Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn (2023) Movie Script

This Film is purely a work of
Fiction & its maker's imagination,
and is meant solely for
the purpose of entertainment.
All characters, events, locations, institutions,
and communities, etc. are entirely fictitious.
'Bear no resemblance
to anyone, living or dead'
You're all here to hear the story
of my big brother J, right?
Then, let me tell you a secret..
That story began on the day of
brother Jamshi's wedding, not here.
'I seek refuge in Allah from
the outcast Satan'
'In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious,
the Most Merciful'
'Praise be to Allah,
the Lord of the Universe
I'd like some ice cream
- Absolutely not
- Yes..I want
- No..
- This one..
Hey sisters, you cannot sit on this
This is a special car, move aside
Might have left scratches on it
Do you mind if I pose this way?
Brother J, haven't I told you not to
give the car for weddings?
Everybody is sitting in it now, what if
they leave some scratches on it?
- Look, a scratch!
- I told you..
It's our Jamshu's wedding,
leave it
How much ice cream did you have?
So.. you were here watching everything,
and you did not stop them
"A diamond like girl, this side"
"The boy waiting her, on the other side"
"Both are here for the nuptials now"
"And their grand gala has arrived"
"The eyes sparkled whenever they met"
"The desire for more never abated"
"Hearts pounded like sky in thunderstorms
when they saw each other"
"It's their big day"
"The people are rejoicing"
"Kith and kin are here
to have the wedding feast"
"Glory be with God, the most merciful"
"Glory be with God, the most merciful"
"It's the sweetest of days
where love rises as a moon"
This is aunt Nadira,
my Dad's one and only sister
Brother Jamshi is her son
This gray bearded man, sauntering in
is our uncle, dad's elder brother
Every one is scared of him, even my dad
This is my dad, Abdul Khader
and mom, Khadeeja
In the back row are my eldest brother M,
his wife Hajira and their daughter, Ima
..and you guys know me and my
brother J
Thank you
- What happened?
- Something got in to my eye
- Are you OK?
- Yeah..I am good, thanks
- I'm Jimmy
- I know
- How come?
- Yasmine has told me, I'm Fida
- Oh.. I know you too
- How come?
They've told me as well
- Oh..OK, see you then
- OK
We should plan a grand wedding for
our Jimmy too
Extravagance gone too far!
With all of this music and dancing
It's the new generation, uncle.
Hey Jimmy, come here
Look, when Jamshu told us
about their affair...
...we did not think about
anything else, that's all
What's the problem in it?
They seem to be a perfect match
You are his big brother. We are all
disappointed that you are still single
I do not have any issues
Let it be
I saw your tearful eyes
when you came to the stage
It was not like that
- I am your aunt, right?
- Yes..
We can sort out everything right here
- Do you know Yasmin's cousin?
- Whom are you talking about - Fida?
Do you like that girl? Shall we proceed?
Is it your son's wedding today?
Let it be over first, mine can wait
Function is over and everybody's leaving
I am going to talk to them
- Hey..wait..
- What?
- Let me do the talking
- You! Are you sure?
- Busy?
- Hmm... no..
I am forced to come and sit here
- What happened?
- Can you see a gang there?
A gang of blue
My mom, sisters and aunts
are among them
They are planning on our wedding
Oh..I see
- Isn't she a lawyer?
- Yeah
I have know her, she is a good girl
they will make a great pair
I am used with this
Normally, it is the family that
makes the first move.
This is the first time that
the groom to be making the move
I did not come to hit on you
I too needed to survive
When you cross thirty, it would be
hard to survive as a single at home
Things are going worsen nowadays
It's not all sweet at home
Mine is bitter from my college days
I wasn't initially interested in her
After bit of talking, I got a vibe
Not his, the other one
She is cute also..
"A new dawn, a new high
a new life Blooms..."
"..like the day and night
caress each other gently.."
"The passing wind has
the fragrance of love"
"Even the tears glow like fresh snow"
"A new dawn, a new high..."
"When the heaven opens
it's door like a magic"
"Like beautiful a dream..."
"the words of love are budding"
"...those colourful moments are coming"
"let them stay in life
like your shadow forever"
There is something that
many people are unaware of.
As you think...
My brother had a love interest
'Ntikkakkakkoru Premandarnnu'
- Will you please come here, brother J,
- What's the matter?
Come here
- What's it?
- Look at this
- Is it gone again?
- Yeah..
It's tripping all the time recently
The rulers of Sharjah and Dubai
are coming together
- What are you doing, man?
- What's the matter?
Still washing the car?
The food items are yet to be prepared
I will pack it once they are done
What a pity, man..come help me out
Brother J..
What are you doing? Finish this first
You please do the polishing, or else
I will have to obey whatever our dad says
Brother J..
Ok, dad
Bye, mom..
Ima, say bye to your dad
- Tata..
- Say bye..
Mom and my sis-in law packed a lot
of stuff brother M to take with him
On the way to the airport, stashing all
the packets in the boot of the car...
...Brother J took a pit stop
at the showroom site
Me and Brother J have planned
to start an old car showroom
But we don't have money
He showed everything to brother M
Then only he asked for money
I will invest in this, only because of you
But on one condition
You should persuade
brother J to marry Fida.
You are the only one who can do it
- Eh?
- Done
So, where are we now?
