know, but John's here.
- Yeah, I'm here.
- Yeah, and it's late.
Come on, you two, wake up.
Let's go. Come on.
I'll take them up. Come on.
Come on, John. It's getting dark.
Next time I'll make Eccles cakes.
I love those.
Don't tell Mimi, please.
This is our secret.
Promise me, hmm?
We'll have an even better time
next time, OK?
Go now, go!
I love you!
You're my dream!
Don't forget that.
What happened next
was described as a miracle of...
John. John!
- Churchill.
- Churchill, sir.
Too late!
I'll get it.
You can't just turn up like this,
you know. It's not...
My dream is back!
As far as the eye can see,
excited youngsters
from all over the region
are on hand for the return
of Elvis Presley
to Tupelo, Mississippi,
the town where he was born.
The king of rock'n'roll
will soon be seen in his first picture,
titled "Love Me Tender".
In a phenomenon
recalling Marilyn Monroe's sensational
debut in show business,
Mr Teenager is obtaining a popularity
unparalleled in theatre history.
# Well, get out of that bed
and wash your face and hands
# Get out of that bed
and wash your face and hands
# Well, get in that kitchen and make
some noise with the pots and pans
# I believe to my soul
you're the devil in nylon hose
# I believe to my soul
you're the devil in nylon hose
# For the harder I work,
the faster my money goes
# Well, I said shake, rattle and roll
# I said shake, rattle and roll
# I said shake, rattle and roll
# I said shake, rattle and roll
# Well, you won't do right
to save your doggone soul
It's jazz! Shit.
Jazz. Shit.
Shit. I've nicked the wrong stuff here.
Oh, hang on.
- Jazz shit.
- Oh, hey, cool it!
- Have some respect. Music is music.
- Well worked out, clever clogs.
No man's vinyl
deserves to be tossed in the drink.
- But it's jazz.
- Jazz is cool.
- It's shit!
- Tell Billie Holiday that.
Sure, where is he?
Yous are rock'n'rollers, right?
Got a record in my cab
that's not even out here yet.
Straight in from New York City.
I'll swap you.
- Who's it by?
- Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Killer, baby!
OK, we'll wait,
with these.
- I've never heard of him, have you?
- No. I bet Mum has. Mum knows everyone.
"Killer, baby!" Fucking twat.
Here she comes.
# Well, a hard-headed woman
# Soft-hearted man
# Been a cause of trouble
ever since the world began, oh, yeah
# Ever since the world began
# A hard-headed woman
is a thorn in the side of a man
Yes, yes!
# Now, Adam said to Eve,
"Listen here to me"
# "Don't you let me catch you
messing round that apple tree"
# Oh, yeah, ever since the world began
# A hard-headed woman
is a thorn in the side of a man
# Yeah
Marie, my angel face!
- Who's this twat?
- Just some lad I know.
It doesn't sound like that.
They forgot to lock the zoo. I never
knew you fucked monkeys, Marie.
We can fuck you, dickhead.
- We're joking.
- I don't have primates for mates.
Ooh, fucking killer, baby!
Come on, then, brains,
it's not hard. Push.
Come on, that's enough.
Just fuck off.
Marie, my guardian angel.
Lads. Always a pleasure.
Let's not leave it so long, eh?
- Screamin' Jay Hawkins!
- I'll put a spell on you, Shotton.
- I'll put a spell on you.
- I'll put a spell on you!
your boyfriend wouldn't be happy.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- What is he? Apart from ugly.
He's my cousin.
You fuck your cousin?
- Where are yous going?
- For a quick chat. A proper one.
Oh, for fuck's sake, John!
# I put a spell on you
# Because you're mine
- Can't believe you've got this.
- This Cunard Yank swapped it.
For what?
# Watch out!
# I ain't lying
# Yeah, I can't stand
# Ooh
# No running around
# I can't stand
# No put me down
# I put a spell on you
# Because you're mine
# Oh-oh, yeah
# Whoa
# Stop the things you do
# Watch out!
# I ain't lying
# Oh, oh, I love you
# I love you
# I love you anyhow
# I don't care
I'm suspending you both.
