NTR: Mahanayakudu (2019) Movie Script

This is the story of a huge
turn in the Telugu Film history.
Story of a great
change in Telugu history itself.
This is our story.
My father's story.
To tell you my father and mother's story.
God blessed me with good luck.
Hoping for blessings of audience,
who are equivalent to Gods for us.
Believing that
we do have your blessings...
Always in prayers for your well-being...
Yours Nandamuri Balakrishna.
With all our
families living happily together.
Our Nimmakuru has become an Ayodhya
Taraka Ramudu.
Our Nimmakuru has become an Ayodhya
For the tree that
was watered with sweet love.
Rama Tarakam.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
You named him after Rama
and getting him a tattoo of Krishna?
As his birth star was Swathi,
we named him Taraka Rama.
This is because his mother love Krishna.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
Teacher... You need
to get my son educated.
He's a great story teller.
What do you know, son? Sing a rhyme.
[Singing a religious song]
He's going to get
worshipped as Lord Krishna.
- He's going to be our true leader.
-How are you, son?
If he gets on to this bicycle.
He would be the
brother of Lord Vishnu.
Brahma Naidu. If you
have a moustache on your mouth.
This Nagamma had it on her finger tip.
Until this peaceful land of
Palnadu gets wet with blood, I won't rest.
Even with the moustache
on, you made the play a hit.
What a performance!
-I am a student of Vishwanadh, right?
-Thrive, you idiot.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
Mom, brother-in-law
Tarakam came from Bejawada.
I promised his marriage
with my brother's daughter.
How can you promise like that?
We thought of marrying
him to Chanchayya's daughter, right?
What is this now?
Brother, if you don't agree for the
match I brought. We will never talk again.
-Brother. Listen to me.
-You come with me.
Taraka Ramam, Rama Tarakam... These
words got mixed like milk and water.
I kept my silence, not having
the heart to fight with my brother.
Please don't
misunderstand, brother-in-law.
-The waters of river Krishna as witness
A beautiful boy was born.
On the stage called 'Life'.
A new character
named 'Father', was born.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
A golden chance to rule
the hearts of entire Andhra.
Which great king, till date..
..had ever got such a fortune.
Those chances
that got to him on their own.
He have sacrificed
them, like they were nothing.
The Nagamma
sir, with half the moustache..
..had got a small and simple job.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
A story our Telugu
land will always remember.
This is the story
of our brother, Rama.
Will there be a heart
that won't get excited listening to it?
Is good luck.
Purity in life.
Every home should prosper.
Plough of a hard-working farmer.
Every farmer should be wealthy and happy.
Wheel of labour.
Everyone who works
hard should reap it's value.
This is our flag.
This itself is our agenda.
Very good, Rama Rao sir.
Very good.
Bhaskara Rao.
I need to get to
every corner of our state.
Prepare a route map.
-Into the crowds?
You are the only glamour to this party.
You will lose your value if
you get too close to the public.
Just give a call and the public
will come to any place you are at.
I'll arrange huge and grand meetings.
I will tour the entire
state if you want me to.
And will identify our supporters.
Bhaskara Rao.
Till date, it's the public who
came out of their homes to see me.
Now I will go visit them in their homes.
I myself will enquire
their well-being and struggles
You are used to the
comforts of a studio floor.
You can't do this brother.
You'll come back, just in one day.
Listen to me.
We never had the habit
of withdrawal, Bhaskara Rao.
Listen Pundarikakshaiah.
Get me two pairs of clothes.
Khaki colour.
As a symbol of hard-work.
We don't even have
any functioning members.
We can arrange guest houses for your stay.
But to arrange state wide
meetings on such short notice!
How can we manage ground
permissions and the stage, uncle?
This is the guest house.
And this is the stage.
What? This useless van?
This is not a van.
It's a chariot that fills
people with enlightenment.
The enlightening chariot.
We need to visit
every village without fail.
Call our mechanic Allen from Madras.
Get it ready for our campaign.
-For campaigning?
We stay in it.
And campaign from the top of it.
It's a recording van we
bought in scrap from Gemini studios.
We kept it aside as
we are not using it. Also...
Haven't paid road tax since four years.
Why did you do that?
Pay it now.
Get all the required documents.
Ok father.
Rama Rao sir.
We can't even make
it to Abids in this van.
-How can you campaign...
-Not just Abids.
We will make it to
the assembly in this van.
Brother... See, how
many hands are waiting for you.
Many lines among them
were asking you to write a new life.
This coming era,
it belongs to brother Rama.
The chariot of
enlightenment is telling us the same.
It's a new way, in
which only the people wins.
This is the oath that
will make sure it happens.
This is a call
for everyone to wake up.
It shouts to the heights
of it's voice, until you hear it.
Brother... See, how
many hands are waiting for you.
Many lines among them
were asking you to write a new life.
Education, medical care, justice to all..
..and agriculture as the four pillars.
Construction of
a new society should take place.
Only few are enjoying the power until now.
We should lay
foundation for social balance.
Even the backward
castes should enter the Assembly.
[Public cheering]
Our story stood as a
pride that will never vanish.
Did you forget that already?
You sit back, relax and look down on
to Telugu people, asking who there were!
Are we just a finger that vote?
Is it the only
meaning of our existence?
Did they erase our
marks from the entire history?
Who's laughing at us?
What happened to our pride?
For the people of Telugu lands.
Here is the voice
that roared like a lion.
Just now...
We have heard you brother.
Brother... See, how
many hands are waiting for you.
Government should work for people.
Not to serve Delhi.
Let's write our own future.
Andhra Pradesh is a matter of concern.
You need to dissertate on this.
Some of our ministers are
thinking of joining a new party, madam.
About joining that film star's party?
Why isn't our
Chief Minister doing anything?
-An other new CM in the north.
-How long will this circus go on?
Let's see.
Three Chief Ministers in just one year.
Anjayya in January.
Bhavanam in February.
Kotla in November.
Do they think Telugu people are
spineless or we don't know how to rule?
We are not slaves under their feet.
Teach them that
we are rifles to their heads.
Even for a dark
and horrific no-moon day...
There will be a
silver lining called 'Tomorrow'.
You are the breathtaking light,
that will conceive a new world for us.
You are an endeavour that took
up the plough, to farm our happiness.
On the tears of ages of struggles.
You drove a ship called 'Hope'.
You are the power that
impacted the entire population present.
You are the courage that took down the
anger that never answered our questions.
From now on,
every poor house will see..
..every beautiful festival that
shares smiles, entering their houses.
You are a voice that will
overpower darkness in search of light.
Can anyone of us contain
you, if you start boiling like the lava.
You are a walking determination.
Let us hail you, our enlightenment.
My Telugu land is a mother
that fed the entire nation once.
But today? She was
begging for an ounce of food grains.
As a son to that
mother, I give you my word.
I promise that I will
provide kilo rice for just two rupees.
Honourable chairperson.
To all the poor people in this state.
We will provide kilo rice
for one rupee ninety paise only.
I feel very happy announcing this.
To all the farmers.
I will provide horse
power current just for fifty rupees.
I promise that on this soil.
Our government decided
to provide horse power current
for only fifty rupees to the farmers.
Congress ministers
are copying your schemes.
And stating them as their own schemes.
How do you react on this?
Telugu Desam's campaigning
itself is bringing such changes.
What if we come into power?
Hail NTR! Hail NTR!
According to our committee
report, the winds in Andhra Pradesh..
..started changing directions towards NTR.
We never lost a single
election in Andhra Pradesh till date.
What can just a film star do?
He's not just a film star.
The people of Andhra.
They treat him like
he's one of their family members.
And even some believe him as their god.
His films talks on many social issues.
Like dowry system.
United family values.
Struggles of the labour and the farmers.
People don't look at him as a politician.
But as a social reformer.
We better take him seriously.
According to the electoral system.
The elections in Andhra will be..
..in August.
That means we have nine months of time.
What if we move the elections to January?
He will only have one month left.
In such a short time.
Even if the god himself comes
down to fight elections. He can never win.
So does NTR.
-He's an Eenadu reporter.
-Hello, sir.
-Tell me.
-The election date is announced, sir.
The elections that were supposed to happen
in August were moved forward by 8 months.
January 5th is the polling date, sir.
So we need to file
the nomination by December 11th.
What can we do in 13 days?
Good days were brought close.
We should thank Indira Gandhi.