I've spoken with him, but
it would be good if you could as well.
Alright.. Come along with me.
No, no. I am not coming
You do the talking
If at all this goes south,
I am done
- OK, I will go..
- Best wishes, bro. Break a leg
Will it be viable in such a deserted area?
In the vintage car business, interested
parties will come wherever they can
- How much did you pay upfront?
- Ten
Hmm.. Ten!
I still need to find the
money to cover the balance
If I am unable to find it in time
you may please help me
Jimmy, I am not a fan of
partnership business
I gave in because he asked,
and you are someone I know
You arrange the funds first,
and we will talk about the rest later
Uncle, who was the fastest among them?
Milkha was the sprinter
Jimmy's items were 400 and 800 meters
This is 1982, Delhi,
Come have a seat
Look, this is 1986, Korea
P T Usha bagged five medals that year
4 gold and a silver
When I remember of that...
Oh, the goosebumps!
Mom is looking for you, sister
- Let me..
- Yes..
- Come.. come
- What's the matter?
Come sit here
- Hmm?
- Mom isn't looking for you; I made it up
Could you give me the
instagram ID of sister Fida?
- For what?
- There is something
Give me
Will give you if you tell the truth
Can you give me or not?
What a pity.. after all driving on
our roads is quite a task
The roads are too narrow to maneuver
I lost it when an auto rickshaw
slammed into me
Hmm.. do one thing
Leave it at the garage at Companypady
Bro, Do I need to go?
Yes, and you must also
make the necessary payments
I am in a financial crunch
after the wedding, bro
There is a significant change in
Jamshu after Yasmin came
He has begun to enter the kitchen
which is a first, obviously
Watching him, my husband also
has begun doing his dishes
- Ah.. you must be relaxed then
- Ah..
I guess, getting married early helps
boys get a bit tamed
I'm not hopeful because it's Jimmy
- The wedding went extremely well
- Of course
- What about the reception parties?
- It's just started
Have receptions at Noushad's place,
tonight and Nilambur tomorrow
Yes, we cannot avoid
these customary things
What is the program?
Keep the phone there and eat, Mayyam
Mom prepared many food items here
Brother, I've been talking to
sister in law that...
Fida's mom was very keen on Jimmy
when we met at Yasmin's house the other day
They are interested in him,
aren't they?
Yes they are
Shall we proceed with it?
- Sure..
- I too liked her
She is gorgeous, educated and efficient
Hey Jimmy, what's your opinion?
He is not even listening
Jimmy is also here
Did you find me in Instagram?
Or brother Jimmy?
Did Athithaatha ask you personally?
- Jimmy, tell something
- What?
Does she know about your plan?
I did not get that vibe from her
- Hmm..what is this thing- Vibe?
- Who knows?
You guys are talking as if I have some
If she is not interested, does her mom
come and ask me about you?
Did Fida tell something to you?
Sister Fida does not have any
dislike for brother J, that I am sure
It will be good if it happens
That would be great
Then let's go ahead with this
Let me discreetly get a feel from them
If they are interested, we can
officially make a move
He is the one who should talk
So, what have you decided?
'I guess, it's time to sweeten the tea'
He is just playing innocent
He's already chatting with her
- Is the meeting over?
- It is just a trail
The true enquiry will begin soon, lawyer
I think that my life imprison
will be with a lawyer
- Do you have any problem in that?
- Nothing like that
- What 'nothing'?
- What about the vibe?
- Want to meet up and see?
- Want to see?
- What to meet?
- I am in...
- Then, let's meet up
- Yes
Why didn't you order one?..
You wanted to wait for her, right?
So you wait...
- Just to have a taste..
- No.. you wait, don't taste
"Will the wind and desire each other?"
"Will she and I fall in love?"
- Let me have a sip now
- Have it, no problem
You naughty! I don't want
- Behave..
- OK
You guys got here early, right?
She is very font of drives and shakes
That's true.. but I am the one
who took him here
Oh..is it?
- What do you want to have, Mariam?
- Ice...
Haven't you had a shake just now?
That's fine; I'd like some
ice cream as well.
- What about chocolate flavour?
- Good for me
Three ice cream, chocolate
- Do you want anything?
- No
- It's brother M
- He is calling me
Bro, keep my ice cream on that table
- Lower your voice, dear
- Oh..
Why do you guys have
strange names like Milkha and Jimmy?
Actually our dad was a
sports enthusiast..
..who wanted to be a
national level athlete
Bu he ended up becoming a
physical education teacher
I too had run a lot, in fact
he was chasing me down the track
Thank you
Why is aunt Nadeera so eager to
"marry you off"? She seems relentless
It's of love
- Seems so.. both are laughing
- That's good
Didn't you have any romantic interests?
You should give me regular updates
- Sure thing
I had a relationship during my college days
It did not work, and I moved on
..got busy with studies and practice
I'd been packed off to the gulf
even before completing my studies
When I returned, I did not have
the heart to marry
What is this?
Keep it there
Go wash your mouth
- Seems you are very friendly with each other
- Obviously
Dad and Mom were alone here
when I left for the Middle East
I didn't expect them
to be this romantic
Even though it started as a fun,
I was enjoying his company
Initially we used to tell our
parents about our meetings..
But gradually...
It was on our way back after my little
mission and some ice cream on the top...
