Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows (2016) Movie Script

OK, this is how it all started.
Four kids with nothing in common
got lost in a forest
and ended up in an alternate universe
where they were never born.
Bummer, right?
That was Felix's fault - my brother.
He discovered that hidden inside
some people are elemental forces
that can be used together
to create powerful magic.
Felix is a fire element.
He controls the living flame.
Andy is the brainiac of the group.
His element is water.
Sam is air -
in element and in nature.
Jake is earth.
Solid, dependable and normal...
sort of.
Then there's me - Oscar, the spirit
that holds everything together.
I have kind of magical visions.
Fighting demons and each other,
they finally found their way home,
bringing with them a magical talisman,
and discovering a secret lair
hidden in Bremin High School.
But who bum it?
And why is it there?
You're never gonna give up, are you?
Has to be a clue
in here somewhere.
- Too bad they didn't leave a name tag.
How can someone leave all this
but no clue of who they are?
Agh. I need more light.
Felix! Careful!
Lucky I'm a water element.
I hope those spells aren't crucial
to the survival of the universe.
Knowing my luck...
Even if we can't find the owner,
this is still the perfect headquarters.
- For...?
- The greatest magic group of all time.
Not sure if you've noticed, Felix,
but Jake and Sam are only interested
in themselves these days.
Yeah, and Andy's off
on some top-secret nerd quest.
He's barely even at school.
And without all four elements, no
They've just been busy.
I'll get 'em back. We're a team.
What if it's time for a change, Felix?
You're fire, I'm water.
If we find new earth and air elements,
we can form a new team.
And dump the others?
Technically they've already dumped you.
No-one's dumping anyone, OK?
- A secret compartment.
- In a secret compartment!
That's a lot of secrets.
A Book Of Shadows.
Ancient. Cool.
- It won't budge.
- Need some girl power?
Why won't it open?
Magically sealed.
Whatever's in there must be good.
Insanely good.
So, how do we open it?
This is just what we need.
Make sure you film me putting
the vanguardium into the magnetic field.
Andy, I know.
Where the ley lines intersect, there is
an increase in ambient magnetic fields.
The vanguardium acts as a sensor.
My research says this has to be it.
Your research?
This is it!
The camera!
My studies linking science and magic
will change the foundations
of scientific knowledge,
the very way we see the world.
Why aren't you filming? Look!
Andy, who discovered
the ley lines in the first place?
Who told you about these intersections?
Well, yes, your data
has been very helpful.
Can you hear yourself?
You're an egomaniac.
It's Felix.
- Why is he calling you?
- Because you never answer him.
Maybe he can film your experiments,
'cause I'm done.
Yeah, right
That was mad, bro. Sick move.
Well, what'd you expect'?
And that's it.
My first pro video with Gleamer.
I'm super excited
to be a pan of the crew.
Mad props to my brand-new Gleamer board.
I couldn't do my tricks without it.
- Welcome to the family, kid.
- Sweet.
- I'll be right back.
- Do your thing.
Where are you going?
Really, Sam? You asked me here
to admire you, using your powers?
Well, yeah.
No, I-l mean... I mean...
Hurry, rescue him
before he says something intelligent.
Please sign my board.
20 bucks for selfies, 10 for phones,
pencil cases and T-shins.
- How much to sign body pans?
- That's just weird.
Right. That's the last of it.
Exciting, hey, Jakey?
- Yes.
- Fresh start.
All going to work out beautifully,
Go on. We'll finish up here, won't we?
- Yeah.
- Go see your friends, Jake.
It's cool, Mum. I'm just stressed.
I've got to get to training.
The scout's coming tomorrow.
I want to be on top of my game.
When the boys
went to the other universe,
Andy met an alternate version of
Ellen, and they fell in love.
Since coming back to this universe,
things have been... well, awkward.
Uh... hey, Ellen.
Hey, Andy.
Uh, been a while.
I didn't realise you'd be here.
I was worried this whole love triangle
thing had lost its weirdness.
This is it.
You think whoever this belongs to
created the lair?
Has to.
I can't open it.
I've got spells to go to other
dimensions, to create scrying pools.
You think opening a book'd be easy.
You coming to me for magic advice.
It feels like a personal triumph.
I could have figured it out myself.
Oh, give me a break, both of you.
I think I can help.
Ooh, laminated.
That's your Book Of Shadows?
I got pretty deep into researching
traversable wormholes on the web.
The web?
So you found a spell written
by a Harry Potter fan?
Magic and technology
don't have to be at odds.
Not every spell is composed
by candlelight and quill.
I found an unlocking spell.
This could work.
With a bit of Felix Ferne pizzazz.
Who'd have thought?
You two long lost lovers together again.
Let me know when you open it.
I'd like to see it.
Where are you going?