I always felt that Indira
Gandhi would do something like this.
That's why...
I already got the candidates ready.
I came out of the same group
right? I know how she thinks.
Brother... I'll call
them if you can meet them once.
These are winning horses.
Ex-MLAs, ex-MPs, ZP chairmen...
There are anti-social people in this list.
Many of them are political thieves.
You don't know politics.
Rama Rao sir, these
people will definitely win.
I too fear the same.
These people will win.
Go and tell your Chalapathi Rao and batch.
Tell him that Rama Rao party
won't even get a deposit in your district.
-Sir. Please check this file.
-What Babu?
You're staying? Or leaving?
What sir?
There's a new party
right? Many of us seem interested.
That's what.
Whether I am in
student union or in politics.
I always work with discipline, sir.
What? If you are so disciplined.
If the party wants you to fight
against your father-in-law. Will you?
I am ready to fight
anyone if the party wants me to.
Even if it's my own father-in-law.
As a candidate I may win or lose.
But I will never fail as a party member.
Please look at that file once.
Strong hearted.
What Naidu?
They are saying you are ready
to fight your own father-in-law!
Our party members are looking at me
like I am a
stranger, Reddy. This is not right.
Even if you are a party member. You
are the son-in-law to the opponent right?
Even if I am the son-in-law to the
opponent. I am a party member, right?
[Rajashekar Reddy laughs]
Don't play around Reddy.
-Long live...
This teacher, who shapes a kid's future..
..is our nominee.
We'll give highest preference
to the youth, the educated and women.
Can never forget
what you did for us, brother.
This life saver, who does free treatment..
..is the nominee from this constituency.
Brother, see how
many hands are calling for you!
Brother! Brother!
Dear! child, child is slipping,
look dear, look at the the child once.
Oh my god!
How is he now?
I want to see him immediately.
Aunty, don't panic.
There's nothing to worry.
-I am here with him.
-I should also be there right?
I am coming.
I want to see him.
Mom. He's there with dad right!
-Everything will be fine.
-You keep quiet.
I want to see him at least for a second.
Ok Ok. We'll reach
Naidupeta by tomorrow evening.
Why is the sound so weird?
-Go see.
-Ok, sir.
What happened?
Sir, it seems like a
problem in the engine.
I have got everything
checked before we started.
Don't know what happened!
Even there's no stone struck. But...
It seems like that tractor
is also going to the meeting.
As if you can travel in that tractor!
You look so pretty. What's your name?
You named her very
nicely. Such a unique name.
You think so highly of my sister?
My brother-in-law named her.
What does your husband do?
-He had a rusted van.
He roams around in it.
-Sister, careful.
-Mom, are you Ok?
The roads are in very bad condition.
But not for long.
Our brother is coming to power.
These villages will shine soon.
Our country.
It had a population of 75 crores.
The property of our women who
faced death like labour, 75 crores times.
That's our country.
Sister you stay here.
Son-in-law. I'll just come.
That's why...
Among properties that can be inherited.
Telugu Desam decided to give
equal rights to the women in the family.
This is not one of my election promises.
All my properties.
I have divided them equally
among my sons and daughters.
I started the change from my own family.
This is for all those who call
me and love me like their brother.
For the women of my Telugu soil.
This is a gift from their
maternal family. My family.
Oh my god!
Look at this wound!
It's nothing Tarakam.
Should you come all the way for this?
It's nothing?
How are you...
Travelling in this?
Why all this hardship?
For the taste of the
fruit, you have got to work hard.
That's not hardship.
That's duty.
When are you going to Tirupati?
Balakrishna's marriage
is on December 8 midnight.
After mid night, Ramakrishna's.
Can't you make it?
I don't think we can.
We had to plan the campaigning route.
I can't leave father-in-law. So...
How come dad
won't attend his own sons marriages?
He's there for our
marriage right? Leave him for now.
With just one day in between.
Two of our sons are getting married.
It's Ok if you can't attend.
This is public's time.
If I come back, it means I am wasting it.
In these designs, get two necklaces ready.
For both our daughters-in-law.
80 grams of gold for each.
160 grams in total.
This is for Balakrishna's Vasundhara Devi.
This is for Ramakrishna's Jayashri Devi.
How do they look?
They look very royal.
[Helicopter approaching]
Whenever you visit our state.
It's like a festival for us.
We are expecting a lakh of crowd today.
That's good.
Today in Tirupati, he will come to know.
That the victory
will finally be Congress's.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Madam, he's our opponent.
But that's a cut out of Lord Krishna.
No madam. He is N.T.Rama Rao.
He also had his
last election rally in Tirupati today.
Sir, there's Prime
Minister's meeting going on in town.
So what?
You shouldn't enter until madam leaves.
This is our constituency.
-We'll get late.
-Today is the last day.
-Sir, please. We had our orders.
Please understand. We will lose our jobs.
Give your names.
After he took his oath,
he will give back your postings.
Sir, please listen to us.
There will be a security problem.
Security problem to this lion? Get lost.
I will stay here. You do your duties.
Father, we need to
stop the campaigning before 5.
-Yes uncle.
Indira Gandhi might be our opponent.
But she's a lady, who visited
our state as an honourable guest.
She's the Prime Minister.
Respecting her is our duty.
It's the culture of our Telugu land.
And all the lovely kids.
If the anniversary is of a human.
Or if it's of a nation.
It will always be an auspicious occasion.
It's a day of joy.
Tell me brothers.
-Whom will you vote for?
-[All at once]: Cycle.
Brother. As the cycle
symbol had no stand on it.
The whole village is arguing about it.
-What's your name?
-Penchalayya, brother.
See Penchalayya sir.
A cycle that stops, need a stand.
Our cycle will only move
forward. Why does it need one?
[People rejoicing]
Andhra Pradesh had always been with us.
Even during the emergency period.
Andhra Pradesh is with us.
I strongly believe that.
Even in this election.
Andhra Pradesh will help us.
You started walking a new path.
Please be little careful, brother.
It'll be new, only until you take your
first step. But once you start walking.
Any difficult path
should come under our feet right?
No matter how many
parties come into existence.
Andhra Pradesh will
always be by Congress's side.
-NTR is conducting a meeting.
-Let's go.
Sit down.
Son. You have
turned so black and weak, son.
Forgot to ask. Where
are you voting from, son?
Tomorrow morning.
I'll shave my head
for Lord Venkateswara.
Will go back to Hyderabad with Tarakam.
And vote for our cycle symbol.
[People hailing]:
Long live NTR.
Nothing to worry about him mam.
NTR is not going to get
more than 30 to 40 seats mam.
-You telling the truth?
-Yes, madam.
-It's not a good sign.
-Take care of the polling.
-Yes, madam.
We had to win Andhra Pradesh.
It's the first time in
India to use electronic voting...
Been with him since 30 years.
Can't understand him even today.
There's counting going on here
and he's playing with kids upstairs.
-Here grandpa.
-Wow. Fantastic!
Thank you.
Congress party candidate, P Sankara Rao...
Won over his next close
candidate, member of Telugu Desam party...
Puttapaaga Radha Krishna,
with a majority of 3003 votes.
Oh god.
-What is this?
-Oh my god!
Hail Pathala Bhairavi.
Dear king, should I
tell you the truth? Or the lie?
Superb. Next.
Grandpa will beat you up if you lie.
Look at me.
When the verdict
changes with each court.
Does it mean there's justice
still alive? Or is it dead, your honour?
Wow. Fantastic!
Rama Rao sir.
What Upendra? Tell me.
The first result is here.
In Shadnagar...
In Shadnagar?
Congress won.
With a difference of 3003 votes.
We lost the first seat.
The first movie that was
released with him as the hero.
Shavukaru. It didn't
do well in the theatres.
After that... From that day to this day.
Blockbusters haven't stopped.
Fans will come out for a movie star.
But not tears, right?
I saw everything from the driving seat.
It's not his fans who came to see him.
It's their stories of struggles and tears.
We will win.
The victory will definitely come to
you. Don't worry. You just keep going.
-We lost and you're distributing sweets?
-My sister told me.
First movie was an average.
Then came the blockbusters.
The victory will definitely
come to you. Don't worry.
[Continues singing]
According to the results from
Kadapa constituency, Telugu Desam leader..
..Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao...
..is leading in Gudivada
and Tirupati constituencies.
-Wow, we won.
-We won.
In the Vemuri
constituency, Telugu Desam candidate..
