Nr. 10 (2021) Movie Script

I'm having breakfast. It would be
nice to be left alone for a moment.
It's possible, you think?
Are you leaving?
Haven't you heard me?
- I'm going.
- Are you leaving?
Yes, I'm leaving.
- You're abandoning me?
- Yes, I have to work, you see.
And what am I supposed to do all day?
That's entirely up to you.
On the passing of Angela Mulder.
May it benefit us all.
Is that really the intention,
him blocking my passage?
That's the idea, right Karl?
For me to be in Marius' way?
Yes, that's the idea.
I have only just entered on stage to
be humiliated. To what purpose?
It's just a bit of teasing...
I'm not teasing you, I'm teasing your
character. You're taking it personally.
Yes, I'm not retarded: you're having way
too much fun playing it like that.
Do I have to play it with aversion?
Karl, this is already the third scene
Gnter's bothering me.
I'm not bothering you, we're acting.
- Why can't I bite back for a change?
- The character doesn't bite back.
And why does Gnter have to bother me
in such an obvious manner?
- Can't it be done with more subtlety?
- I'm willing to try.
Go ahead.
On the passing of Angela Mulder.
May it benefit us all.
What the hell is this?
This isn't "more subtle"?
No, but it's better.
Better? He's just fucking with me,
you can see that, right?
Eh, smoking's not allowed here, Marius.
We'll give this scene a rest,
I think we'll be doing Marius a favour.
- Am I doing something wrong?
- You're in a bad mood.
We're doing scene 5.
Whatever you want, Karl.
Are you awake?
- Betty, don't be childish.
- We're awake.
Papa must discuss something with Olaf.
- I'm listening.
- I want to know your plans.
For today?
'I'm talking about your
plans for the future.'
I'm talking about your
plans for the future.
They're in development.
Are you capable of
giving a serious reply?
- You have to say something.
- 'Cilla, shut your mouth, please.'
Cilla, shut your mouth, please.
Can we go back a bit?
Go ahead.
Papa must discuss something with Olaf.
I'm listening.
- I want to know your plans.
- For today?
- I'm talking about your future plans.
- They're in development.
Are you capable of
giving a serious reply?
- Cilla, shut you mouth, please.
- I'm helping you.
Just stop. This isn't working.
- What's going on, Marius?
- I'm not a 100% present.
- Maybe, but you don't know your lines.
- Not by heart yet, that's all.
I want you to learn them by heart.
This is no way to work.
It's time.
That's all for today.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Eh, Gnter has an interview
in a moment.
What are you doing with that bag?
I knew you'd forget...
Greta's going abroad for six weeks.
I'm looking after her house and cats.
- You're sleeping there too?
- Yes.
On my own for a while, I like that.
It's nice for you as well, since you're
only occupied with that play anyway.
- So I'm sleeping alone for six weeks?
- I'll sleep at your place sometimes.
- Or I at your place.
- Yes, naturally.
This is the place?
No, it's behind there, but I'll pop by
the supermarket first.
You don't mind, do you?
Not at all. Do I have to pick you up
tomorrow morning?
No, I'll take Greta's scooter.
- I thought you were coming tomorrow?
- No, today.
- I thought tomorrow.
- Come here.
Gladly, but you have to go.
Lizzy and her boyfriend are coming for
dinner. She'll be here in half an hour.
- Your own daughter can't know about us?
- No, nobody can know about us.
And since her boyfriend is also there,
it'll get out in no time, right?
And Karl will know about us...
You have to hurry!
You can't go, they're already here.
You have to stay here.
If you have to go to the toilet,
don't flush.
- Do I have to stay here all night?
- Yes.
This is John.
John? I thought Andr.
Papa, Andr was my last boyfriend.
- Oh, so this is your new boyfriend?
- Yes.
This is my new boyfriend
and his name is John.
Hi John, I'm Gnter.
I was at the hospital yesterday.
I had to be examined.
There's an outbreak of TBC
at the university.
- And?
- I don't have TBC.
But I only have one lung, so it seems.
- What?
- I only have one lung.
There's a second lung, but it's
rudimentary. Or something.
- All of this is new to you?
- Yes, of course.
Haven't I been examined as a child?
- I don't think so. You were never ill.
- Never ill?
- I had the flu sometimes, right?
- No.
You got that from me.
I'm never ill as well.
- The toilet?
- In the hallway.
Why am I only hearing this now?