Your parents and your aunt
will get letters in the post.
I don't want you near this school
for at least a week.
I don't even know when I want you back.
Any chance I can get
the magazine back, sir?
- I didn't see you there.
- Where did you see me, then?
How was school?
Killing us with homework, though.
Tonight we've got maths,
chemistry, physics
and that famous crowd pleaser history.
Don't lie to me, John Lennon!
Where have you been? Hmm?
Veronica Connor tells me
she saw you on the roof of a bus.
It's as if you choose to embarrass me.
Just remember all I have done for you.
Without me, you'd be in
a children's home. Remember that.
Like you'll ever let me forget!
- That hurt!
- Good!
Where are you going?
Don't you walk away.
Whatever you're selling, it's no!
The advert for a lodger.
- Oh.
- Michael Fishwick.
- What are you?
- I beg your pardon?
- What are you? What do you do?
- I'm a student at the university.
- A student of what?
- Of biochemistry.
Oh. Come in.
Go away.
Mum, it's me.
I can do it myself, you know.
Michael! How's things?
- Not bad, John. Yourself?
- Fine, thank you. How's school?
- You mean university.
- Same thing.
Biochemistry, right? What does that mean
you'll be when you grow up?
- A biochemist, I hope.
- Really? You must be so excited.
See you, Fishy.
Stay out of trouble, lad.
Cheers, pal.
# I don't want to be a tiger
# Cos tigers play too rough
# I don't want to be a lion
# Cos lions ain't the kind
you love enough
Oh, why couldn't God make me Elvis?
Cos he was saving you for John Lennon.
I'll get you back for that, God!
Do you fancy the ferry
over to New Brighton tomorrow?
- The fair's on.
- What about school?
I've been suspended, me and Pete.
Oh, John! What for?
Showing pornography
to an old lady on a bus.
You've not told Mimi, have you?
No point going through her bollocks
if you don't have to.
Why? She has to go through yours.
I never asked her to, did I?
Can I stay with you?
Just during the day.
It's covered. I burnt the suspension
letter. Mimi still thinks I'm at school.
She won't find out, I swear.
You know, be a mate.
Hold it like this.
Arm horizontal from the elbow.
Strum from the wrist. Think Bo Diddley.
"Strum from the wrist."
John, be serious
or I'll phone Mimi myself.
Now, just strum.
Try and hit all the strings.
# Ooh, Maggie, Maggie Mae
# They have taken her away
# And she won't be
walking Lime Street any more
# Well, the judge, he guilty found her
# Of robbing a homeward bounder
# You dirty, robbin',
no-good Maggie Mae
Who's Maggie Mae?
A whore.
Now, if you're here, you might as well
learn something. Your turn.
Woolton 2985.
Yes. No, Mr Pobjoy,
there's no need to introduce yourself.
I see.
Where is he?
# Well, that'll be the day
# When you say goodbye, yeah
# That'll be the day
# That you make me cry
# Oh, you say you're...
Come on, Mum!
- You're missing it. Come on.
- No, Julia!
This may be your life,
one big, common mess, but it is not his.
Are you aware he has been suspended?
Come on, out.
I mean it!
Get out of my house. Go, Mimi.
My boy!
My boy.
Come on, you, eat your chips.
- Getting a little dry at the mouth.
- Don't be disgusting!
You wouldn't mind lighting my fag?
You'll set the house on fire.
I've stolen little Julia's bed.
She's your sister.
She's happy you're here.
How long can I stay?
Daddy? Mummy?
I could get a job.
Please, Bobby!
I know I could make this work.
Let's try.
Who's gonna look after the girls?
Just part time. I'll ask
at the caf. Anywhere. I could do this.
No, you can't!
Lt'll be too much for you. Eh?
Everything will get too much for you
again and I'll lose you again.
And I need you.
Well, the girls need you.