-..Mr. Nadhendla Bhaskara Rao is leading.
What's the status?
Yeah. Yeah it's good.
Yeah, very good.
Add few more birds. It will be very good.
According to the results until now...
Congress party is
leading in 13 constituencies.
Telugu Desam party is
leading in 102 constituencies.
-Hello?-Congrats Rama Rao sir.
-Thank you.-Everyone's calculations went wrong.
Just your belief came true.
You won 202 seats.
That's peoples trust on us, Ramoji Rao.
I will keep that up.
-Good bye.
-Good bye, sir.
Chandragiri constituency results.
Medasani Venkata Ramanaidu won
on ex minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu.
With 17,429 votes majority.
Bhu... Sorry.
Rama Rao sir. We did it.
Now the power is ours.
It's not power, Bhaskara Rao.
It's duty.
The duty is ours.
I mean the same.
I'll get governor's appointment.
What Bhu?
Are you angry because
I defeated your husband?
It's not we who had
to win in the elections, dad.
It's the public.
And they won.
I am so proud of my father.
We won! We won with 202 seats.
Victory is ours.
Take the sweets. Take take take. Take no!
I, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.
I, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.
Solemnly swear that..
Solemnly swear that..
I will bear full faith & loyalty
I will bear full faith & loyalty
..towards the constitution of India
..towards the constitution of India
which is established by ordinance.
which is established by ordinance.
First time in the country.
Swearing-in ceremony in a public place.
I made him the CM.
I thought you would be the CM, sir.
As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
I will fulfil my duties with dedication..
I will fulfil my duties with dedication..
And conscience.
What Babu sir?
Feeling bad about the defeat?
Defeat and victory
are common issues in politics.
We need to analyse it and move
forward. There's no point in feeling bad.
Of course.
But these are not like
the previous elections, right?
Anywhere in this world... The
victor will be the reason for the victory.
And the defeated will
be the reason for the defeat.
But for the first time.
No matter who won or who lost.
The reason was common.
Brother N.T.Rama Rao.
Without fear, partiality or sentiments.
Right, sir.
I worked a lot for my constituency.
But everyone looked at my father-in-law.
And forgot the good I did.
Many great people
faced even bigger defeats.
I'll follow the constitution.
And the law.
To protect all the people and do justice.
What's your position in the opposition?
I worked for the party. But
they looked at me as an opponent.
I am leaving these politics, sir.
I started a business in
Tirupati. Vishnu Priya hotels.
I swear in the name of God.
I swear in the name of God.
Rama Rao sir.
Place where the Chief Minister sits.
Means your place.
This is mine.
No.2 position.
Brother, you brought us out of
our villages and into this assembly.
-Hello. How are you doing?
-Hello. Sit sit. Take your seat.
-Hello, sir.
This assembly...
It's the Lord Brahma's holy slate,
on which our state's future is written.
It's a mother's womb that will
conceive our people's tomorrows.
If we waste even a half second here.
It's like throwing out food.
Ruling and opposition
parties, let's both work together.
For sure, CM sir.
-How are you?
Your health is not good, right? I
panicked when dad called me home.
He called me too.
He called all the daughters.
Definitely not for me.
Go ask him directly.
-Hello, madam.
-Oh. Come in, come in.
-How are you doing?
We are good, madam.
Take a seat.
The reformation that
started from our family.
We are applying it over the entire state.
We are providing equal rights to
women, in their parents' properties.
Are you happy?
You all hand it together.
Whatever the right might
be. It starts with the mother.
You had to be the first.
How will the change occur so suddenly?
This scrap was getting
collecting from 36 years.
Will it be so easy to change?
Nothing will happen
here. Let's go to Bhaskara Rao sir.
With self-respect.
All my Telugu
women should live with pride.
Move Padmavathi
women's university file faster.
Ok, sir.
In the RTC buses.
Prepare a GO, stating that the
first four rows are reserved for women.
Ok, sir.
-Do as I say.
-Ok, sir.
Brother is trying
something new. Let's cooperate.
Everyone talks outside the gate.
No one makes a sound in front of him.
Someone should tell him.
Or else he will be left alone,
with 6 crore people by his side.
Tell him?
No one in the party
have that kind of courage.
Leave them out.
A son-in-law can tell him.
My turn is done.
You try now.
Don't wait.
Keep an eye on their movements.
But they are ministers, sir.
So what?
A mistake is a mistake
even if our own people do it.
-Do as I say.
-Ok, sir.
I want to talk to you.
Tell me.
You are a straight forward person.
Great people like
you should be in politics.
But in politics, we need to
move forward, pulling everyone in.
Until now you might have
heard the pure claps of your fans.
And praises that
had no selfishness in them.
But here, every sound you hear
will have selfish reasons behind it.
You should listen to them.
But should do what you believe in.
As a politician.
I would never dare
to talk to you like this.
But as a member of this family...
[Phone rings]
-Hello.-Hello, Bhu?
Ask my son-in-law to come home.
Right now.
Tell him to start.
For the sake of SC and ST.
We need to build new wards.
-Bhaskara Rao.
In every government organization.
There's lot of bribery accumulated.
We have to eradicate that.
We have to fulfil every promise we gave.
Ok, sir.
I have lot of experience.
I will take care of that.
You don't worry.
Party needs your
glamour in the coming days.
Act in one or two movies now and then.
Leave all this to me.
unemployment is a very major concern.
Reducing retirement age limit is enough.
Sir, your son-in-law is here.
We are in a meeting here!
Ask him to come in.
You continue.
If you ask me there
is no better way than this.
-Hello, uncle.
-Come in, Babu.
It seems you have a family meeting.
Talk with your son-in-law.
This day on, Chandrababu
Naidu is not just a family member.
He's a party member too.
I thought about it.
You are not with any party right now.
Telugu Desam needs you.
Sit down.
You continue.
To look for a solution
for unemployment problem.
Until Chennareddy government,
retirement age used to be 55 years.
He made it 58 years.
That will be beneficial for
people who already have jobs.
It creates 3 years
of postponement for the freshers.
So it's better we follow the old plan.
We can't take this decision so easily.
There will be a huge
backlash from the employees.
It's better we brainstorm on this first.
-That's not the point Naidu.
-We'll give pension to retired employees.
That's a relief.
But what will we give to the unemployed?
We had to give
them a job, but nothing else.
Do as I say.
Ok, sir.
Let's meet again.
Ok Rama Rao sir.
All the best, Naidu.
Thanks, sir.
Our party...
It's running dependent on my image.
But only when we all are
dependent on the party imagine.
It will continue to exist.
Party had to be robust,
down from the village level.
Make it into a strong organization.
From today, I am a
Telugu Desam party member.
I'll work like a servant to the party.
Very good.
From the Srisailam reservoir.
Up to Madras.
Through interlinked canals.
We can divert the waters.
Exactly 406 Kms, sir.
Well done Sri Rama Krishnayya.
I don't understand why we are
giving water to the neighbouring state.
How would public take this?
From the Srisailam reservoir.
Through Velugodu.
And Kandaleru reservoirs.
If water reaches Madras.
In Rayalaseema and Nellore.
5,75,000 acres of
barren land will get water supply.
This demands a lot of expenditure.
We don't have that kind of budget.
Tamil Nadu should bare
a bigger portion of the cost.
So... Drinking water for Tamil brothers.
And farm water for our people.
This project should
be named 'Telugu Ganga'.
Tamil Nadu should
remember our generosity forever.
Sir. The situation is very serious.
Stop it.
What's all this?
What is happening here?
Sir. They all are very angry.
You please leave, sir.
We'll take care of this.
-We will baton charge if you don't leave.
It's the same public who's paying you.
And it's the same public
who gave you that baton.
You should use it to
protect them. Not to punish them.
Enough of this, sir.
Please stop.
Enough of your acting.
We voted, hoping that you will better
our lives. You snatch our jobs instead!
At least let them do their jobs, sir.
-Hit us, sir. Hit us.
-Go on. Hit us.
-Hit us.
-Hit us, sir.
Please listen to me once.
What profit will I get from
reducing your retirement age?
You served the government all these years.
You are feeling bad that you'll
lose your jobs three years earlier.
But why don't you understand
that this will help the unemployed?
The government will pay all your pensions.
Create new jobs, sir.
Which constitution taught you to fire
existing employees to provide new jobs?
We plan our kids' marriages and
higher educations by the time we retire.