Because it came up just now.
Why hasn't it ever been examined?
That's not strange: you're examined if
you go to the doctor with a complaint.
You don't go to the doctor to
complain you're never ill, right?
Those physicians asked about you
and mum too. I told them mum died but,
they're very much interested in you.
Why? People with one lung are a rarity,
but it does occur.
But my lung is 30% bigger than
a normal lung...
- and there isn't any similar case.
- What do they want from me?
- A photo of your lung.
- No, thanks.
- Please, dad.
- I don't want any obligations.
It's about a photo off your lungs,
nothing more.
I don't want it.
I'm not going to a hospital.
Lizzy, forget about it.
It's unimportant.
- You have to go.
- Are you getting rid of us?
I still have to learn some lines,
I have to get up early.
coast is clear
Shall we call it quits for today?
Katherina, I have a schedule,
let's not mess it up.
We'll reach the coast in a few days.
How can you be so sure?
We are walking to the west, right?
Look, it's 4 o'clock right now.
The sun is... there... O, shit.
Have we been walking in the
wrong direction all the time?
Yes, we have been walking
towards the east for a week now.
Jesus, man. I knew it!
We're in Ukraine.
No way, that's much further.
- We encountered a Russian yesterday.
- That doesn't mean anything.
Jesus, how incredibly stupid.
We even met three
Germans on the third day.
- Is that a hint that I'm in Germany?
- No, we are in Italy.
It would have been possible,
those Germans are everywhere.
Everyone is everywhere. Yesterday
we shared our bread with a Turk.
This morning I gave alms to an Irish
boy. That doesn't mean anything, right?
How should I know where I am?
By asking for directions.
You never asked for directions.
Did you notice we were walking
in the wrong direction?
Do I have lines here?
You only have to say two words:
'Yes, naturally'.
How hard can it be to
remember two words?
We have a problem, Marius!
You say goddammit,
but I say goddammit too!
I'm not just fucking about here,
Renate's sick, you know about it, right?
She has coughing fits each night.
She barks like a seal.
Out of bed, to the kitchen...
coughing, back to bed,
tossing and turning, a crying fit...
then I have to calm her down...
and once she's calmed down
it all starts over again.
Out of bed, to the kitchen...
Yes, I get it.
How can I learn my lines
if never sleep?
I don't know, Marius,
and I don't want to know.
Stay at a hotel. Strangle your wife.
Solve the problem!
Why don't we just
give Marius a prompter?
We're playing at The Victoria,
they still have a prompter's box there.
- Are you being funny?
- No, I'm serious. If it helps Marius.
A prompter's box is a stupid thing,
it's not going to be in my play.
There are already enough stupid
things in my play.
What do you mean by that?
- What's up, I'm supposed to say sorry?
- No, you don't have to.
I want to tell you something
but reluctantly.
What's the matter?
I think Isabel and Gnter
are having an affair.
Do you think so or are you sure?
I think so.
- And now?
- Wait.
- Who's that?
- Isabel, an actress.
- And who's that?
- Where?
There, in that car.
That's Karl, the director.
Isabel's his wife.
As a kid I have been found in a forest
- Are you worried?
No. Why should I be?
Everyone can read this.
The protestants and muslims too.
If you don't know what we know,
it doesn't tell anything, right?
- What are you doing?
- Getting some bread. And eggs.
And bacon.
Do you want bacon?
Don't we have to work?
It's Sunday. Stay in bed.
You're absent-minded.
What's up?
Nothing. I'm just absent-minded.
Can we start?
We can.
'On the passing of Angela Mulder.
May it benefit us all.'
Wait a minute. I'm forgetting something.
I want Gnter and Marius to switch.
So Gnter enters and Marius blocks him.
- Why's that?
- It seems better to me.
- Just like that?
- Yes.
- Are we changing roles?
- No just the action.
So I'll still be Bergmeier
and Marius Van Houten?
Van Houten doesn't bike back, right?
- That was last last time. Now he does.
- But that's strange?
No that's not strange, just try it.
Go ahead.
'On the passing of Angela Mulder.
May it benefit us all.'
Ok, this is good, we'll keep it.
Come on, Karl, you're not serious?
I think it's better than before.
It's staying.
No comments at this
moment please, Gnter.
That's all for today.
Marius, we need to have a chat.
Can Paul wait for a moment
or do I take a cab?
I'll be right back.
- I want to sleep with you tonight.
- Oh.