I need John. I am his mother.
Mimi's been looking after him
since he was five.
I never wanted that!
Bobby, it's not fair!
Yeah, well, that's how it turned out,
didn't it?
- Mimi needs John.
- I need him!
- I need him to be mine!
- Look, he'll be OK.
Listen to me.
For the girls. We can't lose you again.
Alright? He's got to go. OK?
- OK.
- Yeah. Good.
Come here.
That's it.
I think I'll just go.
It's wrong taking little Julia's bed.
Thanks for the banjo lessons.
Come on.
Have you decided
where you're living nowadays?
She'll hurt you.
You know that, don't you?
I'm gonna start a rock'n'roll group.
Be like Elvis.
# Well, I'm gonna get me
some rockin' shoes
# And I'm gonna rock away
all of my blues
# I'm a rockin' daddy
# Yeah, a rockin' daddy
# I'm a rockin' daddy
from Ding Dong, Tennessee
It's just three chords.
That's rock'n'roll, it's simple.
- Do you have to be simple to like it?
- Oh, funny. Well done.
Your sarcasm worries me.
What? Not up to your high standards?
Not exactly Bach, though, is it?
- The Gallotone Champion?
- Yeah.
Bangs out a solid tune. Guaranteed
not to split and a very good price.
- What's very good about it?
- Eight pounds and four shillings.
- Ooh, that's not very good, is it?
- Borderline mediocre, if you ask me.
- Very good would be...
- Seven pounds, cash.
Oh, that's very good.
Just don't shoot, OK?
- At ease, fuckwits.
- What's up, John?
I take it we're not here
for a communal crap.
You've been picked to be in my band.
- A band?
- A band, John?
I don't know how to play.
It's a skiffle band.
You don't have to know.
What's important is I've chosen you
and we're going to be great.
But what if we're shit?
- Shut up, tool.
- It's a good question.
- Eric, you've got a guitar, right?
- Yeah.
- Len, tea chest bass.
- What the hell's that?
A tea chest
with a broom handle and string.
- Easy, you just do a bit of this.
- Sounds sexy. Thanks, John.
Pete, washboard, son.
Great, lovely.
- Rodders, you own a banjo, right?
- That's right. My uncle is a busker.
What about me, John?
Now, wash your hands, you dirty bugger.
All we need now
is a drummer with his own kit.
A lad called Colin who lives behind me
has his own kit.
He's in. First practice, six. Pete's
air raid shelter in his back yard.
If you don't come,
I'll batter the lot of yous. Questions?
- My air raid shelter.
- Shut it, Spunky.
- Questions? Anyone?
- Do we have a name?
Yes, Rodders, we do.
Crazy fool.
Right, are we ready to do this, boys?
- Yeah.
- I said, are we ready to do this?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Let's fucking do it, then.
- Let's go.
...local youngsters
performing for the very first time.
Please give them your support,
ladies and gentlemen.
Local boys, the Quarrymen!
Go, Johnny boy!
Where have you gone? I've lost you.
Oh, no, I haven't, there you all are.
# Oh, Maggie, Maggie Mae
# They are taking her away
# And she'll never walk
down Lime Street any more
# Well, the judge, he guilty found her
# For robbing a homeward bounder
# You dirty, robbin',
no-good Maggie Mae
# Now, I was one unhappy fool
in the port of Liverpool
# Well, three pound ten a week
that was my pay
# With a pocket full of tin,
I was very soon taken in
# By a girl
with the name of Maggie Mae
# Now, the first time I saw Maggie
# She took my breath away
# She was cruising up and down
in Cannon's Place
# She had a figure so divine
# Her voice was so refined
# Well, being a sailor, I gave chase
# Now, in the morning, I awoke
# I was flat and stony broke
That was great, that was great.
You were all shitting yourself.
Hey, John. John?
Paul, a mate of mine from school.
Paul plays too.
What, with himself?
I do, all the time.
It's good for the wrist muscles.
- I'm John.
- Paul.