We live with budget sheets
of responsibilities on our heads.
Even for our cremation after death.
We started collecting one rupee at a time.
We are the middle class, sir.
If you take away our jobs at once.
Should we hang ourselves, sir?
What kind of justice is this, sir?
-Stop, sir. Don't leave.
-Answer us, sir.
Answer us, sir.
Answer us.
-Answer us and then leave, sir.
Stop, all of you. I'll take care of this.
First you get inside. Leave, sir.
We did not expect
this from employees, sir.
We never thought that people who
loved you so much will insult you, sir.
They have no loyalty, sir.
You are doing a lot for them.
Your self-respect is your life.
They hit that today!
My self-respect grew with
their love in the first place.
If not them, who
else will have rights on it?
Let's think of what we should do now.
I'll do something to
get us out of this mess.
It's you who did all this right?
This retirement plan. It's your advice.
The thought is mine, I agree.
But the process is not mine right?
Even if the thought is great.
The implementation should also be proper.
It's not the right way to
point others for our mistakes.
What do you mean?
Is this my mistake?
We think of our posts as authorities.
If we look at them as
five-year jobs with monthly pay.
We would have understood them.
We made a mistake.
Let's take back our
decision on the retirement plan.
We should never make
mistakes like this again.
People from All India
Employees Union, Delhi are here.
I know some of them.
I'll talk to them and deal this smoothly.
Tell me?
Happy Ugadi to you, Tarakam.
To you too.
Happy Ugadi.
Come Tarakam.
To know about the
struggles of 6 crore people.
And to make their lives better.
Our constitution gave me just 5 years.
Only 1,825 days.
Every second from now on, I
had to be with utmost discipline.
Even what I eat and how much I
sleep should be a part of my purpose.
Even if I look in the mirror.
I should only see my determination
That's why.
I want to renounce worldly pleasures.
As the only reason to this life.
As a mother to my kids.
As my lawfully wedded wife.
I need your permission, Tarakam.
Do you like this idea?
For you and me...
Had there ever been two different likes?
Neither the mother nor the father.
Neither relatives nor friends.
He had no hatred... He's not greedy
Neither the virtue nor the sin
Neither the happiness nor the sadness
The image of Chidananda
Everything is Lord Shiva
Where is mother? Where is father?
Where is the relation that stops?
Where is affection? Where is deception?
Where are the blinds of heart?
Your house, your people
Without thinking of your's...
Are you a saint who walks this earth?
Are you a human who preaches that
hard-work is the only key to success?
Are you a saint or a royal saint?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Neither the holy chants
nor the holy water.
Neither the holy offering
nor the holy scriptures.
-What's the difference?
-The minister sir...
-Hey, who are you?
-We are from the ACB.
I am the Labour minister. You know that?
The Chief Minister who sent us do.
Will divide larger
districts into smaller ones.
Every district will have an officer.
Every village will have it's own officer.
We'll expand administration
even to the villages.
This has to happen.
By taking advantage
of innocence and need..
Patel Patwari system which
supports slavery should be banished.
Telangana child should live
respectfully on Telugu land.
CS sir, get the papers ready.
Madam, the budget you gave us.
It's not enough for us.
Please think of something else.
Whatever I say here.
You all should just listen to that.
And that's final.
I am not your PA, madam.
To listen to whatever to say.
I am a CM.
I am the voice of 6 crore people.
Rama Rao sir.
You might be the voice of 6 crore people.
But me... I am the
voice of 60 crore people.
I am also one among those 60 crore voices.
It's not just your job to listen to me.
But it's your rightful duty.
Madam Prime Minister.
Everybody in our state calls you 'Mother'.
There is a saying that
even a mother won't feed her kid.
Until that kid actually
tells her that he's hungry.
But here, even after I ask you.
You are not going to care about them?
States are losing their rights.
And I am just
asking you those rights back.
Rights to the states are being suppressed.
If the states don't get back their rights.
This country's integrity
and strength will be lost.
You will have no rights here.
Ok, madam.
Until and unless I get by rights.
I won't keep my calm.
Or I would let Delhi keep it's.
Three Chief Ministers
walked out along with NTR.
For the first time ever, I saw
Jyothi Basu sir follow someone.
We had to stop this NTR.
Where is
enlightenment in wasting time?
Where is the night? Where is the day?
With so much
determination in your heart
Where is the time to
be weak? Where is the time to be sad?
Even the air you inhale and exhale
It's for the sake
of people, oh king of sages.
We are increasing the number
of beds, sir. Will be done in two days.
-Allot special budget for health sector.
It may affect our treasury, sir.
A healthy life is everyone's basic right.
It's our duty to take care of it.
I went to him for a
small favour in Tourism.
He stood up kicking
his chair and said, 'Bloody fool'.
Have to answer for everything we do.
We can't even make
a small transfer happen.
I came here from Congress
only because you asked me to.
It's more comfortable there.
In politics.
It's not possible to be crystal clear.
To save our own selves.
We had to do few things.
He won't understand all that.
Ok... Let's do one thing.
Let's give him a
request letter from our side.
All of you, sign on an
empty paper and hand it to me.
I will take care of the remaining.
[Everyone agreeing]
As the 12th Governor of
our state, a Congress leader,
ex-CM of Himachal Pradesh,
Thakur Ramlal was appointed.
-Welcome, Rama Rao sir.
-Happy Independence Day.
And welcome to
Andhra Pradesh Governor sir.
Thank you Chief Minister sir.
Thank you.
Oh nice.
Mother of Telugu.
Oh, Mother of Telugu?
-Let us work together for her sake.
Sure. Definitely.
He is Mr. Bhaskara Rao. My colleague.
Yes yes yes.
I know him.
-How are you Bhaskara Rao sir?
-Fine, sir.
You are the new one here.
But we are here for a long time right?
We worked with Sanjay Gandhi. Namasthe.
He is the one who
dreams of the well-being of everyone.
He is a warrior who will
never turn his back to the battle field.
He is the one who always
hopes for the good of this society.
He is a great leader.
He is a great leader.
It's Ok. Tell him. Speak out.
On the minister in your own government.
You ordered an ACB ride.
Everyone is thinking that you're
performing CM duties like it's a movie.
We are ministers for namesake.
Government schemes and decisions.
We are knowing about
them from the newspapers.
Rama Rao sir.
Among the ruling party members.
I am witnessing
insecurity feeling for the first time.
Because of your methods.
Even MLAs and
ministers are panicking, sir.
You should think of what's
possible and what's not, right?
Starting a party is possible.
Asking for votes is possible.
Winning seats is possible.
But doing good is not possible?
Every promise we did should come true.
Everything we do should be transparent.
Every scheme we thought of.
Should be applied
according to the schematics.
In time.
On dot.
-Yes, sir.
Malignant fibrous
histiocytoma cancer, sir.
Yes, uncle. Final stages of cancer.
-I saw all the reports.
-Better we take a second opinion.
-Father, what happened?
Is it paining again?
-Should I give a sorbitrate tablet?
Nothing will happen to you.
We all are here right?
No matter how much it will cost...
I too have money.
But I have no time.
-It's cancer right?
Don't tell your dad.
Your father...
He has lot of courage.
But more than that.
He has love on me.
Promise me.
Nothing will happen to you.
We are here for you.
'We' will live long.
Enquire where's the
best hospital to treat cancer.
There are no hospitals for advanced
cancer treatment in our country, dad.
What? Not even one hospital!
If this is the situation
of NTR's wife. What about the poor?
I am doing very fine.
You please don't get excited.
Tell us, which country
we need to take our Tarakam to?
It's better you both go to America.
You need to undergo a open heart surgery.
Dr. Soma Raju suggested you right?
That's fine. That's fine.
We both will go
on a jolly trip to America.
My heart should be healthy.
Health is wealth.
You both have a peaceful trip.
Leave these politics to me.
I'll take care of the party.
See you, Bhaskara Rao.
Take care of my people.
-Hello, madam.
-Hello, Rao sir.
I heard that Sanjay believes in you a lot.
Yes, madam.
You too can believe in me.
It's a good thing.
See mom.
Harmonium. You like playing it right?
Why did you bring this now?
Dad asked me to bring it, mom.
Rama Rao sir.
This is your second attack. Am I right?
Yes. You are right.
First attack occurred during
Justice Chowdary shooting time.
Your condition is
very serious, just like madam's.
Three arteries got
blocked inside your heart.