- Look brother J, a 123
- What? Where?
- Turn around
- Wait..wait
Turn around fast...
..please do it fast
- Go fast...
- There it is
No..that's not the one
Speed up..
- Can you please speed up?
- We will catch it in one kilometer
- Brother J, pull over.. it's there
- Where?
Hey, Mayyam..
Hey.. careful..
What are you looking for?
- Is this car yours, sister?
- Yes..
Would you give it to us?
Who is this 'us'?
Me and my brother J
Brother J...
Look at this
- Hi..
- Jimmy..
- Hey..
- Hi
Brother J, come
- She is my sister..
- Oh..
- All good?
- Yea..good
Things were moving very smoothly
Every one was happy..
Then there are these guys who knowingly or
unknowingly drifted away from our life,
[Children screaming]
Finally, you're awake...
and what a sleep it has been!
Go get ready. We were
discussing your matter
- What matter?
- About your wedding, or what else?
- Mariyam
- Who is this Nitya?
Why did you take my things?
These were here
You should ask before taking
someone's personal belongings
Mayya baby..
Come here
When I was your age...
One day at school..
I was running to the ground to play
While crossing the staff room,
a teacher called me and asked...
...to call the new girl of
the next class room
I quickly called her and walked
towards the staff room, and ..
That's when I had a good look at her
She was wearing a red frock
She gave me a beautiful smile
Her name was Nitya
That day, brother J told me
a lot of tales about them
..including how they first met,
fell in love..
..and about their joyful years together
She vanished one day while
we were 'seeing each other'
What happened?
- Is this your training?
- Hey..
- Do I need to know this from the neighbors?
- Please do not raise your voice
If Lalitha or I were there,
It wouldn't have been a problem
It's quite normal for students of
their age, right?
That's all, it's nothing like the
people say
Dad, we are in love
We would like to get married
Look, do you want to marry her?
I am asking you, do you want to?
Come here
So, you are sure that they are interested
in the alliance, right?
Better we make sure of
that before visiting the house
No issues, brother. We are always
welcome there
Then, why would we wait?
You may set a date, and
I will also come if necessary.
- That would be nice
- Yes...yes
- Isn't it a bit far?
- Hey..it's just about 40 kilometers
Why don't we give it another thought?
Do we need to hurry?
Weren't you fine with it yesterday?
Isn't it a wedding, not a business deal?
Why should we rush?
Don't call me for his matters,
if he's not solid
What a waste of time!
So the issue is running into your ex
again after a long time
Not an issue, we just met..
did not talk, either
Why can't you talk?
But what is there to talk?
You can start with the dialogue,'
'I missed you in my life'
- Nothing like that, but when I met her..
- You got smitten again?
No..nothing like that,
Nitya is married with a child
That's even better
You can even use the punchline,
"You are my son unborn," on the boy
If you want to talk, don't hesitate
Just go talk to her
- Then let me meet her
- Without a doubt
- You are really good
- Thank you
- Are you going right away?
- No. now I am looking for a shirt
Let's go, come on
- Forget not to drink water
- Will do
- Bye, Mama
- Bye
- Planning to give me slip, again?
- Hey no..
- This time I came to meet you
- Then..?
Was a little busy the other day
And, seeing you caught me off guard
- You are still the same
- Oh!
Let's have a cuppa
- Sure
- Then come
Minnoo's tea stall
Wasn't there a tea stall
on our way to school?
Yes.. brother Peter's shop
- We had a lot of tea from there
- Yes..
- It's not there now
- Is it?
Remember the day when we went to
have a tea, bunking your practice?
Your dad came, and you ran
Do you still flee when you see him?
No..now it's his turn to flee
I and my father had gone to
brother Peter's daughter's wedding.
Why didn't you marry after all these years?
Didn't you find a girl?
No, I did not find one
- Do you no longer compete in sports?
- Me..?
I had no interest in those;
it was Dad's wish
After all that, I was shipped off
from here
Had been with brother M for five years
I used to keep kept track on you
initially, but..
..when you got married..
Go on..
I just left it there...
Did you..?
What does your husband do, Nitya?
Varun is a business man. He has offices
in Mumbai and Bangalore
I have filed for divorce
- What's the problem?
- You are the problem
I was joking.
He does not even know about you
It was an alliance arranged by
my parents
However it did not work between us
There were problems from the beginning
You won't get any of these things,
Aren't you enjoying the bachelor's life?
Of course..
- Hey...there
- Shoot
Shahal, come on
pass the ball..
Your sister was talking about
some garage the other day
Yeah..it's near the college
We have set up a place
Work is underway..
Our Sreenath also is a partner
- Who...'Sree the cutie'?
- Yeah
- How is he doing?
- He is good
- Does he still boast, as earlier?
- No, he's become tamed
Nobody is here to encourage him
Get me his number,
let's give him some encouragement
- Hello..Sreenath Sreedharan?
- Speaking, who's this?
- Wanted to know something?
- Go on..
I'd like to know about a golden teethed
parrot from 2001-04 period
Is it still with you and
are you selling it now?
Is this Nitya-Nitya Muraleedharan?
- So you still remember me?
- Why would you think otherwise?
How are you doing?
Getting along .. Are you
in touch with our old friends?
Apart from Arun and Philip,
I don't get to meet many of them
Meera had once visited my
showroom with her family
So you don't meet Jimmy at all?
