NTV: Norman Television (2016) Movie Script

It's showtime.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Oh, come on, baby, I promise
you, she meant nothing.
Trust me, you won't see a penny
from my father's estate.
How could you?
Oh, Marilyn, you should
have seen this coming.
Please, let's just
talk about this.
Can't we just...
I wonder what else is on.
What kind of a moron goes out
in public in his underpants?
Wacky neighbor,
you're so crazy.
Time for my cooking show.
Pinch of nutmeg.
Oh, that looks delicious.
Little bit of that.
A- ha!
Stand back, Orcs of Mordor!
Behold, Gandorf the Great.
You shall not pass!
A- ha!
En garde. Take that!
What the...
A little sweet tea
for my sweetie?
Harold, what are you doing?
Nothing. So sorry. I seem
to have spilled the tea.
Clumsy of me.
Harold, don't come any closer!
Honey, this is just
a misunderstanding.
You just stay away
from me!
I don't think so.
Leave me alone.
Not the eyes!
Where are you?
I'm gonna get you.
You shall not pass!
Behold my wrath!
All right, pal.
Move it along.
You're lucky I don't smite you
with my powers, vile fiend.
So I guess that means
you're single now?
Wacky neighbor.
Where are your pants?