And we are
astonished, how you have survived.
-Mr. Venkateswara Rao.
-Let's shift him to Texas.
-Sure, sir.
Dr. Denton Cooley is there.
-He's the world No.1 cardio surgeon.
-Ok, sir.
Noori sir.
What's our Tarakam's condition?
Very advanced stage.
If I should tell you the truth.
Just few more days.
She always thought that her life's
purpose is just to live for my happiness.
She made me father for 12 children.
There's no family
planning in those days right?
More the merrier.
Even then I told her
after Purandeswari was born.
I said enough.
She haven't listened.
Our Balayya was born.
Two years from then, our elder son died.
She requested me that
we should have more kids.
In hope that our son will come back to us.
She's not just my wife.
She's my mother who conceived me 12 times.
Cool down.
Do you know the difference
between then and now, doctor?
At an age of 16.
It's the same girl who sat by my
side during our wedding ceremony.
Is now on the
hospital bed, fighting death.
-That's the only difference doctor.
-Dad, please.
-I beg you.
-Dad, please be strong.
-Please don't let my mother die.
-Uncle, please.
-Dad, please be strong.
-Rama Rao sir.
We'll do our best.
Be strong.
You are staying here right?
-Bring some pomegranates if you find any.
-Ok, mom. Will do.
Had to give him it's juice.
I searched the entire area.
I haven't found any.
See if you can.
-Hello Dorothy.
How is my wife responding to the therapy?
She's did well Mr. Rama Rao.
What did the doctors say, sister?
They'll give radiation
treatment to mom, here in New York.
Heart surgery for dad, in Houston
Me and Ramakrishna will stay here.
You go with dad.
What's happening?
Won't you be with me?
I'll spend this entire day with you.
A whole day with me!
It's been a really long time.
Worries and wealth.
Aspirations and anger.
Kids and their marriages.
Now these illnesses and ailments.
How many days it has been
since we talked about ourselves, Tarakam.
Let's take this as an
opportunity god gave us.
Among the feelings we
have missed, let's share at least few.
Ah, yes.
Sing my favourite song
from Chandirani movie.
-Oh Star. Oh Moon?
You too like this song?
For you and me, had there
ever been two different likes, Tarakam?
Oh star!
Why are you smiling looking at me?
Oh star!
Why are you smiling looking at me?
You are the moon who sprinkles beauty
You are the moon who sprinkles beauty
Oh moon! O o..
That star! Will smile
by looking at you
-The systems here are very good.
Back at our place.
We had to update the equipment like this.
Good evening,
Mr. Rama Rao. How are you today?
Fine doctor.
Are you ready for the surgery?
Yes. I am ready.
Relax. Relax.
Ok, sir. See you later.
With out the Chief Minister.
Ministerial Council Meeting
shouldn't happen. That's not protocol.
Many out of protocol
things are happening here.
-What I am saying..
-Keep quiet, sir.
Bhaskara Rao sir. I need to talk to you.
Just with me?
Or can my people also stay?
Your people!
Anyone from party can stay.
Let's go to your chamber?
It's Ok. Tell me.
What's the link between Old City
clashes and the Finance Minister?
We don't understand why you
keep calling for press meets like these.
I don't understand
why are you asking all this?
What's the link between
you and this government?
You are not even a counsellor!
I may not be in the
government. But I am in the party right?
I have the right to ask.
And the need to inquire.
We are also in the party.
We too have rights.
Should we ask your
permission for the press meets?
We are talking about the
system and you taking it personally?
System? What do you mean by system?
Look at the Congress party.
Everyone there have their own democracy.
Do you think regional
parties should follow monopoly?
There will be a
protocol even in democracy.
Don't talk without knowing
difference between discipline & monopoly.
What do you mean?
We don't have any discipline?
Listen to me.
This Ministerial Council
Meeting will arise many complications.
Ministerial Council
Meeting with out the CM?
How can you call for that?
Is Bhaskara Rao the Chief Minister?
Is Bhaskara Rao the Chief Minister?
There's no need to answer you.
Everyone in the party is unsatisfied.
He might be the glamour of this party.
But I am the grammar of it.
Even with enough experience
and qualification for the CM post.
I left everything for the party.
Leave all these aside.
I need to sit and discuss with him.
When is he coming?
It's Ok.
We both will take care of this.
You don't over think.
Something is happening here.
Bhaskara Rao visited Delhi.
PCC Madan Mohan is
meeting the new Governor frequently.
Intelligence Chief is not here.
He came to America with you guys.
There's no information here.
I already told Apparao to stay there.
-He hasn't listened.
-I smell something.
I know about Indira Gandhi.
She'll do everything for the sake
of her party and loss of her opponents.
Uncle shouldn't take
tension in this situation.
But we all should stay alert.
It's better he come
back as early as possible.
Ok, Babu.
Yeah, Bhaskara Rao.
Get well soon.
You need rest.
Read it.
It's the inner feeling of
some ministers, including me.
I'll take leave.
I am one among the party founders.
You think that this party came
into power only because of you.
But for someone who
had no experience at all.
With what trust did people vote for you?
With the trust that a matured
politician like me is by your side.
With a person like me...
When fights broke out in the Old City.
To warn me not to
visit the curfew areas.
What right did the General
Secretary have? How dare he?
I don't have the power to
call for the Ministerial Council Meeting.
A junior minister said so.
Who gave him that courage?
Even my press meets are being judged.
Isn't it the lenience
you gave your son-in-law?
We believe that we
cannot travel with you anymore.
If you don't change
your dictatorial behaviour.
We are not
responsible for the outcomes of it.
There's a crocodile
roaming in the skin of a minister.
This is not a request letter.
An admonition letter, sent by hate.
I am expelling Bhaskara
Rao from the Ministers Council.
Get the paperwork ready.
The termination letter
haven't reached me yet.
I am not the kind of
man who will sit and wait for it.
I'll go against it.
To let him know about
the intolerance in the party.
I took signatures from the MLAs.
Let's change the topmost page.
Intolerance will turn into distrust.
Don't know how many members support him.
Upendra sir. How many are here right now?
Ministers and MLAs combined.
Can be 90 to 95, easy.
A need to build a camp occurred.
Call our MLAs from all
the districts, as early as possible.
The number game starts in few days.
That won't suffice. Another
70 people are coming for dinner.
Rukmangada Rao. How many
rooms do we have in Ramakrishna studios?
-How many rooms in the studio?
-30. What for?
We need to arrange stay for 180 members.
-That many!
It will do. We also
have four floors right.
What's happening?
For nothing to happen.
You make the arrangements.
Letter of distrust.
Request letter from our
MLAs to CM Rama Rao sir.
Now it will be the letter of distrust,
that is being sent to the Governor.
Meet me later.
Bhaskar Rao sir has sent
the letter of distrust to the Governor.
This is the correct time to
take the strength into our hands.
Rajashekar Reddy and Madhan
Mohan sir met the Governor, madam.
Do whatever is required.
He likes Subhash Chandra Bose a lot.
He like his salute even more.
Don't know what you're feeling.
But for me, it feels like
one flag is saluting another.
92 MLAs of my party are here with me, sir.
57 from Congress.
Combining MIM and the independents MLAs...
-It's 158.
Bhaskara Rao sir,
these numbers seem like magic.
This is the power public gave us.
People are my rulers.
This second life god gave me.
Is dedicated to the service of my people.
Again and again.
What's your constituency?
-He's asking your constituency. Tell him.
-Oh, consistency...
-Not consistency. It's constituency.
Say properly.
I am not here to play politics.
I am here to live at your doorstep
and stop any bad that tries to enter.
Jai hind.
The minute I get the power.
Every bloody sheep
will come running to me.
What you said is right.
Have you practiced your oath?
Governor sir. I can
recite it with my eyes closed.
Just wait a little more.
My order would have
reached the parade ground by now.
The Governor sent a message,
asking the Chief Minister to resign.
Governor is about
to dissolve our ministers council.
He asked you to resign.
[People screaming]:
Hail NTR.
Brothers. Brothers! Listen to me.
Sorry, sir.
You have no permission to enter.
There's no need of
permission to question a wronging.
I am here to prove
my people's trust in me.
There are 168 MLAs here.
That's people of 168 constituencies.
It's your duty to give us a way in.
We got orders, not to
send you into the Raj Bhavan.
Until they take back my
resigning order, I am not backing off.
And I am not leaving Raj Bhavan either.