You've already got a water element
for your spell. You don't need me.
Oh, Andy, come back.
It's your spell. You do it.
The next one's mine, OK?
Let's give them some man time.
Wait, why do I have to go?
'Cause I'm not gonna be
the only one that misses out.
We're still going to need Jake and Sam.
I've tried calling them.
We might need to be
a bit more persuasive.
Oh, nice one! Scout's gonna love you.
Well done.
Your phone's going mental.
Probably an emergency or something.
What is it, Felix?
Jake, we got a situation here!
If you idiots
have gotten yourselves into trouble...
- Just calm down...
- Riles!
- We need your help...
You wanna win this scholarship,
you need to focus.
Yes, Coach.
Riles! Where are you going? Riles!
It's comfy.
- I wanna catch this light. Ready?
- I was born ready.
- Good.
Redheads phone.
Demon emergency!
Get here quickly!
There's someone yelling about
a demon or something.
It's just a... it's just a private
- My weirdo friends. I'll be right back.
- Sam! Sam!
I know it's been awkward
between us since you got back.
It's not your fault.
I've kind of been focused
on other things.
It's just... the four of us have been
through so much together.
Sucks to lose that.
This emergency better be good.
I just skipped out on the single most
important practice of my life.
- It is an emergency, I swear.
- Alright. Who do I put on blast?
Why is your jacket so reflective?
It's fashion, Andy.
- But is there a functional reason?
- Well, it doesn't need a reason.
- I'm modelling it.
- You're a model? Of what? Zit cream?
Guys, we're a team, remember?
You said this was a life or death
emergency, remember?
OK, I was a bit dramatic,
but it's kinda life or death.
For our magic.
Felix found an ancient book in the lair.
If we can open it...
- The magic we could have...
- Wait. What?
We're here so you can play with magic?
No, Jake, I can't open this without
I need the four of us to cast a spell.
It's... I thought this book
might help us.
What's gonna help
is me not missing my footy trials.
I just want to get my scholarship
and get out of Bremin.
Yeah, dude, I've got my elemental
Who needs the drag of talismans and
magic spells when I can just do this?
I've spent months
trying to find the owner of the lair.
This book could hold the answer.
Please, I need your help.
And if we open the book,
no more hand holding?
- That's the plan.
- Then we're done?
I guess.
Let's get this over with.
Before we begin,
I wanna say, all four of us,
together again, it's great.
Really. I mean, we should...
- Hurry up!
- OK. OK.
Keeper of wisdom, heed my call
Transcend your bonds and reveal to all
Earth, water, air, fire.
The talisman!
Well, that was unexpected.
I knew this book
was going to be special.
Is it too much to ask
for things to go right for once?
Felix, what the hell?!
Dematerializing demon!
- Focus, Andy!
- I got this.
I got this!
- Hopeless. Sam, get the talisman.
- Hurry!
OK, let's do this!
Water, fire, earth and air
Elements that we all share
Water, fire, earth and air
Elements that we all share.
Another Felix Ferne epic fail.
If we'd worked together...
Did you burn my eyebrow off? You did!
It's twisted.
The most important game of my life
tomorrow and my ankle's done.
- I had no idea that would happen.
- How many times have we heard that?
We did succeed in opening the book.
Yeah, but I'm down one eyebrow.
Sam, no-one cares.
My fans care. They want two of 'em!
- Felix!
- Your fans? Are you kidding me?
You're right! This Book Of Shadows,
these are the most complex spells
I've ever seen.
With this magic,
we'll be stronger than ever.
No. No more magic.
No more... this.
I'm sorry, hombre, but in case
you haven't noticed, we suck together.
Can't believe
I've done my ankle today.
- Andy?
- Well... I am curious.
But you've got Ellen as a water
But if we're not together,
we can't do magic spells.
That's the point!
Not necessarily.
This is a spell of separation,
so we can do magic individually.
We can break the bond between us?
Guys, wait!
There's one problem, though.
What is it?
We have to destroy the talisman.
Thanks, guys. This means a lot to
His life is kind of meaningless
without magic.
Thanks, Andy.
If I do this, you're giving me a spell
to get my eyebrow back, right?
You can do the spell on your own.
I don't know, guys.
Doesn't it seem crazy,
splitting the talisman?
You didn't seem so worried when
you let a light demon loose on us.
Felix, to unbind us,
we have to split it.
But it protects us.
Imagine, Felix. Our own magic.
It's the only way.
What was four shall be one
And what was one shall now be four
Bind the elements to each shard
And hold the power of them all.
That's it?
What now?
I suppose we take one each.
No, thanks.
- I'm done...
- Come on, Jake.
Just remember what we've been through.
We'll still see each other at school.
Unless you get your scholarship.
Be back on weekends.
We can share our findings, right?
Swap spells?
Yeah, I guess so.