- Want a beer?
- I'd love a tea.
- Is there any tea left?
- There's no tea left.
No, I didn't think so.
- So, did you watch us play?
- Yeah, yeah.
- And?
- Yeah, you're alright.
We're alright?
You're alright.
Ivan likes you and he's alright.
- How alright are you on one of those?
- I'm alright.
You got that back to front,
haven't you, mate?
Any requests?
That pink carnation is very dandy.
Can I borrow it?
# Well, I've got a girl
with a rocking machine
# When it comes to rocking,
she's the queen
# We go to a dance on a Saturday night
# All alone I can hold her tight
# But she lives on the 20th floor
up town
# The elevator's broken down
# So I walk one, two flight,
three flight, four
# Five, six, seven flight,
eight flight more
# Up on the 12th, I'm starting to drag
# On the 15th floor, I'm ready to sag
# When I get to the top,
I'm too tired to rock
- How old are you?
- 15.
- When?
- Last month.
- I can do Little Richard as well.
- Sorry. Tick-tock.
Nice to meet you
but we've got to rehearse.
- Well, I've got to get off anyway...
- Ta-ta, then.
I'd rather him in our band
than anyone else's.
John, your little friend is here.
It goes A.
But you start on D.
Bollocks! Hang on a sec.
Keep going.
- It's my Buddy Holly look.
- Good.
- D.
- Right, yeah, D.
So from D, it goes to E minor.
No, B minor, that's a banjo chord.
- So B minor, it's...
- Yeah, yeah, that's it.
To G.
To A.
And then it just starts again.
B minor to G.
# Blue moon
# You saw me standing alone
# Without a dream in my heart
# Without a love of my own
That's much better acoustically. Thanks.
So, Mummy's cool about baby Paul
wanting to be Elvis?
- She would have loved it.
- Bollocks!
- She's not around any more.
- What?
Well, she...
She sort of died last year.
You know, if we're going to do this,
we should write our own stuff.
Then you don't get stiffed
by record companies.
I write stuff.
Not songs, more poetry...
you know, stories.
Add a tune and you've got a song.
- Have you written any?
- A couple.
How do you know so much?
You don't seem like
the rock'n'roll kind of guy.
You mean I don't go round smashing
things up and acting like a dick?
No. It's the music.
That's it, it's just music. Simple.
Where is it?
- Mimi, where's my guitar?
- I've had your report.
You promised me hard work.
Lie and cheat all you want with others.
Do so with me and expect consequences!
- Where is it?
- I've sold it.
- You can't.
- I can and I have.
- But we've got gigs.
- Oh, what a shame.
Oh, boo-hoo!
- But it's my group.
- Grow up, John.
- Stop behaving like a child.
- Well, fuck off, Mimi.
- What did you say?
- I said fuck off!
# I'm leaving town, baby
# I'm leaving town for sure
# Well, then, you won't be bothered
with me hanging round your door
# Well, that's alright
# That's alright
# That's alright now, mama
# Anyway you do
I need five quid.
# Dee, dee, de-de, dee
# Do, do, de-de, dee
# Dee, dee, de-de, dee
# Dee-da, dee-da, dee
# Easy loving, that's alright
So I got it back.
Yeah, Mum bought it for me.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you.
Next, the Scouse Duane Eddy
will play Moving and Grooving.
I present to you Mr Paul McCharmly.
- Thanks, John. Kind words.
- I didn't mean them.
This is George.
He's a mate of mine.
- He should be in the group.
- He should be in bed.
- No, I've been to bed. Couldn't sleep.
- Go on, George, show them.
What? Magic tricks?
No, I've left my top hat at home.
Abracadabra eh, John?
Gorgeous, isn't he?
I need to calm down now.
I'm embarrassing myself.
- That was brilliant.
- Wasn't bad, was it?
It was so good.
We need to celebrate... everything.
It's John's birthday soon so let's have
a party, at mine, Saturday. OK?
- Can we get boozed up?
- Only if I can.