- Am I welcome?
- Of course.
- Just sleeping or dinner as well?
- Both please.
Marius, I propose after repetition
Marie-Louise will help you...
with your lines for an hour, otherwise
I think it's not going to work out.
There are some changes in the text,
things have been turned upside down.
Marie-Louise knows about everything.
Tomorrow we'll start with scene 16.
- I would focus on that primarily.
- But I only have two words in scene 16.
That's what I've changed. Marie-Louise
is going to explain it to you.
Karl is sleeping with me.
Too bad, X Isabel.
Come, lay close to me.
Ok, scene 16.
I want Gnter and Marius
to switch lines, please.
Switch again?
Yes, but lines this time.
Yesterday it was about an action.
- I'm the servant?
- Yes, you're the servant.
- You're taking an entire scene away from me?
- No, you're still present in the scene.
Yes, as a servant!
With two words as text.
I want to try something, experiment.
Am I allowed to?
It's not a play,
it's a collage. Cut & paste.
So the cast isn't set in stone.
It needs to become abstract.
- An abstract collage without logic.
- Without logic?
- Yes, without logic.
- So what's our anchor then?
There's no anchor.
So it could be possible that Isabel
and me have to switch lines?
Yes, or you and Paul. Or Paul and Isabel.
Anything is possible, no limits. Jesus.
- So we have to know all the lines?
- Yes. Can I start rehearsing now?
So you want me and Marius
to change roles?
No, we don't use those terms any more.
There are no roles, just lines.
You're switching lines.
- But I have to play the servant?
- No.
You're playing the lines of the servant.
- So that's the new starting point?
- Yes. Shall we do it?
So Marius knows my lines?
He doesn't even know his own lines.
I want to say something about that.
After every rehearsal Marie-Louise will
help Marius with his lines for an hour.
They have started with that yesterday.
Did that go well, Marius?
Yes, I think so.
And how was your night?
Were you able to sleep?
Yes or no?
Marie-Louise, you're sitting
with Marius and prompt.
So yesterday Marius learned my lines
and no one tells me about it?
You're hearing it now, right?
Go ahead.
Shall we call it quits for today?
Katherina, we are walking to...
Katherina, I have a schedule,
let's not mess it up.
In a few days we will reach the coast.
How can you be so sure?
OK, I think this is weird...
- What is it, Isabel?
- This is weird, isn't it?
First Gnter plays the part of my lover
and now suddenly Marius. An old man.
- I have to get used to it.
- Get used to it and play on, please.
- Eh, were do we pick it up?
- At the start.
Go ahead.
Shall we call it quits for today?
Katherina, I have a schedule,
let's not mess it up.
- In a few days we will reach the coast.
- How can you be so sure?
We are walking towards
the west now, right?
I don't know any more.
I forgot everything. Sorry, Karl.
- When I don't sleep, it's not working.
- What are you doing?
Marius fumbling while Gnter played
that part perfectly. What do you want?
A bad show?
An embarrassing performance?
This is a stage. Everything will be OK.
Everything will be OK?
You are going to appease us with this?
We aren't kids.
Give me one reason why it's better
Gnter is playing the servant.
How many performances have I made
with you? Things always turned out well.
I would appreciate it if you'd keep
your comments to yourselves.
Go with the flow, be flexible.
Let's do something finally.
- From the beginning.
- Sorry.
This was the last time I let you in.
You can't show this at a birthday party.
You can't do this to your father.
I don't know what else you filmed,
but I'd erase everything.
Message from Reichenbach.
Unexpected complication:
Lizzy's secretly filming her father...
and wants to show the images at
his birthday party, as a surprise.
Intentions Lizzy harmless,
but can turn out to be dangerous.
- Keep shadowing Lizzy?
- Yes.
But Lizzy can't be harmed.
Never, tell him that.
Karl discovered Gnter has a
secret affair with his wife...
and is taking revenge
by giving his lines to Marius.
- That's good news.
- But Marius can't remember the lines...
as long as his wife keeps him
from sleeping with her coughing fits.
As long as Marius keeps forgetting
his lines he isn't a threat to Gnter.
- What's this woman's name again?
- Renate.
Reichenbach has to solve this.
It has to look like a natural death.
And I want him to do it with love.
And he has to make sure
no one can recognize him.
I assume Gnter knows
Marius has betrayed him?
I don't think so.
Do I have to spoon-feed everything?