- Sol guess...
- That's it, then.
- Quick man hug?
- You think?
It's not really necessary, is it?
Then there was one.
There is so much hidden
beneath the surface of our world,
so much that we don't see or
like Negative Space - a place
that exists in between universes.
For a while, Andy was lost there,
but then he met Bear,
the Guardian of Negative Space.
Bear keeps all the craziness
of the multiverse in order.
But to do that, he needs human help.
His latest recruits are our friends,
Phoebe and Alice.
Imagine a galaxy. Good.
Now imagine the cosmos.
I could get used to this.
There's something wrong.
A disturbance?
More than that, I fear.
I can't see anything.
Why are the shadows spreading?
They're hiding something.
Order must be restored.
Let me go in.
Another disturbance.
Your turn, Phoebe.
Maybe we should wait for Alice.
I'm... I'm new to this.
You are a Guardian. It is your duty.
Don't be afraid. I'll power you.
Better not drop me.
Oh! Oh, that tickles!
Order must be restored.
Someone's having a good time.
Dad's speciality - rubbery pancakes
and music by dead people.
You look wrecked.
I feel worse.
How'd it go?
We opened it, but in the process,
we kinda broke up.
But maybe it's a good thing.
There's so much magical potential
in Bremin
that all we have to do
is find two new elements.
And then we can form our own team.
We've still got the talisman.
something else happened
when we opened the book.
You broke the talisman?
I have to show you something.
Elements reveal and show
What I seek
What I must know.
A scrying pool?
You're doing magic spells on your own?
Felix, I still need three other
elements to do magic, remember?
What about us?
- What about working together?
- Oh, I didn't mean for that...
It didn't occur to you?
What it would mean for me?
I'll help you find the other elements.
Don't bother. It's clear
I'm not that important to you anyway.
- I get that.
- Wait, I'm sorry.
I didn't think that... Oh!
Oh... for he can prophesy
with a wink of his eye
Peep with security into futurity
Sum up your history
Clear up a mystery...
- What are you singing?
Practice for the big night.
Bremin Amateur Musical Theatre Society.
Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.
- Trouble in paradise'? Bit of a tiff'?
- It's nothing.
Hey, son.
Take some advice from an expert.
Sometimes with women,
you gotta work to keep the magic alive.
Sorry, Dad,
but you're giving me the talk now?
I've got the internet.
Right. Yeah. 'Course you have.
Well, these pancakes
aren't going to burn themselves.
He has answers oracular
Bogies spectacular
Tetrapods tragical
Mirrors so magical
Facts astronomical
Solemn or comical
And, if you want it,
he takes a reduction
On making a quantity, oh...
You'd better be worth it.
Watch out for bindies.
Bare feet? That's just reckless.
This is yours for the taking.
No need for magic.
No tricks.
I'm now ready
for a critical new experiment.
With my control of magic, I can open
a Lorentzian traversable Wormhole.
A theoretical concept which, to
science, has been impossible to create.
Until now.
Hmm. Curious.
Divinity of the elements, I summon thee
Through this world we can see
Another place where we can be
Take the fire, make it burn
Take the air and make it turn
Take this water and this earth
And to another world call us forth.
I'm back!
Andy! What are you doing?
I had to come back. ls that bad?
It's insane.
I know, right?
My own Lorentzian traversable Wormhole.
Don't let anyone see you.
You've got no idea
the chaos you guys caused last time.
Don't think you need to worry about
this bad boy.
You're still the cutest kind of crazy.
Alright, I need one eyebrow.
Where absence lies
Let nature grow as power flows.
- What are you doing?
- I need your help. Please.
Oh, my God, Sam,
what have you done?
Please don't laugh. I'm a freak.
I think I've got something.
- No way.
- You want help or not?
- Agh!
- Keep still!
I'll be done if anyone saw me like
My fans can't ever know about it.
- Your fans'?
- Mm.
You're so full of yourself these days,
Sam. I hardly know you.
You've got a choice, Sam Conte,
about the kind of guy you want to be.
Because right now,
the guy you are really sucks.
Straight onto Instagram.
Keep the tweezers.
This book. It's amazing.
There's incredible power in here.
Just no clues as to who made it.
Who would leave this behind?
Maybe the book will tell me.
What was it? What did you see?
Two kids, holding each other.
And, wait...
I saw a symbol.
I've never seen that before.
I saw something else.
In the lair. A man.
He made this place.
It was so fast, I only got a glimpse.
I just never thought Felix
would be so selfish.
They're so painful
since they got those powers.
Tell me about it! Andy's nuts.
Watch where you're going, feral.
- She's barefoot.
- Probably homeschooled.
So, what are you going to do, then?
Avoid him until I graduate.
Um, weather alert.
What gets me is, if we had powers,
there's no way we'd waste them.