- What about birds, Mrs Lennon?
- Let's just keep them in their cages.
What do you reckon then, Johnny boy?
I think... I need a piss.
Who has got a light for a lady?
Have you got a ticket?
If you don't want her hanging
around the band, do something about it.
It's my fucking band.
John, the driver's not stopping.
Thanks for that. Give us a ciggie.
Excuse me. That's very cosy.
He said it's the police or the navy.
My old man's giving me no other choice.
Imagine me in a copper's uniform,
nicking people.
Nicking you.
I sometimes wish I had tits, you know?
Not in a weird way,
just to have a little mess around with.
- Hey, Winston?
- What?
- This party.
- Yeah.
We don't have to go.
# You ain't nothing but a hound dog
# Been snooping round my door
# You ain't nothing but a hound dog
# Been snooping round my door
- # You can wag your tail
- Alright, John?
# But I ain't gonna feed you no more
Hi, John. How's it going, mate?
# Love me true
# All my dreams fulfil
# For my darling, I love you
# And I always will
That was for her, wasn't it? Your mum.
It was awful. Taken away from you...
It's not fair.
She had cancer.
What's your excuse?
# You wag your tail
# But I ain't gonna feed you no more
# When a man has a son
# Like my son John
# He's a man who can smile
# When he talks
# And his eyes have a sparkle
Can someone turn that bloody record off
before I start crying... in pain?
Give us a few words, Johnny boy.
Cock, balls, fuck.
- Is that allowed?
- Speech! Speech!
Well, ta, for turning up.
You're very special to me... that I hate you all equally.
Apart from you, Mum, obviously.
Thanks for all this.
Well, big clap, folks,
you know, for Julia.
And my band. What can I say?
You really are there for me. Never
on time, usually looking like shite,
but, nevertheless,
you're there or thereabouts.
Speak for yourself, eh, Lennon!
- So, where are we going, boys?
- To the toppity top, Johnny.
That's right.
To the toppity of one's topness.
Except the boy Shotton wants out.
I know. Apparently, washboard players
don't get enough chicks
and he feels like a pansy
in his mum's sewing thimbles.
- Come here, spunkhead.
- Ow!
Worth a few bob when we're famous.
He's alright.
For fuck's sake!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going for a ciggie.
Have one here.
I wonder if someone's up there on Mars,
having a quick cigarette like me.
Where's Dad?
They're called dads, right?
Most people I know have got one.
- I don't think...
- Oh, don't you, Mum? Well, I do.
Think, think, think. That's all I do.
Where's Daddy, Mummy?
Alf, that's his name, right?
- Where's fucking Alf?
- Please don't swear, John.
Make you feel uncomfortable?
Try being me for 17 years when everyone
asks why your auntie is your mum.
Now, that's uncomfortable.
Oh, here we go.
Who turned the taps on?
- Please don't be horrible to me, John.
- Oh! Me being horrible to you?
Oh, I see. Horrible John,
naughty John, poor Julia.
No, no. No walking away. I know
you're good at it, but not tonight.
- Where is he?
- Oh!
- New Zealand, maybe. I don't know.
- Not round the corner, like you?
He was in the merchant navy.
No letters, no money. He abandoned us.
Then you abandoned me!
It was a temporary thing. Mimi agreed.
Temporary? I'm still living with her.
- I always wanted you back.
- Oh, I believe you. Honest.
She never gave you back.
But surely I'm not Mimi's to give.
You're my mum.
She... She loves you so much.
Yeah, more than you.
Mummy? I'm tired now.
- Are you sad again?
- Mummy's not sad. Look.
I'm coming in now, honey.
Go on.
I do love you. Believe me.
Believe me, I would love to.
- John, where are you going?
- Away from you.
You said you'd be back.
I think I'll just...
I've got some work to finish.
It was meant to be a surprise.
A Hoffner!
Ooh, you stink of alcohol.
Mum threw a party for me.
That's a waste, isn't it?
Tell your friends the party's over.