We do meet, but I thought better
to keep off from that subject
The very 'subject' is with me now
Oh! Give it to him
- Dude..
- It's on loud speaker
Better you be...
- We must meet this evening
- Sure
- Mama, Come...I am starving
- Aha..
- Do you know this uncle?
- No
We were classmates at school
- Hi, I am Druvee
- Jimmy
- Druvee, you are playing well
- Thank you
- Come, let's go
- Shall we?
- Do not scoot, when you see me
- Not at all
Shall I get it from Sreenath?
- What?
- Your number
Why can't you ask me?
- Then give me
- Phone
- Mama, let's move
- Please do text
- He'd eat me alive if I stayed any longer
- OK
"The pavilion of moonlight"
"You are the golden sky"
"Come to me as colours and shadows"
"Now I fancy you in my heart"
"With out your light,
I am just a dead soul"
"You are the golden sky"
"The pavilion of moonlight"
"When you rain in..."
"my pathways bloom
with Gul mohar"
"Like they caress my body"
"I am learning you from each word"
"I paint your name
on the wall of my heart"
"Searching that light in
the corner of your eyes"
"When it's not there,
words just leave me"
"Would you come to erase
the distance between us...."
"...and to be the shoulder to lean on?"
"Come, my love.."
"You are a pavilion
of moonlight"
"You are the golden sky"
"Come to me as colours and shadows"
"Now I fancy you in my heart"
"I become someone else sans you"
What have you done?
Thank God! It's gone
This is nice
You have to tell this to Jimmy
I don't wish to get scolds from him
on this fine day
You got my point?
He might not have said anything about me
By the time I learned about it, we had
already spoken with Fida's family
Will I not be enraged?
- This one, mom
- Write down
- Where were you?
- I was in a vehicle deal
- Is the deal done?
- Yeah...it's done
What's up? Oh...in to studies!
Ar you still in touch with
your ex-girlfriend?
We had just met, just a casual meeting
Let me blend a shake..
Everything needs a cooling off
What's your intention?
I am clueless
Have you learned
nothing from your past?
- Don't waste your life for nothing
- What's happened?
Why would you back down
such an alliance?
Isn't it a marriage?
I wanted to give it another thought.
Oh, that's the reason,
not that you ran into your ex again!
Spit it out, you..
I told you, I did not go to meet her
You should've made it to national level
had you worked with some discipline
I gave you all the support which
I couldn't have dreamt of in my days
You squandered all of it on that girl
Just as things were getting back to normal,
here comes she, again
You don't understand, do you?
Are you a fool or what?
Yes I am..
I am a fool who spent most of
my life for your happiness
Did I ever say that I wanted
to be an athlete, dad?
Have you ever asked me about my wishes?
I was that fool who thought happiness
meant crossing those finishing lines
I was scared every time
I stepped into the track...
...thinking of how to face you if
I did not finish first
Nithya was the one who stood with me,
understanding my wishes and emotions
Don't preach to me, after ruining my life
How did I ruin your life?
Don't blame others for you flaws
I wanted to marry her..
Everything was ruined by
the slap you gave me
Parents have to right to punish
and correct their children
It's not something to be
addressed after 10-15 years
Is there anything I haven't
done that you asked for?
You live here at my expense
What are your cars good for
other than being space hogs?
What are you doing here besides
hanging out with this kid?
Aren't you ashamed of accusing me
of ruining your life?
Brother J..
Brother J..
I am sorry that I told dad
when he asked me
Brother J, where are you going?
I am moving out to the garage,
need to stay there to set it up
- You can do it from here also
- No...it won't work
Why so?
Mayyam do not pester me,
I am serious
Brother J, when will we meet again?
I will come when ever you call
We can be together once
the show room is set up
- OK?
- Alright
- Where are you going?
- Better for me to go now
Your dad said it in a fit of rage
He did not mean it
- Rage is not a one way street
- Son..
Brother J..
Do you really need to go?
Things will be sorted out only if I go
Off I go..
- I thought you'd gotten over your grumpiness
- Me too
- Good morning
- Morning
- Go with him
- Hurry up
What happened? Why did you
move these vehicles here?
I'd been thinking of it for a while..
Figured now was the time
Have you informed Salahu about this?
Not yet
Better you pay the remaining amount
and settle the land deal
Uncle, I'm not ready with the money
You know my situation
What I can offer is to buy these cars,
We can fix a deal
I can reimburse you for
the money you paid to Salahu
The rest I can deal with him only
Your issue will also be resolved.
What do you say?
Dad, it was not our agreement
Things aren't the same as they
used to be. is it , Jimmy?
Uncle, this was my dream project;
please stand by me
I have made my stand clear,
now it's up to you to decide
- Come on
- Ah..
- Don't worry, let me talk to dad
- When?
- Once we reach home
- Then go with him..
Have some water..
Jimmy, I am a little busy right now,
I will call you back, OK
- Hello
- Hello Jimmy
Yes Fida..
Heard you have left home.
What's the matter?
I was waiting for an opportunity,
now was it
They may be overly concerned,
I think it's nothing more than that
Wouldn't there be issues in homes that
we can't judge from the outside?
There must be some at yours as well
I forgot to ask, have you met Nitya,
did you guys talk?
Yes..yes..we did
Did it cause the problems at home?