Come with me.
There's something I want to try.
Where is it?
- This means we're brothers.
- I've never had a brother.
Me either.
This is gonna be fun.
Ans and crafts?
This is how we find out which element
you have an affinity to... I think.
- I could just ask Andy to help.
- No boys.
Just hold your hands over the bowls.
See if you feel something.
Take it seriously!
- I don't want to be mud.
- It's earth.
If it's your element, we might be able
to activate your magical potential.
You're at the wrong one.
- And you are...?
- Try the empty bowl.
- That's not supposed to happen.
- You're fire.
Whoa! I'm like a human microwave.
This is all wrong.
Elemental powers don't just happen.
- Not so easily.
- What makes you so sure?
Maybe we're just advanced.
I did skip a year of primary school.
And I'm definitely more evolved
than my brother.
How fun is this?
Who are you?
I'm Tegan.
Earthquake! Earthquake!
What was that?
- You control earth?
- Mm-hm.
I'm just like you guys.
That means we're the four elements.
Fire, water, air and earth.
So we can do magic.
I don't know.
Sure we can. We just need to
find a Book Of Shadows.
When you said you had a plan,
I was presuming that plan would involve
a bit more adventure and excitement.
The lair has to have been set up
by someone at school, right?
A former student.
Oscar. Felix. This is a rare sighting.
Oh, excuse me, boys.
A bit of light weekend reading.
A teacher!
There's nothing magic about Bates.
Keep looking.
Whoa, check it out! It's Dad!
With hair. So much hair.
- And a vest.
- Pretty much the same vest.
Look. 'Favourite subjects - Music,
Physics, Woodwork and Kathy Connor.'
Mum! That's embarrassing.
That means teenage Mum's
in here somewhere too.
Wait, wait, what are we doing?
We've got to focus.
He has to be here somewhere.
Let me try.
Feel anything?
It's so cool having girlfriends again.
Girlfriends are the best.
It was crazy. I had a whole crowd.
It got crazy. Did a 720.
- Who is that?
- You're amazing.
The vainest person in Bremin.
I can't believe I went out with him.
He was your boyfriend?
In another life.
Let's have some fun.
Should you blow him a kiss?
Oh, my God, Tegan. That was wicked.
Sweet prank.
Who did it?
- Earthquake.
- Came out of nowhere.
- Riles!
I'm gonna bring the pain.
You found the source of the
No, sorry. I was just very ticklish.
It's getting worse.
There's another disturbance.
More of the darkness?
We know this one.
My friend has crossed dimensions.
Andy? You think it's connected?
- His timing's more than coincidence.
- Then he might know something.
What? Oh.
Order must be restored.
You know what helped
when I was trapped in Negative Space?
Candy Crush?
Thinking about you.
Does that make you feel uncomfortable?
No. Not at all.
I came back here... for you.
- Oh, no!
- You don't want to?
Yes. I mean... no. I mean...
- What is that?
- Restoring demon. Run!
' Andy!
' Eh!
Sorry, I know I shouldn't be here,
but in terms of magical disruptions,
I'm pretty benign.
You know better than anyone
you can't disrupt the natural order.
OK, starting to freak out here.
There's a darkness spreading
across the multiverse. Shadows.
What's that got to do with me?
Bear thinks you can help.
Have you sensed anything strange
in your world?
Well, nothing more than usual.
So there's been no magical disruptions?
Actually, now that you mention it,
there was this one thing.
I'm sorry, Felix.
The visions are so unpredictable.
It's not your fault. You tried.
It's like it's right here.
I could see a person
but their face was... blurred.
Maybe you're being blocked. By magic.
Like a thunderstorm, man.
- That was weird.
- Like a heatwave.
It was like a climate change
or something.
The girls did this?
Who is that?
- What did you find?
- The talisman.
The boys found a powerful spell.
They divided it.
- No.
- What does that mean?
It means we must act - quickly.
Who's that?
- He's not the one.
- What one?
Wait. Are you guys alright?
Tegan's just so cool.
I know, right? She's the best.
We need to talk.
Don't look so desperate, Riles.
It's embarrassing.
Jake! Open! Give it up!
Man on! Pass it, Riles!
I was completely open, Jake.
I don't know what happened. I...
I never miss a shot like that.
Tell me you didn't just do that.
Payback hurts, doesn't it, Riles?
Payback for what?
You just can't handle my success.
You just ruined my life
because you think I'm jealous?
Of course you are.
Of what? A bunch of primary school
kids that like your hairstyle?
It's like a documentary
I saw about elephant seals.
Can you guys stop bickering?
There's more important things
Do either of you meatheads know why the
girls suddenly have elemental powers?
- And who's that new girl with them?
- What, that girl?
She's the one
who said you earthquaked me.
We've been played.
Wait here.