Ok. They have permitted only 15 members.
That too only MLAs.
Mr. Bhaskara Rao has
submitted a list of 160 MLAs.
And he also has a letter of
support from the Congress party.
So... How will you
rule with only just 15 MLAs?
You are making a mockery of our democracy.
I have come to Raj Bhavan with 168 MLAs.
But you insisted only
15 of them to come in.
The truth is standing outside your gate.
Please do the head count.
If we stay here for
long, the police might arrest us.
Even in the control room, all
the MLAs should be in our control.
Ok, sir.
Take responsibility of the
MLAs in your corresponding districts.
You take care of your MLAs.
You take care of your MLAs.
And you take care of your MLAs.
Listen to me very carefully.
Not even one MLA should go missing.
Everyone should come
back to Ramakrishna studios.
But I am not here to do
whatever you say, Mr. Rama Rao.
Yes. It is evident.
You are here to follow some..
instructions from Delhi.
I am sorry, Mr. Rama Rao.
I don't have time for this.
Because I have to go
for new Chief Minister's..
..Swearing-in ceremony.
Who is the CM?
For the people, by the people.
I was elected as the Chief Minister.
I am the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
So you have decided not to resign!
Then I have to dissolve your cabinet.
-How can you do that?
-How can you dissolve?
How can you!
There should be some
justice in what you do.
You please talk.
-What you're doing is wrong.
This is not the right process.
We will not leave this.
We'll fight for the justice.
What nonsense is this?
You can not do this.
Is this the way you
behave with a Governor!
I'll get you all arrested.
[MLAs shouting in anger]
You are doing a mistake.
This is not fair, Governor sir.
This is not fair!
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Hail NTR.
Hail NTR.
Hail NTR.
Hail NTR.
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Bhaskara Rao sir.
Are you ready to take oath?
With Raj Bhavan as the witness.
They murdered democracy.
They just rewrote people's decision.
They dissolved our Telugu people's future.
I, Bhaskara Rao.
I, Bhaskara Rao.
Solemnly affirm that
I, according to the laws..
Solemnly affirm that
I, according to the laws..
..shall be
faithful to Indian Constitution.
..shall be
faithful to Indian Constitution.
Come, sir. Back off.
Hail NTR.
Hail NTR.
-Back off.
Don't give in to the pressure.
We need to keep
going with the same energy.
The imperialism of India.
The imperialism of India.
Hail NTR.
Hail NTR.
Don't give into pressure.
Down down Governor's autocracy!
Down down Governor's autocracy!
As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
I'll perform my duties with devotion.
I'll perform my duties with devotion.
Don't forget what I said.
I swear, with god as my witness.
I swear, with god as my witness.
Everybody, come
back to Ramakrishna studios.
Thank you, sir.
Sir Bhaskara Rao, took his oath
as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
NTR and the MLAs
who stood in his support..
..were arrested. And
were shifted to the control room.
In protest of his arrest.
As the party members
broke into a violent agitation.
The police used
baton charge to disperse them.
[All shouting]:
Hail NTR.
You had to be at the Madras
cancer hospital with your mother right?
Mom's not coming.
She's very stubborn, that
she's won't go without seeing you.
We are getting late for the flight.
-With help of President's trusted person.
-Dad is here.-Governor Ram Lal.
-Bhaskara Rao have done all this.
-You saw him right? Let's go now.
Many are opposing him.
People's organizations
were protesting strongly against him.
Are you worried about me?
You please start.
If you are good. I would
obviously be good, no matter where I am.
If you are good.
I will live in you, even after my death.
I am hearing things
in the NEWS these days.
I stopped to see you once.
And wanted to tell you something.
Do you remember?
One day, Vijaya Nagi Reddy and you..
..got into a heated discussion.
When he tried to pull
you away from the public.
You even left the movie and walked out.
I said, let's buy some buffaloes.
Everything will be fine if
you get back on your cycle.
It's the same even now.
No one can take you away from our people.
You get on your cycle again.
This is a great gift the god gave you.
Until this day.
Only Telugu people knew who NTR is.
But now?
The entire world will know about you.
Son Hari!
Dad is going back into the public.
Go along with him.
Dad underwent open heart surgery.
If he goes into the public...
His people are his greatest
strength. He has to go to them.
I am going to the hospital.
You go safe.
And when you come
back, come as a Chief Minister.
Until then.
Even if the death comes to me.
I'll make it stand at the doorstep.
On last August 15th.
There's a new Governor.
On this August 15th.
They dissolved our government.
This is a conspiracy
being planed over a year.
I, Farooq Abdullah.
Used to be CM of Jammu and Kashmir.
But our great mother..
..tore my party into pieces.
And with the help of Congress.
Whatever happened in Kashmir, 45 days ago.
The same got repeated
in Andhra Pradesh today.
Karnataka will face
the same thing tomorrow.
In our democratic India.
Should every state be
under the hand of Congress party?
Both the communist parties.
Will stand by NTR sir.
They will see the end of Indira Gandhi.
Not of the same language.
Not from the same state.
Doesn't even belong to
the same political party.
But today, we all stand
on the same stage. Why?
Because of the evil change that
overpowered your verdict through the vote.
If at all this state had to
bend its knee and bow its head.
There can be nothing more
shameful about this country.
Here they are.
Bharathi Devi. Is that you?
Sir. No one brought us here by force.
Do you want to do that to us? Tell me.
No one here is staying on force.
Enquire if you want to.
MLAs should be in
the secretariat, right? Why are they here?
Rama Rao sir should be in a
studio. But he went to secretariat right?
He's not in the secretariat now.
That's why MLAs are here.
You too sit.
Food blessed by Rama. Have some.
We need to question
this autocracy, very strongly.
We need to bring down this dictatorship.
My heart might stop, fighting this war.
But I'll even leave
my last breaths for you.
Until the justice wins.
Until the people's verdict wins.
Until these vultures descend the throne.
This war won't stop.
[People shouting]
Long live democracy.
The Delhi moved me from my place.
Now it's my turn to shake it by the roots.
On their won lands,
I will prove my majority.
I'll make our Telugu courage,
burn like wildfire across the country.
Take this tablet.
Even I want the justice to win.
Naidu sir.
Please be little careful.
It's not safe to leave
the MLAs here in Hyderabad.
We must shift them at once.
It's not the emotion of a single region.
I'll let them that this is the anger of an
entire nation now and demand our rights.
The slavery, Governor is enforcing on us.
I'll expose it right
in front of the President.
On to... Delhi.
[People repeating]:
On to Delhi
[People repeating]:
On to Delhi
[People repeating]:
On to Delhi
Yes, sir.
All the MLAs are
coming to Delhi in the AP express.
Do something to stop
them before they reach you.
Thank you.
Don't you fear the
Chief Minister's orders?
You failed to get
even one MLA out of the studio.
They all were there at their own will.
Oh, Ok.
Then me too, at my own will.
Transferring you from
here, to the traffic police.
Get out.
Get out.
They cheated on your beliefs. They made
you trust, before cutting your throat.
That injustice is laughing at
you. Fight back with all you have got.
Not even a single
empire in this entire history.
Had ever seen a war like this.
-Sir. Just now..
..Rama Rao sir landed in Delhi.
NTR landed in Delhi.
Yes, Mr. President.
You can give him
an appointment if you want to.
If... If he comes to Delhi.
What can I do about it?
If I should do something about it.
I can send a bouquet to welcome him.
The war you are fighting. It's ours too.
We are always by your side Rama Rao sir.
-Hello, Rama Rao sir.
Madam sent these flowers.
For you, sir.
To get well soon.
Please give my regards to madam.
For sure.
No one gets off the
train. Sit in your seats. Sit.
Let them come
in, Babu. We'll see.
Keep quiet, sir. Even they want the same.
A reason to arrest and
take us to the jail. Please sit.
This is not our fight. It's in Delhi.
Come. Everyone come out.
Nobody panic.
Naidu sir. Naidu sir.
You don't worry.
We are with you.
We too will come to Delhi.
Hail India.
From the last one month.
Because of the
happenings in Andhra Pradesh.
We completely lost our
trust over the constitution.
We hope for justice, at least
with the indulgence of the President.
Today it's we who's suffering.
Tomorrow, you will.
And then someone else.
Let's, not Delhi get
used to this act of suppression.
No one get down.
Venkateswara Rao
sir, don't get down. Stop.