No, thanks.
- We've got a gatecrasher.
- I need to talk to John.
Oh, more talking? Wow!
You see, me and Mum
have had a bit of a heart-to-heart.
Yes, she told me things about...
Oh, what's his name...? Alf.
Oh, and about you, funnily enough.
Yeah, she said you stole me.
- What do you reckon, Mimi?
- I never said that.
You said, quote, "She," as in you,
Mimi, "never gave you back."
When I don't give things back,
I've got to admit, I'm usually stealing.
What on earth have you
been telling him, Julia?
Did she say why I stole you?
Well, there she is. Ask her yourself.
Did she mention having another man's
child to deal with? A daughter?
Mimi, please.
Please what? Stop? Look at him.
Do you think we can stop now?
Whose child?
Go on, tell him, as you're
so keen for him to know the truth.
What daughter?
Your mother has always needed company.
Do you understand what I mean?
Rock'n'roll, eh, Mum?
And she found it, with a young soldier
whilst your father was away at sea.
You have another sister. Victoria.
Where is she? Where?
We don't know. Salvation Army took her.
Then, after that,
your mother decides to shack up
with another fancy man, Bobby.
Still married to your father,
I might add,
and then bring you up as if that was
acceptable, as if that was normal.
When your father came home
after the war,
he wanted to try and save the marriage,
but she'd have none of it.
She told him to get lost.
But Alf wasn't giving up that easily.
Was he, Julia?
Hmm? Oh, feel free
to join the conversation.
No, I didn't think she would.
You were staying here with me
at Mendips
when Alf turned up out of the blue.
He said he wanted to take you
into Liverpool.
I thought he was genuine but he took you
to Blackpool instead. He kidnapped you.
Turned out he'd organised
a passage to New Zealand.
Got himself a job out there.
Wanted to take you with him.
We hadn't a clue where you were.
I was distraught!
The Seaman's Mission had an address
for a relative in Blackpool
so we went to find you,
to bring you back.
Alf wouldn't let me in. Said
it was between him and your mother.
He pleaded with her
to give the marriage another chance,
to keep the family together,
but, again, it was of no use.
But what to do with you?
So, in all their great wisdom...
Who do you want to be with,
me or your mum?
...they decided to ask you,
a five-year-old boy,
who you wanted to spend
the rest of your life with.
And you said...
My daddy.
So knowing that Alf was planning
to take you to New Zealand
and knowing she
would probably never see you again,
your mother walked out.
Mum! Please! Stop.
And that is when I stole you!
And if that's stealing, I'm a thief!
I had no choice!
Oh, you had a choice.
You chose to take my son.
Oh, John,
I was never going to leave you.
You walked out the fucking house,
down the street!
Yes, yes, I did, but I was ill.
- I get ill.
- You left because you were ill?
I don't think straight. I don't sleep.
I've seen doctors
but they don't understand.
I don't understand.
But I am here now.
I am here. I never meant to leave you.
Please, John, please. I love you, John.
I love you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- No... No!
- Please, John.
I said no!
Can't you see what you're doing to me?
I'm going out of my brain
and that's not fair!
Is it?
This is your fault and yours.
So, why should I go mad?
Fuck it, it's over!
Go home, Julia.
Hey! You idiot.
No chance. Get to fuck.
Forgive me, angel.
Come on, Marie. He's a loser.
- Did you love him?
- Oh!
- You frightened me to death.
- Right place for it.
Did you?
Well, that's a horrible thing to say.
- You never showed it.
- You just didn't see it.
With my eyesight, possibly.
I'm not going to hold it against her,
what she did in Blackpool.
- Forgive and forget, I suppose.
- Forget?
I wish.
There's just no point
hating someone you love.
I mean, really love. Is there, Mimi?
- I should move out.
- What?
The house seems a bit crowded
all of a sudden.
Who knows, with me gone,
maybe you and Mum might remember
you were sisters once.
- Have you ordered?
- Yes, tea.
It's good to see you.