Hey, nothing like that..
it was good
..or do you have any problem
in sharing it with me?
I was about to tell you
Jimmy I will call you back, busy now
If Varun drags this like this you
won't get the divorce order any soon
As I suggested earlier, we can
file a physical abuse complaint
No sir, we are not taking that route
Then the case will prolong endlessly
He'll keep playing the nice guy
in the counseling sessions
The case will be prolonged,
and the divorce will not be granted
You please have it
I was just expressing
my sincere opinion
You can think over and tell me,
we will do accordingly, OK?
Haven't you had lunch today?
Why don't you change,
before eating?
Can I get a pappad, mom?
You guys always ignore what I say
What happened today, dear?
As usual..
He played Mr.Decent, and left
What does the lawyer say?
What else does he have to say..?
What do we do now?
This will eventually lead to divorce only
He might be able to prolong it
He just want to bother me
Are you still thinking about it?
Huh.. hey..!
I met Jimmy at Dhruvi's football camp
Do not worry, we just met and
had a little chat, that's all
Mama, why are you late?
- Come let's sleep
- I am coming
Do not over think it
Ma'am, one second..
I ran into Dhruv's papa on the way
- He was very emotional
- Hmm..
But ma'am, I think he is genuine
It's the court to decide,
better you not get involved, Anju Ma'am
Please avoid talking next time
Good morning, ma'am
We should be honest, respect the
rights and properties of others on internet
Do not use computers to
harm other users
Do not use computers to steal
others information
- Let's call it a day?
- Yes..
Open that curtain,
it's better to have some air
Yes, ma'am
In our school days, classes
would start during the rainy season
Teachers would skip classes
due to poor lighting
We'll sit in class, watching
the rain and chatting
Like in this mood right, mam?
Why don't you keep your phone switched on?
- Did you call?
- Hey...no!
I learned about your
new location from 'cutie Sree'
Couldn't bring a house warming gift
Hey..nice space
- Oh!
- I was not joking,
Does Mariyam come here?
No, she'll be disappointed to see this
She is my business partner, right?
She was born, when I was going
through a depressing phase
Then I went along with her
Now I miss her dearly
Remember the day when my dad
asked if I wanted to marry you...
...and I said no, like an idiot
It's still inside me...
I was so enraged at you, back then
After my marriage and all,
I gradually left it behind
What's your problem with your husband?
How would you feel if someone had
complete control over your activities?
...and what if you're powerless to resist?
During my pregnancy, I had been
craving to talk..
He was not there to address
my basic needs even then
He always wanted me by his side..
But in what capacity?
To be honest, I have no idea.
It took me a while to realise it as well
I have something else to say
What's that?
Come on..
It was you who stole it from me!
I could have won the first prize for it
- Oh!
- Let me check this
No..no..don't touch it
- Let me see
- Hey..no
- Don't make me angry
- Oh..
- No..
- Let me see what's in it
Give it back, please
What's this?
- Hey..please
- No, I have to read it
I don't know what to write?
Still my mind...
...yet I'm writing my heart out.
Please don't
I love you Nithya..
I like you so much..
I don't know whether you know it,
but I love you
That's why I always keep you company
Then.. it became intense
I could hear you even if
you didn't say anything
I could see you even when
you were not present
Even in this moment, when I go home
you are with me
When I take the book it reminds me of you
Please don't read it
- You can read it later
- No, I should read it now
I know you are not mad at me,
What I have is love and love only
Yesterday you were gorgeous
in that colourful dress
You were like a butterfly
with white spots in red
I spent a long time staring
at that butterfly
I just want you to love me
even if you don't express it
I love you
I'm hoping you'll like me- Yours Jimmy
- Hmm.. let me push off..
- Huh..
I am keeping this
You're getting close again, aren't you?
I understand what you think
However you should
think of Druv as well
I don't think this is going to go well
Why didn't you go for the run today?
I am not feeling well
Heh, you don't appear to be feverish
What happened?
Where are you taking the phone?
- Your breakfast is ready
- Give me a second, mom
- Hello..
- Hello
- I won't speak to you any more
- Why?
You broke the promise, did not
come to see me yet
I'll definitely be there;
I was a little busy
Then why don't you take me there?
I will take you one day, for sure
Mom and Dad, where are they?
- They are here only, I will pass the phone
- No, no..what are they up to?
Dad's having tea, he missed the morning run
Mom's with him
- What happened to him?
- Come and have the food
Brother J, would you come today?
I will come
Hey...you could have bought another
one if you wanted to have
I was just having a taste
I coming straight from the school, tired
You won't get to steal from me
- Don't you guys speak kindly?
- No, we don't
Like father like daughter
- Huh..
- Yeah..exactly
Maryam is here
Didn't she go home after the class?
- No she came here straight from the school
- Oh...I see
- Where is she?
- I'll show you
She is a little grumpy because this
setup falls short of her expectations
- Tell her that we will fix it
- That's a tough task with her
- Is if sister Fida?
- Hey..are you tired after the classes?
- Not really..
There is somebody here too like you
Let me show him
- Hey..
- Hi..
- What are you having?
- Strawberry shake and pastry
I'm going to the beach
with my mom and Lokie
Brother J, let's go to the beach as well
- Hey...don't give her fresh ideas
- So aren't we going?