That's the disturbance?
The little feral blonde?
Tegan. She's free?
Who is she?
A problem only we can solve.
- What do you mean?
- Go.
We need restoring demons.
- We have to tell Felix what's going on.
- What does Felix care?
He left you to make
your own magic, remember?
Why is it good enough for them
and not for us?
Hi. I'm Tegan.
I don't know what your story is, Tegan,
but we need to talk.
Oh, that's pretty. Can I look?
Don't touch that.
What's in the bag?
I'm looking for a big, old,
dusty magic book.
- You seen it?
- No.
I hate liars.
Restoring demon. Take cover!
What took you so long?
So predictable.
Your tricks never change.
Andy, where have you been?
- Guys, we have a problem!
- You think?
That's who I'm looking for.
Ellen, what do we do?
Since when did I become the bug expert?
I've learned something new. Wanna see?
Stop! This is not your world to
Oh, no? I'm just starting.
Don't think I've forgotten
what you did to me.
Or forgiven.
- No, no! Someone will see.
- In this mess?
Are we gonna blitz this thing or not?
So annoying, aren't they?
Stay back.
What do you want?
What are you gonna do, wash me?
Cute friendship band.
Friends in high places?
You think you can play with me?
Try. I like games.
And I like to win.
Worst time to have a shower, dude.
- That girl.
- Tegan. She's trouble.
- No, Felix, she's worse than that.
- What do you mean?
Alice. Phoebe.
Are they alright? What happened?
Are you OK?
Andy. What are you doing here?
We need your help.
In my world, that girl.
It's total chaos.
Andy, I can't leave here.
Really? That's a shame.
Remember this?
Of course. Our friendship band.
You trust your friends, don't you?
That must be nice.
I had someone I could trust once.
The band...
Isn't from Negative Space.
So you can't control it. Tricky, huh?
You thought you could just forget me?
Forget who we are?
What are you doing?
I have to keep the multiverse in order.
- Without it, there'll be...
- Total chaos? Hmph.
You abandoned me for this world.
Now you're going to
watch me tear it apart.
Order will not be restored.
Not this time.
She's stronger than anyone
we've encountered.
She controls all the elements
and the restoring demon.
And she's coming for us.
So what do we do, then?
Some spell to banish her?
That symbol.
My vision.
When I touched the book, I saw this.
This was at the ley lines.
Burnt into the ground.
- Where we opened the book...
- And split the talisman.
Then Tegan turns up.
- What if...
- We brought her here?
They're doing that finishing
each other's sentence thing again.
- Mm.
- But who is she?
I've read about this.
Chaos Sigil.
'Against order is the force of chaos.
The two exist in a balance.
If chaos separates from order,
the spiral of destruction
leads irreversibly...'
What, are you gonna say something
cheerful like 'the end of the world'?
Not just this one.
Every world in the multiverse.
She wants this book.
There must be something in here
she's afraid of.
We need to find it.
And now that all four of us
can do magic, watch out chaos.
Jake? Where are you going?
My piece of the talisman's at home.
And if this is my last night on Earth,
I kinda wanna see Mum.
OK. Let's meet at my place later.
Happy birthday, Tegan!
Tegan, that's the third time.
I have a lot to make up for.
- You're the best, Tegan.
- We'll be friends forever.
What's with you guys? Snap out of it.
Again! Wrap.
Tonight we play and stay up all night,
because tomorrow. ..
Chaos rules.
Oh, I thought I heard you.
So sorry about your game, Jake.
Not the end of the world.
What if it is?
Oh, Jakey, battles in life
make us strong, you know.
You get knocked down, you've just
gotta get back up again and fight.
Even when you've got no chance?
Especially then.
Ah, the epic Bates Bourguignon is
Hey, um... I like seeing you smile.
I'm happy for you, Mum.
Thanks, Jakey. Means the world to me.
Don't worry, I'll keep fighting.
I've gotta go, Mum. I'll explain later.
- OK.
- I hope.
- Hey!
- Dudes!
Ha! Finally!
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you.
Getting takeaway. What's happening?
What's the story?
No story. Nothing. I'm great. I'm fine.
Just, um...
You guys know that you're pretty much
the best brothers in the world, right?
I, uh...
I love you guys.
Whoa. Alright.
Yeah, definitely something wrong.
Take his temperature.
Got something for you too, man.
Yeah, yeah. Burger.
Tuck in, man.
I'll, um... see you guys later.
- What?
- Hey, get in. It's raining.
- Jump in! We'll drive you home.
- It's OK. I'll see you there, though.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
I had to see you.
- You did?
- Yeah.
I really did.
Andy, what's wrong? Are you OK?
Things are out of control in my world.
Like, seriously.
Andy, if anyone can handle
out-of-control craziness, it's you.
You think?
I know.