Make sure he finds out.
Good morning.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Why are you taking away all
Gnter's scene?
I'm shuffling things around,
as I've explained to all of you.
Something's always taken away Gnter,
not from anyone else. How come?
Gnter's fucking Isabel.
If Marius hadn't told me
I'd never found out.
And now you're turning the
performance into an abstract collage?
In which Gnter's part is
as small as possible?
Mrs. Wieland?
How are you doing?
Bad, very bad.
No one's taking care of me.
That's why I'm here.
Who are you?
I'm Esther, from the
home care organisation.
I'm here to give you an injection,
against the coughing.
Ah, that's nice.
You are going to feel a bit sleepy.
I don't mind that.
Take a brick.
Smash up your watch.
Don't be a seagull behind the plough.
Somewhere in the attic there's a
'Do Not Disturb' sign.
I will show you what you want to see.
The quiet, quiet world we've
all been born into.
Well, you're doing a lot better.
I do have a request. I'd really
appreciate a prompter.
To take away the last insecurities.
I have to think about it.
Nothing has changed.
The world is still the same.
Go around the corner of the street,
and everything is like it used to be.
Or strange enough, very different.
We are confused because of all
we see and is whispered to us.
Don't listen, close your eyes.
The world is not a stage.
Take a brick, smash up your watch.
Don't be a seagull behind the plough.
Don't be a seagull behind the...
Marius is a coward.
You know what he did?
Yes, I've spoken Marie-Louise.
Thanks to his betrayal I've been
demoted to the part of an extra.
I know, dad.
You didn't have to do it.
It's not that bad.
That foot will heal.
Where are you?
En route.
Where are you going? To the shack?
I'm not telling you.
- So you're having an affair with Isabel?
- Yes.
- A serious affair?
- Yes.
And now?
- What do you mean 'and now'?
- What's going to happen now?
Leave me be for a while.
I'll call you when everything
has settled down a bit.
Do you have regrets?
- Do I have to worry about you?
- No, no.
Sleep tight, honey.
Bye, dad.
- Yes?
- Can you speak freely?
Why wouldn't I be able
to speak freely?
Because Karl might be around.
I have no secrets for Karl.
Do you mean Karl knows
we're speaking now?
Karl is sitting across from me,
you're on speaker phone.
Are you kidding?
What's the matter?
I want to meet you.
I have no desire
whatsoever to meet you.
If you want to say something,
now's the time.
How can I say something
when I know Karl is listening?
I love you, Isabel.
Actor nails colleague to stage floor
Right, we're getting somewhere.
Please wait
Insufficient Funds
My name is Breslauer.
I have an invitation for you.
An invitation? Who from?
That's in the letter.
I know you.
- From the bridge.
- Yes.
You didn't speak English then,
but a strange language.
- What language was it?
- Your native language.
- What language? From which country?
- I'm not allowed to answer that question.
- You're not allowed?
- I'm a go-between.
On the bridge you whispered a word
into my ear, a foreign word.
I can't repeat it.
That word sounds familiar.
What does it mean?
Were you sent by my mother?
Do you know my mother?
Jesus meets his Mother
You're Gnter Achterberg?
- Yes.
- My name is Innocence.
I'm monseigneur Wassinski's
He asked me to make your acquaintance.
How can we get acquainted
if I can't see your face?
I apologise.
This is a first acquaintance.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Why wasn't I approached
by you directly...
instead of sending Breslauer
to me first?
We wanted to be sure whether you'd
be interested in your mother.
I am. That's why I'm here.
What do you know about my mother?
There are indications that
your mother is still alive.
Where exactly is unclear,
that's being worked on.
- Is my mother German?
- No.
So what is she?
What language does she speak?
There are certain questions
that I cannot answer yet.
Why am I not allowed to know
what language it is?
Why am I not allowed to know
which country my mother's from?
Mister Achterberg, we are doing
our best to find your mother.
But the enterprise in which we
wish to involve you, is much larger...
than only finding your mother.
As I told you this
is a first acquaintance...
with no other purpose than
to get an impression of you.
I must assess you.
Can I tell monseigneur Wassinski
that you are a calm person?
That you are mentally totally sane?
- Yes, you can say that.
- That you are open to a change...
which will seem unlikely to you?
Of course I'm open to that,
but why make it all so complicated?
- Tell me where I'm from.
- I'm not authorised to do so.
- Who is authorised to do so?
- Monseigneur Wassinski.