We will, but not now
You guys come here one day,
together we can go to the beach
- Sure..
- Alright then
He'll go bonkers, if we don't start now
- Next time, You must take me to the beach
- Definitely I will
- OK?
- OK
Brother J, you like sister
Nitya more, right?
Then what about sister Fida?
Hey..off you go,
or else dad will scold you
Hey, no.. Dad no longer scolds me
- Is it?
- Yes..
- OK..
- Bye
What's our plan, actually?
Are we proceeding with this?
I just asked because
I'm unclear on everything
Hope Nitya and son are doing well
When my dad discovered my affair,
I was packed off to Dubai
I got a job in a company rum
by some relatives
My stay there lasted six years
without coming home
I hardly ever communicated with anyone
I actually spent those years
among some cardboard boxes.
When I came back, I did realise that..
I have developed some issues in
communicating with others
May be because of that..
..I can't talk to you properly
Look, I'm sorry
Did you tell the entire
tale just to apologise?
Jimmy, feel free to do as
you please going forward
Would you feel hurt?
I won't pretend that I'm unhurt, but
some sorrows are to stay, so let it go
From here to that end.. can you see?
This is the overall space
Yeah! Some interior works are pending..
- This part is office area.
- What's your plan?
Hm.. plan..it's..
We will manage it, you need not
dispose your vehicles for that
Keep a seat there for me as well
Keep our uncles out of the business
We can do it by ourselves
- What do you think?
- OK
- You plan accordingly, we'll handle the rest
- OK
- Don't be nervous..
- OK, brother
- Hi, brother J
- Hey Mayyam, there's a news
- What's that?
- Brother M had called
He is ready to invest
in our garage
- Really?
- Really
- Don't we need to celebrate?
- Why not!
- Let's go for a ride
- Sure..
- Get ready, I'm coming
- Sure...
Hello.. Hi
He's harmless.. come
- I am afraid of it
- Hey..don't be
- Hmm.. have your seat
- Ah..
You sit..
I am opening a showroom of
vintage cars
So, just wanted to have a
look at his Benz
- This one?
- Yes this one
Do you like vintage cars, sir?
With whom are you discussing this?
He doesn't even drive
One of my uncles gave it to me
- Enough..go get some tea
- It's already coming
I never imagined your sister
to be this young
- Have the tea, son
- Ah..
It's made of home-grown bananas
- Didn't you get married, by the way?
- No..
- I got busy with the business
- Match making is in full swing
- The brother-sister duo is really into it
- Oh..I see
- Brother J
- Aha, they hit it off right away, it seems
- Mariyam come here
- You sit here
Why didn't you eat
banana fry?
- No..
- Why?
- You only enjoy ice cream and shakes?
- Yes..
What else do you like?
We will go for a drive,
if you have a banana fry
I know why you are laughing
Oh! What a drama queen your father is!
Then comes your mom,
with banana fry and all ..oh!
Then comes your mom, with banana fry
Home grown..organic...oh!
I tried hard to forget you
Every time I made an effort,
I realised you were still inside me
I...what to say..
I yearned to ask each time
after we reconnected...
Is there a second chance for me?
I wish strongly
you have to be with me
- Oh..congrats, garage owner
- Won't you come tomorrow?
No chance, it's a three day seminar
I took a break to meet you
What about Nitya? Won't she come?
I have invited her,
Let's see
It seems like yesterday I rushed a little.
- Heh.. what's happened?
- I mean..
I proposed her..
When Jimmy told me about this,
It was my suggestion that..
...it would be better to have
vintage cars, instead of new ones
These are the cars molded by the
golden generation...
..which might endure forever
as a reflection of the time
It's uncle's order that
no girls should be present
- I knew about it once I reached here
- Anyhow, I wish all the best...
for this new business venture
of our family...
- Uncle is giving a speech
- What about brother M?
- He's here, seems very happy about it
- Wow! Is Mariyam there?
She is running around here
- Everything OK?
- It's cool
Oh..happy that you came
Go and serve this to everyone
- I will serve, dad
- This is for uncle
Oh.. well, then you may..
Why do you not have even
one religious image in this place?
Do you believe this will help him?
- Have this, big brother
- No, thanks
You guys are here, huh?
Hmm.. seems good
- Look, business is no child's play
- Hmm...
It's a huge responsibility. When your
grandfather, which is our father...
...launched a business...
- I need to call Sreenath
- Do you not wish to hear me?
- I did uncle, I listened to your speech.
What I was trying to tell...
- I am here...will call
- What happened?
Call you for sure
Give it to me
- Where is that box you brought?
- Did you talk to your dad? The box can wait
- I will do it after this
- He was looking at you, go talk to him
- How should I talk to him?
- We are expecting some more funds
- Then we can further it
- Everything will be alright
It's a relief for me
that your are with him
I am pushing off
You may just tell him
Dad, you may please talk to him
- Hey Milkha..
- Hi
- Have you arranged a car for uncle?
- It's done, everything is set
- Hey..Jimmy
- Ah..
- The function was good
- Ah..
Holy Ramadan is round the corner
You should come home
- Mariyam, I have a surprise gift for you
- What's that?
- Here..
- Wow..
Brother J, I have something to ask you
Where did you go the day
sister Nitya gave me that gift?
- We went to sing a song
- Hhmm..