Babu sir. The train
stopped for five times till now.
For the people, by the people...
...you are the
constitution that took life.
The President wants to talk to you.
Punish the evil,
in the way it deserve.
Hello? Sir...
Tell me Rama Rao sir.
Sorry we missed the
appointment Mr. President.
Can you please grant
another appointment in 12 hours?
To meet you with my MLAs.
This is not a
personal request Mr. President.
This is the request to save our democracy.
Ok. I will wait for
another 12 hours, Rama Rao sir.
Thank you, sir.
You stood face to
face with all the struggles.
To see the people
of this country happy and prosperous.
12 hours.
You rose like a new
beginning. Like a new birth.
-Who's that?
-Who's that?
-Hello, Naidu sir.
We are Telugu people. Fans of NTR.
We work for contracts in Bhopal.
These all are our people.
We heard about what happened in Nagpur.
We'll come to Delhi with you.
Will see who dares to touch you.
Hail NTR!
They cheated on your beliefs. They made
you trust, before cutting your throat.
That injustice is laughing at
you. Fight back with all you have got.
-Naidu sir.
-TT sir.
-Naidu sir.
-Are you Naidu?
A call for you. From Delhi.
-Poorna sir. Take care of the MLAs.
Not even a single
empire in this entire history.
Tell me, uncle.
There's 144 section imposed in Delhi.
That might be for us.
Indira Gandhi's police
will somehow try to mislead us.
You do one thing.
I'll talk with the
Southern travels people.
Buses will be waiting at Delhi,
Ajmeri Gate.
Take our MLAs.
Get them off the train before the
Delhi station and board those buses.
Ok, uncle.
One minute, I'll check and come.
Get down,
train will stop for just one minute.
Get down. Careful. Get down.
Take us through the safe routes.
Even the police don't
know the routes I knew, sir.
People's voice is like a holy verse.
When you said you want to join politics.
I said no.
I failed to realize that you
are actually walking into people's hearts.
I am very proud of you, brother.
You are a power that can
light up all the possible directions.
We came for our
brother, taking many trains to Delhi.
You are the self-confidence that
can make even the time to stand still.
Mr. President.
By not even intimating me...
By not talking even to one MLA...
By taking those false signatures...
They wronged the State Assembly.
These people who
are standing in front of you.
These are the people...
Who are the true
representatives of the public.
Signatures of 6 crore people.
You are the first citizen of the country.
The chief justice.
Democracy is being murdered.
Please save it.
Swamy sir.
I promise you.
Everything from now on will be
according to the constitutional rules.
Now you can please go to Hyderabad.
I will go, once..
..I address the nation
from Ramleela grounds in Delhi.
And expose the unproclaimed dictators.
And their ideas.
Only when the states live in unity and
self-respect, our country will be strong.
That respect is our right.
That unity is our duty.
We all should be given
equal rights like Delhi have.
I am sanctioning
medical college to Nawab sir.
Giveaway whatever our people want.
Mainly... People inside city.
How many MLAs are
ready to come with us now?
Up to 10 MLAs are here.
I need more MLAs.
Do something.
Babu sir?
Are we safe now?
They did such things in Delhi!
Will they leave us in Hyderabad?
Well said.
Need to get out of the airport.
Need to get to Ramakrishna studio.
Need to go to the
Raj Bhavan and then assembly.
Meanwhile, the police may
arrest or the goons may kidnap.
Everything will go smooth.
Let's go forward together.
This is the entire country's problem.
The country is made
of nothing but the states.
Sir, there are more than 5 Lakhs
people in Ramleela grounds right now.
This is the law.
To keep up that law should be our aim.
This country's future...
Will depend only on the state of this law.
Hail India.
[All shouting]:
Hail India.
It's been 5 hours since
they took off from Delhi.
They haven't reached here yet!
Where did they go?
To our Telugu brothers.
Welcome. A warm welcome.
Thanks, sir. You
helped even on short notice.
This country wins, if NTR wins. Let's go.
What! Why the
letters here are upside down?
We came to Bangalore. Not Begumpet.
Babu did this magic. Let's go.
Yes. Sure.
How can you be so sure that
you will win? I didn't get it, sir.
We will win. The Governor got changed.
That change is our first victory.
We'll go into the public.
We'll shout out the
truth and bring back law to life.
Delhi got it's freedom.
But our Telugu lands never did.
Let's get it. Let's
show them our strength.
It's not just the
injustice that happened with me.
This is the injustice that happened
with the trust of 6 crore Telugu people.
Let's show them the anger of Telugu blood.
Let's shake Delhi throne by its roots.
For the Motion of
confidence, of CM Bhaskara Rao.
The Assembly will
gather on 11th of this month.
The new Governor,
Shankar Dayal Sharma ordered so.
On this note, to
support Mr.Bhaskara Rao once again.
Congress party took a decision.
On the other hand, in the
religious war occurred in Old City.
-Death of 4, had become a political issue.
-Come. Come fast.
They will talk nonsense, to
frustrate and push us out of our limits.
They will create an issue
somehow and try to dismiss the house.
-Be careful.
-We shouldn't answer them back?
No matter what they say.
-It's Ok. These people will keep calm.
-Don't react.
But NTR sir will keep his pride.
Did you ask him to keep calm too?
No need.
But NTR itself means emotion.
Let's see what happens.
-Long live...
-[People demanding]: We need a debate.
-Remember this.
Our target is NTR.
It's his pride, that
brought him to the assembly.
-Use the same pride to kick him out.
-Yes, sir.
One little mistake, and we can kick
him even out of the Motion of confidence.
Naidu sir. I'll tell him.
Brother. This is
our seat. Please sit here.
[MLAs shouting]:
Hail NTR.
[MLAs shouting]:
Hail Bhaskara Rao.
Let's go for condolence
deciding debate for today.
Honourable chairperson.
Today in the house...
Voting on the Motion of
confidence should be the only agenda.
Hello, Speaker sir.
Under these
situations, at this point of time...
Should we talk about Confidence?
5 innocent people were
killed on the streets of Old City.
And we shouldn't talk on that?
[MLAs demanding]:
We need a debate on that issue.
Debate on that issue
What are you talking? Sit down.
I said, sit down.
Please. Please sit down.
-Honourable chairperson.
-One minute. Please sit.
-This debate..
..is being diverted with wrong intentions.
It's not religion that caused deaths
in the Old City, Honourable chairperson.
It's politics.
Bloody politics.
[MLAs disapproving]
You're diluting the main issue.
Please. Please, please.
Honourable chairperson.
Not just for the Old City.
If this entire state should get justice.
There should be a
leader sitting in the assembly.
To decide who that leader is.
We need Motion of confidence.
-That's the only way.
Sit. Please sit.
We already have a
leader. How can you talk like that?
I said sit down!
Madhavi madam.
This is not the proper way.
-Please sit down. Sit madam.
-Honourable chairperson.
Is this the way you respect the house?
Right in front of the
Chief Minister of this state.
You say there's no leader in the house.
It's disrespectful to
the entire house, sir.
Honourable chairperson.
Call for the Motion of confidence.
And they will get to
know who the Chief Minister is.
What more should we know?
-You are ignoring Old City.
-Owaisi sir. Please sit.
-I said sit down. Don't talk.
-This is not correct.
-Reddy sir. Please sit.
-Chairperson, do we need this motion?
-Please sit down.
-They're wasting house's valuable time.
We need Motion of
confidence, Honourable chairperson.
Your leader should feel shame
to cry for a post that he's not fit for.
-Sit. Please sit.
-We need Motion of confidence.
-Please. Sit down.
-We need Motion of confidence.
-We need it now.
-Jeevan Reddy sir, please sit.
Did he even know
the meaning of people's love?
This Rama Rao had no self-respect at all.
He had no shame too.
His entire life is a huge lie.
-What are you saying?
-What are you talking?
-Stop it.
-Stop your nonsense.
-Who are you talking about?
His heart got operated. Not legs right?
Tell us. He's cheating
the public. He's cheating them.
A nerve from the leg is used in the
surgery. Shame, a MLA don't know that.
What are you saying?
Who are you talking about?
You sit down first. Shut up and sit.
-Who are you talking about?
You need to think at least a little!
It's true what we
said. You sit down first.
No one who knew his duties
will ever support this man, sir.
Whoever stand in
support of him are all fools.
All his people are fraud.
He's not a sage, but a cheat.
Please. Sit down.