That's the next step: a meeting
with monseigneur Wassinski.
You're going home now.
We'll get in touch with you.
- I haven't even got a home.
- We know.
And that's why I have
some money for you...
so that you don't need to sleep in
your car any longer.
- You're bribing me?
- No.
This money creates no
obligation whatsoever.
You must only promise me not
to mention this meeting to anyone.
You do know I nailed a colleague to
the floor with a nail through his foot?
Yes, we know.
But we see that as a deliberate,
well considered action.
Can I ask you something?
- Why are you a priest?
- I believe in the doctrine of Jesus.
I don't understand. You people
have blues, you have jazz.
- Surely you don't need Jesus?
- 'You people'?
- I'm sorry that's not how I meant it.
- So how did you mean it?
Jesus is a white fabrication.
Jesus is my friend.
Pleased to meet you.
The Netherlands
- Mister Achterberg?
- Yes?
Mister Breslauer's waiting
for you in the lobby.
I'm coming.
Poelzig, I want to make a proposition.
I think it's best if we don't
mention our interest in Lizzy.
Not today. Her name
shouldn't be mentioned too.
- Why not?
- Put yourself in Gnter's position,
he doesn't know anything yet.
He'll have a lot to deal with.
If we tell him we want Lizzy as well,
it's too much, too aggressive.
Chances are he drops out immediately.
It's best if he makes the
connection with Lizzy himself.
Mister Achterberg? Come please.
Are we being followed?
I don't think so.
Here it is.
Is it safe?
It is safe.
May I introduce:
Monseigneur Wassinski.
- Gnter Achterberg.
- I'm honoured.
And this is mister Poelzig,
the captain.
You've turned into a big man.
Last time I saw you,
you were a toddler.
That was your bed.
You're the captain.
Captain of what?
Of this ship.
This is a ship?
Shall we go to the Blue Room?
Yes, let's get comfortable.
Do you understand where you are?
With this spaceship
you landed on Earth.
On the 15th of February 1975.
On that same day we left you
and eleven other children...
outside in different places.
It was our intention and our hope...
that all the children would be
found and taken in by families.
To what purpose?
We wanted to know if we could adapt...
to the circumstances on Earth.
To see if it was possible to mix.
We, from Lunabor.
Hello, my dear boy.
Look, this is you.
When you see this, you
will be a lot older.
And so will I.
I hope you're happy, on that planet.
But I hope even more
that you'll return.
Will you come home?
- This is on Lunabor?
- Yes.
- And my mother's still there?
- Yes.
- And I am her son?
- Yes.
How can I be from another planet?
I'm a human being.
The picture book just now, on the child's
bed, it made you go all emotional.
Is that proof?
I know that picture book,
I won't deny it.
- But where from?
- From your earliest youth.
Look at you, playing in the sand.
Who says I am that child?
When you came in, you walked straight
to the children's compartment.
You managed to open it without
hesitation: because you remembered.
You're not going to ignore
own memory are you?
- Have you ever been ill?
- No, never.
- Flu? Measles?
- No.
That says it all.
We from Lunabor are only ill once in
our lives, several hours before we die.
It can be just coincidence
that I've never been ill.
I have one lung.
Everybody on Lunabor has one lung.
And you too have only one lung.
You have in a way
become a human being.
That's what we hoped.
We can't force you, but has
something begun to stir inside you?
Are you ready to go home,
mister Achterberg?
I don't know.
Poelzig, I suggest we leave
it as it is for today.
We have to allow mister
Achterberg time.
Time to accept he was born
on Lunabor, and not on Earth.
Good evening
- Good evening.
Sign here, please.
Thank you.
- What's going on?
- I need to tell you something.
Something strictly confidential.
Look at me.
Everything I'm about to tell you,
has to stay between us.
You can't talk about it with anyone,
no one at all.
Can I count on that?
Don't doubt my words.
I don't want you to laugh
or be cynical.
I'm completely of sound mind.
It's incredible, I know...
but I was born on another planet.
- What are you saying?
- I was born on another planet.
That's what I'm saying.
- And you want me to believe that?
- Yes.
You have to because that's
the way it is.
Can I continue?
In February 1975 I landed on
Earth as a kid. In Germany.
They dropped me and eleven
other kids in the woods...
with the intention we would be
found and taken in by families.
Everything to find out if assimilation is
possible between inhabitants from Earth...
- and inhabitants of Lunabor.