"When time unites me
With you.. with you"
"Did the story change, midway?"
"Did your eyes, stop raining by itself?"
"You and me in a valley
veiled with memories"
"You and me together.."
"In the leafy pathways, I long
for the shade of you"
"Shores of my dream blossom"
"For no reason we parted ways, back then"
"Now when you are back,
I am shedding my silence"
"When I close my eyes"
"I am your new lease of life
You are the light of my smile"
"I am your new lease of life
You are the light of my smile"
"When time unites me with you..."
We'll be home in ten minutes. Should we
spend a little more time together?
Yeah, we should..
- Are you in a rush?
- Not at all
The past few days, I think,
have been truly magical
Even in my wildest dreams, I never
imagined us getting together again
Jimmy, do you know something..?
Back then, when you gets
ready for a race...
I would get a look from you
..a little glance
..the feel I used to get from that glance
..I still don't know how to explain it
That's what I am experiencing now
I feel so peaceful now..
"When time unites me with you..."
Jimmy, start the car
Take the car, I will explain later
Hey, what is the problem?
What happened, suddenly?
Did I do anything wrong?
Hey..tell me, whatever it is?
Why are you panicking?
Varun was there..
What can he do?
We are all here, no?
We will see
Wipe the tears..
No matter what the issue is,
we can find a solution
You don't get it..
..and you have nothing to do with it
You may leave..
- Hey Sree, are you free tomorrow?
- Tell me
I will be in the showroom
What is the matter?
I want to meet you
Come to showroom
I will be there
- OK...alright
- Ok
Isn't the divorce proceedings with
Nitya inconvenient for you both?
Jimmy, do you know what's
the problem between us?
- No, I don't
- That's it
That describes me as well
I too don't know what's
her problem with me
Jimmy, just try to understand
my situation
Just assume, that
Nitya is your wife
You notice her spending time
with, say this Srinath
Hmm..then what would you think?
That they are good friends,
they can meet and talk anywhere... right?
- It's cool..isn't it, Srinath?
- Yeah..
Look he's OK with it
But if you see them in a
compromising position....
What would you do, Jimmy?
Can you put up with it?
I can't
Further more, if he approaches you and
suggests that you settle the case...
Shouldn't I kill him?
- Mam..
- Ah..Nitya
- How's it going, the classes?
- It's all good, mam
Do you know why I called you in?
Varun came over
..and spoke very bad of you
He was trying to show me
some images and videos in his phone
I don't have to interfere in the
personal matters of my staff members
But, if it is something that
affects the reputation of the school
I will need to step in
He had some concerns about your son
He says that his son should
not be attending a school..
..where a teacher has morally
questionable behaviour.
He is demanding a sudden
action in this issue
..and has threatened to inform the
management and the PTA
Varun..open the door..
I don't know how you are
going to deal this..
But if it spreads to other parents
I won't be able to support you
- Do you understand?
- Yes, mam
- Hmm..dad..
- Are you free?
Yes, I am
Varun came here and showed me
some photos and videos on his phone
I have forwarded them to you
Have a look
Let me see..
Jimmy, there is an issue
Look, section 294 IPC..
They can still make an offense
out of it even though it's a car
The case might not stick , but..
Did you really have to do that?
Isn't there a divorce case going on?
That too when a kid is involved
Did this impact her son's custody rights?
We can't say...it may or may not
We have see this only,
but what if he has more?
Can't you socialize with
others, if you have a kid?
Why can't divorcees find
happiness in their lives?
- I was saying that...
- I found a guy
Who's got an issue if
I hang out with him?
Jimmy, let's move
Than you
I nearly lost it when he continued
to stare at that video
There's no need to tense up
We are now certain that it won't
have an impact on Dhruv's custody.
He is not gonna submit
it in court
I am the one who had to live with him
submitting to his authority for long.
Yet I haven't understand him..
How much further
could you take this, Nitya?
We have to solve it any ways,
Let's face it.. Nitya
Do you have any idea
why you're saying this?
Do you know something?
I had a job interview, some time ago
Varun was on some business tour that day
When I came out of the interview
he was waiting outside for me
We went back home happily together
I was excited to have secured the job
and thrilled by Varun's behaviour
When we got home,
I went to the bathroom
I could not get out of it
He locked the door from outside
I spent the entire night
locked up in the bathroom
He and his family carried on
as if nothing had happened
After eating dinner, they went to bed.
Leave my case..
He didn't even care about the
ordeal Dhruv had to go through
He will stop at nothing to
cause me trouble, I know that
But every time his actions
surpass my anticipation
I paid a visit to him
I just wanted to talk to him
I had no idea he was this crazy
If it resolves the problem
let's talk to him
Why don't you understand anything, Jimmy?
This is my problem..
A problem that should be
resolved by me, and me only
Didn't I mention all of these
to you while we were in the car?
Use your sense, man
Did I ask you to go and meet him?
Did I ask you to resolve my problem?
Did I?
Grow up, man..
This won't work for me
I've been suffering from
relationships for long
I can't stand this any more
Let's stop this here..now
I can't..
I shall come, I told you
Brother J...where were you?
I tried calling you many a time. When are
you taking to the showroom again?
- I will take you soon
- Have you ended your fasting?
- I am not fasting
- But you look tired
Aren't you eating anything?
Come with me
- Ah..have you come?