Ellen, I shouldn't have come back.
I was too caught up
wanting to be near you.
Will I ever see you again?
My whole life up until this point
has been unpredictable.
So I'll never say never.
Then neither will I.
Tonnes of cool spells,
but nothing with the chaos symbol.
Peep with security into futurity
Sum up your history...
- Dad! What?
- Come on, boys. You're not dressed.
Tonight a star is born.
My Bremin Musical Theatre debut.
- Tonight?
- Don't tell me you forgot.
- We have an assignment due, Mum.
- No, boys, it can wait.
It's a matter of life or death.
Yeah. Look, um...
It's OK. Don't worry about it, darl.
You can't shove Gilbert and Sullivan
down an unwilling throat.
I'm very disappointed in you.
Both of you.
Sorry, Mum.
- One thing we can thank Tegan for.
- Mr and Mrs Ferne.
Have you got an assignment due too,
Any luck so far?
No, nothing.
This power is so frustrating.
Speak to me.
Maybe it already has.
In your first vision, Oscar,
what exactly did you see?
The owner of the lair,
the chaos symbol,
a little boy and girl connected.
I remember something.
Like this?
Spell of Revelation.
'Reveal the secrets
to banish shadows to light.'
Sounds promising.
It's the best clue we have.
It's the only clue we have.
We've fought demons.
We've crossed dimensions.
So of course we thought
we could save the world.
But we didn't realise
that this was the end, for all of us.
This is so early I don't think
it officially counts as morning.
Together again. Just remember...
No. No inspirational speeches.
We've seen and done more than most
guys our age could ever dream of.
But great powers aren't just a gift,
they're a responsibility.
Did you just quote Spider-Man?
It's Voltaire.
If Tegan is as dangerous as we think,
then... well, this is our town,
our home -
let's save it.
So inspiring.
Don't you all look so tough
and ready for action?
- You don't belong here, Tegan.
- Felix, where's your hospitality?
Order to chaos and chaos to order
The circle of life
The endless border
Reveal the secrets
To banish shadows to light
Open the door
To cast out the endless night.
This is getting so familiar.
Nice poem. Very pretty.
A round of applause.
- Tegan, you'll hurt him!
- Obviously.
Don't be a spoilsport, Ellen.
He deserves it for what he did to you.
Why didn't it work?
Separation spell.
Now that we can do magic by ourselves,
we can't do it together.
Then the spell might still work,
if I try it alone.
Time to give up what isn't yours.
I want that book.
Then come and get it.
Mia, are you nuts?
Can't you see that this Tegan chick
is trouble?
Oh, but you're so good for me, Sam?
Shame your fans didn't see that.
Stop. This can only get worse.
You boys have had your own way
for too long.
You can't stand sharing your powers,
can you?
Ellen, please, I don't want to hurl
You're so blinded by your arrogance,
you can't see what you're up against.
- Ellen, I'm on your side.
- I know.
She wants the book.
You have to give it to her
or she'll destroy you.
We can't. We need it to stop her.
You are magic, you idiot!
Order to chaos and chaos to order
The circle of life
The endless border...
You're not powerful enough,
little fire element.
Reveal the secrets
To banish shadows to light
Open the door
To cast out the endless night.
Oh, the olden days.
Want me to step through your little
trapdoor and get lost back in time?
Not likely.
Wouldn't it be more fun if I just...
crushed you?
I don't think that'd be fun at all,
Leave him alone!
Sweet revenge, yo!
Are you for real? That's just annoying.
Game over, boys.
Time to give me the book.
Stop. You can have it.
Andy, no!
Let us go, we'll leave you alone.
We need to get out of here, quick.
You little creeps
with your backyard magic.
What is it? What did they do?
You let them trick me.
You said you were my friends!
- We are! Tegan, please calm down.
- You're kinda scary.
They can use the book against me.
Leave Mia and Viv.
They're just slowing us down.
We'll get them. Me and you. BFFs.
- BFFs?
- 'Best friends forever'.
Yeah. BFFs.
You wasted what I gave you.
Enjoy being normal again.
It's just us now. BFFs.
Now for those annoying boys.
- Nice trick with the book, dude.
- It was Ellen's idea.
She's not under Tegan's influence?
- She's pretending.
- Then she's in danger.
Yeah, welcome to the club.
Wasn't that spell
supposed to take Tegan out?
I thought so.
But it only opened a portal.
To another universe?
No. I'm sure it was to ours,
but, like... back in time.
A temporal slip. Interesting.
Looks like chaos had another win.
You could say that. We got smashed.
Wait. Tegan is chaos.
So we need to ally ourselves with
We have to get back to Negative Space,
to Bear.
And get stuck there like you did?
Bear can help us. Tegan can't
get the book if we take it with us.
What about Ellen? The girls?