- Lunabor?
Yes, that's the planet's name.
Of those twelve I'm the only
one they could trace.
That spaceship is still in Germany.
Beneath the ground...
- but ready for the voyage back home.
- Beneath the small church?
So you were the one in that cab?
Yes. And I've also seen you
come from a confessional.
You're following me?
- Yes.
- Why?
I'm worried about you.
I don't want you to get into trouble.
I'm not getting into trouble, you are.
They don't want just me, but mostly
you aboard the ship. You're my daughter.
You only have one lung.
No better proof than that.
So you only have one lung too?
Lizzy, I think you should
go into hiding.
- Why?
- Because they'll be bothering you.
You think I don't want
to come with you?
Yes. What will you do there?
- What will you do there?
- It's where I'm from.
It's where I'm from as well.
Well half of me.
Lizzy, they showed me pictures
of my mother. With me as a toddler.
That's the only reason for me to
return there. To see my mother.
So I have family on another planet?
That's great, isn't it?
This is my daughter Lizzy.
- Poelzig.
- Lizzy.
Very, very pleased to meet you.
Hello, my dear boy.
Look, this is you.
I hope you're happy on that planet.
But I hope even more
that you'll return.
Will you come home?
Jesus, dad.
You're drinking wine.
Is there wine on Lunabor?
No, we don't have wine ourselves.
Wassinski brought us the wine. Like he
brought Bratwurst and Kartoffelsalat.
To Gnter and Lizzy.
To Gnter and Lizzy.
Mister Wassinski? What else is
your role in this enterprise...
apart from introducing
Bratwurst and Kartoffelsalat?
Follow me.
We did a lot for mister Poelzig.
Not only saving this ship,
but also finding you both.
And as a favour in return
the Church is allowed...
to try and spread the
Catholic Faith on Lunabor.
Why should it?
Why should what?
Why should the Catholic Faith
be introduced on Lunabor?
Because the chance presents itself.
We would like to see if
Jesus can get a foothold there.
- Is there a religion on Lunabor?
- No, we have no religion.
God doesn't exist and
after death there's nothing.
So there's nobody to look up to,
nobody that ask questions.
Jesus can fill that void.
Is that so? Are we going to a
planet where no one asks questions?
Wassinski means it figuratively,
not literally.
What does Jesus get to contribute?
- Charity...
- Is there a lack of charity on Lunabor?
- No, of course not.
- I hadn't finished yet.
Jesus has more to offer than only
charity. Forgiveness. The hereafter.
Why do you allow Wassinski
to sell a religion?
Because on Lunabor we are old and wise
enough to reject that religion. Or not.
But Wassinski is going to preach
a message there: Jesus saves.
And in order to spread that message...
you're gonna first convince
the people on Lunabor
that the live they're leading is wrong.
Worse than that,
that they're lost souls.
Only to tell them they can be saved.
In other words: fooling a healthy person
into thinking he's got a disease...
in order to sell him medication.
Poelzig, this conversation is
taking a very unpleasant turn.
You're not afraid of a bit of
contradiction are you?
- You're for democracy aren't you?
- No, I'm not for democracy.
Why don't you stay at home...
have you ever considered
leaving Lunabor alone?
I don't wish to have this conversation.
- But you can say yes or no?
- I can but I don't want to.
We have an agreement Poelzig...
and it doesn't include me having a
quibble with fellow passengers.
I have to admit that Wassinki's right.
You don't know anything about Jesus.
I'm voicing my opinion.
This isn't even an opinion,
you are waffling.
Wassinski, let go of it.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
I confess to almighty God and to
all of you, that I have greatly sinned,
in my thoughts and in my words, in what I
have done and in what I have failed to do,
through my fault, through my fault,
through my grievous fault.
We recall Saint Christopher...
who carried the Christ child safely
across the river's turbulent waters.
We implore you, Almighty God...
to protect us from danger and mishap...
during the great crossing to Lunabor.
We ask you, merciful Father,
to inspire us...
with the creative force
of the Holy Spirit.
Bon voyage.
Much obliged.
My loyal friend.
Did you sleep well?
Looks like your
father found his calling.
How do I get there?
Is everything OK?
Can I have some?
What's the matter?
Something's going on.
Nothing's going on.
I don't like the way you
were looking at me.
Tell me.
You're imagining things.
Stop it.
This isn't the original, right?
Yes it is.
You're not serious?
My God.