- Come on in
As you could not be reached by phone,
we assumed you wouldn't be coming
- Hope you are doing well
- I'm good
- Jimmy
- Ah..
Come sit here..
Here..have this
After you left, I felt so uneasy
Sister, they have finished
the prayer, it seems
Let's serve the food
Come to the table
Jimmy.. come
Jimmy has come
- Has he? Ask him to join us
- Shall I call him?
Look, dad is calling you
- What should I do there?
- Don't be reluctant, just come
Come on over, son
- Naushad, please take that plate
- Sure..
Brother J
Take your seat
How is your business going?
Where are the kids, sister?
They are having food there
You carry on
- Serve him
- Brother J..
I was about to visit you at the garage
Do you mind lending me
that red two-seated car?
We planning a trip to Goa in it
Jimmy, why did that girl
come there the other day?
I was the one who had to
respond to the people
Are you still determined to
malign the family?
- Better you stop it
- Brother..
If that's how he prefers it, let him
Are you crazy or what?
If he continues it despite our
advice to avoid doing so..
..what should we do?
Can we give up on him?
Why don't we let him
make the decision instead?
Did anyone ask you?
What's wrong in it, brother?
Can we ignore him for the sake of
the family's reputation alone?
Are you kidding me?
I'm not going to meddle in
any of his affairs anymore
Huh.. stop it, kid
I appreciate you supporting
me at least at this point
You need not bother
about Nitya anymore
It's over..
I spent a lot of time wondering
why they broke up
Druv also did not know about it
Even if he hadn't told me,
I was knew that he was so hurt
Not only him, but mom and dad as well
"Over the waves of desire,
there comes a pavilion of clouds."
"Endless waves get
dressed by the rainbow"
"Over the waves of desire,
there comes a pavilion of clouds."
"Endless waves get
dressed by the rainbow"
"Small boats feast on a small-fish shoal"
"Sound of joy comes from
the lighthouses of pearl"
"Small boats feast on a small-fish shoal"
"Sound of joy comes from
the lighthouses of pearl"
According to sister Fida, happiness is
having our loved ones around.
Immediately I took brother J to somewhere
To meet a person who can
make him the happiest
Nitya, I went to meet him just
because I wanted you to be with me
No, Jimmy...this won't take us anywhere
I can't afford to miss you once more
I have a son, and I'm not even sure
how this divorce case will turn out
Amidst all of these...
We met gain, grew close
and we were happy...
That's enough for me
Be seated
We have been discussing the same
thing for some months now
I am asking you because Varun wants
to keep the relationship going
Why don't we come to a compromise?
It won't work, mam
Nitya, don't think I am forcing you
Do we have to consider
your kid's well being also?
What if he has changed?
I am afraid the you have not
taken my words seriously
If I give him another chance, it will
be a self-defeating move for me
Even after doing all this for her,
if she says it's not enough...
We have already past this, mam
Why is Nitya so fiercely hostile toward me?
What should I do to convince her?
Nitya, when he is this much co operative..
There is a black scar on my son's thigh
No mam, I will explain
Mam, he's my son, right?
I have the right to correct him
when he errs
Then, the day she mentioned, he didn't
even cry when I slapped him
Because he's a boy.
He understands, why I did it
Should a six-year-old boy
be disciplined with a belt?
Do you hurt the kid, huh?
Nitya, why don't you
tell this to me until now?
Why would she...huh?
What is there to tell?
They are my wife and child, no?
If necessary, Ma'am, I'll beat them
She makes a strong decision, Varun
So what?
I won't allow my son to
live without a father
Even if you're divorced,
you can still meet your son
Nitya needs her space, right?
We should respect her decision
What respect?
What kind of respect
are you talking about, mam?
You are talking about a person
who lives at will..
...without even respecting my family's
reputation. I hope you know that
Isn't it basic decency to accept
at least one of my decisions?
She is involved with several people, ma'am
That's why she demands divorce
- Stupid woman..
- Mind your words
Were you harboring this much hate even
when you talked about reconciliation?
- Yes, because I am her husband
- Lower you voice, I say
You don't get to give orders to me
You first have her in your command.
only after that do you come to me
Because this is your office or court,
don't try to dictate me.
After all, women shouldn't hold
important positions like this
Stop it..
Section 317 IPC - child abuse,
and protection of women from
domestic violence act 2005
If she complaints under these sections..
You will end up in jail
- Then let her do it..
- Varun, stop talking right now
Mam...I love somebody..
But as he claims, that's not the
reason I filed for divorce
My relationship with Varun had
actually ended just as it had begun
Nine years.. I tried.
and I can't take it any further
I am done..
Nitya, it's the court
that grants the divorce
But I will submit the facts
I learned, in the court
I hope there won't be any problems, then
Oh...let's see
Hey, what did she say to file in court?
Are you trying to intimidate me?
Then, go on and file the suite
I will expose your photograph with him
Let the people see your real face
What? Don't you want to take a picture?
See, didn't I tell you
She has brought him
Aren't you ashamed,
get lost you..
Why didn't you leave?
Hadn't I asked to?
I know you more than anyone
One day, I asked my brother J
who he loved the most
He claimed it was me, but I knew
who his true love has always been
See how his blushing
So I have told the story
of my brother J...
Now it's your turn to ask your
brothers about their true love