The best way to protect them...
is to KO Tegan.
Spread out further.
The spell won't work
unless we're completely separate.
- What about now?
- Keep going.
Dude, I'm gonna go into a pool.
Elements obey me Heed my call
Become the power
The source of all.
It's working!
You actually did it!
What's that?
I don't know,
but, suddenly, going into Negative
Space doesn't seem like such a bad idea.
- Um, guys...
- What is that?!
A shadow. Felix, use your fire!
- Guys!
- Hurry, it's closing!
Guys, don't leave me in here!
This place freaks me out!
Don't be scared in there, Sam. Negative
Space is what you want it to be.
- Sam!
I think we should worry
about ourselves right now.
They aren't after you, just the book.
Use your power.
Come on, guys, where are you?
Where are you?
We're surrounded.
Through there. That's the only way!
Well, here they are, Ellen.
Your real friends.
Tegan, wait. We're BFFs, remember?
Oh, yeah. Remember this, BFF?
- Ellen, I'm on your side.
- I know.
I've been betrayed before.
I swore I would never
let it happen again.
Tegan, stop. It's us you want.
Don't worry, you're next.
It's going up in flames.
Unless you let her go.
Do it. Save me the effort.
She wants it destroyed.
Time for another plan.
Felix. How are your footy skills?
- Don't let him go!
I want
that fool's Book Of Shadows.
- Whose book is it?
- Really? You don't know?
That wasn't so hard, was it?
Can you get up?
Those things, they sapped my energy.
Come on!
This will buy us time. Hurry!
The book is gone.
He is gone.
Nothing can stop me.
Now begins the age of chaos.
Don't stew about the boys.
They're just teenagers.
They should have been there.
It's like they live in
their own universe.
Yeah, well, I was the same at their
I thought you were brilliant on stage.
The boys would have been proud.
Thanks, hun.
You know what?
They can come to the next show.
We'll be better then anyway.
Phoebe! Bear!
Sam! Here!
- No!
- What?
- Stop!
- Stop!
She's destroying Negative Space.
How did Andy survive
in this nutso place?
How do I get to you?
Felix and Andy were the thinkers.
Is there a Sam-style solution to this?
OK, brain.
Andy said that this place
is what you want it to be.
What did he mean?
Sam, you have to...
I have to what?
Where are you?
Over here!
Here! Here!
Oh, man, Felix's stupid big fireballs
would be great right now.
At least I could see.
GUYS! Guys!
I think fireball and one appears and...
That's what the little dude
was on about.
In that case, a bridge would be nice.
Sam Conte.
Skateboarder, genius, saviour.
Give me something.
Let me help.
Stupid power.
Are you OK?
I'm a lot of things,
but OK isn't one of them.
I'm so tired of running. Anyone else
wish they had their driver's license?
Yep, Andy, that's exactly
what I'm thinking about.
- She's affecting the whole town.
- Her power's increasing.
- There's nothing we can do about it.
- But there's still Sam.
- Fair call.
- She's destroyed The Book Of Shadows.
- Game over.
- We've failed.
I've failed.
Come on, guys.
This is the grand final.
The fourth quarter's
when we play our best game.
We have to dig deep if we're
gonna smash it through the posts.
- Is he serious?
- Afraid so.
Jake's right. This is our chance
to do something good.
Something only we can do.
How? The spell didn't work.
We're not giving up.
My hand started drawing by itself.
The lair.
There's something in there.
You have to go back.
Let's go.
Hey, Oskie, have you seen your mum?
Um, no.
Where did you get this?
Search everywhere for another spell.
A backup spell.
Fast. Come on.
- It could be anywhere.
- Doesn't make sense.
Why leave a spell to defeat Tegan
unless someone could find it?
I've searched in every corner
of this place a thousand times.
I would have found it.
Felix. When you did that spell before,
it created a portal to our dimension,
but at a different time.
So, what if what we're looking for
isn't here now?
But it was here before.
It was the right spell
but I cast it in the wrong place!
I have to do it here.
OK, you need to leave me
for the magic to work.
Everyone out, hurry!
- You did well, Sam.
- Thanks, dude.
Me and my brain
have come to a new understanding.
- Good luck with that.
- We must hurry.
No, wait. Now I need your help.
You gotta help us take care of Tegan.
It's not possible.
Bear can't leave Negative Space, Sam.
We must repair our world
to keep the rest in order.
But she's trying to destroy Bremin.
If Negative Space falls,
that will be the end of everything.
I... I can go.
Um, well, I was kinda hoping
for someone with actual powers.
And I was hoping
for someone with gratitude.
Looks like we're stuck
with each other, airhead.
What is it?
It's all my fault.
I'm responsible for this.
You know, I never thought I'd say this,
but... this not doing magic together
thing kinda sucks.
Come on, Felix! What's taking so long?