-Please sit down.
-It's N.T.Rama Rao, you are talking about.
-Have shame.
-We need Motion of confidence.
Silence. Please. Silence.
See how cheap they are
talking to a lady in this house, sir.
-Sir, you have to stop.
-We need Motion of confidence.
Why are you keeping calm, when
they are talking so shamelessly, sir?
The house is adjourned for three days.
People are protesting
in support of Sir N.T.Rama Rao.
As law and order is unstable right now.
144 section was imposed in major cities.
4 died in a firing
that occurred in Ananthapuram.
CM Bhaskara Rao's test to
confidence, that should happen today.
Is postponed by Speaker Bhaga Reddy.
The assembly was adjourned for three days.
More than 30 people died for N.T.Rama
Rao. What would you say about that?
They are just natural deaths.
They are taking
political advantage of them.
There are fights and religious
violence in the city. People think that..
..you are doing all this to
escape the Motion of confidence.
Why should I escape it?
Along with the public, I also
had the support of the opposition.
I will win the Motion of confidence.
I called all your
families and talked to them.
The courage of his presence.
And the hope for his comeback.
Is there in every house.
Don't worry about your families.
Why worry? We had our
brother with us in the studio.
Hail NTR.
Babu. I know very well about them.
If I can talk to him once.
I may get a connect. Will try.
Good. Get to him.
And make him talk to me.
Listen, they have asked for 25kgs
chicken and mutton each. I brought it.
Now they are asking for 25 cases of beer.
-Get that too.
If NTR comes to know about this!
He will kiss his fist
before punching us in the face.
We should take care of our MLAs.
No one should enter without my knowledge.
Or should they leave.
If you feel like anything is wrong.
Alert me immediately.
Babu, brother-in-law
will be a CM again, right?
Let's make a huge ruckus.
That old fellow will react to it.
Then we can get him suspended in the
name of the misbehaviour with ladies.
I don't know.
I should call for Motion of
confidence tomorrow, at any cost.
The Governor is forcing me to.
My BP is raising like anything.
It seems like I'll
have a heart attack, sir.
Aren't you feeling well?
-Who's that?
-Ramoji Rao sir.
-Hello?-The Speaker got admitted to the hospital.
Assembly will be
adjourned for few more days.
They will try to get to
our MLAs in the meantime. Be careful.
[All shouting]:
Long live NTR.
They cheated our
brother. They cheated him.
As Speaker Bhaga Reddy is unwell, Alauddin
Owaisi took that position temporarily.
This great human thinks that ruling a
state is as easy as acting in the movies.
He doesn't care about the people
at all. All he wants is the power to rule.
He doesn't want democracy to
live. He only needs his monarchy back.
-How shameless he is. Doesn't even care.
-Madhavi mam. Please.
Are you trying to provoke?
-My state is like a young girl.
-Madhavi mam.
If a shameless old man is
her husband, he shouldn't live.
-You care about women?
-What's she doing? Speaker sir.
I am taking off my bangles
on behalf of them. You just die.
-You just die.
-Please die.
What's the use of your life? Please die.
-Die. Die right now.
-Go die.
Why are you looking like that?
-Do you think I fear for that?
-Speaker sir.
They are behaving very disgustingly.
Please go to your places.
You will get cursed
by the women of this state.
You had to die. I
speak on behalf of them all.
-Go die.
-Please go back. Sit in your places.
In to the house
that went dark with evil.
There came something sparkling.
Hit me then.
Your silence is that first ray of hope.
I thought you will get
angry if we swear at you.
-Let us hit you and see?
-Do you have any shame?
-Hit him. Hit him.
-Go die.
-Please die.
-We beg you. Just die.
You're mad about power.
Jumping above the lands.
Curing the immobility of every nerve.
A calmness that made this happen.
That's your silence.
Leave me.
Please go back to your seat.
This house is adjourned for..
..September 28, 1984.
Ex Chief Minister sir.
You still look so weak to me.
You look too weak.
If money is my strength,
it will reflect in my arrogance.
But this is the strength
that my people gave me.
You'll hear it in one single call.
Why did you remain
silent, in the assembly?
Mr. Bhaskara Rao.
Don't mistake my silence as incapability.
Don't forget that
silence is a deadly weapon.
Is back-stabbing the new rule?
Andhra Pradesh turned into a pit of fire.
People are destroying public
assets, in protest against the new CM.
From villages to the capital, people
are fighting for NTR to be the CM again.
Common men are turning into rebels.
They are fighting,
risking their lives to police fire.
Along with the state, this situation
had become a challenge to Central too.
The entire nation is supporting this
volunteer war declared by the public.
Did you meet the President regarding
the situations of the Andhra, madam?
It was a general meeting.
Is your involvement there in
dissolving NTR's government?
That was a decision of Governor sir.
He took this step by
considering the situations over there.
And what is your stand on NTR madam?
-Hello, sir.
Bhaskara Rao sir.
We got orders from
the head office, to be neutral.
You may not get
anymore help from Congress.
It's you who encouraged us to do
all this. How can you step back now?
In this situation.
Whoever opposes
NTR's party. No matter who it is.
Their party will have no future.
Sorry, sir.
The time Ramlal sir gave you...
It was up.
You should think
about the resignation now.
But Rama Rao haven't proved
his majority in the assembly, right?
You too haven't proved your majority!
You are just stopping
the assembly from happening.
Governor sir.
Please give me some more time.
Look. Listen to me carefully.
Now you don't have
support from Congress too.
The public is coming
onto the streets for NTR.
The whole country is
looking at Andhra Pradesh right now.
I cannot do anything.
I am helpless.
Please resign.
Sometime, even losing..
is also politicking.
I thought he's just a film star.
He would have no idea of politics.
But I failed to realize...
That he was born out of people's love.
Call from father.
How are you Tarakam?
I am fine.
How are you?
What's happening there?
When will be the day...
You'll take the oath again.
I got a call from the Governor sir.
I have to tell this to you first.
I already knew.
Now... Come fast...
I want to see you.
From our...
Get that... red chilli colour...
That's the saree...
Your father...
Bought me for the first time.
Son Hari...
Ask Ramakrishna...
..to immediately...
..come from America.
Call everyone...
-To the hospital.
-What is this?
In this hospital...
How many people will be there?
Almost 300 people, sister.
For everyone...
Let's gift some clothes.
Make the required arrangements.
Your father...
..the Chief Minister again.
I, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.
I, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.
Solemnly swear that..
Solemnly swear that..
..I will bear full faith and loyalty..
..I will bear full faith and loyalty..
towards the constitution of
India, that's established by ordinance,
towards the constitution of
India, that's established by ordinance,
that I will protect the..
that I will protect the..
-sovereignty and..
-sovereignty and..
-integrity of India.
-integrity of India.
-As the CM of Andhra Pradesh.
-As the CM of Andhra Pradesh.
Be happy and live longer
along with your husband!
I don't have to live longer...
-It's enough that my husband lives..
You shouldn't strain much!
We will do this.
..is the last service I am doing for him.
Only I have to do this.
I swear in the name of god.
For the first time, Delhi came
to know the power of Telugu man.
For the very first time...
For the very first
time, Indira Gandhi tasted defeat.
In the hands of N.T.Rama Rao.
-Long live NTR.
-Hail NTR.
May mother India praise you!
May the entire world hail you!
While the people
walks along with their blessings..
..A Telugu soldier played the war trumpet.
Our hero sang the winning song.
Look. Look at the lion of Andhra.
No one ever took his chief ministry back..
..fighting with the Delhi itself.
You are the only one.
You are the God of our hopes.
The lion of Andhra.
Come brother. Let's go see your wife.
Don't worry. Come brother. Let's go.
Mom, dad is here.
I couldn't...
..see you properly.
Please come little closer.
Became your wife.
For 12...
I became the mother.
Even the God...
Looked at me with jealousy.
I Love you.
No one should cry...
My Tarakam didn't go anywhere.
She's inside me, like me.
She's with me, reverberating in my name.
Oh star!
Oh moon!
Oh star!
Why are you smiling looking at me?
Oh star! Why are you
smiling looking at me?
Oh star! Why are you
smiling looking at me?
You are the moon who sprinkles beauty
You are the moon who sprinkles beauty
Oh moon! O o..
That star! Will smile
by looking at you
The star princess of the skyline
Will she come near to this moon?
It is very near to the king of night
That star! Will
smile by looking at you.