- Here you are.
- Oh, lovely. Do you have any Earl Grey?
You're confusing us with Buckingham
Palace, love. It's easily done.
I am not here to say I was wrong, Julia.
Not about John.
I want that to be perfectly clear.
Perhaps I haven't always been right.
I do love you.
I hope you know that.
Do you own a licence
for those legs, ladies?
It's a nice day for it, then.
Everything feels so different
in the sunshine.
Yes, usually warmer.
How was college?
A woman came in, took her kit off
and we painted her breasts.
Not actually physically.
I've got my eye on you two.
Where are you going?
Paul's waiting for me at his.
- What about dinner?
- I'm not hungry.
- Well, you will be.
- He could have his dinner at my house.
Just with him being near,
you know, at Paul's.
I mean, if you're not making
anything special, Mimi.
Saves me from cooking, I suppose.
Get to it, Fishy lad. Privets
don't prune themselves, you know?
Oh, go on. Sit down for a bit.
# Hello, little girl
# Hello, little girl
# When I see you every day, I say
# Hello, little girl
# When you're passing
on your way, I say
# Hello, little girl
- Don't be silly.
- # When I see you passing by, I cry
# Hello, little girl
# When I try and catch your eye, I cry
# Hello, little girl
- Is John at home?
- At Paul's. I'm seeing him later.
Tell him I've got a new booking.
- The Stanley Abattoir Social Club.
- Oh, not there.
- Why not?
- You'll get slaughtered!
# So I hope there'll come a day
when you say
# You're my little girl
# You're my little girl
# You're my little girl
What is this? Fucking group practice?
I don't think so.
- John, it's your mum's.
- She's fucking dead!
Do you want to hit me, too?
Well, go on, then.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I was just getting to know her.
I know.
She's never coming back.
No. No, she's not.
I'm a dick.
I'm sorry, son.
Right. Everyone stop fucking crying.
We're supposed to be a rock'n'roll
band, for Christ's sake.
She was saving this for you.
There's a few bob in there.
# In spite of all the danger
- 17 and six.
- It's all there.
# I'll do anything for you
# Anything you want me to
- # If you'll be true to me
- # Ah, ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah
# In spite of all the heartache
# That you may cause me
# Ah, ah, ah-ah
# I'll do anything for you
# Anything you want me to
- # If you'll be true to me
- # Ah, ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah
# I'll look after you
# Like I've never done before
# I'll keep all the others
# From knocking at your door
# In spite of all the danger
# In spite of all that may be
# Ah, ah, ah-ah
# I'll do anything for you
# Anything you want me to
- # If you'll be true to me
- # Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah, ah
# In spite of all the heartache
# That you may cause me
# Ah, ah, ah-ah
# I'll do anything for you
# Anything you want me to
# If you'll be true to me
- # Ah, ah, ah, ah
# I'll do anything for you
# Anything you want me to
# If you'll be true to me
- Why didn't you telephone?
- I don't have a phone.
Do you have anything of use
in that hole you call a home?
Ashtrays, some of Stu's paintings...
But ashtrays, mostly.
Hmm! You'll catch something rotten.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
I'm off to Hamburg.
- It's in Germany, Mimi.
- Hamburg? Humbug.
I'll be gone a couple of months.
Maybe even more.
And is this with the new group, the...
What are they called again?
- Do you care?
- They all sound the same to me.
We leave Saturday.
Have you got my birth certificate?
I need it to get a passport.
Could you sign this, please?
- Where do I sign?
- Where it says "parent or guardian".
But which am I?
Ah, don't be silly.
I'll call when I get to Hamburg, OK?
Don't forget. Please.
# Goodbye
OK, start now.
# Mother
# You had me
# But I never had you
# Oh, I wanted you
# You didn't want me
# So I...
# I just got to tell you
# Goodbye
# Goodbye
# Father, you left me
# But I never left you
# Oh, I needed you
# You didn't need me
# Oh, no
Yes, yes.
Well, that was more like it.