Oh, man.
Behold, the Spell of Containment,
written on the wall years ago.
That's the real spell to defeat Tegan.
A spell hidden within another spell.
Whoever thought of that
must be some kind of genius.
Oh, it's chaos out there.
It's... not what it looks like.
She's back, isn't she?
This room. It's Dad's!
You made this place?
- You're the...
- One and only.
But how... what...
Questions later.
Mr Ferne, is that your spell?
Oh, that's an ancient one.
I defeated her with that spell
30 years ago, when I was your age.
You built all this?
Well, I got straight A's in Woodwork.
But I gotta warn you, boys. You use
this spell and it comes at a high price.
Why do I not like the sound of that?
Well, like all most powerful spells,
this one demands a sacrifice.
A sacrifice?
Your magic. Your elemental powers.
That's why I gave up this place.
And I hid my identity
with the last of my power.
That's why I couldn't see you.
Had to start all over again.
Luckily I also had
quite the talent for retail.
So, what are you gonna do?
I'm in.
All of it? Forever?
It's the only way.
I guess.
Looks like she's busy.
Guess who's back!
- Look who I brought.
- Hi, guys!
- Phoebe.
- You made it.
I know, right? How sick.
What did I miss?
- She's here.
- You were right, Dad.
'Course I was.
Do me proud, son.
She's opening up the barriers
between universes.
Tegan, stop.
This world is our home.
And now it's mine too.
So I'm making some improvements.
There's only one improvement to make -
getting rid of you.
Well, look who's here.
You got old.
A nobody who lost his powers
and has nothing to show for it.
- I've got my family.
- Do you?
What's happened?
Don't hurt them.
I don't think it's us hurting them
that's the issue.
Listen to me! Mum!
- It's me-Jake!
- Mum...
We need to help the boys.
Tegan's growing in power.
- We need to take her out.
- And soon, or we're all cactus.
Let's crush this nutjob!
Remind me not to make her angry.
The Kombi, hurry!
- What, we're going to run them over?
- Jake, Jake!
Go! Go!
Hurry, Jake!
Hang on, Dad!
It's time.
Fun's over, Tegan.
Oh, please, it's only just starting.
Got it? Go!
Stop them.
Earth, water, air, fire
Elements that we desire...
Earth, water, air, fire...
- Elements that...
- We desire...
Take this magic from inside...
And use its power to chaos bind...
- It should be working!
- What's wrong with our magic?
Help! Hurry!
Oscar! Spirit! We need spirit!
Of course! Oscar!
We need you to find the talisman!
All the elements together!
Earth, water, air, fire...
- Elements that...
- We desire...
- Take this magic...
- From inside...
And use its power to chaos bind...
Stop it!
No! It's not fair.
You've worn out your welcome, Tegan.
Why can't you just let me have fun?
Earth, water, air, fire
Elements that we desire
Take this magic from inside
And use its power to chaos bind.
No, please, don't send me back!
I don't want to be alone again!
You're burning up.
You have to go back to your world.
I disrupted the balance
of chaos and order.
Now I must restore it.
When the universe was born,
chaos and order were the same.
I was the one who broke us apart.
I was the one who betrayed my sister,
to have my own identity.
To become the Guardian.
That psycho is your sister?
I'm sorry. Please don't leave.
We will be together.
Chaos and order as one.
Eternal, as it always should have been.
What about Negative Space?
The multiverse?
The multiverse existed before me
and it will long after.
I thought we were the Guardians.
Not anymore. Not without Bear.
So we're free to return home?
Come, Tegan. Now we go home.
I've missed you.
Bear. No!
So, um... that was intense.
Hey, guys, I think
you might be forgetting something.
- Where are we? I feel horrible.
- How come we're here together?
What's going on?
So... no more magic.
Just normal. Perfectly normal.
Group hug?
You've gotta admit, that's kinda sweet.
You're OK.
I've been looking for you.
The whole town went crazy.
Go get her, Sam.
So I guess you decided
what kind of guy you want to be.
Yeah, I did.
I hope you like him.
What are you going to do, Felix?
I don't know.
I've been into magic for so long,
I've forgotten what I'm like without it.
I liked being a freak.
Don't worry. We'll be freaks together.
As if you weirdos have a choice.
Give me a minute.
Maybe it'll be good to be normal again.
For a while.
You sell yourself short, Felix Ferne.
You don't need magic or powers
to be special.
You are already,
and I, for one, am a big fan.
The Nowhere Boys story,
at least the magical part of it,
may have ended.
They didn't know it at the time,
but they weren't the only ones.
All around us
there are others like them, like me,
who will soon discover
the secret powers within them,
who are going to follow in Felix, Sam,
Jake and Andy's footsteps.
This story isn't an end.
It's a beginning.
Captions by CSI Australia